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24231: MATUSOW, HARVEY - False Witness
28457: MATYSZAK - Ancient Magic: A Pratitioner's Guide to the Supernatural in Greece and Rome
15573: MAU, HERMANN AND HELMUT KRAUSNICK - German History, 1933-45: An Assessment by German Historians
28932: MAUDUIT, JASPER - Jasper Mauduit, Agent in London for the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, 1762-1765
6191: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Servant
7092: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Black Tent and Other Stories
27207: MAUNDEVILLE, SIR JOHN - The Voiage and Travayle of Sir John Maundeville, Knight Which Treateth of the Way Toward Hierusalem and of Marvayles of Inde with Other Ilands and Countreys
30110: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Significant Others
22626: MAURIAC, CLAUDE - The Other Degaulle: Diaries 1944-1954
15395: MAURICE, SIR FREDERICK, EDITOR - The Life of General Lord Rawlinson of Trent from His Journals and Letters
3915: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Lyautey
8156: MAUROIS, ANDRE - The Miracle of France
21123: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Three Musketeers: A Study of the Dumas Family
26953: MAUROIS, ANDRE - An Illustrated Histoy of the United States
18116: MAUROIS, ANDRE - King Edward and His Times
13732: MAVIAN, VAHRAM (SELECTED, EDITED AND WITH AN INTROUCTION BY AGOP J. HACIKYAN.) - Selected Writings of Vahram Mavian (1926-1983) - a Unique Voice in Armenian Diaspora Literature
4378: MAVOR, JAMES - An Economic History of Russia, 2 Vols
2725: MAXES, ANNA - Dead to Rights
7379: MAXTON, JAMES - Lenin
30254: MAXWELL, CONSTANTIA - Dublin Under the Georges
21082: MAXWELL, HERBERT, ED - The Lowland Scots Regiments: Their Origin, Character and Services Previous to the Great War of 1914
26287: MAXWELL, GLYN - On Poetry
12560: MAXWELL, WILLIAM - Later Novels and Stories: The Chateau; So Long, See You Tomorrow; Stories and Improvisations 1957-1999
4238: MAXWELL, SIR JOHN STIRLING - Shrines and Homes of Scotland
19349: MAY, STEPHEN J. - Michener: A Writer's Journey
23472: MAY, GARY - John Tyler
21498: MAY, ARTHUR J. - The Passing of the Hapsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918, 2 Volumes Complete in Slipcase
23820: MAY, ERNEST R. AND PHILIP D. ZELIKOW, EDS - The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis
23929: MAY, GIDEON SCOTT - The Croft and the Ceilidh
17753: MAY, BRIAN - The Indonesian Tragedy
4521: MAY, ERNEST R. - The Making of the Monroe Doctrine
19317: MAY, SOPHIE - Doctor Papa (Flaxie Frizzle Stories)
24816: MAYBECK, BERNARD R. - Palace of Fine Arts and Lagoon: Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915
134: MAYER, GEORGE H. - The Republican Party, 1854-1964
28027: MAYERS, WILLIAM FREDERICK - The Chinese Reader's Manual: A Handbook of Biographical, Historical, Mythological, and General Literary Reference
14720: MAYNARD, W. BARKSDALE - Woodrow Wilson: Princeton to the Presidency
25330: MAYNARD, THEODORE - The Crown and the Cross: A Biography of Thomas Cromwell
25776: MAYNARD, THEODORE - Henry the Eighth
4458: MAYO, BERNARD - Henry Clay: Spokesman of the New West
2726: MAYO, JAMES - Shamelady
4319: MAYO, C.M. - Sky over El Nido
30419: MAYOR, ADRIENNE - The Poison King: The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy
6668: MAYRANT, DRAYTON - The Red Doe
26993: MAZZUCCO, RAPHAEL - Culo: By Mazzucco
26625: MCADOO, WILLIAM G. - Crowded Years: The Reminiscences of William G. Mcadoo (Signed)
1785: MCALEAVY, HENRY - Black Flags in Vietnam - the Story of a Chinese Intervention (the Tonkin War of 1884-1885)
24701: MCALEER, KEVIN - Dueling: The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siecle Germany
16430: MCALLASTER, EVA - My Heart Hears Heaven's Reveille (Signed)
27784: MCAULIFFE, TERRY AND STEVE KETTMANN - What a Party! Mylife Among Democrats: Presidents, Candidates, Donors, Activists, Alligabors, and Other Wild Animals (Signed)
2727: MCBAIN, ED - Downtown
2728: MCBAIN, ED - Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear
2729: MCBAIN, ED - Another Part of the City
8815: MCBEY, JAMES - The Early Life of James Mcbey: An Autobiography, 1883-1911
30438: MCBRIDE, JOSEPH - Steven Spielberg: A Biography
13489: MCBRIDE, JOSEPH - Hawks on Hawks
25401: MCBRIDE, ROBERT MEDILL - Spanish Towns and People
26289: MCBRIEN, WILLIAM - Cole Porter - a Biography
11158: MCCABE, JOSEPH - 1825-1925: A Century of Stupendous Progress
4331: MCCABE, JAMES D. - From the Farm to the Presidential Chair. . the Life and Public Services of Gen. James a Garfield... To Which Is Added the Life
13481: MCCAFFREY, DONALD W. - Focus on Chaplin
6410: MCCAIG, DONALD - Eminent Dogs and Dangerous Men (Signed)
50: MCCAIG, ROBERT - Wild Justice (Signed)
18291: MCCAIN, JOHN WITH MARK SALTER - Worth the Fighting for - a Memoir (Signed)
26765: MCCALL, ANDRREW - The Medieval Underworld
6193: MCCALL, DAN - Jack the Bear
30183: MCCARRY, CHARLES - The Miernik Dossier
30749: MCCARRY, CHARLES - The Tears of Autumn
30755: MCCARRY, CHARLES - The Better Angels
30753: MCCARRY, CHARLES - The Last Supper: A Novel
26877: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN - The Turk in America: Creation of an Enduring Prejudice [Utah Series in Turkish and Islamic Studies]
25760: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN - A History of the Four Georges and William IV, Four Volumes, Complete
27436: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN - The Story of Gladstone's Life
5179: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN - The Reign of Queen Anne, 2 Vols
709: MCCARTHY, EUGENE - The Year of the People
710: MCCARTHY, EUGENE - The Limits of Power; America's Role in the World
1494: MCCARTHY, MARY - Memories of a Catholic Girlhood
1577: MCCARTHY, CORMAC - The Crossing
15902: MCCARTHY, CHRIS - The Somme - the Day-by-Day Account
15900: MCCARTHY, CHRIS - Passchendaele - the Third Ypres - the Day-by-Day Account
25818: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN H. - The French Revolution. In Two Volumes, Complete
30328: MCCARVER, TIM - Tim Mccarver's Basball for Brain Surgeons and Other Fans
29688: MCCASH, WILLIAM BARTON AND JUNE HALL MCCASH - The Jekyll Island Club - Southern Hven for America's Milionaires
28674: MCCAUGHEY, ELIZABETH P. - From Loyalist to Founding Father: The Political Odyssey of William Samuel Johnson
3927: MCCAUGHEY, ROBERT A. - Josiah Quincy, 1772-1864 - the Last Federalist
1540: MCCAULEY, STEPHEN - The Easy Way out
29929: MCCLATCHY, J.D. - White Paper: On Contemporary American Poetry
9549: MCCLELLAND, DOUG - Forties Film Talk: Oral Histories of Hollywood, with 120 Lobby Posters
3843: MCCLOSKEY, DONALD N. - Essays on a Mature Economy: Britain After 1940
8910: MCCLOY, SHELBY T. - Government Assistance in Eighteenth-Century France
14451: MCCLUNG, ROBERT M. - Young George Washington and the French and Indian Wars, 1753-1758
9472: MCCLURE, JAMES - Four and Twenty Virgins
22506: MCCLURE, ALEX K. - Old Time Notes of Pennsylvania, 2 Volumes (Signed)
2731: MCCLURE, JAMES - The Steam Pig
5766: MCCLUSKEY, JOHN JR. - Mr. America's Last Season Blues
4097: MCCOLLEY, ROBERT - Slavery and Jeffersonian Virginia
14196: MCCONACHIE, WILLIAM - The Glamour of the Glen: Nature Studies in the Lammermoors
27921: MCCONAHAY, MARY JO - The Tango War - the Struggle for the Hearts, Minds, and Riches of Latin America During World War II
5767: MCCONKEY, JAMES - Night Stand: A Book of Stories
26858: MCCONNELL, WINDER, ED - A Companion to the Nibelungenlied (Signed)
22652: MCCONNELL, CURT - Great Cars of the Great Plains
22954: MCCONNELL, STUART - Glorious Achievement: The Grand Army of the Republic, 1865-1900
18230: MCCORD, NORMAN - The Anti-Corn Law League: 1838-1846
1525: MCCORKLE, JILL - Tending to Virginia (Signed)
1526: MCCORKLE, JILL - Tending to Virginia
10530: MCCORKLE, JILL - July 7th (Signed)
24128: MCCORKLE, JILL - Crash Diet (Signed)
23447: MCCORMICK, RICHARD P. - New Jersey from Colony to State - 1609-1789
2867: MCCORMICK, ROBERT R. - The War without Grant
2740: MCCORMICK, CLAIRE - The Club Paradis Murders
3483: MCCORMICK, DONALD - Blood on the Sea
25519: MCCORMICK, ROBERT R. - Ulysses S. Grant: The Great Soldier of America
30032: MCCORMICK, ROBERT R. - With the Russian Army: Being the Experiences of a National Guardsman (Signed)
26872: MCCORMICK, CARLO (ETHEL SENO, ED.) - Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art
