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000915: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays and Essays: Second Series
007759: EMERSON, WILLIS GEORGE - The Smoky God: or, A Voyage to the Inner World
002605: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays
000448: EMERY, SARAH M. - Song of My Heart
001302: EMERY, JOHN - The Sky People
004177: EPLER, WILLIAM C. - Bisbee Vignettes
000322: EPTON, NINA - Love and the English
000050: ERDRICH, LOUISE - The Beet Queen
001610: ERICSON, DAVID B.; WOLLIN, GOESTA - The Deep and The Past
002615: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Childhood and Society
002968: ERNAUX, ANNIE - Simple Passion
009239: ERNST, DONNA B. - Harvey Logan: Wildest of the Wild Bunch
001882: ESPEY, JOHN J. - Minor Heresies
008676: ESTES, WINSTON M. - A Streetful of People
001253: ESTLEMAN, LOREN D. - Every Brilliant Eye: An Amos Walker Mystery
003865: ESTLEMAN, LOREN D. - Sudden Country
008230: ETLING, KATHY; RENEAU, SUSAN CAMPBELL - The Thrill of the Chase: Women and Their North American Big-Game Trophies
007696: EVANOVICH, JANET - Two for the Dough
007695: EVANOVICH, JANET - Three to Get Deadly
009868: EVANS, JOE M. - The Cowboys' Hitchin' Post
003768: EWING, MRS. - Lob Lie-by-the-Fire: or, The Luck of Lingborough; The Story of a Short Life
003022: EXNER, M. J. - The Sexual Side of Marriage
008009: FA, LU,CHI WHITE, BECKY - Double Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan
000421: FABRICIUS, JOHAN - The Son of Marietta
000643: FAIR, A. A. (ERLE STANLEY GARDNER) - Bats Fly at Dusk
002267: FAIRBANK, ALFRED - A Book of Scripts
001404: FAIRFIELD, OWEN - Nettles: A Chautauqua
008659: FAIRHOLME, WILLIAM; TYKAL, JACK B. (EDITOR) - Journal of an Expedition to the Grand Prairies of the Missouri, 1840
003649: FAIRMAN, PAUL W. (EDITOR) - Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 8
003644: FAIRMAN, PAUL W. (EDITOR) - Amazing Science Fiction Stories Vol. 32 No. 7
003642: FAIRMAN, PAUL W. (EDITOR) - Fantastic Vol. 7 No. 11
003641: FAIRMAN, PAUL W. (EDITOR) - Fantastic Vol. 6 No. 5
006772: FALLS, CYRIL - The Nature of Modern Warfare
002919: FANSLER, ROBERTA M.; SCHERER, MARGARET R. - Painting in Flanders
000610: O'FAOLAIN, NUALA - My Dream of You
009150: LA FARGE, OLIVER - As Long As the Grass Shall Grow
003243: FARMER, BEVERLEY - Alone
000273: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - The Gate of Time
001802: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - The Lavalite World
002720: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - The Unreasoning Mask
007962: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Flesh
006440: FARNOL, JEFFERY - Great Britain at War
007477: FARQUHAR, F. P. - History of the Sierra Nevada
008218: FARRAND, MAX - The Framing of the Constitution of the United States and The Fathers of the Constitution
000797: FARRAND, JOHN, JR. - Ducks
006427: FARRELL, JAMES T. - To Whom It May Concern
005234: FARRELL, JAMES T. - My Days of Anger
002723: FARRIS, JOHN - Scare Tactics
002288: FASSETT, AGATHA - The Naked Face of Genius: Bela Bartok's American Years
007183: FAULK, ODIE B. - Crimson Desert : Indian Wars of the American Southwest
003874: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Faulkner Reader
003211: FEATHERSTONE, JOSEPH - Schools Where Children Learn
007229: FEININGER, ANDREAS - Photographic Seeing
000588: FELCHER, CECELIA - The Complete Book of Rug Making: Folk Methods and Ethnic Designs
002321: FELDSTEIN, ALBERT B. (ED.) - William M. Gaines's Hopping Mad
003924: FELLINI, FEDERICO; KEZICH,TULLIO (EDITOR); GREENFELD, HOWARD (TRANSLATOR) - Federico Fellini's Juliet of the Spirits
001572: FENNER, PHYLLIS, R. - Horses, Horses, HORSES: Palominos and Pintos, Polo Ponies and Plow Horses, Morgans and Mustangs
003575: FENNER, FRANK E. (ED.) - Photography Annual: A Selection of the World's Greatest Photographs
009920: FENTON, WILLIAM - Fury and the Lone Pine Mystery
001233: FERBER, EDNA - Great Son
002616: FERBER, EDNA - Come and Get It
006657: FERGUS, CHARLES - The Wingless Crow
001077: FERNANDEZ, LILIANA MARTA (TRADUCTORES) - Maestros de la Pintura: Leonardo Da Vinci
009066: FERRARIS, ZOE - City of Veils
005289: FERRARS, E. X. - Sleep of the Unjust
009948: FEY, MARSHALL - Slot Machines: A Pictorial History of the First 100 Years
009665: FIELD, MATTHEW C.; SUNDER, JOHN E. (EDITOR) - Matt Field on the Santa Fe Trail
