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BIOGRAPHY23.9821: MERSFELDER,L.C. - Cowboy-Fisherman-Hunter,True Stories of the Great Southwest
ORNITHOLOGY9421: MERSHON,W.B. - The Passenger Pigeon
HERPETOLOGY1253: MERTENS,R. - The World of Amphibians & Reptiles
SCIENCE20.594: MERTIE,J.B.JR. - Classification,Delineation & Measurement of Nonparallel Folds
ENTOMOLOGY10215: MESA,A. - Caryology of Four Chilean Species of Gryllacridoids of the Genus Heteromallus (Orthoptera: Gryllacriodoidea: Phaphidophoridae)
REGIONAL24.6612: MESSELT,TOM - A Layman and Wildlife and a Layman and Wilderness
ICHTHYOLOGY3308: BACESCU-MESTER,L. - The Morphological Comparative Study of the Shoulder Girdle of the Fishes Belonging to the Cobitidae Family from Rumania
PALEONTOLOGY8494: METCALF,M.M. - The Origin & Distribution of the Anura
ICHTHYOLOGY14414: METCALF,A.L. - Fishes of the Kansas River System in Relation to Zoogeography of the Great Plains
ENTOMOLOGY19219: METCALF,C.L. - The Life Cycle of the Diptera
BOTANY14108: METCALF,F.P. - Wild-Duck Foods of North Dakota Lakes
ENTOMOLOGY19220: METCALF,Z.P. - General Catalouge of the Homoptera,Fasc. VI. Cicadelloidea: Bibliography of the Cicadelloidea (Homoptera: Auchenorhyncha)
ENTOMOLOGY19218: METCALF,C.L. - Syrphidae of Maine - First & Second Reports
INVERTEBRATES11310: METCALF,M.M. - Contributions to the Biology of the Philippine Archipelago & Adjacent Regions: The Salpidae;a Taxonomic Study
BIOGRAPHY24.77: METCALFE,E.B. - A Man of Some Importance,the Life of Roderick Langmere Haig-Brown
BIOGRAPHY24.113: METCALFE,E.B. - A Man of Some Importance,the Life of Roderick Langmere Haig-Brown
ICHTHYOLOGY12399: VAN METER,H.D. - Unharvested Fishes in the U.S. Commercial Fishery of Western Lake Erie in 1969
EVOLUTION24.669: METZ,C.W. - Duplication of Chromosome Parts As a Factor in Evolution
SCIENCE24.914: METZ,W.D. - Viking(II): Water,Ice and Argon - Three Puzzles Resolved
REGIONAL24.890: METZ,W.D. - Mexico: The Premier Oil Discovery in the Western Hemisphere
BOTANY1163: MEYER,B.S. - Botany at the Ohio State University: The First 100 Years
art942: MEYER,S.E.(PAVESE,E.M.)ED. - America's Beloved Illustrators
BEARS24.18: MEYER,JERRY - Bear Hunting
geology23.997: C.E.MEYER,ET AL - Zircon Fission-Track Age of 0. 45 Million Years on Ash in the Type Section of the Merced Formation,West-Central California
REGIONAL20.306: MEYER,W. - A Reevaluation of the Occurence of Ground Water in the Nahiku Area,East Maui,Hawaii
fish180: DEKE MEYER - River Journal,Vol. 4,No. 3,Mckenzie River
BOTANY1164: MEYER,S.E. - Places in the Sun,Story of Capitol Reef Plants
REGIONAL637NH: KNOTTNERUS-MEYER,T. - Birds & Beasts of the Roman Zoo,Some Observations of a Lover of Animals
geology23.1112: A.D.MIALL - Sedimentary Structures & Paleocurrents in a Tertiary Delaic Succession,North Banks Basin,Arctic Canada
GENERAL5650: MIALL,L.C. - Life History Studies of Animals
INVERTEBRATES18415: MICHAEL,E.L. - Sagitta Californica,N. Sp. From the San Diego Region,Incl. Remarks on Its Variation & Distribution
INVERTEBRATES18416: MICHAEL,E.L. - Differentials in Behavior of the Two Genrations of Salpa Democratica Relative to the Temperature of the Sea
ICHTHYOLOGY3342: MICHAEL,E.L. - Sagitta Californica,N. Sp. ,from the San Diego Region Incl. Remarks on Its Variation & Distribution
FISHING23.714: MICHAEL,W.W. - Dry-Fly Trout Fishing
ART24.432: VICKERS,MICHAEL ET AL(EDS.) - Ivory,an International History and Illustrated Survey
