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ORNITHOLOGY492NH: LOOMIS,L.M. - Variation in the Albatrosses & Petrels
PALEONTOLOGY13444: LOOMIS,F.B. - The Deseado Formation of Patagonia (from the 8th Amherst Exped. Of 1911)
ORNITHOLOGY17368: LOOMIS,L.M. - On the Classification of the Albatrosses,Petrels & Diving Petrels
ENTOMOLOGY6180: LOPEZ,A.W. - Morphological Studies of the Head & Mouthparts of the Mature Codling-Moth Larva,Carpocapsa Pomonella (Linn. )
CANINES23.468: LOPEZ,B.H. - Of Wolves and Men
GENERAL5226: LOPEZ,B. - Crossing Open Ground
GENERAL0208: LOPEZ,B. - Apologia
BIOGRAPHY24.885: LORBIECKI,M. - Of Things Natural,Wild and Free
REGIONAL2665: LORD,E.C.E. - Petrographic Report on Rocks from the U.S. -Mexico Boundary
GENERAL283NH: LORENZ,K.(MARTIN,R.D.)TRANS. - Studies in Animal & Human Behaviour
GENERAL13254: LORENZ,K.( CRANACH,A.)ED.(MARTIN,R.D.)TRANS. - The Natural Science of the Human Species,an Introd. To Comparative Behavioral Research,the "Russian Manuscript" (1944-1948)
ORNITHOLOGY12471: LORENZ,K. - The Year of the Greylag Goose
REGIONAL24.5856: LOSSING,B.J. - The Romance of the Hudson (River) in Two Parts
GENERAL18275: LOTSY,J.P. - Vorlesungen Uber Deszendenztheorien
BOTANY24.931: LOTT,E.J. - Listados Floristicos de Mexico,III. La Estacion de Biologica Chamela,Jalisco
UNGULATES15684: LOTZE,K. - Das Ansprechen Des Hirsches,Maekmale Guter Und Schlechter Veranlagung
BOTANY9105: LOUGHRIDGE,R.H. - Humus & Humus-Nitrogen in California Soil Columns
RODENTS5581: SAINT-LOUP,M.REMY - Le Dolcichotis Patagonica,Recherches D'Anatomie Comparee
MARINE.MAMMALS7443: LOVE,J.A. - Sea Otters
PRIMATES93582: LOVELL,N.C. - Patterns of Injury & Illness in Great Apes,a Skeletal Analysis
SCIENCE16650: LOVELL,B. - The Story of Jodrell Bank
BIOGRAPHY24.62: LOVERIDGE,A. - Many Happy Days
REGIONAL11553: LOVERIDGE,A. - I Drank the Zambesi,a Naturalist's Safari in the African Mountains for a Last Glimpse of the Disappearing Wildlife.
HERPETOLOGY5280: LOVERIDGE,A. - East African Reptiles & Amphibians in the U.S. National Museum
REGIONAL93631: LOVIONS,A.(BROWER,D.R.)ED. - Eryri,the Mountains of Longing,an Interpretation & Case Study
HERPETOLOGY24.654: LOVTRUP,SOREN - The Mechanism of the Amphibian Primary Induction at the Cellular Level of Organization
ORNITHOLOGY16435: LOW,R. - The Parrots of South America
REGIONAL14599: LOWE,C.H. - Arizona's Natural Environment
geology23.928: H.A.LOWENSTAM - Marine Pool,Madison County,Illinois Silurian-Reef Producer
ENTOMOLOGY198NH: LOWER,H.F. - Annotated Catalogue of the Otitidae (Sens. Lat. ) (Diptera)Recorded from Australia,Indonesia & the Pacific Islands
BOTANY24.877: LOWREY,T.K. - A Biosystematic Revision of Hawaiian Tetramolopium (Compositate: Astereae)
ENTOMOLOGY19205: LOWRY,P.R. - Mosquitoes of New Hampshire,a Preliminary Report
ENTOMOLOGY19203: LOWRY,P.R. - Cicadellidae Leafhoppers of New Hampshire
ENTOMOLOGY19204: LOWRY,P.R. - Cicadellidae Leafhoppers of New Hampshire
ENTOMOLOGY19206: LOWRY,P.R. - The Stalk Borer,Life History in New Hampshire 1925-1926
INVERTEBRATES13340: LOYACANO,H.JR. - Acute & Chronic Effects of Salinity on Two Populations of Red Swamp Crawfish (Procambarus Clarki)
art54: ARTIQUE LTD.(EDS.) - Alaska's Artists in Washington,D.C.
