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465: FEIS, HERBERT - Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin: The War They Waged and the Peace They Sought
30115: FEIST, RAYMOND E. AND JANNY WURTS - Mistress of the Empire
28473: FEITH, DOUGLAS J. - War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism
2158: FELD, ROSS - Only Shorter
17769: FELD, WERNER - Reunification and West German-Soviet Relations: The Role of the Reunification Issue in the Foreign Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1949-1957, with Special Attention to Policy Toward the Soviet Union
15158: FELDENKRAIS, MOSHE - The Master Moves
29886: FELDMAN, NOAH - Scorpions: The Battles and Triumphs of Fdr's Great Supreme Court Justices
17495: FELDMAN, HERBERT - A Constitution for Pakistan
29281: FELDMAN, DAVID M. - Birth Control in Jewish Law: Marital Relations, Contraception, and Abortion As Set Forth in the Classic Texts of Jewish Law
8240: FELIX, DAVID - Walter Rathenau and the Weimat Republic: The Politics of Reparations
1325: FELL, ALISON - The Pillow Boy of the Lady Onogoro
24161: FELLOWES, JESSICA - The World of Downton Abbey
5827: FELVER, CHRISTOPHER - The Poet Exposed: Portraits by Christopher Felver
23918: FENBY, JONATHAN - Modern China: The Fall and Rise of a Great Power, 1850 to the Present
23414: FENNER, CATHY AND ARNIE FENNER, EDS - Spectrum 5: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
7971: FENTON, M. BROCK - Just Bats
6880: FENTON, ALFRED H. - Dana of the Sun
8840: FENTON, A. - Traditional Elements in the Diet of the Northern Isles of Scotland
24772: FENTRESS, SAM - Bible Road: Signs of Faith in the American Landscape (Signed)
26031: FENWICK, MILLICENT - Vogue's Book of Etiquette: A Complete Guide to Traditional Forms and Modern Usage
27031: FENWICK, HUBERT - Scottish Baronial Houses
21601: FERGUSON, ROBERT A. - The Trial in American Life
6173: FERGUSON, REV. JOHN - Ecclesia Antiqua or the History of an Ancient Church (St. Michael's, Linlithgow) with an Account of Its Chapels, Chantries and Endowments
11041: FERGUSON, WILLIAM - The Edinburgh History of Scotland, Vol 4: Scotland, 1689 to the Present
10267: FERGUSON, J.M., JR. - The Summerfield Stories
17917: FERGUSON, JOHN - Bibliographic Notes on Histories of Inventions and Books of Secrets, 2 Volumes, Complete in Slipcase
23719: FERGUSON, NIALL - The War of the World: Twentieth-Century Conflict and the Descent of the West
4990: FERGUSON, JOHN - Dalgarney Goes North
4680: FERGUSSON, JAMES - Lowland Lairds
22545: FERLING, JOHN - A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic
22221: FERLING, JOHN - Whirlwind: The Ameican Revolution and the War That Won It
20069: FERLING, JOHN - Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry That Forged a Nation
13318: FERLINGHETTI, LAWRENCE - The Mexican Night: Travel Journal
26592: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE - Philip II's Empire: A Decade at the Edge (Annual Talk 1998)
17507: FERNANDEZ, DAMIAN, ED - Central America & the Middle East: The Internationalization of the Crises
29157: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE - Amerigo - the Man Who Gave His Name to America
17515: FERNAU, F.W. - Moslems on the March: People and Politics in the World of Islam
17522: FERNEA, ELIZABETH WARNOCK AND ROBERT A. FERNEA - The Arab World: Personal Encounters
18676: FERRELL, ROBERT H. - The Strange Deaths of President Harding
9482: FERRELL, ROBERT H. - American Diplomacy: A History
30102: FERRELL, ROBERT H. - Harry S. Truman: A Life
30721: FERRERO, MERCAEDES VIALE - Rare Carpets: From East and West
27455: FERRIER, SUSAN EDMONSTONE - Marriage: A Novel in Three Volumes
18084: FERRIS, TIMOTHY - Coming of Age in the Milky Way
8627: FERRIS, CHRIS - Beneath the Dark Hill: Life and Wildlife in the Scottish Lowlands
6238: FETT, HARRY - Gamle Norske Hjem: Hus Og Bohave
10663: FEULNER, ADOLF - Historic Interiors in Colour
28175: FICHTELIUS, KARL-ERIK AND SVERRE SJOLANDER - Smarter Than Man: Intelligence in Whales, Dolphins, and Humans
13018: FIDDLER, CLAUDE (PHOTOGRAPHS), STEVE ROPER, ED - A Vast and Ancient Wilderness: Images of the Great Basin
21244: FIELD, KATE - Pen Photographs of Charles Dicken's Readings - Taken from Life
5122: FIELD, PETER - Raiders at Medicine Bow - a Powder Valley Western
10060: FIELD, NORMA - In the Realm of the Dying Emperor: A Portrait of Japan at Century's End
17480: FIELD, MICHAEL - A Hundred Million Dollars a Day (Signed)
17790: FIELDER, MILDRED - Behind the Glory: Or, the Grafs of Ostfriesland
29622: FIELDING, HELEN - Bridget Jones's Diary (Signed)
18532: FIELDING, HENRY - The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon
6133: FIFE, ROBERT HERNDON - The German Empire between Two Wars: A Study of the Political and Social Development of the Nation between 1871 and 1914
322: FIFOOT, C.H.S. - Frederic William Maitland; a Life
5358: FILLER, LOUIS - Crusaders for American Liberalism
29093: FINCH, BARRY J. - Ploughing Engines at Work: Fifty-Eight Photographs
3593: FINDLEY, PAUL.2 - A. Lincoln: The Crucible of Congress - the Years Which Forged His Greatness
21251: FINE, HELEN - Teacher's Guide to Behold, the Land
13462: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Highwaymen: A Book of Gallant Rogues (Signed)
13463: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Selected Works, 9 Volumes, All First Ediitons: I) the Affair at the Inn, II) Romantic Rascals, III) Bushrangers, IV) Heroes from Hakluyt, V) Foot-Loose in the West, VI) Courageous Companions, VII) the Yankee Captain in Patagonia, VIII) the Distant Prize, IX) Give a Man a Horse
13446: FINGER, CHARLES J. - In Lawless Lands (Signed)
13410: FINGER, CHARLES J. - After the Great Companions: A Free Fantasia on a Lifetime of Reading (Signed)
13409: FINGER, CHARLES J. - David Livingstone - Explorer and Prophet (Signed)
13403: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Frontier Ballads - Heard and Gathered
13401: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Seven Horizons (Signed)
13396: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Cape Horn Snorter: A Story of the War of 1812, and of Gallant Days with Captian Porter of the U.S. Frigate, Essex
25800: FINICHELL, STEPHEN S. AND PHILLIP ANDREWS - The Vatican and the Holy Year
29717: FINK, AUGUSTA - I-Mary
12349: FINK, LOIS MARIE - American Art at the Nineteenth-Century Paris Salons
22399: FINKELMAN, PAUL, ED - His Soul Goes Marching on: Responses to John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid
23416: FINLAY, VIRGIL - Virgil Finlay's Phantasms
4721: FINLAY, IAN - Scotland (a Picture of the Scottish People, Their Institutions and Culture, Drawn Against the Background of History)
11203: FINLAY, RICHARD - Modern Scotland, 1914-2000
28150: FINLAY, IAN - Scottish Crafts
23985: FINLEY, M.I. - Economy and Society in Ancient Greece
30566: FINLEY, M.I. - The Ancient Economy (Sather Classical Lectures)
30569: FINLEY,JOHN H., JR. - Homer's Odyssey
13522: FINLEY, M.I. - A History of Sicily: Ancient Sicily to the Arab Conquest
5430: FINN, DOUG - Heart of a Family
125: FINNEY, PATRICIA - Firedrake's Eye
1322: FINNEY, ERNEST J. - Words of My Roaring
1323: FINNEY, ERNEST - The Lady with the Alligator Purse
1324: FINNEY, ERNEST J. - Winterchill
3335: FINNEY, ERNEST J. - Birds Landing
4204: FINNEY, PATRICIA - A Shadow of Gulls
26493: FINNIE, DAVID H. - Pioneers East: The Early American Experience in the Middle East
2667: FINUCANE, RONALD C. - Soldiers of the Faith - Crusaders and Moslems at War
17441: FIRTH, RAYMOND - We, the Tikopia: A Sociological Study of Kinship in Primitive Polynesia
17782: FIRTZCHE, PETER - Reading Berlin, 1900
8316: FISCHER, DAVID HACKETT - Liberty and Freedom
24937: FISCHER, KLAUS P. - Nazi Germany: A New History
22908: FISCHER, GEORGE AND WALTER SCHENKEL - Social Stucture and Social Change in Eastern Europe: Guide to Specialized Studies Published in the West Since World War II in English, French, and German
14851: FISCHER, TH. A. - 1)the Scots in Germany, 2) the Scots in Eastern and Western Prussia, 3) the Scots in Sweden: Being a Contribution Towards the History of the Scot Abroad (3 Volumes, Complete)
14575: FISCHER, ROGER A. - Tippecanoe and Trinkets Too: The Material Culture of American Presidential Campaigns, 1828-1984
4236: FISCHER, LOUIS - The Life of Mahatma Gandhi
9876: FISCHER, DAVID HACKETT - Washington's Crossing
26209: FISHBURNE, RODES - Going to See the Elephant
29565: FISHEL, WESLEY R., ED - Vietnam - Anatomy of a Conflict
13990: FISHER, W.B. - The Middle East: A Physical, Social and Regional Geography
17453: FISHER, C.A. - South-East Asia: A Social, Economic and Political Geography
27263: FISHER, TODD - My Girls - a Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie
