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13210: DALBERG-ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD (LORD ACTON) - Lectures on the French Revolution
23287: DALBIAC, COLONEL P.C. - History of the 60th Division (2/2nd London Division)
9015: DALBIAC, P.H. - History of the 45th: 1st Nottinghamshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters)
835: DALEY, ROBERT - A Faint Cold Fear
24526: DALHOUISE, MARQUESS OF (J.G.A. BAIRD, ED.) - Private Letters of the Marquess of Dalhousie
21336: DALLAS, GREGOR - 1945: The War That Never Ended
9829: DALLEK, ROBERT - Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy, 1932-1945
8029: DALLEK, ROBERT - Lyndon Johnson and His Times, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) Lone Star Rising, 1908-1960, II) Flawed Giant, 1961-1973 (Signed)
21485: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan, 1839-1842
165: DALZELL, JR, ROBERT F. - Daniel Webster and the Trial of American Nationalism 1843-1852
4872: DALZELL, GEORGE W. - The Flight from the Flag: The Continuing Effect of the CIVIL War Upon the American Carrying Trade
27492: DAMMANN, GEORGE H. - 90 Years of Ford (Crestline Series)
21999: DAMROSCH, LEO - Jonathan Swift: His Life and His World
23774: DAMROSCH, LEO - Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius
27768: DANA, JULIAN - A.P. Giannini - Giant in the West (Signed)
4106: DANCER, REX - Bad Girl Blues
3433: DANDREA, DON - Orlock
24902: DANGERFIELD, GEORGE - The Awakening of American Nationalism, 1815-1838
25894: DANIEL-ROPS - The Book of Life: The Story of the New Testament [L'Evangile de Mes Filleuls]
25944: DANIEL-ROPS - The Book of Books: The Story of the Old Testament
839: DANIEL, MARK - The Bold Thing
13012: DANIEL, HAWTHORNE - Broken Dykes: A Story of the Siege of Leyden
6874: DANIELS, GEORGE H. - American Science in the Age of Jackson
27710: DANIELSSON, BENGT - What Happened on the Bounty
4121: DANKS, DENISE - Frame Grabber
23749: DANZIGER, DANNY AND JOHN GILLINGHAM - 1215: The Year of Magna Carta
25922: DARD, EMILE - Napoleon and Talleyrand
22660: DARLEY, GEORGE M. - Pioneering in the San Juan: Personal Reminiscences of Work Done in Southwestern Colorado During the "Great San Juan Experiment
9011: DARLING, MAJOR J.C. - 20th Hussars in the Great War
12821: DARLING, SIR MALCOLM - Apprentice to Power: India 1904-1908
18433: DARMAN, PETER - Sas: The World's Best
14488: DARMSTAEDTER, F. - Bismarck and the Creation of the Second Reich
12304: DARMSTAETTER, J.A. AND JOSEPH STUMP - A History of the Reformation for Young and Old
14235: DARPER, ROBERT - Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush
20863: DARWIN, CHARLES - On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life
25603: DARWIN, CHARLES, ASSISTED BY FRANCIS DARWIN - The Power of Movement in Plants
9824: DASENT, ARTHUR - Nell Gwynne, 1650-1687: Her Life Story from St. Giles's to St. James's
25797: DAUDET, ERNEST - Madame Royale: Daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette - Her Youth and Marriage
1239: DAUGHERTY, TRACY - What Falls Away (Signed)
27400: DAUMAS, MAURICE, ED - A History of Technology and Invention, Volume I: The Origins of Technological Civiization
18178: DAVENPORT, GUY - The Drummer of the Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers
5334: DAVENPORT, GUY - Da Vinci's Bicycle: Ten Stories
7987: DAVID, LORD ELCHO - A Short Account of the Affairs of Scotland in the Years 1744, 1745, 1746 - Printed from the Original Manuscript at Gosford, with a Memoir and Annotations by the Hon. Evan Charteris
24024: DAVID, SAUL - Mutiny at Salerno: An Injustice Exposed
26581: DAVID, LT. CDR. ANDREW - The Charts and Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages" (in Annual Report for 1987)
24636: DAVID, JUNE CLEELAND - Thoughts in Verse and Rhyme (Signed)
28192: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA - Magic and Mystery in Tibet
26593: DAVID, ANDREW - The Voyage of Alejandro Malaspina to the Pacific, 1789-1794 (Annual Lecture 1999)
7139: DAVIDMAN, SOLOMON - The Yiddish Teacher: Short Stories of Jewish Life
8987: DAVIDSON, HUG - History and Services of the 78th Highlanders (Ross-Shire Buffs) , 1793-1881, 2 Volumes
4349: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - Life in America, 2 Volumes
7052: DAVIDSON, DIANE - Feversham
7722: DAVIDSON, DONALD - The Tennessee, 2 Volumes, Complete: L)the Old River: Frontier to Secession, LL) the New River: CIVIL War to Tva (Rivers of America)
268: DAVIDSON, BASIL - The Black Man's Burden; Africa and the Curse of the Nation State
2135: DAVIDSON, ROBYN - Ancestors
4327: DAVIDSON, DAVID - We Few, We Happy Few
6870: DAVIES, MARGARET GAY - The Enforcement of English Apprenticeship: A Study in Applied Mercantilism, 1563-1642
20385: DAVIES, NORMAN - The Isles: A History
17281: DAVIES, R. TREVOR - The Golden Century of Spain, 1501-1621
5191: DAVIES, NIGEL - The Toltecs Until the Fall of Tula
13642: DAVIES, R. TREVOR - Spain in Decline, 1621-1700
20169: DAVIES, R.R. - The Revolt of Owain Glyn Dwr
8363: DAVIES, A. MERVYN - Strange Destiny: A Biography of Warren Hastings
5137: DAVIES, R.W. - The Dvelopment of the Soviet Budgetary System
28115: DAVIES, COLIN - Hopkins: The Work of Michael Hopkins and Partners
11387: DAVIES, H. MORRISTON - Surgery of the Lung and Pleura
924: DAVIES, J.C. - From Charlemagne to Hitler - a Short Political History of Germany
1247: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Cunning Man
1248: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Murther & Walking Spirits
2918: DAVIES, D.W. - Elizabethans Errant - the Strange Fortunes of Sir Thomas Sherley and His Three Sons
3925: DAVIES, GODFREY - The Restoration of Charles II, 1658-1660 (Signed)
10890: DAVIES, JOHN - The Celts: Based Upon the S4c Television Series
22087: DAVIES, GODFREY - Wellington and His Army (Signed)
17199: DAVIES, RHYS - Count Your Blessings (Signed)
10498: DAVIS, KENNTH S. - Fdr, 5 Volumes, Complete First Printings in Dust Jacket: I) the Beckoning of Destiny, 1882-1928 II) the New York Years, 1928-1933 III) the New Deal Years, 1932-1937 IV) Into the Storm, 1937-1940 V) the War President, 19401943 (1 Signed)
22416: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - The Slave Power Conspiracy and the Paranoid Style
7128: DAVIS, KENNETH S. - In the Forests of the Night
6136: DAVIS, WILLIAM C., ED. WITH BELL I. WILEY, SENIOR CONSULTING EDITIOR - The Image of War, 6 Volumes, Complete: I) Shadows of the Storm, II) the Guns of '62, III) the Embattles Confederacy, IV) Fighting for Time, V) the South Besieged, VI) the End of an Era
21528: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture
25616: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World
23790: DAVIS, ALLEN F. AND MARK H. HALLER - The Peoples of Philadelphia: A History of Ethnic Groups and Lower-Class Life, 1790-1940
27810: DAVIS, R.H.C. - King Stephen, 1135-1154
2141: DAVIS, DONALD - Thirteen Miles from Suncrest
10133: DAVIS, ELMER - Friends of Mr. Sweeney
5946: DAVIS, CLYDE BRION - The Anointed (Signed)
13499: DAVIS, ANDREW MCFARLAND, ED - Tracts Relating to the Currency of the Massachusetts Bay, 1682-1720
6406: DAVIS, KENNETH S. - Soldier of Democracy: A Biography of Dwight Eisenhower
