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ENTOMOLOGY22.127: COMPERE,H. - A Revision of the Species of Coccophagus,a Genus of Hymenopterous Coccid-Inhabiting Parasites
PRIMATES16528: COMPERE,J. - Morphologie Externe Du Telencephale de Papio Cynocephalus Kindae
SCIENCE24.6055: COMPTON,A.H. - Science Shaping American Culture
PALEONTOLOGY11447: COMPTON,L.V. - The Cranium of the Miocene Gannet Moris Vagabundus Wetmore
ORNITHOLOGY6449: COMPTON,L.V. - The Pterylosis of the Falconiformes with Special Attention to the Taxonomic Position of the Osprey
BIOGRAPHY1741: COMSTOCK,T.B. - Memoir of Edward Waller Claypole
ENTOMOLOGY14187: COMSTOCK,J.H. - Reports on Scale Insects
ENTOMOLOGY24.2189: COMSTOCK,W.P. - Butterflies of the American Tropics,the Genus Anaea Lepidoptera Nymphalidae,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY2164: COMSTOCK,J.H. - The Spider Book,a Manual for the Study of the Spiders & Their Near Relatives,the Scorpions,Pseudoscorpions, Etc.
SCIENCE24.5421: CONANT,S.S. - Locomotion-Past and Present
HERPETOLOGY3243: CONANT,R. - Field Guide to Reptiles & Amphibians
HERPETOLOGY3244: CONANT,R. - Reptiles & Amphibians of Eastern & Central North America
HERPETOLOGY11181: CONANT,R. - A Review of Two Rare Pine Snakes from the Gulf Coastal Plain
REGIONAL24.5642: CONANT,S.S. - The Cradle of the New World,Santo Domingo,Past and Present with a Glance at Hayti
BOTANY1275: CONARD,H.S. - The Structure & Life-History of the Hay-Scented Fern
UNGULATES7728: NORTH AMERICAN MOOSE CONFERENCE(EDS.) - 8th North American Moose Conference & Workshop
SCIENCE6635: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS(EDS.) - Classification: Class Q,Science
EVOLUTION19364: CONKLIN,E.G. - A Generation's Progress in the Study of Evolution
PALEONTOLOGY93564: CONKLING,S. - Ancient Mammals of the Mojave
REGIONAL21.179: CONLAN,C.L.(EDS.) - San Joaquin River,California Marine Depth Chart
UNGULATES4595: CONN,G.H. - Sheep Health
BOTANY93151: O'CONNELL,R.F. - Aquarium Plants & Decoration
INVERTEBRATES18381: CONNELL,F.H. - Gigantomonas Lighti Sp. Nov. ,a Trichomonad Flagellate from Kalotermes (Paraneotermes) Simplicicornis Banks
INVERTEBRATES15344: CONNELL,F.H. - The Morphology & Life-Cycle of Oxymonas Dimorpha Sp. Nov. ,from Neotremes Simplicicornis (Banks)
PALEONTOLOGY1458: O'CONNELL,M. - New Species of Ammonite Opercula from the Mesozoic Rocks of Cuba
HERPETOLOGY0563: CONNER,D. - Catalogue Five,Herpetology
WATERFOWL23.769: CONNETT,E.V.III - Duck Decoys,How to Make Them,How to Paint Them,How to Rig Them
WATERFOWL24.5519: CONNETT,E.V.(ED.) - Wildfowling in the Mississippi Flyway
WATERFOWL2453: CONNETT,E.V.(ED.) - Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater
BOTANY199: CONNOLD,E.T. - British Vegetable Galls,an Introduction to Their Study
BIG.GAME207: O'CONNOR,J. - The Best of Jack O'Connor
RODENTS5567: CONNOR,P.F. - The Bog Lemming (Synaptomys Cooperi) in So. New Jersey
SCIENCE20.536: CONOVER,C.S. - Ground-Water Resources - Development & Managment
REGIONAL7595: CONRAD,J. - On the Road to Tetlama,Mexican Adventures of a Wandering Naturalist
CONSERVATION24.851: THE NATURE CONSERVANCY(EDS.) - Guide to Oregon Preserves
ORNITHOLOGY0355: THE GAME CONSERVANCY(EDS.) - Wildfowl Management on Inland Waters
BOTANY571: CONSTANCE,L. - The Genus Nemophila Nutt.
