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37012: JOHN CONWAY - Surfing
K1946: CONWAY, D. J. - The Celtic Book of Names: Traditional Names from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
24438: JILL KER CONWAY - The Road from Coorain
005690: CONWAY, EDWARD J. - Microdiffusion Analysis and Volumetric Error
3666: LINDA GLICK CONWAY - Country Inns and Back Roads Cookbook
165: MIMI CONWAY - Rise Gonna Rise a Portrait of Southern Textile Workers
18322: JAMES E. CONYERS - Black Elected Officials - a Study of Black Americans Holding Governmental Office
1997ml: M. R. G. CONZEN - Alnwick, Northumberland : A Study in Town Plan Analysis
9256z: COOEY, PAULA M.;MCDANIEL, JAY B.;EAKIN, WILLIAM R. - After Patriarchy: Feminist Transformations of the World Religions
012107: COOGAN, TIM PAT - The Ira: A History
33051: TIM PAT COOGAN - The Ira
149ml: COOGAN, TIM PAT - The Ira: A History
K717: COOK, BLANCHE WIESEN - The Declassified Eisenhower: A Divided Legacy of Peace and Political Warfare
8933z: COOK, RICHARD - Blue Note Records: The Biography
90K: BRUCE COOK - Listen to the Blues
K1794: RICHARD COOK - It's About That Time - Miles Davis
1909: WADE COOK - Real Estate for Real People
26335: WADE B. COOK - Bear Market Baloney
9297: CHRIS COOK - Asian Political Almanac
4559z: CHARLES COOK - The Essential Guide to Hiking in the United States
1809: FRED J. COOK - The Plot Against the Patient
18331: CHRIS COOK - Sources in European Political History - War and Resistance Vol. 3
8648: HULL COOK - Fifty Years a Country Doctor
27656: DIANE G.H. COOK - Translation - a Hungarian Issue - XV
000771: PADDY COOK - Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs May Harm the Unborn
25188: DON COOK - Floodtide in Europe
34113: L.M. COOK - Coefficients of Natural Selection
31571: SHARON L. COOK - Return to the Child of Light
37027: ALLAN R. COOK - The New Cancer Sourcebook
29923: WADE B. COOK - Stock Market Miracles
34005: MERCER COOK - The Militant Black Writer in Africa and the United States
K2046: COOK, MELISSA;VECHTEN, KEN VAN - Neon Nuptials: The Complete Guide to Las Vegas Weddings
8129z: COOK, B.F. - Elgin Marbles
29714: SHERBURNE F. COOK - The Historical Demography and Ecology of the Teotlalpan
32741: ARTHUR L. COOK, B.S., M.S. - Elements of Electrical Engineering
8174: ROBIN COOK - Godplayer
8189: ROBIN COOK - Mindbend
2496ml: M. G. COOKE - Modern Black Novelists
9959: MICHAEL COOKE - Afro American Literature in the Twenieth Century
1157ml: NATIONAL PRESTO COOKER - National Presto Cooker : Recipe Book
23345: E.H. COOKRIDGE - Set Europe Ablaze
9178: JOHN COOLEY - Libyan Sandstorm
K574: COOLEY, JOHN K. - Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism
4824z: CLARE COOLEY - The Book of Cranes
1819ml: JOHN COOLEY - Baal, Christ, and Mohammed
106ml: COOLIDGE, CLARK - Alien Tatters
5360z: CHARLES COOMBS - Soaring
385: CARLETON S. COON - The Hunting Peoples
sf1693: HORACE COON - 43,000 Years Later - S1534
K2105: COONRADT, CHARLES A. - The Game of Work: How to Enjoy Work As Much As Play
6462z: COONTZ, STEPHANIE - Life in Capitalist America: Private Profit and Social Decay
5893: JACK R. COOPER - The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmcology 4th
24189: ARTEMIS COOPER - The Letters of Evelyn Waugh and Diana Cooper
5785: J.D. OMER-COOPER - History of Sothern Africa
25927: BRYAN COOPER - Pt Boats
8301: IRVING S. COOPER - Reincarnation
K2297: SHIRLEY COOPER, M.S. - Children in Treatment
25024: CHARLES HENRY COOPER, F.S.A. - Athenae Cantabrigienses - Vol. 1 1500-1585
1125: BRIAN E. COOPER, EDITOR - The Irish American Almanac and Green Pages
28968: CHARLES R. COOPER - Evaluating Writing
1144z: J. COOPER - Literacy Activity Book
32628: HOWARD COOPER - Living a Jewish Life
37922: WILLIAM COOPER - Scenes from Later Life
28898: MARIAN COOPER - The World's Top Retirement Havens
34977: JOHN D. COOPER - Software Quality Management
sf114: EDMUND COOPER - News from Elsewhere : 6304-8
sf131: EDMUND COOPER - A Far Sunset : X1607
sf144: EDMUND COOPER - New from Elsewhere : X1696
sf199: EDMUND COOPER - Gender Genocide : #27905
008652: COOPER, MARIO - Drawing and Painting the City
5230z: ANN COOPER - Around the Pond
007382: COOPER, J. DAVID, PIKULSKI, JOHN J. - Houghton Mifflin Celebrate: Invitations to Literacy
29463: PAULETTE COOPER - 277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know
23679: SHAWN COOPER, PH.D. - The Clinical Use and Interpretation of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Revd.
