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19787: BAUER, ARNOLD J. - Chilean Rural Society from the Spanish Conquest to 1930 (Signed)
9701: BAUER, FLORENCE MARVYNE - Abram Son of Terah
15564: BAUGHMAN, T.H. - Before the Heroes Came: Antarctica in the 1890s (Signed)
21612: BAUM, ROGER S. - Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage (Signed)
21613: BAUM, ROGER S. - Dorothy of Oz
17669: BAUM, RICHARD - Burying Mao: Chinese Politics in the Age of Deng Xiaoping
23596: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Scarecrow of Oz
26848: BAUM, L. FRANK - Ozma of Oz: A Record of Her Adventures with Dorothy Gale of Kansas, the Yellow Hen, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, Tiktok, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger; Besides Other Good People Too Numerous to Mention Faithfully Recorded Herein
5032: BAUMAN, RICHARD - For the Reputation of Truth: Politics, Religion, and Conflict Among the Pennsylvania Quakers, 1750-1800
3801: BAUMANN, HANS - The Barque of the Brothers - a Tale of the Days of Henry the Navigator
5272: BAUMBACH, E.A. MFG. CO - Baumbach Die Sets and Accessories, Catalog No. 37
1949: BAUMBACH, JONATHAN - The Return of Service
4468: BAUMBACH, WERNER - Broken Swastika: The Defeat of the Luftwaffe (Dust Jacket Art by Val Biro)
9531: BAUMGARTNER, ALEXANDER - Reisebilder Aus Schottland
21743: BAUR, MAX - Max Baur in the Bauhaus Spirit: Photographs 1925-1960
1060: BAUSCH, RICHARD - The Last Good Time (Signed)
1065: BAUSCH, RICHARD - Violence (Signed)
749: BAXT, GEORGE - The Humphrey Bogart Murder Case
3359: BAXT, GEORGE - The Clark Gable & Carole Lombard Murder Case
3362: BAXT, GEORGE - The Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Murder Case
26961: BAXTER, ANNE - Intermission: A True Story
1064: BAXTER, CHARLES - First Light (Signed)
3343: BAXTER, MAURICE G. - One and Inseparable - Daniel Webster and the Union
4626: BAXTER, COLIN AND JIM CRUMLEY - Shetland: Land of the Ocean
24624: BAY, J. CHRISTIAN - The Mystery of the Irish Crown Jewels: A Critical Precis
26468: BAYAT, MANGOL - Iran's First Revolution: Shi'Ism and the Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1909
2109: BAYER, VALERIE TOWNSEND - The Metaphysics of Sex
12969: BAYER, M.B. - Haworthia Handbook: A Guide to the Species, with Identification Keys and Illustrations
11283: BAYLE, G.L. - Recherches Sur la Phthisie Pulmonaire, Ouvrage Lu a la Societe de la Faculte de Medicine de Paris, Dans Diverses Seances, En 1809 Et 1810
24613: BAYLE, LUC MARIE - Le Voyage de la Nouvelle Incomprise (Signed)
16334: BAYLY, CHRISTOPHER AND TIM HARPER - Forgotten Armies: The Fall of British Asia, 1941-1945
6001: BAZIN, RENE - Une Tache D'Encre
4670: BEACH, SUSAN HICKS - A Cardinal of the Medici
19298: BEACH, REX - The Net (in Dust Jacket)
6521: BEACH, CAPT. EDWARD L. USN - The Wreck of the Memphis
10932: BEADLE, CHARLES - Witch Doctors
8109: BEAGLEHOLE, J.C. - The Life of Captain James Cook
6962: BEALE, HOWARD K., ED - Charles A. Beard: An Appraisal
18301: BEALES, H.L. - The Early English Socialists
8615: BEALEY, FRANK AND JOHN SEWEL - The Politics of Independence: A Study of a Scottish Town
15681: BEALL, OTHO T., JR. AND RICHARD H. SHRYOCK - Cotton Mather: First Signifant Figure in American Medicine
17326: BEALS, RALPH L. - The Peasant Marketing System of Oaxaca, Mexico
22944: BEARD, GEOFFREY - The Work of Robert Adam
5444: BEARD, CHARLES A. - The Discussion of Human Affairs
17828: BEARD, REV. CHARLES - The Reformation of the 16th Century: In Its Relation to Modern Thought and Knowledge
14994: BEARD, CHARLES A. AND GEORGE E. SMITH - The Old Deal and the New
11246: BEARD, MARY R. - On Understanding Women
1069: BEARDSLEY, CHARLES - A Raging Wind (Signed)
24846: BEASLEY, THOMAS DYKES - A Tramp Through the Bret Harte Country
5416: BEATTIE, ALAN - English Party Politics, Vol. 1, 1660-1906
1067: BEATTIE, ANN - Picturing Will
1068: BEATTIE, ANN - The Burning House - Short Stories
11681: BEATTIE, PAUL (ARTIST) - Paul Beattie: Abstract Realist
5596: BEAUGUITTE, ANDRE - Une Berline S'Arreta
16650: BEAULAC, WILLARD L. - Franco: Silent Ally in World War II
25246: BEAULAC, WILLARD L. - Career Ambassador
15723: BEAUMONT, WILLIAM, M.D. (SIR WILLIAM OSLER, BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY) - Experiments and Observations of the Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion
10841: BEAVER, HAROLD - Pardoner's Tale
350: BEAVERBROOK, LORD - Men and Power 1917-1918
4299: BECK, EARL R. - A Time of Triumph and Sorrow: Spanish Politics During the Reign of Alfonso XII, 1874-1885
28569: BECK, HON. JAMES M. - The Memory of Benjamin Franklin: An Address Delivered by Hon. James M. Beck at the International Benjamin Franklin Society, January 18, 1924, Hotel Astor
5047: BECK, WARREN - The First Fish and Other Stories
14666: BECK, EARL R. - The Death of the Prussian Republic: A Study of Reich-Prussian Relations, 1932-1934
21821: BECKE, A.F. - History of the Great War: Military Operations, France and Belgium 1918, Volume II Maps Volume Only
22186: BECKER, MARVIN B. - Civility and Society in Western Europe, 1300-1600
6386: BECKER, MRAVIN B. - Florence in Transition, 2 Vols. - 1) the Decline of the Commune, 2) Studies in the Rise of the Territorial State
29677: BECKER, JUREK - Jacob Fhe Liar
28691: BECKER. ROBERT A. - Revolution, Reform, and the Politics of American Taxation, 1763-1783
6533: BECKER, CARL L. - New Liberties for Old
26018: BECKER, PETER - The Pathfinders: A Saga of Exploration in Southern Africa
2108: BECKER, JOHN - Jaimie: An Autobiographical Novel in Short Stories
3218: BECKER, PETER - Hill of Destiny - the Life and Times of Moshesh, Founder of the Basotho
29690: BECKER, PETER - Dingane - King of the Zulu 1828-1840
29101: BECKETT, V.B. - Baca's Battle: Elfego Baca's Epic Gunfight at 'Frisco Plaza, N.M. , 1884, As Reported at the Time. Together with Baca's Own Final Account of the Battle
21634: BECKFORD, WILLIAM - The Journal of William Beckford in Portugal and Spain, 1787-1788
4687: BECKINGSALE, B.W. - Burghley: Tudor Statesman
27385: BECKWITH, LILLIAN - Lightly Poached
7732: BECNEL, THOMAS A. - Senator Allen Ellender of Louisiana: A Biography
5165: BEDDARD, ROBERT - A Kingdom without a King: The Journal of the Provisional Government in the Revolution of 1688
23005: BEDINI, SILVIO A. - The Pope's Elephant
1931: BEE, DAVID - Curse of Magira
29997: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG - The Trains We Rode, Volume II: Northern Pacific - Wabash
29030: BEEBE, LUCIUS AND CHARLES CLEGG - Virginia and Truckee: A Story of Virginia City and Comstock Times (Signed)
11941: BEECHER, LYMAN (EDITED BY BARBARA M. CROSS) - The Autobiography of Lyman Beecher, 2 Volumes, Complete
690: BEECHING, JACK - The Galleys at Lepanto
26463: BEER, DANIEL - The House of the Dead: Siberian Exile Under the Tsars
21221: BEER-HOFMANN, RICHARD - Jacob's Dream
9628: BEER, GEORGE LOUIS - African Questions at the Paris Peace Conference (with Papers on Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Colonial Settlement)
18309: BEER, BARRETT L. - Northumberland: The Political Career of John Dudley, Earl of Warwick and Duke of Northumberland
7283: BEER, BARRETT L. - Rebellion and Riot: Popular Disorder in England During the Reign of Edward VI
54: BEER, SAMUEL H. - British Politics in the Collectivist Age
5753: BEERBOHM, MAX - Rossetti and His Circle
29426: BEEVOR, ANATONY AND ARTEMIS COOPER - Paris, After the Liberation, 1944-1949
26970: BEEZLEY, WILLIAM H. - Judas at the Jockey Club and Other Episodes of Porfirian Mexico
4659: BEGIEBING, ROBERT J. - The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin
29467: BEGLEY, LOUIS - About Schmidt, Schmidt Delivered, Schmidt Steps Back, 3 Volumes
19838: BEHLMER, RUDY AND TONY THOMAS - Hollywood's Hollywood: The Movies About the Movies
18582: BEHN, SIEGFRIED - The Eternal Magnet: A History of Philosophy (Signed by Translator)
17562: BEHR, EDWARD - Hirohito: Behind the Myth
4658: BEHRMAN, S.N. - The Pirate
22477: BEITZINGER, ALFONS J. - Edward G. Ryan: Lion of the Law (Signed)
