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21031: - Argosy's Almanack for May in the Year of Our Lord 1942: New, Useful, and Entertaining Matter
28577: - Watertown Records: Comprising the Fifth Book of Town Proceedings (1745/6 to 1769) and the Sixth Book of Town Proceedings (1769 to 1792)
23686: - The Programme of the Communist International
28335: - Official Baseball Annual 1968
30141: - Attica: The Official Report of the New York State Special Commission on Attica
26329: - Bridge to Understanding: The Art and Architecture of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum - Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture
23694: - Guide to the Library 1967-1968 - University of Edinburgh
27598: - Nigerian Ralway Jubilee, 1901-1951
8213: - Jacques Villon - Lyonel Feininger (Exhibition Catalogue)
17683: - President Chiang Kai-Shek: His Life Story in Pictures
29187: - Scribner Desk Dictionary of American History
29080: - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
27622: - Industrial Locomotives of Great Britain, 1976
16422: - Selfridge's Household Encyclopaedia - a Book of Household Reference. .
22783: - Ethiopian Itineraries Circa 1400-1524, Including Those Collected by Alessandro Zorzi at Venice in the Years 1591-24
16897: - The Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church South
30216: - The Best of Gourmet 2000 - Featuring the Flavors of Thailand
5209: - Sur le Motif: Les Impressionnistes
12350: - Artforum International, April 2001
12500: - Catalogue Des Ouvrages de Francois de Sales Conserve Au Departement Des Imprimes (Extrait Du Tome LIV Du Catalogue General Des Livres Imprimes de la Biblioteque Nationale)
12361: - 19th Century American Topographic Painters
12600: - Classics of the Air: An Illustrated History of the Development of Military Planes from 1913-1935
26181: - The Stirling Heads - an Account of the Renaissance Wood-Carvings from the King's Presence at Stirling Castle
28886: - Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Seventh Series - Vol. VI: Bowdoin and Temple Papers, 1783-1809
28497: - Olympia 1952: Eine Chronik Der Olympischen Spiele in Oslo Und Helsinki Aus Heften Der Sport-Jllustrierten
29087: - Helen and Her Cousins: Or, Two Months at Ashfield Rectory
21359: - Hebrew Poems from Spain
28496: - Giochi Della XVII Olimpiade: Roma 1960 - Repporto Ufficiale Del Comitato Organizzatore, Volume Secondo
23697: - Descendants of "Grandpa Gowen
23698: - Parliamentary Electoral Procedure in Britain
30211: - The Flavors of Bon Appetit 2003
29139: - A Memorial to Theodore Roosevelt
28487: - Moscow '80: Games of the XXII Olympiad
17099: - The House of Sade: Yale French Studies #35
17370: - Closing the Space: Human Rights in Guatamala, May 1987--October 1988
26615: - Modernism: Twenty-Five Years: 1979-2004, 2 Volumes in Slipcase I) Modern, II) Contemporary
28796: - The New-England Courant. A Selection of Certain Issues Containing Writings of Benjamin Franklin or Published by Him During His Brother's Imprisonment
18390: - Nachlass - Samlung Uwe Friedleben Keramik Aus 5 Jahrhunderten Sowie Altes Zinn, Katalog Zur Auktion 21. September 1989
28334: - Spalding's Official Base Ball Guide, 1879
19513: - Yanks: A Book of A.E. F. Verse
23794: - Proceedings of the Great Union Meeting Held in the Large Saloon of the Chinese Museum in Philadelphia, on the 21st of November, 1850
16084: - Great Battles of World War II: A Visual History of Victory, Defeat and Glory
30212: - The Flavors of Bon Appetit 2002
19186: - A Penal Code Prepared by the Indian Law Commissioners, and Published by Command of the Governor General of India in Council
28477: - 1976 United States Olympics Book. XXI Olympiad, Montreal; XII Winter Olympics, Innsbruck; VII Pan American: Mexico City
28479: - Olympia Barcelona 92
28480: - Barcelona 92
16452: - The Scottish Anthem Book - for Use in Churches, Section I. - Nos. 1-82
18592: - Car Styling Quarterly (1983) #44
14356: - Biologic Products and How to Use Them: Antitoxins, Stock Bacterins and Autogenous Bacterins, and Smallpox Vaccine
29922: - The Arabian Nights Entertainments
28723: - Reflections, Moral and Political, on Great Britain and Her Colonies
19814: - [Budapest] Museum of Fine Arts - Guide to the Collections
16886: - 3 Weisbrod Catalogues: I) Searching for Immortality, Autumn 2000. II) Archtypes and Archaism, Spring 2001. III) Weisbrod 30 Years - an Anniversary Exhibition, Spring 2002
7460: - Fine American Indian Art and Important Books of Related Interest. Sale #4472y, Saturday, November 15, 1980
27577: - The "Model Railway Constructor" Series of Prototype Diagrams #2 - Sixteen Railway CIVIL Engineering Diagrams
9037: - Naval and Air Force Honours and Awards
30215: - The Bon Appetit Dinner Party Cookbook
17067: - Some Experiences in Du Fu's Life
8039: - Sailing Directions for the West Coast of Scotland: Mull of Galloway to Cape Wrath Including the Hebrides
12492: - Stanislas de Guaita Et Sa Bibliotheque Occulte
12493: - Hermeticism, Alchemy and Theosophy, Catalogue 1235
23682: - A Short Outline of the History of the Far Eastern Republic (Original Pamphlet)
23679: - Manifesto of the National Party [South Africa]
7490: - Opening Exhibition - San Francisco Museum of Art, 1935
28495: - Die Spiele Der XX. Olympiade Munchen-Kiel 1972: Das Offizielle Standardwerk Des Nationalen Olympischen Komitees Fur Deutschland
6171: - The Story of Margredel: Being a Fireside History of a Fifeshire Family
22753: - The Voyage of Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil and India - from Contemporary Documents and Narratives
27213: - Wissende, Eingeweihte Und Verschwiegene - Esoterik IM Abendland
19494: - Love Songs from the Greek: Translated from the Best Known Greek Love Poems
25514: - The Empress Frederick - a Memoir (in Dust Jacket)
29483: - The Industrial Japan - 1955
10669: - The Dream of the Red Chamber
5377: - Treasures of Fyvie
30193: - Bark: Selected Poems About Dogs
29826: - Radio Shop Manual: Modern Radio Servicing Erm-2
28685: - Centennial Orations Commemorative of the Opening Events of the American Revolution, with Other Proceedings, 1874-1875
23264: - The Official Names of the Battles and Other Engagements Fought by the Military Forces of the British Empire During the Great War, 1914-1919, and the Third Afghan War, 1919
22791: - Carteret's Voyage Round the World, 1766-1769, 2 Volumes Complete
17304: - Refugee Settlement in the Dominican Republic: A Survey Conducted Under the Auspices of the Brookings Institution
29089: - Built by Stephenson: The Early History of the Vulcan Foundry Limited and Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Limited - Members of the English Electic Group of Companies
23647: - The Book of the Maccabees
22835: - The Jamestown Voyages Under the First Charter, 1606-1609. Documents Relating to the Foundation of Jamestown and the History of the Jamestown Colony Up to the Departure of Captain John Smith, Last President of the Council in Virginia Under the First Charter, Early in Otober 1609, 2 Volumes Complete
19221: - The House of Argyll and the Collateral Branches of the Clan Campbell from the Year 420 to the Present Time
29092: - Studies in Steam No. 2
24664: - Plantings at Thatchcot
17911: - Delta: A Review of Arts Life and Thought in the Netherlands, Spring 1962
9054: - The Numismatic Gallery, Ltd. (London) and la Galerie Numismatique (Lausanne) - Auction VI, Sunday, September 25, 2005 at the Westbury Mayfair Hotel, London
22833: - Missions to the Niger, 4 Volumes Complete: I)the Journal of Friedrich Horneman's Traels from Cairo to Murzuk in the Years 1797-98; the Letters of Major Aleander Gordon Liang, 824-26; II) the Bornu Mission 1822-25, Part 1; III) the Bornu Mission 1822-25, Part 2; IV) the Bornu Mission 1822-15, Part 3
23684: - Dance Scope, Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 1971
19472: - Proceedings of the Annual Congress of the National Prison Association of the United States - Albany, New York, September 15 to 20, 1906
22744: - The Desert Route to India / Being the Journals of Four Travellers by the Great Desert Caravan Route between Aleppo and Basra / 1745-1751
20386: - The Concise Dictionary of National Biography, 3 Volumes Complete in Dust Jackets and Slipcase
29280: - The Condition of Jewish Belief: A Symposium Compiled by the Editors of Commentary Magazine
24289: - Hayward Annual 1980
8328: - Car Styling Quarterly (1984) #45
24718: - A Selection from a Cracker Bob-Bon for Christmas Parties
28815: - Boston Prints and Printmakers, 1670-1775: A Conference Held by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1 and 2 April, 1971
7492: - Sur le Motif: Les Impressionnistes
8509: - Criminal Trials, Illustrative of the Tale Entitled "the Heart of Mid-Lothian," Published from the Original Records: With a Prefatory Notice, Including Some Particulars of the Life of Captain John Porteous
22727: - Early Spanish Voyages to the Strait of Magellan
29007: - Roster of Union Pacific Locomotives, 1967-1964
16990: - Mazano Marairanwa Primer
23448: - Philadelphia Maps, 1682-1982: Townships - Districts - Wards
22897: - The Kuhn Collection of African Art - New York, Wednesday, November 20, 1991
15956: - Cavallino Number 11 - the Magazine for Ferrari Enthusiasts
28354: - Official Baseball Annual 1962 (Non-Pro)
27576: - The "Model Railway Constructor" Series of Prototype Diagrams - No. 1 - Eighteen Modern Locomotives
18604: - Page One: Major Events 1920-1975 As Presented in the New York Times
24125: - The History of White's, 2 Volumes, Complete. Vol I: The History of Whites; Vol II: The Betting Book of White's from 1743 to 1878 and a List of Members from 1736 to 1892
29315: - The Jewish National Home in Palestine. Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Seventh-Eighth Congress. Second Session on H. Res. 48 and H. Res 419, Resolutions Relative to the Jewish National Home in Palestine. With Appendix of Documents Relating to the Jewish National Home in Palestine
29091: - Encyclopedie Par L'Image: Le Metropolitan
12501: - Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books and Manuscripts of the Xvth to the Xviiith Century Comprising a Very Important Collection of Books and Manuscripts by or Relating to Saint Bridget of Sweden. .