K1765: COOPER, HELENE - The House at Sugar Beach
sf1269: EDMUND COOPER - Tomorrow's Gift - 179k
sf1272: EDMUND COOPER - Seed of Light - 327 K
sf1296: EDMUND COOPER - Deadly Image - 260
sf1550: EDMUND COOPER - The Last Continent - 4655
sf1625: EDMUND COOPER - The Cloud Walker - 03209-8-125
sf2159: EDMUND COOPER - The Overman Culture - 425-02421-075
sf2214: EDMUND COOPER - Five to Twelve - X1768
sf2237: EDMUND COOPER - Kronk - S2068
sf2351: EDMUND COOPER - News from Elsewhere - X1696
sf2840: EDMUND COOPER - Transit -72-758
363ml: COOPER, CLARENCE JR. - The Scene
003349: COOPER, EMMANUEL - Electric Kiln Pottery : The Complete Guide
32149: BERNARD COOPER - A Year of Rhymes
8594: DENNIS COOPER - Wrong
30116: ROBERT COOVER - Pricksongs & Descants Fictions
18389: ERIC V. COPAGE - A Kwanzaa Fable
006572: COPELAND, KENNETH, PUBLICATIONS STAFF - Real People, Real Needs, Real Victories: Special Partner Edition
004367: COPELAND, RICHARD W. - How Children Learn Mathematics: Teaching Implications of Piaget's Research
8570z: COPELAND, PETER - Uniforms of the American Revolution Coloring Book
309ml: JOY M. COPELAND - John H. Cleveland
9802z: DELYNN COPLEY - Organizing Your Life & Getting Rid of Clutter : Cd Rom
sf2382: ALFRED COPPEL - Dark December - S989
sf2760: ALFRED COPPEL - Dark Decemver - T2315
34461: JOHN FRANKLIN COPPER - China's Global Role
1535: TREWIN COPPLESTONE, EDITOR - World Architecture: An Illustrated History
23671: MICHAEL C. CORBALLIS - The Lopsided Ape
9978z: MARGARET DARST CORBETT - Help Yourself to Better Sight
er26: MICHAEL CORBETT - Eager Sucking Aunt - Dn-410
007289: CORCORAN, KEVIN; FISCHER, JOEL - Measures for Clinical Practice : A Sourcebook
6164z: CORDELL, DENNIS D.; GREGORY, JOEL W.; PICHE, VICTOR - Hoe and Wage: A Social History of a Circular Migration System in West Africa
31165: DAVID CORDINGLY - Under the Black Flag
25606: GENA COREA - The Mother Machine
v6632z: GORDON CORERA - Shopping for Bombs
8620z: COREY, D - No Company Was Coming to Samuel's House/No Llegaban Invitados a la Casa de Samuel
sf97: PAUL COREY - The Planet of the Blind : 63-147
34282: T. CORINNE - The Poetry of Sex
5647: TEE CORINNE - Dreams of the Woman Who Loved Sex
4809: PAUL CORKERY - Carson
3222: EDWIN CORLE - Death Valley and the Creek Called Furnace
927z: ROBERT CORLEY - Principles of Business Law : 13th Ed.
sf99: EDWIN CORLEY - The Jesus Factor : 66-680
37513: ROGER CORMAN - How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime
8383: ALFRED CORN - Present
6304: LAURA CORN - 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance
26084: GUY CORNEAU - Absent Fathers, Lost Sons
3995: WAYNE A. CORNELIUS - Mexican Immigrants and Southern California: A Summary of Current Knowledge
729z: ROGER CORNELL - Topical Corticosteriods
8597z: DANIEL CORNELL - Asian / American / Modern Art
9189z: JOSEPH CORNELL - Navigating the Imagination
K2053: JOSEPH B. CORNELL - Sharing Nature with Children
7471z: MAURICE CORNFORTH - Historical Materialism
18207: JIM W. CORNMAN - Philosophical Problems an Arguments - an Introduction 3rd Ed.
28908: JAMES MARSHALL-CORNWALL - Wars and Rumours of War
8994z: CORNWELL, JOHN - Hitler's Pope : The Secret History of Pius XII
9323: DEBBIE CORNWELL - Cooking in the Nude
4271z: JOHN CORNWELL - Big Pit
6102z: HARLEY DAVIDSON CORP. - Determination : Annal Report 2002
6452z: CODENOLL CORP - The Fiber Optic Lan Handbook
37829: END 70 CORPORATION - 50 Ways to Advertise Your Website Worldwide!
2185ml: SOUTH AFRICAN TOURIST CORPORATION - Colourful Natal South Africa
006512: FISONS CORPORATION - Intal: Cromolyn Sodium-Fisons
37067: A.H. BELO CORPORATION - Texas Almanac 1974 - 1975
K1149: MEREDITH CORPORATIONS - The Recipe to Healthy Bones & Joints
6797z: ONOFRE CORPUZ - The Philippines
sf1995: MURRAY LEINSTER / LEE CORREY - Forgotten Planet / Contraband Rocket - D-146
24761: BEATRICE CORRIGAN - Italian Poet's and English Critics, 1755-1859
4855z: MICHEL CORRODI - L'Objet Publicitaire
K1727: JEROME R. CORSI, PH.D. - The Obama Nation
v6635z: JEROME CORSI - Atomic Iran
5584z: RAYMOND CORSINI - Current Psychotherapies : 4th Ed.
004697: CORSON, JOHN J. - Business in the Humane Society
8442z: CARLOS CORTES, EDITOR - Three Perspectives of Ethnicity in America
34420: FREDERICK BARON CORVO - Chronicles of the House of Borgia
37793: EDWARD S. CORWIN - The Constitution of the United States of America
2187ml: JILL CORY - When Love Hurts
4764z: BRUCE CORY - Time to Build?
