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REGIONAL23.985: - Der Deutsche Edelhirsch. Ein Lebensbild Mit Photograph. Natururkunden A.D. Wildbahn
REGIONAL24.1440: - Oregon Coast Magazine,Guide to Highway 101,Sections 1,2,3 & 4
REGIONAL24.1441: - Lot of 10 Tourist Brochures for Newport,Oregon
MISC.24.3142: - The Sporting Magazine;or,Monthly Calendar,Etc. For March 1799
BIG.GAME24.94: - Safari Club International Record Book of Trophy Animals,Edition VII,Volume 2
ART909: 'B.B.' - Tide's Ending
FIREARMS23.6138: - Jackson Arms,Catalog 12
SCIENCE009ASH: - Gmat Review
FISHING.HUNTING24.543: - Adventure Unlimited,Kokhonak Lodge 1982-83 Hunting & Fishing Report
FISHING2845: - Man Vs Fish,the Fly Fisherman's Eternal Strugglestreit,Taylor
WATERFOWL24.9978: - Behavior,Energetics and Management of Refuging Waterfowl: A Simulation Model
REGIONAL24.9983: - British Gamevesey-Fitzgerald,B.
ENTOMOLOGY12140: SEDGWICK,A.ET AL - Peripatus Myriapods Insects
PALEONTOLOGY23.427: KERMACK,K.A.& MUSSETT,F. - The Jaw Articulation in Mesozoic Mammals
REGIONAL15626: TUCKER,E.A.& FITZPARTICK,G. - Men Who Matched the Mountains: The Forest Service in the Southwest
REGIONAL21.642: WILSON,A.ET AL - River Discharge to the Sea from the Shores of the Conterminous U.S. ,Alaska & Puerto Rico
GENERAL284NH: MAIER,R.A.& B.M. - Comparative Animal Behavior
PALEONTOLOGY9443: ANDERSON,C.A.ET AL - 1940 E.W. Scripps Cruise to the Gulf of California
BOTANY22.61: MUNZ,P.A.& KECK,D.D. - A California Flora
REGIONAL20.356: QAMAR,A.ET AL - Earthquake Hypocenters in Washington & Northern Oregon - 1980-1986
ichthyology23.105: GREIG,R.A.& GNAEDINGER,R.H. - Occurence of Thiaminase in Some Common Aquatic Animals of the U.S. & Canada
INVERTEBRATES15370: KOFOID,C.A.& MACLENNAN,R.F. - Ciliates from Bos Indicus Linn. III. Epicinium Crawley,Epiplastron Gen. Nov. ,& Ophryoscolex Stein
INVERTEBRATES15369: KOFOID,C.A.& MACLENNAN,R.F. - Ciliates from Bos Indicus Linn. I. The Genus Entodinium Stein
ORNITHOLOGY24.1132: PHILLIPS,A.ET AL - The Birds of Arizona
ORNITHOLOGY18488: STEBBINS,C.A.& R.C. - Birds of the Yosemite National Park
ORNITHOLOGY22.453: KANELLIS,A.ET AL - Waterfowl & Waders of Greece
ENTOMOLOGY19.105: BRINDLEY,T.A.& RICHARDSON,C.H. - Constant Temperature & Humidity Apparatus for Use in the Experimental Study of Insects
HERPETOLOGY14395: MINTON,S.A.& M.R. - Giant Reptiles
INVERTEBRATES24.578: KOFOID,C.A.& KIRBY,H.JR. - Karyamoebina Substituted for Karyamoeba,with a Note on It's Occurence in Man (with) Cryptotermes Hermsi Sp. Nov. ,a Termite from Fanning Island
PALEONTOLOGY16493: KEAST,A.ET AL(EDS.) - Evolution,Mammals & Southern Continents
PALEONTOLOGY1429: CUSHMAN,J.A.& CEDERSTROM,D.J. - An Upper Eocene Foraminiferal Fauna from Deep Wells in York County,Virginia
ichthyology23.985: MCCANN,J.A.& DREYER,F.A. - Length & Age Frequency Samples Collected from Georges Bank Haddock Landings,1931-55
SCIENCE24.578: MILLIKAN,R.A.& CAMERON,G.H. - New Results on Cosmic Rays
REGIONAL20.305: MEREWETHER,E.A.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Sand Dunes Wilderness Study Area,Sweetwater County,Wyoming
PALEONTOLOGY14537: COOPER,G.A.& GRANT,R.E. - Permian Brochiopods of West Texas,III (Part 2 - Plates)
ICHTHYOLOGY14408: EDWARDS,E.A.ET AL - Habitat Suitability Models,Longnose Dace
