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134759: COOPER, ELIZABETH - The Life of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (2 Vols. )
162582: COOPER, JAMES F. (EDITOR) - American Arts Quarterly: Fall 1996
162583: COOPER, JAMES F. (EDITOR) - American Arts Quarterly: Winter 2011
162047: COOPERMAN, EMILY T. AND LEA CARSON SHERK - William Birch: Picturing the American Scene
110426: COOTNER, CATHRYN - Flat-Woven Textiles (the Arthur D. Jenkins Collection, Volume I)
115522: COPE, JAMIE - Portraits by Jamie Cope
106319: COPELAND, ROBERT - Spode's Willow Pattern & Other Designs After the Chinese
29195: COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: CHRISTIANSBORG PALACE, 1995 - Royal Glass: An Exhibition of Four Centuries of Table Glass, Glass Services, and Goblets
21585: COPENHAGEN: STATENS MUSEUM FOR KUNST, FEB. 17 TO APR. 30, 1990 - Mellem Guder Og Helte: Historiemaleriet I Rom, Paris Og Kobenhavn 1770-1820
136780: COPLANS, JOHN - Andy Warhol
139125: COPLANS, JOHN - Philip Guston, 1. , 2. , 3. (3-Volume Set in Slipcase)
4272: COPLANS, JOHN - Ellsworth Kelly
121797: COPLANS, JOHN - Artforum, Volume X, Number 9, May 1972
161979: COPLANS, JOHN - Serial Imagery
160187: COPLEY, WILLIAM N. AND CLAIRE COPLEY - William N. Copley : Women
4475: COPLEY, WILLIAM AND JANUS - Man Ray: Inventor/Painter/Poet
135673: COPPARD, A.E. (WITH WOOD-ENGRAVINGS BY ROBERT GIBBINGS) - Crotty Shinkwin. A Tale of the Strange Adventure That Befell a Butcher of County Clare. The Beauty Spot. A Tale Concerning the Chilterns. Both Tales by. .
140401: COPPEL, ROSARIO ET AL. - Leone and Pompeo Leoni: Faith and Fame
114960: COPPEL, STEPHEN - American Prints: From Hopper to Pollock
137887: COPPIER, ANDRE-CHARLES - Les Eaux-Fortes de Rembrandt: L'Ensemble de L'Oeuvre Grave, la Technique Des "Cent Florins," Catalogue Chronologique Des Eaux-Fortes Et de Leurs Etats
14392: COPPOLA, REGINA - Daisy Youngblood
147302: COPPOLA, REGINA - Beyond Light: Infrared Photography by Six New England Artists -- Jane Axelrod, Elizabeth Dupuy, Sharon Fox, Peter Laytin, Stephen Petegorsky, Jane Tuckerman
109906: COQUELET, ARIANE - La Fontaine Fables
140153: COQUIOT, GUSTAVE - Rodin: A L'Hotel de Biron Et a Meudon
115012: CORA, BRUNO - Nakis Panayotidis: Lightmemory
159710: CORACE, ERMINIA - Mattia Preti : Dal Segno Al Colore
34640: CORAL GABLES, FL: LOWE ART MUSEUM, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, OCTOBER 30 TO NOVEMBER 28, 1971 - Jacob Epstein: Sculpture, Watercolors and Drawings from the Collection of Edward Schinman
1597.1: CORAL GABLES, FL: LOWE ART GALLERY, UNIV. OF MIAMI, FEB. 15 TO MAR. 10, 1968 - William Gropper: Retrospective
6326: CORAN, JAMES L. AND WALTER A. NELSON-REES - If Pictures Could Talk: Stories About California Paintings in Our Collection
146688: CORAZOLLA, PAUL - Grete Csaki-Copony: Bilder, Zeichnungen, Texte
111808: CORBEIL, JEAN-CLAUDE AND ARIANE ARCHAMBAULT - The Firefly Five Language Visual Dictionary
149136: CORBETT, WILLIAM - Ying LI
131325: CORBETT, PATRICIA AND AMY FINE COLLINS - Verdura: The Life and Work of a Master Jeweler
114792: CORBETT, WILLIAM - John Walker: Drawings 1973-1975
127278: CORBETT, WILLIAM (ESSAYIST) - Mary Mcdonnell: Paintings and Works on Paper, 2009 - 2010
150254: CORBIN, JOHN - The Unknown Washington: Biographic Origins of the Republic
1556: CORBINO, MARCIA AND DIANE LESKO - Jon Corbino: An Heroic Vision: A Retrospective Exhibition