5332: DAVIS, ALBERT BELISLE - Marquis at Bay
5118: DAVIS, MAGGIE - The Far Side of Home
17667: DAVIS, FEI-LING - Primitive Revolutionaries of China: A Study of Secret Societies in the Late Nineteenth Century
23806: DAVIS, KENNETH S. AND MARION DICKERMAN - Invincible Summer: An Intimate Portrait of the Roosevelts Based on the Recollections of Marion Dickerman
20973: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Emancipation
11461: DAVIS, LOYAL - The Principles of Neurological Surgery (Signed)
5825: DAVIS, LYNN - Bodywork" 1978-1985
5333: DAVIS, ALBERT BELISLE - Leechtime
841: DAVIS, DOROTHY SALISBURY - The Habit of Fear
843: DAVIS, THOMAS D. - Murdered Sleep
844: DAVIS, THOMAS D. - Consuming Fire
1244: DAVIS, KATHRYN - The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf
1245: DAVIS, KATHRYN - Labrador
1246: DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER - Dog Horse Rat
2320: DAVIS, VAL - Track of the Scorpion
2321: DAVIS, THOMAS D. - Suffer Little Children
3200: DAVIS, LINDSEY - Last Act in Palmyra
3394: DAVIS, THOMAS D. - Suffer Little Children
14908: DAVIS, H.W. CARLESS - The Age of Grey and Peel - Being the Ford Lectures for 1926
14428: DAVIS, E. ADAMS - Of the Night Wind's Telling: Legends from the Valley of Mexico
13454: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - Selected Works, 9 Volumes, All First Editions: I) Captain Macklin, II) in the Fog, III) Gallegher and Other Stories, IV) Van Bibber and Others, V) Stories for Boys, VI) the King's Jackals, VII) the White Mice, VIII) the West from a Car Window, IX) Her First Appearance
13365: DAVIS, BURKE - The Billy Mitchell Affair
4335: DAVIS, HUGH - Joshua Leavitt: Evangelical Abolitionist
4443: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - Slavery and Human Progress
10864: DAVIS, JOHN GORDON - Hold My Hand I'm Dying
7096: DAVIS, LENNARD J. - The Sonnets: A Novel
4791: DAVIS, KENNETH S. - Fdr: The War President
8498: DAVIS, JULIA - The Shenandoah (Rivers of America)
19738: DAVIS, BARBARA A. - Edward S. Curtis: The Life and Times of a Shadow Catcher
3929: DAVISON, ROBERT A. - Isaac Hicks - New York Merchant and Quaker, 1767-1820
18090: DAWIDOFF, NICHOLAS - The Fly Swatter: How My Grandfather Made His Way in the World
23589: DAWKINS, RICHARD - Climbing Mount Improbable (Signed)
23305: DAWSON, CONINGSBY - The Glory of the Trenches
5330: DAWSON, FIELDING - Tiger Lilies: An American Childhood
16265: DAWSON, RAYMOND, ED - The Legacy of China
27306: DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER - The Gods of Revolution
24119: DAWSON, CHARLES - History of Hastings Castle: The Castlery, Rape and Battle of Hastings, to Which Is Added a History of the Collegiate Church Within the Castle, and Its Prebends, 2 Volumes, Complete
17907: DAWSON, WILLIAM HARBUTT - The German Empire, 1967-1914, and the Unity Movement (2 Vols)
5331: DAWSON, CARL - November 1948: A Memoir
845: DAWSON, JANET - Kindred Crimes
846: DAWSON, JANET - Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean
847: DAWSON, JANET - A Credible Threat
1002: DAWSON, CAROL - The Mother-in-Law Diaries (Signed)
13134: DAWSON, JOSEPH G., III - Doniphan's Epic March: The 1st Missouri Volunteers in the Mexican War
3996: DAWSON, CAROL - The Waking Spell
10135: DAWSON, CAROL - Body of Knowledge
21865: DAWSON, GEO. E., ED - Chronology of Twenty Five Years of the Roxburghe Club: 1928-1953
26786: DAY, ALEXANDRA - Carl's Christmas
22187: DAY, GERALD W. - Genoa's Response to Byzantium, 1155-1204: Commercial Expansion and Factionalism in a Medieval City
28021: DAY, CLARENCE BURTON - The Philosophers of China - Classical and Contemporary
3319: DAY, FLOYD - Call of the Owlhoot
26134: DAY, MRS. FRANK R. - The Princess of Manoa and Other Romantic Tales from the Folk-Lore of Old Hawaii
27593: DE NANSOUTY, MAX - Le Chemin de Fer Glissant de Girard Et Barre
24296: DE BAECQUE, ANTOINE AND SERGE TOUBIANA - Truffaut - a Biography
8894: DE LA SIZERANNE, ROBERT - Beatrice D'Este and Her Court
22044: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - The Whiteoak Brothers: Jalna -1923
22045: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Variable Winds at Jalna
10803: DE LA GRANGE, HENRY-LOUIS - Gustav Mahler, Vol. 3 - Vienna: Triumph and Disillusion (1904-1907)
25458: DE AMICIS, EDMONDO - Spain and Thespaniards. 2 Volumes, Complete
8576: DE GASPARIN, COUNT AGENOR - The Uprising of a Great People: The United States in 1861
5589: DE PANGE, JEAN - L'Allemagne Depuis la Revolution Franciase, 1789-1945
28196: DE LUBICZ, R.A. SCHWALLER - Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy
9076: DE PONCINS, GONTRAN - Home Is the Hunter
21628: DE BRANGANCA-CUNHA, V. - Revolutionary Portugal (1910-1936)
7687: DE SANDRAZ, COURTILZ - Memoirs of Monsieur D'Artagnan: Captain-Lieutenant of the 1st Company of the King's Muskateers, 3 Volumes, Complete
24475: DE MADARIAGA, SALVADOR - Englishment, Frenchmen, Spaniards: An Essay in Comparative Psychology
25275: DE SAINT-AMAND, IMBERT - Napoleon III, at the Height of His Power
22769: DE LEON, PEDRO DE CIEZA - CIVIL Wars of Peru, 3 Volumes Complete: I) the War of Quito and Inca Documents, II) the War of Chupas, III) the War of Las Salinas
25693: DE HEGERMANN-LINDENCRONE, L. - The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912
18693: DE LAUSSAT, PIERRE CLEMENT - Memoirs of My Life - to My Son During the Years 1803 and After, Which I Spent in Public Service in Louisiana As Commissioner of the French Government for the Retrocession to France of That Colony and for Its Transfer to the United States
27956: DE LAURENCE, L.W. - Medical Hypnosis - Magnetic Hypnotism As a Healing Power and Therapeutical Agent in the Treatment of Physical and Mental Ailments
20207: DE ANTONIO, EMILE AND DANIEL TALBOT - Point of Order! a Documentary of the Army-Mccarthy Hearings
7371: DE MAISSE - A Journal of All That Was Accomplished by Monsieur de Maisse, Ambassador in England for King Henri IV to Queen Elizabeth
22194: DE GRAND, ALEXANDER - The Italian Left in the Twentieth Century: A History of the Socialist and Communist Parties
25684: DE RAGNAU, RT. REV. EDMOND CANON HUGUES - The Vatican: The Center of Government of the Catholic World
25550: DE SALES, RAOUL DE ROUSSY - The Making of Yesterday: The Diaries of Raoul de Roussy de Sales
19283: DE MOSS, JAS. A. - From Patmos to the Holy City or the Ages Foretold: A Treatise on the Book of Revelation
21187: DE ALMEIDA, MANUEL ANTONIO - Memoirs of a Militia Sergeant
22745: DE PRADO Y TOVAR, CAPTAIN DON DIEGO - New Light on the Discovery of Australia - As Revealed by the Journal of Captain Don Diego de Prado Y Tovar
20886: DE BALZAC, HONORE - Eugenie Grandet
21718: DE ALARCON, PEDRO ANTONIO - The Three-Cornered Hat
23691: DE RODA, CECILIO - Los Cuartetos de Cuerda de Beethoven
20146: DE LEON, DANIEL - James Madison and Karl Marx: A Contrast and a Similarity (Two Articles)
28127: DE CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD - Letters from a Traveller
24272: DE PAUW, LINDA GRANT, ED - Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, March 4, 1789-March 3, 1791, Volumes 1 -6. I) Senate Legislative Journal, II) Senate Executive Journal and Related Documents, III) House of Representatives Journal, IV, V, VI) Legislative Histories
