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006139: BRUHL, GUSTAV / POLITZER, A. / SMITH, S. MACCUEN [EDITED BY] - Atlas and Epitome of Otology
005332: BRYANT, CLAIRE - Make Your Own Southern Belle Cloth Doll and Her Wardrobe
005293: BRYDGES, SIR E. - Archaica. Containing a Reprint of Scarce Old English Prose Tracts - 2 Volumes
001422: DODINGTON, GEORGE BUBB & WYNDHAM, HENRY PENRUDDOCKE - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis: From March 8, 1749 to February 6, 1761; with an Appendix, Containing Some Curious and Interesting Papers, Which Are Either Referred to, or Alluded to, in the Diary
002205: BUCHANAN, ROBERT - The Land of Lorne; or, a Poet's Adventures in the Scottish Hebrides, Including the Cruise of the "Tern" to the Outer Hebrides - 2 Volumes in 1
002165: BUCHANAN, WILLIAM {OF AUCHMAR} - A Historical and Genealogical Essay Upon the Family and Surname of Buchanan. To Which Is Added a Brief Enquiry Into the Genealogy and Present State of Ancient Scottish Surnames, and More Particularly of the Highland Clans
005519: BUCHMANN, JEAN - "Comment Ils Sont Gouvernes" Collection Sous la Direction de Georges Burdeau, Tome VII. L'Afrique Noire Independante
000070: BUCK, BRUCE - Drawings of Bruce Buck a Headhunter from Colorado
002476: BUCKLAND, ROSCOE V. - Poems for Common Folks and Other Nice People
003441: BUEHLER, E.C. / MALONEY, MARTIN - You Sell with Your Voice
006233: BUFFA, JOHN - Travels Through the Empire of Morocco - Scarce
000492: BUFFUM, GEORGE T. - Smith of Bear City and Other Frontier Sketches
005870: BUHLER, G. [EDITED BY MULLER, F. MAX] - The Laws of Manu Translated with Extrats from Seven Commentaries. The Sacred Books of the East, Vol. XXV
006391: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - Post Office
005061: BUKZIN, JERRY / CAPPIELLO, PAUL - Star Trek - an Epic in Photos, Poetry and Art
003334: BULOW, DR. CARL - Chemische Technologie Der Azofarbstoffe Mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Deutschen Patentlitteratur - 2 Volumes in 1
005312: BURBIDGE, JOHN R. - Les Petites Dames de Mode - 58 Fashion Plates in Original Envelope Signed by Burbidge
005404: VAN BUREN, RAEBURN [1891-1987] - Original, Signed, Cartoon Strip Featuring Charlie Dobbs, from the Cartoon Strip "Abbie an' Slats"
003274: BURGESS, THORNTON W. - Little Pete's Adventure
006791: BURK, BRUCE - Complete Waterfowl Studies - Volumes I, II & III - 3 Volumes. / Dabbling & Whistling Ducks / Diving Ducks / Geese & Swans with Authors Letter Laid-in
006328: BURKE, NORAH - The Splendour Falls
004765: BURKE, RUSTY [EDITED BY] - The Dark Man - the Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies, Number 1, August 1990
004523: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - Little Lord Fauntleroy
001086: BURNEY, FRANCES - Evelina of the History of a Young Lady's Entrance Into the World - Complete in 2 Volumes
003317: BURNS, ROBERT - The Poems of Robert Burns & the Songs of Robert Burns - 2 Volumes
005697: BURNS, ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns; Including Several Pieces Not Inserted in Dr. Currie's Edition - Vol. II [of 2]
000563: BURNS, ROBERT [FERGUSON, J. DE LANCEY (EDITOR)] - The Letters of Robert Burns Volumes 1 & 2
004980: BURNS, ROBERT - Poetical Works of Robert Burns Chronologically Arranged, with Notes, Glossaries, and Index - 3 Volumes. The "Edinburgh" Edition.
003487: BURROWES, J. F. - The Piano-Forte Primer; Containing the Rudiments of Music / the Thorough-Base Primer: Containing Explanations and Examples of the Rudiments of Harmony; with Fifity Exercises. Two Books in One.
002596: BURTON, THOMAS / GODDARD, GUIBON / RUTT, JOHN TOWILL - Diary of Thomas Burton, Esq. Members in the Parliaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell, from 1656 to 1659: Now First Published from the Original Autograph Manuscript... . . 4 Volumes
000643: {BURTON, RICHARD - TRANS.] - Lady Burton's Edition of Her Husband's Arabian Nights, 6 Volumes
004116: BURTON, JOHN HILL - The History of Scotland from Agricola's Invasion to the Extinction of the Last Jacobite Insurrection - 8 Volumes, Plus 1 Index
004496: BUSCH, WILHELM - Mar Und Morik Eine Bubengeschichte in Sieben Streichen
003163: BUTLER, WILLIAM - The Land of the Veda Being Personal Reminiscences of India - It's People, Castes, Thugs, and Fakirs... . Together with the Incidents of the Great Sepoy Rebellion
001188: BUTLER, EDITH SHAW - Bird in the Wind
001431: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - The Wampum Belt; or, "the Fairest Page of History" a Tale of William Penn's Treaty with the Indians
000187: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - The Parson's Miracle and My Grandmother's Grandmother's Christmas Candle Christmas in America
000491: BUTTREE, JULIA M. (JULLIA M. SETON) - The Rhythm of the Redman in Song, Dance and Decoration
005635: CENTRAL STATISTICS OFFICE [COMPILED BY] - Statistical Abstract of Ireland 1966
003805: VIVIENNE [PHOTOGRAPHED BY] - They Came to My Studio - Famous People of Our Time
003037: THE JAQUES CATTELL PRESS [EDITED BY] - American Men of Science - a Biographical Directory - Eleventh Edition - the Physical & Biological Sciences - Supplement II
002004: AUNT BETTY [RETOLD BY] - Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin , Tom Thumb, the Brave Little Tailor, Jack and the Beanstalk (3)
000761: THE HISTORY CRICLE [COMPILED BY] - British-American Discords and Concords, a Record of Three Centuries
006571: EDITED BY - RIDDLE, OSCAR / CARR, HARVEY A. - Posthumous Works of Charles Otis Whitman. Vol. I - Orthogenetic Evolution in Pigeons, Vol. II - Inheritance, Fertility, and the Dominance of Sex and Color in Hybrids of Wild Species of Pigeons, Vol. III - the Behavior of Pigeons
004609: LEE-KIN [COMPILED BY] / TIN-SHEN [TRANSLATED BY] - A Handbook of Acupuncture Treatment for Dogs and Cats
005376: TEXTILE WORLD RECORD [ COMPILED BY] - The Official American Textile Directory Containing Reports of All the Textile Manufacturing Establishments in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Together with the Yarn Trade Index 1908-9
006421: POCOMTUCK VALLEY MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION [COLLECTED BY] - Catalogue of the Relics and Curiosities in Memorial Hall, Deerfield, Mass. , U.S. A.
005947: PURCEL [COMPOSED BY] - Mad Bess. A Favorite Cantata, Composed by Purcel, with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte. Arranged for the Convenience of Those Not Understanding Thorough Bass
006847: BYRD, RICHARD E. - Exploring with Byrd: Episodes from an Adventurous Life
002272: BYRON, MAY [RETOLD BY] - J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, for Little People, with the Permission of the Author
000239: LORD BYRON - The Poetical Works of Lord Byron
002143: CUTLER, ELLIOTT C. & ZOLLINGER, ROBERT - Atlas of Surgical Operations
003184: CAHN, EDGAR S. [EDITOR] - Our Brother's Keeper: The Indian in White America
006395: CAINE, W. RALPH HALL - Isle of Man
006743: CAJANUS, K. I. - Piirteita Kemin Maaseurakunnan Kirkkojen Historiasta [Scarce History of the Parish Churches of Kemi]
001387: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The Queen of Hearts
001386: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The Farmer's Boy
001384: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate
001383: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The Great Panjandrum Himself
005752: CALENZIO, GENEROSO - Esame Critico-Letterario Delle Opere Riguardanti la Storia Del Concilio Di Trento
002742: CALLANAN, LIAM - All Saints - a Novel
000540: CALMAN, W.T. - The Classification of Animals an Introduction to Zoological Taxonomy
006543: CAMBRENSIS, GIRALDUS. [FORESTER, THOMAS / HOARE, SIR RICHARD COLT - TRANSLATED BY] WRIGHT, THOMAS [REVISED & EDITED BY] - The Historical Works of Giraldus Cambrensis Containing the Topography of Ireland, and the History of the Conquest of Ireland, the Itinerary Through Wales, and the Description of Wales
006274: CAMPBELL, JOHN - Travels in South Africa Undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society
000649: CAMPION, THOMAS [SELECTED BY AUDEN, W.H.] - Selected Songs of Thomas Campion, [with Slipcase]
004817: CANTELOUBE, J. - Chants D'Auvergne - Recueillis Et Harmonis'Es
005084: CANTON, F. J. SANCHEZ - Goya
006869: CARBERY, ETHNA / MACMANUS, SEUMAS / MILLIGAN, ALICE - We Sang for Ireland. Poems of Ethna Carbery, Seumas Macmanus, Alice Milligan - Signed
004424: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Red Prophet Volume II, of the Tales of Alvin Maker
003087: COMPILED BY THE EDITORS OF HALLMARK CARDS - Meals in Minutes - 34 Time Saving Recipes That Make a Quick Meal Something Special
003394: CAREY, M. - Vindiciae Hibernicae; or. Ireland Vindicated: An Attempt to Develop and Expose a Few of the Multifarious Errors and Misrepresentations Respecting Ireland...