FISHING24.887121: MICHAEL,W.W. - Dry Fly Trout Fishing
GENERAL18280: MICHAEL,E.L. - Dependence of Marine Biology Upon Hydrography & Necessity of Quantative Biological Research
INVERTEBRATES15380: MICHAEL,E.L. - Differentials in Behavior of the Two Generations of Salpa Democratica Relative to the Temperature of the Sea
INVERTEBRATES9343: MICHAEL,E.L. - Classification & Vertical Distribution of the Chaetognatha of the San Diego Region,Incl. Redescriptions of Some Doubtful Species of the Group
ENTOMOLOGY14264: MICHELBACHER,A.E. - Contributions Toward a Knowledge of the Insect Fauna of Lower California,No. 5. Symphyla
RAPTORS24.881: MICHELL,E.B. - The Art and Practice of Hawking
SCIENCE12728: MICHELL,H. - Her Spengler and Mr. Toynbee
ENTOMOLOGY0139: MICHENER,C.D. - A Revision of the American Species of Hoplitis (Hymen. Megachilidae)
ENTOMOLOGY0140: MICHENER,C.D. - Bees of Panama
ENTOMOLOGY0141: MICHENER,C.D. - The Saturniidae (Lepidoptera) of the Western Hemisphere;Morphology,Phylogeny & Classification
GENERAL18281: MICHENER,J.A. - Creatures of the Kingdom,Stories of Animals & Nature
ORNITHOLOGY1408: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN(EDS.) - Occasional Papers on Ornithology of the Museum of Zoology,Various Numbers from No. 4 to No. 505
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY0107: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN(EDS.) - Endangered Species Update (Journal)
REGIONAL16579: MICHOT,P. - La Stratigraphie Du Silurien de la Bande de Sambre-Et-Meuse
ENTOMOLOGY9189: MICKEL,C.E. - Biological & Taxonomic Investigations on the Mutillid Wasps
ENTOMOLOGY8193: MICKEL,C.E. - Biological & Taxonomic Investigations on the Mutillid Wasps
ichthyology23.675: MICUTA,J.E. - United States Tariffs on Selected Items of Commercial Fishing Gear
ENTOMOLOGY18190: MIDDLEKAUFF,W.W. - The Cephid Stem Borers of California (Hymanoptera: Cephidae)
ENTOMOLOGY22.193: MIDDLEKAUFF,W.W. - A Revision of the Sawfly Family Orussidae for North & Central America (Hymen. : Symphyta,Orussidae)
BIOGRAPHY24.88120: MIDDLETON,D. - Baker of the Nile
fishing300: HARRY MIDDLETON - The Bright Country,a Fisherman's Return to Trout,Wild Water and Himself
ENTOMOLOGY10216: MIDDLETON,W. - Leconte's Sawfly,an Enemy of Young Pines
ORNITHOLOGY22.462: MIDTGARD,U. - Scaling of the Brain & the Eye Cooling System in Birds: A Morphometric Analysis of the Rete Ophthalmicum
art943: MIEROW,D. - Himalayan Animal Tales
FIREARMS24.8866: MIGDALSKI,E.C. - Clay Target Games
FISHING24.88721: MIGEL,J.M. - The Masters on the Dry Fly
ART944: MIKESH,FRANK J.(ED.) - An International Collection of Books & Ephemera by or About Sporting & Wildlife Art & Artists
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.149: MILANI,L. - Una Nuova Specie Di Augosoma Burmeister Dal Gabon (Coleoptera,Scarabeidae,Dynastinae)
SPORT1284: MILLER,DICK - America's Greatest Golfing Resorts
PALEONTOLOGY16500: MILLER,L. - Two New Bird Genera from the Pleistocene of Mexico
PALEONTOLOGY1594: MILLER,H. - Foot-Prints of the Creator: Or,the Asterolepis of Stromness
MAMMALS.GENERAL4683: MILLER,G.S.JR. - A New Carnivore from British East Africa
PALEONTOLOGY18512: MILLER,G.S.JR. - Revised Determinations of Some Tertiary Mammals from Mongolia
REGIONAL93642: MILLER,H. - The Cruise of the Betsey,or a Summer Holiday in the Hebrides (with) Rambles of a Geologist,Etc,
PALEONTOLOGY8226: MILLER,H. - Testimony of the Rocks;or,Geology in Its Bearings on the Two Theologies,Natural & Revealed,Etc.
