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REGIONAL1551: NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION(EDS.) - American Photographers & the National Parks,a Catalog of the Exhibition
GENERAL10289: ALLAN HANCOCK FOUNDATION(EDS.) - Essays in the Natural Sciences in Honor of Capt. Allan Hancock,Etc.
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY11104: NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION(EDS.) - The Dynamic Ocean,Its Role in Climate Forecasting,the Story of Environmental Forecasting Program
GENERAL8241: CIBA FOUNDATION(EDS.) - Embryogenesis in Mammals
SCIENCE16652: NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION(EDS.) - List of Russian Scientific Journals Available in English
REGIONAL4506: FOUNTAIN,P. - The Great Mountains & Forests of South America
REGIONAL1525: FOUNTAIN,P. - The Eleven Eaglets of the West
REGIONAL5509: FOUNTAIN,P. - The Great North-West & the Great Lake Region of North America
ART1768: FOURNIER,ALAIN - Der Grosse Kamerad (le Grand Meaulnes) Mit 12 Original-Lithographien Von Laure Malcles
ENTOMOLOGY7231: FOUTS,R.M. - Revision of the North American Wasps of the Subfamily Platygasterinae
REGIONAL20.203: FOWLER,K.H. - Preliminary Report on Ground Water in the Salmon Falls Area,Twin Falls County,Idaho
ICHTHYOLOGY10382: FOWLER,H.W. - A Study of the Fishes of the Southern Piedmont & Coastal Plain
ICHTHYOLOGY11649: FOWLER,H.W. - Colombian Zoological Survey. Part I. Fresh-Water Fishes Obtained in 1945
ICHTHYOLOGY11194: FOWLER,H.W. - The Fresh-Water Fishes Obtained by the Gray African Expedition-1929. With Notes on Other Species in the Academy Collection
ICHTHYOLOGY12263: FOWLER,H.W. - The Marine Fishes of West Africa,Based on the Collection of the American Museum Congo Expedition,1909-1915,Parts 1 & 2
ICHTHYOLOGY12264: FOWLER,H.W. - The Fishes of the U.S. Eclipse Expedition to West Africa
ICHTHYOLOGY13298: FOWLER,H.W. - New Fishes of the Family Callionymidae,Mostly Philippine,Obtained by the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries Steamer "Albaross"
ICHTHYOLOGY11191: FOWLER,H.W. - A Small Collection of Fishes from Singapore
art480: FOWLER,A.(ED.) - The Romance of Fine Prints
ICHTHYOLOGY11200: FOWLER,H.W. - The Fishes Obtained by Mr. James Bond at Grenada,British West Indies in 1929
SCIENCE24.901: FOWLER,W.A. - The Quest for the Origin of the Elements
GENERAL18256: FOWLER,M.E. - Restraint & Handling of Wild & Domestic Animals
ICHTHYOLOGY8670: FOWLER,H.W. - The Fishes of the U.S. Eclipse Expedition to West Africa
GENERAL93273: FOWLER,M.E. - Diseases in Free Living Wild Animals
ICHTHYOLOGY7370: FOWLER,H.W. - A New Albuloid Fish from Santo Domingo
GENERAL24.259: FOX,H. - Disease in Captive Wild Mammals & Birds, Incidence,Description & Comparison
ENTOMOLOGY14215: FOX,C.L. - Expedition to the Revillagigedo Islands,Mexico in 1925: The Bembicini (Digger Wasps)
ENTOMOLOGY14216: FOX,C.L. - Expedition of the California Academey of Sciences to the Gulf of California in 1921. The Bembicini (Digger Wasps)
ENTOMOLOGY0126: FOX,R.M. - A Monograph of the Ithomiidae (Lepiodoptera): Part 1
GENERAL7294: FOX,M.W.(ED.) - Abnormal Behavior in Animals
GENERAL22.276: FOX,N. - Spoiled,Why Our Food Is Making Us Sick & What We Can Do About It
RODENTS10637: FOX,W. - Variation in the Deer-Mouse (Peromyscus Maniculatus) Along the Lower Columbia River
GENERAL15247: FOX,W. - On the Development of Striated Muscular Fibre
GENERAL3185: FOX,H.M. - Blue Blood in Animals & Other Essays in Biology
REGIONAL10575: FOYLES,E.J. - The Geology About Mills Springs,Monticello Quadrangle,Kentucky
ENTOMOLOGY10166: FRAENKEL,G. - Untersuchungen Uber Die Koordination Von Reflexan Und Automatisch-Nervosen Rhythmen Bie Insekten,Parts 1 Though 4
art485: FRALEY,T. - The Carousel Animal
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY24.6751: FRANCHET,LOUIS - Ceramic Decoration - Its Evolution and Its Applications
REGIONAL24.998: HARPER,FRANCIS ET AL - Animal Habitats in Certain Portions of the Adirondacks (with) Notes on Mammals,Etc. (with) Habits of Mammals,Etc.
