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37659: WESTLAKE, DONALD E. - The Ax.
4472: WESTLAND, PAMELA. - Victorian Nosegays.
17468: WESTMORELAND, BOB. - The Marland Mansion: A Photographic Study.
12908: WESTON, GEORGE M. - Will the South Dissolve the Union?
13528: WESTON, GEORGE M. - The Federal Union. --It Must Be Preserved. Number One.
1117: WESTON, JOSEPH H. - My Testimony.
31371: WESTOVER, OSCAR (1883-1938). - Typed Note Signed.
1603: WESTPHALL, VICTOR. - The Public Domain in New Mexico, 1854-1891.
36389: WESTWELL, IAN. - Spearhead: 1st Infantry Division -- "Big Red One.
9665: WESTWOOD, GORDON. - A Minority: A Report on the Life of the Male Homosexual in Great Britain.
32808: (ENTOMOLOGY PRINT -- WESTWOOD, JOHN OBADIAH). - Descriptions of Various Species of the Heteropterous Genus Phyllomorpha.
41302: WETTSTEIN, CARL THEODOR (COMPILER). - Was Abraham Lincoln an Infidel? the Religious Character of Abraham Lincoln As It Appears in the Light of His Spoken and Written Word.
40617: WEYERHAEUSER, FREDERICK (1834-1914). - Partly-Printed Document Signed.
34043: WEYMOUTH, LALLY. - America in 1876: The Way We Were.
4410: WHALL, HUGH D. - The Southern Cross: Australia's 1974 Challenge for America's Cup.
26685: WHAM, TOM (1924-2006). - Signature.
36138: WHARTON, GEORGE M. - Remarks on Mr. Binney's Treatise on the Writ of Habeas Corpus.
36813: WHARTON, EDITH. - The House of Mirth.
39313: WHARTON, MARY E., AND BARBOUR, ROGER W. - A Guide to the Wildflowers & Herbs of Kentucky.
30169: WHEARE, K.C. - Abraham Lincoln and the United States.
7267: WHEATLEY, DENNIS. - The Man Who Killed the King.
11131: WHEDBEE, CHARLES HARRY. - Legends of the Outer Banks and Tar Heel Tidewater.
25111: WHEELER, EDWARD L. - Canada Chet, the Counterfeiter Chief; or, Old Anaconda in Sitting Bull's Camp.
38728: WHEELER, MARY BRAY, AND NEBLETT, GENON HICKERSON. - Hidden Glory: The Life and Times of Hampton Plantation, Legend of the South Santee.
35458: WHEELER, RICHARD. - Sword over Richmond: An Eyewitness History of Mcclellan's Peninsula Campaign.
35867: WHEELER, RICHARD. - Sword over Richmond: An Eyewitness History of Mcclellan's Peninsula Campaign.
11682: WHEELER, M.J. - First Came the Indians.
27869: WHEELER, OWEN. - Colour Photography.
33389: ROLT-WHEELER, FRANCIS. - The Boy with the U.S. Indians.
30373: WHEELER, KEITH. - The Alaskans.
28473: WHEELOCK, JOHN HALL (1886-1978). - Autograph Quotation Signed.
32670: WHEELOCK, WALT. - Sonora Road Log.
24515: WHEELOCK, ELEAZAR LEWIS RIPLEY (1793-1847). - Autograph Document Signed.
42332: WHEELOCK, NANCY TIEKEN. - Watching Them Dig: Travels in Iraq & Turkey.
1118: WHEELWRIGHT, LORIN F. - Valborg: An Autobiography of Valborg Rasmussen Wheelwright.
37441: WHELCHEL, JAMES LONGSTREET (1896-1989). - Typed Letter Signed.
34465: WHERRY, JOSEPH H. - Indian Masks and Myths of the West.
24613: MCKINNEY-WHETSTONE, DIANE. - Tempest Rising.
37371: WHEWELL, WILLIAM. - Selected Writings on the History of Science.
42664: WHIPPLE, WAYNE. - The Story-Life of Lincoln: A Biography Composed of Five Hundred True Stories Told by Abraham Lincoln and His Friends... . His Complete Life History.