108865: CORBINO, MARCIA - 20th Anniversary Exhibition
112799: CORBRIDGE, STUART WITH OTHERS - Seeing the State: Governance and Governmentality in India
121304: CORBUCCI, VITTORIO - Salvator Rosa E I Suoi Tempi
128966: CORCORAN LORELEI H.; MARIE SVOBODA - Herakleides : A Portrait Mummy from Roman Egypt
8866: CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART, JAN. 27 TO FEB. 25, 1968 - Colin Greenly
126622: CORCORAN, IRMA - Thomas Holme, 1624-1695, Surveyor General of Pennsylvania
131200: CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART - Paintings by William Malherbe
121952: CORDARO, MICHELE (EDITOR) - Mantegna's Camera Degli Sposi
159692: CORDELIER, DOMINIQUE ET AL. - Raffaello E I Suoi. Disegni Di Raffaello E Sua Cerchia
122623: CORDELLIER, DOMINIQUE AND PIERRE ROSENBERG AND PETER MARKER - Dessins Francais Du Musee de Darmstadt: Xvie, Xviie Et Xviiie Siecles
109481: CORDERA, PAOLA - Ottocento Italiano E Smalti Di Limoges: La Produzione Dell'Atelier Penicaud Tra Revival, Collezionismo E Arti Industriali
148078: CORDINGLY, DAVID - Ships and Seascapes: An Introduction to Maritime Prints, Drawings and Watercolours
162649: CORDONI, GIUSEPPI AND BRUNO MANTURO - William Crovello : Commune Di Pietrasanta, Assessorato Alla Cultura, Chiostro Di Sant'Agostino, Sala Putti, 3-31 Agosto 1996
124121: CORELLA, FRANCESC M. QUILEZ - L'Imaginari D'Eugenio Lucas: La Influencia de Goya a la Poetica Romantica
100513: COREMANS, PAUL - Les Primitifs Flamands III: Contributions a L'Etude Des Primitifs Flamands. 2: L'Agneau Mystique Au Laboratoire Examen Et Traitement
141968: COREY, DAVID - Steve Miller
111974: CORK, RICHARD - Art Beyond the Gallery in Early 20th Century England
108597: CORK, RICHARD - Adrian Morris: 1929 - 2004: A Retrospective Exhibition
132068: CORK, RICHARD - Vorticism and Abstract Art in the First Machine Age (2 Volumes),; Volume 1: Origins and Development, Volume 2: Synthesisand Decline
153216: CORK, RICHARD - Gerhard Richter: Mirrors
21558: CORKIN, JANE - Robert Bourdeau: Industrial Sites
160250: CORKRAN, DAVID H. - The Creek Frontier, 1540-1783 (the Civilization of the American Indian Series)
4337: CORLETT, MARY LEE - The Prints of Roy Lichtenstein: A Catalogue Raisonne, 1948-1993
35373: CORLETTE, SUZANNE - Paintings by Isabel Bishop, Sculpture by Dorothea Greenbaum
131757: CORLETTE, SUZANNE (CURATOR) - A Royal Province: New Jersey 1738-1776
150179: CORLEY-SMITH, PETER - The Ring of Time: The Story of the British Columbia Provincial Museum
145818: CORMACK, ROBIN - Byzantine Art
160591: CORMACK, MALCOLM - Constable
111211: CORMACK, ROBIN AND MARIA VASSILAKI - Byzantium 330-1453
150940: CORMACK, MALCOLM ET AL. - Country Houses in Great Britain
150652: CORMACK, MALCOLM ET AL. - George Stubbs in the Collection of Paul Mellon, a Memorial Exhibition
122466: CORMACK, JOHN - Lives of the Ancient Philosophers (2 Vols. )
2825: CORN, WANDA M. - The Color of Mood: American Tonalism, 1880-1910
111858: CORN, WANDA M. - The Great American Thing: Modern Art and National Identity, 1915-1935
156725: CORNADO, LUIS MURILLO - La Verdadera Aportación de México Al Florecimiento de la Industria Pesquera de California
136436: CORNEA, MARIUS - Pictura Europeana Din Secolele XV-XX in Muzeul de Arta Timisoara : Catalog General Ilustrat = European Painting from the 15th to the 20th Century in the Art Museum of Timisoara : Illustrated General Cataloque
