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22928: - Jurg Kreienbuhl Dessins-Pastels-Gouaches 1952-
22331: - Boone Family History
22941: - The Artilleryman, Vol. 8, No. 4
22664: - Scripture A.B. C. Book: Ojebwa Kiya Shah Yah Gah Nah She Momah Guck A.B. C. Mahzenahegun
22374: - Sanborn Map of Greencastle Pa, for the Exclusive Use of Wm. J. Patton
21952: - The Holy Bible Alphabetical Indexed Bible Masonic Edition
22036: - Myths and Legends 8 Volumes
19755: - First Biennial Report of the Progress of the Geological Survey of Michigan Embracing Observations on the Geology, Zoology, and Botany of the Lower Penninsula.
22436: - Captivity of Richard Bard, Esq. , and His Wife, Catharine Poe Bard
20785: - Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
22165: - My Pop-Up Book of Fairy Tales
22933: - Burial Records of Kelchner Funeral Home Jersey Shore, Lycoming County, Penna Vol. 1
18863: - Tong Wang
23048: - The Hudson River and Its Painters. Preface by James Biddle. Foreword by Carl Carmer.
20255: - Gateway to Progress, Cambridge Township & Onsted 1833-1976 Volume 1
20254: - Toledo's Past and Present
22847: [SMITH, JOSEPH] - Selections from the Book of Mormon -- in the Deseret Alphabet
21002: - Trolly Talk: Tractor Fan's Directory for 1962
22382: - Middleburg Grammar School Memories
22657: - Messenger of the Holy Childhood Vol XI, 1-3-12
20810: - Marine Hardware 1946 Catalog
21943: - Squeekum Book
20967: - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam in English Verse by Edward Fitzgerald
22405: - Rescue Hose Co. No. 1
22406: - Fire Fighting Then and Now
22363: - Dau's Blue Book of Selected Names of Cincinnati and Suburban Towns Containing the Names and Addresses of Prominent Residents. . 1904
21183: - Das Buch Der Deutschen Fluggeschichte Zweiter Band Vorkriegszeit, Kreigszeit, Nachkriegzeit Bis 1932
22375: - Atlas of Cumberland County Pennsylvania
22810: - Zuni the Art and the People, Two Volumes
19739: - The Gun Report Magazine: Autust 1970
20234: - American Builder. The World's Greatest Building Paper Vol. 37, No. 3
22304: - Indians Coloring Book
20390: - John Jerningham's Journal
22496: - 50th Anniversary 1925-1975 Detroit Finnish Summer Camp
21207: - Handbook for Shell Collectors Revised Edition Illustrated
21577: - Sandman, the Fables & Reflections - Book VI
21871: - Ahrens-Fox Bulletin No. 140: 'Cap-Sheaf of the Line'
22792: - Detailed Drawings of Contemporary Japanese Architecture
22942: - The Artilleryman, Vol. 7, No. 1
21446: - The Jolly Jump-Ups See the Circus
21582: - C. Julii Caesaris, Quae Extant, Interpretatione Et Notis Illustravit Johannes Godvinus, Professor Regius in Usum Delphini.
22463: - Gibson Catalog Bb 1942
19311: - Deseret Sunday School Union Leaflets Lessons 1 to 136 Inclusive
19079: - Clothiers and Furnisher's Portfolio of Window Trims
22636: - Report of the Board of World's Fair Managers of Maine
22256: - Alcoholics Anonymous No Dustjacket
22156: - Pictorial History Thirty-Eighth Division Army of the United States
21914: - Echoes of Yesteryears, a History of Our Shiawassee County Schools, 1837- 1987
21892: - Milwaukee History, the Magazine of the Milwaukee County Historical Society Autumn and Winter 1978, Numbers 3 & 4
21716: 1863-1926., AUTENRIETH. WILHELM. - Laboratory Manual for the Detection of Poisons and Powerful Drug
21741: - The World War Through the Stereoscope: A Visualized, Vitalized History of the Greatest Conflict of All the Ages
21978: - Yesteryears of Green Oak, 1830-1930
20710: - Chesaning Illustrated Its Business, Social,Educational and Residential Advantages
20763: - Meditationi Sopra la Vita Di Giesu Signor Nostro Per Ciafcun Giorno, Distese Dal Padre Abio Ambrosio Spinola (Padre Spinola)
20764: - Addie's New Story Book
19440: - The Gun Report, July 1972 Early American Swords
19442: - The Gun Report, May 1972 U.S. Naval Martial Sidearms 1775-1875
19443: - The Gun Report, December 1972 Gun Parts from an 18th Century Kaskaskia Indian Village
19444: - The Gun Report, August 1971 U.S. Naval Martial Sidearms 1775-1875, Part Two (a)
19445: - The Gun Report, April 1972 a Liege Specialty
20121: - Detroit: A Guide to the Resources in the Bentley Historical Library
21483: - The History of Ballarat, from the First Pastoral Settlement to the Present Time
18932: - Society-List & Club Register, Season of 1895-96. A Register of New York Society. . Residences. . Club Addresses. . Maiden Names of Married Ladies. . Officers of the Leading City Clubs. . Valuable Information.
19937: - Twinkle Tunes Piano Book
22543: - A Thief in the Night Further Adventures of A.J. Raffles
19067: - Little Red Riding Hood; the Tale of Peter Rabbit; the Rooster the Mouse and the Little Red Hen; the First Circus; Peter Pan; Chicken Little; the Little Red Hen and the Grain of Wheat; the Gingerbread Boy;
21051: - Sketches of Iowa and Wisconsin
20839: - Guardian of the Flame, Art of Sri Lanka
21006: - Ball Paint Book
18325: - The Mission to India Instituted by the American Unitarian Association. . 1855
21727: - The Bicentennial Tracker
18330: - Collection of Torture Instruments from the Royal Castle of Nuremberg
21170: - Masters of Brazilian Drawing - Mestres Do Desenho Brasileiro - Meister Der Brasilianischen Zeichenkunst
21366: - Fifty Texas Rarities
16179: - Nevada Historical Society Papers, 5 Volume Set
19177: - Wisconsin) (Cartography) Indexed County and Township Pocket Map and Shippers' Guide of Wisconsin.
