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BIOGRAPHY127141: SCHUCHERT,C.(TRANS.) - Karl Alfred Von Zittel
SCIENCE6716: SCHUCHERT,C. - Climates of Geologic Time
PALEONTOLOGY15689: SCHUCHERT,C. - On Siluric & Devonic Cystidea & Camarocrinus
REGIONAL7642: SCHUELER,D.G. - Preserving the Pascagoula
REGIONAL8596: SCHUELER,D.G. - The Temple of the Jaguar,Travels in the Yucatan
BIG.GAME222: SCHUEREN,A.C. - Foxy's Lion Tales
BIG.GAME24.923: SCHUH,DWIGHT - Buglong for Elk,a Complete Guide to Early Season Elk Hunting
BIG.GAME24.886: SCHUH,D. - Bugling for Elk,a Complete Guide to Early-Seson Elk Hunting
BEARS24.37: SCHULLERY,PAUL - The Bear Hunter's Century
REGIONAL4548: SCHULLERY,P. - Mountain Time,Man Meets Wilderness in Yellowstone
BIOGRAPHY1575: SCHULLIAN,D.M.(ED.) - The Baglivi Correspondence from the Library of Sir William Osler
BIOGRAPHY2100: SCHULLIAN,D.M.(ED.) - The Baglivi Correspondence from the Library of Sir William Osler
UNGULATES23.553: SCHULT,M.J. - Where Buffalo Roam
REGIONAL20.384: SCHULTZ,A.R. - A Geologic Reconnaissance of the Uinta Mountains, Northern Utah,with Spec. Ref. To Phosphate
ICHTHYOLOGY19463: SCHULTZ,L.P. - Revision of the Marine Silver Hatchetfishes (Family Sternoptychidae)
BIOGRAPHY19.36: SCHULTZ,J.W. - My Life As an Indian
ICHTHYOLOGY13322: SCHULTZ,L.P. - Keys to the Fishes of Washington,Oregon & Closely Adjoining Regions
ICHTHYOLOGY12357: SCHULTZ,L.P. - A Revision of 6 Subfamilies of Atherine Fishes,with Descriptions of New Genera & Species
ICHTHYOLOGY12358: SCHULTZ,L.P. - A Revision of the Genera of Mullets,Fishe of Theamily Mugilidae,with Descriptions of Three New Genera
ICHTHYOLOGY12359: SCHULTZ,L.P. - Three New Sciaenid Fishes of the Genus Ophioscion from the Atlantic Coasts of Central & South America
ICHTHYOLOGY12360: SCHULTZ,L.P. - A New Genus & Two New Species of Percoid Fishes from New Guinea,Family Centropomidae
FISHING1432: SCHULTZ,KEN - Greatest Fishing Locales of North America
ICHTHYOLOGY9313: SCHULTZ,L.P. - The Frogfishes of the Family Antennariidae
ICHTHYOLOGY2317: SCHULTZ,L.P. - Keys to the Fishes of Washington,Oregon & Closely Adjoining Regions
INVERTEBRATES23.346: SCHULTZ,G.A. - Submarine Canyons of Southern California,Part IV. Systematics: Isopoda
ICHTHYOLOGY13323: SCHULTZ,L.P. - A Revision of the American Clingfishes,Family Gobiesocidae,with Descriptions of New Gernera & Forms
ICHTHYOLOGY18357: SCHULTZ,L.P. - Three New Species of Fishes of the Genus Cirrhitus (Family Cirrhitidae) from the Indo-Pacific
SCIENCE16657: SCHULTZER,B. - Transcendence & the Logical Difficulties of Transcendence,a Logical Analysis
BOTANY13174: SCHULZ,P.(ED.) - Gesneriads & How to Grow Them
REGIONAL4549: SCHULZ,P.E. - Geology of Lassen's Landscape,the Story of the Formation of the Area As Told by the Rocks,Etc.