001292: VOEGTLIN, CARL & HODGE, HAROLD C. [EDITED BY] - Pharmacology and Toxicology of Uranium Compounds with a Section on the Pharmacology and Toxicology of Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride - Volume 1 Only
003765: CARLES, EMILIE - Une Soupe Aux Herbes Sauvages
003992: CARLETON, WILLIAM - Willy Reilly, and His Dear Coleen Bawn. A Tale, Founded Upon Fact
003923: CARLETON, WILL - Farm Ballads - Association Copy
003794: CARLETON, WILLIAM - Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry - Volumes II & III (of 4)
004449: CARLETON, WILLIAM - Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry - 2 Volumes
002778: CARLSTROM, GUSTAV - Fran Vastervag Till Malarstrand En Fard Pa Sveriges "Blaa Band"
003176: CARMICHAEL, FRED - The Night Is My Enemy - a Mystery Play in Three Acts
005773: CARR, RACHEL - Wheel, Camel, Fish, and Plow Yoga for You
006722: CARTER, KATE - Wildflowers of Vermont [Signed Copy]
002087: CARTER, LAURA ARMISTEAD - Wind and Blue Water
002020: CARTER, LAURA ARMISTEAD - Wind and Blue Water
006721: CARTER, KATE - Shrubs & Vines of Vermont [Signed Copy]
006308: CARTER, JOHN / SADLEIR, MICHAEL [ARRANGED BY] - Victorian Fiction, an Exhibition of Original Editions at 7 Albemarle Street, London - January to February 1947 - Special Edition
001303: O'CASEY, SEAN - The Green Crow
005710: CASEY, FANNIE C. - Catalog of Fancy Goods Made at Shaker Village, Alfred, York County, Maine 1908
000311: CASHMAN, JOHN - The Lsd Story
003972: CASSEN, R.H. - India: Population, Economy, Society
001138: CASSILL, R.V. - La Vie Passionnee of Rodney Buckthorne - a Tale of the Great American's Last Rally and Curious Death
003667: CASTILLO, BERNAL DIAZ DEL - Historia Verdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva Espana - 3 Volumes
002601: CASTLE, PHILIP - Airflow
000791: CASTLEMON, HARRY - Our Fellows; or, Skirmishes with the Swamp Dragoons
000098: CASTRO, MAJOR FIDEL - Education in Revolution
004994: DE CASTRO, JOSUE - Documentario Do Nordeste
005913: GEORGES HEILBRUN CATALOGUE - Livres Anciens - Catalogue 21
001932: CATHER, WILLA - My Mortal Enemy
005632: CATLIN, GEORGE - North American Indians Being Letters and Notes on Their Manners, Customs, and Conditions, Written During Eight Years' Travel Amongst the Wildest Tribes of Indians in North America, 1832-1839, Volumes I & II
000483: CAVOUR, ERNESTO - La Zampona
002962: CHAMBERLIN, PAUL E. - The Son of a Tramp - Signed by the Author
006332: CHAMBERLIN, AGNES M. - The Dummerston Hill Story Which Includes Some Chamberlin Family Records and an Account of the Life and Travels of Morris Emory Chamberlin [Signed by the Author]. Scarce
001637: CHAMBERS - Cartoons by Chambers '66 Published During the Past Year in the Chronicle-Herald and the Mail-Star
000561: CHAMBERS, WHITMAN - The Coast of Intrigue
004614: CHAMBERS, MARIA CRISTINA - The Three Kings
003727: CHANDRASEKHAR, S. - Infant Mortality, Population Growth and Family Planning in India
006043: VARIOUS / LORI CHAPEK, EDITOR - Warped Space [Star Trek Fanzine] Official Publication of the Michigan State University Star Trek Club
002967: CHAPLIN, REV. JEREMIAH - Life of Henry Dunster, First President of Harvard College
003616: CHAPMAN, GERARD - William Cullen Bryant - the Cummington Years
002953: CHAPMAN, R. W. - S.P. E. Tract No. XXXVII 'Oxford' English - with Author's Letter Tipped-in
005322: CHAPPLE, JOE MITCHELL [COMPILED BY] - Mrs. Joe's Housekeeping Guide - First Aids for Every Known Household Use
004533: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE / NODIER, CHARLES / AND OTHERS - The Life and Adventures of Punchinello / Good Lady Bertha's Honey Broth / Bean Flower and Pea Blossom / Genius Goodfellow and the Wood-Cutter's Dog - Picture Story Books by Great Authors and Great Painters
000579: CHARLES, BARCHEDIG THOMAS - Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol [Welsh Scriptural Dictionary]
005525: CHARLES, BERNARD - Un Parti Politique Africain: Le Parti Democratique de Guinee - Fondation Nationale Des Sciences Politiques
001287: CHARLETON, R.J. - A History of Newcastle-on-Tyne from the Earliest Records to Its Formation As a City
003081: CHARRON, YVON - Mere Bourgeoys (1620-1700)
005945: MR. CHERRY - Beware of Love, Sung by Mr. Braham at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, in the Opera of the Travellers, or Music's Facination - Sheet Music
006678: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton Volume XI
006622: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Alarms and Discursions
006625: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Fancies Versus Fads
006668: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Collected Poems of G.K. Chesterton
006629: CHESTERTON, GILBERT. K. - Heretics / Orthodoxy
006626: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Generally Speaking
006627: CHESTERTON, G. K. / DE SILVA, ALVARO [EDITED BY] - Brave New Family. G.K. Chesterton on Men and Women, Children, Sex, Divorce, Marriage & the Family
006628: CHESTERTON, G. K. / COLLINS, DOROTHY [EDITED BY] - Lunacy and Letters
006670: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Complete Father Brown
006666: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Tremendous Trifles - New World Chesterton
006621: CHESTERTON, G. K. - A Miscellany of Men
006624: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Come to Think of It... A Book of Essays
006116: CHESTERTON, GILBERT K. - Alarms and Discursions
006620: CHESTERTON, G. K. [GILBERT K.] - Robert Browning - English Men of Letters
006669: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Common Man
006664: CHESTERTON, G. K. - All Things Considered
006619: CHESTERTON, G. K. [GILBERT K.] - The Defendant [the Wayfarer's Library]
006676: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton Volume XXI
006677: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton Volume IV
006675: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton Volume II
006659: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Use of Diversity - a Book of Essays. The Fountain Library
004593: CHILD, JULIA / BERTHOLLE, LOUISETTE / BECK, SIMONE - Mastering the Art of French Cooking
000795: CHILDS, MARILYN CARLSON - Training Your Colt to Ride and Drive
004276: CHOATE, ISAAC BASSETT - Through Realms of Song
001493: CHRIST, WILLIAM; WINOLD, ALLEN; DELONE, RICHARD - Involvement with Music
002869: CHRISTENSEN, KATE - The Great Man - Bound Manuscript
003232: CHRISTIE, NIMMO [WORDS BY] / FLETCHER, PERCY E. / MANNEY, C.F. [ARRANGED BY] - The Galway Piper (Irish Air - the Rakes of Mallow) Part Song for Mixed Voices, No. 301 - Wood Octavo Series, Secular, (Second Series)
001830: CHRISTOMANNOS, TH. - The New Dolomite Road - Bozen Cortina Toblach and Its Branches
000369: EDITED BY BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER & ESHER, VISCOUNT - The Letters of Queen Victoria, a Selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence between the Years 1837-1861 Vol I
002088: CHURCH, ALFRED J. (RETOLD BY) - The Aeneid for Boys and Girls
006268: BY A CANDIDATE FOR ORDERS IN THE CHURCH - Buds, Blossoms, and Fruit of the Church
005704: FATHER IGNATIUS [REV. JOSEPH LEYCESTER LYNE] DRUID OF THE WELSH CHURCH - 'Llanthony Teachings' Consisting Chiefly of Selected Sermons and Articles - Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd - Volume I
000188: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - A Man of Destiny Winston S. Churchill
006337: CHURCHILL, PETER - The Spirit in the Cage [Signed]
005007: CLAIR, JEAN [EDITED BY] - Cosmos from Romanticism to the Avant-Garde
006172: CLARK, ANN [SIOUX BY EMIL AFRAID OF HAWK - Brave Against the Enemy / T'Oka Wan Itkok'Ip Ohitike Kin He
006171: CLARK, ANN [SIOUX TEXT BY EMIL AFRAID-OF-HAWK[ - Singing Sioux Cowboy, Reader. Lak'Ota Pte'Ole Hoksila Lowansa, Wo'Unspe T'Okahe - Signed Copy
