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310479: LA BARRE, WESTON. - The Peyote Cult.
4402: LAHR, JANE [ED]. - The Celtic Quest in Art and Literature. An Anthology from Merlin to Van Morrison. Edited by Jane Lahr.
310607: LAMB, W. KAYE - Empress to the Orient.
302494: LAMPEN, C. DUDLEY. - The Queen of the Extinct Volcano. A Story of Adventure. Illustrated by Leonard Linsdell.
303565: LANE, JEREMY. - Yellow Men Sleep.
300438: LANG (ANDREW) - In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories.
310787: LANGDON, ARTHUR G. - Old Cornish Crosses. With an Article on Their Ornament by J. Romilly Allen, F.S. A. (Scot).
2121: [LANGUAGE]. STUBE, PROFESSOR DR. R. - Der Ursprung Des Alphabetes Und Seine Entwicklung. Mit 20 Bildtafeln Und 3 Stammbaumen.
2254: [LANGUAGE]. SCHILDMANN, KURT. SCHARFF, KLAUS. - Protogrammatik Und Historische Programmatik. I. Das Aufkommen Der Protolingua. Fascicle / Lieferung 1. Die "Einfuhrung 1963" in Die Historische Protogrammatik. (Mit Nachtragen Bis 1974).
2239: [LANGUAGE]. EDLINGER, AUGUST V. - Erklärung Der Tier-Namen Aus Allen Sprachgebieten.
2588: LANHAM, PETER. - Blanket Boy's Moon. Based on an Original Story by A.S. Mopeli-Paulus, Chieftain of Basutoland.
4728: LAUMER, KEITH. - The World Shuffler.
4964: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - The Diviners.
310405: LAURENT, A. - La Magie Et la Divination Chez Les Chaldeo-Assyriens.
2398: LAVELEYE, E. DE - La Saga Des Nibelungen Dans Les Eddas Et Dans le Nord Scandinave. Traduction PréCédée D'Une étude Sur la Formation Des épopées Nationales Par E. De Laveleye.
3836: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Sons and Lovers. With an Introduction by Alfred Kazin.
303016: LAWSON, ELSWORTH. - Euphrosyne and Her "Golden Book".
1337: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - The Other Wind.
310769: LE PLONGEON, AUGUSTUS. - Sacred Mysteries Among the Mayas and the Quiches, 11,500 Years Ago. Their Relation to the Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, Greece, Chaldea and India. Free Masonry in Times Anterior to the Temple of Solomon. Illustrated.
1338: LE GUIN, URSULA K. - Tales from Earthsea
4299: LE SAGE, RENE. - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane, Translated from the French of le Sage by T. Smollett, M.D. ; to Which Are Prefixed Memoirs of the Author. In Three Volumes.
302942: LE FANU, J. SHERIDAN. - A Strange Adventure in the Life of Miss Laura Mildmay. A Tale from Chronicles of Golden Friars. With an Introductory Note by Herbert Van Thal and a Frontispiece by Felix Kelly.
302699: LE SAGE, RENÉ. - The Devil on Two Sticks. A New Edition, with an Introduction by Arthur Symons. With Illustrations and Decorations by Philip Halgreen.
309323: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM. - The Eye of Istar. A Romance of the Land of No Return. With Illustrations by Alfred Pearse.
303142: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - In Secret.
309333: LE SAGE, ALAIN RENÉ. - Asmodeus; or, the Devil on Two Sticks. With a Biographical Notice of the Author by Jules Janin. Illustrated by Tony Johannot.
309190: LE CAIN, ERROL [ILLUSTRATOR]. HARRIS, ROSEMARY - Beauty and the Beast. Retold by Rosemary Harris. Illustrated by Errol le Cain.
310497: LEARY, TIMOTHY, METZNER, RALPH, ALPERT, RICHARD. - The Psychedelic Experience. A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
303225: LEATHERBARROW, LINDA. - A Floating Diary.