ICHTHYOLOGY11257: LACHNER,E.A.& KARNELLA,S.J. - Fishes of the Genus Eviota of the Red Sea with Descriptions of Three New Species (Teleostie: Gobiidae)
RODENTS17634: KOFOID,C.A.ET AL - Electrometric Ph Determinations of the Walls & Contents of the Gastro-Intestinal Tracts of Normal Albino Rats
RODENTS3639: HENISCH,B.A.& H.K. - Chipmunk Portrait
art929: SHULLEY,Z.& MOORE,W.A. - G.E. Mcmahan,the Man and His Art
PRIMATES16535: WEBER,B.& VEDDER,A. - In the Kingdom of Gorillas
PRIMATES16536: WEBER,B.& VEDDER,A. - In the Kingdom of Gorillas
PALEONTOLOGY24.466: OLSSON,A.A.& DANCE,S.P. - The Linnaean Olives
REGIONAL21.283: HARENBERG,W.A.ET AL - Teton Dam Flood of June 1976,Moody Quadrangle,Idaho
ORNITHOLOGY9409: GRANT,K.A.& V. - Hummingbirds & Their Flowers
GENERAL12187: MAXIMOW,A.A.& BLOOM,W. - A Textbook of Histology
ENTOMOLOGY6675: ROHWER,S.A.& FAGAN,M.M. - The Type-Species of the Genera of the Cynipoidea,or Gal Wasps & Parasitic Cynipods
REGIONAL18578: SCHOENHERR,A.A.ET AL - California Natural History Guides No. 61,Natural History of the Islands of California
RODENTS1584: MUSTRANGI,M.A.& PATTON,J.L. - Phylogeography & Systematics of the Slender Mouse Opossum Marmosops (Marsupialia,Didelphidae)
RODENTS15641: LONG,J.A.& BURLINGAME,P.L. - The Development of the External Form of the Rat with Observations on the Origin of the Extraembryonic Coelom & Foetal Membranes
SCIENCE18630: BOULTON,A.A.ET AL(EDS.) - Neuromethods 7,Lipids & Related Compounds
SCIENCE20.583: LANPHERE,M.A.& DALRYMPLE,G.B. - First-Principles Calibration of 38ar Tracers,Implications for the Ages of 40ar/39ar Fluence Monitors
REGIONAL21.527: TRAPP,R.A.ET AL - Map Showing Names & Outlines of Physiographic Areas in Arizona Used by the Arizona Geological Survey with Comprehensive Base Map
REGIONAL21.529: TRUMBULL,J.V.A.ET AL - Maps Showing Characteristics Od Cabo Rojo West Offshore San Deposits,Southwestern Puerto Rico
REGIONAL20.215: GRANTZ,A.ET AL - The San Fernando,California Earthquake of February 9, 1971,a Preliminary Report Published by U.S. G.S. & N.O. A.A.
REGIONAL20.216: GRANTZ,A.ET AL - Alaska's Good Friday Earthquake,March 27,1964,a Preliminary Geologic Evaluation
ORNITHOLOGY6466: JOHNSON,A.A.& PAYN,W.H. - Ornamental Waterfowl,a Guide to Their Care & Breeding
UNGULATES766NH: COWAN,I.,GILL,J.HAUGEN,A.O,BAKER,G.A.ET AL - Lot of 50 Scholarly Papers on the Growth & Development of Ungulates & Ruminants,Orders Cervidae,Equidae,Suidae,Bovidae & Bovidae(Ovis)
SCIENCE20.525: CALKINS,J.A.ET AL - Description of Crib,the Gipsy Retrieval Mechanism & the Interface to the General Electric Mark III Service
SCIENCE20.526: CALKINS,J.A.ET AL - Crib - the Mineral Resurces Data Bank of the U.S. Geological Survey
ORNITHOLOGY6470: LANCASTER,D.A.& JOHNSON,J.R.(EDS.) - The Living Bird: 13th & 15th Annuals of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
REGIONAL20.205: FRENZEL,S.A.ET AL - Water Quality in the Central Nebraska Basins,Nebraska,1992-95
REGIONAL20.243: PETERSON,J.A.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Woolsey Peak Wilderness Study Area,Maricopa County,Arizona
RODENTS6598: BERN,H.A.& KRICHESKY,B. - Anatomic & Histologic Studies of the Sex Accessories of the Male Rabbit
REGIONAL5538: MUNRO,J.A.& COWAN,I.M. - Preliminary Report on the Birds & Mammals of Kootenay National Park,B.C.