14024: MCCOURT, FRANK - Angela's Ashes
22268: MCCRORY, THOMAS J. - Grand Army of the Republic: Department of Wisconsin
2736: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O (Signed)
2738: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - She Walks These Hills
2739: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Other Stories
3211: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - Highland Laddie Gone
18930: MCCUAIG, JOHN MAXWELL - The Tale of a Haggis, or the Haggis with a Tail (Signed)
4826: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - John Adams
28450: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Path between the Seas - the Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914 (Signed)
90: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The First Man in Rome
2234: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - A Creed for the Third Millennium
9713: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - Truman
27791: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - Truman (Signed)
3376: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Convoy East
30674: MCDANIEL, W. CALEB - Sweet Taste of Liberty - a True Story of Slavery and Restitution in America
27531: MCDANNOLD, THOMAS A. - California's Chinese Heritage: A Legacy of Places (Signed)
27989: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, EDITOR - The Frontier Re-Examined (Signed)
12978: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, ED - Frenchmen and French Ways in the Mississippi Valley
26591: MCDERMOTT, JAMES - The Navigation of the Frobisher Voyages (Annual Talk 1997)
18231: MCDONALD, OONAGH - Parliament at Work
27293: MCDONALD, FORREST - States' Rights and the Union: Imperium in Imperio, 1776-1876
19285: MCDONALD, REV. W. - Modern Faith Healing
6790: MCDONALD, ETTA BLAISDELL AND JULIA DALRYMPLE - Little People Everywhere --- Donald in Scotland: A Geographical Reader
2741: MCDONALD, GREGORY - Who Took Toby Rinaldi
15334: MCDONALD, WILLIAM F. - Federal Relief Administration and the Arts: The Origins and Administrative History of the Arts Projects of the Works Progress Administration
11890: MCDONALD, IAN - Tendeleo's Story (Signed, Limited Edition)
16032: MCDONALD, JOANNA M. - The Liberation of Pointe Du Hoc: The 2nd Rangers at Normandy, June 6-8, 1944
160: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE - Chattanooga; a Death Grip on the Confederacy
27292: MCDOUGALL, WALTER A. - Throes of Democracy: The American CIVIL War Era, 1829-1877
12012: MCDOUGALL, WALTER A. - Freedom Just Around the Corner: A New American History, 1585-1828
14870: MCDOWELL, W.H. - The History of Bbc Broadcasting in Scotland, 1923-1983
8916: MCELROY, ROBERT - Grover Cleveland: The Man and the Statesman, 2 Volumes, Complete
15057: MCELROY, JOHN - The Struggle for Missouri
18239: MCELWEE, WILLIAM - Britain's Locust Years: 1918-1940
25798: MCENTEE, GEORGIANA PUTNAM - The Social Catholic Movement in Great Britain
1501: MCFARLAND, DENNIS - School for the Blind (Signed)
10215: MCFARLAND, ELAINE - Protestants First: Orangeism in 19th Century Scotland
14201: MCFARLANE, I.D. - Buchanan
19643: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Spenlove in Arcady
1499: MCFEE, WILLIAM - The Harbourmaster
12927: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Grant: A Biography
17981: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Frederick Douglass
5425: MCGARRITY, MARK - Little Augie's Lament
18863: MCGARRY, DANIEL D. - Medieval History & Civilization
5768: MCGARRY, JEAN - The Very Rich Hours
5769: MCGARRY, JEAN - Gallagher's Travels
1567: MCGARRY, JEAN - Airs of Providence
10662: MCGAVIN, CECIL - U.S. Soldiers Invade Utah
15604: MCGEEHAN, ROBERT - The German Rearmament Question: American Diplomacy and European Defense After World War II
4042: MCGILL, GORDON - War Story
23619: MCGILLIGAN, PATRICK - Young Orson: The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane
2742: MCGINLEY, PATRICK - Bogmail
30207: MCGLOIN, JOHN BERNARD, S.J. - Eloquent Indian: The Life of James Bouchard, California Jesuit (Signed)
22413: MCGLONE, ROBERT E. - John Brown's War Against Slavery
13639: MCGLONE, ROBERT E. - John Brown's War Against Slavery
25970: MCGLYNN, FRANK - Sidelights on Lincoln
27794: MCGOVERN, GEORGE - Abraham Lincoln (Signed)
26084: MCGOVERN, ELEANOR WITH MARY FINCH HOYT - Uphill - a Personal Story (Signed by George and Eleanor Mcgovern)
27789: MCGOVERN, GEORGE - The Essential America: Our Founders and the Liberal Tradition (Signed)
26274: MCGOVERN, WILLIAM MONTGOMERY - The Early Empires of Central Asia: A Study of the Scythians and the Huns and the Part They Played in World History - with Special Reference to the Chinese Sources
15837: MCGOVERN, GEORGE - Abraham Lincoln
24191: MCGRATH, CHARLES (INTRODUCTION) - Alfeed A. Knopf 1915-2015: A Century of Publishing
1524: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Blood and Water and Other Tales (Signed)
16726: MCGREGOR, VIRGINIA - Our Scottish Roots
1573: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Nobody's Angel
1505: MCHUGH, JOE - Ruff Tales - High Octane Stories from the Ruff Creek General Store (Signed)
28292: MCIAN, R.R. AND JAMES LOGAN (TEXT) - The Clans of Thescottish Highlands: The Costumes of the Clans
1541: MCILVOY, KEVIN - The Fifth Station
25663: MCILWAIN, CHARLES HOWARD, ED - The Political Works of James I.
2746: MCINERNY, RALPH - Infra Dig
6379: MCINNES, IAN - Arabella: The Life and Times of Lady Arabella Seymour, 1575-1615 (Niece of Mary, Queen of Scots)
15413: MCINNES, GRAHAM - Sushila
11196: MCINNES, CHARLES THORPE, ED - Accounts of the Treasurer of Scotland, Volume XIII, 1574-1580
30672: MCINTYRE, LOREN - Exploring South America
4623: MCJIMSEY, GEORGE T. - Genteel Partisan: Manton Marble, 1834-1917
11943: MCKALE, DONALD M. - The Swastika Outside Germany
14111: MCKAY, DONALD COPE - The National Workshops: A Study in the French Revolution of 1848 (Signed)
26639: MCKAY, JOHN G. - More West Highland Tales, 2 Volumes, Complete First Printings in Dust Jacket
28412: MCKEAN, DAVE - Pictures That Tick: Book One
24416: MCKEAN, DAVID - Suspected Independence: The Life of Thomas Mckean, America's First Power Broker
669: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - King Henry VIII's Mary Rose
28973: MCKELVEY, JAMES LEE - George III and Lord Bute: The Leicester House Years
3900: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - The Urbanization of America, 1860-1915
27226: MCKENNA, GEORGE - The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism
6740: MCKENNEY, THOMAS L. - Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes, of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and of Incidents Connected with the Treaty of Fond Du Lac
23708: MCKERCHER, B.J.C. - The Second Baldwin Government and the United States, 1924-1929: Attitudes and Diplomacy
17478: MCKIERNAN, KEVIN - The Kurds: A People in Search of Their Homeland
5770: MCKINLEY, JAMES - The Fickleman Suite and Other Stories
14799: MCKISACK, MAY - The Fourteenth Century: 1307-1399
2747: MCKITTERICK, MOLLY - The Medium Is Murder
22532: MCKIVIGAN, JOHN R. AND STANLEY HARROLD, EDS - Antislavery Violence: Sectional, Racial, and Cultural Conflict in Antebellum America
22284: MCKIVIGAN, JOHN R. - The War Against Proslavery Religion: Abolitionism and the Northern Churches, 1830-1865
15647: MCKNIGHT, GERALD - Verdict on Schweitzer: The Man Behind the Legend of Lambarene
1528: MCKNIGHT, REGINALD - The Kind of Light That Shines on Texas - Stories
14500: MCLACHLAN, GORDON, ED - Improving the Common Weal: Aspects of Scottish Health Services, 1900-1984
29064: MCLAREN, MORAY - The Highland Jaunt: A Study of James Boswell and Samuel Johnson Upon Their Highland and Hebridean Tour of 1773
26213: MCLAREN, MORAY - Understanding the Scots
14515: MCLAUGHLIN, REDMOND - The Royal Army Medical Corps
1527: MCLAURIN, TIM - Woodrow's Trumpet (Signed)
27346: MCLEAN, JAMES - California Sabers: The 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry in the CIVIL War
22184: MCLEAN, ANTONIA0 - Humanism and the Rise of Science in Tudor England
13088: MCLEAN, MARIANNE - The People of Glengarry: Highlanders in Transition, 1745-1820
2748: MCLEAVE, HUGH - Only Gentlemen Can Play
6195: MCLENDON, JAMES - Eddie Macon's Run
30416: MCLOUGHLIN, WILLIAM G. - The Meaning of Henry Ward Beacher: An Essay on the Shifting Values of Mid-Victorian America, 1840-1870