BOTANY575: ECOLOGY CONSULTANTS(EDS.) - Illustrated Guide to Proposed & Endangered Plant Species in Colorado
SCIENCE14685: LE CONTE,J. - Earth-Crust Movements & Their Causes
REGIONAL7622: LE CONTE,J. - A Journal of Ramblings Through the High Sierra of California by the University Excursion Party
SCIENCE1590: LE CONTE,J. - Elements of Geology,a Text-Book for Colleges & for the General Reader
REGIONAL24.6631: CONWAY,M.D. - Vienna
Fish21: CONWAY,J. - Steelheading Guide
INVERTEBRATES2662: COOK,O.F. - African Diplopoda of the Family Gomphodesmidae
INVERTEBRATES2661: COOK,O.F. - The Diplopod Family Striariidae
INVERTEBRATES2646: COOK,O.F. - American Oniscoid Diplopoda of the Order Merocheta
ENTOMOLOGY15180: COOK,T.W. - The Ants of California
INVERTEBRATES16327: COOK,O.F. - On Geophilus Attenuatus,Say,of the Class Chilopoda
GENERAL6239: COOK,S.F. - Elementary Human Physiology
BOTANY13150: COOK,O.F. - Origin & Evolution of Angiosperms Through Apopory
INVERTEBRATES2660: COOK,O.F. - African Diplopoda of the Genus Pachybolus
HERPETOLOGY8297: COOK,S.F. - Respiratory Metabolism of Certain Reptiles & Amphibia
ADVENTURE20: COOK,S. - Up North!
ENTOMOLOGY16138: COOK,O.F. - Priodesmus,a New Genus of Diplopoda from Surinam
BOTANY19.45: COOK,C.W. - Rabbitbrush Competition & Control on Utah Rangelands
EVOLUTION12691: COOK,O.F. - The Evolutionary Significance of Species
HERPETOLOGY8298: COOK,S.F. - Respiratory Metabolism of Certain Reptiles & Amphibia
REGIONAL12564: COOK,W.A. - Through the Wilderness of Brazil by Horse,Canoe & Float
GENERAL24.99876: COOKE,ARTHUR O. - Woodland Voices,the Farmer's Fields,Rambles Round Willow Farm,Days in the Country
BIOGRAPHY12718: COOKE,H.C. - William Albert Johnston (1874-1949)
ORNITHOLOGY4357: COOKE,W.W. - The Birds of Colorado
REGIONAL12696: COOKE,H.C. - New Precambrian Correlations Indicated from Recent Work at Sudbury,Ontario
ORNITHOLOGY466NH: COOKE,W.W. - Preliminary Census of Birds of the U.S. (with) 2nd Annual Report of Bird Counts in the U.S. ,Etc.
ORNITHOLOGY10457: COOKE,W.W. - Distribution & Migration of North American Herons & Their Allies
INVERTEBRATES23.203: COOLEY,N.R. - Studies on Parorchis Acanthus (Trematoda: Digenea) As a Biological Control for the Southern Oyster Drill,Thais Haemastroma
art334: COOLEY,C. - The Book of Cranes
BOTANY898: COON,N. - Using Plants for Healing,Featuring a Guide to over 250 Medicinal Plants
BOTANY7145: COON,N. - An American Urbal,Using Plants for Healing
FISHING425: COOPER,JOE - Tales of Tarpey's & Cooper's Flyfisherman's Guide to the Tarpey's Cabin Stretch of the Mccloud River
ENTOMOLOGY10136: COOPER,K.W. - A Southern California Boreus,B. Notoperates N. Sp. I. & II. Comparative Morphology & Systematics. (Mecoptera: Boreidae)
ICHTHYOLOGY24.77613: COOPER,G.P. - A Biological Survey of Lakes and Ponds of the Androscoggin and Kennebec River Drainage Systems in Maine
ORNITHOLOGY5396: COOPER,J.A. - The History & Breeding Biology of Canada Geese of Marshy Point,Manitoba
PALEONTOLOGY23.409: COOPER,G.A. - Verma's Brachiopoda (Recent)
