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24045: LAST, MURRAY - The Sokoto Caliphate (Ibadan History Series)
13821: LASTIVERTC'I, ARISTAKE - History Regarding the Sufferings Occasioned by Foreign Peoples Living Around Us
7860: LATEGAN, F.V., B.A. MACKENZIE AND M.W.SMUTS, EDS - More Afrikaans Short Stories
2654: LATHEN, EMMA - Murder to Go - an Inner Sanctum Mystery
2655: LATHEN, EMMA - Ashes to Ashes - an Inner Sanctum Mystery
2656: LATHEN, EMMA - Going for the Gold
16415: LATIMER, HUGH - Selected Sermons of Hugh Latimer Bishop and Matryr (the World's Great Sermons)
21391: LATIMER, JOHN - 1812: War with America
12719: LATTIMER, WENDELL M. - The Oxidation States of the Elements and Their Potentials in Aqueous Solutions
15108: LAU, ALBERT - The Malayan Union Controversy, 1942-1948
1552: LAUBER, LYNN - White Girls
21671: LAUBIN, REGINALD AND GLADYS - Indian Dances of North America: Their Importance to Indian Life
12498: LAUCHERT, FRIEDRICH - Die Italienischen Literarischen Gegner Luthers
14786: LAUDER, SIR HARRY - Between You and Me
6117: LAURENCE, MARGARET - A Jest of God
22543: LAURIE, BRUCE - Bayond Garrison: Antislavery and Social Reform
22407: LAUSE, MARK A. - Young America: Land, Labor, and the Republican Community
23169: LAUTERBACH, JACOB Z. - Rabbinic Essays
2657: LAW, JANICE - Time Lapse
18148: LAW, ERNEST - A Short History of Hampton Court in Tudor and Stuart Times to the Death of Charles I.
6190: LAWLER, RAY - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
6658: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE - The Web of Time
21690: LAWRENCE, ALEXANDER A. - James Moore Wayne, Southern Unionist
20223: LAWRENCE, LARS - Morning Noon and Night (Signed)
23624: LAWRENCE, T.E. - Revolt in the Desert
6118: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Virgin and the Gypsy
8967: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Letters to Thomas and Adele Seltzer
2658: LAWRENCE, CYNTHIA - Take-out City
12035: LAWRENCE, DAVID - The True Story of Woodrow Wilson
26083: LAWRENCE, T.E. (DAVIS GARNETT, ED.) - The Letters of T.E. Lawrence
9430: LAWRIE, SIR ARCHIBALD C., ED, - Early Scottish Charters Prior to A.D. 1153
8816: LAWRIE, ALISTAIR, HELLEN MATTHEWS AND DOUGLAS RITCHIE, EDS - Glimmer of Cold Brine: A Scottish Sea Anthology
18455: LAWSON, LARRY - Prairie Guns
21312: LAWSON, M.K. - The Battle of Hastings, 1066
20102: LAWSON, JOHN HOWARD - Processional: A Jazz Symphony of American Life in Four Acts
3989: LAWSON, MARK - Bloody Margaret - Three Political Fantasies
11815: LAWSON, L.M. - A Practical Treatise on Phthisis Pulmonalis; Embracing Its Pathology, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
5687: LAXALT, ROBERT - A Lean Year and Other Stories
5688: LAXALT, ROBERT - The Basque Hotel; Child of the Holy Ghost, the Governor's Mansion (the Basque Family Trilogy)
1550: LAXALT, ROBERT - Sweet Promised Land
3455: LAXALT, ROBERT - A Cup of Tea in Pamplona
19808: LAYLANDER, O.J. - The Chronicles of a Contented Man (Signed)
23541: LAZAR, MOSHE, ED - The Sephardic Tradition: Ladino and Spanish-Jewish Literature
10245: LAZAREFF, PIERRE - Deadline
2506: LAZARUS, RICHARD S. AND BERNICE LAZARUS - Passion and Reason - Making Sense of Our Emotions (Signed)
25935: LAZZARINI, ANDREA - Pope John XXIII: A Life of the New Pope
19824: LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD - The Love-Letters of the King, or, the Life Romantic
19777: LE GOFF, JACQUES - The Medieval Imagination
11397: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The Room of Secrets
20411: LE GOFF, JACQUES - The Birth of Purgatory
2659: LE CARRE, JOHN - A Small Town in Germany
2677: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Secret Pilgrim
2678: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Night Manager
3699: LE MAY, G.H.L. - The Victorian Constitution - Conventions, Usages, and Contingencies
4924: LE BOHEC, YANN - The Imperial Roman Army
16770: LEA, HENRY CHARLES - Chapters from the Religious History of Spain Connected with the Inquisition
12596: LEA, TOM - The Primal Yoke
16792: LEA, HENRY CHARLES - The Inquisition of the Middle Ages: Its Organization and Operation
25907: LEA, J. HENRY AND J.R. HUTCHINSON - The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln
13557: LEA, HENRY CHARLES - The Moriscos of Spain: Their Conversion and Expulsion. (Signed)
10079: LEAMER, LAURENCE - The Kennedy Men, 1901-1963: The Laws of the Father
21423: LEAMING, BARBARA - Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman
2215: LEAMON, WARREN - Unheard Melodies
18759: LEAR, JOHN - Forgotten Front
1556: LEAR, PATRICIA - Stardust, 7-Eleven, Route 57, a&W, and So Forth - Stories
22650: LEAR, MOYA OLSEN - Bill and Moya Lear: An Unforgettable Flight (Signed, Review Copy)
12159: LEARY, LEWIS - The Book-Peddling Parson: An Account of the Life and Works of Mason Locke Weems, Patriot, Pitchman, Author and Purveyor of Morality to the Citizebry of the Early United States of America
8990: LEARY, FREDERICK - The Earl of Chester's Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry: Its Formation and Services, 1797 to 1897
8988: LEASK, J.C. AND H.M. MCCANCE - The Regimental Records of the Royal Scots (the First or the Royal Regiment of Foot)
4874: LEASOR, JAMES - The Red Fort: An Account of the Siege of Delhi in 1857
1563: LEAVITT, DAVID - Equal Affections
10445: LEBOWITZ, ALBERT - A Matter of Days
25882: LEBRETON, JULES AND JAZQUES ZEILLER - The History of the Primitive Chuch, 2 Volumes
21335: LECKIE, ROBERT - A Few Acres of Snow" - the Saga of the French and Indian Wars
14612: LEE, SIR SIDNEY - King Edward VII: A Biography, 2 Volumes, Complete - I) from Birth to Accession, II) the Reign
17428: LEE, KI-BAIK - A New History of Korea
18579: LEE, C.Y. - The Sawbwa and His Secretary: My Burmese Reminiscences (Signed)
19231: LEE, VERNON - Ariadne in Mantua: A Romance in Five Acts
26244: LEE, BETTY - Marie Dressler - the Unlikeliest Star
6821: LEE, ASHER - Goering, Air Leader
24438: LEE, MARY - It's a Great War!