28626: MCLOUGHLIN, WILLIAM G. - Soul Liberty: The Baptists' Struggle in New England, 1630-1833
20775: MCLYNN, FRANK - The Burma Campaign: Disaster Into Triumph, 1942-1945
29786: MCLYNN, FRANK - Robert Louis Stevenson: A Biography
14112: MCLYNN, FRANK - Stanley, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) the Making of an African Explorer, II) Sorcerer's Apprentice
27743: MCMAHON, KATHARINE - The Alchemist's Daughter
22615: MCMANNERS, JOHN - Death and the Enlightenment: Changing Attitudes to Death Among Christians and Unbelievers in Eighteenth--Century France
26720: MCMANNERS, JOHN - The French Revolution and the Church
15518: MCMASTER, JOHN BACH - The United States in the World War
20154: MCMASTERS, WILLIAM H. - Revolt: An American Novel
20237: MCMASTERS, WILLIAM H. - Revolt: An American Novel (Signed)
22718: MCMEEKIN, SEAN - The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empie and Germany's Bid for World Power
1502: MCMILLAN, TERRY - Waiting to Exhale
10543: MCMILLAN, TERRY - Mama (Signed)
29358: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Custer
6196: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Texasville
19542: MCMURTRY, LARRY - When the Light Goes
10556: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Buffalo Girls
29596: MCMURTRY, LARRY - The Lonesome Dove Series: Lonesome Dove (Signed), Streets of Laredo, Comanche Moon, Dead Man's Walk
1539: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Some Can Whistle
12429: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Film Flam: Essays on Hollywood
10557: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Anything for Billy
24789: MCNAB, CHRIS - Order of Battle: German Kriegsmarine in World War II
2749: MCNAMARA, JOSEPH D. - Fatal Command
16112: MCNAMARA, JO ANN KAY - Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns Through Two Millenia
2233: MCNAMER, DEIRDRE - Rima in the Weeds
11614: MCNEELY, ROBERT (PHOTOGRAPHS) AND DOUGLAS BRINKLEY (INTRODUCTION) - The Clinton Years: The Photographs of Robert Mcneely
26653: MCNIVEN, PETER - Heresy and Politics in the Reign of Henry VI: The Burning of John Badby
28466: MCPHEE, JOHN (TEXT) AND, TOM TILL (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Outcroppings (Signed)
10542: MCPHEE, JOHN - A Sense of Where You Are (Signed by Mcphee and Bradley)
22951: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. AND WILLIAM J. COOPER, JR., EDITIORS - Writing the CIVIL War: The Quest to Understand (Signed by Both Editiors and 10 of the Twelve Contributors)
28425: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Embattled Rebel: Jefferson Davis As Commander in Chief
27487: MCPHERSON, THOMAS A. - The Dodge Story
18427: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. (INTRODUCTION AND NOTES) - The Most Fearful Ordeal; Original Coverage of the CIVIL War by Writers and Reporters of the New York Times
23443: MCPHERSON, EDWARD - A Hand-Book of Politics for 1886: Being a Record of Political Action, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, National and State, from July 31, 1884 to July 31, 1886
21333: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. AND ALAN BRINKLEY - Days of Destiny: Crossroads in American History
14971: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln As Commander in Chief
3432: MCQUINN, DONALD E. - Targets
15414: MCRAE, A.G. - The Hill Called Grazing: The Story of a Transvaal Farm
28821: MCWHORTER, DIANE - Carry Me Home- Birmingham Alabama, the Climactic Battle of the CIVIL Rights Revolution (Signed)
23687: MCWILLIAMS, R. - 'Our' Police Force
19385: MEACHAM, ELLIS K. - On the Company's Service
4534: MEAD, ROBERT O. - The Atlantic Legacy: Essays in American-European Cultural History
2750: MEADE, GLENN - Snow Wolf
11418: MEADE, RICHARD H. - A History of Thoracic Surgery
8250: MEAKER, GERALD H. - The Revolutionary Left in Spain, 1914-1923
28439: MEANS, PHILIP AINSWORTH - Fall of the Inca Empire and the Spanish Rule in Peru: 1530-1780
23737: MEANS, HOWARD - The Avenger Takes His Place: Andrew Johnson and the 45 Days That Changed the Nation
20058: MEARS, ELIOT GRINNELL - Resident Orientals on the American Pacific Coast: Their Legal and Economic Status (Signed)
13689: MEARS, ELIOT GRINNELL - Modern Turkey: A Politico-Economic Interpretation, 1908-1923 Inclusive, with Selected Chapters by Representative Authorities
1570: MEBANE, MARY E. - Mary - an Autobiography
7280: MECKAUER, WALTER - The Books of the Emperor Wu Ti
24048: MEDINA, JOSE TORIBO - Historia Del Tribunal Del Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion En Chile
15280: MEDLICOTT, W.N. - The Congress of Berlin and After: A Diplomatic History of the Near Eastern Settlement, 1878-1880
14711: MEDLICOTT, W.N., ED - From Metternich to Hitler: Aspects of British and Foreign History, 1814-1939
21897: MEE, CHARLES L, JR. - The End of Order: Versailles 1919
27046: MEE, CHARLES L., JR. - The Genius of the People
1572: MEE, SUSIE - The Girl Who Loved Elvis (Signed)
14104: MEEBELO, HENRY S. - Reaction to Colonialism: A Prelude to the Politics of Independence in Northern Zambia, 1893-1939
26142: MEESER, EDWIN, III - With Reagan: The Inside Story
2751: MEGGS, BROWN - The Matter of Paradise
20305: MEHRA, JAGDISH - The Beat of a Different Drum: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman
14796: MEHTA, VED - Walking the Indian Streets
30768: MEHTA, VED - Continents of Exile, 11 Volumes, Complete First Printings in Dust Jacket, One Signed. 1) Daddyji, 2) Mamaji, 3) Vedi, 4) the Ledge between the Streams, 5) Sound-Shadows of the New World, 6) the Stolen Light, 7) Up at Oxford, 8) Remembering Mr. Shawn's New Yorker, 9) All for Love, 10) Dark Harbor, 11) the Red Letters
4703: MEHTA, VED - Mamaji
475: MEHTA, VED - Portrait of India
476: MEHTA, VED - A Family Affair; India Under Three Prime Ministers
1571: MEHTA, VED - The New Theologian
1575: MEHTA, VED - Delinquent Chacha
1589: MEHTA, VED - The Stolen Light
1590: MEHTA, VED - Sound-Shadows of the New World
10559: MEHTA, GITA - Raj
10560: MEHTA, VED - Face to Face: An Autobiography
10558: MEHTA, GITA - Raj (Signed)
15412: MEIRING, DESMOND - The Man with No Shadow
5498: MELARAGNO, MICHELE G. - Wind in Architectural and Environmental Design
1588: MELCHIOR, IB - Order of Battle (Signed)
4621: MELENEY, JOHN C. - The Public Life of Aedanus Burke: Revolutionary Republican in Post- Revolutionary South Carolina
30617: MELILLO, MARCIE - The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book
17391: MELLER, NORMNA AND JAMES ANTHONY - Fiji Goes to the Polls: The Crucial Lesislative Council Elections of 1963
2593: MELLOR, G.R. - British Imperial Trusteeship, 1783-1850
11298: MELLOR, W. FRANKLIN, ED, - Casulaties and Medical Statistics
15407: MELLORS, JOHN - Shots in the Dark
30109: MELLOW, JAMES R. - Nathaniel Hawthorne and His Times
26069: MELTZER, MILTON - The Bill of Rights: How We Got It and What It Means
20833: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Omoo
2757: MELVILLE, JAMES - A Haiku for Hanae (Signed)
27392: MELVILLE, M. CLERKE - The Lost Ring: A Romance of Scottish History in the Days of King James and Andrew Melville
2752: MELVILLE, JAMES - A Sort of Samurai
2753: MELVILLE, JAMES - Death of a Daimyo
2754: MELVILLE, JAMES - The Chrysanthemum Chain
2756: MELVILLE, JAMES - Kimono for a Corpse
2758: MELVILLE, JAMES - The Reluctant Ronin
2759: MELVILLE, JAMES - The Death Ceremony
2760: MELVILLE, JAMES - Sayonara, Sweet Amaryllis
2761: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Murder Has a Pretty Face
2762: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Murder in the Garden
15885: MEMON, SUJATHA, ED - Super Cars: Classics of Their Time
2232: MENAKER, DANIEL - The Old Left and Other Stories
13215: MENAND, LOUIS - The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America
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18589: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: First, Second, and Third Series
19904: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: Third Series
10383: MENCKEN, H.L. - Die Amerikanische Sprache (Das Englisch Der Vereinigten Staaten)
10063: MENDELSOHN, EZRA - Jewish Politics in East Central Europe between the World Wars: The Beiner-Citrin Memorial Lecture
6073: MENTEN, THEODORE - The Illuminated Alphabet
12100: MERANZE, MICHAEL - Laboratories of Virtue: Punishment, Revolution, and Authority in Philadelphia, 1760-1835
29831: MERCK AND CO - Crystalline Vitamin B12 U.S. P.