133343: CORNELIA HOMBURG (EDITOR) - Van Gogh: Up Close
158289: CORNELIS, BART - Adriaen Van de Velde : Dutch Master of Landscape
161654: CORNELIUS, BROTHER F. - Keith: Old Master of California -Two Volumes
21804: CORNELL, DANIELL AND CHERYL FINLEY - Imaging African Art: Documentation and Transformation
156728: CORNELL, DANIEL - Acentos Americanos: Cultura Visual Como Historia
135338.1: CORNELL, DANIELL, ED - Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography, 1945-1982
101581: CORNELL, HENRIK - Carl Milles and the Milles Garden
25693: CORNER, JAMES M. AND E.E. SODERHOLTZ - Examples of Domestic Colonial Architecture in New England
19868: CORNET, JOSEPH - Art from Zaïre : 100 Masterworks from the National Collection = L'Art Du Zaïre : 100 Chefs-D'Oeuvre de la Collection Nationale
19868.1: CORNET, JOSEPH ET AL. - Art from Zaire: 100 Masterworks from the National Collection / L'Art Du Zire: 100 Chefs-D'Oeuvre de la Collection Nationale
159308: CORNFORD, FRANCIS MACDONALD - Before and After Socrates
150905: CORNFORTH, JOHN - The Search for a Style: Country Life and Architecture 1897-1935
133947: CORNING, J. LEONARD - Brain Exhaustion, with Some Preliminary Considerations on Cerebral Dynamics
15981: CORNING, NY: CORNING GLASS CENTER, MUSEUM OF GLASS, 1959 - Glass 1959: A Special Exhibition of International Contemporary Glass
18486: CORNING, NY: CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS, CORNING GLASS CENTER, AUG. 15 TO OCT. 1, 1952 - Glass Vessels in Dutch Painting of the 17th Century
137126: CORNINI, GUIDO ; CHRISTINE DENKER NESSELRAHT, ET AL. - Raphael in the Apartments of Julius II and Leo X : Papal Monuments, Museums, Galleries
138144: CORNU, PAUL ; A. CALAVAS (ED.) - La Collection Besselievre Etoffes & Broderies Du Xve Au Xviiie Siecles
116114: CORONEL DE RODRIGUEZ, ANA MARIA - Colombia: Land of El Dorado
33962: CORPUS CHRISTI: ART MUSEUM OF TEXAS, MARCH 2 TO APRIL 22, 1990 - Target: South Texas, the Figure Redefined
4250: CORPUS CHRISTI, TX: ART MUSEUM OF CORPUS CHRISTI, OCT. 4 TO NOV. 26, 1972 - Johns, Stella, Warhol: Works in Series
117862: CORRADI-CERVI, MAURIZIO - IL Teatro Regio
103858: CORRADINI, MAURO - Passaggi Di Tempo: Renzo Betasi
148863: CORRADINI, MAURO AND FAUSTO LORENZI - Capolavoro: Arte E Impegno Sociale Nella Cultura Italian Attraverso IL Novecento
146020: CORRIGAN, TIMOTHY AND MARC KRISTAL - An Invitation to Chateau Du Grand-Lucé
130996: CORRIGAN, JOHN - The Hidden Balance: Religion and the Social Theories of Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Mayhew
151811: CORRIGAN, RICHARD W. - California Institute of the Arts
113577: CORRIN, LISA G. ET AL. - Bridget Riley: Paintings from the 1960s and 70s
111183: CORRODI, MICHELLE AND KLAUS SPECHTENHAUSER - Illuminating: Natural Light in Residential Architecture, with an Essay by Gerhard Auer
117435: CORSIGLIA, CHRISTINA (EDITOR, CURATOR) - Rubens and His Age: Treasures from the Hermitage Museum, Russia
119236: CORSINI, PIERO - Important Old Master Paintings and Discoveries of the Past Year
119238: CORSINI, PIERO - Italian Old Master Paintings: Fourteenth to Eighteenth Century
16807: CORSINI, PIERO - Ricerche E Proposte 1: Jusepe de Ribera
116955: CORT, LOUISE ALLISON AND JAN STUART AND LAURENCE CHI-SING TAM - Joined Colors: Decoration and Meaning in Chinese Porcelain: Ceramics from Collectors in the Min Chiu Society, Hong Kong