REGIONAL15597: LONEY,R.A.ET AL - Reconnaissance Geology of Chichagof,Baranof & Kruzof Islands,S.E. Alaska
REGIONAL20.400: SMITH,J.A.ET AL - Manmade Organic Compounds in the Surface Waters of the United States - a Review of Current Understanding
REGIONAL21.523: THOMAS,C.A.ET AL - Teton Dam Flood of June 1976,Parker Quadrangle,Idaho
REGIONAL24.477: GARDNER,R.A.ET AL - Soil Survey of the Santa Clara Area,California
PALEONTOLOGY17525: TIPTON,A.ET AL - Oligocene Biostratigraphy,San Joaquin Valley,California
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.6: MONNE,M.A.& GIESBERT,E.F. - Checklist of the Cerambycidae and Siteniidae (Coleoptera) of the Western Hemisphere
MAMMALS.GENERAL12451: BURTON,J.A.& PEARSON,B. - The Collins Guide to Rare Mammals of the World
ENTOMOLOGY10133: COCKERELL,T.D.A.& BLAIR,B.H. - Rocky Mountain Bees. I & II
ENTOMOLOGY10134: COCKERELL,T.D.A.& BUEKER,E.D. - Some Geophilous Mealy-Bugs from Australia (Homoptera: Coccoidea)
GENERAL270NH: GORDON,S.A.& COHEN,M.J.(EDS.) - Gravity & the Organism
EVOLUTION16178: DE CANDOLLE,A.ET AL - Homenaje a Charles Darwin
ICHTHYOLOGY12235: CALABRESE,A.ET AL - Physiologcal Response of the Cummer,Tautogolabrus Adspersus to Cadmium
ORNITHOLOGY16422: HARTMAN,F.A.& LESSLER,M.A. - Erythrocyte Measurements in Birds
BOTANY2114: HARRIS,J.A.& SCOFIELD,C.S. - Further Studies on the Permanence of Differences in the Plots of an Experimental Field
ICHTHYOLOGY7381: LEMM,C.A.& ROTTIERS,DF.V. - Growth,Composition & Fin Quality of Atlantic Salmon Fed Different Diets,Etc. In Hatchery
INVERTEBRATES11306: HERON,G.A.& DAMKAER,D.M. - Seven Lubbockia Species (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) from the Plankton of the N.E. Pacific,with a Review of the Genus
art1149: ROSSI,P.A.& HUNT,D.C. - The Art of the Old West
ENTOMOLOGY10256: TRIPLEHORN,C.A.& BROWN,K.W. - A Synopsis of the Species of Asidina in the U.S. With Description of a New Species from Arizona (Coleoptera: Tenebrioniade)
ENTOMOLOGY10257: TRIPLEHORN,C.A.& SPILMAN,T.J. - A Review of Strongylium of America North of Mexico,with Descriptions of Two New Species (Coloptera, Tenebrionidae)
invertebrates23.413: NEAL,R.A.& TOBIAS,M. - Protozoa,Parts I & II
ENTOMOLOGY11133: SORENSON,K.A.ET AL(EDS.) - Insecticide & Acaricide Tests,Volume 3
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.113: MONNE,M.A.& HOVORE,F.T.(EDS.) - Checklist of the Cerambycidae,or Longhorned Wood-Boring Beetles of the Western Hemisphere
BOTANY1291: RHOADS,W.A.ET AL - Status of Endangered & Threatened Plant Species on Nevada Test Site-a Survey,Part 1: Endangered Species with Addendum
invertebrates23.310: NEAL,R.A.ET AL(EDS.) - Protozoa