UNGULATES5625: MILLER,G.S.JR. - Variation in the Skull & Horns of the Isabella Gazelle
HEERPETOLOGY24.1651: MILLER,LOYE - Notes on the Desert Tortoise (Testudo Agassizii)
REGIONAL655NH: MILLER,L.H. - The Fauna of California
PALEONTOLOGY17467: MILLER,L. - Avifauna of the Mckittrick Pleistocene
REGIONAL5536: MILLER,A.M. - The Geology of Kentucky,a Classified Compend of State Reports & Other Pubs. Etc.
GENERAL23.113: MILLER,W. - Scientific Names of Latin & Greek Derivation
ORNITHOLOGY24.867: MILLER,W.R. - Kentucky Waterfowk Identification Guide
ORNITHOLOGY11399: MILLER,W.D. - A Revision of the Classification of the Kingfishers
ORNITHOLOGY24.944: MILLER,W.R.(ED.) - New York Waterfowl Identification Guide
GENERAL7329: MILLER,P.L.(ED.) - Control of Organelle Development,Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology No. XXIV
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.8843: MILLER,G.S.JR. - Notes on the Bats of the Genus Molossus
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.9961: MILLER,G.S.JR. - Revision of the Bats of the Genus Glossophaga
INVERTEBRATES17320: MILLER,M.A. - California Isopods of the Genus Porcellio with Descriptions of a New Species & New Subspecies
PRIMATES19574: MILLER,G.S.JR. - The Monkeys of the Macaca Nemes-Trina Group
ICHTHYOLOGY12325: MILLER,R.R. - Hyporhamphus Patric,a New Species of Hemiramphid Fish from Sinalo,Mexico,Etc.
ICHTHYOLOGY12326: MILLER,R.R. - A New Genus & Species of Deep-Sea Fish of the Family Myctophidae from the Philippine Islands
art507: MILLER,O.T. - The Children's Book of Birds
ORNITHOLOGY14517: MILLER,A.H. - Seasonal Activity & Ecology of the Avifauna of an American Equatorial Cloud Forest
FISHING24.88561: MILLER,D.E.(ED.) - The Artful Angler - 1979 Catalog
RODENTS4685: MILLER,G.S.JR. - Two New Genera of Murine Rodents
MAMMALS.GENERAL11641: MILLER,G.S.JR. - Zoological Results of the George Vanderbilt Sumatran Expedition,1936-1939. Part V. -Mammals Collected by F.A. Ulner Jr. On Sumatra & Nias
MAMMALS.GENERAL1347: MILLER,J.R. - X-Linked Traits,a Catalog of Loci in Nonhuman Mammals
INVERTEBRATES18417: MILLER,M.A. - A New Blind Isopod,Asellus Californicus & a Revision of the Subterranean Asellids
ORNITHOLOGY24.956: MILLER,W.R.(ED.) - North Carolina Waterfowl Identification Guide
ORNITHOLOGY4393: MILLER,W.T. - Birds at Home,Camera Studies of Birds of South Africa
MAMMALS.GENERAL3684: MILLER,G.S. - Seventy New Malayan Mammals
PALEONTOLOGY8496: MILLER,L.(SHOTWELL,J.A.)ED. - Journal of First Trip of University of California to John Day Beds of Eastern Oregon
PALEONTOLOGY8497: MILLER,R.H. - Early Silurian to Early Devonia Conodont Biostratigraphy & Depositional Environments of the Hidden Valley Dolomite,S.E. California
INVERTEBRATES15381: MILLER,M.A. - Comparative Ecological Studies on the Terrestrial Isopod Crustacea of the San Francisco Bay Region
HERPETOLOGY3268: MILLER,M.R. - The Cochlear Duct of Snakes
MAMMALS.GENERAL1667: MILLER,G.S.JR. - The Mammals of Engano Island,West Sumatra
MISC.24.88452: MILLER,HACK - Looking Back with Hack
INVERTEBRATES1336: MILLER,R.C. - Variations in the Pallets of Teredo Navalis in San Francisco Bay
ORNITHOLOGY24.943: MILLER,W.R. - Vermont Waterfowl Identification Guide
PALEONTOLOGY16499: MILLER,A.H. - An Auklet from the Eocene of Oregon
MAMMALS.GENERAL5618: MILLER,G.S.JR. - A Small Collection of Bats from Panama