121774: CORT, LOUISE ALLISON AND JAN STUART - Joined Colors: Decoration and Meaning in Chinese Porcelain. Ceramics from Collectors in the Min Chiu Society, Hong Kong
157606: CORTES, JOSE MIGUEL G. ET AL. - Heroes Caídos: Masculinidad Y Representación
153077: CORTES, GUSTAVO MATEUS - Tunja: El Arte de Los Siglos XVI - XVII - XVIII
127316: CORTESI, WENDY AND MARY ANN HARRELL - The White House: An Historic Guide
132905: CORTEZ, DIEGO - Bianca Casady: Daisy Chain
1917: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL (INTRODUCTION) - Contemporary American Prints: Etchings, Woodcuts, Lithographs, 1931 (Volume Two)
4320: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - John la Farge: A Memoir and a Study
140730: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - John la Farge: A Memoir and a Study
120129: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - Seven Paintings by Renoir
3105: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - Paintings by William Merritt Chase, N.A. , LL. D.
5393: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - American Artists
3768: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL (FOREWORD) - Loan Exhibition in Honor of Royal Cortissoz and His 50 Years of Criticism in the New York Herald
149773: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - A Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Works of William Merritt Chase at the American Academy of Arts and Letters [Academy Publication No. 64]
6364: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL (INTRODUCTION) - The Works of Edwin Howland Blashfield
108734: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - An Exhibition of the Work of John la Farge
154254: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - Paintings by William Merritt Chase, N.A. , LL. D.
162653: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - Paintings by William Merritt Chase, N.A. , LL. D.
6364000001: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL (INTRODUCTION) - The Works of Edwin Howland Blashfield
160327: CORWIN, SHARON ET AL. - A Usable Past : American Folk Art at the Colby College Museum of Art
132831: CORWIN, SHARON ; ELIZABETH FINCH; LAUREN LESSING; JOSEPH N NEWLAND; COLBY COLLEGE MUSEUM OF ART - Art at Colby : Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Colby College Museum of Art [Hardcover]
157626: CORY, H. - Wall-Paintings by Snake Charmers in Tanganyika
151557: CORZO, MIGUEL ANGEL (EDITOR) - Misterios
306000001: COSENTINO, ANDREW J. - The Paintings of Charles Bird King (1785-1862)
106074: COSENTINO, EDWARD J. - Edward Marshall Boehm 1913-1969
306: COSENTINO, ANDREW J. - The Paintings of Charles Bird King (1785-1862)
161175: COSENTINO, EDWARD J. - Edward Marshall Boehm 1913-1969
135068: COSENZA, MARIO EMILIO AND TOWNSEND HARRIS - The Complete Journal of Townsend Harris, First American Consul General and Minister to Japan
146289: COSGRAVE, BRONWYN - Sample: 100 Fashion Designers, 010 Curators - Cuttings from Contemporary Fashion
145720: COSGROVE, MAYNARD G. - The Enamels of China and Japan: Champleve and Cloisonne
119233: COSKUN, GUL AND HUGUES HERPIN - Rodin: Bronze Age
108615: COSMAS, GRAHAM A. - Correspondence Relating to the War with Spain: Including the Insurrection in the Philippine Islands and the China Relief Expedition: April 15, 1898 to July 30, 1902: Volumes I and II
116143: COSS, PETER R. AND TREVOR JOHN (EDS.) - The Early Records of Medieval Coventry