ENTOMOLOGY14238: JOHANNSEN,O.A.ET AL - Guide to the Insects of Connecticut,Part VI. The Diptera or True Flies,5th Fasc. : Midges & Gnats
ENTOMOLOGY22.160: GOLDSTEIN,J.& R.A.(EDS.) - The Least Is Best Pesticide Strategy,a Gudie to Putting Integrated Pest Management Into Action
INVERTEBRATES18397: KOFOID,C.A.& CHRISTENSON,J.F. - Ciliates from Bos Gaurus H. Smith
INVERTEBRATES12418: BORRADAILE,L.A.& POTTS,F.A.ET AL - The Invertebrata: A Manual for Use of Students
art1560: WETMORE,A. ET AL - Water,Prey & Game Birds of North America
ENTOMOLOGY23.97: VON BUSCHINGER,A.ET AL - Untersuchungen Zur Geschlechtstierproduktion Der Dulotischen Ameise Harpagoxxenus Sublaevis (Nyl. ) (Hym. Formicidae)
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.100: MONNE,M.A.& HOVORE,F.T. - Checklist of the Cerambycidae and Disteniidae (Coleoptera) of the Western Hemisphere
HERPETOLOGY3250: GANS,C.& AMDUR,M.A. - Redescription of Amphisbaena Vermicularis Wagler, with Comments on Its Range & Synonymy,Etc
HERPETOLOGY3273: PETERSON,J.A.& WILLIAMS,E.E. - Case History in Retrograde Evolution: The Onca Lineage in Anoline Lizards. II. Subdigital Fine Structure
BOTANY1792: SZALAY,A.A.& LEGOCKI,R.P.(EDS.) - Advances in Molecular Genetics of the Bacteria-Plant Interaction
ORNITHOLOGY11374: GAUVIN,J.& REED,A. - A Simulation Model for the Greater Snow Goose Population
GENERAL17194: BRDICKA,R.& SCHMIDT,C.L.A. - On the Formation of Carbamats in Solutions of Glycine & of Alanine Containing Sodium Carbonate
CANINES9139: GARSD,A.ET AL - The Prediction of Skeletal Mass in Growing & Adult Beagles
ENTOMOLOGY9188: MCHUGH,R.A.ET AL - The Ecology & Naturalistic Control of Log Pond Mosquitos in the Pacific Northwest
INVERTEBRATES1313: KOFOID,C.A.& WAGENER,E.H. - The Behavior of Endamoeba Dysenteriae in Mixed Cultures with Bacteria (and) Studies of the Effects of Certain Drugs Upon Endamoeba Dysenhteriae in Vitro
ichthyology23.480: PALMER,G.& TOOMBS,H.A.(EDS.) - Pisces (Recent and Fossil)
INVERTEBRATES23.215: FRETTER,V.& GRAHAM,A. - A Functional Anatomy of Invertebrates
ARCHAEOLOGY1429: BAUMHOFF,M.A.& ORLINS,R.I. - An Archaeological Assay on Dry Creek,Sonoma County, Calif.
ICHTHYOLOGY5639: BEAN,B.A.& WEED,A.C. - Notes on a Collection of Fishes from Java,Made by Owen Bryant & William Palmer in 1909,Etc.
ICHTHYOLOGY12356: SCHUCK,H.A.& ARNOLD,E.L. - Comparison of Haddock from Georges & Browns Banks
ART24.541: WARNER,J.A.& WHITE,M.J. - The Decoy As Art,Waterfowl in a Wooden Soul
ART24.6631: RUTLEDGE,A.ET AL - Outdoor Life's Gallery of North American Game
GENERAL23.503: GUNTHER,A.ET AL(EDS.) - Record of Zoological Literature for 1867?