REGIONAL23.462: MILLER,JIM(ED.) - Mazama 1987,Vol. 69,No. 13
ORNITHOLOGY10467: MILLER,A.H. - Field Experiences with Mountain-Dwelling Birds of Southern Utah
INVERTEBRATES19488: MILLER,W.B. - The Anatomy of Speleodiscoides Spirellum A.G. Smith,1957
ORNITHOLOGY14516: MILLER,A.H. - Postjuvenal Molt & the Appearance of Sexual Characters of Plumage in Phainopepla Nitens
MAMMALS.GENERAL1636: MILLER,G.S.JR. - The Mammals of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
RODENTS5577: MILLER,G.S. - New Rodent of Genus Saccostomus from British E. Africa
REGIONAL21.351: MILLER,R.D. - Map Showing Relative Compressibility of Earth Materials in Part of West-Central King County,Washington
ENTOMOLOGY10217: MILLER,J.(ED.) - Pear & Cherry Slug
HERPETOLOGY5283: MILLER,M.R. - The Gross & Microscopic Anatomy of the Pituitary & the Seasonal Histological Changes Occurring in the Pars Anterior of the Viviparous Lizard Xantusia Vigilis
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY3714: MILLER,E.Y. - The Tugda,or Rice Planter of the Coyunos Philippine Islands
WATERFOWL24.876: MILLER,W.R.(ED.) - Maryland Waterfowl Identification Guide
UNGULATES1663: MILLER,G.S.JR. - Notes on Malayan Pigs
PALEONTOLOGY2464: MILLER,H. - The Old Red Sandstone,or,New Walks in an Old Field,Etc.
PALEONTOLOGY10512: MILLER,H. - Foot-Prints of the Creator,or,the Asterolepis of Stomness
REGIONAL21.353: MILLGATE,M.L. - Geologic Map of the Twin Buttes Quadrangle,Mckinley County,New Mexico
SCIENCE10680: MILLIKAN,R.A. - The Physicists's Present Conception of an Atom
SCIENCE8674: MILLIKAN,R.A. - High Frequency Rays of Cosmic Origin
SCIENCE24.590: MILLIKAN,R.A. - Present Status of Theory & Experiment As to Atomic Disintegration & Atomic Synthesis
ENTOMOLOGY10219: MILLIKEN,F.B. - The False Chinch Bug & Measures for Controlling It
ENTOMOLOGY10218: MILLIKEN,F.B. - The Cottonwood Borer
ICHTHYOLOGY10394: MILLOT,J. - The Coelancanth
INVERTEBRATES15382: MILLOT,N. - On the Morphology of the Alimentary Canal,Process of Feeding & Physiology of Digestion of the Nudibranch Mollusc Jorunna Tomentosa (Cuvier)
REGIONAL24.8896: MILLS,E.A. - Wild Life on the Rockies
REGIONAL1547: MILLS,E.A. - Wild Life on the Rockies
REGIONAL17601: MILLS,E.A. - The Rocky Mountain Wonderland
art947: MILLS,M. - How to Paint Horses and Other Animals
ENTOMOLOGY19222: MILLS,H.B. - Montana Insect Pests,1941 & 1942
23.2210: E.A.MILLS - Wild Life on the Rockies
REGIONAL17602: MILLS,E.A. - The Spell of the Rockies
RODENTS24.552: MILLS,H.B. - Two Human Diseases Which May Be Contracted from Montana Rodents
BEARS23.994: MILLS,E.A. - The Grizzly
REGIONAL23.2210: E.A.MILLS - Wild Life on the Rockies
REGIONAL656NH: MILLS,E.A.(PICKERING,J.H.)ED. - Wild Life on the Rockies
INVERTEBRATES1337: MILLZNER,R. - A Larval Acanthocephalid Centrorhynchus Californicus Sp. Nov. ,from the Mesentery of Hyla Regilla (and) Megalodiscus Ranophilus Sp. Nov. ,a Trematode from the Rectum of Rana Pipiens
ICHTHYOLOGY5332: MILNE,J.A. - Scales with Imperfect Centres with Special Reference to the Reading of Parr Scales
ORNITHOLOGY24.776: MILNE,R.C. - Birds of Lassen Volcanic National Park
REGIONAL24.8341: MILNOR,WILLIAM - An Authentic Historical Memoir of the Schuylkill Fishing Company of the State of Schuylkill from It's Establishment on That Romantic Strean,Near Philadelphia,in the Year 1732 to the Present Time. By a Member (with) Memoirs of the Gloucester Fox Hunting Club,Near Philadelphia