3386: FISHER, CLAY (WILL HENRY) - The Brass Command
30559: FISHER, F. HOPE - Written in the Stars: A Novel About Albrecht Durer (Signed)
27262: FISHER, ANNE - Cathedral in the Sun (Signed)
13418: FISHER, CLAY (AKA WILL HENRY) - The Big Pasture
11794: FISHER, RAYMOND H. - Bering's Voyages: Whither and Why
10269: FISHER, FRANKLIN - Bones
17483: FISK, ROBERT - Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon
30263: FISKE, JOHN - Essays Historical and Literary, 2 Volumes, Complete: 1) Scenes and Characters in American History, 2) in Favorite Fields
26063: FITCH, GEORGE HAMLIN - Great Spiritual Writers of America
5015: FITCH, GEORGE HAMLIN - The Critic in the Occident (and) the Critic in the Orient, 2 Volumes
21163: FITZGERALD, FRANCES - Way out There in the Blue: Reagan, Star Wars and the End of the Cold War
21965: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Mystery of the Raymond Mortgage
22412: FITZGERALD, MICHAEL W. - Splendid Failure: Postwar Reconstruction in the American South
16719: FITZGERALD, C.P. - China: A Short Cultural History
25842: FITZPATRICK, BENEDICT - Frail Anne Boleyn and Her Fateful Loves with Henry VIII
24469: FITZPATRICK, J.P. - The Transvaal from Within: A Private Record of Public Affairs
8977: FITZPATRICK, RALPH A. - Catalogue of British Military Medals in the Collection of Rev. Ralph A. Fitzpatrick (Signed)
15470: FITZPATRICK, VINCENT - Gerald W. Johnson: From Southern Liberal to National Conscience
11040: FITZPATRICK, BRENDAN - Seventeenth-Century Ireland: The War of Religions
24208: FITZROY, CHARLES - Renaissance Florence on Five Florins a Day (Signed)
24828: FLAGG, ISAAC - Persephone: A Masque
22208: FLANDRIN, JEAN-LOUIS - Families in Former Times: Kinship, Household and Sexuality in Early Modern France
17925: FLASHMAN, HARRY PAGET - Flashman on the March: From the Flashman Papers, 1867-8
13035: FLECHIER, ABBE (TRANSLATED BY W.W. COMFORT) - The Clermont Assizes of 1665: A Merry Account of a Grim Court
27458: FLEET, THOMAS AND JOHN - A Pocket Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1795
4440: FLEISCHER, VICTOR - Rienzo: The Rise and Fall of a Dictator
7861: FLEISHER, TONY, ED - New South African Writing (No. 3 of a Series of Five Annual Volumes)
6932: FLEMING, MARJORY (ARUNDELL ESDAILE, ED.) - The Jornals, Letters, and Verses of Marjory Fleming, in Collotype Facsimile from the Original Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland
24337: FLEMING, JOHN V. - The Dark Side of the Enlightenment: Wizards, Alchemists, and Spiritual Seekers in the Age of Reason
6956: FLEMING, FERGUS - The Sword and the Cross: Two Men and an Empire of Sand
30125: FLEMING, THOMAS - The Louisiana Purchase
16723: FLEMING, THOMAS - The New Dealers' War: F.D. R. And the War Within World War II
9666: FLEMING, PETER - Bayonets to Lhasa: The First Full Account of the British Invasion of Tibet in 1904
6326: FLEMING, THOMAS - Liberty! the American Revolution
27758: FLEMING, PETER - Bayonets to Lhasa: The First Full Account of the British Invasion of Tibet in 1904
1582: FLEMING, DONALD AND BAILYN, BERNARD, ED - The Intellectual Migration - Europe and America, 1930-1960
11532: FLEMING, PEGGY - In Her Place (Signed, Limited Edition)
10270: FLEMING, STEPHEN - The Exile of Sergeant Nen
4936: FLEMING, JOHN - Robert Adam and His Circle in Edinburgh and Rome
18155: FLETCHER, J.M.J. - The Story of Salisbury Cathedral
27081: FLETCHER, CATHERINE - The Black Prince of Florence: The Spectacular Life and Treacherous World of Alessandro de' Medici
676: FLETCHER, RICHARD - The Quest for El Cid
16629: FLETCHER, R.A. - The Episcopate in the Kingdom of Leon in the Twelfth Century
27934: FLETCHER, SETH - Einstein's Shadow - a Black Hole, a Band of Astronomers, and the Quest to See the Unseeable
25579: FLETCHER, IAN AND NATALIA ISHCHENKO - The Battle of the Alma: First Blood to the Allies in the Crimea
8123: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - George Washington, 4 Vols. , Complete First Editions in Dust Jacket: I) the Forge of Experience, 1732-1775 II)... In the American Revolution, 1775-1783 III)... And the New Nation IV) Anguish and Farewell, 1793-1799
398: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - The Traitor and the Spy: Benedict Arnold and John Andre
1234: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - Maverick's Progress - an Autobiography
11220: FLICK, ALEXANDER CLARENCE - The Decline of the Medieval Church, 2 Volumes, Complete
15574: FLINN, MICHAEL W. - The European Demographic System, 1500-1820
24794: FLINT, VALERIE I.J. - The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe
29267: FLOAN, HOWARD R. - The South in Northern Eyes (Signed)
23604: FLORENCE, RONALD - Lawrence and Aaronsohn: T.E. Lawrence, Aaron Aaronsohn, and the Seeds of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
22749: FLORIS, PETER - Peter Floris - His Voyage to the East Indies in the Globe, 611 - 1615
7050: FLOWER, MILTON E. - James Parton: The Father of Modern Biography
21593: FLUSSER, DAVID - Jewish Sources in Early Christianity
5437: FLYNN, ROBERT - Wanderer Springs
3507: FLYNN, T.T. - The Devil's Lode
19724: FLYNN, DANIEL J. - A Conservative History of the American Left
2585: FLYNT, WAYNE - Cracker Messiah - Governor Sidney J. Catts of Florida
15578: FOCAS, SPIRIDON G. - The Lower Danube River: In the Southeastern European Political and Economic Complex from Antiquity to the Conference of Belgrade of 1948
20691: FOCH, MARSHAL - The Memoirs of Marshal Foch
29405: FOER, JONATHAN SAFRAN - Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel
699: FOGARTY, ROBERT S. - All Things New; American Communes and Utopian Movements, 1860-1914
12891: FOGARTY, FRANCIS X. - Red Is the Grass
30752: FOIS, FILLIPPO - La Fenice Theatre: Guide Marsilio
23461: FOLKMAN, RABBI JEROME D. - Design for Jewish Living: A Guide for the Bride and Groom
30071: FOLLETT, KEN - The Century Trilogy. Three Volumes Complete. I) Fall of Giants, II) Winter of the World, III: Edge of Eternity
9936: FOLMSBEE, STANLEY JOHN - Sectionaliam and Internal Improvements in Tennessee, 1796-1845 (Signed)
2413: FOLSOM, ALLAN - The Day After Tomorrow
13320: FOLSOM, FRANKLIN - Impatient Armies of the Poor: The Story of Collective Action of the Unemployed, 1808-1942
5282: FOLTZ, CHARLES S. - Surgeon of the Seas: The Adventurous Life of Surgeon General Jonathan M. Foltz in the Days of Wooden Ships - Told from His Notes of the Moment by Charles S. Foltz
26717: FOLZ, ROBERT - The Coronation of Charlemagne: 25 December 800
8564: FONER, PHILIPS S. - Labor and the American Revolution
27753: FONER, ERIC - Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad
22902: FONER, ERIC, ED - Our Lincoln: New Perspectives on Lincoln and His World
27708: FONER, ERIC - The Story of Amerian Freedom
26776: FONG, WEN C. AND JAMES C.Y. WATT - Possessing the Past: Treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei
14633: FONTAINE, ARTHUR - French Industry During the War
26178: FONTANE, THEODOR - Across the Tweed - a Tour of Mid-Victorian Scotland
25354: FOORD, EDWARD - Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812
7710: FOORD, ARCHIBALD S. - His Majesty's Opposition, 1714-1830
3985: FOOTT, BETHIA - Dismissal of a Premier (the Philip Game Papers)
249: FORBATH, PETER - The River Congo: The Discovery, Exploration and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic River
25165: FORBES, LADY ANGELA - Memories and Base Details
16878: FORBES, DAVID W. - Encounters with Paradise: Views of Hawaii and Its People, 1778-1941
21372: FORBES-LINDSAY, C.H. - Washington: The City and the Seat of Government
6308: FORBES, COLIN - Avalanche Express
5436: FORBES, JACK D. - Only Approved Indians
4281: FORBES, ESTHER - Rainbow on the Road
4487: FORBES, COLIN - Target Five
16653: FORD, HUGH D. - A Poet's War: British Poets and the Spanish CIVIL War
28517: FORD, BRIAN J. - Toio Big to Walk: The New Science of Dinosaurs
5823: FORD, COLIN, ED., RAY STRONG, INTRODUCTION - An Early Victorian Album: The Photographic Masterpieces (1843-1847) of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, Edited and Introduced by Colin Ford, and with an Interpretive Essay by Roy Strong
28148: FORD, EMMA - Falconry: Art and Practice
5261: FORD, JAMES FORD - History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850 to the Final Restoration of Home Rule at the South in 1877, 7 Volumes, Complete -- to Which Is Added Volume 8: History of the United States from Hayes to Mckinley
16208: FORD, KEN - D-Day 1944: Sword Beach and the British Airborne Landings
26773: FORD, RICHARD - Between Them: Remembering My Parents
25570: FORESTER, C.S. - Louis XIV, King of France and Navarre
26511: FORESTER, C.S. - Randall and the River of Time
24503: FORMAN, JAMES D. - Prince Charlie's Year