003577: CLARKE, WILLIAM H. - Clark's New Method for Reed Organs, a Comprehensive System of Instruction, and an Improvement on All Other Methods... . . Studies, Exercises, Scales, Voluntaries, and Recreative Pieces
004273: CLARKE, AUSTIN - Twice Round the Black Church - Early Memories of Ireland and England
006269: CLARKE, REV. J. B. B. [EDITED BY] - An Account of the Infancy, Religious and Literary Life, of Adam Clarke, LL. D. , F.A. S. , & C. Written by One Who Has Intimately Acquainted with Him from His Boyhood to the Sixteenth Year of His Age - Vol. I
005686: CLEARE, JOHN - Trekking - Great Walks of the World
004594: CLEMENTS, FREDERIC E. - Plant Succession - an Analysis of the Development of Vegetation
005248: CLIFTON, M. - Guides Polyglottes - Manuel de la Conversation Et Du Style Epistolaire / Francais-Anglais
004761: CLINE, LEONARD [WRITING AS ALAN FORSYTH]. (EDITED BY DOUGLAS A. ANDERSON) - The Lady of Frozen Death and Other Weird Tales
005032: CLIVE, JOHN - Broken Wings
004653: CLYMAN, TOBY W. / VOWLES, JUDITH [EDITED BY] - Russia Through Women's Eyes - Autobiographies from Tsarist Russia
003362: COATSWORTH, ELIZABETH - Maine Ways
001185: COBEN, STANLEY [EDITED BY] - Reform, War, and Reaction: 1912-1932
005624: COFFEY, THOMAS M. - Lion by the Tail - the Story of the Italian-Ethiopian War
004807: COFFIN, ROBERT P. TRISTRAM - Primer for America
005974: COLBY, MARION [EDITOR-IN CHIEF] - The Class Book 1911 [Mount Holyoke College]
002621: COLE, SAMUEL VALENTINE - Monica or, the Chronicle of Marcus - a Poem - Founded on the Life and Character of the Mother of St. Augustine
004545: COLEMAN, DOROTHY / ELIZABETH / EVELYN - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls
004073: COLERIDGE, GEORGINA - I Know What I Like - Signed
003767: COLETTE - La Vagabonde
002397: POTTER, FRANK HUNTER [COLLECTED AND EDITED BY] - Reliquary of English Song - Fifty-Two Early English Songs from Circa 1250 to 1700
005137: HERMSEN DORUS COLLECTION - H. DE BOER - Huys Van Johan de Witt. Collectie Dorus Hermsen. Kneuterdijk's Gravenhage. Voortdurende Tentoonstelling Van Schilderijen Der Oude Hollandsche School [Museum Catalogue]
004060: COLLING, ALFRED - Banque Et Banquiers de Babylone a Wall Street
004183: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Two Destinies - a Novel
002683: COLLINS, J. CHURTON [INTRODUCTION BY] - An English Garner - Critical Essays and Literary Fragments
004203: COLLINS, LARRY / LAPIERRE, DOMINIQUE - Freedom at Midnight - Signed Copy
006511: COLLON, DOMINIQUE - The Alalakh Cylinder Seals [Signed]
006509: COLLON, DOMINIQUE - First Impressions - Cylinder Seals in the Ancient Near East
006881: COLMENERO, PADRE DON FRANCISCO - Reflexiones Catolicas, Y Devotas Instrucciones Para Desenganar Al Pecador, Y Dirigirle Por El Feliz Camino de la Salvacion [Catholic Reflections and Instructions for the Sinner] Scarce
006419: COLUM, PADRAIC - The Children Who Followed the Piper
005890: COLVIN, FRED H. - Running a Milling Machine
003920: COMBE, GEORGE / FOSTER, JOHN / MACNISH, ROBERT / STAEL, MADAME DE / MASON, JOHN - The Constitution of Man / Essays on Decision of Character, & C. / Philosophy of Sleep, and Anatomy of Drunkenness / Influence of Literature Upon Society, & C. / a Treatise on Self-Knowledge - 5 in One Volume
006497: COMBE, WILLIAM - The First, Second and Third Tour of Doctor Syntax, in Search of the Picturesque; a Poem - 3 Volumes [I, II & III]
006285: MERWIN SALES COMPANY - The Valuable Private Library of Lucius L. Hubbard of Houghton, Michigan, Consisting Almost Wholly of Rare Books and Pamphlets Relating to American History [Auction Catalogue]
005892: WINDSOR MACHINE COMPANY - Gridley Automatics. Multiple-Spindle, Single-Spindle, Semi-Automatic
003405: LEITCH, ROGER [COMPILED & EDITED BY] - The Book of Sandy Stewart - the Association for Scottish Literary Studies, Number 18 (Eighteen)
002611: PIKE, LANGDALE [COMPILED AND EDITED BY] - The Hounds Collection - an Anthology by Members of the Hounds of the Internet 'Tales from the Cyberkennel' - in Celebration and Appreciation of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. The World's First and Foremost Consulting Detective - 7 Volumes
006860: STEINERT, MORRIS / MARLIN, JANE [COMPILED & ARRANGED BY] - Reminiscences of Morris Steinert
005203: TULLER, JANET [COMPILED & EDITED BY] - Microcosm 1936 - Yearbook of Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts
006652: FLANDERS, HELEN HARTNESS [COMPILED & EDITED BY] - Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung in New England - Volume I
005785: COMPTON, CARL C. - The Story of the Congregational Church of Northfield, Massachusetts 1825-1975
006411: CONGER, SARAH PIKE - Letters from China - with Particular Reference to the Empress Dowager and the Women of China
006252: CONKLING, GRACE HAZARD - Flying Fish, a Book of Songs and Sonnets
006656: CONN, RICHARD - Circles of the World. Traditional Art of the Plains Indians
002177: O'CONNOR, FRANK - Three Old Brothers and Other Poems
003966: CONWELL, RUSSELL H. [INTRODUCTIONS BY] - Stories of Bible Heroes - Stories from the Old and New Testament Retold to Interest the Young
001532: CONYNGHAM, CAPT. D.P. - The Irish Brigade and Its Campaigns: With Some Account of the Corcoran Legion, and Sketches of the Principal Officers
006848: COOK, CAPTAIN JAMES / PRICE, A. GRENFELL / INGLETON, GEOFFREY C. - The Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific, As Told by Selections of His Own Journals, 1768-1779
000433: COOK, RICHARD B. - The Grand Old Man or the Life and Public Services of the Right Honorable William Ewart Gladstone Four Times Prime Minister of England
006681: COOK, CANFIELD - Sky Attack. A Lucky Terrell Flying Story
005791: COOLIDGE, HENRY D. / MCLAUGHLIN, EDWARD A. - Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Manual for the Use of the General Court
005792: COOLIDGE, HENRY D. / MCLAUGHLIN, EDWARD A. - Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Manual for the Use of the General Court
006729: COOPER, ARTEMIS [EDITED BY] - Mr Wu and Mrs Stitch. The Letters of Evelyn Waugh and Diana Cooper
002246: COOPER, J. FENIMORE - The Deerslayer; or, the First War-Path. A Tale - Complete in One Volume
002247: COOPER, J. FENIMORE - The Water-Witch
006598: COOTNER, CATHRYN M. - Anatolian Kilims. The Caroline & H. Mccoy Jones Collection
002642: COOVER, JAMES [GATHERED BY] - Musical Instrument Collections Catalogues and Cognate Literature - Detroit Studies in Music Bibliography Number Forty-Seven
002271: COOVER, JAMES [GATHERED BY] - Music Publishing, Copyright and Piracy in Victorian England
005340: O CORCORA, DONALL - What's This About the Gaelic League? III
002214: CORLISS, HAZEL B. - Haven on Hilltop
005149: CORNELISSEN, CORNELIA - Music in the Wood - Includes the Cd. Signed Copy
002982: CORNFORD, DANIEL A. - Workers and Dissent in the Redwood Empire
002981: CORNFORD, DANIEL A. - Workers and Dissent in the Redwood Empire
002980: CORNFORD, DANIEL A. - Workers and Dissent in the Redwood Empire
002979: CORNFORD, DANIEL A. - Workers and Dissent in the Redwood Empire
005837: CORPEL, RENE / TEVOEDJRE, D'ALBERT - Republique Du Dahomey Department de L'Information - Terre Dahomeenne
000746: COTLOW, LEWIS N. - Passport to Adventure
006018: COTTRELL, BEEKMAN W. - The Great Wonderful Wheel - Limited, Signed First Edition
002638: COULTER, ANN - Slander - Liberal Lies About the American Right
004589: COULTER, JOHN MERLE - Evolution of Sex in Plants
002289: COULTON, G.G. - S.P. E. Tract No. XLIII - H.W. Fowler
002539: COWAN, JAMES [REVISED BY PALMER, J.B.] - The Caltex Book of Maori Lore
001195: COWEN, FREDERIC H. [MUSIC BY] - The Rose Maiden - a Cantata
002319: COWLES, EDITH M. [FAITHFULLY COPIED BY] - Giotto - the Legend of St. Francis As Depicted in the Assisi Frescoes
