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1441: HUGHES, RICHARD - The Wooden Shepherdess. [the Human Predicament, Vol. Two]
1442: HUGHES, MARY GRAY - The Calling - Stories
2546: HUGHES, DOROTHY B. - The Delicate Ape
2841: HUGHES, LINDSEY - Sophia - Regent of Russia, 1657-1704
15481: HUGHES, LINDSAY - Peter the Great: A Biography
25517: HUGHES, PHILIP - The Reformation in England, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) "the King's Proceedings", II) Religio Depopulata, III "True Religion Now Established
15038: HUGHES, H. STUART - The Obstructed Path: French Social Thought in the Years of Desperation, 1930-1960
14959: HUGHES, E.R. - The Invasion of China by the Western World
13651: HUGHES, RUPERT - George Washington, the Rebel and the Patriot, 1762-1777
18716: HUGHES, BEN - They Shall Not Pass! - the British Battalion at Jarama - the Spanish CIVIL War
19714: HUGHES, NATHANIEL CHEAIRS, JR. AND ROY P. STONESIFER, JR. - The Life and Wars of Gideon J. Pillow
27882: HUGO, VICTOR - Les Miserables, 5 Volumes in One
26315: HUGO, LYNNE AND ANNA TUTTLE VILLEGAS - Swimming Lessons (Signed)
14435: HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Tercentenary Celebration of the Promulgation of the Edict of Nantes, April 13, 1598
6044: HUIE, WILLIAM BRADFORD - The Klansman
5481: HUIZINGA, JOHAN - Mein Weg Zur Geschicte
18825: HUIZINGA, J.H. - Dutch Civilisation in the 17th Century and Other Essays
604: HUIZINGA, JOHAN - The Autumn of the Middle Ages
17427: HULBERT, CLARENCE NORWOOD - History of Korea, 2 Volumes, Complete
27949: HULL, CLARK L. - Hypnosis and Suggestibility: An Experimental Approach
26489: HUME, IVOR NOEL - 1775: Another Part of the Field
14315: HUME, JOHN R. - Wigtownshire Vernacular Buildings
11965: HUME, IVOR NOEL - Here Lies Virginia: An Archaeologist's View of Colonial Life and History
26575: HUMES, EDWARD - Door to Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation
7186: HUMPHREY, HOWARD C. - Dr. Faust's List
11321: HUMPHREY, G.M. - Observations in Myology, Including the Myology of Cryptobranch Lepidosiren, Dog-Fish, Ceratodus and Pseudopus Pallasii, with the Nerves of Cryptobranch and Lepidosiren and the Disposition of Muscles in Vertebrate Animals
19555: HUNEKER, JAMES - New Cosmopolis: A Book of Images (Signed in Dust Jacket)
7360: HUNEKER, JAMES GIBBONS - The Philharmonic Society of New York and Its Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
8799: HUNNEWELL, JAMES F. - The Imperial Island: England's Chronicle in Stone
19598: HUNNEWELL, JAMES F. - Bibliography of Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Bunker Hill (Signed)
24252: HUNSLEY, F.H., MICHAEL HOWARD, C.A.G. SIMKINS, ET AL. - British Intelligence in the Second World War: 1,2, 3 - Its Influence on Strategy and Operations, 4 -Security and Counter-Intelligence, 5- Strategic Deception. 5 Volumes in Six Books, Complete
22806: HUNT, ROCKWELL D. - California and Californians, Volume II
18300: HUNT, N.C. - Two Early Political Associations: The Quakers and the Dissenting Deputies in the Age of Sir Robert Walpole
18736: HUNT, NOREEN - Cluny Under Saint Hugh, 1049-1109
8914: HUNT, TRISTRAM - Building Jerusalem: The Rise and Fall of the Victorian City
2838: HUNT, WILLIAM R. - Arctic Passage - the Turbulent History of the Land and People of the Bering Sea, 1697-1975
14208: HUNT, HUGH - The Abbey: Ireland's National Theatre, 1904-1978
14385: HUNT, JAMES D. - Gandhi in London
7284: HUNTER, GUY - The New Societies of Tropical Africa
6045: HUNTER, EVAN - Buddwing
26437: HUNTER, LIEUT. FRANCIS T. - Beatty, Jellicoe, Sims and Rodman: Yankee Gobs and British Tars, As Seen by an 'Anglomaniac'
24519: HUNTER, JOHN - Great Scot: The Life of Sean Connery
24501: HUNTER, ALAN - Gently in the Highlands
28099: HUNTER, TAB WITH EDDIE MULLER - Tab Hunter Confidential - the Making of a Movie Star (Signed)
3364: HUNTER, ANTHONY - The Last Days
12322: HUNTER, SAM (INTRODUCTION) - The Museum of Modern Art New York: The History and the Collection
23007: HUNTINGFORD, G.W.B. (TRANSLATOR AND EDITIOR) - The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea with Some Extracts Fom Agatharkides 'on the Erythraen Sea'
10098: HUNTLEY, CHET - The Generous Years: Remembrances of a Frontier Boyhood
21617: HURET, ROMAIN D. - American Tax Resisters
7362: HUROK, SOL (WITH RUTH GOODE) - Impresario: A Memoir by Sol Hurok
27798: HURST, MICHAEL - Joseph Chamberlain and Liberal Reunion: The Round Table Conference of 1887
6650: HURST, FANNIE - Hallelujah
10419: HURST, FANNIE - A President Is Born
23359: HURSTON, ZORA NEALE - Bookmarks in the Pages of Life
21846: HURSTON, ZORA {NEALE} - The Man of the Mountain - a Novel of Moses
13484: HURT, JAMES, ED - Focus on Film and Theatre
21002: HURT, R. DOUGLAS - The Ohio Frontier: Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720-1830
18734: HUSEIN, YUSUF, ED - Selected Documents from the Aligarh Archives
18425: HUSELER, KONRAD - Deutsche Fayencen: Ein Handbuch Der Fabriken Ihrer Meister Und Werke, 3 Volumes, Complete
27375: HUSS, SANDY - Labor for Love - Stories
24338: HUSSEY, ANDREW - The French Intifada: The Long War between France and Its Arabs
27899: HUTCHINSON, W.H. - A Bar Cross Man: The Life and Personal Writings of Eugene Manlove Rhodes (Signed)
25491: HUTCHINSON, HAROLD F. - The Hollow Crown: A Life of Richard II
8166: HUTCHINSON, F.E. - Cranmer and the English Reformation
1814: HUTCHINSON, A.S.M. - The Uncertain Trumpet
15225: HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM T. - Lowden of Illinois: The Life of Governor Frank O. Lowden, 2 Volumes, Complete
7494: HUTCHISON, HAROLD F. - Henry V.
278: HUTCHISON, HAROLD F. - Henry V.