GENERAL6270: SCHUMACHER,E. - The Last Paradise,on the Track of Rare Animals
GENERAL3209: SCHUMACHER,E. - The Last Paradise,on the Track of Rare Animals
INVERTEBRATES18426: SCHUMACHER,I.C. - On Blepharocorys Equi Sp. Nov. ,a New Ciliate from the Caecum of the Horse
REGIONAL15621: SCHUMACHER,G.(ED.) - Deepest Valley;Guide to Owens Valey & Its Mountain Lakes,Roadsides & Trails
REGIONAL21.475: SCHUMACHER,C.A. - Index to Geologic Maps in Bulletins of Oregon Department of Geology & Mineral Industries
art1210: SCHUNK,G. - Tiere IM Museum
ORNITHOLOGY528NH: SCHUTZ,W.E. - How to Build Birdhouses & Feeders
ARCHERY24.882: SCHUYLER,K.C. - Bowhunting for Big Game
ENTOMOLOGY19291: SCHWARDT,H.H. - Biologies of Arkansas Rice Field Mosquitoes
PRIMATES3548: SCHWARTZ,J.H. - The Red Ape (Orangutans)
PRIMATES579NH: SCHWARTZ,J.H. - The Red Ape,Orang-Utans & Human Origins
ICHTHYOLOGY4273: SCHWARTZ,F.J. - Variations in Growth Rates,Densities & Meristic Characters of 4 Species of Darters (Etheostomatinae) from the Upper Allegheny River & Its Tributaries (Phd. Thesis)
HERPETOLOGY11195: SCHWARTZ,A. - A New Species of Boa (Genus Tropidophis) from Western Cuba
ORNITHOLOGY23.982: SCHWARTZ,C.W. - The Prairie Chicken in Missouri
SCIENCE4588: SCHWARTZ,M.L.(ED.) - Spits & Bars
general24.2122: H.F.SCHWARZ(ED.) - Natural History Vol. 22,No. 3,Journal of the American Museum of Natural History
ENTOMOLOGY10245: SCHWARZ,H.F. - North American Bees of the Genus Heteranthidium
ENTOMOLOGY10246: SCHWARZ,H.F. - North American Dianthidium,Anthidiellum & Paranthidium
ENTOMOLOGY10247: SCHWARZ,H.F. - Additional North American Bees of the Genus Anthidium
ENTOMOLOGY10248: SCHWARZ,H.F. - North American Bees of the Genus Anthidium
ENTOMOLOGY1167: SCHWARZ,H.F. - The Genus Melipona,the Type Genus of the Meliponidae,or Stingless Bee
ENTOMOLOGY0156: SCHWARZ,H.F. - The Stingless Bees (Meliponidae) of British Guiana & Some Related Forms
ENTOMOLOGY0153: SCHWARZ,H.F. - The Indo-Malayan Species of Trigona
ENTOMOLOGY0154: SCHWARZ,H.F. - Results of the Oxford University Sarawak (Borneo) Expedition: Bornean Stingless Bees of the Genus Trigona
ENTOMOLOGY0155: SCHWARZ,H.F. - Stingless Bees (Meliponidae) of the Western Hemisphere
GENERAL14379: MULLER-SCHWARZE,D.(ED.) - Evolution of Play Behavior
BIOGRAPHY7127: SCHWARZENBERG,F.A. - Alexander Von Humboldt;or,What May Be Accomplished in a Lifetime
ICHTHYOLOGY24.327: SCHWEIGGER,E. - El Litoral Pervano
REGIONAL16591: SCHWEINFURTH,G. - Ander Kuste Des Roten Meeres
SCIENCE14694: DE SCHWEINITZ,E.A. - The War with Microbes
ENTOMOLOGY16173: WARDS NATURAL SCIENCE(EDS.) - How to Make an Insect Collection
GENERAL3168: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE(EDS.) - Proceedings: Broken Run of 10 Parts in 8 Vols.