8910: WHIPPLE, A.B.C. - Vintage Nantucket. Illustrations by Richard M. Powers.
18013: WHIPPLE, WARREN (?-?), AND BORTH, FRANK (1918-?). - Original Signed Ink Cartoon.
41301: WHIPPLE, WAYNE. - Tad Lincoln.
42297: WHIPPLE, WAYNE. - The Heart of Lincoln: The Soul of the Man As Revealed in Story and Anecdote.
41627: WHIPPLE, WAYNE. - The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln.
4674: WHIPPLE, A.B.C. - Fighting Sail.
31461: WHIPPLE, A.B.C. - Yankee Whalers in the South Seas.
32171: WHISNANT, DAVID E. - The Folk Hero in Appalachian Struggle History.
31185: WHITAKER, CHARLES HARRIS. - The Story of Architecture from Rameses to Rockefeller.
9122: WHITAKER, ROGERS E.M., AND HISS, ANTHONY. - All Aboard with E.M. Frimbo, World's Greatest Railroad Buff.
6823: WHITAKER, ARTHUR P. - Latin American History Since 1825.
38743: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD. - Dog Days: Other Times, Other Dogs -- the Autobiography of a Man and His Dog Friends Through Four Decades of Changing America.
31712: WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN (1868-1944). - Typed Note Signed.
38262: WHITE, RAY LEWIS. - Gore Vidal
37671: WHITE, RONALD C., JR. - Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address.
40756: WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN (1868-1944). - Signature / Unsigned Photograph.
40254: WHITE, HENRY S. - Prison Life Among the Rebels: Recollections of a Union Chaplain.
35468: WHITE, EGBERT (1894-1976). - Typed Note Signed.
39080: WHITE, T.H. - The Book of Merlyn: The Unpublished Conclusion to the Once and Future King.
40635: WHITE, CHARLES. - The Literary Responsibility of Teachers.
33831: WHITE, KEN. - Bookstore Planning & Design.
34754: WHITE, ROBERT H. - Messages of the Governors of Tennessee, 1857-1869: Volume Five.
35593: WHITE, RAMY ALLISON. - Sunny Boy and His Big Dog.
9881: WHITE, PATRICK. - The Twyborn Affair.
1600: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD. - The Forty-Niners: A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado.
35357: WHITE, DANA F., AND KRAMER, VICTOR A. (EDITORS). - Olmsted South: Old South Critic/New South Planner.
88: WHITE, HORACE. - The Lincoln and Douglas Debates: An Address Before the Chicago Historical Society February 14, 1914.
39317: WHITE, MURIEL. - Restoring Fine China.
42657: WHITE, RICHARD. - It's Your Misfortune and None of My Own": A New History of the American West.
10273: WHITE, RICHARD GRANT. - The New Gospel of Peace According to St. Benjamin.
10718: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD. - Conjuror's House: A Romance of the Free Forest.
11640: WHITE, VICTOR. - Peter Domanic in America: Steel.
27379: WHITE, ISAAC D. (1901-90). - Inscribed Photograph Signed.
7738: WHITE, LEE STROUT. - Farewell to Model T.
1260: WHITE, ANNE TERRY. - Prehistoric America.
25763: WHITE, ELMO J. (?-?). - Signed Postal Cover / Autograph Note Signed.
25474: WHITE, RUTH. - Yankee from Sweden: The Dream and the Reality in the Days of John Ericsson.
11527: WHITE, RICHARD GRANT. - Revelations: A Companion to the "New Gospel of Peace. " According to Abraham.
36838: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD. - The Blazed Trail.
38488: BOURKE-WHITE, MARGARET. - They Called It "Purple Heart Valley": A Combat Chronicle of the War in Italy.
38403: WHITE, DALE (EDITOR). - Dialogue in Medicine and Theology.
36848: WHITE, MAX. - In the Blazing Light: A Novel About Goya.
38491: WHITE, ALMA. - Restoration of Israel, the Hope of the World.
37135: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD. - Daniel Boone: Wilderness Scout.