4961: HUTSON, JAMES H. - Pennsylvania Politics, 1746-1770: The Movement for Royal Government and Its Consequences
8639: HUTT, ALLEN - The Post-War History of the British Working Class
7765: HUTTON, LAURENCE - Literary Landmarks of Edinburgh
25821: HUTTON, EDWARD - The Cities of Spain
301: HUTTON, RONALD - Charles II- King of England, Scotland and Ireland
27205: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - On the Edge of the Rift (U.K. Title - the Mottled Lizard)
7858: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - The Merry Hippo
7901: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - Forks and Hope: An African Notebook
7900: HUXLEY, JULIETTE - Wild Lives of Africa
11233: HUXLEY, ELSBETH - A Man from Nowhere
13098: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - The Flame Trees of Thika: Memories of an African Childhood, with a New Introduction by the Author
19021: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - T.H. Huxley As a Man of Letters
13139: HUYSER, ROBERT E. - Mission to Tehran
20513: HUYSHE, WENTWORTH - Dervorgilla, Lady of Galloway and Her Abbey of the Sweet Heart
8762: HUZAR, ELIAS - The Purse and the Sword: Control of the Army by Congress Through Military Appropriations, 1933-1950 (Signed)
18111: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Lord Reading: The Life of Rufus Isaacs, First Marquess of Reading
4318: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Solitary in the Ranks: Lawrence of Arabia As Airman and Private Soldier
27559: HYDE, G.S. AND FK. PEARSON, EDS - Isle of Man Tramways
3229: HYLAND, STANLEY - Curiosities from Parliament
18718: HYLAND, WILLIAM G., JR. - In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemings Sex Scandal
7164: HYMAN, HAROLD M. AND LEONARD W. LEVY, EDS - Freedom and Reform: Essays in Honor of Henry Steele Commager
24290: HYMAN, JAMES - The Challenge of Post-War Painting: New Paths for Modernist Art in Britain 1950-1965
11912: HYNEMAN, CHARLES S. AND GEORGE W. CAREY - A Second Federalist: Congress Creates a Government
19988: IATRIDES, JOHN O., EDITOR - Greece in the 1940s: A Nation in Crisis
20057: IATRIDES, JOHN O. - Revolt in Athens: The Greek Communist "Second Round," 1944-1945 (Signed)
8057: IBANEZ, VICENTE BLASCO - Alfonso XIII Unmasked: The Military Terror in Spain
1447: IBUSE, MASUJI - Lieutenant Lookeast and Other Stories
10954: ICHIHASHI, YAMATO AND GORDON H. CHANG - Morning Glory, Evening Shadow" Yamato Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945
4338: ICKES, HAROLD L. - The Secret Diary of Harold L. Ickes, 3 Volumes, Complete First Printings in Dust Jacket - 1) the First Thousand Days, 2) the Inside Struggle, 3) the Lowering Clouds
2548: IGNATIUS, DAVID - Siro
15402: IGO, SOPHIA EDITH - Sharon Valley (Signed)
15359: IHARA, SAIKAKU - The Life of an Amorous Man
24423: IK, KIM YONG - The Happy Days
24988: IKE, NOBUTAKA - The Beginnings of Political Democracy in Japan
16754: IKE, NOBUTAKA - Japanese Politics: An Introductory Survey
1446: IKEDA, STEWART DAVID - What the Scarecrow Said
5699: ILISEVICH, ROBERT D. - Galusha A. Grow: The People's Candidate
9107: ILLICK, JOSEPH E. - Colonial Pennsylvania: A History (Signed)
13550: IMBERT-TERRY, SIR H.M. - A Constitutional King: George the First
23241: IMPERATO, PASCAL JAMES - Quest of the Jade Sea: Colonial Competition Around an East African Lake (Signed)
23282: INCHBALD, GEOFFREY - Imperial Camel Corps
23277: INCHBALD, GEOFFREY - Camels and Others
6046: INGE, WILILAM - The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
10333: INGERSOLL, RALPH - The Battle Is the Pay-Off
3893: INGLE, HAROLD N. - Nesselrode and the Russian Rapprochment with Britain, 1836-1844
22442: INGLE, H. LARRY - Quakers in Conflict: The Hicksite Reformation (Signed)
5592: INGOLD, ERNEST - Tales of a Peddler (Signed)
24499: INNES, SIR THOMAS OF LEARNEY - The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland
26068: INNES, TAYLOR - John Knox (Famous Scots Series)
910: INNES, HAMMOND - The Wreck of the Mary Deare
2549: INNES, HAMMOND - The Doomed Oasis - a Novel of Arabia
2550: INNES, HAMMOND - Atlantic Fury
2551: INNES, HAMMOND - Solomons Seal
2552: INNES, HAMMOND - The Golden Soak
2553: INNES, HAMMOND - Medusa
14872: INNES, A. TAYLOR - Studies in Scottish History - Chiefly Ecclesiastical
27443: INOUE, KYOKO - Macarthur's Japanese Constitution: A Linguistic and Cultural Study of Its Making
15259: INSH, GEORGE PRATT - The Company of Scotland: Trading to Africa and the Indies
23834: INSKEEP, STEVE - Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a Great American Land Grab
11377: INSTITUT PASTEUR: P.BORDET, F. JAYLE, MLLE AMOUREUX, ET AL. - Cours D'Immunologie Generale Et de Serolgie 1951
15098: IOANNIDES, CHRISTOS P. - In Turkey's Image: The Transformation of Occupied Cyprus Into a Turkish Province
24965: IREDALE, WILL - The Kamikze Hunters: Fighting for the Pacific, 1945
7381: IRELAND, NEAL D. - These Things I Remember
4367: IRITANI, EVELYN - An Ocean between Us
1449: IRSFELD, JOHN H. - Rats Alley
2085: IRVINE, ROBERT R. - Baptism for the Dead
27873: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Diedrich Knickerbocker's History of New-York
25339: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Life of Washington (in Four Volumes)
6049: IRVING, JOHN - The Hotel New Hampshire
3906: IRVING, PETER - An Italian Called Mario
17805: IRWIN-ZARECKA, IWONA - Neutralizing Memory: The Jew in Contemporary Poland
19939: IRWIN, MARGARET - Royal Flush: The Story of Minette
26151: IRWIN, WALLACE - The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum
19978: IRWIN, DAVID AND FRANCINA - Scottish Painters at Home and Abroad, 1700-1900
890: IRWIN, MARGARET - The Great Lucifer - a Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh
4276: IRWIN, MARGARET - Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain
24856: IRWIN, GRACE LUCE - Drawing Room Plays
7392: ISAAC, RHYS - Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom: Revolution and Rebellion on a Virginia Plantation
22607: ISAACS, EDITH J.R., EDITOR - Theatre Arts Monthly, Volume XXII (1938) - Issues 6-12 Bound in Hardcover
173: ISAACSON, WALTER - Kissinger - a Biography
18432: ISAACSON, WALTER - American Sketches: Great Leaders, Creative Thinkers, and Heroes of a Hurricane
28327: ISAMINGER, JAMES C., ED - The Reach Official American League Base Ball Guide for 1937
22359: ISELY, JETER ALLEN - Horace Greeley and the Republican Party, 1853-1861: A Study of the New York Tribune
24746: ISENBERG, NANCY - White Trash: The 400-Year-Untold History of Class in America
11172: ISENTHAL, A.W., AND H. SNOWDEN WARD - Practical Radiography: A Handbook of the Applications of the X-Rays, with Many Illustrations
15539: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Ramakrishna and His Disciples
27450: ISLIP, BRYAN - A Life in the Highlands in 24 More Paintingd, Poems Amd Narratives
17186: ISRAEL, CLAUDIA, ED - Baskets and Weavers
2556: ISRAEL, PETER - I'LL Cry When I Kill You
14953: ISRAEL, JERRY - Progressivism and the Open Door: America and China, 1905-1921
10073: ISRAEL, JOHN - Student Nationalism in China, 1927-1937
27228: ISRAEL, JONATHAN - The Expanding Blaze: How the American Revolution Ignited the World, 1775-1848
8434: ISRAELI, RAPHAEL - Plo in Lebanon: Selected Documents (Signed)
14280: ISSAHAKIAN, AVEDICK - Scent Smile and Sorrow, Selected Verse (1891-1957) and Jottings from Notebooks
17528: ISSAWI, CHARLES, ED - The Economic History of Iran: 1800-1914
26137: ITO, TOYO AND ANDREA MAFFEI (ED) - Toyo Ito: Works, Projects, Writings
8134: IVES, ERIC W. - Anne Boleyn
11099: IYER, RAGHAVAN N. - The Moral and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi (Signed)
17937: J. ROSS BROWNE AND MURRAY, SPENCER - Explorations in Lower California: A Travel Account Penned in 1966 of the Cape Region with Appropriate 1966 Commentary and Guide to Present Resorts and Accommodations
23590: JABAR, FALEH A., AND HOSHAM DAWOD, EDS - The Kurds: Nationalism and Politics
22706: JABBUR, JIBRAIL S. - The Bedouins and the Desert: Aspects of Nomadic Life in the Arab East
12276: JABLOW, ALTA - Yes and No: The Intimate Folklore of Africa
24277: JABOBS, LOUIS - Jewish Thought Today
15923: JACK SHELDON, NIGEL CAVE, KYLE TALLETT, TREVOR TASKER, DAVID BILTON - Battleground Europe - Arras - 4 Volumes: 1) the Battle for Vimy Ridge 1917. 2) Gavrelle. 3) Oppy Wood. 4) Vimy Ridge
23888: JACKSON, ROBERT H. - That Man: An Insider's Portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt
19506: JACKSON, HELEN (H.H.) - Sonnets and Lyrics
27282: JACKSON, JOE - Black Elk: The Life of an American Visionary
17440: JACKSON, MONICA - The Turkish Time Machine
26588: JACKSON, DR. PETER - Early Missions to the Mongol Empire: Carpini and His Contemporaries" (in Annual Report for 1994)
24961: JACKSON, GORDON - Hull in the Eighteenth Century: A Study in Economic and Social History
23122: JACKSON, KENNETH T. - Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States
14707: JACKSON, GABRIEL - The Spanish Republic and the CIVIL War
26598: JACKSON, C. IAN - Fort Yukon: The Hudson's Bay Company in Russian America (Annual Lecture 2005)
8581: JACKSON, W.G.F. - Seven Roads to Moscow
24959: JACKSON, BRUCE (COLLECTOR AND EDITOR) - Wake Up Dead Man; Afro-American Worksongs from Texas Prisons
12559: JACKSON, ROBERT - Canberra: The Operational Record
12765: JACKSON, ANDREW - State of the Union: Message from the President of the United States on the State of the Union. January 16, 1833. Read, and Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary
24507: JACKSON, MICHAEL - Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion
28164: JACOB, E.F. - The Fifteenth Century, 1399-1485
9704: JACOB, E.F. - Essays in Later Medieval History
495: JACOB, HEINRICH EDUARD - Felix Mendelssohn and His Times
13357: JACOB, E.F., ED - Italian Renaissance Studies
23524: JACOB, WALTER, ED - American Reform Responsa: Collected Responsa of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1889-1983
4120: JACOBI, STEVEN - Going Naked Is the Best Disguise
24278: JACOBS, LOUIS - Jewish Ethics, Philosophy and Mysticism
