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44984: RUTGERS, J. - How to Attain and Practice the Ideal Sex Life: Ideal Sex and Love Relations for Every Married Man and Woman
22904: (RUTH, BABE). MCBRIDE, JOHN (?-?) - Inscribed First Day Cover
15705: RUTHERFORD, ANN (BORN 1917) - Photograph Signed
36075: RUTHVEN, K.K. - Feminist Literary Studies: An Introduction
165: RUTLAND, ROBERT A. - The Democrats: From Jefferson to Carter
22108: RUTLEDGE, ARCHIBALD - The World Around Hampton
45806: RUTLEDGE, NANCY - Beware the Hoot Owl
29076: RUUD, TOMM C. (1944-94) - Signature
36957: RUXTON, GEORGE FREDERICK - Life in the Far West
24360: RYAN, JAMES J. "CRASH" (1903-73) - Signed First Day Cover
11168: RYAN, MARAH ELLIS - Told in the Hills
24359: RYAN, JAMES J. "CRASH" (1903-73) - Printed Document Signed
31343: RYAN, THOMAS (1837-1914) - Document Signed
30856: RYAN, ARLISS - The Kingsley House
24444: RYAN, JAMES J. "CRASH" (1903-73) - Autograph Note Signed
23032: RYAN, FRAN (1916-2000) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
19087: RYAN, WILLIAM FITTS (1922-72) - Signature
40929: RYAN, DAVID D. - Cornbread and Maggots Cloak and Dagger: Union Prisoners and Spies in CIVIL War Richmond
46820: RYAN, MARGARET G. - African Hayride
41064: RYAN, CORNELIUS - The Last Battle
32218: RYAN, PETER - Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries: The Black River Emerald. ; Illustrations by Daniel Horne
43342: RYDER, ARTHUR W. (TRANSLATOR) - The Ten Princes: Dandin's Dasha-Kumara-Charita
41339: RYDER, JOANNE - The Snail's Spell
41337: RYDER, JOANNE - Hello, Tree!
41338: RYDER, JOANNE - Under Your Feet
44181: RYSKIND, ALLAN H. - Hubert: An Unauthorized Biography of the Vice President
28564: RYWELL, MARTIN - Confederate Guns and Their Current Prices
46660: LEWIS. C.S. - The Silver Chair
935: YAMBURA, BARBARA S. AND BODINE, EUNICE W. - A Change and a Parting: My Story of Amana
46878: (TRADE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE / THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS OF THE U.S.) - Standard Practice in Sheet Metal Work: A Reference Book Compiled for the Use of Architects, Engineers, Sheet Metal Contractors, Installers of Warm Air Heating Systems and Vocational Training Schools
4461: YAMBURA, BARBARA S. AND BODINE, EUNICE W. - A Change and a Parting: My Story of Amana
42837: SAARINEN, ELIEL - The City: Its Growth, Its Decay, Its Future
28619: SABATH, ADOLPH J. (1866-1952) - Typed Letter Signed
30401: SABATIER, ROBERT - Boulevard
46299: SABIN, EDWIN L. - When You Were a Boy
46766: SABINE, JAMES (1774-1845) - Letter Signed
9265: SABLOFF, JEREMY A. - The Cities of Ancient Mexico: Reconstructing a Lost World
31992: SACHS, CURT - World History of the Dance. ; Translation by Bessie Schonberg
19795: SACHS, MAURICE - Witches' Sabbath
36048: SACKS, SHELDON (EDITOR) - On Metaphor
25851: SACKS, CAL (1914-2003) - Signed First Day Cover
21429: SADACCA, ALBERT V. (1902-?) - Signed First Day Cover
11170: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Forlorn Sunset
6812: SADLER, M.E. - Texas Christian University: The Recent Developments
19728: SADOWSKI, TED (1936-93) - Signature
42258: SAERCHINGER, CESAR (1884-1971) - Typed Letter Signed / Signed Pamphlet
13391: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Full Disclosure
43158: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Freedom
43159: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Freedom
21060: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Scandalmonger
29476: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - In Love with Norma Loquendi. ; Illustrations by Keith Bendis
24858: LE SAGE, ALAIN RENE - Asmodeus or the Devil on Two Sticks
41226: SAGE, LELAND L. - William Boyd Allison: A Study in Practical Politics
7142: LE SAGE, LAURENT - Jean Giraudoux: His Life and Works
41238: SAGE, LELAND L. - William Boyd Allison: A Study in Practical Politics
37851: SAINDON, ROBERT A. (EDITOR) - We Proceeded on: The Official Publication of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation -- August 1990 (Vol. 16, No. 3)
2173: SAINSBURY, JR., NOEL - Bill Bolton and Hidden Danger
13937: SAITO, MAKOTO (1858-1936) - Autograph Letter Signed
46652: SAKAI, SABURO - Samurai
38826: SAKAIDA, HENRY - The Siege of Rabaul
18720: SALAMAN, CHARLES (1814-1901) - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed
32742: SALAZAR, ADOLFO - Music in Our Time: Trends in Music Since the Romantic Era. ; Translation by Isabel Pope
18063: (NEW SALEM, ILLINOIS) - New Salem: A Memorial to Abraham Lincoln