SCIENCE17656: FRANCON,M. - Optical Image Formation & Processing
PALEONTOLOGY11502: VAN FRANK,R. - A Fossil Collection from Northern Venezuela 1. Toxodontidae (Mammalia,Notoungulata)
HERPETOLOGY14390: FRANK,W. - Boas & Other Non-Venomous Snakes
SCIENCE0535: FRANK,P.G.(ED.) - The Validation of Scientific Theories
art487: FRANKENSTEIN,A. - The Reality of Appearance,the Trompe L'Oeil Tradition in American Painting
art2001: A.M.FRANKFURTER(ED.) - The Antiquarianvol. XVI,No. 3
RODENTS22.613: FRANKLIN,G.C. - Heart Beats from Wild Life;the Bark Eaters
MAMMALS.GENERAL7426: FRANKLIN,G.C. - Wild Animals of the Southwest
BOTANY21.24: FRANKLIN,J.F. - Natural Regeneration of Douglas-Fir & Associated Species Using Modified Clear-Cutting Systems in the Oregon Cascades
BOTANY21.25: FRANKLIN,J.F. - Tentative Ecological Provinces Within the True Fir-Hemlock Forest Areas of the Pacific Northwest
WOODCRAFT24.6714: FRANKS,C.E.S. - The Canoe and White Water,from Essential to Sport
ENTOMOLOGY8183: FRANZ,H. - Die Bodenfauna Der Erde in Biozonotischer Betracht
ORNITHOLOGY2388: FRANZREB,K.E. - Bird Population Changes After Timber Harvesting of a Mixed Confier Forest in Arizona
INVERTEBRATES10417: FRASER,C.M. - Some Hydroids of Beaufort,North Carolina
BOTANY6114: FRASER,H. - Handy Book of Ornamental Conifers & of Rhodendrons & Other American Flowering Shrubs,Etc.
INVERTEBRATES1329: FRASER,C.M. - Some New & Previously Unreported Hydroids,Mainly from the Californian Coast
INVERTEBRATES12797: FRASER,C.M. - Marine Wood Borers in British Columbia Waters
INVERTEBRATES12867: FRASER,C.M. - Some Hydroids of the Vancouver Island Region
INVERTEBRATES12868: FRASER,C.M. - Notes on Some Alaskan Hydroids
art488: FRASER,A. - The Bull,a Popular Survey Including It's History, Mythology,Religion,Art,Sport,Etc.
