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REGIONAL7650: STOMMEL,H. - Lost Islands,the Story of Islands That Have Vanished from Nautical Charts
ORNITHOLOGY16461: STONE,W. - On the Annual Molt of the Sanderling
ENTOMOLOGY6201: STONE,A. - Bredin-Archbold-Smithsonian Biological Survey of Dominica: The Mosquitoes of Dominica (Diptera: Culicidae)
BIOGRAPHY24.8721: STONE,ORMOND - Simon Newcomb
ornithology24.6040: STONE,W. - On Pratincola Salax & Allied Species
ENTOMOLOGY24.229: STONE,A. - Guide to the Insects of Connecticut,Part VI. The Diptera or True Flies of Connecticut,Ninth Fasicle, Simuliidae & Thaumaleidae
MAMMALS.GENERAL8405: STONE,J.C.(ED.) - The Exploitation of Animals in Africa,Proceedings of a Colloquium at the Univ. Of Aberdeen,March 1987
REGIONAL1564: STONE,R.D. - Dreams of Amazonia
ORNITHOLOGY18489: STONEHOUSE,B. - The King Penguin,Aptenodytes Patagonia of South Georgia,I. Breeding Behaviour & Development
REGIONAL93674: STONEHOUSE,B. - Animals of the Arctic: The Ecology of the Far North
REGIONAL3622: STONEHOUSE,B. - Animals of the Arctic,the Ecology of the Far North
ORNITHOLOGY15464: STONER,D. - Birds of Washington Park,Albany,New York
RODENTS5582: STONER,D. - The Rodents of Iowa
art931: STONHAM,C. - The Birds of the British Islands
ORNITHOLOGY16462: STORER,R.W. - A Comparison of Variation,Behavior & Evolution in the Sea Bird Genera Uria & Cepphus
ORNITHOLOGY11429: STORER,R.W. - The Hooded Grebe on Laguna de Los Escarchados: Ecology & Behavior
GENERAL22.297: STORER,T.I. - General Zoology
ORNITHOLOGY535NH: STORER,R.W. - The Seasonal Occurrence of Shorebirds on Bay Farm Island,Alameda County,California
HERPETOLOGY3294: STORR,G.M. - Some Aspects of the Geography of Australian Reptiles
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY5134: STORY,I.F. - Glimpses of Our National Parks
REGIONAL23.519: STOTT,D.F. - Cretaceous Rocks between Smoky & Pine Rivers,Rocky Mountain Foothills,Alberta & B.C.
REGIONAL20.420: STOW,M.H. - Dating Cretaceous-Eocene Tectonic Movements in Big Horn Basin by Heavy Minerals
BIOGRAPHY3800: STRAHAN,SIR,A. - Sir Archibald Geikie
FISHING24.88652: STRAIGHT,LEE(ED.) - B.C. Sea Angling Guide,Volume 8, 1980-81
FISHING24.7713: STRAIGHT,LEE(ED.) - B.C. Fresh Water Fishing Guide,Vol. 22
Fish157: STRAIGHT,LEE - Lot of 4 Typed and Signed Letters Regarding Books for Sale
GENERAL17222: STRAJMAN,E. - Tissue Surface Measurements As a Method of Studing in Vivo the Concentration of Beta Ray Isotopes. Theoretical & Experimental Analysis with Radioactive Phosphorus
ENTOMOLOGY19308: STRAND,A.L. - Measuring the Toxicity of Insect Fumigants
art1408: STRANGE,I. - The Bird Man,an Autobiography
GENERAL23.481: STRATTON,G.B.(ED.) - The Zoological Record,Volume 90,Etc. For 1953;Sections 1-8;10;14-18
ORNITHOLOGY14526: STRAUCH,J.G.JR. - The Phylogeny of the Alcidae
GENERAL4203: STREET,P. - Animal Weapons
BOTANY15143: STRICKLAND,J.D.H. - The Ecology of the Plankton Off la Jolla,Calif. In the Period April to Sept. 1967
INVERTEBRATES16363: STRICKLAND,J.D.H. - The Ecology of the Plankton Off la Jolla,California in the Period April Thru September,1967
MISC.24.589: STRINGFELLOW,R.B.(ED.) - Sportsmen's Pictorial Encyclopedia of Guns and Hunting
REGIONAL20.421: STRINGHAM,B. - Alteration Area South of the Horn Silver Mine,Beaver County,Utah
REGIONAL20.422: STRINGHAM,B. - Alteration Area South of the Horn Silver Mine,Beaver County,Utah
REGIONAL20.423: STRINGHAM,B. - Hydrothermal Alteration in the S.E. Part of Frisco Quadrangle,Beaver County,Utah
ORNITHOLOGY24.521: STRODU,ROBERT - Stroud's Digest of Diseases of Birds
GENERAL24.843: STROHM,J.(ED.) - Birds and Mammals,a 50th Anniversary Collection
RODENTS9609: STRONG,L.H. - The Dorsal Aortic Plexus,a Factor in the Development of Body Wall Drainage in the Rabbit
ORNITHOLOGY6723: STRONG,R.M. - On the Habits & Behavior of the Herring Gull,Larus Argentatus Pont.