8867: - Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Prospectus 1984-85, School of Business and Gaeltachd Studies
17083: - Korea - Past and Present
22670: - George Westinghouse 1846-1914
22663: - Aluminum Forging Design
22661: - Machining Kaiser Aluminum
16989: - Some Economic Aspects of Agricultural Development in Nyerei District 1963 - Report No. 24 - August 1966
21832: - The Spanish Occupation of California, Plan; for the Establishment of a Government, Junta, or Council Held at San Blas, May 16, 1978; Diario of the Expeditions Made to California (Signed)
9332: - The Royal Marines: A Short Bibliography
16841: - The Weekly Christian Teacher Conducted Under the Sanction of Ministers of Various Evangelical Denominations, Volume 1, December 2, 1837-November 24, 1838
17912: - Teki Historyczne - Cahiers D'Historie - Historical Papers - Historische Sammelhefte, Volume XIV
28486: - XVII. Olympische Sommerspiele 1964
23016: - The Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland - Romantic and Historical
1439: - The Safety of Objects - Stories
22429: - Dictionary of Wisconsin Biography
19438: - Spring in Tuscany and Other Lyrics -- Printed for and Published by Thomas B. Mosher
5634: - Voices of Dissent: A Collection of Articles from Dissent Magazine
16209: - The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics, Volume 7 - January Through December 1965
9266: - The Finest Hundred Miles in the Borders
28707: - The Old Records of the Town of Fitchburgh, Massachussets, 1764-1789. Volumes One and Two
26367: - Map of New York City, Below Worth Street; Prepared for the Centennial Celebration, April 30th, 1899
12632: - Johann Valentin Andreae, 1586-1986 - Die Manifeste Der Rosenkreuzerbruderschaft: Katalog Einer Austellung in Der Bibiliotheca Philosophica Hermitica, Amsterdam 1986
12633: - Bibliotheca Magica: Dalle Opere a Stampa Della Bibliotheca Casanatense Di Roma (Secc. XV-XVIII)
21317: - Oliver & Boyd's Scottish Tourist: A Hand-Book... . Twentieth Edition Thoroughly Revised, and in Great Part Rewritten. Illustrated with Travelling Maps, Plans, and Thirty-Seven Engravings on Steel
21195: - Alchemy and the Occult, Natural Sciences, Technology (Alchemie-Okkultismus Naturwissenschaften Und Technik), Auction 32/II, 6-7 November 1998
28913: - John Checkley; or the Evolution of Religious Tolerance in Massachusetts Bay, 1719-1774. Mr. Checkley's Conroversial Writings; His Letters and Other Papers; His Presentment on the Charge of a Libel for Publishing a Book; His Speech at His Trial; the Hon. John Read's Plea in Arrest of Judgment; and a Bibliography of the Great Conroversy on Episcopacy by the Ministers of the Standing Order and the Clergy of the Church of England. Two Volumes
25309: - The Kaiser Vs. Bismarck: Suppressed Letters by the Kaiser and New Chapters from the Autobiobraphy of the Iron Chancellor; with a Historical Introduction by Charles Downer Hazen, Professor of History, Columbia University; Author of "Europe Since 1815
20664: - The True Historie of the Knyght of the Burning Pestle - Booke of the Play As Presented by the English Club of Stanford University (on Seeing an English Play)
27660: - Gold Coast Railway
18340: - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-18, Volume XII: The Copper Eskimos. Southern Party, 1913-16
29162: - Friends in Wilmington: 1738-1938
11050: - Vaccine and Serum Therapy
19975: - Fortuna Domus: A Series of Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in Commemoration of the Fifth Centenary of Its Foundation
26610: - A Prospectus Descriptive of the Twelve Fine Books to Be Published by the Limited Editions Club in the Twentieth Anniversary Series
26611: - A Prospectus of the Fine Books to Be Published by the Limited Editions Club in the Twenty-First Anniversary Series 1952
26612: - A Prospectus of the Fine Books to Be Published by the Limited Editions Club in the Twenty-Ninth Series 19610-1961
29132: - Paul Revere -- Artisan, Business Man, and Patrot: The Man Behind the Myth
24285: - Scotland Calling in 50 Scottish Songs: Staff - Sol-Fa - and Words for Community Singing
8217: - Das Letzte Gesicht: 76 (68) Bilder Eingeleitet Von Egon Friedell
18398: - Warren's Suggestion Book for 1917: Showing the Artistic Printing Possibilities and Commercial Adaptability of Warren's Standard Printing Papers
8284: - Disney Magical Tales: Charming Tales, Enchanted Tales
28484: - Los Angeles 84: The XXIII Summer Games
19862: - The Chinese-English Dictionary
17163: - Hudson's Bay Company: Souvenir of Historical Exhibit
29530: - Federal Records of World War II. Two Volumes. I) Civilian Agencies; II) Military Agencies
7932: - Miscellany of the Scottish History Society (Fifth Volume)
8928: - Gairm: An Raitheachan Gaidhlig - Aireamh 58 - an T-Earrach 1967
5635: - A Mandate for Democracy: Three Decades of the Federal Republic of Germany
8549: - A Diurnal of Remarkable Occurents That Have Passed Within the Country of Scotland Since the Death of King James the Fourth Till the Year M.D. LXXV. From a Manusrcipt of the Sixteenth Century, in the Possession of Sir John Maxwell of Pollock, Baronet
28302: - The Little Redbook of Baseball 1971: 46th Annual Edition
8561: - Science and Learning in France - with a Survey of Opportunities for American Students in French Universities
21352: - Making of the Modern Jew - a Leader's Guide to the Book by Milton Steinberg
18598: - The American House: Design for Living
7009: - Society for the History of the Germans in Maryland - Thirtieth Report
28739: - Medicine in Colonial Massachusetts, 1620-1820: A Conference Held 25 & 26 May 1978 by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts
30213: - The Best of Gourmet 2004 - the Flavors of Rome
23746: - Simbolica XXXIII - a Poetry Review
7489: - Afrikanische Plastik (Kunst Wek Schriften, Band XVII)
27595: - The Centenary of Public Railways: At Their Birthplace, Stockton-on-Tees, with a Brief History of the Town Prior to and Since 1825
26365: - Rembrandt, Durer, Guys: Reproductions En Facsimile: Ganymede Publiations D'Art. Premiere Serie
9069: - State Decorations and Awards (Instituted by the President of India)
9051: - Presentation of Colours to the First Battalion [Coldstream Guards] by His Majesty the King at Buckingham Palace 29th May, 1907
16870: - China Pictorial 1982 - #11
17833: - The Deportation of Women and Girls from Lille: With Extracts from Other Documents, Annexed to the Note, Relating to German Breaches of International Law During 1914, 1915, 1916
23368: - Young America Sings: 1959 Anthology of Southern States High School Poetry
23366: - 25 Hebrew Songs for Unison Singing
27611: - East African Locomotives
8588: - Recipes for Aberdeen Fish
22735: - Spanish Documents Concerning English Voyages to the Caribbean 1527-1568/Selected from the Arhives of the Indies at Seville (in Dust Jacket)
17080: - Nova Britannia: Offering Most Excellent Fruites by Planting in Virginia. Exciting All Such As Be Well Affected to Further the Same
29068: - St. Andrews: Its Character and Tradition
28650: - Common Sense: In Nine Conferences between a British Merchant and a Candid Merchant of America: In Their Private Capacities As Friends
29595: - The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume XII: The Imperial Crisis and Recovery A.D. 193-324
29591: - Burton Bonocular Guide
29592: - Shirely Temple Song Album No. 2
26192: - Sergei Chepik: Autumn Exhibition 1990
25258: - The Economic Reports of the President: As Transmitted to the Congress, January 1948, January 1947, July 1947
29528: - Armenian Allegations: Myth and Reality: A Handbook of Facts and Documents
23186: - Honoring 1776 and Famous Jews in American History
22772: - Richard Hakluyt & His Successors: A Volume Issued to Commemorate the Centenary of the Hakluyt Society (in Original Glassine Dust Jacket)
27600: - The Sunshine Route: 5,000 Miles Through Southern Africa over the South African Railways
28122: - The Bayeux Tapestry: The Complete Tapestry in Color with Introduction , Description and Commentary by David M. Wilson
28328: - The Art of Baseball Pitching
22758: - The Quest and Occupation of Tahiti by Emissaries of Spain During the Years 1772-1776. Told in Despatches and Other Contempoary Documents, 3 Volumes Complete
17763: - Gazi Mustafa Kemal - Ataturk: Founder of the Turkish Republic
17759: - The Economy of Turkey: An Analysis and Recommendation for a Development Program
5616: - Dada in Europa: Werke Und Dokumente
26191: - Andres de Nagel - Exhibition Catalog Salas Pablo Ruiz Picasso, April-May, 1983
21977: - The Noble Knight Paris & the Fair Vienne
23700: - Ciba Review 52: The Ship of the Dead in Textile Art
24291: - Buri Cheese Is Blue Pig 9
2297: - The New Mystery - the International Association of Crime Writers Essential Crime Writing of the Late 20th Century
18724: - Hed-Arzi - Israel Records 1961
12528: - Biblioteque Frederic Et Anne Max - Demonologie & Inquisition
12529: - Science Secretes. Biblioteque Ouvaroff. Catalogue Specimen
12551: - International Association of Bibliophiles 20th Congress, Netherlands, 1997 - Exhibition Catalogue of Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Exhibition
11612: - Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol. 46, No. 3, July, 1999
11309: - Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Including the Cleveland, O. , District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Pacific Coast, Peiping (China), Southern, Southern California, Western New York and Wisonsin Sections, Volume 32, October-June (Inclusive), 1934-35
11311: - Mount Sinai Hospital Formulary
16200: - Voices of the CIVIL War: Antietam
15839: - Curse Reversed: The 2004 Boston Red Sox
15826: - The Gatefold Collection: Classic Cars - 36 Pull-out Gatefolds
15659: - Catalogo Nazionale Bolaffi Dei Naifs N. 2
27433: - Edinburgh: 1329-1929
24158: - Aesop's Fables and Other Stories, Profusely Illustrated
14944: - Twelfth U.S. Infanty, 1798-1919: Its Story - by Its Men
14888: - The Scottish Quiz Book
14847: - Galashiels: A Modern History
14929: - The Code of 1650, Being a Compiliation of the Earliest Laws and Orders of the General Court of Connecticut, Also the Constitution, or CIVIL Compact, Entered Into and Adopted by the Towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield, in 1638-9... .