24279: JACOBS, LOUIS - Jewish Law
21260: JACOBS, JOSEPH - Honoring 1776 and Famous Jews in American History
24276: JACOBS, LOUIS - Hasidic Thought
20773: JACOBS, LOUIS - Hasidic Prayer
2557: JACOBS, JONNIE - Murder Among Neighbors
15379: JACOBS, JAMES RIPLEY - Tarnished Warrior: Major-General James Wilkinson
13280: JACOBS, PAUL - Prelude to Riot: A View of Urban America from the Bottom
18608: JACOBSEN, ROBERT D. - Appreciating China: Gifts from Ruth and Bruce Dayton (Signed)
24079: JACOBSON, MATTHEW FRYE - Special Sorrows: The Diasporic Imagination of Irish, Polish, and Jewish Immigrants in the United States
3288: JACOBSON, DAN - The Rape of Tamar
23046: JACOBY, SUSAN - Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism
21726: JAFFEE, WALTER W. - The Last Liberty: The Biography of the Ss Jeremiah O'Brien (Signed)
26762: JAGER, MIYOSHI JAGER - Brothers at War: The Unending Conflict in Korea
11316: JAGER, GUSTAV - Anleitung Zu Mikroskopischen Beobachtungen Und Zum Richtigen Gebrauch Des Mikroskops
15193: JAHNS, PATRICIA - Mathhew Fontaine Maury & Joseph Henry: Scientists of the CIVIL War
12574: JAHODA, GLORIA - The Road to Samakand: Frederick Delius and His Music
22439: JAKLE, JOHN A. AND KEITH A. SCULLE - Picturing Illinois: Twentieth-Century Postcard Art from Chicago to Cairo
21531: JALAL, AYESHA - The Struggle for Pakistan: A Muslim Homeland and Global Politics
14892: JAMES, MARQUIS - Andrew Jackson: The Border Captain
22798: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Through Ramona's Country
16667: JAMES, EDWARD, ED - Visigothic Spain: New Approaches
22584: JAMES, COY HILTON - Silas Deane -- Patrior or Traitor
22674: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Rosebery - a Biography of Archibald Philip, Fifth Earl of Rosebery
25538: JAMES, GRACE - Joan of Arc
24030: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - A Spirit Undaunted: The Political Role of George VI
21651: JAMES, D. CLAYTON - The Years of Macarthur, Volume One: 1880-1941
18183: JAMES, N.D.G. - A History of English Forestry
14443: JAMES, G.P.R. - A History of the Life of Richard Coeur-de-Lion King of England, 4 Volumes, Complete
20865: JAMES, HENRY - The Ambassadors
24986: JAMES, DAVID H. - The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire
27211: JAMES, HENRY - Aurobiographies - a Small Boy and Others, Notes of a Son and Brother, the Middle Years, Other Writings
27716: JAMES, D. CLAYTON AND ANNE SHARP WELLS - Refighting the Last War: Command and Crisis in Korea, 1950-1953
24845: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON, BERTHA BISS TYLER, AND OTHER SAN DIEGO WRITERS - Exposition Memories: Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1916
352: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - The British Revolution 1880-1939
1452: JAMES, KELVIN CHISTOPHER - A Fling with a Demon Lover
2558: JAMES, P. D. - Original Sin
15242: JAMES, JAMES ALTON - The Life of George Rogers Clark
13714: JAMES, MARQUIS - The Raven
13162: JAMES, WALTER S. - Dust Devil
10478: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Lord Randolph Churchill
26589: JAMES, DR. WENDY - Re-Discovering Schuver's Africa" (in Annual Report for 1995)
28048: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Principles of Psychology, Volume One
190: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES - Prince Albert: A Biography
21665: JAMES, F. CYRIL - The Growth of Chicago Banks, Two Volumes. I) the Formative Years, 1816-1896; II) the Modern Age, 1897-1938
27286: JAMES. MARQUIS - Merchant Adventurer - the Story of W.R. Grace
2821: JAMESON, STORM - The Blind Heart
4538: JAMESON, STORM - The Decline of Merry England
6: JAMIESON, PERRY D. - Crossing the Deadly Ground
12505: JANAUSCHEK, P. LEOPOLDUS - Bibliographia Bernardina Qua Sancto Bernardi, Primi Abbatis Claravallensis, Operum Cum Omnium Tum Singulorum Editiones Ac Versiones Vitas Et Tractatus de Eo Scriptos Quotquot Usque Ad Finem Anni Mdcccxc Reperire Potuit
2559: JANCE, J. A. - Shoot / Don't Shoot
2560: JANCE, J. A. - Name Withheld - a J.P. Beaumont Mystery
2561: JANCE, J. A. - Failure to Appear - a J.P. Beaumont Mystery
2563: JANCE, J. A. - Lying in Wait - a J.P. Beaumont Mystery
25101: JANELLE, PIERRE - The Catholic Reformation
25826: JANETSCHEK, OTTOKAR - The Emperor Franz Joseph
10540: JANNEY, RUSSELL - The Miracle of the Bells (Signed)
12638: JANSSEN, FRANS A. - Ad Fontes. On the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica
5280: JANVIER, THOMAS A. - Stories from the South of France: The Roses of Monsieur Alphonse, the Poodle of Monsieur Gaillard, the Recrudescence Fo Madame VIC, Madame Jolicoeur's Cat, a Consolate Giantess
14357: JANVIER, THOMAS A. - The Aztec Treasure House: A Romance of Contemporaneous Antiqity
18968: JANVIER, FRANCIS DE HAES - Patriotic Poems
9605: JARDE, A. - The Formation of the Greek People
450: JARDIN, ANDRE - Tocqueville - a Biography
13787: JARDINE, LISA AND ALAN STEWART - Hostage to Fortune: The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon
18839: JARMAN, ROSEMARY HAWLEY - Crispin's Day" the Glory of Agincourt
19752: JARMAN, ROSEMARY HAWLEY - The Courts of Illusion
17501: JARVIE, IAN C. AND JOSPEH AGASSI, EDS - Hong Kong: A Society in Transition
7989: JARVIS, RUPERT C., ED - The Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745 Compiled from Documents in the Possession of the Cumberland County Council
14517: JARVIS, RUPERT C. - Collected Papers on the Jacobite Risings, 2 Volumes, Complete
21661: JASANOFF, MAYA - Edge of Empire: Lives, Culture, and Conquest in the East, 1750-1850
15424: JASCALEVICH, ALEXANDER A. - Three Conceptions of Mind: Their Bearing on the Denaturalization of the Mind in History
21432: JASPER, JAMES M. - Restless Nation: Sarting over in America
15566: JASPERS, KARL (FOREWARD BY HANNAH ARENDT) - The Future of Germany
8792: JAYAKAR, PUPUL - Indira Gandhi: A Biography
7303: JAYNE, DR. WILLIAM - Personal Reminiscences of the Martyred President Abraham Lincoln: An Address Delivered by Dr. Jayne to the Grand Army Hall and Memorial Association, February 12, 1900
18188: JEAL, TIM - Explorers of the Nile: The Triumph and Tragedy of a Great Victorian Adventure
252: JEAL, TIM - Livingstone
27435: JEANS, SIR JAMES - Through Space and Time: Based on the Royal Institution Lectures, Christmas 1933
24957: JEANSONNE, GLEN - Herbert Hoover - a Life
10878: JEFFRIES, CHARLES - The Colonial Empire and Its CIVIL Service
4333: JELLISON, CHARLES A. - Fessenden of Maine: CIVIL War Senator
6660: JENKINS, SARA - Year in Paradise
7293: JENKINS, KATHLEEN - Montreal: Island City of the St. Lawrence
862: JENKINS, ROY - Truman
13430: JENKINS, WILL - Mexican Trail
4517: JENKINS, MICHAEL - Arakcheev: Grand Vizier of the Russian Empire
20660: JENKINS, PHILIP - The Great and Holy War: How World War I Became a Religious Crusade
9136: JENNER, W.J.F. - The Tyranny of History
23995: JENNINGS, FRANCIS - The Creation of America: Through Revolution to Empire
689: JENNINGS, FRANCIS - Empire of Fortune: Crowns, Colonies and Tribes in the Seven Years War in America
8700: JENNINGS, FRANCIS - The Ambiguous Iroquois Empire: The Covenant Chain Confederation of Indian Tribes with English Colonies from Its Beginning to the Lancaster Treaty of 1744
26519: JENNINGS, CHRISTIAN - Flashpoint Trieste: The First Battle of the Cold War
2207: JENNINGS, DANA ANDREW - Mosquito Games
13407: JENNINGS, JOHN - River to the West: A Novel of the Astor Adventure
4266: JENNINGS, IVOR - Parliament
4650: JENNINGS, FRANCIS - Benjamin Franklin, Politician
27754: JENSEN, RONALD J. - The Alaska Purchase and Russian-American Relations
8693: JERMAN, B.R. - The Young Disraeli
19950: JEROME, JEROME K. - Paul Kelver
1816: JEROME, JUDSON - The Youthful Look - a Memoir, 1947-1952
8745: JERROLD, WALTER - Henry VIII and His Wives - with Illustrations in Colour and Black and White by Kitty Shannon
24039: JERSEY, STANLEY COLEMAN - Hell's Islands: The Untold Story of Guadalcanal
25525: JESSE, JOHN HENEAGE - Memoirs of King Richard the Third and Some of His Contemporaries, with an Historical Drama on the Battle of Bosworth, 2 Volumes, Complete/
1952: JESSUP, PHILIP C. - Elihu Root - 2 Volumes
26363: JEUNESSE QUI CHANTE - 350 Chansons Anciennes
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1451: JHABVALA, R. PRAWER - Amrita
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1456: JHABVALA, R. PRAWER - Like Birds, Like Fishes and Other Stories
1458: JHABVALA, R. PRAWER - A Stronger Climate - 9 Stories
3369: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Get Ready for Battle
10423: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - How I Became a Holy Mother
18933: JIN, HA - Waiting
16751: JOCELIN OF BRAKELOND (EDITED BY H.E. BUTLER) - The Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakleond
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23526: JOHN PAUL II - Fides Et Ratio - on the Relationship between Faith and Reason - Encyclical Letter
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26454: JOHNSON, DAVID - John Randolph of Roanoke
20130: JOHNSON, ADAM - The Orphan Master's Son: A Novel (Signed)
26168: JOHNSON, DAVID - Music and Society in Lowland Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
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25820: JOHNSON, CHARLES H.L. - Famous Cavalry Leaders: Through the Ages with the Heroes of Sabre, Spur, and Saddle; with Faithful Accounts of Their Forced Marches, Dashing Raids, and Glorious Charges
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156: JOHNSON, ALAN CAMPBELL - Viscount Halifax; a Biography
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13485: JOHNSON, WILLIAM, ED - Focus on the Science Fiction Film
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28279: JOHNSON, MINDY - Ink and Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation
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11000: JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E. - Narrative of Military Operations, Directed, During the Late War between the States, by Joseph E. Johnston, General, C.S. A.