BOTANY15144: STROTHER,J.L. - Systematics of Cyssodia Cavanilles (Compositae: Tageteae)
BIOGRAPHY971: STROUD,P.T. - Thomas Say,New World Naturalist
BOTANY1296: STRUEVER,S.(ED.) - Prehistoric Agriculture
BOTANY9124: STRUEVER,S.(ED.) - Prehistoric Agriculture
BOTANY24.109: STRUEVER,S.(ED.) - Prehistoric Agriculture
PRIMATES4477: STRUHSAKER,T.T. - The Red Colobus Monkey
PRIMATES8527: STRUM,S.C. - Almost Human,a Journey Into the World of Baboons
PRIMATES13465: STRUM,S.C. - Almost Human,a Journey Into the World of Baboons
FISHING24.7761: STRUNG,NORMAN - Fishing the Headwaters of the Missouri
SCIENCE16660: STRUNZ,H. - Mineralogische Tabellen: Eine Klassifizierung Der Mineralien Auf Kristallchemischer Grundlage,Etc.
art1411: STUART,J. - The Magic of Owls
BIOGRAPHY189: STUART,R.R. - Kassai,the Story of Raoul de Premorel,African Trader
WATERFOWL24.112: STUART,F.S. - Wild Wings
Paleontology23.407: STUBBLEFIELD,SIR JAMES - Trilobita
INVERTEBRATES23.355: STUBBS,L.L. - The Amerian Lobster,Homarus Americanus
art1416: STUBBS,G.[TATTERSALL,B.] - Stubbs & Wedgewood
ICHTHYOLOGY14424: STUBER,R.J. - Habitat Suitability Models,Black Bullhead
REGIONAL16574: JOHN SWETT SCHOOL STUDENTS - Bay Lookout,a Sketchbook of San Francisco Bay Wildlife
HERPETOLOGY24.8661: WESTERN NATURE STUDY(EDS.) - Frogs Toads Salamanders
INVERTEBRATES10432: STUNKARD,H.W. - Notes on North American Blood Flukes
INVERTEBRATES10433: STUNKARD,H.W. - Two New Genera of North American Blood Flukes
INVERTEBRATES22.408: STUNKARD,H.W. - Studies on North American Polystomidae, Aspidogastridae & Paramphistomidae
ORNITHOLOGY17376: STURGIS,T.W. - Poultry Culture for Profit
ORNITHOLOGY5440: STURKIE,P.D. - Avian Physiology
ORNITHOLOGY22.474: STURKIE,P.D. - The Electrocardiogram of the Chicken
BOTANY1179: STURROCK,D. - Tropical Fruits for Southern Florida & Cuba & Their Uses
ENTOMOLOGY10252: STURTEVANT,A.H. - New Species & Notes on Synonymy & Distribution of Muscidae Acalypteratae (Diptera)
REGIONAL2578: STUTZ,B. - Natural Lives,Modern Times;People & Places of the Delaware River
art1418: STUURMAN,R.[HOLLAND,J.] - Bird Spotting
RODENTS14623: SUART,R.R. - The Anatomy of the White Rat
BIG.CATS24.74: SUCKSDORFF,A.B. - Tiger in Sight
INVERTEBRATES19492: SUDLER,M.T. - The Development of Penilla Schmackert Richard
BOTANY2131: SUDWORTH,G.B. - Check List of the Forest Trees of the United States,Their Names and Ranges
PALEONTOLOGY17521: SULLIVAN,F.R. - Lower Tertiary Nannoplankton from the California Coast Ranges. II. Eocene
INVERTEBRATES7417: SULLIVAN,J.R. - The Stone Crab,Menippe Mercenaria,in the S.W. Florida Fishery
PALEONTOLOGY9486: SULLIVAN,F.R. - Lower Tertiary Nanoplankton from the California Coast Ranges,I. Paleocene
PALEONTOLOGY11499: SULLIVAN,R.M. - A Reassessment of Reptilian Diversity Across the Cretaceous Tertiary Boundary
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY12746: SULTE,M.B. - Troupes Du Canada 1670-1687
REGIONAL12803: SULTE,M.B. - Les Pays D'En Haut,1670
ICHTHYOLOGY388NH: SUMMERHAYS,S. - A Marine Park Is Born,Australia's Great Barrier Reef
RAPTORS24.713: SUMMERS,G. - The Lure of the Falcon
BIOGRAPHY13132: SUMNER,F.B. - The Life History of an American Naturalist
BIOGRAPHY486: SUMNER,F.B. - The Life History of an American Naturalist
