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ENTOMOLOGY14240: KELSEY,L.P. - New Scenopinidae (Diptera) from North America
ENTOMOLOGY6172: KELSEY,L.P. - Revision of the Scenopinidae (Diptera) of the World
SCIENCE5645: KELTIE,J.S. - The Function and Field of Geography
regional24.118: J.SCOTT KELTIE(ED.) - The Geographical Journal,Vol. III,No. 6
REGIONAL13674: KELTIE,J.S. - Stanley and the Map of Africa
regional24.2121: J.SCOTT KELTIE(ED.) - The Geographical Journal,Vol. 34,No. 4
SCIENCE5642: KELVIN,RIGHT HON.LORD,G.C.V.O. - The Age of the Earth As an Abode Fitted for Life
MARINE.MAMMALS1355: KELWAY,P. - The Otter Book
REGIONAL14594: KEMP,N. - The Conquest of the Antarctic
HERPETOLOGY5278: KEMP,N.E. - Regulation in the Entoderm of the Tree Frog Hyla Regilla
HERPETOLOGY5277: KEMP,N.E. - Regulation in the Entoderm of the Tree Frog Hyla Regilla
HERPETOLOGY1248: KEND,B.A. - Pythons of Australia
ICHTHYOLOGY24.77651: KENDAL,W.C. - The Fises of Labrador
ICHTHYOLOGY24.775: KENDALL,W.C. - The Fishes of Labrador
ICHTHYOLOGY12316: KENDALL,W.C. - Notes Upton Two Rae Flatfishes (Bymnachirus Fasciatus Gunther & G. Nudus Kaup)
ART4132: KENDALL,GEORGE(ED.) - Famous Sporting Prints IV-Coaching
ICHTHYOLOGY13309: KENDALL,W.C. - Report on the Fishes Collected by Mr. Owen Bryant on a Trip to Labrador in the Summer of 1908
ICHTHYOLOGY4656: KENDALL,W.C. - Indentity of a Supposed Whitefish,Coregonus Angusticeps Cuvier & Valenciennes,Wth a Northern Cyprinid,Platygobio Gracilis (Richardson)
GENERAL24.266: KENDALL,J.C.(ED.) - Publications of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station
ICHTHYOLOGY24.8823: KENDALL,W.C. - An Annotated Catalogue of the Fishes of Maine
BOTANY24.88: KENDALL,J.C.(ED.) - Twenty-Five Years of Research
GENERAL18276: M'KENDRICK,J.G. - Physiological Papers
BOTANY1894: KENG,H. - Comparative Morphological Studies in Theaceae
INVERTEBRATES24.348: KENK,R. - Revised List of the North American Freshwater Planarians (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Paludicola)
INVERTEBRATES23.260: KENK,R. - Biota of Freshwater Ecosystems,I.D. Manual No. 1,Freshwater Planarians (Turbellaria) of North America
INVERTEBRATES23.261: KENK,R. - Index of the Genera & Species of the Freshwater Triclads (Turbellaria) of the World
INVERTEBRATES10420: KENK,R. - Notes on Three Species of Aeolosoma (Oligochaeta) from Michagan
ORNITHOLOGY16430: KENNARD,F.H. - Encouraging Birds Around the Home
BOTANY9104: KENNEDY,P.B. - New Grasses for California,I Phalaris Stenoptera Hack.
BOTANY1780: KENNEDY,H. - Systematics & Pollination of the "Closed-Flowered" Species of Calathea (Marantaceae)
ICHTHYOLOGY8339: KENNEDY,C.H. - A Possible Enemy of the Mosquito
ENTOMOLOGY24.7143: KENNEDY,C.H. - Some Interesting Dragon-Fly Naiads from Texas
ENTOMOLOGY24.7765: KENNEDY,C.H. - Notes on the Odonata,or Dragonflies of Bumping Lake,Washington
BOTANY1895: KENNEDY,P.B. - Annotated List of the Wild Flowers of California
INVERTEBRATES23.262: KENSLEY,B. - On the Zoogeography of Southern Africa Decapod Crustacea,with a Distributional Checklist of the Species
INVERTEBRATES23.265: KENSLEY,B. - On the Zoogeography of Southern Africa Decapod Crustacea,with a Distributional Checklist of the Species
INVERTEBRATES23.264: KENSLEY,B. - Anthuridean Isopod Crustaceans from the International Indian Ocean Expedition,1960-1965,in the Smithsonian Collections
INVERTEBRATES23.267: KENSLY,B. - New Records of Bresiliid Shrimp from Australia,South Africa,Caribbean & Gult of Mexico (Decapoda: Natantia: Caridae)
GENERAL93282: KENT,G.C. - Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates
ORNITHOLOGY11388: KENT,D.C. - The Birds of Nepal: A Zoogeographic Analysis
MARINE.MAMMALS9390: KENYON,K.W. - The Sea Otters in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
MARINE.MAMMALS446NH: KENYON,K.W. - The Sea Otter in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
MARINE.MAMMALS16385: KENYON,K.W. - The Sea Otter
GENERAL8264: KEOSIAN,J. - The Origin of Love
ORNITHOLOGY6469: KERBES,R.H. - Lesser Snow Geese in the Eastern Canadian Arctic