5461: LEE, JEAN B. - The Price of Nationhood: The American Revolution in Charles County
515: LEE, JR. MAURICE - James I & Henri IV; an Essay in English Foreign Policy, 1603-1610
1515: LEE, SKY - Disappearing Moon Cafe
1517: LEE, GUS - Tiger's Tail
1544: LEE, BENNETT AND JIM WONG-CHU, EDS - Many-Mouthed Birds - Contemporary Writing by Chinese Canadians
1549: LEE, C. Y. - Cripple Mah and the New Order
1564: LEE, GUS - China Boy
2679: LEE, BERNIE - Murder at Musket Beach
15376: LEE, JAMES ZEE-MIN - Chinese Potpourri (Signed)
14765: LEE, HOWARD B. - Bloodletting in Appalachia: The Story of West Virginia's Four Major Mine Wars and Other Thrilling Incidents of Its Coal Fields
13516: LEE, C.H. - Scotland and the United Kingdom: The Economy and the Union in the Twentieth Century
11180: LEE, DR. ROBERT J. - Hooping Cough. Remarks on Its History, Prevalence, Sympoms, and Treatment
16508: LEEBAERT, DEREK - The Fifty-Year Wound: The True Price of America's Cold War Victory
18: LEECH, MARAGARET - Reveille in Washington
19715: LEECH, MARGARET - Reveille in Washington, 1860-1865
4945: LEEDS, GEOFFREY - Smoke
492: LEES, GENE - Inventing Champagne; the Worlds of Lerner and Lowe
9922: LEES, JAMES, ED - The Scottish Draughts Quarterly, the Three Vols. Bound in One, Indexed in Full (Contains Issues # 1-10)
22120: LEES, LYNN HOLLEN - Exiles of Erin: Irish Migrants in Victorian England
24488: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - The Enigmatic Edwardian: The Life of Reginald, 2nd Viscount Esher
8488: LEFEBURE, VICTOR - The Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War
8787: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - The Thermidorians and the Directory: Two Phases of the French Revolution
18829: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - The Coming of the French Revolution
24162: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - Porsche 911: Perfection by Design
17729: LEGARRETA, DOROTHY - The Guernica Generation: Basque Refugee Children of the Spanish CIVIL War (Signed)
5927: LEGENDRE, M. AND HARTMANN, A. - Domenikos Theotokopoulos: Called El Greco
10550: LEGER, FERNAND AND SOPHIE CURTIL - Les Grands Plongeurs Noirs - Fernand Leger (L'Art En Jou)
21524: LEGGIERE, MICHAEL V. - Blucher: Scourge of Napoleon
16007: LEGGIERE, MICHAEL V. - The Fall of Napoleon: The Allied Invasion of France, 1813-1814
24326: LEGUIN, URSULA - The Earthsea Sextet, 6 Volumes, Complete Hardbacks in Dust Jacket
8008: LEHMANN, KARL - Thomas Jefferson: American Humanist
23650: LEHRMAN, S.M. - The World of the Midrash
22901: LEHRMAN, LEWIS E. - Lincoln at Peoria: The Turning Point: Getting Right with the Declaration of Independence
22834: LEICHHARDT, F.W. LUDWIG - The Letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichhardt, 3 Volumes Complete
6757: LEIFER, MICHAEL - The Philippine Claim to Sabah
10446: LEIGH, JAMES - What Can You Do
10447: LEIGHTON, MARGARET - Voyage to Coromandel (Signed)
10448: LEIMBACH, MARTI - Dying Young
15582: LEIPART, THEODOR - Carl Legien - Ein Gedenbuch
10582: LEIPZIG, ARTHUR - Sarah's Daughters: A Celebration of Jewish Women (Signed)
18740: LEITCH, DAVID B. - Railroads of New Zealand
2224: LEITHAUSER, BRAD - Hence
25809: LEJEUNE, BARON - Memoirs of Baron Lejeune, Aide-de-Camp to Marshals Berthier, Davout, and Oudinot. In Two Volumes
23349: LELAND, BREVET LT.-COL. F.W. - With the M.T. In Mesopotamia
12743: LEMANN, NICHOLAS - The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America
15140: LEMAY, J.A. LEO - Robert Bolling Woos Anne Miller: Love and Courtship in Colonial Virginia, 1760
5381: LEMAY, J.A. LEO - Men of Letters in Colonial Maryland (Signed)
20247: LEMBCKE, JERRY - Cnn's Tailwing Tale: Inside Vietnam's Last Great Myth
8405: LENCZOWSKI, GEORGE - Oil and State in the Middle East (Signed)
24695: LENDVAI, PAUL - The Hungarians: A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat
13307: LENMAN, BRUCE - An Economic History of Modern Scotland
6520: LENNOX, GINA, ED - Fire, Snow & Honey: Voices from Kurdistan
14496: LENNOX, CUTHBERT - The Practical Life Work of Henry Drummond (in Dust Jacket)
5638: LENOTRE, G. - Le Drame de Varennes, Juin 1791: D'Apres Des Documents Inedits Et Les Relations Des Temoins Oculaires
25569: LENOTRE, G. - The Dauphin (Louis XVII): The Riddle of the Temple
10279: LENOTRE, G. - The Flight of Marie Antoinette
23546: LENTIN, A. - Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson and the Guilt of Germany
26206: LEON, DONNA - The Golden Egg
25158: LEONARD, LEWIS A. - Life of Charles Carroll of Carrollton
2680: LEONARD, ELMORE - Maximum Bob (Signed)
5907: LEONARD, JUDITH, CATHERINE RYAN, AND GARY WEIMBERG - The Story of Mothers and Daughters
22955: LEONARD, ELIZABETH D. - Lincoln's Forgotten Ally: Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt of Kentucky
2681: LEONARD, ELMORE - Bandits
14803: LEONOWENS, ANNA H. - Siamese Harem Life
21090: LEONOWENS, ANNA - The English Governess at the Siamese Court
18755: LEOPOLD, LES - The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor: The Life and Times of Tony Mazzocchi
20508: LEPORE, JILL - The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party's Revolution and the Battle over American History
8054: LEPORE, JILL - New York Burning: Liberty, Slavery, and Conspiracy in Eighteenth-Century Manhattan
12177: LERNER, MAX - America As a Civilization: Life and Thought in the United States Today
6121: LERNER, ALAN JAY - Paint Your Wagon: A Musical Play in Two Acts
26185: LEROI-GOURHAN, ANDRE - The Art of Prehistoric Man in Western Europe
21102: LERWICK, R.W. - The Zetland Tunebook, Volume One: A Collection of Original Compositions and Arrangements by the Author