309483: LEBLANC, MAURICE. - The Hollow Needle. Further Adventures of Arsene Lupin. Translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos. Illustrated by J.W. Robson.
303246: LEE, TANITH. - Companions on the Road and the Winter Players. Two Novellas.
308950: LEE, VERNON. - Supernatural Tales: Excursions Into Fantasy. With an Introduction by I. Cooper Willis.
303579: LEES, ROBERT JAMES. - The Car of Phoebus.
4004: LEGGET, ROBERT F. - Canals of Canada.
4005: LEGGET, ROBERT F. - Ottawa Waterway. Gateway to a Continent.
4006: LEGGET, ROBERT F. - Ottawa River Canals and the Defense of British North America.
3529: LEIBOVITCH, J. - Le Griffon. Trois Communications Faites a L'Institute D'Egypte.
208: LEINSTER, MURRAY. - Operation Outer Space.
302899: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY. - Flaxius: Leaves from the Life of an Immortal.
310763: LEO, ALAN. - Symbolism and Astrology. An Introduction to Esoteric Astrology.
309502: LEROUX, GASTON. - The Man with the Black Feather, Translated by Edgar Jepson. Illustrated by Charles M. Relyea.
1281: LESSING, DORIS. - The Memoirs of a Survivor.
426: LETHEM, JONATHAN. - Amnesia Moon.
310663: LEVI, ELIPHAS [PSEUDONYM OF ALPHONSE LOUIS CONSTANT]. CROWLEY, ALEISTER [TRANSLATOR]. - The Key of the Mysteries. Translated from the French, with an Introduction and Notes, by Aleister Crowley.
310657: LEVI, ELIPHAS. MCINTOSH, CHRISTOPER. - Eliphas Levi and the French Occult Revival.
310807: LEVI, ELIPAS. F.M.F.S. [PSEUDONYM]. - La Haute Magie. A 10-Page Review of Eliphas Levi's la Haute Magie, in Temple Bar; a London Magazine for Town and Country Readers, Vol XXI, November, 1867.
3695: LEWIS, C.S. LINDSKOOG, KATHRYN. - The C.S. Lewis Hoax.
309148: LEWIS, C. DAY [EDITOR]. - The Mind in Chains. Socialism and the Cultural Revolution. Edited by C. Day Lewis.
5003: LEY, ALICE CHETWYND. - The Clandestine Betrothal. Inscribed by Val Gielgud.
5404: LHALUNGPA, LOBSANG P. - Tibet: The Sacred Realm. Photographs, 1880-1950. Preface by Tenzin Gyatsho, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
309959: LIAS, GODFREY. - I Survived. Told by Godfrey Lias.
309967: LINAKIS, STEVEN. - In the Spring the War Ended.
310540: LINCOLN, MAURICE. - The Man from Up There.
309711: LINDSAY, DAVID. - A Voyage to Arcturus. With a Note by E.H. Visiak.
310555: LIVINGSTON, MARJORIE. - The Karmic Destiny Trilogy, Comprising Island Sonata [Along with] Muted Strings [Along with] Delphic Echo. Three Volumes.
1299: LOCKE, GEORGE [EDITOR]. - Worlds Apart. An Anthology in Facsimile.
302375: LONG, JOHN LUTHER. - The Way of the Gods.
303578: LORIMER, GEORGE HORACE. - The False Gods.
309812: LOVECRAFT, H.P. - The Cats of Ulthar [in] Fantastic Novels Magazine, Vol 4, No 5, January, 1951 Issue.
3524: LOVETT, MARGARET. - Sir Halmanac and the Crimson Star. Illustrated by George Adamson.
310493: LUDLOW, FITZ HUGH. - The Hasheesh Eater: Being Passages from the Life of a Pythagorean .
310777: LUM, PETER. - Fabulous Beasts. With Illustrations by Anne Marie Jauss.
309796: LUMLEY, BRIAN. - The Caller of the Black.
5013: LUMLEY, BRIAN. - Blood Brothers.
5016: LUMLEY, BRIAN. - The Transition of Titus Crow.