big.game293: BEST,G.A.ET AL(EDS.) - Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game Xith Edition (Africa)
MISC./HUNTING24.8765: CRITTIN,J.A.ET AL(EDS.) - Maison de la Chasse Et de la Nature
MAMMALS.GENERAL5365: JEWELL,P.A.& LOIZOS,C.(EDS.) - Play,Exploration & Territory in Mammals
ENTOMOLOGY14179: COCKERELL,T.D.A.& SANDHOUSE,G. - Parasitic Bees (Epeolinae & Melectinae) in the Collection of the California of Sciences
BIG.GAME437: HUNTER,J.A.& WYKES,ALAN - Hunter's Tracks
ENTOMOLOGY17126: DICKERSN,W.A.ET AL - Arthropod Species in Culture in the U.S. & Other Countries
ARCHAEOLOGY1628: PHILLIPS,W.A.& FEWKES,J.W.ET AL - New Group of Stone Implements from Southern Shores of Lake Michigan (with) Archaeological Field Work in Arizona in 1897
BIOGRAPHY465: EVANS,M.A.& H.E. - William Morton Wheeler,Biologist
ichthyology23.191: WELLS,R.A.& MCNEIL,W.J. - Effect of Quality of the Spawning Bed on Growth & Development of Pink Salmon Embroyos & Alevins
GENERAL23.601: THOMPSON,J.A.ET AL(EDS.) - The Zoological Record for 1901
GENERAL23.669: NEWTON,A.ET AL(EDS.) - The Zoological Record for 1872,Being Volume 9 of the Record of Zoological Literature
GENERAL23.681: GUNTHER,A.ET AL(EDS.) - Record of Zoolical Literature for 1864,Being Volume I.
GENERAL15261: KATTUS,A.A.ET AL(EDS.) - Cardiovascular Beta Adrenergic Responses
ICHTHYOLOGY4677: BEAN,B.A.& WEED,A.C. - Notes on Certain Features of the Life History of the Alaskan Freshwater Sculpin
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.998: ANGRESS,S.& REED,C.A. - An Annotated Bibliography of the Origin and Descent of Domestic Mammals 1900-1955
GENERAL23.490: THOMPSON,J.A.ET AL(EDS.) - The Zoological Record for 1893,Sections 1-5;8-10;14-18
GENERAL23.492: THOMPSON,J.A.ET AL(EDS.) - The Zoological Record for 1897
HERPETOLOGY4227: MINTON,S.A.& M.R. - Venomous Reptiles
PALEONTOLOGY22.524: TOKUNAGA,S.& SAITO,K.A. - Fossil Pomacentrod Fish from the Miocene of Izu, Japan
art132: BELL,J.& GROSSMAN,A. - Metropolitan Zoo
GENERAL15228: BARTHOLEMEW,G.A.ET AL - Lot of 40 Scholarly Papers on Physiology of Various Animals Incl. Rodents,Birds,Reptiles,Beetles Et Al
BOTANY18125: WILDE,S.A.ET AL - Soil & Plant Analysis for Tree Culture
REGIONAL21.245: FRIZZELL,V.A.ET AL - Preliminary Photointerpretation of Landslide & Other Surficial Depostis of Mare Island & Carquinez Strait 15-Minute Quadrangles,Contra Costa,Marin,Napa,Solano & Sonoma Counties,California (Mf-595)
ICHTHYOLOGY11256: LACHNER,E.A.& KARNELLA,S.J. - Fishes of the Indo-Pacific Genus Eviota with Descriptions of Eight New Species (Teleostei: Gobiidae)
ENTOMOLOGY6159: DYER,E.D.A.& CHAPMAN,J.A. - Flight & Attack of the Ambrosia Beetle,Tryopendron Lineatum (Oliv. ) in Relation to Felling Date of Logs
SCIENCE20.609: PLUNKERT,P.A.& JONES,T.S.(EDS.) - Metal Prices in the United States Through 1998
ENTOMOLOGY6171: KEENE,E.A.& LIGHT,S.F. - Results of Feeding Ether Extracts of Male Supplementary Reproductives to Groups of Nymphal Termites
PALEONTOLOGY22.511: MCLEOD,S.A.& BARNES,L.G. - Fossil Desmostylians
PALEONTOLOGY93567: FARIAS,B.A.& VERGARA,M.M. - Nuevos Antecedentes Sobre la Geological de la Quebrada El Way
INVERTEBRATES15368: KOFOID,C.A.& JOHNSTONE,H.G. - The Oral Amoeba of Monkeys
GENERAL5227: MARSHALL,F.H.A.& HALNAN,E.T. - Physiology of Farm Animals
REGIONAL93633: MACDONALD,G.A.& KUNO,H.(EDS.) - The Crust of the Pacific Basin: (1) Volcanism & Plutoism in Realtion to Types of Crustal Deformation; (2) the Earth's Crust in the Pacific Basin
REGIONAL9518: COX,A.ET AL - Geomagnetic Polarity Epochs,Pribilof Islands,Alaska
PRIMATES15547: VAN AS,A.& LOMBARD,F. - Body Surface Are of the Chacma Baboon (Papio Ursinus)