ORNITHOLOGY15465: SUMNER,E.L.JR. - The Behavior of Some Young Raptorial Birds
INVERTEBRATES13344: SUN,T.(ED.) - Progress in Clinical Parasitology,Vol. I
GENERAL16249: SUNER,A.P.(STERN,C.M.)TRANS. - Classics of Biology
BIOGRAPHY107NH: PEI-SUNG,T. - Green Thraldom,Essays of a Chinese Biologist
geology911: J.SUPPE - Offset of Late Mesozoic Basement Terrains by the San Andreas Fault System
geology23.991: JOHN SUPPE - Times of Metamorphism in the Franciscan Terrain of the Northern Coast Ranges,California
geology23.912: J.SUPPE & R.L.ARMSTRONG - Potassium-Argon Dating of Franciscan Metamorphic Rocks
ENTOMOLOGY14185: COMBINED SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES(EDS.) - Insects,Economic & Non-Economic,Foreign & Domestic;Cat. #8
ENTOMOLOGY14186: COMBINED SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES(EDS.) - Insects,Economic & Non-Economic,Foreign & Domestic
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.146: COMBINED SCIENTIFIC SUPPLIES(ES.) - Insects,Economic & Non-Economic - Foreign & Domestic Catalog 18
BOTANY8132: SURBER,E.W. - Controlling Vegetation in Fish Ponds with Sodium Arsenite,Vol. I
FISHING842: SURBER,E.W. - Improving Sport Fishing by Control of Aquatic Weeds
ENTOMOLOGY15201: SURFACE,H.A. - Zoological Bulletin of Division of Zoology,Etc. Subject: Insect Collection
PALEONTOLOGY9487: SURLYK,F. - Two New Brachiopods from the Danish White Chalk (Maastrichtian)
PALEONTOLOGY9488: SURLYK,F. - Autecoloty & Taxonomy of Two Upper Cretaceous Craniacean Brachiopods
PALEONTOLOGY2475: SURLYK,F. - Autecology & Taxonomy of Two Upper Cretaceous Craniacean Brachiopods
UNGULATES13607: SURRENDI,C. - Preliminary Report on Wildlife Mortality Along C.N. Rights of Way & Observations on Habitat Quality in Jasper National Park
REGIONAL21.572: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Controlled Photomosaic of the Mtm-20187 Quadrangle Ma'Adim Vallis Region of Mars
REGIONAL21.582: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Flood Hazards in the Seattle-Tacoma Urban Complex & Adjacent Areas,Washington
REGIONAL21.580: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Bathymetric Survey & Physical & Chemical-Related Properties of Black Bayou Reservoir,Louisiana, September & October,1997
REGIONAL21.581: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Bathymetric Survey & Physical & Chemical Properties of Raccourci Lake,Louisiana,July 1998 & April 1999
REGIONAL21.569: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Hydrologic Unit Map-174,State of Nevada
REGIONAL5543: NORTH DAKOTA GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - 2nd,3rd & 5th Biennial Reports of the Geological Survey of North Dakota
REGIONAL21.560: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Bathymetric Survey & Physical & Chemical-Related Properties of False River,Louisiana,June & Jul6 1998
REGIONAL21.561: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Hydrologic Unit Map-1988,States of Massachusetts,Rhode Island & Connecticut
REGIONAL21.562: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Census Tracts,1970,Washington Urban Area,D.C. ,Md. ,& Va
REGIONAL21.563: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Index to Topographic Maps of Oregon
