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23913: NOEL, GERARD - The Renaissance Popes: Statesmen, Warriors and the Great Borgia Myth
18969: NOEL, JOSEPH - Love's Bread Line (Signed)
26910: NOGAMI, TERUYO - Waiting on the Weather: Making Movies with Akira Kurosawa
3704: NOGGLE, BURL - Into the Twenties - the United States from Armistice to Normalcy
15587: NOGUEIRA, FRANCO - The United Nations and Portugal: A Study of Anti-Colonialism
10031: NOGUERES, HENRI - The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew
15584: NOGUERES, HENRI - Munich or the Phoney Peace
696: NOLTHENIUS, HELENE - Duecento; the Late Middle Ages in Italy
14278: NORA, PIERRE - Realms of Memory - Volume 1: Conflicts and Divisions
28189: NORBU, THUBTEN JIGME AND HEINRICH HARRER - Tibet Is My Country: The Autobiography of Thubten Jigme Norbu, Brother of the Dalai Lama
5782: NORDAN, LEWIS - Welcome to the Arrow-Catcher Fair (Signed)
5781: NORDAN, LEWIS - The All-Girl Football Team (Signed)
10642: NORDAN, LEWIS - Lightning Song
26180: NORIE, W. DRUMMOND - The Life and Adventures of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 4 Volumes, Complete
10625: NORMAN, DOROTHY, ED - Nehru: The First Sixty Years... , 2 Volumes
6208: NORMAN, MARC - Oklahoma Crude
681: NORMAN, A.V.B. - The Medieval Soldier
1644: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Bird Artist
15905: NORMAN, TERRY - The Hell They Called High Wood - the Somme 1916
24840: NORRIS, FRANK - The Surrender of Santiago: An Account of the Historic Surrender of Santiago to General Shafter, July 17, 1898
5020: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Burned Fingers
24744: NORRIS, GERALD - A Musical Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland
25568: NORRIS, BRUCE - Clybourne Park
5783: NORRIS, HELEN - The Burning Glass
2805: NORRIS, HELEN - Water Into Wine
19918: NORRIS, FRANK - The Pit: A Story of Chicago
26898: NORTHRUP, MARGUERITE, ED - The Easter Story: From the Gospels
10056: NORTON, MARY BETH - In the Devil's Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692 (Signed)
6456: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Paradise of Cities: Venice in the 19th Century
26817: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Sicily: An Island at the Crossroads of History
243: NOTESTEIN, WALLACE - The English People on the Eve of Colonization 1603-1630
5466: NOTESTEIN, WALLACE - The Scot in History: A Study of the Interplay of Character and History
18927: NOTT, ROBERT - He Ran All the Way: The Life of John Garfield
21100: NOTTAGE, JANE - The Gleneagles Hotel: 75 Years of Scottish Excellence
2241: NOVA, CRAIG - The Good Son
23542: NOVECK, SIMON. ED - B'Nai B'Rith Great Books Series, Volumes 1-4: I) Great Jewish Personalities in Ancient and Medieval Times, II) Great Jewish Personalities in Modern Times, III) Great Jewish Thinkers of the Twentieth Century, IV) Contemporary Jewish Thought - a Reader
9187: NOVICK, SHELDON M. - Honorable Justice: The Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes
16921: NOVIKOFF-PRIBOY, A. - Tsushima
17818: NOWAKOWSKI, TADEUSZ - The Radziwills; the Social History of a Great European Family
23314: NOWELL-SMITH, GEOFFREY - Visconti (Revised and Expanded Edition)
23316: NOWELL-SMITH, GEOFFREY - Visconti
9919: NOWLAN, ROBERT A. AND GWENDOLYN WRIGHT NOWLAN - Cinema Sequels and Remakes, 1908-1987
6779: NOYES, GEORGE RAPALL AND LEONARD BACON - Heroic Ballads of Servia
22729: NUTTALL, ZELIA, ED - New Light on Drake: A Collection of Documents Relatng to His Voyage of Circumnavigation, 1577-1580
28242: NUWER, RACHEL LOVE - Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking
16583: NYE, RUSSEL B. - George Bancroft - Brahmin Rebel
24655: NYE, BILL - Suggestions for a School of Journalism
698: NYE, COL. W.S. - Carbine and Lance
1792: NYE, RUSSELL - The Unembarrassed Muse - the Popular Arts in America
20471: O'TOOLE, GEORGE BARRY - The Case Against Evolution
21059: O'DRISCOLL, ROBERT, ED - The Celtic Consciousness
24033: O'REILLY, JOHN - Pursuit of the King: An Evaluation of the Shangani Patrol in the Light of Sources Read by the Author
22055: O'DAY, EDWARD F. - Bel-Air Bay: A Country Place by the Sea
21654: O'CONNOR, NORREYS JEPHSON - A Servant of the Crown, in England and in North America, 1756-1761: Based Upon the Papers of John Appy, Secretary and Judge Advocate of His Majesty's Forces
24110: O'BRIEN, KATE - The Land of Spices
18337: O'BRIEN, R. BARRY - John Bright: A Monograph
6210: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Ah, Wilderness!