FISHING23.142: FRAZER,P.D. - Amateur Rodmaking
ENTOMOLOGY22.153: FRAZIER,C.A. - Insect Allergy,Allergic & Toxic Reactions to Insects & Other Arthropods
SCIENCE15661: FREAR,D.E.H. - Chemistry of Insecticdes & Fungicides
PALEONTOLOGY16485: FRECH,F. - Die Steinkohlenformation
ORNITHOLOGY17358: FREDERICK,M.C. - Ranching for (Ostrich) Feathers
PALEONTOLOGY17420: FREDERIKSEN,N.O. - Sporomorphs from the Jackson Group (Upper Eocene) & Adjacent Strata of Mississippi & Western Alabama
MISC.24.912: FREDGANT,DON - American Trade Catalogs
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY21.80: FREDRIKSEN,R.L. - Erosion & Sedimentation Following Road Constructions & Timber Harvest on Unstable Soils in Three Small Western Oregon Watersheds
GENERAL9229: FREEDMAN,R. - Can Bears Predict Earthquakes,Unsolved Mysteries of Animal Behavior
INVERTEBRATES8367: FREEMAN,R.S. - Studies on the Biology of Taenia Crassiceps (Zeder,1800) Rudolphi,1810 (Cestoda)
EVOLUTION7256: FREEMAN,R.B. - Darwin Pedigrees
ORNITHOLOGY24.5365: FREEMAN,G.E. - Practical Falconry;to Which Is Aded,How I Became a Faloner
Fish37: FREEMAN,JIM - Practical Steelhead Fishing
EVOLUTION22.254: FREEMAN,R.B. - Charles Darwin,a Companion
GENERAL13247: FREEMAN,M. - The Complete Book of Wildlife & Nature Photography
ORNITHOLOGY6456: FREEMAN,G.E. - Practical Falconry;to Which Is Added,How I Became a Falconer
REGIONAL10576: FREEMAN,L.R. - Many Rivers
GEFISH24.998: FREEMAN,JIM - California Steelhead Fishing
PRIMATES14558: FREEMAN,D. - The Great Apes
BOTANY22.47: FREEMAN,M.B. - Herbs for the Mediaeval Household for Cooking,Healing & Divers Uses
ENTOMOLOGY22.154: FREEMAN,P.(ED.) - Common Insect Pests of Store Food Products,a Guide to Their Identification
ECOLOGY.GENERAL24.118: FREESE,C.H. - Wild Species As Commodities;Managing Markets & Ecosystems for Sustainability
BIOGRAPHY86702: FREETH,F.A. - H. Kamerlingh Onnes,1853-1926
ORNITHOLOGY4369: FREETHY,R. - Auks,an Ornithologist's Guide
SCIENCE16641: FREHSE,H.(ED.) - Pesticide Chemistry,Advances in International Research,Sevelopment & Legislation: Proceedings of the 7th International Congress (Iupac),Hamburg 1990
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY12724: FREMONT,D. - Les Aborigenes Du Nord-Quest Candaien Au Temps de la Verendrye
BOTANY2113: FRENCH,C.S.(ED.) - Department of Plant Biology: Experimental Taxonomy Investigations
BOTANY580: FRENCH,C.S.(ED.) - Annual Report of Director of Dept. Of Plant Biology, 1963-1964
ENTOMOLOGY15186: FRENCH,C. - A Handbook of Destructive Insects of Victoria,with Notes on the Methods to Be Adopted to Check & Extirpate Them: Part I
ENTOMOLOGY6162: FRES,B.G.(ED.) - Broken Run of 7 Issues of the Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologist's Society from Vol. 35,No. 310 to Vol. 38,No. 322
SCIENCE12686: FRESHFIELD,D.W. - On Mountains and Mankind
FISHING24.9943: FREW,TIM - Trout,an Angler's Guide
ICHTHYOLOGY24.2213: FREY,D.G.(ED.) - Investigations of Indiana Lakes and Streams,Vol. V,Nos. 1-5
ichthyology23.600: FREY,H.W.(ED.) - California's Living Marine Resources and Their Utilization
ICHTHYOLOGY2295: FREY,H. - Das Susswasser Aquarium Ein Hanbuch
ICHTHYOLOGY24.2214: FREY,D.G.(ED.) - Investigations of Indian Lakes and Streams,Vol. VI,Nos. 1-3