23030: FORMISANO, RONALD P. - The Birth of Mass Politcal Parties: Michigan, 1827-1861
4434: FORREST, ANTHONY - The Pandora Secret: A Captain Justice Story
25702: FORSSELL, NILS - Fouche: The Man Napoleon Feared
19210: FORSTER, MARGARET - The Rash Adventurer: The Rise and Fall of Charles Edward Stewart
9262: FORSTER, ROBERT - The House of Saulx-Tavanes: Versailes and Burgundy, 1700-1830
21967: FORSTER, E.M. - Sinclair Lewis Inteprets America
30552: FORSTER, E.M. AND PHILIP GARDNER, ED - Commonplace Book
5352: FORSYTH, R. - The Beauties of Scotland, 5 Vols. , Complete
2395: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - No Comebacks - Collected Short Stories
2396: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Fourth Protocol
25564: FORTESCUE, SIR JOHN - Marlborough
4633: FOSS, MICHAEL - The Founding of the Jesuits, 1540
28187: FOSS, SAM WALTER - Whiffs from Wild Meadows
26698: FOSS, CLIVE - Byzantine and Turkish Sardis
4635: FOSS, MICHAEL - Undreamed Shores: England's Wasted Empire in America
10411: FOSSEY, PIERRE - Aspectos de Montevideo: Tomados Del Natural
28342: FOSTER, JOHN B, ED - How to Play the Infield/How to Play the Outfield
5397: FOSTER, JOHN - Class Struggle and the Industrial Revolution: Early Industrial Capitalism in Three English Towns
25129: FOSTER, JOHN W. - Diplomatic Memoirs, Two Volumes Complete
17384: FOSTER, ELIZABETH READ - The House of Lords, 1603-1649: Structure, Procedure, and the Nature of Its Business
18447: FOSTER, HARRY L. - A Vagabond in Barbary
29582: FOSTER, STEPHEN - The Long Argument - English Puritanism and the Shaping of New England Culture, 1570-1700
26607: FOSTER, SIR WILLIAM - The Hakluyt Society: A Retrospect 1846-1946
21780: FOSTER, JOHN W. - A Century of American Diplomacy
7438: FOSTER, I.LL., AND GLYN DANIEL, EDS - Prehistoric and Early Wales
22649: FOSTER, MARK S. - Henry J. Kaiser: Builder in the American West (Signed)
24433: FOSTER, LAWRENCE - Religion and Sexuality: Three Communal Expriments of the Nineteenth Century (Signed)
24598: FOTHERGILL, JOHN - An Innkeeper's Diary: Being the Spread Eagle Section of "My Three Inns
28580: FOTHERGILL, JOHN - Chain of Frendship: Selected Letters of Dr. John Fothergill, 1735-1780
11308: FOTHERGILL, J. MILNER - The Antagonism of Therapeutic Agents: And What It Teaches
10825: FOTHERGILL, JOHN - Observations on the Recovery of a Man Dead in Appearance by Distending the Lungs with Air (Signed)
5151: FOULKE, ROY A. - The Sinews of American Commerce
28960: FOWBLE, E. MCSHERRY - Two Centuries of Prints in America,: 1680-1880. A Selective Catalogue of the Winterthur Museum Collectgion
16038: FOWLER, WILL - Stalingrad: The Vital 7 Days
1333: FOWLER, CONNIE MAY - River of Hidden Dreams
1334: FOWLER, CONNIE MAY - Sugar Cage
1335: FOWLER, CONNIE MAY - Sugar Cage
12567: FOWLER, GENE - Beau James: The Life and Times of Jimmy Walker
3911: FOWLER, LORETTA - Arapahoe Politics, 1851-1978
23735: FOWLER, DOROTHY CANFIELD - John Coit Spooner: Defender of Presidents
29481: FOWLES, JOHN - The Journals. Volume One: 1949-1965
20464: FOX, JULIA - Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford
29407: FOX, GARDNER, JOE KUBERT, MURPHY ANDERSON - The Hawkman Archives: Volume 1
1915: FOX, PAUL - Four Men
2397: FOX, GEORGE - Amok
3327: FOX, NORMAN A. - The Badlands Beyond (Signed)
10824: FOX, TILBURY AND T.C. FOX - Epitome of Skin Diseases, with Formulae, for Students and Practitioners
29334: FOX, ROBIN LANAE - Travelling Heroes in the Epic Age of Homer
24431: FOX, RICHARD WIGHTMAN - Lincoln's Body: A Cultural History
23510: FOX, ROBIN LANE - Augustine: Conversions to Confessions
16328: FOX, ROBIN LANE - The Search for Alexander
11176: FOXWELL, ARTHUR, M.A., M.D., CANTAB - Essays in Heart and Lung Disease (Signed)
27991: FOY, GRAY (EDITED BY DON QUAINTANCE) - Gray Foy: Drawings 1941-1975
15053: FRADKIN, ELVIRA K. - The Air Menace and the Answer
15014: FRAENKEL, JEFFREY, ED - 20twenty
15006: FRAENKEL, JEFFREY AND MATTHEW MARKS - Open Secrets: Seventy Pictures on Paper 1815 to the Present
19756: FRAGOSO, DOM ANTONIO B. - Face of a Church: A Nascent Church of the People in Crateus, Brazil
19960: FRAISSE, GENEVIEVE AND MICHELLE PERROT, EDS - A History of Women in the West, Volume IV: Emerging Feminism from Revolution to World War
24824: FRAME, VIRGINIA WOODSON (COMPILED AND ARRANGED BY) - College Girls' Record: A Chronicle of Memories. Being a Register of Statistics, a History of Impressions and Events in Four Years of College Life
26976: FRAMPTON, MARTYN - The Musim Brotherhood and the West: A History of Enmity and Engagement
4500: FRANCE, JOHN - Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades, 1000-1300
19647: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Well of Saint Clare
27146: FRANCIS, A.D. - The Methuens of Portugal, 1691-1708
20029: FRANCIS, DIANE - Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country
3336: FRANCIS, H.E. - The Itinerary of Beggars
18664: FRANK, JOSEPH - Dostoevsky: The Mantle of the Prophet, 1871-1881
26916: FRANK, GEROLD AND ZSA ZSA GABOR - Zsa Zsa Gabor: My Story
21533: FRANK, WALTER - Law and the Gay Rights Story: The Long Search for Equal Justice in a Divided Democrary
30336: FRANK, GERHART - Genus Gymnocalycium
13288: FRANK, KATHERINE - A Passage to Egypt: The Life of Lucie Duff Gordon
12900: FRANK, WALDO - Birth of a World: Bolivar in Terms of His Peoples
17481: FRANK, KATHERINE - A Passage to Egypt: The Life of Lucie Duff Gordon
21606: FRANKAU, PAMELA - Colonel Blessington
23549: FRANKEL, JONATHAN, ED - The Fate of European Jews, 1939-1945 - Continuity or Contingency
10272: FRANKEN, ROSE - Claudia and David
9194: FRANKFURTER, FELIX (AND JOSEPH P. LASH) - From the Diaries of Felix Frankfurther, with a Biographical Essay and Notes by Joseph P. Lash
25611: FRANKFURTER, FELIX, ED - Mr. Justice Holmes
30523: FRANKIN, JOSEPH AND J.A. HEADINGTON - The Life and Tmes of Benjamin Franklin
24069: FRANKLAND, NOBLE - Prince Henry: Duke of Gloucester
28812: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Benjamin Franklin's Memoirs: Parallel Text Edition. Comprising the Texts of Franklin's Original Manuscript, the French Translation by Louis Guillaume le Veillard, the French Translation Published by Buisson, and the Version Edited by William Temple Franklin, His Grandson
28899: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Father Abraham's Speech
3457: FRANKLIN, EDWARD - Man on the Wire
11958: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, ET AL. - Dr. Benj. Franklin and the Ladies: Being Various Letters, Essays, Bagatelles, & Satires to & About the Fair Sex
26940: FRANTZ, DOUGLAS AND CATHERINE COLLINS - Death on the Black Sea: The Untold Story of the Struma and World War II's Holocaust at Sea
18882: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Corrections
29679: FRANZIUS, ENNO - History of the Order of Assassins
5743: FRANZIUS, ENNO - History of the Byzantine Empire: Mother of Nations
16474: FRASER, REBECCA - The Story of Britain - from the Romans to the Present: A Narrative History
68: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - Mcauslan in the Rough
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2403: FRASER, ANTONIA - Jemima Shore's First Case and Other Stories
2407: FRASER, ANTONIA - Political Death
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1341: FRAZIER, IAN - Nobody Better, Better Than Nobody
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2815: FREDENBURGH, THEODORE - Sow the Wind
30602: FREDERIC, HAROLD - The Damnation of Theron Ware
22282: FREDERICKSON, GEORGE M. - Big Enough to Be Inconsistent: Abraham Lincoln Confronts Slavery and Race
16655: FREEDMAN, PAUL - The Origins of Peasant Servitude in Medieval Catalonia
1340: FREEDMAN, RALPH - Divided
23445: FREEHLING, WILLIAM W.,ED - The Nullification Era - a Documentay Record
22531: FREEHLING, WILLIAM H. - The South Vs. The South: How Anti-Confederate Southerners Shaped the Course of the CIVIL War
26247: FREEHOF, SOLOMON B. - A Treasury of Responsa: A Selection of Important Rabbinic Correspondence During the Last Thousand Years
23145: FREEHOF, SOLOMON B. - Book of Isaiah - a Commentary
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21454: FRENCH, LIEUT. COLONEL THE HONOURABLE GERALD, - The Kitchener-French Dispute: A Last Word
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11498: FRIEDKIN, ANTHONY - Anthony Friedkin [Photogrpahs] (Signed)
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18672: FRYE, WILLIAM - Marshall - Citizen Soldier
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1356: FUHRMAN, CHRIS - The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
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17577: FULLER, ROBERT H. - Jubilee Jim: The Life of Colonel James Fisk, Jr.