24389: O'DELL, A.C. AND K. WALTON - The Highlands and Islands of Scotland
6576: O'CONNOR, RICHARD - Sheridan the Inevitable
8616: O'BRIEN, SHARON - American Indian Tribal Governments
18890: O'TOOLE, PATRICIA - The Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends, 1880-1918
8048: O'BRIEN, HARRIET - Queen Emma and the Vikings: A History of Power, Love and Greed in 11th-Century England
10310: O'TOOLE, FINTAN - White Savage: William Johnson and the Invention of America
25368: O'REILLY, E. BOYLE - Heroic Spain
704: O'BRIEN, P.J. - Will Rogers; Ambassador of Good Will, Prince of Wit and Wisdom
24365: O'NEILL, JOSEPH - The Dog - a Novel
1647: O'CONNOR, PHILIP - Finding Brendan
1648: O'CONNOR, PHILIP E. - Defending Civilization
1649: O'CONNOR, PHILIP F. - Stealing Home
1650: O'BRIEN, TIM - In the Lake of the Woods
1651: O'BRIEN, TIM - The Nuclear Age
1652: O'NAN, STEWART - A World Away
2791: O'DONNELL, LILLIAN - Lockout
2793: O'MARIE, CAROL ANNE, SISTER - Advent of Dying
23817: O'MARA, MARGARET - Pivotal Tuesdays: Four Elections That Shaped the Twentieth Century
3063: O'CONNOR, ROBERT - Buffalo Soldiers
15462: O'BRIEN, BRIAN - That Good Physician
15177: O'NEIL, J.L. - Was Savonarola Really Excummunicated? an Inquiry
4463: O'CONNOR, RICAHRD - Company Q.
4664: O'NEILL, CHARLES EDWARD - Church and State in French Colonial Louisiana: Policy and Politics to 1732
3941: O'BRIEN, MICHAEL - A Character of Hugh Legare
9886: O'SHEA, STEPHEN - Sea of Faith: Islam and Christianity in the Medieval Mediterranean World
19792: O'BRIEN, MICHAEL (DESIGN AND LAYOUT) - Viking Settlement to Medieval Dublin
19996: O'BRIEN, TERENCE - The Moonlight War: The Story of Clandestine Operations in South-East Asia, 1944-5
19929: O'BRIEN, EDWARD J., ED - The Best British Short Stories of 1930, with an Irish and Colonial Supplement
25460: O'CALLAGHAN, SHEILA M. - Cinderella of Europe: Spain Explained
25742: O'NEILL, J.M. - Religion and Education Under the Constitution
23804: OAKES, JAMES - Slavery and Freedom: An Interpretation of the Old South
17953: OAKES, C.G. - Sir Samuel Romilly, 1757-1818: "the Friend of the Oppressed" His Life and Times, His Work, His Family, and His Friends
7574: OAKES, ANDY - Dragon's Eye: A Chinese Noir
23702: OAKES, JAMES - Freedom National: The Destruction of Slavery in the United States, 1861-1865
3930: OAKES, JAMES - The Ruling Race - a History of American Slaveholders
22807: OAKLAND TRIBUNE - Up to the Minute with the Oakland - San Francisco Bay Bridge -- Reprinted from the Oakland Trubune Year Book 1935
8153: OAKLEY, STEWART - The Story of Sweden
18474: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - What I Lived for
8984: OATTS, L.B. - Emperor's Chambermaids: The Story of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
17400: OBERDORFER, DON - The Two Koreas: A Contemporary History
15685: OBERJOHANN, HEINRICH - Komoon! Capturing the Chad Elephant
23642: OCAMPO, VICTORIA - 338171 T.E. (Lawrence of Arabia
8766: ODD, DAVID - Europe in the Seventeeth Century
6209: ODETS, CLIFFORD - Golden Boy: A Play in Three Acts
12697: ODOJEWSKI, WLODZIMIERZ - No Island of Salvation
21603: OE, KENZABURO - Nip the Buds Shoot the Kids
4445: OESTE, GEORGE IRVIN - John Randolph Clay: America's First Career Diplomat
25157: OESTERREICHER, JOHN M., ED - The Bridge: A Yearbook of Judaeo-Christian Studies. Four Volumes, Complete
25118: OESTERREICHER, JOHN - Walls Are Crumbling: Seven Jewish Philosophers Discover Christ
27727: OFFNER, ARNOLD A. - Hubert Humphrey: The Conscience of the Country
28274: OFILI, CHRIS - Chris Ofili
28012: OGATA, SADAKO N. - Defiance in Manchuria: The Making of Japanese Foreign Policy, 1931-1932
8040: OGDEN, JAMES - Isaac D'Israeli
18169: OGDEN, CHRIS - Maggie: An Intimate Portrait of a Woman in Power
13453: OGDEN, GEORGE W. - White Roads (Signed)
13395: OGDEN, GEORGE W. - White Roads
9929: OGDEN, AUGUST RAYMOND - The Dies Committee: A Study of the Speical House Committee for the Investigation of Un-American Activities, 1938-1945
23261: OGG, DAVID - Herbert Fisher, 1865-1940. A Short Biography
440: OGG, DAVID - Europe in the 17th Century
4045: OGG, DAVID - Europe in the Seventeenth Century
13581: OGLE, ARTHUR - The Canon Law in Mediaeval England