SCIENCE13144: KERKER,M. - The Svedberg & Molecular Reality
REGIONAL8570: KERNER,R.J. - Northeastern Asia,a Selected Bibliography: Vol. II
REGIONAL7614: KERNER,R.J. - The Urge to the Sea,the Role of Rivers,Portages,Ostrogs & Monasteries & Furs
BIOGRAPHY1039: KERR,J.L. - Wilfred Grenfell,His Life & Work
GENERAL0205: KERR,D.F. - My Island Zoo
SCIENCE24.911: KERR,R.A. - Venus: Not Simple or Familiar,But Interesting;the Pioneer Venus Mission Has Struck the Final Blow to Benus's Image As Earth's Twin
SCIENCE16764: KERSHAW,J.B.C. - Progress in Electro-Metallurgy
BIOGRAPHY1395: KERSTEN,K. - Der Weltumsegler,Johann Georg Adam Forster 1754-1794
ORNITHOLOGY11364: DE KERVILLE,H.G. - Note Sur L'Interessant Plumage D'Un Fou de Bassan (Sula Bassana) Oiseau Palmipede
ENTOMOLOGY14241: KERZHNER,I.M. - Insects of the Galapagos Islands (Heteroptera,Nabidae)
ENTOMOLOGY1158: KESSEL,E.L. - The Genus Calotarsa,with Spec. Ref. To C. Insignis Aldrich (Diptera: Platypezidae)
GENERAL6251: KESSEL,E.L.(ED.) - A Century of Progress in the Natural Sciences 1853-1953
INVERTEBRATES15362: KESSEL,J.F. - Intestinal Protozoa of Monkeys
INVERTEBRATES9339: KESSEL,J.F. - The Distinguishing Characteristics of the Parasitic Amoebae of Culture Rats & Mice
ENTOMOLOGY16148: KESSEL,E.L. - The Embryology of Fleas
ICHTHYOLOGY23.421: KESTEVEN,G.L.(ED.) - Manual of Field Methods in Fisheries Biology
Fish99: KETCHUM,W.C.JR. - Sports Collectibles for Fun & Profit
ENTOMOLOGY14242: KEVAN,D.K.M. - Pyrgomorphidae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) Collected in Africa by E.S. Ross & R.E. Leech,1957-1958,with Descriptions of New Species
PRIMATES4470: KEVLES,B. - Thinking Gorillas,Testing & Teaching the Greatest Ape
REGIONAL19602: KEYES,C.R. - Iowa Geological Survey,Volume II. Coal Deposits of Iowa
BIOGRAPHY1564: KEYNES,G.(ED.) - The Apologie & Treatise of Ambroise Pare,Containing the Voyages Made Into Divers Places with Many of His Writings Upon Surgery
ICHTHYOLOGY15325: KEYS,A,B. - The Derivatives of the Hypobranchial Arteries in Hexanchus Corinus
ICHTHYOLOGY17272: KEYS,A.B. - Influence of Varying Oxygen Tension Upon the Rate of Oxygen Consumption of Fishes
ICHTHYOLOGY5324: KEYS,A.B. - Study of Selective Action of Decreased Salinity & of Asphyxiaton on Pacific Killifish,Fundulus Parvipinnis
ARCHAEOLOGY24.645: KIDDER,A.V. - The Archeological Importance of Guatemala
ARCHAEOLOGY1728: KIDDER,A.V. - The Future of Man in the Light of His Past,the View-Point of an Archaeologist
INVERTEBRATES15363: KIDDER,G.W. - Streblomastix Strix,Morphology & Mitosis
PALEONTOLOGY8487: KIER,P.M. - Lantern Support Structures in the Clypeasteroid Echinoids
art418: KIERNAN,J. - An Introduction to Birds
ENTOMOLOGY8188: KILLINGTON,F.J. - A Monograph of the British Neuroptera
ENTOMOLOGY22.181: KIMBALL,C.P. - Anthropods of Florida & Neighboring Land Areas,Vol. I: Lepidoptera of Florida
REGIONAL7615: KINDERSLEY,R.M.(ED.) - The Governor & Company of Adventurers of England Trading Into Hudson's Bay During Two Hundred & Fifty Years 1670-1920
PALEONTOLOGY15502: KINDLE,E.M. - Notes on the Geology & Paleontology of the Lower Saskatchewan River Valley
PALEONTOLOGY15503: KINDLE,E.M. - The Discovery of a Portage Fauna in the Mackenzie River Valley
PALEONTOLOGY15504: KINDLE,E.M. - Recent & Fossil Ripple-Mark
REGIONAL12793: KINDLE,E.M. - The Physical & Biological Characteristics of Certain Types of Marlyte Balls from Manitoba & Michigan
PALEONTOLOGY18509: KINDLE,E.M. - The Fauna & Stratigraphy of the Jefferson Limestone in the Northern Rocky Mountain Region
REGIONAL7616: KING,P.B. - The Tectonics of North America,a Discussion to Accompany the Tectonic Map of North America Scale 1: 5,000,000
REGIONAL10588: KING,C. - An Extract from Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada
SCIENCE12820: KING,L.V. - On the Gradient of the Penetrating Radiation from the Earth
art773: KING,C.B.[COSENTINO,A.J.] - The Paintings of Charles Bird King (1785-1862)
art1089: KING,C. - A Daughter of the Sioux,a Tale of the Indian Frontier