14520: - Eminent Nigerians of the Nineteenth Century: A Series of Studies Originally Broadcast by the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation
14355: - Diet Lists (for Physicians' Use)
14283: - Recent Studies in Modern Armenian History
23173: - Traditional Ceremonial Objects and Jewish Fok Art from the Joseph B. And Olyn Horowitz Judaica Collection
13834: - Mesrop Archbishop Habozian "Pages of Glory
13806: - Journal of Transnational Law and Policy, Volume 11, Number 2
13791: - The Ayf Legacy: Portrait of a Movement in Historical Review, 1933-1993
13773: - The Consecration of a Cathedral: St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral, April 28, 1969
29916: - The Man Who... (Signed by All Contributors)
21836: - Catalogue of Some Five Hundred Examples of the Printing of Edwin and Robert Grabhorn, 1917-1960; Two Gentlemen from Indiana, Now Resident in California (Signed by the Four Grabhorns and Sherwood Glover)
13295: - Bisazza: Bis 2
13172: - Greater America: Essays in Honor of Herbert Eugene Bolton
13007: - The Wonderful Monitor: Or, Memorable Repository. Containing a Most Curious and Astonishing Account of the Revivication of Young Jo. Taylor. (Signed)
26745: - Armenian Review: Summer 1983; Volume 36 Number 2-142
12958: - Cactus and Succulent Journal Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary Volume (Vol. L, #1, Jan. -Feb. 1978)
12950: - Forza #19
12718: - The Working of Metals... Papers and Discussions Constituting the Symposium on the Plastic Workings of Metals Presented Before the Eighteenth Annual Convention of the American Society for Metals Held in Cleveland, October 19 to 23, 1936
28330: - 1952 Official Baseball Rules: Official Playing Schedules American and National Leagues
4453: - Goin' Home and Other Plays of the 1927 Contest
12448: - Das Heeresgeschichtliche Museum in Wien
12395: - The Best of Eotu, 1989
12362: - American Art Review, Volume III, #5: September-October, 1976
12353: - American Art Review, Volume 3, #3, May-June 1976
12351: - Of Time and Place: American Figurative Art from the Cocoran Gallery
12347: - Deux Mille Gravures En Couleur: Lithographies, Aquatintes, Eaufortes, Pochoirs, Affiches
12338: - Museum of Modern Art Annual Report 1962-1963
12331: - Du Mouchelle's Auction Catalogue, June 2004
12329: - Vision Russe: Ecole Russe Du XX Century / Russiche Malerei and Graphik Des 20. Jahrhunderts
12328: - Eotu, Complete Run of Six Issues for 1990: Postcards of My Vacation (Feb. ), I Came, I Breathed Real Hard I Had Lunch (April), the All Art Issue (June), Profile of the Abyss (August), Depress the Lover & the Ocean Goes out (October), Footsteps (Dec. )
29141: - Memorial Addresses in the Congress of the United States and Tributes in Eulogy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Late a President of the United States
11899: - Seafaring in Colonial Massachusetts: A Conference Held by the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, November 21 and 22, 1975
11734: - Twenty-Five Treasures Fall 2000
11727: - Twenty-Five Treasures Fall 1998
11725: - Contemporary Art: Paintings, Watercolors and Sculpture Owned in the San Francisco Bay Region - Fifth Anniversary Exhibition, January 18-February 5, 1940
11722: - Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture 1963
11719: - Contemporary American Painting 1950
11690: - Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture 1959
11688: - De-Persona, May 18 - September 22, 1991
11395: - Some Medical Applications of Oxygen. Communications to the Leading Medical Journals Reprinted by the Oxygen Companies, (Proprietors of the Brin Patents,) Together with an Appendix Containing Price List, Illustrations of Apparatus and General Information, Relating to the Use of the Gas
11290: - Manual of Medical Research Laboratory
27483: - The Big Kit Car Buyer's Guide: An Official Publication of the Big Car Book Co
11076: - United States Army X-Ray Manual, Prepared Under the Direction of the Division of Roentgenology
11057: - Air Service Medical Manual
11051: - A Report on Vaccination and Its Results, Based on the Evidence Taken by the Royal Commission During the Years 1889-1897, Volume I: The Text of the Commission Report
11046: - History of Innoculation and Vaccination for the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
10373: - Liberty Boys of '76 - a Collection of 22 Issues, January 11 Through June 21, 1901
10047: - The A.B. C. Of Highland Dancing and Games Directory
9875: - Verdun Argonne-Metz (1914-1918) - Un Guide, Un Panorama, Une Histoire
9854: - T: Ba: 04 (Time-Based Art Festival)
18391: - Ritual and Belief: Chinese Jade and Related Arts, Volume Three
12768: - Lincoln and Springfield
29545: - Elizabeth and Her German Garden
10379: - Change #9: Violence II
22728: - Book of the Knowledge of All the Kingdoms, Lands, and Lordships That Are in the World, and the Arms and Devices of Each Land and Lordship, or of the Kings and Lords Who Possess Them. Written by a Spanish Franciscan in the Middle of the XIV Century. Published for the First Time/with Notes by Marcos Jimenez de la Espada, in 1877
22755: - The Voyages of Sir James Lancaster to Brazil and the East Indies, 1591-1603 (in Dust Jacket)
29146: - The Bud of Promise and Other Books for Children and Youth
23013: - The Mission of Friar William of Rubrick - His Journey to the Court of the Great Khan Mongke, 1253-1255
29036: - One Hundred Years of the Locomotive: 1815-1915
29042: - End of an Era. .
26248: - A Special Offering of Recent Limited Editions
26370: - Sol Hurok Presents Original Ballet Russe, Col. W. De Basil Direcor General - Metropolitan Opera House Season and Coast to Coast Tour 1946-1947
16935: - Reporting World War II, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) American Jornalism 1938-1944, II) American Journalism 1944-1946
24805: - California and the Opening of the Gateway between the Atlantic and the Pacific
16986: - Report of the Advisory Commission on the Review of the Constitution of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
28581: - The Boston Gazette, 1774
30210: - The Flavors of Bon Appetit 2005
23745: - Order of the Dedication of a Church
24282: - The Craftsman, Vol. XV, No. 1 - October, 1908
28494: - Seoul Calgary 1988
27565: - The "Liberation" Locomotive: 2-8-0-Type with Double-Bogie Tender for European Use
22837: - Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings (1589-1605), 2 Volumes Complete
24605: - Bookbindings from the Library of Jean Grolier: A Loan Exhibition, 25 September-31 October 1965
25481: - Life Under the Stuarts
27668: - Locomotive Engineers' Pocket Book, 1936-1937
29028: - Steam in the Rockies: A Steam Locomotive Roster of the Denver Rio Grandefine
29033: - Mallet Articulated Locomotives
29035: - Why You Can Haul at Least 30% More Per Ton of Locomotive with the Modern Heisler
24188: - Crowned Masterpieces of Eloquence, 10 Volumes, Complete
24650: - The Saint John's Bible: An Introduction
28209: - The Book of the Dead: The Heiroglyphic Transcript of the Papyrus of Ani, the Translation in to Engilsh and an Introduction by E.A. Wallis Budge, Late Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities in the British Museum
27562: - How the L.N. E.R. Carries Exceptional Freight Loads
25752: - A Biographical Congressional Directory, 1774-1911: With an Outline History of the National Congress; the Continental Congress September 5, 1774-October 21, 1788; the United States Congress from the First to the Sixty-Second Congress, March 4, 1789-March 3, 1911
30041: - Medical Classics, Five Volumes Complete
29558: - Atlas of the Republic of China, 5 Volumes Complete in One Volume: 1) Taiwan, 2) Hsitsang (Tibet), Sinkiang and Mongolia, 3) North China, 4) South China, 5) General Maps of China
29559: - Proceedings of the First National Convention of Short-Horn Breeders, Volume 1, 1872-1875
29827: - Hammett's Industrial Art and Occupational Therapy Supplies, Catalog 545
29828: - University of St. Andrews Faculty of Science
28634: - Centennial Bibliograhy of Orange County, California
22578: A SOUTHERNER - Sketches of the Higher Classes of Colored Society in Philadelphia
4871: A CITY MAN - Greystones: Musings without Dates
25753: A STAFF OFFICER - With General Sheridan in Lee's Last Campaign
29438: AARON, DANIEL - The Unwritten War: American Writers and the CIVIL War
22774: ABBE CARRE - The Travels of the Abbe Carre in India and the Near East / 1672 to 1674, 3 Volumes Complete. 1) from France Through Syria, Iraq and the Persian Gulf to Surat, Goa, and Bijapur, with an Account of His Grave Illnes, II) from Bijapur to Madras and St. Thome. Account of the Capture of Trincomalee Bay and St. Thome by de la Haye, and the Siege of St. Thome by the Golconda Army and Hostilities with the Dutch, III) Return Journey to France, with an Account of the Sicilian Revolt Against Spanish Rule at Messina
21549: ABBOTT, DONALD - Father Goose in Oz
19552: ABBOTT, RICHARD H. - Cotton & Capital: Boston Businessmen and Antislavery Reform, 1854-1868
9357: ABEL, DAVID - Black Valentine
29121: ABEL, ANNIE HELOISE - The American Indian As Slaveholder and Secessionist, the American Indian As Participant in the CIVIL War, the American Indian Under Reconstruction, 3 Volumes Complete
18618: ABELES, SIGMUND - Sigmund Abeles: Pastels, Drawings and Prints (1966-2000) (Signed)
5292: ABELS, JULES - The Truman Scandals
13291: ABERBACH, JOEL D. AND MARK A. PETERSON, EDS - The Executive Branch (Institutions of American Democracy)
17437: ABINADER, ELMAZ - Children of the Roojme: A Family's Journey
17459: ABLIN, DAVID A. AND MARLOWE HOOD, EDS - The Cambodian Agony
26985: ABOUZEID, RANIA - No Turning Back -- Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria
20741: ABRAHAM THE JEW - The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melun
722: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Revolution #9
21506: ABRAMOV, S. ZALMAN - Perpetual Dilemma: Jewish Religion in the Jewish State
13500: ABRAMSKY, CHIMEN, ED - Essays in Honour of E.H. Carr
29983: ABURISH, SAID K. - The Rise, Corruption and Coming Fall of the House of Saud
22537: ABZUG, ROBERT H. AND STEPHEN E. MAIZLISH, EDS - New Perspectives on Race and Slavery in America: Essays in Honor of Kenneth M. Stampp
7550: ACADEMY ARCHITECTURE - A Collection of Coloured Plates from Academy Architecture
17725: ACCAWI, ANWAR F. - The Boy from the Tower of the Moon
22143: ACHESON, DEAN - Present at the Creation
25639: ACHESON, DEAN - Morning and Noon - a Memoir (Signed)