11230: JOHNSTON, STANLEY - The Grim Reapers
25319: JOHNTON, R.M. - The French Revolution: A Short History
24568: JONES, DOUGLAS - Scottish Seas
20019: JONES, SHIRLEY WITH WENDY LEIGH - Shirley Jones: A Memoir
21732: JONES, PIRKLE - California Photographs
4506: JONES, EDGAR DEWITT - Lincoln and the Preachers (Signed)
22183: JONES, ANN ROSALIND - The Currency of Eros: Women's Love Lyric in Europe, 1540-1620
12925: JONES, CHARLES - A Language Suppressed: The Pronunciation of the Scots Language in the 18th Century
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18305: JONES, M.E. MONCKTON (PREFACE BY G.K. CHESTERTON.) - Life in Old Cambridge: Illustrations of English History
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979: JONES, THOMAS - Lloyd George
1457: JONES, THOM - The Pugilist at Rest - Stories
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3871: JONES, GWYN - The Still Waters
3923: JONES, THOMAS FIRTH - A Pair of Lawn Sleeves - a Biography of William Smith, 1727-1803
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18348: JONES, JOSEPH - The Coal Scuttle
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26116: JORDAN DAVID STARR - The Philosophy of Despair
24748: JORDAN, DAVID STARR - The Days of a Man: Being Memories of a Naturalist, Teacher and Minor Prophet of Democracy. 2 Volumes, Complete. I) 1851-1899; II) 1900-1921 (Signed)
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11382: JORDAN, MAX - Das Werk Adolf Menzels, 1815-1905 - Mit Einer Biographie Des Kunstlers
409: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - Tumult and Silence at Second Creek; an Inquiry Into a CIVIL War Slave Conspiracy
1459: JORDAN, NEIL - The Past
2566: JORDAN, LEE - Chain Reaction
2567: JORDAN, LEE - The Deadly Side of the Square
12104: JORDAN-SMITH, PAUL - Nomad
16005: JORDAN, KENNETH N., SR - Yesterday's Heroes: 433 Men of World War II Awarded the Medal of Honor, 1941-1945
2565: JORGENSEN, CHRISTINE T. - A Love to Die for
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5664: JOSCELYN, ARCHIE - The Sundowners
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20168: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR. - The CIVIL War in the American West
3222: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M. - Now That the Buffalo's Gone - a Study of Today's American Indians
10425: JOSHEE, O.K. - Mr. Surie
10469: JOSSET, C.R. - Money in Britain: A History of the Currencies of the British Isles (Signed)
5009: JOSSET, C.R. - Money in Great Britain and Ireland: A History of the Coins and Notes of the British Isles
22697: JOURDAIN, JOHN - The Journal of John Jourdain, 1608-1617, Describing His Experiences in Arabia, India, and the Malay Archipelago
25302: JOURDAN, GEORGE V. - The Movement Towards Catholic Reform in the Early XVI Century
27326: JOWETT, GARTH - Film: The Democratic Art
3382: JOWITT, THE EARL - The Strange Case of Alger Hiss
24566: JOYCE, MICHAEL - Edinburgh: The Golden Age, 1769-1832
15683: JUDA, L. - The Wise Old Man: Turkish Tales of Nasreddin Hodja
2579: JUDD, DENIS - Empire - the British Imperial Experience from 1765 to the Present
27089: JUDIS, JOHN B. - Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origins of the Arab/Israeli Conflict
11658: JUKIC, ILIJA - The Fall of Yugoslavia
23444: JULIAN, GEORGE W. - Political Recollections, 1840-1872
23435: JULIAN, GEORGE WASHINGTON - The Life of Joshua R. Giddings
16977: JULIEN, PAUL - Lejrbaal Langs Aekvator
27520: JULIUS CAESAR - The Gallic Wars (in Dust Jacket and Slipcase)
12792: JULY, ROBERT W. - The Origins of Modern African Thought: Its Development in West Africa During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
16261: JUNIPER, WILLIAM - The True Drunkard's Delight (Signed)
13179: JUSSERAND, J.J. - With Americans of Past and Present Days
24691: JUST, WARD S. - To What End: Report from Vietnam
12503: KACZEROWSKY, KLAUS - Sebastian Franck Bibliographie
3466: KADARE, ISMAIL - The Concert
21775: KADIC, ANTE - From Croatian Renaissance to Yugoslav Socialism: Essays (Signed)
2213: KADOHATA, CYNTHIA - The Floating World
23203: KADUSHIN, MAX - Worship and Ethics: A Study in Rabbinic Judaism
24979: KAESE, HAROL - The Boston Braves
22173: KAEUPER, RICHARD W. - Bankers to the Crown: The Riccardi of Lucca and Edward I.
12374: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Trial
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20509: KAGAN, ROBERT - Dangerous Nation: America's Place in the World from Its Earliest Days to the Dawn of the Twentieth Century
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23179: KAGANOFF, NATHAN M. - Selected Books on American Jewish History: An Annotated Bibliography
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19732: KAHN, ALBERT E. - Matusow Affair: Memoir of a National Scandal
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21749: KAIN, KAREN - Movement Never Lies: An Autobiography
24926: KAISER, DAVID - American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War
21436: KAJIMA, MORINOSUKE - Modern Japan's Foreign Policy
10195: KAJIMA, MORINOSUKE - The Emergence of Japan As a World Power, 1895-1925
2570: KAKONIS, TOM - Michigan Roll
2571: KAKONIS, TOM - Criss Cross
2572: KAKONIS, TOM - Double Down
2573: KAKONIS, TOM - Shadow Counter
24921: KALB, MARVIN - Imperial Gamble: Putin, Ukraine, and the New Cold War
2568: KALLEN, LUCILLE - C.B. Greenfield: No Lady in the House
2569: KALLEN, LUCILLE - C.B. Greenfield: The Piano Bird
3377: KALLEN, LUCILLE - Introducing C.B. Greenfield
16149: KALMAN, LAURA - Right Star Rising: A New Politics, 1974-1980
15707: KALOUSTIAN, S. - Saints and Sacraments of the Armenian Church
24542: KALTER, SUZY - The Complete Book of M*a*S*H
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24053: KAMEN, HENRY - The Disinherited: The Exiles Who Created Spanish Culture
16443: KAMEN, HENRY - Inquisition and Society in Spain in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
6954: KAMEN, HENRY - The Duke of Alba
8790: KAMEN, HENRY - The Spanish Inquisition
5182: KAMEN, HENRY - The Spanish Inquisition: An Historical Revision
22033: KAMEN, HENRY - The Disinherited: Exile and the Making of Spanish Culture, 1492-1975
26017: KAMINSKI, MAREK M. - Games Prisoners Play: The Tragicomic Worlds of Polish Prisons
24327: KAMINSKY, STUART - American Film Genres: Approaches to a Critical Theory of Popular Film (Signed)
24328: KAMINSKY, STUART - Don Siegel: Director (Signed)
17243: KAMINSKY, STUART - John Huston: Maker of Magic (Signed)
21196: KAMINSKY, STUART M. - Clint Eastwood (Signed)
6149: KAMINSKY, HOWARD - Simon de Cramaud and the Great Schism
2575: KAMINSKY, STUART - He Done Her Wrong - a Toby Peters Mystery (Signed)
2576: KAMINSKY, STUART M. - Buried Caesars (Signed)
2577: KAMINSKY, STUART M. - Exercise in Terror (Signed)
27225: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - Colonial New York: A History
9500: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - Sovereignty and Liberty: Constitutional Discourse in America Culture