27697: OGRIZEK, DORE, ED - The World in Color: Japan
5021: OGSTON, DAVID D. - White Stone Country
19679: OHLGREN, THOMAS H. - Medieval Outlaws: Ten Tales in Modern English
12433: OHMANN, CAROL - Ford Madox Ford: From Apprentice to Craftsman
14585: OILVER, JANE - Young Man with a Sword: A Novel for Boys and Girls
17874: OKEY, ROBIN - The Habsburg Monarchy: From Enlightenment to Eclipse
1656: OKRI, BEN - Songs of Enchantment
21444: OKUMU, WASHINGTON - Lumumba's Congo: Roots of Conflict
92: OLDENBOURG, ZOE - Cities of the Flesh
14105: OLDENBOURG, ZOE - Massacre at Montsegur: A History of the Albigensian Crusade
2792: OLEKSIW, SUSAN - Double Take - a Mellingham Mystery
27083: OLIPHANT, THOMAS AND CURTIS WILKIE - The Road to Camelot: Inside Jfk's Five-Year Campaign
6366: OLIVA, LEO E. - Soldiers on the Santa Fe Trail (Signed)
5103: OLIVER, BASIL - The Cottages of England: A Review of Their Types and Features from the 16th to the 18th Centuries
27993: OLIVER, JEAN - Nephrons and Kidneys - a Quantative Study of Developmental and Evolutionary Mammalian Renal Architectonics
27390: OLIVER, JANE - The Blue Heaven Bends over All
24368: OLIVER, ANDREW - The Adams Papers: Portraits of John and Abigail Adams
15174: OLIVER, ROLAND - Sir Harry Johnston and the Scramble for Africa
14176: OLIVER, ROBERT T. - Why War Came in Korea
4630: OLIVERA, RUTH R. AND LILIANE CRETE - Life in Mexico Under Santa Anna, 1822-1855
3389: OLLARD, RICHARD - The Escape of Charles II - After the Battle of Worcester
22158: OLLER, JOHN - American Queen: The Rise and Fall of Kate Chase Spague, CIVIL War "Belle of the North" and Gilded Age Woman of Scandal
17268: OLLER, JOHN - Jean Arthur: The Actress Nobody Knows
1654: OLMSTEAD, ROBERT - A Trail of Heart's Blood Wherever We Go
1655: OLMSTEAD, ROBERT - America by Land
23038: OLSEN, BERNARD A. - A Billy Yank Governor: The Life and Times of New Jersey's Franklin Murphy
26087: OLSEN, OTTO H., ED - Reconstruction and Redemption in the South
2254: OLSHAN, JOSEPH - A Warmer Season
24363: OLSON, ALISON GILBERT AND RICHARD MAXWELL BROWN, EDS - Anglo-American Political Relations, 1675-1175
5482: OLSON, FRANK A. - The Wall of Berlin
8679: OLSON, ALISON GILBERT - Anglo-American Politics, 1660-1775: The Relationship between Parties in England and Colonial America (Signed)
2253: OLSON, TOBY - The Woman Who Escaped from Shame
4136: OLSON, LESTER C. - Emblems of American Community in the Revolutionary Era
26662: OMAN, SIR CHARLES - England Before the Norman Conquest: Being a History of the Celtic, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Periods Down to the Year A.D. 1066
8270: OMAND, DONALD, ED - The Fife Book
14781: OMER-COOPER, J.D. - The Zulu Aftermath: A Nineteenth-Century Revolution in Bantu Africa
16872: ONDAATJE, CHRISTOPHER - The Man-Eater of Punanai: A Journey of Discovery to the Jungles of Old Ceylon
16451: ONE OF THE ELDERS - Junction Road United Presbyterian Church, Leith: A Sketch of Its History from Its Origin in 1822 to the Present Day
16348: OOSTINDIE, GERT, ED - Fifty Years Later: Antislavery, Capitalism and Modernity in the Dutch Orbit
27317: OPITZ, EDMUND A. - Religion and Capitalism: Allies, Not Enemies
3502: OPITZ, KARLLUDWIG - The General
16582: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Spies and Intrigues - the Oppenheim Secret Service Omnibus
26361: ORAM, RICHARD, ED - The Kings and Queens of Scotland
26262: ORCUTT, PHILIP DANA - The White Road of Mystery - the Note-Book of an American Ambulancer
23223: ORDE, ANN - British Policy and European Reconstruction After the First World War
27106: OREL, HAROLD, HENRY L. SNYDER, AND MARILYN STOKSTAD,EDS - The Scottish World: History and Culture of Scotland
12585: OREN, MICHAEL B. - Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present
21215: ORLEV, URI - The Sandgame
14938: ORLOW, DIETRICH - The History of the Nazi Party, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) 1919-1933, II) 1933-1945
23210: ORNI, EFRAIM AND ELISHA EFRAT - Geography of Isreal
3875: ORNITZ, SAMUEL - Bride of the Sabbath
9007: ORR, CAPTAIN JAMES - History of the Seventh Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers, Late 4th Ad. Battalion and 29th L.R. V.