fishing299: HARDY BROS.LTD.(EDS.) - Hardy's Anglers Guide,53rd Edition
art1382: SPORTSMAN'S EDGE LTD.(EDS.) - Exhibition Catalog
art1383: SPORTSMAN'S EDGE LTD.(EDS.) - Print Catalog
art1387: SPORTSMAN'S EDGE LTD.(EDS.) - Society of Animal Artists 1979 Exhibition-Convention
ART1432: LYONS LTD.(EDS.) - Bartlett's Views of America 1840
REGIONAL13509: NORECOL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD.(EDS.) - Cinola Gold Project Stage II Report,Vol. I Executive Summary
REGIONAL3592: LUARD,N. - The Last Wilderness,a Journey Across the Great Kalahari Desert
GENERAL2238: LUBBOCK,J. - Scientific Lectures
ENTOMOLOGY23.84: LUBIN,Y.D. - Adaptive Advantages & the Evolution of Colony Formation in Cyrtophora (Araneae: Araneidae)
SCIENCE20.584: LUCAS,DE.M. - Oceanographie Sedimentologique
ORNITHOLOGY2691: LUCAS,F.A. - Notes on the Anatomy & Affinities of the Coerebidae & Other American Birds
PALEONTOLOGY1623: LUCAS,F.A. - A Flightless Auk,Mancalla Californiensis from the Miocene of California
PALEONTOLOGY2656: LUCAS,F.A. - A New Snake from the Eocene of Alabama
PALEONTOLOGY2664: LUCAS,F.A. - The Fossil Bison of North America
ICHTHYOLOGY11262: LUCE,W.M. - A Survery of the Fishery of the Kaskaskia River (Illinois)
ART2876: LUCKEY,C.F. - Collecting Antique Bird Decoys,an Identification & Value Guide
art885: LUCKEY,C.F. - Collector Prints,Old and New
GENERAL4188: LUDWIG,H. - Dr. Johanes Lennis Snyopsis Der Thierkunde (Zoology)
GENERAL15267: LUDWIG,W. - Korpergrosse,Koperzeiten Und Energiebilanz,I-XIII
BIOGRAPHY868: LUEDERS,E. - The Clam Lake Papers,a Winter in the North Woods
ENTOMOLOGY7235: LUHMAN,J.C. - A Taxonomic Revision of Nearctic Endasys Foerster 1868 (Hymen. Ichneumonidae,Gelinae)
PALEONTOLOGY24.567: LULL,R.S. - The Evolution of the Elephants and Mastodons
SCIENCE12681: LUMMER,O. - Observations on Vision in Brightness and in Obsurcity,with a Hypothesis on the Cause of Color-Blindness
SCIENCE5638: LUMMER,O. - Light and Its Artificial Production
ARCHAEOLOGY759: LUMMIS,C.F. - Third Bulletin of the Southwest Society of the Archaeological Institute of America
REGIONAL24.41321: LUND,E.H. - Landforms Along the Coast of Southern Coos County,Oregon
ENTOMOLOGY4133: LUND,D. - All About Tarantulas
ENTOMOLOGY15195: LUND,E.E. - The Effect of Diet Upon the Intestinal Fauna of Termopsis
INVERTEBRATES6392: LUND,E.E. - A Correlation of the Silverline & Neuromotor Systems of Paramecium
INVERTEBRATES12438: LUNZ,G.R. - The Clam Situation in South Carolina
ENTOMOLOGY14256: LUPO,V. - Studio Morfologico,Anatomico E Istologice Della Anomala Ausonia Var. Neapolitana Reitt
BIOGRAPHY478: LURIE,E. - Louis Agassiz,a Life in Science
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY6727: LUSCHAN,F.V. - The Early Inhabitants of Western Asia
SCIENCE20.585: LUSCZYNSKI,N.J. - Filter-Press Method of Extracting Water Samples for Chlorid Analysis,General Ground Water Techniques
BOTANY19.61: LUTMAN,B.F. - Plant Diseases;Potato Spraying,Etc.