art1441: MILOTTE,A.G. - The Story of a Hippopotamus,a Factual & Detailed Story of an African Hippopotamus
invertebrates23.463: MINCHIN,E.A.(ED.) - XVII. Spongiae
REGIONAL20.317: MONTANA BUREAU OF MINES(EDS.) - Publications Catalog 1994
PALEONTOLOGY93561: CANADA DEPARTMENT OF MINES(EDS.) - Mesozoic Paleontologuy of Blairmore Region,Alberta
PALEONTOLOGY13425: CANADIAN DEPARTMENT OF MINES(EDS.) - Mesozoic Palaeontology of Blairmore Region,Alberta
art948: MINNESOTA MINING & MFG.CO.(EDS.) - The 3m Collection of Contemporary Western Art
INVERTEBRATES24.8741: MINKIEWICZ,R. - The Instinct of Self-Concealment and the Choice of Colors in the Crustacea
ORNITHOLOGY24.7618: MINOT,H.D. - The Land-Birds and Game-Birds of New England with Descriptions of the Birds,Their Nests and Eggs,Their Habits and Notes
ORNITHOLOGY24.395: MINOT,H.D. - The Land-Birds & Game-Birds of New England with Descriptions of the Birds,Their Nests & Eggs,Etc.
HERPETOLOGY16271: MINTON,S.A.JR. - Venom Diseases
BOTANY18103: MIRACLE,M.P. - Maize in Tropcial Africa
BIOGRAPHY697: MIRSKY,J.(HANDLIN,O.)ED. - Elisha Kent Kane & the Seafaring Frontier
REGIONAL20.314: MISER,H.D. - Geological Survey's Studies & Potential Reserves of Natural Gas
SCIENCE20.597: MISER,H.D. - Contributions to Economic Geology,Etc. ,Part II. Mineral Fuels
REGIONAL20.313: MISER,H.D. - Geologic Structure of San Juan Canyon & Adjacent Country,Utah
BOTANY19.80: STATE PLANT BOARD OF MISSISSIPPI(EDS.) - The Quarterly Bulletin of the State Plant Board of Mississippi,Vol. 10,No. 1
SCIENCE9675: MITCHELL,S.A. - With an Astronomer on an Eclipse Expedition
UNGULATES0557: MITCHELL,L.S. - Horses,Now & Long Ago
REGIONAL5537: MITCHELL,W.R. - Men of Lakeland
BOTANY9110: MITCHELL,R.S. - A Checklist of New York State Plants
regional24.1065: P.CHALMERS MITCHELL ET AL(EDS.) - Journal of the Society for the Preservation of the Fauna of the Empire,Parts 7,9,10,12,13,15 & 16
BOTANY93150: MITCHELL,R.S. - Variation in the Polygonum Amphibium Complex & Its Taxonomic Significance
PALEONTOLOGY4654: MITCHELL,E.G. - An Apparently New Ptotoblattid Family from the Lower Cretaceous
REGIONAL657NH: MITCHELL,A.W. - The Enchanted Canopy,Secrets from the Rainforest
ENTOMOLOGY21.97: MITCHELL,R.G. - Infestation Characteristics of the Balsam Wooly Aphid in the Pacific Northwest
UNGULATES23.649: MITCHELL,G.J. - The Pronghorn Antelope in Alberta
UPLAND24.871: MITCHELL,H. - Game Fariming,a Text-Book for the More Efficient & Econimical Propagation of Pheasants,Quail,Wild Ducks and Ornamental Birds
HERPETOLOGY7352: MITCHELL,J.C. - The Reptiles of Virginia
REGIONAL20.316: MITCHELL,W.A. - The Lice Earthquake in S.E. Turkey,a Geography of the Disaster,Final Report
REGIONAL2555: MITCHELL,C. - Isles of the Caribbees
REGIONAL19607: MITMAN,C.W. - An Outline Development of Highway Travel,Especially in America
BOTANY9111: MITRA,S.K. - Toxic & Antagonistic Effects of Salts on Wine Yeast (Saccharomyces Ellipsoideus)
GENERAL15268: MITSKEVICH,M.S. - The Glands of Endocrine Secretion in the Embryonic Development of Birds & Mammalia
HERPETOLOGY8302: MITTERMEIER,R.A. - Vernacular Names of South American Turtles
REGIONAL1548: MIYAZAKI,M. - The Animal Trail,Four Seasons of Wildlife Photography
REGIONAL687NH: U.S.DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR/MMS(EDS.) - Alaska Ocs Region,Arctic Transfer Meeting Conference Proceedings