4175: WHITE, DUNCAN M. - Caesar to Churchill: The Years of Progress (1509-1783). Illustrations by P.E. Cleator.
5097: WHITE, ANNE TERRY. - All About Our Changing Rocks. .
21395: WHITE, PATRICK C.T. - A Nation on Trial: America and the War of 1812.
40589: WHITE, CHRISTINE SCHULTZ, AND WHITE, BENTON R. - Now the Wolf Has Come: The Creek Nation in the CIVIL War.
2386: WHITE, OWEN P. - Texas: An Informal Biography.
41628: WHITE, CHARLES T. - Lincoln and Prohibition.
25166: WHITE, BAILEY. - Sleeping at the Starlite Motel and Other Adventures on the Way Back Home.
33205: WHITE, EDMUND. - Caracole.
28538: WHITE, STEPHEN. - Remote Control.
13735: WHITEFEATHER, WILLY. - Willy Whitefeather's Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids.
37977: (CHICAGO -- COLOR LITHOGRAPHS -- E. WHITEFIELD). - E. Whitefield's Views of Chicago.
39462: WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL F., AND BROWN, FRANK CHOUTEAU (EDITORS). - Early Homes of Massachusetts.
23968: WHITEHEAD, BURGESS U. "WHITEY" (1910-93). - Signature.
39279: WHITEHEAD, O.Z. (1911-98). - Signature and Inscription.
19751: WHITEHEAD, CORTLANDT (1842-?). - Signature and Inscription.
36655: WHITEHEAD, RUSSELL F., AND BROWN, FRANK CHOUTEAU (EDITORS). - Early Homes of Massachusetts.
22209: WHITEHORNE, JOSEPH. - While Washington Burned: The Battle for Fort Erie, 1814.
21434: WHITEHORNE, JOSEPH. - While Washington Burned: The Battle for Fort Erie, 1814.
25743: WHITEKEYS, MR. - Mr. Whitekeys' Alaska Bizarre.
37085: WHITELEY, OPAL. - The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow: The Rediscovered Diary of Opal Whiteley.
9645: WHITFIELD, EILEEN. - Pickford: The Woman Wo Made Hollywood.
21636: WHITFORD, KATHRYN. - Abraham Lincoln: An Assessment of His Place in American Literature.
39177: WHITLOCK, HERBERT P. - The Story of Gems: A Popular Handbook.
18796: WHITLOCK, BRAND. - La Fayette.
41140: WHITMAN, WALT. - An American Primer: With Facsimiles of the Original Manuscript.
42694: WHITMAN, WALT. - Leaves of Grass Including Sands at Seventy, Good Bye My Fancy, Old Age Echoes, and a Backward Glance O'Er Travel'd Roads.
39578: WHITMAN, GEORGE WASHINGTON. - CIVIL War Letters of George Washington Whitman.
42048: WHITMAN, WALT. - Walt Whitman's CIVIL War: Compiled & Edited from Published & Unpublished Sources.
24557: WHITMAN, BERT (1908-90). - Signed Postal Cover.
516: WHITMAN, WALT. - The One Hundred and Twentieth Anniversary of the Birth of Walt Whitman... .
21976: WHITMAN, CHARLES S. (1868-1947). - Photograph Signed.
25897: (WHITMAN, WALT). - Walt Whitman's Birthplace: Huntington, Long Island, New York.
2385: WHITMAN, ALDEN. - Portrait -- Adlai E. Stevenson: Politician, Diplomat, Friend.
42035: WHITMAN, WALT. - Specimen Days & Collect.
42031: WHITMAN, WALT. - Memoranda During the CIVIL War.
23493: WHITNEY, MARY. - Shovers Across America.
32688: WHITNEY, HENRY CLAY. - Life on the Circuit with Lincoln.
41550: WHITNEY, ADELINE D.T. (1824-1906). - Autograph Quotation Signed.
1941: WHITNEY, MARY. - Bognannos Across America.
32339: WHITRIDGE, ARNOLD. - No Compromise! the Story of the Fanatics Who Paved the Way to the CIVIL War.