ORNITHOLOGY11395: LUTTRINGER,L.A.JR. - Pennsylvanis Bird-Life,a Booklet to Further the Study & Appreciation of Our Feathered Friends
art886: LUTTS,R.H. - The Nature Fakers,Wildlife,Science & Sentiment
biography.art886: LUTTS,R.H. - The Nature Fakers,Wildlife,Science & Sentiment
ENTOMOLOGY8192: LUTZ,A. - Tabaniden Brasiliens Und Einiger Nachbarstaaten (Bees)
ENTOMOLOGY10208: LUTZ,F.E. - Observations on Leaf-Cutting Ants
ICHTHYOLOGY16305: LUTZ,P.L. - Ionic Patterns in the Telepost (with) Body Compartmentalization & Ion Distribution in the Teleost (Perca. Fluviatilis) (with) Adaptive & Evolutionary Aspects of the Ionic Content of Fishes
INVERTEBRATES17314: LUTZ,F.E. - Notes on the Animal Life of Thermal Waters in the Yellowstone National Park
GENERAL0210: LUTZ,F.E. - Geographic Average,a Suggested Method for the Study of Distribution
REGIONAL0484: LUTZ,F.E. - Notes on the Animal Life of Thermal Waters in the Yellowstone National Park
RUNGULATES/REGIONAL23.985: HECK.LUTZ - Der Deutsche Edelhirsch. Ein Lebensbild Mit Photograph. Natururkunden A.D. Wildbahn
ichthyology23.686: LUX,F.E. - Age Determination of Fishes (Revised)
INVERTEBRATES13341: LWOFF,A.(ED.) - Biochemistry & Physiology of Protozoa
UNGUAATES24.401: LYDEKKER,R. - Wild Oxen,Sheep & Goats of All Lands,Living and Extinct,Parts 1 & 2
mammals.general23.423: LYDEKKER,R.(ED.) - II. Mammalia
mammals.general23.451: LYDEKKER,R. - II. Mammalia
MAMMALS.GENEAL12693: LYDEKKER,R. - Some Tibetan Animals
UNGULATES24.405: LYDEKKER,R. - Wild Oxen,Sheep and Goats of All Lands: Living and Extinct
MAMMALS.GENERAL17339: LYDEKKER,R. - Mostly Mammals,Zoological Essays
UNGULATES24.403: LYDEKKER,R. - The Sheep and It's Cousins
MISC.24.98120: KINGSTON.LYLE - On Behalf of the Unted
ichthyology23.669: LYLES,C.H. - Statistics of the Vessels Documented As Fishing Craft 1957-66
RODENTS93701: LYMAN,C.P. - Control of Coat Color in the Varying Hare,Etc.
INVERTEBRATES15373: LYNCH,J.E. - Studies on the Ciliates from the Intestine of Strongylocentrotus I. Entorhipidium Gen. Nov.
INVERTEBRATES15375: LYNCH,J.E. - Studies on the Ciliates from the Intestine of Strongylocentrotus II. Lechriopyla Mystax,Gen. Nov. Sp. Nov.
INVERTEBRATES17315: LYNCH,J.E. - Studies on the Ciliates from the Intestine of Strongylocentrotus I. Entorphipidium Gen. Nov.
INVERTEBRATES15374: LYNCH,J.E. - Studies on the Ciliates from the Intestine of Strongylocentrotus II. Lechriopyla Mystax,Gen. Nov.
INVERTEBRATES9342: LYNCH,J.E. - Studies on the Ciliates from the Intestine of Strongylocentrotus: II. Lechriopyla Mystax,Gen. Nov. ,S.P. Nov.