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY319: MOCHAN,M.J. - Masks of the Northwest Coast
art952: MOCHI,U.[SCHEFFER,V.B.] - A Voice for Wildlife,a Call for a New Ethic in Conservation
art951: MOCHI,U.[MACCLINTOCK,D.] - A Natural History of Zebras
UNGULATES24.404: MOEHLMAN,P.D.(ED.) - Equids: Zebras,Asses and Horses
MAMMALS.GENERAL15422: MOELLER,VON W. - Allometrische Analyse Der Gurtelierschadel Ein Beitrag Zur Phylogenie Der Dasypodidae Bonaparte, 1838
REGIONAL21.358: MOENCH,R.H. - Geologic Map of the Seboyeta Quadrangle,New Mexico
REGIONAL21.359: MOENCH,R.H. - Geologic Map of the Laguna Quadrangle,New Mexico
REGIONAL11559: MOENKE,H. - Ecology of Colorado Mountains to Arizona Deserts
regional23.899: MOFFETT,J.W. - A Quantitative Study of the Bottom Fauna in Some Utah Streams Various Affected by Erosion
BOTANY1165: MOHLENBROCK,R.H. - Flowering Plants: Lilies to Orchids
INVERTEBRATES93412: MOHR,J.L. - Trichochone Lecythoides,a New Genus & Species of Marine Chonotrichous Ciliate from California,Etc.
ORNITHOLOGY14518: MOLLOY,A. - The Pigeoneers
REGIONAL3604: MOLONY,E.(ED.) - Portraits of Rivers
REGIONAL2556: MOLONY,E.(ED.) - Portrait of Rivers: Itchen,Trent,Crouch,Wye, Ouse,Avon,Severn,Etc.
art954: MONAHAN,P. - Painting Birds and Animals,22 Projects with Step-by-Step Advice on Materials & Techniques
geology23.972: D.MONAHAN & G.L.JOHNSON - Physiography of Nares Strait: Importance to the Origin of the Wegener Fault
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY24.899: MONCRIEF,L.W. - The Cultural Basis for Our Environmental Crisis;Judeo-Critian Tradion on Only One of Many Factors,Etc.
ORNITHOLOGY498NH: MONDADORI,A.(ED.) - Wildlife in Peril,Issue 4,Birds
BIOGRAPHY698: MONKMAN,N. - Quest of the Curly-Tailed Horses,an Autobiography
ENTOMOLOGY93288: MONNIG,H.O. - Veterinary Helminthology & Entomology: The Diseases of Domesticated Animals Caused by Helminth & Arthropod Parasites
PALEONTOLOGY11479: MONOSTORI,M. - Eocene Ostracods from the Dorog Basin
art955: MONROE,M.W. - The Animal Image,Contemporary Objects and the Beast
REGIONAL21.364: MONROE,W.H. - Map Showing Landslides & Areas of Susceptibility to Landsliding in Puerto Rico
BIOGRAPHY308: MONTAGUE,S.R. - North to Adventure
FISHING23.976: MONTAIGNE,F. - Reeling in Russia
ENTOMOLOGY2718: MONTANDON,A.L. - Notes on American Hemiptera Heteroptera
ICHTHYOLOGY24.881: LA MONTE,F. - North American Game Fishes
ICHTHYOLOGY24.71313: LA MONTE,F. - North American Game Fishes
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY13686: MONTELIUS,O. - The Age of Bronze in Egypt
archaeology24.6143: MONTGOMERY,J.A. - The Opportunity for American Archeological Research in Palestine
CANINES152NH: MONTGOMERY,G.G. - Communication in Red Fox Dyads,a Computer Simulation Study
FISHING23.8760: MONTGOMERY,M.R. - Many Rivers to Cross;of Good Running Water,Native Trout and the Remains of Wilderness
BIG.CATS24.668: MONTGOMERY,SY - Spell of the Tiger
PRIMATES574NH: MONTGOMERY,S. - Walking with the Great Apes,J. Goodall,D. Fossey & B. Galdikas
INVERTEBRATES16353: MONTGOMERY,T.H.JR. - The Gordiacea of Certain American Collections,with Particular Ref. To the North American Fauna
WOODCRAFT1872: MONTGOMERY,D. - Mountainman Crafts and Skills,an Illustrated Guide to Clothing,Shelter,Equipment and Wilderness Living