5420: BELCHAM, JOHN - Class, Party and the Political System in Britain, 1867-1914
15961: BELCHEM, MAJOR-GENERAL DAVID - Victory in Normandy
751: BELFORT, SOPHIE - The Lace Curtain Murders
752: BELFORT, SOPHIE - The Marvell College Murders
2834: BELL, MALCOLM, JR. - Major Butler's Legacy - Five Generations of a Slaveholding Family
18380: BELL, RUDOLPH M. - How to Do It: Guides to Good Living for Renaissance Italians
5503: BELL, ALDON D. - London in the Age of Dickens
18347: BELL, CLIVE - On British Freedom
21568: BELL, MRS. N.S. (COMPILED BY) - Pathways of the Puritams
8614: BELL, MARY I.M. - A Short History of the Papacy
23369: BELL, CHARLES - Letters Concerning the Diseases of the Urethra
20157: BELL, DAVID S. AND ERIC SHAW, EDS - Conflict and Cohesion in Western European Social Democratic Parties
7446: BELL, H.E. - Maitland: A Critical Examination and Assessment
5057: BELL, BETTY LOUISE - Faces in the Moon
753: BELL, JOSEPHINE - The Catalyst
754: BELL, PAULINE - Murder at St. Oswald's
1066: BELL, MADISON SMARTT - Straight Cut (Signed)
1071: BELL, MADISON SMARTT - Zero Db and Other Stories (Signed)
1075: BELL, CHARLES G. - The Half Gods
1833: BELL, MADISON SMARTT - Ten Indians
3557: BELL, GARY M. - A Handlist of British Diplomatic Representatives, 1509-1688
15536: BELL, AUBREY F.G. - Castilian Literature
4553: BELL, H.E. AND R.L. OLLARD, EDS - Historical Essays, 1600-1750, Presented to David Ogg
10389: BELL, SIR H. HESKETH - Love in Black
17467: BELL, J. BOWYER - Murders on the Nile: The World Trade Center and Global Terror
29119: BELL, MADISON SMARTT - Toussaint Louverture: A Biography
18413: BELLAH, ROBERT N., ET AL. - Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life
26029: BELLAMY, EDWARD - Equality
1074: BELLAMY, JOE DAVID - Suzi Sinzinnati
27283: BELLESILES, MICHAEL A. - Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture
4970: BELLI, MELVIN M. WITH MAURICE C. CARROLL - Dallas Justice: The Real Story of Jack Ruby and His Trial
17376: BELLO, JOSE MARIA - A History of Modern Brazil, 1889-1964
29647: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Richelieu: A Study
29643: BELLOC, HILAIRE - William the Conqueror
15941: BELLOC, HILAIRE - High Lights of the French Revolution
23334: BELLOC, HILAIRE - A General Sketch of the European War - the Second Phase
25669: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Charles the First, King of England
16456: BELLOT, LELAND - William Knox: The Life and Thought of an Eighteenth-Century Imperialist
30083: BELLOW, SAUL - It All Adds Up- from the Dim Past to the Uncertain Future: A Nonfition Collection
26028: BELLOW, SAUL - Saul Bellow: Novels 1944-1953: Dangling Man, the Victim, the Adventures of Augie March
30043: BELLOW, SAUL - Humboldt's Gift (Signed)
1781: BELOFF, MAX - Imperial Sunset, Vol. 1 - Britain's Liberal Empire, 1897-1921
22523: BELOHLAVEK, JOHN M. - Broken Glass: Caleb Cushing and the Shattering of the Union
22481: BELZ, HERMAN - A New Birth of Freedom: The Republican Party and Freedmen's Rights, 1861-1866
4561: BEMAN, BILL - Crush
25094: BEMIS, SAMUEL FLAGG - John Quincy Adams and the Foundation of American Foreign Policy
16640: BEN-AMI, SHLOMO - The Origins of the Second Republic in Spain (Signed)
21512: BEN-AMOS, DAN AND JEROME R. MINTZ (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY) - In Praise of the Baal Shem Tov [Shivhei Ha-Besht]: The Earliest Collection of Legends About the Founder of Hasidism
17510: BEN GAD, YITSCHAK - Politics, Lies and Videotape: 3,000 Questions and Answers on the Mideast Crisis
17519: BEN-PORATH, YORAM - The Arab Labor Force in Israel
17539: BENARD, CHERYL (IN COORPERATION WITH EDIT SCHLAFFER) - Veiled Courage: Instide the Afghan Women's Resistance
614: BENDINER, ELMER - A Time for Angels: The Tragicomic History of the League of Nations
2601: BENDINER, ELMER - The Virgin Diplomats
27144: BENECKE, G. - Society and Politics in Germany, 1500-1750
7209: BENEDETTI, ALESSANDRO - Diaria de Bello Carolino (Diary of the Caroline War)
22463: BENEDICT, MICHAEL LES - Preserving the Constitution: Essays on Politics and the Constitution in the Reconstruction Era
1072: BENEDICT, PINCKNEY - Town Smokes
1073: BENEDICT, PINCKNEY - The Wrecking Yard and Other Stories (Signed)
1081: BENEDICT, PINCKNEY - Dogs of God
2107: BENEDICT, ELIZABETH - Safe Conduct
19896: BENJAMIN, MARY A. - Autographs: A Key to Collecting
30159: BENNETT, MATTHEW - Essential Histories: Campgians of the Norman Conquest
24590: BENNETT, ARNOLD - Buried Alive
1079: BENNETT, JAMES GORDON - The Moon Stops Here
1080: BENNETT, JAMES GORDON - My Father's Geisha
4138: BENNETT, WILLIAM J. - Patriot Sage: George Washington and the American Politcal Tradition
4409: BENNETT, MICHAEL - Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke
4582: BENNETT, DAPHNE - Vicky: Princess Royal of England and German Empress
11164: BENNETT, EDWARD W. - Germany and the Diplomacy of the Financial Criss, 1931
19875: BENNETT, JOHN - Barnaby Lee
25719: BENOIST-MECHIN - Arabian Destiny
3775: BENSON, LEE - The Concept of Jacksonian Democracy - New York As a Test Case
22052: BENSON, STELLA - Kwan-Yin (Variant Binding)
23975: BENSON, ADOLPH B. AND NABOTH HEDIN, EDS - Swedes in America, 1638-1938
25267: BENSON, E.F. - The Kaiser and English Relations
17743: BENSON, NETTIE LEE - The Provincial Deputation in Mexico: Harbinger of Provincial Autonomy, Independence, and Federalism
18143: BENSUSAN-BUTT, D.M. - On Economic Growth: An Essay in Pure Theory
25120: BENTWICH, NORMAN - Israel
25137: BENTWICH, NORMAN - Israel and Her Neighbours: A Short Historical Geography
4930: BENY, ROLOFF AND ANTHONY THWAITE - Odyssey: Mirror of the Mediterranean
26351: BENZIE, JOHN D. - The Elusive Immigrant
13868: BERBERIAN, HAMPARTZOUM - Cantata: Sacrament of Vartanantz
6500: BERCOVICI, KONRAD - Against the Sky
25011: BERCOVICI, KONRAD - The Crusades
7954: BERE, RENNIE - Birds in an African National Park
29503: BEREND, IVAN T. - Decades of Crisis: Central and Eastern Europe Before World War II
21554: BERENDS, POLLY - Ozma and the Wayward Wand
29419: BERENDT, JOHN - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story
2103: BERENSTAIN, LEO - The Wind Monkey - & Other Stories
8756: BERG, A. SCOTT - Lindbergh
23872: BERG, A. SCOTT - Wilson
29510: BERGAMINI, DAVID - Japan's Imperial Conspiracy
18585: BERGAMINI, JOHN D. - The Spanish Bourbons: The History of a Tenacious Dynasty
5605: BERGER, RAOUL - Selected Writings on the Constitution
29324: BERGER, DAVID - The Rebbe, the Messiah and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference
1077: BERGER, THOMAS - The Houseguest
21493: BERGER, DAVID - INTRODUCTION, TRANSLATION, AND COMMENTARY - The Jewish-Christian Debate in the High Middle Ages: A Critical Edition of the Nizzahom Vetus
30078: BERGER, RAOUL - Impeachment: The Constitutional Problems
20473: BERGERON, ARTHUR W., JR., ED. (GRISAMORE, SILAS T, AUTHOR) - The CIVIL War Reminiscences of Major Silas T. Grisamore, C.S. A.
2105: BERGNER, DANIEL - Moments of Favor
5056: BERGON, FRANK - The Temptations of St. Ed & Brother S.
29361: BERGREEN, LAURENCE - Louis Armstrong: An Exravagant Life
20273: BERGREEN, LAURENCE - Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu
489: BERGREEN, LAURENCE - As Thousands Cheer; the Life of Irving Berlin
17884: BERING, HENRIK - Helmut Kohl
176: BERINGAUSE, ARTHUR F. - Brooks Adams; a Biography
15731: BERJEAU, J. PH - The Homeopathic Treatment of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Spermatorrhea, and Urinary Diseases, Revised, with Numerous Additions, by J.H. P. Frost
12175: BERKIN, CAROL - First Generations: Women in Colonial America
3796: BERKIN, CAROL - Jonathan Sewall - Odyssey of an American Loyalist
17491: BERKMAN, TED - Sabra
14127: BERKY, ANDREW S. AND JAMES P. SHENTON - The Historians' History of the United States, 2 Volumes, Complete
14683: BERLAU, A. JOSEPH - The German Social Democratic Party, 1914-1921
24623: BERLIN, ISAIAH - Political Ideas in the Romantic Age: Their Rise and Influence on Modern Thought
11728: BERMINGHAM, PETER - American Art in the Barbizon Mood
28077: BERMONT, HUBERT I. - Psychoanalysis Is a Great Big Help!
