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116363: CHRISTIE'S - The Doris Duke Collection, Sold to Benefit the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
23388: CHRISTIE'S, NY: JAN. 16-24, 1993 - The Jean and Kenneth Chorley Collection: Important English Pottery and American and English Furniture, Works of Art and Paintings
23636: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS, LONDON, ENGLAND: MAR. 3-5, 1930 - Catalogue of the Celebrated Collection of Ancient Marbles: The Property of the Most Honourable the Marquess of Lansdowne
32060: CHRISTIE'S, HONG KONG: NOVEMBER 1, 1994 - Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles
16050: CHRISTIE'S - Childe Hassam: Central Park (Property of the Village of Bronxville, Sold to Benefit the Library Fund)
34936: CHRISTIE'S EAST - A Private Collection of American Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Artists Working in Woodstock, New York (Sale 7805)
21797: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON: JUNE 15, 1965 - Catalogue of Drawings by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo the Property of the Rt Hon the Earl Beauchamp, D.L. , J.P.
133603: CHRISTIE'S - The Jingguantang Collection Part III (Sale 8736)
18184: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON, ENGLAND: DEC. 8, 1994 - Works of Art from Houghton, from Collections of the Cholmondeley Family and the Late Sir Philip Sassoon, Bt, from Houghton
160045: CHRISTIE, AGATHA AND IRA LEVIN ET AL. - The Mousetrap and Other Plays (the Franklin Library of Mystery Masterpieces)
160090: CHRISTIE'S - Frida Kahlo: Dos Desnudos En El Bosque
105859: CHRISTIE'S - Tiffany: Innovation in American Design (Sale #9014)
110430: CHRISTIE'S - Torpedo... Los!: Contemporary Art from the Robert B. Mayer Collection
110464: CHRISTIE, ROBERT - Douglas Bentham: Six Steel Sculptures 1978
139829: CHRISTIE'S - Important Russian Art, 26 November, 2012
137497: CHRISTIE'S - Jean Prouve's Prototype Maison Tropicale and Works by Jean Prouve, Charlotte Perriand, le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret from the Collection of Eric Touchaleaume. 5 June 2007
141390: CHRISTIE'S - Japanes Modern Paintings
157051: CHRISTIE'S - Ex Libris Jean R. Perrett: Important Travel, Exploration and Cartography
157050: CHRISTIE'S - Queen Anne's Gate: Works from the Art Collection of Sting and Trudie Styler
151038: CHRISTIE'S - European Masters: Old Master & 19th Century Paintings, Drawings & Watercolors, Part I and Part II, Wednesday, 26 January 2011
158476: CHRISTIE'S - Frederic Edwin Church: Mount Newport on Mount Desert Island
110133: CHRISTIE'S - Important American Paintings and Drawings from the Estate of William B. Ruger
140167: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS, LTD - Catalogue of Drawings by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, the Property of the Rt. Hon. The Earl Beauchamp
154243: CHRISTIE'S - Daughters of Delight: An Exhibition in Which Burne-Jones's Sea-Nymph and Wood-Nymph Are Reunited After Nearly a Hundred Years
154244: CHRISTIE'S - Property from the Collection of the Late Horace Havemeyer, Jr.
