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26321: Mr. le Baron de Pufendorff. - Histoire de Suede, Avant Et Depuis la Fondation de la Monarchie. Plus Correcte Que Les PrÉCÉDents, &Amp; ContinuÉE Jus Qu&Rsquo; À L&Rsquo;AnnÉE 1730.
37896: PUGH, Ralph B. - Imprisonment in Medieval England.
14840: PUGIN, Augustus. - Gothic Ornaments of the 15th and 16th Centuries.
38046: PULLAN, Brian. - Rich and Poor in Renaissance Venice: The Social Institutions of a Catholic State, to 1620.
30882: PURCELL, Maureen. - Papal Crusading Policy 1244-1291. The Chief Instruments of Papal Crusading Policy and Crusade to the Holy Land from the Final Loss of Jerusalem to the Fall of Acre.
37215: PURCELL, Mark. - The Country House Library.
36273: PURVIS, Dr. J.S.; GEE, Dr. E.A. - St. Anthony&Rsquo;S Hall, York. A History and Architectural Description.
34641: PUSHKIN, Alexander. Translated by: DALLEY, Janet. Introduction by: BAYLEY, John. Illustrated by: BOYD, Arthur. - Pushkin&Rsquo;S Fairy Tales.
25140: Bernard Quaritch. - A Catalogue of Books Chiefly Relating to the History, Art, and Natural History of India and the Far East, Followed by a Small Collection of Oriental Miniatures, Drawings, Paintings, and Some Arabic, Persian, and Siamese Mss. (No. 462).
22669: QUARLES, F. - Divine Poems: Containing the History of: Jonah; Ester; Job; Sampson. Sions: Sonets; Elegies.
36396: QUAYLE, Eric. - R.M. Ballantyne: A Bibliography of First Editions.
31715: LE QUEUX, William. Illustrated by: FIELD, Capt. Cyril; CROWTHER, T.S.C. - The Great War in England in 1897.
34061: RADLEY, The Late Jeffrey. - Economic Aspects of Anglo-Danish York.
37948: RADZINOWICZ, Leon; HOOD, Roger. - The Emergence of Penal Policy: In Victorian and Edwardian England. Being Volume 5 of a History of English Criminal Law and Its Administration from 1750.
37679: RAGUSA, Isa; GREEN, Rosalie B.[editors]. - Meditations on the Life of Christ. An Illustrated Manuscript of the Fourteenth Century.
32351: RAHIM, M.A. - Lord Dalhousie S Administration of the Conquered and Annexed States. (a Thesis Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy to the University of Nagpur).
35355: RAHMATULLAH, Shahabuddin. Foreword by The Honourable Malik Firoz Khan Noon. - Art in Urdu Poetry.
36951: RAHTZ, Philip; HIRST, Susan. - Boardsley Abbey, Redditch, Hereford-Worcestershire: First Report on Excavations 1969-1973. British Archaeological Reports 23.
35624: RAINE, Kathleen. [Author’s signed presentation copy] - The Hollow Hill and Other Poems 1960-1964. The Choice of the Poetry Book Society.
35589: RALEIGH, John McCutcheon. Foreword by F.A. Voigt. - Behind the Nazi Front. A Newspaper Man&Rsquo;S Authentic Picture of Life in Berlin, Poland and Czechoslovakia in the First Months of the War.
34555: RAMSAY, W.M. - The Historical Geography of Asia Minor. Royal Geographic Society Supplementary Papers, Volume IV.
37506: RANDALL, Lilian M.C. - Images in the Margins of Gothic Manuscripts.
32703: RAW, Barbara C. - Anglo-Saxon Crucifixion Iconography and the Art of the Monastic Revival. Cambridge Studies in Anglo-Saxon England 1.
37978: RAW, Barbara C. - Trinity and Incarnation in Anglo-Saxon Art and Thought Cambridge Studies in Anglo-Saxon England 21
35452: RAWCLIFFE, Carole. - The Hospitals of Medieval Norwich. Studies in East Anglian History, 2.
27904: RAWSON, Piers B. - The Myth of Marsyas in the Roman Visual Arts. An Iconographic Study. Bar International Series 347.
36544: RAWSON, Elizabeth. - The Spartan Tradition in European Thought.
34147: RAZI, Zvi. - Life, Marriage and Death in a Medieval Parish. Economy, Society and Demography in Halesowen 1270-1400.
