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er89: DOUGLAS BRUCE - Fernwood. Ohio, Fernwood Ohio Part 2 -Cle-179
3495ml: CARA BRUCE, EDITOR - Best Festish Erotica
23421: HARRY J. BRUCE - Distribution and Transportation Handbook
006401: BRUCE, TILLEN - Horse Sense (New Leaf Editions)
9831z: BRUCE, CARA;AMTER, CHARLIE - Horny? San Francisco: A Sexy, Steamy, Downright Sleazy Handbook to the City
9848z: GEORGE BRUCE - Dictionary of Wars
23734: DONALD BRUCE - Radical Dr. Smollett
2532ml: WAYNE BRUCE - Free Pussey
5633z: JOSEPH BRUCHAC - Songs from This Earth on Turtle's Back
27485: CAROL BRUCHAC - The Stories We Hold Secret
6822: CONNIE BRUCK - Master of the Game
008702: BRUEGGEMANN, WALTER - Theology of the Old Testament : Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy
634: ELISABETH YOUNG-BRUEHL, EDITOR - Freud on Women: A Reader
26906: JOHN T. BRUER - Schools for Thought
32322: JOHN T. BRUER - Schools for Thought
26185: W. H. BRUFORD - Germany in the Eighteenth Century
4768z: PAUL BRUICE - Organic Chemistry : Solutions Manual & Study Guide
520ml: WYATT BRUMMITT - Kites
6298z: BRUNDAGE, ANTHONY - Going to the Sources : 2nd Ed.
25ml: BRUNDAGE, SLIM;ROSEMONT, FRANKLIN - From Bughouse Square to the Beat Generation: Selected Ravings
4551z: DON BRUNDIGE - Bicycle Rides Orange County
6372z: CHARLOTTE BRUNER , EDITOR - Unwinding Threads
1988ml: BRUNGS, ROBERT A. - Science Technology Education in Church-Related Colleges and Universities
1138z: FRANK BRUNI - Ambling Into History
611ml: RICHARD BRUNING - Adam Strange : Book 2
sf2438: POUL ANDERSON / JOHN BRUNNELL - The War of Two Words /Threhold of Eternity - D-335
7325: EMIL BRUNNER - The Christian Doctrine of God
7326: EMIL BRUNNER - The Christian Doctrine of Creation and Redemption
sf3732: JOHN BRUNNER - The Atlantic Abomination : D-465
sf38: TED WHITE / JOHN BRUNNER - Android Avenger / the Altar of Asconel : M-123
sf45: JOHN BRUNNER - The Repairmen of Cyclops / Enigma from Tantalus : M-115
sf166: JOHN BRUNNER - Catch a Falling Star : G-761
sf1148: JOHN BRUNNER - The Travel in Black - 82210
sf1233: JOHN BRUNNER - The Productions of Time - P3115
SF1744: JOHN BRUNNER - Double, Double - 72019
SF1750: JOHN BRUNNER - Castaways World - F242
SF1762: JOHN BRUNNER - The Space-Time Juggler - F-227
SF1785: GARDNER F. FOX /JOHN BRUNNER - The Arsenal of Miracles/Endless Shadow - F-299
SF1794: JOHN BRUNNER - To Conquer Chaos - F-277
SF1812: JOHN BRUNNER - The Long Result - 01887-7
sf1408: JOHN BRUNNER - The Squares of the City - U6035
sf1412: JOHN BRUNNER - Out of My Mind - U5064
sf1452: JACK SHARKEY / JOHN BRUNNER - The Secret Martians / Sanctuary in the Sky - D471
sf1454: PHILIP K. DICK / JOHN BRUNNER - Dr. Futurity / Slavers of Space - D423
sf1461: ALAN E. NOURSE / JOHN BRUNNER - Rocket to Limbo / Echo in the Skull - D385
sf1494: JOHN BRUNNER - No Future in It - 123 -07008 -075
sf1524: JOHN BRUNNER - The Dreaming Earth - F-829
sf1555: JOHN BRUNNER - Timecoop - 8916
sf1556: JOHN BRUNNER - The Avengers of Carrig - 0356
sf2005: KENNETH BULMER / JOHN BRUNNER - Beyond the Silver Sky / Meeting at Infinity - D-507
sf2021: JOHN BRUNNER - The Super Barbarians - D-547
sf2294: JOHN BRUNNER - Bedlam Planet - G-709
sf2305: JOHN BRUNNER - Times without Number - 81270
sf2343: JOHN BRUNNER - The World Swappers - G-649
sf2527: DAVID GRINNELL / JOHN BRUNNER - Times without Number /Destiny Orbit - F-161
sf2551: JOHN BRUNNER - The Wrong End of Time - Uq1061
sf2567: JOHN BRUNNER - The Whole Man - U2219
sf2580: JOHN BRUNNER - The Long Result - U2329
sf2697: JOHN BRUNNER - Not Before Time - 2133
sf3346: JOHN BRUNNER - The Dramaturges of Yan - 16668
sf3449: JOHN BRUNNER - From This Day Forward - Uq1072
sf3580: JOHN BRUNNER - The Day of the Star Cities
3272z: E. BRUNO, EDITOR - Adhesives in Modern Manufacturing
h6721ml: MICHAEL BRUNO, EDITOR - Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook
h4857ml: BRUNO, MICHAEL H. - Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook
30668: FRANK BRUNO - The Story of Psychology
004857ml: BRUNO, MICHAEL H. - Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook
007879: BRUNO, MICHAEL H., EDITOR - Pocket Pal: An Graphic Arts Production Handbook (Sixteenth Edition)
006721ml: MICHAEL BRUNO, EDITOR - Pocket Pal: A Graphic Arts Production Handbook
2178z: ANTHONY BRUNO - Double Espresso
34825: AMEDEE BRUNOT, S.C.J. - Saint Paul and His Message
2195ml: BRUNSMA, DAVID L.; OVERFELT, DAVID; PICOU, STEVE - The Sociology of Katrina: Perspectives on a Modern Catastrophe
2284ml: CATHY BRUNSON - Araucanas : Rings on Their Ears
003373: HUGO-BRUNT, MICHAEL - The History of City Planning a Survey
38194: JAN H. BRUNVAND - The Study of American Folklore
5649z: BRUSA, BETTY W. - Salinan Indians of California and Their Neighbors