4244: LYNCH, JAY, CRUMB, ROBERT; WILLIAMSON, SKIP; ET AL. - Bijou Funnies No. 4.
5615: MACARDLE, DOROTHY. - The Unforeseen.
309193: MACDONALD, GEORGE. - Lilith. First and Final [Being] Lilith. The Text of the 1896 Edition of Chatto & Windus, London [Along with] Lilith A. Transcription of the Original Manuscript of Lilith.
309828: MACDONALD, GEORGE. VAN SANDWYK, CHARLES [ILLUSTRATOR]. - The Golden Key. Written by George Macdonald, with Illustrations by Charles Van Sandwyk.
1071: MACDONALD, GEORGE. - Robert Falconer.
301694: MACFALL, HALDANE. - The Three Students.
5559: MACGOWAN, ALICE AND PERRY NEWBURY. - The Million Dollar Suitcase.
978: MACHEN, ARTHUR - Le Grand Dieu Pan. Traduit de L'Anglais Par P.J. Toulet. Preface D'Henri Martineau.
3837: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. - The Prince and the Discourse. With an Introduction by Max Lerner.
3838: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO. - The Prince and the Discourse. With an Introduction by Max Lerner.
310770: MACKEY, SAMPSON ARNOLD [SHOEMAKER]. - The Mythological Astronomy of the Ancients Demonstrated by Restoring to Their Fables & Symbols Their Original Meanings.
4397: MACKILLOP. JAMES. - Dictionary of Celtic Studies.
47: MACLEAN, MAGNUS. - The Literature of the Celts.
308928: MACLEOD, KEN. - Giant Lizards from Another Star.
310542: MADER, FRIEDRICH. - Distant Worlds. The Story of a Voyage to the Planets. Translated from the German by Max Shachtman. Illustrated by Robert A. Graef.
309535: MAGAZINE OF HORROR. VOL 3, NO 6, NOVEMBER 1967 ISSUE (WHOLE NUMBER 18). - Magazine of Horror. Vol 3, No 6, November 1967 Issue (Whole Number 18).
309537: MAGAZINE OF HORROR. VOL 5, NO 5, SEPTEMBER 1969 ISSUE (WHOLE NUMBER 29). - Magazine of Horror. Vol 5, No 5, September 1969 Issue (Whole Number 29).
309673: MALTBY, EDWARD, D.D. - A Letter to the Freeholders of the County of Huntingdon.
309521: MANHUNT MAGAZINE, VOL 14, NO 5, OCT-NOV 1966 ISSUE. - Manhunt Magazine, Vol 14, No 5, Oct-Nov 1966 Issue.
309465: MANN, JACK [PSEUDONYM OF E. CHARLES VIVIAN]. - Nightmare Farm.
309463: MANN, JACK [PSEUDONYM OF E. CHARLES VIVIAN]. - Gees' First Case.
309469: MANN, JACK [PSEUDONYM OF E. CHARLES VIVIAN]. - The Glass Too Many.
4300: MANNING, ANNE. - The Provocations of Madame Palissy. By the Author of "Mary Powell".
303423: MANSFORD, C.J. - Shafts from an Eastern Quiver. Illustrated by Arthur Pearse.
1793: MARAINI, FOSCO. - Secret Tibet. Translated from the Italian by Eric Mosbacher and Guido Waldman. With an Introductory Letter by Bernard Berenson.
309186: MARSH, NGAIO. - Grave Mistake.
309494: MARSH, NGAIO. - Vintage Murder.
309492: MARSH, NGAIO. - Death and the Dancing Footman.
309493: MARSH, NGAIO AND HENRY JELLETT. - The Nursing Home Murder.
302288: MARSH, RICHARD. - The Great Temptation.
309491: MARSH, NGAIO. - Death in Ecstasy.
301842: MARSHALL, ROBERT. - The Haunted Major. With a Foreword by Henry Longhurst and the Original Illustrations by Harry Furniss.