130530: CHRISTIE'S, NY: MAY 20, 2010 - Important American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
115025: CHRISTIE'S - Historic Cards and Games: The Stuart and Marilyn Kaplan Collection
151221: CHRISTIE'S - Adriaen Van Ostade's Etched Copper Plates
128157: CHRISTIE'S - Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts: The Collection
107846: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS - Catalogue of the Very Choice Series of Works by J.M. W. Turner, R.A. The Propterty of the Right Hon. Sir Alexander F. Acland-Hood, Bart M.P. And Important Modern Pictures and Drawings the Property of Harry Cogill, Esq. Deceased: Late of Coghurst Hall, Hastings (Sold by Order of the Executors)
133596: CHRISTIE'S - The Hardy Collection of Early Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art from the Sze Yuan Tang
133598: CHRISTIE'S HONG KONG - The Gerald Godfrey Private Collection of Fine Chinese Jades
10809: CHRISTIE'S - Painting Object Film Concept: Works from the Herbig Collection
140623: CHRISTIE'S - The Collection of the Late Lillian Blankley Cogan
140666: CHRISTIE'S - Oeurves D'Exception / Goût Français - Paris, 8 Novembre 2013 (Exceptional Works of Art / Goût Français - Paris, 8 November 2013
140652: CHRISTIE'S - Collection Claude Et Simone Dray: Art Deco -- Art Moderne, Art Contemporain Et Art Africain (2 Vols. )
139920: CHRISTIE'S AND LEONARDO DICAPRIO FOUNDATION - The 11th Hour, Monday, 13 May 2013
151783: CHRISTIE'S - Bibliotheque Erotique Gerard Nordmann, Premiere Partie & Seconde Partie (2 Vols. )
144304: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Part II: Thursday 20 and Friday 21 March 2014
137527: CHRISTIE'S - Collection Claude Et Simone Dray: Art Deco. 8 Juin =June 2006
141994: CHRISTIE'S - Post-War and Contemporary Art (September 2004)
142172: CHRISTIE'S - The Barbra Streisand Collection of 20th Century Decorative and Fine Arts Part I.
157674: CHRISTIE'S - Magnificent Jewels, Thursday, 20 November 1997
145219: CHRISTIE'S - Important Tiffany, Including Property from the Collection of Max Palevsky
133411: CHRISTIE'S - The Dr. S.Y. Yip Collection of Fine and Important Classical Chinese Furniture (Christie's Sale 1188)
133413: CHRISTIE'S - Important Chinese Rhinoceros Horn Carvings from the Songzhutang Collection Part II (Sale 2810)
133414: CHRISTIE'S - Important Tribal Art and Antiquities from the Collection of William A. Mccarty-Cooper(Christie's Sale 7476)
160994: CHRISTIE'S - The Artist's Muse: A Curated Evening Sale, Monday 9 November 2015
146760: CHRISTIE'S - Important American Furniture, Folk Art and Prints, with Property from the Estate of Alastair Bradley Martin, Including Works from the Guennol Collection
146632: CHRISTIE'S - Americana: Printed and Manuscript
146631: CHRISTIE'S - Abraham Lincoln's 1864 Victory Speech: The Original Handwritten Manuscript, Property of the Southworth Library Association
154969: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings
139867: CHRISTIE'S - 500 Years: Decorative Arts Europe Including Oriental Carpets, New York, Thursday 29 & Friday 30 November 2012
156705: CHRISTIE'S EAST - Chinese and Japanese Ceramics and Works of Art, Including Furniture and Furnishings, and Export Porcelain
155621: CHRISTIE'S - Mark Rothko: White, Yellow, Red on Yellow, 1953
140100: CHRISTIE'S - Russian Works of Art and Important Silver
125305: CHRISTIE'S LONDON - Christie's Sales to the Nation
155255: CHRISTIE'S - Childe Hassam's Children in the Park, Boston
109749: CHRISTIE'S - Willem de Kooning: Untitled, 1961
161879: CHRISTIE'S - Indonsian Art
157103: CHRISTIE'S - Important Watches, Geneva, 9 November 2015
133416: CHRISTIE'S - The Yangzhitang Collection of Imperial Porcelain of the Late Qing Dynasty (Auction 5831)
129957: CHRISTIE'S - Raspyatie Na Kreste U Rimlyan, Vasiliya Vereshchagina (Vasily Vereshchagin's Crucifixion by the Romans), 28 November, 2011
144346: CHRISTIE'S - Orientalist Art, Tuesday 26 June 2007
116555: CHRISTIE'S - Five Important Sculptures by Elie Nadelman
140101: CHRISTIE'S - Russian Works of Art, Faberge & Icons
133407: CHRISTIE'S - One Man's Vision: Important Chinese Art from the Manno Art Museum (Sale 2123)
144302: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Part II: Friday 20 September 2013
139371: CHRISTIE'S - Photographs
161849: CHRISTIE'S - Robert Mapplethorpe: Flowers
126906: CHRISTIE'S - Genius of the German Renaissance: A Collection of Prints by Albrecht Durer
156707: CHRISTIE'S EAST - Furniture, Paintings, Decorative Objects and Oriental Works of Art
139829.1: CHRISTIE'S - Important Russian Art, 26 November, 2012
131663: CHRISTIE'S - Egon Schiele, 1910 - 1917: Eight Major Works, Sold to Benefit the Neue Galerie New York;
115028: CHRISTIE'S - Prints by Andy Warhol from a Private Collection
115031: CHRISTIE'S - Willem de Kooning: Untitled I.