31119: STEPHANIE BRUSH - Men: An Owners Manual
8406z: WILLLIAM BRUSH - The Creative Teacher's Practical Guide to Second Grade Activities
K2175: JOHN S. BRUSHWOOD - Mexico in Its Novel
12635: FREDERIC BRUSSAT - Spiritual Literacy
2017z: KRISTEN BRUSTAD - Alif Baa
1319: ROBERT BRUSTEIN - Dumbocracy in America: Studies in the Theatre of Guilt, 1987-1994
23716: MILTON BRUTTEN, PH.D. - Something's Wrong with My Child
006539: BRUUN, GEOFFREY - Nineteenth Century European Civilization 1815 - 1914
9403: CHRISTIAN BRUYERE - In Harmony with Nature
5937z: BRUYERE, ROSALYN L. - Wheels of Light
9891: ADELAIDE BRY - The Sexually Aggressive Woman
9023: CLARICE BRYAN - Driving to Nirvana
K1098: BRYAN, MIKE - Chapter and Verse: A Skeptic Revisits Christianity
34522: LOWELL L. BRYAN - Bankrupt
9564: FRANK BRYAN - Real Vermonters Don't Milk Goats
4793z: J. BRYANT - Elements of Utility Rate Determination
3055z: JENNINGS BRYANT, EDITOR - Responding to the Screen
943: DOROTHY BRYANT - The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You
3351ml: DOROTHY BRYANT - Writing a Novel
2852z: ARTHUR BRYANT - The Turn of the Tide : 1939-1943
K521: DOROTHY BRYANT - Confessions of Madame Psyche
24019: ARTHUR BRYANT - The Turn of the Tide 1939-1943
007479: REEVE, BRYANT & HELEN - Flying Saucer Pilgrimage
6567z: GRAHAM BRYANT - Simply Tai Chi
592z: WILLIAM BRYANT - The Poems of William Cullen Bryant
5257z: JULIUS BRYANT - Victoria & Albert Museum Guide
7780z: RAYMOND BRYANT, EDITOR - Managing Energy for Buildings
38290: P.H. BRYDON - The Redwood Trail
011691: BRYDON, STEVEN R.; SCOTT, MICHAEL D. - Between One and Many: The Art and Science of Public Speaking (Third Edition)
004741: BRYK, ANTHONY S.; LEE, VALERIE E.; HOLLAND, PETER B. - Catholic Schools and the Common Good
11312: TERRY BRYKCZYNSKI - The Armchair Angler
003894: BRYMER, ROBERT A. - Hospitality Management : An Introduction to the Industry Seventh Edition
BA1192: KATE BRYNE - Painting on Ceramics
713z: MCDOWELL BRYSON - The Concierge
785z: BREYTEN BRYTENBACH - A Season in Paradise
34470: PRO INSIAS MAC AN BTLEATHA - Irish for the People
2008ml: MARTIN BUBER - A Land of Two Peoples: Martin Buber on Jews and Arabs
28491: MARTIN BUBER - On Judaism
9307z: BUBER, MARTIN - I and Thou
K575: BUBER, MARTIN - The Way of Man : According to the Teaching of Hasidism
35165: KENNETH C. BUCCHI - Inside Job
1057: PATRICK J. BUCHANAN - The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice Are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy
31152: CONSTANCE H. BUCHANAN - Choosing to Lead
004913: BUCHER, TH., SIES, H., EDITORS - Inhibitors Tools in Cell Research
2403: DR. BRADLEY BUCHER - Winning Them over: How to Negotiate Successfully with Your Kids
002415: BUCHER, CHARLES A. - Foundations of Physical Education Third Edition
3155z: TODD BUCHHOLZ - Market Shock
007187: BUCHMAN, DIAN DINCIN - The Complete Book of Water Healing
K1231: EMILIE BUCHWALD - Transforming a Rape Culture
2713: ROBERT W. BUCKINGHAM - A Special Kind of Love: Caring of the Dying Child
7182: RAYMOND BUCKLAND - Practical Candleburning Rituals
7543z: BUCKLEY, VINCENT - Memory Ireland: Insights Into the Contemporary Irish Condition
32377: HENRIETTA BUCKMASTER - Flight to Freedom
7758z: HENRIETTA BUCKMASTER - Let My People Go
35405: JULIA BUCKROYD - Anorexia & Bulimia
8207z: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EPITAXIAL CRYSTAL GROWTH 1990 BUDAPEST, H;LENDVAY, E. - Crystal Properties and Preparation : Epitaxial Crystal Growth, Part 2
3970z: SANDRA BUDDEN - The Movable Airport
3005: RICHARD BUDDIN - Building a Personal Support Agenda: Goals, Analysis Framework, and Data Requirements
9266z: MARGARET BUDENZ - Streets
3352ml: E. A. WALLIS BUDGE - The Gods of the Egyptians, Volume 1
777: E.A. WALLIS BUDGE - The Book of the Dead
2173ml: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS - The Gods of the Egyptians, Volume 1
1201: E.A.WALLIS BUDGE - The Egyptian Book of the Dead
4001z: RICH BUDNICK - Stolen Kingdom
sf1286: ALGIS BUDRYS - Man of Earth - 243
SF1843: ALGIS BUDRYS - The Furious Future - 2019
sf2082: ALGIS BUDRYS - Buddy's Inferno - Mf799
sf2460: ALGIS BUDRYS - Unexpected Dimension - 388k
sf2593: ALGIS BUDRYS - False Night - 230
6446: THOMAS BUECHNER - The Norman Rockwell Treasury
K2244: BUECHNER, FREDERICK - Telling Secrets
11643: RICHARD BUEL JR. - Securing the Revolution
9672z: ELIZABETH BUEL - Manual of the United States
3219ml: STANLEY BUETENS - Method for the Renaissance Lute
8049: CARALYN BUETTNER - It's a Spoon, Not a Shovel
24662: SHEILA BUFF - Flights of Fancy
005386: BUFF, SHEILA - Birding for Beginners
006460: BUFFA, LIZ - Cracking the Sat II : English Subject Tests, 1997
012278: BUFFETT, JIMMY - Jimmy Buffett: 4 Cd's - a Party in a Box!