32595: (NEW SALEM, ILLINOIS) - New Salem: A Memorial to Abraham Lincoln
40928: SALEN, RICK, AND SALEN, JACK - The Tobermory Shipwrecks: A History and Description
45984: DE SALES, FRANCIS - The True Spiritual Conferences of St. Francis de Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneva, Institutor and Founder of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary
45986: DE SALES, FRANCIS - Letters to Persons in Religion
46001: DE SALES, ST. FRANCIS - An Abridgment of the Interior Spirit of the Religious of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
45999: DE SALES, FRANCIS - Letters to Persons in Religion
45978: DE SALES, FRANCIS - An Abridgement of the Interior Spirit of the Religious of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
45977: DE SALES, FRANCIS - Consoling Thoughts of St. Francis de Sales
45981: DE SALES, FRANCIS - La Congregation Des Religieuses Oblates de Saint=Francis de Sales
46449: SALINGER, J.D. - Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction
44381: SALISBURY, ALBERT, AND SALISBURY, JANE - Two Captains West: An Historical Tour of the Lewis and Clark Trail
44521: SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - A Time of Change: A Reporter's Tale of Our Time
45645: SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - To Peking -- and Beyond: A Report on the New Asia
601: SALISBURY, ALLEN - The CIVIL War and the American System: America's Battle with Britain, 1860-1876
45189: SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - The Book Enchained
31761: SALK, DANIEL (CA. 1890-?) AND SALK, DORA PRESS (CA. 1890-?) - Photograph Signed
5888: SALTER, J.T. - Boss Rule: Portraits in City Politics
360: SALTER, STEFAN - Joys of Hunting Antiques
511: SALTER, STEFAN - From Cover to Cover: The Occasional Papers of a Book Designer
46179: SALVADORI, CORINNA - Yeats and Castiglione: Poet and Courtier -- a Study of Some of Fundamental Concepts of the Philosophy and Poetic Creed of W.B. Yeats in the Light of Castiglione's IL Libro Del Cortegiano
7254: SALVADORI, MASSIMO - The Rise of Modern Communism: A Brief History of the Communist Movement in the Twentieth Century
29096: SALVATORI, PHILIP L. (?-1987) - Signature
28664: SALVAYRE, GASTON (1847-1916) - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed
25692: SALZMAN, MARK - Lying Awake
29431: SALZMAN, MARK - Lying Awake
44618: SALZMAN, JACK, AND WALLENSTEIN, BARRY (EDITORS) - Years of Protest: A Collection of American Writings from the 1930's
25852: SAMERJAN, GEORGE (1915-2005) - Signed First Day Cover
7158: SAMFORD, C. CLEMENT - The Bookbinder in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg: An Account of His Life & Times, & of His Craft
38605: SAMPSON, N. LUCILLE SADDORIS - Ancestors of Mette Marie Kirstine Andersen and Michael (Srugies) Sampson and Their Descendants: Including Related Lines Srugies, Geviss and Roberts
11051: SAMSON, J. - Grammaire Du Chant Choral
28695: SAMSON, FRANCOISJ. (1924-70) - Autograph Letter Signed
10152: SAMSTAG, NICHOLAS - Kay-Kay Comes Home
8330: SAMUEL, RAY, HUBER, LEONARD V., AND OGDEN, WARREN C. - Tales of the Mississippi
43801: SAMUEL, IRENE - Dante and Milton: The Commedia and Paradise Lost
36536: SAMUELS, PEGGY, AND SAMUELS, HAROLD - Samuels' Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West
42805: SAMUELS, SAMUEL - From the Forecastle to the Cabin: Being the Memoirs of Capt. Samuel Samuels of the Famous Packet Ship "Dreadnought.
21329: SANBORN, MARGARET - The Grand Tetons: The Story of the Men Who Tamed the Western Wilderness
39443: SANBORN, MARGARET - The Grand Tetons: The Story of the Men Who Tamed the Western Wilderness
41004: SANCHEZ, LUIS RAFAEL - Macho Camacho's Beat
40348: SAND, GEORGE - The Masterpieces of George Sand: Amandine Lucille Aurore Dupin, Baroness Dudevant
37869: SAND, GEORGE X. - Salt-Water Fly Fishing
42810: SANDBURG, CARL - Storm over the Land: A Profile of the CIVIL War
42362: SANDBURG, CARL - The American Songbag
43200: SANDBURG, CARL - Cornhuskers
42832: SANDBURG, CARL - Always the Young Strangers
36421: (SANDBURG, CARL -- CENTENNIAL) - Signed First Day Cover
45729: SANDBURG, CARL - Abe Lincoln Grows Up
46911: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The War Years
42776: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years -- One-Volume Edition
11328: SANDBURG, CARL, AND STRASSBURG, ROBERT - Lost: A Capella Setting for Mixed Chorus
43221: SANDBURG, CARL - Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg
30990: SANDBURG, HELGA - ... Where Love Begins.