12968: BERNABO, FERRUCCIO - The Complete Book of Lancia
9458: BERNARD, PAUL P. - Jesuits & Jacobins: Enlightenment and Enlightened Despots in Austria
2104: BERNARD, APRIL - Pirate Jenny
1078: BERNARDINI, JOE - Singapore - a Novel of the Bronx
17424: BERNDT, RONALD M. AND PETER LAWRENCE, EDS - Politics in New Guinea: Traditional and in the Context of Change Some Anthrpological Perspectives
9986: BERNE, SUZANNE - A Crime in the Neighborhood
29902: BERNHARD, THOMAS - Woodcutters
29900: BERNHARD, THOMAS - The Voice Imitator
17377: BERNHARD, VIRGINIA, ED - Elites, Masses, and Modernization in Latin America, 1850-1930
29903: BERNHARD, THOMAS - Wittgenstein's Nephew: A Friendship
27972: BERNHEIM, HIPPOLYTE - Bernheim's New Studies in Hypnotism
21417: BERNSTEIN, JEREMY - Oppenheimer: Portrait of an Enigma
22035: BERNSTEIN, PETER L. - Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation
29742: BERNSTEIN, CARL AND BOB WOODWARD - All the President's Men
18637: BERNSTEIN, IRVING - Guns or Butter: The Presidency of Lyndon Johnson
3174: BERNSTEIN, HILLEL - Choose a Bright Morning
17723: BERQUE, JACQUES - The Arabs: Their History and Future
14897: BERQUE, JACQUES - French North Africa: The Maghrib between Two World Wars
28355: BERRA, YOGI AND ED FITZGERALD - Yogi: The Autobiography of a Professional Baseball Player
17741: BERRYMAN, PHILLIP - Stubborn Hope: Religion, Politics, and Revolution in Central America
11186: BERTHELOT, M(ARCELIN) - Thermochimie: Donnees Et Lois Numeriques, 2 Volumes, Complete
23988: BERTON, PIERRE - Hollywood's Canada: The Americanization of Our National Image
1818: BERTON, PIERRE - Vimy
28135: BESCHLOSS, MICHAEL - Presidents of War
27223: BESCHLOSS, MICHAEL - Reaching for Glory: Lyndon Johnson's Secret White House Tapes, 1964-1965
26783: BESKOW, ELSA - Chldren of the Forest
24928: BESSEL, RICHARD - Germany After the First World War
27776: BESSETTE, ROLAND L. - Mario Lanza - Tenor in Exile
1086: BESSIE, ALVAH - One for My Baby
11706: BESSON, ALBERT - Technique Microbiologique Et Serotherapique (Microbes Pathogenes de L'Homme Et Des Animaux): Guide Du Medicin Et Du Veterinaire Pour Les Travaux de Laboratoire
29001: BEST, GERALD M., COMPILED BY - Locomotives of the Dickson Manufacturing Company: Their History, Reproduction of an 1885 Illustrated Locomotive Catalog, and Roster of Locomotives Erected by the Company between 1862 and 1902
3820: BEST, HERBERT - Diane
10930: BEST, HERBERT - A Rumor of Drums
17499: BETH, LOREN P. - The Development of the American Constitution, 1877-1917
12810: BETTS, R.R., ED - Central and South East Europe 1945-1948
5055: BEVINGTON, HELEN - The Journey Is Everything: A Journal of the Seventies
9627: BEYERS, COENRAAD - Die Kaapse Patriotte, 1779-1791
16146: BHAGAT, G. - Americans in India, 1784-1860
15648: BHARATI, AGEHANANDA - The Asians in East Africa: Jayhind and Uhuru
4004: BHATTACHARYA, BHABANI - He Who Rides a Tiger
17570: BHATTACHARYYA, SUKUMAR - The East India Company and the Economy of Bengal from 1704 to 1740
23462: BIALIK, HAYYIM NAHMAN - Complete Poetic Works of Hayyim Nahman Bialik
23093: BIALIK, HAYYIM NAHMAN - Knight of Onions and Knight of Garlic
13825: BIANCHINI, PIETRO - Les Chants Liturgiques de L'Eglise Armenienne Traduits En Notes Musciales Europeennes
27857: BIANCO, MARGERY WILLIAMS - The Adventures of Andy
26254: BICKHAM, TROY - The Weight of Vengeance: The United States, the British Empire, and the War of 1812
27196: BIDART, FRANK - Half-Light - Collected Poems 1965-2016
9052: BIDDULPH, COLONEL JOHN - The Nineteenth and Their Times: Being an Account of the Four Cavalry Regiments in the British Army That Have Borne the Number Nineteen and of the Campaigns in Which They Served
755: BIDERMAN, BOB - Judgement of Death
756: BIDERMAN, BOB - The Genesis Files
24342: BIDWELL, SHELFORD - The Chindit War: Stillwell, Wingate, and the Campaign in Burma: 1944
48: BIENEN, HENRY - Kenya--the Politics of Participation and Control
18236: BIGLAND, EILEEN - In the Steps of George Borrow
13645: BIGLAND, JOHN - A Sketch of the History of Europe, from the Peace of 1783 to the Present Time, Exhibiting a View of the Commotions in Holland and Brabant; the Wars between Russia, Austria, the Ottoman Porte, and Sweden; the Annihilation of the Kingdom of Poland; the Revolution of France, and the Wars Which Have Proceeded from That Extraordinary Event, with the Recent Revolution in Spain, Portugal, and Sweden, 2 Volumes, Complete
17715: BIGMORE, E.C. AND C.W.H. WYMAN - A Bibliography of Printing, with Notes and Illustrations, 2 Vols, Complete
23121: BILDERSEE, ADELE - Jewish Post-Biblical History Through Great Personalties: From Jochanan Ben Zakkai Through Moses Mendelssohn
18238: BILL, WINDY - A Poor American in Ireland and Scotland
11757: BILL, ALFRED H. - Astrophel, or the Life and Death of the Renowned Philip Sidney
2117: BILLETDOUX, RAPHAELE - Night without Day
13405: BILLINGS, BUCK - The Wolf of the Pecos
11343: BILLINGS, J.S., S. WEIR MITCHELL, AND D.H. BERGEY - The Composition of Expired Air and Its Effects Upon Animal Life (Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge #989)
3774: BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN - Land of Savagery, Land of Promise - the European Image of the American Frontier
26955: BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN - The Genesis of the Frontier Thesis
29248: BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN, ED - People of the Plains and Mountains: Essays in the History of the West. Decidated to Everett Dick
6449: BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN, INTRODUCTION - Soldier and Brave: Military and Indian Affairs in the Trans-Mississippi West, Including a Guide to Historic Sites and Landmarks
14119: BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN - Frederick Jackson Turner: Historian, Scholar, Teacher
22390: BILOTTA, JAMES D. - Race and the Rise of the Republican Party, 1948-1865
15867: BILTON, DAVID - The Trench: The Full Story of the 1st Hull Pals: A History of the 10th (1st Hull) Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, 1914-1918
26060: BING DING, COMPILER - Seven Maids of Far Cathay: Being English Notes from a Chinese Class Book
28022: BINGHAM, WOODBRIDGE - The Founding of the T'Ang Dynasty - the Fall of Sui and the Rise of T'Ang, a Preliminary Survey
3478: BINGHAM, CAROLINE - The Stewart Kingdom of Scotland, 1371-1603
14862: BINGHAM, CAROLINE - James VI of Scotland
10871: BINGHAM, CAROLINE - James V, King of Scots 1512-1542
25057: BINKLEY, WILFRED E. - President and Congress
25385: BINKLEY, WILFRED E. - American Political Parties: Their Natural History
14736: BINKLEY, ROBERT C. - Realism and Nationalism, 1852-1871
3815: BINNS, ARCHIE - Lightship
17682: BINYAN, LIU - China's Crisis, China's Hope
15667: BIRCHER-BENNER, M. - The Essential Nature and Organisation of Food Energy and the Application of the Second Principle of Thermo-Dynamics to Food Value and Its Active Force
12599: BIRD, ANTHONY AND IAN HALLOWS - The Rolls-Royce Motor-Car and the Bentleys Built by Rolls-Royce
21415: BIRD, KAI - The Color of Truth: Mcgeorge Bundy and William Bundy: Brothers in Arms - a Biography
15765: BIRD, ANTHONY - The Damnable Duke of Cumberland: A Character Study and Vindication of Ernest Augustus Duke of Cumberland and King of Hanover
10886: BIRD, HARRISON - Attack on Quebec: The American Invasion of Canada, 1775
27003: BIRGUS, VLADIMIR AND JAN MICOCH - Ceska Fotografie 20. Stoleti
4437: BIRLEY, ANTHONY R. - Hadrian: The Restless Emperor
1085: BIRNBAUM, ALFRED - Monkey Brain Sushi
16042: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE - The Anti-Semitic Moment: A Tour of France in 1898
29131: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE - Leon Blum: Primeminister, Socialist, Zionist
22020: BIRNBAUM, LUCIA CHIAVOLA - Black Madonnas: Feminism, Religion, and Politics in Italy
19878: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE - Obiter Dicta - First Series (in Fine Binding)
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5067: BISHOP, DONALD G. - The Administration of Brirish Foreign Relations
757: BISHOP, PAUL - Chapel of the Ravens
14756: BISHOP, BILL - The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart
16012: BISHOP, CHRIS - Luftwaffe Squadrons, 1939-1945: The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide
28509: BISKUPIC, JOAN - The Chief: The Life and Turbulent Times of Chief Justice John Roberts
29556: BISKUPIC, JOAN - Sandra Day O'Connor - How the First Woman on the Supreme Court Became Its Most Influential Justice
4207: BISSELL, CLAUDE - The Imperial Canadian: Vincent Massey in Office
25488: BISSET, ANDREW - Omitted Chapters of the History of England: From the Death of Charles I to the Battle of Dunbar
25917: BISSET, ANDREW - History of the Commonwealth of England: From the Death of Charles I to the Expulsion of the Long Parliament by Cromwell. Being Omitted Chapters of the History of England. , Volume II
1082: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - On the Eve of Uncertain Tomorrows
1083: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - A Casual Brutality
1084: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Digging Up the Mountains
1092: BITTINGER, BILLY - The Good Time Gospel Boys
4957: BIX, HERBERT P. - Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan
16904: BIX, HERBERT P. - Peasant Protest in Japan, 1590-1884
3226: BJARNHOF, KARL - The Stars Grow Pale
16985: BJERRE, JENS - Kalahari
23392: BLACK, CONRAD - Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership
6961: BLACK, CONRAD - Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom
7439: BLACK, WILLIAM HARMAN - If I Were a Jew
26560: BLACK, IAN - Enemies and Neighbors: Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel, 1917-2017
16543: BLACK, JEREMY - The British Seaborne Empire
7083: BLACK, JEREMY - The Hanoverians: The History of a Dynasty
28174: BLACK, F.A. - Problems in Time and Space: A Collection of Essays Relating to the Earth, Physically and Astrologically, and Cognate Matters
21088: BLACK, HUGO LAFAYETTE - One Man's Stand for Freedom: Mr. Justice Black and the Bill of Rights - a Collection of His Supreme Court Opinions
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759: BLACK, GAVIN - You Want to Die, Johnny
760: BLACK, GAVIN - A Time for Pirates
761: BLACK, GAVIN - The Golden Cockatrice
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13025: BLACK, JEREMY - Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past
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24528: BLACKLOCK, MICHAEL - The Royal Scots Greys
21387: BLACKMAR, FRANK W. - Spanish Institutions of the Southwest
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3957: BLACKSTOCK, CHARITY - The Bitter Conquest
6835: BLACKWOOD, GARY - The Year of the Hangman
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26413: BLAINE, MARTHA ROYCE - Pawnee Passage: 1870-1875
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16159: BLAIR, CHERIE - Speaking for Myself: The Autobiography (Signed)
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4470: BLAIR, CLAY, JR. - Silent Victory: The U.S. Submarine War Against Japan
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230: BLESER, CAROL - The Hammonds of Redcliffe
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766: BLOCK, LAWRENCE - A Ticket to the Boneyard
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11017: BODLEY, MAJOR R.V.C. - A Japanese Omelette
1090: BOGARDE, DIRK - Voices in the Garden
10712: BOGARDE, DIRK - A Particular Friendship
10619: BOGARDE, DIRK - A Genrle Occupation (Signed)
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23789: BOGUE, ALLAN C. - Republicans of the CIVIL War Senate
6499: BOHRER, MELISSA LUKEMAN - Glory, Passion, and Principle: The Story of Eight Remarkable Women at the Core of the American Revolution
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15: BONGIE, L.L. - The Love of a Prince - Bonnie Prince Charlie in France, 1744-1748
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18920: BONSER, WILFRID - The Medical Background of Anglo-Saxon England: A Study in History, Psychology, and Folklore
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27813: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J., ED - An American Primer. Two Volumes in Slipcase
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24944: BORDEWICH, FERGUS M. - America's Great Debate: Henry Clay, Stephen A. Douglas, and the Compromise That Preserved the Union
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19276: BORDO, SUSAN - The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England's Most Notorious Queen
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7873: BOSNAN, HERMAN CHARLES - A Bekkersdal Marathon
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24704: BOSSY, JOHN - Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair
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1097: BOSWELL, ROBERT - The Geography of Desire
1098: BOSWELL, ROBERT - Crooked Hearts (Signed)
22215: BOSWELL, JOHN - The Kindness of Strangers: The Abandonment of Children in Western Europe from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance
4063: BOSWORTH, ALLAN R. - Storm Tide
26994: BOTERO, INTERVIEWED BY ANA MARIA ESCALLON - Botero: New Works on Canvas
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9980: BOTTING, DOUGLAS - Island of the Dragon's Blood
124: BOTTOME, PHYLLIS - Masks and Faces - a Book of Stories
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1103: BOULLE, PIERRE - The Other Side of the Coin
1147: BOULLE, PIERRE - Not the Glory
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3481: BOURGIN, FRANK - The Great Challenge - the Myth of Laissez-Faire in the Early Republic
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386: BOURNE, RUSSELL - The Red King's Rebellion; Racial Politics in New England, 1675-1678
2598: BOURNE, KENNETH - Palmerston: The Early Years, 1784-1841
13718: BOURNOUTIAN, GEORGE A. (ANNOTATED TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY) - Russia and the Armenians of Transcaucasia, 1797-1889: A Documentary Record
4043: BOUSCAREN, ANTHONY T. - The Last of the Mandarins - Diem of Vietnam
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15990: BOUSSEL, PATRICE - D-Day Beaches Revisited
21637: BOUTARIC, EDGARD - Saint Louis Et Alfonse de Poitiers: Etude Sur la Reunion Des Provinces Du Midi & de L'Ouest a la Couronne, Et Sur Les Origines de la Centralisation Administrative. D'Apres Des Documents Inedits
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27365: BOUTWELL, GEORGE S. - Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs: Governor of Massachusetts, 1851-1852; Representative in Congress, 1863-1869; Secretary of the Treasury, 1869-1873; Senator from Massachusetts, 1873-1877; Etc. , Etc. Two Volumes, Complete
2820: BOUWSMA, JOHN - John Calvin - a Sixteenth Century Portrait
21641: BOVILL, E.W. - The Niger Explored
1146: BOWDEN, CHARLES - Mezcal
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9398: BOWEN, GARY - Man Hungry
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6420: BOWEN, EZRA - The High Sierra
2305: BOWEN, PETER - Wolf, No Wolf
30146: BOWER, TOM - Broken Vows -Tony Blair: The Tragedy of Power
15350: BOWER, TOM - Gordon Brown
2347: BOWERS, CLAUDE G. - Beveridge and the Progressive Era
14160: BOWERS, DAVID F., ED - Foreign Influences in American Life: Essays and Critical Bibliographies
4554: BOWERS, TERRELL L. - The Masked Cowpoke
12422: BOWERS, CLAUDE G. - The Spanish Adventures of Washinton Irving
16398: BOWERS, RICHARD H., ED - Seven Studies in Medieval English History and Other Historical Essays
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5160: BOWLE, JOHN - Politics and Opinion in the 19th Century: An Historical Introduction
15882: BOWLER, MICHAEL - Aston Martin: The Legend
208: BOWLES, CHESTER - Promises to Keep: My Years in Public Life 1941-1969
20394: BOWMAN, ALAN K. - Egypt After the Pharaohs, 331bc-Ad642
25477: BOWMAN, WILLIAM DODGSON - The Divorce Case of Queen Caroline: An Account of the Reign of George IV and the King's Relations with Other Women
5054: BOWMAN, DAVID - Let the Dog Drive
29104: BOWMAN, J.N. AND ROBERT F. HEIZER - Anza and the Northwest Frontier of New Spain
9165: BOWMAN, ROBERT J. - The House of Blue Lights
856: BOWMAN, ROBERT J. - The Screaming Buddha
11935: BOWMAN, LARRY G. - Captive Americans: Prisoners During the American Revolution
3: BOWRA, C.M. - Primitive Song
15105: BOXER, C.R. - Four Centuries of Portuguese Expansion, 1485-1825: A Succinct Survey
22819: BOXER, C.R. , EDITOR - The Tragic History of the Sea, 1589-1622 & Further Selections from the Tragic History of the Sea, 1559-1565, 2 Volumes, Complete. I) Narratives of the Shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen Sao Thome (1589), Santa Alberto (1593), Sao Hoao Baptista (1622) and the Jouneys of the Survivors in East Africa. II) Narratives of the Shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen Aguis and Garca (1559) Sao Paulo (1561) and the Misadventures of the Brazil-Ship Santo Antonio (1565)
21631: BOYAJIAN, JAMES C. - Portuguese Trade in Asia Under the Habsburgs, 1580-1640
21994: BOYAJIAN, DICKRAN H. - Armenia - the Case for a Forgotten Genocide (Signed)
27548: BOYD, JAMES I.C. - The Festiniog Railway: A History of the Narrow Gauge Railway Connecting the Slate Quarries of Blaenau Festiniog with Portmadoc, North Wales. In Two Volumes. Vol. I: 1800-1899, Vol II: 1890-1959
27984: BOYD, JULIA - Travelers in the Third Reich - the Rise of Fascism: 1919-1945
24756: BOYD, DOUGLAS - Lionheart: The True Story of England's Crusader King
1099: BOYD, BLANCHE MCCRARY - The Redneck Way of Knowledge - Down-Home Tales
1100: BOYD, BLANCHE MCCRARY - The Revolution of Little Girls
1101: BOYD, BLANCHE MCCRARY - Terminal Velocity
1102: BOYD, BLANCHE MCCRARY - Mourning the Death of Magic
1104: BOYD, WILLIAM - Brazzaville Beach
1105: BOYD, WILLIAM - On the Yankee Station - Stories
1106: BOYD, WILLIAM - Stars and Bars
1107: BOYD, WILLIAM - Stars and Bars
1108: BOYD, WILLIAM - An Ice-Cream War
1110: BOYD, WILLIAM - The Blue Afternoon
1111: BOYD, WILLIAM - The New Confessions
1112: BOYD, WILLIAM - School Ties - Two Screenplays
3444: BOYD, WILLIAM - Brazzaville Beach
9992: BOYD, JAMES - Long Hunt
11190: BOYD, KENNETH M. - Scottish Church Attitudes to Sex, Marriage and the Family, 1850-1914
589: BOYER, RICHARD O. - The Legend of John Brown: A Biography and a History
23971: BOYER, JOHN W. - Political Radicalism in Late Imperial Vienna: Origins of the Christian Social Movement, 1848-1897
8804: BOYES, JOHN AND RONALD RUSSELL - The Canals of Eastern England
8205: BOYLE, DAVID - The Troubadour's Song: The Capture and Ransom of Richard the Lionheart
18207: BOYLE, KEVIN - Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, CIVIL Rights and Murder in the Jazz Age
2817: BOYLE, ANDREW - No Passing Glory - the Full and Authentic Biography of Group Captain Cheshire, V.C. , D.S. O. , D.F. C.