6181z: BUFFETT, HOWARD G. - Tapestry of Life
23585: JIMMY BUFFETT - Where Is Joe Merchant?
454: JEAN BUFFONG - Under the Silk Cotton Tree
30110: BILL BUFORD - (GRANTA) - Best of Young British Novelist
540: VINCENT BUGLIOSI - Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder
K326: BUHR, DEBORAH - The "I Can't Believe This Has No Sugar" Cookbook
24121: MANFRED F. BUKOFZER - Music in the Baroque Era - from Monteverdi to Bach
2190ml: HUSSEIN A. BULHAN - Politics of Cain
5275z: ELLY BULKIN - Yours in Struggle
4630z: ROBERT BULL - The Service Merchandising System of Marketing
38721: JOHN BULL - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds - Eastern Region
216z: ANGEL BULL - Free at Last
3175ml: SARA BULLARD - Free at Last
2379: ROBERT D. BULLARD, EDITOR - Confronting Enviromental Racism: Voices from the Grassroots
31876: DEXTER M. BULLARD - Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
008855: BULLARD, ROBERT D. (EDITOR) - Confronting Environmental Racism : Voices from the Grassroots
003178: BULLARD, ROBERT D. (EDITOR) - Confronting Environmental Racism : Voices from the Grassroots
5300z: PERCY BULLCHILD - The Sun Came Down
K151: BULLIET, RICHARD W. - Crisis in the Middle East
2507ml: ED BULLINS - The Duplex
36350: ALAN BULLOCK - Hitler, a Study in Tyranny
122z: CHARLES BULLOCK, EDITOR - Black Political Attitudes
7127z: BULLOCK, CHARLES E.; GRAMBS, PETER H.; STOUFFER, RICK; MONEGON, LTD. - Making the Sun Work for You: Solar Electricity from Photovoltaics
8343z: BULLOCK, FREDDY - London Heathrow : The World's Busiest International Airport
33084: HENRY A. BULLOCK - A History of Negro Education in the South
2254ml: WYNN BULLOCK - Twenty Color Photographs : Light Abstractions
2533ml: J. BULLOCKS - Whore of Paradise
5159: WILLIAM A. BULLOUGH - The Blind Boss and His City
1782z: A. BULMAN - Model Making for the Physicists
sf47: EDMOND HAMILTON / KENNETH BULMER - Fugitive of the Stars / Land Beyond the Map : M-111
sf115: KENNETH BULMER - Behold the Stars : 0529
sf243: KENNETH BULMER - On the Symb-Socket Circuit : 63165
sf1161: JEFF SUTTON / KENNETH BULMER - Alton's Unguessable - 76096
sf1173: KENNETH BULMER - Roller Coaster World - 73438
sf1187: KENNETH BULMER - The Chariots of Ra - 10293
sf1488: KENNETH BULMER - The Insane City - 502 -07122-075
sf1489: KENNETH BULMER - The Doomsday Men - 123 -07002 -075
sf1491: KENNETH BULMER - Blazon - 123- 07099 - 075
sf2017: POUL ANDERSON/ KENNETH BULMER - Mayday Orbit / No Man's World -F-104
sf2304: KENNETH BULMER - Cycle of Nemesis - G680
sf3395: KENNETH BULMER - To Outrun Doomsday - G-625
sf3616: KENNETH BULMER - Worlds for the Taking - F396
29787: JOSEPH BULOFF - From the Old Marketplace
4115z: CARLOS BULOSAN - American Is in the Heart
25012: KRISTIN BUMILLER - The CIVIL Rights Society - the Social Construction of Victims
19409: JUDITH BUMPUS - Impressionist Gardens
4928: VALERIE BUNCE - Do New Leaders Make a Difference?
28392: DICK BUNCE - Socialist Review
34892: CHARLOTTE BUNCH - Passionate Politcs
004491: BUNCKE, HARRY J.; FURNAS, DAVID W. (EDITOR) - Symposium on Frontiers in Reconstructive Microsurgery (Vol. 24)
32667: MCGEORGE BUNDY - Reducing Nuclear Danger
008524: BUNDY, COLIN - The Rise and Fall of South African Peasantry (Perspectives on Southern Africa Ser. , No. 28)
8906z: BUNICK, NICK - In God's Truth
23832: M.N. BUNKER - Handwriting Analyis
6571: M. BUNKER - Handwriting Analysis
4869: M.N. BUNKER - Handwriting Analysis
516ml: BUNKER, ELLSWORTH;PIKE, DOUGLAS - The Bunker Papers: Reports to the President from Vietnam, 1967-1973
31532: SUZANNE L. BUNKERS - "All Will Yet Be Well"
7120z: BUNKLEY, CRAWFORD B. - The African American Network: Get Connected to More Than 5,000 Prominent People and Organizations in the African-American Community
33036: JOHN BUNN - The Art of Officiating Sports - 3rd Ed.