6702: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - A Time to Every Purpose: The Four Seasons in American Culture (Signed)
9501: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - Visual Shock: A History of Art Controversies in American Culture (Signed)
9502: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - Spheres of Liberty: Changing Perceptions of Liberty in American Culture (Signed)
6341: KAMMEN, MICHAEL, EDITOR - The Past Before Us: Contemporary Historical Writing in the United States (Signed)
13221: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - People of Paradox: An Inquiry Concerning the Origins of American Civilization
2600: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - Deputyes & Libertyes - the Origins of Representative Government in Colonial America (Signed)
3448: KAMMEN, MICHAEL - A Season of Youth - the American Revolution and the Historical Imagination (Signed)
18135: KAMPFNER, JOHN - Robin Cook
27016: KANE, PAUL AND J. RUSSELL HARPER, ED - Paul Kane's Frontier: Including Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America by Paul Kane
24582: KANIN, GARSON - Tracy and Hepburn (Signed)
2212: KANIN, GARSON - One Hell of an Actor
25729: KANTOR, MACKINLAY - Lee and Grant at Appomattox
27558: KANTOR, MACKINLAY - Andersonville (Inscribed)
582: KANTOROWICZ, HERMANN - The Spirit of British Policy and the Myth of the Encirclement of Germany
16649: KAPLAN, TEMMA - Anarchists of Andalusia, 1868-1903 (Signed)
23467: KAPLAN, RABBI ARYEH - The Living Torah - the Five Books of Moses: A New Translation Based on Traditional Jewish Sources
4846: KAPLAN, WENDY, ED - Scotland Creates: 5000 Years of Art and Design
14026: KAPLAN, JUSTIN - Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain: A Biography
20633: KAPLAN, FRED - The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War
178: KAPLAN, JUSTIN - Lincoln Steffens, a Biography
3080: KAPLAN, LAWRENCE - Politics and Religion During the English Revolution - the Scots and the Long Parliament, 1643-1645
3447: KAPLAN, STEVEN LAURENCE - Farewell, Revolution - Disputed Legacies, France, 1789-1989
21092: KAPLAN, ALICE - The Collaborator: The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach
14469: KAPLAN, ROBERT D. - The Arabists: The Romance of an Americn Elite
11966: KAPLAN, LAWRENCE S. - The American Revolution and "a Candid World
10819: KAPOSI, MORIZ - Pathologie Et Traitment Des Maladies de la Peau: Lecons a L'Usage Des Medicins Praticiens Et Des Etudiants
17410: KAPUSCINSKI, RYSZARD - Shah of Shahs
12028: KARABELL, ZACHARY - The Last Campaign: How Harry Truman Won the 1948 Election
2211: KARBO, KAREN - Trespassers Welcome Here
4598: KARCHER, CAROLYN L. - The First Woman in the Republic: A Cultural Biography of Lydia Maria Child
2613: KARL, M. S. - Deerslayer - a Pete Brady Mystery
4584: KARLSEN, CAROL F. - The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England
25089: KARNOW, STANLEY - Vietnam - a History
20250: KARP, ABRAHAM J. - The Jews in America: A Treasury of Art and Literature
24960: KARP, MATTHEW - This Vast Southern Empire: Slaveholders at the Helm of American Foreign Policy
24743: KARPELES, MAUD - Cecil Sharp: His Life and Work
3883: KARSAVINA, JEAN - White Eagles, Dark Skies
24925: KARSH, EFRAIM AND INARI KARSH - Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1789-1923
24056: KARSOV, NINA AND SZYMON SZECHTER - Monuments Are Not Loved
9363: KASAS, SAVAS AND REINHARD STRUCKMAN - Important Medical Centres in the Antiquity: Epidaurus and Corinth
15745: KASPARIAN, REV. VARTAN - Penance - the Sacrament of Saying I'm Sorry
16324: KASS, AMALIE M. - Midwifery and Medicine in Boston: Wlater Channing, M.D. 1786-1876 (Signed)
5572: KATES, HERBERT S. - Minute Glimpses of American Cities (Signed Presentation Copy)
903: KATKOV, GEORGE - Russia 1917 - the February Revolution
21204: KATSH, ABRAHAM I. - Judaism in Islam: Biblical and Talmudic Backgrounds of the Koran and Its Commentaries
21347: KATZ, SHLOMO, ED - Midstream - a Monthly Jewish Review, June/July 1970 (Volume XVI, No. 6): Living with the Knowledge of the Holocaust, 1945-1970
8658: KATZ, ROBERT - The Fall of the House of Savoy: A Study in the Relevance of the Commonplace or the Vulgarity of History
6707: KATZ, ROBERT - The Battle for Rome: The Germans, the Allies, the Partisans, and the Pope, September 1943-June 1944
3797: KATZ, IRVING - August Belmont - a Political Biography
26913: KATZ, ROBERT - Love Is Colder Than Death: The Life and Times of Rainer Werner Fassbinder
26290: KAUFFMANN, STANLEY - A World on Film
17806: KAUFMAN, MICHAEL T. - Mad Dreams, Saving Graces: Poland: A Nation in Conspiracy
16024: KAUFMAN, J.E. AND W.H. KAUFMAN - Fortress Third Reich: German Fortifications and Defense Systems in World War II
6515: KAUFMAN, BURTON I. - The Presidency of James Earl Carter, Jr.
77: KAUFMAN, PAMELA - Shield of Three Lions
78: KAUFMAN, PAMELA - Banners of Gold
4537: KAUFMAN, HELEN A. - Conscientious Cavalier: Colonel Bullen Ryemes, M.P. , F.R. S. , 1613-1672
24089: KAUFMANN, THOMAS DACOSTA - The School of Prague: Painting at the Court of Rudolf II
23654: KAUFMANN, YEHEZKEL - The Babylonian Captivity and Deutero-Isaiah
21322: KAUFMANN, J.E. AND H.W. KAUFMANN - The Medieval Fortress: Castles, Forts and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages
17450: KAUL, HARE KRISHEN - Sri Aurobindo: A Descriptive Bibliography
5682: KAVALER, REBECCA - The Further Adventures of Brunhild
2806: KAVALER, REBECCA - Tigers in the Wood
24257: KAVANAGH, JULIA - Women in France During the Eighteenth Century, 2 Volumes Complete
8049: KAVERIN, BENJAMIN - The Larger View
24788: KAWAHARA, TOSHIAKI - Hirohito and His Times: A Japanese Perspective
16778: KAWAKAMI, KIYOSHI K. - American-Japanese Relations: An Inside View of Japan's Policies and Purposes
1463: KAY, TERRY - To Dance with the White Dog
14116: KAY, MARVIN L. MICHAEL AND LORIN LEE CARY - Slavery in North Carolina, 1748-1775
8812: KAYE, IAN E. - Pick and Shovel Poems (Signed)
5327: KAYE, ELAINE - The History of the King's Weigh House Church: A Chapter in the History of London
79: KAYE, M.M. - The Sun in the Morning
3101: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - Susan Spray
10973: KAYE, M.M. - Autobiography, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) the Sun in the Morning: My Early Years in India and England, II) Golden Afternoon, III) Enchanted Evening
6055: KAZAN, ELIA - America America
1467: KAZAN, ELIA - The Anatolian
1468: KAZAN, ELIA - The Assassins
1469: KAZAN, ELIA - Acts of Love
20017: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - The Greek Passion
1466: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - Japan China - a Journal of Two Voyages to the Far East: 1935 and 1957
18757: KAZIN, MICHAEL - A Godly Hero: The Life of William Jennings Bryan
23728: KEANE, JOHN - Tom Paine: A Political Life
1161: KEARNEY, JAMES R. - Anna Eleanor Roosevelt - the Evolution of a Reformer
20707: KEATE, GEORGE - An Account of the Pelew Islands, Situated in the Western Part of the Pacific Ocean, Composed from the Journals and Communications of Captain Henry Wilson...