MARINE.MAMMALS24/378: KING,J.E. - Seals of the World
ORNITHOLOGY3464: KING,W.B. - The Trade Wind Zone Oceanography Pilot Study,Pt. 7: Observations of Sea Birds,Mar. 1964 to Jun. 1965
HERPETOLOGY7350: KING,F.W. - Housing,Sanitation & Nutrition of Reptiles
PALEONTOLOGY17447: KING,G.M. - Encyclopedia of Paleoherpetology,Vol. 17,Part 17,Anomodontia
HERPETOLOGY5279: KING,H.D. - Effects of External Factors,Acting Before or During the Time of Fertilization,on the Sex Ration of Bufo Lentiginous
RODENTS18612: KING,H.D. - Lot of 37 Scholarly Papers on Genetics & Life Processes in the Albino & Norway Rats
REGIONAL20.501: KING,P.B. - The Tectonics of North America - a Discussion to Accompany the Tectonic Maps of North America Scale 1: 5,000,000
SCIENCE24.545: KING,L.C. - Necessity for Continental Drift
ICHTHYOLOGY10391: MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF UNITED KINGDOM(EDS.) - International Fishery Investigations. 4th Annual Report (Southern Area) on Fishery & Hydrographical Investigations in the North Sea & Adjacent Waters
REGIONAL22.572: KINGDON,J. - Island Africa,the Evolution of Africa's Rare Animals & Plants
botany24.6115: KINGSBURY,J.M. - Poisonous Plants of the U.S. & Canada
SCIENCE6634: KINGSLEY,C. - The Limits of Exact Science As Applied to History,an Inaugural Lecture,Etc.
MARINE.MAMMALS7440: KINGSTON,W.H.G. - Peter the Whaler;His Early Life & Adventures in the Arctic Regions & Other Parts of the World
GENERAL3192: KINKHEAD,E. - Wildness Is All Around Us
RODENTS14620: KINLOCH,B. - Sauce for the Mongoose,the Story of a Real-Life Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
ENTOMOLOGY16149: KINN,D.N. - The Life Cycle & Behavior of Cercoleipus Coelonotus (Acarina: Mesostigmata) Incl. A Survey of Phoretic Mite Associates of California Scolytidae
FISHING431: KINNELL,GALWAY - Angling,a Day and Other Poems
REGIONAL20.270: KINNISON,H.B. - Evaluation of Streamflow Records in Yakima Region Basin,Washington
REGIONAL10590: KINROSS,LORD - Europa Minor,Journeys in Coastal Turkey
INVERTEBRATES17309: KIRA,T. - Shells of the Western Pacific in Color,Vol. I
INVERTEBRATES24.579: KIRBY,H.JR. - Morphology and Mitosis of Dinenympha Fimbriate Sp. Nov.
GENERAL10304: KIRBY,W. - On the Power,Wisdom & Goodness of God As Manifested in the Creation of Animals & in Their History,Habits & Instincts
INVERTEBRATES16995: KIRBY,H.JR. - Snyderella & Coronympha,Two Genera of Multinucleate Flagellates from Termites
ENTOMOLOGY16152: KIRBY,H.JR. - Cryptotermes Hermsi Sp. Nov. ,a Termite from Fanning Island
INVERTEBRATES1312: KIRBY,H.JR. - On Staurojoenina Assimilus Sp. Nov. ,an Intestinal Flagellate from the Termite,Kalotermies Minor Hagen (and) the Intestinal Flagellates of the Termite Cryptotermes Hermsi Kirby
ART24.9834: KIRBY,KEN - Dean River,British Columbia
ENTOMOLOGY2179: KIRBY,H.JR. - Flagellates of the Genus Trichonympha in Termites
ENTOMOLOGY18179: KIRBY,H.JR. - Flagellates of the Genus Trichonympha in Termites
ENTOMOLOGY18180: KIRBY,H.JR. - Trichomonad Flagellates from Termites: II. Eutrichomastix & the Subfamily Trichomonadinae
ENTOMOLOGY18181: KIRBY,H.JR. - Trichomonad Flagellates from Termites, I. Tticeromitus Gen. Nov. & Hexamastix Alexeieff
INVERTEBRATES6378: KIRBY,H. - Gigantomonas Herculea Dogiel,a Polymastigote Flagellate with Flagellated & Amoeboid Phases of Development
INVERTEBRATES6379: KIRBY,H. - The Devescovinid Flagellates Caduceia Theogromae Franca Pseudodevescovina Ramosa New Species & Macrotrichomonas Pulchra Grassi
ENTOMOLOGY16150: KIRBY,H. - The Structural Characteristics & Nuclear Parasites of Some Species of Trichonympha in Termites
ENTOMOLOGY16151: KIRBY,H. - The Structural Characteristics & Nuclear Parasites of Some Species of Trichonympha in Termites
INVERTEBRATES6380: KIRBY,H. - Devescovinid Flagellates of Termites,Parts 1 Though 5
ENTOMOLOGY8190: KIRBY,W. - Hiftory of Tipula Tritici & Ichneumon Tipulate,with Some Obfervations Upon Other Infects That Attend the Wheat,in a Letter to Thomas Marfham,Efq.