PALEONTOLOGY12493: COOPER,G.A. - Tertiary & Quaternary Brachipods from the S.W. Pacific
PALEONTOLOGY12492: COOPER,G.A. - The Terebratulacea (Brachiopoda),Triassic to Recent: A Study of the Brachidia (Loops)
REGIONAL16551: COOPER,T.T. - Travels of a Pioneer of Commerce in Pigtail & Petticoats: Or,an Overland Journey from China Towards India
INVERTEBRATES12862: COOPER,A.R. - On the Systematic Position of Haplobothrium Globuliforme Cooper
PALEONTOLOGY23.408: COOPER,G.A. - Homeomorphy in Recent Deep-Sea Brachiopods
ICHTHYOLOGY24.6651: COOPER,G.P. - A Biological Survey of 31 Lakes & Ponds of the Upper Saco River & Sebago Lake Drainage Systems in Maine
BOTANY1061: COPE,E.A. - Pinophyta (Gymnosperms) of New York State
GENERAL22.268: COPE,R. - Natural History;or,a Description of the Earth & Animated Nature Compiled from the Works of Buggon, Goldsmith,Cuvier,Audubon,Et Al
BOTANY987: COPELAND,E.B. - Filicum Novarum CXXVIII Diagnoses
BOTANY572: COPELAND,E.B. - Tropical American Ferns
BOTANY1872: COPELAND,E.B. - The Rise of the Transpiration Stream,an Historical & Critical Discussion
ENTOMOLOGY2639: COQUILLETT,D.W. - Report on a Collection of Japanese Diptera,Presented to the U.S. National Museum by the Imperial University of Tokyo
FISHING24.88653: CORDELLA,LEN(ED.) - Len Cordella's Heritage Sporting Collectibles,a Periodic Oublication of Heritage Enterprises
REGIONAL16552: CORDINI,I.R. - Los Rios Pilcomayo En la Region Del Patino
SCIENCE8628: COREN,S. - Sleep Thieves,an Eye-Opening Exploration Into the Science & Mysteries of Sleep
SCIENCE0532: CORLISS,W.R.(ED.) - Unknown Earth,a Handbook of Geological Enigmas
BIOGRAPHY361: CORNER,G.W. - Anatomist at Large,an Autobiography & Selected Essays of a Distinguished Biologist
REGIONAL93599: CORNETT,J. - Wildlife of the Western Mountains
REGIONAL2507: CORNETT,J.W. - Wildlife of the North American Deserts
GENERAL2218: CORNISH,V. - The Poetic Impression of Natural Scenery
SCIENCE14681: CORNU,A. - Physical Phenomena of the Upper Regions of the Atmosphere
PALEONTOLOGY24.561: CORNWALL,I.W. - Prehistoric Animals and Their Hunters
ANTHROPOLGY.ETHNOLOGY0582: CORNWALL,I.W. - Prehistoric Animals & Their Hunters
INVERTEBRATES11297: CORNWALL,I.E. - Barnaclies of British Columbia
FISHING23.873: AMERICAN CLEARWATER CORP.(EDS.) - The Search System of Catching Fish
FIREARMS23.8087: OLIN MATHIESON CORP.(ES.) - Winchester Ammunition Handbook
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY10NH: CORSER,H.P. - Totem Lore & the Land of the Totem,Incl. Totem Lore & Through the 10,000 Islands of Alaska
FISHING24.77142: CORSETTI,BOB(ED.) - Rod & Reels - Catalogs 22 Through 27
INVERTEBRATES9329: CORT,W.W. - The Excretory System of a Stylet Cercaria
EN307: CORTRIGHT,ROBERT - Bridging: Discovering the Beauty of Bridges
MAMMALS.GENERAL2352: CORY,C.B. - The Mammals of Illinois & Wisconsin
BEARS24.713: CORY,H. - The Bears of Jasper
MAMMALS.GENERAL7421: CORY,C.B. - The Mammals of Illinois & Wisconsin
ORNITHOLOGY11362: CORY,C.B. - Descriptions of Four New Species of Haitian Birds (with) List of the Birds of Haiti,Etc.