29590: MEREDITH, I.H. AND GRANT COLFAX TULLAR - Hymnal for American Manhood for Use in All Religious Organizations of Men or Boys
10711: MERIDOR, YA'ACOV - Long Is the Road to Freedom
16369: MERK, FREDERICK (AND LOIS BANNISTER MERK) - Fruits of Propaganda in the Tyler Administration
14904: MERK, FREDERICK - The American Expansion Trilogy: I) the Monroe Doctrine and American Expansionism, 1843-1849 II) Manifest Destiny and Mission in American History, a Reinterpretation III) Slavery and the Annexation of Texas (Signed)
143: MERK, FREDERICK - The Oregon Question: Essays in Anglo-American Diplomacy and Politics
9301: MERRELL, JAMES H. - Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier
14945: MERRIAM, CHARLES EDWARD - American Political Ideas: Studies in the Development of American Political Thought, 1865-1917
19235: MERRICK, LEONARD - One Man's View
213: MERRILL, JR, BOYNTON - Jefferson's Nephews; a Frontier Tragedy
4334: MERRILL, JAMES M. - Spurs to Glory: The Story of the United States Cavalry
12064: MERRILL, JAMES M. - Du Pont: The Making of an Admiral
11973: MERRILL, HORACE SAMUEL AND MARION GALBRAITH MERRILL - The Republican Command, 1897-1913
9214: MERRIMAN, MARCUS - The Rough Wooings: Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1551
16153: MERRIMAN, MARION AND WARREN LERUDE - American Commander in Spain: Robert Hale Merriman and Theabraham Lincoln Brigade (Signed)
3783: MERRITT, RICHARD L. - Symbols of American Community, 1735-1775
27399: MERRY, ROBERT W. - President Mckinley
30065: MERRY, ROBERT W. - Taking on the World: Joseph and Stewart Alsop -- Guardians of the American Century
24143: MERWIN, HENRY C. - The Horse: His Breeding, Care and Treatment in Health and Disease
25576: MERWIN, W.S. - The Shadow of Sirius (Signed)
26475: MESSERLI, JONATHAN - Horace Mann: A Biography
27773: METLITZKI, DOROTHEE - The Matter of Araby in Medieval England
28880: METZGER, CHARLES H. - Catholics and the American Revolution - a Study in Religious Climate
4853: MEYER, HOWARD M. - Colonel of the Black Regiment: The Life of Thomas Wentworth Higginson (Signed)
529: MEYER, LARRY L. - Shadow of a Continent; the Prize That Lay to the West; 1776
1407: MEYER, STEWART - The Lotus Crew
11989: MEYER, KARL E. AND SHAREEN BLAIR BRYSAC - Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East
11410: MEYER, OSKAR EMIL - The Kinetic Theory of Gases: Elementary Treatise with Mathematical Appendices
28902: MEYER, JACOB C. - Church and State in Massachusetts, from 1740 to 1833: A Chapter in the History of the Development of Individual Freedom
29282: MEYER, ISAAC, SOLOMON BEN YEHUDAH IBN GEBIROL OR AVICEBRON - Qabbalah. The Philosophical Writings, and Their Connection with the Hebrew Qaballah and Sepher Ha-Zohar, Withy Remarks Upon the Antiguity and Content of the Latter, and Translations of Selected Passages of the Same. Also, an Ancient Lodge of Initiates
2765: MEYERS, ANNETTE - The Deadliest Option (Signed)
30042: MEYERS, RICHARD, AMY HARLIB, BILL AND KAREN PALMER - Martial Arts Movies - from Bruce Lee to the Ninjas
2767: MEYERS, ANNETTE - These Bones Were Made for Dancin'
2231: MICHAEL, JUDITH - A Tangled Web
28552: MICHAEL MOORCOCK (EDITED BY RICHARD KRAMER AND RICHARD GILLIAM) - Michael Moorcock's Elric: Tales of the White Wolf - an Anthology
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26000: MICHAELIS, JOHN U., RUTH H. GROSSMAN, AND LLOYD F. SCOTT - New Designs for the Elementary School Curriculum
15440: MICHAELIS, KARIN - The Child Andrea
2768: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Annie, Come Home
15385: MICHAUD, JOSEPH - Biblioteque Des Croisades, 4 Volumes, Complete. I) Chroniques de France, II) Suite Des Chroniques de France; Chroniques D'Italie Et D'Angleterre, III) Chroniques D'Allemagne Et Du Nord de L'Europe; Chroniques Diverses; Chroniques Grecques, Turques Et Armeniennes, IV) Chroniques Arabes
2240: MICHEL, SAM - Under the Light - Stories
29745: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Tales of the South Pacific
29885: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Report of the County Chairman
4761: MICHENER, JAMES - Legacy
17392: MICHENER, JAMES - The Voice of Asia
1596: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Alaska
1597: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Sports in America
1601: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The Drifters
1602: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The World Is My Home - a Memoir
1608: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Caribbean
10570: MICHENER, JAMES - Mexico
24003: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN AND PATRICK MAHONEY - Battleship: The Loss of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse
20960: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - Operation Corporate: The Falklands War, 1982
14275: MIDDLEKAUFF, ROBERT - Benjamin Franklin and His Enemies (Signed)
22008: MIDDLEKAUFF, ROBERT - Washington's Revolution: The Making of America's First Leader
27201: MIDDLEMAS, ROBERT KEITH - The Clydesiders: A Left Wing Struggle for Parliamentary Power
16312: MIDDLETON, DREW - The Struggle for Germany
26578: MIDDLETON, DOROTHY - The Hakluyt Society 1846-1923 (in Annual Report for 1984)
18486: MIDELFORT, H. C. ERIK - Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany
10572: MIEGE, JEAN-LOUIS - Morocco
25511: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - The Web of Victory: Grant at Vicksburg
19785: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - The General Who Marched to Hell: William Tecumseh Sherman and His March to Fame and Infamy
5225: MIERS, EARL SCHENK - The General Who Marched to Hell: William Tecumseh Sherman and His March to Fame and Infamy
5221: MIERS, EARL SCHENK - The Great Rebellion: The Emergence of the American Conscience
3223: MIERS, EARL SCHENK - Crossroads of Freedom - the American Revolution and the Rise of a New Nation
7456: MIGEON, GASTON - Musee Du Louvre - L'Orient Musulman, 2 Vols. L) Armes, Sculpture, Bois, Ivoires, Bronzes Et Cuivres, Tapis Tissus, Miniatures II) Cristaux de Roche, Verres Emailles Et Ceramiques
30482: MIGHELS, ELLA STERLING (GATHERED BY) - Literary California: Poetry, Prose and Portraits
28406: MIGOT, ANDRE - Tibetan Marches
11540: MIKHELSON, ANDRE - Kings and Knaves in the Cameroons
2239: MILBURN, FRANK - Sheltered Lives
7739: MILEHAM, PATRICK - The Scottish Regiments: 1633-1996
28947: MILES, ELLEN G. - American Paintings of the Eighteenth Century
14750: MILES, JAMES - The Legacy of Tiananmen: China in Disarray (Signed)
26280: MILIUKOV, PAUL - Political Memoirs, 1905-917
8970: MILLAIS, JOHN GUILLE - The Wildfowler of Scotland
6806: MILLAR, JEAN M. - Flowers of Iona (Signed)
24255: MILLAR, GEORGE - The Bruneval Raid: Flashpoint of the Radar War
3231: MILLAR, ANTHONY KENDAL - Plantagenet in South Africa - Lord Charles Somerset
30541: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - There Are No Islands, Any More". Lines Written in Passion and in Deep Concern for England, France and My Own Country
28791: MILLER, LILLIAN B., TEXT - The Dye Is Now Cast" -- the Road to American Independence, 1774-1776
29651: MILLER, PERRY - The New England Mind - the 17th Century
28339: MILLER, JOE - Joe Miller's Pitching Stats - '76: National League
29254: MILLER, FREDRIC M., MORRIS J. VOGEL, ANDALLEN F. DAVIS - Philadelphia Stories: A Photographic History, 1920-1960
26350: MILLER, ARTHUR - Collected Plays 1964-1982
6726: MILLER, JOHN - Triumph of Freedom, 1775-1783
25025: MILLER, PERRY - Roger Wiliams: His Contribution to the American Tradition
7044: MILLER, JOHN C. - Sam Adams: Pioneer in Propaganda
30175: MILLER, J. VIRGIL - Both Sides of the Ocean: Amish-Mennonites from Switzerland to America
5677: MILLER, HELEN HILL - France: Crossroads of a Continent
955: MILLER, WILLIAM LEE - Arguing About Slavery - the Great Battle in the United States Congress
20495: MILLER, PERRY - The New England Mind: From Colony to Province
18020: MILLER, KERBY A. - Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America
22617: MILLER, KEN - Dangerous Guests: Enemy Captives and Revolutionary Communities During the War for Independence
28962: MILLER, C. WILLIAM - Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia Printing, 1728-1766: A Descriptive Bibliography
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5750: MILLER, WAYNE CHARLES - An Armed America - Its Face in Fiction: A History of the American Military Novel
30526: MILLER, DONALD E. AND LORNA TOURYAN MILLER - Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide
5264: MILLER, HENRY - Primavera Nera (Black Spring)
20857: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman (Signed)