sf3607: HOWARD L. CORY - The Sword of Lankor
19443: BILL COSBY - Fatherhood
8251: BILL COSBY - Fatherhood
239: BILL COSBY - Time Flies
7892z: COSBY, BILL - I Am What I Ate... And I'm Frightened!!! : And Other Digressions from the Doctor of Comedy
9112z: CAMILLE COSBY, EDITOR - A Wealth of Wisdom : Legendary African American Elders Speak
9120: ELLIS COSE - The Rage of a Privileged Class
38047: ELLIS COSE - The Envy of the World
217: ELLIS COSE - The Rage of a Privileged Class
9225z: COSE, ELLIS - Bone to Pick: Of Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Reparations, and Revenge
25929: ROSE LAUB COSER - Life Cycle and Achievement in America
4330: PATRICK COSGRAVE - Thatcher: The First Term
8017: MARGARET COSGROVE - Eggs-and What Happens Inside Them
5929z: COSIMANO, CHARLES W. - Psionic Power
9918: RON COSNER - Football's Multiple Pro I Offense
38421: PAUL COSSALI - Stateless Gaza
707: TESS COSSLETT - Woman Writing Childbirth: Modern Discourses of Motherhood
31432: S.B. COSTALES - The Guide to Understanding Financial Statements
K987: KOENIG-COSTE, JOANNE - Learning to Speak Alzheimer's: A Groundbreaking Approach for Everyone Dealing with the Disease
869: WILLIAM COSTELLO - The Facts About Nixon: The Unauthorized Biography of Richard M. Nixon, the Formative Years 1913-1959
12036: WILLIAM COSTELLO - The Facts About Nixon
28768: WILLIAM COSTELLO - The Facts About Nixon
28896: WILLIAM COSTELLO - The Facts About Nixon
6940: ROBERT COSTELLO - American Expressions
9583: GIOVANNI COSTIGAN - Sigmund Freud
K1297: CAROL COSTON, O. P. - Permaculture: Finding Our Own Vines and Fig Trees
K606: COTA, DANIEL - Bush Yoga
3162z: CHRISTOS COTSAKOS - It's Your Money
38250: ARTHUR COTTERELL - East Asia
5199z: PHOEBE COTTINGHAM, EDITOR - Welfare Policy for the 1990s
5572: JOSEPH COTTLER - Map Makers
4995: MICHAEL H. COTTMAN - The Wreck of the Henrietta Marie
K2326: HORACE COTTON - Medical Partnership Practice
6694: RICHARD COTTON - Aerobics Instructor Manual
28055: WILLIAM F. COTTRELL - Technology, Man, and Progress
K752: EDYTH YOUNG COTTRELL - The Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Cookbook
18463: LEONARD COTTRELL - Seeing Roman Britain
3179z: CHARLES COTTRIL - General Biology : Laboratory Investigations 3rd. Ed.
041: ROBERT COUGHLAN - Tropical Africa
8885z: CON COUGHLIN - Khomenini's Ghost
sf1472: E.C. TUBB / JUANITA COULSON - Derai / the Singing Stones - H-77
37132: BARBARA COULTAS - Business French
2692z: HARRIS COULTER - Aids and Syphilis the Hidden Link
002370: COULTER, ARTHUR N. JR. - Synergetics: An Adventurev in Human Development
29616: JOHN WESLEY COULTER - The Pacific Dependencies of the United States
28720: G.G. COULTON - Medieval Faith and Symbolism
8904z: NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL - First Aid and Cpr for Infants and Children: Infants and Children
32327: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children
6788z: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Burning Plasma: Bringing a Star to Earth
4277z: KOREA CHRISTIAN COUNSEL - Korea Christian Counseling & Psychotherapy : 2003
006730: COUNTS, JULIE, EDITOR - 1999 Retired Military Almanac
8926z: COUPER, HEATHER;PELHAM, DAVID;COOPER, HEATHER - The Universe: A Three-Dimensional Study
4246z: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Polaroids from the Dead
553z: HAROLD COURIANDER - The Heart of the Ngoni
7853: HAROLD COURLANDER - The Fourth World of the Hopis
4113z: HAROLD COURLANDER - Olode the Hunter
010093: COURLANDER, HAROLD - A Treasury of African-American Folklore : The Oral Literature, Traditions, Recollections
7963: HAROLD COURLANDER - The Heart of the Ngoni
28984: ANDRE COURNAND - Shaping the Future
6670z: COURNOYER, BARRY R. - The Social Work Skills Workbook
25508: J. COURSAGET - The Method of Isotopic Tracers Applied to the Study of Active Ion Transport
24260: BRYCE COURTENAY - The Power of One
12252: W. L. COURTNEY - The Metaphysics of John Stuart MILL
1259z: NICHOLAS COURTNEY - Royal Children
35271: GORDON COURTRIGHT - Landscape Planting Guide for Northern California
26599: DAVID T. COURTWRIGHT - Violent Land
2820: PHIL COUSINEAU - Dead Lines: A Rhapsody on a Theme of Famous and Infamous Last Words
25871: NORMAN COUSINS - Dr. Schweitzer of Lambarene
19036: NORMAN COUSINS - Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by the Patient - Reflections on Healing and Regeneration
4429: NORMAN COUSINS - Head First
23562: NORMAN COUSINS - Anatomy of an Illness - As Perceived by the Patient
11282: NORMAN COUSINS - The Healing Heart
1415z: NORMAN COUSINS - In God We Trust
8842: JACQUES-YVES COUSTEAU - Three Adventures
24774: AFRANIO COUTINLO - An Introduction to Literature in Brazil
12739: AMBER COVERDALE - Sexual Harassment, Women Speak out
9806z: COVEY, STEPHEN R. - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: An Extraordinary, Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Human Characteristics : Cd Rom
9803z: STEPHEN COVEY - The 7 Habits for Managers : Cd Rom
007264: COVICH, EDITH S. - The Jewish Child Every Day
12741: GINA COVINA - The Lesbian Reader
K976: COVINGTON, DENNIS - Salvation on Sand Mountain: Snake Handling and Redemption in Southern Appalachia
8172z: COVINGTON, HOWARD E., JR. - Lady on the Hill : How Biltmore Estate Became an American Icon
8026z: COWAN, CAROLYN PAPE;COWAN, PHILIP A. - When Partners Become Parents: The Big Life Change for Couples
38339: GREGORY COWAN - English in Plain Words
6234: WAYNE COWAN, EDITIOR - Witness to a Generation
2636z: DAVID COWAN - An Introduction to Modern Literary Arabic
5830: DR. CONNELL COWAN - Smart Women/Foolish Choices
38340: GREGORY COWAN - English in Plain Words