UNGULATES15679: COSSI,O. - Robin Deer & Her Adventures with a Wilderness Family
REGIONAL11526: COSTELLO,D.F. - The Prarie World,Plants & Animals of the Grassland Sea
RODENTS3636: COSTELLO,D.F. - The World of the Porcupine
RODENTS2593: COSTELLO,D.F. - The World of the Prarie Dog
ENTOMOLOGY18160: COSTELLO,D.F. - The World of the Ant
BOTANY1063: COTE,W.A. - Cellular Ultrastructure of Woody Plants
REGIONAL3571: COTT,H.B. - Looking at Animals,a Zoologist in Africa
GENERAL93267: COTT,H.B. - Zoological Photography in Practice,a Contribution to the Technique & Art of Wild Animal Portraiture
FISHING23.876: COTTLE,J. - East Wind,a Tale of Ice Fishing
PALEONTOLOGY15483: COTTON,G. - The Rugose Coral Genera
REGIONAL21.181: COTTON,W.R. - Preiliminary Geologic Map of the Franciscan Rocks in the Central Part of the Diablo Range,Santa Clara & Alameda Counties,California
invertebrates_24.6009: COTTON,B.C. - South Australian Mollusca,Pelecypoda
ENTOMOLOGY19.125: COTTON,R.T. - A Contribution Toward the Classification of the Weevil Larvae of the Subfamily Calendrinae Occurring in North America
invertebrates24.6010: COTTON,B.C. - South Australian Mollusca; Chitons
REGIONAL4501: COUDENHOVE,H. - My African Neighbors
ORNITHOLOGY18462: COUES,ELLIOTT(ED.) - Ornithological Bibliography,First,Second & Third Installment
ORNITHOLOGY12464: COUES,ELLIOTT - U.S. Geological & Geographical Survey of the Territories: Art. XXVI. -3rd Installment of American Ornithological Bibliography
ORNITHOLOGY5397: COUES,ELLIOTT - Birds of the Colorado Valley,Etc. Concerning North American Ornithology: Part First,Passeres to Laniidae & Bibliographical Appendix
BOTANY1495: COULSON,J.R. - Biological Control of Alligatorweed,1959-1972
science23.6034: R.A.COULSON - Metabolic Rate & the Flow Theory: A Study in Chemical Engineering
ENTOMOLOGY21.95: COULTER,W.K. - Emergene & Premating Behavior Patterns of the Adult European Pine Shoot Moth in Western Washington
EVOLUTION8682: COULTER,J.M. - The History of Organic Evolution
ORNITHOLOGY11363: COULTER,M. - Introductory Bibliography of Larinae (Gull) Literature
REGIONAL21.182: COULTON,R.B. - Geologic Map of the South Half of the Baylor,Larslan West Fork,Police Creek,Kahle & Lundville Quadrangles Valey,Roosevelt & Daniels Counties,Montana
ENTOMOLOGY14270: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL(EDS.) - Abstract Bulletin N.S. No. 3: Abstracts of Current Information on Insect & Rodent Control
UNGULATES0558: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL(EDS.) - The Water Buffalo,New Prospects for an Underutilized Animal
WATERFOWL24.99: CENTRAL FLYWAY COUNCIL(EDS.) - Kansas Waterfowl Identification Guide
UPLAND24.96: COURTRIGHT,A.M.(ED.) - Upland Game Birds of Forest and Tundra
PALEONTOLOGY11450: COUTO,C.DE P. - Fossil Mammals from the Beginning of the Cenozoic in Brazil. Notoungulata
PALEONTOLOGY0372: DE PAULA COUTO,C. - Fossil Mammals from the Beginning of the Cenozoic in Brazil: Condylarthra,Litopterna,Xenungulata & Astrapotheria
REGIONAL13477: COUTTS,R. - Yukon Places & Names
BOTANY24.397: COVILLE,F.V. - The Effect of Aluminum Sulphate on Rhododendrons and Other Acid-Soil Plants
BOTANY1149: COWAN,R.S. - A Revision of the Genus Bocoa (Caesalpinioideae-Swartzieae)
RODENTS18599: COWAN,I.M. - A Distributional Study of the Peromyscus Sitkensis Group of White-Footed Mice
HERPETOLOGY93314: COWAN,I.M. - Review of the Reptiles & Amphibians of British Columbia
art579: COWARD,T.A. - Birds and Their Young
ORNITHOLOGY0345: COWARD,T.A.(BURTON,M.)ED. - Birds of Wayside & Woodland,Comprising a Descriptive History of the Families Corvidae to Tetraonidae,Etc.