21798: CHRISTIE'S, LONDON: MAY, 1965 TO FEB. 1966 - Northwick Park Collection (Series of Five Auction Catalogues of Prints and Drawings, Old Master and Important English Paintings)
155324: CHRISTIE'S - The Barbra Streisand Collection of 20th Century Decorative and Fine Arts Parts 1+2
153402: CHRISTIE'S - The Mayorcas Collection of Tapestries and Textiles
145416: CHRISTIE'S - Norman Rockwell: The Rookie (Red Sox Locker Room)
145417: CHRISTIE'S - Thomas Moran: The Grand Canyon of the Colorado
118034: CHRISTIE'S - Arts of France: Important French Furniture, Paintings, Sculpture, Silver, Porcelain and Carpets
110138: CHRISTIE'S - Property from the Violette de Mazia Collection, Merion, Pennsylvania
138940: CHRISTIE'S - A Dialogue Through Art: Works from the Jan Krugier Collection (2 Vols. )
143233: CHRISTIE'S - Ottomans and Orientalists
143235: CHRISTIE'S - Ottomans and Orientalists
143237: CHRISTIE'S - 19th Century European Art Including Ottomans and Orientalists
162818: CHRISTIE'S, NY: NOV. 1, 1995 - Fifteen Paintings by Giovanni Boldini Collected by the Late Baron Maurice de Rothschild, Sale 8278
133586: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS - Catalogue of Fine Old English Silver Plate : The Property of Field-Marshal the Rt. Hon. Lord Methuen
127054: CHRISTIE'S - Modern Sculpture: Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale, Tuesday 6 May 2008
146757: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Including Property from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections
133647: CHRISTIE'S HONG KONG - Exceptional Jadeite Jewellery (Sale 1181)
133595: CHRISTIE'S - Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art from an American Private Collection (Sale 8236)
140018: CHRISTIE'S - Photographs: Friday 5 April 2013
160088: CHRISTIE'S - The Abbott Guggenheim Collection: A New York Kunstkammer
154967: CHRISTIE'S - Arts for the Emperors: Visions of the Buddhist Paradise & Fine Chinese Works of Art
140520: CHRISTIE'S - Imperial and Post-Revolutionary Russian Art
18452: CHRISTIE'S, NY: NOV. 30, 1999 - Important American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
17365: CHRISTIE'S, NY: JAN. 22, 1983 - The Contents of the Linden: The Collection of the Late Mrs. George Maurice Morris, Important American Furniture and Decorative Arts
127232: CHRISTIE'S - Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art
158868: CHRISTIE'S - Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
127056: CHRISTIE'S - Property from the Westervelt Company, Formerly the Gulf States Paper Corporation: Wednesday 18 May 2011
127059: CHRISTIE'S - Property from the Collection of Mrs. Sidney F. Brody
140878: CHRISTIE'S - Edward Hopper: Blackwell's Island
15490: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS INTERNATIONAL, NY: MAY 19, 1982 - Two Important Paintings by Joseph Mallord William Turner, R.A. From a Private Collection
129666: CHRISTIE'S - The Forbes Collection of Victorian Pictures and Works of Art I, II, and III. (3 Volume Set)
147099: CHRISTIE'S - Antiquities: Tuesday 9 December 2008
116705: CHRISTIE'S - Norman Rockwell's Extra Good Boys and Girls: A Cover for "the Saturday Evening Post
147555: CHRISTIE'S - Les Collections Du Chateau de Gourdon, Volumes I, II, III, IV, V, Guide Volume
109216: CHRISTIE'S EAST - American Paintings, Furniture, and Decorative Arts
140407: CHRISTIE'S - Important Watches, Including a Gentleman's Pursuit for Excellence, Part II: Monday, 13 May 2013
159153: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Secret Adversary
152333: CHRISTIE'S - The Raymond and Frances Bushell Collection of Netsuke: Part IV
111727: CHRISTIE'S - Maxfield Parrish's Daybreak
163863: CHRISTIE'S - Taste of the Royal Court: Important French Furniture and Works of Art from a Private Collection