REGIONAL10557: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE(EDS.) - Science in Alaksa,Proceedings of 3rd Alaskan Science Conference
REGIONAL10558: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE(EDS.) - Science in Alaska,1952 Proceedings of 3rd Alaskan Science Conference
INVERTEBRATES5352: VIRGINIA INSTITUTE MARINE SCIENCE(EDS.) - Contributions of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science,1971-1972
SCIENCE4579: CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Constitution & by-Laws,Trustees,Officers,Museum Staff & Members,Sept. 5,1925
SCIENCE8640: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - The International Geophysics Bulletin,Nos. 70,74,75,78 & 85
REGIONAL20.330: NEBRASKA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES ET AL(EDS.) - Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences & Affiliated Societies,Vol. III,1974-1976
GENERAL14357: CZECH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Folio Zoologica,International Journal of Vertebratology,Vol. 33,No. 1 & No. 4
SCIENCE12638: DENMARK ROYALE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES & LETTERS(EDS.) - Oversigt over Det Kiongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskabs Forhandlinger Og Dets Medlemmers Arbejder I Aaret 1895
SCIENCE12653: ROYALE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES & LETTERS(EDS.) - Oversigt over Det Kiongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskabs Forhandlinger 1897
BOTANY1288: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Underexploited Tropical Plants with Promising Economic Value
BIOGRAPHY1470: CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - In Memoriam;Carl Fuchs Born November 24,1839 - Died June 13,1914
BIOGRAPHY15999: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Biographical Memoirs,Vol. 39
BIOGRAPHY16001: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Biographical Memoirs,Vol. 38
BOTANY14110: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Making Aquatic Weeds Useful: Some Perspectives for Developing Countries
GENERAL5195: CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, Third Series,Complete
BIOGRAPHY24.64: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Biographical Memoirs,Vol. 55
GENERAL4171: CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - California Academy of Sciences Annual Report for the Year 1948
ART24.7745: ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES(EDS.) - Philadelphia Wildfowl Exposition
ENTOMOLOGY12139: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Insect-Pest Management & Control: Vol. 3
REGIONAL16549: CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - A Photographic Record of the Mount Jolmo Lungma Scientific Expedition 1966-1968
GENERAL5232: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Proceedings,Vol. 1,Pts. 1,2 & 3
GENERAL12177: FLORIDA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Proceedings & Quarterly Journals
ENTOMOLOGY24.201: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Principles of Pland & Animal Pest Control,Vol. 3, Insect-Pest Management & Control
ART24.77612: PHILADELPHIA ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES(EDS.) - Philadelphia Wildfowl Exposition
GENERAL256NH: CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - California Academy of Sciences Proceedings,Third Series,Vol. III(Complete)
REGIONAL23.507: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - San Fernando Earthquake of February 9,1971
REGIONAL599NH: BRAZIL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES(EDS.) - Annaes Da Academia Brasileira de Sciencias,Vol. 5,Nos. 1 & 2;Vol. 6,No. 4
HERPETOLOGY19402: SCLATER,W.L. - List of Snakes in the Indian Museum
ORNITHOLOGY5432: SCLATER,P.L.(ED.) - Nitzsch's Petrylography
GENERAL23.471: SCLATER,W.L.(EDS.) - The Zoological Record for 1927,Sections 1-7;9;12-16
REGIONAL/BIG.GAME24.48: SCOBIA. - Animal Haven
REGIONAL24.52: SCOBIE,A. - Adventurer's Paradise
UNGULATES24.982: GALLOWAY CATTLE SCOETY(EDS.) - The Galloway Journal No. 13
BOTANY8128: SCOFIELD,C.S. - Effect of Alfalfa on the Subsequent Yields of Irrigated Field Crops