149619: COSTA, MARCUS DE LONTRA - Brazil: Images of the 80's & 90's / Brasil: Imagens Dos Anos 80 E 90
158352: COSTA, LAURA MALOSETTI - Vida Quieta : Naturalezas Muertas de Roberto Rossi
148595: COSTA, MARCUS DE LONTRA (CURATOR) - Niemeyer, Oscar
113091000001: COSTA, MARCUS DE LONTRA - Tomie Ohtake: New Paintings; Novas Pinturas, Nuevas Pinturas
150548: COSTACHE, IRINA D. - The Art of Understanding Art
159628: COSTAMAGNA, PHILIPPE - Pontormo: Catalogue Raisonné de L'œUvre Peint
110302: COSTANTI, D. PABLO PEREZ - Diccionario de Artistas Que Florecieron En Galicia Durante Los Siglos XVI Y XVII
138014: COSTANTINI, VINCENZO - Pittura Italiana Contemporanea Dalla Fine Dell '800 Ad Oggi
159069: COSTANTINI, EGIDIO ET AL. - Vetri Di Artisti Contemporanei
141320: COSTELLO, EILEEN - Jackson Pollock & Tony Smith: Sculpture
150780: COSTELLO, CON - A Class Apart: The Gentry Families of County Kildare
138253: COSTELLO, LEO - J.M. W. Turner and the Subject of History
148083: COSTELLO, EILEEN - Beyond Pop: Allan D'Arcangelo: Works from the Sixties
147277: COTGRAVE, RANDLE (COMPILED BY) - A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues
109562: COTHRAN, JOHN C. - A Search of African American Life, Achievement and Culture: Over 1,800 Facts, Questions and Answers; over 400 Photographs and Illustrations
160309: COTSEN, LLOYD - Bamboo Masterworks : Japanese Baskets from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection = Take No Z Kei : Roido Kottsen Korekushon Ten
120365: COTTE, SABINE - Sharl'-Lui Klerisso : Arkhitektor Ekateriny Velikoi : Risunki Iz Sobraniia Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha : Katalog Vystavki
104522: COTTE, SABINE - Claude Lorrain (Fourth Volume of the Great Draughtsmen Series)
141799: COTTER, HOLLAND - Paul Benney: Paintings, 1983-86
113671: COTTER, ALAN AND PAULETTE - Reflecting on Photography 1839-1902: A Catalog of the Cotter Collection
36563: COTTERELL, HOWARD HERSCHEL - Pewter Down the Ages
31546.1: COTTERELL, HOWARD HERSCHEL - Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks in England, Scotland, and Ireland, an Account of the Old Pewterer and His Craft
27542: COTTERELL, H. H. - National Types of Old Pewter
27542.1: COTTERELL, H. H., ADOLPHE RIFF, AND ROBET VETTER - National Types of Old Pewter: A Revised and Expanded Edition
105215: COTTERELL, HOWARD HERSCHEL - Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks in England, Scotland, and Ireland, an Account of the Old Pewterer and His Craft
31546.2: COTTERELL, HOWARD HERSCHEL - Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks in England, Scotland, and Ireland, an Account of the Old Pewterer and His Craft
140837: COUCH, DALE L. (EDITOR) - Neighboring Voices: The Decorative Culture of Our Southern Cousins: The Fifth Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts
146047: COUDERT, THIERRY - Cafe Society: Socialites, Patrons, and Artists, 1920 to 1960
146445: COUDERT, THIERRY ET AL. - Cartier 1899-1949: The Journey of a Style
115174: COUES, ELLIOTT - New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest: The Manuscript Journals of Alexander Henry, Fur Trader of the Northwest Company and of David Tthompson, Official Geographer and Explorer of the Same Company, 1799-1814
155102: COUES, ELLIOTT - Key to North American Birds, Containing a Concise Account of Every Species of Living and Fossil Bird at Present Known . .