24424: ACHESON, DEAN - Power and Diplomacy
21236: ACIER, MARCEL, ED - From Spanish Tranches: Recent Letters from Spain
29435: ACKERMAN, KENNETH D. - Dark Horse: The Surprise Election and Political Murder of President James A. Garfield
3295: ACKERMAN, BRUCE - We the People, 3 Volumes, Complete 1) Foundations 2)Transformations 3) the CIVIL Rights Revolution
4111: ACZEL, TAMAS - The Hunt
13756: ADALIAN, ROUBEN PAUL - Historical Dictionary of Armenia
2434: ADAMI, GIUSEPPE, ED - Letters of Giacomo Puccini
27719: ADAMIC, LOUIS - My Native Land (Signed)
22624: ADAMIC, LOUIS - A Nation of Nations
8086: ADAMIC, LOUIS - The Eagle and the Roots
29135: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY AND ( WORTHINGTON CHAUNCEY FORD, ED.) - Writings of John Quincy Adams. Volume IV: 1811-1813
23571: ADAMS, JOHN CRANFORD - The Globe Playhouse: Its Design and Equipment (Signed)
27025: ADAMS, ANSEL - The Camera
16524: ADAMS, HENRY - The Formative Years: A History of the United States During the Administration of Jefferson and Madison
24445: ADAMS, ANSEL (WITH MARY STREET ALINDER) - Ansel Adams: An Autobiography
28921: ADAMS, BERNARD - London Illustrated 1604-1851: A Survey and Index of Topographical Books and Their Plates
14477: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - New England in the Republic, 1776-1850
27398: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY - Diaries, 2 Volumes in Slipcase: 1) Diaries 1779-1821, 2) Diaries 1821-1848
25756: ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS - Familiar Letters of John Adams and His Wife Abigail Adams, During the Revolution. With a Memoir of Mrs. Adams
24882: ADAMS, ANSEL, TERRANCE PITTS, MANFRIED HEITING - Edward Weston, 1886-1958
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27024: ADAMS, ANSEL - The Negative
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721: ADAMS, NATHAN - The Fifth Horseman
1004: ADAMS, ALICE - Families & Survivors (Signed)
1005: ADAMS, RICHARD - The Iron Wolf and Other Stories
1016: ADAMS, GAIL GALLOWAY - The Purchase of Order
2859: ADAMS. JAMES TRUSLOW - The Adams Family
3081: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - Empire on the Seven Seas - the British Empire, 1784-1939
3321: ADAMS, FRANK DAVIS - The Life and Times of Buckshot South
14813: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY (EDITED BY ADRIENNE KOCH AND WILLIAM PEDEN) - The Selected Writings of John Quincy Adams
14166: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - America's Tragedy
9901: ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS - Sunrise to Sunset (Signed)
29134: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY AND (WORTHINGTON CHAUNCEY FORD, ED.) - Writings of John Quincy Adams. Volume III: 1801-1810
26614: ADAMSON, PAUL AND MARTY ARBUNICH - Eichler / Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream
659: ADAMSON, HANS CHRISTIAN - Admiral Thunderbolt; the Spectacular Career of Peter Wessel, Norway's Greatest Sea Hero
3609: ADAMSON, J.H. AND H.F. FOLLAND - Sir Harry Vane - His Life and Times 1613-1662
11837: ADAMSON, JILL - Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds
20738: ADAR, ZVI - Humanistic Values in the Bible
5423: ADDY, JOHN - The Agrarian Revolution
16630: ADDY, GEORGE M. - The Enlightenment in the University of Salamanca
19249: ADE, GEORGE - Pink Marsh: A Story of the Streets and Town
24693: ADJMI, MORRIS, ED - Aldo Rossi: Architecture, 1981-1991
28535: ADKINS, ROY - Nelson's Trafalgar: The Battle That Changed the World
18318: ADLARD, JOHN - Owen Seaman: His Life and Work
19822: ADLER, MAX - Out of the Hurly-Burly; or Life in an Odd Corner
14110: ADLER, SELIG - The Isolationist Impulse: Its Twentieth Century Reaction (Signed)
9913: ADLER, JOHN MOREL - The Hunt out of the Thicket
5210: ADLER, SELIG - The Uncertain Giant, 1921-1941: American Foreign Policy between the Wars
27070: ADLER, MORTIMER J. - Six Great Ideas: Truth, Goodness Beauty: Ideas We Judge by; Liberty, Equality, Justice: Ideas We Act on
11252: ADVENIER, CHARLES AND PHILIPPE MEYER - Pharmacologie Cardio-Vasculaire Et Respiratoire
3850: ADY, C.M. - Lorenzo Dei Medici and Renaissance Italy
720: AELLEN, RICHARD - Red Eye
29867: AESCHYLUS - The Oresteia
12436: AFKHAMI, GHOLAM REZA - The Life and Times of the Shah
29439: AGAR, HERBERT - The Price of Union
14168: AGAR-HAMILTON, J.A.I. - The Native Policy of the Voortrekkers: An Essay in the History of the Interior of South Africa, 1836-1858
357: (AGATHA CHRISTIE) JACQUEMARD-SENECAL - The Eleventh Little Indian
6758: AGBODEKA, FRANCIS - African Politics and British Policy in the Gold Coast, 1868-1900
24237: AGEE, JAMES AND WALKER EVANS - Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Three Tenant Families
1011: AGEE, JONIS - Sweet Eyes
14287: AGEE, JONIS, MARY MACARTHUR, AND MARY MACKEY - These Women! Gallimaufry 13
26597: AGNARSDOTTIR, ANNA - 'This Wonderful Volcano of Water'. Sir Joseph Banks, Explorer and Protector of Iceland, 1772-1820 (Annual Lecture 2003)
23515: AGNON, S.J, HAYIM HAZAZ, YEHUDI BURLA, ET AL. - Tehilla and Other Israeli Tales
18867: AGULHON, MAURICE - The French Republic, 1979-1992
17493: AHARONI, ADA - Not in Vain: An Extraordinary Life
26484: AHMED, JAMAL MOHAMMED - The Intellectual Origins of Egyptian Nationalism
27440: AI WEIWEI - Ai Weiwei (Royal Academy of Arts, 19 September - 13 December, 2015)
4008: AIKATH-GYALTSEN, INDRANI - Cranes' Morning
4009: AIKATH-GYALTSEN, INDRANI - Daughters of the House
22709: AINGER, MICHAEL - Gilbert and Sullivan: A Dual Biography
29122: AINSLIE, RICARDO C. - The Fight to Save Juarez: Life in the Heart of Mexico's Drug War
18285: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - Crichton - a Romance
19958: AITKEN, JONATHAN - Margaret Thatcher: Power and Personality
10971: AITKEN, A.J. AND JAMES A.C. STEVENSON, EDS - A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue from the Twelfth Century to the End of the Seventeenth - Founded on the Collections of Sir William A. Craigie, Part XXXI: Phillip and Cheny to Pnewmaticks
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630: AKAMATSU, PAUL - Meiji 1868
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5026: AKINS, ELLEN - World Like a Knife
1008: AKINS, ELLEN - Public Life
1009: AKINS, ELLEN - Little Woman
1010: AKINS, ELLEN - Home Movie
22094: AKMOLDOEVA, BIBIRA AND JOHN SOMMER - Klavdiya Antipina, Ethnographer of the Kyrgyz (Signed)
26430: AL-KHALIFA, SHAIKH ABDULLAH BIN KHALID, AND MICHAEL RICE, EDS - Bahrain Through the Ages: The History
17733: AL-TABARI - The History of Al-Tabari, Volume XXXVIII: The Return of the Caliphate to Baghdad - A.D. 892-915 / A.H. 279-302
17734: AL-TABARI - The History of Al-Tabari, Vol. XXVII: The Abbasid Revolution
26299: ALAIN-FOURNIER, HENRI - Towards the Lost Domain: Letters from London, 1905
17284: ALAN, RAY - Spanish Quest
15645: ALBELDAS, MICHAEL AND ALAN FISCHER - A Question of Survival: Conversations with Key South Africans
28236: ALBERT, DAVE AND GEORGE F. MELVIN - New England Diesels
569: ALBERT, MARVIN H. - The Divorce
718: ALBERT, SUSAN WITTIG - Rosemary Remembered
719: ALBERT, SUSAN WITTIG - Witches' Bane
2295: ALBERT, SUSAN WITTIG - Thyme of Death
21448: ALBERTINI, LUIGI - The Origins of the War of 1914, Volume 1: European Relations from the Congress of Berlin to the Eve of the Sarajevo Murder
12997: ALBERTO, MARIO, GENERAL CARLO CORSI, ET. AL - Italy's Great War and Her National Aspirations
25358: ALBRECHT-CARRIE, RENE - Italy from Napoleon to Mussoloni
23878: ALBRIGHT, MADELEINE (WITH BILL WOODWARD) - Prague Winger: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948
16402: ALBRIGHT, MADELEINE (WITH BILL WOODWARD) - Madam Secretary (Signed)
27783: ALBRIGHT, MADELEINE, BILL WOODWARD - Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America's Reputation and Leadership (Signed)
26990: ALBRIGHT, THOMAS - Art in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-1980: An Illustrated History
17307: ALBRO, WARD S. - Always a Rebel: Ricardo Flores Magon and the Mexican Revolution
27419: ALBURY, PAUL - The Story of the Bahamas
13716: ALCOCK, DEBORAH - By Far Euphrates: A Tale on Armenia in the 19th Century
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13524: ALDEN, JOHN RICHARD - The American Revolution, 1775-1783
2102: ALDEN, PAULETTE BATES - Feeding the Eagles - Short Stories
4083: ALDEN, JOHN R. - George Washington: A Biography
11237: ALDEN, DAURIL - Royal Government in Colonial Brazil (Signed)
3710: ALDERMAN, GEOFFREY - The Railway Interest
21701: ALDINGTON, RICHARD - Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry
27148: ALDOUS, RICHARD - Schlesinger - the Imperial Historian
25242: ALDRICH, MRS. THOMAS BAILEY - Crowding Memories
18712: ALDRIDGE, A. OWEN, ED - The Ibero-American Enlightenment
28857: ALDRIDGE, ALFRED OWEN - Franklin and His French Contemporaries
21824: ALECIHEM, SHOLOM - Teyve's Daughters
725: ALEKSANDROV, NIKOLAI - Two Leaps Across a Chasm; a Russian Mystery
22911: ALEXANDER, LLOYD - The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man
17309: ALEXANDER, ROBERT J. - The Bolivarian Presidents
17642: ALEXANDER, GARTH - The Invisible China: The Overseas Chinese and the Politics of Southeast Asia
19775: ALEXANDER, JOHN T. - Bubonic Plague in Early Modern Russia: Public Health & Urban Disaster
724: ALEXANDER, GARY - Kiet and the Golden Peacock
9918: ALEXANDER, MICHAEL VAN CLEAVE - Charles I's Lord Treasurer: Sir Richard Weston, Earl of Portland (1577-1635)
16316: ALEXANDER, STELLA - Church and State in Yugosalvia Since 1945
30085: ALEXANDER, PETER F. - Alan Paton: A Biography
26556: ALEXIE, SHERMAN - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir
4384: ALEXNDER, FRED - Campus at Crawley
20075: ALGER, R.A. - The Spanish-American War
17583: ALI, TARIQ (INTRODUCTION BY SALMAN RUSHDIE) - An Indian Dynasty: The Story of the Nehru-Gandhi Family
17525: ALIBONI, ROBERTO - The Red Sea Region: Local Actors and the Superpowers
19324: ALISON, ANNETTE, R.N. - The Power of the Alumnae (Signed)
13832: ALJALIAN, , FR. ARAKEL, ED - St. Nersess Theological Review, Volume 1, No. 2, July 1996
10263: ALLAN, J.R. - Scotland - 1938: Twenty-Five Impressions
19902: ALLARD, STEPHEN - The Melancholy of Stephen Allard: A Private Diary (Inscribed by Poet Laureate Edwin Markham)
27071: ALLEGRA, GABRIEL M. - My Conversations with Teilhard de Chardin on the Primacy of Christ: Peking, 1942-1945
19805: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - The Choir Invisible (Signed)