2616: KEATING, H. R. F. - The Body in the Billiard Room (Signed)
2615: KEATING, H. R. F. - Inspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock
26207: KEATING, H.R.F. - A Detective in Love
25673: KEBBEL, T.E. - A History of Toryism: From the Accession of Mr. Pitt to Power in 1783 to the Death of Lord Beaconsfield in 1881
26344: KECHICHIAN, JOSEPH A. - 'Iffat Al Thunayan - an Arabian Queen
12007: KECHICHIAN, JOSEPH A. - Faysal: Saudi Arabia's King for All Seasons
17411: KEDDIE, NIKKI R. - Roots of Revolution: An Interpretive History of Modern Iran
8425: KEDDIE, NIKKI R. - Iran: Religion, Politics, Society - Collected Essays
26904: KEEGAN, MARCIA - New Mexico
22843: KEELER, MARY FREAR, ED - Sir Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage, 1585-86
16862: KEELER, HARRIET L. - Our Native Trees and How to Identify Them: A Populat Study of Their Habits and Their Peculiarities
15605: KEEN, MAURICE, ED - Medieval Warfare: A History
3876: KEEN, RAYA - She Shall Have Music
4278: KEENE, DONALD - World Within Walls: Japanese Literature of the Pre-Modern Era, 1600-1867
15403: KEENE, JAMES - The Texas Pistol
3825: KEENE, JAMES - The Brass and the Blue
27276: KEENE, DONALD - Modern Japanese Diaries: The Japanese at Home and Abroad As Revealed Through Their Diaries
8998: KEESON, C.A. CUTHBERT - The History & Records of Queen Victoria's Rifles, 1792-1922
27330: KEETON, GEORGE - Trial for Treason
24726: KEIL, CHARLES & ANGELIKI VELLOU KEIL (TEXT), DICK BLAU (PHOTOGRAPHS), STEVEN FELD (SOUNDSCAPES) - Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia
1465: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Happy to Be Here - Stories and Comic Pieces
27766: KEIM, DEBENNEVILLE RANDOLPH - Sheridan's Trooper's on the Borders - a Winter Campaign on the Plains
27373: KEITH, ARTHUR - Menders of the Maimed: The Anatomical and Physiological Principles Uderlying the Treatment of Injuries to Muscles, Nerves, Bones and Joints
9561: KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE - The Belgian Congo and the Berlin Act (with Rare Dust Jacket)
13252: KEITH, AGNES NEWTON - Bare Feet in the Palace
24577: KEITH, ALEXANDER - Eminent Aberdonians
8709: KEITH, AGNES NEWTON - Children of Allah
15657: KELEMEN, PAL - Medieval American Art, 2 Volumes, Complete (Signed)
10236: KELLAS, JAMES G. - The Scottish Political System
20485: KELLER, FRANCES RICHARDSON - An American Crusade: The Life of Charles Wadell Chesnutt (Signed)
5604: KELLER, FRANCES RICHARDSON - Fictions of U.S. History (Signed)
5279: KELLER, ALLAN - Thunder at Harper's Ferry (Signed)
11034: KELLER, PHYLLIS - States of Belonging: German-American Intellectuals and the First World War
21598: KELLERMAN, SALLY - Read My Lips: Stories of a Hollywood Life
2617: KELLERMAN, FAYE - The Quality of Mercy
2618: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Day of Atonement
2620: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Sanctuary
2621: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Butcher's Theater
2622: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Devil's Waltz
22065: KELLETT, JOHN R. - The Impact of Railways on Victorian Cities
22341: KELLEY, WM. D. - Lincoln and Stanton: A Study of the War Administration of 1861 and 1862, with Special Consideration of Some Recent Statements of Gen. Geo. B. Mcclellan
5144: KELLEY, LEO P. - Thunder Gods' Gold
10374: KELLEY, JOSEPH J., JR. - Pennsylvania: The Colonial Years, 1681-1776
6056: KELLINO, PAMELA - Del Palma (Signed)
27210: KELLOGG, MINNIE D. - Flowers from Medieval History (Signed)
19968: KELLOW, BRIAN - Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark
24907: KELLY, JOHN EOGHAN - Pedro de Alvarado, Conquistador (Signed)
22270: KELLY, HON. WILLIAM D. KELLEY - The Old South and the New: A Series of Letters
23981: KELLY, PATRICK J. - Tirpitz and the Imperial German Navy
4807: KELLY, JAMES EDWARD - The Crime at Ford's Theatre: The Picture Story of America's Greatest Tragedy - the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
2625: KELLY, SUSAN - The Summertime Soldiers
1470: KELMAN, JAMES - How Late It Was, How Late (Signed)
3067: KELMAN, JAMES - A Disaffection
26429: KEMAL, YASHAR - The Undying Grass
26427: KEMAL, YASHAR - Iron Earth, Copper Sky
24955: KEMAL, YASHAR - The Lords of Akchasaz: Murder in the Ironsmiths Market
2626: KEMELMAN, HARRY - Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry
2628: KEMELMAN, HARRY - Thursday the Rabbi Walked out
24971: KEMENADE, WILLEM VAN - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Inc
22200: KEMPERS, BRAM - Painting, Power and Patronage: The Rise of the Professional Artist in the Italian Renaissance
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27897: KEMPOWSKI, WALTER - Swansong 1945: A Collective Diary of the Last Days of the Third Reich
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24093: KENDALL, PAUL - Warwick the Kingmaker
17011: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Passenger (Signed)
1472: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Flying Hero Class
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10109: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - At a Century's Ending: Reflections 1982-1995
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5681: KENNEDY, ADRIENNE - Deadly Triplets: A Theatre Mystery and Journal
16720: KENNEDY, EDWARD M. - True Compass: A Memoir
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28052: KENNEDY, MATTHEW - Joan Blondell - a Life between Takes
20181: KENNEDY, BART - Soldiers of Labour
1478: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Quinn's Book
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20000: KENNEDY, A.L. - Salisbury, 1830-1903: Portrait of a Statesman
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1476: KENT, ROCKWELL - Salamina
1971: KENT, ALEXANDER - Passage to Mutiny
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1973: KENT, ALEXANDER - Command a King's Ship
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23390: KERR, PHILIP - The Lady from Zagreb
8682: KERR, W.G. - Scottish Capital on the American Credit Frontier
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2631: KERR, PHILIP - A Philosophical Investigation
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6971: KERRIDGE, ERIC - Agrarian Problems in the Sixteenth Century and After
3716: KERRY, EARL OF, ED - The Secret of the Coup D'Etat
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28075: KHANGKAR, DOLKAR - The Buddhist Way of Healing: Tibetan Medicine
7567: KHASHOGGI, SOHEIR - Mirage
653: KHEIRALLAH, DR. GEORGE - Arabia Reborn
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21739: KIDDER, J. EDWARD, JR. - Masterpieces of Japanese Sculpture
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25559: KIELLAND, ALEXANDER L. - Napoleon's Men and Methods
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9369: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Copy Kat (Signed)
2636: KIKER, DOUGLAS - Death Below Deck
2637: KIKER, DOUGLAS - Death at the Cut
18293: KILBORNE, SARAH S. - American Phoenix: The Remarkable Story of William Skinner, a Man Who Turned Disaster Into Destiny
21600: KILDUFF, PETER - Richthofen: Beyond the Legend of the Red Baron
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7031: KILMER, NICHOLAS - Dirty Linen
3641: KILVERT, FRANCIS (WILLIAM PLOMER, ED.) - Kilvert's Diary, 1870-1879 - Life in the English Countryside in Mid- Victorian Times
3387: KIM, RICHARD E. - The Innocent
16955: KIMBALL, PAUL - Mrs. Merivale
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25679: KING, WILLARD L. - Melville Weston Fuller: Chief Justice of the United States, 1888-1910
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26562: KING, DAVID - The Trial of Adolf Hitler: The Beer Hall Putsch and the Rise of Nazi Germany
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13985: KING, DESMOND - Separate and Unequal: Black Americans and the Us Federal Government (Signed)
13255: KING, C. COOPER - The Story of the British Army
26141: KING, ALEXANDER - I Should Have Kissed Her More
26546: KING, RICHARD - The Party of Eros: Radical Social Thought and the Realm of Freedom
16952: KING, GRACE - The Pleasant Ways of St. Medard
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9120: KINGHORN, A.M. - The Chorus of History: Literary-Historical Relations in Renaissance Britan, 1485-1558
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27407: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Flight Behavior (Signed)
1474: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Animal Dreams (Signed)
7568: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Prodigal Summer
1475: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Homeland and Other Stories
1481: KINGSTON, MAXINE HONG - Tripmaster Monkey - His Fake Book
8819: KINLOCH, GEORGE RITCHIE, ED - Ancient Scottish Ballads, Recovered from Tradition, and Never Before Published: With Notes, Historical and Explanatory; and an Appendix Containing the Airs of Several of the Ballads
22089: KINNEAR, MICHAEL - The Fall of Lloyd George: The Political Crisis of 1922
24375: KINNELL, GALWAY - A New Selected Poems (Signed)
24611: KINNEY, TROY - The Etchings of Troy Kinney (Signed)
8741: KINROSS, LORD - The Ottoman Centuries
1815: KINROSS, LORD - Between Two Seas the Creation of the Suez Canal
13993: KINROSS, LORD - Ataturk: A Biography of Mustafa Kemal, Father of Modern Turkey