ICHTHYOLOGY12361: SCOFIELD,W.L. - Trawling Gear in California
art988: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND(EDS.) - Botanical Illustration,a Loan Exhibiton
BOTANY1682: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND(EDS.) - Botanical Illustration,a Loan Exhibition
WATERFOWL24.110: SCOTT,PETER - A Coloured Key to the Wildfowl of the World
PALEONTOLOGY1473: SCOTT,G. - Palaeontology of Harrar Province,Ethiopia: Part 4. Jurassic Cephalopoda & a Cretaceous Nautilus
GENERAL5241: SCOTT,J.P. - Animal Behavior
PALEONTOLOGY16771: SCOTT,D.H. - The Present Position of Paleozoic Botany
GENERAL3210: SCOTT,J.P. - Animal Behavior
BOTANY088: SCOTT,R.W. - The Alpine Flora of the Rocky Mountains,Vol. 1,the Middle Rockies
FISHING24.998731: SCOTT,J.T.(ED.) - John T. Scott Vintage Tackle Catalog - Spring 1991 No. 3
art1216: SCOTT,P. - The Eye of the Wind,an Autobiography
art1221: SCOTT,P.(ED.) - The Amazing World of Animals
art1230: SCOTT,P.[HUXLEY,E.] - Peter Scott,Painter and Naturalist,a Biography
art1235: SCOTT,P.[YOUNG,E.H.] - A Bird in the Bush
ENTOMOLOGY11132: SCOTT,J.A. - The Butterflies of North America,a Natural History & Field Guide
BIOGRAPHY24.67: SCOTT,W.S. - White of Selborne
GENERAL24.111: SCOTT,PETER(ED.) - My Favourite Stories of Wild Life
REGIONAL7643: SCOTT,A. - Tracks Across Alaska,a Dog Sled Journey
art1765: SCOTT,PETER - Observations of Wildlife
REGIONAL24.241: SCOTT,PETER - Wild Geese and Eskimos,a Journal of the Perry River Expedition of 1949
REGIONAL678NH: SCOTT,J.M. - Icebound,Journeys to the Northwest Sea
BIG.GAME24.599: SCOTT,GEN.R.L. - Between the Elephant's Eyes
PALEONTOLOGY12526: SCOTT,G.H. - Uniformitarianism,the Uniformity of Nature & Paleoecology
REGIONAL21.476: SCOTT,G.R. - Map Showing Geology,Structure & Oil & Gas Fields in the Sterling 1o X 2o Quadrangle,Colorado,Nebraska & Kansas
HERPETOLOGY12206: SCOTT,C. - Snake Lovers'Lifelist
PALEONTOLOGY23.450: SCOTT,W.B. - The Mammalia of the Duchesne River Oligocene
PALEONTOLOGY23.449: SCOTT,W.B. - On Certain Sulurian Fish-Like Forms from Norway
REGIONAL12815: SCOTT,D.C. - Notes on the Meeting Place of the First Parliament of Upper Canada & the Early Buildings at Niagara
RODENTS9607: SCOTT,J.D. - The Duluth Mongoose
UNGULATES764NH: SCOTTER,G.W. - Effects of Forest Fires of the Winter Range of Barren-Ground Caribou in No. Saskatchewan
SCIENCE19638: SCRASE,F.J. - Modern Seismology
FISHING23.191: SCRAWLS - How to Speak Fishing,or How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Marriage
BOTANY24.832: LAMSON-SCRIBNER,F. - Grasses As Sand and Soil Binder
SCIENCE3712: SCRIPTURE,E.W. - Report on the Construction of a Vowel Organ
art1236: SCRIVER,B. - An Honest Try,an Essay in Bronze
ENTOMOLOGY10249: SCUDDER,S.H. - Guide to the Genera & Classification of the North American Orthoptera Found North of Mexico
SCIENCE3660: SCUDDER,C.L. - The Treatment of Fractures,with Notes Upon a Few Common Dislocations
PALEONTOLOGY8504: SCUDDER,S.H. - Adephagous & Clavicorn Coleoptera from the Tertiary Deposits at Florissant,Colorado,Etc.
art1238: SEABY,A.W. - Bird Pictures
art1239: SEABY,A.W.[VESEY-FITZGERALD,B.] - A Second Book of British Birds & Their Nests
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.199: SEAGO,A.E. - Revision of Agytodes Portevin (Coleoptera: Leiodidae)
BIOGRAPHY13127: SEAGOE,M.V. - Terman and the Gifted
HERPETOLOGY13289: SEAL,J. - The Snakebite Survivors'Club: Travels Among the Serpents
BOTANY1693: SEARLES,R.B. - Morphological Studies of Red Algae of the Order Gigartinales
REGIONAL20.387: SEARS,J.D. - Geology & Coal Resources of the Gallup-Zuni Basin,New Mexico
REGIONAL12601: SEARS,P.B. - Deserts on the March
BIOGRAPHY373: SEAVER,G. - Albert Schweitzer,the Man & His Mind
GENERAL11166: PLINIUS SECUNDUS(FRANZIUS,J.G.F.)ED. - Caii Plinii Secvndi Natvralis Historiae CVM Interpretatione Et Notis Integris Iohannis Hardvini Itemqve CVM Commentariis Et Adnotationibvs,Etc.
SCIENCE24.9876: SEDGWICK,ADAM - The Relation of Science to Human Life
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY13656: SEELY,F.A. - Time-Keeping in Greece and Rome
REGIONAL679NH: SEEVERS,C.H.(ED.) - Trailing Animals Around the World,Etc.