9216: MILLER, CHARLES - Khyber: British India's Northwest Frontier
8572: MILLER, ROBERT ROYAL - Shamrock and Sword: The Saint Patrick's Battalion in the U.S. -Mexican War
23364: MILLER, DEBORAH UCHILL - Poppy Seeds, Too: A Twisted Tale for Shabbat
12758: MILLER, HENRY - The Rosy Crucifixion: Sexus, Nexus, Plexus
28654: MILLER, JOHN C. - Origins of the American Revolution
375: MILLER, RICHARD LAWRENCE - Truman; the Rise to Power
30754: MILLER, ROBERT HOPKINS - Vietnam and Beyond: A Diplomat's Cold War Education (Signed)
692: MILLER, TOWNSEND - Henry IV of Castille
950: MILLER, MAX - The Man on the Barge
27863: MILLER, MARTHA GRAY KING - Land of My Ancestors
1610: MILLER, RICHARD - Snail
1611: MILLER, SUE - Family Pictures
1969: MILLER, HELEN HILL - Colonel Parke of Virginia - "the Greatest Hector in Town" (Signed)
3530: MILLER, JOHN CHESTER - The Wolf by the Ears - Thomas Jefferson and Slavery
14917: MILLER, WILLIAM IAN - The Mystery of Courage
14489: MILLER, MARTIN A. - Kropotkin
13921: MILLER, MARLA - Betsy Ross and the Making of America
4656: MILLER, DOUGLAS T. - Jacksonian Aristocracy: Class and Democracy in New York, 1830-1860
29600: MILLER, CELESTE J. - The Newest Way Around the World
23501: MILLER, WARREN - The Cool World
8447: MILLER, CHARLES - The Lunatic Express
29926: MILLETT, ALLAN R. - The War for Korea, 1945-1950: A House Burning
29313: MILLGRAM, ABRAHAM E. - Jewish Worship
25610: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Edwin Mullhouse: The Life and Death of an American Writer, 1943-1954, by Jeffrey Cartwright (Signed)
11236: MILLIN, SARAH GERTRUDE - Cecil Rhodes
29175: MILLIS, WALTER, ED - American Military Thought
24377: MILLS, DEREK AND NEIL GRAESSER - The Salmon Rivers of Scotland
6317: MILLS, JAMES - Report to the Commissioner
5772: MILLS, WILLIAM - Those Who Blink
1707: MILLS, WILLIAM - Properties of Blood
2769: MILLS, JAMES - Haywire
21000: MILLS, C.P. - A Strange War: Burma, India & Afghanistan 1914-1919
30143: MILLWARD, JAMES A. - Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xingiang
13469: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN - The Flutes of Shanghai
5135: MILNE, SIR DAVID - The Scottish Office and Other Scottish Government Departments
2301: MILNE, TOM - Losey on Losey
3281: MILNE, TOM - Losey on Losey
19214: MILNE, WILLIAM P. - Eppie Elrick - an Aberdeenshire Tale of the '15 (in Dust Jacket)
4109: MILNE, JOHN - Daddy's Girl
3848: MILNE, ALEXANDER TAYLOR - A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Royal Historical Society, 1868-1968 and of the Former Camden Society, 1838-1897
29249: MILNER, CLYDE A., II AND FLOYD A. O'NEIL, EDS - Churchmen and the Western Indians, 1820-1920
15890: MILNER, FRANK - Goya
27360: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - The Land of Ulro
21694: MILSTEN, DAVID RANDOLPH - Thomas Gilcrease (Signed)
26457: MILTON, GILES - Paradise Lost: Smyrna 1922. The Destruction of a Christian City in the Islamic World
29484: MILTON, GILES - Samurai William: The Englishman Who Opened Japan
26960: MILTON, JOHN - Ode on the Morning of Christ's Nativity
2238: MIMOUNI, RACHID - The Honor of the Tribe
28772: MINER, WARD L. - William Goddard, Newpaperman
22403: MINER, CRAIG - Seeding CIVIL War: Kansas in the National News, 1854-1858
5773: MINER, VALERIE - A Walking Fire
22534: MINER, CRAIG - A Most Magnificant Machine: America Adopts the Railroad, 1825-1862
28079: MINES, SAMUEL - The Last Days of Mankind: Ecological Survival or Extinction
16975: MINIER, NELSON - The Lady in the Jungle: The Story of Mary Kingsley in Africa
26220: MINISTERS OF REPRESENTATIVE PARISHES - The Statistical Account of Argyleshire
28729: MINTZ, MAX M. - Gouverneur Morris and the American Revolution
29206: MINTZ, MAX M. - Gouverneur Morris and the American Revolution
29703: MINUTAGLIO, BILL AND STEVEN L. DAVIS - The Most Dangerous Man in Ameria: Timothy Leary, Richard Nixon and the Hunt for the Fugitive King of Lsd (Signed)
29381: MIRALDI, ROBERT - Seymour Hersh: Scoop Artist
24305: MIRCHELL, S. WEIR - The Autobiogrphy of a Quack and the Case of George Dedlow
24557: MIRISCH, WALTER - I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History
25947: MISCIATTELLI, PIERO - Savonarola
29113: MISHELL, WILLIAM W. - Kaddish for Kovno: Life and Death in a Lithuanian Ghetto, 1941-1945
2318: MISHIMA, YUKIO - The Sea of Fertility, 4 Volumes, Complete: 1) Spring Snow, 2) Runaway Horses, 3) the Temple of Dawn, 4) the Decay of the Angel
13731: MISSAKIAN, J. - A Searchlight on the Armenian Question (1878-1950)
1617: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Such a Long Journey
6175: MITCHELL, ALEXANDER F. AND JAMES CHRISTIE, EDS - The Records of the Commissions of the General Assemblies of the Church of Scotland Holden in Edinburgh in the Years 1648 and 1649
9184: MITCHELL, R.J. AND M.D.R. LEYS - A History of the English People
14829: MITCHELL, BROADUS - Alexander Hamilton: The Revolutionary Years
7376: MITCHELL, EDWARD P. - Memoris of an Editor: Fifty Years of American Journalism
1616: MITCHELL, ROBERT H. - Ride the Lightning
3668: MITCHELL, SIR HAROLD - Europe in the Caribbean - the Policies of Great Britain, France and the Netherlands Towards Their West Indian Territories. .
4665: MITCHELL, MAIRIN, F.R.G.S. - The Maritime History of Russia, 848-1948
11342: MITCHELL, S. WEIR AND GEORGE R. MOREHOUSE - Researches Upon the Anatomy and Physiology of Respiration in the Chelonia. (Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge #169). Presentation Copy
10362: MITCHELL, JOHN HEWITT - The Court of the Connetablie: A Study of a French Administrative Trubunal During the Reign of Henry IV
16397: MITCHELL, DONALD - Gustav Mahler, Volume 3: Songs and Symphonies of Life and Death
22123: MITFORD, JESSICA - Faces of Philip: A Memoir of Philip Toynbee
27733: MITTER, RANA - Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937-1945
6479: MITTERAND, FRANCOIS - The Wheat and the Chaff
15168: MIZE, J.T.H. - Bing Crosby and the Bing Crosby Style: Crosbyana Thru Biography-Photography-Discography
23136: MIZENER, ARTHUR - The Saddest Story: A Biography of Ford Madox Ford
457: MOCKLER, ANTHONY - Haile Selassie's War
2237: MODARRESSI, TAGHI - The Book of Absent People
23299: MODDER, MONTAGU - The Jew in the Litertaure of England to the End of the 19th Century
5716: MOE, RICHARD - The Last Full Measure: The Life and Death of the First Minnesota Volunteers
14527: MOFFAT, ABBOT LOW - Mongkut, the King of Siam
15317: MOFFAT, ALISTAIR - Before Scotland: The Story of Scotland Before History
6422: MOFFETT, CHARLES S. - The New Painting: Impressioism 1874-1886
7551: MOHR, JAMES C. - The Radical Republicans and Reform in New York During Reconstruction
23044: MOHR, JAMES C., ED - Radical Republicans in the North: State Politics During Reconstruction
24006: MOHRT, MICHEL - The Italian Campaign
29063: MOIR, D.M. - The Life of Mansie Wauch, Tailor in Dalkeith
1614: MOJTABAI, A. G. - Ordinary Time
1615: MOJTABAI, A. G. - Mundome
9480: MOLER, LEE - Bone Music
27957: MOLL, ALBERT - Hypnotism
27945: MOLL, ALBERT - The Study of Hypnosis: Historical Clinical and Experimental Research in the Techniques of Hypnotic Induction
1612: MOLL, ELICK - Mr. Seidman and the Geisha
22611: MOLLO, JOHN - The Prince's Dolls: Scandals, Skirmishes and Splendours of the Hussars, 1739-1815
1585: MOLLOY, ROBERT - Charleston - a Gracious Heritage
16688: MOLONY, JOHN N. - The Emergence of Political Catholicism in Italy: Partito Popolare 1919-1926
21404: MOLYNEAUX, GERARD - John Sayles: An Unauthorized Biography of the Pioneering Indie Filmmaker
30586: MOMIGLIANO, ARNALDO - Alien Wisdom: The Limits of Hellenization
23976: MOMMSEN, WOLFGANG J.0-226- - Max Weber and German Politics, 1890-1920
3768: MONAGHAN, JAY - Diplomat in Carpet Slippers - Abraham Lincoln Deals with Foreign Affairs
12630: MONDEY, DAVID, GENERAL EDITOR - The International Encyclopedia of Aviation
27280: MONMONIER, MARK - From Squaw Tit to Whorehouse Meadow: How Maps Name, Claim, and Inflame
16466: MONMONIER, MARK - Rhumb Lines and Map Wars: A Social History of the Mercator Projection
6292: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Story of Esther Costello
1712: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Tribe That Lost Its Head
21243: MONTAGUE, MARGARET PRESCOTT - Closed Doors: Studies of Deaf and Blind Children
25520: MONTAGUE, LADY MARY WORTLEY AND ARTHUR R. ROPES, ED - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Select Passages from Her Letters
7760: MONTEATH, JOHN - Dunbane Traditions; Being a Series of Warlike and Legendary Narratives, Biogrpahical Sketeches of Eccentric Characters, Etc... .