31185: Written and Illustrated by the Staff of “The Regiment.” - Army Drill Made Easy. A Handbook on Dismounted Drill for Everyone, with an A.B. C. Of the Army.
33543: “FIONN”. - The Martial Music of the Clans. With Historic, Biographic, and Legendary Notes Regarding the Origin of the Music, Also Portraits of Highland Chiefs and Distinguished Clansmen, with Their Seats, Arms, Etc. Etc.
33746: READ, Herbert. [Author’s presentation copy]. - Criterion Miscellany - No. 16. Ambush.
35031: A. Reader. - Archaic Rock Inscriptions. An Account of the Cup and Ring Markings on the Sculptured Stones of the Old and New Worlds.
26817: REDFORD, Bruce. - Venice &Amp; the Grand Tour.
29755: Redigee par, BITHA, Ioanna; FOSKOLOU, Vassiliki; NELLA, Margarita. - Bibliographie de L&Rsquo;Art Byzantin Et Postbyzantin: La Contribution Grecque 1996-2000. Publiee a L&Rsquo;Occasion Du Xxe Congres International Des Etudes Byzantines, Paris 2001.
35802: REDMONDS, George. Foreword by, WAGNER, Sir Anthony. - English Surnames Series I: Yorkshire West Riding.
35446: REEVES, Marjorie. - Pursuing the Muses. Female Education and Noncomformist Culture 1700-1900.
17061: REICHARD, Gladys A. - Spider Woman. A Story of Navajo Weavers and Chanters.
30548: REID, Stuart. Colour plates by, EMBLETON, Gerry. - Like Hungry Wolves: Culloden Moor 16 April 1746.
35681: REID, Rachel R. - The King&Rsquo;S Council in the North.
36389: REIS, Elizabeth. - Damned Women: Sinners and Witches in Puritan New England.
37259: REMIE CONSTABLE, Olivia. - Trade and Traders in Muslim Spain: The Commercial Realignment of the Iberian Peninsula, 900-1500. Cambridge Medieval Life and Thought.
35974: RENCK, Anneliese Pollock. - Female Authorship, Patronage, and Translation in Late Medieval France. From Christine de Pizan to Louise Labe. Texts and Transitions, 13.
37745: RENDELL, Ruth. - Murder Being Once Done.
36441: RENE OF ANJOU. Edited and translated by: GIBBS. Stephanie Viereck; KARCZEWSKA, Kathryn. [Editor’s presentation copy] - The Book of the Love-Smitten Heart.
38089: RENTZ, Ellen K. - Imagining the Parish in Late Medieval England.
36226: Reported by: MARSHALL, James. Appendix by Peter McKenzie. - The Trial of Thomas Hunter, Peter Hacket, Richard M'Niel, James Gibb, and William Mclean, the Glasgow Cotton-Spinners, Before the High Court of Justiciary, at Edinburgh, on Charges of Murder, Hiring to Commit Assassinations - and Committing, and Hiring to Commit, Violence to Persons and Property. To Which Is Annexed Statistics Connected with the Spinning Trade, &Amp;C. , of Glasgow. With Portraits of the Prisoners.
25134: By a Birmingham Resident. - An Historical Curiosity: One Hundred and Forty-One Ways of Spelling Birmingham.
32927: RESTELLI, Felice; SUMMUT, Joseph C. - The Coinage of the Knights in Malta. [in Two Volumes]. (Volume I. Text; Volume II. Plates)
35055: Retold and illustrated by: LE CAIN, Errol. - The White Cat.
35056: Retold by: CORRIN, Sara; CORRIN, Stephen. Illustrated by: LE CAIN, Errol. - Mrs. Fox&Rsquo;S Wedding.
38178: REUTER, Timothy. Edited by Janet L. Nelson. - Medieval Polities and Modern Mentalities.
31996: The Reverend MEDHURST, Charles Edward. - Life and Work of Lady Elizabeth Hastings: The Great Yorkshire Benefactress of the Xviiith Century. Together with Some Account of Ledstone, Thorp Arch and Collingham, to Which Is Added a Complete Roll of the Hastings&Rsquo; Exhibitioners of Queen&Rsquo;S College, Oxford, with Annotations by the Rev. Dr. Magrath, Provost of Queen&Rsquo;S College.