20591: - American Flyer Trains 1951
19135: EDITOR, - Ruth Weisberg Prints
21367: - XXX
14967: - Tyree Guyton
19065: - Gray Bird a Little Plains Indian; Nigalek a Little Eskimo Boy; Kala of Hawaii; Winona a Little Lndian of the Plains; Maria and Carlos of Spain; Antelope a Navaho Indian Boy; Micco a Seminole Indian Boy; Watlala an Indian of the Norwest; 8 Book Set
18608: - Symphony, Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall
20043: - Samothrace the Hall of Votive Gifts, 4, I
17323: - La Chinoiserie en Europe le Fer Musee Des Arts Decoratiis
20934: - Southern Homeseekers Guide and Winter Resorts on the Sourthern Division of the Illinois Central Railroad in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana
21794: - The Maritime Provinces a Handbook for Travellers
21491: - Historical and Biographical Sketches of Franklin County Nebraska
22502: - Monumental Brasses and Slabs: An Historical and Descriptive Notice of the Incised Monumental Memorials of the Middle Ages. With Numerous Illustrations
20453: - The Pet Lamb and Other Stories
21733: - One Hundred Years of Brewing a Complete History of the Progress Made in the Art, Science and Industry of Brewing in the World, Particularly During the Nineteenth Century
20963: - Illustrated Catalog of Period Ornaments Cast in Composition and Wood Fiber for Woodwork--Furniture
22481: - Lemasters Centennial 1872-1972
18212: - IV Centenario Baedeker de Lima, Concejo Provincial de Lima
20831: - Report of the United States Deep Waterways Commission Prepared at Detroit,... 1896
22656: - Messenger of the Holy Childhood Vol X, 2-12
21039: - Census of the Inhabitants of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Taken by Order of the General Assembly, in the Year 1774; and by Order of the General Assembly of the State Ordered to Be Printed. Arranged by John B. Bartlett
22973: - Microscopes and Balopticons
22635: - The Dream City, a Portfolio of Photographic Views: World's Columbian Exposition. In 16 Parts
22767: - New York
20988: - Illinois Newspaper Directory, History of Illinois Press Association , 1865-1934, Vol I
20047: - Wid's Year Book 1920-1921
22440: - Rand Mcnally Indexed Pocket Map, Tourists' and Shippers' Guide of Pennsylvania
22085: - Poster Power XXXI Poster Auctions International, Inc XXXI
22940: - The Artilleryman, Vol. 10, No. 1
19740: - The Gun Report Magazine: September 1970
19812: - Japanese Ink Painting of the Edo Period 1603-1867
20277: - A Baptist Bibliography : Being a Register of the Chief Materials for Baptist History, Vol. I & II
22794: - Home Town Memories Volume 1
22683: - The Nestorians of Persia: A History of the Origin and Progress of That People,
20713: - Domino's Mansion, Thomas Monaghan, Gunner Birkets and the Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright
22628: - Illustrated New York the Metropolis of Today 1888
20048: - The Hawaiians
22582: - Remembrance of 100th Anniversary of St Francis D Assisi Parish Detroit, Michigan
22583: - Remembrance of 125th Anniversary of St Francis D Assisi Parish Detroit, Michigan
22222: - The Navaho War Dance a Brief Narrative of Its Meaning and Practice
20367: - Medal of Honor, 1863-1968
19446: - The Gun Report, March 1973 a New Confederate Carbine
21980: - Sesquicentennial of St. Patrick Chapel and Cemetery 1840-1`990
21951: - Printing Equipment, Printers Supplies, Foundry Type, Wood Type, Offset Equipment and Supplies. Awt, 1958-59 Catalog.
18507: - The Architects of Time. The Plan, the Idea, Origins, Turnings Points, Integration, Communication, Future. Signed, Booklets in a Box
20651: - Naples-Marco Island an Illustrated History
21880: - History of Trinity Lutheran Churlch Wyandotte, Michigan
21879: - Lannon History; Village of Lannon
21593: - Roy de Carava a Retrospective
21673: - Cleveland Yachting Club. C.Y. C. 100th Anniversary, 1878 - 1978.
21508: - T.S. Andrew's World's Sporting Annual 1930
19639: - Extraordinary Watches
19638: - Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, Performed in the Years 1852, 1853, and 1854, Under the Command of Commodore M.C. Perry, United States Navy, Volume II
21386: - Readings in Science; Being Explanations of Some of the Most Interesting Appearances and Principles in Natural Philosophy
21826: - Prismatic of Detroit, Prismatic Club, 1866-1966.
21824: - The Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments
18807: - Die Reise Wider Willen. Empfindsam Launige Skizzen Eines Harmlosen Tourristen. The Journey Against Will, Humorous Sketches of an Innocent Tourist
21470: - Leading Professional Photographers in Japan Portraiture
18848: - Karleton Lewis Armstrong, Wanted by the Fbi Poster Sabotage; Destruction of Gevernment Property; Conspiracy
18079: - Poltrona Frau Worldwide
21349: - The Detroit Home Day School
19562: - Swiss Material Catalog and Watchmakers Guide
22014: - Fort Sinclair the British Roots of St. Clair, Michigan
19738: - The Gun Report Magazine: Vol XV, No 10. March, 1970.
17278: - The Journey of Grandeur 1910-2006
20424: - Printing Buyers Manual
19626: - Land Rover 1948-1973
22011: - Rudiments of Ancient Architecture, Containing an Historical Account of the Five Orders, with Their Proportions, and Examples of Each from Antiques 1792
20484: - They Call Me Mad Dog-a Story for Bitter, Lonely People
20345: - City: Ann Arbor Its Resources and Advantages
18066: - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
18173: - Dr. Eduard Benes Ve Fotografii
20665: - Modern Laboratory Appliances for Chemical, Biological, Metallurgical Laboratories
20924: - Lincoln and New Salem, Compiled and Published by the Old Salem Lincoln League
20331: - The Tower Published by Students of the University of Detroit
22377: - The Fort Augusta Story 1756-1956
18913: - Al. H. Weber's Cheboygan City and County Directory, 1939
18258: - The Strechert Portfolio, Libraries Through the Ages
21893: - The Standard Guide Mackinac Island and Northern Lake Resorts
22528: - Georgia o'Keefe; a Portrait by Alfred Stieglitz
22458: [THE WOMEN OF CHRIST CHURCH] - The Tried and True Cook Book
21403: - Schools of Walker Township Centre County, Pa.
19610: - Deutscher Flugzeugbau. Handbuch Der Luftfahrttechnik
20325: - Maia Sob o Fascinio Da China Under the Spell of China
22457: - Historic Newark a Collection of the Facts & Traditions About the Most Interesting Sites Streets and Buildings...
22442: - Gill Lake Michigan an Ideal Place for a Summer Vacation
23159: - Death Index Huron County, Ohio 1876-1908
20042: - History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Containing a Full Account of Its Early Settlement, Its Growth......... .
20564: - Calibra Photos
20803: - Battle Creek Centennial 1831-1931
21628: - Fifty Years of Paper Making 1873-1923
22686: - One Hundred Years of Brewing a Complete History of the Progress Made in the Art, Science and Industry of Brewing in the World, Particularly During the Nineteenth Century
22848: - Avedon Photographs 1947-1977
22761: MACDONALD. DUNCAN BLACK. 1863-1943. - The Religious Attitude and Life in Islam; Being the Haskell Lecture Hardcover
19661: - Margethoen Hohe Bei Essen
20211: - Samson and Delilah: An Opera in Three Actssaint-Saens, Camille. French Text by Ferdinand Lemire and English Version by Nathan Haskell Dole
21977: - Anishinabe Enamiad, Messenger of the Holy Childhood - 14 Volumes
21668: - The Reach, Official American League Baseball Guide, 1910
22404: - From Antrim House 1859 to Antrim House 1977
22881: - Maybee, Michigan History of the Village, Including Grape, Michigan Area
21538: - Frank Lloyd Wright the Future of Architecture
21382: - Cornerstones of Confederate Collecting
22400: - The Old Brown's MILL School, Commemoration Program May 30, 1976
22850: - Gold Wing Road Riders Assn. Chapter "a" Michigan Special Recipes
22934: - The Bicentennial Book, Upper Paxton Township 1767-1967
22464: - The Oklahoma Yodeling Cowboy, Gene Autry's Famous Cowboy Songs and Mountain Ballads, Book No. 2
19540: - Index of Japanese Painters
22212: - Tlingit Legends
21496: - The Indianapolis Society Blue Book
21082: - I.W. W. Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent. A Facsimile Reprint of the Popular Nineteenth Edition, 1923
19468: - Arts and Crafts in Detroit, 1906-1976. : The Movement, the Society, the School.