10679: MONTEFIORE, SIMON SEBAG - Stalin, 2 Volumes, Complete: 1) Young Stalin 2) Stalin - the Court of the Red Tsar
3885: MONTEILHET, HUBERT - Neropolis - a Novel of Life in Nero's Rome
30151: MONTGOMERY, ANDREW - The Pocket Book of the Corvette: The Definitive Guide to the All American Sports Car
15222: MONTGOMERY, HORACE - Cracker Parties
18167: MONYPENNY, WILLIAM FLAVELLE AND GEORGE EARLE BUCKLE - The Life of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, Volume 1: 1804-1859
7104: MOODIE, A.E. - The Italo-Yugoslav Boundary: A Study in Political Geography
21226: MOODY, DWIGHT LYMAN - Dwight Lymna Moody's Life Work and Latest Sermons As Delivered by the Great Evangelist. Together with a Biography of Ira David Sankey
23131: MOODY, WILLIAM VAUGHN - Letter to Harriet
10567: MOODY, RICK - The Ice Storm
27587: MOORE, R.F. - Paddy Waddell's Railway
30004: MOORE, ALBERT BURTON - Conscription and Conflict in the Confederacy
17396: MOORE, JOHN NORTON, ED - The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Volume 4, Parts One and Two: The Difficult Search for Peace (1975-1988), 2 Volumes
27633: MOORE, MICHAEL SCOTT - The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast
27513: MOORE, RYAMOND S. - Communications Receivers - the Vacuum Tube Era: 1932-1981
30727: MOORE, COLLEEN - Colleen Moore's Doll House
27594: MOORE, COL. G.A. - The Birth and Eary Days of Our Ambulance Trains in France, August 1914 with Five Illustrations
1618: MOORE, BRIAN - Fergus
2771: MOORE, MARGARET - Dangerous Conceits
3264: MOORE, JOHN TROTWOOD - Hearts of Hickory (Signed)
15888: MOORE, JOHN (COMPILER AND EDITIOR) - Jane's American Fighting Ships of the 20th Century
11866: MOORE, JOHN NORTON - Law and the Indo-China War
10569: MOORE, ROBIN - The French Connection
30578: MOORE, GEORGE - The Brook Kerith: A Syrian Story
30567: MOORE, GEORGE - Avowals
30660: MOORE, WILLIAM E. AND AMES CRUSSELL, EDS - U.S. Official Pictures of the World War: Showing America's Partcipation. Selected from the Official Files of the War Department
26930: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Montgomery: A Biography
5193: MOORHEAD, MAX L. - The Apache Frontier: Jacobo Ugarte and Spanish-Indian Relations in Northern New Spain, 1769-1791
28199: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - The Fearful Void
18823: MOORMAN, J.R.H. - The Grey Friars in Cambridge
6977: MOORSOM, SASHA - A Lavender Trip
2235: MOOSE, RUTH - Dreaming in Color - Stories
28929: MORAIS, HERBERT M. - Deism in Eighteenth Century America
16098: MORAN, JIM AND GORDON L. ROTTMAN - Peleliu 1944: The Forgotten Corner of Hell
19915: MORAND, PAUL - The Living Buddha
500: MORDDEN, ETHAN - A Guide to Opera Recordings
29501: MORE, THOMAS - The Last Leters of Thomas More
10938: MOREIRA, ADRIANO - Portugal's Stand in Africa
29611: MORELL, VIRTINIA - Blue Nile: Ethopia's River of Magic and Mystery (Signed)
4914: MORELL, PARKER - Lillian Russell: The Era of Plush
20685: MORENO, RITA - Rira Moreno - a Memoir (Signed)
14547: MORET, ALEXANDRE - The Nile and Egyptian Civilization
11495: MOREY, CRAIG - Studio Nudes: Selected Photographs 1989-1992 (Signed)
3513: MORGAN, TED - Churchill: Young Man in a Hurry
20238: MORGAN, ARTHUR E. - The Long Road
9648: MORGAN, ROBERT - The Winds Blow Red (Signed)
3375: MORGAN, EDMUND S. - Inventing the People - the Rise of Popular Sovereignty in England and America
5776: MORGAN, SPEER - Frog Gig and Other Stories
5775: MORGAN, NEAL - Karankawa County: Short Stories from a Corner of Texas
5774: MORGAN, FAYE - Riding the Gold Curve
17150: MORGAN, DAVID W. - The Socialist Left and the German Revolution: A History of the German Independent Social Democratic Party, 1917-1922
355: MORGAN, KENNETH O. - The People's Peace: British History 1945-1989
1623: MORGAN, ROBERT - The Hinterlands - a Mountain Tale in Three Parts
1819: MORGAN, BRIG, GEN. J.H. - Assize of Arms
1960: MORGAN, CHARLES - The Fountain
26005: MORGAN, ARTHUR E. - Edward Bellamy
10968: MORGAN, AUBREY NIEL - David Morgan, 1833-1919: The Life and Times of a Master Draper in South Wales (Signed)
27767: MORGAN, GWYN - 69 A.D. - the Year of Four Emperors
26677: MORGAN, DAVID - The Mongols
13693: MORGENTHAU, HENRY - AMBASSADOR IN CONSTANTINOPLE, 1913-1916 - Secrets of the Bosphorus
27233: MORIARTY, CATHERINE, ED - The Voice of the Middle Ages in Personal Letters 1100-1500
24376: MORISON, J.L. - The Eighth Earl of Elgin: A Chapter in Nineteenth-Century Imperial History
21781: MORISON, ELTING E. - Admiral Sims and the Modern American Navy
8797: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Old Bruin" Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry
8247: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Samuel de Champlain: Father of New France
2772: MORISON, B. J. - Port and a Star Boarder - a Little Maine Murder
12881: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Vistas of History
4: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Builders of the Bay Colony
6408: MORITZ, C.P. - Journeys of a German in England in 1782
18371: MORLEY, JOHN - Oliver Cromwell
19657: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Trojan Horse
25762: MORLEY, FELI - Freedom and Federalism
16212: MORLEY, FELIX - The Foreign Policy of the United States
19437: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER (SELECTED BY) - The Bowling Green: An Anthology of Verse
21438: MORLEY, JAMES, ED - The China Quagmire: Japan's Expansion and the Asian Continent, 1933-1941
958: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Trojan Horse - a Play
2848: MORLEY, F.V. - War Paint
24095: MORRAH, PATRICK - Prince Rupert of the Rhine-
6755: MORRELL, W.P. - British Colonial Policy in the Mid-Victorian Age: South Africa, New Zealand, the West Indies
30647: MORRELL, THOMAS - An Abridgment of Ainsworth's Dictionary, English and Latin Designed for the Use of Schools
2787: MORRELL, DAVID - Assumed Identity
21801: MORRIS, WRIGHT - The Cat's Meow (Signed, Limited Edition)
7656: MORRIS-JONES, W.H. - Parliament in India
6670: MORRIS, KATHARINE - The Vixen's Cub
21809: MORRIS, WRIGHT - Love Affair - a Venetian Journal (Signed)
29927: MORRIS, BENNY - Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999
6703: MORRIS, JAN - Lincoln: A Foreigner's Quest
22073: MORRIS, RUTH - Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Belgravia: A London Magazine - and the World of Anglo-Jewry, Jews, and Judaism, 1866-1899
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1622: MORRIS, MARY - The Waiting Room
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19417: MORRISON, JOHN - History of the Highland Clans
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27093: MOSCOW, WARREN - Politics in the Empire State
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10631: MOSLEY, WALTER - Rl's Dream
3210: MOSLEY, WALTER - A Little Yellow Dog (Signed)
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26118: MUMFORD, ETHEL WATTS - Joke Book Note Book
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17: MUNRO, WILLIAM BENNETT - Crusaders of New France: A Chronicle of the Fleu-de-Lis in the Wilderrness
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5777: MURPHY, PETER - The Moving Shadow Problem
2783: MURPHY, DALLAS - Apparent Wind
2785: MURPHY, DALLAS - Lush Life
2786: MURPHY, DALLAS - Don't Explain
23859: MURPHY, R. TAGGART - Japan and the Shackles of the Past
16453: MURRAY, CHARLES - Hamewith
25447: MURRAY, T. DOUGLAS, ED - Jeanne D'Arc: Maid of Orleans, Deliverer of France. Being the Story of Her Life, Her Achievements, and Her Death, As Attested on Oath and Set Forth in the Original Documents
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4831: MURRAY, FRANCES - The Burning Lamp
19255: MURRAY, AMY - November Hereabout
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23992: MURRAY, KEITH A. - The Modocs and Their War (Signed)
18168: MURRAY, D.L. - Disraeli
126: MURRAY, D.L. - Commander of the Mists
12251: MURRAY, JOHN V. - A Gentleman Publisher's Commonplace Book
10882: MURRAY, W.H. - Rob Roy Macgregor: His Life and Times
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27740: MURRAY, JOHN A. - Cinema Southwest: An Illustrated Guide to the Movies and Their Locations