33386: Revised by WALFORD, Rev. H. - The Letters of S. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Translated, with Notes and Indices.
34493: RICAUT, Paul - The Present State of the Greek and Armenian Churches, Anno Christi 1678.
36237: RICCA, Joe Ann. - Francis, Viscount Lovel: Time Shows All Things.
38157: RICHARD, Jean. Edited and abridged by Simon Lloyd. Translated by Jean Birrell. - Saint Louis. Crusader King of France.
37295: RICHARD RUFUS OF CORNWALL. Edited by: Lewis, Neil; WOOD, Rega, with the assistance of Jennifer Ottman. - In Aristotelis de Generatione Et Corruptione. Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi 21.
36958: RICHARD, Jean. Edited and abridged by Simon Lloyd. Translated by Jean Birrell. - Saint Louis. Crusader King of France.
35735: RICHARDS, Mrs. Timothy. - Chinese Music. Read Before the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Shanghai, November, 1898. (Illustrated, Vocally and Instrumentally, by Natives and Foreigners). Repeated (by Request) Before the Shanghai Literary and Debating Society, January 4th, 1890.
34408: RICHARDS, D.S. - The Chronicle of Ibn-Al-Athir for the Crusading Period from Al-Kamil Fi&Rsquo;L-Ta&Rsquo;Rikh Part 1: The Years 491-541/1097-1146; the Coming of the Franks and the Muslim Response. Part 2 the Years 541-589/1146-1193: The Age of Nur Al-Din and Saladin. Part 3 the Years 589-629/1193-1231 the Ayyubids After Saladin and the Mongol Menace.
37521: RICHARDSON, Malcolm. - Middle-Class Writing in Late Medieval London.
36597: RICHARDSON, Brian. - Printing, Writers and Readers in Renaissance Italy.
35741: RICHARDSON, Dr. R.A. - Increasing the Strength of the Eyes and of the Eye Muscles without the Aid of Glasses.
31665: RICHMOND, Colin; HARVEY, Isobel. - Recognitions: Essays Presented to Edmund Fryde.
35254: RICHTER, Benno. - Breitling. The History of a Great Brand of Watches. 1884 to the Present. With Price Guide. A Schiffer Book for Collectors.
33908: RIDOLFI, Roberto. Translated from the Italian by: GRAYSON, Cecil. - The Life of Niccolo Machiavelli.
37867: RILEY, Ron. [Author’s presentation copy] - Yorkshire Rebel. The Life and Times of John Lindley, 1770-1853.
37649: RILEY, Jonathan. [Signed by the artist] - Simeon Stafford.
37332: O'RIORDAN, Elspeth Y. - Britain and the Ruhr Crisis.
29397: DE RIQUER, Marti. - L&Rsquo;Arnes Del Caveller. Armes I Armadures Catalanes Medievals.
35463: RIST, J.M. - Platonism and Its Christian Heritage.
37314: RIX, Kathryn. - Parties, Agents and Electoral Culture in England 1880-1910.
34865: ROBERTS, Charles G.D. Illustrated by: BULL, Charles Livingston. - Red Fox. The Story of His Adventurous Career in the Ringwaak Wilds and of His Final Triumph over the Enemies of His Kind.
35083: ROBERTS, Jennifer Talbot. - Accountability in Athenian Government.
28890: ROBERTSON, Anne Walters. - Guillaume de Machaut and Reims. Context and Meaning in His Musical Works.
34389: ROBERTSON, Kolin. - Some Yorkshire Golf Courses.
32403: ROBERTSON, Emma. - Chocolate, Women and Empire. A Social and Cultural History.
37249: ROBINS, Joseph. - Champagne and Silver Buckles. The Viceregal Court at Dublin Castle 1700-1922.
37339: ROBINSON-HAMMERSTEIN, Helga. - European Universities in the Age of Reformation.
37497: ROBINSON, John Martin; NEAVE, David. Introduction by, WORSLEY, Giles. - Francis Johnson, Architect.
36987: ROBINSON, I.S. - Henry IV of Germany, 1056-1106.
36505: ROBINSON, Paul. - Military Honour and the Conduct of War from Ancient Greece to Iraq.
38247: RODES, Robert E., Jr. - Lay Authority and Reformation in the English Church. Edward I to the CIVIL War.