1277ml: LISA BUNNY - Turtle Meets Bunny
3978ml: EVE BUNTING - How Many Days to America : A Thanksgiving Story
009975: BUNTING, BRIAN - The Rise of the South African Reich
8133: EVE BUNTING - Secret Place
37657: JOHN H. BUNZEL - Race Relations on Campus
008363: BUNZEL, JOHN H. - Race Relations on Campus : Stanford Students Speak (Portable Stanford Bks. )
2786: CYNTHIA BURACK - The Problem of the Passions: Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and Social Theory
8153z: SYLVIA BURACK, EDITOR - The Writer's Handbook 2000
2035z: ROGER BURBACH, EDITOR - The Politics of Intervention
4876: CLAIRE BURCH - Stranger on the Planet
2390z: GEORGE BURCHILL - Work Study Programs for Alienated Youth
5053z: WILLIAM BURDICK - The Bench and Bar of Other Lands
6014z: BURFORD, BARBARA; NICHOLS, GRACE; KAY, JACKIE; PEARSE, GABRIELA - A Dangerous Knowing: Four Black Women Poets
8101z: TIMOTHY BURGARD - The Art of Dale Chihuly
2445z: JEFF BURGER - Multimedia for Decision Makers
1054z: ROBERT BURGER - The Jug Wine Book
5807: ERIC BURGESS - Satellites and Space Flight
31364: ROBERT F. BURGESS - Sunken Treasure: Six Who Found Fortunes
8462z: LARRY BURGESS - Mohonk : Its People and Spirit
19621: FRED W. BURGESS - Antique Jewelry and Precious Stones
007212: BURGHARDT, WALTER J. (EDITOR); LAWLER, T. C. (EDITOR) - St. Athanasius : The Life of St. Antony (Ancient Christian Writers Ser. 10. )
3521ml: CLINTON S. BURHANS, JR. - The Would - Be Writer : 2nd Ed.
7090: HERMANN BURIAN - Symposium on Strabismus
27278: RICHARD STEVENS BURINGTON, PH.D. - Handbook of Probability and Statistics with Tables
25896: R.E. BURK - High Molecular Weight Organic Compounds
K107: BURKE, JOHN P. - Bureaucratic Responsibility
26374: HELEN BURKE - Chinese Cooking for Pleasure
11924: RICHARD E. BURKE - The Senator
v005603: BURKE, EDMUND, III (EDITOR); LAPIDUS, IRA M. (EDITOR) - Islam, Politics, and Social Movements (Comparative Studies on Muslim Societies, No. 5)
27849: RICHARD E. BURKE - The Senator
7214: FRED BURKE - Africa's Quest for Order
36118: DAVID BURKE - Street French
2877z: DAVID BURKE - Street French
003744: BURKE, ROBERT E. - Olson's New Deal for California
37686: DR. MARY P. BURKE - Building the Local Church
K840: FRED BURKE - Africa
BA1207: PEGGY & EVAN BURKE - The Man's Gourment Sex Book
6275: HELEN BURKE - Chinese Cooking for Pleasure
sf1139: JOHN BURKE - Moon Zero Two - P4165
1327: PHYLLIS BURKE - Family Values
K1215: EDMUND BURKE - Reflections on the Revolution in France
29618: ELINOR BURKETT - The Gravest Show on Earth
8691z: KATE BURKHALTER, EDITOR - Elizabeth Taylor : A Life in Pictures
4809z: MARK BURKHOLDER - Colonial Latin America : 3rd Ed.
sf1992: WILLIAM R. BURKKETT, JR. - Sleeping Planet
010168: BURKS, JAYNE; RUBENSTEIN, MELVIN - Temperament Styles in Adult Interaction: Applications in Psychotherapy
5554z: JOHN BURKS - Working Fire
35910: OMAR BURLESON - Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from George Washington 1789 to John Kennedy 1961
27152: OMAR BURLESON - Compilation of Works of Art and Other Objects in the United States Capitol
259z: ANN BURLEW, EDITOR - The Journal of Black Psychology: 1991 Vol. 17 No. 2
065: ROBBINS BURLING - Hill Farms and Padi Fields Life in Mainland Southeast Asia
003124: BURLING, ROBBINS - Man's Many Voices Language in Its Cultural Context
27ml: SCOTT BURLINGTON - Instant Hawaiian
9816z: IMGARD BURMEISTER - Meet Germany
27148: GORDON BURN - Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son
37536: ELAINE H. BURNELL - One Spark from Holocaust
2206z: ELAINE BURNELL, EDITOR - Asian Dilemma
33045: ELAINE H. BURNELL - Asian Dilemma: United States, Japan and China
352: IVAN BURNELL - The Power of Positive Doing- Strategies for Taking Control of Your Life
9455z: DAVID BURNER - A Giant's Strenght America in the 1960s
37265: DAVID BURNER - A College History of the United States - Vol. 1
37256: ALASTAIR BURNET - In Person the Prince and Princess of Wales
36781: JOHN BURNET - Plato
006812: BURNET, SIR MACFARLANE - The Biology of Human Destiny Dominant Mammal
8560z: BURNETT, ED - Complete Direct Mail List Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About Lists and How to Use Them for Greater Profit
26908: ALLISON L. BURNETT - Animal Adaptation
11165: ROBERT BURNETTE - The Tortured Americans
36232: PHILIP BURNHAM - How the Other Half Lived
32046: DAVID BURNHAM - The Law Unto Itself
9145z: JAMES MACGREGOR BURNS - Packing the Court
29130: ARTHUR F. BURNS - The United States and Germany
8379: EDWARD MCNALL BURNS - Western Civilizations
9112: ROBERT BURNS - The Jesuits and the Indian Wars of Th Northwest
11928: GEORGE BURNS - Wisdom of the 90s
35244: GEORGE BURNS - The Third Time Around, George Burns