27944: ORTIZ, PAUL - Emancipation Betrayed - the Hidden History of Black Organizing and White Violence in Florida from Reconstruction to the Bloody Election of 1920
27469: ORWEL, GEORGE - Orwell: The Lost Writings
25832: ORWELL, GEORGE - The Orwell Reader: Fiction, Essays, and Reportage by George Orwell
5784: OSBORN, CAROLYN - Warriors and Maidens
956: OSBORN, GEORGE C. - Woodrow Wilson - the Early Years
2794: OSBORN, DAVID - Murder on Martha's Vineyard
24774: OSBORNE, CHARLES - The Complete Operas of Richard Wagner
6294: OSBORNE, JOHN - Luther
6293: OSBORNE, JOHN - Inadmissible Evidence
10746: OSBORNE, MILTON - Sihanouk: Prince of Light, Prince of Darkness
21698: OSGOOD, CORNELIUS - The Chinese: A Study of a Hong Kong Community, Three Volumes, Complete
25069: OSGOOD, CORNELIUS - The Koreans and Their Culture
13212: OSHINSKY, DAVID M. - Polio: An American Story
15694: OSLER, SIR WILLIAM - The Evolution of Modern Medicine: A Series of Lectures Delivered at Yale Univeristy on the Silliman Foundation in April, 1913
2795: OSTER, JERRY - Sweet Justice
2796: OSTER, JERRY - Saint Mike
296: OSTROGORSKY, GEORGE - History of the Byzantine State
21885: OSWALD, JOHN CLYDE - A History of Printing: It's Development Through Five Hundred Years
2869: OTIS, JAMES - Benjamin of Ohio - a Story of the Settlement of Marietta
9354: OTTILIE - Le Don de Joie
25879: OUDARD, GEORGES - Peter the Great (Pierre le Grand)
24597: OULD, MARTYN - Stanley Morison & 'John Fell' : The Story of the Writing and Printing of Stanley Morison's Book "John Fell, the University Press and the "Fell" Types
28233: OVITZ, MICHAEL - Who Is Michael Ovitz? a Memoir
21107: OWEN, MARK WITH KEVIN MAURER - No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal. The Firsthand Account of the Msiion That Killed Osama Bin Laden (Signed)
25562: OWEN, MRS. JAMES - The Stuart Period (Book VI of the Oxford History Readers)
8397: OWEN, CHARLES H. - The Justice of the Mexican War: A Review of the Causes and Results of the War, with a View to Distinguishing Evidence from Opinion and Inference (Signed)
16329: OWEN, TREFOR M. - Welsh Folk Customs
12924: OWEN, BRYN - Welsh Militia and Volunteer Corps, 1757-1808. 1: Anglesey & Caernarfonshire
19938: OWEN, ROBERT AND ALEXANDER CAMPBELL - The Evidences of Christianity: A Debate between Robert Owen, of New Lanark, Scotland, and Alexander Campbell, President of Bethany Coll. , Va; Containing an Examination of the "Social System," and All the Systems of Skepticism of Ancient and Modern Times. Held in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio in April 1829
5785: OWENS, LOUIS - The Sharpest Sight
5786: OWENS, LOUIS - Bone Game
27665: OWENS, J. GARFIELD - All God's Chillun - Meditations on Negro Spirituals (Signed)
2797: OWENS, GEORGE - The Judas Pool
236: OWINGS, ALISON - Frauen: German Women Recall the Third Reich
18559: OYVED, MOYSHEH - The Book of Affinity
26769: OZ, AMOS - Judas
1657: OZ, AMOS - Unto Death - Two Novellas: Crusade, and Late Love
1658: OZ, AMOS - Touch the Water Touch the Wind
25631: OZEKI, RUTH - A Tale for the Time Being (Signed)
22206: OZMENT, STEVEN - Three Behaim Boys: Growing Up in Early Modern Germany
19971: PACAULT, F. PAUL - A Double Scotch: How Chivas Regal and the Glenlivet Becamse Global Icons (Signed)
27635: PACE, MILDRED MASTIN - Early American: The Story of Paul Revere
11748: PACIS, VICENTE ALBANO, ET AL. - Founders of Freedom: The History of Three Philippine Constitutions
24001: PACK, CAPTAIN S.W.C. - Britannia at Dartmouth
8009: PACKE, MICHAEL ST. JOHN - The Bombs of Orsini
279: PACKE, MICHAEL - King Edward III
3430: PACKE, MICHAEL ST. JOHN - Orsini - the Story of a Conspirator
22086: PACKER, IAN - Lloyd George, Liberalism and the Land: The Land Issue and Party Politics in England, 1906-1914
21329: PACKER, GEORGE - The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America
5788: PACKER, NANCY HUDDLESTON - The Women Who Walk (Signed)
1667: PACKER, NANCY HUDDLESTON - The Women Who Walk - Stories
12976: PADILLA, IGNACIO - Shadow without a Name
1666: PADILLA, HERBERTO - Heroes Are Grazing in My Garden
15599: PADOVER, SAUL K. - The Life and Death of Louis XVI
26558: PADURA, LEONARDO - Heretics
7440: PAGE, EILEEN - The Hound of Culain, or the Child of Promise