7914: WHITRIDGE, ARNOLD. - No Compromise! the Story of the Fanatics Who Paved the Way to the CIVIL War.
23709: WHITRIDGE, ARNOLD. - No Compromise! the Story of the Fanatics Who Paved the Way to the CIVIL War.
41549: WHITSON, JOHN H. (1954-1936). - Typed Manuscript Signed.
41222: WHITTAKER, JAMES C. - We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing: The Complete Epic Story of the Ordeal and Rescue of Those Who Were with Eddie Rickenbacker on the Plane Lost in the Pacific.
8435: WHITTEMORE, REED. - From Zero to the Absolute.
26191: WHITTEMORE, REED. - Poets and Anthologists: A Look at the Current Poet-Packaging Process.
39219: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - Poems by John G. Whittier.
33773: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier.
36155: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - At Sundown.
19386: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - Barbara Frietchie.
18804: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - Among the Hills and Other Poems.
32560: (WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF -- CARTE-DE-VISITE). - Carte-de-Visite.
33375: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - Home Ballads and Poems.
8521: WHITTINGHAM, RICHARD. - Saturday Afternoon: College Football and the Men Who Made the Day.
32495: WHITTLESEY, ELISHA (1783-1863). - Signature.
23501: WIART, JEAN (?-?). - Signed First Day Cover.
11363: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD. - The Hands of Cormac Joyce.
6550: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD. - Voyage by Bus.
913: WICHMAN, ALTON EDWARD. - The Wayland Story: Centennial History of Wayland Academy, 1855-1955.
28594: WICHMAN, ALTON EDWARD. - The Wayland Story: Centennial History of Wayland Academy, 1855-1955.
41527: WICKER, TOM. - Unto This Hour.
31068: WICKER, TOM. - Facing the Lions.
23203: WICKLAND, ALBERT (1888-1980). - Signature.
27997: WIDDER, KEITH R. - Dr. William Beaumont: The Mackinac Years.
14271: WIDEMAN, JOHN EDGAR. - Hoop Roots.
14272: WIDEMAN, JOHN EDGAR. - Hoop Roots.
11362: WIDEMAN, JOHN EDGAR. - Philadelphia Fire.
40931: WIDEMAN, JOHN C. - Naval Warfare: Courage and Combat on the Water.
36117: WIDEMAN, JOHN EDGAR. - Philadelphia Fire.
36233: WIDENER, DON. - Lemmon: A Biography.
1819: WIDENER, DON. - Lemmon: A Biography.
17896: WIEGAND, M. GONSALVA. - Sketch Me, Berta Hummel! Biography of Sister Maria Innocentia (Berta Hummel).
39629: WIEGHORST, OLAF (1899-1988). - Signed and Inscribed Original Ink Sketch.
39628: WIEGHORST, OLAF (1899-1988). - Signed and Inscribed Original Ink Sketch.
40109: WIENER, TOM. - Forever a Soldier: Unforgettable Stories of Wartime Service.
1675: WIER, ESTER. - The Wind Chasers.
37721: WIESE, JOHANNES (1915-91). - Inscribed Photograph Signed.
9455: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS. - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
33063: WIGGIN, ERIC E. - Blood Moon Rising.
4423: WIGGINS, FLORENCE ROE. - Strawberry Point: Vignettes of an Iowa Childhood.
30846: WIGGINS, MARIANNE. - John Dollar: A Novel.
18423: WIGGINTON, ELIOT (EDITOR). - The Foxfire Book.
25286: WIGGINTON, ELIOT (EDITOR). - The Foxfire Book: Hog Dressing; Log Cabin Building; Mountain Crafts and Foods; Planting by the Signs; Snake Lore, Hunting Tales, Faith Healing; Moonshining; and Other Affairs of Plain Living.
21095: WIGGINTON, ELIOT (EDITOR). - Foxfire: 25 Years.
18137: WIGHT, WILLIAM WARD. - Eleazer Williams: Not the Dauphin of France.
28397: WILBRAHAM, RICHARD (?-?). - Autograph Letter Signed.