2590: MARTIN, RHONA. - Gallows Wedding.
302905: MARTYN, WYNDHAM. - Murder Island.
308924: MARVEL SCIENCE STORIES MAGAZINE, VOL 1, NO 2, NOVEMBER 1938. - Marvel Science Stories Magazine, Vol 1, No 2, November 1938.
5643: MASON, VAN WYCK. - The Gracious Lily Affair.
5644: MASON, VAN WYCK. - The Bucharest Ballerina Murders
4348: MASON, A.E.W. - The Three Gentlemen.
5362: MASON, A.E.W. - The Prisoner in the Opal.
309913: MATHERS, S.L. MACGREGOR. - The Tarot. Its Occult Significance, Use in Fortune-Telling, and Method of Play, Etc.
309569: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE. - Murder at the Black Crook.
4813: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN. - The Elements of the Celtic Tradition.
303584: MAURY, JEAN WEST. - Old Raven's World. With Illustrations by Ben Kutcher.
308865: MCAULEY, PAUL. - A Very British History. The Best Science Fiction Stories of Paul Mcauley, 1985-2011.
308897: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER. - The Sunday Philosophy Club.
308898: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER. - Love over Scotland. A 44 Scotland Street Novel. Illustrated by Iain Mcintosh.
310544: MCCARTHY, JUSTIN HUNTLY. - The Dryad. A Novel.
309181: MCCONNELL, JEANNIE [ILLUSTRATOR]. SEWELL, DAISEY. - About Fairies and Other Important People.
302408: MCCUTCHEON, GEORGE BARR. - Graustark. The Story of a Love Behind a Throne.
302990: MCCUTCHEON, GEORGE BARR. - Anderson Crow Detective. Illustrated by John T. Mccutcheon.
309219: MEDICAL]. GARRISON, FIELDING H., M.D., AND LESLIE T. MORRISON. - A Medical Bibliography. A Check-List of Texts Illustrating the History of Medical Sciences. Originally Compiled by the Late Fielding H. Garrison, M.D. , and Now Revised, with Additions and Annotations, by Leslie T. Morrison, Librarian, St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School.
692: MENDOZA, DON DIEGO HURTANDO DE. / ALEMAN, MATEO. - The Life and Adventures of Lazarillo de Tormes. Translated from the Spanish of de Mendoza by Thomas Roscoe (with) the Life and Adventures of Guzman D'Alfarache or the Spanish Rogue by Mateo Aleman Translated by John Henry Brady.
2591: MENEN, AUBREY. - The Duke of Gallodoro.
303536: MEREDITH, C. LEON. - Canoe Bird: The Witch of the Dakotas.
5436: MEREDITH, GEORGE. - The Shaving of Shagpat. An Arabian Entertainment.
3839: MEREDITH, GEORGE. - The Egoist. A Comedy in Narrative. With an Introduction by E. Aubert Mooney, Jr.
3831: MEREJKOWSKI, DMITRI. - The Romance of Leonardo. Translated from the Russian by Bernard Guilbert Guerney.
303009: MERRITT, A. [ABRAHAM]. - The People of the Pit.
310558: MERRITT, (ABRAHAM) - Dwellers in the Mirage.
310556: MERRITT, A [ABRAHAM]. - The Moon Pool.
303007: MERRITT, A. [ABRAHAM]. - Three Lines of Old French.
309329: MERRITT, A [ABRAHAM]. - Seven Footprints to Satan. Illustrated with Scenes from the Photoplay, a First National Picture.
308787: [METAPHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY]. BAADERS, FRANZ V. [FRANZ XAVIER VON BAADER, 1765-1841]. CLAASSEN, JOHANNES. - Leben Und Theosophische Werke Als Inbegriff Christlicher Philosophie. Vollständinger, Wortgetreuer Auszug in Geordneten Einzelsätzen. Den Freunden Der Ewigen Wahrheit Dargeboten Durch Johannes Claassen.
303303: METCALF, JOHN - What Is a Canadian Literature?