19829: FULLER, HENRY B. - The Chatelaine of la Trinte
26552: FULLER, A. JAMES - Oliver P. Morton and the Politics of the CIVIL War and Reconstruction
30798: FULLER, ERROL - Dodo: A Brief History
27861: FULLER, ALEXANDRA - Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood
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11053: FULTON, JOHN F. - Aviation Medicine in Its Preventive Aspects
30277: FUNCK-BRENTANO, FRANTZ - The National History of France - the Middle Ages
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24012: FUNG, EDMUND S.K. - The Military Dimension of the Chinese Revolution
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580: FURNAS, J.C. - The Road to Harpers Ferry
3318: FURNAS, J.C. - The Devil's Rainbow
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22011: FURTH, CHARLOTTE - Ting Wen-Chiang: Science and China's New Culture
2581: FURTWANGLER, ALBERT - Assassin on Stage - Brutus, Hamlet, and the Death of Lincoln
23269: FURUYA, KEIJI - Chiang Kai-Shek: His Life and Times
3603: FUSSNER, F. SMITH - Tudor History and the Historians
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12986: FYFE, J.G., ED - Scottish Diaries and Memoirs, 1150-1746
2412: FYFIELD, FRANCES - Shadow Play
24825: G.F.E. (A.B.), A SYMPATHIZER - The College Freshman's Don't Book. In the Interests of Freshmen at Large, Especially Those Whose Remaining at Large Uninstructed and Unguided Appears a Worry and a Menace to College and University Society These Remarks and Hints Are Set Forth
1963: GAAN, MARGARET - White Poppy (a Novel of the Opium Wars)
12108: GABALDON, DIANA - The Outlandish Companion
29648: GABALDON, DIANA - An Echo in the Bone
24545: GABBARD, KRIN AND GLEN O. GABBARD - Psychiatry in the Cinema
26678: GABER, DR. HASNY - Essentials of Muslim Prayer
27253: GABRIEL, RALPH HENRY, EDITOR AND VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Pageant of America, Liberty Bell Edition, 15 Volumes Complete (Signed, Limited Edition)
22587: GABRIELI, FRANCESCO, ED - Arab Historians of the Crusades
21136: GADE, JOHN A. - Charles the Twelfth King of Sweden: Translated from the Manuscript of Carl Gustafson Klingspor
6996: GAGLIARDO, JOHN G. - From Pariah to Patriot: The Changing Image of the German Peasant, 1770- 1840
13284: GAIL, MARZIEH - Avignon in Flower, 1309-1403
22075: GAILEY, HARRY A. (PETER DUIGNAN AND LEWIS GANN, EDS.) - Sir Donald Cameron, Colonial Governor
14411: GAINES, JAMES R. - For Liberty and Glory: Washington, Lafayette, and Their Revolutions
17286: GAITE, CARMEN MARTIN - Love Customs in Eighteenth Century Spain
8906: GALATOPOULOS, STELIOS - Bellini: Life, Times, Music
21147: GALBERT OF BRUGES - The Murder of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders
26921: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - A View from the Stands: Of People, Politics, Military Power and the Arts. With Notes by the Author
26926: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - A Life in Our Times: Memoirs
7661: GALBRAITH, V.H. - An Introduction to the Use of the Public Records
18849: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Affluent Society
25831: GALBRAITH, JOHN S. - Crown and Charter: The Early Years of the British South Africa Company
24972: GALBRIATH, JOHN KENNETH - The New Industrial State
10615: GALLACHER, WILLIAM - Revolt on the Clyde: An Autobiography
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17879: GALLAGHER, HUGH GREGORY - By Trust Betrayed: Patients, Physicians, and the License to Kill in the Third Reich
28303: GALLAGHER, MARK - Day by Day in New York Yankees History
11977: GALLAGHER, HUGH GREGORY - Advise and Obstruct: The Role of the United States Senate in Foreign Policy Decisions (Signed)
5058: GALLAHER, JOHN G. - General Alexandre Dumas: Soldier of the French Revolution
19895: GALLARATI-SCOTTI, HENDRICK IBSEN, MARCO PRAGA AND GABRIELE D'ANNUNZIO - The Eleonora Duse Series of Plays: Thy Will Be Done, Ghosts, the Lady from the Sea, the Closed Door, the Dead City
25315: GALLEN, P.H. - How Popes Are Chosen and Other Essays
6016: GALLICO, PAUL - Matilda
18187: GALLIN, ALICE - Midwives to Nazism: University Professors in Weimar Germany, 1925-1933
22340: GALLMAN, J. MATTHEW - Northerners at War: Reflections on the CIVIL War Home Front
8435: GALPIN, FRANCIS W. - Old English Instruments of Music: Their History and Character
30610: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Silver Spoon
19439: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Moods, Songs, and Doggerels
12561: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Little Man and Other Satires
9834: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Maid in Waiting
9830: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Forsyte Saga
6853: GALT, JOHN - The Provost, Illustrated in Colour by John M. Aiken
25266: GALT, JOHN - Life of Cardinal Wolsey
11288: GALTIER-BOISSIERE, DR - Larousee Medical Illustre de Guerre
12452: GAMBILL, EDWARD L. - Conservative Ordeal: Northern Democrats and Reconstruction, 1865-1869
5394: GAMMAGE, R.C. - History of the Chartist Movement, 1837-1854
30326: GAMMONS, PETER - Beyond the Sixth Game
1346: GANESAN, INDIRA - The Journey
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3232: GANN, L.H. AND M. GELFAND - Huggins of Rhodesia - the Man and His Country
12510: GANOCZY, ALEXANDRE - La Biblioteque de L'Academie de Calvin: Le Catalogue de 1572 Et Ses Enseignements
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4627: GARBO, NORMAN - The Movement
16910: GARCIA, L. PERICOT - The Balearic Islands
1345: GARCIA, GUY - Skin Deep
27910: GARCIA, MARIO T. - Father Luis Olivares: A Biography: Faith Politics and the Origins of the Sanctuary Movement in Los Angeles
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25981: GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON - History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate - Volume III, 1654-1656
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2164: GARDINER, JOHN ROLFE - In the Heart of the Whole World
25978: GARDINER, SAMUEL RAWSON - History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate - Volume I, 1849-1851
21545: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Daring Decoy
1347: GARDNER, JOHN - Nickel Mountain
1349: GARDNER, JOHN - The King of the Hummingbirds and Other Tales
1352: GARDNER, JOHN - The Art of Living and Other Stories
2162: GARDNER, MARY - Keeping Warm
2342: GARDNER, JOHN - Vlemk the Box-Painter
2415: GARDNER, JOHN - The Secret Generations
3392: GARDNER, HERB - A Thousand Clowns
12566: GARDNER, LLOYD C. - Safe for Democracy: The Anglo-American Response to Revolution, 1913-1923
13927: GARDNER, JOHN - In the Suicide Mountains
28006: GARDNER, MONA - The Shanghai Item and Other Tales of the Orient
24544: GARDNER, GERALD - The Censorship Papers: Movie Censorship Letters from the Hays Office 1934-1968
5659: GARFIELD, BRIAN - Kolchak's Gold (Signed)
3316: GARFIELD, BRIAN - The Last Bridge
2922: GARITANO, RITA - Rainy Day Man
19629: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Her Mountain Lover
18558: GARLAND, HAMLIN - The Book of the American Indian
7450: GARLAND, ALEX - The Tesseract
21230: GARNETT, DAVID - The Sailor's Return
8945: GARNETT, JAMES M. - Lectures on Female Education, Comprising the First and Second Series of a Course Delivered to Mrs. Garnett's Pupils, at Elm-Wood, Essex County, Virginia (to Which Is Annexed, the Gossip's Manual)
26079: GARNETT, PORTER - The Inscriptions at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
18871: GARNHAM, NICHOLAS - Samuel Fuller
12699: GARNHAM, NICHOLAS - Samuel Fuller
28284: GARNIER, PHILIPPE - Goodis - a Life in Black and White (Signed)
10925: GARNIER, CHRISTINE - White People Smile at Me
22511: GARRATY, JOHN ARTHUR - Silas Wright
28365: GARREAU, GARTH - Bat Boy of the Giants
5435: GARRETT, GEORGE - In the Briar Patch
28719: GARRETT, WENDELL D. - Apthorp House 1760-1960
17001: GARRISON. WILLIAM LLOYD - The Letters of William Lloyd Garrison, 6 Volumes, Complete: I) I Will Be Heard! 1822-1835, II) a House Dividing Against Itself 1836-1840, III) No Union with Salve-Holders 1841-1849, IV) from Disunionism to the Brink of War 1850-1860, V) Let the Oppressed Go Free 1861-1867, VI) to Rouse the Slumbering Land 1868-1879
26379: GARROW, DAVID J. - Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama
10277: GARSIDE, E.B. - The Man from Brazil