ORNITHOLOGY7493: LYNCH,G. - Canaries in Color
SCIENCE12821: LYNDE,C.J. - On Osmosis in Soils. The Efficiency of the Soil Constituents As Semi-Permeable Membranes
RODENTS1696: LYON,M.W.JR. - Remarks on the Giant Squirrels of Sumatra,with Descriptions of Two New Species
PALEONTOLOGY16497: LYON,G.M. - A Miocene Sea Lion from Lomita,California
UNGULATES1673: LYON,M.W.JR. - A Specimen of Typical Burchell's Zebra in the U.S. National Museum
MAMMALS.GENERAL19505: LYON,M.W.JR. - Notes on the Porcupines of the Malay Penisula & Archipelago
MAMMALS.GENERAL19506: LYON,M.W.JR. - Description of a New Species of Great Ant-Eater from Central America
MAMMALS.GENERAL19507: LYON,M.W.JR. - Mammal Remains from Two Prehistoric Village Sites in New Mexico & Arizona
MAMMALS.GENERAL4639: LYON,M.W.JR. - Notes on Mammals Collected at Mt. Rainier,Washington
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.5613: LYON,M.W.JR. - Mammals Collected in Eastern Sumatra by Dr. W.L. Abbott During 1903,1906 and 1907,with Descriptions of New Species and Subspecies
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.8134: LYON,M.W.JR. - Remarks on the Horns and on the Systematic Position of the American Antelope
PRIMATES19573: LYON,M.W. - Notes on the Slow Lemurs
RODENTS16627: LYON,M.W.JR. - Remarks on the Insectivores of the Genus Gymnura
MAMMALS.GENERAL3401: LYON,M.W. - Mammals of Indiana
MAMMALS.GENERAL19508: LYON,M.W.JR. - Mammals Collected in Western Borneo by Dr. W.L. Abbott
ichthyology23.674: LYON,G.H. - List of Fishery Associations in the United States,1967-68
MAMMALS.GENERAL1707: LYON,M.W.JR. - Notes on the Porcupines of the Malay Peninsula & Archipelago
RODENTS4621: LYON,M.W.JR. - The Squirrels of the Sciurus Vittatus Group in Sumatra
RODENTS4622: LYON,M.W.JR. - Description of a New Squirrel of the Sciurus Prevostii Group from Pulo Temaju,West Coast of Borneo
RODENTS4633: LYON,M.W.JR. - Notes on Some Squirrels of the Sciurus Hippurus Group,with Descriptions of Two New Species
ORNITHOLOGY493NH: LYON,W.I. - An Appeal to Bird Banders
RODENTS11596: LYON,M.W.JR. - A New Squirrel from Direction Island,South China Sea
RODENTS19624: LYON,M.W.JR. - Remarks on the Giant Squirrels of Sumatra,with Descriptions of Two New Species
PALEONTOLOGY11476: LYON,G.M. - Megalonyx Milleri,a New Pleistocene Ground Sloth from Southern California
FISHING24.8813: LYONS,NICK - Flyfisher's World
FISHING24.996: LYONS,NICK(ED.) - Fisherman's Bounty,a Treasury of Fascintating Lore and the Finest Stories from the World of Angling
MISC.24.88612: LYONS,J.E.(ED.) - The Derrydale Press - 4 Catalogs
REGIONAL2548: LYONS,C.P. - Milestones on the Mighty Fraser
SCIENCE23.457: LYONS,M.S. - Interpretation of Planar Structure in Drill-Hole Core
UNGULATES1600: ABELOOS,M.ET AL - Lot of 15 Scholarly Papers on Growth & Development: Artiodactyla (Ruminantia)
REGIONAL17623: SUAREZ,L.& GARCIA,M. - Extincion de Animales En El Ecuador,Descripcion de 60 Expecies Amenazadas
PALEONTOLOGY17535: URBANEK,A.& TOWE,K.M. - Ultrastructural Studies on Graptolites,1: The Periderm & Its Derivatives in the Dendroidea & in Mastigograptus
GENERAL285NH: MASSON,J.M.& MCCARTHY,S. - When Elephants Weep,the Emotional Lives of Animals
INVERTEBRATES22.383: BAYER,F.M.& VOSS,G.L.(EDS.) - Studies in Tropical American Mollusks
REGIONAL21.205: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic Map & Distribution of Heavy Minerals in Tertiary & Uppermost Cretaceous Rocks of the Buffalo 30' X 60' Quadrangle,Johnson & Campbell Counties, Wyoming
ENTOMOLOGY23.73: HARDMAN,J.M.& TURNBULL,A.L. - The Interaction of Spatial Heterogeneity,Predator Competition & Functional Response to Prey Density in a Laboratory System of Wolf Spider,Etc. & Fruit Flies,Etc.