28955: WAYNE H. COWAN - Witness to a Genreation
38337: GREGORY COWAN - English in Plain Words
007647: COWELL, CHARLES C., SCHWEHN, HILDA M. - Modern Principles and Methods in High School Physical Education
K1636: LEONARD W. COWIE - Plague and Fire
18887: RAYMOND B. COWLES - Zulu Journal - Field Notes of a Naturalist in South Africa
29036: FLEUR COWLES - Friends & Memories
28482: VIRGINIA COWLES - The Great Marlborough and His Duchess
K820: PATRICIA F. COWLEY - Thunder over Zion
28805: MALCOLM COWLEY - The Flower and the Leaf
28095: FRASER COWLEY - A Critique of British Empiricism
8661z: COWLEY, W.H.;WILLIAMS, DONALD T. - Presidents, Professors, and Trustees: [the Evolution of American Academic Government]
27902: ELLIS COWLING - Co-Operatives in America
38338: GREGORY COWNA - English in Plain Words
SF1739: RICHARD COWPER - Breakthrough - 01653
SF1816: RICHARD COWPER - Phoenix - 01856-7
24252: RICHARD COWPER - The Road to Corlay
37593: HARVEY COX - Fidel and Religion
25134: ARCHIBALD COX - The Role of the Supreme Court in American Government
3641: L. NORMA COX, EDITOR - Dear Dad
19654: DON RICHARD COX - Sexuality and Victorian Literature - Tennessee Studies in Literature - Vol. 27
7656z: COX, JEFF; BYHAM, WILLIAM C. - Zapp!: The Lightning of Empowerment How to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Employee Satisfaction
28521: ARCHIBALD COX - The Court and the Constitution
006361: COX, OLIVER C. - Race Relations : Elements and Social Dynamics
009245: COX, RICHARD H. - Ideology, Politics, and Political Theory
36290: ARCHIBALD COX - The Warren Court
103: KENYON COX - What Is Painting? " Winslow Homer" and Other Essays
853: RICHARD COX - Pan-Africanism in Practice: An East African Study, Pafmecsa 1958-1964
28822: MIRIAM COX - The Three Treasures
12259: MICHAEL COX - English Ghost Stories
7008: IAN COX, EDITOR - The Scallop
9344z: GEORGE COX - Education for the Black Race
7923: RALF COYKENDALL - Duck Decoys
009385: COYLE, J. D. - Introduction to Organic Photochemistry
19493: KEVIN COYNE - Domers - a Year at Notre Dame
18409: JAMES GOULD COZZENS - The Just and the Unjust
19396: STEVEN PYBRUM CPA, MBA - Money and Marriage - Making It Work Together
sf1208: D. G. CPMPTON - Chronocules - 10480
K1369: CPSU - Mikhail Gorbachev
34425: CECIL V. CRABB, JR. - Invitation to Struggle: Congress, the President and Foreign Policy
4841z: DAVID CRABTREE - Second Deeds of Trust
8947: FRED B. CRADDOCK - Preaching the New Common Lectionary
11554: CHRISTINE CRAFT - An Anchorwoman's Story
004388: CRAFT, DONNA, DOW, SHEILA, M., EDITORS - Brands and Their Companies: A Gale Trade Names Directory
004387: CRAFT, DONNA, DOW, SHEILA, M., EDITORS - Brands and Their Companies: A Gale Trade Names Directory
9697z: CATHRINE CRAFT - Jasper Johns
8630z: MICHAEL CRAFT - Flight Dreams Eye Contact Body Language
4706: KENNETH CRAGG - The House of Islam
005824ml: CRAIG, GORDON A.; GEORGE, ALEXANDER L. - Force and Statecraft : Diplomatic Problems of Our Time, Second Edition
259ml: CRAIG, BARBARA HINKSON - Courting Change: The Story of the Public Citizen Litigation Group
003858: CRAIG, ROBERT L, BITTEL, LESTER R. - Training and Development Handbook
28550: CLARENCE TUCKER CRAIG - The Study of the New Testament
1059: DAVID CRAIG - On Performing: A Handbook for Actors, Dancers, Singers, on the Musical Stage
005261: CRAIG, TIMOTHY T. - Comments in Sports Medicine
011112: CRAIG, GORDON, A., GEORGE, ALEXANDER, L. - Force and Statecraft: Diplomatic Problems of Our Time (Second Edition)
7288z: ROBERT CRAIG - Training and Development Handbook: 3rd Ed.
36737: JOHN A. CRAIG - Burns in Children - Vol. 28, No. 4
23881: BETTY JEAN CRAIGE - Laying the Ladder Down - the Emergence of Cultural Holism
592ml: CRAIGHEAD, JOHN JOHNSON - Hawks, Owls, and Wildlife
24259: JIM CRAIN - Historic Country Inns
31298: JIM CRAIN - Historic Country Inns of California
30206: TREVOR CRAKER - Opening Accounts and Closing Memories
11912: BETRAND CRAMER - The Scripts Parents Write and Roles Babies Play
9353z: WILLIAM CRAMPTON - Flags of the United States
35150: WILLIAM CRAMPTON - The Complete Guide to Flags
35096: C. GREGORY CRAMPTON - Standing Up Country
26548: ROBERT W. CRANDALL - Changing the Rules
8986z: MILTON CRANE - Plugged Arteries & a Clogged Immune System
K205: VERNER W. CRANE - The Southern Frontier
007332: CRANE, EVA - Bibliography of Tropical Apiculture
18802: LOUISE CRANE - The Land and People of the Congo
9511: STEPHEN CRANE - Collected Works
37155: STEPHEN CRANE - The Red Badge of Courage
004337: CRANE, FRED, EDITOR - Trust Funds Fair Housing Ethics & Agency Third Edition
006335: CRANE, JULIA; ANGROSINO, MICHAEL - Field Projects in Anthropology : A Student Handbook
30738: STEPHEN CRANE - The Red Badge of Courage
25321: RONALD E. CRANFORD, M.D. - Institutional Ethics Committees and Health Care Decision Making
31752: EDWARD CRANKSHAW - The Shadow of the Winter Palace
012156: CRANMER, JEFF; MARTIN, STEVEN - Laos: The Rough Guide
006693: CRANSTON, JERNERAL W.; PAIMQUIST, PETER - Transformations Through Drama : A Teacher's Guide to Educational Drama, Grades K-8
3996: ELMER M. CRANTON, M.D. - Bypassing Bypass
19572: VINCENT CRAPANZANO - Waiting - the Whites of South Africa
547: VINCENT CRAPANZONO - Waiting: The Whites of South Africa
3996z: THOMAS CRAUGHWELL - Alligators in the Sewer
5968: AVERY CRAVEN - Reconstruction: The Ending of the CIVIL War
6577: BRUCE CRAVEN - Fast Sofa
35108: CLARENCE W. CRAWFORD - The Devotional Life of Christian Leaders
6457z: CRAWFORD, R. H. E. - Fifty/Fifty
003557: CRAWFORD, TAD; KOPELMAN, ARIE - Selling Your Graphic Design & Illustration
37487: ROGER CRAWFORD - How High Can You Bounce?