26796: BOYLE, RICHARD - Flower of the Dragon: The Breakdown of the U.S. Army in Vietnam
13449: BOYLES, KATE AND VIRGIL D. - The Homesteaders (Signed)
25501: BOYNTON, HENRY WALCOTT - James Fenimore Cooper
24699: BOZEMAN, ADDA BRUEMMER - Regional Conflicts Around Geneva: An Inquiry Into the Origin, Nature, and Implications of the Neutralized Zone of Savoy and of the Customs-Free Zones of Gex and Upper Savoy
12791: BRACE, RICHARD AND JOAN - Ordeal in Algeria
3161: BRADBURY, RAY - A Graveyard for Lunatics
23973: BRADBURY, JIM - The Battle of Hastings
11896: BRADEN, WALDO W. ED - Oratory in the Old South
4600: BRADFIELD, RAY - Nigel Tranter: Scotland's Storyteller
8191: BRADFIELD, RAY - Nigel Tranter: Scotland's Storyteller (Signed)
25018: BRADFORD, WILLIAM - Of Plymouth Plantation, 1629-1647
30127: BRADFORD, SARAH - The Reluctant King: The Life and Reign of George VI, 1894-1952
29881: BRADFORD, ALFRED S. (COMPILED, EDITED, AND TRANSLATED BY) - Philip II of Macedon: A Life from the Ancient Sources
9152: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Siege: Malta 1940-1943
3262: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Hannibal
5183: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Drake
27941: BRADLEY, JAMES - The China Mirage - the Hideen History of American Disaster in Asia (Signed)
28681: BRADLEY, A.G. - The United Empire Loyalists: Founders of British Canada
14495: BRADLEY, A.G. - The Gateway of Scotland: East Lothian, Lammermoor & the Merse
16428: BRADLEY, GEORGE GRANVILLE - Lectures on the Book of Job - Delivered in Westminster Abbey
1114: BRADLEY, JOHN ED - Love & Obits
4845: BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER - Avalonin Usvat (the Mists of Avalon) - Translated Into Finnish by Paula Herranen
22590: BRAEMAN, JOHN, ROBERT H. BREMNER, AND DAVID BRODY, EDS - The New Deal, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) the National Level, II) the State and Local Levels
3330: BRAGG, W.F. - Gun Trouble
17420: BRAIBANTI, RALPH AND JOSEPH J. SPENGLER, EDS - Administration and Economic Development in India
17749: BRAILSFORD, H.N. - Rebel India
4516: BRAINE, JOHN - The Crying Game
13964: BRAINERD, H.G. - Instructions and Rules for Medical Examiners of the Conservative Life Insurance Company
13632: BRAISTED, WILLIAM REYNOLDS - The United States Navy in the Pacific, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) 1897-1909, II) 1909-1922
27981: BRAMWELL, J. MILNE, MD - Hypnotism: Its History, Practice and Theory
10784: BRANCH, TAYLOR - America in the King Years, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) Parting the Waters, 1954-1963 II) Pillar of Fire, 1962-1965 III) at Canaan's Edge, 1965-1968 (One Signed)
23554: BRANCH-JOHNSON - The English Prison Hulks
13234: BRANCH, TAYLOR - Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-63
6503: BRAND, CARL F. - British Labour's Rise to Power
17340: BRANDER, MICHAEL - Scottish and Border Battles and Ballads
768: BRANDON, JAY - Rules of Evidence
27806: BRANDRETH, GYLES - Philip & Elizabeth - Portrait of a Royal Marriage
1934: BRANDS, H.W. - Bound to Empire - the United States and the Philippines
24224: BRANDS, H.W. - Woodrow Wilson (Signed)
22397: BRANDT, NAT WITH YANNA KROYT BRANDT - In the Shadow of the CIVIL War: Passmore Williamson and the Rescue of Jane Johnson
17674: BRANDT, NAT - Massacre in Shansi
4596: BRANDT, CLARE - The Man in the Mirror: A Life of Benedict Arnold
13251: BRANIGAN, KEITH - The Catuvellauni (Peoples of Roman Britain)
21185: BRANNON, JEFFREY T. AND GILBERT M. JOSEPH, EDS - Land, Labor & Capital in Modern Yucatan: Essays in Regional History & Political Economy
3556: BRANSON, NOREEN AND MARGOT HEINEMANN - Britain in the 1930's
18739: BRANT, E.D. - Railroads of North Africa: The Railroad Systems of the Maghreb - Algeria, Tunesia, Morocco, and Libya
26380: BRANT, IRVING - James Madison, 6 Volumes, Complete: 1) the Virginia Revolutionist, 1751-1780, 2) the Nationalist, 1780-1787, 3) Father of the Constitution, 1787-1800. 4) Secretary of State, 1800-1809, 5) the President, 1809-1812, 6) Commander in Chief, 1812-1836
6104: BRANT, IRVING - James Madison: The Nationalist, 1780-1787
908: BRANT, IRVING - James Madison: The Virginia Revolutionist
2852: BRANT, IRVING - James Madison - Secretary of State, 1800-1809
3816: BRANT, IRVING - Friendly Cove
16426: BRANTLEY, BEN, ED - The New York Times Book of Broadway
3555: BRASH, J.I., ED - Papers on Scottish Electoral Politics, 1832-1854
10257: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - Civilization and Capitalism , 15th -18th Century, 3 Volumes Complete: I) the Structures of Everyday Life, II) the Wheels of Commerce, III) the Perspective of the World
26357: BRAUDY, LEO, ED - Focus on Shoot the Piano Player
23039: BRAUER, KINLEY J. - Cotton Versus Conscience: Massachusetts Whig Politics and Southwestern Expansion, 1843-1848
17380: BRAUN, HUGH - Cathedral Architecture
1113: BRAVERMAN, KATE - Lithium for Medea
7757: BRAY, ELIZABETH - The Discovery of the Hebrides: Voyagers to the Western Isles 1745-1883
16799: BRAYBROOKE, NEVILLE AND JUNE - Olivia Manning: A Life
18367: BREADY, J. WESLEY - Lord Shaftesbury
771: BREAZNELL, GENE - The Star of Sutherland
17579: BRECHER, MICHAEL - India and World Politics: Krishna Menon's View of the World
15291: BRECHER, MICHAEL - The Foreign Policy System of Israel
3309: BREDERO, ADRIAAN H. - Bernard of Clairvaux - between Cult and History
23828: BREEN, T.H. - George Washington's Journey: The President Forges a New Nation
26012: BREEN, MICHAEL - The New Koreans: The Story of a Nation
12856: BREEN, RICHARD L. AND RAYMOND W. HACKETT - The Green Mountain Boys
12106: BREGY, KATHERINE - Queen of Paradox: A Stuart Tragedy
26523: BREHT, BERTOLT - The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny
21756: BREMNER, ROBERT H. ED - Children and Youth in America - a Documentary History, 5 Volumes, Complete First Printings in Dust Jacket: 1) Volume I, 1600-1865, 2) Volume II, 1866-1932, Parts 1-6, 3) Volume II, 1866-1932, Parts 7-8, 4) Volume III, 1933-1973, Parts 1-4, 5) Volume III, 1933-1973, Parts 5-7
26595: BRENNAN, MICHAEL G. - English CIVIL War Travellers and the Origins of the Western European Grand Tour (Annual Lecture 2001)
21096: BRENNAN, WILLIAM J., JR. - An Affair with Freedom: A Collection of His Opinions and Speeches Drawn from His First Decade As a United States Supreme Court Justice
5203: BRENT, PETER - Genghis Khan: The Rise, Authority and Decline of Mongol Power
22988: BRENT, PETER - Black Nile: Mungo Park and the Search for the Niger
22185: BRENTANO, ROBERT - A New World in a Small Place: Church and Religion in the Diocese of Rieti, 1188-1378
10822: BRERA, VALERIAN LEWIS - A Treatise on Verminous Diseases, Preceded by the Natural History of Intestinal Worms, and Their Origin in the Human Body
8497: BRERETON, J.M. - A History of the Royal Regiment of Wales [24th/41st Foot], 1689-1989
28433: BRESLAW, ELAINE G. - Dr. Alexander Hamilton and Provincial America: Expanding the Orbit of Scottish Culture
13712: BRESLAW, ELAINE G. - Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem: Devilish Indians and Puritan Fantasies
18110: BREWER, S.M. - Design for a Gentleman: The Education of Philip Stanhope
13535: BREWER, CLIFTON H. - History of Religious Education in the Episcopal Church to 1835
26311: BREYER, STEPHEN - The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities
15638: BREYTENBACH, BREYTEN - The True Confesisons of an Albino Terrorist
27953: BRICE, LESLIE, WILIAM J. LIONBERGER, WILLIAM P. MORRIS, ELDON TAYLOR - What You Should Know About Sublimnal Perception and Subiminal Self-Improvement Tapes
21695: BRICE, WILLIAM C. - A Systematic Regional Geography, Volume VIII: South-West Asia
25444: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Early Americans (Signed)
10030: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Myths and Realities: Societies of the Colonial South
23941: BRIDENBAUGH, EDITOR AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION - Gentleman's Progress: The Itinerarium of Dr. Alexander Hamilton 1744
16253: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Cities in the Wilderness: The First Century of Urban Life in America, 1625-1742 (Signed)
28787: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Silas Downer: Forgotten Patriot: His Life and Writings
28714: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Peter Harrison: First American Architect
6580: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Mitre and Sceptre: Transatlantic Faiths, Ideas, Personalities, and Politics, 1689-1775
28717: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - The Spirit of '76: The Growth of American Patriotism Before Independence
29442: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Silas Downer: Forgotten Patriot: His Life and Writings (Signed)
26658: BRIDGE, ANTONY - Richard the Lionheart