19526: - The Drawings of Jeffrey Jones the Drawing Collection
20886: - Essays on the Ancient Near East in Memory of Jacob Joel Finkelstein
19531: - Porsche Portfolio of Models
20400: - A New English-Chinese Dictionary
20401: - Tom Cringle's Log, Vol. 1 Only
19765: - North of Market Street. Being the Adventures of a New York Woman in Philadelphia.
20536: - Lessing and the Enlightenment
20596: - Manray Photography and Its Double.
20384: - Superior Seal & Stamp Co. , General Catalog No. 70 Designers and Manufacturers of Marking Devices
21376: - The British Trident ; or, Register of Naval Actions : Including Authentic Accounts of All the Most Remarkable Engagements at Sea, in Which the British Flag Has Been Eminently Distinguished ; from the Period of the Memorable Defeat of the Spanish Armada, to the Present Time. Chronologically Arranged. (5 Volumes)
21875: - Wyandotte, a Magazine
18127: - Seven Victorian Architects
22495: - Redford United Methodist Church
23118: - Contested Eden: California Before the Gold Rush
21823: - Unitarian Pamphlets, 14 Pamphlets, Circa 1900," Distinctive Doctrines of Unitarianism"
21742: - The Practical and Devotional Family Bible. The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, According to the Authorized Version, with the Marginal Readings, and Original and Selected Parallel References Printed at Length. And the Commentaries of Henry and Scott
20376: - 1891, National Prison Association of the United States Pittsburg Prison Congress
21306: - Great Australian Paintings
19437: - The Gun Report, July 1970 the Drama of Mayerling
19438: - The Gun Report, March 1972 Rochus Heinsisch American Cutler
19439: - The Gun Report, May 1971 Colt U.S. Martial
20751: - Annual Report of the Clarke Historical Library of Central Michigan University 1981-1982
22398: - Maryland in World War II, Volume I and Volume II
21587: - The House Book or a Manual of Domestic Economy for Town and Country - Containing Directions for Laundry Work, Lights and Fires, Removing Stains, Cleaning Furniture, Kitchen Affairs, Waiting on Company, Carving, House-Cleaning, Making Up Linen, Dress...
20747: - Trois Siècles D'Uniformes Militaires - de la Guerre de Trente Ans à 1914
19607: - Afrikanische Skulptur, Die Erfindung Der Figur/ African Sculpture, the Invention of the Figure.
21765: - Gauley Bridge the Town and Its First Church
20992: - Bulletin of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. , Vol. VIII to Vol. XXII (December 1968 to December 1985) 40 Separate Issues.
21737: - Blair County's First One Hundred Years 1846-1946
22446: - Williamston's Great Home Coming
22539: - Grimm's Fairy Tales Pictures by Monro S. Orr
20873: - Statutes of the State of Nevada Passed at the Ninth Session of the Legislature, 1879
22806: - A Description of the Merrymount Press, 232 Summer Street, Boston; Estab. 1893
21313: - Brigham City Centennial 1867-1967
23160: - Huron County Ohio Birth Index 1867-1908 Includes Delayed/Corrected Birth Registrations
21084: - House of Beadle and Adams and Its Dime and Nickel Novels. With Volume III Supplement, Addenda, Corrigenda, Etc. |the
21026: - Aero Digest Including Aviation Engineering, August 1942 Volume 41 Number 2
13760: - Apt a Town Which Does Not Exist Any More
21580: - The Sandman Library, Volume 2 the Doll's House
22854: - The Visiting Fireman for Jakes Vamps & Buffs 1967 Edition
22319: ABBOTT, SUSAN WOODRUFF - Families of Early Milford, Connecticut
21254: ABRAMSKY, SAMUEL - Ancient Towns in Israel
22366: ABUL-MAGD, ZEINAB - Imagined Empires a History of Revolt in Egypt
23130: ABUN-NASR, JAMIL - Muslim Communities of Grace the Sufi Brotherhoods in Islamic Religious Life
22048: ADAMS, ANSEL & MARY STREET ALINDER - Ansel Adams an Autobiography
21107: ADAMS, HENRY AND ARTHUR ADAMS - The Genera of Recent Mollusca; Arranged According to Their Orgnization Three Volumes
21773: ADAMS, ANSEL & MARY STREET ALINDER - Ansel Adams an Autobiography
18453: ADAMS, JOHN - Bermudian Images the Paintings of Bruce Stuart--Signed, Limited Edition
22803: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT - Lighthouses and Lightships a Descriptive and Historical Account of Their Mode of Contsruction and Organization
21624: ADDISON, SIR WILLIAM - Portrait of Epping Forest
19927: ADDISON, THOMAS - On the Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Supra-Renal Capsules
21956: ADLINGTON, WILLIAM & GILBERT JAMES - Cupid and Psyche the Photogravure and Color Series
23074: ADONIS, PETER - Ladies' Night out
21812: AGASSIZ, G. R. - Letters and Recollections of Alexander Agassiz with a Sketch of His Life and Work
15238: AINAUD DE LASARTE, JOAN - Catalan Painting: From Gothic Splendor to the Baroque
19822: ALBREKTSEN, LAU - Kjetil Finne
23007: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY (EDITOR) - A Book of Famous Myths & Legends Young Folks Library Vol. V
22310: ALLAN, LUKE - Blue Pete Half Breed
17785: ALLEN, ROBERT I - Dialectics of Black Power
20639: ALLSBURG, CHRIS VAN - Zathura
21335: ALSTYNE, LAWRENCE VAN - Diary of an Enlisted Man
21801: AMBLER, ERIC - Judgment on Deltchev
21786: AMBLER, ERIC - State of Siege 1st Edition
22717: AMES, MARY - From a New England Woman's Diary in Dixie in 1865
20987: AMICO, VITO - Lexicon Topographicum Siculum
19455: AMITAI, DOV - The Last Shack, Signed
21202: AMORIM, ENRIQUE - El Asesino Desvelado
17783: AMTER, I - Industrial Slavery--Roosevelt's "New Deal"
22538: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Andersen's Fairy Tales
22017: ANDERSEN, H. C. TUDOR, TASHA. - Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen
22546: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - 80 Fairy Tales
21870: INMATES OF EMERSON JUVENILE UNIT & DOUG ANDERSON - Skins Visions of Imprisoned American Indians
22911: ANDREWS, KENNETH R. - Trade, Plunder and Settlement Maritime Enterprise and the Genesis of the British Empire, 1480-1630
19124: ANGEL, MARIE - Fables de la Fontaine, Peint Et Ecrit
22360: ANGLUND, JOAN WALSH - Joan Walsh Anglund Storybook
22580: ANN, YONEMURA - Yokohama Prints from Nineteenth Century Japan
20624: ANNAN, DAVID - Cinema of Mystery and Fantasy
22063: APOLLONIO, SPENCER - Last of the Cape Horners Firsthand Accounts from the Final Days of the Commercial Tall Ships
23072: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift Circling the Globe or the Daring Cruise of the Air Monarch. Tom Swift Series #30. Dustjacket!