2879: PAGE, JAKE - The Stolen Gods
2880: PAGE, JAKE - The Deadly Canyon
24062: PAGET, KAREN M. - Patriotic Betrayal: The Inside Story of the Cia's Secret Campaign to Enroll American Students in the Crusade Against Communism (Signed)
27329: PAHK, INDUK - The Hour of the Tiger (Signed)
16888: PAINE, ROBERT TREAT AND ALEXANDER SOPER - The Art and Architecture of Japan (the Pelican History of Art)
20367: PAINE, THOMAS - Rights of Man
28129: PAINE, THOMAS - The Theological Works of Thomas Paine: Containing the "Age of Reason," "Examiation of the Prophecies," "Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff," Etc.
28128: PAINE, THOMAS - The Theological Works of Thomas Paine: To Which Are Added the Profession of Faith of a Savoyard Vicar by J.J. Rousseau; and Other Miscellaneous Pieces
26712: PAINTER, SIDNEY - Studies in the History of the English Feudal Barony
26689: PAINTER, SIDNEY, AND (FRED A. CAZ JR., ED) - Feudalism and Liberty: Articles Nd Addresses by Sidney Painter
27403: PAIS, ABRAHAM - 'Subtle Is the Lord... ' the Science and the Life of Albert Einstein
10783: PAISLEY, JANET - White Rose Rebel
11019: PAKENHAM, VALERIE - Out in the Noonday Sun
3233: PAKENHAM, THOMAS - The Mountains of Rasselas - an Ethopian Adventure
7646: PAKENNHAM, THOMAS - The Year of Liberty: The Great Irish Rebellion of 1798
5789: PALENCIA, ELAINE FOWLER - Small Caucasian Woman
24292: PALENCIA, CEFERINO - Colleccion Anahuac-Arte Mexicao Vol. 24: Rufino Tamayo
25555: PALEOLOGUE, MAURICE - An Ambassador's Memories. 3 Volumes Complete. I) July 1914-June 2, 1915); II) June 3, 1915-August 18, 1916; III) August 19, 1916-May 17, 1917
7163: PALEOLOGUE, MAURICE - My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case: 1894-1899
25219: PALEOLOGUE, MAURICE - Talleyrand, Metternich, Chateaubriand - Romantisme Et Diplomatie
1664: PALEY, GRACE - Later the Same Day
25427: PALGRAVE, SIR FRANCIS - The History of Normandy and of England. 4 Volumes. I) General Relations of Mediaeval Europe--the Carlovingian Empire--the Danish Expeditions in the Gauls--and the Establishment of Rollo; II) the Three First Dukes of Normandy--Rollo, Guillaume-Longue-Epee, and Richard-Sans-Peur--the Carolovingian Line Supplanted by the Capets; III) Richard Sans-Peur--Richard le-Bon--Richard III--Robert le-Diable--William the Conqueror; IV) William Rufus--Accession of Henry Beauclerc
10351: PALIJ, MICHAEL - The Anarchism of Nestor Makhno, 1918-1921: An Aspect of the Ukranian Revolution
7791: PALLAIN, M.G. - The Correspondence of Prince Talleyrand and King Louis XVIII During the Congress of Vienna (Hiterto Unpublished)
1663: PALLISER, CHARLES - The Sensationist
25889: PALM, FRANKLIN CHARLES - England and Napoleon III: A Study of the Rise of a Utopian Dictator
19286: PALMER, LEON C. - The Ministry of Laymen - a Plea for Lay Evangelism
27307: PALMER, CECIL - The British Socialist ILL-Fare State: An Examination of Its Political, Social, Moral, and Economic Consequences
24930: PALMER, ALAN - The Kaiser: Warlord of the Second Reich
24461: PALMER, WILLIAM J. - The Films of the Eighties
1709: PALMER, ALAN - Who's Who in Modern History, 1860-1980
10677: PALMER, A.W. - A Dictionary of Modern History, 1789-1945
10573: PALMER, EDGAR A., ED - G.I. Songs - Written, Composed and/or Collected by the Men in the Service
28215: PALMER, GEORGE HERBERT AND ALICE FREEMAN PALMER - The Teacher: Essays and Addresses on Education
24198: PALMER, MATTHEW - The Wolf of Sarajevo
17153: PALMQUIST, PETER E. - With Nature's Children: Emma B. Freeman [1880-1928] - Camera and Brush
2249: PALWICK, SUSAN - Flying in Place
27047: PANCAKE, JOHN S. - 1977: The Year of the Hangman
27751: PANCAKE, JOHN - This Destructive War: The British Campaign in the Carolinas, 1780-1732
11262: PANCOAST, HENRY K, AND EUGENE P. PENDERGRASS - Pneumoconiosis [Silicosis]: A Roentgenological Study with Notes on Pathology
5790: PANGER, DANIEL - Black Ulysses (Signed)
24025: PANTER-DOWNES, MOLLIE AND (WILLIAM SHAWN, ED.) - London War Notes: 1939-1945
13824: PAPAZIAN, IRIS - Faith Hope Love: The Election and Consecration of His Holiness Karekin II
2881: PAPAZOGLOU, ORANIA - Sanctity
25939: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - The Letters of Pope Celestine VI to All Mankind