25293: LESLIE, SHANE - The Cantab
13577: LESLIE, SHANE - The Celt and the World: A Study of the Relation of Celt and Teuton in History
16325: LESLIE, R.F. - Polish Politics and the Revolution of November 1830
25838: LESLIE, SHANE - The Anglo-Catholic: A Sequel to "the Cantab
9977: LESSING, DORIS - Canopus in Argos: Archives, 5 Volumes. , Complete: I) Re: Colonized Planet 5, Shikasta II) the Marriages between Zones Three, Four, and Five III) the Sirian Experiments IV) the Making of the Representative for Planet 8 V) Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire
13871: LESSING, DORIS - African Stories
12236: LESSING, DORIS - Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949
23837: LESTER, TOBY - The Fourth Part of the World: The Race to the Ends of the Earth, and the Epic Story of the Map That Gave America Its Name
22084: LESTER, ANTHONY AND GEOFFREY BINDMAN - Race and Law in Great Britain
25259: LETHBRIDGE, T.C. - Merlin's Island: Essays on Britain in the Dark Ages
9375: LETHEM, JONATHAN - Amnesia Moon
192: LEUCHTENBURG, WILLIAM E. - In the Shadow of Fdr; from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan
2682: LEUCI, BOB - Doyle's Disciples
2683: LEUCI, ROBERT - Fence Jumpers
24792: LEV, ELIZABETH - The Tigress of Forli: Renaissance Italy's Most Courageous and Notorious Countess, Caterina Riario Sforza de' Medici
24556: LEVANT, OSCAR - The Memoirs of an Amnesiac
22009: LEVEN, PHYLLIS LEE - The Remarkable Education of John Quincy Adams
16684: LEVENE, MARK - War, Jews, and the New Europe: The Diplomacy of Lucien Wolf, 1914-1919
17055: LEVENSON, JOSEPH R. - Liang Ch'i-Ch'Ao and the Mind of Modern China
23464: LEVENSON, JON D. - Creation and the Persistence of Evil: The Jewish Drama of Divine Omnipotence
16399: LEVERING, RALPH B. - American Opinion and the Russian Alliance, 1939-1945
8895: LEVI, GIOVANNI AND JEAN-CLAUDE SCHMITT, EDS - A History of Young People, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) Ancient and Medieval Rites of Passage, II) Stormy Evolution to Modern Times
1547: LEVI, PRIMO - If Not Now, When
3399: LEVI, JEAN - The Dream of Confucius
12597: LEVIN, BENJAMIN H. - Black Triumvirate: A Novel of Haiti
20199: LEVIN, MEYER - Reporter: A Novel
381: LEVIN, PHYLLIS LEE - Abigail Adams: A Biography
1548: LEVIN, MEYER - Eva
2684: LEVIN, DONNA - California Street
4067: LEVIN, DAVID - Cotton Mather - the Young Life of the Lord's Remembrancer
22265: LEVINE, BRUCE - Half Slave and Half Free: The Roots of the CIVIL War
20144: LEVINE, ISAAC DON, ED - Plain Talk: An Anthology from the Leading Anti-Communist Magazine of the 40s
22379: LEVINE, PETER D. - The Behavior of State Legislative Parties in the Jacksonian Era: New Jersey, 1829-1844
2685: LEVINE, PAUL - Slashback - a Jake Lassiter Novel
23034: LEVINE, BRUCE - Confederate Emancipation: Southern Plans to Free and Arm Slaves During the CICIL War
12701: LEVINE, SANFORD - The 247 Best Movie Scenes in Film History
11595: LEVINE, DANIEL, (DIRECTION)., CLAUDE LEVI-STRAUSS (PREFACE) - Amerique Continent Imprevu: La Rencontre de Deux Mondes
11500: LEVINSON, JOEL D. - Joel D. Levinson: Photographs (Signed)
2686: LEVITSKY, RONALD - Stone Boy
2687: LEVITSKY, RONALD - The Innocence That Kills
2688: LEVITSKY, RONALD - The Wisdom of Serpents
6730: LEVITT, PAUL M. - Dark Matters: A Novel
20503: LEVITT, PETER - Bright Root, Dark Root (Signed)
4599: LEVY, LEONARD W. - The Establishment Clause: Religion and the First Amendment
20714: LEVY, T. AARON - Lincoln the Politician
22720: LEVY, HOWARD S. - Chinese Footbinding: The History of a Curious Erotic Custom
4589: LEVY, MARC - If Only It Were True
2689: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Called by a Panther (Signed)
4128: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Missing Woman
24137: LEWIS, ROY AND ANGUS MAUDE - The English Middle Classes
26257: LEWIS, NAPHTALI - Life in Egypt Under Roman Rule
6483: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Red Priest
5260: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - W.E. B. Du Bois, 2 Vols. , Complete: I) Biography of a Race, 1868-1919 II) the Fight for Equality and the American Century, 1919-1963
4927: LEWIS, EWART - Medieval Political Ideas, 2 Vols
25106: LEWIS, LLOYD - Captain Sam Grant
6598: LEWIS, HUBERT (ED. BY J.E. LLOYD) - The Ancient Laws of Wales, Viewed Especially in Regard to the Light They Throw Upon the Origin of Some English Institutions
21893: LEWIS, OSCAR (TEXT) AND CARRIE VAN WIE (PAINTINGS) - The Wonderful City of Carrie Van Wie: Paintings of San Francisco at the Turn of the Century
6122: LEWIS, OSCAR - The Children of Sanchez: Autobiography of a Mexican Family
6617: LEWIS, J.P. SINCLAIR - Buffalo Gordon on the Plains
164: LEWIS, LLOYD - Sherman: Fighting Prophet
1558: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Bethel Merriday
2223: LEWIS, HEATHER - House Rules
2690: LEWIS, ROY - The Salamander Chill
2691: LEWIS, STEPHEN - The Monkey Rope
2692: LEWIS, STEPHEN - And Baby Makes None
2855: LEWIS, W.H. - Assault on Olympus - the Rise of the House of Gramont
3506: LEWIS, HILDA - Harlot Queen
14254: LEWIS, ALFRED HENRY - An American Patrician: The Story of Aaron Burr
22224: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD R. - The Development of Southern French and Catalan Society, 718-1050
254: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - The Race to Fashoda; European Colonialism and African Resistance in the Scramble for Africa
13477: LEWIS, BERNARD - From Babel to Dragomans: Interpreting the Middle East
13130: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Muslim Discovery of Europe
4568: LEWIS, D.B. WYNDHAM - Ronsard: His Life and Times