23073: APPLETON, VICTOR & NAT FALK - Tom Swift and His Ocean Airport
23071: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His House on Wheels; or, a Trip to the Mountain of Mystery. In Dustjacket
23069: APPLETON, VICTOR, - Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight or, on the Border for Uncle Sam with Dustjacket
23070: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle or, Daring Adventures on Elephant Island in Scarce Dustjacket
20681: AQUIFE, M. M. - A Forgotten Hero of Rock Island
22724: ARCHER, GREGORY - Private Heller and the Bantam Boys an American Medic in World War I
21297: D ARGENCE, RENE - Asian Art Museum and University Collections in the San Francisco Bay Area
23055: ARIMONDI, VICTOR - The Look of Men
23003: ARIMONDI, VICTOR - The Look of Men
16591: ARMI, C. EDSON - The Art of American Car Design: The Profession and Personalities : "Not Simple Like Simon"
18039: ARNOLD, EDWIN - The Light of Asia, or the Great Renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana) , Being the Life and Teaching of Gautama, Prince of India and Founder of Buddhism. --Leather Binding
22875: AROKIASWAMI, M. - The Classical Age of the Tamils
20720: ARRATHOON, LEIGH A. & LORI TALYOR - Magical Adventures in Michigan
22412: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Makers of History in Washington, 1800-1950, an Exhibition Celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the Establishment of the Federal Government in Washington
19304: DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.) - Design in America: The Cranbrook Vision, 1925-1950 Signed Copy
20867: DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS - Kick out the Jams: Detroit's Cass Corridor 1963-1977
18904: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (MUSEUM OF NEW MEXICO) - Artists of 20th-Century New Mexico the Museum of Fine Arts Collection
22756: ASHBROOK, HARRIETTE - The Murder of Sigurd Sharon
22316: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Murder at the Aba a Puzzle in Four Days and Sixty Scenes
20510: ASLANAPA, OKTAY. - Turkish Art and Architecture.
21906: ATANOQKEN, INAQTIK (RAVEN LEGENDBARD) - Namesakes, the Ojibway Indian Legend 'Kitch -Iti- Ki Pi"
21894: AUDEN, W.H. - Collected Shorter Poems 1930-1944, Dustjacket
22980: AUDIN, MARIUS - Somme Typographique, Premier Volume Les Origines
21197: AUTHORS, MULTIPLE - An English-Pilipino Dictionary and Diksiyunaryong Pilipino-Ingles
22608: AVALON, ARTHUR - Hymn to Kali (Karpurdi-Stotra)
20128: BABBAGE, CHARLES - Table of Logarithms of the Natural Numbers from 1 to 109,000
22567: BABCOCK, MICHAEL & SUSAN SEDDON BOULET - Susan Seddon Boulet the Goddess Paintings
21385: BACON, FRANCIS; MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER (INTRO.); ROGERS, BRUCE (DSGN.) - The Essayes , or Counsels CIVILL (CIVIL) and Morall (Moral) of Francis Bacon
20954: BADDELEY, G.E. - The Continental Steam Tram
22428: L. SCOTT BAILEY - General Motors, the First 75 Years of Transportation Products
23016: BAILLIE, MATTHEW - The Morbid Anatomy of Some of the Most Important Parts of the Human Body
22828: P, NOEL-BAKER - Arms Race a Programme for World Disarmament
23164: BALDERRAMA, FRANCISCO E. & RAYMOND RODRÍGUEZ - Decade of Betrayal Mexican Repatriation in the 1930s
22674: BALDWIN, ELMER - History of la Salle County Illinois
22661: BALDWIN, WILLIAM CHARLES. - African Hunting from Natal to the Zambesi, Including Lake Ngami, the Kalahari Desert, Etc. , from 1852 to 1860. First Edition, Harpers Pub.
23009: BALINT, ALICE - Early Years of Life a Psychoanalytic Study
21520: BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE - The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft: The Native Races, 5 Volumes
18435: BANK, HERMANN - Precious Stones & Minerals
22552: BANKSY - Wall and Piece
22640: BANTOCK, NICK - The Artful Dodger Images and Reflections
21104: BARBEAU, C. - Canadian Folk-Lore
20368: BARCLAY, D.; H. M. L. BOLUS; E. J. STEER - A Book of South African Flowers
18816: BARCLAY, LORNE WEBSTER (ED) - The Scout Circus a Manual of Inter-Troop Demonstrations
22689: BARKER, NICOLAS & CHARLES RYSKAMP - The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning, 1468-1978 an Illustrated History
22407: BARLUP, JACQUELINE H. - The Waynesboro Journey : Two Hundred Years of History 1797-1997
20050: BARNES, ALBERT C - The French Primitives and Their Forms from Their Origin to the End of the Fifteenth Century,
14894: BARNUM, P. T. AND SARAH J. BURKE - P.T. Barnum's Circus, Museum and Menagerie
22706: BARR, SAMUEL D. - First Lessons in Mental and Written Arithmetic Robinson's Mathematical Series
16015: BARRIE, J. M. - The Admirable Crichton
20872: BARRIE, J. M. - The Admirable Crichton
21157: BARRY, LYNDA - The Good Times Are Killing Me a Novel
19953: BARSKY, ROBERT F; CHOMSKY, NOAM - Zellig Harris from American Linguistics to Socialist Zionism
23110: BARTH, KARL & BRUCE L. MCCORMACK & FRANCIS WATSON - Epistle to the Philippians
22932: BARTLETT, EDWARD EVERETT - The Typographic Treasures in Europe. Limited Edition
22805: BASHAM, A. L. - The Wonder That Was India
22918: BATES, BETH TOMPKINS - Pullman Porters and the Rise of Protest Politics in Black America, 1925-1945
21543: BATES, COLONEL CHARLES FRANCIS - Custer's Indian Battles
23036: BAUER, FRANK - At the Crossroads Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636-1975
22166: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Treasury Collection Pop-Up Set (4 Books) the Yellow Brick Road, Adventures in Oz, Emerald City, Cyclone
22394: BAYLIFF, WILLIAM H - Boundary Monuments on the Maryland-Pennsylvania and the Maryland-Delaware Boundaries
21889: BEALS, H. K. - Juan Perez on the Northwest Coast Six Documents of His Expedition in 1774
18486: DE BEAUMONT, P. - Education Complete Ou Abrege de L'Histoire Universelle Mele de Geographie Et de Chronologie, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3
22687: BECK, SIMONE & LOUISETTE BERTHOLLE & JULIA CHILD; CORYN, SIDONIE - Mastering the Art of French Cooking
21944: BELL, ANTHEA - The Great Menagerie
21279: G, BELL W - More About Unknown London; with 16 Illustrations
20827: BELL, QUENTIN - The True Story of Cinderella
19698: BELLAMY, EDWARD - Looking Backward 2000-1887
22462: BELLSON, JULIUS - The Gibson Story
21790: BENCHLEY, ROBERT CHARLES - Benchley-or Else!... With Drawings by Gluyas Williams
22930: BENGSTON, HENRY & MICHAEL BROOK & KERMIT B. WESTERBERG - On the Left in America Memoirs of the Scandinavian-American Labor Movement
21903: BENNETT, BEN - Death Too, for the-Heavy-Runner
17547: BENNETT, ANNA GRAY - Five Centuries of Tapestry Selections from the Textile Collection of the
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22003: EDWARDS, DAVID E. - Yesterday's Dreams Upper Michigan Memories
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22239: ENGLAND, GEORGE ALLAN - The Afterglow
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22609: ERINGER, ROBERT - The Conspiracy Peddlers a Review of the Conspiracy Media in the United States
22512: ERNST, MAX - A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil
22616: ERNST, MAX - A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil
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22387: ETTER, EUGENE) ETTER, MARY M & RAY, JANET W EDS & B&W PHOTOS - History of Lemasters, Pennsylvania Centennial Celebrations, June 22-25, 1972
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22160: FARMER, FANNY MERRITT - A Book of Good Dinners for My Friend
18252: FARMER, SILAS - History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan. .