005798: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling
004678: FIELDING, WILLIAM J. - Strange Customs of Courtship and Marriage
000967: FIELDS, W. C. - Fields for President
007434: FIERO, BILL - Geology of the Great Basin
008542: FIERO, BILL - Geology of the Great Basin
002317: FILLER, LOUIS - Vanguards and Followers: Youth in the American Tradition
005063: FINNEY, CHARLES G. - The Circus of Dr. Lao
005503: FISHER, M. F. K. - With Bold Knife and Fork
000807: FISHER, MILDRED L. - The Albatross of Midway Island: A Natural History of the Laysan Albatross
000428: FISHER, STEVE - Saxon's Ghost
008734: FISHER, O. C.; DYKES, J. C. - King Fisher: His Life and Times
008848: FITZGERALD, EMILY; LAUFE, ABE (EDITOR) - An Army Doctor's Wife on the Frontier: Letters from Alaska & the Far West, 1874-1878
004790: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Great Gatsby
006725: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
004691: BOCCACCIO; FLAMENG, LEOPOLD (TRANSLATOR) - Stories of Boccaccio (The Decameron)
004343: FLANDERS, MICHAEL; SWANN, DONALD - The Songs of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
001885: FLEMING, JOAN - A Daisy Chain for Satan
004962: FLEMING, IAN - Bonded Fleming: A James Bond Omnibus
004050: FLORIN, LAMBERT - Arizona Ghost Towns
000603: FLORIN, LAMBERT - California Ghost Towns
009138: FLORIN, LAMBERT - Backyard Classic: An Adventure in Nostalgia
008878: FLOWERS, GENNIFER - Gennifer Flowers: Passion and Betrayal
000785: FLOYD, E. P. - All About Cardinals
009570: FLYNN, KEVIN - Treasure Hunting Walking Liberty Half Dollars
000355: FOGLE, RICHARD HARTER - Romantic Poets and Prose Writers
008082: FOLLETT, KEN; FITZGERALD, F-STOP - Pillars of the Almighty
007108: FONER, PHILIP S. (EDITOR) - The Black Panthers Speak
000898: FORBES, ALLAN; CADMAN, PAUL F. - Boston and Some Noted Emigres
000424: FORD, SENATOR - My Home Town
008272: FORD, JEAN; GLASS, BETTY J.; GOULD, MARTHA B. - Women in Nevada History: An Annotated Bibliography of Published Sources
003614: FORD, RICHARD - Rock Springs: Stories
002769: FORD, JEAN - Nevada Women's History: A Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in Nevada Repositories
000075: FORD, RICHARD - Wildlife
009183: FORD, G. M. - Nameless Night
006896: FORD, GERALD R.; IACOCCA, LEE - Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Commission Certificate Signed by Gerald R. Ford and Lee Iacocca
004594: FORSTER, SUZANNE - Tease
002852: FORSYTH, ADRIAN - The Nature of Birds
000268: FOSTER, ALAN DEAN - Star Trek Log Three
000269: FOSTER, ALAN DEAN - Star Trek Log Five
000969: FOSTER, ALAN DEAN - Star Trek Log Two
009348: FOWLER, CATHERINE S. - In the Shadow of Fox Peak: An Ethnography of the Cattail-Eater Northern Paiute People of Stillwater Marsh
006292: FOWLER, CATHERINE S. - In the Shadow of Fox Peak: An Ethnography of the Cattail-Eater Northern Paiute People of Stillwater Marsh
000090: FOWLER, GENE - A Solo in Tom-Toms
000172: FOWLES, JOHN - Mantissa
004080: FOX, JOHN, JR. - The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
002955: FOX, WILLIAM L. - Time by Distance
008966: FOX, RICHARD K. - Bella Starr, The Bandit Queen, or The Female Jesse James [Belle Starr]
010029: FOX, THERON - Nevada Treasure Hunters Ghost Town Guide
004379: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Romance of the Queen Pedauque
005127: FRANCIS, PATRY - The Liar's Diary
001970: FRANCK, HARRY A. - Working North from Patagonia: Being the Narrative of a Journey, Earned on the Way, Through Southern and Eastern South America
002200: FRANCK, HARRY A. - Vagabonding Down the Andes: Being the Narrative of a Journey, Chiefly Afoot, from Panama to Buenos Aires
005599: FRANK, GEROLD - The Boston Strangler
000253: FRANKE, HERBERT W. - The Mind Net
000617: FRANKEL, CHARLES (ED.) - The Golden Age of American Philosophy
001080: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Twenty-Seventh City
005281: FRASER, LAURA - An Italian Affair
007556: FRASER, W. A. - The Sa'-Zada Tales
000652: FRAZIER, KENDRICK - The Violent Face of Nature: Severe Phenomena and Natural Disasters
009290: FRAZIER, NETA LOHNES - Five Roads to the Pacific
002333: FREEMAN, ROGER A. - B-17 Fortress at War
001177: FREEMAN, LUCY (ED.) - Troubled Women
004010: FREEMAN, MARIE E.; KINTOP, JEFFREY - What Time Is This Place?