REGIONAL21.564: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Atchinson,Topeka,Kansas
REGIONAL21.565: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Flood-Prone Areas in the Sonoma Creek Drainage Basin,Sonoma & Marin Counties,California
REGIONAL21.566: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Flood-Prone Areas in the Petaluma River Drainage Basin & Cotati Vicinity,Sonoma & Marin Counties ,California
REGIONAL21.567: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Flood-Prone Areas of Coastal San Mateo County, California Incl. Half Moon Bay,San Gregorio,la Honda,Pigeon Point & Franklin Point 7 1/2-Minute Quadrangles
REGIONAL21.587: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Nipton,California-Nevada
REGIONAL21.588: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Ivanpah Quadrangle,San Bernardino County,California
REGIONAL21.589: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Mineral Hill Quadrangle,San Bernardino County,California
REGIONAL21.591: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Standards for 1: 24,000- and 1: 25,000- Scale Quadrangle Maps,Appendix 7-a,Style Sheets
REGIONAL21.592: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Nipton Quadrangle,California - Nevada: 7. 5 Minute Series
REGIONAL21.593: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Ivanpah Quadrangle California - San Benardino County: 7. 5 Minute Series
REGIONAL21.594: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Mineral Hill Quadrangle California - San Bernardino County: 7. 5 Minutes Series
REGIONAL21.595: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Kansas City,St. Joseph,Missouri
REGIONAL21.596: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - San Francisco Bay Region Land Use Maps: Two Samples
REGIONAL24.1437: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Stratigratigraphic Time Charts for Public Land in Oregon & Washington
REGIONAL21.585: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Mid Hills Quadrangle,San Bernardino County,California
REGIONAL21.586: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Crescent Peak,California-Nevada
REGIONAL21.578: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - National Wild & Scenic Rivers System,December 1990
REGIONAL21.576: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Indexes of Mars Topographic Maps Published by the U.S. Geological Survey,January 1,1993
SCIENCE740NH: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Fifteenth Annual Report of the U.S. Geological Survey 1893-94
REGIONAL21.579: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Hydrologic Unit Map-1978,State of California,North & South Halves
REGIONAL21.577: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Annual Sunshine & Evaporation (and) Solar Radiation National Atlas
REGIONAL20.448: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - List of U.S. Geological Survay Geologic & Water-Supply Reprots & Maps for New York
REGIONAL20.449: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - An Assessment of Seismic Monitoring in the U.S. : Requirement for an Advanced National Seismic System
SCIENCE20.625: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - U.S. Geological Survey Heavy Metals Program Progress Report 1966 and 1967