36794: ROGERS, Helen. [Author’s presentation copy] - Women and the People: Authority, Authorship and the Radical Tradition in Nineteenth-Century.
35191: ROHL, John C.G. - The Kaiser and His Court. Wilhelm II and the Government of Germany.
36913: ROLKER, Christof. - Canon Law and the Letters of Ivo of Chartres.
36921: ROLT, L. T. C. Illustrated by: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, D.J. [’B.B.’]. With a Forewotd by H.J. Massingham. - Narrow Boat.
31027: ROOKSBY STEELE, H; YERBURY, F.R. - The Old Bank of England, London.
36426: ROOSEVELT, Grace G. - Reading Rousseau in the Nuclear Age.
37004: ROSEMANN, Philipp W. - Peter Lombard.
29682: ROSS, Adelaide. [Author’s presentation copy]. - A Wild Flower Wreath.
38254: ROSS, Neil, ed. - Heroic Poetry from the Book of the Dean of Lismore.
38261: ROSS, John Robert. In collaboration with Sheriff Charles Campbell Ross and A.C. Gordon Ross. - The Great Clan Ross. With Highland Notes and Genealogies of the Cadet Branches in Scotland and the New World.
34464: ROSSABI, Morris. - Voyager from Xanadu. Rabban Sauma and the First Journey from China to the West.
37135: ROSSELLI, John. - The Opera Industry in Italy from Cimarosa to Verdi: The Role of the Impressario.
37628: ROSSETTI, Christina. Illustrated by, CLAYTON CALTHOP, Dion - Goblin Market.
36481: ROSSI, Paolo. Translated by IPSEN, Cynthia De Nardi. - The Birth of Modern Science.
27751: ROUECHE, Charlotte; ERIM, Kenan T. - Aphrodisias Papers: Recent Work on Architecture and Sculpture. Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series Number One.
37340: ROUTH, Pauline E. - Medieval Effigial Alabaster Tombs in Yorkshire.
32502: ROWLANDS, Beau, et al. - The Birds of St Helena. British Ornithologists&Rsquo; Union Checklist No. 16
30503: ROWNTREE, B. Seebohm; LASKER, Bruno. - Unemployment: A Social Study.
37016: O’GRADY, Standish. Illustrated by J.B. Yeats. [Jack B. Yeats] - Finn and His Companions.
33808: O’BOYLE, Cornelius. - The Art of Medicine: Medical Teaching at the University of Paris, 1250-1400. Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Volume 9.
28354: O’DONNELL, Elliott. - Great Thames Mysteries.
31197: L’ABBE COCHET, M. - La Seine-Inferieure Historique Et Archeologique. Inspecteur Des Monuments Historiques Et Religieux de la Seine-Inferieure. Epoques Gauloise, Romaine Et Franque.
31845: D’AVRAY, D.L. - Death and the Prince. Memorial Preaching Before 1350.
33943: O’SHAUGHNESSY, Brian. - Consciousness and the World.
35732: A’RABBITT, Shamus. Illustrations by 'SAPAJOU'. - China Coast Ballads (and Other Verses).
35536: [ROBSON, Mary]. ‘By the Author of Aunt Mary’s Tales’. - The Ornaments Discovered: A Story, in Two Parts.
38090: CH’EN, Ch’i-Yun. A Translation of the Shen-Chien With Introduction and Annotations. - Hsun Yueh and the Mind of Late Han China.
37534: O’RAIFEARTAIGH, L. - General Relativity. Papers in Honour of J. L Synge.
34522: O’REILLY, Terence. - From Ignatius Loyola to John of the Cross. Spirituality and Literature in Sixteenth-Century Spain.
31661: D’ALTEROCHE, Bernard. Preface by, LEFEBVRE-TEILLARD, Anne. - De L&Rsquo;Etranger a la Seigneurie a L&Rsquo;Etranger Au Royaume Xie-Xve Siecle.
7495: D’AVENAY, Étienne. - Saint Remi de Reims Apotre Des Francs; 437-533. Ouvrage IllustrÉ D&Rsquo;AprÈS Les Tapisseries Anciennes de Saint-Remi de Reims.
37278: RUBIN, Miri. - Corpus Christi: The Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture.
36420: RUESTOW, Edward G. - The Microscope in the Dutch Republic: The Shaping of Discovery.