007245: FREEMAN, G. L. - How to Buy and Sell Old Books: A Priceless Guide
009887: ANONYMOUS; FREMONT, JOHN C. - The Daring Adventures of Kit Carson and Fremont, Among Buffaloes, Grizzlies, & Indians, Being a Spirited Diary of the Most Difficult & Wonderful Explorations Ever Made, Opening Through Yawning Chasms & Over Perilous Peaks, The Great Pathway to the Pacific
006318: FRENCH, PETER - The Ocean Mistress
006299: FRENCH, PETER - The Southern Cross
002048: FREUD, SIGMUND - A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis
007013: FREY, JAMES N. - How to Write a Damn Good Novel
006368: FRIEDMAN, RICHARD ELLIOTT - The Disappearance of God: A Divine Mystery
002361: FRIEDRICH, OTTO - City of Nets: A Portrait of Hollywood in the 1940's
003207: FRIEDRICH, CARL J.; BLITZER, CHARLES - The Age of Power
009950: FRIEND, LLERENA (EDITOR) - M. K. Kellogg's Texas Journal, 1872
009928: FRINK, MARGARET A. - Journal of the Adventures of a Party of California Gold Seekers
006615: FRITH, JAMES; ANDREWS, RONALD - Antique Pistol Collecting (1400 - 1860)
000516: FRITH, SIMON (ED.) - Facing the Music: A Pantheon Guide to Popular Culture
009657: FRITTS, DREW - Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1: Beginnier to Intermediate Techniques
001268: FROM, FRANZ - Perception of Other People
009634: FROST, LESLEY - Really Not Really
009044: FUERMANN, GEORGE - Reluctant Empire
000496: FUHRMAN, CHRIS - The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
005325: FULKERSON, MARY LEE - Weavers of Tradition and Beauty: Basketmakers of the Great Basin
008488: FUNK, FRED - A Field Guide to the Sparrows of Nevada
005002: GAIR, MALCOLM - The Schultz Money
005209: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The New Industrial State
008365: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - Economics and the Public Purpose
003801: GALDOS (BENITO PÉREZ GALDÓS) - Dona Perfecta (Doña Perfecta)
007853: GALLOP, RODNEY - A Book of the Basques
006940: GALLUP, GEORGE - The Sophisticated Poll Watcher's Guide
000472: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Freelands
009279: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Loyalties: A Drama in Three Acts
001071: GAMMON, CLIVE - I Know a Good Place
008781: GANILH, ANTHONY; MYRTHE, A. T.; A TEXIAN - Ambrosio de Letinez, or The First Texian Novel
007457: GANN, ERNEST - Twilight for the Gods
000731: GANNON, JOHN; ET AL. - The Frugal Shopper Checklist Book: What You Need to Know to Win in the Marketplace
003877: GANSON, LOUIS - Routined Manipulation Part I
003878: GANSON, LOUIS - Routined Manipulation Part II
009679: GARCIA, ANDREW; STEIN, BENNETT H. (EDITOR) - Tough Trip Through Paradise, 1878-1879
005053: GARDNER, JOHN - Win, Lose or Die
001062: GARDNER, JOHN - Icebreaker
002606: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Horrified Heirs
007109: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - Two Clues: The Clue of the Runaway Blonde; The Clue of the Hungry Horse
002172: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Shapely Shadow
002173: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Silent Partner
002170: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Demure Defendant
002176: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Cautious Coquette
007570: GARDNER, JOHN - Grendel
001639: GARGI, BALWANT - Folk Theater of India
001522: GARNER, ALAN - The Owl Service
003216: GARNETT, DAVID - The Sons of the Falcon
009503: GARRARD, LEWIS H. - Wah-to-Yah & the Taos Trail
008627: GARRETT, PAT F.; FULTON, MAURICE G. (EDITOR) - The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, The Noted Desparado
000198: GASH, JONATHAN - The Grail Tree
007055: GASH, JONATHAN - Spend Game
003043: GASSNER, JOHN; LONEY, GLENN (ED.) - Dramatic Soundings: Evaluations and Retractions Culled from 30 Years of Dramatic Criticism
007162: GATES, ELEANOR - The Poor Little Rich Girl
002265: GEBLER, CARLO - Driving Through Cuba: An East-West Journey
004679: GEDDES, DONALD PORTER; CURIE, ENID (EDITORS) - About the Kinsey Report: Observations by 11 Experts on Sexual Behavior in the Human Male
001791: GEISINGER, IVA L. - Goldrock: Facts & Folktales
004613: GELB, JEFF; GARRETT, MICHAEL (EDITORS) - Hottest Blood
001129: GENET, JEAN - The Thief's Journal
003760: GENET, JEAN - Miracle of the Rose
002986: GENTLES, FREDERICK; STEINFIELD, MELVIN (EDITORS) - Hangups from Way Back: Historical Myths and Cannons Volume 1
005426: GEORGE, ELIZABETH - A Traitor to Memory
002651: GEORGE, ELIZABETH - Playing for the Ashes
006642: GEORGE, HENRY - Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth ... The Remedy
008928: GEORGE, STEVE; LAW, LINDA; TRENT, JOHN - Moving Nevada Into the 21st Century: Governor Kenny C. Guinn, 1999-2006
007260: GEORGETTA, CLEL - Wool, Beef and Gold: Sheep, Cattle and Mining Stories of the West
009373: GEROULD, KATHARINE FULLERTON - The Aristocratic West
009464: GERRITSEN, TESS - Rizzoli & Isles: Die Again
004787: GERROLD, DAVID - The World of Star Trek
004725: GERSHWIN, GEORGE ET AL - Frank Sinatra's Hits on Parade
000523: GHOSH, AMITAV - Circle of Reason
008755: GIBBENS, BYRD (EDITOR) - This is a Strange Country: Letters of a Westering Family, 1880-1906
003887: GIBSON, WALTER B. - Secrets of Magic: A New Book of Tricks You Can Do
009794: GIBSON, ELIZABETH - It Happened in Nevada
007991: GIBSON, WALTER B. - The New Magician's Manual: Tricks and Routines with Instructions for Expert Performance by the Amateur
008643: GIDLEY, M. - With One Sky Above Us: Life on an Indian Reservation at the Turn of the Century
004682: GILBERT, HARRIETT - Hotels with Empty Rooms
001215: GILBERT, MICHAEL - Flash Point