25305: DE SANTILLANA, GIORGIO - The Age of Adventure: The Renaissance Philosophers
21833: DE WORDE, WYNKEN AND WILLIAM COPLAND - A Lytell Gese of Robyn Hode and His Meiny
3770: DE POLNAY, PETER - Garibaldi
21792: DE VRIES, PETER - But Who Wakes the Bugler
17264: DE TOTH, ANDRE - Fragments: Portraits from the Inside (Signed)
18494: DE GAURY, GERALD - The New State of Israel
25984: DE SOUZA, COUNT CHARLES AND MAJOR HALDANE MACFALL - Germany in Defeat: A Strategic History of the War. Three Volumes, Complete. I) First Phase, II) Second Phase, III)Third Phase
25162: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - The Life of Baron Von Hugel
18733: DE GRAZIA, SEBASTIAN - Machiavelli in Hell
5192: DE LEON, PEDRO DE CIEZA - The Incas
3926: DE BOURDEILLE, PIERRE AND C.-A. SAINT BEUVE - Illustrious Dames of the Valois Kings
20175: DE LEON, DANIEL - Industrial Unionism: Selected Editorials
18804: DE VILLIERS, MARQ AND SHEILA HIRTLE - Into Africa: A Journey Through Ancient Empires
15736: DE MAULDE, M. - Les Juifs Dans Les Etats Francais Du Saint-Siege Au Moyen Age: Documents Pour Servir a L'Histoire Des Israelites Et de la Papaute
5640: DE SPENS, WILLY - La Route de Varennes
10754: DE LA GRANGE, HENRY-LOUIS - Gustav Mahler, Volume 2: Vienna: The Years of Challenge (1897-1904)
22721: DE GAMBOA, PEDRO SARMIENTO AND BALTASAR DE OCAMPO - History of the Incas / the Execution of the Inca Tupac Amaru
247: DE GRAMONT, SACHE - The Strong Brown God; the Story of the Niger River
410: DE BRUHL, MARSHALL - Sword of San Jacinto: A Life of Sam Houston
688: DE CONDE, ALEXANDER - The Affair of Louisiana
1249: DE BERNIERES, LOUIS - The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts (Signed)
1250: DE ASSIS, MACHADO - Esau & Jacob
1251: DE ASSIS, MACHADO - Epitaph of a Small Winner
1253: DE HAVEN, TOM - Derby Dugan's Depression Funnies
1255: DE BERNIERES, LOUIS - Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord
1948: DE NIJS, E. BRETON - Faded Portraits
21825: DE VINNE, THEODORE L. - The Plantin-Moretus Museum: A Printer's Paradise (Signed)
12593: DE JONG, L. AND JOSEPH W.F. STOPPELMAN - The Lion Rampant: The Story of Holland's Resistance to the Nazis
15640: DE SAINT-PAUL, MARC AICARDI - Gabon: The Development of a Nation
18173: DE STOECKL, BARONESS AGNES - Not All Vanity
14932: DE SILVA, K.M. AND HOWARD WRIGGINS - J.R. Jayewardene of Sri Lanka, a Political Biography, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) the First Fifty Years, II) from 1956 to His Retirement
14760: DE LA FORCE, CHARLOTTE-ROSE DE CAUMONT - Histoire Secrete Des Amours de Henry IV Roy de Castille, Surnomme L'Impuissant
27825: DE MONSTRELET, ENGUERRAND - The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet: An Account of the Cruel CIVIL Wars between the Houses of Orleans and Burgndy... . Two Volumes Complete
13561: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - Mary Wakefield
13042: DE LA ROCHE, MAZO - The Building of Jalna
4055: DE MEZIERES, PHILIPPE - Letter to King Richard II - a Plea Made in 1395 for Peace between England and France
4315: DE LA CROIX, ROBERT - John Paul Jones
10926: DE PURY, CASALIS - Ra Tau: Father of Lions
5725: DE BEAUVOIR, SIMONE - Adieux: A Farewell to Sartre
25220: DE VALOIS, MARGARET - Memoirs of Margaret de Valois: Containing the Secret History of the Court of France for Seventeen Years Viz. , from 1565 to 1582, During the Reigns of Charles IX and Henry III
25807: DE GRUNWALD, CONSTANTIN - Napoleon's Nemesis: The Life of Baron Stein
25698: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - The Meddlesome Friar and the Wayward Pope: The Story of the Conflct between Savonarola and Alexander VI
16846: DE QUINCY, THOMAS - Essays Sceptical and Anti-Sceptical, on Problems Neglected or Misconceived
27880: DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL - Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of la Mancha
25064: DE CUSTINE, MARQUIS - Journey for Our Time (the Journals of the Marquis de Custine)
8320: DE BEAUVOIR, SIMONE - Letters to Sartre
25784: DE LA FAYETTE, MADAME - The Secret History of Henrietta, Princess of England, First Wife of Philippe, Duc D'Orleans, Together with Memoirs of the Court of France for the Years 1688-1689
25746: DE GRAZIA, ALFRED - Public and Republic: Political Representation in America
25754: DE LA BEDOYERE, MICHAEL - George Washington: An English Judgment
14581: DEAK, ISTVAN - The Lawful Revolution: Louis Kossuth and the Hungarians, 1848-1849
3663: DEAKIN, F.W. - The Embattled Mountain
5629: DEAKIN, NICHOLAS - Colour and the British Electorate, 1964: Six Case Studies
16496: DEAN, LEON W. - Old Wolf: The Story of Israel Putman
28036: DEAN, BRITTEN - China and Great Britain: The Diplomacy of Commercial Relations, 1860-1864
17614: DEAN, KENNETH - Lord of the Three in One: The Spread of a Cult in Southeast China
849: DEAN, S.F.X. - Such Pretty Toys
852: DEAN, S.F.X. - Death and the Mad Heroine
23856: DEAN, JOHN W. - The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It
2319: DEANDREA, WILLIAM L. - The Lunatic Fringe - a Novel Wherein Theodore Roosevelt Meets the Pink Angel
17608: DEANE, HUGH - Good Deeds & Gunboats: Two Centuries of American-Chinese Encounters
25001: DEANE, PHILIP - I Was a Captive in Korea
19925: DEBO, ANGIE - Prairie City: The Story of an American Community
3725: DEBO, ANGIE - Oklahoma - Foot-Loose and Fancy-Free
19668: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE - Monsieur Croche Antidilettante
18918: DEE, JONATHAN - The Privileges (Signed)
854: DEE, ED - 14 Peck Slip
1254: DEE, JONATHAN - The Liberty Campaign
16433: DEEMS, CHARLES F. - The Gospel of Common Sense As Contained in the Canonical Epistle of James
6632: DEEPING, WARWICK - Laughing House
17939: DEFRANCIS, JOHN - Annotated Quotations from Chairman Mao
3434: DEGLER, CARL - The Other South - Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth Century
10612: DEGUIGNET, JEAN-MARIE - Memoirs of a Breton Peasant
4981: DEHIO, LUDWIG - Germany and World Politics in the Twentieth Century
10240: DEIGHTON, JANE SCOTT - Eaglesham: An Earl's Creation
17438: DEKMEJOAN, R. HRAIR - Patterns of Political Leadership: Lebanon, Israel, Egypt
22724: DEL CASTILLO, BERNAL DIAZ - The True History of the Conquest of New Spain... . . , Volume IV
1256: DEL VECCHIO, JOHN M. - For the Sake of All Living Things
15348: DEL MAR, NORMAN - Richard Strauss: A Critical Commentary on His Life, 3 Volumes, Complete
2851: DELACORTA - Alba
27020: DELACROIX, MICHEL AND RICHARD HOWARD, TEXT - Michel Delacroix's Paris (Signed)
19018: DELAND, MARGARET - Old Chester Tales
14375: DELAPLAINE, EDWARD S. - The Life of Thomas Johnson: Member of the Continental Congress, First Governor of the State of Maryland, and Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court (Signed)
21644: DELAVIGNETTE, ROBERT - Freedom and Authority in French West Africa
20438: DELGADO, MANUEL RUBEN - The Last Chicano: A Mexcian American Experience
5349: DELL, GEORGE - The Earth Abideth
8384: DELL, ETHEL M. - The Electric Torch
7582: DELL, CHRISTOPHER - Lincoln and the War Democrats
19646: DELL, FLOYD - The Briary-Bush: A Novel
7655: DELLA SETA, FABIO - The Tiber Afire
25111: DELLIN, L.A.D., ED - Bulgaria
1261: DEMARINIS, RICK - The Year of the Zinc Penny