6345z: CRAWFORD, WILLIAM - Mariner's Rules of the Road
35799: TAD CRAWFORD - Legal Guide for the Visual Artist
008636: CRAWFORD, TAD - Legal Guide for the Visual Artist: The Professional's Handbook
012363: CRAWFORD, JAMES - Bilingual Education: History Politics Theory and Practice (Third Edition)
K1461: CRAWFORD, TAD - Legal Guide for the Visual Artist
8114: CHRISTINA CRAWFORD - Mommie Dearest
35307: EDUARDO CRAWLEY - Nicaragua in Perspective
8840z: RICHARD CRAZE - The Dictionary of Dreams and Their Meanings
38546: RICHARD CRAZE - Feng Shui for Beginners
19361: C. W. CREAM - Gods, Graves, and Scholars - the Story of Archaeology
er195: TITUS CANDY / CONNIE CREAMER - Flirting W/ Passion / After Class Action - Dn/ 6540
7190z: CREAMER, ROBERT - Stengel: His Life and Times
4109: JOHN CREASEY - So Young to Burn
2178: DON M. CREGIER - Bounder from Wales: Lloyd George's Career Before the First World War
25330: JANE TAPSUBEI CREIDER - Two Lives: My Spirit & I
K990: CREMONY, JOHN C. - Life Among the Apaches
2887: NADINE CRENSHAW - Xena X-Posed
9528z: J. P. CRESPELLE - Utrillo Churches
23131: DONALD R. CRESSEY - Theft of the Nation
18914: DONALD CRESSEY - Theft of the Nation - the Structure and Operations of Organized Crime in America
7824: DONALD CRESSEY - Criminal Organization
8039z: CRESSWELL, STEPHEN - Multiparty Politics in Mississippi, 1877-1902
30135: JOSEPH CREUSEN, S.J. - Religious Men and Women in Church Law
29715: MARTIN VAN CREVELD - Command in War
11010: MARTIN VAN CREVELD - Technology and War
30481: MICHAEL A. CREW - Regulating Utilities in an Era of Deregulation
002835: CREWDSON, JOHN - The Tarnished Door the New Immigrants and the Transformation of America
6103: FREDERICK CREWS - The Random House Handbook 4th
11771: TUBA LIBBY CREWS - Wild Wild West Cowboy Cookies
v7045: FREDERICK CREWS - The Critics Bear It Away
31306: JENNIFER CRICHTON - Delivery
sf1549: MICHAEL CRICHTON - The Andromeda Strain - 0199
23522: KYLE CRICHTON - The Marx Brothers
37587: RICHARD CRILEY - The Fbi V. The First Amendment
6798z: CRIMMINS, C. E. - Y.A. P. : The Official Young Aspiring Professional's Fast-Track Handbook
30957: CATHY CRIMMINS - The Curse of the Mommy
36857: DEBORAH CRISFIELD - Winning Soccer for Girls
2059z: QUENTIN CRISP - The Naked CIVIL Servant / How to Become a Virgin / Resident Alien
SF1840: FRANK CRISP - The Night Callers - 1276
36439: ENRICA CRISPINO - Michelangelo
6528: RICHARD CRITCHFIELD - The Golden Bowl Be Broken
625: RICHARD CRITCHFIELD - The Golden Bowl Be Broken: Peasant Life in Four Cultures
12347: ANN CRITTENDEN - Sanctuary
3381z: FRANK CROCITTIO - Emphatically Emerson
11818: JAMES UNDERWOOD CROCKETT - Foliage House Plants
36597: JACK CROFT - The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men
1897z: ELISABETH CROLL - The Women's Movement in China
223: WARREN CROMARTIE - Slugging It out in Japan an American Major Leaguer in the Tokyo Outfield
27982: PAUL CROMPTON - Tai Chi
1761z: JAMES CROMWELL - Pax Americana
2597: G.R. CRONE - Background to Political Geography
37714: EILEEN M. CRONIN, PH.D. - Helping Your Dyslexic Child
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37440: SHERI DAVENPORT - On the Way to Woodstock
sf2464: BASIL DAVENPORT - Invible Men - 401 K
25442: RUSSELL W. DAVENPORT - The Dignity of Man
32393: GUY DAVENPORT - Eclogues - Eight Stories by Guy Davenport
SF4: LEONARD DAVENTRY - A Man of Double Deed
sf1671: LEONARD DAVENTRY - Am Man Double Deed - X1491
922: LEONARD DAVENTRY - Twenty-One Billionth Paradox
K716: DAVID, PAUL A. - Reckoning with Slavery: A Critical Study in the Quantitative History of American Negro Slavery
37951: SAUL DAVID - Prince of Pleasure
264: PETER DAVID - Star Trek the Next Generation Q-Squared
2289z: CYNTHIA DAVID - Women on the Brink of Divorce
760z: ANDREW DAVID - Famous Military Trials
36293: PETER DAVID - Triumph in the Desert
1085ml: PETER DAVID - Astonishing X -Men Gifted
31054: JAY DAVID - Growing Up Black
6827z: ENRIQUETA DAVID- PEREZ, EDITOR - Recipes of the Philippines
1886: PETER DAVID - Star Trek the Next Generation: Q-Squared
er314: VAL DAVID - Wife Vesus Mistress
008924: DAVIDOW, WILLIAM H.; UTTAL, BRO - Total Customer Service : The Ultimate Weapon - a Six-Point Plan for Giving Your Company the Competitive Edge in the 1990's
K2178: BASIL DAVIDSON - The Growth of African Civilisation
er247: BEN DAVIDSON - Whore's Hard Need - Btl - 153
24628: JOY DAVIDSON, PH.D. - The Agony of It All
K2098: MARSHALL B. DAVIDSON - Historic Houses of America Open to the Public
1895ml: NORMA DAVIDSON - Letters from California or He Married Me for My Drapes
1606: MICHAEL DAVIDSON - Leningrad: American Writers in the Soviet Union
28664: MARSHALL B. DAVIDSON - The American Heritage - History of Colonial Antiques
K2284: BASIL DAVIDSON - A Guide to African History