ENTOMOLOGY22.155: FRICK,K.E. - Synopsis of the Species of Agromyzid Leaf Miners Described from North America (Diptera)
PALEONTOLOGY0375: FRICK,C. - Horned Ruminants of North America
ENTOMOLOGY10168: FRIDEN,F. - Frass-Drop Frequency in Lepidoptera
ORNITHOLOGY2389: FRIEDMANN,H. - The Parasitic Habit in Ducks,a Theoretical Consideration
ORNITHOLOGY16416: FRIEDMANN,H. - Host Relations of the Parasitic Cowbirds
ORNITHOLOGY13386: FRIEDMANN,H. - The Honey-Guides
ORNITHOLOGY14497: FRIEDMANN,H. - Birds Collected by the Childs Frick Exped. To Ethiopia & Kenya Colony: Part 2. -Passeres
ORNITHOLOGY13387: FRIEDMANN,H. - The Parasitic Weaverbirds
ORNITHOLOGY11369: FRIEDMANN,H. - The Evolutionary History of the Avian Genus Chrysococcyx
ORNITHOLOGY24.643: FRIEDMANN,H. - The Breeding Habits of the Weaverbirds,a Study in the Biology of the Behavior Patterns
ORNITHOLOGY7469: FRIEDMANN,H. - The Evolutionary History of the Avian Genus Chrysococcyx
ORNITHOLOGY24.390: FRIEDRICHS,K.II - Die Falkenjagd,Bilder Aus Dem Falkenbuch Kaiser Friedrichs II
INVERTEBRATES23.216: FRIEND,J.A. - The Terrestrial Amphipods (Amphipoda: Talitridae) of Tasmanis: Systematics & Zoogeography
INVERTEBRATES17298: FRIESE,U.E. - Marine Invertebrates
REGIONAL21.244: FRIEWALD,D.A. - Streamflow Gain & Loss of Selected Streams in Northern Arkansas
GENERAL3223: VON FRISCH,O. - Animal Migration
GENERAL16211: FRISELL,W.R. - Human Biochemistry
ENTOMOLOGY14219: FRISON,T.H. - Records & Descriptions of Western Bubmblees (Bremidae)
ORNITHOLOGY11370: FRITH,H.J. - Incubation in the Leamallee Fowl (Leipoa Ocellata,Megapodiidae)
ORNITHOLOGY1377: FRITH,C.B. - Displays of the Red Bird-of-Paradise Rubra & Their Significance,Etc.
WATERFOWL24.774: FRITH,H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia
BOTANY12801: FRITZ,C.W. - Cultural Criteria for the Distinction of Wood-Destroying Fungi
BOTANY8102: FRITZ,E. - California Coast Redwood (Seq. Semper. ): An Annotated Bibliography to & Incl. 1955
geology23.994: V.FRIZZELL(ED.) - Upper Cretaceous & Palocene Turbities,Central California Coast
REGIONAL21.246: FRIZZELL,V.A.JR. - Reconnaisance Photointerpretation Map of Landslides in Parts of Hopland,Kelseyville & Lower Lake 15-Minute Quadrangles,Sonoma County,California Mf-594
ENTOMOLOGY14220: FROESCHNER,R.C. - Heteroptera,or True Bugs of Ecudor: A Partial Catalog
REGIONAL16563: FROMM,M. - Whose Woods These Are
SCIENCE10649: FRONDEL,C. - Mineral Incrustations Upon the Edges & Corners of Crystals
SCIENCE10650: FRONDEL,C. - Origin of the Segmental Coloration of Amethyst & Smoky Quartz
SCIENCE0536: FRONDEL,C. - Catalogue of Mineral Pseudomorphs in the American Museum
FISHING24.88650: FRONTERS(EDS.) - Three Rivers Ranch;Fish the Finest Wild Trout Waters in America
HERPETOLOGY4220: FROOM,B. - Amphibians of Canada
HERPETOLOGY0230: FROOM,B. - Amphibians of Canada
BOTANY995: FROST,H.B. - Mutation in Matthiola
art496: FROST,A.B.[STOCKTON,F.R.] - The Squirrel Inn
ENTOMOLOGY22.157: FROST,S.W. - Insect Life & Insect Natural History
INVERTEBRATES23.217: FRY,D.H.JR. - Operation of a California Shrimp Trawl
INVERTEBRATES23.218: FRYE,F.L. - Captive Invertebrates,a Guide to Their Biology & Husbandry
HERPETOLOGY0231: FRYE,F.L. - Husbandry,Medicine & Surgery in Captive Reptiles
FISHING24.88137: FUELSCH,D.J.(ED.) - Southern Angler's and Hunter's Guide