12467: ALLEN, CHESTER - Marshall of Gunsmoke (Signed)
6805: ALLEN, JOHN R. - Farmer's Boy
25402: ALLEN, ROBERT S. AND WILLIAM V. SHANNON - The Truman Merry-Go-Round
12465: ALLEN, CHESTER - Gallows West (Signed)
7808: ALLEN, T.D. - Navahos Have Five Fingers
16220: ALLEN, MARY L. - Education or Indoctrination: A Book for Educators
9493: ALLEN, STEPHEN - Lords of Battle: The World of the Celtic Warrior
5253: ALLEN, EDWARD W. - The Mysterious Disappearance of Laperouse (Signed)
19237: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - A Kentucky Cardinal (Signed)
20917: ALLEN, LOUIS - Singapore, 1941-1942
5147: ALLEN, GEORGE H. ET AL. - The Great War, 5 Volumes, Complete
13063: ALLEN, JOHN HOUGHTON - Southwest
705: ALLEN, M.D. - The Medievalism of Lawrence of Arabia
29989: ALLEN, DANIELLE - Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality
1019: ALLEN, EDWARD - Mustang Sally
2101: ALLEN, EDWARD - Straight Through the Night
3493: ALLEN, H.C. - Great Britain and the United States - a History of Anglo-American Relations, 1783-1952
12468: ALLEN, CHESTER - Bullet Bounty (Signed)
12469: ALLEN, CHESTER - Blizzard Range (Signed)
15855: ALLEN, ROBERT E. - The First Battalion of the 28th Marines on Iwo Jima: A Day-by-Day History from Personal Accounts and Official Reports, with Complete Muster Rolls
14940: ALLEN, HERVEY - Anthony Adverse
9902: ALLEN, HERVEY - Action at Aquila
12466: ALLEN, CHESTER - Badlands Showdown (Signed)
19037: ALLEN, JAMES LANE - The Bride of the Mistletoe (Signed)
27590: ALLEY, S.E. - Some Notes on Railway Matters
9883: ALLGOR, CATHERINE - A Perfect Union: Dolley Madison and the Creation of the American Nation
11159: ALLISON, JOHN MURRAY - Adams and Jefferson: The Story of a Friendship
21110: ALLON, YIGAL - My Father's House
24147: ALLWOOD, MONTAGU C. - Carnations and All Dianthus
8993: ALMACK, EDWARD - The History of the Second Dragoons "Royal Scots Greys
3263: ALMEDINGEN, E.M. - The Romanovs - Three Centuries of a ILL-Fated Dynasty
25884: ALMOND, GABRIEL, ED - The Struggle for Democracy in Germany
16541: ALPEROVITZ, GAR - The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb and the Architecture of an American Myth
494: ALPERT, HOLLIS - The Life and Times of Porgy and Bess; the Story of an American Classic
1023: ALPERT, CATHRYN - Rocket City (Signed)
27175: ALSOP, EM BOWLES (EDITOR) - The Greatness of Woodrow Wilson - a Collective Biography of the 28th President of the United States (Signed)
25465: ALTAMIRA, RAFAEL - A History of Spain: From the Beginnings to the Present Day
16564: ALTER, STEPHEN - Silk and Steel
29965: ALTER, JONATHAN - The Promise: President Obama, Year One
1021: ALTHER, LISA - Original Sins
1022: ALTHER, LISA - Bedrock
19574: ALTSHELTER, JOSEPH A. - The Sun of Saratoga: A Romance of Burgoyne's Surrender
4575: ALVAREZ, JULIA - Something to Declare
18426: ALVAREZ, WALTER C. - An Introduction to Gastro-Enterology: Being the Third Edition of the Mechanics of the Digestive Tract
1025: AMADO, JORGE - Show Down
1145: AMADO, JORGE - Tent of Miracles
27141: AMAN, CATHERINE - The Scottish Americans [the Peoples of North America Series]
17738: AMAN, VIRGINIA LEE BARNES AND JANIC BODDY - Aman: The Story of a Somali Girl
26637: AMANAT, ABBAS - Iran - a Modern History
29873: AMBLER, SOPHIE THERESE - The Song of Simon de Montfort: The Life and Death of a Medieval Revolutionary
14686: AMBLER, C.H. - Washington and the West
23782: AMBRISIUS, LLOYD E. - A Crisis of Republicanism: American Politics During the CIVIL War Era
10808: AMBROSE, STEPHEN - Eisenhower, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) Soldier, General of the Army, President-Elect, 1890-1952 II) the President
29557: AMBROSE, STEPHEN - To America - Personal Reflections on an Historian
8094: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Nixon: The Triumph of a Politician, 1962-1972
3724: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. & GUNTER BISCHOF, EDS - Eisenhower - a Centenary Assessment
12522: AMBROSE, STEPHEN - Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad, 1863-1869
11629: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - Crazy Horse and Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two Amereican Warriors (Signed, Review Copy)
8194: AMBROSE, STEPHEN - Richard Nixon, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) the Education of a Politician, II) the Triumph of a Politician, III) Ruin and Recovery
26072: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE - Nature & Science on the Pacific Coast: A Guide-Book for Scientific Travelers in the West
17891: AMERICAS WATCH - El Salvador and Human Rights: The Challenge of Reform
20098: AMERINGER, OSCAR - If You Don't Weaken
25732: AMES, HERMAN V. - The Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the United States During the First Century of Its History, 1789-1889
11839: AMES, EVELYN - A Glimpse of Eden
7783: AMMON, HARRY - James Monroe: The Quest for National Identity
18392: AMSDEN, CHARLES AVERY - Navaho Weaving: Its Technic and History
24831: AMSDEN, DORA - Impressions of Ukiyo-Ye: The School of the Japanese Colour-Print Artists (Signed)
24178: AN OFFICER OF THE CHANCERY" [SIR LEVETT HANSON] - An Accurate Historical Account of All the Orders of Knighthood at Present Existing in Europe... . , Volume 2 Only
17578: ANAND, MULK RAY - Letters of India
727: ANAYA, RUDOLFO - Rio Grande Fall (Signed)
726: ANAYA, RUDOLFO - Zia Summer
22408: ANBINDER, TYLER - Nativism and Slavery: The Northern Know Nothings and the Politics of the 1850s
21098: ANDERSON, RAYMOND - Trawling: Celebrating the Industry That Transformed Aberdeen and North-East Scotland
29046: ANDERSON, M.T. - Symphony for the City of the Dead - Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad
10873: ANDERSON, M.D. - Looking for History in British Churches
8229: ANDERSON, IAIN F. - To Introduce the Hebrides
26010: ANDERSON, DAVID - Histories of the Hanged: The Dirty War in Kenya and the End of Empire
27879: ANDERSON, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Complete Stories, in Three Volumes: Fairy Tales, Short Tales, the Longer Stories
30145: ANDERSON, WILLIAM MARSHALL - The Rocky Mountain Journals of Wiliam Marshall Anderson: The West in 1834 (Signed)
29768: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small Town Life
19861: ANDERSON, WALTER - Lectures Upon Part and Portions of the Psalms of David, As Composed for and, in Substance, Delivered in the Parochial Church of Chirnside, and Now Revised and Enlarged
7601: ANDERSON, KEVIN J. AND DOUG BEASON - Ignition (Signed)
28320: ANDERSON, SPARKY AND SI BURICK - The Main Spark: Sparky Anderson and the Cincinnati Reds
22067: ANDERSON, MOSA - Noel Buxton: A Life
2100: ANDERSON, JIM - Billarooby
15155: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - Sherwood Anderson's Memoirs
14540: ANDERSON, FRED AND ANDREW CAYTON - The Dominion of War: Empire and Liberty in North American, 1500-2000
14441: ANDERSON, THORNTON - Brooks Adams: Constructive Conservative
13549: ANDERSON, M.T. - The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing - Traitor to the Nation, 2 Volumes I) the Pox Party, II)the Kingdom on the Waves
4572: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - The Eve of St. Mark
10360: ANDERSON, OLIVE - A Liberal State at War: English Politics and Economics During the Crimean War
24425: ANDERSON, CHARLES R. - Day of Lightning, Years of Scorn: Walter C. Short and the Attack on Pearl Harbor
29343: ANDERSON, LINDSAY - Never Apologise: The Collected Writings
5975: ANDICS, HELLMUT - Das Osterreichische Jahrhundert: Die Donaumonarchie 1804-1918
10380: ANDRAE, ROLLA P. - A True, Brief History of Daniel Boone (Signed)
28200: ANDRE, JEAN-MICHEL - The Restorer's Handbook of Ceramics and Glass
11900: ANDREW, LAUREL B. - The Early Temples of the Mormons: The Architecture of the Millenial Kingdom in the American West
18929: ANDREWS, ALLEN - The Whisky Barons
18128: ANDREWS, KENNETH R. - Drake's Voyages: A Re-Assessment of Their Place in Elizabethan Maritme Expansion
15246: ANDREWS, CHARLES M. - The Colonial Period of American History, 4 Volumes, Complete. I, II, and III) the Settlements, IV) England's Commercial and Colonial Policies
29212: ANDREWS, EVANGELINE WALKER, AND CHARLES MCLEAN ANDREWS, EDS - Journal of a Lady of Quality - Being the Narrative of a Journey from Scotland to the West Indies, North Carolina, and Portugal, in the Years 1774 to 1776 (Signed)
17535: ANDREWS, C.F. - Mahatma Gandhi's Ideas: Including Selections from His Writings
22845: ANDREWS, KENNETH R., ED - English Privateering Voyages to the West Indies, 1588-1595; Documents Relating to English Voyages to the West Indies, from the Defeat of the Armada to the Last Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, Including Spanish Documents Ontributed by Irene A. Wright
8752: ANDREWS, ALLEN - King and Queens of England and Scotland
4524: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Counsel Assigned
25172: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - Passing the Torch
18650: ANDREWS, DAVID S. - Sigmund Abeles: A Retrospective (Signed)
13325: ANDREWS, BRYAN - The Facts About the Candidate [Theodore Roosevelt]
29325: ANGEL, RABBI MARK D., ED - Conversations: Orthodoxy and Religious Leadership
28459: ANGELA, ALBERTO - The Reach of Rome: A Journey Through the Lands of the Ancient Empire, Following a Coin
26110: ANGIER, BELLE SUMNER - The Garden Book of California (in Dust Jacket)
25899: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION) - The Lincoln Reader
3476: ANGLE, PAUL M. - A Shelf of Lincoln Books - a Critical Selective Bibliography of Lincolniana
3576: ANGLE, PAUL M., ED - New Letters and Papers of Lincoln
21210: ANGOLD, MICHAEL - Byzantium: The Bridge from Antiquity Ot the Middle Ages
18350: ANNALIST (CHARLES WHIBLEY) - Musings without Method: A Record 1900-01 (Signed)
17740: ANNERINO, JOHN - Dead in Their Tracks: Crossing America's Desert Borderlands
9907: ANONYMOUS - Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics
29553: ANSLEY, NORMAN, ED - Legal Admissibilty of the Polygraph
15255: ANSTEY, ROGER - King Leopold's Legacy: The Congo Under Belgian Rule, 1908-1960 (Signed)
24862: ANTHONY, HELEN VIRGINIA - Mr. Slimkins: Letters About His Doings
29191: ANTHONY, CARL SFERRAZZA - Florence Harding: The First Lady, the Jazz Age, and the Death of America's Most Scandalous President
14285: ANTREASSIAN, ELISE (TEXT), SIRAN KAPRIELIAN PIRANI (ILLUSTRATIONS) - How Armenia Became the First Christian Nation: The Story in Coloring Pictures