4933: MARSHALL B. DAVIDSON - The Horizon Concise History of France
4335: ROBERT DAVIDSON - The Bible Speaks
19315: JAMES D. DAVIDSON - Faith and Social Ministry - Ten Christian Perspectives
006837: DAVIDSON, CHRISTINE - Staying Home Instead : How to Quit the Working-Mom Rat Race and Survive Financially
25374: PARK O. DAVIDSON, PH.D. - The Behavioral Management of Anxiety, Depression and Pain
1836z: JAMES DAVIDSON - The Complete Wilderness Paddler
6058z: JAMES DAVIDSON - The Plague of the Black Debt
7352z: DAVIDSON, WILLIAM - Exotic Foliage Houseplants
010951: DAVIDSON, JAMES WEST - Nation of Nations: A Narrative History of the American Republic
25100: JAMES DALE DAVIDSON - The Great Reckoning
1621z: JAMES DAVIDSON - After the Fact
38265: BASIL DAVIDSON - A Guide to African History
5705z: DAVIDSON, D. - Semantics of Natural Language
008703: DAVIDSON, JAMES D. - Search for Common Ground: What Unites and Divides Catholic Americans
29614: BASIL DAVIDSON - The Lost Cities of Africa
7101z: DAVIDSON, SUE; NICARTHY, GINNY - You Can Be Free: An Easy-to-Read Handbook for Abused Women
SF3: AVRAM DAVIDSON - The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction
SF15: AVRAM DAVIDSON - The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction
005935: DAVIDSON, MORRIS - Painting with Purpose
1429: BASIL DAVIDSON - Let Freedom Come: Africa in Modern History
2223z: MARGARET DAVIDSON - Frederick Douglass
2270z: MARGARET DAVIDSON - I Have a Dream
475: BASIL DAVIDSON - The Afican Slave Trade: Precolonial History 1450-1850
554z: BASIL DAVIDSON - Black Mother
v2270z: MARGARET DAVIDSON - I Have a Dream
002961: DAVIDSON, CHANDLER - Race & Class in Texas Politics
sf1109: AVRAM DAVIDSON - The Island Under the Earth - 37425
sf1184: AVRAM DAVIDSON - The Phoenix and the Mirror - 66100
sf1525: AVRAM DAVIDSON - Masters of the Maze - R-1208
sf2104: AVRAM DAVIDSON - Or All the Sea with Oysters - F639
sf2132: AVRAM DAVIDSON - The Best from Fantasy and Sience Fiction 14th Series - a-17
sf2323: AVRAM DAVIDSON - Rogue Dragon - F-353
sf2336: AVRAM DAVIDSON - What Strange Stars and Skies - F-330
sf2878: AVRAM DAVIDSON - Muting in Space - R-1069
sf2901: AVRAM DAVIDSON - The Enemy of My Enemy - X-1341
sf2907: AVRAM DAVIDSON - Rork ! - F1146
K2102: BASIL DAVIDSON - Africa in History
BA1234: JOSEPH B. DAVIDSON, D. V. M. - Horsemen's Veterinary
9906z: BASIL DAVIDSON - A Guide to African History
1243: ART DAVIDSON - In the Wake of the Exxon Valdez: The Devastating Impact of the Alaska Oil Spill
19300: EUGENE DAVIDSON - The Nuremberg Fallacy - Wars and War Crimes Since World War II
SF2: AVRAM DAVIDSON - The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction - Thirteenth Series
9370z: DAVIDSON, EUGENE - The Making of Adolf Hitler
35532: M. DAVIES - Functions of Biological Membranes
37131: MARY E. DAVIES - So You Want to Be an Innkeeper
3893z: MICHAEL DAVIES - Liturgical Time Bombs in Vatican II
1601: TAFFY DAVIES - Australian Nicknames
003831: DAVIES, BENJAMIN Y, SOURCE MANAGER - Standard California Codes 2000 Edition, W/Supplement
v1137z: ROBERTSON DAVIES - Happy Alchemy
23926: PAUL DAVIES - The Mind of God - the Scientific Basis for a Rational World
2322ml: GEORGE DAVIES - A Compendium of Isokentics in Clinical Usage and Rehabilitation Techniques - 2nd Ed.
26793: JAMES C. DAVIES - Human Nature in Politics
18295: JOHN LANGDON-DAVIES - Carlos - the King Who Would Not Die
2213ml: DAVIES, ROBERT; ETC. - Struggle for South Africa: V. 1: A Reference Guide to Movements, Organizations and Institutions (Vol 1)
2212ml: DAVIES, ROBERT; ETC. - Struggle for South Africa: V. 2: A Reference Guide to Movements, Organizations and Institutions (Vol 2)
7730: R. DAVIES - Delta
8865: MIRANDA DAVIES - Half the Earth
37895: L.A. DAVIES - Dick David Remembered by His Friends
549z: RICHARD DAVIES - The Nba's Dirty Laundry
7373: DONALD DAVIES - Communication Networks for Computers
sf1566: L. P. DAVIES - Dimension a- 1957
sf1612: L. P. DAVIES - Genesis Two - 16139
sf3353: L. P. DAVIES - The Artificial Man
sf3463: L. P. DAVIES - Psychogeist - 44-115
sf3480: L. P. DAVIES - The Artificial Man
2683: ROBERTSON DAVIES - The Lyre of Orpheus
7261z: DAVIES, JOHN - A History of Wales
9403z: JOHN DAVIES - A History of Wales
37335: FRANCISCO GONZALEZ DAVILA - Ancient Cultures of Mexico
18044: D. M. DAVIN - New Zealand Short Stories
9020z: STEPHEN DAVIS - Watch You Bleed
K2227: DAVIS, CLIFF - Griffin's Easy to Pronounce Italian: Phrase Book and Dictionary
755: JOEL DAVIS - Alternate Realities: How Science Shapes Our Vision of the World
11523: SHELDON H. DAVIS - Victims of the Miracle
37218: DORRINE H. DAVIS - Youthful Offenders
34850: MARY N. DAVIS - Serial Killers
12212: WILLIAM S. DAVIS - Operating Systems a Systematic View 3rd. Ed.