35484: RUMBLE, Alexander R., ed. - The Reign of Cnut: King of England, Denmark and Norway.
33322: RUPP, Ernest Gordon. - Religion in England 1688-1791.
30426: RUSHTON, J.H. (Organising Tutor, North East Yorkshire Workers’ Educational Association). - They Kept Faith: The History of Some Yorkshire Christian Congregations Including the Pickering and Malton Congregational Churches. Jointly Sponsored by the Pickering Congregational Church and the Yorkshire North District Workers&Rsquo; Educational Association.
32227: RUSKIN, John. Illustrated by RACKHAM, Arthur. [Signed by Arthur Rackham]. - The King of the Golden River.
38249: RUSKIN, John. - Mr Ruskin's Inaugural Address Delivered at Cambridge, Oct. 29, 1858.
35202: RUSSEL WALLACE, Alfred. - Studies Scientific and Social. [in Two Volumes].
36768: RUSSELL, H. Diane. - Rare Etchings by Giovanni Battista and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo.
37203: RYAN, Desmond. - The Rising: The Complete Story of Easter Week,
33919: Editor: SABATE, Flocel. - Imago Temporis. Medium Aevum 3 (2009).
35848: MAURUS OF SALERNO. Now first transcribed from a manuscript and translated into English by Morris Harold Saffron. - Maurus of Salerno: Twelfth-Century 'Optimus Physicus'. With His Commentary on the Prognostics of Hippocrates.
37021: SAINSBURY, Lieutenant- Colonel J.D. - The Hertfordshire Yeomanry: An Illustrated History 1794-1920.
16621: SAINT, Andrew. - Richard Norman Shaw.
38085: SAINT-EXUPERY, Antoine de. Translated by Stuart Gilbert from the French Citadelle. - The Wisdom of the Sands.
24268: SALMON, Eric. - Granville Barker: A Secret Life.
37876: SALMON, Philip. - Electoral Reform at Work Local Politics and National Parties 1832-1841.
38246: SALONEN, Kirsi; SCHMUGGE, Ludwig. - A Sip from the Well of Grace. Medieval Texts from the Apostolic Penitentiary. Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Canon Law, Volume 7.
38035: Texte et images de SAMIVEL. - Goupil.
34297: SANDEMAN, Christopher. Illustrated by: O’CONNOR, John. - Thyme and Bergamot.
36933: SANDERS, Lise Shapiro. - Consuming Fantasies: Labor. Leisure, and the London Shopgirl, 1880-1920.
36857: SAUNDERS, Graham. - A History of Brunei.
34246: SAUNDERS, Trevor J. - Plato&Rsquo;S Penal Code. Tradition, Controversy, and Reform in Greek Penology.
34638: SAVORY, Theodore H. - The Spider&Rsquo;S Web. The Wayside and Woodland Series.
38166: SAVVAS, Carol/Lodo Tulku. [sIGNED BY cAROL sAVVAS] - Opuscula Tibetana. Transformation Into the Exalted State. Spiritual Exercises of the Tibetan Tantric Tradition.
34864: SAXO GRAMMATICUS. Edited by: DAVIDSON, Hilda Ellis. Translated by: FISHER, Peter. - The History of the Danes, Books I-IX.
36153: SAYERS, Dorothy. L. - Unnatural Death.
36079: SCALA, Elizabeth. [Author’s presentation copy] - Desire in the Canterbury Tales.
35984: SCALA, Elizabeth. - Absent Narratives, Manuscript Textuality, and Literary Structure in Late Medieval England.
36709: SCARTH DIXON, William. - In the North Countree. Annals and Anecdotes of Horse, Hound and Herd.
37372: SCHELER, Max. Translated from the German by Peter Heath, with a General Introduction to Max Scheler's work by W. Stark. - The Nature of Sympathy.
38112: SCHIVELBUSCH, Wolfgang. Translated from the German by Angela Davies. - Disenchanted Night. The Industrialisation of Light in the Nineteenth Century.
31722: SCHMIDT, Gerhard. - Gotische Bildwerke Und Ihre Meister. [in Two Volumes: ] Volume I. Textband; Volume II. Abbildungen.
34587: SCHNAPP, Jeffrey T. - The Transfiguration of History at the Center of Dante&Rsquo;S Paradise.
10900: SCHOFIELD, James. - An Historical and Descriptive Guide to Scarborough and Its Environs.