BIOGRAPHY6103: SEIBERT,J. - Dan Beard,Boy Scout Pioneer
REGIONAL21.482: SEIDERS,V.M. - Geologic Map of the Gurabo Quadrangle,Puerto Rico
REGIONAL21.480: SEIDERS,V.M. - Bedrock Geologic Map of the Wales Quadrangle, Massachusetts & Connecticut
REGIONAL21.481: SEIDERS,V.M. - Geology of the Carrie Quadrangle,Kentucky
art1243: SEIFERHELD,H.C.GALLERY,INC.(EDS.) - Catalog No. 8,Animal Drawings from the XV to XX Centuries
SCIENCE0594: SEITZ,F. - Global Warming & Ozone Hole Controversies
art1244: SEKKA,KANZAKA - A Flight of Butterflies
FISHING24.8862: SELL,FRANCIS - Practical Fresh Water Fishing
art1036: SELLERS,C.C. - Charles Willson Peale
ENTOMOLOGY9198: SELLERS,W.F. - The Nearctic Species of Parasitic Flies Belonging to Zenillia & Allied Genera
art1246: SELLNER,J.(ED.) - 19th & 20th Century Fine American Indian Art,Western Paintings,Drawings & Sculpture
ENTOMOLOGY24.219: SELLNICK,M. - Acarine from S.E. Polynesia - II (Oribatidae)
BIOGRAPHY1053: SELSAM,M.E.(ED.) - Stars,Mosquitoes & Crocodiles,the American Travels of Alexander Von Humboldt
REGIONAL22.591: SELSAM,M.E.(ED.) - Stars Mosquitoes & Crocodiles,the American Travels of Alexander Von Humboldt
EVOLUTION7273: SEMON,R. - Das Problem Der Verebung,"Erworbener Eigenschaften"
ICHTHYOLOGY19465: SEN,T.K. - The Fish Fauna of Assam & the Neighboring North-Eastern States of India
REGIONAL16609: U.S.SENATE,90TH CONGRESS(EDS.) - Redwood National Park,Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Parks & Recreations,Etc.
ARCHAEOLOGY931: SERRANO,A. - Observaciones Sobre,la Alfareria Do Los Medanos de Colon
FIREARMS24.887: SERVEN,J.E. - Firearms and Accessories,Summer Kist 1941 & Sales List No,20
ICHTHYOLOGY19467: SERVENTY,D.L. - The Australian Tunas
REGIONAL11585: U.S.PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE ET AL(EDS.) - Pollution of the Interstate Waters of the Raritan Bay & Adjacent Waters
REGIONAL9589: U.S.FOREST SERVICE(EDS.) - National-Forest Vacations
BOTANY21.62: U.S.DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE/FOREST SERVICE(EDS.) - Lumber Yield from Engelmann Spruce in Arizona
ARCHAEOLOGY258: U.S.NATIONAL PARK SERVICE(EDS.) - Aztec Ruins National Monument,New Mexico
REGIONAL22.105: U.S.DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR/NATIONAL PARK SERVICE(EDS.) - Draft Yosemite Valley Implementation Plan, Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement,Yosemite National Park,California
ORNITHOLOGY13373: CANADIAN WILDLIFE SERVICE(EDS.) - Cooperative Waterfowl Management Plan for British Columbia
REGIONAL20.443: U.S.GEOLOGICAL SERVICE(EDS.) - Idaho,Index to Topographic & Other Map Coverage
REGIONAL17613: SESHADRI,B. - India's Wildlife & Wildlife Reserves
REGIONAL1406: SESHHADRI,B. - The Twilight of India's Wild Life
art1248: SESLAR,P. - Wildlife Painting,Step by Step in 2o Demos,Leading Wildlife Artists Who How to Capture the Spirit of Animal Life in All Mediums
REGIONAL93667: SESSELBERG,M.F. - In Amazon Land: Adaptations from Brazilian Writers with Original Selections
BOTANY9120: SETCHELL,W.A. - Notes on Mictodictyon. III
BOTANY15138: SETCHELL,W.A. - Acroblastum Vs. Polyplethia: A Complex of Teh Balanophoraceae
BOTANY15139: SETCHELL,W.A. - A Revision of the West North American Species of Callophyllis
BOTANY15140: SETCHELL,W.A. - Acroblastum Vs. Polyplethia: A Complex of Teh Balanophoraceae
BOTANY5105: SETCHELL,W.A. - The Genus Microdictyon