22887: FARMER, SILAS - History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan. .
23143: FARRAR, ADAM STPREU - A Critical History of Free Thought in Reference to the Christian Relition Hardcover
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22120: FISCHER, SIDNEY GEORGE - The Law of the Territories
21834: FISCHER, WOLFGANG GEORG - Egon Schiele, 1890-1918 Desire and Decay
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22781: FISHER, PROF. DR. LUDWIG - Graf Zeppelin Sein Leben - Sein Werk Ein Zeppelin-Denkmal Für Das Deutsche Volk
21564: FISHKIN, SHELLEY FISHER - Lighting out for the Territory Reflections on Mark Twain and American Culture
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23155: FLORES, TATIANA E. - Mexico's Revolutionary Avant-Gardes from Estridentismo to ¡30?30!
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21911: FORBES, JACK D. - Naming Our Land - Reclaiming Our Land
22833: FORBES, PATRICK & ILLUS. WITH PHOTOS - Champagne the Wine, the Land and the People
21463: FORBES, CHRISTOPHER - James Johnson, Bringing in the Light
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19701: FORESTER, FRANK - The Dog by Dink, Mayhew and Hutchinson
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21961: FOX, MICHAEL W. - Behaviour of Wolves Dogs and Related Canids
21411: FRAJNDLICH, ABE - Abe Frajndlich Penelope's Hungry Eyes
21902: M., DAVES FRANCIS - Cherokee Woman
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20878: FRANCK, KAREN A. - Nancy Wolf Hidden Cities, Hidden Longings
22764: FRANKS, DAVID. - The New York Directory for 1786. . [Complete with Fold-out Map Frontispiece].
20703: FRASER, CLARA - Which Road Towards Women's Liberation: A Radical Vanguard or a Single Issue Coalition
22346: FREEMAN, CAROL WILLITS. - Of Dixboro, Lest We Forget
19490: FREYTAG, H. - The Contax Way, Miniature Camera Techniques & Practice
21626: FRIED, FREDERICK - A Pictorial History of the Carousel
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22035: FU-TSUNG, CHIANG - Masterworks of Chinese Porcelain in the
22732: FULCO, CARLOS ALBERTO  - - El Paisaje Costero Como Factor de Integración en el Proyecto Yaciretá.
20646: FULLER, MUIRIEL O. - John Muir of Wall Street a Story of Thrift
22604: GAIMAN, NEIL & TONY LEWIS & PRISCILLA OLSON - Adventures in the Dream Trade
23156: GALASSI, PETER & ROY DECARAVA & GLENN D. DOWRY - Roy Decarava a Retrospective
22333: GALE, ANGELINE - An American Family
22738: GALE, JAMES S. - Korean Sketches
18526: GALLERY, DANIEL STRONG (CURATOR) FAULCONER - Scandinavian Photography 2 Denmark
20881: GALLERY, TOKYO STATION - Ueda Shoji No Shashin = [the Photographs of Shoji Ueda]
22046: GALLUZZI, PAOLO - The Art of Invention - Leonardo and Renaisance Engineers
22447: GALMORE, ALICE - The Malpass Family History
18150: GARDNER, M. QUAD AND BROTHER - Brother Gardner's Lime-Kiln Club, Being the Regular Proceedings of the Regular Club for the Last Three Years. With Some Philosophy, Considerable Usic, a Few Lectures and a Heap of Advice Worth Reading
22617: GARDNER, EDWARD L. - Fairies a Book of Real Fairies
22759: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY. - The Case of the Foot-Loose Doll.
19816: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Adventures of the Prancing Piano in Original Box with Metal Piano
22763: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily in the Country (in Dustjacket)
22993: GARNER, GRETCHEN - Reclaiming Paradise American Women Photograph the Land
22437: GARNS, JACOB A - Reminiscence of Lemasters
21625: GARRIOTT, EDWARD B. - Weather Folk-Lore and Local Weather Signs
22323: GARVEY, A JACQUES - Garvey and Garveyism Dedicated to Truth and Better Understanding between Races
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23142: GAUTIER, THEOPHILE - The Wife of King Candaules
22559: BLUTCH & EDWARD GAUVIN - Peplum
18083: GAVRILOV, EVGENY & ALEX MILLER & ALLA SYTOVA - The Lubok - Russian Folk Pictures 17th to 19th Century
20505: GENERALIC, IVAN - Ivan Generalic Boris Kelemen Et Al. ]
21976: GEZARI, DANIEL Y. - The Art of Temima Gezari Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture
20643: GIANNO, ROSEMARY - Semelai Culture & Resin Technology
21841: GIBSON, HELEN & DOUGLAS CONGDON-MARTIN - Helen Gibson Carves the Animals of the Nativity
21872: GIBSON, HELEN & DOUGLAS CONGDON-MARTIN - Carving the Nativity with Helen Gibson
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22099: GILLESPIE, HOWARD C. - Tales of a Prairie Town
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19763: GILPIN, ALEC R. - The Territory of Michigan (1805-1837)
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22158: GRAHAM, BENJAMIN AND DAVID L. DODD - Security Analysis Principles and Technique
21114: GRAMPP, WILLIAM D. - The Manchester School of Economics
22880: GRANRUTH, ALAN - The Little Kingdom of Gilpin Gilpin County, Colorado
23027: GRANT, ELLSWORTH S. - Thar She Goes Shipbuilding on the Connecticut River
22704: WILLIAM S. GRAY AND LILLIAN GRAY - Guidebook for the Basic Primer Fun with Dick and Jane
21552: GREENBERG, PHILIP, EDITOR - A Catalogue of the Guarneri House Collection of Rare Old Violins, Violas, Violoncellos, and Bows
19747: GREENBERG, HANK - Hank Greenberg Signed Copy
23044: GREGERSEN, HALFDAN - Ibsen and Spain: A Study in Comparative Drama
22530: GRIMAL, NICOLAS & IAN SHAW - A History of Ancient Egypt
23066: GROENING, MATT - Love Is Hell
23065: GROENING, MATT - School Is Hell
23054: GROENING, MATT - The Road to Hell a Cartoon Book
23053: GROENING, MATT & CINDY VANCE - The Big Book of Hell
22523: GRONING, KARL; SALLER, MARTIN - Elephants: A Cultural and Natural History
21867: GROUP, DISNEY BOOK - Mickey Mouse the Evolution, the Legend, the Phenomenon!