8844: WILBUR, MARGUERITE EYER. - John Sutter: Rascal and Adventurer.
25976: WILBUR, RAY LYMAN (1875-1949). - Typed Note Signed.
25968: WILBUR, RAY LYMAN (?-?). - Typed Note Signed / Typed Manuscript Signed.
41541: WILBUR, HENRY W. - President Lincoln's Attitude Towards Slavery and Emancipation with a Review of Events Before and Since the CIVIL War.
40993: WILBURR, HARRIETTE. - The Nice Stone.
939: WILCOX, MARY. - Iowa the Tall.
37778: WILCOX, R. TURNER. - The Mode in Hats and Headdress.
17675: WILD, PAYSON SIBLEY. - The Chicago Literary Club: Its History from the Season of 1924-1925 to the Season of 1945-1946.
14202: WILDE, CORNEL (1915-89). - Typed Letter Signed.
28854: WILDE, CORNEL (1915-89). - Signature / Unsigned Photograph.
39698: WILDE, OSCAR. - The Happy Prince and Other Tales.
8069: WILDE, HAGAR, AND FARROW, JOHN. - Red, Hot and Blue (Film Press Kit).
11015: WILDER, THORNTON. - The Skin of Our Teeth.
35651: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS. - Little House in the Big Woods.
36839: WILDER, ROBERT. - The Wine of Youth.
11032: WILDER, THORNTON. - Lucrece from 'le Viol de Lucrece' by Andre Obey.
8077: WILDER, BILLY, SAMUELS, LESSER, AND NEWMAN, WALTER. - The Big Carnival (Film Press Kit).
35564: WILDERMUTH, OTTILIE. - Ottilie Wildermuth, Erzahlungen.
39862: WILDERMUTH, OTTILIE. - Der Jugendgarten. Eine Festgabe Fur Knaben Und Madchen.
15733: WILDING, MICHAEL (1912-79). - Signature.
17762: WILDING, MICHAEL. - The Wilding Way: The Story of My Life.
42150: WILDMAN, ROUNSEVELLE (1864-1901). - Typed Letter Signed.
20389: WILDSMITH, BRIAN. - Exodus.
39178: WILENTZ, SEAN, AND MARCUS, GREIL (EDITORS). - The Rose & the Briar: Death, Love and Liberty in the American Ballad.
20699: WILEY, BELL IRVIN. - The Road to Appomattox.
9686: WILEY, MASON, AND BONA, DAMIEN. - Inside Oscar: The Unofficial History of the Academy Awards.
36669: WILEY, I.W. (EDITOR). - The Ladies' Repository: A Monthly Periodical, Devoted to Literature and Religion... . Vol. XXIV.
39000: WILEY, BELL IRVIN, AND MILHOLLEN, HIRST D. - They Who Fought Here.
36667: WILEY, I.W. (EDITOR). - The Ladies' Repository: A Monthly Periodical, Devoted to Literature and Religion... . Vol. XXVIII. New Series, Vol. I. And Vol. II.
36668: WILEY, I.W. (EDITOR). - The Ladies' Repository: A Monthly Periodical, Devoted to Literature and Religion... . Vol. XXII.
20935: WILEY, HARVEY W. (1844-1930). - Signature.
42146: WILEY, BELL IRVIN. - The Life of Billy Yank: The Common Soldier of the Union -- the Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy.
38438: WILEY, BELL IRVIN. - The Life of Billy Yank: The Common Soldier of the Union.
14143: WILHELM, AUGUST (1845-1908). - Autograph Letter Signed.
40329: MÜLLER. WILHELM. - An Alten Strassen: Rastorte, Geleitsstationen, Pferdedörfer.
7473: WILK, MAX. - They'Re Playing Our Song: From Jerome Kern to Stephen Sondheim -- the Stories Behind the Words and Music of Two Generations.
39728: WILKEN, ROBERT L. - The Christians As the Romans Saw Them.
7647: WILKERSON, TICHI, AND BORIE, MARCIA. - The Hollywood Reporter: The Golden Years.