1262: DEMARINIS, RICK - The Burning Women of Far Cry
1263: DEMARINIS, RICK - Under the Wheat
14600: DEMING, BARBARA - Prison Notes
27324: DEMING, BARBARA - Running Away from Myself: A Dream Portrait of America Drawn from the Films of the Forties
24113: DEMOS, JOHN - The Heathen School: A Story of Hope and Betrayal in the Age of the Early Republic
947: DEMOS, JOHN PUTNAM - Entertaining Satan - Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England
17422: DENHAM, H.M. - Southern Turkey, the Levant and Cyrus: A Sea-Guide to the Coasts and Islands
4060: DENHAM JAMES M. - A Rogue's Paradise" - Crime and Punishment in Antebellum Florida, 1821- 1861
26325: DENHOLM-YOUNG, COLONEL C.P.S. - Men of Alamein
13074: DENIEUL-CORMIER, ANNE - The Renaissance in France, 1488-1559
27725: DENIG, EDWIN THOMPSON - Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri: Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, Crows
27453: DENISON, JOHN EVELYN - Notes from My Journal, When Speaker of the House of Commons
10995: DENISON, CHARLES - Rocky Mountain Health Resorts. An Analytical Study of High Altitudes in Relation to the Arrest of Chronic Pulmonary Disease
17651: DENNERLINE, JERRY - The Chai-Ting Loyalists: Confucian Leadership and Social Change in Seventeenth-Century China
27741: DENNETT, TYLER - John Hay: From Poetry to Politics (Signed, Association Copy)
18926: DENNETT, DANIEL C. - Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life
9396: DENNING, MARK - Ransom (Signed)
5583: DENNIS, MARY CABLE - The Tail of the Comet
5417: DENNIS, RICHARD - English Industrial Cities of the Nineteenth Centuries
12642: DENNY, JOANNA - Anne Boleyn: A New Life of England's Tragic Queen
2323: DENTINGER, JANE - Death Mask
23792: DENTON, LAWRENCE M. - William Henry Seward and the Secession Crisis: The Effort to Prevent CIVIL War
26865: DENTON, MICHAEL - Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
27640: DENVER, BOB - Gilligan, Maynard and Me (Signed)
15960: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Anzio Beachhead (22 January -25 May, 1944) - American Forces in Action Series
26548: DEPOE, STEPHEN P. - Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. , and the Ideological History of American Liberalism
19707: DEPORTE, A.W. - Europe between the Superpowers: The Enduring Balance (Signed)
19713: DEPORTE, A.W. - De Gaulle's Foreign Policy, 1944 1946 (Signed)
10138: DERBYSHIRE, JOHN - Seeing Calvin Coolideg in a Dream
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900: DESAI, ANITA - Cry, the Peacock
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4011: DESAI, ANITA - Baumgartner's Bombay
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21073: DOERR, HARRIET - Stones for Ibarra
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65: DOUGLAS, LLOYD C. - The Big Fisherman
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3946: DOWDEY, CLIFFORD - Experiment in Rebellion
24022: DOWEK, EPHRAIM - Israeli-Egyptian Relations, 1980-2000
3975: DOWER, JOHN W. - Embracing Defeat - Japan in the Wake of World War II
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2335: DRUMMOND, JOHN KEITH - 'Tis the Season to Be Dying
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17992: DUBERMAN, MARTIN - The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein
186: DUBERMAN, MARTIN BAUML - Paul Robeson
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1285: DUBUS, ANDRE - Voices from the Moon
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27918: DUCHESS OF ORLEANS - Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and the Regency. Extracted from the German Correspondence of the Duchess of Orleans, Mother of the Regent. Preceded by a Noltice on This Princess, and Accompanied with Notes
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665: DUCKETT, ELEANOR - Death and Life in the Tenth Century
571: DUCKETT, ELEANOR SHIPLEY - Anglo-Saxon Saints and Scholars
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24657: DUERDEN, RICHARD - The Left Hand & the Glory of Her
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2148: DUFF, GERALD - Graveyard Working
2831: DUFF, DOUGLAS V. - Red Sea Blackbirders
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2079: DUFFY, JAMES P. - Lincoln's Admiral - the CIVIL War Campaigns of David Farragut
2336: DUFFY, MARGARET - Death of a Raven
8313: DUFFY, T. GAVAN - Let's Go!
17058: DUFOUR, CHARLES L. - Ten Flags in the Wind: The Story of Lousiana
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3354: DUGGAN, ALFRED - The Falcon and the Dove - a Life of Thomas Beckett of Canterbury
10090: DUGGER, RONNIE - On Reagan: The Man and His Presidency (Signed)
4962: DUGUID, CHARLES - Macewen of Glasgow: A Recollection of the Chief
12161: DUHIG, J.V. - Primary Cancer of the Lung: A Review, with a Study of Two Cases
9263: DUIGNAN, PETER AND ALVIN RABUSHKA, EDS - The United States in the 1980s
18830: DUIGNAN, PETER AND L.H. GANN - The Rebirth of the West: The Americanization of the Democratic World, 1945-1958
28139: DUKE, WINIFRED - Scotland's Heir
2147: DULACK, TOM - The Stigmata of Dr. Constantine
9147: DULLES, FOSTER RHEA - Yankees and Samurai: America's Role in the Emergence of Modern Japan, 1791-1900 (Signed)
10779: DULLES, FOSTER RHEA - America's Rise to World Power, 1898-1954
13894: DULLES, FOSTER RHEA - Eastward Ho! the First English Adventurers to the Orient: Richard Chancellor, Anthony Jenkinson, James Lancaster, William Adams, Sir Thomas Roe
19343: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE (JULES ECKERT GOODMAN. ED.) - The Road to Monte Cristo: A Condensation from the Memoirs of Alexandre Dumas
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17269: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Romances of Alexandre Dumas - D'Artagnan Edition, 49 Volumes (of 50) Including the Count of Monte Cristo in Three Volumes
27884: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Count of Monte Cristo
27462: DUMERSAN, T.M. - Notice Des Monumens: Exposes Dans le Cabinet Des Medailles Et Antiques de la Biblioteque Du Roi
7921: DUMONT-WILDEN, L. - The Wandering Prince: Charles Edward, Last of the Stuarts
52: DUMONT, RENE, WITH MACEL MAZOYER - Socialisms and Development
2338: DUNANT, SARAH - Snowstorms in a Hot Climate
27437: DUNBAR, JOHN TELFER AND DON POTTINGER - The Official Tartan Map -- of Tartans Approved by Clan Chiefs, the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, or the Lord Lyon King of Arms
5302: DUNBAR, SEYMOUR - A History of Travel in America: Showing the Development of Travel and Transportation from the Crude Methods of the Canoe and the Dog-Sled to the Highly Organized Railway Systems of the Present, Together with a Narrative of the Human Experiences and Changing Social Conditions That Accompanied This Economic Conquest of the Continent, 4 Volumes, Complete
24880: DUNCAN, JOHN - Bonfires
26270: DUNCAN, RICHARD R. - Lee's Endangered Left: The CIVIL War in Western Virginia Spring of 1964
14305: DUNCAN, JANE - Camerons on the Train
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24879: DUNCAN, MARION H. - Customs and Superstitions of Tibetans
11319: DUNCAN, ANDREW, JR. AND JACOB DYCKMAN - The Edinburgh New Dispensatory...