132903: CHRISTIE'S & EDMISTON'S LTD - The Shaw Collection of Important Scottish Silver and Pistols
149625: CHRISTIE'S - Catalogue of Important Primitive Art
156631: CHRISTIE'S - Lalique: South Kensington, 9 February 2016
109670: CHRISTIE'S - Watercolours by Mildred Anne Butler, R.W. S. (1858-1941)
116707: CHRISTIE'S - Andrew Wyeth's Intruder
162801: CHRISTIE'S - Edward Hopper: Two Puritans
7022: CHRISTIES, HOUSTON, TX: OCT. 15 AND 16, 1982 - John James Audubon: The Birds of America
125421: CHRISTIES, NEW YORK: SEPTEMBER 20 AND 21, 2001 - The Falk Collection I: Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
32830: CHRISTIES, NY: MAY 20 - 21, 1987 - Property from the Collection of Henry P. Mcilhenny, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia
21284: CHRISTIES, NY: JAN. 4-10, 1990 - An Important Sculpture by Bernini
19207: CHRISTIES, HONG KONG: OCT. 30, 1995 - The Gerald Godfrey Private Collection of Fine Chinese Jades
137689: CHRISTIES - Property from the Collection of Lee. V. Eastman, November 2005. Impressionist and Modern Art, and Post-War and Contemporary Art [Auction Catalogue, 2 Vols. Complete]
27134: CHRISTMAN, MARGARET C. S. - Adventurous Pursuits: Americans and the China Trade, 1784-1844
119966: CHRISTMAN, MARGARET C.S. AND ELLEN G. MILES ET AL. - George Washington: A National Treasure
110264: CHRISTMAN, MARGARET C.S. - Fifty American Faces from the Collection of the National Portrait Gallery
103791: CHRISTO; BOURDON, DAVID; VOLZ, WOLFGANG; JEANNE-CLAUDE - Christo & Jeanne-Claude: Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin, 1971-1995 [Signed by Both]
128641: CHRISTO; WERNER SPIES; WOLFGANG VOLZ - Christo: Surrounded Islands / Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami Florida 1980-83
106457: CHRISTOFFEL, ULRICH - Der Berg in Der Malerei
17867: CHRISTOPH GRAF ZU WALDBURG WOLFEGG - Venus and Mars: The World of the Medieval Housebook
132301: CHRISTOPH MECKEL; ULRICH WEISNER; HANS KOLLWITZ - Kathe Kollwitz 1867 | 1967
132921: CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH - Inventories of Plate, Vestments, &C. Belonging to the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Mary Lincoln (an Extract from Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts, Vol 53, Part 1)
132996: CHRISTOPHER FINCH; PETER BLAKE - The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms
132441: CHRISTOPHER DRAKE LTD - Symbolism an Exhibition of Prints 1880-1900. March 28-April 9, 1974 : Christopher Drake Ltd
110826: CHRISTOU, THANNOS AND DORA F. MARKATOU - Aria Komianoy: Portraita
100311: CHRISTOV-BAKARGIEV, CAROLYN ET AL. - Franz Kline 1910-1962
109202: CHRISTOVICH, MARY LOUISE - New Orleans Interiors
132680: CHRISTRAUD M. GEARY; VIRGINIA-LEE WEBB (EDS.) - Delivering Views: Distant Cultures in Early Postcards
115997: CHRISTY, MARIAN - Marian Christy's Conversations: Famous Women Speak out
111292: CHRUSZCZYNSKA, JADWIGA - Kontusz: Sashes - the Polish National Costume Sashes from Polish Manufactures and Workshops in the Collection of the National Museum in Warsaw
143906: CHRZANOVSKI, LAURENT AND HICHAM AND ALI ABOUTAAM - Sacred Scents and Flames from the Ancient World
147715: CHU, MELISSA AND ZHENG SHENGTIAN - Art and China's Revolution: A Guide to the Exhibition
144352: CHU QU YUAN . SONG YU. ZHOU DIAN FU - Masterpiece of Ancient Chinese Painting Block Printed New: Songs of the South Figure Sentence Note (Chinese Edition)
106886: CHU, ARTHUR AND GRACE CHUE - Oriental Antiques and Collectibles; a Guide
156734: CHU, PETRA TEN-DOESSCHATE AND LAURINDA S. DIXON (EDITORS) - Twenty-First Century Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Art: Essays in Honor of Gabriel P. Weisberg
147765: CHU, CHRISTINA K.L. AND JAMES C.K. WONG - Ink Paintings by Hong Kong Artists Selected from the Collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art