ICHTHYOLOGY18330: BAILEY,R.M.ET AL - A List of Common & Scientific Names of Fishes from the U.S. & Canada
HERPETOLOGY1643: BANTA,A.M.& MCATEE,W.L. - The Life History of the Cave Salamander,Spelerpes Maculicaudus (Cope)
REGIONAL9585: TRAVASSOS,L.& RIBERIRO,A.DE M. - Informacoes Sobre O Material Helminthologico Colleccionado Na Ilha de Trindade Em 1916 (with) a Fauna Vertebrada Da Ilha Da Trindade
GENERAL8277: RENSBERGER,J.M.& BERRY,W.B, - An Automated System for Retrieval of Museum Data
ichthyology23.996: MALTZEFF,E.M.& ZIMMER,P,D. - Fall Chinook Salmon Returns to Hatcheries in the Bonneville Dam Pool Area 1945-60
PRIMATES14564: SCHRIER,A.M.& STOLLNITZ,F. - Behavior of Nonhuman Primates,Vol. 3: Modern Research Trends
REGIONAL24.876: AMIN,M.ET AL - William Holden's Journey Through Kenya
ENTOMOLOGY17163: WEBSTER,F.M.& PHILLIPS,W.J. - The Spring Grain-Aphis or "Green Bug"
ORNITHOLOGY19531: MACFARLAND,A.M.& MACDONALD,A.D. - An Annotated Check-List of the Birds of Hong Kong
ORNITHOLOGY18472: LINSDALE,J.M.& SUMNER,E.L.SR. - Variability in Weight in the Golden-Crowned Sparrow
HERPETOLOGY333NH: GREEN,D.M.ET AL - Karyology & Systematic Relationships of the Tail Fron Ascaphus Truei
ORNITHOLOGY5421: MACOUN,J.& J.M. - Catalogue of Canadian Birds
REGIONAL21.110: BALDWIN,E.M.ET AL - Geology of the Sheridan & Mcminnville Quardangles,Oregon
GEOLOGY24.853: PAGE,B.M.ET AL - Geology of the Bituminous Sandstone Deposits Near Edna,San Luis Obispo County,California
PALEONTOLOGY8489: LINSLEY,R.M.& KESLING,R.V. - A Detroit River (Middle Devonian) Fauna from the Subsurface of Illinois
SCIENCE8633: GROVE,T.M.ET AL - Analysis of Errors in Paramenter Estimation with Appliction to Physiological Systems
ICHTHYOLOGY15329: MURILLO,M.M.ET AL - Simposio Sobre Ciencias Marinas En Las Americas
ICHTHYOLOGY14404: BUCK,H.& HOOE,M. - The Production & Growth of F1 Hybrid Crappie
ICHTHYOLOGY14416: PAGE,L.M.& BURR,B.M. - The Life History of the Slabrock Darter,Etheostoma Smithi,in Ferguson Creek,Kentucky
ICHTHYOLOGY14417: PAGE,L.M.& MAYDEN,R.L. - The Life History of the Tennessee Snubnose Darter,Etheostoma Simoterum in Brush Creek,Tennessee
ICHTHYOLOGY14419: PAGE,L.M.& SMITH,P.W. - The Life History of the Dusky Darter,Percina Sciera,in the Embarras River,Illinois
GENERAL7312: MACKENTHUN,K.M.& INGRAM,W.M. - Biological Associated Problems in Freshwater Environments,Their I.D. ,Investigation & Control
INVERTEBRATES7406: KENSLEY,B.& SCHOTTE,M. - Guide to the Marine Isopod Crustaceans of the Caribbean
GENERAL18249: DANIEL,P.M.& PRICHARD,M.M. - Observations on the Vasular Anatomy of the Pituitary Gland,Etc. (with) Distribution of Hypophysial Portal Blook in the Anterior Lobe of Teh Pituitary Gland
REGIONAL12568: CROWLEY,K.& LINK,M. - Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
regional24.6007: COLE,L.J.,ALLEN,G.M.& BARBOUR,T. - Vertebrata from Yucatan;Introduction,Aves,Mammalia,Reptilia,Amphibia,Pisces