17940: LEWIS, BERNARD - Le Monde de L'Islam
26034: LEWIS, H.D. - Freedom and History
25227: LEWIS, GEOFFREY L. - Turkey
542: LEWIS, MONTGOMERY S. - Legends That Libel Lincoln
19395: LEWIS, FELICE FLANERY - Trailing Clouds of Glory: Zachary Taylor's Mexcian War Campaign and His Emerging CIVIL War Leaders
24186: LEWIS, ALFRED HENRY - Faro Nell and Her Friends
8459: LEWIS, W.H. - The Splendid Century: Life in the France of Louis XIV
6657: LEWITON, MINA - The Tough and the Tender
10450: LEWONTIN, TIMOTHY - Parson's MILL
18184: LEWY, GUENTER - The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies
5703: LEWY, GUENTER - The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany
23923: LEYMARIE, JEAN - Balthus
9603: LEYS, COLIN - European Politics in Southern Rhodesia
15421: LEYS, JAMES FARQUHARSON - The Better Earth
17028: LI, Y.E. - Confucian and Modern Analects
24954: LI, JIANGLIN - Tibet in Agony - Lhasa 1959
1329: LI, LESLIE - Bittersweet
14952: LI, CHIEN-NUNG - The Politcal History of China, 1840-1928
13790: LIBARIDIAN, GERARD J., ED - The Karabagh File: Documents and Facts on the Question of Mountainous Karabagh, 1918-1988
15008: LIBERMAN, ALEXANDER - Then: Photogarphs 1925-1995
21395: LICENCE, AMY - Elizabeth of York: The Forgotten Tudor Queen
21198: LICHTENBEG, GEORG CHRISTOPH - Lichtenberg: Aphorisms and Lettters (Cape Editions)
5181: LIDDELL, ROBERT - Byzantium and Istanbul
5574: LIDDELL, ROBERT - The Deep End
15592: LIDDERDALE, D.W.S. - The Parliament of France
18680: LIEBERMAN, JETHRO K. - The Enduring Constitution: An Exploration of the First Two Hundred Years
21257: LIEBMAN, CHARLES S. - The Ambivalent American Jew: Politics, Religion, and Family in American Jewish Life
11870: LIEBOWITZ, DANIEL - The Physician and the Slave Trade: John Kirk, the Livingstone Expeditions, and the Crusade Against Slavery in East Africa
21270: LIEHM, MIRA AND ANTONIN J. LIEHM - The Most Important Art: East European Film After 1945
25321: LIETZMANN, HANS - A History of the Early Church, 4 Volumes Complete. I) the Beginnings of the Christian Church; II) the Founding of the Church Universal; III) from Constantine to Julian; IV) the Era of the Church Fathers
25924: LIETZMANN, HANS - A History of the Early Church, Volume 2: The Founding of the Church Universal
24209: LIEVEN, ANATOL - Pakistan: A Hard Country
5996: (LIFE MAGAZINE) - Life, the Second Decade, 1946-1955. (Japanese Exhbition Catalogue)
21413: LIFTON, ROBERT JAY AND GREG MITCHELL - Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial
4727: LIGHTMAN, ALAN - Good Benito
25664: LILIENTHAL, ALFRED M. - There Goes the Middle East (Signed)
24034: LILIUS, IRMELIN SANDMAN - Gold Crown Lane
8453: LILLICH, RICHARD B., ED - The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, 1981-1983 (Seventh Sokol Colloquium)
12478: LILLY, JOHN C. - The Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space
5686: LIMON, GRACIELA - Song of the Hummingbird
1559: LINAKIS, STEVEN - The Killing Ground
19499: LINCOLN, ELLIOTT C. - Rhymes of a Homesteader
25959: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - An Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln: Consisting of the Personal Portions of His Letters, Speeches and Conversations
25906: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - Discoveries and Inventions: A Lecture by Abraham Lincoln Delivered in 1860
1522: LINCOLN, C. ERIC - The Avenue, Clayton City
1961: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - The Bradshaws of Harniss
12773: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - Speeches and Writings, 2 Volumes: 1) 1832-1858, 2) 1859-1865
10674: LINDASY, T.F. AND MICHAEL HARRINGTON - The Conservative Party, 1918-1970
22522: LINDEN, GLENN M. - Voices from the Gathering Storm: The Coming of the American CIVIL War
912: LINDERMAN, GERALD F. - Embattled Courage - the Experience of Combat in the American CIVIL War
19277: LINDFORS, VIVECA - Viveka... Viveca (Signed)
15676: LINDLEY, BETTY AND ERNEST K. - A New Deal for Youth: The Story of the National Youth Administration
24723: LINDQUIST, G.E.E. - The Red Man in the United States: An Intimate Study of the Social, Economic and Religious Life of the American Indian
5727: LINDSAY, JAMES - Brutal Music
26226: LINDSAY, JOHN - A View of the Coinage of Scotland with Copious Tables, Lists, Descriptions, and Extracts from Ats of Parliament; and an Account of Numerous Hoards or Parcels of Coins Discovered in Scotland, and of Scottish Coins Found in Ireland. Bound with a Supplement to the Coinage of Scotland, with Lists, Description, and Extracts from Acts of Parliament, and an Account of Several Hoards or Parcels of Coins Discovered in Scotland, Illustred Wit Three Plates of Unpublished Coins
5816: LINDSAY, DAVID - Mayflower Bastard: A Stranger Among the Pillgrims
6706: LINDSAY, PHILIP - London Bridge Is Falling
25490: LINDSAY, PHILIP - The Tragic King: Richard III
7425: LINDSAY, T.F. - Saint Benedict: His Life and Work
5361: LINDSAY, FRANKLIN - Beacons in the Night: With the Oss and Tito's Partisans in Wartime Yugoslavia
80: LINDSAY, PHILIP - Here Comes the King
3313: LINDSAY, PHILIP - King Henry V - a Chronicle
14723: LINDSAY, J.O., ED - The New Cambridge Modern History, Volume VII: The Old Regime, 1713-1763
4681: LINDSAY, MAURICE - By Yon Bonnie Banks: A Gallimaufry
18249: LINDSAY, JACK - CIVIL War in England
6123: LINDSAY, HOWARD, AND RUSSEL CROUSE - State of the Union
12607: LINDSEY, DAVID - Sunset Cox" Irrepressible Democrat
21043: LINDSTRAND, DOUG - Wild Alaska: Wildlife Treasury (Signed)
23052: LINDSTROM, DIANE - Economic Development in the Philadelphia Region, 1810-1850
15308: LINEHAN, PETER - The Spanish Church and the Papacy in the Thirteenth Century