136431: COUGHLIN, MICHELLE MARCHETTI - One Colonial Woman's World: The Life and Writings of Mehetabel Chandler Coit
125670: COULSON, JONATHAN; PAUL ROBERTS; ISABELLE TAYLOR - University Planning and Architecture: The Search for Perfection
118611: COULTON, G.G. - Art and the Reformation
853: COUPER, GRETA ELENA - An American Sculptor on the Grand Tour: The Life and Works of William Couper (1853-1942)
160648: COUPER, JOHN - Stanislas Lepine, 1835-1892 : Sa Ie, Son Oeuvre
112134: COURAL, JEAN - Le Xvie Siecle Europeen Tapisseries - Paris Mobilier National
139154: COURBOIN, FRANCOIS WITH MARCEL ROUX AND JOSEPH GUIBERT - La Gravure Francaise: Essai de Bibliographie; Vol. I, II Et III (Table)
136186: COURBOIN, FRANCOIS - L'Estampe Francaise: Essais
162238: COURTER, ELODIE - Useful Objects in Wartime [the Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art, Volume X, Number 2, October 1943]
162243: COURTER, ELODIE ET AL. - The Arts in Therapy [the Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art, Volume X, Number 3, May 1943]
162242: COURTER, ELODIE ET AL. - Useful Objects Under Ten Dollars [the Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art, Volume VI, Number 6, May 1940]
19311: COURTHION, PIERRE - Raoul Dufy; (Series: Les Grandes Monographies, Vol. 1)
13362: COURTHION, PIERRE - Georges Rouault, Including a Catalogue of Works Prepared with the Collaboration of Isabelle Rouault
136184: COURTHION, PIERRE - Soutine: Peintre Du Dechirant
121354: COURTNEY, JOHN - Double Faced People: A Comedy in Three Acts
116097: COURTNEY-CLARKE, MARGARET - Ndebele: The Art of an African Tribe
125762: COURTNEY, JULIE (CURATOR) - Philadelphia Art Now: Artists Choose Artists
141624: COUSE, E. IRVING - The Century (Magazine)
22975: COUSINS, FRANK AND PHIL M. RILEY - The Colonial Architecture of Salem
121461: COUSINS, A.D. AND ALISON V. SCOTT (EDITORS) - Ben Jonson and the Politics of Genre
156219: COUSINS, DR. JAMES H. (PREFACE) - Asiatic Art VII Century B.C. - XVIII Century A.D. Including Sculpture in Bronze & Stone, Ceramics, Miniatures and Textiles. Collection Formed by Heeramaneck Galleries, Sold by Order of Naili M. Heeramaneck
113692: COUSINS, MARK - 20th Century Glass
19237: COUSINS, FRANK AND PHIL M. RILEY - The Wood-Carver of Salem: Samuel Mcintire, His Life and Work
22937: COUSINS, FRANK AND PHIL M. RILEY - The Colonial Architecture of Philadelphia
144540: COUSSEAU, HENRY-CLAUDE - Samanos: œUvres Recentes
158755: COUSSEAU, HENRY-CLAUDE ET AL. - Rose Boreal : Photographies de L'Ecole D'Helsinki
14409: COUSTURIER, LUCIE - P. Signac
36240: COUSTURIER, LUCIE - Seurat
153178: COUTAGNE, DENIS - Courbet / Cezanne: La Verite En Peinture
153179: COUTAGNE, DENIS - Courbet / Cezanne: Album
162508: COUTAGNE, DENIS ET AL. - Granet: Paysages de Provence
140342: COUTAGNE, DENIS ET AL. - The Musee Granet, Aix-En-Provence
162598: COUTAGNE, DENIS ET AL. - Sainte-Victoire Cezanne 1990
130331: COUTURIER, SONIA ET AL. - Drawn to Art: French Artists and Art Lovers in 18th-Century Rome
156600: COVACI, IVE - Kamakura Realism and Spirituality in the Sculpture of Japan
8120: COVALLO, ADEOLPH S. - She Walks in Splendor: Great Costumes 1550-1950
123673: COVARRUBIAS, MIGUEL - Mexico South: The Isthmus of Tehuantepec
124312: COVENTRY, FRANCIS - The History of Pompey the Little, or the Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog
29950: COVEY, ROSEMARY FEIT AND ERIC DENKER - Rosemary Feit Covey: Wood Engravings
139530: COVEY, ROSEMARY FEIT - Rosemary Feit Covey: Wood Engravings
123746: COWAN, DAVID - Acme Fine Art and Design Annual
135801: COWAN, ANDY - Tomio Seike: Glynde Forge
108931: COWAN, DAVID MILNE - Howard Gibbs 1904 - 1970