UNGULATES0547: BARTMANN,R.M.ET AL - Compensatory Mortality in a Colorado Mule Deer Population
INVERTEBRATES19490: MILNE,L.& M. - Invertebrates of North America
REGIONAL20.187: EBERTS,S.M.& GEORGE,L.L. - Regional Ground-Water Flow & Geochemistry in the Midwestern Basins & Arches Aquifer System in Parts of Indiana,Ohio,Michigan & Illinois
PRIMATES7575: NICHOLS,M.ET AL - The Great Apes,between Two Worlds
SCIENCE10647: DRILLIEN,C.M.ET AL - The Causes & Natural History of Cleft Lip & Palate
REGIONAL21.204: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic Map & Distribution of Heavy Minerals in Tertiary & Uppermost Cretaceous Rocks of the Recluse 30' X 60' Quadrangle,Campbell & Crook Counties,Wyoming
SCIENCE12744: THOMPSON,I.M.ET AL - An Experimental Anatomical Study of the Feeling of Pressure
REGIONAL21.199: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic Map & Distribution of Heavy Minerals in Tertiary Rocks of the Reno Junction 30' X 60' Quadrangle,Campbell & Weston Counties,Wyoming
REGIONAL21.201: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic Maps & Distriubtion of Heavy Minerals in Tertiary & Uppermost Cretaceious Rocks of the Douglas 30' X 60' Quadrangle,Converse & Platte Counties, Wyoming
REGIONAL21.202: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic Map & Distribution of Heavy Minerals in Tertiary Rocks of the Birney 30' X 60' Quadrangle,Big Horn,Rosebud & Posder River Counties,Montana
REGIONAL21.203: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic Map & Distribution of Heavy Minerals in Tertiary Rocks of the Sheridan 30' X 60' Quadrangle,Wyoming & Montana
REGIONAL21.225: EDWARDS,K.& BATSON,R.M. - Experimental Digital Shaded-Releif Maps of Wyoming
REGIONAL21.197: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic & Structure Map of the North Half of the Powder River Basin,S.E. Montant & N.E. Wyoming
REGIONAL21.198: DENSON,N.M.ET AL - Geologic &Structure Map of the South Half of the Powder River Basin & Adjacent Areas,N.E. Wyoming
ENTOMOLOGY16172: TOWNES,H.& M. - Ichneumon-Flies of American North of Mexico: 3. Subfamily Gelinae,Tribe Mesostenini
ENTOMOLOGY24.183: HUANG,Y.M.& SIRIVANAKARN,S. - New Guinea Mosquitoes,I. Aedes (Verrallina) of the Papuan Subregion (Diptera: Culicidae) (with) the Culex Subgenus Lophoceraomyia in New Guinea & Bismarck Archipelago,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY23.66: CRAIG,S.M.& WEBSTER,J.M. - Inhibition of Molting Desert Locust, Schistocera Gregaria,by the Nematode Parasite Mermis Nigrescens
ENTOMOLOGY14325: VARGAS,L.& PALACIOS,A.M. - Anofelinos Mexicanos Taxonomia Y Distribucion
ENTOMOLOGY14326: VARGAS,L.& PALACIOS,A.M. - Estudio Taxonomico de Los Mosquitoes Anofelinos de Mexico
ENTOMOLOGY14334: WHEELER,W.M.& BRUES,C.T. - The Ants of the Galapagos & Cocas Island (with) a New Species of Hymenopterous Genus Scleroderma,Etc.