ichthyology23.6002: L.A.FUIMAN - Growth Gradients in Fish Larvae
SCIENCE4669: FULCHER,G.S. - Our Present Knowledge of Canal Rays: A Detailed Bibliography
REGIONAL21.247: FULLER,H.K.(ED.) - Geologic Map Index of Nebraska
art515: FULLER,C.L.(ED.) - Beasts,an Alphabet of Fine Prints
BIOGRAPHY1839: FULLMER,J.Z. - Sir Humphrey Davy's Published Works
ichthyology23.966: FULTON,L.A. - Spawning Areas and Abundance of Steelhead Trout and Coho,Sockeye,and Chum Salmon in the Columbia River Basin - Past and Present
ENTOMOLOGY22.158: FUNKHOUSER,W.D. - Biology of the Membracidae of the Cayuga Lake Basin
art517: FUREY,A.(ED.) - Summer 2007,No. 19,Fine Prints & Drawings
INVERTEBRATES22.392: FURFARI,S.A. - Training Course & Information Manual: Shellfish Purification
PALEONTOLOGY5464: FURLONG,E.L. - Generic Identification of the Pleistocene Antelope from Ranch la Brea
PALEONTOLOGY23.417: FURLONG,E.L. - An Aplodont Rodent from the Tertiary of Nevada
REGIONAL12702: FURNIVAL,G.M. - The Belanger & Oxarart Members of the Bearpaw Formation,Cypress Hills Area,Saskatchewan
REGIONAL10577: FURSE,C. - Elephant Island,an Antarctic Expedition
art518: FUSON,CHARLES - Original Pen and Ink Drawing of an Arched Stone Bridge
MISC.2314: USDI/FWS(EDS.) - National Survey of Fishing and Hunting,Etc. During 1955
WATERFOWL24.88763: USDI?FWS(EDS.) - Migratory Bird Regulations 1959-60
BIOGRAPHY7114: HIVES,G.& LUMLEY,G. - The Journal of a Jackaroo (in Australia)
PALEONTOLOGY9656: SCHENCK,H.G.& KEEN,A.M. - An Index-Method for Comparing Molluscan Faunules
PALEONTOLOGY16492: JOHNSON,J.G.ET AL - Wenlockian & Ludlovian Age Brachiopods from the Roberts Mountains Formation of Central Nevada
RAPTORS1177: HERRON,G.ET AL - Nevada Raptors,Biology & Managment
REGIONAL24.2163: KOCH,J.G.ET AL - Geology of the Humbug Mountain State Park Area,Oregon
UNGULATES0556: MIQUELLE,D.G.ET AL - Sexual Segregation in Alaskan Moose
REGIONAL11525: CONSTABLE,G.ET AL(EDS.) - Planet Earth,Grasslands & Tundra
ORNITHOLOGY19536: RIDPATH,M.G.& MOREAU,R.E. - The Birds of Tasmania,Ecology & Evolution
MARINE.MAMMALS9385: CHITTLEBOROUGH,R.G.& GODFREY,K. - A Review of Whale Marking & Some Trials of a Modifice Whale Mark
GENERAL11146: BUSK,G.ET AL(EDS.) - Reports on Zoology for 1843,1844
PALEONTOLOGY23.422: HENBEST,L.G.ET AL - Distribution of Evolutionary Explosions in Geologic Time
REGIONAL14610: STRAND,R.G.ET AL - Index to Geologic Maps of California to Dec. 31,1956
ICHTHYOLOGY11205: GEORGE,A.& SPRINGER,V.G. - Revision of the Clinid Fish Tribe Ophiclini,Including Five New Species & Defintion of the Family Clinidae
GENERAL5188: ANDREWES,C.& PEREIRA,H.G. - Viruses of Vertebrates
GENERAL93289: MULLAN,B.& MARVIN,G. - Zoo Culture,the Book About Watching Man Watching Animals
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY15164: SHAW,D.G.& HAMEEDI,M.J.(ED.) - Lecture Notes on Coastal Estuarine Studies 24, Environmental Studies in Port Valdez,Alaska
GENERAL18257: GEDDA,L.& BRENCI,G. - Chronology of the Gene
REGIONAL21.300: HILDENGRAND,T.G.ET AL - Filtered Magnetic Anomaly Maps of Missouri
SCIENCE10646: BROWN,D.G.ET AL(EDS.) - The Proceedings of a Symposium on Dose Rate in Mammalian Radiation Biology