105824: CHU, ARTHUR AND GRACE - Oriental Antiques and Collectibles: A Guide
123399: CHU, ARTHUR AND GRACE CHUE - The Collector's Book of Jade; a Guide
144749: CHU, PETRA TEN-DOESSCHATE CHU - Barbizon: Journey to Impressionism, Volume VI
147732: CHU, CHRISTINA - Hong Kong Calligraphy: Collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art = Xianggang Shufa : Xianggang Yishuguan Cangpin
117018: CHUAN-YING, YEN WITH HSIAO CHONG-RAY AND AN-YI PAN - Contemporary Taiwanese Art in the Era of Contention
123046: CHUANG, PO-HO ET AL. - Tfam Collection Catalogue: The Modernization of Taiwanese Art Before 1945
135757: CHUBINASHVILI, G. N. - Razyskanija Po Armjanskoj Arkhitekture (Research on Armenian Architecture)
139543: CHUKWUOGO-ROY, CHINWE - Chinwe
158401: CHULIO, ANDRES DE SALES FERRI - Vicente López Y la Estampería Popular Valentina (1792-1849)
144576: CHUNG WAH NAN - The Art of Chinese Gardens
145793: CHUNG, MYOUNG-CHEUL - Dream Images of Monte Carlo
160447: CHUNG, YOUN SANG - Black Shelled Jade Sculptures = H Kp'Iok
155160: CHURCH, ALBERT COOK AND JAMES B. CONNOLLY - American Fishermen
106095: CHURCH, A. H. - Josiah Wedgwood, Master-Potter
155159: CHURCH, ALBERT COOK - Whale Ships and Whaling
111590: CHURCH, FREDERIC E. - Japanese Prints: Important Primitives and Works by Haranobu, Koryusai, Hokusai, Hokkei Huniyoshi, and Others - Collection of Frederic E. Church
159989: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1916-1918 (2 Volumes)
154083: CHURCHILL, WILLIAM - Beach-la-Mar: The Jargon or Trade Speech of the Western Pacific
111710: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Unknown War: The Eastern Front
159991: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The Aftermath
159990: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - The World Crisis 1915
147041: CIACCI, MARGHERITA AND GRAZIA GOBBI SICA (EDITORS) - I Giardini Delle Regine: Of Queen's Gardens: The Myth of Florence in the Pre-Raphaelite Milieu and in American Culture (19th - 20th Centuries)
17810: CIAMMITTI, LUISA, ET AL. - Dosso's Fate: Painting and Court Culture in Renaissance Italy, Issues & Debates
36135: CIAMPI, PROFESSOR - Notizie Inedite Della Sagrestia Pistoiese de'Belli Arredi Del Campo Santo Pisano E Di Altre Opere Di Disegno Dal Secolo XII. Al XV. Raccolte Ed Illustrate Dal Professor Ciampi
109831: CIANCHI, LAPO - Vb53: Vanessa Beecroft
160055: CIARANFI, ANNA MARIA ET AL. - La Peinture En Europe : Les Grands Maitres
135706: CIARDI, ROBERTO PAOLO AND CARLO SISI - L'Immagine Di Leonardo: Testimonianze Figurative Dal XVI Al XIX Secolo
136511: CIBBER, COLLEY - The Dramatic Works of Colley Cibber, Esq. In Five Volumes (Vol. 3)
136509: CIBBER, COLLEY - An Apology for the Life of College Cibber, Comedian, and Late Patentee of the Theatre-Royal. With an Historical View of the Stage During His Own Time. (Vol. 1)
136512: CIBBER, COLLEY - The Dramatic Works of Colley Cibber, Esq. In Five Volumes (Vol. 4)
1758: CIBULKA, CHERYL A. - Quiet Places: The American Landscapes of Worthington Whittredge
116255: CICERO, CARMEN - Carmen Cicero: Paintings 2000-2004
162472: CICERO AND E. H. DONKIN - M. Tullii Ciceronis: Pro Sexto Roscio Amerino. Oratio Ad Iudices
118391: CICERO ET AL. - Cicero on Oratory and Orators
116693: CICOGNARA, L. - Storia Della Scultura Dal Suo Risorgimento in Italia Fino Al Secolo Di Canova Del Conte Leopoldo Cicognara Per Servire Di Continuazione All'Opere Di Winkelmann E Di D'Agincourt
116687: CICOGNARA, L. - Storia Della Scultura Dal Suo Risorgimento in Italia Fino Al Secolo Di Canova Del Conte Leopoldo Cicognara Per Servire Di Continuazione All'Opere Di Winkelmann E Di D'Agincourt
123515: CIFARELLI, MANUELA (EDITOR) - Adi: Le Imprese
147424: CIGLIANO, JAN AND SARAH BRADFORD LANDAU (EDITORS) - The Grand American Avenue 1850 - 1920