ichthyology23.631: FALTER,C.M.& RINGE,R.R. - Pollution Effects on Adult Steelhead Migration in the Snake River
HERPETOLOGY18305: GOOD,G.M.& DANIEL,J.F. - Fertilization of Coelomic Eggs of Triturus Torosus
BOTANY2119: JOHNSON,H.M.ET AL - Red Alder of the Pacific Northwest,Its Utilization,with Notes on Growth & Management
ENTOMOLOGY15176: BOHART,R.M.& GILLASPY,J.E. - California Sand Wasps of the Subtribe Stictiellina
ICHTHYOLOGY24.324: PIERSON,J.M.ET AL - Fishes of the Cahaba Rivers System in Alabama
GENERAL173NH: MILNE,L.& M. - The Valley,Meadow,Grove & Stream
MISC.24.9985: GOULD,M.M.ET AL - Alaska's Coinage Through the Years
ENTOMOLOGY7240: ROTH,L.M.& WILLIS,E.R. - The Medical & Veterinary Importance of Cockroaches
ENTOMOLOGU24.4143: LAIRD,M.ET AL (EDS.) - Safety of Microbial Insecticides
ICHTHYOLOGY12370: SMITH,H.M.& RADCLIFFE,L. - Descriptions of Three New Fishes of the Family Chaetodontidae from the Philippine Islands
ICHTHYOLOGY19457: LEWIS,W.M.& CARLANDER,K.D. - Growth of the Yellow Bass,Morone Interrupta Gill,in Clear Lake,Iowa
ICHTHYOLOGY24.1987: HOWLAND,R.M.& KAVANAGH,G.(EDS.) - Sport Fishery Abstracts,Vol. ,19,No. 1,Abstracts 17035-17384
ORNITHOLOGY24.385: BENDER,M.ET AL - Budgerigar Fancy Monthly Bulletin,Jan. 1953 - Dec. 1953
ENTOMOLOGY22.227: TOWNES,H.& M. - Ichneumon-Flies of America North of Mexico: 1. Sufamily Metopiinae;2. Subfamiles Ephialtinae,Xoridinae, Acaenitinae;3. Subfamily Gelinae,Tribe Mesostenini
FISHING24.998144: THARP,M.M.ET AL(EDS.) - Sport Fishing-Today and Tomorrow
ENTOMOLOGY22.218: STAFFORD,E.M.& DOUTT,R.L. - Insect Grape Pests of Northern California
BOTANY586: HAY,R.& SYNGE,P.M. - Color Dictionary of Flowers & Plants for Home & Garden
INVERTEBRATES4280: DUNCAN,F.M.& L.T. - Dwellers in the Rock Pools
art1539: WARD,L.[& MCNEER,M.] - Prince Bantam,Being the Adventure of Yoshitsune the Brave & His Faithful Henchman,Great Benkei of the Western Pagoda
BOTANY1488: ALLEN,M.ET AL - Responses of Bahiabrass to Applied Nitrogen Phosphorus & Potassium
BOTANY13153: DEGRAAF,R.M.& WITMAN,G.M. - Trees,Shrubs & Vines for Attracting Birds
art1407: STOKES,W.M.& W.L. - Messages on Stone,Selections of Native Western Rock Art
ARCHAEOLOGY24.671: GILLIN,JOHN & ALLEN,G.M. - Archaeological Investigations in Central Utah,Joint Expedition of Utah & the Peabody Museum,Etc. (with) an Analysis of the Animal Bones
GENERAL314NH: WHEELER,W.M.& BARBOUR,T.(EDS.) - The Lamarck Manuscripts at Harvard
BOTANY9102: HOLMAN,R.M.& ROBBINS,W.W. - A Textbook of General Botany for Colleges & Universities
MISC.2341: PUNNETT,J.M.ET AL(EDS.) - St. Francis Yacht Club Constituion and by-Laws,Etc.
ORNITHOLOGY18479: OHLENDORF,H.M.ET AL - Exposure of Marine Birds to Environmental Pollutants
BOTANY1777: HALL,H.M.& GOODSPEED,T.H. - A Rubber Plant Survey of Western North America (with) Chrysil,a New Rubber from Chrysothamntus Nauseosus
BOTANY1896: LAWRENCE,G.H.M.& BAKER,K.F. - History of Botany: Two Papers Presented at a Symposium,Etc.
FISH197: QUINN,J.M.ET AL - Handbook to the Rogue River Canyon
GENERAL12167: CHERRETT,J.M.ET AL - The Control of Injurious Animals
ichthyology23.603: BERRA,T.M.& WEDD,D. - Alimentary Canal Anatomy and Diet of the Nurseryfish,Kurtus Gulliveri (Perciformes: Kurtidae) from the Northern Territory of Australia
ENTOMOLOGY14170: CARVALHO,J.C.M.& GAGNE,W.C. - Miridae of the Galapagos Islands (Heteroptera)
HERPETOLOGY93313: COCHRAN,D.M.& GOIN,C.J. - The New Field Book of Reptiles & Amphibians
ENTOMOLOGY0130: HULL,F.M.& FLUKE,C.L.JR. - The Genus Cheilosia Meigen (Diptera,Syrphidae)
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SCIENCE12790: MERRITT,C.A. - The Function of Colloids in Pegmatitic Growths

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