003890: GILBERT, ALFRED C. - The Wonderful Secrets of Magic
003547: GILBERT, DALE L. - Complete Guide to Starting a Used Bookstore: Old Books into Gold
003348: GILBERTS, HELEN - Sariah
001296: GILCHRIST, ELLEN - The Courts of Love
008759: GILES, BASCOM - History and Disposition of Texas Public Domain
007407: GILLIGAN, EDMUND - The Gaunt Woman
005512: GILLIS, JACK - How to Make Your Car Last Almost Forever
002593: GILMAN, RICHARD - Faith, Sex, Mystery: A Memoir
007890: GINGRICH, NEWT - Lessons Learned the Hard Way: A Personal Report
003522: GINGRICH, ARNOLD (EDITOR) - Coronet Vol. 1 No. 1
006913: GINTER, BARRY; ANCONA-HENRY, KAREL (EDITORS) - 60 Years of Business
001936: GIOVANNETTI - Beware of the Dog
009342: GIOVANNI, NIKKI - Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea: Poems and Not Quite Poems
005427: GIRODIAS, MAURICE (ED.) - The Olympia Reader: Selections from the Traveller's Companion Series
000401: GIRODIAS, MAURICE (ED.) - The Olympia Reader: Selections from the Traveller's Companion Series
009218: GLADYS, NIKI (EDITOR) - Remember When: Celebrating the History of Carson City, 1858-1950
001009: GLANCY, MAIDA; STRATTA, ETTORE (EDS.) - Harmony in the Kitchen
000738: GLASGOW, ELLEN - They Stooped to Folly
008693: GLASS, MARY ELLEN - Silver and Politics in Nevada: 1892-1902
006112: GLASS, MARY ELLEN; GLASS, AL - Western Nevada
008481: GLASS, MARY ELLEN - Nevada's Turbulent 50's: Decade of Political and Economic Change
007758: GLASS, MARY ELLEN; GLASS, AL - Touring Nevada: A Historic and Scenic Guide
008106: GLASS, MARY ELLEN; GLASS, AL - Touring Nevada: A Historic and Scenic Guide
009223: GLEASON, COLLEEN - The Spiritglass Charade: A Stoker & Holmes Novel
005548: GODARD, JEAN-LUC - A Woman is a Woman; A Married Woman; Two or Three Things I Know About Her
000651: GODWIN, JOHN - This Baffling World
002484: GOERNER, FRED - The Search for Amelia Earhart
008348: GOIN, PETER - Lake Tahoe (Images of America)
003629: GOLD, H. L. (EDITOR) - if: Worlds of Science Fiction Vol. 11 No. 4
003627: GOLD, H. L. (EDITOR) - if: Worlds of Science Fiction Vol. 10 No. 4
003628: GOLD, H. L. (EDITOR) - if: Worlds of Science Fiction Vol. 11 No. 3
003626: GOLD, H. L. (EDITOR) - if: Worlds of Science Fiction Vol. 8 No. 6
003625: GOLD, H. L. (EDITOR) - if: Worlds of Science Fiction Vol. 10 No. 3
003621: GOLD, H. L. (EDITOR) - if: Worlds of Science Fiction Vol. 9 No. 4
003623: GOLD, H. L. (EDITOR) - if: Worlds of Science Fiction Vol. 10 No. 1
002431: GOLD, MARK S., M.D. - The Good News About Panic, Anxiety, and Phobias
001611: GOLDBERG, HARVEY (ED.) - American Radicals: Some Problems and Personalities
002428: GOLDIN, STEPHEN - Trek to Madworld
005158: GOLDMAN, SAM (EDITOR) - Song Hits Magazine Vol. 21 No. 2
005157: GOLDMAN, SAM (EDITOR) - Song Hits Magazine Vol. 20 No. 2
002280: GOLDMAN, WILLIAM - Magic: A Novel
003635: GOLDSMITH, CELE - Fantastic Vol. 8 No. 1
003532: GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT - The Great Depression
004327: GOLLEHON, JOHN - Attack the Casino's Vulnerable Games!
002881: DE GONCOURT, EDMOND; DE GONCOURT, JULES - Germinie Lacerteux
003221: GONZALES, JOHN - The Art of Love
000670: GOODMAN, JOSEPH V. - How to Publish, Promote and Sell Your Book
002947: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Winslow Homer
004225: GOODWIN, RUTHERFOORD - A Brief & True Report concerning Williamsburg in Virginia: Being an Account of the Most Important Occurrences in That Place from Its First Beginning to the Present Time
009026: GOODWYN, FRANK - Lone-Star Land: Twentieth-Century Texas in Perspective
006379: GORDON, LESLEY - A Pageant of Dolls: A Brief History of Dolls Showing the National Costumes & Customs of Many Lands
003046: GORDON, KAREN ELIZABETH - The Transitive Vampire: A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed
005567: THE GORDONS - Campaign Train
000811: GOS, MICHAEL W. - Waxbills
001448: GOSS, GARY - Hitler's Daughter
005614: GOTTLIEB, ADAM - Legal Highs: A Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Herbs and Chemicals with Psychoactive Properties
003861: GOULART, RON - Cheap Thrills: An Informal History of the Pulp Magazines
002595: GOULART, RON - Shaggy Planet
002712: GOULART, RON - Crackpot
000115: GOULD, CHESTER - Dick Tracy Meets the Night Crawler
002974: GOULIANOS, JOAN (ED.) - By a Woman Writt: Literature from Six Centuries by and About Women
009635: GOWDY, BARBARA - The White Bone
004263: O'GRADY, SCOTT; COPLON, JEFF - Return with Honor
007337: GRAFTON, SUE - M is for Malice
005138: GRAFTON, SUE; PENZLER, OTTO (EDITORS) - The Best American Mystery Stories 1998
002804: GRAFTON, SUE - "A" is for Alibi; "B" is for Burglar; "C" is for Corpse; "D" is for Deadbeat
004932: GRAFTON, SUE - "A" is for Alibi; "B" is for Burglar; "C" is for Corpse; "D" is for Deadbeat
008338: GRAHAM, ANDREA - Handed Down: Nevada's Living Folk Arts
002588: GRANDES, ALMUDENA - The Ages of Lulu
009813: GRANDIN, TEMPLE; PANEK, RICHARD - The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum
001289: GRANGER, BILL - The El Murders
000110: GRANT, MAXWELL - The Living Shadow
000156: GRANT, BRUCE - A Trip In Space
007720: GRANT, CAMPBELL - Rock Drawings of the Coso Range, Inyo County, California
003754: GRANT,TONI - Being a Woman: Fulfilling Your Femininity and Finding Love
001390: GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - The Condor Passes
007417: GRAY, R. GUILD - The Treble V: The Legacy of a Cattle Baron of the Old West
000686: DU PLESSIX GRAY, FRANCINE - Lovers and Tyrants
006763: GRAYLING, A. C. - Berkeley: The Central Arguments [George Berkeley]
009967: GRAYSON, DAVID; CARPENTER, JOHN - Peanut Butter Glasses and more...