20135: ANTRIM, EARL - CIVIL War Prisons and Their Covers
19619: APPEL, BENJAMIN - Hitler: From Power to Ruin
728: APPEL, WILLIAM - Widowmaker
1036: APPIGNANESI, RICHARD - Italia Perversa - 3 Vols. 1: Stalin's Orphans. 2: The Mosque. 3: Destroying America
26456: APPLEBY, JOYCE - Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans
4201: APPLEBY, JOHN T. - John, King of England
27041: APPLEBY, DAVID F. AND TERESA OLSEN PIERRE, EDS - On the Shoulders of Giants: Essays in Honor of Glenn W. Olsen
9407: APPLEBY, JOHN T. - Henry II: The Vanquished King
4070: APPLEBY, JOHN T. - The Troubled Reign of King Stephen
20118: ARA, ANGELO - L'Austria-Ungheria Nella Politica Americana Durante la Prima Guerra Mondiale
25249: ARADI, ZSOLT - The Popes: The History of How They Are Chosen; Elected, and Crowned
29569: ARAKI, NOBUYOSHI - Nobuyoshi Araki - Self, Life, Death
8421: ARASTEH, A. REZA - Faces of Persian Youth: A Sociological Study
24555: ARCE, HECTOR - Groucho
27894: ARCHAMBAULT, A. MARGARETTA, ED - A Guide Book of Art, Architecture, and Historic Interests in Pennsylvania
8493: ARCHER, CLIVE AND JOHN MAIN, EDS - Scotland's Voice in International Affairs
4328: ARCHER, C.S. - Hankow Return
17311: ARCINIEGAS, GERMAN - The Green Continent
2098: ARDEN, ANDREW - No Certain Roof
17144: ARDIZZONE, TONY - The Evening News
12178: ARDIZZONE, MICHAEL - The Mistaken Land
24559: ARDMORE, JANE - The Self-Enhanted: Mae Murray - Image of an Era
19739: ARDOIN, JOHN - Callas at Julliard: The Master Classes
18288: ARETZ, GERTRUDE - The Elegant Woman - from the Rococo Period to Modern Times
29242: ARGERSINGER, PETER H. - The Limits of Agrarian Radicalism: Western Populism and American Politics
17747: ARGUEDAS, JOSE MARIA (COLLECTOR) AND RUTH STEPHAN (EDITOR) - The Singing Mountaineers: Songs and Tales of the Quechua People
26821: ARIELLI, NIR - From Byron to Bin Laden: A History of Foreign War Volunteers
4606: ARKLOW, DAMARIS - Just As I Feared
25549: ARKWRIGHT, FRANCIS AND FRANCES DE ROUVROY, DUKE DE ST. SIMON - An Abridged Translation with Notes from the Memoirs of the Duke de Saint-Simon. Six Volumes, Complete: I) Gossip and Glory of Versailles, 1692-1701; II) the Silver Age of Louise XIV; III) When Madame de Maintenon Was Queen, 1707-1710; IV) War and Court Gossip, 1710-1714; V) the Passing of Louis XIV, 1714-1717; VI) an Infamous Regent's Rule, 1717-1723
6890: ARMBRUSTER, MAXIM E. - The Presidents of the United States: A New Appraisal
7078: ARMEL, ALIETTE - Love, the Painter's Wife, and the Queen of Sheba
21461: ARMINIUS - From Sarajevo to the Rhine: Generals of the Great War
16624: ARMISTEAD, SAMUEL G. AND JOSEPH H. SILVERMAN - Folk Literature of the Sephardic Jews, Volume 1: The Judeo-Spanish Ballad Chapbooks of Yacob Abraham Yona
16662: ARMISTEAD, SAMUEL G. AND JOSPEH H. SILVERMAN - Folk Literature of the Sephardic Jews, Volume II: Judeo-Spanish Ballads from Oral Tradition (I) Epic Ballads
23609: ARMITAGE, FLORA - The Desert and the Stars: A Biography of Lawrence of Arabia
29449: ARMITAGE, MERLE AND PETER RIBERA ORTEGA - Pagans, Conquistadores, Heroes and Martyrs
24054: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - A Ring Has No End
14416: ARMSTRONG, HAMILTON FISH - Peace and Counter-Peace: From Wilson to Hitler
26563: ARMSTRONG, DR. T.E. - Editing the Siberian Chronicles" (in Annual Report for 1976)
29570: ARMSTRONG, DONALD - The Reluctant Warriors [the Decline and Fall of the Carthaginian Empire]
15873: ARMY WAR COLLEGE - The Attack of the British 9th Corps at Messines Ridge
4757: ARNALL, ELLIS GIBBS - The Shore Dimly Seen
4528: ARNEBECK, BOB - Through a Fiery Trial: Building Washington, 1790-1800
21183: ARNOLD, LINDA - Bureaucracy and Bureaucrats in Mexico City, 1742-1835
28214: ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - Blood Brother (Signed)
28492: ARNOLD, PETER - The Olympic Games: Athens 1896 to Los Angeles 1984
730: ARNOLD, MARGOT - Dirge for a Dorset Druid
13363: ARNOLD-FORSTER, D. - At War with the Smugglers: Career of Doctor Arnold's Father
4607: ARNOLD, JANIS - Daughters of Memory
4608: ARNOLD, JANIS - Excuse Me for Asking
10626: ARNOLD, HOWARD PAYSON - Historic Side-Lights
19632: ARNOLD, MATTHEW - Matthew Arnold's Notebooks
8536: ARNOT, HUGO - The History of Edinburgh: From the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time... . to Which Is Added an Appendix Containing I. A Dissertation on Scottish Music; II. An Account of Remarkable Funeral Processions; III. A Comparative View of the Modes of Living
15245: ARNOT, R. PAGE - A History of the Scottish Miners from the Earliest Times (Leatherbound, Signed)
13635: ARNOT, R. PAGE - A History of the Scottish Miners from the Earliest Times
5120: ARNOTT, ALISON J.E. AND JUDITH A. DUNCAN - The Scottish Criminal
5527: ARNSTEIN, WALTER L. - The Bradlaugh Case: A Study in Late Victorian Opinion and Politics (Signed)
15836: ARON, RAYMOND - Clausewitz: Philosopher of War
21330: ARON, RAYMOND - The Dawn of Universal History: Selected Essays from a Witness to the Twentieth Century
3769: ARON, ROBERT - The Vichy Regime, 1940-1944
21379: ARON, MILTON - Ideas and Ideals of the Hassidim
17720: ARONI, M.S. - Rights and Wrongs in the Arib-Israeli Conflict: To the Anatomy of the Forces of Progress and Reaction in the Middle East
27971: ARONS, HARRY - The Best and Easiest Disguised Method of Inducing Hypnosis (Indirect Method)
27964: ARONS, HARRY - Handbook of Self-Hypnosis
10551: ARP, JEAN AND SOPHIE CURTIL - Jean Arp - Pepin Geant (Collection L'Art En Jeu)
13637: ARPEE, LEON - The Armenian Awakening: A History of the Armenian Church, 1820-1860
731: ARRIGHI, MEL - Alter Ego
149: ARRINGTON, LEONARD J. & BITTON, DAVID - The Mormon Experience; a History of the Latter-Day Saints
9596: ARTHUR, MONS - The Mountains Are in Labour
3477: ARTHUR, BURT AND BUDD - The Stranger
30147: ARTHUR, JOHN - Theophilus Brown: Paintings, Collages, and Drawings (Signed)
7231: ARTZ, FREDERICK B. - France Under the Bourbon Restoration, 1814-1830
19926: ARVEY, VERNA - Choreographic Music: Music for the Dance
4510: ARWAS, VICTOR - Art Deco
6624: ASCH, SHOLEM - East River
12583: ASCH, CHRIS MYERS - The Senator and the Sharecropper: The Freedom Struggles of James O. Eastland and Fannie Lou Hamer
433: ASCHERSON, NEAL - The King Incorporated; Leopold the Second in the Age of Trusts
22574: ASH, STEPHEN V. - The Black Experience in the CIVIL War South
1032: ASH, BERNARD - Silence for His Worship
17486: ASHABRANNER, BRENT - An Ancient Heritage: The Arab-American Minority
4525: ASHABRANNER, BRENT - A Memorial for Mr. Lincoln
15153: ASHBY, M.K. - Joseph Ashby of Tysoe, 1859-1919
10718: ASHER. MICHAEL - Death in the Sahara: The Lords of the Desert and the Timbuktu Railway Expedition Massacre
732: ASHFORD, JEFFREY - Guilt with Honor
733: ASHFORD, JEFFREY - A Conflict of Interests
14284: ASHJIAN, ARCHBISHOP MESROB - The Cathloicoi of Etchmiadzin: An Overview of the Electoral Process
8167: ASHLEY, MAURICE - Louis XIV and the Greatness of France
15761: ASHLEY, MAURICE - James II
27796: ASHLEY, MAURICE - The Battle of Naseby and the Fall of King Charles I.
2583: ASHMORE, HARRY - Hearts and Minds - the Anatomy of Racism from Roosevelt to Reagan
22139: ASHTON, NIGEL - King Hussein of Jordan: A Political Life
11303: ASHTON, JOHN - When William IV Was King
4609: ASHTON-WARNER, SYLVIA - Spinster
26794: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Asimov's Guide to the Bible, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) the Old Testamant, II) the New Testament
22031: ASLAN, REZA, ED - Table & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East
19200: ASPINWALL, BERNARD - Portable Utopia: Glasgow and the United States, 1820-1920
3811: ASPLER, TONY - The Streets of Askelon
14649: ASQUITH, MARGOT - The Autobiography of Margot Asquith
21458: ASSHER, BEN - A Nomad Under Arms: The Chronicle of an Artilleryman from 1914 to the Armistice
16645: ASSIS, YOM TOV - The Golden Age of Aragonese Jewry: Community and Society in the Crown of Aragon, 1213-1327
29356: ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY - Football Schedule - 1936
27062: ASTAIRE, LESLEY AN RODDY MARTINE - Living in the Highlands
25450: ASUBEL, NATHAN - Superman: The Life of Frederick the Great
26551: ATA, IASMIN OMAR - Mis(H)Adra
28065: ATER, MOSHE - The Man Freud and Monotheism
20226: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE - Ancestors: A Novel
4610: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE - The Conqueror
4149: ATIYA, AZIZ SURYAL - The Crusade in the Later Middle Ages (in Dust Jacket)
13037: ATIYA, AZIZ A. - Crusade, Commerce and Culture
26996: ATKESON, RAY - Ray Atkeson: Western Images
10706: ATKINSON, RICK - The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944
19271: ATKINSON, RICK - The Liberation Trilogy, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) an Army at Dawn - the War in North Africa, 1942-1943, II) the Day of Battle - the War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944, III) the Guns at Last Light - the War in Western Europe, 1944-1945
29662: ATKINSON, RICK - The Liberation Trilogy, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) an Army at Dawn - the War in North Africa, 1942-1943, II) the Day of Battle - the War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944, III) the Guns at Last Light - the War in Western Europe, 1944-1945
499: ATKINSON, BROOKS - Broadway
15917: ATKINSON, C.T. - The Seventh Division, 1914-1918
21232: ATTAOULLAH, FUAD A. - Turkish Self-Taught in Latin Characters by the Natural Method with the English Phonetic Pronunciation. Revised and Enlarged Vocabularies and Phrases
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24638: ATTRIDGE, RICHARD - Most Women Aren't Gentlemen
25918: ATTWATER, DONALD - The Christian Churches of the East. Volume I: Churches in Communion with Rome
26772: ATWAN, ROBERT AND LAURANCE WIEDER (ASSEMBLED AND EDITED BY) - Chapters Into Verse: Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible. Two Volumes, Complete: I) Genesis to Malachi, II) Gospels to Revelation
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25372: AUBRY, OCTAVE - The Second Empire
4710: AUBRY, OCTAVE - Napoleon: Soldier and Emperor
734: AUDEMARS, PIERRE - The Bitter Path of Death
1148: AUDEMARS, PIERRE - Hercule and the Gods
24353: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES - Writings and Drawings
23785: AUER, J. JEFFREY, ED - Antislavery and Disunion: Studies in the Rhetoric of Compromise and Conflict