12736: GARSON, ROBERT A. - The Democratic Party and the Politics of Sectionalism, 1941-1948
5660: GARVE, ANDREW - The Sea Monks
22634: GARWOOD, JULIE - Slitovani
1805: GASCAR, PIERRE - Women and the Sun
4404: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER - Murgatreud's Empire
4774: GASH, NORMAN - Pillars of Government and Other Essays on State and Society, C. 1770-C. 1880
9586: GASH, NORMAN - Reaction and Reconstruction in English Politics, 1832-1852
2417: GASH, JONATHAN - Firefly Gadroon
2419: GASH, JONATHAN - Jade Woman
3833: GASH, NORMAN - Politics in the Age of Peel - a Study in the Technique of Parliamentary Representation, 1830-1850
27720: GASKILL, MALCOLM - Between Two Worlds: How the English Became Americans
1817: GATES, HENRY LOUIS JR. - Colored People - a Memoir
13278: GATES, MILLICENT ANNE AND E. BRUCE GEELHOED (FOREWARD BY GERALD R. FORD) - The Dragon and the Snake: An American Account of the Turmoil in China, 1976-1977
18843: GATEWOOD, WILLARD B., JR. - Smoked Yankees" and the Struggle for Empire: Letters from Negro Soldiers, 1898-1902
5492: GATHORNE-HARDY, J. - One Foot in the Clouds
7865: GATTI, ATTILIO - Africa Is Adventure
13244: GATTI, ATTILIO - Great Mother Forest
3461: GATTY, CHARLES T. - Mary Davies and the Manor of Ebury, 2 Vols
26886: GAUNT, PETER - The Cromwellian Gazeteer: An Illustrated Guide to Britain in the CIVIL War and Commonwealth
30557: GAUTIER, THEOPHILE - Le Roman de la Momie
19664: GAUTIER, THEOPHILE - The Wife of King Candaules
8769: GAUTSCHI, WILLI - General Henri Guisan: Commander-in-Chief of the Swiss Army in World War II
2590: GAVIN, CATHERINE - The Fortress
27717: GAVSHON,M ARTHUR L. - The Last Days of Dag Hammarskjold
25571: GAXOTTE, PIERRE - Louis the Fifteenth and His Times
30293: GAY, SYDNEY HOWARD - James Madison
27853: GAY, JAN - The Mutt Book
4418: GAYLE, ADDISON, JR. - The Way of the New World: The Black Novel in America
5496: GEAR, NORMAN - Bayside
23477: GEBHARDT, JURGEN - Americanism: Revolutiony Order and Self-Interpretation in the American Republic
23594: GEBHART, EMILE - Mystics and Heretics in Italy at the End of the Middle Ages
13362: GEER, ANDREW - Canton Barrier
22291: GEFFEN, ELIZABETH M. - Philadelphia Unitarianism, 1796-1861
28904: GEGENHEIMER, ALBERT FRANK - William Smith, Educator and Churchman: 1727-1803
17780: GEHLEN, REINHARD - The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen
29300: GELB, ARTHUR AND BARBARA GELB - By Women Possessed - a Life of Eugene O'Neill
6437: GELL, SIR WILLIAM - Reminiscences of Sir Walter Scott's Residenc in Italy, 1832
17857: GELLATELY, ROBERT - Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany
9264: GELLES, EDITH B. - Portia: The World of Abigail Adams
13054: GELLMAN, IRWIN F. - Secret Affairs: Franklin Roosevelt, Cordell Hull, and Sumner Welles (Signed)
23060: GELLMAN, IRWIN F. - The President and the Apprentice: Eisenhower and Nixon, 1952-1961
26472: GELLMAN, IRWIN F. - Roosevelt and Batista: Good Neighbor Diplomacy in Cuba, 1933-1945
29824: GEMMELI, DAVID - White Wolf: A Novel of Druss the Legend
23272: GENERAL HUGUET - Britain and the War - a French Indictment
29394: GENET, JEAN - Miracle of the Rose
2173: GENG, VERONICA - Partners
16746: GENISSE, JANE FLETCHER - American Priestess: The Extraordinary Story of Anna Spafford and the American Colony in Jerusalem
27094: GENOVESE, EUGENE D. - From Rebellion to Revolution: Afro-American Slave Revolts in the Making of the Modern World
12531: GENTILE, SEBASTIAN AND CARLOS GILLY - Marsilio Ficino E IL Ritorno de Ermete Trosmegisto / Marsilio Ficino and the Return of Hermes Trismegistus
15841: GENTILE, DEREK - The Complete Boston Red Sox: The Total Encyclopedia of the Team
16545: GENTRY, CURT - Frame-Up: The Incredible Case of Tom Mooney and Warren Billings (Signed)
21670: GEORGE DOUGLAS, EIGHTH DUKE OF ARGYLL - Autobiography and Memoirs (1823-1900) Two Volumes, Complete
29353: GEORGE, CHIEF JUSTICE RONALD M. (RETIRED) - Chief: The Quest for Justice in California (Signed)
21816: GEORGE, W.L. - A Bed of Roses (Signed First Edition)
15263: GEORGE, CHARLES H. AND KATHERINE GEORGE - The Protestant Mind of the English Reformation, 1570-1640
15576: GEORGESCU, VLAD - Political Ideas and the Enlightenment in the Romanian Principlaities
1355: GERARD, PHILIP - Desert Kill
16252: GERARD, JAMES W. - Face to Face with Kaiserism
1354: GERBER, MERRILL JOAN - Honeymoon - Stories
1360: GERBER, MERRILL JOAN - Chattering Man - Stories and a Novella
28708: GERMAIN, LORD GEORGE AND RANDOLPH G. ADAMS - The Papers of Lord George Germain: A Brief Description of Thestopford-Sackville Papers Now in the William L. Clements Lilbrary
28180: GERRITSEN, MARY E. AND RON PARSONS - Calochortus: Mariposa Lilies and Their Relatives
4251: GERSHOY, LEO - From Despotism to Revolution, 1763-1789
2424: GERSON, JACK - Death Squad London
3993: GERSTNER, PATSY - Henry Darwin Rogers, 1808-1866 - American Geologist
27898: GESSEL, VAN C. AND TOMONE MATSUMOTO, EDS - The Showa Anthology - Modern Japanse Short Stories: Two Volumes, Complete. Vol I: 1929-1961; Vol II: 1961-1984
7099: GESSLER, CLIFFORD - Pattern of Mexico
4475: GETHYN-JONES, ERIC - Trevisa of Berkeley: A Celtic Firebrand
6454: GETLEIN, FRANK - The Lure of the Great West
21116: GEYL, PIETER - The Netherlands in the Seventh Century, 2 Volumes. Part One: 1609-1648, Part Two: 1648-1715
5545: GEYL, PIETER - Encounters in History
4018: GHOSE, ZULFIKAR - The Murder of Aziz Khan
4019: GHOSE, SUDHIN N. - Folk Tales and Fairy Stories from India
4020: GHOSE, SUDHIN N. - The Flame of the Forest (Signed)
4021: GHOSE, SUDHIN N. - The Vermilion Boat
4022: GHOSE, SUDHIN N. - Cradle of the Clouds
4023: GHOSE, ZULFIKAR - Figures of Enchantment
4024: GHOSE, ZULFIKAR - Don Bueno
4025: GHOSE, ZULFIKAR - A New History of Torments
4154: GHOSE, ZULFIKAR - A Different World
13784: GHOUGASSIAN, VAZKEN S. - The Emergence of the Armenian Diocese of New Julfa in the Seveteenth Century
11267: GIANTURCO, PAOLA - Celebrating Women (Signed)
70: GIARDINA, DENISE - Good King Harry
7487: GIARDINI, ALFONSO VITTORIO (MANAGING EDITOR) - Italy's Life #12 - 1952 (Enit's Official Review)
7237: GIBB, H.A.R. AND HAROLD BOWEN - Islamic Society and the West: Vol. 1 - Islamic Society in the Eighteenth Century, Parts 1 & 2. Two Volume Set in Dust Jackets
12802: GIBB, A.D. - A Preface to Scots Law
24512: GIBBINS, ROBERT - John Graham, Convict: 1824
17905: GIBBON, MONK - Western Germany
26160: GIBBONS, FLOYD - And They Thought We Wouldn't Fight
1358: GIBBONS, KAYE - A Cure for Dreams (Signed)
1359: GIBBONS, KAYE - Ellen Foster
26126: GIBBS, RALPH ERWIN - Songs of Content: A Volume of Verse
15794: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Battles of the Somme
23893: GIBBS. PHILIP - Men and Women of the French Revolution
15793: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Germans on the Somme
4255: GIBBS, PETER - Crimean Blunder: The Story of War with Russia a Hundred Years Ago
2171: GIBERT, JULIA MARION - Outward and Visible Signs
10983: GIBERT, C.M. - Changes of the Blood in Disease
30614: GIBSON, LAWRENCE HENRY - The Triumphant Empire: The Empire Beyond the Storm, 1770-1776
10984: GIBSON, GEORGE ALEXANDER - The Nervous Affections of the Heart: Being the Morison Lectures Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh in 1902 and 1903
1365: GIBSON, MARGARET - Sweet Poison - Stories
1366: GIBSON, GRAEME - Perpetual Motion
2444: GIBSON, TOM - A Soldier of India
14182: GIBSON, ALEXANDER - Under the Cruisie or Saturday Night at a Buchan Farm in the Middle of the Last Century, with Other Buchan Ballads and Lyrics
13539: GIBSON, JOHN G. - Traditional Gaelic Bagpiping, 1745-1945
27924: GIDE, ANDRE - The Fruits of the Earth
30049: GIDE, ANDRE - Two Legends - Oedipus and Theseus
14755: GIELGUD, VAL - Old Swords
19726: GIES, FRANCES AND JOSEPH - Marriage and the Famly in the Middle Ages
16675: GIESEY, RALPH A. - If Not, Not: The Oath of the Aragonese and the Legendary Law of Sobrarbe
4091: GIFFORD, EDWARD S. - The American Revolution in the Delaware Valley
11868: GIGLIO, JAMES N. - The Presidency of John F. Kennedy
1363: GILB, DAGOBERTO - The Last Known Residence of Mickey Acuna (Signed)
1364: GILB, DAGOBERTO - The Magic of Blood (Signed)
8809: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill, Volume VII: Road to Victory, 1941-1945 (Signed, Limited Edition)
7355: GILBERT, DAN - The Biblical Basis of the Constitution