5872: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - The Paintings of George Inness (1844-94)
138136: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI, JR. ET AL. - A Connecticut Place: Weir Farm, an American Painter's Rural Retreat
164236: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - American Impressionism and Realism: The Margaret and Raymond Horowitz Collection
1705: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - Sanford Robinson Gifford (1823-1880)
22596: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - George Inness
8179: CIKOVSKY, JR., NICOLAI (EDITOR) - Winslow Homer: A Symposium (Studies in the History of Art, 26)
154313: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI ET AL. - Chu Ta: Selected Paintings and Calligraphy
139471: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. ET AL. - American Originals: Vivian O. And Meyer P. Potamkin, Collectors of American Art
102555: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - The Life and Work of George Inness
109641: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - Harry Nadler (1930-1990) Paintings from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s
531000001: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. ET AL. - Raphaelle Peale Still Lifes
139461: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. (EDITOR) - Celebrate America: 19th Century Paintings from the Manoogian Collection
18957: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI, JR. ET AL. - A Connecticut Place: Weir Farm, an American Painter's Rural Retreat
147510: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. ET AL. - American Originals: Vivian O. And Meyer P. Potamkin, Collectors of American Art
531: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. ET AL. - Raphaelle Peale Still Lifes
136803: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - American Impressionism and Realism: The Margaret and Raymond Horowitz Collection
17688: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - American Impressionism and Realism: The Margaret and Raymond Horowitz Collection
146732: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. (INTRODUCTION) - Raymond Jonson (1891-1982) Pioneer Modernist of New Mexico
137408: CIKOVSKY, NICOLAI JR. - Winslow Homer, Watercolors
156152: CILINGIROGLU, A. AND D. H. FRENCH - Anatolian Iron Ages 3: The Proceedings of the Third Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium Held at Van, 6-12 August 1990 (British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara Monograph No. 16)
156013: CILINGIROGLU, A. AND D. H. FRENCH - Anatolian Iron Ages: The Proceedings of the Second Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium Held at Izmir, 4-8 May 1987 (British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara Monograph No. 13)
162340: CILOT, JUAN EDUARDO - Millares, Canogar, Rivera, Saura: Four Spanish Painters
160983: CIMINO, VITTORIA (EDITOR) - The Sistine Chapel Twenty Years Later: New Breath New Light : 30-31 October 2014, Conference Proceedings
161799: CIMORELLI, DARIO (EDITOR) - Flamands Et Hollandais : La Collection Du Musée Des Beaux-Arts de Nantes
6916: CINCINNATI, OH: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES, CIRCA 1996 - Lewis Henry Meakin: Landscapes of Ideas and Emotions
25468: CINCINNATI, OH: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, JAN. 8 TO FEB. 6, 1966 - 20th Annual Exhibition of the Artists of Cincinnati and Vicinity
21143: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, MAR. 2 TO APR. 23, 1950 - 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Color Lithography
142631: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES - The Fluke Collection
21333: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, 1919 - Exhibition of the Work of Frank Duveneck