ORNITHOLOGY8438: KIRCHNER,H. - Der Bogel IM Fluge,1. Baffer Und Strandlaufer
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.136: KIRK,V.M. - A List of Beetles of South Carolina,Part 1. Northern Coastal Plain
BIOGRAPHY178: KIRK,R. - Animals Crackers,Veterinary Tales from Europe & Africa
PALEONTOLOGY24.77651: KIRK,EDWIN - Notes on the Fossil Crinoid Genus Homocrinus Hall
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY12727: KIRKCONNELL,W. - Six 16th Century Forerunners of Milton's Samson Agonistes
FIREARMS24.776: KIRKLAND,TURNER - Southern Derringers of the Mississippi Valley
FIREARMS596: KIRKLAND,TURNER - Southern Derringers of the Mississippi Valley
BOTANY1675: KIRSCH,S. - On the Development & Function of Certain Structures in the Stipe & Rhizome of Pteris Aquilina & Other Pteriodphytes
EVOLUTION24.244: KITAHARA,M. - The Tragedy of Evolution,the Human Animal Confronts Modern Society
ORNITHOLOGY5414: KITCHING,J. - Birdwatcher's Guide to Wildlife Sanctuaries
art777: KITTELSEN,T.[HOLAAS,O.] - Kunst I Skolen
RODENTS12624: KITTS,J.R. - The Annual Demography of a Popultion of Antelope Ground Squirrels in Curlew Valley,Utah
PALEONTOLOGY0389: KITTS,D.B. - American Hyracoatherium (Perissodactyla,Equidae)
HERPETOLOGY9272: KLAUBER,L.M. - A New Insular Subspecies of the Speckled Rattlesnake
HERPETOLOGY93326: KLAUBER,L.M.(MCCLUNG,K.H.)ED. - Rattlesnakes,Their Habits,Life Histories & Influence on Mankind
ICHTHYOLOGY12318: KLEEREKOPER,H. - Effects of Copper on the Locomotor Orientation of Fish
GENERAL93265: COHEN,MALPASS & KLEIN - Biosocial Mechanisms of Population Regulation
BIOGRAPHY179: KLEIN,M.(BROWNJOHN,J.M.)TRANS. - Animals My Teachers,the Autobiography of a Veterinary Surgeon
REGIONAL24.941: KLEIN,J. - Where to Find Gold in Southern California
REGIONAL16576: KLEINPELL,R.M. - Miocene Stratigraphy of California
ORNITHOLOGY10465: KLIGERMAN,J.(ED.) - The Birds of John Burroughs,Keeping a Sharp Lookout
UNGULATES10668: KLIMOV,V.V. - The Prevolosky Horse
MAMMALS.GENERAL18444: KLINE,L.(ED.) - Colorado Bowhunting Records of Big Game Animals
ARCHERY24.886: KLINE,LEE(ED.) - Colorado Bowhunting Records of Big Game Animals
SCIENCE12682: KLINGELFUSS,FR. - A Lightning Spiral Observaed Near Basel
RODENTS13535: KLINGENER,D. - The Comparative Myology of Foru Dipodoid Rodents (Genera Zapus,Napaeozapus,Sicista & Jaculus)
FISHING23.4165: KLINK,J, - The Mighty Cortez Fish Trap
INVERTEBRATES20.82: KLOKACIOVA,Z. - Azione Dei Cloruri Di LI,K,Na,Casulla Divisione E Sue Vacuoli Contrattili Di Paramaecium Candatum
GENERAL16230: KLOPFER,P.H. - Habitats & Territories,a Study of the Use of Space by Animals
ENTOMOLOGY0132: KLOTS,A.B. - Type Material of North American Microlepidoptera Other Than Aegeriidae in the American Museum of Natural History
ENTOMOLOGY18182: KLOTS,A.B. - Butterflies of North America,East of the Great Plains
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.125: KLOTS,A.B. - Directions for Preserving Insects
SCIENCE12758: KLOTZ,O. - Analysis of Earthquake Waves
GENERAL24.595: KLVVERI,HENRICI (HEINRICH KLUVER) - Commentatio Ivridica Ad Ictorvm Axioma: Cvilibet in Svo Ad Coe-LVM Vsqve Aedificate Licet
ENTOMOLOGY4648: KNAB,F. - Observations on the Mosquitoes of Saskatchewan
ENTOMOLOGY24.9671: KNAB,F. - Gad-Flies (Tabanidae) of the Genus Stibasoma
ENTOMOLOGY24.8862: KNAB,F. - New Moth-Flies (Psychodidae) Bred from Bromeliaceae and Other Pltants
BOTANY7162: KNAP,A.H. - Wild Harvest,an Outdoorsman's Guide to Edible Wild Plants in North America
BIOGRAPHY056: KNAPP,J.L. - The Journal of a Naturalist
FISHING23.857: KNAPP,K.J.(KNAPP,R.)ED. - Wyoming Fishing Guide
REGIONAL3588: KNAPP,J.L. - The Journal of a Naturalist
FISHING24.9543: KNECHT,G.B. - Hooked; Pirates,Poaching and the Perfect Fish