6098: LINEN, JAMES - Songs of the Seasons and Other Poems (Signed)
3094: LINK, ARTHUR S. - American Epoch - a History of the United States Since the 1890's
4087: LINK, ARTHUR S., MERRILL D. PETERSON, JOEL H. SILBEY, DON E. FEHRENBACHER, GILBERT C. FITE, AND DONALD R. MCCOY - Crucial American Elections: Symposium Presented at the Autumn General Meeting of the Amer. Philosophical Soc. , Nov. 10, 1972
17394: LINKLATER, ANDRO - Compton Mackenzie: A Life
8580: LINKLATER, MAGNUS (TEXT) AND CRAIG MACKAY (PHOTOGRAPHS) - People in a Landscape: The New Highlanders
20409: LINN, BRIAN MCCALLISTER - Guardians of Empire: The U.S. Army and the Pacific, 1902-1940
2694: LINSCOTT, GILLIAN - A Whiff of Sulphur
2695: LINSCOTT, GILLIAN - Unknown Hand
19301: LINSDALE, JEAN M. - The California Ground Squirrel: A Record of Observations Made on the Hastings Natural History Reservation
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21475: LITTLE, SHELBY - George Washington
24804: LITTLE, EDNA S. (ARRANGER) - The Works of Jesus: Being the Bible Narrative of His Acts of Healing and Other Deeds, in Chronological Order, with the Sermon on the Mount, As His Own Summary of His Teachngs
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4898: LYON, LEVERETT S. ET AL. - The National Recovery Administration: An Analysis and Appraisal
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1545: MAC LAVERTY, BERNARD - The Great Profundo and Other Stories
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16954: MACARTHUR, ARTHUR - After the Afternoon
18436: MACARTHUR, BRIAN - Surviving the Sword: Prisoners of the Japanese in the Far East, 1942-45
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8068: MACARTNEY, C.A. AND A.W. PLAMER - Independent Eastern Europe: A History
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17190: MACCOLL, EWAN AND PEGGY SEEGER - Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland
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6346: MACDONALD, JAMES - A Free Nation Deep in Debt: The Financial Roots of Democracy
6914: MACDONALD, ANGUS - Linlithgow in Pictures Containing Twenty-Five Full-Page and Three Double- Page Illustrations, Also a [Fold-out] Plan, As Well As Five Smaller Illustrations in the Preliminary Pages
21796: MACDONALD, ROSS - On Crime Writing
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6155: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915: The Death of Innocence
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15503: MACDONALD, D. - The Oceanic Languages: Their Grammatical Structure, Vocabulary, and Origin
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939: MACDONALD, DWIGHT - Discriminations - Essays & Afterthoughts 1938-1974
2877: MACDONALD, JOHN - Great Battles of the CIVIL War
15612: MACDONALD, D.F. - The Age of Transition: Britain in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
13414: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - Spanish Pesos - a Western Story
4676: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915: The Death of Innocence
12300: MACDONALD, LAURA M. - Curse of the Narrows
12053: MACDONALD, FINLAY J. [AND SAMUEL JOHNSON] - A Journey to the Western Isles: Johnson's Scottish Journey Retraced by Finlay J. Macdonald
11801: MACDONALD, J. RAMSEY - Parliament and Revolution
5003: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - Gunsight Range (Signed)
26157: MACDONALD, JAMES, ET AL. - Clan Donald Roll of Honour 1914-1918
17799: MACDONOGH, GILES - Frederick the Great: A Life in Deed and Letters
24195: MACDONOGH, GILES - 1938: Hitler's Gamble
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23031: MACDOUGALL, CARL, ED - The Devil and the Giro: Two Centuries of Scottish Stories
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11263: MACE, E. - Traite Pratique de Bacteriologie
6727: MACGREGOR, FORBES - Doric Spice: A Selection of Scottish Stories, Humerous, Philosophical, Metaphysical, Naive, Fictitious and Factual from the Cradle to the Grave... And Beyond
24592: MACGREGOR, MIRIAM - Whittington: Aspects of a Cotswold Village
8449: MACGREGOR, ALEXANDER - The Life of Flora Maconald
6944: MACGREGOR, STUART - The Sinner
19972: MACGREGOR. ALEXANDER - Highland Superstitions Connected with the Druids, Fairies, Witchcraft, Second-Sight, Halloween, Sacred Wells and Lochs, with Several Curious Instances of Highland Customs and Beliefs
26166: MACGREGOR, ALASTAIR ALPIN - Islands by the Score
25065: MACHIAVELLI, NICOLO - IL Principe
16373: MACHRAY, ROBERT - Poland, 1914-1931
24057: MACHRAY, ROBERT - The Struggle for the Danube and the Little Entente, 1929-1938
2706: MACINNES, HELEN - The Snare of the Hunter
2707: MACINNES, HELEN - The Hidden Target
2708: MACINNES, HELEN - Prelude to Terror
2709: MACINNES, HELEN - Cloak of Darkness
3879: MACINNES, HELEN - Agent in Place
3880: MACINNES, HELEN - The Double Image
10510: MACINNES, MAIRI - The Quondom Wives
22606: MACINTYRE, TOM - Dance the Dance
15329: MACK, GERSTLE AND THOMAS GIBSON - Architectural Details of Southern Spain: One Hundred Measured Drawings, One Hundred and Thirteen Photographs
17768: MACKAIL, J.W. - James Leigh Strachan-Davidson Master of Balliol: A Memoir
9164: MACKANESS, GEORGE - The Life of Vice-Admiral Bligh
20459: MACKAY, RUDDOCK F. - Admiral Hawke
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1511: MACKAY, SHENA - Dunedin
1514: MACKAY, SHENA - A Bowl of Cherries
1710: MACKAY, JAMES - William Wallace - Brave Heart
10912: MACKAY, MERCEDES - Black Argosy
16845: MACKAY, JOHN - History of the Burgh of Canongate with Notices of the Abbey and Palace of Holyrood (Signed First Edition)