41678: (SANDBURG, CARL) - The Lincoln of Carl Sandburg: Some Reviews of 'Abraham Lincoln: The War Years' Which, for the Authority of Their Judgments and the Grace of Their Style, Deserve at Least the Permanence of This Pamphlet
1238: SANDBURG, HELGA, AND CRILE, GEORGE, JR. - Above and Below: A Journey Through Our National Underwater Parks
34441: SANDBURG, HELGA - Sweet Music: A Book of Family Reminiscence and Song
43223: SANDBURG, CARL - Slabs of the Sunburnt West
37891: SANDBURG, CARL - The Movies Are": Carl Sandburg's Film Reviews and Essays, 1920-1928
10272: SANDBURG, HELGA - The Wheel of Earth
10290: SANDBURG, CARL - Illinois: Land of Lincoln
2569: SANDBURG, CARL - Breathing Tokens
39641: (SANDBURG, CARL) - The World of Carl Sandburg
33817: SANDBURG, CARL (INTRODUCTION) - Lincoln's Devotional
15193: SANDBURG, HELGA - ... Where Love Begins.
42849: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years -- I.
43879: SANDBURG, HELGA - A Great and Glorious Romance: The Story of Carl Sandburg and Lilian Steichen
656: SANDBURG, CARL - Tormenta Sobre la Tierra: Lincoln Y la Guerra CIVIL Estadounidense
43243: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years -- One-Volume Edition
3331: SANDBURG, CARL - There Is Only One Man in the World... .
28197: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The War Years
44878: SANDBURG, CARL, AND ANGLE, PAUL M. - Mary Lincoln: Wife and Widow
45202: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years
45947: SANDERS, GEORGE - Crime on My Hands
46024: SANDERS, SCOTT - D.H. Lawrence: The World of the Five Major Novels
244: SANDERS, JENNINGS B. - Historical Interpretations and American Historianship
40862: SANDERS, EVERETT (1882-1950) - Typed Letter Signed / Unsigned Photograph
13113: SANDERS, ALVIN HOWARD - The Black Swans: And Other Friends Indoors and out
45261: SANDERS, DENNIS, AND LOVALLO, LEN - The Agatha Christie Companion: The Complete Guide to Agatha Christie's Life and Work
44461: SANDERS, ALVIN HOWARD - At the Sign of the Stock Yard Inn: The Same Being a True Account of How Certain Great Achievements of the Past Have Been Commemorated and Cleverly Linked with the Present; Together with Sundry Recollections Inspired by the Portraits at the Saddle and Sirloin Club
46592: SANDERS, ALVIN H. - The Story of the Herefords: An Account of the Origins and Development of the Breed in Herefordshire, a Sketch of Its Early Introduction Into the United States and Canada, and Subsequent Rise to Popularity in the Western Cattle Trade, with Sundry Notes on the Management of Breeding Herds
11759: SANDERSON, IVAN - Ivan Sanderson's Book of Great Jungles
1661: SANDERSON, IVAN T. (COMPILER) - Animal Tales: An Anthology of Animal Literature of All Countries
35486: SANDFORD, JOHN - Easy Prey
24638: SANDFORD, JOHN - Winter Prey
30883: SANDFORD, JOHN - Secret Prey
26104: SANDFORD, JOHN - Easy Prey
33074: SANDFORD, JOHN - Sudden Prey
17524: SANDOR, GYORGY (1912-2006) - Autograph Letter Signed
36638: SANDOZ, MARI - Old Jules Country: A Selection from Old Jules and Thirty Years of Writing Since the Book Was Published
33122: SANDOZ, MARI - The Battle of the Little Bighorn
13407: SANDOZ, MARI - Old Jules Country: A Selection from Old Jules and Thirty Years of Writing Since the Book Was Published
44241: SANDOZ, MARI - The Cattlemen: From the Rio Grande Across the Far Marias
32569: SANDOZ, MARI - Old Jules Country: A Selection from Old Jules and Thirty Years of Writing Since the Book Was Published
44804: SANDOZ, MARI - The Buffalo Hunters: The Story of the Hide Men
44477: SANDOZ, MARI - Old Jules
46203: SANDS, LEDYARD - The Bird, the Gun and the Dog
20229: SANDS, JODIE (?-?) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
40084: SANFORD, GEORGE B. - Fighting Rebels and Redskins: Experiences in Army Life of Colonel George B. Sanford 1861-1892
44459: (SANG, PHILIP D.) - Autograph Letters and Documents Relating to the History of America from the Private Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Philip D. Sang
45142: (SANG, PHILIP D.) - The Great Debate: Lincoln Vs. Douglas 1854-1861 -- an Exhibit of Manuscripts and Printed Materials from the Collections of Mr. And Mrs. Philip D. Sang, Chicago, and of the University of Illinois Library
43992: SANGER, GEORGE - Seventy Years a Showman
24133: SANGSTER, JIMMY - Touchfeather
14523: SANN, PAUL - American Panorama: A Revised Edition of Fads, Follies and Delusions of Te American People...