17619: DUNCANSON, DENNIS - Changing Qualities of Chinese Life
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2339: DUNLAP, SUSAN - Not Exactly a Brahmin
2340: DUNLAP, SUSAN - Diamond in the Buff
2353: DUNLAP, SUSAN - Cop out
2354: DUNLAP, SUSAN - The Last Annual Slugfest
2355: DUNLAP, SUSAN - The Bohemian Connection
2356: DUNLAP, SUSAN - Rogue Wave
28138: DUNLOP, ANNA (PRESENTED BY) AND MACKAY (ILLUSTRATOR) - Edinburgh: Mirror of Scotland's Story
16175: DUNLOP, IAN - The Rise of Russia and the Fall of the Soviet Empire (Signed)
10066: DUNLOP, RICHARD - Donovan: America's Master Spy
28137: DUNN, DOUGLAS, ED - The Oxford Book of Scottish Short Stories
26654: DUNN-PATTISON, R.P. - The Black Prince
25443: DUNN, SUSAN - 1940 - Fdr, Wilkie, Lindbergh, Hitler - the Election Amid the Storm
25644: DUNN, STEPHEN - Different Hours: Poems
24808: DUNN, ALLAN - Care-Free San Francisco
8992: DUNN-PATTISON, R.P. - History of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders - Now the 1st Battalion Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)
2146: DUNN, DOUGLAS - Secret Villages - Stories
14933: DUNN, CHARLES W. - Highland Settler: A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Nova Scotia
16889: DUNN, ROGER, ED - Northern California Japanese Sword Club Token Taikai '76 Lectures
2145: DUNNE, JOHN GREGORY - Playland
23367: DUNNER, JOSEPH - Judaism, Jesus of Nazareth and Christianity
21782: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - Gemini (Signed)
18887: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - Dolly and the Bird of Paradise
11760: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - The House of Niccolo, 8 Volumes, Complete (2 Signed): I) Niccolo Rising, II) the Spring of the Ram, III) Race of Scorpions, IV) Scales of Gold, V) the Unicorn Hunt, VI) to Lie with Lions, VII) Gemini, VIII) Caprice and Rondo
8918: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - King Hereafter
15131: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - Race of Scorpions
27747: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - King Hereafter
21988: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - The Spring of the Ram
11302: DUNNING, CHESTER S.L. - Russia's First CIVIL War: The Time of Troubles and the Founding of the Romanov Dynasty
4203: DUNOW, M. - The Potter's Daughter
5340: DUNPHY, JACK - First Wine
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28181: DUPONT-SOMMER, A. - The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Preliminary Survery
10814: DUPUYTREN, BARON - On the Injuries and Diseases of Bones. Being Selections from the Collected Edition of the Clinical Lectures
2357: DURAND, LOUP - Jaguar
1283: DURBAN, PAM - All Set About with Fever Trees - and Other Stories
1290: DURBAN, PAM - The Laughing Place
22348: DURDEN, ROBERT FRANKLIN - James Shepherd Pike: Republicanism and the American Negro, 1850-1882
28010: DURDIN, TILLMAN, JAMES RESTON AND SEYMOUR TOPPING - The New York Times Report from China
963: DURHAM, MARILYN - Flambard's Confession
1289: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Mountolive
1288: DURRENMATT, FRIEDRICH - The Assignment - or, on the Observing of the Observer of the Observers
6401: DURUY, VICTOR - The Greeks
22343: DUSINBERRE, WILLIAM - Slavemaster President: The Double Career of James Polk
965: DUTOURD, JEAN - The Taxis of the Marne
15134: DUTTON, WILLIAM S. - Du Pont: One Hundred and Forty Years
19041: DUUS, PETER - The Abacus and the Sword: The Japanese Penetration of Korea, 1895-1910
23612: DUVAL, ELIZABETH W. - T.E. Lawrence - a Bibliography
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19388: DVORNIK, FRANCIS - The Slavs in European History and Civilization
1287: DWYER, KELLY - The Tracks of Angels
4865: DYCE, DR. JAMES - The Ghillie: A Cure for Stress (Signed)
6564: DYER, JOHN P. - Fightin' Joe" Wheeler (Signed)
3581: DYER, GWYNNE & TINA VILJOEN - The Defence of Canada - in the Arms of the Empire, 1760-1939
4332: DYER, THOMAS G. - Secret Yankees: The Union Circle in Confederate Atlanta
22360: DYKSTRA, ANN MARIE - Region, Economy, and Party: The Roots of Policy Formation in Pennsylvania, 1820-1860 (Signed)
18370: DYOTT, WILLIAM - Dyott's Diary, 1781-1845: A Selection from the Journal of William Dyott, Sometime General in the British Army and Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty King George III (2 Volumes)
17918: DZIEWANOWSKI, M.K. - The Communist Party of Poland: An Outline of History
26050: EAMES, JOHN DOUGLAS - The Paramount Story
12985: EARL OF OXFORD AND ASQUITH - Fifty Years of British Parliament, 2 Volumes, Complete
21229: EARLE, PETER - The Sack of Panama
16725: EARLE, PETER - The Life and Times of Henry V.
16587: EARLE, CARVILLE - Geographical Inquiry and American Historical Problems
22541: EARLE, JONATHAN H. - Jacksonian Antislavery and the Politics of Free Soil, 1824-1854
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283: EATON, EVELYN - The Sea Is So Wide
11911: EATON, ARTHUR WENTWORTH HAMILTON - The Famous Mather Byles: The Noted Boston Tory Preacher Poet, and Wit, 1707-1788
3813: EATON, EVELYN - Flight (Signed)
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1802: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - The Hangman's Whip
2358: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - Alpine Condo Crossfire
2359: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - Three Days for Emeralds
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2143: EBERSTADT, FERNANDA - Isaac and His Devils
21318: EBERT, ROGER - Life Itself: A Memoir
28101: EBSEN, BUDDY - The Other Side of Oz
17386: ECK, DIANA L. - Banaras: City of Light
27127: ECK, JEREMIAH - The Distinctive Home: A Vision of Timeless Design
19537: ECKE GUSTAV - Chinese Domestic Furniture
10773: ECKENRODE, H. J. - Rutherfor B. Hayes: Statesman of Reunion
369: ECKENRODE, H.J. - Rutherford B. Hayes - Statesman of Reunion
8215: ECKERSTROM, RAPLH E. - Contemporary Book Design (Signed)
12398: ECKHARDT, CELIA MORRIS - Fanny Wright: Rebel in America (Signed)
17652: ECKSTEIN, ALEXANDER - China's Economic Revolution
17321: ECO, UMBERTO - A Theory of Semiotics
21543: ECO, UMBERTO - Baudolino: A Novel
8282: ECO, UMBERTO - Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition
1294: ECO, UMBERTO - Misreadings
23813: ECU, UMBERTO AND EUGENIO CARMI - The Bomb and the General
6187: EDE, H.S. - Savage Messiah
19983: EDE, MARY - Arts and Society in England Under William and Mary
19477: EDEL, LEON - Henry James, 5 Volumes, Complete First Printings: I) the Untried Years: 1843-1870, II) the Conquest of London: 1870-1881, III) the Middle Years: 1882-1895, IV) the Treacherous Years: 1895-1901, V) the Master: 1901-1916
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27019: EDELMAN, ALIZA - Marylyn Dintenfass: Parallel Park
127: EDELMAN, MAURICE - Disraeli in Love