SCIENCE9687: KNEELAND,Y.JR. - Filterable Viruses in Upper Respiratory Infection
ORNITHOLOGY5415: KNIGHT,C. - The Domestic Habits of Birds
ORNITHOLOGY5416: KNIGHT,C.W.R. - Wild Life in the Tree Tops
PALEONTOLOGY17448: KNIGHT,J.B. - Some New Genera of the Bellerophontacea
GENERAL3193: KNIGHT,D.M. - Natural Science Books in English,1600-1900
INVERTEBRATES10421: KNIGHT,M.D. - The Larval Deleopment of Blepharipoda Occidentalis Randall & B. Spinimana (Philippi)(Decapoda,Albuneidae)
UNGULATES12665: KNIPE,T. - The Javelina in Arizona
ENTOMOLOGY22.184: KNIPLING,E.F. - The Basic Principles of Insect Population Suppression & Management
ENTOMOLOGY15193: KNIPLING,E.F. - The Basic Principles of Insect Population Suppression & Management
BIOGRAPHY1040: KNOEFEL,P.K. - Felice Fontana Life and Works
FISHING23.5132: KNOGHT,J.A. - Ol' Bill and Other Stories
GEOLOGY24.572: KNOPF,A. - Geology of the Seward Peninsula Tin Deposits
REGIONAL24.572: KNOPF,A. - 17. Notes on the Foothill Copper Belt of the Sierra Nevada (with) 18. An Alteration of Coast Range Serpentine
REGIONAL21.338: KNOTT,J.M. - Effects of Urbanization on Sedimentation & Floodflows in Colma Creek Basin,California (O-F Report)
REGIONAL5524: KNOWLER,D. - The Falconer of Central Park
PALEONTOLOGY4684: KNOWLTON,F.H. - Descriptions of Fossil Plants from the Mesozoic & Cenozoic of North America I. Two New Fossil Chain-Ferns (Woodwardia) from Oregon & Wyoming
PALEONTOLOGY4641: KNOWLTON,F.H. - Description of a Collection of Kootanie Plants from the Great Falls Coal Field of Montana
GENERAL17297: KNUDSEN,J.W. - Biological Techniques;Collecting,Preserving & Illustrating Plants & Animals
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY220: KNUDTSON,P.M. - The Wintun Indians of California & Their Neighbors
ENTOMOLOGY10198: KNULL,D.J. - The Genus Neocoelidia in the United States (Homoptera: Cicadelliade)
ENTOMOLOGY14248: KNUTSON,H. - Identification of Female Anophelines of the U.S.
REGIONAL93628: KNYSTAUTAS,A. - The Natural History of the Ussr
INVERTEBRATES8374: KOBAYASHI,I. - Various Patterns of Biomineralization & Its Phylogenetic Significances in Bivalve Molluscs
PALEONTOLOGY16494: KOBAYASHI,T. - Faunal Study of the Wanwanian (Basal Ordovician) Series with Spec. Notes on the Ribeiridae & the Ellesmereoceroids
ORNITHOLOGY24.392: KOBAYASHI,K. - Common Birds of Japan in Color
SCIENCE20.578: KOBERG,G.E. - Methods to Compute Long Wave Radiation from the Atmosphere & Reflected Solar Radiation from a Water Surface
PALEONTOLOGY22.505: KOCH,P.L. - Clinal Geographic Variation in Mammals,Implictaion for the Study of Chronoclines
INVERTEBRATES1331: KOCH,D.A. - An Experimental Study of the Effects of Dyes,of Dye Mixtures & of Disinfectants Upon Endamoeba Gingivalis (Gros) in Vitro
INVERTEBRATES15365: KOCH,D.A. - Relation of Moisture & Termperature to the Viability of Endamoeba Gingivalis (Gros) in Vitro
REGIONAL20.271: KOCKELMAN,W.J. - Reducing Earthquake Hazards in Utah,the Crucial Connection between Research & Its Use,a Preliminary Report
ENTOMOLOGY1160: KOEHLER,C.S. - Insect Pest Management Guidelines for California Landscape Ornamentals
INVERTEBRATES22.398: KOEHLER,R. - A Contribution to the Study of Ophiurans of the U.S. National Museum
biography23.3034: H.M.KOELBING - Historical Document: Scientific Autographs - VII. Granit & Sherrington
PALEONTOLOGY17449: KOENIG,J.W. - Fenestrate Bryozoa in the Chouteau Group of Central Missouri
REGIONAL638NH: KOENIG,L. - Nature Stories from the Vienna Woods
REGIONAL24.5031: KOENNINGER,TOM(ED.) - Mount St. Helens Holocaust,a Diary of Destruction
PALEONTOLOGY15505: KOERDELL,M.M. - Nota Sobre Plantas Fosiles Del Retico Dy Ayuquila (Huajuapan de Leon),Oax.