106444: COWART, JACK (INTRODUCTORY ESSAY) - Paintings, Drawings, and Pastels: A Thesis by Roy Fox Lichtenstein / Pinturas, Dibujos Y Pasteles Una Tesis
6462: COWART, JACK AND JUAN HAMILTON - Georgia O'Keeffe: Art and Letters
18855: COWART, JACK; DOMINIQUE FOURCADE - Henri Matisse: The Early Years in Nice, 1916-1930
26316: COWART, JACK AND SANFORD SIVITZ SHAMAN - De Kooning: 1969-1978
161199: COWART, JACK - Roy Lichtenstein, 1970-1980
27170: COWART, JACK - Expressions: New Art from Germany, Georg Baselitz, Jorg Immendorff, Anselm Kiefer, Markus Lupertz, A.R. Penck
1436: COWART, JACK - Roy Lichtenstein, 1970-1980
155555: COWDREY, MARY BARTLETT AND THEODORE SIZER - American Academy of Fine Arts and American Art-Union: Introduction and Exhibition Record
273: COWDREY, BARTLETT - George Henry Durrie, 1820-1863: Connecticut Painter of American Life
3450: COWDREY, BARTLETT - National Academy of Design Exhibition Record, 1826-1860 (in Two Volumes)
4394: COWDREY, BARTLETT AND HERMANN WARNER WILLIAMS, JR. - William Sidney Mount, 1807-1868: The American Painter
2644: COWDREY, MARY BARTLETT AND THEODORE SIZER - American Academy of Fine Arts and American Art-Union: Introduction and Exhibition Record
102335: COWDREY, MARY BARTLETT - Winslow Homer: Illustrator, Catalogue of the Exhibition with a Checklist of Wood Engravings and a List of Illustrated Books
144582: COWELL, F.R. - The Garden As a Fine Art from Antiquity to Modern Times
115884: COWEN, DAVID (DIRECTOR) - Stephen Pace, the Early Years: 1950-1955
159354: COWEN, TYLER - Good & Plenty: The Creative Succeses of American Arts Funding
31227: COWLES (CHARLES) GALLERY, NY: OCTOBER 5 TO NOVEMBER 2, 1996 - Terence la Noue
106483: COWLES, CHARLES - Johsel Namkung: An Artist's View of Nature
162124: COWLES, CHARLES - Skrebneski
26215: COWLING, ELIZABETH ET AL. - Matisse Picasso
110521: COWLING, MARY - Paintings from the Reign of Victoria: The Royal Holloway Collection, London
115008: COWLING, ELIZABETH ET AL. - Picasso: Challenging the Past
151008000001: COWLING, ELIZABETH ET AL. - Picasso: Challenging the Past
158827: COX, RICHARD W. - Nature and Human Nature: The Art of Adolf Dehn
119323: COX, JAMES D. - Thomas Aquinas Daly: The Pleasure of Nature's Bounty
100528: COX, BEVERLY J. AND DENNA JONES ANDERSON - Miguel Covarrubias: Caricatures
106821: COX, GEORGE J. - Art, for Amateurs and Students
150241: COX, ROBERT S. (EDITOR) - The Shortest and Most Convenient Route: Lewis and Clark in Context
123660: COX, KENYON - What Is Painting?: "Winslow Homer" and Other Essays
148496: COX, JULIAN - Road to Freedom: Photographs of the CIVIL Rights Movement, 1956-1968
119944: COX, ROWLAND - The Second Revolution: A Political Treatise by Cynicus
130868: COX, NEIL - In the Presence of Things: Four Centuries of European Still-Life Painting Volume II: Part Two: 19th-20th Centuries (1840-1955)
155657: COX, JAMES D. (INTRODUCTION MESSAGE) - 58th Annual Founders Exhibition of Art
18210: COX-REARICK, JANET - Giulio Romano: Master Designer
105248: COX, ALWYN AND ANGELA COX - Rockingham Pottery and Porcelain, 1745-1842
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149011: DAMON, S. FOSTER - Blake's Grave: A Prophetic Book, Being William Blake's Illustrations for Robert Blair's the Grave, Arranged As Blake Directed
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133091: DANIEL P. BIEBUYCK - La Sculpture Des Lega
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135304: DANIELS, JOHN H. - Affectionately H: Twenty Years of Correspondence between a Bookseller and a Collector; a Tribute to Helen Burt Hennessey, with a Foreword by William Steinkraus
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