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415: EDEN, SIR ANTHONY - The Eden Memoirs, Vol. I: Full Circle
18910: EDEN. SIR ANTHONY - Memoirs, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) Full Circle, II) Facing the Dictators, III) the Reckoning
11944: EDEN, SIR ANTHONY - The Eden Memoirs, Volume 3: The Reckoning
22168: EDEN, SIR ANTHONY - Memoirs, 3 Volumes, Complete: 1) Ful Circle, 2) Facing the Dictators, 3) the Reckoning
1292: EDGARIAN, CAROL - Rise the Euphrates
10154: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Raney (Signed)
9334: EDGERTON, ROBERT B. - Mau Mau: An African Crucible
10155: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Walking Across Egypt (Signed)
10153: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Redeye: A Western
10151: EDGERTON, CLYDE - Where Trouble Sleeps
8492: EDINGTON, CAROL - Court and Culture in Renaissance Scotland: Sir David Lindsay of the Mount
25049: EDITORS OF FORTUNE, RUSSELL W. DAVENPORT - U.S. A. : The Permanent Revolution
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11701: EDMONDSON, WILLIAM (ARTIST) - Miracles" the Sculptures of William Edmondson
27974: EDMONSTON, WILLIAM E., JR. - Hypnosis and Relaxation: Modern Verification of an Old Equation (Signed)
27951: EDMONSTON, WILLIAM E., JR. - The Induction of Hypnosis (Signed)
28238: EDSALL, LARRY - Masters of Car Design
14219: EDSON, MARGARET - Wit
21656: EDWARD GIBSON, LORD ASHBOURNE - Pitt: Some Chapters of His Life and Times
5155: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - Plassey: The Founding of an Empire
3709: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - The Battle of Plassey
4389: EDWARDES, MICHAEL - The Last Years of British India
24035: EDWARDS, ANNE - Royal Sisters: Elizabeth and Margaret, 1926-1956
18112: EDWARDS, W.H. - The Tragedy of Edward VII
8262: EDWARDS, J. HUGH - David Lloyd George: The Man and the Statesman, 2 Volumes, Complete
377: EDWARDS, ANNE - Early Reagan; the Rise to Power
1298: EDWARDS-YEARWOOD, GRACE - In the Shadow of the Peacock
12695: EDWARDS, JOHN E. - Yard-Arm for a Gallows (Illustrated by Biro)
4326: EDWARDS, SAMUEL - Lady of France: A Biography of Gabrielle D'Estrees, Mistress of Hnery the Great
4503: EDWARDS, LAURA F. - Scarlett Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Southern Women in the CIVIL War Era
10701: EDWARDS, DAVID L. - Christian England: Ita Story to the Reformation
18970: EDWARDS, RHODA WALKER - The Rhythm of Life: Poems (Signed)
18180: EELLS, GEORGE - Ginger, Loretta and Irene Who
15067: EELLS, MYRON - Marcus Whitman: Pathfinder and Patriot
20317: EFROS, ISRAEL I. - Ancient Jewish Philosophy: A Study in Metaphysics and Ethics
25133: EGAN, MAURICE FRANCIS - Recollections of a Happy Life
26557: EGAN, JENNIFER - Manhattan Beach: A Novel
5433: EGBERT, KATHLYN WHITSITT - The 23rd Dream
17012: EGEROD, SOREN - Orientalsk Visdom: Mencius' Samtaler Og Sentenser
19765: EGERTON, DOUGLAS R. - Year of Meteors: Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and the Election That Brought on the CIVIL War
577: EGERTON, DOUGLAS R. - Charles Fenton Mercer and the Trial of National Conservatism
5100: EGGLESTON, GEORGE CARY, ED - American War Ballads and Lyrics: A Collection of the Songs and Ballads of the Colonial Wars, the Revolution, the War of 1812-15, the War with Mexico and the CIVIL War. , 2 Volumes
7578: EGOYAN, ATOM AND IAN BALFOUR - Subtitles: On the Foreignness of Film
1297: EHLE, JOHN - The Widow's Trial
12281: EHMANN, ANNEGRET, RACHEL LIVNE-FREUDENTHAL, MONIKA RICHARZ, ET. AL - Juden in Berlin, 1671-1945: Ein Lesebuch
27328: EHRENBURG, ILYA - The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz
2360: EHRLICHMAN, JOHN - The China Card
21586: EHRMAN, YOCHEVED - My First Siddur: An Illustrated Introduction to the Siddur for Pre-Readers and Beginners
12581: EHRMAN, JOHN - The Younger Pitt, Volume 3: The Consuming Struggle
10412: EICHENGREEN, LUCILLE - Frauen Und Holocaust: Erlebnisse, Erinnerungen Und Erzahltes (Signed)
9494: EICHER, DAVID J. - Dixie Betryed: How the South Really Lost the CIVIL War
21203: EICHHORN, DAVID MAX, ED - Conversion to Judaism: A History and Analysis
6462: EILAND, MURRAY L. - Oriental Rugs: A Comprehensive Guide
26644: EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D. - Waging Peace, 1956-1961 (Signed, Limited Edition)
21649: EISENHOWER, DAVID - Eisenhower: At War, 1943-1945
15951: EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D. (FOREWARD) - St-Lo (7 July - 19 July 1944)
15897: EISENHOWER, JOHN S.D. - Yanks: The Epic Story of the American Army in World War I.
25960: EISENSCHIML, OTTO - In the Shadow of Lincoln's Death
5224: EISENSCHIML, OTTO AND E.B. LONG - As Luck Would Have It: Chance and Coincidence in the CIVIL War
27325: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI1949 - Film Form: Essays in Film Theory
26967: EISNER, LOTTE H. - The Haunted Screen: Expressionism in the German Cinema and the Influence of Max Reinhardt
20949: EIZENSTAT, STUART E.OL - Imperfect Justice: Looted Assets, Slave Labor, and the Unfinished Business of World War II
2153: EKERT-ROTHOLZ, ALICE - Marie Bonnard
7113: EKMAN, KARL - Jean Sibelius: His Life and Personality
2361: EKMAN, KERSTIN - Blackwater
28104: EKUAN, KENJI - The Aesthetics of the Japanese Lunchbox
27063: EL-ERIAN, MOHAMED A. - The Only Game in Town: Central Banks, Instability, and Avoiding the Next Collapse
27321: EL-MALLAKH, KAMAL AND ARNOLD C. BRACKMAN - The Gold of Tutankhamen
24843: ELDER, PAUL (COMPILER) - Happiness
27493: ELDER, JANE LENZ - Alice Faye - a Life Beyond the Silver Screen (Signed by Alice Faye's Daughters)
4478: ELDER, MICHAEL - The Phantom in the Wings. (Signed)
26194: ELDERFIELD, JOHN - Henri Matisse: A Retrospective
13253: ELDRIDGE, F.R. - Dangerous Thoughts on the Orient
2152: ELEGANT, ROBERT - Mandarin
25912: ELIAS, EDITH L. - Abraham Lincoln [Heroes of All Time Series]
26978: ELIZABETH I. - Elizabeth I: Collected Works
1295: ELKIN, STANLEY - The Rabbi of Lud
7672: ELKINS, STANLEY AND ERIC MCKITRICK - The Age of Federalism: The Early American Republic, 1788-1800
2362: ELKINS, CHARLOTTE AND ELKINS, AARON - A Wicked Slice (Signed)
2363: ELKINS, AARON - Icy Clutches (Signed)
2365: ELKINS, AARON - Old Scores (Signed)
2151: ELKOFF, MARVIN - You Can Kiss This Boy Goodbye - a Novella and Eight Short Stories
15316: ELLENS, J.P. - Religious Routes to Gladstonian Liberalism
17456: ELLIOTT, DUONG VAN MAI - The Sacred Willow: Four Generations in the Life of a Vietnamese Family
4994: ELLIOTT, CHARLES - Princesse of Versailles: The Life of Marie Adelaide of Savoy
990: ELLIOTT, MARGARET AXSON - My Aunt Louisa and Woodrow Wilson
27657: ELLIS, C. HAMILTON - Royal Journey: A Retrospective of Royal Trains in the British Isles
19610: ELLIS, TEMPLE ANN - Road to Destiny (Signed)
4148: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD - The Boyne Water: The Battle of the Boyne, 1690
24755: ELLIS, RICHARD J. - The Dark Side of the Left: Illiberal Egalitarianism in America