PALEONTOLOGY15506: KOERDELL,M.M. - Los Vertebrados Fosiles Del Cuaternario En Mexico
BIOGRAPHY93108: KOFALK,H. - No Woman Tenderfoot,Florence Merriam Bailey,Pioneer Naturalist
INVERTEBRATES18395: KOFOID,C.A. - Haeckel's Sethocephalus Eucecry-Phalus (Radillaria) a Marine Ciliate
INVERTEBRATES18394: KOFOID,C.A. - Notes on the Tintinnoina: 1. On the Probable Origin of Dictyocysta Tiara Haeckel,2. On Petalotricha Entzi Sp. Nov.
INVERTEBRATES18401: KOFOID,C.A.&SWEZY,O. - Mitosis & Fission in the Active & Encysted Phases of Giardia Enterica (Grassi) of Man,with a Discussion of the Method of Origin of Bilateral Symmetry in the Polymastigote Glagellates
INVERTEBRATES15367: KOFOID,C.A. - On Councilmania Dissimilis Sp. Nov. ,an Intestinal Amoeba from Man
INVERTEBRATES18396: KOFOID,C.A. - Dinoflagellata of the San Diego Region,II. On Triposolenia,a New Genus of the Dinophysidae (with) a Discussion of Species Characters I Triposolenia (with) on the Significance of the Asymmetry in Tripololenia
RODENTS7678: KOFORD,C.B. - Prarie Dogs,Whitefaces & Blue Grams
UNGULATES17670: KOFORD,C.B. - The Vicuna & the Puma
BIOGRAPHY1396: KOHLER,R.E. - G.N. Lewis's Views on Bond Theory 1900-16
BIOGRAPHY24.560: KOHLMEYER,F.W. - Timber Roots,the Laird,Norton Story,1866-1905
BIOGRAPHY477: KOHLSTEDT,S.G.(ED.) - The Origins of Natural Science in America,the Essays of George Brown Goode
GENERAL24.5132: KOHN,H.E. - Thoughts Afield,Meditations Through the Seasons
MISC.24.880: KOHN,H.E. - Pathways to Understanding,Outdoor Adventures in Meditation
CANINES22.83: KOLB,H.H. - Variation in the Size of Foxes in Scotland
FISHING24.6132: KOLLER,LARRY - The Treasury of Angling
FISHING24.88714: KOLOGE,B.R. - Amc Guide to Freshwater Fishing in New England,How & Where to Fish in All Six New England States
ENTOMOLOGY14250: KOMP,W.H.W. - The Anopheline Mosquitoes of the Caribbean Region
ENTOMOLOGY10199: KOMP,W.H.W. - The Anopheleine Mosquitoes of the Caribbean Region
ICHTHYOOGY24.9981: KONDO,R.H. - Instant Nature Guide,Fishes
SCIENCE12647: KONEV,S.V.(UDENFRIEND,S.)TRANS.ED. - Florescence & Phosphorescence of Proteins & Nucleic Acids
FISHING24.89: KONIZESKI,R.L.(ED.) - The Original and Only Montanan's Fishing Guide 1965-1966
PALEONTOLOGY23.429: KOOPMAN,K.F. - A Fossil Vampire Bat from Cuba
RODENTS18614: KOPEC,S. - On the Influence Exerted by Certain Factors on the Birth Weight of Rabbits
ORNITHOLOGY488NH: KOPLIN,J.R. - Reproductive Performance of Ospreys (Pandion Haliaetus) in N.W. California
REGIONAL3589: KOPMAN,H.H. - Wild Acres,a Book of the Gulf Coast Country
ORNITHOLOGY93518: KOPMAN,H.H. - Wild Acres,a Book of the Gulf Coast Country
GENERAL16231: KOPSCH,F. - Rauber's Lehrbuch Der Anatomie Des Menschen
ENTOMOLOGY24.190: KORMILEV,N.A. - Mezirinae of the Oriental Region & South Pacific (Hemiptera-Heteroptera: Aradidae)
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SCIENCE17.619: LIPMAN,C.B. - The Distribution and Activities of Bacteria in Soils of the Arid Region
SCIENCE17.631: LIPMAN,C.B,& BURGESS,P.S. - The Effect of Copper,Zinc,Iron and Lead Salts on Ammonification and Nitrification in Soils
SCIENCE16.610: LIPMAN,C.B. - The Theory of Antagonism of Salts and Its Significance in Soil Studies
SCIENCE17.622: LIPMAN,C.B. - A Thorough Training for Specialists in Agronomy
SCIENCE17.624: LIPMAN,C.B. - The Effect of Ignition on the Solubility of Soil Phosphate
SCIENCE17.718: LIPMAN,C.B. - On Physiologically Balanced Solutions for Bacteria (B. Subtilis)
SCIENCE17.616: LIPMAN,C.B. - The "Nemesis of Mediocrity",a Rejoinder
SCIENCE0542: LIPMAN,C.B. - Are There Living Bacteria in Stony Meteorites?