28259: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Second Jungle Book
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21034: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Through the Year with Kiplling
22930: KIPLNG, RUDYARD - The Feet of the Young Men (Signed)
17661: KIRBY, E. STEWART (INTRODUCTION) - Communism in China
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19234: KIRCHHOFF, ALFRED - Man and Earth: The Reciprocal Relations and Influences of Man and His Environment
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27314: KIRK, RUSSELL - Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered
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6970: KIRKLAND, EDWARD CHASE - Charles Francis Adams, Jr. , 1835-1915: The Patrician at Bay
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23209: KIRSCHENBAUM, AARON - Leader's Guide to the Book of Jeremiah
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1479: KITA, MORIO - The House of Nire
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17869: KITSCHELT, HERBERT AND STAF HELLEMANS - Beyond the European Left: Ideology and Political Action in the Belgian Ecology Parties
2639: KITTREDGE, MARY - Murder in Mendocino
2640: KITTREDGE, MARY - Fatal Diagnosis
2641: KITTREDGE, MARY - Poison Pen
2642: KITTREDGE, MARY - Walking Dead Man - an Edwina Crusoe Mystery
2643: KITTREDGE, MARY - Kill or Cure - an Edwina Crusoe Mystery
22488: KLAMMER, MARTIN - Whitman, Slavery, and the Emergence of Leaves of Grass
26997: KLANTON, ROBERT AND HENDRIK HELLIGE, EDS - Playful Type: Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative Fonts
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22500: KLEIN, PHILIP SHRIVER - Pennsylvania Politics, 1817-1832: A Game without Rules
12606: KLEIN, MAURY - Union Pacific, 3 Volumes, Complete: 1) the Birth of a Railroad, 1862-1893, 2) the Rebirth, 1894-1969, 3) the Reconfiguration - America's Greates Railroad from 1969 to the Present
28336: KLEIN, DAVE - Stars of the Major Leagues
12237: KLEIN, ALLEN - Wing Tips: How to Deal with Airline Delays, Cursed Cancellations, Lamentably Lost Luggage and Any Unexpected Adversity and Still Keep Smiling (Signed)
3884: KLEIN-HAPARASH, J. - He Who Flees the Lion
9678: KLEINMAN, RUTH - Anne of Austria
25200: KLEMM, EDWIN O. - Then: There Was a New Lincoln
22303: KLEPPNER, PAUL - The Third Electoral System, 1953-1892: Parties, Voters, and Political Cultures
26418: KLIEMAN, AARON S. - Foundations of British Policy in the Arab World: The Cairo Conference of 1921
27947: KLINE, MILTON V. - Freud and Hypnosis: The Interation of Psychodynamics and Hypnosis
22948: KLINGHOFFER, DAVID - Why the Jews Rejected Jesus: The Turning Point in Western History
27738: KLOTTER, JAMES C. - Henry Clay: The Man Who Would Be President
17029: KLUBIEN, JORGEN - Chu Shu Chi Nien: Bambusbogerne I. -V. Del
27681: KLUGER, RICHARD - Indelible Ink: The Trials of John Peter Zenger and the Birth of America's Free Press
11624: KLUGER, RICHARD - The Paper: The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune
19662: KLUGER, RICHARD - Ashes to Ashes
12918: KLYUCHEVSKY, VASILI - Peter the Great
1945: KNACHEL, PHILIP A. - England and the Fronde - the Impact of the English CIVIL War and Revolution on France
21392: KNECHT, R.J. - Richelieu
2644: KNICKMEYER, STEVE - Straight
27014: KNIGHT, CHRISTOPHER (INTERVIEW); RICHARD KOSHALEK AND SHERRI GELDIN (PREFACE) - Art of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies: The Panza Collection
20298: KNIGHT, RICHARD PAYNE - Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, and Its Connection with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients. (a New Edition). To Which Is Added an Essay on the Worship of the Enerative Powers During the Middle Ages of Western Europe
27705: KNIGHT, ARTHUR - The Liveliest Art: A Panoramic History of the Movies
27243: KNIGHT, IAN J. - Warrior Chiefs of Southern Africa: Shaka of the Zulu; Moshoeshoe of the Basotho; Mzilikazi of the Matabele; Maqoma of the Xhosa
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18383: KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP - Lawrence of Arabia
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1580: KNOLLENBERG, BERNHARD - Growth of the American Revolution, 1766-1775
14841: KNOLLENBERG, BERNHARD - George Washington: The Virginia Period, 1732-1775 (Signed)
14422: KNOLLENBERG, BERNHARD - George Washington: The Virgina Period, 1732-1775
11085: KNOPF, S. ADOLPHUS - A History of the Naional Tuberculosis Association: The Anti-Tuberculosis Movement in the United States
16120: KNOROWSKI, MARIUSZ (PROJECT AUTHOR), KRYSTYNE SPIEGEL (PROJECT EDITOR) ET AL. - The Poster Museum at Wilanow / Muzeum Plakatu W Wilanowie
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7781: KNOX, M.V.B. - The Religious Life of the Anglo-Saxon Race
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6998: KOCHAN, LIONEL - Russia and the Weimar Republic
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4590: KOFSKY, FRANK - Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948
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2650: KOHLER, VINCE - Rising Dog
2651: KOHLER, VINCE - Banjo Boy
21738: KOHLMAN, LYNN - Lynn: Front and Back
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11388: KOHN, GEORGE C., ED - Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence
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24474: KOHUT, REBEKAH - His Father's House: The Story of George Alexander Kohut
14256: KOIZUMI, KAZUO HEARN (EDITED BY NANCY JANE FELLOWS) - Re-Echo. Illustrated with Photographs and with Original, Jitherto Unpublished Pen and Watercolor Sketches by Lafcadio Hearn/
15439: KOLAR, JEAN - Return Fare
22637: KOLBERT, ELIZABETH - The Sixth Extinction
16510: KOLCHIN, PETER - American Slavery, 1619-1877
14412: KOLKER, ROBERT PHILIP - A Cinema of Loneliness: Penn, Kubrick, Coppola, Scorsese, Altman
15598: KOMLOS, JOHN - The Habsburg Monarchy As a Customs Union: Ecnomic Development in Austria-Hungary in the Nineteenth Century
25659: KOMROFF, MANUEL - Waterloo - a Novel
24781: KONSTAM, ANGUS - The Spanish Armada: The Great Enterprise Against England 1588
23656: KONVITZ, MILTON R., ED - Judaism and Human Rights
17796: KOPCZEWSKI, JAN STANISLAW - Casimir Pulaski
9749: KOREN, JOHN - Alcohol and Society
23469: KORN, BERTRAM WALLACE - The Early Jews of New Orleans (Signed)
21672: KORNER, EMIL - The Law of Freedom As the Remedy for War and Poverty, 2 Volumes, Complete in Dust Jacket
5007: KORNGOLD, RALPH - Robespierre and the Fourth Estate
20088: KORNHAUSER, ARTHUR, HAROLD L. SHEPPARD, AND ALBERT J. MAYER - When Labor Votes: A Study of Auto Workers
27678: KORTPETER, CARL MAX - Ottoman Imperialism During the Reformation: Europe and the Caucasus
9111: KOSAKA, MASATAKA - 100 Million Japanese: The Postwar Experience
21966: KOSINSKI, JERZY - The Painted Bird: Notes of the Author 1965 (Signed)
21787: KOSINSKI, JERZY - Cockpit (Signed, Review Copy)
4863: KOSS, STEPHEN, ED. - The Pro-Boers: The Anatomy of an Antiwar Movement
17063: KOSTER, HERMANN - Hsun-Tzu in Deutsche Ubertragen
24088: KOSTOF, SPIRO - A History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals
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1484: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Hearts of Wood - & Other Timeless Tales
1485: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Great World Circus
1486: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - The Game of Thirty
1490: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Jack in the Box
24489: KOUNALAKIS, ELENI - Madam Ambassador - Three Years of Diplomacy, Dinner Parties, and Democracy in Hungary (Signed)
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27821: KOWALSKI, ISAAC, COMPILER AND EDITOR - Anthology on Armed Jewish Resistance, 1939-1945, Four Volumes Complete
3278: KRADITOR, AILEEN S. - Means and Ends in American Abolitionism - Garrison and His Critics on Strategy and Tactics, 1834-1850
16988: KRAFT, CHARLES H. - Workbook in Intermediate and Advanced Hausa (for Use with the Text Cultural Materials in Hausa)
17899: KRAKOWSKI, EDOUARD - Pologne Et Russie
17859: KRAMER, JANE - Europeans
24275: KRAMER, LOTTE - Scrolls (Keepsake Poem 38)
26510: KRAMER, STANLEY, WITH THOMAS M. COFFEY - A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World: A Life in Hollywood
898: KRAMER, GERHARD - We Shall March Again
23623: KRAMNICK, ISAAC AND BARRY SHEERMAN - Harold Laski: A Life on the Left
17008: KRAPF, ROBERT - The Playfair Book of Hours
27955: KRASNER, DR. A.M. - The Wizard Within: The Krasner Method of Hypnotherapy (Signed)
17949: KRAUS, RENE - Young Lady Randolph: The Life and Times of Jennie Jerome, American Mother of Winston Churchill
18493: KRAUS, EDWARD HENRY, WALTER FRED HUNT, AND LEWIS STEPHEN RAMSDELL - Mineralogy: An Introduction to the Study of Minerals and Crystals - Fouth Edition
22564: KRAUT, ALAN M., ED - Crusaders and Compromisers: Essays on the Relationship of the Antislavery Struggle to the Antebellum Party System
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27970: KREBS, STANLEY L. - The Fundamental Principles of Hypnosis
15593: KREKIC, BARISA, ED - Urban Society of Eastern Europe on Premodern Times
22871: KREN, THOMAS AND SCOT MCKENDRICK - Illuminating the Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe
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11850: KREY, LAURA - On the Long Tide
2219: KRICH, JOHN - One Big Bed