5414: MEULENBELD, BEN. - Buddhist Symbolism in Tibetan Thangkas. The Story of Siddhartha and Other Buddhas Interpreted in Modern Nepalese Painting.
4161: MIDDLETON, RICHARD. - The Day Before Yesterday.
902: MIDWINTER, M.C. BRIGHTWELL, L.R. [ILLUSTRATOR]. - Tom Owlet and What He Heard at Night.
302413: MILLER, HENRY. - Tropic of Capricorn. Preface by Anais Nin.
5349: MILLER, LEO E. - The Hidden People. The Story of a Search for Incan Treasure. Illustrated by Paul Bransom.
5350: MILLER, LEO E. - In the Tiger's Lair. Illustrated by Paul Bransom.
309716: MILLER, REV O.D., D.D. - Har-Moad; or, the Mountain of the Assembly. A Series of Archaeological Studies, Chiefly from the Stand-Point of the Cuneiform Inscriptions.
4518: MILLER, HENRY; PERLES, ALFRED. - My Friend Henry Miller. An Intimate Biography by Alfred Perles. With a Preface by Henry Miller.
309447: MILLS, ARTHUR. - Intrigue Island.
4776: MITCHELL, J. LESLIE. - Three Go Back.
310518: MITCHELL, J.A. [JOHN AMES]. - The Last American: A Fragment from the Journal of Khan-LI Prince of Dimph-Yoo-Chur and Admiral in the Persian Navy. Edited by J.A. Mitchell.
310522: MITCHELL, JOHN AMES. - The Silent War.
310774: MONIER-WILLIAMS, SIR MONIER, K.C.I.E. - Buddhism, in Its Connexion with Brahmanism and Hinduism, and in Its Contrast with Christianity.
4998: MONTGOMERY, L.M. [LUCY MAUD]. - The Doctor's Sweetheart and Other Stories. Selected and with an Introduction by Catherine Mclay.
628: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL - The War Amongst the Angels. A Sequel to Blood & Fabulous Harbours. An Autobiographical Story.
4122: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The Revenge of the Rose.
4123: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - Jerusalem Commands.
4124: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - Byzantium Endures.
4125: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - Mother London.
4126: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The Brothel in Rosenstrasse. An Extravagant Tale.
4127: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The Sleeping Sorceress.
4128: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle.
4129: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The Golden Barge. Introduced by M. John Harrison. Illustrated by James Cawthorn.
4131: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - Breakfast in the Ruins.
4132: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - Legends from the End of Time. With Decorations by Jill Riches.
4133: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The End of All Songs. Volume Three of a Trilogy "the Dancers at the End of Time.
4134: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The War Hound and the World's Pain.
4135: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - A Cornelius Calendar: The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine; Cornelius in the Twentieth Century: The Entropy Tango; Gold Diggers of 1977; the Alchemist's Question.
4136: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - Fabulous Harbours. A Sequel to Blood.
2269: MOORE. THOMAS. - Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance. Illustrated with Engravings from Drawings by Eminent Artists.
2592: MOORE, JOHN. - Brensham Village.
4218: MORIARTY, JERRY. - Jack Survives.
309314: MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR. - The Pagan's Progress. Illustrated by John Rae.
309184: MORRIS, WILLIAM. BUXTON FORMAN, H. - The Books of William Morris Described. With Some Account of His Doings in Literature and in the Allied Crafts.
302992: MORRISON, ARTHUR. - The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt Detective. New Illustrated Edition. Illustrated by W. Kirkpatrick.
301724: MORROW, LOWELL HOWARD. - Atalantis. A Novel.
303429: MORROW, LOWELL HOWARD. - Atalantis. A Novel.
3797: MOSKOWITZ, SAM [ED] - Modern Masterpieces of Science Fiction.
3798: MOSKOWITZ, SAM [ED] - Masterpieces of Science Fiction.