30138: GILBERT, SANDRA M. - Kissing the Bread: New and Selected Poems, 1969-1999
24268: GILBERT, MARTIN - Servant of India: A Study of Imperial Rule from 1905 to 1910 As Told Through the Correspondence and Diaries of Sir James Dunlop Smith (Signed)
24249: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill, Volume III [3]: 1914-1916
28149: GILBERT, RICHARD - Memorable Munros: A Diary of Ascents of the Highest Peaks in Scotland
5403: GILBERT, MARTIN - The European Powers, 1900-45
1946: GILBERT, BENTLEY BRINKERHOFF - David Lloyd George, a Political Life: Organizer of Victory, 1912-1916
2170: GILBERT, SARAH - Dixie Riggs
15615: GILBERT, BENTLEY B. - British Social Policy, 1914-1939
15037: GILBERT, MARTIN - Churchill and America
14014: GILBERT, MARTIN, ED - A Century of Conflict: Essays for A.J. P. Taylor
11823: GILBERT, WILLIAM H., JR. - People of India (Smithsonian War Background Studies # 18)
10790: GILBERT, BERNARD - Bly Market: Moving Pictures of a Market-Day
24270: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill, Companion Volume V - in Three Parts, Complete: Part 1 - the Exchequer Years 1922-1929, Part 2 - the Wilderness Years 1929-1935, Part 3 - the Coming of War 1936-1939
17890: GILBY, WILLIAM - Das Bild Des Feuers Bei Holderlin: Eine Gentische Betrachtung
11105: GILCHRIST, IAN G. - Scenes and Sails on the Firth of Clyde (Signed)
6019: GILDEN, K.B. - Hurry Sundown
1361: GILDNER, GARY - A Week in South Dakota - Stories
1362: GILDNER, GARY - The Crush
1372: GILDNER, GARY - The Second Bridge
4026: GILDNER, GARY - A Week in South Dakaota
10283: GILDNER, GARY - A Week in South Dakota
10282: GILDNER, GARY - A Week in South Dakota (Signed)
17143: GILES, MOLLY - Rough Translations (Signed)
7799: GILL, GILLIAN - Nightingales: The Extraordinary Upbringing and Curious Life of Miss Florence Nightingale
16924: GILL, GILLIAN - Nightingales: Florence and Her Family
5275: GILLEQUIN, GUY - Ring of Rogues
16648: GILLESPIE, RICHARD - The Spanish Socialist Party: A History of Factionalism
22080: GILLESPIE, FRANCES ELMA - Labor and Politics in England, 1850-1867
15251: GILLESPIE, T.H. - The Story of the Edinburgh Zoo, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and the Scottish National Zoological Park: An Account of Their Origin and Progress
5256: GILLINGHAM, JOHN - Industry and Politics in the Third Reich (Signed)
275: GILLINGHAM, JOHN - Richard the Lionheart
328: GILLINGHAM, JOHN - The Wars of the Roses
10831: GILLON, CAPTAIN STAIR - The K.O. S.B. In the Great War
27173: GILMAN, CAROLYN - Lewis and Clark - Across the Divide
28087: GILMAN, SANDER L. - The Case of Sigmund Freud: Medicine and Identity at the Fin de Siecle
13564: GILMORE, SCOTT (WITH PATRICK DAVIS) - A Connecticut Yankee in the 8th Gurkha Rifles
6378: GILMORE, ALLISON B. - You Can't Fight Tanks with Bayonets: Psychological Warfare Against the Japanese Army in the Southwest Pacific
22525: GILMORE, AL-TONY, ED - Revisitng Blassingame's the Slave Community - the Scholars Respond (Signed)
17277: GILMOUR, DAVID - The Transformation of Spain: From Franco to the Constitutional Monarchy
8268: GILMOUR, DAVID - Curzon: Imperial Statesman
28614: GIMBEL, RICHARD - Thomas Paine: A Bibliographical Check List of Common Sense with an Account of Its Publication
15856: GINELL, CARY - Hot Jazz for Sale: Hollywood's Jazz Man Record Shop (Signed)
3836: GINTER, DONALD E., ED - Whig Organization in the General Election of 1790 - Selections from the Blair Adams Papers
19493: GIOVANETTI, ARTURO - Arrows in the Gale
2169: GIOVINAZZO, BUDDY - Life Is Hot in Cracktown
28781: GIPSON, LAWRENCE HENRY - American Loyalist: Jared Ingersoll
28853: GIPSON, LAWRENCE HENRY - A Guide to Manuscripts Relating to the the History of the British Empire, 1748-1776 (Volume XV of the British Empire Before the Amrican Revolution)
14834: GIRAUD, MARCEL - A History of French Louisiana, Volume One: The Reign of Louis XIV, 1698-1715
9400: GIRDNER, JAQUELINE - Fat-Free and Fatal (Signed)
923: GIRDNER, AUDRIE AND LOFTIS, ANNE - The Great Betrayal - the Evacuation of the Japanese-Americans During World War II
3340: GIRONELLA, JOSE MARIA - Where the Soil Was Shallow
30764: GIROUARD, MARK - Life in the English Country House: A Social and Architectural History
2425: GIROUX, E. X. - Death for a Dietitian
2426: GIROUX, E. X. - A Death for a Dancing Doll
10286: GISH, ROBERT FRANKLIN - When Coyote Howls: A Lavaland Fable
23707: GITELMAN, ZVI - Anti-Semitism in the Ussr: Sources, Types, Consequences
21371: GITLIN, TODD - The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage
2427: GITLIN, TODD - The Murder of Albert Einstein
15389: GITTINGS, JOHN - China Changes Face: The Road from Revolution, 1949-1989
28538: GIVEN, JAMES B. - Inquisition and Medieval Society: Power, Discipline, and Raesistance in Languedoc
4978: GIVEN, JAMES BUCHANAN - Society and Homicide in Thirteenth-Century England
19000: GIVEN, MARY ELIZABETH - The Lord's Prayer
15171: GIVEN-WILSON, CHRIS AND ALICE CURTEIS - The Royal Bastards of Medieval England
2168: GIVENS, JOHN - A Friend in the Police
2801: GIVNER, JOAN - Tentacles of Unreason
26696: GLADDEN, E.N. - A History of Public Administration. Two Volumes. I) from Earliest Times to the Eleventh Century; II) from the Eleventh Century to the Present Day
14746: GLADSTONE, W.E. - The State in Its Relations with the Church
5439: GLANCY, DIANE - Claiming Breath
5442: GLANCY, DIANE - Trigger Dance
5440: GLANCY, DIANE - Monkey Secret
5438: GLANCY, DIANE - The Cold-and-Hunger Dance
5441: GLANCY, DIANE - Firesticks
30137: GLANTZ, DAVID M. AND JONATHAN M. HOUSE - When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler
16008: GLANTZ, DAVID M. - The Battle for Leningrad, 1941-1944
9609: GLASGOW, GEORGE - Macdonald As Diplomatist: The Foreign Policy of the First Labour Government in Great Britain
29993: GLASGOW, ELLEN - In This Our Life
5821: GLASRUD, BRUCE A. AND ALAN M. SMITH, EDS - Race Relations in British North America, 1607-1783
17779: GLASS, JAMES M. - Life Unworthy of Life": Racial Phobia and Mass Murder in Hitler's Germany
2804: GLASSER, PERRY - Singing on the Titanic
22824: GLATZER, NAHUM N. - Faith and Knowledge: The Jew in the Medieval World (Signed)
30310: GLAVINE, TOM WITH NICK CAFARDO - None But the Braves - a Pitcher, a Team, a Champion
27086: GLEASON, GEORGE - What Shall I Think of Japan
11502: GLEASON, C.W. AND A. O'LEARY - Thirty-Five Lectures on How to Acquire Good Health and Attain Strength, Grace, Beauty and Long Life. Illustrated with Two Hundred and Fifty Finely Executed Wood-Cuts, Many of Which Are Engraved from Models in the Authors' Private Cabinet, and Correctly Represent Nearly All of the Organs of the Body, in Health and Disease
13650: GLEIG, REV. G.R. - The Story of the Battle of Waterloo
25119: GLENN, M.G. - Jewish Tales and Legends
28163: GLENNIE, MICHAEL - King Harry's Sister: Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland
19888: GLENNY, MISHA - The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers, 1804-1999
16493: GLICK, CARL - Double Ten: Captain O'Banion's Story of the Chinese Revolution
15903: GLIDDON, GERALD - Somme 1916: A Battlefield Companion
11808: GLOAG, JOHN - The Eagles Depart (Author's Corrected Copy)
11807: GLOAG, JOHN - Caesar of the Narrow Seas (Author's Corrected Copy)
9835: GLOAG, JOHN - Artorius Rex
18270: GLOTZ, GUSTAVE - The Aegean Civilization
12054: GLOVER, MICHAEL - Legacy of Glory: The Bonaparte Kingdom of Spain
30460: GLOZER, LISELOTTE F. AND WILLIAM K. - California in the Kitchen: An Essay Upon and a Check List of, California Imprints in the Field of Gastronomy from 1870(?) - 1932
27695: GLUBB, SIR JOHN BAGOT - A Soldier with the Arabs
1371: GO, SHIZUKO - Requiem
14007: GODDARD, ARTHUR, ED - Harry Elmer Barnes, Learned Crusader: The New History in Action
20105: GODDARD, CHARLES W. AND PAUL DICKEY - The Misleading Lady
7856: GODDEN, RUMER - Mooltiki and Other Stories and Poems of India
6021: GODDEN, RUMER - The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
3348: GODECHOT, JACQUES - The Taking of the Bastille - July 14th, 1789
3456: GODSHALK, C.S. - Kalimantaan
28955: GOFF, FREDERICK R. - The John Dunlap Broadside: The First Printing of the Declaration of Independence
27334: GOINES, DAVID LANCE - The Free Speech Movement: Coming of Age in the 1960s (Signed)
4264: GOING, CHARLES BUXTON - David Wilmot: Free-Soiler
15629: GOKALP, ZIYA - Turkish Nationaliam and Western Civilization