28219: AUER, JAMES E.,ED - From Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor: Who Was Responsible
605: AUERNHEIMER, RAOUL - Prince Metternich: Statesman and Lover
18420: AUSTEN, JANE - Shorter Works
11867: AUSUBEL, HERMAN - Historians and Thier Craft: A Study of the Presidential Addresses of the American Historical Association, 1884-1945
735: AVELINE, CLAUDE - The Cat's Eye
27503: AVERKIEVA, JULIA AND MARK A. SHERMAN - Kwakiutl String Figures
27370: AVNI, SHEERLY - Cinema by the Bay
4095: AXELRAD, JACOB - Philip Freneau: Champion of Democracy
9600: AXELSON, ERIC - South-East Africa, 1488-1530
23870: AXTELL, JAMES - The Making of Princeton University: From Woodrow Wilson to the Present (Signed)
11765: AYDELOTTE, WILLIAM O., ED - The History of Parliamentary Behavior
17462: AYER, S.A. - The Lone Sentinel: Glimpses of Morarji Desai
23021: AYERS, EDWARD L. AND CAROLYN R. MARTIN, EDS - America on the Eve of the CIVIL War
307: AYLING, STANLEY - George the Third
16339: AYLING, STANLEY - George the Third
14680: AYLMER, G.E. - The King's Servants: The CIVIL Service of Charles I, 1625-1642
12005: AYLWEN, AXEL - The Falcon of Siam
27502: AYRE, LESLIE - The Gilbert and Sullivan Companion
28008: AYSCOUGH, FLORENCE AND AMY LOWELL - Florence Ayscough and Amy Lowell: Correspondence of a Friendship
1157: AYSCOUGH, JOHN - Fernando
26435: AZAN, LIEUT. COLONEL PAUL - The Warfare of to-Day (Today)
12537: AZHDERIAN, ANTRANIG - The Turk and the Land of the Haig, or Turkey and Armenia - Descriptive, Historical, and Picturesque (Signed)
6751: AZIZ, K.K. - The Making of Pakistan: A Study in Nationalism
14009: BAACK, LAWRENCE J. - Christian Bernstorff and Prussia: Diplomacy and Reform Conservatism, 1818-1832
16281: BABBOT - Indian Interval
25801: BABIS, DANIEL G. AND ANTHONY J. MACELI - A United States Ambassador to the Vatican
738: BABSON, MARIAN - Untimely Guest
739: BABSON, MARIAN - In the Teeth of Adversity
740: BABSON, MARIAN - Death Beside the Sea
27812: BACA, ELMO AND ELAINE MARKOUTSAS - Southwest Expressions
29633: BACEVICH, ANDREW J. - America's War for the Greater Middle East (Signed)
16794: BACH, STEVEN - Dazzler: The Life and Times of Moss Hart
1037: BACHE, ELLYN - Festival in Fire Season
12504: BACKER, R. P. AUGUSTIN DE - Essai Bibliographie Sur le Livre de Imitatione Christie
12090: BACKUS, ISAAC (EDITED BY WILLIAM G. MCLOUGHLIN) - Isacc Backus on Church, State, and Calvinism: Pamphlets, 1754-1789
22281: BACON, MARGARET HOPE - But One Race: The Life of Robert Purvis
28437: BACON, EWA K. - Saving Lives in Auschwitz: The Prisoners' Hospital in Buna-Monowitz
12191: BACON, LORENE KIMBALL - Recollections (Signed)
5027: BACON, CHARLOTTE - A Private State
29876: BADIAN, E. - Foreign Clientelae (264-70 B.C. )
26374: BAEDEKER, KARL - Russia - a Handbook for Travelers (a Facsimile of the Original 1914 Edition)
486: BAEZ, JOAN - And a Voice to Sing with; a Memoir
21048: BAGDASARIAN, NICHOLAS DER - The Austro-German Rapprochement, 1870-1879: From the Battle of Sedan to the Dual Alliance
25486: BAGGER, EUGENE - Francis Joseph - Emperor of Austria -- King of Hungary
17767: BAHRAMPOUR, FIROUZ - Turkey: Political and Social Transformation (Signed)
29506: BAILEY, THOMAS AND KATHERINE JOSLIN - Theodore Roosevelt: A Literary Life
9595: BAILEY, SYDNEY D., ED - The British Party System: A Symposium
17442: BAILEY, TRUMAN - Polynesian Adventure
18573: BAILEY, BLAKE - Cheever: A Life
24729: BAILLIE-GROHMAN, W.A. - Fifteen Year's Sport and Life in the Hunting Grounds of Western America and British Columbia
29330: BAILY, LESLIE - The Gilbert and Sullivan Book
26622: BAILY, LESLIE - The Gilbert and Sullivan Book - Revised Edition
28884: BAILYN, BERNARD AND PHILIP D. MORGAN, EDS - Strangers Within the Realm - Cultural Margins of the First British Empire
12521: BAIN, DAVID HAWARD - Sitting in Darkness: Americans in the Philippines
17543: BAINS, J.S. - India's International Disputes: A Legal Study
15299: BAINTON, RONALD H. AND LOIS OLIPHANT GIBBONS - George Lincoln Burr: His Life and Selections from His Writings
28240: BAKELESS, JOHN - Daniel Boone: Master of the Wilderness
30140: BAKER, LEONARD - Brandeis and Frankfurter: A Dual Biography
17306: BAKER, RICHARD D. - Judicial Review in Mexico: A Study of the Amparo Suit
7961: BAKER, SIR SAMUEL - The Albert N'Yanza: Great Basin of the Nile and Explorations of the Nile Sources, 2 Volumes, Complete
139: BAKER, LEONARD - John Marshall - a Life in Law
23110: BAKER, ALAN H.R. - Progress in Historical Geography
5024: BAKER, WILL - What a Piece of Work
741: BAKER, SUSAN - My First Murder
1046: BAKER, PETER - Cruise
1047: BAKER, NICHOLSON - Room Temperature
2086: BAKER, LIVA - The Justice from Beacon Hill - the Life and Times of Oliver Wendell Holmes
2097: BAKER, ALISON - Loving Wanda Beaver - Novella and Stories
2673: BAKER, HERSCHEL - The Race of Time - Three Lectures on Renaissance Historiography
27259: BAKER, A.A. - Bounty War (Signed)
16151: BAKER, LIVA - The Second Battle of New Orleans: The Hundred-Year Struggle to Integrate the Schools
11770: BAKER, JOHN - Henry Lee Mcfee and Formalist Realism in American Still Life, 1923-1936
3821: BAKER, RICHARD M. - The Revolt of Zengo Takakuwa
22387: BAKER, JEAN H. - Affairs of Party: The Policital Culture of Northern Democrats in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
28403: BAKER, HOLLIS S. - Furniture in the Ancient World: Origins and Evolution, 3100-475 B.C.
24189: BAKER, GEORGE HALL, ED - Cosmo Collection: Consisting of Duotone Reproductions of Carefully Selected Famous Paintings and Sculpture from the Different Schools; Architecture, Portraits and Popular Subjects. Each Picture Graphically Described, Together with an Abridged History and Encyclopedia of Art, Biography of Artists, and Pronouncing Dictionary of Names. Glossart of Art Terms and Bibliography. Complete in One Volume
12786: BALAKIAN, GRIGORIS - Armenian Golgotha: A Memoir of the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1918
26420: BALASCHEFF, MARIE AND MARTHA GENUNG STEARNS, ED - The Transplanting: A Narrative from the Letters of Marie Balascheff, a Russian Refugee in France
29700: BALDOON, DHINGRA, COMPILER - Asia Through Asian Eyes: Parables, Poetry, Proverbs, Stories and Epigrams of the Asian Peoples
21211: BALDWIN, NEIL - Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass Production of Hate
23560: BALDWIN, PHILIP AND MONICA GUGGISBERG - Philip Baldwin / Monica Guggisberg: In Search of Clear Lines
28765: BALDWIN, ALICE M. - The New England Clergy and the American Revolution
634: BALDWIN, LELAND DEWITT - The Meaning of America: Essays Toward an Understanding of the American Spirit
1043: BALDWIN, WILLIAM - The Hard to Catch Mercy
13696: BALDWIN, OLIVER - Six Prisons and Two Revolutions: Adventures in Trans-Caucasia and Anatolia, 1920-1921 (in Dust Jacket)
4181: BALDWIN, FAITH - Give Love the Air (Signed)
9910: BALDWIN, WILLIAM - The Fennel Family Papers
29844: BALDWIN, JAMES - Go Tell It on the Mountain
30107: BALDWIN, JAMES - If Beale Street Could Talk
5819: BALEN, MALCOLM - The Secret History of the South Sea Bubble: The World's First Great Financial Scandal
24242: BALFOUR, EARL OF - Opinions and Argument from Speeches and Address of the Earl of Balfour, 1910-1927
7733: BALFOUR, LADY FRANCES - Ne Obliviscaris: Dinna Forget, 2 Volumes, Complete
29183: BALL, BERNICE M. - Chester County and Its Day (Signed)
27632: BALL, IAN M. - Pitcairn: Children of Mutiny
2833: BALL, EDWARD - Slaves in the Family
14702: BALL, OONA H. - Dalmatia
26391: BALLANCE, MICHAEL, JOHN BOARDMAN, SPENCER ORBETT, SINCLAIR HOOD - Excavations in Chios, 1952-1955: Byzantine Emporio
13466: BALLARD, COLIN R. - The Military Genius of Abraham Lincoln
27281: BALLENGER, LEE - The Outpost War: U.S. Marines in Korea. Volume I: 1952
10816: BALLENGER, EDGAR G. AND COMMITTEE, EDS - History of Urology, 2 Volumes, Complete
6335: BALSDON, J.P.V.D. - Romans and Aliens
25128: BALSON, CONSUELO VANDERBILT - The Glitter and the Gold
16165: BALZ, DAN AND HAYNES JOHNSON - The Battle for America 2008: The Story of an Extraordinary Election
23663: BAMBERGER, BERNARD J. - The Story of Judaism
17822: BANAS, JOSEF - The Scapegoats: The Exodus of the Remnants of Polish Jewry
17201: BANCROFT, FREDERIC - Calhoun and the South Carolina Nullification Movement
22161: BANDEL, EUGENE - Frontier Life in the Army, 1854-1861
17544: BANERJEE, GAURANGA NATH - Hellenism in Ancient India
17540: BANERJI, A.K. - Aspects of Indo-British Economic Relations: 1858-1898
23112: BANERJI, M.L. AND PRABHA PRADHAN - The Orchids of Nepal Himalaya
21022: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - The Booming of Acre Hill and Other Reminiscences of Urban and Surburban Life (Signed)
26286: BANKS, RUSSELL - The Angel on the Roof - the Stories of Russell Banks (Signed)
2504: BANKS, RUSSELL - The New World (Signed)
4644: BANKS, RUSSELL - The Sweet Hereafter (Signed)
11849: BANKS, RICHARD - The Beaver Hunters (Signed)
10169: BANKS, ANN - First-Person America
9971: BANKS, CHRISTOPHER P AND JOHN C. GREEN - Superintending Democracy: The Courts and the Political Process
19546: BANNER, STUART - The Death Penalty: An American History
2190: BANNER, JAMES M., JR. - To the Hartford Convention: The Federalists and the Origins of Party Politics in Massachusetts, 1789-1815
17745: BANNING, MARGARET CULKIN - Salud! a South American Journal
7825: BANNING, LANCE - The Jeffersonian Persuasion: Evolution of a Party Ideology
743: BANNISTER, JO - The Going Down of the Sun
744: BANNISTER, JO - Shards
28033: BANNO, MASATAKA - China and the West, 1858-1861: The Origins of the Tsungli Yamen
24690: BANZAI, MAYUMI - Stories (1925-1935) of a Japanese Grandma
17482: BAR-ZOHAR-MICHEL - Histoire Secrete de la Guerre D'Israel
17293: BARAHONA, RENATO - Vizcaya on the Eve of Carlism: Politics and Society, 1800-1833
16626: BARAHONA, RENATO - Sex Crimes, Honour, and the Law in Early Modern Spain: Vizcaya, 1528-1735
16651: BARAYON, RAMON SENDER - A Death in Zamora
21069: BARBER, RICHARD, ED - The Arthurian Legends: An Illustrated Anthology
27048: BARBER, RICHARD - The Holy Grail: Imagination and Belief
18752: BARBER, RICHARD - The Knight & Chivalry
8689: BARBER, MALCOLM - The Two Cities: Medieval Europe 1050-1320
5050: BARBER, PHYLLIS - The School of Love
5051: BARBER, PHYLLIS - How I Got Cultured: A Nevada Memoir
14696: BARBER, ELINOR G. - The Bourgeoisie in 18th Century France
11659: BARBER, JOSEPH - Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Why the United States Provokes Canadians