9100: BRIDGE, ANTONY - Theodora: Portrait in a Byzantine Landscape
4052: BRIDGE, ANTONY - The Crusades
26587: BRIDGES, PROFESSOR ROY - James Augustus Grant's Visual Record of East Africa" (in Annual Report for 1993)
1154: BRIER, ROYCE - Last Boat from Beyrouth
6628: BRIFFAULT, ROBERT - New Life of Mr. Martin
9366: BRIGGS, ASA - Saxons, Normans and Victorians
25712: BRIGGS, HAROLD E. AND ERNESTINE B. BIGGS - Nancy Hanks Lincoln: A Frontier Portrait
22112: BRIGGS, ASA - William Corbett
4629: BRIGGS, ARGYE M. - Both Banks of the River
11893: BRIGHT, JOHN - The Diaries of John Bright (with a Foreward by Philip Bright)
11261: BRIGHT, DR. (EDITED BY G. HILARO BARLOW.) - Clinical Memoirs on Abdominal Tumours and Intumescence
772: BRILL, TONI - Date with a Dead Doctor
21247: BRILLIANT, NATHAN AND LIBBIE L. BRAVERMAN - Activities in the Religious School
5630: BRINITZER, CARL - A Reasonable Rebel: Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
18286: BRINK, ANDRE - Writing in a State of Siege (Signed Advance Uncorrected Proof)
24467: BRINKLEY, ALAN - Liberalism and Its Discontents
13917: BRINKLEY, DOUGLAS - The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America
26448: BRINKLEY, GEORGE A. - The Volunteer Army and Allied Intervention in South Russia, 1917-1921: A Study in the Politics and Diplomacy of the Russian CIVIL War
13519: BRINKLEY, ALAN - The End of Reform: New Deal Liberalism in Recession and War
17832: BRINKS, J.H. - Children of a New Fatherland: Germany's Post-War Right-Wing Politics
3730: BRINTON, HENRY - Coppers and Gold
14660: BRINTON, CRANE - The Political Idea of the English Romantics
14572: BRISBIN, RICHARD A., JR. - Justice Antonin Scalia and the Conservative Revival
22929: BRISCO, JOHN - Tadich Grill: The Story of San Francisco's Oldest Restaurant, with Recipes
17958: BRISCOE, A. DALY - A Stuart Benefactress: Sarah, Duchess of Somerset
28950: BRISTOL, ROGER P. - Supplement to Charles Evans' American Bibliography, and Index to the Supplement, 2 Volumes
17902: BRITISH INTELLIGENCE OBJECTIVES SUB-COMMITTEE (P. GRODZINSKI) - Diamond Tools: Their Manufacture and Use in Germany During the Period 1939-1945 (Report No. 10)
17900: BRITISH INTELLIGENCE OBJECTIVES SUB-COMMITTEE - Some Agricultural Aspects in Germany During the Period 1939-1945 (Report No. 6)
9091: BRITTON, BURNETT - Gandhi Arrives in South Africa (Signed)
5081: BRITTON, N.L. AND J.N. ROSE - The Cactaceae: Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family, Vol. 2
26842: BRIZENDINE, LOUANN, MD - The Female Brain
22169: BROAD, LEWIS - Winston Churchill, 2 Volumes, Complete: 1) the Years of Preparation, 2) the Years of Achievement
27706: BROADFOOT, BARRY - Years of Sorrow, Years of Shame: The Story of the Japanese Canadians in World War II
29436: BROADWATER, JEFF - James Madison: A Son of Virginia and a Founder of the Nation
2863: BROCH, THEODOR - The Mountains Wait
29223: BROCK, WILLIAM R. - The United States, 1789-1890 (Signed)
22298: BROCK, WILLIAM R. - Parties and Political Conscience: American Dilemmas, 1840-1850
17755: BROCK, RAY - Ghost on Horseback: The Incredible Ataturk
1793: BROCK, WILLIAM R. - The Evolution of American Democracy
29730: BROCKENBROUGH, MARTHA - Unpresidented - a Biograpy of Donald Trump
22566: BROCKETT, L.P., MD - Men of Our Day, or Biographical Sketches of Patriots, Orators, Statesmen, Generals, Reformers, Financiiers and Merchants, Now on the Stage of Action. .
23177: BRODIE, DEBORAH - Selected Juvenile Books on American Jewish Life: An Annotated Bibliography
9028: BRODIGAN, LIEUT.-COL. F. - Historical Records of the Twenty-Eighth North Gloucestershire Regiment, from 1692 to 1882
25431: BRODRICK, ALAN HOUGHTON - Pillars of Hercules: The Iberian Scene
5757: BRODSKY, ALYN - The Great Mayor: Fiorello la Guardia and the Making of New York City
23003: BRODSKY, BEVERLY - The Story of Job
23621: BRODSKY, ANNE. E. - With All Our Strength: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
4833: BROGAN, D.W. - The French Nation - from Napoleon to Petain, 1814-1940
28637: BROGAN, HUGH - Alexis de Tocqueville: A Life
6629: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Mr. Smith
19641: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - The Green Bay Tree: A Novel (Signed)
28927: BRONSON, BERTRAND HARRIS - Facets of the Englightenment: Studies in English Literature and Its Contexts
22813: BRONTE, EMILY - Wuthering Heights
21175: BROOK, DANIEL - A History of Future Cities
22025: BROOK-SHEPHERD, GORDON - Archduke of Sarajevo: The Romance and Tragedy of Franz Ferdinand of Austria
5836: BROOK, STEPHEN - Claws of the Crab: Georgia and Armenia in Crisis
11843: BROOK-SHEPHERD - Between Two Flags: The Life of Sir Rudolf Von Slatin Pasha
10852: BROOK, IAN - Jimmy Riddle
13302: BROOKE, Z.N. - The English Church and the Papacy: From the Conquest to the Reign of John
11822: BROOKE, JOHN - The Chatham Administration, 1766-1768
306: BROOKE, JOHN - King George III
988: BROOKE, JOHN L. - The Refiner's Fire - the Making of Mormon Cosmology, 1644-1844
4078: BROOKE, GEORGE M. - John M. Brooke: Naval Scientist and Explorer
16530: BROOKHEISER, RICHARD - Gentleman Revolutionary: Gouverneur Morris - the Rake Who Wrote the Constitution
21567: BROOKHISER, RICHARD - Gentleman Revolutionary: Gouverneur Morris - the Rake Who Wrote the Constitution
20675: BROOKS, GERALDINE - March (Signed)
8193: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The Confident Years, 1885-1915
18697: BROOKS, ANDREE AELION - The Woman Who Defied Kings: The Life and Times of Dona Gracia Nasi, a Jewish Leader During the Renaissance (Signed)
13633: BROOKS, EUGENE C. - Woodrow Wilson As President
12387: BROOKS, WILLIAM E. - Grant of Appamattox
12524: BROOKS, ELBRIDGE S. - The Story of Our War with Spain
13941: BROOMFIELD, JOHN - Mostly About Bengal (Signed)
9797: BROPHY, BRIGID - Palace without Chairs
19709: BROPHY, TRUMAN W. - Oral Surgery: A Treatise on the Diseases, Injuries and Malformations of the Mouth and Associated Parts
6302: BROPHY, JOHN - The Day They Robbed the Bank of England
27471: BROTHERS, THOMAS - Louis Armstrong's New Orleans
27165: BROTTON, JEFFREY - The Sultan and the Queen: The Untold Story of Elizabeth and Islam [U. K Title: The Orient Isle - Elizabethan England and the Islamic World]
166: BROUSSARD, JAMES H. - The Southern Federalists 1800-1816
19648: BROUSSON, JEAN JACQUES - Anatole France Himself: A Boswellian Record by His Secretary
7071: BROWDER, EARL - The People's Front
20128: BROWER, JAMES H. - The Mills of Mammon
28224: BROWER, KATE ANDERSEN - First Women: The Grace and Power of America's Modern First Ladies
17538: BROWN, HILTON - Parry's of Madras: A Story of British Enterprise in India
22529: BROWN, THOMAS A. - George Sewall Boutwell: Human Rights Advocate (Signed)
18165: BROWN, LOUISE FARGO - The First Earl of Shaftesbury (Signed)
26431: BROWN, LOIS - Pauline Elizabetyh Hopkins: Black Daughter of the Revolution (Signed)
17638: BROWN, ARTHUR JUDSON - The Chinese Revolution
29644: BROWN, DAVID S. - Richard Hofstadter: An Intellectual Biography
30230: BROWN, RALPH H. - Historical Geography of the United States
21980: BROWN, W. NORMAN - The Story of Kalaka: Texts History, Legends, and Miniature Paintings of the Svetambara Jain Hagiographical Work "the Kalakacaryakatha
18861: BROWN, ROBERT E. - Charles Beard and the Constitution: A Critical Analysis of "an Economic Interpretation of the Constitution
28776: BROWN, WALLACE - The King's Friends: The Composition and Motives of the American Loyalist Claimants
23201: BROWN, GEORGE ISAAC, THOMAS YEOMANS AND LILES GRIZZARD, EDS - The Live Classroom: Innovation Through Confluent Education and Gestalt
9360: BROWN, VINSON - Songs of the New Dawn
8717: BROWN, DAN - The Da Vinci Code (Signed First Edition)
18109: BROWN, MICHAEL J. - Itinerant Ambassador: The Life of Sir Thomas Roe
17415: BROWN, EMILY C. - Har Dayal: Hindu Revolutionary and Rationalist
17831: BROWN, CONSTANTINE - The Coming of the Whirlwind
53: BROWN, BRUCE - The Rise of New Zealand Labor
1115: BROWN, KAY - Willy's Summer Dream
1116: BROWN, DEE - They Went Thataway
1117: BROWN, ALAN - Audrey Hepburn's Neck
1123: BROWN, RITA MAE - Sudden Death (Signed)
1124: BROWN, RICHARD E. - Fishing for Ghosts - Twelve Short Stories
1605: BROWN, JOHN GREGORY - Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery
1821: BROWN, ROBERT E. - Carl Becker on History and the American Revolution
2121: BROWN, JAMES WILLIAM - Blood Dance
2304: BROWN, DALE - Flight of the Old Dog
3701: BROWN, W. BURLIE - The People's Choice - the Presidential Image in the Campaign Biography
25067: BROWN, FRANK L. - Sunday School Tour of the Orient
13117: BROWN, JAMES WALTER - Round Carlisle Cross: Old Stories Retold (Second Series)
12151: BROWN, NORMAN D. - Daniel Webster and the Politics of Availability
24730: BROWN, ANNA ROBINSON - What Is Worth While? (What Is Worthwhile?)