303155: MOTTLEY, JOHN [ATTRIBUTED COMPILER]. - Joe Miller's Jests; or, the Wits Vade-Mecum. Being a Collection of the Most Brilliant Jests; the Politest Repartees; the Most Elegant Bons Mots, and Most Pleasant Short Stories in the English Language. First Carefully Collected in the Company, and Many of Them Transcribed from the Mouth of the Facetious Gentleman, Whose Name They Bear, and Now Set Forth and Published by His Lamentable Friend and Former Companion, Elijah Jenkins, Esq.
2593: MULKERNS, VAL. - A Time Outworn.
710: MUNDY, TALBOT. - Jimgrim and Allah's Peace.
4115: MUNN, H. WARNER. - In the Hulks.
4117: MUNN, H. WARNER. - In Regard to the Opening of Doors.
4119: MUNN, H. WARNER. - Twenty Five Poems.
5178: MURRAY, WILL. - The Duende History of the Shadow Magazine. With Additional Material by Walter B. Gibson, Robert Sampson, and Theodore Tinsley.
922: MURRAY, CHARLES AUGUSTUS. - The Prairie-Bird.
895: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN AND SEAN VIRGO. - Kiskatinaw Songs. With Drawings by Douglas Tait.
4682: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN. - The Situation in Which We Are Both Amateurs.
893: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN. - The Impstone. An Inscribed Copy.
894: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN. - Selected Strawberries and Other Poems. An Inscribed Copy.
310503: MYERFOFF, BARBARA G. - Peyote Hunt. The Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians.
5169: MYSTERY ADVENTURE MAGAZINE.OCTOBER, 1936 ISSUE. HUBBARD, L. RON; TOOKER, RICHARD; FISHER, STEVE & OTHERS. - Mystery Adventure Magazine. October, 1936 Issue. Odyssey Publications Reprint.
4291: NASHE, THOMAS. - Pierce Penilesse, His Supplication to the Divell (1592).
309761: NEWBOLT, HENRY. - Admirals All and Other Verses.
1610: NEWMAN, KIM. - Anno Dracula.
308589: NEWTON, ROBERT R. [EDITOR]. - Medieval Chronicles and the Rotation of the Earth.
2435: NEWTON, H. CHANCE ("CARADOS" OF THE REFEREE). - Crime and the Drama; or, Dark Deeds Dramatized. With an Introduction by Sir John Martin-Harvey.
3729: NICHOLS, SALLIE. - Jung and Tarot. An Archetypal Journy. With an Introduction by Laurens Van Der Post.
309392: NICOLSON, "LORD CHIEF BARON". BRADLEY, JOHN L. [DITOR]. - Rogue's Progress. The Autobiography of "Lord Chief Baron" Nicholson. Edited and with an Introduction by John L. Bradley.
302619: NISBET, HUME. - The Rebel Chief. A Romance of New Zealand. With Illustrations by the Author.
302237: NORMAND, CHARLES. - The Emerald of the Incas. A Story of the Peruvian Sierras. Translated from the French by S.A. B. Harvey. Illustrated by L.H. Smith and S.B. Kite.
5415: NORMANTON, SIMON. - Tibet. The Lost Civilisation.
308856: NORTON, ANDRE. - Scent of Magic. Uncorrected Proof Copy.
308864: NORTON, ANDRE & A.C. CRISPIN. - Gryphon's Eyrie.
309356: NORTON, ROY. - The Toll of the Sea.
308855: NORTON, ANDRE. - Three Hands for Scorpio. Uncorrected Proof Copy.
303596: NORTON, ROY. - The Caves of Treasure.
308847: NORTON, ANDRE. - Dread Companion.
308848: NORTON, ANDRE. - Dark Piper.
302416: NUNN, KEN. - Tapping the Source.
310783: O'DONNELL, ELLIOT. - Ghostland.
302972: OAKLEY, JOHN. - The Blackmailer. Illustrations by Edward Read.
3902: OLD SLEUTH. - The Lure of the Black Pool; or, Old Sleuth's Discovery.
3901: OLD SLEUTH. - The American Monte-Cristo; or, the Omnipresent Avenger. A Strange and Marvelous Narrative.