22069: WILKES, PAUL. - The Education of an Archbishop: Travels with Rembert Weakland.
25733: WILKES, JOHN. - The Star Chamber.
42514: WILKIE, WILLIAM E. - Dubuque on the Mississippi, 1788-1988.
32899: WILKINS, ERNEST HATCH. - The Trees of the Genealogia Deorum of Boccaccio.
25399: WILKINSON, FREDERICK. - Arms and Armor. Illustrations by John H. Batchelor and Arthur Gay.
38726: WILKINSON, F. - Flintlock Pistols: An Illustrated Reference Guide to Flintlock Pistols from the 17th to the 19th Century.
30984: WILKINSON, WARREN. - Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen: The Fifty-Seventh Massachusetts Veteran Volunteers in the Army of the Potomac 1864-1865.
32196: WILKINSON, JAMES (1757-1825). - Document Signed.
23293: WILKINSON, G.K. - Nick the Click.
21592: WILL, GEORGE F. - With a Happy Eye But... : America and the World, 1997-2002.
37668: WILL, GEORGE F. - Suddenly: The American Idea Abroad and at Home, 1986-1990.
34092: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - Glimpses of Fifty Years: The Autobiography of an American Woman.
14267: WILLARD, CLARENCE E. (?-?). - Signed Broadside.
35455: WILLCOX, ORLANDO B. - Forgotten Valor: The Memoirs, Journals, & CIVIL War Letters of Orlando B. Willcox.
31871: WILLE, LOIS. - At Home in the Loop: How Clout and Community Built Chicago's Dearborn Park.
41156: WILLERTON, JEFF. - The Reality and the Facade of Ralph Klein: A Book for All Canadians.
18458: WILLETT, HERBERT L. (1864-1944). - Signature.
38448: WILLETT, MARINUS (1740-1830). - Document Signed (Partial).
16062: WILLETT, MARINUS (1740-1830). - Document Signed.
32501: WILLEY, HENRY IDE (1850-1913). - Signature and Salutation.
6658: WILLEY, BASIL. - Nineteenth Century Studies: Coleridge to Matthew Arnold.
40591: WILLIAMS, HIRAM SMITH. - This War So Horrible: The CIVIL War Diary of Hiram Smith Williams.
41091: WILLIAMS, WAYNE C. - A Rail Splitter for President.
5712: WILLIAMS, M.B. - The Banff-Jasper Highway: Descriptive Guide.
14603: WILLIAMS, DAKIN. - The Bar Bizarre.
3884: WILLIAMS, MRS. [CATHERINE R. ARNOLD]. - Biography of Revolutionary Heroes; Containing the Life of Brigadier Gen. William Barton, and Also, of Captain Stephen Olney.
16674: WILLIAMS, LORING, AND WILLIAMS, ALICE CRANE (EDITORS). - American Weave: A Literary Journal (Volume XXVI, Number Four).
30505: WILLIAMS, GEORGE W. - Jacob Eckhard's Choirmaster's Book of 1809.
30261: WILLIAMS, JONATHAN. - The Loco Logodaedalist in Situ: Selected Poems 1968-70.
38284: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS. - The Build-Up.
38967: WILLIAMS, FREDERICK D. - Michigan Soldiers in the CIVIL War.
19318: WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. (1820-1910). - Signature and Inscription.
34119: WILLIAMS, KENNETH P. - Lincoln Finds a General: A Military Study of the CIVIL War.
937: WILLIAMS, MAUDE NEWELL (COMPILER). - Today's Yesterday: A Tale of the Pioneer Life of an Ohio-Wisconsin Family, 1775-1930.
29144: WILLIAMS, STANLEY (1925-97). - Signature.
39480: WILLIAMS, STEPHEN W. - American Medical Biography or Memoirs of Eminent Physicians: Embracing Principally Those Who Have Died Since the Publication of Dr. Thacher's Initial Work in 1828 on the Same Subject.
10759: WILLIAMS, MILLER (EDITOR). - A Roman Collection: Stories, Poems, and Other Good Pieces by the Writing Residents of the American Academy in Rome.