REGIONAL20.251: HOWELL,D.G.ET AL - General Geology,Petroleum Appraisal & Nature of Environmental Hazards,Eastern Pacific Shelf Latitude 28o to 38o North
REGIONAL15616: ROWLANDS,P.G.ET AL(EDS.) - Proceedings of the First Biennial Conference on Research in Colorado Plateau National Parks
ENTOMOLOGY6179: LINSLEY,E.G.ET AL - Comparative Behavior of Bees & Onagraceae III. Oenothera Bees of the Mojave Desert,California
ichthyology23.596: NIELSEN,J.G.ET AL - Spermatophores in Ophidioidea (Pisces,Percomorphi)
ENTOMOLOGY5140: BAKER,H.G.& HURD,P.D. - Intrafloral Ecology
ORNITHOLOGY11415: SAUER,E.G.& E.M. - Soziale Kontakte Von Strauben Mit Anderem Wild in Der Inneren Namib
ENTOMOLOGY0562: REHN,J.A.G.& HEBARD,M.ET AL - An Orthopterological Reconnissanc of the Southwestern U.S. Part I: Arizona (with) the Composition & Ecological Relations of the Odonate Fauna of Mexico & Central America
ENTOMOLOGY0563: REHN,J.A.G.& HEBARD,M.ET AL - An Orthopterological Reconnoissance of the Southwestern U.S. Part III: California & Nevada
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.128: RILEY,E.G.ET AL - Insecta Mundi,Vol. 15,No. 1. Including 6 Coleoptera Papers
ENTOMOLOGY11651: REHN,J.A.G.& REHN,J.W.H. - A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the Eumastacidae (Ortho. Acridoidea) of Africa & Madagascar. Part I.
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.109: CHEMSAK,J.A.,LINSLEU,E.G.& NOGUERA,F.A. - Listados Faunisticos de Mexico II. Los Cerambycidae Y Disteniidae de Norteamerica,Centroamica Y Las Indias Occidentales (Coleoptera)
BIOGRAPHY554: POOLE,L.& G. - Scientists Who Work Outdoors
ENTOMOLOGY22.231: VIGGIANI,G.ET AL - Bollettino Del Labratorio Di Entomologia Agraria, "Filippo Silvestri" Portici Vol. 37
art1631: LINDSAY,G.ET AL - Maynard Dixon,Images of the Native American
HERPETOLOGY1243: FREIBERG,M.& WALLS,J.G. - The World of Venomous Animals
BOTANY13160: HAWKSWORTH,F.G.& WIENS,D. - Biology & Classification of Dwarf Mistletoes (Arceuthoium)
ICHTHYOLOGY11280: SPRINGER,V.G.& SPREITZER,A.R. - Five New Species & a New Genus of Indian Ocean Blenniid Fishes,Tribe Salariini,with a Key to Genera of the Tribe
ICHTHYOLOGY11281: SPRINGER,V.G.ET AL - Anisochromis Straussi,New Species of Protogynous Hermaphroditic Fish, & Synonymy of Anisochromidae, Pseudoplesiopidae & Pseudochromidae
GENERAL5214: HAM,R.G.& VEOMETT,M.J. - Mechanisms in Development
HERPETOLOGY3247: DOWLING,H.G.ET AL(EDS.) - Poisonous Snakes of the World
ORNITHOLOGY24.5613: PICKWELL,G.ET AL(EDS.) - Birds,Vol. 1. No. 2
ichthyology23.432: NIELSEN,J.G.& LARSEN,V. - Synopsis of the Bathylaconidae (Pisces,Isospondyli) with a New Eastern Pacific Species
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY019: RUBINSTEIN,D.& WHITE,G. - Bibliography on Culture & Mental Health in the Pacific Islands
art949: MITTEN,D.G.& DOERINGER,S.F. - Master Bronzes from the Classical World
ENTOMOLOGY14165: BREELAND,S.G.ET AL - Mosquitoes of the Tennesse Valley
ENTOMOLOGY10207: LINSLEY,E.G.ET AL - A List of Cerambycidae from the Chiricahua Mountain Area,Cochise County,Arizona (Coleoptera)
ichthyology23.639: FOWLER,L.G.ET AL - Tests of Vitamin Supplements & Formula Changes in Abernathy Salmon Diet 1966-67 (with) Influence of Corn Oil & Beef Tallow on Growth of Channel Catfish
BIOGRAPHY23.675: PERKINS,L.& NORMAN,G. - A Sportsman/S Life,How I Built Orvis by Mixing Business and Sport