007880: GRAYSON, DAVID - The Friendly Road
009447: GREEN, ANNA KATHARINE - The Circular Study
005665: GREEN, ROLAND - Conan the Valiant
005542: GREEN, HOWARD J.; HOLMES, BROWN; O'CONNOR, JOHN E. (EDITOR) - I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
004575: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Complaisant Lover
000383: GREENE, GAEL - Delicious Sex
008749: GREENE, JEROME A. - Morning Star Dawn: The Powder River Expedition and the Northern Cheyennes, 1876
008585: GREENE, A. C. - The 50+ Best Books on Texas
001005: GREENE, JOSEPH I. (ED.) - The Infantry Journal Reader
009106: GREENE, A. C. - A Personal Country
002142: GREENE, GRAHAM - The 3rd Man
002622: GREENFELD, HOWARD - They Came to Paris
004780: GREENLEAF, STEPHEN - Toll Call
005893: GREER, HILTON ROSS (EDITOR) - Best Short Stories from the Southwest
009685: GREGG, JOSIAH; MOORHEAD, MAX L. - Commerce of the Prairies
002135: GREGOR, PAUL - Jump into the Sun
002788: GREGORY, HOWARD - Southern California's Seacoast: Then & Now
008022: GREUNER, LORENE - Lake Valley's Past: A Guide to Twenty Historical Sites at Tahoe's South Shore
002346: GREY, VISCOUNT OF FALLODON - The Charm of Birds
006442: GREY, ZANE - The Thundering Herd
003950: GREY, ZANE - Desert Gold
009779: GREY, ZANE, ET AL - Zane Grey's Western Magazine
004464: GRIFFIN, SUSAN - The Book of the Courtesans: A Catalogue of Their Virtues
009113: GRIFFIN, SHAUN T. (EDITOR) - Desert Wood: An Anthology of Nevada Poets
007174: GRIFFIN, SHAUN T. (EDITOR) - Desert Wood: An Anthology of Nevada Poets
008392: GRIFFIN, SHAUN T. (EDITOR) - Desert Wood: An Anthology of Nevada Poets
007967: GRIFFIN, SHAUN T. (EDITOR) - The River Underground: An Anthology of Nevada Fiction
000346: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - A Herbal of All Sorts
005013: ROBBE-GRILLET, ALAIN - La Maison de Rendez-vous
009426: GRIMES, MARTHA - The Black Cat
000624: GROBERMAN, JEFF; YARDLEY, COLIN - The Garage Sale Book: Turn Your Trash into Cash
009121: GROSH, E. ALLEN; GROSH, HOSEA B.; JAMES, RONALD M.; STEWART, ROBERT E. - The Gold Rush Letters of E. Allen Grosh and Hosea B. Grosh
006981: GROSLEY, PIERRE-JEAN - Sieges de Troyes par les Jesuites, ou Memoires et pieces pour servir a l'histoire de Troyes pendant le 17me siecle, precedes du discours de Jean Passerat, Troyen, prononce au College Royal de Paris en 1594
003042: GROSS, BARRY (ED.) - For Our Time: 24 Essays by 8 Contemporary Americans
007433: GROSSMAN, STEFAN - Stefan Grossman's Masters of Country Blues Guitar: Rev. Gary Davis
009010: GROVER, DAVID H. (EDITOR) - Landmarks in Western Oratory
008290: GROVER, DAVID H. - Diamondfield Jack: A Study in Frontier Justice
008162: GRUBBS, BRUCE - The Hiker's Guide to Nevada
007775: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Nice Fat Policeman
005061: GRUSENDORF, ARTHUR A. - Authentic Human: Man Fit for Happiness and Survival
002878: GRZIMEK, BERNHARD - Such Agreeable Friends
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003394: HAMILTON, EDITH - Mythology
002949: HAMILTON, CHARLES F. - Photographing Nudes
009969: HAMILTON, W. T. - My Sixty Years on the Plains: Trapping, Trading, and Indian Fighting
008567: HAMILTON, W. T. - My Sixty Years on the Plains: Trapping, Trading, and Indian Fighting
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005622: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure
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007075: HERMANN, RUTH - William Morris Stewart and his Southern Bride
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002752: JAMESON, P. R. - The Barometer as the Foot Rule of the Air
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009922: JANCE, J. A. - Outlaw Mountain
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004339: JANCE, J. A. - Day of the Dead
003569: JANCE, J. A. - Dead Wrong
009758: JANCE, J. A. - Without Due Process
009506: JANCE, J. A. - Hand of Evil
009757: JANCE, J. A. - Failure to Appear
009756: JANCE, J. A. - Name Withheld
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000404: JEFFREY, SUSU - Songs of the Gypsy Women
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001148: JENNINGS, JOHN - The Salem Frigate
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001811: KIERAN JOHN - Footnotes on Nature
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008910: JOHNSON, JOHN HENRY (EDITOR) - Bawdy Ballads and Lusty Lyrics
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005330: JOHNSON, RUSS; JOHNSON, ANNE - The Ghost Town of Bodie
004649: JOHNSON, WENDELL STACY - Living in Sin: The Victorian Sexual Revolution
001393: JOHNSON, ERIC W. - Older and Wiser: Wit, Wisdom, and Spirited Advice from the Older Generation
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004684: JOHNSTON, STANLEY - Queen of the Flat-Tops: The Story of the U.S.S. Lexington
002262: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - Georgina's Service Stars
008454: JOHNSTONE, BARBARA; EISENHART, CHRISTOPHER (EDITORS) - Rhetoric in Detail: Discourse Analyses of Rhetorical Talk and Text
009161: JOHNSTONE, JAY; TALLEY, RICK - Over the Edge
007119: JOMINI, ANTOINE-HENRI - The Art of War
000664: JONATHAN, NORTON HUGHES - The Movie Scout or The Thrill Hunters
005936: JONES, MABEL CRONISE - Dolly's College Experiences
000467: JONES, DONALD - Medical Aid and Other Poems
000968: JONES, RAYMOND F. - Renegades of Time
000977: JONES, MERVYN - A Survivor
007728: JONES, MUSKIE - Muskie Jones's Northwoods Cookery
009566: JONES, J. ROY - Saddle Bags in Siskiyou
009316: JORDAN, DAVID STARR (EDITOR) - The California Earthquake of 1906