BIOGRAPHY1570: MONTI,A.(LORIA,F.L.)TRANS. - Antonio Scarpa in Scientific History & His Role in the Fortunes of the University of Pavia
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY12853: DE MONTIGNY,M.L. - Les Indiens Du Canada Depuis la Decouverte
HERPETOLOGY340NH: MOODIE,R.L. - The Clasping Organs of Extinct & Recent Amphibia
PALEONTOLOGY1455: MOODIE,R.L. - The Histological Nature of Ossified Tendons Found in Dinosuars
PALEONTOLOGY4455: MOODIE,R.L. - The Coal Measures Amphibia of North America
ORNITHOLOGY8448: MOODY,A.F. - Water-Fowl & Game-Birds in Captivity,Some Notes on Habits & Management
BIOGRAPHY24.776: MOODY,JACK - Summer Ranger,Experiences of a "Ninety Day Wonder"
UPLAND24.8854: MOODY,A.F. - Water-Fowl and Game-Birds in Captivity,Some Notes on Habits and Management
PALEONTOLOGY0409: MOOK,C.C. - A New Species of Alligator from the Snake Creek Beds
PALEONTOLOGY0410: MOOK,C.C. - New Crocodilian Remains from the Hornerstown Marls of New Jersey
PALEONTOLOGY10514: MOOK,C.C. - A Skull with Jaws of Crocodilus Sivalensis Lydekker
PALEONTOLOGY10515: MOOK,C.C. - A New Species of Teleorhinus from the Benton Shales
PALEONTOLOGY10516: MOOK,C.C. - A Crocodilian Skeleton from the Morrison Formation at Canyon City,Colorado
PALEONTOLOGY10513: MOOK,C.C. - A New Species of Fossil Gavial from the Siwalik Beds
PALEONTOLOGY11480: MOOK,C.C. - Skull Charactrs of Amphicotylus Lucashii Cope
BIOGRAPHY104: MOON,B.E.(ED.) - A Vision of Eden,the Life & Work of Marianne North
RODENTS0522: MOORE,J.C. - Relationships Among Living Squirrels of the Sciurinae
RODENTS6617: MOORE,J.C. - New Genera of East Indian Squirrels (with) New Species & Redefinition of Squirrel Genus Prosciurllus of Celebes
REGIONAL93645: MOORE,T.DE ROY - Galapagos,Islands Lost in Time
MAMMALS.GENERAL93434: MOORE,C.B. - Ways of Mammals in Fact & Fancy
GENERAL23.114: MOORE,N. - The Harveian Oration Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians of London on October 18,1901
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY15159: MOORE,H.E. - Protecting Residences from Wildfires,a Guide for Homeowners,Lawmakers & Planners
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BIOGRAPHY1650: NOREN,A. - Ranger Al Noren
WOODCRAFT1373: NORLING,S.J. - Sensible Affordable Survival Living
WOODCRAFT1372: NORLING,S.J. - Food for Survival
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FIREARMS24.7712: NORMAN,V. - Arms and Armour
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geology23.1130: A.NUR & Z.BAN-AVRAHAM - Volcanic Gaps Due to Oblique Consumption of Aseismic Ridges
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ICHTHYOLOGY12262: FISH COMMISSION OF OREGON(EDS.) - Fish Commission Research Briefs,Broken Run of 3 Issues
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ENTOMOLOGY12127: DEMEREC,M.& KAUFMANN,B.P. - Drosophila Guide: Introd. To the Genetics & Cytology of Dros. Melanogaster
BOTANY085: PIETROPAOLO,J.& P. - Carnivorous Plants of the World
ICHTHYOLOGY4264: KILLIP,E.P.& SMITH,A.C. - The Identity of South American Fish Poisons "Cube" & "Timbo"
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY12118: SHAW,S.P.& FREDINE,C.G. - Wetlands of the United States
EM1016: D'ALUISIO,F.& MENZEL,P. - Women in the Material World
EM1018: AYERS,T.& BROWN,P. - The New Essential Guide to Gay & Lesbian Weddings