BOTANY9119: SETCHELL,W.A. - Aborginal Tobaccos
MAMMALS.GENERAL22.428: SETCHELL,B.P. - The Mammalian Testis
UNGULATES24.4132: SETON,E.T. - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag
REGIONAL24.881: SETON,G.G. - Nimrod's Wife
GENERAL24.4321: SETON,E.T. - Bingo Und Andere Tiergefchichten
CANINES24.8876: SETON,E.T. - Wild Animals I Have Known
RODENTS24.982: SETON,E.T. - Old Silver Grizzle the Badger
CANINES24.997: SETON,E.R. - Chink,a Wooly Coated Little Dog
BEARS24.9981: SETON,E.T. - The Biography of a Grizzly
ART39.887: SETON,E.T. - The Trail of the Sanhill Stag and Other Lives of the Hunted
ART278: SETON,E.T. - Wild Animals at Home
GENERAL24.9909: SETON,E.T. - Billy and Other Stories from Wild Animal Ways
GENERAL24.8871: SETON,J.M. - Trail & Camp-Fire Stories
GENERAL24.88713: SETON,E.T. - Animal Heroes
ART296: SETON,E.T. - The Book of Animals,Selected from "Life Histories of Northern Animals"
ART24.768: THOMPSON-SETON,E. - Ernet Thompson-Seton Collected Novels
GENERAL24.8876: THOMPSON-SETON,E. - The Ten Commandments of the Animal World
GENRAL24.6712: SETON,E.T. - Animal Heroes,Being the History If a Cat,a Dog,a Lynx,Two Wolves & a Reindeer
ART24.874: SETON,J.M. - By a Thousand Fires,Nature Notes and Extracts from the Life and Unpublished Journals of Ernest Thompson Seton
UNGULATES24.9982: SETON,E.T. - Foam Razorback,His Life and Adventures and Other Stories from Wild Animal Ways
ICHTHYOLOGY12364: SETTE,O.E. - Biology of the Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus) of North America
MAMMALS.GENERAL18451: SETZER,H.W. - Mammals of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
BOTANY19.76: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Yellows Disease of Celery,Lettuce & Other Plants Transmitted by Cidadula Sexnotata (Fall. )
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY19.76: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Yellows Disease of Celery,Lettuce & Other Plants Transmitted by Cidadula Sexnotata (Fall. )
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY19.77: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Transmission of Tomato Yellows,or Curly Top of the Sugar Beet,by Eutettix Tenellus (Baker)
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY19.78: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Transmission of Carrot,Parsley & Parsnip Yellows by Cicadula Divisa
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY19294: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Field Observations on the Beet Leafhopper,Eutettix Tenellus in California
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY19295: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Modes of Curly-Top Transmission by the Beet Leafhopper,Eutettix Tenellus (Baker)
BOTANY19.77: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Transmission of Tomato Yellows,or Curly Top of the Sugar Beet,by Eutettix Tenellus (Baker)
ENTOMOLOGY19294: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Field Observations on the Beet Leafhopper,Eutettix Tenellus in California
BOTANY19.78: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Transmission of Carrot,Parsley & Parsnip Yellows by Cicadula Divisa
ENTOMOLOGY19295: SEVERIN,H.H.P. - Modes of Curly-Top Transmission by the Beet Leafhopper,Eutettix Tenellus (Baker)
REGIONAL12602: SEVERY,M.(ED.) - America's Wonderlands,the Scenic National Parks & Monuments of the U.S.