INVERTEBRATES10430: SCHNEIDERMAN,H.A.& GILBERT,L.I. - Substances with Juvenile Hormone Activity in Crustacea & Other Invertebrates
ichthyology23.805: LACHNER,E.A.& WILEY,M.L. - Populations of the Polytypic Species Nocomis Leptocephalus (Girard) with Description of a New Subspecies
INVERTEBRATES18398: KOFOID,C.A.& MACLENNAN,R.F. - Ciliates from Bos Indicus Linn. II. A Revision of Diplodinium Schuberg
ORNITHOLOGY4397: MUNRO,J.A.& CLEMENS,W.A. - The American Merganser in British Columbia & Its Relation to the Fish Population
ICHTHYOLOGY12270: GILDERHUS,P.A.ET AL - Investigations in Fish Control;Three Papers on Irrigation Water,Malachite Green & Water Temperature
ENTOMOLOGY10213: MCGREGOR,E.A.& MCDONOUGH,F.L. - The Red Spider on Cotton
INVERTEBRATES18405: KOFOID,C.A.ET AL - The Cycle of Trypanosoma Cruzi in Tissue Culture of Embyonic Heart Muscle
INVERTEBRATES18406: KOFOID,C.A.ET AL - On the Genus Councilmania,Budding Intestianl Amoebae Parasitic in Man & Rodents
INVERTEBRATES16336: FROST,B.& FLEMINGER,A. - A Revision of the Genus Clausocalanus (Copepoda: Calanoida) with Remarks on Distributional Patterns in Diagnostic Characters
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.151: TRIPLEHORN,C.A.& SPILMAN,T.J. - A Review of Stronglium of America North of Mexico,with Descriptions of Two New Species (Coleoptera,Tennebrionidae)
HERPETOLOGY9283: RODRIGUEZ-ROBLES,J.A.ET AL - Brief History of Herpetology in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology,University of California,Berkeley,with a List of Type Specimens of Recent Amphibians & Reptiles
BOTANY1886: HANSON,A.A.& JUSKA,F.V.(EDS.) - Turfgrass Science
ICHTHYOLOGY12284: HANCOCK,D.A.ET AL - Mercury in Shark in Western Australia,a Preliminary Report
INVERTEBRATES18399: KOFOID,C.A.& MACLENNAN,R.F. - Ciliates from Bos Indicus Linn. III. Epidinium Crawley,Epiplastron Gen. Nov. ,& Ophryoscolex Stein
INVERTEBRATES1290: BORRADAILE,L.A.& POTTS,F.A.ET AL(KERKUT,G.A.)ED. - The Invertebrata,a Manual for the Use of Students
INVERTEBRATES1291: BORRADAILE,L.A.ET AL - The Invertebrata,a Manual for Use of Students
REGIONAL20.343: PETERSON,J.A.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Table Top Mountain Wilderness Study Area,Maricopa & Pinal Counties,Arizona
INVERTEBRATES18400: KOFOID,C.A.& SWEZY,O. - On the Orientation of Erythropsis
ENTOMOLOGY22.210: SALMON,M.A.ET AL - The Aurelian Legacy,British Butterflies & Their Collectors
BOTANY23.19: BALIS,J.& LAWALREE,A. - L'Orchidee En Belgique
ENTOMOLOGY16143: GRIGARICK,A.A.& SCHUSTER,R.O. - Reichenbachia Found in the U.S. West of the Continental Divide (Coleoptera: Pselaphidae)
INVERTEBRATES18404: KOFOID,C.A.ET AL - A Comparison of the Distribution of the Intestinal Protozoa of the Norway Rat,Wood Rat & Guines Pig,with Ref. To the Hydrogen Ion Concentrations,Etc.
art452: EVERETT,F.[LUTTINGER,L.A.& GERSTELL,R.] - Pennsylvania Wildlife
GENERAL290NH: NEWTON,B.A.& REYNOLDS,P.E.(EDS.) - Biochemistry Studies of Antimicrobial Drugs,16th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology
ORNITHOLOGY4437: ZIMMERMAN,D.A.& VAN TYNE,J. - Distributional Check-List of Birds of Michigan
INVERTEBRATES23.347: SCHULTZ,G.A.ET AL - Lot of 40 Scientic Offprints & Papers on Arthropoda,Crustacea,Isopoda (Freshwater & Terrestrial)
SCIENCE15660: EZEKIEL,M.& FOX,K.A. - Methods of Correlation & Regression Analyis,Linear & Curvilinear
REGIONAL5646: ANDREE,S.A.ET AL - Letter from the Andree Party. The Ballon Expedition to the Pole-an Account of the Start by Fellow-Voyager,Nils Strindbert-Letters Relating to the Expedition,Etc.