002912: COX, CLARISSE C. - Anyone Can Dye for Making Rugs - from Pitfalls to Perfection with Perfection Dyes
002952: CRAIGIE, W. A. - S.P. E. Tract No. XXVII the Study of American English
006854: CRAMPSEY, ROBERT - The Edinburgh Pirate - Signed
006788: CRANDALL, FRED - The Symmetric System of Big Game Head Mounting - Volume Three Only (Volume 3) [Formerly Known As the Crandall Geometric System of Big Game Head Mounting]
006068: CRANE, MARDO - Ladies ! Rev Up Your Engines ! a Novel About the Girls in the Powder Puff Derby - Signed
005615: CRANE, ROY - Wash Tubbs in Pendemonia
006257: CRANSTON, EARL - Swords or Plowshares? Signed, Association Copy
005305: CRAVEN, MME AUGUSTUS - Reminiscences - Souvenirs D'Angleterre Et D'Italie - Deuxieme Edition
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002060: DABOLL, NATHAN - The New England Almanack, for the Year of Our Christ, 1813: Being the First After Leap Year; and the 37th of American Independence
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006483: DRAGONWAGON, CRESCENT - Winter Holding Spring
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002360: DRAKE, JANET - Wedding Bells out of Tune and the Devil's Wife (an Allegory)
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005363: DUGMORE, A. RADCLYFFE - The Romance of the Newfoundland Caribou, an Intimate Account of the Life of the Reindeer of North America
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006831: DWIGHT, JANE - The Chinese Brush Painting Bible. Over 200 Motifs with Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions
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005639: EVANS, RICHARD PAUL - The Spyglass - a Story of Faith
006749: EVANS, HILARY - Harlots, Whores & Hookers. A History of Prostitution
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004048: FARINI, LUIGI - Sunto Storico Della Scienza Economica
004130: FARIS, LILLIE A. - Old Testament Stories Retold for Children
003111: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard
003418: FARR, JORY - Rites of Rhythm - the Music of Cuba
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004047: FAUGERE, M. P. - Notice Sur Turgot
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000324: FEACHEM, RICHARD - The North Britons, the Prehistory of a Border People
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006590: FEELINGS, MURIEL - Jambo Means Hello. Swahili Alphabet Book [Caldecott Honor Book]
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002653: FENOLLOSA, ERNEST F. - Epochs of Chinese & Japanese Art. An Outline History of East Asiatic Design - Volume II
004778: FENTON, HARVEY / FLINT, DAVID [EDITED BY] - Ten Years of Terror - British Horror Films of the 1970's
006131: FERGUSON, JOHN - The Grouse Moor Murder
003180: FERNAND, ROLAND - Shadow of a Dream - a Play in One Act
003179: FERNAND, ROLAND - Shadow of a Dream - a Play in One Act
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002346: FETRIDGE, W. PEMBROKE - Hand-Books for Travellers in Europe and the East: Being a Guide Through Great Britain and Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Tyrol, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Spain and Portugal
002801: FEUERBACH, ANSELM VON - Caspar Hauser. An Account of an Individual Kept in a Dungeon, Separated from All Communication with the World, from Early Childhood to About the Age of Seventeen. Drawn Up from Legal Documents
006036: FEYRER, GAYLE - Choices [Star Trek Fanzine - Male/Male Adult Erotica]
001615: FIELD, EUGENE - The Holy Cross and Other Tales
006878: FIELD, DAVID / FONER, NAOMI - "Amazing Grace and Chuck" a Fable [Movie Script, the David Field Company C/O Tri-Star Pictures]
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002449: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Salaman and Absal - an Allegory Translated from the Persian of Jami
002448: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Salaman and Absal - an Allegory Translated from the Persian of Jami
002447: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Salaman and Absal - an Allegory Translated from the Persian of Jami
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005128: DE FRENZI, GIULIO - Ignacio Zuloaga
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006386: GA'G, WANDA - Millions of Cats
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005470: AMERICAN ART GALLERIES - Illustrated Catalogue of the Exceedingly Rare and Valuable Art Treasures and Antiquities Formerly Contained in the Famous Davanzati Palace, Florence, Italy. Which, Together with the Contents of His Villa Pia Were Brought to America by Elia Volpi
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000587: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Worried Waitress, a Perry Mason Mystery
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005437: GARSON, BARBARA - Mac Bird
005064: BERMAN, GARY & MALIN, ADAM - Creation Conventions Presents Star Trek Merchandise - Mail Order Catalog for Star Trek, Star Wars and Science Fiction Media Fans
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005768: GIROUST, P. - Sermons Pour L'Avent
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006521: GLASSER, RALPH - Gorbals Voices, Siren Songs
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001666: GLOB, P.V. - The Mound People - Danish Bronze Age Man Preserved
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001126: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield [Condensed] English Classics No. 35
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004507: GORRES, JOSEPH - Rheinischer Merkur Ausgewahlt Und Eingeleitet Von Arno Duch
001452: GOSCINNY - An Asterix Adventure - Obelix and Company
001453: GOSCINNY - Asterix and the Big Fight
001454: GOSCINNY - Asterix the Gladiator
001457: GOSCINNY, RENE DE - Asterix and the Soothsayer
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003511: PREPARED BY GOULD, R.E. - Sundials
001927: GOULD, AUGUSTUS A. [EDITED BY BINNEY, W.G.] - Report on the Invertebrata of Massachusetts - Second Edition Comprising the Mollusca
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003175: GRAHAM, MAXINE - Her Tin Hero - a One Act Comedy
002363: GRAMATKY, HARDIE - Loopy
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005909: GREEN, HENRY [EDITED BY] - Andreae Alciati Emblematum Flumen Abundans; or, Alciat's Emblems in Their Full Stream. Being a Photo-Lith Fac-Simile Reprint of the Lyons Edition, by Bonhomme, 1551; and of Titles, &C. , of Similiar Editions, 1548-1551
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002916: GREENE, FELIX - Peking
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005143: GREGG, ALAN - Flying Wing Mystery
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003181: GRETH, LE ROMA - Oh, Baby! a Comedy in One Act
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002664: GRILLPARZER, FRANZ [TRANSLATED BY BURKHARD, ARTHUR] - A Faithful Servant of His Master - Tragedy in Five Acts
000905: GRINIOFF, VLADIMIR B. - Tale of a Whistling Shrimp
004678: GRISET, ERNEST - The 3 Youthful Mariners - Ernest Griset's Funny Picture Books
002347: GROSART, REV. ALEXANDER B. [NOTES BY] - The Works in Verse and Prose Complete of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, for the First Time Collected and Edited: With Memorial-Introduction: Essay on Life and Writings: And Notes - 4 Volumes
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002997: RECIPES BY CHEFS OF THE OBEROI GROUP, TEXT BY PUREWAL, JASJIT / ANAND, KAREN / BRENNAN, JENNIFER - The Food of India - Authentic Recipes from the Spicy Subcontinent
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003306: O'GROWNEY, REV. EUGENE [EDITED BY HENEBRY, RICHARD] - Revised Simple Lessons in Irish Giving the Pronunciation of Each Word - Part I