17423: GOKOVALI, SADAN - Antalya
19425: GOLAY, MICHAEL - America 1933: The Great Depression, Lorena Hickok, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Shaping of the New Deal
27058: GOLB, NORMAN - Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? the Search for the Secret of Qumran
1370: GOLD, IVAN - Sams in a Dry Season
10287: GOLD, JOEL J. - The Wayward Professor
30628: GOLDBERG, VICKI - Margaret Bourke-White - a Biography
6135: GOLDER, F.A. - John Paul Jones in Russia
8145: GOLDFARB, RONALD L. AND LINDA R. SINGER - After Conviction: A Review of the Anerican Correction System
4454: GOLDIE, FAY - Zulu Boy
5288: GOLDMAN, ERIC F. - The Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson
876: GOLDMAN, WILLIAM - Marathon Man
2176: GOLDMAN, LAUREL - The Part of Fortune
11357: GOLDMAN, ALFRED - Arteriovenous Fistula of the Lung: Its Hereditary and Clinical Aspects
10288: GOLDMAN, JAMES - Myself As Witness
22305: GOLDMAN, ROBERT M. - A Free Ballot and a Fair Count": The Department of Justice and the Enforcement of Voting Rights in the South, 1877-1893
6022: GOLDSMITH, OLIVIA - The First Wives Club
29708: GOLDSMITH, MARBART - Sappho of Lesbos: A Psychological Reconstruction of Her Life
2872: GOLDSMITH, OLIVIA - Fashionably Late
27461: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER AND SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - The Vicar of Wakefield: A Tale Combined with the Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves
11389: GOLDSTEIN, MAX A. - The Acoustic Method for the Training of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Child
30417: GOLDSTONE, NANCY - Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe
22126: GOLDSTONE, NANCY - The Lady Queen: The Notorious Reign of Joanna I, Queen of Naples, Jerusalem, and Sicily
20946: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN - Roman Warfare
22990: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN - Antony and Cleopatra
2175: GOLUB, MARCIA - Secret Correspondence
22695: GONZALES, FELIPE AND JACOB ROGGEVEEN - The Voyage of Captain Don Felipe Gonzales in the Ship of the Line San Lorenzo, with the Frigate Santa Rosalia in Company, to Easter Island in 1770-1: Preceded by an Extract from Mynheer Jacob Roggeveen's Official Log of His Discovery and Visit to Easter Island in 1722
1369: GONZALEZ, JUAN - Roll Down Your Window - Stories of a Forgotten America
30412: GONZALEZ, NATHAN - Engaging Iran: The Rise of a Middle East Powerhouse and America's Strategic Choice (Signed)
21467: GOOCH, JOHN - Armies in Europe
25373: GOOCH, G.P. - Germany and the French Revolution
17158: GOODERHAM, KENT, ED - I Am an Indian
6767: GOODFELLOW, C.F. - Great Britain and South African Confederation (1870-1881)
22318: GOODHEART, ADAM - 1861: The CIVIL War Awakening
29653: GOODIS, DAVID - Five Novels of the 1940's and 50's: Dark Passage; Nightfall; the Burglar; the Moon in the Guter; Street of No Return
8044: GOODLAD, C.A. - Shetland Fishing Saga
23175: GOODMAN, HANNAH GRAD - Programs for '76: Programming Suggestions for Jewish Groups During the American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration, 1776-1976
19185: GOODMAN, JAMES - Blackout (Signed)
18191: GOODMAN, JAMES - Stories of Scottsboro
21489: GOODMAN, PHILIP AND HANNA - The Jewish Marriage Anthology
23649: GOODMAN, PHILIP - The Yom Kippur Anthology
30457: GOODMAN, JOSEPH T. - The Trumpet Comes to Pickeye! Number Four of Six California Tales
29719: GOODMAN, L.E. - On Justice: An Essay in Jewish Philosophy
20193: GOODMAN, PAUL - People or Personnel: Decentralizing and the Mixed System
15204: GOODMAN, DAVID MICHAEL - A Western Panorama 1849-1875......
23168: GOODMAN, HANNAH GRAD (PREPARED BY) - An Annotated and Selected Bibliography of Dramtic Scripts in American Jewish Themes
28207: GOODRICH, S.G. - North America; or the United States and the Adjacent Countries
22595: GOODRICH, ARTHUR / (EDWARD BULER-LYTTON) - Richelieu: A New Version of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton's Play of the Same Name
23270: GOODSPEED, D.J. - Ludendorff: Soldier, Dictator, Revolutionary
28082: GOODWIN, GODFREY - The Private World of Ottoman Women
23982: GOODWIN, GEORGE - Fatal Rivalry: Flodden 1513: Henry VII, Jams VI and the Battle for Renaissance Britain
9428: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS - Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
10188: GOODWIN, GODFREY - The Private World of Ottoman Women (Signed)
30800: GOODWIN, JASON - Lords of the Horizons: A History of the Ottoman Empire
27583: GOPAL, ANAND - No Good Men Among the Living - America, the Taliban, and the War Through Afghan Eyes. (First Printing)
4300: GOPAL, RAM - How the British Occupied Bengal: A Corrected Account of the 1756-1765 Events
24569: GORDON, IAN A. - John Galt: The Life of a Writer
29149: GORDON, GUANETTA - Songs of the Wind (Signed)
6287: GORDON, RICHARD - The Captain's Table
22876: GORDON, DILLIAN, LISA MONNAS, AND CAROLINE ELAM, EDS - The Regal Image of Richard II and the Wilton Diptych
8540: GORDON, JAMES - PARSON OF ROTHEMAY - Abredoniae Vtrivsque Descriptio: A Description of Both Touns of Aberdeen
4818: GORDON, ALVIN - Inherit the Earth: Stories from Mexican Ranch Life (Signed)
3308: GORDON, LEONARD A. - Bengal: The Nationalist Movement, 1876-1940
13207: GORDON, ELEANOR AND ESTHER BREITENBACH, EDS - The World Is ILL Divided: Women's Work in Scotland in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
5283: GORDON, MAURICE BEAR, M.D. - Aesculapius Comes to the Colonies: The Story of the Early Days of Medicine in the Thirteen Original Colonies
9917: GORDON, NICHOLAS - Ivory Knights: Man, Magic and Elephants (Signed)
24811: GORDON, RUTH - Paul Elder: Bookseller-Publisher (1897-1917). A Bay Area Reflection
2428: GORDONS, THE - Ordeal
27779: GORE, AL AND TIPPER GORE - The Spirit of Family (Signed)
21903: GORE, JANET S., ED - La Luz de Jesus: The Little Gallery That Could
9401: GORES, JOE - Gone, No Forwarding
4800: GORES, JOE - 32 Cadillacs
21730: GOREY, EDWARD - Ascending Peculiarity - Interviews Selected and Edited by Karen Wilkin
21607: GORGAS, JOSIAH - The Journals of Josiah Gorgas, 1857-1878
8274: GORING, ROSEMARY, ED - Chambers Scottish Biographical Dictionary
15766: GORMAN, MAJOR J.T. - George VI King and Emperor
3585: GORMAN, EDWARD - Guild
3907: GORMAN, THOMAS K. - America and Belgium - a Study of the Influence of the United States Upon the Belgian Revolution of 1789-1790
30074: GORMLEY, KEN - The Death of American Virtue - Clinton Vs. Starr
11955: GORUP-BESANEZ, E.F. V. - Gorup-Besanez' Lehrbuch Der Organischen Chemie Fur Den Unterricht Auf Universitaten, Technischen Lehranstalten Und Fur Das Selbststudium. Sechste Auflage New Bearbeitet Von Dr. Hermann Ost
27418: GOT'E, IURII VLADIMIROVICH - Time of Troubles: The Diary of Iurii Vladimirovich Got-E -- Moscow -- July 8, 1917 to July 23, 1922
26831: GOTT, J. RICHARD III - Time Travel in Einstein's Unierse: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time
2445: GOTTLIEB, SAMUEL HIRSH - Overbooked in Arizona
27: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS - Lafayette Comes to America: Vol. I of His Multi-Volume Biography of Lafayette
4862: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS - Lafayette between the American and the French Revolution (1783-1789)
20661: GOUDSOUZIAN, ARAM - Down to the Crossroads: CIVIL Rights, Black Power, and the Meredith March Against Fear
23024: GOUGEON, LOU - Virtue's Hero: Emerson, Antislavery, and Reform
25858: GOUGH, MICHAEL - The Early Christiians (Ancient Peoples and Places Series)
28519: GOUGH, BARRY - Fortune's River: The Collision of Empires in Northwest America (Signed)
9383: GOULD, LEWIS L. - The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt (Signed)
26140: GOULD, LAURA - Cats Are Not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics (Signed)
29550: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms: Essays on Natural History
20971: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History
1376: GOULD, PHILIP - Kitty Collins
1377: GOULD, LOIS - Medusa's Gift
10289: GOULD, PHILIP - The Eight Continent: Tales of the Foreign Service
21571: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
19366: GOULDEN, JOSEPH C. - Meany
6597: GOVAN, GILBERT E. AND JAMES W. LIVINGOOD - A Different Valor: The Story of General Joseph E. Johnston, C.S. A.