33922: WILLIAMS, T. HARRY. - Lincoln and His Generals.
1298: WILLIAMS, WYTHE. - Conversations with Clemenceau.
37341: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. - A Field Guide to the National Parks of East Africa.
38285: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS. - In the Money.
31777: WILLIAMS, DAVID RUSSELL. - A Bibliography of the History of Music Theory.
40539: WILLIAMS, JAY, AND ABRASHKIN, RAYMOND. - Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint.
32005: WILLIAMS, HARRISON A., JR. (1919-2001). - Photograph Signed.
18118: WILLIAMS, WAYLAND WELLS (1888-1945). - Autograph Note Signed / Autograph Manuscript (Unsigned) / Inscribed Book.
15734: WILLIAMS, EMLYN (1905-87). - Signature.
10992: WILLIAMS, BEN AMES. - Leave It to Heaven.
42442: WILLIAMS, T. HARRY. - Lincoln and the Radicals.
41521: WILLIAMS, FRANK J., PEDERSON, WILLIAM D., AND MARSALA, VINCENT J. (EDITORS). - Abraham Lincoln: Sources and Style of Leadership.
22328: WILLIAMS, LOIS ANNE. - Legacy of Courage.
36709: WILLIAMS, T. HARRY. - Lincoln and His Generals.
371: WILLIAMS, ROBERT. - Adventures of an Autograph Collector: An Introduction to Collecting with Suggestions for Beginners.
40848: WILLIAMS, L.F. RUSHBROOK. - A Handbook for Travellers in India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon.
41734: WILLIAMS, BEN AMES. - House Divided.
33096: WILLIAMS, GEORGE, III. - The Red Light Ladies of Virginia City Nevada.
33451: WILLIAMS, THOMAS. - The Cottage Bible, and Family Expositor; Containing the Old and New Testaments; with Practical Expositions and Explanatory Notes... . to Which Are Added, the References and Marginal Readings of the Polyglott Bible... .
32025: WILLIAMS, R.H. - With the Border Ruffians: Memories of the Far West, 1852-1868.
6281: WILLIAMS, ELMA M. - Bumble: Pig in Paradise.
1409: WILLIAMSON, MARGARET. - The Mother Church Extension.
33807: WILLIAMSON, SCOTT GRAHAM. - The Fiesta at Anderson's House.
7140: WILLIAMSON, PAUL. - An Introduction to Medieval Ivory Carvings.
35967: WILLIAMSON, JAMES J. - Mosby's Rangers: A Record of the Operations of the Forty-Third Battalion Virginia Cavalry, from Its Organization to the Surrender... .
40266: WILLIES, LYNN. - Lead and Leadmining.
9357: WILLIS, LARRYANN C. - The Horse Breeding Farm.
7836: WILLIS, DONALD C. - The Films of Howard Hawks.
135: WILLOUGHBY, MALCOLM F. - Rum War at Sea.
39429: WILLS, BRIAN STEEL. - The Confederacy's Greatest Cavalryman: Nathan Bedford Forrest.
37423: WILLS, BRIAN STEEL. - The War Hits Home: The CIVIL War in Southeastern Virginia.
310: WILLS, GEOFFREY. - Practical Guide to Antique Collecting. Drawings by A.J. Turvey.
31927: WILLS, GARY. - Under God: Religion and American Politics.
35190: WILLSON, MARCIUS. - History of the United States, from the Earliest Discoveries to the Present Time.
10939: WILLWERTH, JAMES. - Badge of Madness: The True Story of a Psychotic Cop.
32: WILMORE, SYLVIA BRUCE. - Swans of the World.
41375: WILSHAW, DENNIS (1926-2004). - Signature.
28827: WILSHIN, FRANCIS F. - Manassas (Bull Run) National Battlefield Park, Virginia.
10010: WILSON, SANDY. - The Poodle from Rome.
10012: WILSON, ANGUS. - Setting the World on Fire.
540: WILSON, GUY. - The Ardour of the Crowd.
35795: WILSON, VINCENT, JR. - The Book of the Founding Fathers.
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