27111: MURRY, IAIN H. - A Scottish Christian Heritage
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1631: MUSKE-DUKES, CAROL - Dear Digby
18226: MUSOLF, KAREN J. - From Plymouth to Parliament: A Rhetorical History of Nancy Astor's 1919 Campaign
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13120: MYERLY, SCOTT HUGHES - British Military Spectacle: From the Napoleonic Wars Through the Crimea
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15665: MYRON, PAUL - Our Chinese Chances Through Europe's War
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3778: NAGEL, PAUL C. - This Sacred Trust - American Nationality, 1798-1898
30554: NAGY, GREGORY - The Best of the Achaeans: Concepts of the Hero in Archaic Greek Poetry
21206: NAHSHON, SAMUEL - Torah Laws (Huqqe Ha-Tora)
29914: NAIPAUL, V.S. - An Area of Darkness
29793: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Flag on the Island
1634: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Love and Death in a Hot Country
30762: NAIPAUL, V.S. - The Return of Eva Peron: With the Killings in Trinidad
23500: NAIPUL, SHIVA - Fireflies
1633: NAKAYAMA, CHINATSU - Behind the Waterfall - Three Novellas
11201: NANE (WITH GAIL NELSON) - The End of an Era: The Autobiography of Nane
29305: NAOR, BEZALEL - Post-Sabbatian Sabbatianism: Study of an Underground Messianic Movement
1632: NAOYA, SHIGA - The Paper Door and Other Stories
17430: NARATANAN, K.R. - India and America: Essays in Understanding (Signed)
24323: NARAYAN, R.K. - A Horse and Two Goats
1636: NARAYAN, R. K. - The Painter of Signs
1642: NARAYAN, R. K. - Talkative Man - a Novel of Malgudi
10957: NARAYAN, R.K. - Waiting for the Mahatma
10637: NARAYAN, KIRIN - Love, Stars, and All That
22230: NASAW, DAVID - The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy
29508: NASH, LEE, ED - Understanding Herbert Hoover: Ten Perspectives
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191: NASH, GERALD D. - The American West Transformed; the Impact of the Second World War
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29890: NASR, SEYYED HOSSEIN - Islam in the Modern World: Challenged by the West, Threatened by Fundamentalism, Keeping Faith Wth Tradition
19930: NATHAN, ROBERT - Peter Kindred
1641: NATHAN, ROBERT - But Gently Day
1912: NATHAN, ROBERT - Road of Ages
10410: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - The Age of Chivalry and the Renaissance, Boxed Set of Two Volumes
27764: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - David Livingstone and the Victorian Encounter with Africa
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5778: NAVAS, DEBORAH - Things We Lost, Gave Away, Bought High and Sold Low
15663: NAVOI, ALISHER (ARTIST), E. YU. YUSOPOV (EDITIOR) - Miniatures Illustrations of Alisher Navoi's Works of the XV-Xixth Centuries
1640: NAYLOR, GLORIA - Linden Hills
11442: NAZARBAYEV, NURSULTAN - The Kazakhstan Way
6884: NEAL, DAVID S. - The Excavation of the Roman Villa in Gadebridge Park Hemel Hempstead, 1963- 8
19735: NEAL, STEVE - Harry and Ike: The Partnership That Remade the Postwar World (Signed)
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3795: NEALE, J.E. - The Elizabethan House of Commons
3847: NEALE, R.S. - Class and Ideology in the Nineteenth Century
11931: NEBENZAHL, KENNETH - A Bibliography of Printed Battle Plans of the American Revolution, 1775-1795
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22368: NEELY, MARK E. JR. - The Union Divided: Party Conflict in the CIVIL War
3727: NEELY, SYLVIA - Lafayette and the Liberal Ideal, 1814-1824
2788: NEELY, BARBARA - Blanche Among the Talented Tenth
18908: NEER, ROBERT M. - Napalm: An American Biography
26006: NEESER, ROBERT WILDEN - Our Navy and the Next War
18409: NEF, CARL - An Outline of the History of Music
26869: NEFEDOVA, INARA - Masterworks of Latvian Painting
15540: NEHRU, JAWAHARLAL - The Unity of India: Collected Writings, 1937-1940
21553: NEILL, JOHN R. - The Runaway in Oz
11231: NEILLAND, ROBIN - The Hundred Years War
27235: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Hundred Years War
15946: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - Eighth Army: The Triumphant Desert Army That Held the Axis at Bay from North Africa to the Alps, 1939-1945
15993: NEILLANDS, ROBIN AND RODERICK DE NORMANN - D-Day, 1944: Voices from Normandy
27496: NEIWERT, DAVID - Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump
28803: NELSON, WILLIAM H. - The American Tory
8599: NELSON, JAMES L. - Benedict Arnold's Navy: The Ragtag Fleet That Lost the Battle of Lake Champlain But Won the American Revolution
27002: NELSON, BILL - Finishing the Hat: The Illustrations of Bill Nelson
30122: NELSON, CRAIG - Thomas Paine: Enlightenment, Revolution, and the Birth of Modern Nations
27508: NELSON, KADIR - Baby Bear
28864: NELSON, PAUL DAVID - William Tryon and the Course of Empire: A Life in British Imperial Service
6079: NELSON, GEORGE H., ED - Pulmonary Development: Transition Form Intrauterine to Extrauterine Life
25059: NELSON, M. FREDERICK - Korea and the Old Orders in Eastern Asia
22266: NELSON, LARRY E. - Bullets, Ballots, and Rhetoric: Confederate Poliy for the United States Presidential Contest of 1864
23398: NELSON, CHRISTOPHER AND BRIAN POHANKA - Mapping the CIVIL War: Featuring Rare Maps from the Library of Congress
1637: NELSON, KENT - The Middle of Nowhere - Stories
1638: NELSON, CHARLES - The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up
4253: NELSON, EDNA DEU PREE - O'Higgins and Don Bernardo
12456: NELSON, TRUMAN - The Old Man: John Brown at Harper's Ferry
23591: NELSON, ANTONYA - The Expendables
23436: NELSON, DANA D. - National Manhood: Capitalist Ciizenship and the Imagined Fraternity of White Men
29906: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - Suite Francaise
13813: NERSESSIAN, V. - An Index of Articles on Armenian Studies in Western Journals
10789: NESS, J.A. - The Antient Mother Ludge of Scotland - Mother Kilwinning No. 0
25496: NETTELS, CURTIS P. - George Washington and American Independence
4311: NEUENSCHWANDER, JOHN A. - The Middle Colonies and the Coming of the American Revolution
5779: NEUGEBOREN, JAY - Don't Worry About the Kids: Stories
30477: NEUHAUS, EUGEN - The Galleries of the Exposition: A Critical Review of the Paintings, Statuary and the Graphic Arts in the Palace of Fine Arts at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
26109: NEUHAUS, EUGEN - The Art of the Exposition: Personal Impressions of the Architecture, Sculpture, Mural Decorations, Color Scheme & Other Aesthetic Aspects of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
30593: NEUMANBN, ERICH - The Great Mother: An Analysis of the Archetype
20275: NEUSNER, JACOB - Judausm and Christianity in the Age of Constantine: History, Messiah, Israel, and the Initial Confrontation
29323: NEUSNER, JACOB, ED - Take Judaism, for Example: Studies Toward the Comparison of Religions
3365: NEVAI, LUCIA - Star Game
10639: NEVAI, LUCIA - Normal
5239: NEVILLE, JAMES M. - Ladies Under Glass
17140: NEVILLE, SUSAN - The Invention of Flight
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418: NEVINS, ALLAN - The War for the Union, Vol. I: The Improvised War
14025: NEVINS, ALLAN - Grover Cleveland: A Study in Courage
30291: NEVINS, ALLAN - Grover Cleveland - a Study in Courage
8064: NEVINS, ALLAN - The State Universities and Democracy
29200: NEVINS, ALLAN, ED - America Through British Eyes
244: NEVINS, ALLAN - James Truslow Adams; Historian of the American Dream
417: NEVINS, ALLAN - The Emergence of Lincoln, 2 Vols. I-Douglas, Buchanan, and Party Chaos, 1857- 1859. II-Prologue to CIVIL War, 1859-1861
420: NEVINS, ALLAN - The War for the Union, Vol. III; the Organized War, 1863-1864
421: NEVINS, ALLAN - The War for the Union, Vol. IV: The Organized War to Victory, 1864-1865
28910: NEVINS, ALLAN - The American States During and After the Revolution: 1775-1789
15672: NEVINS, F.J. - A Yankee Dared: A Romance of Our Railroads