FISHING24.1132: COWGILL,KENT - Raising Hackles on the Hattie's Fork & Other Tales of Mishaps and Misdeeds While Fishing and Hunting in the North Woods
REGIONAL9517: COWLES,R.B. - Zulu Journal,Field Notes of a Naturalist in South Africa
ORNITHOLOGY6450: COWLES,R.B. - Notes on the Nesting of the African Green Heron (Butorides Atricapilla) in Natal
REGIONAL93600: COWLES,R.B. - Zulu Journal,Field Notes of a Naturalist in South Africa
REGIONAL24.913: COX,H.R.W. - Greenhorns in Blue Pastures
RAPTORS1164: COX,J. - Observations on Falconry & Pakistan
ICHTHYOLOGY3315: COX,S.S. - Address of Hon. S.S. Cox of New York to the Congress of the U.S. On Fish-Culture & Its Results
ORNITHOLOGY14486: COX,J. - Observations on Falconry & Pakistan
ORNITHOLOGY14487: COX,J.B. - Some Remarks on the Breeding Distribution & Taxonomy of the Prions (Procellariidae: Pachyptila)
ICHTHYOLOGY24.298: COX,U.O. - A Preliminary Report on the Fishes of Minnesota
ORNITHOLOGY3433: BRANDON-COX,H. - Summer of a Million Wings
CANINES24.988: COYKENDALL,R.W.JR. - You and Your Retriver
FIREARMS24.889: CRADOCK,CHRIS - A Manual of Clayshooting
BIOGRAPHY276: CRAIG,J.D. - Dange Is My Business
BOTANY22.44: CRAIG,R.T. - The Mammillaria Handbook,with Descriptions, Illustrations & Key to the Species of the Genus Mammillaria of the Cactaceae
ENTOMOLOGY16139: CRAIGHEAD,F.C. - Annotated List of the Important North American Forest Insects
ENTOMOLOGY24.610: CRAIGHEAD,F.C. - The Influence of Insects on the Development of Forest Protection & Forest Managment
GENERAL11147: CRAIL,T. - Apetalk & Whalespeak,the Quest for Interspecies Communication
ICHTHYOLOGY24.299: CRAMER,F. - On the Cranial Characters of the Genus Sebastodes (Rock-Fish)
SCIENCE21.663: CRAMER,O.P. - Using Fire-Weather Forecasts & Local Weather Observations in Predicting Burning Index for Individual Fire-Danger Stations
SCIENCE21.664: CRAMER,O.P. - Adjustment of Relative Humidity & Temperature for Differences in Elevation
BEARS24.38: CRAMOND,MIKE - Killer Bears
BEARS24.6132: CRAMOND,MIKE - Killer Bears
FISHING24.54: CRAMOND,MIKE - Salmon Fishing British Columbia,Volume One,Vancouver Island
REGIONAL15573: CRAMPSEY,R.A. - Puerto Rico
ENTOMOLOGY19.126: CRAMPTON,G.C. - The Sclerites of the Head & the Mouth-Parts of Cetain Immatue & Adult Insects
ornithology24.2118: LEE S.CRANDALL - New York Zoological Society Bulletin,Vol. 33,No. 5
invertebrates24.601: JOCELYN CRANE - Fiddler Crabs of the World
REGIONAL0606: CRANSON,K.R. - Crater Lake,Gem of the Cascades
ENTOMOLOGY24.8844: CRAWFORD,D.L. - A Contribution Toward a Monograph of the Homopterouis Insects of the Family Delphacidae of North & South America
ENTOMOLOGY16140: CRAWFORD,D.L. - A Monograph of the Jumping Plant-Lice or Psyllidae of the New World
ICHTHYOLOGY12242: CRAWFORD,J.W.(ED.) - Aquarium Journal: Vol. 33,No. 5
ICHTHYOLOGY12243: CRAWFORD,L. - The Effect of Postmortem Stress,Holding Tempeatures & Freezing on the Biochemistry & Quality of Skipjack Tuna
REGIONAL16554: CRAWFORD,S. - Mayordoma,Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico
REGIONAL20.166: CRAWFORD,A.L. - Diotomaceous Earth Near Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
MAMMALS.GENERAL417NH: CRAWFORD,J.S. - Wolves,Bears & Bighorns,Wilderness Observations & Experiences of a Professional Outdoorsman
REGIONAL20.168: CRAWFORD,A.L.(ED.) - Surface,Structure & Stratigraphy of Utah
REGIONAL20.169: CRAWFORD,A.L.(ED.) - Oil & Gas Possibilities of Utah,Re-Evaluated
ARCHAEOLOGY24.556: CRAWFORD,O.G.S.(ED.) - Antiquity,a Quarterly Review of Archaeology(a Prospectus)
BIG.GAME23.956: CRAWFORD,J.S. - At Home with the High Ones
ENTOMOLOGY24.8864: CRAWFORD,J.C. - Descriptions of New Hymenoptera,No. 8
ENTOMOLOGY5616: CRAWFORD,J.C. - Descriptions of New Hymenoptera,No. 4