9973: BROWN, ANTHONY J. - ILL-Starred Captains: Flinders and Baudin
5243: BROWN, RICHARD E. - Chester's Last Stand
18129: BROWN, JONATHAN AND J.H. ELLIOTT - A Palace for a King: The Buen Retiro and the Court of Philip IV
28604: BROWN, PETER - The Chathamites: A Study in the Rerlationship between Personalities and Ideas in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
19281: BROWN, REV. CHARLES - The Children on the King's Highway: Talks on the Second Part of 'the Pilgrims Progress'
6603: BROWN, P. HUME - A Short History of Scotland
25785: BROWN, BEATRICE CURTIS - Alas, Queen Anne: A Reading of Her Life
18688: BROWN, MICHAEL - The Black Douglases: War and Lordship in Late Medieval Scotland, 1300-1455
25110: BROWNE, HAJI A. - Bonaparte in Egypt and the Egyptians of to-Day
25212: BROWNE, FRANCIS FISHER - The Every-Day Life of Abraham Lincoln: A Narrative and Descriptive Biography with Pen-Pictures and Personal Recollections by Those Who Knew Him
599: BROWNING, ROBERT - Justinian and Theodora
29279: BROWNLEE, WILLIAM HUGH - The Meaning of the Qumran Scrolls for the Bible: With Special Attention to the Book of Isaiah
22614: BROWNLOW, KEVIN - Mary Pickford Rediscovered: Rare Picture of a Hollywood Legend (Signed)
2302: BROWNLOW, KEVIN - How It Happened Here (Signed)
10393: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. - Ross Macdonald / Kenneth Millar: A Descriptive Bibliography
28578: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. - Ross Macdonald
13223: BRUCE, ROBERT V. - The Launching of Modern American Science, 1846-1876
18522: BRUCE, WALLACE - From the Hudson to the Yosemite (Signed)
3722: BRUCE, DICKSON D., JR. - Archibald Grimke - Portrait of a Black Independent
5198: BRUCE, ROBERT V. - Lincoln and the Tools of War
7767: BRUCE, GEORGE AND PAUL H. SCOTT, EDS - A Scottish Postbag: Eight Centuries of Scottish Letters
3546: BRUCE, ANTHONY - An Illustrated Companion to the First World War
4314: BRUCE, DAVID K.E. - Revolution to Reconstruction (a Group Picture of the Presidents Who Guided America Through the Formative Years)
4555: BRUCHAC, JOSEPH - Long River
20502: BRUNDAGE, KARLA - Swallowing Watermelons (Signed)
9708: BRUNDAGE, ANTHONY - England's "Prussian Minister": Edwin Chadwick and the Politics of Government Growth, 1832-1854
14607: BRUNDAGE, ANTHONY - The Making of the New Poor Law: The Politics of Inquiry, Enactment, and Implementation, 1832-1839
28722: BRUNHOUSE, ROBERT L. - The Counter-Revolution in Pennsylvania, 1776-1790
10832: BRUNTON, SIR LAUDER - Collected Papers on Circulation and Respiration, First Series Chiefly Containing Laboratory Researches
17333: BRUSCO, ELIZABETH E. - The Reformation of Machismo: Evangelical Conversion and Gender in Colombia
25699: BRUSHER, JOSEPH S., S.J. - Popes Through the Ages
17835: BRUSTEIN, WILLIAM - The Logic of Evil: The Social Origins of the Nazi Party, 1925-1933
12605: BRYAN, C.D.B. - The National Air and Space Museum, Second Edition - Newly Revised and Updates
3944: BRYAN, WILLIAM JENNINGS - The First Battle
19881: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN - Letters of a Traveller. Second Series (Letters from Spain and Other Countries)
25771: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Years of Victory: 1802-1812
2191: BRYANT, DOROTHY - Ella Price's Journal
17091: BRYANT, ARTHUR - Stanley Baldwin - a Tribute
18139: BRYCE, JAMES - William Ewart Gladstone: His Characteristics As Man and Statesman
17003: BRYCE, JAMES - The American Commonwealth, 2 Volumes, Complete
6913: BRYCE, WILLIAM MOIR - The Scottish Grey Friars, 2 Vols
6773: BRYDGES, CHARLES JOHN (ED. BY HARTWELL BOWSFIELD) - The Letters of Charles John Brydges, 1879-1882: Hudson's Bay Company Land Commissioner
22848: BRYHER - The Player's Boy
15055: BRYHER - The Days of Mars: A Memoir, 1940-1946
13299: BRYN-JONES, DAVID - Frank B. Kellogg: A Biography
29942: BUBER, MARTIN - Good and Evil - Two Interpretations
26384: BUCHAN, JOHN - Montrose
27426: BUCHAN, JOHN - Midwinter
27429: BUCHAN, JOHN - Mr. Standfast
27430: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Moon Endureth: Tales and Fancies
27428: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Power-House
27424: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Island of Sheep
27425: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Gap in the Curtain
8817: BUCHAN, PETER - Fisher Blue: A Collection of North-East Tales and Poems (Signed)
20308: BUCHAN, JOHN - The History of the Royal Scots Fusiliers (1678-1918)
7383: BUCHAN, JAMES - Crowded with Genius - the Scottish Enlightenment: Edinburgh's Moment of the Mind
21920: BUCHAN, JOHN AND WILLIAM C. VAN ANTWERP - Walter Scott: 1832-1932 -- a Centenary Address by John Buchan / a Forgotten Antiquary by William C. Van Antwerp
9303: BUCHAN, JOHN - Comments and Characters
10889: BUCHAN, JOHN - Scholar Gypsies
27432: BUCHAN, JOHN - The King's Grace: 1910-1935
15817: BUCHAN, JOHN - A History of the Great War, 4 Volumes, Complete
15468: BUCHAN, JOHN - Two Ordeals of Democracy
15465: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Power-House
30225: [BUCHANAN, JAMES] - Mr. Buchanan's Admnistration on the Eve of the Rebellion
774: BUCHANAN, EDNA - The Corpse Had a Familiar Face
775: BUCHANAN, EDNA - Miami, It's Murder
16240: BUCHEN, WALTHER HEAD - Space and the Return, Revised (Signed)
5732: BUCKHAM, JOHN WRIGHT AND GEORGE MALCOLM STRATTON - George Holmes Howison, Philosopher and Teacher: A Selection from His Writings with a Biographical Sketch
29163: BUCKINGHAM, PETER H., COMPILER - Woodrow Wilson: A Bibliography of His Times and Presidency
27134: BUCKLE, HENRY THOMAS - On Scotland and the Scotch Intellect
21717: BUCKLER, GEORGINA - Anna Comnena: A Study
18379: BUCKLEY, VERONICA - Christina, Queen of Sweden: The Restless Life of a European Eccentric
15835: BUCKLEY, VERONICA - The Secret Wife of Louis XIV: Francoise D'Aubigne, Madame de Maintenon
19705: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F., JR. - Happy Days Were Here Again: Reflections of a Libertarian Journalist
24888: BUDDEN, JULIAN - Puccini: His Life and Works
27959: BUDGE, SIR WALLACE - Egyptian Magic
8529: BUDIANSKY, STEPHEN - Her Majesty's Spymaster: Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Walsingham, and the Birth of Modern Espionage
12687: BUEHRIG, EDWARD H. - Woodrow Wilson and the Balance of Power
27260: BUEHRLE, MARIE CECILIA - Kateri of the Mohawks
28755: BUEL, RICHARD, JR. - In Irons: Britain's Naval Supremacy and the American Revolutionary Economy
25078: BUEL, J.W., ED - Louisiana and the Fair: An Exposition of the World, Its People, and Their Achievements. Ten Volumes Complete
4619: BUEL, RICHARD, JR. - Securing the Revolution: Ideology in American Politics, 1789-1815
4916: BUELL, AUGUSTUS C. - Paul Jones: Founder of the American Navy, 2 Vols
16013: BUELL, HAL - Uncommon Valor, Common Virtue: Iwo Jima and the Photograph That Captured America
19602: BUFFORD, CHARLES M. - The Wagner Act: Employee and Employer Relations
25503: BUGNET, MAJOR CHARLES - Foch Speaks
29244: BUK-SWIENTY, TOM - The Other Half: The Life of Jacob Riis and the World of Immigrant America
1121: BULATOVIC, MIODRAG - A Hero on a Donkey
1122: BULATOVIC, MIODRAG - The War Was Better
25962: BULLARD, F. LAURISTON - Abraham Lincoln and the Widow Bixby
15068: BULLEN, ROGER AND FELICITY STRONG, EDS - Palmerston I: Private Correspondence with Sir George Villiers (Afterwards Fourth Earl of Clarendon) As Minsiter to Spain, 1833-1837
17402: BULLER. A.H. REGINALD - Researches on Fungi: An Account of the Production, Liberation, and Dispersion on the Spores of Hymeno-Mycetes Treated Botanically and Physically
21855: BULLETT, GERALD - Walt Whitman - a Study and a Selection
7073: BULLOCH, JOHN MALCOLM - The Gay Gordons: Some Strange Adventures of a Famous Scots Family
11052: BULLOCH, WILLIAM - The History of Bacteriology
7041: BULLOCK, ALAN AND MAURICE SHOCK - The Liberal Tradition: From Fox to Keynes
5241: BUMAS, E. SHASKAN - The Price of Tea in China
29725: BUNCE, FREDRICK, W. - An Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Deities, Demigods, Godlings, Saints and Demons: With Special Focus on Iconographic Attriutes. Two Volumes in Dust Jacket and Slipcase