25312: PARDOE, JULIA - Louis the Fourteenth and the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century. 3 Volumes Complete
12486: PARENTE, JAMES A., JR. - Religious Drama and the Humanist Tradition
7228: PARES, RICHARD - The Historians's Business and Other Essays
17894: PARET, PETER, ED - Frederick the Great: A Profile
17295: PARETS, MIQUEL (JAMES S. AMELANG, TRANSLATOR AND EDITIOR) - A Journal of the Plague Year: The Diary of Barcelona Tanner Miquel Parets 1651
2882: PARETSKY, SARA - Bitter Medicine
23966: PARGETER, EDITH - The Brothers of Gwynedd, 4 Volumes, Complete First Paperback Printings: I) Sunrise in the West, II) the Gragon at Noonday, III) the Hounds of Sunset, IV) Afterglow and Nightfall
987: PARGETER, EDITH (ELLIS PETERS) - The Bloody Field
2904: PARGETER, EDITH - The Assize of the Dying / Aunt Helen
9533: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - Gays and Lesbians in Mainstream Cinema: Plots, Critiques, Casts and Credits for 272 Theatrical and Made-for-Televison Hollywood Releases
27449: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - Hollywood's Great Love Teams
572: PARK, JOSEPH HENDERSHOT - British Prime Minister of the Nineteenth Century
21130: PARKER, D.C. - Bizet
21165: PARKER, SACHI (WITH FREDERICK STROPPEL) - Lucky Me: My Life with - and without - My Mom, Shirley Maclaine
24384: PARKER, KATHERINE - My Ladie Dundie: Being a Very True Account of Her Life, Death and Burial, and of the Finding of Her Body So Perfect One Hundred Years Later
22632: PARKER, ANN AND AVON NEAL - Hajj Paintings: Folk Art of the Great Pilgrimage (Signed)
4157: PARKER, GEOFFREY - The Grand Strategy of Philip II
222: PARKER, TONY - Bird, Kansas
21095: PARKER, ROBERT M., JR. - The World's Greatest Wine Estates: A Modern Perspective
1662: PARKER, GWENDOLYN M. - These Same Long Bones
2888: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Walking Shadow
2889: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON - Little Saigon
15614: PARKER, CHRISTOPHER - The English Historical Tradition Since 1850
4289: PARKER, GILBERT - The Weavers: A Tale of England and Egypt of Fifty Years Ago
4532: PARKER, JOHN AND CAROL URNESS, EDS - The American Revolution: A Heritage of Change
10874: PARKER, GEOFFREY - Success Is Never Final: Empire, War, and Faith in Early Modern Europe
10681: PARKER, TOM - Small Business
13079: PARKHILL, FORBES - Troopers West
9921: PARKHURST, CAROLYN - The Dogs of Babel
24005: PARKIN, BETTY C. - Desert Nurse - a World War II Memoir
12913: PARKIN, DAVID, ED - Town and Country in Central and Eastern Africa: Studies Presented and Discussed at the Twelfth International African Seminar, Lusaka, September 1972 (Signed)
3286: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - Touch and Go
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1704: PRITCHETT, MICHAEL - The Venus Tree
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12957: RAINMAN, MARLENE - An Introduction to the Stapeliads (Signed)
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21884: RAISON, MILTON - Spindrift
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13052: RALSTON, DAVID B. - The Army of the Republic: The Place of the Military in the Political Evolution of France, 1871-1914
12853: RAMM, AGATHA - Germany, 1789-1919: A Political History
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2926: RAMOS, MANUEL - The Ballad of Gato Guerrero
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3937: RANDEL, WILLIAM PEIRCE - Centennial - American Life in 1876
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4559: RANDISI, ROBERT J. - Targett
18857: RANKIN, HUGH F. - The North Carolina Continentals
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27723: RANKIN, IAN - The Falls: An Inspector Rebus Novel
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5820: RANSOM, WILLIAM L. - Charles E. Hughes: The Statesman As Shown in the Opinions of the Jurist
1719: RAO, RAJA - The Serpent and the Rope
14791: RAPHAEL, RAY - A People's History of the American Revolution: How Common People Shaped the Fight for Independence
27236: RAPHAEL, RAY - The First American Revolution: Before Lexington and Concord