REGIONAL6582: SEWARD,A.C. - A Summer in Greenland
INVERTEBRATES2344: SEWELL,R.B.S. - The John Murray Expedition 1933-34: The Pelagic Tunicata
SCIENCE9632: SEWELL,R.B.S. - The John Murray Exped. 1933-34: Vol. I. No. 1: Introduction & List of Stations
RODENTS16632: SEYMOUR,G. - Furbearers of California
ENTOMOLOGY19297: SHAFER,G.D. - How Contact Insecticides Kill. III. Relating Evidence Further of Properties of Carbon Disulphide,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY13214: SHAFER,G.D. - Histology & Development of the Divided Eyes of Certain Insects
HERPETOLOGY3278: SHAFER,G.D. - The Effect of Fatigue on Heat Rigor,Etc. In Sartorius Muscles of the Frog,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY22.214: SHAFFER,J.C. - A Revision of the Peoriinae & Anerastiinae (Auctorum) of America North of Mexico (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
ENTOMOLOGY24.220: SHAFFER,J.C. - A Revision of the Peoriinae & Anerastiinae (Auctorum) of America,North of Mexico (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
ENTOMOLOGY5146: SHAFFER,J.C. - Revision of the Peoriinae & Anerastiinae(Auctorum of America,North of Mexico,Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
SCIENCE.GEOLOGY24.6143: SHANNON,E.V. - Mineralogic Notes on Pucherite,Pyrite,Trichalcite and Wavellite
art1300: SHANNON,H.J. - The Book of the Seashore,the Life Experiences of a Naturalist on the Beach
SCIENCE.GEOLOGY24.6141: SHANNON,E.V. - On Siderite and Associated Minerals from the Columbia River Basalt at Spokane,Washington
SCIENCE24.6167: SHANNON,E.V. - Description of Vivianite Encrusting a Fossil Tusk from Gold Placers of Clearwater County,Idaho
SCIENCE.GEOLOGY24.5132: SHANNON,E.V. - A Crystallographic Study of the Datolite from Westfield,Massachusetts
SCIENCE.GEOLOGY24.7512: SHANNON,E.V. - Ludwigites from Idaho and Korea
SCIENCE.GEOLOGY24.9132: SHANNON,E.V. - Notes on the Mineralogy of Three Gouge Clays from Precious Metal Veins
BOTANY20.21: SHANTZ,H.L. - The Effects of Artificial Shading on Plant Growth in Louisiana
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY22.640: SHAPIRO,H.L. - Robinson Crusoe's Children
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY22.645: SHAPIRO,H.L. - Race Mixture in Hawaii,the Story of the Polyglot Inhabitants of Hawaii,Etc.
SCIENCE6641: SHAPLEY,H. - Beyond the Observatory,Essays by One of the World's Foremost Astronomers
ICHTHYOLOGY22.371: SHAPOVALOV,L. - Distinctive Characters of the Species of Anadromous Trout & Salmon Found in California
ENTOMOLOGY24.578: SHARELL,RICHARD - New Zealand Insects and Their Story
REGIONAL9575: SHARLAND,M. - Tasmanian Wild Life,a Popular Account of the Furred Land Mammals,Snakes & Introduced Mammals,Etc.
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art1363: SOTHEBYS(EDS.) - Fine Books & Manuscripts Including Important Natural History & Travel
art1364: SOTHEBYS(EDS.) - Natural History & Atlases
art1365: SOTHEBYS(EDS.) - Travel,Atlases & Natural History
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BIG.GAME24.761: SOTHERAN'S(EDS.) - Big Game & Fishing Worldwide
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art221009: E.S.SPAULDING - The Quails
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art1374: SPEED,G.[HEDGPETH,D.] - From Broncs to Bronzes,the Life & Work of Grant Speed
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ADVENTURE74: STABLES,G. - Wild Adventures Round the Pole,or the 'Snowbird' Crew in the 'Arrandoon'
HERPETOLOGY8308: STACKHOUSE,J. - Australia's Venmous Wildlife
HERPETOLOGY3292: STACKHOUSE,J. - Australia's Venomous Wildlife
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HERPETOLOGY2709: STEJNEGER,L. - Description of Uta Mearnsi,a New Lizard from California (with) Notes on Butler's Garter Snake (with) on the Specific Name of the Coachwhip Snake (with) a New Salamander from Arkansas with Notes on Ambystoma Annulatum
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HERPETOLOGY19407: STEJNEGER,L. - A New Gerrhonotine Lizard from Costa Rica
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BIG.GAME24.9831: STELZNER,B.H. - Guide to Safaris
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ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY24.632: STIRLING,M.W. - Concepts of the Sun Among American Indians
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PALEONTOLOGY17515: STOCK,C. - Nothrotherium & Megalonyx from the Pleistocene of Southern California
SCIENCE24.965: STOCK,C. - Geology at the Institute (California Institute of Technology)
PALEONTOLOGY23.462: STOCK,C. - Nature's Etchings in Stone
MISC.24.6512: STOCKTON,FRANK - Fable and Fiction
ORNITHOLOGY9433: STODDARD,H.H.(ED.) - The Poultry World,Vol. 17,No. 6.
SCIENCE15743: STOKES,H.N. - The Revival of Inorganic Chemistry
art1299: STOKES,T. - Birds of the Atlantic Ocean
ENTOMOLOGY93214: STOKES,D.W. - A Guide to Observing Insects Lives
ORNITHOLOGY4420: STOKES,A.W.(ED.) - Territory
REGIONAL24.99854: STOKES,C.S. - Sanctuary
FISHING23.613: STOLTE,A. - The Forgotten Salmon of the Merrimack

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