ART1659: CRAWHALL,JOSEPH(MENTEN,THEO.) - Quaint Cuts in the Chap Book Style
SCIENCE15702: CREAK,E.W. - The General Bearings of Magnetic Observations
GENERAL1195: CREIGHTON,C. - Formative Property of Glycogen,Part I. -Physiological
GENERAL1196: CREIGHTON,C. - Glycogen of Snails & Slugs in Morphological & Physiological Correspondence with the Lymph System of Vertebrates
BIOGRAPHY23.813: DE CRESPIGNY,SIR C.C. - Forty Years of a Sportsman's Life
ichthyology23.951: CRESSEY,R. - Revision of Indo-West Pacific Lizardfishes of the Genus Synodus (Pisces: Synodontidae)
INVERTEBRATES23.205: CRESSEY,R.F. - The Genus Argulus (Crustacea: Branchiura) of the United States
INVERTEBRATES7398: CRESSEY,R.F. - Revision of the Genus Alebion (Copepoda: Caligoida)
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY412: CRESSMAN,L.S. - The Sandal & the Cave,the Indians of Oregon
REGIONAL12566: CRIBB,J. - Subtidal Galapagos,Exploring the Waters of Darwin's Islands
PALEONTOLOGY17402: CRICKMAN,C.H. - Warrenella,a New Genus of Devonian Brachiopods
PALEONTOLOGY17403: CRICKMAY,C.H. - Some of Alpheus Hyatt's Unfigured Types from the Jurassic of California
UPLAND3762: CRISPENS,C.G.JR. - Quails and Partridges of North America,a Bibliography
BIOGRAPHY1838: CRISSEY,F. - Alexander Legge 1866-1933,the Life Story of a Truly Great American Who Loved and Served His Country Well,Etc.
REGIONAL21.184: CRIST,M.A. - Evaluation of Ground-Water Level Changes Near Gillette,Northeastern,Wyoming
REGIONAL21.186: CRITTENDEN,M.D.JR. - Geology of the Sugar House Quadrangle,Salt Lake County,Utah
REGIONAL21.187: CRITTENDEN,M.D.JR. - Geology of the Mount Aire Quadrangle,Salt Lake County,Utah
REGIONAL21.188: CRITTENDEN,M.D.JR. - Geology of the Dromedary Peak Quadrangle,Utah
REGIONAL21.189: CRITTENDEN,M.D.JR. - Geology of the Draper Quadrangle,Utah
ADVENTURE23: CROCKETT,S.R. - The Isle of Winds,an Adventurous Romance
MISC.24.865: CROMER,ED - Ed Cromer's Fishing and Hunting Guide of North America
HERPETOLOGY14389: CROMPTON,J. - The Snake & the Spider
PALEONTOLOGY17404: CRONIN,T.M. - Bathyal Ostracodes from the Florida-Hatteras Slope,the Straits of Florida & the Blake Plateau
GENERAL18247: CROOD,J.H.(ED.) - Social Behaviour in Birds & Mammals
GENERAL23.9988: CROOK,J.H.(ED.) - Social Behaviour in Birds & Mammals: Essays on the Social Ethology of Animals and Man
GENERAL23.2231: CROOK,J.H.(ED.) - Social Behaviour in Birds & Mammals: Essarys on the Social Ethology of Animals & Man
SCIENCE5634: CROOKES,W. - Diamonds
REGIONAL12567: CROSBY,A.W. - Ecological Imperialsim,the Biological Expansion of Europe 900-1900
INVERTEBRATES13335: CROSBY,F.M. - The Polyplacophora & the Onchididae Collected on the Hancock Pacific Expeditions of 1932 to 1937
art341: CROSBY,J.[CANADIAN WILDLIFE SERVICE]EDS. - Waterfowl Hunter's Guide
ENTOMOLOGY19.128: CROSBY,C.R. - The Plum Leaf-Miner
REGIONAL12674: CROSS,W. - Post-Laramine Deposits of Colorado
SCIENCE18632: CROSS,W. - The Natural Classification of Igneous Rocks
ART/REGIONAL24.8761: AUTHOR OF "HANDLEY CROSS" ET AL - "Ask Mamma";or the Richest Commoner in England
INVERTEBRATES17294: CROSS,J.B. - The Flagellate Subfamily Oxymonadinae
ENTOMOLOGY18161: CROSS,J.B. - A Study of Oxymonas Minor Zeliff from the Termite Kalotermes Minor Hagen
ORNITHOLOGY14488: CROSSIN,R.S. - The Breeding Biology of the Tufted Jay
ART212: CROUCH,D.D. - Carl Rungius: The Complete Prints; a Catalog Raisonne
BOTANY2110: CROVELLO,T.J. - A Numerican Taxonomic Study of the Genus Salix, Section Sitchenses
BOTANY15689: CROVELLO,T.J. - A Numerical Taxonomic Study of the Genus Salis,Section Sitchenes
REGIONAL20.172: CROWDER,D.F. - Mineral Resources of the Devil Canyon-Bear Canyon Primitive Area,California
REGIONAL24.7765: CROWE,P.K. - The Empty Ark
MAMMALS.GENERAL1342: CROWE,P.E. - Notes on Some Mammals of the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains
SCIENCE8629: CROWELL,J.C. - Origin of Pebbly Mudstones
ENTOMOLOGY19.129: CROWELL,M.F. - A Preliminary Study of the Tracheal System of the Mature Larva of Elepharipa Scutellata
ENTOMOLOGY19.130: CROWELL,M.F. - The European Corn Borer,the Relation of the Larvae to Submergence
REGIONAL20.173: CROWELL,J.C.(ED.) - San Andreas Fault in Southern California,a Guide to the Fault from Mexico to Carrizo Plain
REGIONAL10570: CROWELL,J.C. - Submarine Canyons Bordering Central & Southern California
BOTANY120NH: CROWSON,D.E. - The Algae of a Modified Brackish Pool
art417: CRUICKSHANK,A.D. - Cruickshank's Pocket Guide to the Birds
ORNITHOLOGY13376: CRUICKSHANK,H.G. - The Nesting Season,the Bird Photographs of Frederick Kent Truslow
REGIONAL24.364: CRUIKSHANK,LT.COL.E.A. - Inventory of the Military Documents in the Canadian Archives
BEARS19.20: CRUM,J.M. - Some Parasites of Black Bears (Usus Americanus) in the Southeastern U.S.
REGIONAL24.792: CRUTCHFIELD,JAMES A. - The Harpeth River,a Biography
art344: CRUWYS,R. - Chinook
SCIENCE9622: INSTITUTO OSWALDO CRUZ(EDS.) - Supplemento Das Memorias,No. 2-9;12
ICHTHYOLOGY23.301: DE ROHAN-CSERMAK,G. - Sturgeon Hooks of Eurasia
FISHING23.9898: DE ROHAN-CSERMAK,G. - Sturgeon Hooks of Eurasia
RODENTS6599: CSUTI,B.A. - Patterns of Adaptation & Variation in the Great Basin Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys Microps)
MAMMALS.GENERAL17336: CSUTI,B. - Type Specimens of Recent Mammals in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology,Univiersity of California,Berkeley
BIG.GAME149: CUBITT,G. - Portraits of the African Wild
REGIONAL2508: CUBITT,G. - Portraits of the African Wild
REGIONAL7596: CULBERTSON,W.C. - Three Deposits of Strippable Lignite West of the Yellowstone River,Montana
REGIONAL11527: CULLEN,F.(ED.) - The United States Antarctic Program
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REGIONAL24.9970: DUGMORE,A.R. - In the Heart of the Northern Forests
ADVENTURE24.772: DUGUID,JULIAN - Father Coldstream
art406: DUMAS,J. - Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta)
PALEONTOLOGY3513: DUMBLE,E.T. - Geology of the Northern End of the Tampico Embayment Area
INVERTEBRATES4285: NAUKOVA DUMKA(EDS.) - Investigations of the Central American Seas
PRIMATES9500: DUNBAR,R.I.M. - Reproductive Decisions,an Economic Analysis of Gelada Baboon Social Strategies
art407: DUNBAR,N.J.(ED.) - Images of Sport in Early Canada
Fish29: DUNBAR,M. - Fundamentals of Book Collecting
PALEONTOLOGY18502: DUNBAR,C.O. - Parafusulina from the Permian of Alaska
FISHING24.1709: DUNCAN,D.J. - The River Why
BOTANY1597: DUNCAN,T. - A Taxonomic Study of the Ranunculus Hispidus Michaux Complex in the Western Hemisphere
PALEONTOLOGY11453: DUNCAN,H. - Ordovician & Silurian Coral Faunas of Western U.S. : A Guide for the Differentiation of Early Paleozoic Faunules
BIOGRAPHY861: DUNDES,A.(ED.) - The Complete Bibliography of Robert H. Lowie
REGIONAL16558: DUNHAM,R.J. - Capitan Reef,New Mexico & Texas,Facts & Question to Aid Interpretation & Group Discussion
SCIENCE24.589: DUNHAM,T.JR. - Stellar Laboratories
REGIONAL24.7762: DUNHAN,TACY - Marine Headlands Trail Guide
FIREARMS23.2512: DUNLAP,ROY - Gun Owner's Book of Care,Repair and Improvement
BOTANY1878: DUNLAP,H.M.(ED.) - Transactions of the Illinois Horticultural Society for the Year 1893,Etc. ,New Ser. Vol. XXVII
ENTOMOLOGY5141: DUNN,M.B. - Methods of Protection from Mosquitoes,Blackflies & Similar Pests in the Forest
HERPETOLOGY10329: DUNN,E.R. - Notes on the South American Frog Genus Edalorhina
HERPETOLOGY5267: DUNN,E.R. - New Species of Hynobius from Japan
BOTANY19.51: DUNN,S. - Control of Common Diseases of Stone Fruits in New Hampshire
BIOGRAPHY963: DUNSTON,S. - Hold That Tiger!