38171: SCHULENBERG, David. - The Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach.
36789: SCHULTING, Sabine. - Dirt in Victorian Literature and Culture. Writing Materially.
32711: Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. - Argyll, an Inventory of the Monuments, Volume Four: Iona.
36408: SCOTT, TEMPLE. Introduced by A. Edward Newton. - Oliver Goldsmith Bibliographically and Biographically Considered. Based on the Collection of Material in the Library of W.M. Elkins, Esq.
36463: SCOTT, Sir Walter. - Manners, Customs, and History of the Highlanders of Scotland; Historical Account of the Clan Macgregor.
34643: SEARLE, Ronald. - The Second Coming of Toulouse-Lautrec.
35807: SEARLE, Adrain; SCOTT, Kitty; GRENIER, Catherine. - Peter Doig.
35841: SEDLEY, David, ed. - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Volume XXVI. Summer 2004.
31455: SEELY, John B. - The Wonders of Elora; or, the Narrative of a Journey to the Temples and Dwellings Excavated out of a Mountain of Granite, and Extending Upwards of Mile and a Quarter, at Elora, in the East Indies, by the Route of Poona, Ahmed-Nuggur, and Toka, Returning by Dowlutabad and Aurungabad; with Some General Observations on the People and Country.
38144: Selected and Edited by, PRICE, Robert M. Chapter Decorations by, DREYFUS. - The Shub-Niggurath Cycle. Tales of the Black Goat with a Thousand Young.
35648: Selected by, NEWMAN, Avis; Curated by, DE ZEGHER, Catherine; Organized by, The Drawing Center, Tate. - The State of Drawing: Gesture and Act. Selected from the Tate Collection.
28676: Selected, written and arranged by, NESBIT, E. With pen & ink drawings by, BELLINGHAM SMITH, H. - Autumn Leaves.
30916: SELLERS, R.V. - The Council of Chalcedon. A Historical and Doctrinal Study.
37680: SENOCAK, Neslihan. - The Poor and the Perfect. The Rise of Learning in the Franciscan Order, 1209-1310.
36803: Translated and set down by: CAMPBELL, C.G. - Told in the Market Place. Forty Tales.
34260: SEUSS, Dr. - Horton Hatches the Egg.
28790: Seven Sculptures by, MANSFIELD, Edgar. With an introduction by, JONES, Trevor, and a note by, BROCKMAN, James. - Twenty Five Bindings: Designed by Edgar Mansfield and Realised by James Brockman.
35625: SEXTON, Anne. - Selected Poems. Poetry Book Society Recommendation.
36222: SEYMOUR, M. C. - English Writers of the Late Middle Ages: Sir John Mandeville. Authors of the Middle Ages, I.
36400: SHAPIRO, Barbara J. - A Culture of Fact: England, 1550-1720.
35704: SHARPE, Kevin. - Image Wars. Promoting Kings and Commonwealth in England, 1603-1660.
34871: SHATZMILLER, Joseph. - Jews, Medicine, and Medieval Society.
34575: SHAW, Christine. - Julius II, the Warrior Pope.
33417: SHAW, P.E. - American Contacts with the Eastern Churches, 1820-1870.
34462: Edited by: SHEILS. W.J. - Studies in Church History, Volume 19: The Church and Healing. Papers Read at the Twentieth Summer Meeting and the Twenty-First Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society.
36552: SHEPHERD, Donald Welton. - The Shepherd Family of York 1664-1990.
37180: SHEPHERD, R. - Prehistoric Mining and Allied Industries.
7288: SHEPPARD, William. - The Offices of Constables, Church-Wardens, Overseers of the Poor, Supravisors of the High-Wayes, Treasurers of the County-Stock; and Some Other Lesser Officers, Plainly and Lively Set Forth.
34415: Translated by, SHIRLEY, Janet. - Crusader Syria in the Thirteenth Century: The Rothelin Continuation of the History of William of Tyre with Part of the Eracles of Acre Text.
38216: SHOEMAKER, Stephen J. - Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary&Rsquo;S Dormition and Assumption.
36573: SHUSTERMAN, Noah. - Religion and the Politics of Time. Holidays in France from Louis XIV Through Napoleon.
34248: SIBLY, W.A. and SIBLY, M.D. - The Chronicle of William of Puylaurens. The Albigensian Crusade and Its Aftermath.