11148: SANSUM, W.D., HARE, R.A., AND BOWDEN - The Normal Diet and Healthful Living
32615: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Middle Span: Vol. II -- Persons and Places
24382: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Birth of Reason & Other Essays
23704: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - My Host the World -- Vol. III: Persons and Places
8331: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Middle Span
17505: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Letters of George Santayana
23708: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - Dominations and Powers: Reflections on Liberty Society and Government
23707: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - George Santayana's America: Essays on Literature and Culture
23698: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Idler and His Works and Other Essays
41275: SANTOVENIA, EMETERIO S. - Lincoln in Martí: A Cuban View of Abraham Lincoln
29804: SANTOVENIA, EMETERIO S. - Lincoln in Martí: A Cuban View of Abraham Lincoln
36185: SARF, WAYNE MICHAEL - The Little Bighorn Campaign: March-September 1876
38915: SARGENT, F.W. - England, the United States, and the Southern Confederacy
23031: SARGENT, DICK (1933-94) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
18355: SARGENT, NATHAN ("OLIVER OLDSCHOOL") - Brief Outline of the Life of Henry Clay
19269: SARGENT, ROBERT - The Alligator's Problem
36072: SARLES, HARVEY - After Metaphysics: Toward a Grammar of Interaction and Discourse
36035: SARLIN, ERIC (EDITOR) - White Dwarf: The Games Workshop Monthly Hobby Magazine -- October 2003
36037: SARLIN, ERIC (EDITOR) - White Dwarf: The Games Workshop Monthly Hobby Magazine -- November 2003
40787: SARNOFF, DAVID (1891-1971) - Typed Letter Signed / Unsigned Photograph
9666: SAROTTE, GEORGES-MICHEL - Like a Brother: Male Homosexuality in the American Novel and Theatre from Herman Melville to James Baldwin
441: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - Look at Us, Let's See... . Don't Look Now, But Isn't That You? (Us? U.S. ?)
35209: SAROYAN, WILIAM - Places Where I'Ve Done Time
21459: SAROYAN, WILLIAM (1908-81) - Signed Postal Cover
40357: SARTAIN, JOHN (1808-97) - Autograph Quotation Signed
9934: SARTON, MAY - Crucial Conversations
9930: SARTON, MAY - Faithful Are the Wounds
6212: SARTON, MAY - A World of Light: Portraits and Celebrations
46198: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - The Reprieve
37992: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - The Age of Reason
27003: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Saint Genet: Actor and Martyr
46199: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Troubled Sleep
38797: SASEK, M. - This Is Edinburgh
46723: SATTERLEE, HENRY YATES (1843-1908) - Autograph Letter Signed
39735: SAUERLANDT, MAX - Griechische Bildwerke
8843: SAUL, JOHN - Punish the Sinners
43445: SAUM, LEWIS O. - The Popular Mood of Pre-CIVIL War America
41063: SAUNDERS, HILARY A. ST. GEORGE - Combined Operations: The Official Story of the Commandos
35911: SAUNDERS, J.B. DEC.M., AND O'MALLEY, CHARLES D. - The Illustrations from the Works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels with Annotations and Translations, a Discussion of the Plates and Their Background, Authorship and Influence, and a Biographical Sketch of Vesalius
14242: SAUNDERS, FREDERICK (1807-1902) - Autograph Note Signed
8803: SAUTER, ERIC - Predators
45890: SAVAGE, BLAKE - Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet
42093: SAVAGE, BETH L. (EDITOR) - African American Historic Places
370: SAVAGE, JESSIE D. - Professional Furniture Refinishing for the Amateur
6476: SAVAGE, GEORGE - Glass
393: SAVAGE, GEORGE - Ceramics for the Collector: An Introduction to Pottery & Porcelain
40534: SAVAGE, BLAKE - Assignment in Space with Rip Foster
26873: SAVAGE, TERRY - The Savage Truth on Money
30859: SAVAGE, GEORGIA - The House Tibet
20832: SAVAS, THEODORE P. (EDITOR) - Charleston: Battles and Seacoast Operations in South Carolina
34734: SAVITT, TODD L., AND YOUNG, JAMES HARVEY (EDITORS) - Disease and Distinctiveness in the American South
45880: SAVOLDI, ANGELO, JR. (1914-2013) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