BOTANY22.59: LIPPERT,W. - Gros Plan Sur Les Fleurs Des Montagnes
REGIONAL12689: LIPPINCOTT,J.B. - The Yuma Reclamation Project
PALEONTOLOGY9465: LIPPS,J.H. - Planktonic Foraminifera,Intercontinental Correlation & Age of California Mid-Cenozoic Microfaunal Stages
MISC.24.9080: LIPTON,JAMES - An Exaltation of Larks or,the Venereal Game
FISHING24.6654: LISELLA,C.(ED.) - Catalog No. 12 - the Jordan-Mills Rod Co. - Classic and Vintage Fishing Tackle
ENTOMOLOGY19202: LIST,G.M. - Recommendations for Codling-Moth Control in Colorado for 1934
REGIONAL4526: LITTELL,B. - South of the Moon,on Stanley's Trail Through the Dark Continent
INVERTEBRATES7408: LITTLE,E.J. - Observations on Recruitment of Postlarval Spiny Lobsters,Panulirus Argus,to the South Florida Coast
SCIENCE8678: LITTLE,A.D. - The Romance of Carbon
GENERAL24.1723: LITTLE,A.D. - Natural Resources in Their Relations to Military Supplies
INVERTEBRATES12436: LITTLEFORD,R.A. - The Life Cycle of Dactylometra Quinquecirrha, L. Agassiz in the Chesapeake Bay
MISC.24.8864: LIU,A.J. - American Sporting Collector - Fly Rod Catalog
FISHING24.8621: LIU,A.J. - American Sporting Collector Fishing Tackle Catalog,Spring '90
MISC.24.9983: LIU,A.J. - American Sporting Collector - Sporting Collectible Catalog
MISC.24.886: LIU,A.J.(ED.) - The American Sprting Collector's Handbook
MISC.24.9876: LIU,A.J. - American Sporting Collector - Sporting Collectible Catalog
FISHING23.1423: LIVINGSTON,A.D. - Fly-Rodding for Bass
art820: LIVINGSTON,J.A. - Birds of the Northern Forest
BIOGRAPHY102NH: LIVINGSTONE,D.N. - Nathaniel Southgate Shaler & the Culture of American Science
HERPETOLOGY15305: LIZARDLOVER,H.(ED.) - Its Alive,Iguana Owner's Manual,in-Depth Information We Can Trust
BOTANY1783: LLOYD,R.M. - Systematics of the Onocleoid Ferns
CANINES24.776: LLOYD,F. - Spaniels and Their Training,Their Breeding and Rearing,Etc.
MARINE.MAMMALS7442: LLOYD,A.R. - The Last Otter
BOTANY12799: LLOYD,F.E. - Foourescence Inthe Cyanophyceae
ORNITHOLOGY11392: LLOYD,C.S. - Factors Affecting Breeding of Razorbills Alca Torda on Skokholm
SCIENCE12888: LLOYD,F.E. - The Occurrence & Functions of Tannin in the Living Cell
BOTANY12771: LLOYD,F.E. - Absission of Fruits in Juglans Californica Quercina
BOTANY12772: LLOYD,F.E. - On the Mutual Precipitation of Dyes & Plant Mucilages
REGIONAL24.77124: LNDI,VAL - The Bantam Great Outdoors Vacation 7 Lodging Guide,Western U.S. & Alaska
art863: LOATES,G.[PETERSON,R.L.] - Mammals in Profile,2
art864: LOATES,G.[WARNER,G.] - Glen Loates,a Brush with Life
SCIENCE10656: LOBECK,A.K. - Geomorphology,an Introduction to the Study of Landscapes
ENTOMOLOGY93200: LOBSENZ,N.M. - The Insect World,Ants,Bees,Wasps,Butterflies & Many Other Insects & Their Relatives,Including Spiders & Centipedes
FISHING24.99874: LOCHEN,GUDNEY - Laksefiske I Meraker
ungultes23.6010: R.L.LOCHMILLER ET AL - Relationships between Internal Morphology & Body Mass in the Developing,Nursling Collared Peccary,Tayassu Tajacu (Tayassuidae)
GENERAL7311: LOCKE,M.(ED.) - Cytodifferentiation & Macromolecular Synthesis
art866: LOCKHART,J. - A Calendar Book with a Collection of Prints,1973
art867: LOCKHART,J. - Wild America,a Collection of Drawings & Paintings of North American Wildlife
BIOGRAPHY867: LOCKLEY,R. - Myself When Young,the Making of a Naturalist
art1489: LOCKLEY,R.M. - Letters from Skokholm
SCIENCE17659: LOCKWOOD,SAMUEL - The Microscope
GENERAL5225: LOCKWOOD,A.P.M. - Animal Body Fluids & Their Regulation
SCIENCE22.659: LOCKWOOD,M. - The Hayden Planetarium,the Story of an Actual Trip Through an Astronomical Wonderland (with) Exploring in Space
SCIENCE22.663: LOCKWOOD,M. - Ancient Man & His Universe,Interesting & Ingenious Conceptions Held by Many Ancient Peoples,Etc.