19380: ELLIS, JOSEPH J. - American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic
27555: ELLIS, HAMILTON - Nineteenth Century Railway Carriages: In the British Isles -- from the Eighteen-Thirties to the Nineteen-Hundreds
17511: ELLIS, HARRY B. - Israel and the Middle East (Signed)
1305: ELLIS, TREY - Home Repairs
1956: ELLIS, WILLIAM DONOHUE - Jonathan Blair: Bounty Lands Lawyer
4186: ELLIS, JOHN - Armies in Revolution
16029: ELLIS, JOHN - Cassino: The Hollow Victory - the Battle for Rome, January-June 1944
10338: ELLIS, JOSEPH J. - Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation
14023: ELLMANN, RICHARD - Oscar Wilde
21160: ELLRIDGE, ARTHUR - Mucha: The Triumph of Art Nouveau
7016: ELLSBERG, EDWARD - Mid Watch
12850: ELLSBERG, EDWARD - I Have Just Begun to Fight!" - the Story of John Paul Jones
2150: ELMAN, RICHARD - Disco Frito
12332: ELRICK-MANLEY, MARIANNE - Works on Paper
28083: ELSE, JON - True South - Henry Hampton and 'Eyes on the Prize', the Landmark Television Series That Reframed the CIVIL Rights Movement
19631: ELSON, ARTHUR - Orchestral Instuments and Their Uses: Giving a Description of Each Instrument Now Employed by Civilised Nations, a Brief Account of Its History, and Idea of the Technical and Acoustical Principles Illustrated by Its Performance, and an Explanation of Its Value and Functions in the Modern Orchestra
17465: ELSTON, D.R. - No Alternative: Israel Observed
6150: ELTON, ROMEO - Life of Roger Williams: The Earliest Legislator and True Champion for a Full and Absolute Liberty of Conscience
513: ELTON, G.R. - Reform and Reformation: England, 1509-1558
14726: ELTON, G.R., ED - The New Cambridge Modern History, Volume II: The Reformation, 1520-1559
24070: ELVIN, CHARLES R.S. - The History of Walmer and Walmer Castle
2366: ELWARD, JAMES - Monday's Child Is Dead
4108: ELWARD, JAMES - Monday's Child Is Dead (Signed)
17323: ELWORTHY, F.T. AND THE REV. PROFESSOR SKEAT - Specimens of English Dialects: I) Devonshire. An Exmoor Scolding and Courtship. II) Westmoreland. A Bran New Wark
5432: ELY, SCOTT - Overgrown with Love
1304: ELY, SCOTT - Starlight
18108: EMBLEN, D.L. - Peter Mark Roget: The Word and the Man
19793: EMECHETA, BUCHI - The Slave Girl
16716: EMERSON, EDWIN - Hoover and His Times: Looking Back Through the Years
23805: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Emerson's Antislavery Writings
23934: EMERSON, JASON - Giant in the Sahdows: The Life of Robert T. Lincoln
2370: EMERSON, EARL W. - Fat Tuesday (Signed)
28237: EMMA - The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic
27101: EMMERSON, GEORGE - A Social History of Scottish Dance: Ane Celestial Recreatioun
16386: EMMERSON, GEORGE - Scotland Through Her Country Dances
14855: EMMERSON, GEORGE - Rantin' Pipe and Tremblin' String: A History of Scottish Dance Music
12894: EMMISON, F.G. - Tudor Secretary: Sir William Petre at Court and Home
20940: EMMONS, DAVID M. - Beyond the American Pale: The Irish in the West, 1845-1910 (Signed)
19522: EMRICH, DUNCAN - It's an Old Wild West Custom
21733: END, HENRY - Interiors Book of Hotels and Motor Hotels
1303: ENDO, SHUSAKU - The Girl I Left Behind
20147: ENDORE, GUY - Babouk
25389: ENDORE, GUY - The Sword of God, Jeanne D'Arc
28074: ENELOW, ALLEN J., ED - Depression in Medical Practice
5549: ENGELS, FRIEDRICH - Le Role de la Violence Dans L'Histoire
23395: ENGELS, JEREMY - Enemyship: Demoracy and Counter-Revolution in the Early Republic
26805: ENGELSTEIN, LAURA - Russia in Flames: War, Revolution, CIVIL War, 1914-1921
17618: ENGLE, PAUL - Images of China: Poems Written in China, April-June, 1980 (Signed)
15724: ENGLER, M. - Mongolism (Peristatic Amentia)
3181: ENGSTRAND, SOPHIA - Julie Morrow
13615: ENQUIST, ROY J. - Namibia: Land of Tears, Land of Promise
26092: ENZENSBERGER, HANS MAGNUS - Europe, Europe: Forays Into a Continent
5959: EPHRON, PHOEBE AND HENRY - Take Her, She's Mine: A Comedy
24608: EPPINK, NORMAN R. - 101 Prints: The History and Techniques of Printmaking
24172: EPSTEIN, RABBI DR. I (EDITIOR) - Hebrew-English Edition of the Babylonia Talmud: Tractate Baba Kamma
24174: EPSTEIN, RABBI DR. I (EDITIOR) - Hebrew-English Edition of the Babylonia Talmud: Tractate Kiddushin
21494: EPSTEIN, ISIDORE - The Faith of Judaism: An Interpretation for Our Times
22196: EPSTEIN, STEVEN - Wills and Wealth in Medieval Genoa, 1150-1250
5597: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Eloge de la Folie
1300: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Baptism of Desire
1301: ERDRICH, LOUISE - Tracks
1310: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Bingo Palace
15757: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - The First Elizabeth
24773: ERICKSON, JIM - Mother: Photographs by Jim Erickson (Signed)
8190: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - Bloody Mary
15755: ERICKSON, CAROLLY - Great Harry
28151: ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE - Invisible Immigrants: The Adaptation of English and Scottish Immigrants in Nineteenth Century America
23022: ERKKILA, BETSY - Whitman the Political Poet
942: ERLANGER, PHILIPPE - The King's Minion - Richelieu, Louis XIII, and the Affair of Cinq-Mars
5446: ERNST, FRITZ - The Germans and Their Modern History (Signed)
5960: ERSKINE, JOHN - Sincerity: A Story of Our Time
5325: ERSKINE OF MARR, RUARAIDH - The Crown of England
24254: ERVIN, SAM - Preserving the Constitution: The Autobiography of Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. (Signed)
13135: ERVIN, SPENCER - Henry Ford Vs. Truman H. Newberry: A Study in American Politics, Legislation and Justice
28156: ERVIN, HOWQRD - Robert the Bruce
23042: ESCOTT, PAUL D. - What Shall We Do with the Negro?" - Lincoln, White Racism, and CIVIL War Americs
20673: ESDAILE, CHARLES - The Peninsula War: A New History
27969: ESDAILE, JAMES, MD - Mesmerism in India and Its Practival Application in Surgery and Medicine
26646: ESDAILE, CHARLES - Napoleon's Wars - an International History, 1803-185
16639: ESENWEIN, GEROGE R. - Anarchist Ideology and the Working-Class Movement in Spain, 1868-1898 (Signed)
17798: ESER, MONIM - Encyclopaedic Guide to Istanbul - Including a Dictionary of Prominent People, Important Events and Places
25892: ESHLEMAN, LLOYD W. - Moulders of Destiny: Renaissance Lives and Times
1308: ESPEY, JOHN - Winter Return
1307: ESSOP, AHMED - Hajji Musa and the Hindu Fire-Walker
27963: ESTABROOKS, G.H. - Hypnotism
2375: ESTLEMAN, LOREN - King of the Corner
12307: ESZTERHAS, JOE - American Rhapsody
23023: ETCHESON, NICOLE - Bleeding Kansas - Contested Liberty in the CIVIL War Era
16044: ETTINGER, ELZBIETA - Rosa Luxemburg: A Life
5480: EUBANK, KEITH - Munich
4195: EUSTACE, TIMOTHY, ED - Statesmen and Politicians of the Stuart Age
21349: EVANS, ELI N. - The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South