000456: GRUNFELD, FREDERIC V. - Music
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006724: GUEDALLA, PHILIP - Wellington
003936: GUENTHER, MARGARET - Notes from a Sojourner
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003910: GUILD, GEORGE R. / COTTON, ROBERT C. - Military Field Note Book
004647: GUINNESS, GERALD [COMPILED BY] - St. Paul's Cathedral - Jackdaw No. 67
003879: GUNNELL, JOHN - Standard Catalog of Chevrolet Trucks - Pickups & Other Light-Duty Trucks, 1918-1995
005474: GUNNISON, ROYAL A. / JUNEAU COMMERCIAL CLUB - Gold Belt City - Juneau, Alaska. Scarce
004835: GUNTERMAN, BERTHA L. - Castles in Spain and Other Enchantments - Spanish Legends and Romances
004244: GUPTILL, GOWEN WILSON (?) - Thoughts on the Universe - Hand Written Manuscript
004411: GUTHRIE, MALCOLM - The Classification of the Bantu Languages
001531: GWYNN, STEPHEN - The Life of Sir Walter Scott
006134: GYP - A Gallic Girl (le Mariage de Chiffon)
003172: LEE, JAMES H. & COSTON, JAMES / GILFORD, C.B. & GIBSON, ELIZABETH - The Holy Terror / the Blackboard Jungle - Complete Texts of Two New Plays (in One Book)
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006770: [HABBERTON, JOHN] - Other People's Children Containing a Veracious Account of the Management of Helen's Babies by a Lady Who Knew Just How the Children of Other People Should Be Trained, Also a Statement of the Exact Measure of the Success Obtained
005331: HADLEY, MARJI / RIDGLEY, J. DIANNE - Prairie People - Cloth Dolls to Make and Cherish
003737: HAFEZ, E.S.E. / VAN OS, W.A.A. [EDITORS] - Progress in Contraceptive Delivery Systems Volume I - Biodegradables and Delivery Systems for Contraception
003736: HAFEZ, E.S.E. / VAN OS, W.A.A. [EDITORS] - Progress in Contraceptive Delivery Systems Volume III - Iud Pathology and Management
004853: HAGAR, D. B. - An Elementary Algebra
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005443: HALL, LEE - Crete Night Sea - Original Signed Paper Art
004102: HALL, TOM S. - Rambles Near Falkirk
003571: HALL, KEN - South Arran - a Postcard Tour
003570: HALL, KEN - North Arran - a Postcard Tour
002411: HALL, RICH - Rich Hall's Vanishing America
005442: HALL, LEE - Crete Fragment - Original Signed Paper Art
005982: [HALL, MRS. LOUISA] - Miriam; a Dramatic Poem - Scarce
006864: HALL, LEE [NOTED ARTIST] - A Connecticut Book / Summer 1978 - Original Accordian Folding Book of Collage Art - Signed
005872: ROBERT T. HALL, SUPERINTENDENT - Staunton Military Academy Promotional Material
006353: HALL, DONALD - Lucy's Summer
006354: HALL, DONALD - Lucy's Summer
006862: HALL, LEE - Cretan Stones & Shores - Original Accordian Folding Book of Collage Art - Signed
006863: HALL, LEE [NOTED ARTIST] - Design Book of Original Paper Art
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005644: HALL, MARTHA DEBORAH - Two Grains in Time - Signed Copy
004393: HALLAM, HENRY / SMITH, WILLIAM - View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages
000323: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD - The Royal Adventures of Richard Halliburton
000397: HALSEY, MARGARET - With Malice Toward Some
002084: HALTIGAN, JAMES - The Irish in the American Revolution and Their Early Influence in the Colonies
005869: HAMEL, ERNEST - Histoire de la Republique Francaise Sous le Directoire Et Sous le Consulat, Faisant Suite Au Precis de L'Histoire de la Revolution
005787: HAMILTON, SALLY ATWOOD [EDITOR] - Lift Thine Eyes. The Landscape, the Buildings, the Heritage of Northfield Mount Hermon School
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002709: HAMILTON, MARY - Our Games - a Story for Children
004135: HAMILTON, J. A. - A Dictionary of 3500 Italian, French, German, English and Other Musical Terms
006110: HAMMETT, DASHIELL [ SELECTED BY] - Creeps by Night - Chills and Thrills
005129: HANCKE, ERICH - Max Liebermann - Sein Leben Und Seine Werke
006634: HANCOCK, BRIAN - Spindrift. True Tales from Scattered Parts of the Planet [Inscribed to Olin J. Stephens II, and Signed by the Author]
005948: HANDEL - The Grand Hall Hallelujah Chorus in the Messiah Adapted for the Voice, Organ, Harpsichord and Piano Forte / and/ for Unto Us, a Grand Chorus in the Messiah - Sheet Music
003776: HANDLIN, OSCAR - Boston's Immigrants 1790-1880
006475: HANNA, WILLARD A. - Bung Karno's Indonesia - a Collection of 25 Reports Written for the American Universities Field Staff
000364: HANNON, JAMES J. - Nasakenai (We Are Forsaken)
001865: GILLALAND, HAP & REYHNER, JON - Teaching the Native American
005625: HARBISON, PETER - Guide to the National Monuments in the Republic of Ireland - Signed by the Author
004374: D'HARCOURT, RAOUL - Primitive Art of the Americas
003615: HARDER, DR. HEATHER ANNE - Perfect Power in Consciousness
006366: HARDY, B. C. - Philippa of Hainault and Her Times
006875: HARGROVE, JOHN - The Weavers Draft Book and Clothiers Assistant
006601: HARLAND, MARION - Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book. A Practical and Exhaustive Manual of Cookery and Housekeeping
005374: HARLAND, MARION - Common Sense in the Household - a Manual of Practical Housewifery [Cookbook]
005566: HARPER, TED - Red Dust - Extracts from an Army Officer's Diary
002903: HARRER, HEINRICH - Return to Tibet
003834: HARRIS, ROBIE H. - It's Perfectly Normal - a Book About Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health
003076: HARRISON, JANICE - Macrame Techniques
002046: HART, CAROLYN - Engaged to Die - a Death on Demand Mystery
003654: HARTE, FRANK [EDITED BY] - Songs of Dublin
005689: HARTWIG, DR. G. - The Polar and Tropical Worlds: A Description of Man and Nature in the Polar and Equatorial Regions of the Globe
001866: ARDEN, HARVEY & WALL, STEVE - Wisdomkeepers - Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders
000427: HASSRICK, ROYAL B. - The Sioux Life and Customs of a Warrior Society
006701: HATHEWAY, RUTH F. - Better Wartime Meals, Compliments of the Bakers of Wonder Bread
004088: HAUGEN, EINAR - Beginning Norwegian - a Grammar and Reader
001864: HAUSMAN, GERALD - Turtle Island Alphabet - a Lexicon of Native American Symbols and Culture
005400: HAVEMEYER, LOOMIS - "Go to Your Room" a Story of Undergraduate Societies and Fraternities at Yale
006760: HAVEN, ALICE B. [COUSIN ALICE] - A Place for Every Thing: And Every Thing in Its Place
006758: HAVERGAL, FRANCIS RIDLEY / HER SISTER M. V. G. H. - Memorials of Frances Ridley Havergal
006244: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY - Enough Heart Songs. No. 2. Scarce
005583: HAWES, LLOYD E. - Benjamin Waterhouse, M.D. - First Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic at Harvard and Introducer of Cowpox Vaccination Into America
000419: HAWKES, CLARENCE - The Master of Millshaven
001077: HAWKES, CLARENCE - Christmas All the Year
001075: HAWKES, CLARENCE - Notes of a Naturalist Jottings in Field and Forest
001073: HAWKES, CLARENCE - Christmas All the Year
006501: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Wonder Book for Girls and Boys
002106: HAY, JOHN - The Undiscovered Country
002973: HAYCRAFT, HOWARD [EDITED BY] - Fourteen Great Detective Stories (Revised Edition)
005955: HAYES, JOHN L. [EDITED BY] - Bulletin of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers, January, 1877, to December, 1877, Vol. VII, No. 4
002371: HAYES, ERNEST - The Wild Garden - Paintings and Drawings from a Garden and a Mountain Field in Ireland
006136: HAYES, LOUIS V. - Clinical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Mouth - a Guide for Students and Practitioners of Dentistry and Medicine
006431: [HAYTER, THOMAS - BISHOP OF LONDON] - An Examination of a Book, Lately Printed by the Quakers; and by Them Distributed to the Members of Both Houses of Parliament, Entitled a Brief Account of Many of the Prosecutions of the People Called Quakers