004870: BURNS, E. BRADFORD - Latin America
19835: ARTHUR F. BURNS - The Frontiers of Economic Knowledge
v36217: DAVID BURNS, M.D. - Ten Days to Self-Esteem
28269: EMILE BURNS - The Marxist Reader - Works That Changed the World
007398: BURNS, E. BRADFORD - Latin America: A Concise Interpretive History (Fifth Edition)
19156: JAMES MACGREGOR BURNS - The Vineyard of Liberty - the American Experiment
36449: STEWART BURNS - A People's Charter
26477: EUGEN BURNS - The Last King of Paradise
003075: BURNS, ROBERT - Poems & Songs (Thrift Editions Ser. )
28433: ROBERT BURNS - Pen Pictures
32348: JAMES MACGREGOR BURNS - The Workshop of Democracy
BA1202: DEBERAH BURNS - Storey's Horse-Lover's Encyclopedia: An English and Western a-to-Z Guide
2674z: MICHAEL BURNS - Digital Fantasy Painting
8104: GEORGE BURNS - Gracie
8759: BOBBY BURNS - Shelter
9159: E. BURNS - A History of Brazil
239ml: REBECCA BURNS - Burial for a King
2856ml: JEFFERY BURNS - We Are the Church: A History of the Diocese of Oakland
2443ml: DOCTOR C.W. BURPO - An Angry American
K1581: CHANDLER BURR - A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York
6676z: ROD BURRESON - Never, Ever, Ever Give Up
28279: KENELM BURRIDGE - Mambu - a Melanesian Millennium
38056: JOHN L. BURRIS - Blue Vs. Black
006393: BURRIS, VAL - Critical Sociology: Formerly the Insurgent Sociologist
23794: SCOTT BURRIS - Aids Law Today
31382: LAURA LEE BURROUGHS - Flower Arranging - Vol. 2
SF1754: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Carson of Venus - F-247
SF1773: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - A Fighting Man of Mars - F-190
SF1941: WILLIAM BURROUGHS - Nova Express - 02377 1
sf2050: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Synthetic Men of Mars - F-738
sf2057: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The World of Mars - F-711
sf2058: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The Gods of Mars - F-702
sf2071: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Swords of Mars -F-728
sf2526: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Pellucidar - F-158
sf2538: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Thuvia Maid of Mars - F-168
sf2539: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The Mastermind of Mard
sf2540: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - The Chessmen of Mard
sf2556: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - John Carter of Mars - U2041
sf2557: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Llana of Gathol - F-762
sf2585: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Carson of Venus - 09202
sf3347: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Beyond the Farthest Star - F-282
sf3350: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - At This Earth's Core - F-156
sf3351: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Tanar of Pellucidar - F-171
31239: EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS - Thuvia, Maid of Mars and the Chessmen of Mars
32110: TRIGANT BURROW - A Search for Man's Sanity
34059: JAMES BURROW - An Analysis of the United States Oil Import Quota
63K: BURROWAY, JANET - Writing Fiction
4475: ABE BURROWS - Honest Abe
28336: ARDIS BURST - The Management Game
v4409: ARDIS BURST - The Three Familiess of H.L. Hunt
v8668: ARDIS BURST - The Three Families of H.L. Hunt
35807: LONNIE BURSTEIN - Walking San Diego
003216: BURSTEIN, JOHN - Slim Goodbody : What Can Go Wrong & How to Be Strong
19431: PAUL BURSTEIN - Discrimination, Jobs, and Politics - the Struggle of Equal Opportunity in the United States Since the New Deal
1892ml: RICHARD BURT - Deutschland Und Amerika : Partner Fur Eine Welt IM Wandel
19363: ROBERT A. BURT - The Constitution in Conflict
1341z: OLIVE BURT - The Story of American Railroads
2781ml: JEREMY PASCALL / ROB BURT - The Stars and Superstars of Black Music
4915: ROB BURT - Rockerama
6735: MIRIAM BURTON - Studies on Phenotypic Expression of Resistance to Antimitochondrial Inhibitors
K940: BURTON, BENJAMIN T.; H.J. HEINZ COMPANY - Human Nutrition: Formerly the Heinz Handbook of Nutrition a Textbook of Nutrition in Health and Disease
3921ml: BURTON, JOHN A. - The Pocket Guide to Mammals of North America
K1534: WILLIAM W. BURTON - Conversations About Bernstein
11319: LEVAR BURTON - Aftermath
26387: ELSIE CARTER BURTON - Physical Activities for the Developing Child
9682z: ARTHUR BURTON - Modern Humanistic Psychotherapy
37746: GARY BURTON - A Musicians Guide to the Road
5421: JANE BURTON - Pets
9316: LAURENCE BURTON - Week-End Painter
32697: KENT GARLAND BURTT - Smart Times
38076: PATRICK BURY, LITT.D. - A Short History of the College of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Cambridge - Rev. Ed.