21675: LE GUIN, URSULA K. [SIGNED]; INTRODUCTION BY JAMES GUNN; ILLUSTRATIONS BY PAT MORRISSEY & COLOR FRONTISPIECE/DRAWINGS - A Fisherman of the Inland Sea, Science Fiction Stories [Signed First Edition Series]
21676: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Four Ways to Forgiveness
20936: GUNN, MARK RUGG - History of the Clan Gunn
20940: GUNSTON, HENRY - Narrow Guage by the Sudanese Red Sea Coast the Tokar-Trinkitat Light Railway and Other Small Railways
20353: GURGANUS, ALAN - The Practical Heart
18288: GURNEY, DAVID & M.M.A. MCDONALD & N. F. MILLER & T.J. WILKINSON - Town and Country in Southeastern Anatolia, Volume 1 and Volume 2 Settlement and Land Use at Kurban Hoyuk and Other Sites in the Lower Karababa Basin
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22593: GUTHRIE, TYRONE & ROBERTSON DAVIES & GRANT MACDONALD - Renown at Stratford; a Record of the Shakespeare Festival in Canada, 1953; Plus Original Brochure
21723: HADTKA, MYRTLE GRAHAM - Georganne
21629: HAECKEL, ERNST - The Evolution of Man
22600: HAGAN, TERE - Silverplated Flatware, an Identification & Value Guide
23099: HAGAN, WILLIAM T. - United States--Comanche Relations the Reservation Years
20990: HALE, MRS S. J. - Things by Their Right Names, and Other Stories, Fables, and Moral Pieces
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16849: HALL, CAPTAIN CHARLES FRANCIS (EDITED BY DAVIS C. H. - Narrative of the North Polar Expedition, U.S. Ship Polaris
21837: HALL, CARRIE A. & MARY ELLEN EVERHARD - From Hoopskirts to Nudity a Review of the Follies and Foibles of Fashion, 1866-1936
22510: HALL, EDWIN - Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk, Conn. With a Plan of the Ancient Settlement, and of the Town in 1847
21817: HALLIDAY, W. R - Folklore Studies, Ancient and Modern, with Dust Jacket
21286: HALLOCK, CHARLES M.A. - Luminous Bodies Here and Hereafter Being an Attempt to Explain the Interrelation of the Intellectual, Celestial and Terrestial [
21271: HALSELL, OPRA - History of Bethlehem Church and Early Settlers (1776-1976) : With Some Updating to 1978
20104: HALSEY, ELIZABETH T. - Ladie's Home Journal Book of Interior Decoration
22666: HAMADY, ROBERT LEE - Groceryman the Hamadys of Flint Michigan and the American Dream
21825: HAMILTON, ANTHONY - Memoirs of the Count of Grammont
23138: HAMILTON, CICELY & NICOLA BEAUMAN - William an Englishman
22907: HAMMOND, JOHN CRAIG - Slavery, Freedom, and Expansion in the Early American West
20340: HAMP, SIDFORD F.; EMERSON, CHASE - Dale and Fraser, Sheepmen a Story of Colorado Sheep Raising
22719: HANAN, JOHN W - Lagrange County Centennial History, 1828-1928, May 24, 1928
19753: HANKS, J. M. (ATTRIBUTED TO) - The Book of Algoonah. Being a Concise Account of the History of the Early People of the Continent of America, Known As Mound Builders
21373: HANLON, REV. THOMAS C. - A Capsuled History of the Illinois and Michigan Canal
22438: HANLY, J. FRANK - Andersonville
22109: HANNA, ALFRED JACKSON AND KATHRY ABBEY HANNA [EDITED BY MILO M. QUAIFE]. - The American Lake Series. Lake Okeechobee. First Edition
22951: HANNAY, JAMES - History of Acadia from Its First Discovery to Its Surrender to England by the Treaty of Paris
22677: HANNUM, ALBERTA - Spin a Silver Dollar the Story of a Desert Trading Post
22327: TOWN CLERKS OF HANOVER - A Copy of the Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths and of Intentions of Marriage of the Town of Hanover, Massachusetts 1927-1857
22432: HANSEN, HARRY - Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm
21255: HAPGOOD, HUTCHINS & JACOB EPSTEIN - The Spirit of the Ghetto. New Ed. Preface and Notes by Harry Golden
20092: HARDEE, BREVET LIEUT. W. J. - Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, for the Instruction, Exercises and Manoevres of Riflemen and Light Infantry [Facsimile Reprint]
19260: HARDEN, HENRY - The Capture of Jefferson Davis a Narrative of the Part Taken by Wisconsin Troops
20541: HARGRAVE, THOMAS B. - Twenty Miles from Yesterday the Saga of Anthony Bowen
23147: HARGREAVES-MAWDSLEY, W.N. - A History of Legal Dress in Europe Until End of Eighteenth Century
23174: HARKNESS, DEBORAH E. - The Jewel House Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution
22199: HARLAND, MARION ET AL - New England Cookbook, the Latest and the Best Methods. .
22638: NED WASHINGTON & LEIGH HARLINE - Souvenir Album; Words and Music of All the Songs in Walt Disney's Pinocchio
22772: HARLOW, ALVIN F - Old Wires and New Waves; the History of the Telegraph, Telephone, and Wireless, (Signed)
23067: HARPER, WYATT E - The Story of Holyoke
22945: HARRINGTON, LAMAR - Ceramics in the Pacific Northwest a History
21409: HARRINGTON, NORMAN - Easton Album
21423: HARRIS, BURTON & DAVID LAVENDER - John Colter His Years in the Rockies
19593: HARRIS, FRANK - My Life, Volume Three
22834: HARRIS, LEON A - Upton Sinclair, American Rebel
22033: HARRIS, DAVID - Eugene Atget Unknown Paris
21252: HARRIS, WALTER KILROY - Outback in Australia
21393: HARRIS, FRANK - Contemporary Portraits
22760: HARRISON, JAMES A. , EDITOR - The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe Two Volumes: Literary Criticism: Books 1-2 and 3-4
20540: HARRISON, J. F. C. - The Early Victorians
22784: HART, ARTHUR A - Life in Old Boise
21945: HART, HANK A. - Mother Goose Magic Window
21755: HARVEY, TAMARA - Figuring Modesty in Feminist Discourse Across the Americas, 1633-1700
17237: HASHIMOTO, SUMIKO - Okazaki Collection: Combs and Ornamental Hairpins
21832: HASSRICK,P.H. - Frederic Remington, Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum & S.W. Richardson Foundation
19210: HATHAWAY, CHARLES S. - Our Firemen: A Record of the Faithful and Heroic Men Who Guard the Property and Lives in the City of Detroit
22408: HAUBAKER, GARY T. - Fort Loudon on the Frontier. 1756-1766. Hardcover
22938: HAUSER, MARC & JUDY ROBB - Road Pirates Photographs
22569: HAYES, ROBERT M. - It Really Happened in East Texas
22170: HAYES, MARY M. - Descendants of David and Barbara Hendrix Hayes, Including Descendants of Hayes, Stowe, Whiten, Burgess, Scott, Edwards, Crawford, Wiley and Defoor Families
23032: HAYES, KEVIN J. - The Road to Monticello the Life and Mind of Thomas Jefferson
23008: HAYNES, MERRITT WAY - Student's History of Printing Giving the Principal Dates, Personages, and Events in the Developmen
18482: HAYNES, FARTIN A. - History of the Second Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers Its Camps, Marches and Battles
22378: HAYS, HELEN ASHE - The Antietam and Its Bridges the Annals of an Historic Stream