002661: HAZELDEN, JOHN - Little Stories of Our Country - the Sunbeam Books
006665: HEADLAND, ISAAC TAYLOR - The Chinese Boy and Girl
006094: HEALY, EVALYN - Handbook of Lessons in White Schools of Costume Art
006429: HEALY, JAMES N. - Percy French and His Songs [Signed by the Author]
005286: HEBER, REGINALD - Narrative of a Journey Through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825 - 3 Volumes
004369: HEDIN, SVEN - My Life As an Explorer
004659: HEFFERNAN, BILL - The First Year 1954-1955 [Elvis Presley]
006738: HEIDEMAN, PAUL A. - Uusi Hengellinen Laulukirja Lauluja Ja Virsia [Scarce Spiritual Songbook]
004603: NEARING, HELEN & SCOTT - The Brave New World - Signed Copy
005121: HELFT, JACQUES [PREFACE BY] - Les Grands Orfevres de Louis XIII a Charles X / Collection Connaissance Des Arts "Grands Artisans D'Autrefois"
000548: HELLER, NANCY G. - Women Artists : An Illustrated History
005767: TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN OF J. H. CAMPE BY ELIZABETH HELME - Cortez; or, the Conquest of Mexico: As Related by a Father to His Children, and Designed for the Instruction of Youth - Vol. II
000477: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Garden of Eden
000528: HEMPHILL, ROSEMARY - A Gift Book of Herbs and Herbal Flowers
004694: HENDERSON, W. J. - The Soul of a Tenor
005187: HENGEN, NONA - The Shoebox Letters
005501: BRENIER, HENRI [& OTHERS] - La Politique Coloniale de la France
001444: CANOVA, ANTONIO [MOSES, HENRY & CICOGNARA, COUNT & ALBRIZZI, COUNTESS] - The Works of Antonio Canova, in Sculpture and Modelling, Engraved in Outline by Henry Moses; with Descriptions by the Countess Albrizzi and a Biographical Memoir by Count Cicognara - Vol. II & III
002099: HENRY, JOHN BERNARD - Todd-Sanford-Davidsohn Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods - Volume I
000593: HENRY, SIR E.R. - Classification and Uses of Finger Prints
005766: HENSEL - Die Familie Mendelssohn 1729-1847, Volumes I & II
002617: HERBERT, A.P. - The Bomber Gipsy and Other Poems
001461: HERGÉ - The Adventures of Tintin -the Seven Crystal Balls
002304: HERGE - Les Adventures de Tintin - le Lotus Bleu
005897: HERING, DANIEL W. - Essentials of Physics for College Students
006236: HERIOT, MISSY [MARY FRANCIS HERIOT] - Savannah Belle - Scarce, Signed by the Author
001565: HERLETH, LENA J. - Why Must We Live Our Lives Apart?
003937: HERRERA, J.E. - Night Life of the Pennsylvania Dutch (Better Known As Bundling)
001825: HERSEY, CLARA SHERMAN - The Lightkeeper's Daughters a Tale of 1812
000580: HESKETH, CHRISTIAN - Tartans
001594: HESKETT, JOHN - German Design 1870-1918
001887: HEWLETT, MAURICE - Quattrocentisteria (How Sandro Botticelli Saw Simonetta in the Spring) - with Slipcase
005978: HEWLETT, MAURICE - The Forest Lovers - a Romance
000542: HEYGATE, JOHN - A House for Joanna
006204: HEYRAUD, H. - Le Manuel Du Restaurateur, Resume de Cuisine Courante. Selection de 2. 500 Recettes
006824: HICKEY, DES / SMITH, GUS - Seven Days to Disaster: The Sinking of the Lusitania
001778: O'HIGGINS, BRIAN - Songs of Glen Na Mona
005722: HIGHAM, MARY R. - Little Pearl, and Other Stories - Scarce
005001: QUEEN'S OWN HIGHLANDERS - The Piper's Day - Regimental Duty Tunes of the Queen's Own Highlanders
002173: HILL, GEORGE BIRKBECK - Footsteps of Dr. Johnson (Scotland)
006757: HILLARD, GEORGE STILLMAN - Six Months in Italy
006692: HILLERMAN, TONY - The Sinister Pig [Signed, 1st Edition]
006035: HISE, DELLA VAN [EDITOR] - Stellar Gas [Star Trek Fanzine]
005809: VAN HISE, DELLA - A Question of Balance [Star Trek Fanzine - Male/Male Adult Erotica]
005071: HISE, JAMES VAN [EDITOR] - Nmp Enterprise Incidents, Number 10 [Star Trek]
002555: HITCHCOCK, DAVID - The Poetical Works of David Hitchcock Containing, the Shade of Plato, Knight and Quack, and the Sublety of Foxes
001348: O'CONNELL, PAT HITCHCOCK & BOUZEREAU, LAURENT - Alma Hitchcock the Woman Behind the Man - Uncorrected Proofs
004650: HOBSON, FRED - Off the Rim - Basketball and Other Religions in a Carolina Childhood
005077: HOBSON, R. L. - Catalogue of the Frank Lloyd Collection of Worcester Porcelain of the Wall Period Presented by Mr. And Mrs. Frank Lloyd in 1921 to the Department of Ceramics and Ethnography in the British Museum
001533: HODGART, M.J.C. - The Ballads
006436: HODGES, GEORGE - Three Hundred Years of the Episcopal Church in America [Association Copy]
002217: HOFFMAN, G.A. - The History of the House of Alexander
006183: HOFFMAN, BOB - York Barbell and Dumbell System. Courses No. 3 and No. 4
006069: HOFFMAN, FRANZ - Franz Hoffman's Neuer Deutscher Jugendfreund - 2 Volumes, Band 42 & 43
005838: HOFFMANN, F. - Ancient Music of Ireland from the Petrie Collection. Arranged for the Pianoforte
001716: HOGG, IAN - Great American Generals - Robert E. Lee
006631: HOLDRIDGE, DESMOND - Northern Lights
003609: HOLL, ADELAIDE - North Is for Polar Bears
005416: HOLLAND, RAY P. - Nip and Tuck
003801: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - The Pedlar of Swaffham
005148: HOLLAND, PATRICIA G. - The Library in North Amherst: A History of a New England Village Library
002828: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table - Riverside Edition Volume I
004852: HOLMES, GEORGE F. - Holmes' Fourth Reader: With an Elocutionary Introduction - University Series
004256: HOLMES, THEODORE C. - John Holmes of Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick (1776-1859) Descendants and Related Families
005486: HOLMES, PETER - The Energetics of Western Herbs - Treatment Strategies Integrating Western and Oriental Herbal Medicine - 2 Volumes
005333: HOLMES, DR. JOHN F. [WORDS BY] / HOFFMAN, MAURICE [MUSIC BY] - Old New Hampshire - a Song of the Granite State. Adopted As the State Song by the New Hampshire Legislature 1949
001067: HOLROYD, ANGELA - The Lost Present
004167: MME DE STAEL-HOLSTEIN - De L' Allemagne - 4 Volumes
000297: HOLT, VICTORIA - The Black Opal
004420: MACKE, AUGUST. WITH WRITINGS BY GUNTER BUSCHE, WALTER HOLZHAUSEN & PAUL KLEE - August Macke - Tunisian Watercolors and Drawings
000502: HOME, GORDON - A History of London
003412: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - Ballads of the Pacific Northwest - Its Discovery and Settlement Signed Copy
005899: HOOL, GEORGE A. / KINNE, W. S. - Movable and Long-Span Steel Bridges
006765: [HOOPER, LUCY HAMILTON] - No Name Series. The Tsar's Window [Scarce]
000149: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Pilgrim Rock
000458: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge
005901: HOPKINS, ALBERT A. [EDITED BY] - Scientific American Reference Book - a Manual for the Office, Household and Shop
006504: HOPKINS, ALBERT A. - The Lure of the Lock
004068: HORN, EDWARD NEWMAN - Faster Faster - Signed Copy
002827: HORN, ALFRED ALOYSIUS [EDITED BY LEWIS, ETHELREDA] - The Life and Works of Alfred Aloysius Horn - an Old Visitor - Book I the Ivory Coast in the Earlies
006339: HOSKEN, FRAN P. - The Hosken Report - Genital and Sexual Mutilation of Females
005670: HOSKEN, FRAN P. - The Hosken Report - Genital and Sexual Mutilation of Females
006340: HOSKEN, FRAN P. - The Hosken Report - Genital and Sexual Mutilation of Females
004126: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY - Xenophon's Adventure - Uncorrected Proof Copy
006494: HOUSLEY, KATHLEEN L. - The Letter Kills But the Spirit Gove Back. The Smiths - Abolitionists, Suffragists, Bible Translators - Signed
006352: HOUSTON, F. M. - The Healing Benefits of Acupressure, Acupuncture without Needles
001881: HOWARD, BLANCHE WILLIS [TRANSLATED BY] - The Humming Top or Debit and Credit in the Next World
005778: BY A NOBLEMAN [EDWARD HOWARD, EARL OF SUFFOLK] - Musarum Deliciae: Containing Essays Upon Pastoral; Ideas Suppos'd to Be Written Above Two Thousand Years Ago, by an Asiatick Poet, Who Flourish'd Under the Reign of the Grand Cyrus, &C.