5156: MACKAYE, MARIA ELLERY - The Abbess of Port Royal and Other French Studies
21758: MACKENZIE, AGNES MURE - Scotland in Modern Times: 1720-1939
19205: MACKENZIE, W.M. - The Battle of Bannockburn: A Study in Medieval Warfare
8277: MACKENZIE, T.C., ED - The Royal Northern Infirmary, Inverness: The Story of a Scottish Voluntary Hospital
9325: MACKENZIE, KENNETH - A Dragon to Kill
5387: MACKENZIE, DR. JOHN, EDITED BY CHRISTINA BYAM SHAW - Pigeon Holes of Memory: The Life and Times of Dr. John Mackenzie (1803- 1886)
8628: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Extremes Meet
11225: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Dr. Benes
17962: MACKENZIE, AGNES MURE - The Passing of the Stewarts
5061: MACKENZIE, FERGUS - Sprays of Northern Pine
19212: MACKENZIE, W.M. - The Battle of Bannockburn: A Study in Medieval Warfare (Signed)
9416: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Prince Charlie and His Ladies
1844: MACKENZIE, DAVID - The Lion of Tashkent - the Career of General M.G. Cherniaev
3658: MACKENZIE, DONALD - Zaleski's Percentage
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4294: MACKENZIE, KENNETH - A Dragon to Kill (Signed)
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6288: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Bear Island
8941: MACLEAN, LORAINE OF DOCHGARROCH - Indomitable Colonel
9098: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Captain Cook
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3881: MACLEAN, A.D., ED - Winter's Tales 10
11066: MACLEAN, L. - An Inquiry Into the Nature, Causes, and Cure of Hydrothorax; Illustrated by Interesting Cases, and Many Living Examples of the Success of the Mode of Treatment Recommedned
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8481: MADSEN, AXEL - Billy Wilder
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18419: MAGNER, GENE - Trial of the Masks (Signed)
23077: MAGNUS, OLAUS - Olaus Magnus: Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus, Rome 1555 (Description of the Northern Peoples, Rome 1555), Three Volumes Complete
19383: MAGNUS, PHILIP - Gladstone: A Biography
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21403: MAGUIRE, GREGORY - The Oz Quartet, 4 Volumes, Complete First Printings: I) Wicked, II) Son of a Witch, III) a Lion Among Men, IV) out of Oz
25586: MAHARIDGE, DALE AND MICHAEL WILLIAMSON - And Their Children After Them
15388: MAHLER, HELEN A. - Empress of Byzantium
3314: MAHONEY, IRENE - Madame Catherine
11521: MAHURIN, MATT - Matt Mahurin (Signed)
8542: MAIDMENT, JAMES - A Book of Scottish Pasquils, 1568-1715
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21786: MAILER, NORMAN - Tough Guys Don't Dance (Signed)
18778: MAILER, NORMAN - The Armies of the Night: History As a Novel, the Novel As History
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26265: MAIMONIDES, MOSES - The Commentary to Mishnah Aboth
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1533: MAJOR, CLARENCE - My Amputations
15182: MAJUMDAR, R. C. , ED - Swami Vivekananda Centenary Memoiral Volume
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7990: MALONE, DUMAS - Jefferson and His Times, 6 Volumes, Complete First Pintings in Priced Dust Jackets: Jefferson the Virginian,... And the Rights of Man,... And the Ordeal of Liberty,... The President, First Term,... The President, Second Term,... The Sage of Monticello
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21747: 7 FOR ALL MANKIND - The Seven Senses
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17271: MAPP, ALF J., JR. - Thomas Jefferson, 2 Volumes, Complete (Signed): I) a Strange Case of Mistaken Identity, II) Passionate Pilgrim
17198: MAPP, ALF J., JR. - Thomas Jefferson, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) a Strange Case of Mistaken Identity, II) Passionate Pilgrim - the Presidency, the Founding of the University, and the Private Battle
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4365: MARBLE, ANNIE RUSSELL - From Boston to Boston
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11339: MARCET, WILLIAM - A Contribution to the History of the Respiration of Man, Being the Croonian Lectures Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians in 1895. With Supplementary Conxiderations of the Methods of Inquiry and Analytical Results (Signed)
15871: MARCH, FRANCIS A. - History of the World War: An Authentic Narrative of the World's Greatest War
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88: MARIUS, RICHARD - The Coming of Rain
14566: MARIUS, RICHARD - Martin Luther: The Christian between God and Death
21058: MARKALE, J. - Celtic Civilization
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10516: MARKANDAYA, KAMALA - The Golden Honeycomb
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21933: MARKHAM, EDWIN - The Man with the Hoe
14826: MARKHAM, R.H. - Tito's Imperial Communism
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51: MARKOVITZ, IRVING LEONARD - Leopold Sedar Senghor and the Politics of Negritude
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14006: MARLOWE, JOHN - Perfidious Albion: The Origins of Anglo-French Rivalry in the Levant
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21635: MARQUES, A.H. DE OLIVIERA - Daily Life in Portugal in the Late Middle Ages
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23073: MARSCHALL, RICK - Bully! the Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt
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5689: MARSELLA, ANNE - The Lost and Found and Other Stories
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13438: MARSH, GEORGE - Toilers of the Trails