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY24.105: SEVERIN,H.H.P.& FREITAG,J.H. - Some Properties of the Curly-Top Virus
ORNITHOLOGY2425: WEBBER,D.P.& HOY,S.C.(EDS.) - Fifty Years with the Stanton Bird Club 1919-1969
ENTOMOLOGY14271: NICHOLSON,H.P.& MICKEL,C.E. - The Black Flies of Minnesota (Simuliidae)
ORNITHOLOGY3423: BATES,R.S.P.& LOWTHER,E.H.N. - Breeding Birds of Kashmir
INVERTEBRATES23.142: ARPIN,P.ET AL - Lot of 33 Scientific Offprints & Papers on Nematoda
art1034: RICHARDSON,E.P.ET AL - Charles Willson Peale and His World
art1035: RICHARDSON,E.P.ET AL - Charles Willson Peale and His World
ENTOMOLOGY22.216: SIMMONS,P.ET AL - Fig Insects in California
art1479: HARRISON,T.P.& HOENIGER,F.D.(EDS.) - The Fowles of Heauen or History of Birdes
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art1521: VEASEY,T.& KURMAN,S.P. - Bills & Feet,an Artisans Handbook
BOTANY14105: KELSEY,H.P.& DAYTON,W.A.(EDS.) - Standardized Plant Names,a Revised & Enlarged Listing of Approved Scientific & Common Names of Plants,Etc. In American Commerce or Use
BIOGRAPHY1383: JORISSEN,W.P.& REICHER,L.T. - J.H. Van't Hoffs,Amsterdamer Periode 1877-1895
ichthyology23.609: MURARKA,I.P.& BODEAU,D.J. - Software Documentation & User's Manual for Fish Impingement Sampling Design & Estimation Method Computer Programs
INVERTEBRATES24.990: COSTELLO,D.P.ET AL - Methods for Obtaining and Handling Marine Eggs and Embryos
INVERTEBRATES8384: READ,C.P.ET AL - Studies on Membrane Transport,with Spec. Ref. To Parasite-Host Integration
conservation.ecology12.118: SHAW,S.P.& FREDINE,C.G. - Wetlands of the United States
ICHTHYOLOGY3316: DEMPSTER,R.P.& SHIPMAN,W.H. - The Use of Copper Sulfate As a Medicament for Aquarium Fishes & As an Algaecide in Marine Mammal Water Systems
BIOGRAPHY24.68: SHARP,B.& SULLIVEN,P. - Dashing Kansan,Lewis Lindsay Dyche,the Amazing Adventures of a Nineteenth-Century Naturalist & Explorer
ORNITHOLOGY19522: BATES,R.S.P.& LOWTHER,E.H.N. - Breeding Birds of Kashmir
ORNITHOLOGY19523: BATES,R.S.P.& LOWTHER,E.H.N. - Breeding Birds of Kashmir
ichthyology23.976: VARI,R.P.& HOWE,J.C. - Catalog of Type Specimens of Recent Fishes in the National Museum of Natural History,Smithsonian,1: Characiformes (Teleostei: Ostariophysi)
ichthyology23.978: VARI,R.P.& ORTEGA,H. - The Catfishes of the Neotrapical Family Helogenidae (Ostariophysi: Siluroidei)
ENTOMOLOGY20.56: DEMEREC,M.& KAUFMANN,B.P. - Drosphila Guide: Introduction to the Genetics & Cytology of Drosphila Melanogaster
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.124: METCALF,Z.P.& C.L. - A Key to the Principal Orders and Families of Insects
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ENTOMOLOGY24.811: THOME,J.P.& DESIERE,M. - Evolution de la Densite Numerique Des Populations de Collemboles Dans Les Excrements de Vovides Et D'Equides
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MAMMALS.GENERAL24.975: DORST,J.& DANDELOT,P. - A Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Africa
SCIENCE.ASTRONOMY24.7712: MERRILL.G.P. - On the Mineral Composition and Structure of the Troup Meteorite
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GENERAL0211: MANNUCCI,M.P.& MINELLI,A. - Viaggi Escoperte
HERPETOLOGY6317: SCHMIDT,K.P.& INGER,R.F. - Living Reptiles of the World
BOTANY23.471: PIETROPAOLO,J.& P. - Carnivorous Plants of the World

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