29657: NEVINS, ALLAN - The Ordeal of the Union, 8 Volumes, Complete First Printings in Priced Dust Jackets and/or Slipcases. 1) the Ordeal of the Union (2 Vols), 2) the Emergence of Lincoln (2 Vols) 3) the Improvised War 1861-1862, 4) War Becomes Revolution 1862-1863, 5) the Organized War 1863-1864, 6) the Organized War to Victory 1864-1865
21457: NEVINSON, HENRY W. - The Dardanelles Campaign
29359: NEWARK, TIMOTHY - Medieval Warfare: An Illustrated Introduction
22088: NEWBOULD, IAN - Whiggery and Reform, 1830-41: The Politics of Government
6674: NEWBY, P. H. - A Season in England
1646: NEWBY, P. H. - A Guest and His Going
25956: NEWCOMB, REXFORD - In the Lincoln Country: Journeys to the Lincoln Shrines of Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Other States
25822: NEWELL, H.A. - Footprints in Spain
5722: NEWELL, NANCY PEABODY AND RICHARD S. NEWELL - The Struggle for Afghanistan
24826: NEWHALL, VIRGINIA WHITING NEWHALL - Virginia Whiting Newhall, Jr. , Born 20 March 1819, Died 13 November 1913
15591: NEWHOUSE, JOHN - De Gaulle and the Anglo-Saxons
26570: NEWMAN, ARNOLD - Arnold Newman: The Early Work
22513: NEWMAN, SIMON P. - Parades and the Politics of the Street: Festive Culture in the Early American Republic
18761: NEWMAN, ROBERT P. - Owen Lattimore and the "Loss" of China
16507: NEWMAN, ROGER K. - Hugo Black - a Biography
22274: NEWMAN, RICHARD AND JAMES MUELLER, EDS - Antislavery and Abolition in Philadelphia
12909: NEWMAN, ROBERT P. - The Cold War Romance of Lillian Hellman and John Melby
3846: NEWMAN, AUBREY, ED - The Parliamentary Lists of the Early Eighteenth Century: Their Compilation and Use
10813: NEWMAN, GEORGE, EDWARD EHLERS, AND S.P. IMPEY - Prize Essays on Leprosy
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12945: NEWMAN, ERNEST - The Life of Richard Wagner, 4 Volumes, Complete First Editions in First State Dust Jackets
27335: NEWSOME, DAVID - The Wilberforces and Henry Manning: The Parting of Friends
23706: NEWTON, JIM - Eisenhower: The White House Years
3496: NEWTON, NORMAN - Thomas Gage in Spanish America
22648: NEWTON, HARRY J. - Yellow Gold of Cripple Creek: Romances and Anecdotes of the Mines Mining Men and Mining Fortuunes (Signed)
15230: NEWTON, ARTHUR PERCIVAL - The European Nations in the West Indies, 1493-1688
25708: NEWTON, JOSEPH FORT - Abraham Lincoln: An Essay
24586: NGUYEN, VIET THANH - Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War (Signed)
23972: NICE, DAVID - Prokofiev: From Russia to the West, 1891-1935
17804: NICHOLAS, DAVID - The Metamorphosis of a Medieval City: Ghent in the Age of the Arteveldes, 1302-1390
20416: NICHOLAS, DAVID - The Van Arteveldes of Ghent: The Varieties of Vendetta and the Hero in History
2829: NICHOLLS, MARK - Investigating Gunpowder Plot
28190: NICHOLS, FRANCIS H. - Through Hidden Shensi
28918: NICHOLS, CHARLES LEMUEL - Isaiah Thomas: Printer, Writer and Collector. A Paper Read April 19, 1911, Before the Club of Odd Volumes
19660: NICHOLS, ROBERT - Fantastica: Being the Smile of the Sphinx and Other Tales of Imagination (Signed)
869: NICHOLS, ROY FRANKLIN - Franklin Pierce - Young Hickory of the Granite Hills
1799: NICHOLS, ROY F. - The Stakes of Power, 1845-1877
2582: NICHOLS, JOHN (EDWARD L. HART, ED.) - Minor Lives - a Collection of Biographies by John Nichols
3221: NICHOLS, ROY F. - A Historian's Progress
10315: NICHOLS, ROY F. - The Invention of American Political Parties
14455: NICHOLS, EDWARD J. - Zach Taylor's Little Army
14125: NICHOLS, ROGER L. - General Henry Atkinson: A Western Militay Career
26266: NICHOLS, NANCY, ED - Letters Home - from the Lafayette Flying Corps
10580: NICHOLS, ARTHUR N. - A Kind of Justice: A Novel of Computer Embezzlemant and Murder (Signed)
6392: NICHOLSON, IRENE - Mexican and Central American Mythology
23413: NICHOLSON T.R. AND MICHAEL SEDGWICK - Macmillan Color Series: Passenger Cars, 4 Volumes Complete. I) 1863-1904, II) 1905-1912, III) 1913-1923, IV) 1924-1942
19951: NICHOLSON, MEREDITH - The Port of Missing Men
4750: NICKERSON, HOFFMAN - The Loss of Unity
27597: NICOLET, VICTOR - Les Autorails: Doctrine Generale de Leur Emploi Et de Leur Constitution
23054: NICOLSON, NIGEL - The Queen and Us - the Second Elizabethan Age
14863: NICOLSON, JAMES R. - Shetland Folklore
24458: NICOTRA, TOBIA - Arturo Toscanini
10907: NIEMAND, PIET - Jan Domm: A Romp
10640: NIGAM, SANJAY - The Snake Charmer
15924: NIGEL CAVE, PETER OLDHAM - Battleground Europe - Ypres - 5 Volumes: 1) Hill 60. 2) Messine Ridge. 3) Passchendaele - the Fight for the Village. 4) Polygon Wood. 5) Sanctuary Wood & Hooge
28046: NIGG, JOSEPH, ED - The Book of Fabulous Beasts: A Treasury of Writings from Ancient Times to the Present
27785: NILES, BLAIR - Peruvian Pageant: A Journey in Time
25681: NILES, BLAIR - Martha's Husband: An Informal Portrait of George Washington
30835: NIMMO, STUART - Perilous Moon - Occuppied France, 1944 - the End Game
29062: NIMMO, IAN - Portrait of Edinburgh
3235: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume 2, 1934-1939
3351: NIN, ANAIS - The Four-Chambered Heart
5375: NISSEN, THISBE - Out of the Girls' Room and Into the Night
27528: NITSKE, W. ROBERT - Mercedes-Benz - a History
136: NIVEN, JOHN - Salmon P. Chase: A Biography
27180: NIVEN, JOHN - Martin Van Buren: The Romantic Age of American Politics
135: NIVEN, JOHN - John C. Calhoun and the Price of Union
27412: NIVEN, BILL - Hitler and Film: The Fuhrer's Hidden Passion
28024: NIVISON, DAVID S. AND ARTHUR F. WRIGHT, EDS - Confucianism in Action
6340: NIXON, RICHARD - No More Vietnams
26642: NIXON, RICHARD - No More Vietnams (Signed)
18646: NIXON, EDGAR B., ED - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs, Volume III: September 1935-January 1937
24345: NOBECOURT, JACQUES - Hitler's Last Gamble: The Battle of the Ardennes
25215: NOBLE, HOLLISTER - Woman with a Sword: The Biographical Novel of Anna Ella Carroll of Maryland
18523: NOBLE, MILTON - Shop Talk: Stage Stories, Anecdotes of the Theater, Reminiscenses, Dialogues and Character, Sketches (Signed)
23913: NOEL, GERARD - The Renaissance Popes: Statesmen, Warriors and the Great Borgia Myth
18969: NOEL, JOSEPH - Love's Bread Line (Signed)
30128: NOFI, ALBERT A. - The Spanish-American War
26910: NOGAMI, TERUYO - Waiting on the Weather: Making Movies with Akira Kurosawa
3704: NOGGLE, BURL - Into the Twenties - the United States from Armistice to Normalcy
15587: NOGUEIRA, FRANCO - The United Nations and Portugal: A Study of Anti-Colonialism
10031: NOGUERES, HENRI - The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew
15584: NOGUERES, HENRI - Munich or the Phoney Peace
696: NOLTHENIUS, HELENE - Duecento; the Late Middle Ages in Italy
14278: NORA, PIERRE - Realms of Memory - Volume 1: Conflicts and Divisions
28189: NORBU, THUBTEN JIGME AND HEINRICH HARRER - Tibet Is My Country: The Autobiography of Thubten Jigme Norbu, Brother of the Dalai Lama
5782: NORDAN, LEWIS - Welcome to the Arrow-Catcher Fair (Signed)
5781: NORDAN, LEWIS - The All-Girl Football Team (Signed)
10642: NORDAN, LEWIS - Lightning Song
26180: NORIE, W. DRUMMOND - The Life and Adventures of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 4 Volumes, Complete
10625: NORMAN, DOROTHY, ED - Nehru: The First Sixty Years... , 2 Volumes
6208: NORMAN, MARC - Oklahoma Crude
681: NORMAN, A.V.B. - The Medieval Soldier
1644: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Bird Artist
15905: NORMAN, TERRY - The Hell They Called High Wood - the Somme 1916
24840: NORRIS, FRANK - The Surrender of Santiago: An Account of the Historic Surrender of Santiago to General Shafter, July 17, 1898
5020: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Burned Fingers
24744: NORRIS, GERALD - A Musical Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland
25568: NORRIS, BRUCE - Clybourne Park
5783: NORRIS, HELEN - The Burning Glass
30470: NORRIS, FRANK - Frank Norris of the Wave... . Stories and Sketches from the San Francisco Weekly, 1893 to 1897
2805: NORRIS, HELEN - Water Into Wine
19918: NORRIS, FRANK - The Pit: A Story of Chicago
26898: NORTHRUP, MARGUERITE, ED - The Easter Story: From the Gospels
6456: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Paradise of Cities: Venice in the 19th Century

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