5680: GOVAN, GILBERT E. AND JAMES W. LIVINGOOD - A Different Valor: The Story of General Joseph E. Johnston, C.S. A. (Signed)
26471: GOVOR, ELENA - Twelve Days at Nuku Hiva: Russian Encounters and Mutiny in the South Pacific
4933: GOW, MICHAEL - General Reflections: A Military Man at Large
17737: GOWERS, ANDREW AND TONY WALKER - Behind the Myth: Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Revolution
2446: GRABIEN, DEBORAH - Eyes in the Fire
12155: GRAEBNER, NORMAN A. - James K. Polk's Wartime Expansionist Policy
9133: GRAEBNER, NORMAN, ED - Freedom in America: A 200-Year Perspective
3671: GRAEBNER, NORMAN, ED - An Uncertain Tradition - American Secretaries of State in the Twentieth Century (Signed)
23940: GRAEBNER, WILLIAM - Patty's Got a Gun: Patricia Hearst in 1970s America
25625: GRAFF, JOHN FRANKLIN - Graybeard's" Colorado; or Notes on the Centennial State: Describing a Trip from Philadelphia to Denver and Back, in the Autumn and Winter of 1881-82
9234: GRAFTON, SUE - F" Is for Fugitive
2447: GRAFTON, SUE - H" Is for Homicide
2448: GRAFTON, SUE - I" Is for Innocent
2449: GRAFTON, SUE - J" Is for Judgment
2450: GRAFTON, SUE - K" Is for Killer
2451: GRAFTON, SUE - L" Is for Lawless
2452: GRAFTON, SUE - M Is for Malice
24567: GRAHAM, GORDON, ED - Scottish Philosophy: Seleted Readings 1690-1960
14319: GRAHAM, WILLIAM - That Ye Inherit (Signed)
29675: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - There Was Once a Slave... The Heroic Story of Frederick Douglass
25898: GRAHAM, STEPHEN - Ivan the Terrible: Life of Ivan IV of Russia, Called the Terrible
20107: GRAHAM, STEPHEN - With Poor Immigrants to America
24502: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAME - Reincarnation: The Best Short Stories of R.B. Cunninghame Graham
26294: GRAHAM, OTIS L., ED - Soviet-American Dialogue on the New Deal
8436: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAME - Doughty Deeds: An Account of the Life of Robert Graham of Gartmore, Poet & Politician, 1735-1797... .
27172: GRAHAM, TIM - Queen Elizabeth II - a Celebration of Her Majestry's Fifty-Year Reign
17103: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAME - His People
21430: GRAHAM, OTIS L., JR. AND MEGHAN ROBINSON WANDER, EDS - Franklin Roosevelt: His Life and Times: An Encyclopedic View
17104: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAME - Brought Forward
32: GRAHAM, FRANK - Al Smith, American
7001: GRAHAM, STEPHEN - Boris Godunof
28345: GRAHAM, FRANK - The New York Yankees: An Informal History
4041: GRAHAM, W.H. - Tiger Dunlop
11167: GRAHAM, THOMAS - Chemical and Physical Researches
24578: GRAHAM, R.B. CUNNINGHAME - Charity
10620: GRAHAM, R. B. CUNNINGHAM - Father Archangel of Scotland and Other Essays
4799: GRAHAM, CUTHBERT - Portrait of the Moray Firth
21077: GRAHAM, THOMAS - Mr. Flagler's St. Augustine
19912: GRAHAM, JOHN (DAVID GRAHAM PHILLIPS) - The Great God Success
28553: GRAHAM, KATHARINE - Personal History
23873: GRAHAM, OTIS L., JR. - Presidents and the American Environment (Signed)
4385: GRAINGER, J.H. - Character and Style in English Politics
6785: GRAMM, KENT - Somebody's Darling: Essays on the CIVIL War
25226: GRAMONT, COUNT (ALLEN FEA, ED.) - Memoirs of Count Gramont
2875: GRANGER, BILL - Drover and the Designated Hitter
28670: GRANGER, BRUCE INGHAM - Political Satire in the American Revolution, 1763-1783
27009: GRANICK, ARTHUR - Jennings Tofel
3266: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Roman Emperors - a Biographical Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rome, 31bc - Ad476
25361: GRANT, HAMIL, EDITOR - The Last Days of the Archduke Rudolph
30432: GRANT, ULYSSES S. - Ulysses S. Grant: Memoirs and Selected Letters. Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant; Selected Letters 1839-1865
26234: GRANT, ALEXANDER - The Story of the University of Edinburgh During Its First Three Hundred Years, Two Volumes, Complete
6708: GRANT, RAYMOND J.S. - The Laughter of Love: A Study of Robert Burns (Signed)
7560: GRANT, JAMES - John Adams: Party of One
24920: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Army of the Caesars
30420: GRANT, MICHAEL - From Alexander to Cleopatra: The Hellenistic World
6130: GRANT, JAMES - History of the Burgh Schools of Scotland
8514: GRANT, JAMES, ED, WITH INTRODUCTION AND ANNOTATIONS - Seafield Correspondence, from 1685-1708
24580: GRANT, RODERICK - Strathalder
2453: GRANT, LINDA - Blind Trust
2456: GRANT, MICHAEL - Officer Down
27397: GRANT, JAMES - The Scottish Cavalier or the First Royal Scots
25553: GRANT, MRS. COLQUHOUN - Queen and Cardinal: A Memoir of Anne of Austria and of Her Relations with Cardinal Mazarin
16600: GRANT, WILL - The Call of the Pentlands: A Land of Glamour and Romance
1374: GRASS, GUNTER - Local Anaesthetic
1375: GRASS, GUNTER - Dog Years
29861: GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - The Keepers of the House
1373: GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - Nine Women - Stories
1384: GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - Roadwalkers
23637: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCEVAL - Lawrence of Arabia and His World
4725: GRAVES, ROBERT - They Hanged My Saintly Billy
5410: GRAVES, MICHAEL A.R. - Elizabethan Parliaments, 1559-1601
5419: GRAVES, MICHAEL A.R. - The Tudor Parliaments: Crown, Lords and Commons, 1485-1603
21882: GRAVES, J.A. - My Seventy Years in Caifornia (Signed)
10994: GRAVESEN, J. - Surgical Treatment of Pulmonary and Pleural Tuberculosis
28676: GRAVLEE, G. JACK AND JAMES R. IRVINE, EDS - Pamphlets and the American Revolution: Rhetoric, Politics, Literature, and the Popular Press
26492: GRAY, EDWARD G. - Tom Paine's Iron Bridge: Buiding a United States
21509: GRAY, BETTYANNE - Manya's Story
24651: GRAY, DON - The Five Hours
7126: GRAY, ALASDAIR - The Ends of Our Tethers: 13 Sorry Stories
1382: GRAY, ALASDAIR - Ten Tales Tall & True
2144: GRAY, FRANCINE DU PLESSIX - World without End
2457: GRAY, WILLIAM - Shares
2839: GRAY, JAMES - Wake and Remember
12439: GRAY, EDWYN - Diving Stations
24514: GRAY, JOHN MORGAN - Lord Selkirk of Red River
20309: GRAY, HOWARD L. - The Influence of the Commons on Early Legislation: A Study of the Fourteeth and Fifteenth Centuries
20257: GRAY, STEPHEN, ED - The Mission Furniture of L & J.G. Stickley
21364: GRAYZEL, SOLOMON - The Church and the Jews in the Xiiith Century: A Study of Their Relations During the Years 1198-1254, Based on Papal Letters and the Conciliar Decrees of the Period
27238: GREAVES, ADRIAN - Isandlwana
25711: GREELEY, HORACE AND JOEL BENTON, ED - Greeley on Lincoln: With Mr. Greeley's Leters to Charles A. Dana and a Lady Friend, to Whitch Are Added Reminiscences of Horace Greeley
18631: GREEM, VIVIAN - The Madness of Kings: Personal Trauma and the Fate of Nations
8140: GREEN, F.C. - A Comparative View of French and British Civilization (1850-1870)
30099: GREEN, V.H.H. - A History of Oxford University
23588: GREEN, BEN K. - Horse Tradin' (Signed)
25068: GREEN, A. WIGFALL - The Epic of Korea
25263: GREEN, MARY ANNE EVERETT AND S.C. LOMAS (REVISED BY) - Elizabeth, Electress Palatine and Queen of Bohemia
25675: GREEN, A. WIGFALL - Sir Francis Bacon: His Life and Works
27366: GREEN, J.R. - A Short History of the English People. Four Volumes, Complete
22146: GREEN, V.H.H. - The Later Plantagenets: A Survey of English History between 1307 and 1485
27712: GREEN, BENNY - Fred Astaire
27354: GREEN, JENNIFER R. - Military Education and the Emerging Middle Class in the Old South
20413: GREEN, MIRANDA - Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers
23772: GREEN, STEVEN K. - Inventing a Christian America: The Myth of the Religious Founding
8742: GREEN, ROGER LANCELYN - Andrew Lang: A Critical Biography
6618: GREEN, JOHNNY (ED. BY A.D. KIRWAN) - Johnny Green of the Orphan Brigade: The Journal of a Confederate Soldier
13704: GREEN, MIRANDA J. - Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend
19754: GREEN, R.L., ED - Sherlock Holmes Letters
26409: GREEN, FLETCHER M. - Constitutional Development in the South Atlantic States, 1776-1860: A Study in the Evolution of Democracy
26621: GREEN, MICHAEL J. - By More Than Providence: Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific Since 1783
2458: GREEN, GEORGE DAWES - The Caveman's Valentine
3539: GREEN, DAVID - Queen Anne
15543: GREEN, FREDERICK C. - Eighteenth Century France
23614: GREEN, LAWRENCE W. - Great North Road
14197: GREEN, DANIEL - To Colonize Eden: Land and Jeffersonian Democracy
5648: GREEN, MIRANDA J. - The Celtic World
23091: GREENBERG, MOSHE - Understanding Exodus
5455: GREENBERG, ALVIN - The Discovery of America and Other Tales of Terror and Self-Exploration
10865: GREENBERG, KAREN J. AND JOSHUA L. DRATEL, EDS - The Torture Papers: The Road to Abu Ghraib
29351: GREENBERG, KENNETH S. - Honor and Slavery. Lies, Duels, Noses, Masks, Dressing As a Woman, Gifts, Strangers, Humanitarianism, Death, Slave Rebellions, the Pro-Slavery Argument, Baseball, Hunting, and Gambling in the Old South
30736: GREENBIE, SYDNEY AND MARJORIE BARSTOW GREENBIE - Gold of Ophir: The China Trade in the Making of America
19746: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN, ED - Representing the English Renaissance
18190: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
16797: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - The Swerve: How the World Became Modern
6482: GREENE, ROBERT - The Scottish History of James the Fourth
28615: GREENE, EVARTS B. AND RICHARD B. MORRIS - A Guide to the Principal Sources for Early American History (1600-1800) in the City of New York

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