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23538: RASHI - Commentaries Oon the Pentateuch
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23506: RATHBONE, JULIAN - The Last English King
10581: RATHBUN, HOPE WILLIS - Echoes of Chinese History Transcribed in the Words and Paintings of [the Author]
23192: RATNER-ROSENHAGEN, JENNIFER - American Nietzsche: A History of an Icon and His Ideas
7276: RATTIGAN, TERENCE - Ross: A Dramatic Portrait
6225: RATTIGAN, TERENCE - Separate Tables: Two Plays
14518: RATTRAY, R.S. - The Leopard Priestess
21971: RAU, SANTHA RAMA - East of Home
10505: RAUCH, BASIL - American Interest in Cuba: 1848-1855 (Signed)
2928: RAUCH, CONSTANCE - A Deep Disturbance
27125: RAUCHER, HERMAN - Summer of '42
28226: RAUCHWAY, ERIC - Winter War: Hoover, Roosevelt, and the First Clash over the New Deal
10484: RAUSHENBUSH, STEPHEN - The March of Fascism
17322: RAVEN, JON - The Urban & Industrial Songs of the Black Country and Birmingham
9730: RAVENEL, SHANNON, ED - New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1988 (Signed)
9729: RAVENEL, SHANNON, ED - New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1987 (Signed)
18260: RAVENHILL, JOHN, ED - The Political Economy of East Asia, Title 1: Japan, Volume I Only
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26992: RAWLS, WALTON - Wake Up, America! World War I and the American Poster
10764: RAYBACK, ROBERT J. - Millard Fillmore: Biography of a President
4127: RAYFIEL, THOMAS - Colony Girl
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875: RAYMOND, JOHN, ED - The Baldwin Age
11129: RBYCZYNSKI, WITOLD - Waiting for the Weekend
19612: READ, GEORGE WILLIS ( EDITED BY GEORGIA WILLIS READ) - A Pioneer of 1850: George Willis Read, 1819-1880 - the Record of a Journey Overland from Independence, Missouri to Hangtown (Placerville), California... .
17584: READ, KENNETH E. - The High Valley
17197: READ, JAN - The New Conquistadors
4928: READ, JAN - The Catalans
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22117: READER, W.J. - Professional Men: The Rise of the Professional Classes in Nineteenth-Century England
19784: REAGAN, RONALD - A Life in Letters
16197: REARDON, CAROL - Pickett's Charge in History and Memory
22271: RECK, W. EMERSON - A. Lincoln: His Last 24 Hours
25323: RECOULY, RAYMOND - The Third Republic
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25506: RECOULY, RAYMOND (CAPTAIN X) - Foch: The Winner of the War
19594: RED, GEORGE PLUNKETT - The Medicine Man in Texas
1722: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Celestine Prophecy - an Adventure
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11112: REDOL, ALVES - The Man with Seven Names
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23371: REED, BRIAN, ED - Locomotives in Profile, 2 Volumes Complete
6226: REED, J.D. - Free Fall
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22131: REED, JOHN AND BOARDMAN ROBINSON - The War in Eastern Europe
13445: REED, VERNER Z. - Lo-to-Kah
5429: REES, JEAN A. - Iron on the Anvil
21054: REES, ELIZABETH - Celtic Saints Passionate Wanderers
625: REES, J.R, ED - The Case of Rudolph Hess; a Problem in Diagnosis and Forensic Psychiatry
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21225: REGNAULT, V. AND J. REISET - Recherches Chimiques Sur la Respiration Des Animaux Des Diverses Classes
11028: REGNAULT, M.V. - Cours Elementaire de Chimie, 4 Volumes, Complete
10751: REGNIER, PHILIPPE - Singapore: City-State in South-East Asia
20003: REGO, A. DA SILVA - Portuguese Colonization in the Sixteenth Century: A Study of the Royal Ordinances (Regimentos)
9151: REHNQUIST, WILLIAM H. - Centennial Crisis: The Disputed Election of 1876
20137: REID, RICHARD - War in Pre-Colonial Eastern Africa: The Patterns & Meanings of State-Level Conflict in the Nineteenth Century
22719: REID, WALTER - Empire of Sand: How Britain Made the Middle East
19376: REID, P.R. - The Colditz Story
16917: REID, DAVID, ED - The Party-Coloured Mind: Prose Relating to the Conflict of Church and State in Seventeenth Century Scotland
15152: REID, J.M. - Kirk and Nation: The Story of the Reformed Church of Scotland
13496: REID, JOHN HOWARD - The Cinemascope Revolution, Part I: Fighting Fox (Film Index #17)