10524: MARSH, FABIENNE - The Moralist of the Alphabet Streets
25808: MARSHAL MACDONALD, DUKE OF TARENTUM (CAMILLE ROUSSET, ED.) - Recollections of Marshal Macdonald, Duke of Tarentum. In Two Volumes
25513: MARSHAL DE LATTRE DE TASIGNY - The History of the French First Army
20769: MARSHALL, MEGAN - Margaret Fuller: A New American Life (Signed)
22043: MARSHALL, EDISON - Benjamin Blake
20979: MARSHALL, MEGAN - Margaret Fuller: An American Life
8656: MARSHALL, MAJOR M.H. - The Scottish Curlers in Canada and U.S. A. : A Record of Their Tour in 1922-23
7669: MARSHALL, DOROTHY - The Rise of George Canning
19977: MARSHALL, REV. JOHN - A History of Scottish Ecclesiastical and CIVIL Affairs from the Introduction of Christianity to the Present Time
6667: MARSHALL, ROSAMOND - Jane Hadden
587: MARSHALL, JOHN DOUGLAS - Reconciliation Road; a Family Odyssey of War and Honor
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4040: MARTELLI, GEORGE - Livingstone's River - a History of the Zambezi Expedition, 1858-1864
17335: MARTIN, LUIS - Daughters of the Conquistadores: Women of the Viceroyalty of Peru
20214: MARTIN, KINGSLEY - Harold Laski (1893-1950): A Biographicam Memoir
24992: MARTIN, EDWIN - The Allied Occupation of Japan
20066: MARTIN, W.A.P. - The Awakening of China
6922: MARTIN, WILLIAM - Statesmen of the War in Retrospect, 1918-1928
7088: MARTIN, LIEUTENTANT-GENERAL H.G. - The History of the Fifteenth Scottish Division, 1939-1945
7301: MARTIN, JAMES M. - A Defence of Lincoln's Mother, Conversion and Creed: Being an Open Letter to the Author of "the Soul of Abraham Lincoln
19252: MARTIN, GEORGE MADDEN - Emmy Lou: Her Book & Her Heart
6138: MARTIN, B. KINGSLEY - The Triumph of Lord Palmerston: A Study of Public Opinion in England Before the Crimean War
20302: MARTIN, H. DESMOND - The Rise of Chingis Khan and His Conquest of North China
6129: MARTIN, GEORGE VICTOR - The Bells of St. Mary's
2714: MARTIN, JAMES E. - And Then You Die
2864: MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER - Damn the Torpedoes! - the Story of America's First Admiral: David Glasgow Farragut
3373: MARTIN, RHONA - Gallows Wedding (Signed)
16162: MARTIN, RALPH G. - A Hero for Our Time: An Intimate Story of the Kennedy Years
15919: MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER - Battle of the Somme - the Documentary History Series
15853: MARTIN, WILLIAM - Verdun 1916 "They Shall Not Pass'
15228: MARTIN, SIDNEY WALTER - Florida During the Territoral Days
14861: MARTIN, JAY - The Education of John Dewey
13369: MARTIN, EDWARD WINSLOW - The Life and Public Services of Schuyler Colfax, Together with His Most Important Speeches
3840: MARTIN, G.H. AND SYLVIA MCINTYRE - A Bibliography of British and Irish Municipal History, Vol. 1 - General Works
23744: MARTIN, ESMOND BRADLEY AND CHRYSSEE PERRY MARTIN - Cargoes of the East: The Ports, Trade and Culture of the Arabian Seas and Western Indian Ocean
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23565: MARVIN RAND - Irving J. Gill, Architect: 1870-1936
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21400: MARWICK, ARTHUR - The Sixties: Cultural Revolution in Britain, France, Italy, and the United States, C. 1958-C. 1974
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23238: MARX, KARL AND FRIEDRIGH ENGELRS - The German Ideology, Parts I & III
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12246: MASAKAZU, YAMAZAKI - Mask and Sword: Two Plays for the Contemporary Japanese Theatre
18295: MASARYK, T.G. - Vasic-Forgach-Aehrenthal: Eineges Material Zur Charakteristik Unserer Diplomatie
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15918: MASEFIELD, JOHN - The Old Front Line
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21495: MASLIN, SIMEON, J., ED - Gates of Mitzvah: A Guide to the Jewish Life Cycle
9427: MASON, MARCIA J. HERINGA - Remember the Distance That Divides Us: The Family Letters of Philadelphia Quaker Abolitionist and Michigan Pioneer Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, 1830-1842
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886: MASON, JR., HERBERT MOLLY - The Great Pursuit
980: MASON, F. VAN WYCK - Wild Horizon
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1534: MASON, BOBBIE ANN - Shiloh and Other Stories
1535: MASON, BOBBIE ANN - Spence + Lila
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3492: MASON, F. VAN WYCK - Brimstone Club
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13640: MASON, PHILIP - A Matter of Honour: An Account of the Indian Army, Its Officers and Men
10165: MASON, ALPHEUS THOMAS - The Supreme Court from Taft to Warren
21234: MASSELMAN, GEORGE - The Cradle of Colonialism
21469: MASSEY, W.T. - How Jerusalem Was Won: Being the Record of Allenby's Campaign in Palestine
6509: MASSEY, SUJATA - The Flower Master
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22922: MASSIE, ALLAN - The Royal Stuarts: A History of the Family That Shaped Britain
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8121: MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Nicholas and Alexandra
25982: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - Lincoln the Man
1581: MASTERSON, WILLIAM H. - Tories and Democrats - British Diplomats in Pre-Jacksonian America
2718: MASTERSON, WHIT - The Undertaker Wind
12745: MATALIN, MARY AND JAMES CARVILLE - All's Fair: Love, War, and Running for President
25472: MATAR, HISHAM - The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in between
2719: MATERA, LIA - Where Lawyers Fear to Tread
2723: MATERA, LIA - Last Chants
2849: MATES, SUSAN ONTHANK - The Good Doctor
26272: MATHEW, GERVASE - The Court of Richard II
6938: MATHEW, DAVID - Scotland Under Charles I.