REGIONAL21.568: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Areomagnetic Map of the Southern Part of the San Francisco Bay Region,California
REGIONAL21.573: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Controlled Photomosaic of the Mtm-25182 Quadrangle Ma'Adim Vallis Region of Mars
REGIONAL21.583: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Experimental Edition of the San Rafael,Ca Quadrangle on North American Datum 1983 (Nad 83) & Datum 1927 (Nad 27)
REGIONAL21.570: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Erosional & Depositional Provinces & Features,Molalla River Basin,Oregon
REGIONAL21.571: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Water-Resources Investigations of the U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska
REGIONAL21.574: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Indexes of Mars Topographic Maps Published by the U.S. Geological Survey June 1,1985
REGIONAL20.444: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Codes for the Identifiacation of Aquifier Names & Geologica Unites in the U.S. & the Caribbean Outlying Areas
REGIONAL20.445: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Decisions on Georgaphic Names in the United States, Decision List 1999
REGIONAL20.446: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - Decisions on Georgaphic Names in the United States, Decision List No. 7503
REGIONAL20.447: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SURVEY(EDS.) - U.S. Geological Survey Heavy Metals Program Progress Report 1968 - Field Studies
BIOGRAPHY12725: SURVEYER,E.F. - Two of the Early English Speaking Batonniers of the Montreal Bar (W.W. H. Kerr & Francis Cassidy)
INVERTEBRATES12445: SUTCLIFFE,W.H.JR. - A New Species of Calanoic Copepod from North Carolina
UNGULATES9650: SUTCLIFFE,A.J. - Further Notes on Bones & Antlers Chewed by Deer & Other Ungulates
ICHTHYOLOGY12388: SUTHERLAND,D.F. - Immobilization of Fingerling Salmon & Trout by Decompression
art956: SUTRO,T. - Thirteen Chapters of American History Represented by the Edward Moran Series of 13 Historical Marine Paintings
REGIONAL/ART1420: SUTTON,G.M. - Iceland Summer,Adventures of a Bird Painter
art1419: SUTTON,G.M. - High Arctic,an Expedition to the Unspoiled North
art1420: SUTTON,G.M. - Iceland Summer,Adventures of a Bird Painter
art1421: SUTTON,G.M. - Mexican Birds,First Impressions Based Upon an Ornitholgical Exped. To Tamaulipas,Nuevo Leon & Coahuila
art1422: SUTTON,G.M. - Portraits of Mexican Birds,Fifty Selected Paintings
BOTANY5112: SUTTON,M.J. - Permanent & Temporary Pastures
REGIONAL11580: SUYIN,H. - Lhasa,the Open City,a Journey to Tibet
MAMMALS.GENERAL9380: SUZUKI,S. - An Atlas of Mammalian Ova
REGIONAL24.2465: SVERDRUP,H.U. - Scientific Work of the "Maud" Expedition,1922-1925
MAMMALS.GENERAL3411: SVIHLA,R.D. - Mammals of the Uinta Mountain Region
ENTOMOLOGY9205: SWAIN,A.P. - A Synopsis of the Aphididae of California
BIOGRAPHY877: SWAIN,D.C. - Wilderness Defender,Horance Albright & Conservation
BIOGRAPHY878: SWAIN,D.C. - Wilderness Defender,Horance Albright & Conservation
ENTOMOLOGY4141: SWAIN,A.F. - A Synopsis of the Aphididae of California
BIOGRAPHY93122: SWAIN,R.B. - Field Days,Journal of an Itinerant Biologist