1988: SAVORY, TEO - West to East: Tales of the Twenties & Thirties
16556: SAWA, YU - Poems
16526: SAWA, YU, AND SMITH, D. VINCENT - Kast: Winter '56-'57 -- Things Oriental and Things Western
26686: SAWATSKI, CARL (1927-91) - Signature
23944: SAWYER, EDDIE (1910-97) - Photograph Signed
23951: SAWYER, EDDIE (1910-97) - Signature
37839: SAWYER, CHARLES (1887-1979) - Typed Note Signed
19083: SAWYER, CHARLES (1887-1979) - Signature
39273: SAY, JEAN-BAPTISTE - Treatise on Political Economy; or the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Wealth
26070: SAYAO, BIDU (1902-99) - Signature
28293: SAYER, MANDY - Dreamtime Alice
33633: SAYRE, ROBERT F. - The Examined Self: Benjamin Franklin, Henry Adams, Henry James
39754: SCAFELLA, FRANK (EDITOR) - Hemingway: Essays of Reassessment
46787: SCALA, S.M., HARRISON, A.C., AND ROGERS, M. (EDITORS) - Symposium on Dynamics of Manned Lifting Planetary Entry
27704: SCALI, JOHN (1918-95) - Signed Printed Document
22321: SCANLIN, J.R., AND THOMPSON, T.M. - Gatx: Meeting the Changing Needs of Industry
43331: SCARRON, PAUL - The Whole Comical Works of Monsr. Scarron. Containing I. His Comical Romance of a Company of Stage-Players. In Three Parts, Compleat. II. All His Novels and Histories. III. His Select Letters, Characters, & C.
46840: SCARSETH, GEORGE D. - Man and His Earth
21793: SCAVULLO, FRANCESCO (1929-2004) - Signature
10760: SCHACHNER, NATHAN - The Sun Shines West
23134: SCHACHT, AL (1892-1984) - Signature
38067: SCHACK, GUNTHER (1917-2003) - Photograph Signed
25906: SCHAEFER, WILLENE (EDITOR) - Dilettanti: Published by the Students of Mississippi State College for Women -- Winter 1958 (Volume 4, Number 1)
44055: SCHAFER, NATALIE (1900-91) - Signature
44766: SCHAFER, JOSEPH - The Winnebago-Horicon Basin: A Type Study in Western History
39348: SCHAFER, JOSEPH - Carl Schurz: Militant Liberal
36633: SCHAFER, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Society at Its Seventieth Annual Meeting Held October 19, 1922 /... Seventy-Sixth Annual Meeting Held October 18, 1928 /... Seventy-Eighth Annual Meeting Held October 16, 1930 /... Eighty-Seventh Annual Meeting Held October 19, 1939
43786: SCHAFER, JOSEPH - Four Wisconsin Counties: Prairie and Forest
42049: SCHALDACH, WILLIAM J. - Coverts and Casts: Field Sports and Angling in Words and Pictures
41026: SCHALLER, MICHAEL - Douglas Macarthur: The Far Eastern General
13401: SCHAPER, EDZARD - Der Vierte Konig: Ein Roman
24850: SCHAPPES, MORRIS U. - A Pictorial History of the Jews in the United States
39223: SCHARF, J. THOMAS - History of the Confederate States Navy from Its Organization to the Surrender of Its Last Vessel
35719: SCHARFF, ROBERT - The How and Why Wonder Book of Railroads
5093: SCHARFF, ROBERT, AND HENDERSON, RICHARD - Encyclopedia of Sailing: One-Design & Offshore Yachtsman
14138: SCHARWENKE, PHILIPPE (1847-1917) - Autograph Note Signed
27744: SCHARY, DORE (1905-80) - Autograph Note Signed
34737: SCHATZ, ALBERT, AND RIEDMAN, SARAH R. - The Story of Microbes
42334: SCHAUENSEE, RODOLPHE MEYER DE, AND PHELPS, WILLIAM H., JR. - A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela
43090: SCHAUFFLER, ADOLPHUS F. (1845-1919) - Signature
37994: SCHAUS, FRED (1925-2010) - Signature
40910: SCHECTER, BARNET - The Devil's Own Work: The CIVIL War Draft Riots and the Fight to Reconstruct America
3550: SCHEEL, TED - Religious Remarkables
24822: SCHEER, GEORGE F., AND RANKIN, HUGH F. - Rebels and Redcoats
39965: VON SCHEFFEL, JOSEPH VIKTOR - Ekkehard: Eine Geschichte Aus Dem Zehnten Jahrhundert
6515: SCHELL, ORVILLE - Modern Meat
44706: SCHEMM, PETER A. (COMPILER) - Catalogue of the Private Collection of Paintings Belonging to Peter A. Schemm Philadelphia, Pa
21871: SCHERER, VICENTE (1903-96) - Signature and Inscription
46738: SCHERMAN, HARRY - The Promises Men Live by: A New Approach to Economics
91: SCHEWE, EDWARD F., AND COWGILL, FRANK BROOKS - Washington and Lincoln: A Comparison and a Contrast... Together with a Poem: Patriots in Paradise
12310: SCHICKEL, RICHARD - His Picture in the Papers: A Speculation on Celebrity in America Based on the Life of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr
2508: SCHIDDEL, EDMUND - Scandal's Child