005041: JOYCE, MARILEE - The Gentle Giant: How Jim Joyce Helped Shape Nevada Politics for a Generation
001908: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
003300: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
007953: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
002945: JUDSON, SYLVIA SHAW - The Quiet Eye: A Way of Looking at Pictures
001363: KAHN, MICHAEL A. - The Canaan Legacy
007863: KAINS, M. G. - Five Acres and Independence: A Handbook for Small Farm Management
007432: KALAY, YEHUDA E. (EDITOR) - Evaluating and Predicting Design Performance
008737: KALMA, J. D.; SIVAPALAN, M. (EDITORS) - Scale Issues in Hydrological Modelling
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003411: KARLINS, MARVIN; ANDREWS, LEWIS M. - Biofeedback: Turning On the Power of Your Mind
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007605: KASPER, SHIRL - Annie Oakley
000420: KATZ, MICHAEL J. - Last Dance in Redondo Beach
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003240: KAUFMAN, JOAN - Dogs, Dreams, and Men
008058: KAUFMANN, J. E.; JURGA, ROBERT M. - Fortress Europe: European Fortifications of World War II
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008299: LISTER-KAYE, JOHN - The White Island
009919: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Homegrown Democrat: A Few Plain Thoughts from the Heart of America
010028: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Wobegon Boy
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001555: KEITH, BRANDON - The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the Affair of the Gentle Saboteur
001553: KEITH, BRANDON - I Spy: Message from Moscow
002785: KELEN, EMERY - Calling Dr. Owl
003212: KELLER, HELEN - The Story of My Life
006848: KELLY, WALT - The Incompleat Pogo
004021: KELLY, FANNY - My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians
000509: KELLY, GEORGE - The Torch-Bearers: A Satirical Comedy in Three Acts
002493: KELLY, MICHAEL THOMAS - Light Blooms
000515: KELSEY, MORTON T.; KELSEY, BARBARA - Sacrament of Sexuality
004662: KELSO, MARY JEAN - A Virginia City Mystery
007523: KELSO, WILLIAM M. - Jamestown: The Buried Truth
001336: KELTNER, NANCY (ED.) - If You Print This, Please Don't Use My Name: Questions from Teens and Their Parents About Things That Matter
004927: KENDRICK, GRACE - The Antique Bottle Collector
003173: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - American Diplomacy 1900-1950
008393: KENNEDY, GERALDINE - Harmattan: A Journey Across the Sahara
007170: KENNEDY, SIR JOHN; FERGUSSON, BERNARD (EDITOR) - The Business of War: The War Narrative of Major-General Sir John Kennedy
003961: KENNER, JOHN - True Tales of Real Characters of the Old West: Volume One
000418: KENNETT, LEE - A History of Strategic Bombing
009425: KENO, LEIGH; KENO; LESLIE; FREUND, JOAN BARZILAY - Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture
005350: KENT, CHRIS - Jeet Kune Do From A to Z Volume One
003584: KENT, ALAN M.; HODGE, POL; BISCOE, BERT - Berdh Arnowydh Kernewek, Modern Cornish Poets
001375: KENYON, KAREN - Sunshower
007496: KEPES, GYORGY - Language of Vision
002767: KERNAHAN, COULSON - Captain Shannon
006687: KERR, KATHARINE - Darkspell
006640: KERSH, GERALD - Night and the City
002056: KETCHAM, HANK - Dennis the Menace: Make-Believe Angel
002426: KETCHAM, HANK - Dennis the Menace Rides Again
005357: KETCHER, MICHAEL H. - How to Clear Customs With a Minimum of Hassle
005356: KETCHER, MICHAEL H. - How to Insulate Your Wealth from Death Taxes
005355: KETCHER, MICHAEL H. - 23 Ways to Shield Your Assets from Confiscation
002891: KEY, ROBERT E. - Selections from the Poems of Robert E. Key
003217: KEYES, DANIEL - Unveiling Claudia: A True Story of Serial Murder
003972: KIJEWSKI, KAREN - Honky Tonk Kat
009847: KILGORE, WILLIAM H.; MUENCH, JOYCE ROCKWOOD (EDITOR) - The Kilgore Journal of an Overland Journey to California in the Year 1850
009042: KILMAN, ED; KEMP, LOU W. - Texas Musketeers: Stories of Early Texas Battles and Their Heroes
007232: KING, ALFRED CASTNER - Mountain Idylls and Other Poems
009837: KING, STEPHEN - Skeleton Crew
005296: KING, B. B. - B. B. King: Greatest Hits
009207: KING, R. T. - Noah Smernoff: A Life in Medicine
009978: KING, OLEPHIA "LEAFY - Western Poems; Western Poems No. II
007736: KING, R. T. (EDITOR) - War Stories: Veterans Remember WWII
008547: KING, R. T.; ADAMS, KEN; DIXON, MEAD - Playing the Cards That Are Dealt: Mead Dixon, the Law, and Casino Gaming
007706: KING, STEPHEN; UNDERWOOD, TIM; MILLER, CHUCK - Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King
009443: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - The Lacuna
005921: KINGTON, MILES; DORAN, AMANDA JANE (EDITORS) - The Pick of Punch; More Pick of Punch
007122: KINZER, H. M. (EDITOR) - Photography Annual 1970
006169: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Books (Volume One, Volume Two)
004499: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Seven Seas
002652: KIPLING, RUDYARD - In Black and White; Under The Deodars
009879: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Tales of India
006762: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Mulvaney Stories
009870: KISSINGER, ROSEMARY - Quanah Parker: Comanche Chief
004155: KLEIN, JAMES - Where to Find Gold in the Mother Lode
005615: KLONSKY, MILTON (EDITOR) - Shake the Kaleidoscope: A New Anthology of Modern Poetry
003306: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE - Mirror for Man: A Survey of Human Behavior and Social Attitudes
009895: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE - To the Foot of the Rainbow: A Tale of Twenty-Five Hundred Miles of Wandering on Horseback through the Southwest Enchanted Land