24220: LEO BUSCAGLIA - Bus 9 to Paradise - a Loving Voyage
544: FRANCIS X. BUSCH - Famous American Trials
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19736: BARBARA BUSH - Millie's Book - As Dictated to Barbara Bush
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3960: RODNEY P. CARLISLE - Prologue to Liberation
6143: OLGA CARLISLE - Island in Time
4878z: STEVE CARLSON - Hitting Your Mark
2100z: LAURIE CARLSON - Home Study Opportunities
K2139: CARLSON, DAVID E. - Counseling and Self-Esteem
2348ml: BRUCE CARLSON - Flat-out Dirt-Cheap Cookin'
28509: KIM CARLSON - Portlands Best Places
3279: LINDA CARLSON - The Publicity and Promotion Handbook
35724: JEANNE CARLSON - Good Dogs, Bad Habits
011875: CARMADA, RENATO - Forced to Move: Salvadorean Refugees in Honduras
2015: W.Y. CARMAN - Louis Napoleon on Artillery: The Development of Artillery from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century
4196: HERMAN CARMEL - Black Days White Nights
26358: JOEL CARMICHAEL - Karl Marx, the Passionate Logician
27554: SUZANNE CARMICHAEL - The Traveler's Guide to American Crafts
36045: WILLIAM CARMICHAEL - Conspicuous Destruction
v3089ml: MANFREDO P. DO CARMO - Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
v1135z: BRICE CARNAHAN - Applied Numerical Methods
9809z: DALE CARNEGIE - Make Yourself Unforgettable : Cd Rom
v4186: DALE CARNEGIE - How to Win Friends & Influence People
sf3642: JOHN CARNELL , EDITOR - Science Fiction Adventures : Vol. 2, No 8 - Williams, Jay/Seed of Violence; Stratford, Philip/Don't Cross a Telekine; Reed, Cliffor
sf1381: JOHN CARNELL - New Writings in Sf-15 - 552 082651
sf1384: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -14 -552 081191
sf1385: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -13 -552 08037
sf1386: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -12 - 552 078786
sf1389: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -12 - 552 078786
sf1390: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -11 Gs7803
sf1391: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -10 - Gs7722
sf1392: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -8 - Gs7564
sf1393: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -17 - 0552 085162
sf1394: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -16 - 052 853615
sf1395: JOHN CARNELL - New Writhings in Sf -20 - 0 552 09679
sf2084: JOHN CARNELL - Lambda I - F883
sf169: ALAN CARNER - The Moon of Comrath : G-753
780z: PATRICK CARNES - Out of the Shadows
36497: PATRICK CARNES, PH.D. - Out of the Shadows
269ml: J. M. CARNEY - EDITOR - The Early Bird : May - June 1976 , Vol. 14 No. 3
271ml: J. M. CARNEY - EDITOR - The Early Bird : May - June 1977 , Vol. 15 No. 3
270ml: J. M. CARNEY - EDITOR - The Early Bird : Jan - Feb 1977 , Vol. 15 No. 1
6314z: CARNEY, LOUIS P. - Probation and Parole: Legal and Social Dimensions
1171z: MARTIN CARNOY - Faded Dreams
24667: ROBERT A. CARO - The Years of Lyndon Johnson - Means of Ascent
1982z: BETTY CAROLI - First Ladies
36992: ANN F. CARON, ED.D - Strong Mothers, Strong Sons
3605ml: CARPENTER, DORR B - Ryan Guidebook: Fifty Years of Ryan Airplanes (1925/1975) Described in Detail, Including the Classic S-T, the Pt-22, Spirit of St. Louis, Bluebird,... Broughams (American Aircraft Series ; Book 3)
18135: S.C. CARPENTER, B.D. - Supernatural Religion in Its Relation to Democracy
4685z: RUSSELL CARPENTER - Fish Watching in Hawaii
26766: JOHN A. CARPENTER - Ulysses S. Grant
009375: CARPENTER, DELORES (EDITOR); WILLIAMS, NOLAN E., JR. (EDITOR) - African American Heritage Hymnal : 575 Hymns, Spirituals, and Gospel Songs
008812: CARPENTER, TED G. - A Search for Enemies : America's Alliances After the Cold War (a Cato Institute Study)
29176: FRANK G. CARPENTER - Carp's Washington
5453: TED GALEN CARPENTER - The Captive Press
38653: SCOTT CARPENTER - Fox Spacious Skies
6535z: CARPENTER&TOTAH - San Francisco Fair Treasure Island 1939-1940
8704: ALEJO CARPENTIER - Le Sie`Dle Des Lum Ie`Res
29718: ALEJO CARPENTIER - Explosion in a Cathedral
11256: JEAN CARPER - The Food Pharmacy
18186: JEAN CARPER - Stop Aging Now!
11724: ROBERT S. CARPER - American Railroads in Transition
35966: RICK CARPINIELLO - Nightmare on 33rd Street
3482z: GEORGE CARPOZI - The Johnny Cash Story
005270: CARR, ANNE E. - Transforming Grace : Christian Tradition and Women's Experience
869z: MARTHA CARR - The District of Columbia Its Rocks and Their Geological History
004086: CARR, DHYANCHAND - Sword of the Spirit: An Activist's Understanding of the Bible
000155: CLAY CARR - Smart Training the Manager's Guide to Training for Improved Performance
6409z: CARR, ANNA - Rodale's Color Handbook of Garden Insects
7242z: ROY CARR - Fleetwood Mac : Rumours N' Fax
7465z: ANNA CARR - A Gardener's Guide to Common Insect Pest
32384: DHYANCHAND CARR - Sword of the Spirit
19272: JOSEPH J. CARR - Elements of Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement
006556: CARR, NICHOLAS G., ET AL - Business and the Internet: Business Fundamentals As Taught at the Harvard Business School
1030z: RAYMOND CARR - Puerto Rico
sf226: TERRY CARR, EDITOR - New Worlds of Fantasy #2 : 57271
sf230: TERRY CARR, EDITOR - On Our Way to the Future : 62940
sf236: TERRY CARR, EDITOR - New Worlds of Fantasy : 57272
2491z: ROY CARR - The Beatles : An Illustrated Record
sf1150: TERRY CARR - This Side of Infinity - 80699
sf1624: TERRY CARR - The Best Science Fiction of the Year - 02671-3-125
sf2187: TERRY CARR - New Worlds of Fantasy - a-12
sf2506: TERRY CARR - Universe 1 -84600
sf2510: TERRY CARR - Universe 2 - 84601
sf2544: TERRY CARR - Warlord of Kor - F-177
sf2762: TERRY CARR - The Others - R2044
sf2802: ROBERT SPENCER CARR - Beyond Infinity -781
1176: TERRY CARR, EDITOR - An Exaltation of Stars
18315: CALEB CARR - The Angel of Darkness
911: TERRY CARR - Beyond Reality
K618: CARR, E. - Da Kine Talk: From Pidgin to Standard English in Hawaii
6382: J. CARRE - French Economic Growth
012681: MARIA DOLORS BOSCH I CARRERA - Batxillerat: Historia Del Mon Contemporani
24748: EMMANUEL CARRERE - The Mustache
3393ml: RICHARD CARRICO - Strangers in a Stolen Land
3316ml: RICHARD CARRICO - Strangers in a Stolen Land: American Indians in San Diego 1850 - 1880
sf1653: RICHARD AND NANCY CARRIGAN - The Siren Stars - T2446
413ml: ROBERT CARRIKER - The Kalispel People
2502z: GILBERTO CARRILLO, EDITOR - Materials Pathway to the Future : Vol. 33
4181: SANTIAGO CARRILLO - Eurocommunism and the State
9625: FRANK CARRINGTON - Neither Cruel Nor Unusual
007102: CARRIS, JOAN D. - Peterson's Panic Plan for the Sat
K1163: DAN CARRISON - Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way
K1671: ANDREW CARROLL - Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters
12867: L. PATRICK CARROLL, S. J. - Where God May Be Found
3702z: B. CARROLL - Studies in Romans, Ephesians and Colossians
6079z: JOHN CARROLL - The Complete Book of Tractors & Trucks
6111z: CARROLL, LEE; TOBER, JAN - The Indigo Children : The New Kids Have Arrived
28425: HERBERT A. CARROLL, PH.D. - Mental Hygiene - the Dynamics of Adjustment
008820: CARROLL, RAYMONDE; VOLK, CAROL (TRANSLATOR) - Cultural Misunderstandings : The French-American Experience
25211: DONALD CARROLL - Why Didn't I Say That?