INVERTEBRATES12446: SWAN,E.F. - Regeneration of Spines by Sea Urchins (with) Growth Indices of the Clam Mya Arenaria (with) Strongylocentrotidae (Echinoidea) of the N.E. Pacific
UNGULATES24.4412: SWANK,W.G. - The Mule Deer in Arizona Chaparral
GENERAL24.579: SWANN,W.F.G. - Three Centuries of Natural Philosophy
art1426: SWANSON,G.R. - World of Wildlife Painting,Reflections of Three Continents
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY21.87: SWANSTON,D.N. - Mechanics of Debris Avalanching in Shallow Till Soils of S.E. Alaska
ORNITHOLOGY5441: SWARTH,H.S. - Pca No. 10,Distributional List of the Birds of Arizona
RODENTS5583: SWARTH,H.S. - Two New Species of Marmots from N.W. America
REGIONAL4552: SWARTH,H.S. - Report on a Collection of Birds & Mammals from Vancouver Island
ORNITHOLOGY8464: SWARTH,H.S. - The Avifauna of the Galapagos Islands
ORNITHOLOGY10479: SWARTH,H.S. - A List of the Birds of the Atlin Region,British Columbia
ORNITHOLOGY4421: SWARTH,H.S. - The Pacific Coast Races of the Bewick Wren
REGIONAL1565: SWARTH,H.S. - Report on a Collection of Birds & Mammals from the Atlin Region,Northern British Columbia
ORNITHOLOGY13418: SWAYSLAND,W. - Familiar Wild Birds
BIOGRAPHY1852: SWAYZE,N. - Canadian Portraits,Jenness Barbeau Wintemberg,the Man Hunters
REGIONAL93676: SWEENEY,R.C.H. - Grappling with a Griffon: A British Naturalist Matches Wits with Africa's Animals
REGIONAL5553: SWEENEY,R.C.H. - The Scurrying Bush,the Delightful Account of a Naturalist's Experiences in Eastern Africa
INVERTEBRATES3380: SWEENEY,R.A.(ED.) - Proceedings of the Conference on Changes in the Biota of Lakes Erie & Ontario
HERPETOLOGY6321: SWEENEY,R. - Garter Snakes,Their Natural History & Care in Captivity
REGIONAL12608: SWEENEY,C. - Naturalist in the Sudan
REGIONAL4553: SWEENEY,C. - Naturalist in the Sudan
ORNITHOLOGY18491: SWEET,C.D. - A Study of Epithelioma Contagiosum of the Common Fowl
ENTOMOLOGY22.221: SWEET,H.A. - The Bionomics of the Poison Oak Leafroller,Gracilaria Diversilobiella Opler in California (Gracilariidae: Lepidoptera)
HERPETOLOGY5296: SWEET,S.S.(ED.) - Journal of Herpetology,Vol. 24,Nos. 1,3 & 4
ENTOMOLOGY12142: SWEETMAN,H.L. - The Biological Control of Insects,with a Chapt. On Weed Control
art1427: SWENEY,F. - Wildlife
ENTOMOLOGY10253: SWENK,M.H. - Two New Bees of the Genus Colletes,Oligotropic Upon Petalostemum
ENTOMOLOGY18201: SWEZY,O. - The Genera Monocercomonas & Polymastix
REGIONAL11581: SWIFT,H.T. - Illinois Arbor & Bird Days
GENERAL23.117: SWIFT,M.A. - First Lessons on Natural Philosophy for Children,Part Second
PALEONTOLOGY10545: SWINERTON,H.H. - Outlines of Palaeontolgy
HERPETOLOGY93343: SWITAK,K.H. - The Life of Desert Reptiles & Amphibians
REGIONAL2581: SYKES,SIR P.(ED.) - Explorers All,Famous Journey's in Asia
INVERTEBRATES11298: DE SYLVA,D. - The Live Bail Shrimp Fishery of the N.E. Coast of Florida
REGIONAL7651: SYMONDS,J.A. - Our Life in the Swiss Highlands
BIOGRAPHY332: SYMONS,R.D. - The Broken Snare,the Story of a Frontier Family
REGIONAL12712: SYMONS,T.W. - The Projected New Barge Canal of the State of New York
BIOGRAPHY7131: SYMONS,R.D. - The Broken Snare,the Story of a Frontier Family (in the Canadian Rockies)
UNGULATES11634: SYROECHKOVSKII,E.E.(ED.) - Wild Reindeer of the Soviet Union
art1430: SZABO,Z. - Zoltan Szabo,Artist at Work