BIOGRAPHY93103: DUNTON,S. - Hold That Tiger!
ORNITHOLOGY1373: DUPONT,J.E. - Philippine Birds
ENTOMOLOGY12869: DUPORTE,E.M. - On the Nervous System of the Larva of Sphida Obliqua Walker
ENTOMOLOGY19.145: DUPORTE,E.M. - The Muscular System of Gryllus Assimilis Fabr. (Penn. Burm. ),a Thesis
ICHTHYOLOGY22.328: DURA,M.F.R. - Recursos Pesqueros de Las Costas de Mexico,Su Conservacion Y Manejo Socioeconomico
BIOGRAPHY048: DURCHAM,O.C. - Through My Binoculars
RAPTORS1167: DURDEN,K. - Flight to Freedom
GENERAL3179: DURDEN,K. - A Fine & Peaceful Kingdom
SCIENCE24.896: DURHAM,J.W. - The "Drifting" Continents";Theories on Floating Lands Vary Widely
ENTOMOLOGY6158: DURKS,B.D. - Species of Spalangia Latreille in the U.S. National Museum Collection (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)
RODENTS10635: DURRANT,S.D. - The Pocket Gophers (Genus Thomomys) of Utah
GENERAL1199: DURRELL,G. - The Ark's Anniversary
GENERAL22.272: DURRELL,G. - Birds,Beasts & Realtives
GENERAL11150: DURRELL,G. - The Stationary Ark
HERPETOLOGY93317: DUSTIN,A.-P. - Contribution a L'Etude Du Thymus Des Reptiles. Cellules Ephitheloides,Cellules Myoides Et Corps de Hassal
PALEONTOLOGY0373: DUTRO,J.T.JR.(ED.) - Paleozoic Perspectives,a Palentological Tribute to G. Arthur Cooper
ENTOMOLOGY14312: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Hemiptera from Western North America
ENTOMOLOGY14313: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Characters of 24 New Species of Hemiptera from the Galapagos Islands & the Coast & Islands of Central America & Mexico
ENTOMOLOGY14314: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Hemipterous Insects of the Genera Aradus,Phytocoris & Camptobrochys
ENTOMOLOGY14315: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Characters of Some New Species of North American Hemipterous Insects,with One New Genus
ENTOMOLOGY14316: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - The Templeton Crocker Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences,1932. Characters of Twenty-Four New Species of Hemiptera from the Galapagos Islands,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY14318: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - Expedition,Etc. To the Gulf of California in 1921,New Dolichopodidae (Long-Legged Flies)
ENTOMOLOGY14319: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the North American Conopidae (Diptera)
ENTOMOLOGY14320: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - Scellus Virago Aldrich (a Two-Winged Fly & Two Forms Closely Related to It
ENTOMOLOGY14321: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the North American Conopidae (Diptera)
ENTOMOLOGY14322: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - The Templeton Crocker Expedition,Etc. To the Galapagos Islands,1932: No. 7 Dolichopodidae & Phoridae
ENTOMOLOGY14307: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Monograph of the North American Species of Orthotylus (Hemiptera)
ENTOMOLOGY14304: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Hemipterous Insects of the Genera Aradus, Phytocoris & Camptobrochys
ENTOMOLOGY14305: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Report Upon a Collection of Hemiptera Made by W.M. Giffard in 1916 & 1917,Chiefly in California
ENTOMOLOGY14310: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - The Hemiptera of the Templeton Crocker Expedition to Polynesia in 1934-35
ENTOMOLOGY14306: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Species of Hemiptera Chiefly from California

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