004320: CARROLL, HERBERT A. - Mental Hygiene: The Dynamics of Adjustment
490z: BERENICE CARROLL - Liberating Women's History
36842: RAYMOND CARROLL - The Palestine Question
7584z: PATTY CARROLL 0 - Living the Life : The World of Elvis Tribute Artist
35647: LEWIS CARROLL - Alice Adventures in Wonderland
9159z: CARROZZI, CRAIG J. - City 'Scapes : 1961
8382: HAYDEN CARRUTH - Collected Longer Poems
31896: GARREY CARRUTHERS - Best Choices in New Mexico
18422: ROBERT CARSE - The Age of Piracy
K230: R.A.G. CARSON - Coins of the World
er169: BLAKE CARSON - Family Bed Partners - Efb -144
1943ml: CARSON, DALE - Native New England Cooking
631z: CLARENCE CARSON - The Growth of America 1878 -1928 : Vol. 4
002406: CARSON, ROBERT, C, BUTCHER, JAMES N, COLEMAN, JAMES C - Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life Eight Edition
28617: CHARLES B. CARSON, CFA - Free Lunch on Wall Street
K946: CARSON, CLAYBORNE - In Struggle : Sncc and the Black Awakening of the 1960's
6645: RACHEL CARSON - The Sea Around Us
2311ml: CARSON, CLAYBORNE - The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
34220: DEE CARSTARPHEN - The Conch Book
27323: F.L. CARSTEN - Britain & the Weimar Republic
4035z: MICHAEL CART, EDITOR - 911 : The Book of Help
389z: EDITORS OF CARTA - Carta's Historical Atlas of Israel
87K: CARTER, JEAN W. - Sweet Grapes: How to Stop Being Infertile and Start Living Again
009663: CARTER, GWENDOLEN, M. - Politics in Africa: 7 Cases (a Harbrace Casebook in Political Science)
6436z: CARTER, MILDRED; WEBER, TAMMY - Body Reflexology: Healing at Your Fingertips
25726: CAROL CARTER - Majoring in the Rest of Your Life
1147ml: CARTER, WALTER - Gibson Guitars: 100 Years of an American Icon
er325: ANGELA CARTER - Sexualitat Ist Macht (Die Frau Bei de Sade)
3660ml: ALBERT CARTER - The Miracles of Rebound Exercise
35620: JUDY CARTER - Stand-Up Comedy, the Book
5652: STEPHEN L. CARTER - The Culture of Disbelief
4051z: ERSKINE CARTER, EDITOR - Ouroboros 7
1185: STEPHEN L. CARTER - Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby
6491: HOWARD CARTER - Tutankhamen
5076: GWENDOLEN M. CARTER - Independence for Africa
7943: JIMMY CARTER - The Blood of Abraham
37068: JIMMY CARTER - Keeping Faith
2050z: STEPHEN CARTER - Chemotherapy of Cancer
34662: JIMMY CARTER - The Blood of Abraham
19518: JIMMY CARTER - The Blood of Abraham - Insights Into the Middle East - New Ed.
2011z: APRIL CARTER - Non Violent Action : Theory and Practice
6490: MILDRED CARTER - Hand Reflexology
12815: STEPHEN L. CARTER - The Culture of Disbelief
6703: HARVEY CARTER - The Far West in American History
K1573: JIMMY CARTER - A Remarkable Mother
32237: JIMMY CARTER - Living Faith
4081: JOHN ROSS CARTER, EDITOR - Of Human Bondage and Divine Grace: A Global Testimony
36589: MARY RANDOLPH CARTER - American Junk
3911z: GWENDOLEN CARTER - South Africa's Transkei
29678: STEPHEN L. CARTER - Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby
003642: CARTER, GWENDOLEN M - Independence for Africa
35110: VELMA THORNE CARTER - Putting the Pieces Together
5166: SARAH CARTER - Capturing Women
9975: FRANCES CARTER - Hawaii on Foot
009214: CARTER, JASON - Power Lines : Two Years on South Africa's Borders
64K: CARTER, JIMMY - An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood
011665: CARTER, DANIEL, COURTNEY, MICHAEL - Anatomy for the Artist: A Comprehensive Guide to Drawing the Human Body
8757z: CYNTHIA JACOBS CARTER, EDITOR - Freedom in My Heart
1990ml: MARTHA CARTER - Sign, Symbol, Script
sf2313: LIN CARTER - The Wizard of Lemura - F-326
sf2413: JOHN BRUNNER / LIN CARTER - The Evil That Men Do / the Purloined Planet - B60-1010
sf2767: LIN CARTER - The Man Who Loved Mars - T2690
sf2785: LIN CARTER - Tower at the Edge of Time - B50-804
sf3592: LIN CARTER - Thongor of Lemuria - F-383
1840ml: CARTER, HAROLD A. - The Prayer Tradition of Black People
31201: CHARLOTTE CARTER - Cog Au Vin
3678: WILLIAM CARTER - Ghost Towns of the West
006228: CARTEY, WILFRED - Whispers from a Continent: The Literature of Contemporary Black Africa
24978: XAM CARTIER - Muse-Echo Blues
5406: XAM WILSON CARTIER - Be-Bop, Re-Bop
9657z: BARBARA CARTLAND - The Magic of Honey
9603z: CARUS, PAUL - The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil
9194z: BEVERLY CARUSO - The Impact of Incest
9071: JEFFREY A CARVER - The Infinity Link
29313: MICHAEL CARVER - War Since 1945