010036: KNEISS, GILBERT H. - Bonanza Railroads
009116: KNEISS, GILBERT H. - Bonanza Railroads
006605: KNIGHT, DAMON (EDITOR) - Turning Points: Essays on the Art of Science Fiction
004608: KNIGHT, ANGELA; DUBOIS, KATHRYN ANNE; LAWLESS, JADE; WELLES, JULIA - Secrets: The Best in Women's Sensual Fiction Volume 7
009535: KNUDTSEN, MOLLY FLAGG - Here Is Our Valley
007339: KNUDTSEN, MOLLY FLAGG - Under the Mountain
009923: KOONTZ, DEAN - Ashley Bell
001545: KOONTZ, JOHN; PALMER, ARTHUR J., JR. - Political History of Nevada
007576: KOONTZ, DEAN - Nightmare Journey
006764: KOONTZ, DEAN - Fear Nothing
001057: KOSINSKI, JERZY - Blind Date
009465: KRENTZ, JAYNE ANN - Falling Awake
009515: KRENTZ, JAYNE ANN - River Road
000284: KRESS, NANCY - The Golden Grove
004655: KROLL, ERIC - Eric Kroll's Fetish Girls
004198: KRONENBERGER, LOUIS (EDITOR) - An Anthology of Light Verse
009528: KRONENWETTER, MICHAEL - First Kill
004903: KRONHAUSEN, EBERHARD; KRONHAUSEN, PHYLLIS - Erotic Art: A Survey of Erotic Fact and Fancy in the Fine Arts
003428: KRYSTAL, PHYLLIS - Cutting the Ties That Bind: How to Achieve Liberation from False Security and Negative Conditioning
006672: KUBLY, HERBERT - American in Italy
002600: KUENZEL, H. - Lucas Cranach the Elder
001330: KUMP, PETER - Quiche & Pate
005308: KURATOMI, CHIZUKO - Mr. Bear in the Air
007447: KURMASKIE, JOE - Mud, Sweat, and Gears: A Rowdy Family Bike Adventure Across Canada on Seven Wheels
000945: KUSELL, MAURICE L.; MERRITT, M. S. - Marquee Ballyhoo: An American Novel
000450: KWASKY, ALBERT - The Old Lady in Dubuque
000726: KWASNY, MELISSA - Modern Daughters and the Outlaw West
006463: LAGERLOF, SELMA (SELMA LAGERLÖF) - Liliecrona's Home
008204: LAHREN, MARY M. (EDITOR); TREXLER, JAMES H. (EDITOR) - Crustal Evolution of the Great Basin and the Sierra Nevada
001021: LAIRD, R. F. - The Boomer Bible
001159: LAKE, MARK; RIDGWAY, JUDY - The Simon & Schuster Pocket Guide to Oils, Vinegars & Seasonings
002889: DE LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE - Raphael, or Pages of the Book of Life at Twenty
004359: LAMB, CHARLES; LAMB, MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
009151: LAMSON, BERENICE - There's Only One Coke [Richard Coke Wood]
003224: LANCASTER, BRUCE - For Us the Living
001923: LAND, JON - A Walk in the Darkness
000941: LANE, MAGGIE - Needlepoint by Design: Variations on Chinese Themes
006555: LANGWORTHY, JOHN LUTHER - The Aeroplane Boys: or, The Young Sky Pilot's First Air Voyage
002987: LANNERS, EDI (ED.) - Illusions
002956: LARDNER, RING - Haircut and Other Stories
007619: LASKY, MURIEL - The Proud Little Kitten
001897: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - The Heart of Her Highness
000775: LAVRIN, JANKO - Dostoevsky: A Study
001115: LAWLOR, FLORINE - Out from Las Vegas: Adventures a Day Away
005579: LAWRENCE, GERTRUDE - A Star Danced
005560: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Studies in Classic American Literature
007226: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover
003946: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover
009569: LAWRENCE, DAVID - The Complete Guide to Barber Halves
002199: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sons and Lovers
005025: LAWTON, CHARLES - Jungle Menace Starring Frank Buck
009512: LAXALT, ROBERT - The Governor's Mansion
009489: LAXALT, ROBERT - A Man in the Wheatfield
006458: LAXALT, ROBERT - A Cup of Tea in Pamplona
008256: LAXALT, ROBERT - In a Hundred Graves: A Basque Portrait
007574: LAXALT, ROBERT - Time of the Rabies
008288: LAXALT, ROBERT - Dust Devils
008254: LAXALT, ROBERT - Child of the Holy Ghost
007575: LAXALT, ROBERT - A Lean Year and Other Stories
008579: LAXALT, PAUL - Nevada's Paul Laxalt: A Memoir
007530: LAXALT, ROBERT - Nevada: A Bicentennial History
009462: LAXALT, ROBERT - The Basque Hotel
008255: LAXALT, ROBERT - Sweet Promised Land
009494: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Nonsense Novels
005905: LEBOW, GUY - "Are We On the Air?!": The Hilarious, Scandalous Confessions of a TV Pioneer
009850: LECKENBY, CHARLES H. - The Tread of Pioneers: Some Highlights in the Dramatic and Colorful History of Northwestern Colorado
008205: LEE, HOWARD - Kung Fu #1: The Way of the Tiger, The Sign of the Dragon
006398: LEE, LAURIE - As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning
005636: LEE, TANITH - The Storm Lord
004230: LEE, W. STORRS (EDITOR) - California: A Literary Chronicle
003223: LEE, WILLIAM H. - New Power to Love: Concentrated Virility Foods
003179: LEE, TANITH - Electric Forest
002809: LEE, JOHN G. - Fighter Facts and Fallacies
009720: LEE, JACK H. - West of Powder River: Tales of the Far West Told in Narrative Verse
005346: LEE, BRUCE; LITTLE, JOHN (EDITOR) - Words of the Dragon: Interviews 1958-1973
009973: LEE, JACK H. - The Stampede and Other Tales of the Far West
000960: LEEMING, JOSEPH - Tricks and Stunts with Playing Cards: Plus Games of Solitaire
005062: LEGMAN, G. - Oragenitalism
007255: LEHRER, JIM - Crown Oklahoma
007254: LEHRER, JIM - Short List
008114: LEHRMAN, JANE - Around Dayton: A Collection of Columns about the People of Dayton, Nevada
009099: LEIGH, RUFUS WOOD - Nevada Place Names: Their Origin and Significance
008731: LEIPER, SAM - Roundup Time
009004: LENO, JAY; ZEHME, BILL - Leading With My Chin
005241: LEONARD, ELMORE - Glitz
004064: LEONARD, ELMORE - Tishomingo Blues
000403: LEONARD, PHYLLIS - Tarnished Angel
009554: LEONARD, ELMORE - Get Shorty
007412: LESCOTT, JOHN; LESCOTT, SHELLY (EDITORS) - High Hopes & Gold Dust WEST!