13308: REID, W. STANFORD - Skipper from Leith
4027: REID, WHITELAW (EDITED WITH AN INTROUDCTION BY H. WAYNE MORGAN) - Making Peace with Spain - the Diary of Whitelaw Reid (September-December, 1898)
4464: REID, LOREN - Charles James Fox: A Man for the People
2261: REIDINGER, PAUL - The Best Man
28057: REIK, THEODOR - From 30 Years with Freud
10456: REILLY, ROBIN - William Pitt the Younger
8936: REILLY, BRENARD F. - The Contest of Christian and Muslim Spain, 1031-1157
893: REINERMAN, ALAN J. - Austria and the Papacy in the Age of Metternich - Volume 2, Revolution and Reaction, 1830-1838
11113: REINHARDT, RICHARD - The Ashes of Smyrna
25483: REINHARDT, HURT F. - Germany 2000 Years
2930: REISS, BOB - Flamingo
18747: REISS, TOM - The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo
4770: REISWIG, GARY - Water Boy
5696: REITANO, JOANNE - The Tariff Question in the Gilded Age: The Great Debate of 1888
14777: REMAN, EDWARD - The Norse Discoveries and Explorations in America
223: REMBAR, CHARLES - The Law of the Land - the Evolution of Our Legal System
12017: REMINI, ROBERT V. - The House: The History of the House of Representatives
4648: REMINI, ROBERT V. - The Battle of New Orleans
11818: REMINI, ROBERT V. - Andrew Jackson (Great Generals Series)
6373: REMINI, ROBERT - Andrew Jackson, 3 Vols. , Complete: I) Course of American Empire, 1767-1821, II) Course of American Freedom, 1822-1832, III) Course of American Democracy, 1833- 1845
23864: REMNICK, DAVID - The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama
15622: REMPEL, RICHARD A. - Unionists Divided: Arthur Balfour, Joseph Chamberlain and the Unionist Free Traders
25923: REMY - Memoirs of a Secret Agent of Free France. Volume I: The Silent Company, June 1940 -- June 1942
7156: REMY - Goa: Rome of the Orient
19230: RENAN, ERNEST - My Sister Henrietta
5285: RENARD, G. AND G. WEULERSSE - Life and Work in Modern Europe: Fifteenth to Eighteenth Century
3378: RENAULT, GILBERT - The Caravels of Christ
2931: RENDELL, RUTH [VINE, BARBARA] - The Brimstone Wedding
2932: RENDELL, RUTH - A Sleeping Life
2933: RENDELL, RUTH - Kissing the Gunner's Daughter
2934: RENDELL, RUTH - The Copper Peacock and Other Stories
2935: RENDELL, RUTH - The Keys to the Street
6514: RENEAU, RENEAU H. - Misanthropology: A Florilegium of Bahumbuggery
12930: RENEHAN, EDWARD J., JR. - The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War
3085: RENIER, G.J. - William of Orange
13269: RENIER, G.J. - Robespierre
3536: RENNE, LOUIS OBED - Lincoln and the Land of the Sangamon (Signed)
17865: RENSENBRINK, JOHN - Poland Challenges a Divided World
14423: RENSHAW, PATRICK - The Wobblies: The Story of Syndicalism in the United States
4086: RENSHAW, PATRICK - Nine Days in May: The General Strike
8022: RENWICK, ROBERT, ED - Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow with Charters and Other Documents, Vol. X. , 1809-1822
8020: RENWICK, ROBERT, ED - Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow with Charters and Other Documents, Vol VIII. 1781-95
8016: RENWICK, ROBERT, ED - Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow with Charters and Other Documents, Vol. VI. , 1739-59
8019: RENWICK, ROBERT, ED - Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow with Charters and Other Documents, Vol. VII. , 1760-1780
8021: RENWICK, ROBERT, ED - Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow with Charters and Other Documents, Vol. XI. , 1823-1833
24635: REPS, PAUL - What Is It Like? Words and Brushwork by Paul Reps
13708: REQUA, MARK L. - Grubstake: A Story of Early Mining Days in Nevada Time - 1874
8069: RERESBY, SIR JOHN - Memoirs of Sir John Reresby: The Complete Text and a Selection from His Letters
27662: RESKO, JOHN - Repreive - the Testament of John Resko
26543: RESTON, JAMES - The Artillery of the Press: Its Influence on American Foreign Policy
6331: RESTON, JAMES - Sketches in the Sand
8207: RESTON, JAMES JR. - Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors
17149: REUSCH, RICHARD - History of East Africa
22625: REVUSKY,A - Jews in Palestine
6532: REX, MILLICENT BARTON - University Representation in England, 1604-1690

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