113898: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, MAY 24 TO JULY 26, 1913 - 20th Annual Exhibition of American Art
113899: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, MAY 25 TO JULY 27, 1912 - 19th Annual Exhibition of American Art
137340: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, MAY-JUNE 1936 - Exhibition of the Work of Frank Duveneck
109028: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, APRIL 5 TO MAY 13, 1962 - International Prints, 1962
3736: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES, 1987 - Panorama of Cincinnati Art II
20894: CINCINNATI, OH: TAFT MUSEUM, JULY 14 TO AUG. 26, 1990 - Patterns in a Revolution: French Printed Textiles, 1759-1821
31040: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, MARCH 20 TO APRIL 27, 1975 - Cincinnati Invitational Exhibition
2791: CINCINNATI: THE CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER, SEPT. 6 TO OCT. 12, 1985, SIX OTHER LOCATIONS - Body and Soul: Aspects of Recent Figurative Sculpture
3707: CINCINNATI, OH: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, OCT. 3 TO NOV. 6, 1955 - Rediscoveries in American Painting
5653: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, MAR. 2 TO APR. 23, 1950 - First International Biennial of Contemporary Color Lithography
23884: CINCINNATI, OH: TAFT MUSEUM, SEPT. 10 TO OCT. 25, 1987 - Paul Ashbrook
13311: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES - Henry Mosler, 1841-1920
141267: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES - Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXVIII
24135: CINCINNATI: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, 1954 - Third International Biennial of Contemporary Color Lithography
24224: CINCINNATI, OH: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM, MAR. 2 TO AUG. 30, 1981 - Art Palace of the West: A Centennial Tribute, 1881-1981
127062: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES, INC - Rookwood XVII, Keramics 2007 and Art Glass 2007
131764: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM - The Ladies, God Bless 'Em: The Women's Art Movement in Cincinnati in the Nineteenth Century
143889: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES - Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXI
1103: CINCINNATI ART GALLERIES - Francis Stilwell Dixon (1879-1967)
157675: CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM - Exhibition of Prints of the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries from the Collection of Herbert Greer French
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4462: COLLEGE PARK, MD: UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND ART GALLERY, SEPT. 1 TO OCT. 6, 1976, FOUR OTHER LOCATIONS - Maurice Prendergast: Art of Impulse and Color
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103775: COMMISSION OF STRATEGIC ALLIANCE - How Democratic Is Latvia - Audit of Democracy
126805: COMMISSION ON DRUG SAFETY - Report of the Commission on Drug Safety
136603: COMMITTE TO STUDY FEMALE MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA - In Her Lifetime: Female Morbidity and Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa
159224: COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS - The War Powers Resolution: A Special Study of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
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131778: COMOEDIA ILLUSTRE - La Chauve-Souris de Moscou de Nakita Balieff Au Theatre Femina [Deuxieme Programme]
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151154: CONSAGRA, SOPHIE - Annual Exhibition, American Academy in Rome
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114092: CONTINI, MARIA TERESA - I Fiorentini Fotografiti Da Nunes Vais

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