v4671: JAMES CARVILLE - We'Re Right, They'Re Wrong
11558: JAMES CARVILLE - We'Re Right They'Re Wrong
31644: JOYCE CARY - The Case for African Freedom
456z: MARA CARY - Useful Baskets
141: JOYCE CARY - Mister Johnson
28011: JAMES CARY - Japan Today
12964: JOYCE CARY - Mister Johnson
6708z: BERLINER; CASANOVA, URSULA - Putting Research to Work in Your School
1967ml: JUAN JOSE LUCAS/ MARCELO MORO CASCON - El Toro Bravo : Salamanca 1995
36070: LE ANNE CASE - Fitness Aquatics
5795: JOHN CASE - The Genesis Code
008272: CASEBEER, BEVERLY B. - Casebeer Program : Developing Motor Skills for Early Childhood Education
sf2635: CURTIS W. CASEWIT - The Peace-Makers - 520-00321-060
34972: NELL CASEY - Unholy Ghost
9411z: DENNIS CASEY - Stained Glass Window Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
25888: SEAN O'CASEY - Under a Colored Cap
435ml: JOSEPH CASH - The Ottawa People
412ml: JOSEPH CASH - The Potawatomi People
409ml: JOSEPH CASH - The Comanche People
K237: CASHILL, JACK - Sucker Punch: Ali, Islam, and the Betrayal of a Dream
29179: VIRGINIA CASPER - Gay Parents Straight Schools
K1117: BILLY CASPER - Billy Casper's "My Million-Dollar Shots"
9883z: DANIEL CASRIEL - A Scream Away from Happiness
31376: ELLEN CASSEDY - 9 to 5
8032: ELLEN CASSEDY - 9 to 5 Working Woman's Guide
35794: RICHARD A. CASSELL - What Is the Play
9704z: H. C. CASSERLEY, EDITOR - The Observer's Book of Railway Locomotives of Britain
2998z: STEPHEN CASSETTARI - Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques
9890z: BAKER-CASSIDY, MARTHA - Werner Heisenberg: A Bibliography of His Writings : IX
003951: CASSIDY, JOHN - Aerobie Book an Investigation Into the Ultimate Flying Mini-Machine
35411: CAROL-JUNE CASSIDY - Inside the Law Schools
003791: CASSIDY, ROD - Get Rid of the Problem Not the Dog
2364z: RANDY CASSINGHAM - This Is True: Deputy Kills Man with Hammer
5610z: CASSIRER, ERNST - The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms : Mythical Thought - Vol. 2
5568z: CASSIRER, ERNST - Philosophy of Symbolic Forms: Vol. 3, the Phenomenology of Knowledge
451ml: PAUL CASSON - Decoys Simplified
29707: THOMAS W. CASSTEVENS - Politics, Housing and Race Relations: The Defeat of Berkeley's Fair Housing Ordinance
495ml: CASTA, LAETITIA - Laetitia Casta
4200z: RITA CASTAGNA - Mantua
K1560: CASTANEDA, JORGE G. - Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara
34122: CARLOS CASTANEDA - Magical Passes
37665: CARLOS CASTANEDA - The Active Side of Infinity
28219: ALBERT CASTEL - The Presidency of Andrew Johnson
37795: ALBERT CASTEL - Bloody Bill Anderson
004249: CASTER, ANDREW - The Complete Guide to Better Vision : Eye Laser Miracle
414z: JOHN CASTI - Paradigms Regained
25966: JACK CASTIGLIONE - The Straight Person's Guide to Gay People's Anguish
24125: BERNAL DIAZ DEL CASTILLO - The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico
3641z: ART CASTILLO - The Philippine Financial System
32972: SUE CASTLE - The Truth About Old Wives Tales
23070: SANDIE CASTLE - The Catholics Are Coming
37279: HARRY CASTLEMAN - Going to Law School
9374: MICHAEL CASTLEMAN - Sexual Solutions
K105: CASTLEMAN, TAMARA - Cliffsnotes on Lee's to Kill a Mockingbird
004569: CASTO, L. DALTON - The Dilemmas of Africanization : Choices and Dangers for Sub-Saharan Africa
203z: L. CASTO - The Dilemmas of Africanization
32160: JANICE CASTRO - The American Way of Health
3516ml: ALAN CASTY - Let's Make It Clear: A Workbook and Anthology for Concrete and Accurate Writing
4949z: CHRISTOPHER CASWELL - Championship Dinghy Sailing
8212: PETER CATALANOTTO - The Painter
2007z: CATAPULT - Microsoft Word 2000 Step by Step : With Cd Rom
6630: CATAPULT - Mail for Windows
009814: CATCOTT, E.J., SMITHCORS, J.F. DVM, PHD - Progress in Canine Practice Volume Two, Part One (Modern Veterinary Reference Series)
004567: CATCOTT, E.J. - Animal Health Technology: A Text for Veterinary Aides Second Edition
009813: CATCOTT, E.J., SMITHCORS, J.F. DVM, PHD - Progress in Canine Practice Volume Two, Part One (Modern Veterinary Reference Series)
009815: CATCOTT, E.J., SMITHCORS, J.F. DVM, PHD - Progress in Canine Practice Volume Two Part Three (Modern Veterinary Reference Series)
3047ml: CATERPILLAR - Caterpillar D343 Marine Engine Parts Book
3816: LINDA BRANDI CATEURA= - Catholics Usa
18684: WILLA CATHER - O Pioneers!

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