SCIENCE15733: LOCKYEAR,SIR N. - The Chemistry of the Stars
art868: LODGE,G.E. - Memoirs of an Artist Naturalist
art870: LODGE,G.E.[FLEMING,C.A.] - George Edward Lodge,Unpublished New Zealand Bird Paintings
art871: LODGE,G.E.[FLEMING,C.A.] - George Edward Lodge,Unpublished New Zealand Bird Paintings
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.75: LODING,H.P. - Catalogue of the Beetles of Alabama
GENERAL17209: LOEB,J. - The Mechanistic Conception of Life
GENERAL17210: LOEB,J. - La Fecondation Chimique (Parthenogenese Artificielle)
ICHTHYOLOGY18348: LOEFFLER,C.A. - Water Exchange in the Pike Egg
GENERAL14677: LOEWY,M. - The Institute of France in 1894
ENTOMOLOGY24.627: LOFTIN,U.C. - Living with the Boll Weevil for Fifty Years
REGIONAL5528: LOGAN,W.N. - Kaolin of Indiana
FIREARMS24.775: LOGAN,H.C. - Hand Cannon to Automatic,a Pictorial Parade of Hand Arms
RODENTS0521: LOGAN,F.A. - Incentive,How the Conditions of Reinforcement Affect the Performance of Rats
art875: LOGE',D. - Over Rocky Shores - Goldeneyes
BOTANY24.93: LOHNIS,R. - Inoculation of Legumes & Non-Legumes with Nitrogen-Fixing & Other Bacteria
GENERAL16772: LOISEL,G. - The Zoological Gardens & Establishments of Great Britain,Belgium & the Netherlands
SCIENCE8639: LOMBARD,E.A. - Electrocardiograms of Small Mammals
PRIMATES13462: LONDEN,E. - Apes,Men & Language
GEOLOGY24,127: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON(EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society,Vol. 46,No. 182,Part 2
invertebrates23.405: ZOOLOGICAL STAFF OF LONDON(EDS.) - Crustacea
GEOLOGY24.128: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON(EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society,Vol. 46,No. 183,Part 3
GEOLOGY24.129: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON(EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society,Vol. 46,No. 184,Part 4
GEOLOGY24.126: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON(EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society,Vol. 46,No. 181,Part 1
GENERAL23.450: ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON(EDS.) - The Zoological Record for 1903. I. General Subjects
GEOLOGY24.125: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON(EDS.) - The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society,Vol. 28,No. 110,Part 2
REGIONAL8574: LONDSAY,D. - Science in the Subarctic: Trappers,Traders & the Smithsonian Institution
PALEONTOLOGY9466: LONEY,R.A. - Structural Analysis of the Pybus-Gambier Area,Admiralty Island,Alaska
SCIENCE3656: LONEY,R.A. - Structural Analysis of the Pybus-Gambier Area Admiralty Island,Alaska
SCIENCE18636: LONG,J.A. - Apparatus for the Dissection & Study of Embryos
art255: LONG,W.J. - Mother Nature,a Study of Animal Life & Death
GENERAL4187: LONG,T. - Mountain Animals
ENTOMOLOGY10158: DE LONG,D.M. - A Revision of the American Species of Empoasca Known to Occur North of Mexico
art877: LONGHURST,P. - On the Wing,a Portfolio of Australia's 20 Most Beautiful Birds
REGIONAL1537: LONGSTRETH,T.M. - To Nova Scotia
PALEONTOLOGY11475: LOOK,A. - In My Back Yard
ENTOMOLOGY0133: LOOMIS,H.F. - Millipeds of the West Indies & Guiana Collected by the A.A. Armour Exped. In 1932
ENTOMOLOGY22.190: LOOMIS,E.C.(ED.) - A Field Guide to Common Mosquitoes of California by the Entomology Committee of the California Mosquito Control Association
PALEONTOLOGY9467: LOOMIS,F.B. - Hunting Extinct Animals in the Patagonian Pampas
ORNITHOLOGY4389: LOOMIS,L.M. - California Water Birds No. IV: Vicinity of Monterey in Autumn
ORNITHOLOGY4388: LOOMIS,L.M. - California Water Birds No. V: Vicinity of Monterey in May & Early June

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