10848: SCHIDDEL, EDMUND - Bad Boy
35335: SCHILDT, JOHN W. - Four Days in October
20862: SCHILLER, HERBERT M. - Sumter Is Avenged": The Siege and Reduction of Fort Pulaski
20701: SCHILLER, HANS VON (?-?) - Signature and Inscription
29718: SCHILLER, HERBERT M. - Sumter Is Avenged": The Siege and Reduction of Fort Pulaski
18283: SCHIMMEL, ALBERT (?-1985) - Autograph Note Signed
39051: SCHINDLER, GEORGE - Magic with Everyday Objects: Over 150 Tricks Anyone Can Do at the Dinner Table
45658: SCHIPPERS, DAVID P., AND HENRY, ALAN P. - Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment
28665: SCHIRA, FRANCESCO (1809-83) - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed
45124: SCHIRRA, WALTER M. JR. "WALLY" (1923-2007) - Photograph Signed
19060: SCHLAMME, MARTHA (1930-85) - Signature
43279: SCHLEY, STURGES MASON - Dr. Toby Finds Murder
22735: SCHLEY, WINFIELD SCOTT (1839-1909) - Signature
15283: SCHLEY, WINFIELD SCOTT (1839-1909) - Signature and Sentiment
27474: SCHLOSSMAN, MARC, AND BERGER, ADRI (EDITORS) - {Inside Eye}: Wandsworth Prison As Seen Through the Prisoners' Eyes
23218: SCHLUTER, HERMAN - Lincoln, Labor and Slavery: A Chapter from the Social History of America
9252: SCHMANDT, HENRY J., GOLDBACH, JOHN C., AND VOGEL, DONALD B. - Milwaukee: A Contemporary Urban Profile
40230: SCHMID, CHRISTOPH VON - Die Edelsteine. Die ährenleserin. Das Beschädigte Gemälde. Der Wunderarzt. Die Krebse. Das Vergissmeinnicht. Die Edle Jungfrau
40338: SCHMID, CHRISTOPH VON - Fünf Der Schönsten Erzählungen
45943: SCHMIDT, HANS (1925-2012) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
34523: SCHMIDT, MARTIN F. - Kentucky Illustrated: The First Hundred Years
20168: SCHMIDT, HANS (1925-2012) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
19284: SCHMIDT, SARAH LINDSAY - The Secret of Silver Peak
35855: SCHMIDT, KARL PATTERSON - Homes and Habitats of Wild Animals: North American Mammals
46608: SCHMIDT, WINFRIED (1915-2009) - Photograph Signed
237: SCHMIDT, GEORGE P. - Princeton and Rutgers: The Two Colonial Colleges of New Jersey
11385: SCHMITT, GLADYS - Alexandra
2293: SCHMITT, MARTIN F., AND BROWN, DEE - The Settler's West
7823: SCHMOELLER, DAVID - The Seduction (Film Publicity Booklet)
19297: SCHNEER, RICHARD JAMES - Juan de la Cuesta: First Printer of Don Quixote de la Mancha -- a Bibliographic Record of His Works, 1604-1625
7063: SCHNEIDER, BART - Blue Bossa
23935: SCHNEIDER, HOWIE (1930-2007) - Signed Postal Cover
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33038: SKOBEL, SAMMY - Semka
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13488: SLATER, JOHN S. - An Address to the Soldiers of the Army of the Potomac, and Especially to the Surviving Members of the Fifth Corps, Containing a Brief Review of the Case of Gen. Fitz John Porter
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17702: SLAUGHTER, GUY - Unprotected Witness
30258: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Indelible
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24685: SLOAN, JAMES PARK - The Last Cold-War Cowboy
21534: SLOAN, EDWARD WILLIAM, III - Benjamin Franklin Isherwood, Naval Engineer: The Years As Engineer in Chief, 1861-1869
32301: SLOAN, EDWARD WILLIAM, III - Benjamin Franklin Isherwood, Naval Engineer: The Years As Engineer in Chief, 1861-1869
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41433: SLOAN, RICHARD (EDITOR) - The Lincoln Group of New York: Tenth Anniversary Commemorative Booklet, 1978 to 1988
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32259: SLOANE, ERIC - I Remember America
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8681: SMERTENKO, JOHAN J. - Alexander Hamilton
44961: SMETANA, BEDRICHA - Prodana Nevesta
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11242: SMILEY, KATHRYN, AND SMILEY, ROBIN (EDITORS) - Firsts: The Book Collector's Magazine (December, 1998)
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46107: SMITH, E.B. - Lincoln: Opportunist or Statesman
43572: (SMITH, JOSEPH) - Joseph Smith's Own Story
46106: SMITH, E.B. - Lincoln: Opportunist or Statesman
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1372: SMITH, GOLDIE CAPERS - Sword of Laughter