22113: HAZELTINE, ALICE ISABEL - Red Man, White Man
20336: HEALEY, WILLIAM & HARTLEY,JOSEPH - 10 Great Basketball Offenses
23021: HEBERT, LOU - Day by Day in Toledo
22383: HEIM, DIANNA - Cumberrland Valley Barns: Past and Present
22473: HEINEMAN, BEN W - Contemporary Glass a Private Collection
20245: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - Methuselah's Children
22728: HEINZLE, ELMAR & ARNO P. BIWER & CHARLES L. COONEY - Development of Sustainable Bioprocesses Modeling and Assessment
23082: HEIPLE, DANIEL L. - Garcilaso de la Vega and the Italian Renaissance
21221: HELD, JOHN - Wages of sin and Other Victorian Joys and Sorrows
22086: HELLMAN, ASA - Ceramic Art in Finland a Contemporary Tradition
22334: HELMKAMP, SHERI HADLEY & CONNIE KRABBE LUX & VICKI LORD - Tthe Secrets of Bicycle Bridge
21551: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST & BARNABY CONRAD - Bullfighting, Sport & Industry
21542: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Collected Poems
22816: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - 88 Poems
22959: HENDRICK, GEORGE & WILLENE HENDRICK - The Creole Mutiny a Tale of Revolt Aboard a Slave Ship
22824: HENKIN, LOUIS - Arms Control and Inspection in American Law
21412: HENNING, EDWARD B. - The Spirit of Surrealism
21237: HENRIQUES, ANNA RUTH - The Book of Mechtilde
22943: HENRY, JOHN FRAZIER - Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast, 1741-1841
21703: HERBERT, FRANK - Hellstrom's Hive
20789: HERING, CARL - Recent Progress in Electric Railways: Being a Summary of Current Periodical Literaure Relating to Electric Railway Construction, Operation, Systems, Machinery, Appliances, Etc. , Compiled
22264: HERTZKA, THEODOR - Freeland a Social Anticipation
22049: HESSE-WARTEGG, VON - Chicago Amerikas Vidunderstad
22150: HETHERINGTON, REV. W. M. - History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines
20571: HETZER, LINDA; PENNY, ROBERT - Fancy Folds the Art of Napkin Folding
20525: HILL, HELEN - A Proud and Fiery Spirit Journals of Capt. Edward Baker
22001: HILL, C. WARREN VANDER - Settling the Great Lakes Frontier Immigration to Michigan 1837-1924
18864: HILL, MYRTLE & VIVIENNE POLLOCK - Women of Ireland Image and Experience, C. 1880-1920
22820: HILL, CHARLOTTE & WILLIAM WALLACE - Erotica an Illustrated Anthology of Sexual Art and Literature, 3 Volumes
21881: HILTON, GEORGE WOODMAN - The Night Boat,
20183: HILTZIK, MICHAEL - The New Deal a Modern History
19957: HIMES, ANDREW - The Sword of the Lord the Roots of Fundamentalism in an American Family
21234: HINDS, EDWARD COPAS & JOHN NORMAN KENT - Surgical Treatment of Developmental Jaw Deformities
22107: HINE, DARLENE CLARK - Black Victory the Rise and Fall of the White Primary in Texas
22920: HINKS, PETER P. - To Awaken My Afflicted Brethren David Walker and the Problem of Antebellum Slave Resistance
21268: HISEY, GLENN & HISEY, KEVIN - Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer First Edition
22919: HISTORIANS., PERRY - Perry Review Geburts Un Taufscheine: Illuminated Pennsylvania German Birth and Baptismal Certificates.
20342: HLASTA, STANLEY - Printing Types and How to Use Them
21740: HOBBS, WILLILAML HERBERT - Cruises Along by-Ways of the Pacific
19833: HODGE, NATHAN - Armed Humanitarians the Rise of the Nation Builders
22896: HODGES, GRAHAM RUSSELL GAO - Root and Branch African Americans in New York and East Jersey, 1613-1863
23128: HODGKIN, THOMAS - Theodoric the Goth the Barbarian Champion of Civilisation
22547: HODGSON, FRED T. - Modern Carpentry Vol. 1
22536: HOFFMAN, PROFESSOR - The Illustrated Book of Patience Games
22883: HOFFMAN, JACK - Northville -the First Hundred Years
22978: HOFFMASTER, MAUD MILLER - Nee-Na the Wildflower's Good Fairy
19152: HOGAN, JAMES FRANCIS - The Gladstone Colony an Unwritten Chapter of Australian History
22441: HOHMAN, JOHN GEORGE - Pow-Wows, or, a Collection of Mysterious and Invaluable Arts and Remedies
22105: HOLCOMBE, CHESTER - The Real Chinaman
20768: HOLLAND, BARBARA - Gentlemen's Blood a History of Dueling
19646: HOLME, GEOFFREY - EDITOR. - Londoners Then and Now. Commentary by Malcolm C. Salaman.
22121: HOME, ROBERT - A Precis of Modern Tactics - Compiled from the Works of Recent Continental Writers at the Topographical and Statistical Department of the War Office
22796: D'HOOGHE, ALEXANDER - The Liberal Monument Urban Design and the Late Modern Project
15169: HOPE, WILLIAM - The Compleat Horseman or Perfect Farrier, in Two Parts
22992: HOPPER, ROBIN - Functional Pottery Form and Aesthetic in Pots of Purpose
22988: HORAN, JAMES D. - The Mckenney-Hall Portrait Gallery of American Indians
22434: HORNUNG, PAUL - Football and the Single Man
20167: HOROWITZ, DAVID & DAVID J. HOROWITZ - The Art of Political War How Republicans Can Fight to Win
22325: HORTON, ET AL - Piermont, New Hampshire, 1764-1947
21627: HOUART, VICTOR - Miniature Silver Toys
20964: HOUSEAL, DAVID W. - Harrisburg's Volunteer Firefighters
16031: HOUSSAYE, ARSENE - Moliere Sa Femme Et Sa Fille
20229: HOWSE, JUSTIN - Dance Technique and Injury Prevention
22429: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Whitneys an Informal Portrait 1635-1975
16252: HUBBARD, J. NILES - An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha or Red Jacket and His People, 1750-1830
22581: HUDON, SIMONE - Au Fil Des Cotes de Quebec
22902: HUDSON, SAMUEL - The Story of Plymouth, Michigan a Midwest Microcosm
22488: HUGHES, ROBERT M. - Great Commanders General Johnston
21873: HUGHES, KEN - Carousel Horse Carving, an Instruction Workbook 1/3 Standard Size
19995: HULL, WILLIAM - Memoirs of the Campaigns of the North Western Army of the United States, A.D. 1812. In a Series of Letters Addressed to the Citizens of the United States. With an Appendix, Containing a Brief Sketch of the Revolutionary Services of the Author
21836: HUMES, MARGUERITE J. , EDITOR - Celebrating 300 Years of Detroit Cooking, 1701-2001
22492: HUMLER, RILEY - Rookwood VI & Keramics 1996
22679: HUNGRYWOLF, ADOLF & BEVERLY HUNGRY WOLF - Shadows of the Buffalo a Family Odyssey Among the Indians
22925: HUNT, RICHARD A - White Mountain Holidays
20750: HUNT, FRED - How to Do Second Sight Heller's Second Sight Explained, 1883
21868: HUNTER, SAM - Larry Rivers
16974: HUNTER, ROWLAND C. - Old Houses in England
22541: HUNTER, WILLIAM WILSON - The Indian Empire: Its People, History, and Products
20623: HUTCHISON, DAVID (EDITOR) - Fantastic 3-D. A Starlog Photo Guidebook
22563: HYDE, CHARLES K (DIRECTOR) - The Lower Peninsula of Michigan an Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites
20223: INTERNATIONAL, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY - Scientology Theology and Practice of a Contemporary Religion
22716: IRVIN, DICK - In the Crease Goaltenders Look at Life in the Nhl
22193: ISHIMOTO, YASUHIRO (PHOTOGRAPHS BY) - Aru Hi Aru Tokoro Someday Somewhere
22143: IVANOFF, JOSEPHINE BUCK - Pieces of Old Cape Cod
17150: SARAH NOBLE-IVES - The Story of Teddy the Bear
22348: IVEY, JOANNE & B&W AND COLOR PHOTOS - Benmiller Then and Now
19273: IZU, KENRO - Light over Ancient Angkor Platinum Prints
20655: JACKSON, J. WILFRID - The Money Cowry (Cypracea Moneta, L. ) As a Sacred Object Among North American Indians
20088: JACKSON, MURRAY - Watermelon Rinds & Cherry Pits
22873: JACKSON, ROBERT H. - The Struggle for Judicial Supremacy a Study of a Crisis in American Power Politics
23176: JACOBY, SUSAN - Freethinkers a History of American Secularism
22074: JAEHNIG, DAVID L. - The Howell Bicentennial History Photographic Supplement
22414: JAFFE, J. CHRISTOPHER & LEO L. BERANEK - The Acoustics of Performance Halls Spaces for Music from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood Bowl
19248: JAMES, HENRY - The Princess Casamassima Volumes I and II
20310: JAMES, HENRY EDITOR - The Letters of William James Volume 2 Only
22145: JAMES, BARRY - Georgian Bay the Sixth Great Lake
23059: JEB (JOAN E. BIREN) - Eye to Eye Portraits of Lesbians with a Foreword by Joan Nestle and an Introduction by Judith Schwarz
22274: JEFFREYS, RAYMONS J. - The Fabulous "Dutch" Zellers
17513: JENSEN, C. E. - Karikatur-Album , 2det Bind
23165: JENTZEN, JEFFREY M. - Death Investigation in America Coroners, Medical Examiners, and the Pursuit of Medical Certainty
22279: MCGEE JOHN W. EDITOR - Bend in the River the Story of Grandville and Jenison, Michigan
23049: JOHN, CUMMING - This Place Mount Pleasant
22808: JOHNS, JANE MARTIN - Personal Recollections of Early Decatur, Abraham Lincoln, Richard J. Oglesby and the CIVIL War
14285: JOHNSON, J. P. - Twenty Years of Hus'Ling
21852: JOHNSON, VIRGINIA W. - Genoa the Superb, the City of Columbus
21908: JOHNSON, E. PAULINE - Flint and Feather, with a Short Biographical Sketch of the Author
22509: JOHNSON, HERMAN M. - Herodoti Orientalia Antiquiora; Comprising Mainly Such Portions of Herodotus As Give a Connected History of the East, to the Fall of Babylon and the Death of Cyrus the Great
22309: JOHNSON, E. PAULINE - The Shagganappi
18977: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - A Dictionary of the English Language : In Which the Words Are Deduced from Their Originals, Explained in Their Different Meanings and Authorized by the Names of the Writers in Whose Works They Are Found, Abstracted from the Folio Editions
22427: JOHNSON, CHARLES & BOB ADELMAN & ROBERT PHELAN - King a Photobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
22678: JOHNSON, E. PAULINE - Flint and Feather, (Collected Verse)
22789: JOHNSON, WILLIS FLETCHER - The History of Cuba, 5 Volume Set
22851: JOHNSON, EDWARD A. - School History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1890/Part 1/History of Negro Soldiers : In the Spanish-American War & Other Items Interpre
22785: JOHNSTON, JOSIAH STODDARD - First Explorations of Kentucky Doctor Thomas Walker's Journal of an Exploration of Kentucky in 1750, Being the First Record of a White Man's Visit to... Notes and Sketch
23042: JOHNSTON, BASIL - Ojibway Heritage
21106: JOHNSTON, HARRY HAMILTON, SIR (1858-1927) - George Grenfell and the Congo. A History and Description of the Congo Independent State and Adjoining Districts of Congoland Together with Some Account of the Native Peoples and Their Languages, the Fauna and Flora. [2 Volumes]
21990: JOHNSTON, ROSS B. - West Virginia Estate Settlements an Index to Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, Land Grants, and Surveys to 1850
21949: JONES, JO - Paintings and Drawings of the Gypsies of Granada
22561: JONES, MARY EIRWEN - The Romance of Lace
23025: JONES, ROBERT LESLIE - The History of Agriculture in Ohio to 1880
23004: JONES, GWYN - A History of the Vikings
22452: JORDAN, BARBARA; HEARON, SHELBY - Barbara Jordan : A Self Portrait - 1st Edition, Signed
20659: JORDAN, BARBARA; HEARON, SHELBY - Barbara Jordan : A Self Portrait - 1st Edition, Signed by Both Authors
22872: JOYNER, CHARLES - Shared Traditions Southern History and Folk Culture
21963: JUDD, JOHN - Volcanoes: What They Are and What They Teach the International Scientific Series
22627: JUDE, DICK - Fantasy Art Masters the Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Artists Show How They Work
22497: JULLIAN, PHILIPPE - The Triumph of Art Nouveau Paris Exhibition, 1900
22522: JUNGE, MARK - Wyoming, a Pictorial History
23022: KAEMMERLEN, CATHY J. - General Sherman and the Georgia Belles Tales from Women Left Behind, Signed
20565: KAINEN, JACOB - John Baptist Jackson 18th-Century Master of the Color Woodcut Smithsonian Institution Bulletin #222
21321: KALAKAUA, HIS HAWAIIAN MAJESTY - The Legends and Myths of Hawaii. The Fables and Folk Lore of a Strange People
22354: KANDELL, JONATHAN - La Capital the Biography of Mexico City
20820: KEARNEY, BELLE - A Slaveholder's Daughter
20891: KEELER, HARRY STEPHEN - The Five Silver Buddhas, a Mystery Novel
21043: KEITH, JULIA J. - Our Little Island Grosse Ile [Facsimile Reprint].
22996: KELLERMAN, REGINA M. - The Architecture of the Greenwich Village Waterfront
18988: KENNAN, GEORGE - Tent Life in Siberia, and Adventures Among the Koraks and Other Tribes in Kamchatka and Northern Asia
22136: KENNARD, JOSEPH SPENCER - A Literary History of the Italian People
22912: KENNEY, MICHAEL - From Pablo to Osama Trafficking and Terrorist Networks, Government Bureaucracies, and Competitive Adaptation
22778: KENT, ROCKWELL - How I Make a Wood Cut
22800: KERBEY, J. O. - Further Adventures of the Boy Spy in Dixie
22650: KERNS, ERNIE - How to Be a Magic Clown
18478: KERR, JOHN LAW - The Legend of Useppa
20657: KERSNOWSKI, FRANK - The Outsiders Poets of Contemporary Ireland
20147: KESSELL, JOHN L. - Kiva, Cross, and Crown: The Pecos Indians and New Mexico, 1540-1840
20438: KEYNES, GEOFFREY, EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Apologie and the Treatise of Ambroise Pare
21344: KIDD, DUDLEY - The Essential Kafir
23161: KIDDER, WARREN BENJAMIN - Willow Run - Colossus of American Industry
22861: KILLENS, JOHN OLIVER - Youngblood
23102: KIMBERLY, KERRY L - Richland County, Ohio Newspapers Abstracts and Extracts, 1830-1849

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