6212z: DAVIS, FRANCIS - The History of the Blues: The Roots, the Music, the People
35607: RICHARD A. DAVIS, M.D. - Fundamentals of Wound Management in Surgery
v31685: FRANCIS DAVIS - The History of the Blues
4012z: MEL DAVIS - High Uinta Trails
5132z: STEPHEN DAVIS - Apartheid's Rebels
K834: DAVIS, DONALD - Alcoholism Treatment : An Integrated Family and Individual Approach
32334: JOEL DAVIS - Mapping the Code Ethics
K1583: DAVIS, MILES - Miles: The Autobiography
12913: R.G. DAVIS - The San Francisco Mime Troupe: The First Ten Years
2449z: ANGELA DAVIS - Women Culture & Politics
4436z: NEIL DAVIS - Alaska Science Nuggets
9544: MARTHA DAVIS - Brutal Need
6910: JAMES DAVIS - National Conventions in an Age of Party Reform
28732: KAREN DAVIS, PH.D. - Health Care Cost Containment
23740: WADE DAVIS - The Serpent & the Rainbow
24271: BRUCE DAVIS, PH.D. - The Heart of Healing
26938: SUSAN E. DAVIS - Women Under Attack
2384: RAYMOND E. DAVIS - Students Guide to Accompany General Chemistry
234z: SCOTT DAVIS - The World of Patience Gromes
008015: DAVIS, ALLEN F.; WOODMAN, HAROLD D. - Conflict and Consensus in American History (Sixth Edition)
2885z: RAYMOND DAVIS - Fire on the Mountains
K1611: DAVIS, RUTH - Hitchhiking Grandmother: The Adventure and Spiritual Journey of a North West Woman Who Hitchhiked Across America and Europe After 50
719z: BURKE DAVIS - America's First Army
8828: ELMER DAVIS - But We Were Born Free
4002z: JEROME DAVIS - Character Assassination
7514: JOHN DAVIS - The American Negro Reference Book
5736z: DAVIS, RONALD D. - The Gift of Dyslexia
1529ml: DAVIS, MELODY D. - The Male Nude in Contemporary Photography
19110: CHRISTOPHER DAVIS - North American Indian
002828: DAVIS, HARRY A, DRAGSTEDT, LESTER R - Principles of Surgical Physiology
v008359: DAVIS, J.B. - Petroleum Microbiology
18611: BURKE DAVIS - To Appomattox - Nine April Days, 1865
29442: KENNETH S. DAVIS - Experience of War
002630: DAVIS, KEITH; NEWSTROM, JOHN W. - Organizational Behavior : Human Behavior at Work (Series in Management)
012610: DAVIS, AVRAM - The Way of Flame: A Guide to the Forgotten Mystical Tradition of Jewish Meditation
2975: PEGGY COOPER DAVIS - Neglected Stories: The Constitutioin and Family Values
28184: WILLIAM DAVIS - Stand in the Day of Battle
35682: DANIEL S. DAVIS - Struggle for Freedom
1247ml: DAVIS, DEBORAH - The Oprah Winfrey Show : Reflections on an American Legacy
11351: ANGELA DAVIS - Angela Davis an Autobiography
7815: LANCE DAVIS - American Economic History
4498z: URI DAVIS - Israel
7604: FLORA DAVIS - Moving the Mountain
29076: MIKE DAVIS - Fire in the Hearth
31416: ELIZABETH DAVIS - A Guide to Midwifery - Heart and Hands
32074: ANGELA Y. DAVIS - Violence Against Women and the Ongoing Challenge to Racism
5246: WILLIAM DAVIS - The Language of Money
6244: STAN DAVIS - 2020 Vision
8983: PETER DAVIS - If You Came This Way
9579: JOHN DAVIS - The Guggenheims
7845z: DAVIS, GERALD - Performance of Buildings and Serviceability of Facilities
518ml: T.E. DAVIS - First Houses of Bound Brook
006385: DAVIS, STEVEN - Apartheid's Rebels
37885: TOM DAVIS - Makutu
3047z: BOYD DAVIS - Electronic Discourse
37648: TOM DAVIS - Just Goldens
011472: DAVIS, LAURA - The Courage to Heal Workbook: For Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
007449: DAVIS, E.; DAVIS, A. P.; WOODWARD, E. - Gmat Cat - Graduate Management Admission Test
6592z: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World
1949ml: DAVIS, DAVID BRION - Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution, 1770-1823
6773z: DAVIS, ARTHUR - Elvis Presley: Quote Unquote
18842: BENJAMIN O. DAVIS, JR. - Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.
27899: BURKE DAVIS - They Called Him Stonewall
3580: TERRILL DAVIS - Td: Dreams in Motion
462: T.J. DAVIS - A Rumor of Revolt: The "Great Negro Plot" in Colonial New York
826: SHELTON H. DAVIS - Victims of the Miracle: Development and the Indians of Brazil
012100: DAVIS, SCOTT C. - The World of Patience Gromes: Making and Unmaking a Black Community
003187: DAVIS, GARY A.; RIMM, SYLVIA B. - Education of the Gifted & Talented
8892z: DAVIS, GREGORY - Dark Magus : The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis
9905z: ALLISON DAVIS - Children of Bondage
30639: JIM DAVIS - Garfield His 9 Lives
30854: THULANI DAVIS - 1959
32809: RUSSELL DAVIS - The Choctaw Code
35469: DAPHNE DAVIS - Stars!