ICHTHYOLOGY5336: ROCHE,E.T.& HALSTEAD,B.W. - The Venom Apparatus of California Rockfishes (Family Scorpaenidae)
REGIONAL24.527: STRAHORN,A.T.ET AL - Soil Survey of the El Centro Area,California
RODENTS17632: JACKSON,H.H.T.& HOLLISTER,N.ET AL - Naf No. 38: A Review of the American Moles (with) Naf No. 40: A Systematic Account of the Prarie-Dogs
ORNITHOLOGY8436: INSKIPP,C.& T. - Guide to the Birds of Nepal
ORNITHOLOGY2376: BRITTON,D.& HAYASHIDA,T. - The Japanese Crane,Bird of Happiness
INVERTEBRATES17316: MACAN,T.T.ET AL - Life in Lakes & Rivers
RODENTS9608: SHAW,W.T.& CHAMBERLAIN,K.F. - The Spring & Summer Activities of the Dusky Skunk in Captivity (with) the Insect Food of the Dusky Skunk
GENERAL5228: MARSHALL,P.T.& HUGHES,G.M. - The Physiology of Mammals & Other Vertebrates
GENERAL24.4132: MACAN,T.T.& WORTHINGTON,E.B. - Life in Lakes & Rivers
SCIENCE8624: BERGFORS,T.ET AL - Modifications in the Automatic Diver Balance Technique
PALEONTOLOGY22.492: EASTMAN,J.T.& GRANDE,L. - Late Eocene Gadiform (Telostei) Skull from Seymour Island,Antactic Pensinsula
REGIONAL20.183: DUGAN,J.T.& ZELT,R.B. - Simulation & Analysis of Soil-Water Conditions in the Great Plains & Adjacent Areas,Central U.S. ,1951-80
REGIONAL20.186: EASTWOOD,T.ET AL - The Lake District,Geology Et Al
PRIMATES8522: FOUTS,R.& MILLS,S.T. - Next of Kin,What Chimpanzees Have Taught Me About Who We Are
REGIONAL20.108: ALLEN,V.T.ET AL - The Hobart Butte High-Alumina Clay Deposit,Lane County,Oregon
RODENTS9600: HOOPER,E.T.& HART,B.S. - A Synopsis of Recent North American Microteine Rodents
PRIMATES11509: FOUTS,R.& MILLS,S.T. - Next of Kin,What Chimpanzees Have Taught Me About Who We Are
REGIONAL5517: HATT,R.T.ET AL - Island Life,a Study of the Land Vertebrates of the Islands of Eastern Lake Michigan
HERPETOLOGY12840: CAMERON,A.T.& BROWNLEE,T.I. - The Effect of Low Temperatures on the Frog
BOTANY1686: ORR,R.T.& D.B. - Mushrooms of Western North America
GENERAL16199: BOWEN,V.T.ET AL(EDS.) - The Chemistry & Physiology of the Nucleus
ICHTHYOLOGY9298: DOI,M.& SINGHAGRAIWAN,T. - Biology & Culture of the Red Snaper,Lutjanus Argentim.
EM1012: WOOD,J.& EDELSTEIN,T. - The Art Institute of Chicago - the Essential Guide
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY15149: WILSON,L.T.ET AL - Within-Plant Distribution of Predators on Cotton: Comments on Sampling & Predator Efficiences,Etc. Heliothis,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY24.195: MATTONI,R.H.T.ET AL(EDS.) - The Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera,Vol. 27, No. 3-4
art1644: BEWICK,T.& J.[HUGO,T.] - The Bewick Collector,a Descriptive Catalouge of the Works of Thomas and John Bewick,Including Cuts,in Various States,for Books and Pamphlets,Etc. Including a Supplement,Etc.
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY15698: MASON,O.T.& BOEHMER,G.H. - Anthropological Investigations During the Year 1879 (with) Index to Papers on Anthropology Published by the Smithsonian,1847-1878
art1515: VAN ZYLE,J.[JONES,T.ET AL] - Dog Stories,True Stories About Extraordinary Animals Around the World
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paleontology23.460: TEMPLE,J.T.(ED.) - Trilobita
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