INVERTEBRATES1308: HERTLEIN,L.G.& STRONG,A.M. - Marine Mollusks Collected During the "Askoy"Expedition to Panama,Colombia & Ecuador in 1941
MAMMALS.GENERAL15418: HUGGETT,A.ST.G.& FRAZER,J.F.D. - Lot of 15 Scholarly Papers on Fetal Growth Rates
ENTOMOLOGY19.146: DYAR,H.G.& SHANNON,R.C. - The North American Two-Winged Flies of the Family Simuliidae
ENTOMOLOGY17152: SEDGWICK,A.,SINCLAIR,F.G.& SHARP,D. - Peripatus,Myriapods,Insects Part I (with) Insects,Part II
ENTOMOLOGY4619: DYAR,H.G.& KNAB,F. - The Species of Mosquitoes in the Genus Megarhinus
ichthyology23.810: SPRINGER,V.G.& SMITH-VANIZ,W.F. - Mimetic Relationships Involving Fishes of the Family Blenniidae
MARINE.MAMMALS93449: ACKMAN,R.G.ET AL - Blubber Fat Deposition in Mysticeti Whales (with) Layering & Tissue Compostion in the Blubber of the Nw Atlantic Sie Whale
ichthyology23.962: SPRINGER,V.G.ET AL - Catalog of Type Specimens of Recent Fishes in the National Museum of Natural History,Smithsonian,2: Blenniidae
GENERAL5184: ADIYODI,K.G.& R.G.(EDS.) - Advances in Invertebrate Reproduction,Vol. 1
ichthyology23.136: PATTEN,B.G.ET AL - Distribution & Abundance of Fish in the Yakima River,Wash. ,April 1957 to May,1958
ENTOMOLOGY24.834: JONES,M.G.ET AL - Assessing the Age of Field Female Wheat Bulb Flies (Leptohylemyia Coarctata)
ENTOMOLOGY4666: DYAR,H.G.& KNAB,F. - Descriptions of Some New Species & New Genus of American Mosquitoes
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.139: RILEY,E.G.& WOLFE,C.S. - An Annotated Checklist of the Scaraboidea of Texas (Coleoptera)
ICHTHYOLOGY14429: TRIAL,J.G.ET AL - Habitat Suitability Information,Blacknose Dace
FISHING1845: HILL,L.& MARSHALL,G. - Images of Silver,a Guide to Back Country Fishing (New Zealand)
FISHING23.563: ZERVAS,J.G.& CREWSON,J. - How to Improve Your Fishing
GENERAL23.409: VEVERS,H.G.& EDWARDS,M.A.(EDS.) - Records of Zoological Literature for 1964,Part C. 14. Protochordata; 15. Pisces; 16. Pisces; Amphibia; 17. Reptilia; 18 Aves; Mammalia; 20. List of New Generic & Subgeneric Names
GENERAL23.424: VEVERS,H.G.& EDWARDS,M.A.(EDS.) - Records of Zoological Literature for 1970,Part C. 14. Protochordate; 15. Pisces; Amphibia; 17. Reptilia; 18. Aves; 19. Mammalia; 20. List of New Genera & Subgenera
ICHTHYOLOGY12265: FOWLER,L.G.& BANKS,J.L. - Test of Different Components in the Abernathy Salmon Diet
ICHTHYOLOGY12266: FOWLER,L.G.ET AL - Studies of Caloric & Vitamin Levels of Salmon Diets,with Three Other Reports on Salmon & Catfish
ICHTHYOLOGY368NH: HANAVAN,M.G.& SKUD,B.E. - Intertidal Spawning of Pink Salmon
EVOLUTION15215: JANES,L.G.ET AL(EDS.) - The Evolutionist & Modern Science Essayist,Vol. III, No. 2
GENERAL2232: KREUZER,F.& SLEGERS,J.F.G.(EDS.) - Biomembranes,Vol. 3: Passive Permeability of Cell Membranes
BOTANY1110: SCOTT,T.G.& WASSER,C.H. - Checklist of North American Plants for Wildlife Biologists
INVERTEBRATES23.137: ABELE,L.G.& KIM,W. - The Decapod Crustaceans of the Panama Canal
INVERTEBRATES17321: NEEDHAM,J.G.& LLOYD,J.T. - The Life of Inland Waters. An Elementary Text Book Fo Fresh-Water Biology for American Students
ENTOMOLOGY24JM2: LINSLEY,E.G.& CHEMSAK,J.A. - The Cerambycidae of North America,Parts I Through 8
GENERAL15229: BATESON,P.P.G.ET AL(EDS.) - Animal Behaviour,Vol. 15,Part Four