3899: OLD SLEUTH. - The Great River Mystery; or, in the Clutches of a Beautiful Blackmailer.
3898: OLD SLEUTH. - The Lone House by the Sea; or, the Mystery of the Unknown Man.
3918: OLD SLEUTH. - Fighting His Way
3938: OLD SLEUTH - The Doncaster Tragedy; or, Old Sleuth in a New Role.
310760: OLIVER (FREDERICK SPENCER) [WRITING AS: PHYLOS THE TIBETAN]. - An Earth Dweler's Return. By Phylos - the Thibetan. Theo-Christian. In Collaboration with Holtah-Kemistrus-Zonus-Mol Lang of the Order of Azariah. The Amanuensis Isschar. The Compiler: Beth Nimrai. The Commentator: The Lemurian Counselor. The Editor: The Lemurian Scribe.
4113: OPIE, IONA AND PETER [EDITORS]. - A Nursery Companion.
310484: OPIUM] ORDER FORM FOR OPIUM, ETC. CIRCA 1915. - Order Form for Opium, Etc. Circa 1915.
4609: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS. - The Seven Conundrums. With Illustrations by Morgan Wallace.
4503: ORCZY, BARONESS. - A Son of the People.
4505: ORCZY, BARONESS. - Beau Brocade.
309968: ORGILL, DOUGLAS. - The Tank. Studies in the Development and Use of a Weapon.
5172: ORIENTAL STORIES. HOWARD, ROBERT E.; KLINE, OTIS ADELBERT; PRICE, E. HOFFMANN; OTHERS. - Oriental Stories. Odyssey Publications Reprint.
4474: OZAKI, MILTON. K. - A Fiend in Need.
4989: PAIN, HOWARD. - The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture. A Study in the Survival of Formal and Vernacular Styles from Britain, America and Europe, 1780-1900.
1792: PAL, PRATAPADITYA. - Art of Nepal. A Catalogue of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Collection
308470: PALAEPHATUS. EDITED BY IOH. FRID. FISCHER (JOHANN FRIEDRICH FISCHER). - De Incredibilibus Graece. Quartum Ed. , Teritium Rec. Indicemque Verborum Graecorum Adiecit Ioh. Frid. Fischerus (Johann Friedrich Fischer).
309759: PAMELY, C.D. [CARL DOUGLAS]. - Tales of Mystery and Terror. Illustrations by David Fletcher.
1861: PARACELSUS. TELEPNEF, BASILIO DE. - Paracelsus. A Genius Amidst a Troubled World. A Short Essay on the Life Ad the Main Works of This Great Physician, Scientist and Philosopher.
309553: PARKER, MAUDE. - Blood Will Tell.
310541: PARRY, DAVID M. - The Scarlet Empire. With Illustrations by Hermann C. Wall.
3927: PATTEN, GILBERT. - Jud and Joe. Printers and Publishers.
309425: PAYNE, JOSEPH FRANK, M.D. - The Fitz-Patrick Lectures for 1903. English Medicine in the Anglo-Saxon Times. Two Lectures Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians of London, June 23 and 25, 1903. With Twenty-Three Illustrations.
308542: PAZMANDY, SAMUELIS. - Schediasmata Praeludialia Cogitationum Conjecturalium Circa Originem, Sedesque Antiquas Et Linguam Uhro-Magarum Populorum.
302169: PEAKE, MERVYN; PEAKE, SEBASTIAN. - A Child of Bliss. Growing Up with Mervyn Peake, by Sebastian Peake.
302170: PEAKE, MERVYN. - Titus Groan. A Gothic Novel.
302171: PEAKE, MERVYN; LAING, ALLAN M. - Prayers and Graces. A Little Book of Extraordinary Piety. Collected by Allan M. Laing. With Illustrations by Mervyn Peake.
302172: PEAKE, MERVYN; BATCHELOR, JOHN. - Mervyn Peake. A Biographical and Critical Exploration by John Batchelor.