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40510: SMITH, SIR WILLIAM SIDNEY (1764-1840) - Autograph Fragment
38192: SMITH, JEANNE - Nature Walks in the Kickapoo Valley
45476: SMITH, LEON - Nouveau Dictionnaire: Francais-Anglais Et Anglais-Francais
35536: SMITH, BOB - Openly Bob
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41490: SMITH, PAGE - Trial by Fire: A People's History of the CIVIL War and Reconstruction
43917: SMITH, H. ALLEN - Low Man on a Totem Pole
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43757: SMITH, JOHN - The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Isles... . (Single Leaf)
43039: SMITH, ELBERT A. - Joe Pine
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42381: SMITH, ETHEL SABIN - A Furrow Deep and True
1670: SMITH, FREDRIKA SHUMWAY - Marco the Monkey and Other Animal Stories in Prose and Rhyme
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15446: SMITH, EDGAR "EDDIE" (1913-94) - Signed Print
1408: SMITH, ROCKWELL C. - The Church in Our Town: A Study of the Relationship between the Church and the Rural Community
13478: SMITH, WILLIAM N.H. - The Crisis, Its Responsibilities and Perils. Speech of the Hon. William N.H. Smith, of North Carolina. Delivered in the House of Representatives, Ferbuary [Sic] 8, 1861
20759: SMITH, BOB - Openly Bob
32291: SMITH, LOURETTA - Magnolia Blossoms
41012: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Havana Bay
38521: SMITH, ALFRED E. - Campaign Addresses of Governor Alfred E. Smith -- Democratic Candidate for President, 1928
33740: SMITH, J. LEWIS - A Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
3413: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Gorky Park
35505: SMITH, DENNIS - Steely Blue
851: SMITH, ROBERT PAUL - And Another Thing. .
866: SMITH, H. ALLEN - Lost in the Horse Latitudes
887: SMITH, MERRIMAN - The Good New Days: A Not Entirely Reverent Study of Native Habits and Customs in Modern Washington
9014: SMITH, WILLIAM - A Dictionary of the Bible: Comprising Its Antiquities, Biography, Geography, Natural History and Literature with the Latest Researches and References to the Revised Version of the New Testament
9056: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Rubens
946: SMITH, HARRISON (EDITOR) - From Main Street to Stockholm: Letters of Sinclar Lewis 1919-1930
974: SMITH, DENYS - America and the Axis War
35697: SMITH, GEORGE D. - History of Illinois and Her People
37781: SMITH, JEFF - The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Three Ancient Cuisines: China, Greece, and Rome
5916: SMITH, R.E.F. - The Enserfment of the Russian Peasantry
31509: SMITH, H. ALLEN - Low Man on a Totem Pole. ; Introduction by Fred Allen
15025: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA (1887-1956) - Typed Note Signed
29805: SMITH, ARTHUR M. - Address by Mr. Arthur M. Smith... Before Joint Convention of the Michigan Legislature February 13, 1958
37252: SMITH, W. WAYNE - The Price of Patriotism: Indiana County, Pennsylvania and the CIVIL War
13932: SMITH, FANNY MORRIS - A Noble Art: Three Lectures on the Evolution and Construction of the Piano
37693: SMITH, JEFF - The Frugal Gourmet
28634: SMITH, DEBORAH - When Venus Fell
28401: SMITH, JUSTIN H. - The Policy of England and France in Reference to the Annexation of Texas
38336: SMITH, WILLIAM R. - The History of Wisconsin in Three Parts, Historical, Documentary, and Descriptive
46073: SMITH, MORTIMER - And Madly Teach: A Layman Looks at Public School Education
9876: SMITH, CHARLES ROLLIN - Sin to Symphony
37676: SMITH, WILLIAM R. - The History of Wisconsin in Three Parts, Historical, Documentary, and Descriptive
35258: (MONTANA -- MINE CLAIM.) SMITH, ALONZO (1832-1912) - Autograph Letter Signed
6898: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls Price Guide #16
26962: SMITH, CHARLES SPRAGUE (1853-1910) - Signature and Inscription
26692: SMITH, AL (1907-77) - Signature
1416: SMITH, WILSON - Professor of Public Ethics: Studies of Northern Moral Philosophers Before the CIVIL War
25860: SMITH, WILLIAM A. (1918-89) - Autograph Note Signed / Unsigned Booklet
25857: SMITH, WILLIAM A. (1918-89) - Signed First Day Cover
46572: SMITH, H. CLIFFORD - Sulgrave Manor and the Washingtons: A History and Guide to the Tudor Home of George Washington's Ancestors