17836: BUNDESZENTRALE FUR POLITISCHE BILDUNG, BONN, ED - Germans Against Hitler: July 20, 1944
21688: BUNDY, CAROL - The Nature of Sacrifice: A Biography of Charles Russell Lowell, Jr. , 1835-64 (Signed)
24622: BUNKER, EDWARD - Education of a Felon - a Memoir (Signed)
1128: BUNKER, EDWARD - Dog Eat Dog
1155: BUNKER, EDWARD - Little Boy Blue
27718: BUNKER, NICK - Making Haste from Babylon: The Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World: A New History
17312: BUNKLEY, ALLISON WILLIAMS - The Life of Sarmiento
776: BUNN, THOMAS - Closing Costs
14719: BUNSEN, FRANCES BARONESS - A Memoir of Baron Bunsen, Late Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary of His Majesty Frederick William IV. At the Court of St. James, 2 Volumes, Complete
7386: BUNT, CYRIL - Journeys Through Our Early History: Caledonia
6140: BURACK, BENJAMIN - Mara, Mura (Signed)
25854: BURCHARDUS, JOHANNES (F.L. GLASER, ED.) - Pope Alexander VI and His Court: Extracts from the Latin Diary of Johannes Burchardus, Bishop of Orta and Civita Castellana, Pontifical Master of Ceremonies
21144: BURCKHARDT, CARL J. - Richelieu and His Age: Volume III: Power Politics and the Cardinal's Death
27506: BURCKHARDT, JACOB - The Age of Constantine the Great
2120: BURDETT, DAVID LLEWELLYN - Hix Nix Stix Pix - a Kaleidoscope of Talk and Events
29256: BURDICK, ARTHUR J. - The Mystic Mid-Region: The Deserts of the Southwest
6413: BURFORD, E.J. AND SANDRA SHULMAN - Of Bridles and Burnings: The Punishment of Women
13709: BURFORD, E.J. - Orrible Synne: A Look at London Lechery from Roman to Cromwellian Times
19360: BURFORD, JAMES AND J.D.M. HARVEY - Some Lesser Known Architecture of London
7590: BURGESS, GELLETT - Lady Mechante or Life As It Should Be... . : A Farce in Filigree
15858: BURGESS-WISE, DAVID - The Ultimate Race Car
24855: BURGESS, GELETT - The Romance of the Commonplace
22570: BURIN, ERIC - Slavery and the Peculiar Solution: A History of the American Colonization Society
17541: BURKE, S.M. - Mainsprings of Indian and Pakistani Foreign Policies
24109: BURKE, BERNARD V. - Ambassador Frederic Sackett and the Collapse of the Weimar Republic, 1930-1933: The United States and Hitler's Rise to Power (Signed)
777: BURKE, ALAN DENNIS - Dead Wrong
778: BURKE, JAMES LEE - A Morning for Flamingos
10001: BURKE, JAMES LEE - The Convict (Signed)
26695: BURKE, JOHN BERNARD, ESQ - The Roll of Battle Abbey, Annotated
16663: BURKHOLDER, MARK A. AND D.S. CHANDLER - From Impotence to Authority: The Spanish Crown and the American Audiencias, 1687-1808
2119: BURKHOLZ, HERBERT - Sister Bear
11229: BURKS, R.V. - The Dynamics of Communism in Eastern Europe (Signed)
24793: BURL, AUBREY - God's Heretics: The Albigensian Crusade
5917: BURLAND, COTTIE - The People of the Ancient Americas
5093: BURLEIGH, ANNE HUSTED - John Adams (Architects of Freedom Series)
779: BURLEY, W.J. - Wycliffe and the Tangled Web
16571: BURLINGAME, ROGER - Engines of Democracy: Inventions and Society in Mature America
3177: BURLINGAME, ROGER - Cartwheels
12700: BURMAN, BEN LUCIEN - Miracle on the Congo: Report from the Free French Front
3607: BURMAN, EDWARD - The World Before Columbus, 1100-1492
15644: BURMAN, JOSE - Waters of the Western Cape
23263: BURNE, LIEUT.-COL. A.H. - Mesopotamia: The Last Phase
22747: BURNELL, JOHN - Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne, Being an Account of the Settlement Written by John Burnell. To Which Is Added Burnell's Narrative of His Adventures in Bengal
26312: BURNER, DAVID - Herbert Hoover - a Public Life
24122: BURNET, GILBERT - The Memoires of the Lives and Actions of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald, &C. In Which an Account Is Given of the Rise and Progress of the CIVIL Wars of Scotland. With Other Great Transactions Both in England and Germany, from the Year 1625, to the Year 1652. Together with Many Letters, Instructions, and Other Papers Written by King Charles the I.
1127: BURNETT, W. R. - Good-Bye, Chicago -1928: End of an Era
3237: BURNETT, VIRGIL - Towers at the Edge of the World - Tales of a Medieval Town
11833: BURNETT, FRANK - Summer Isles of Eden
19554: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - That Lass O' Lowrie's
12622: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR AND SUSAN DUNN - The Three Roosevelts: Patrician Leaders Who Transformed America
29097: BURNS, ROBERT - The Prose Works of Robert Burns - Volumes 4, 5, and 6 of the 6 Volume Set. (Volumes 1-3 Are the Poetry)
19980: BURNS, REV. THOMAS - Church Property: The Benefice Lectures Delivered at the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St. Andrews
27190: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom, 1940-1945
17700: BURNS, JOHN P. - Political Participation in Rural China
27477: BURNS, GEORGE WITH CYNTHIA HOBART LINDSAY - I Lover Her, That's Why! - an Autobiography by George Burns
6752: BURNS, SIR ALAN - Fiji
382: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - The American Experiment, 3 Volumes Complete: I) the Vineyard of Liberty, II) the Workshop of Democracy, III) the Crosswinds of Freedom (One Signed)
228: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - Presidential Government - the Crucible of Leadership
780: BURNS, REX - Ground Money
781: BURNS, RON - Roman Shadows
3201: BURNS, RON - Roman Nights
23059: BURNS, THOMAS - A History of the Ostrogoths
7896: BURNS, JAMES MACGREGOR - The Crosswinds of Freedom (the American Experiment, Vol. 3)
19979: BURNS, J.H. - Scottish Churchmen and the Council of Basle
1988: BURRIN, PHILIPPE - France Under the Germans - Collaboration and Compromise
23671: BURROUGHS, JOHN - Leaf and Tendril (Signed)
24301: BURROUGHS, JOHN - Winter Sunshine
24304: BURROUGHS, JOHN - Birds and Poets with Other Papers
20709: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - The Master Mind of Mars
1126: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - The Place of Dead Roads
16421: BURSTEIN, ANDREW AND NANCY ISENBERG - Madison and Jefferson
565: BURSTEIN, ANDREW - The Inner Jefferson: Portrait of a Grieving Optimist
16071: BURSTEN, ANDREW - America's Jubilee: How in 1826 a Generation Remembered Fifty Years of Independence
30214: BURT, ALISON - The Gourmet's Guide to French Cooking
24339: BURT, JOHN - Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism: Lincoln, Douglas, and Moral Conflict
22916: BURT, STRUTHERS - Entertaining the Islanders
3550: BURT, ALFRED LEROY - The Evolution of the British Empire and Commonwealth from the American Revolution
13064: BURTON, RICHARD F. - The City of the Saints and Across the Rocky Mountains to California
20032: BURTON, JOHN HILL - Lives of Simon Lord Lovat and Duncan Forbes, of Culloden - from Original Sources
24168: BURTON, RICHARD - First Footsteps in East Africa; or, an Exploration of Harar
27468: BURTON, SIR RICHARD, TRANSLATOR - The Perfumed Garden of the Shaykh Nefzawi
5074: BURTON, WILLIAM WILDER - Plane Trigonometry
25045: BURTON, ELIZABETH - The Pageant of Stuart England
20734: BURTON RICHARD (EDITED BY CHRIS WILLIAMS) - The Richard Burton Diaries
5281: BURTON, E. MILBY - The Siege of Charleston (Signed)
27790: BURTON, JEAN - Sir Richard Burton's Wife (Signed)
21605: BURTON, W.F.P. - Mudishi: The Congo Hunter
3572: BURTSCHI, MARY - James Hall of Lincoln's Frontier World
19426: BURUMA, IAN - The Missionary and the Libertine: Love and War in the East and West
7712: BURY, J.P.T. - Gambetta and the Making of the Third Republic
9864: BUSCH, MORITZ - Bismarck - Some Secret Pages of His History, 2 Volumes, Complete
27212: BUSCH, WILHELM - Die Schonsten Bildergeschichten Fur Die Jugend Alles in Farbe
6419: BUSCH, WILHELM - Das Bunte Wilhelm Busch Album
1125: BUSCH, FREDERICK - Too Late American Boyhood Blues - Ten Stories
1132: BUSCH, FREDERICK - Absent Friends
11712: BUSCH, NIVEN - The Furies
19840: BUSCOMBE, EDWARD, ED - The Bfi Companion to the Western
9459: BUSH, JOHN W. - Venetia Redeemed: Franco-Italian Relations, 1864-1866
29905: BUSH, GEORGE W. - Decision Points
10160: BUSHBY, JOHN R. - Air Defence of Great Britain
17534: BUSHELL, KEITH - Papuan Epic

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