302173: PEAKE, MERVYN]. BATCHELOR, JOHN. - Mervyn Peake. A Biographical and Critical Exploration, by John Batchelor.
302175: PEAKE, MERVYN. - A Book of Nonsense.
302176: PEAKE, MERVYN; WINNINGTON, G. PETER [ED]. - Peake Studies. Dedicated to the Life and Work of Mervyn Peake (1911-1968). Vol. 3, No. 3; Winter 1993.
4242: PEAKE, MERVYN. WATNEY, JOHN. - Mervyn Peake by John Watney.
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4913: WILLARD, T.A. (THEODORE ARTHUR) - The Wizard of Zacna. A Lost City of the Mayas. Remarkable Adventures of an Ahmen, Wizard and Mystic of Yucatan, in an Unknown Country to Which the Ancient Mayas Had Fled, Leaving Their Great Stone Cities Silent and Desolate to Be Overgrown with Fore
3903: WILLIAMS, JOHN B., M.D. - The Baronet's Crime; or, Ellen Hepburn's Peril.
309460: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Many Dimensions.
1082: WILLIAMS, VALENTINE. - The Spider's Touch. A Clubfoot Story.
4249: WILLIAMS, ROBERT. - Coochy Cooty Men's Comics.
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303055: WILSON, ETHEL. - Hetty Dorval.
303054: WILSON, ETHEL. - Love and Salt Water.
310351: WILSON, CHARIS AND WENDY MADAR. - Through Another Lens. My Years with Edward Weston. Signed Copy.
303139: WILSON, F. PAUL. - Midnight Mass. Illustration by Donna Gordon.
303384: WILSON, WILLIAM HUNTINGTON. - Rafnaland. The Strange Story of John Heath Howard. Illustrated.
1749: WILSON, COLIN [EDITOR]. CROWLEY, ALEISTER [INTEREST]. - Colin Wilson's Men of Mystery. Christmas Humphreys, Kit Pedler, Oliver Marlow Wilkinson, Pat Silver & Jesse Lasky Jr. , Peter Tomkins. Soon to Be a Television Series Produced and Devised by Hal Hamilton.
2323: WILSON, COLIN. - The Space Vampires.
2357: WILSON, COLIN. - Religion and the Rebel.
2358: WILSON, COLIN. - Origins of the Sexual Impulse.
2360: WILSON, COLIN. - The Personality Surgeon.
2361: WILSON, COLIN. - The Schoolgirl Murder Case.
2566: WILSON, GAHAN [EDITOR]. - First World Fantasy Awards.
2356: WILSON, COLIN. - The World of Violence.
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309649: WINDSOR-SMITH, BARRY [ILLUSTRATOR]. HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Lair of the Beast-Men! [in] Conan the Barbarian No 4. Illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith [Here Listed As Barry Smith].
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301985: WOOD, ERIC. - The Secret of the Shining Mountain. With Four Illustrations in Colour by H.R. Millar.
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1318: WOODMAN, MARION. - The Pregnant Virgin. A Process of Psychological Transformation.
309211: WOOLF, VIRGINIA]. KIRKPATRICK, B.J. - A Bibliography of Virginia Woof. By B.J. Kirkpatrick.
310728: WORMS, ABRAHAM VON. [ABRAMELIN], COMPILED AND EDITED BY GEORG DEHN (TRANSLATED BY STEVEN GUTH, FOREWORD BY LON MILO DUQUETTE). - The Book of Abramelin (the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage) - Special Deluxe Vellum Edition, Bound by Hell Fire Club Books, Copy No. 1 of 36.
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5558: YATES DORNFORD. - And Berry Came Too.
4143: YATES, DORNFORD. - Storm Music.
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308939: ZELAZNY, ROGER. - The Courts of Chaos.
2461: ZELAZNY, ROGER. - The Courts of Chaos.
444: ZELAZNY, ROGER. - Eye of Cat.
452: ZELAZNY, ROGER - Unicorn Variations

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