003315: HOWE, ADMIRAL LORD - Reflections on a Pamphlet Intitled "a Letter to the Right Hon. Ble Lord VIC. T H--E"
000830: HOWITT, A.W. - Notes on the Metamorphic Rocks of the Omeo District, Gippsland
000829: HOWITT, A.W. - Notes on Certain Metamorphic and Plutonic Rocks at Omeo
001609: HOWITT, MARY - Hope on! Hope Ever! or, the Boyhood of Felix Law
003271: HOYE, JOHN - Staple Cotton Fabrics - Names, Descriptions, Finishes, and Uses of Unbleached, Converted, and MILL Finished Fabrics
004358: HU, KEMIN - Scholars' Rocks in Ancient China - the Suyuan Stone Catalogue - Signed
000675: HUBBARD, ELBERT II [GATHERED BY] - The Note Book of Elbert Hubbard: Mottoes, Epigrams, Short Essays, Passages, Orphic Sayings and Preachments
005103: HUGGLER, MAX / CETTO, ANNA MARIA - Le Peinture Suisse Au Dix-Neuvieme Siecle
006282: HUGHES, WENDELL L. - Reconstructive Surgery of the Eyelids
004426: HUGHES, LANGSTON [SELECTED BY] - An African Treasury - Articles, Essays, Stories, Poems by Black Americans
004234: HUGHES, RICHARD - A High Wind in Jamaica
006886: HUGHES, CLEDWYN - Royal Wales - the Land and Its People
003032: HUISH, MARCUS B. - The American Pilgrim's Way in England - to Homes and Memorials of the Founders of Virginia, the New England States and Pennsylvania, the Universities of Harvard & Yale, the First President of the United States & Other Illustrious Americans
006490: [ HULL, THOMAS / TAIT, JOHN / LAMBE, ROBERT / PERCY, THOMAS ] - Ancient Historic Ballads
005599: HULTMAN, CHARLES - Ireland in World Commerce
000860: HUMBLE, B.H. - Tramping in Skye
004290: HUMPHREYS, T. A. - Esboniad Ar Lyfr Y Dadguddiad - a Welsh Commentary on the Book of Revelation
003520: HUMPHRYS, JULIAN - Monty's Men - the British Soldier and the D-Day Campaign
002738: HUNT, PATRICIA - Bible Stories
004104: HUNTER, BONNIE - These Americans in Moccasins - Signed Copy - with Author's Letter Laid in
006879: HUNTER, SCOTT - The Meeting of the Traveler and the Magus
005250: HUNTER, RUTH - It Fell Upon a Day
006066: HURD, HARRY ELMORE - Possessions of a Sky Pilot
002041: HURD, SOPHIE B. - GRADUATE OF THE BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL - Soups, Salads and Desserts - Made from Fresh Kept Fruits and Vegetables
000486: HURWOOD, BERNHARDT J. [EDITED] - The Wh0le Sex Catalogue
006583: HUSAIN, SHEHZAD / KANANI, MANISHA - Healthy Indian Cooking
005135: HUTH, HANS - Abraham Und David Roentgen Und Ihre Neuwieder Mobel Werkstatt
001512: HUTTON, EDWARD - The Franciscans in England 1224-1538
002825: HUXLEY, THOMAS H. - Man's Place in Nature and Other Anthropological Essays
005819: VERINA III, MICHAEL / VARIOUS - Starborne - Signed [Star Trek Fanzine - Male/Male Adult Erotica]
000967: ILES, FRANCIS - As for the Woman
005316: INFUSINO, FRANK - The Final Word - a Draft Manuscript 8/20/2007
000080: JEAN INGELOW - Favorite Poems. Songs of Seven, the High Tide, the Shepherd Lady, and Other Poems
004069: INMAN, ARTHUR - None Now Are Quietly Wise
000143: BYRNES, THOMAS POLICE INSPECTOR AND CHIEF OF DETECTIVES NYC (1880-1895) - 1886 Professional Crminals of America
003331: BURNS, ROBERT [INTRODUCTION & NOTES BY DONALDSON, DESMOND] - The Glenriddell Manuscripts of Robert Burns
006684: IRELAND, RONALD - The Bloody Covenant, Crown and Kirk in Conflict
000075: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Sketch Book
002515: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Life of George Washington - Volumes 1-4 (I-IV)
001364: IRVING, WASHINGTON - English Sketches from "the Sketch Book"
000221: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Tales of a Traveler, Bracebridge Hall, Abbotsford and Wolfert's Roost
001484: ISHAM, WARREN - The Mud Cabin; or, the Character and Tendency of British Institutions, As Illustrated in Their Effect Upon Human Character and Destiny
005433: IYER, RAGHAVAN [RECIPES BY] - Betty Crocker's Indian Home Cooking
001152: CURRAN, WILLIAM J. & MCGARRY, A. LOUIS & PETTY, CHARLES S. - Modern Legal Medicine, Psychiatry, and Forensic Science
003263: JACK, T.W. [HISTORICAL NOTES BY] - A Guide to the Royal Mile in the City of Edinburgh
005434: TRUETT, JACK [& OTHERS] - Pagan Palaver - 6 Issues
002290: JACKSON, THOMAS - Our Dumb Neighbors; or, Conversations of a Father with His Children on Domestic and Other Animals
006423: JACKSON, JAMIE - The Canvas Tipi - How to Make and Pitch Your Own Canvas Tipi
004174: JACOBSON, EDMUND - Tension Control for Businessmen
002313: JAGER, J. / FERGUSON, H.L. [EDITED BY] - Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Policy - Proceedings of the Second World Climate Conference
002442: JAMES, HENRY - Charles W. Eliot - President of Harvard University 1869-1909 , 2 Volumes with Slipcase
002358: JAMES, HENRY - The Portrait of a Lady - 2 Volumes
006569: JAMES, HENRY / EDITED BY EDEL, LEON - Henry James Letters. Vol. I 1843-1875; Vol. II 1875-1883; Vol. III 1883-1895 [3 Volumes]
006876: JAMES, PARCH. O. WALDO - Adnodau Dyrys Y Testament Newydd [New Testament in Welsh]
006147: JAMES, G. P. R. - The Woodman: A Romance of the Times of Richard III - Library of Select Novels No. 129
002786: JAMIESON, DAVID / DAVIDSON, SANDY - The Love of the Circus
002629: JAMIESON, DR. [JOHN] - Dr. Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary, and Supplement - Complete in 4 Volumes
003589: JANSSEN, JOHANNES - History of the German People at the Close of the Middle Ages - 10 Volumes
004300: JARMAIN, W. R. - The University of Western Ontario - Dept. Of Physics - Molecular Excitation Group - Transition Probabilities of Molecular Band Systems - 3 Volumes, XX & XXI
005110: JARRY, MADELEINE - Le Siege Francais de Louis XIII a Napoleon III
004783: JAWORZYN, STEFAN [EDITED BY] - Shock - the Essential Guide to Exploitation Cinema
004964: ARAGON & COCTEAU, JEAN - Entretiens Sur le Musee de Dresde
000743: HEAD, JEAN & SCRASE, LESLIE - Days in the Sun
000428: HENRY, JEANNETTE & COSTO, RUPERT - A Thousand Years of American Storytelling
000615: JEBB, SAMUEL [COMPILED] - The Life of Robert Earl of Leicester. The Favorite of Queen Elizabeth: Drawn from Original Writers and Records
002129: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Round About a Great Estate