35094: SMITH, JOHN DAVID - Black Voices from Reconstruction, 1865-1877
25205: BRUSSEL-SMITH, BERNARD (1914-89) - Signed First Day Cover
22880: (SMITH, RHOTEN A.) - A New University: The Inauguration of Rhoten A. Smith As Sixth President of Northern Illinois University
37774: SMITH, JEFF - The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American
24764: SMITH, BOBBY (1895-1987) - Signature and Credentials
36383: SMITH, ORRIN (1806-81) - Partly-Printed Document Signed
1205: SMITH, DAVID M. - Moose-Deer House People: A History of the Native People of Fort Resolution
23963: SMITH, CARR (1901-89) - Signature
32497: SMITH, JOSEPH SEWALL (1832-?) - Signature
23111: SMITH, JAMES L. "JIMMY" (1895-1974) - Inscription and Signature
266: SMITH, CARL WILLARD - Ohio: The Buckeye State
22364: SMITH, JOHN DAVID - Abraham Lincoln: A Most Unlikely Military Man
20945: SMITH, JEREMIAH (1759-1842) - Signature and Salutation
20933: SMITH, HENRY JOHN STANLEY (1826-83) - Autograph Letter Signed (Partial)
44676: SMITH, ELIZABETH M. (EDITOR) - A Man of Ideas: The Biography of Dr. Waldo Lonsbury Semon -- Inventor of Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride
20238: SMITH, JOSEPH BURKHOLDER - The Plot to Steal Florida: James Madison's Phony War
20082: SMITH, JOHN DAVID - Lincoln in Portrait, Print, and Statuary
19094: SMITH, RALPH TYLER (1915-72) - Signature
19067: SMITH, JOE (1884-1981) - Signature
39570: SMITH, GERRIT - The Liberty Party
32539: THORNE-SMITH, COURTNEY - Outside in
16307: SMITH, TRUMAN - Remarks of Mr. Truman Smith... On the Imputations of N.B. Blunt... On His Course As a Delegate to the Recent Whig National Convention, Together with an Exposition of the Benefits... To the Country from the Elevation of Gen. Zachary Taylor...
131: SMITH, THOMAS EDWIN - Political Truth: A Digest of Political Methods Now in Vogue
25963: BRUSSEL-SMITH, BERNARD - CIVIL War Centennial 1961-1965
42173: SMITH, GEORGE JAY (1866-1938) - Autograph Letter Signed
41530: SMITH, HARVEY H. - Lincoln and the Lincolns
46665: SMITH, DEAN E. - Typed Letter Signed
45644: SMITH, HEDRICK - The Power Game: How Washington Works
42782: SMITH, VIRGINIA (EDITOR) - The Gift of Affection, a Christmas and New-Year's Present
44077: SMITH, SETH, JR. (1743-1802) - Autograph Document Signed
39466: SMITH, J. FRAZER - Plantation Houses and Mansions of the Old South
42295: SMITH, SAMUEL G. - Abraham Lincoln
7538: SMITH, RON - Comic Support: Second Bananas in the Movies
6897: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Price Guide for Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls: No. 15
40450: SMITH, CALEB B. - Speech of Mr. Caleb B. Smith, of Indiana, on the War and Its Cost. Delivered in the House of Representatives of the U. States, February 3, 1848
40907: SMITH, JOHN DAVID - An Old Creed for the New South: Proslavery Ideology and Historiography, 1865-1918
42431: SMITH, G. GEOFFREY - The Modern Diesel: High-Speed Compression-Ignition Oil Engines and Their Fuel-Injection Systems
32844: (SMITH, RHOTEN A.) - A New University: The Inauguration of Rhoten A. Smith As Sixth President of Northern Illinois University
32860: SMITH, EARL L. - Yankee Genius: A Biography of Roger W. Babson, Pioneer in Investment Counseling and Business Forecasting Who Capitalized on Investment Patience
29604: SMITH, TAYLOR - The Innocents Club
42566: SMITH, ELLEN HART - Charles Carroll of Carrollton
46965: SMITH, ELIJAH (?-?) - Signature and Salutation
273: SMITS, EDWARD J. - Nassau, Suburbia, U.S. A. : The First Seventy-Five Years of Nassau County, New York, 1899 to 1974
32921: SMOCK, NELL STOLP (1896-?) - Original Book Illustration Art
33658: SMOLAN, RICK, MOFFITT, PHILLIP, AND NAYTHONS, MATTHEW - The Power to Heal: Ancient Arts & Modern Medicine
33659: SMOLAN, RICK, MOFFITT, PHILLIP, AND NAYTHONS, MATTHEW - The Power to Heal: Ancient Arts & Modern Medicine
11839: SMOLER, ROBERTA WOLFE - The Useful Pig: 150 Succulent Pork Recipes
44199: SMUCKER, SAMUEL M. - Memoirs of the Court and Reign of Catherine the Second, Empress of Russia: With a Brief Survey of the Romanoff Dynasty; Embracing the Reign of Nicholas, Fall of Sevastopol, Etc.

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