3639: KRIEGEL, ABRAHAM D., ED - The Holland House Diaries, 1831-1840
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15076: KRIEGER, LEONARD - Ideas and Events: Professing History
3238: KRIST, GARY - The Garden State
15675: KRISTIANSON, G.L. - The Politics of Patriotism: The Pressure Group Activities of the Returned Serviceman's League
28203: KROBER, A.L. - Basket Designs of the Mission Indians of California
21422: KROCK, ARTHUR - In the Nation: 1932-1966
27979: KROGER, WILLIAM S., MD - Clinical and Experimental Hypnosos: In Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology
13657: KROLL, HARRY HARRISON - The Cabin in the Cotton (Signed)
22455: KRUG, MARK M. - Lyman Trumbll: Conservative Radical
2652: KRUGER, MARY - Death on the Cliff Walk
4059: KRUGER, RAYNE - Tanker
11813: KRUMBHAAR, E.B. AND RICHARD A. KERN, EDS - The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, New Series, Vol. 178
26138: KRUNICH, LIEUTENANT MILUTIN - Serbia Crucified: The Beginning
21949: KRUSKA, DENNIS - James Mason Hutchings of Yo Semite: A Biography and Bibliography
26371: KRUZEL, JOSEPH AND MICHAEL H. HALTZEL, EDS - Between the Blocs: Problems and Prospects for Europe's Neutral and Nonaligned States (Signed)
27996: KU, PAN - The History of the Former Han Dynasty. Three Volumes, Complete: Vol. 1: First Division, the Imperial Annals, Chapters I-V. Vol II: First Division, the Imperial Annals, Chapters VI-X; Volume III: Imperial Annals XI and XII and the Memoirs of Wang Mang
17154: KUBLER, GEORGE - The Art and Architecture of Ancient America: The Mexican, Maya, and Andean Peoples
23096: KUBLIN, HYMAN (COMPILED BY WITH PREFACE AND INTRODUCTIONS) - Studies of the Chinese Jews: Selections from Journals East and West
12507: KUCZYNSKI, ARNOLD - Vereichnis Einer Sammlung Von Nahezu 3000 Flugschriften Luthers Und Seiner Zeitgenossen
3589: KUEHL, WARREN F. - Dissertations in History - an Index to Dissertations Completed in History Depts of U.S. And Canadian Universities, 1873-1960
22128: KUGLER, GEORG - Das Kunsthistorische Museum in Wien Unde Seine Sammlungen
26815: KUKLA, JON - Patrick Henry - Champion of Liberty
15595: KULSTEIN, DAVID I. - Napoleon III and the Working Class: A Study of Government Propaganda Under the Second Empire
24202: KUNHARDT, PHILIP B. III, PETER W. KUNHARDT, AND PETER W. KUNHARDT, JR. - Looking for Lincoln: The Making of an American Icon
12138: KUPER, LEO, HILSTAND WATTS, AND RONALD DAVIES - Durban: A Study in Racial Ecology
14976: KUPPERMAN, KAREN ORDAHL - The Jamestown Project
11459: KUPPERMAN, KAREN ORDAHL - Indians and English: Facing Off in Early America
6172: KURLBAUM-SIEBERT, MARGARETE - Mary, Queen of Scots
25806: KURTZ, HAROLD - The Trial of Marshal Ney: His Last Years and Death
17471: KURZMAN, DAN - Ben-Gurion: Prophet of Fire
1488: KURZWEIL, ALLEN - A Case of Curiosities
28286: KUSHNER, TONY - Lincoln - the Screenplay (Signed by Tony Kushner and Doris Kearns Goodwin)
16996: KUZNETSOVA, IRINA AND EVGENIA GEORGIEVSKAYA - French Painting from the Pushkin Museum - 17th to 20th Century
12852: KWAK, TAE-HWAN, JOHN CHAY, SOON SUNG CHO, SHANNON MCCUNE, EDITORS - U.S. - Korean Relations 1882-1982 (Signed)
18735: KWON, HEONIK - Ghosts of War in Vietnam
13165: KYLE ELISABETH - Princess of Orange
27472: KYNASTON, DAVID - Modernity Britain: Book Two, a Shake of the Dice, 1959-62
24349: KYNASTON, DAVID - Family Britain: 1951-1957
6180: KYNE, PETER B. - Outlaws of Eden (Signed)
5125: KYNE, PETER - Lord of Lonely Valley
13082: KYVIG, DAVID E. - Explicit and Authentic Acts: Amending the U.S. Constitution 1776-1995
18287: L'ESTRANGE, A.G. - From the Thames to the Tamar; a Summer on the South Coast
23492: L'ARDECHE, M. LAURENT DE - History of Napoleon, with 500 Illustrations, After Designs by Horace Vernet; and Twenty Oirginal Portraits by M. Jacque, Engraved on Wood by Geo. Dorrington. 2 Volumes Complete
22074: L'ESTRANGE, REV. A.G.K., ED - The Life of Mary Russell Mitford: Told by Herself in Letters to Her Friends, 2 Volumes Complete
1509: L'HEUREAUX, JOHN - Comedians - Stories
23006: LA FEVRE, GEN'L. BENJAMIN - Campaign of '84: Biographies of S. Grover Cleveland and Thomas A. Hendricks with a Description of the Leading Issues... .
22989: LA GRANGE, ZELDA - Good Morning, Mr. Mandela: A Memoir
1813: LA FARGE, OLIVER - The Copper Pot
4759: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE - Medieval Travellers
16322: LABRANCHE, ERNEST E. - An American Battery in France
16377: LACAILLE, A.D. - The Stone Age in Scotland
7713: LACEY, ROBERT - Robert, Earl of Essex
27998: LACH, DONALD F. - China and the Era of Enlightenment (Inscribed)
3698: LACHS, PHYLLIS S. - The Diplomatic Corps Under Charles II and James II
5238: LACON-WATSON, E.H. - Contemporary Comments: Writers of the Early Nineteenth Century As They Appeared to Each Other
264: LACOUR-GAYET, ROBERT - A History of South Africa
8260: LACOUTURE, JEAN - Pierre Mendes France
4652: LADER, LAWRENCE - The Bold Brahmins: New England's War Against Slavery, 1831-1863
22210: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Carnival in Romans
2671: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - The Beggar and the Professor - a Sixteenth-Century Family Saga
16075: LAFANTASIE, GLENN W. - Gettysburg Requiem: The Life and Lost Causes of Confederate Colonel William C. Oates
15801: LAFFIN, JOHN - On the Western Front: Soldier's Stories from France and Flanders, 1914-1918
7804: LAGARD, GERALD - Leaps the Live Thunder
27322: LAHUE, KALTON C. - Continued Next Week: A History of the Moving Pictureserial
6547: LAIDLAW, MARGARET AND MARGARET M. HUTCHINSON - Sociable, Carefree, Delightful: A History of Scottish Country Dancing in New Zealand (Signed)
2218: LAIDLAW, BRETT - Three Nights in the Heart of the Earth
8154: LAIRD, STEPHEN AND WALTER GRAEBNER - Hitler's Reich and Churchill's Britain: A Conversation between Stephen Laird and Walter Graebner, "Time" Correspondents in Berlin and London
26008: LAIT, JACK AND LEE MORTIMER - U.S. A. Confidential
23292: LAKE, HAROLD - In Salonica with Our Army
17561: LAL, K.S., ED - Studies in Asian History: Proceedings of the Asian History Congress, 1961
10442: LALL, ANAND - The House at Adampur: A Story of Modern India
25031: LAMB, HAROLD - Theodora and the Emperor: The Drama of Justinian
27208: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Shakespeare for Children - Tales from Shakespeare
25030: LAMB, HAROLD - Hannibal: One Man Against Rome
25035: LAMB, HAROLD - The March of Muscovy: Ivan the Terrible and the Growth of the Russian Empire, 1400-1648
12033: LAMB, HAROLD - Suleiman the Magnificent
24627: LAMB, CHARLES - New Year's Eve
11274: LAMB, HAROLD - Cyrus the Great
25032: LAMB, HAROLD - Babur the Tiger: First of the Great Moguls
17761: LAMB, HAROLD - Constantinople: Birth of an Empire
7565: LAMB, CHRISTINA - The Africa House: The True Story of an English Gentleman and His African Dream
12031: LAMB. HAROLD - Charlemagne
943: LAMB, WALLY - She's Come Undone
12030: LAMB, HAROLD - Nur Mahal
7644: LAMBERT, RICHARD - Workers, Factories, and Social Change in India
878: LAMBERT, GAVIN - Inside Daisy Clover
2819: LAMBERT, GAVIN - The Goodby People
22947: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Beastly Buildings: The National Trust Book of Architecture for Animals
15613: LAMMERS, DONALD N. - Explaining Munich: The Search for Motive in British Policy
25905: LAMON, WARD H. - The Life of Abraham Lincoln: From His Birth to His Inauguration As President
13665: LAMOND, HENRY - Loch Lomond: A Study in Angling Conditions
20728: LAMPLUGH, LOIS - A Shadowed Man: Henry Williamson, 1895-1977
19032: LAMPSON, ROBIN - Laughter out of the Ground : A Novel in Cadence (Signed)
22535: LANARD, THOMAS S. - One Hundred Years with the State Fencibles: A History of the First Company State Fencibles, Infantry Corps State Fencibles, Infantry Battalion State Fencibles and the Old Guard State Fencibles, 1813-1913
2832: LANCASTER, BRUCE - Venture to the East
4695: LANCTOT, GUSTAVE - A History of Canada, 3 Vols, Complete
20078: LANDAUER, CARL, ELIZABETH KRIDL VALLKENIER, AND HILDE STEIN LANDAUER - European Socialism: A History of Ideas and Movements, 2 Volumes, Complete 1) from the Industrial Revolution to the First World War and Its Aftermath, 2) the Socialist Struggle Against Capitalism and Totalitarianism
11702: LANDAUER, SUSAN AND ROBERT FLYNN JOHNSON - Breaking Type: The Art of Karl Kasten (Signed)
11869: LANDER, RICHARD AND JOHN (EDITED AND ABRIDGED BY ROBIN HALLETT) - The Niger Journal of Richard and John Lander
17897: LANDHEER, BARTHOLOMEW, ED - The Netherlands (Signed)
10444: LANDIS, J.D. - Lying in Bed
24707: LANDIS, ARTHUR H. - Spain: The Unfinished Revolution
14172: LANDON, MARGARET - Anna and the King of Siam
4206: LANDON, FRED - Western Ontario and the American Frontier
28218: LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE - In the Forbidden Land: An Account of the Journey Into Tibet; Capture by the Tibetan Lamas and Soldiers; Imprisonment, Torture, and Ultimate Release Brought About by Dr. Wilson and the Political Peshkar Karak Sing-Pal. Two Volumes Complete
25243: LANDOW, WALTER SAVAGE - The Letters of Walter Savage Landor: Public and Private
20421: LANE-POOLE, STANLEY - Saladin and the Fall of Jerusalem
23124: LANE, ANTHONY - Nobody's Perfect: Writings from the New Yorker
8502: LANE, JANE - Titus Oates
14310: LANE, JANE - Farewell to the White Cockade
14178: LANE, JANE - The Reign of King Covenant

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