PRIMATES1500: SEBEOK,T.A.& UMIKER-SEBEOK,J.(EDS.) - Speaking of Apes,a Critical Anthology of Two-Way Communication with Man
MAMMALS.GENERAL3415: WOOD,N.A.& DICE,L.R. - Records of the Distribution of Michigan Mammals
GENERAL0195: CAZIER,M.A.& BACON,A.L. - Introduction to Quantative Systematics
BIOGRAPHY24.8863: ALVI,M.A.& RAHMAN,A. - Jahangir the Naturalist
PALEONTOLOGY7558: SCHUCHERT,C.& COOPER,G.A. - Brachipod Genera of the Suborders Orthoidea & Pentameroidea
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.369: MARES,M.A.& SCHMIDLY,D.J.(EDS.) - Latin American Mammalogy;History,Biodiversity & Conservation
ichthyology23.462: MCCANN,J.A.& DREYER,F.A. - Length & Age Frequency Samples Collected from Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine Haddock Landings,1956-60
UNGULATES24.775: HARRIS,R.A.& DUFF,K.R. - Wild Deer in Britain
SCIENCE20.568: HARRIS,R.A.ET AL - Stress Triggers,Stress Shadows & Implications for Seismic Hazard
REGIONAL24.321: BLAKE,B.& BECHER,A. - The New Key to Costa Rica
ORNITHOLOGY93514: HUNTINGTON,D.& ZIMMERMAN,D.A.(EDS.) - New Mexico Bird Finding Guide
RODENTS5575: JACOBSON,H.A.ET AL - Diseases & Physiologic Characteristics of Two Cottontail Populations in Virginia
PALEONTOLOGY23.435: MCCUTCHEON,V.A.& WILSON,E.C. - Ptolemaia,a New Colonial Rugose Coral from the Lower Permian of Eastern Nevada & Western Russia
ICHTHYOLOGY22.665: HUBERT,W.A.& SCHMITT,D.N. - Summer & Fall Hoop Net Catches of Fish in the Upper Mississippi River
PALEONTOLOGY9455: FOURNIER,J.A.ET AL - Polycylindrichnus: Possible Silurian Tunicate Burrows from Southern Ontario
PALEONTOLOGY23.416: ESTES,R.& TIHEN,J.A. - Lower Vertebrates from the Valentine Formation of Nebraska
PALEONTOLOGY12485: BUZAS,M.A.ET AL - Ecology & Systematics of Foraminifera in Two Thalassia Habitats,Jamaica,West Indies
ICHTHYOLOGY12215: BANNER,A.& VAN ARMAN,J.A. - Thermal Effects on Eggs,Larvae & Juveniles of Bluegill Sunfish
ICHTHYOLOGY12217: BEAN,B.A.& WEED,A.C. - Descriptions of Two New Species of Electric Rays of the Family Narcobatidae from Deep Water Off the Southern Atlantic Coast of the U.S.
ORNITHOLOGY2404: LANE,J.A.& TVETEN,J.L. - A Birder's Guide to the Texas Coast
BOTANY22.77: STODDART,L.A.& SMITH,A.D. - Range Management
ENTOMOLOGY9175: HAWS,B.A.ET AL - Index to Information on Insects Associated with Western Wildland Shrubs
ICHTHYOLOGY18337: FORBES,S.A.& RICHARDSON,R.E. - Maps Showing Distribution of Illinois Fishes to Accompany a Report on the Fishes of Illinois
INVERTEBRATES23.316: NAKAMURA,K.& CHILD,C.A. - Pycnogonida from Waters Adjacent to Japan
BIG.CATS24.887: MCNEELY,J.A.& WACHTEL,P.S. - Soul of the Tiger,Searching for Nature's Answers in Exotic Southeast Asia
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