8438: ROBERT P. DAVIS - Apes on a Tissue Paper Bridge
9666: JIM DAVIS - Garfield His 9 Lives
K1321: REVEREND JAMES L. DAVIS - Biblical Questions and Answers
2176ml: DAVIS, BURKE - Black Heroes of the American Revolution
36134: LOIS LEIDERMAN DAVITZ, PH.D. - Fun? But We'Re Married
3554z: JOHN DAVY, EDITOR - Work Arising
9327: JOHN DAVY, EDITOR - Work Arising
29369: LUCY S. DAWIDOWICZ - On Equal Terms
5359z: LUCY DAWIDOWICZ - Hitler's War Against the Jews
33063: LUCY S. DAWIDOWICZ - The War Against the Jews - 1933-1945
34823: LUCY S. DAWIDOWICZ - On Equal Terms
2253ml: STEPHEN FLOWERS; CRYSTAL DAWN - Carnal Alchemy
2174ml: HELAINE S. DAWSON - On the Outskirts of Hope
31738: E. YALE DAWSON - Seashore Plants of Northern California
29041: R. MACGREGOR DAWSON - The Government of Canada
37241: GEORGE M. DAWSON - Borrowing for Your Business
197z: MARK DAWSON - Flight : Refugees and the Quest for Freedom
5734z: DAWSON, CAROL - The Waking Spell: A Novel
006712: DAWSON, ROGER - The 13 Secrets of Power Performance
29747: RAYMOND DAWSON - The Legacy of China
2473: CARL DAWSON - Living Backwards: A Trans-Atlantic Memoir
2473ml: PETER CUMMINGS / JAMES PATRICK DAWSON - Xy Foto : Issue 8 , Winter 2008 - Hot New Jersey
1688z: JEFF DAWSON - Gay & Lesbian Online
18901: CAROL DAWSON - Body of Knowledge
7937: GAYNOR DAWSON - Hazardous Waste Management
4237z: PETER DAY, EDITOR - The Genetic Basis of Epidemics in Agriculture : Volume 287
1441: MICHAEL H. DAY - Fossil Man
2627z: EUGENE DAY - Foundations of Immunochemistry
19465: LAURA DAY - Practical Intuition - How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You
395ml: DAY, DOROTHY - The Long Loneliness: The Autobiography of the Legendary Catholic Social Activist
007208: DAY, R. A., JR.; UNDERWOOD, ARTHUR L., JR.; DEMING, STANLEY - Quantitative Analysis: Laboratory Manual
5009z: A. DAY - Coronado's Quest
K210: FRAN DAY - Lesbians and Activism
31863: A. GROVE DAY - Hawaii and Its People
9254: GEORGE DAY - Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy
12187: BETH DAY - The Secret World of the Baby
8230: ALEXANDER DAY - Carl Makes a Scrapbook
19930: ALEXANDRA DAY - Carl Goes Shopping
3758: RAJESWAR DAYAL - Panchayati-Raj in India
002994: DAYAN, YAEL - Yael Dayan Israel Journal: June, 1967
28915: MAJOR-GENERAL MOSHE DAYAN - Diary of the Sinai Campaign
36098: MAJOR-GENERAL MOSHE DAYAN - Diary of the Sinai Campaign
K1660: DAYGLO - Color
008344: DAYTON, EDWARD R.; ENGSTROM, TED W. - Strategy for Leadership : Planning, Activating, Motivating, Elevating
er125: HENRY DAYTON - Mother's Indecent Itch
36614: THOMAS F. O'DEA - Alienation Atheism and the Religious Crisis
374ml: GREATFUL DEAD - Hundred Year Hall
36739: WASHINGTON STATE SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF - An Introduction to Manual English
3038z: WASHINGTON STATE SCHOOL OF THE DEAF - An Introduction to Manual English
23556: F. W. DEAKIN - The Case of Richard Sorge
38490: RICHARD A. DEAN - Elements of Abstract Algebra
4079z: ROBERT DEAN - Echoes of Andersonville
7546z: THE DEAN - A Guide to Grace Cathedral : San Francisco
7237: JOHN DEAN - The Making of a Black Mayor
18913: AMY DEAN - Natural Creativity - Using Nature's Raw Materials to Craft Simple, Functional, and Attractive Objects
5363z: JOHN DEAN - Worse Than Watergate
1672z: VERA DEAN - New Governments in Europe
2031ml: PHILLIP DEAN - The Sty of the Blind Pig and Other Plays
19103: LORAL DEAN - Animals of North America
4934: BENJAMIN EVANS DEAN - A Virginian in Yankeeland Vol. 2: Merriwell Road Through Kangaroogate
36336: MICKEY DEANS - Weep No More, My Lady
2360z: MARY DEARBORN - Queen of Bohemia
25083: MARY V. DEARBORN - The Happiest Man Alive
36921: DES DEARLOVE - Business the Richard Branson Way
505z: GEORGE DEATHERAGE - Construction Scheduling and Control
8863: KAY DEAUX - The Behavior of Women and Men
K1141: DEBAGGIO, THOMAS - Losing My Mind: An Intimate Look at Life with Alzheimer's
5841: LOKENATH DEBNATH - Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications
5604z: DEBO, ANGIE - Geronimo: The Man, His Time, His Place
1419: RICHARD C. DEBOLD, EDITOR - Lsd, Man & Society
2527ml: GUY DEBORD - Society of the Spectacle
4553z: ELISABETH BURGOS-DEBRAY - I, Rigoberta Menchu
6169z: VAN DEBURG, WILLIAM L. - Hoodlums: Black Villains and Social Bandits in American Life
3546: WILLIAM L. VAN DEBURG - Black Camelot
5800: WILLIAM DEBUYS - River of Traps: A Village Life
341: SAMUEL DECALO - Coups and Army Rule in Africa Studies in Military Style
36362: BLACK & DECKER - Built in Projects for the Home
7554z: BLACK & DECKER - Great Decks & Furnishings: A Step-by-Step Guide

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