10235: BARBER, JAMES - South Africa's Foreign Policy, 1945-1970
5052: BARBER, PHYLLIS - And the Desert Shall Blossom
27174: BARBER, RICHARD - The Devil's Crown: A History of Henry II and His Sons
11816: BARBET, EMILE - Rectification de L'Air Liquide: Separation Et Purification Des Gaz de L'Atmosphere
23014: BARBOT, JEAN - Barbot on Guinea - the Writings of Jean Barbot on West Africa, 1678-1712, 2 Volumes, Complete
26452: BARBOUR, JOHN - The Bruce: An Epic Poem. Written Around the Year A.D. 1375
9259: BARBOUR, PHILIP P. - Dimitry, Called the Pretender: Tsar and Prince of All Russia, 1605-1606
19885: BARBOUR, RALPH HENRY - The Last Play
27550: BARCLAY-HARVEY, SIR MALCOLM - A History of the Great North of Scotland Railway
28003: BARCLAY, GEORGE W. - Colonial Development and Population in Taiwan
25004: BARCLAY, J.T., MD - The City of the Great King: Jerusalem As It Was, As It Is, and As It Is to Be
12711: BARCLAY, BRIGADIER C.N., ED - The London Scottish in the Second World War, 1939-1945
4640: BARCLAY, BRIGADIER C.N. - Battle 1066
18189: BARER, SHLOMO - The Doctors of Revolution: 19th Century Thinkers Who Changed the World
29109: BARGRAVE. ROBERT (MICHAEL G. BRENNAN, ED.) - The Travel Diary of Robert Bargrave, Levant Merhant: 1647-1656
14857: BARING, MAURICE - In My End Is My Beginning
27414: BARKE, JAMES - The Robert Burns Quintet, 5 Volumes, Plus the Sixth Book About Burns' Wife: 1) the Wind That Shakes the Barley, 2) the Song in the Green Thorn Tree, 3) the Wonder of All the Gay World, 4) the Crest of the Broken Wave, 5) the Well of the Silent Harp, 6) Bonnie Jean
21995: BARKER, JULIET - Conquest: The English Kingdom of France, 1417-1450
19085: BARKER, JAMES P. AND ROLAND BARKER (AS TOLD TO) - The Log of a Limejuicer: The Experiences Under Sail of James P. Barker, Master Mariner As Told to Roland Barker
20050: BARKER, HAROLD R. - History of the 43rd Division Artillery - World War II, 1941-1945 (Signed)
23507: BARKER-BENFIELD, G.J. - The Culture of Sensibility: Sex and Society in Eighteenth-Century Britain
10367: BARKER, JOHN W. - Manuel II Palaeologus, 1391-1425: A Study in Late Byzantine Statesmanship
10787: BARKER, SIR ERNEST, SIR GEORGE CLARK AND PROFESSOR P. VAUCHER, EDS - The European Inheritance, 3 Volumes, Complete
10167: BARKER, DUDLEY - Prominent Edwardians
15059: BARKIN, KENNETH D. - The Controversy over German Industrialization, 1890-1902
22737: BARLOW, ROGER - A Brief Summe of Geographie / by Rober Barlow
23969: BARLOW, IMA CHRISTINA - The Agadir Crisis
273: BARLOW, FRANK - William Rufus
3817: BARLOW, JAMES - One Man in the World
20494: BARME, GEREMIE R. - In the Red: On Contemporary Chinese Culture
29232: BARNARD, HARRY - Eagle Forgotten" - the Life of John Peter Altgeld (Signed)
29548: BARNARD, SANDY - Custer's First Sergeant (Signed)
745: BARNARD, ROBERT - The Case of the Missing Bronte
746: BARNARD, ROBERT - A City of Strangers
707: BARNBY, H.G. - The Prisoners of Algiers; an Account of the Forgotten American-Algerian War, 1785-1797
23551: BARNES, MAJOR R. MONEY - The British Army of 1914: Its History, Uniforms & Contemporary Continental Armies
747: BARNES, LINDA - The Snake Tattoo
748: BARNES, TREVOR - A Midsummer Night's Killing
14878: BARNES, R. MONEY WITH C. KENNEDY ALLEN - The Uniforms and History of the Scottish Regiments: Britain-Canada-Australia-New Zealand-South Africa, 1625 to the Present Day
12996: BARNES, HARRY ELMER - History and Social Intelligence
12514: BARNES, JAMES A. - John G. Carlisle: Financial Statesman
22609: BARNES, MAJOR R. MONEY - The Soldiers of London
17622: BARNETT, A. DOAK - China Policy: Old Problems and New Challenges
21042: BARNETT, R.D. (TEXT) AND AMLETO LORENZINI (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Assyrian Sculpture in the British Museum
28701: BARNHILL, GEORGIA BRADY, ED - Prints of New England
24684: BARON, DAVID J. - Waging War: The Clash between Presidents and Congress, 1776 to Isis
23159: BARON, SALO W. AND GEORGE S, WISE, EDS - Violence and Defense in the Jewish Experience
23455: BARON, SALO W. - From a Historian's Notebook: European Jewry Before and After Hitler
30121: BARONE, MICHAEL - Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval That Inspired America's Founding Fathers
9970: BARONE, MICHAEL - Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval That Inspired America's Founding Fathers
29110: BARR, WILLIAM, ED - Searching for Franklin: The Land Arctic Searching Expedition. James Anderson's and James Stewart's Expedition Via the Black River, 1855
2110: BARR, JOEL - Chapters and Verse
13954: BARR-SHARRAR, BERYL AND EUGENE N. BORZA, EDS - Studies in the History of Art, Volume 10: Macedonia and Greece in Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Times
23075: BARR, WILLIAM AND GLYNDWR WILLIAMS, EDS - Voyages to Hudson Bay in Search of a Northwest Passage, 1741-1747, Two Volumes Complete. I) the Voyage of Christopher Middleton, 1741-1742; II) the Voyage of William Moor and Francis Smith, 1746-1747
1143: BARRETT, ANDREA - The Middle Kingdom (Signed)
4642: BARRETT, JOYCE DURHAM - Quiet-Crazy
10708: BARRETT, MICHAEL B. - Operation Albion: The German Conquest of the Baltic Islands
25721: BARRETT, PATRICIA - Religious Liberty and the American Presidency: A Study in Church-State Relations
27835: BARRIE, J.M. - M'Connachie and J.M. B. : Speeches of J. M Barrie
27588: BARRIE, D.S. AND CHARLES E. LEE - The Sirhowy Valley and Its Railways
19642: BARRIE, J.M. - An Auld Licht Manse and Other Sketches (the Universal Series, Number 1)
19232: BARRIE, J.M. - George Meredith 1909
9911: BARRINGTON, E. - Glorious Apollo (Presentation Edition)
26693: BARRINGTON, BOYD C. - The Magna Charta and Other Great Charters of England, with an Historical Treatise and Copious Explanatory Notes
23552: BARRON, EVAN MACLEOD - The Scottish War of Independence - a Critical Study
16336: BARROS, JAMES - The Aland Islands Question - Its Settlement by the League of Nations
13041: BARROW, G.W.S. - The Kingdom of the Scots: Government, Church and Society from the Eleventh to the Fourteenth Century
17328: BARRY, TOM - Central America Inside and out: The Essential Guide to Its Societies, Politics, and Economics
14905: BARRY, REV. GEORGE - The History of the Orkney Islands: In Which Is Comprehended an Account of Their Present As Well As Their Ancient State; Together with the Advantages They Possess for Several Branches of Industry, and the Means by Which They May Be Improved
24859: BARRY, JOHN D. - Outlines: A Collection of Brief Imaginative Studies Related to Many Phases of Thought and Feeling, and Representing an Effort to Give an Interpretation to Familiar Experiences (Signed)
28126: BARRY, ALFRED - The Ecclesiastical Expansion of England in the Growth of the Anglican Communion: The Hulsean Lectures for 1894-95
26812: BARTELME, TONY - A Surgeon in the Village: An American Doctor Teaches Brain Surgery in Africa
1057: BARTH, JOHN - The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
1058: BARTH, JOHN - Letters
1056: BARTHELME, FREDERICK - Two Against One
7823: BARTLETT, C.J. - Castlereagh
16819: BARTLETT, ROBERT - England Under the Norman and Angevin Kings, 1075-1225
29040: BARTLETT, JOHN RUSSELL, EDITIOR - Records of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New England, Volumes 6-10
9168: BARTLETT, JAMES Y. - Death Is a Two-Stroke Penalty
23504: BARTLETT, W.B. - An Ungodly War: The Sack of Constantinople and the Fourth Crusade
137: BARTLETT, IRVING H. - Daniel Webster
25076: BARTLETT, I.S., ED - History of Wyoming, Three Volumes, Complete
27892: BARTOLETTI, SUSAN CAMPBELL - Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow
3577: BARTON, WILLIAM E. - Abraham Lincoln and the Hooker Letter - an Address
13668: BARTON, BRUCE - The Man Nobody Knows: A Discovery of the Real Jesus (Signed in Dust Jacket)
18387: BARTON, K.J. - Pottery in England from 3500 Bc - Ad1730
4034: BARTOS-HOPPNER, BARBARA - The Conquering Ships
17532: BARTSTRA, GERT-JAN AND WILLEM ARNOLD CASPARIE, EDS - Modern Quaternary Research in Southeast Asia. Vol. 7
4272: BARTZ, KARL - Louis XIV
29599: BARZINI, LUIGI - Peking to Paris: A Journey Across Two Continents in 1907
29453: BARZMAN, NORMA - The Red and the Blacklist: The Intimate Memoir of a Hollywood Expatriate (Signed)
4305: BARZU, JACQUES - Berlioz and the Romantic Century, 2 Vols, in Slipcase
4796: BARZUN, JACQUES - From Dawn to Decadence, 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life
23396: BASELER, MARILYN C. - Asylum for Manknd": Ameria, 1607-1800
22002: BASKER, JAMES G., EDITOR - American Antislavey Writings: Colonial Beginnings to Emancipation
3831: BASLER, ROY P. - The Lincoln Legend - a Study in Changing Conceptions
29946: BASS, JOHN FOSTER - The Peace Tangle
5194: BASS, ALTHEA - Cherokee Messenger
57: BASS, CYNTHIA - Sherman's March
884: BASS, RICK - The Deer Pasture
1055: BASS, RICK - In the Loyal Mountains
1144: BASS, RICK - The Watch - Stories
1153: BASS, RICK - Oil Notes
11857: BASS, RICK - Winter: Notes from Montana
18566: BASS, WARREN - Support Any Friend: Kennedy's Middle East Policy and the Making of the U.S. -Israeli Alliance
4290: BASSETT, RONALD - The Tinfish Run
29520: BASTIN, JOHN - The Native Policies of Sir Stamford Raffles in Jave and Sumatra: An Economic Interpretation
18846: BASTIN, JEREMY - The Norfolk Yeomanry in Peace and War
25547: BATCHELLER, TRYPHOSA BATES - Royal Spain of Today
1062: BATCHELOR, JOHN CALVIN - Gordon Liddy Is My Muse - by Tommy "Tip" Paine
13595: BATE, WALTER JACKSON - John Keats
12015: BATEMAN, KATHERINE - Kentucky Clay: Eleven Generations of a Southern Dynasty
18519: BATES, RALPH O. - Billy and Dick: From Andersonville Prison to the White House
10847: BATES, DARRELL - A Longing for Quails
18817: BATES, ERNEST SUTHERLAND AND JOHN V. DITTEMORE - Mary Baker Eddy: The Truth and the Tradition
25454: BATES, KATHARINE LEE - Spanish Highways and Byways
16297: BATES, DARRELL - The Fashoda Incident of 1898: Encounter on the Nile
24426: BATESON, JOHN - The Last and Greatest Battle: Finding the Will, Commitment, and Strategy to End Military Suicides
12995: BATIFFOL, LOUIS - The Century of the Renaissance in France
23675: BATTEN, ROY - Britain's Regimental Museums (Signed)
5379: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA - John Keble: A Study in Limitataions
21246: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA - Shaftesbury: The Great Reformer, 1801-1885

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