25288: MATHEW, DAVID - The Age of Charles I.
10390: MATLEY, D.A. - Chanson de Geste: The Intimate Confessions of a Bonafide Traducer
26030: MATOS, JOSE - Curso de Derecho Internacional Privado (Signed)
1977: MATSON, CATHY D. AND PETER S. ONUF - A Union of Interests - Political and Economic Thought in Revolutionary America
22204: MATTER, E. ANN AND JOHN COAKLEY, EDS - Creative Women in Medieval and Early Modern Italy: A Religious and Artistic Renaissance
15610: MATTER, JOSEPH ALLEN - My Lords and Lady of Essex: Their State Trials
23474: MATTESON, JOHN - Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father
21057: MATTHEWS, JOHN, ED - A Celtic Reader: Selections from Celtic Legend, Scholarship and Story
5762: MATTHEWS, JACK - Dubious Persuasions
5763: MATTHEWS, JACK - Crazy Women
175: MATTHEWS, RICHARD K. - If Men Were Angels; James Madison and the Heartless Empire of Reason
24231: MATUSOW, HARVEY - False Witness
15573: MAU, HERMANN AND HELMUT KRAUSNICK - German History, 1933-45: An Assessment by German Historians
18742: MAUDE, H.E. - Slavers in Paradise: The Peruvian Slave Trade in Polynesia, 1862-1864
6191: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Servant
6290: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Servant
7092: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Black Tent and Other Stories
22626: MAURIAC, CLAUDE - The Other Degaulle: Diaries 1944-1954
15395: MAURICE, SIR FREDERICK, EDITOR - The Life of General Lord Rawlinson of Trent from His Journals and Letters
21456: MAURICE, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR F. - Forty Days in 1914
22872: MAURIES, PATRICKF - Cabinets of Curiosities
18330: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: A Picture of the Victorian Age
8156: MAUROIS, ANDRE - The Miracle of France
21123: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Three Musketeers: A Study of the Dumas Family
3915: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Lyautey
18116: MAUROIS, ANDRE - King Edward and His Times
13732: MAVIAN, VAHRAM (SELECTED, EDITED AND WITH AN INTROUCTION BY AGOP J. HACIKYAN.) - Selected Writings of Vahram Mavian (1926-1983) - a Unique Voice in Armenian Diaspora Literature
4378: MAVOR, JAMES - An Economic History of Russia, 2 Vols
2725: MAXES, ANNA - Dead to Rights
7379: MAXTON, JAMES - Lenin
21082: MAXWELL, HERBERT, ED - The Lowland Scots Regiments: Their Origin, Character and Services Previous to the Great War of 1914
12560: MAXWELL, WILLIAM - Later Novels and Stories: The Chateau; So Long, See You Tomorrow; Stories and Improvisations 1957-1999
4238: MAXWELL, SIR JOHN STIRLING - Shrines and Homes of Scotland
19349: MAY, STEPHEN J. - Michener: A Writer's Journey
23472: MAY, GARY - John Tyler
21498: MAY, ARTHUR J. - The Passing of the Hapsburg Monarchy, 1914-1918, 2 Volumes Complete in Slipcase
26033: MAY, ROLLO - Love and Will
23820: MAY, ERNEST R. AND PHILIP D. ZELIKOW, EDS - The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis
23929: MAY, GIDEON SCOTT - The Croft and the Ceilidh (Signed)
17753: MAY, BRIAN - The Indonesian Tragedy
4521: MAY, ERNEST R. - The Making of the Monroe Doctrine
19317: MAY, SOPHIE - Doctor Papa (Flaxie Frizzle Stories)
19306: MAY, SOPHIE - Dotty Dimple at Home (Dottie Dimple Stories)
24816: MAYBECK, BERNARD R. - Palace of Fine Arts and Lagoon: Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915
14636: MAYER, ARNO J. - Politics and Diplomacy of Peacemaking: Containment and Counterrevolution at Versailles, 1918-1919
134: MAYER, GEORGE H. - The Republican Party, 1854-1964
3984: MAYER, JANE & DOYLE MCMANUS - Landslide - the Unmaking of the President, 1984-1988
4533: MAYER, HENRY - All on Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery
26145: MAYER, MARTIN - A Voice That Fills the House
14720: MAYNARD, W. BARKSDALE - Woodrow Wilson: Princeton to the Presidency
25330: MAYNARD, THEODORE - The Crown and the Cross: A Biography of Thomas Cromwell
25776: MAYNARD, THEODORE - Henry the Eighth
23670: MAYO, LIDA - Bloody Buna
2726: MAYO, JAMES - Shamelady
4123: MAYO, BERNARD - Myths and Men: Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson
4319: MAYO, C.M. - Sky over El Nido
4458: MAYO, BERNARD - Henry Clay: Spokesman of the New West
6668: MAYRANT, DRAYTON - The Red Doe
13597: MAYS, DAVID JOHN - Edmund Pendleton, 1721-1803: A Biography, 2 Volumes, Complete

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