002128: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Life of the Fields
002123: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Amateur Poacher
001598: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Old House at Coate
004002: HOPKIN-JENKINS, K. - Basic Bantu
005859: JENKINS, SAMUEL / SAMUEL, JOHN - Letters on Welsh History, to Which Is Added Many of the Triads. Also, a Plea in Behalf of the Welsh Language
002870: JENNINGS, PHILLIP - Goodbye Mexico - Advanced Reading Copy - with Publisher's Card & Review - Laid in
004568: JENNINGS, EDWIN B. [ADDRESS BY] - Democracy and the Trusts
006688: JENSEN, BROOKS / GALLAGHER, MAUREEN [EDITED BY] - Lenswork No. 71, Jul - Aug 2007
002453: KEARNS, JERRY & OTHERS - Minute by Minute in Words
001471: JEWELL, HELEN M. - English Local Administration in the Middle Ages
003729: SINGH JI, MAHARAJ CHARAN - Truth Eternal - an Abridged Version of One of the Discourses of Maharaj Charan Singh Ji
005184: JINKS, JOHN H. - Chair Seating with Cane and Raffia
000481: ST. JOHN, DAVID - The Coven
005985: JOHNES, MERIDETH - The Boy's Book of Modern Travel and Adventure
006839: JOHNSON, ANNA C. - Peasant Life in Germany Scarce
005473: JOHNSON, GEORGE A. - The History of Piracy - Signed by the Author
003791: JOHNSON, DR. SAMUEL - The Standard Miniature English Dictionary... .
003581: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Johnson's English Dictionary, As Improved by Todd, and Abridged by Chalmers; with Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary, Combined: To Which Is Added, Walker's Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names
003350: JOHNSON, MARY A. - Colonial Potpourri - a Heritage of Arts and Crafts
002436: JOHNSON, SEVERANCE - The Gold of Croesus or Gold and Fire - a Drama in Four Acts
002332: JOHNSON, HENRY LEWIS - Gutenberg and the Book of Books
001412: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia. A Tale.
000701: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - Hampden County 1636-1936, 3 Volumes
004632: JOHNSON, CROCKETT - The Frowning Prince
005980: JOHNSON, CLIFTON [COLLECTED IN PERSONAL INTERVIEWS BY] - Battleground Adventures. The Stories of Dwellers on the Scenes of Conflict in Some of the Most Notable Battles of the CIVIL War
005167: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets; with Critical Observations on Their Works - 2 Volumes
006616: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - Hop-O'-My-Thumb - Bedtime Wonder Tales
006506: JOHNSON, ELLEN FOSCUE - The Bread Book, a Baker's Almanac
006565: JOHNSON, J. C. - Juvenile Oratorios: A Collection of Songs, Designed for Floral and Other Concerts, Juvenile Classes, Schools, &C. The Festival of the Rose; the Indian Summer; the Children of Jerusalem
004433: JOHNSTON, BERYL S. [MUSIC COMPOSED BY] / HOLDEN, ANNA CAMPBELL [ DANCES DEVISED BY] - The Tartan Track - Set of Dances (Reel, Jig & Strathspey)
002220: JOHNSTON, CHARLES - Ireland - the World's Famous Places and Peoples - Edition de Luxe
005959: JOHNSTONE, LIZZIE RICE - A Story of Pittsfield and Suamico [Brown County, Wisconsin] Scarce
005318: JONES, PROF. GEORGE WILLIAM [OF CORNELL UNIVERSITY] - The Universal Interest Tables at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 Per Cent - Guaranteed Correct
002148: JONES, RHYS GWESYN - Esboniwr Y Dadguddiad; Neu, Nodiadau Eglurhaol Ac Ymarferol Ar Lyfr Y Dadguddiad
001673: JONES, J. WILLIAM - Ya Athrawydd Parod: Sef Hyfforddydd Anffaeledig I Ddarllen Ac Gsgrifenn Cymraeg Yn Nghyda Rheolau Barddoniaeth Gymreig Ac Elfenau Rhifyddiaeth
006829: JONES, TRISTAN - The Incredible Voyage
004995: JONES, THOMAS W. [MANUFACTURED BY] - Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Copper Weather Vanes, Tower Ornaments, Finials, Church Crosses and Emblematic Signs, Gilded with Pure Gold Leaf - Manufactured by Thomas W. Jones, Successor to Chas. C. Briggs and V.W. Baldwin
004815: JONES, FRANKLIN D. / HORTON, HOLBROOK L. / NEWELL, JOHN A. [EDITED BY] - Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors - 4 Volumes
006315: CARTWRIGHT-JONES, CATHERINE - The Prolific Knitting Machine
000729: JORDAN, STROUD - Confectionery Problems, Confectionery Studies No. 1 - May 1930
005571: JORDAN, BIBI - Safari Chic - Wild Exteriors and Polished Interiors of Africa
006768: JORDANOFF, ASSEN - Through the Overcast. The Weather and the Art of Instrument Flying
005330: JORGENSEN, METTE - Doll Clothes - Create over 75 Styles for Your Doll
003445: JORY, JON - University - a Full Evening of Theatre in Ten Parts
005577: JOSEPH, FRANCIS - The Destruction of Atlantis
003363: JOSLIN, SESYLE - There Is a Bull on My Balcony Hay Un Toro En MI Balcon and Other Useful Phrases in Spanish and English for Young Ladies and Gentlemen Going Abroad or Staying at Home
005754: JOUVE, L'ABBE - Dominicales Du Cure de Campagne Instructions Simples Et Pratiques Pour Chaque Dimanche de L'Annee - 3 Volumes
004466: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
006771: ALLEN JR., JOHN W. - Paul Dreifuss, His Holiday Abroad
006064: THOMSON JR., MELDRIM - Live Free of Die - a Conservative Former Governor Speaks out on Our Vanishing Freedoms / Inscribed & Signed by the Author
003709: MOVIUS JR., HALLAM L. - The Irish Stone Age - Its Chronology, Development & Relationships
003199: STOUTENBURGH JR., JOHN L. - Dictionary of the American Indian
002921: ALGER JR., HORATIO - Slow and Sure or from the Street to the Shop
002775: PARKMAN JR., FRANCIS - History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac, and the War of the North American Tribes Against the English Colonies After the Conquest of Canada
002365: ALGER JR., HORATIO - Try and Trust
001870: REYNOLDS JR., CHARLES R. [CHOSEN BY] - American Indian Portraits from the Wanamaker Expedition of 1913
001752: DAVIS JR., ARTHUR KYLE [EDITED BY] - Traditional Ballads of Virginia Collected Under the Auspices of the Virginia Folk-Lore Society
004354: KAY JR., ORMONDE DE KAY [ RENDERED INTO FRENCH BY] - Rimes de la Lere Oie - Mother Goose Rhymes - Signed Copy

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