35356: SIKORSKA, Liliana. - Voices Against Silence: Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe. A Feminist Approach to Language.
37988: SILVERSTEIN, Theodore. Edited by John C. Jacobs. Foreword by Winthrop Wetherbee. [Editor’s presentation copy] - Literate Laughter. Critical Essays in Medieval Narrative and Poetry.
37831: SIMCOX, Kenneth. - Wilfred Owen: Anthem for a Doomed Youth.
38201: SIMMS, Eric. - British Larks, Pipits and Wagtails. The New Naturalist Library, No. 78.
34885: SIMS, Eleanor. With: MARSHAK, Boris I.; GRUBE, Ernst J. - Peerless Images. Persian Painting and Its Sources.
37565: SIRAT, Colette. - A History of Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages.
23388: SISLEY, Richard. - A Study of Influenza, and the Laws of England Concerning Infectious Diseases. A Paper Read Before the Society of Medical Officers of Health, January 18th, 1892. To Which Is Appended a Paper on the Spread of Influenza by Contagion, Read Before the Epidemiological Society, May 20, 1891. And an Abstract of a Paper on the Prevention of the Spread of Epidemic Influenza, Read at the Seventh International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, August 1891. Together with: Counsel&Rsquo;S Opinion on the Powers of Sanitary Authorities As to Influenza, and the Acts and Extracts from Acts Relating to Infectious Diseases; the Provisional Memorandum on Epidemic Influenza, Issued by the Local Government Board on January 25, 1892; and the Directions for Obtaining Ambulances for the Conveyance of Persons Suffering from Influenza, Issued by the Metropolitan Asylums Board.
35513: SITWELL, Sacheverell. - Valse Des Fleurs. A Day in St Petersburg and a Ball at the Winter Palace in 1868.
11932: SIVITER, Roger. - British Railways, Past &Amp; Present No. 33: Worcestershire.
38253: SKED, Alan. - Radetzky. Imperial Victor and Military Genius.
34027: SKEET, Major Francis John Angus. - The Life of the Right Honourable James Radcliffe, Third Earl of Derwentwater (Co. Northumberland), Viscount Radcliffe and Langley and Baron Tynedale (Co. Cumeberland) and Fifth Baronet of Dilston. With an Account of His Martyrdom for the Catholic Faith and Loyalty to His Rightful King. Followed by Some Particulars of the Life and Execution of His Brother Charles Radcliffe, de Jure Fifth Earl of Derwentwater &Amp; Other Curious Details Relating to the Family.
34828: SKINNER, Patricia. [Author’s presentation copy]. - Health and Medicine in Early Medieval Southern Italy. The Medieval Mediterranean, Volume 11.
37280: SKINNER, Patricia. - Family Power in Southern Italy: The Dutchy of Gaeta &Amp; Its Neighbours, 850-1139.
25450: SKINNER, Rev. James. - Warnings and Consolations Spoken in St. Barnabus Church, Pimlico.
17131: SKIRA, Pierre. - Still Life: A History. (in Slip-Case).
35068: SLACK, Henry J. - Marvels of Pond-Life. Or, a Year&Rsquo;S Microscopic Recreations Among the Polyps, Infusoria, Rotifers, Water-Bears, and Polyzoa.
37228: SLOAN, Robert. - William Smith O'Brien and the Young Ireland Rebellion of 1848.
21992: SMILES, Samuel. - The Life of George Stephenson, Railway Engineer. Fifth Edition, Revised, with Additions.
35764: SMITH, Albert. Illustrated by A. Henning. - The Natural History of 'Stuck-Up' People.
30171: SMITH, Dodie. Illustrated by GRAHAME-JOHNSTONE, Janet, and GRAHAME-JOHNSTONE, Anne. - The Hundred and One Dalmatians.
37056: SMITH, Brendan. - Colonisation and Conquest in Medieval Ireland: The English in Louth, 1170-1330.
24355: SMITH, Sheila M. - The Other Nation. The Poor in English Novels of the 1840s and 1850s.
36340: SMITH, Ali. [Signed copy] - Girl Meets Boy.
36694: SMITH, John. - Old Scottish Clockmakers from 1453 to 1850. Compiled from Original Sources, with Notes.
22748: SMITH, George. - A Memoir with Some Pages of Autobiography.
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