ICHTHYOLOGY22.334: GUNTER,G.ET AL - Some Evolutionary Patterns in Fishes Blood
BOTANY18129: ZWERGER,G.ET AL - Fleurs Des Alpes
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ENTOMOLOGY24.901: NELSON,R.H.& BUNN,R.W.(EDS.) - Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America,New Orleans Program Issue,Vol. 11,No. 3
GENERAL0197: COLE,H.H.& CUPPS,P.T.(EDS.) - Reproduction in Domestic Animals
ICHTHYOLOGY24.7813: MITCHELL,P.H.ET AL - A Report of Investigations Concern Shad in the Rivers of Connecticut
INVERTEBRATES23.180: BRADLEY,W.H.& COOKE,P. - Living & Ancient Populations of the Clam,Gemma Gemma in a Maine Coast Tidal Flat
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY15157: EHRLICH,A.H.& P.R. - The Albright Lecture,Peace Will Give Us a Chance
ENTOMOLOGY24.145: BOULARD,C.& THORNBERRY,H.(EDS.) - Warble Fly Control in Europe,a Symposium,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY2193: WAGNER,W.H.& GRETHER,D.F. - The Butterflies of the Admiralty Islands
INVERTEBRATES10440: WRIGHT,W.H.& MCALISTER,E.D. - The Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on the Ova of the Ascarid Roundworms Toxocara Canis & Toxascaris Leonina
HERPETOLOGY2267: WRIGHT,A.H.& A.A. - Handbook of Frogs & Toads
INVERTEBRATES12439: MACPHERSON,J.H.& GABRIEL,C.J. - Marine Molluscs of Victoria (Australia)
INVERTEBRATES12413: AHLSTROM,E.H.ET AL - High-Speed Plankton Sampler
MAMMALS.GENERAL0324: TATE,G.H.H.& ARCHBOLD,R. - Results of the Archbold Expeditions. 16. Some Marsupials of New Guinea & Celebes
MAMMALS.GENERAL0325: TATE,G.H.H.& ARCHBOLD,R. - Twelve Apparently New Forms of Muridae (Other Than Rattus) from the Indo-Asutralian Region
CANINES150NH: JOHNSON,D.H.& SARGEANT,A.B. - Impact of Red Fox Predation on the Sex Ratio of Prarie Mallards
ICHTHYOLOGY3324: HANSON,L.H.& MANION,P.J. - Chemosterilization of the Sea Lamprey (Petro. Marinus)
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GENERAL8265: LIN,B.-H.ET AL - Away-from-Home Foods Increasingly Important to Quality of American Diet
ENTOMOLOGY19276: RICHARDSON,C.H.& HAAS,L.E. - The Toxicity of Acid Lead Arsenate to the Larva of the Colorado Potato Beetle
ICHTHYOLOGY2699: EIGENMANN,C.H.& BEESON,C.H. - A Revision of the Fishes of the Subfamily Sebastinae of the Pacific Coast of America
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BIOGRAPHY_1860: BISHOP,G.H.ET AL - The Excitement & Fascination of Science: A Collection of Autobiographical & Philosophical Essays
ICHTHYOLOGY93370: HARRISSON,C.M.H.& PALMER,G. - On the Neotype of Radiicephalus Elongatus Osorio with Remarks on Its Biology
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ICHTHYOLOGY4275: STROUD,R.H.& SEAMAN,E.A. - Fish Conservation Highlights for 1956
art554: GOETZMANN,W.H.& PORTER,J.C. - The West As Romantic Horzon,with Artists'Biographies by D.C. Hunt
GENERAL10296: CROWE,J.H.& CLEGG,J.S.(EDS.) - Anhydrobiosis
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ICHTHYOLOGY12253: ELLING,C.H.& MACY,P.T. - Pink Salmon Tagging Experiments in Icy Strait & Uppper Chatham Strait
ICHTHYOLOGY13301: GREENWOOD,P.H.ET AL - Phyletic Studies of Teleostean Fishes,with Provisional Classification of Living Forms

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