25438: EVANS, JOAN (SELECTED AND TRANSLATED) AND PAUL STUDER (TEXT EDITOR) - Saint Joan of Orleans: Scenes from the Fifteenth Century Mystere Du Siege D'Orleans
9637: EVANS, IFOR L. - Native Policy in Southern Africa
27684: EVANS, MARTIN MARIX - The Boer War: South Africa 1899-1902
6412: EVANS, MICHAEL - The Death of Kings: Royal Deaths in Medieval England
4706: EVANS, PAUL M. - John Fairbank and the American Understanding of Modern China
5431: EVANS, MAX - Bluefeather Fellini in the Sacred Realm
8031: EVANS, ELIZABETH - Weathering the Storm: Women of the American Revolution
28202: EVANS-WENTZ, W.Y. - The Tibetan Book of the Dead, or the After-Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane, According to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English Rendering
38: EVANS, NICHOLAS - The Horse Whisperer
3602: EVANS, TREVOR - Bevin
4398: EVANS, SARA M. - Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America
11364: EVANS, JAMES (FOREWARD BY PAUL HARVEY) - Back to the Future: Reclaiming America's Constitutional Heritage (Signed)
10078: EVANS, DAVID - Sherman's Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations in the Atlanta Campaign
24061: EVANS, EVANS, AND AVA GARDNER - Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations
22098: EVANS, G. RUSSELL - The Panama Canal Treaties Swindle: Consent to Disaster (Signed)
24757: EVERARD, J.A. AND J.C. HOLT - Jersey 1204: The Forging of an Island Community
5962: EVERETT, PETER - Negatives
2159: EVERETT, PETER - Negatives
13937: EVERETT, EDWIN MALLARD - The Party of Humanity: The Fortnightly Review and Its Contributors, 1865-1874
28113: EVERITT, ANTHONY - Augustus - the Life of Rome's First Emperor
26891: EVERITT, ANTHONY - The Rise of Athens: The Story of the World's Greatest Civilization
2377: EVERSZ, ROBERT - The Bottom Line Is Murder (Signed)
4364: EWALD, WILLIAM B., JR. - The Newsmen of Queen Anne
9006: EWING, JOHN - The History of the 9th (Scottish) Division, 1914-1919
25479: EYCK, ERICH - Bismarck and the German Empire
24564: EYMAN, SCOTT - Ernst Lubitsch: Laughter in Paradise
26636: EYMAN, SCOTT - Hank & Jim: The Fifty-Year Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart
16217: EYRE, KATHERINE WIGMORE - The Chinese Box
26302: EYTAN, RACHEL - The Fifth Heaven
18588: F. TRENDELENBURG, ED - Handbuch Der Physik, Band VIII: Akustik
8030: FABEL, ROBIN F.A. - Bombast and Broadsides: The Lives of George Johnstone
3304: FABEL, ROBIN F.A. - The Economy of British West Florida, 1763-1783 (Signed)
19711: FABER, GEOFFREY - Jowett: A Portrait with Background
18492: FABER-CASTELL - Instructions for Castell Addiator Slide Rule Nr. 67/54 R System Darmstadt
25536: FABRE, LUCIEN - Joan of Arc
16976: FAGERENG, EDVIN - Une Famille de Dynasties Malgaches: Zafindravola, Maroserana, Zafimbolamena, Andrevola, Zafimanely
22594: FAGIN, DAN - Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation (Signed)
17019: FAH-HAIN AND SUNG-YUN - Travels of Fah-Hain and Sun-Yun, Buddhist Pilgrims, from China to India (400 Ad and 518 Ad)
21891: FAHEY, HERBERT - Early Printing in California - from Its Beginning in the Mexican Territory to Statehood September 9, 1850
5963: FAIR, RONALD L. - Hog Butcher
15616: FAIR, JOHN D. - British Interparty Conferences: A Study of the Procedure of Conciliation in British Politics, 1867-1921
28035: FAIRBANK, JOHN KING - Trade and Diplomacy on the China Coast: The Opening of the Treaty Ports, 1844-1854, 2 Volumes, Complete
478: FAIRBANK, JOHN KING - The Great Chinese Revolution, 1800-1985
28005: FAIRBANKS, JOHN K., ED - Chinese Thought and Institutions
15641: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - The Pilgrims' Way in South Africa
26722: FAIRCHILDS, CISSIE C. - Poverty and Charity in Aix-En-Provence, 1640-1789
27830: FAIRLEY, JAN, JACK GILLON, CHARLES MCMASTER AND MICHAEL MOSS, CONTRIBUTORS - Chambers Scottish Drink Book: Whisky, Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks
26347: FAIRSERVIS, WALTER A., JR/ - Asia - Traditions and Treasures
8828: FAIRWEATHER, BARBARA - The Folklore of Glencoe and North Lorn
1801: FALCO, GIORGIO - The Holy Roman Republic - a Historic Profile of the Middle Ages
10159: FALCO, EDWARD - Plato at Scratch Daniel's and Other Stories
27191: FALCONES, ILDEFONSO - Cathedral of the Sea
3451: FALCONI, CARLO - The Silence of Pius XII
26394: FALLS, CYRIL - Caporetto 1917 [Great Battles of History Series]
23248: FALLS, CYRIL - Armageddon: 1918
7500: FARAGHER, JOHN MACK - A Great and Noble Scheme: The Tragic Story of the Expulsion of the French Acadians from Their American Homeland
26203: FARAGO, STEPHANIE (TEXT) AND BOB DENNISON (PHOTOGRAPHY) - The Magic and Romance of Art Dolls
8111: FARAGO, LADISLAS - Patton - Ordeal and Triumph
27267: FARBER, MANNY - Negative Space - Manny Farber on the Movies
3694: FARBER, DAVID - Chicago '68
16584: FARBER, BERNARD - Guardians of Virtue: Salem Families in 1800
17408: FARIS, NABIH AMIN AND MOHAMMED TAWFIK HUSAYN - The Crescent in Crisis: An Interpretive Study of the Modern Arab World
1326: FARISH, TERRY - If the Tiger
24682: FARMBOROUGH, FLORENCE - Nurse at the Russian Front: A Diary, 1914-18 (Signed)
16833: FARMER, DAVID HUGH, ED - Benedict's Disciples
28117: FARNETH, DAVID, ELMAR JUCHEM AND DAVE STEIN - Kurt Weill: A Life in Pictures and Documents
8352: FARNOL, JEFFRYE - The Glad Summer
24829: FARNSWORTH, EVA OLNY - The Art and Ethics of Dress, As Related to Efficiency and Economy
19315: FARQUHARSON, MARTHA - An Old-Fashioned Boy (First Edition)
17841: FARR, MICHAEL - Berlin! Berlin! Its Culture, Its Times
25086: FARRE, LT. HENRY - Sky Fighters of France: Aerial Wafare, 1914-1918
5146: FARRELL, CLIFF - Ride the Wild Trail
6642: FARRELL, JAMES T. - Bernard Clare
19870: FARRERE, CLAUDE - Thomas the Lambkin, Gentleman of Fortune
26586: FARRINGTON, ANTHONY - The English in Japjan 1613-1623" (in Annual Report for 1992)
3812: FARRIS, JACK - A Man to Ride with
26483: FASA'I, HASAN-E - History of Persia Under Qajar Rule (from the Farsnama-Ye Naseri)
10454: FASNACHT, G.E. - Acton's Political Philosophy: An Analysis
28064: FATTEH, ABDULLAH - Handbook of Forensic Pathology
26854: FAULHABER, CHARLES B. AND STEPHEN VINCENT, EDS - Eploring the Bancroft Library: The Centennial Guide to Its Extraordinary History, Spectacular Special Collections, Researh Pleasures, Its Amazing Future, and How It All Works (Signed)
17592: FAULK, ODIE B. AND LAURA E. FAULK - Framk W. Mayburn: A Man Who Made a Difference (Signed)
18326: FAULKNER, RICHARD S. - The School of Hard Knocks: Combat Leadership in the American Expeditionary Forces
7070: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Charlotte Gray (Signed)
25813: FAURIEL, M. - The Last Days of the Consulate: From the French of M. Fauriel
5965: FAUST, IRVIN - The Steagle
15159: FAWCETT, HOWARD S. AND H. ATHERTON LEE - Citrus Diseases and Their Control with Sections on Oriental Citrus Diseases

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