006134: LESCROART, JOHN - A Plague of Secrets
009081: LESCROART, JOHN - A Plague of Secrets
007323: LESCROART, JOHN - Treasure Hunt
003600: LESIN, I. M.; PETROVA, LUBA - Spoken Russian: Basic Course, Units 1-12
006121: LEVINSON, PETER J. - Trumpet Blues: The Life of Harry James
009668: LEVINSON, ROBERT S. - The James Dean Affair
003310: LEWIN, ROGER - Hormones: Chemical Communicators
006684: LEWIS, PAUL M. - Beautiful Northeren Nevada
009722: LEWIS, MARVIN; LEWIS, B. BETTY - Martha and the Doctor: A Frontier Family in Central Nevada
001379: LEWIS, ROBERT A. (ED.) - Men in Difficult Times: Masculinity Today and Tomorrow
001395: LEWIS, ANTHONY - Make No Law: The Sullivan Case and the First Amendment
000909: LEWIS, OSCAR - The Children of Sanchez: Autobiography of a Mexican Family
002432: LEWIS, MERIWETHER; CLARK, WILLIAM; BAKELESS, JOHN (ED.) - The Journals of Lewis and Clark
008253: LEWIS, A. W. - Basic Bookbinding
001475: LEWONTIN, TIMOTHY - Parsons' Mill
009422: LIBBY, BILL - Charlie O. and the Angry A's
000948: LICHTENBERG, JACQUELINE - Mahogany Trinrose
007442: LIEBLING, A. J.; RUSCO, ELMER R. (EDITOR) - A Reporter at Large: Dateline Pyramid Lake, Nevada
003404: LIGHTHALL, J. I. - The Indian Folk Medicine Guide
007841: LIGOTTI, THOMAS - Grimscribe: His Lives and Works
007098: LILLARD, RICHARD G. - Desert Challenge: An Interpretation of Nevada
005009: LIND, JAKOV - Landscape in Concrete
004329: LINDGREN, ERNEST - The Art of the Film
007247: LINDSEY, ROBERT - The Falcon and the Snowman: A True Story of Friendship and Espionage
008768: LINDSEY, ROBERT - The Falcon and the Snowman: A True Story of Friendship and Espionage
001826: LINEBARGER, PAUL M. A. - Psychological Warfare
004076: LINK, L. W. - The Great Montana Earthquake
008639: LINN, JOHN J. - Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas
007458: LIPPMAN, LAURA - Another Thing to Fall
000883: LIPPMAN, LAURA - The Sugar House
001455: LIPSKY, DAVID - Three Thousand Dollars
000794: LITTLEHALES, BATES - Bird Watch
006103: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Moon Tiger
000949: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - A Few Flowers for Shiner
004893: LLOYD, JOAN ELIZABETH - Slow Dancing
001945: LOCHTE, DICK - Sleeping Dog
010008: LOCKE, SONDRA - The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly: A Hollywood Journey
002377: LOCKLEY, R. M. - Shearwaters
004212: LOCKRIDGE, NORMAN - Waggish Tales of the Czechs, Originally Titled Gesta Czechorum
005129: LOGUE, MARY - Poison Heart
005329: LOMAX, JOHN A. - Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camp
006560: LONDON, JANE - The Musical Toy Parade
005387: LONDON, JACK - The Call of the Wild; White Fang
004585: LONDON, JACK - Before Adam; The Game
004584: LONDON, JACK - When God Laughs
007906: LONDON, JACK - Martin Eden
002094: LONDON, JACK - Aurora Esplendida
000806: LONG, WILLIAM J. - Wings of the Forest
008235: LONG, MILBRA; SEATE, EMILY - Fostoria Tableware 1924-1943: The Crystal for America
001255: LONIER, TERRI - Working Solo Sourcebook: Essential Resources for Independent Entrepreneurs
004375: LOOFBOUROW, LEON L. - In Search of God's Gold
004365: LOOFBOUROW, LEON L. - He Shall Be Like a Tree: An Interpretation of the Sequoias
001003: LOOMIS, ROBERT D. - The Story of the U.S. Air Force
006673: LOOMIS, ROGER SHERMAN (EDITOR) - Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages
009547: LOOSE, WARREN - Bodie Bonanza: The True Story of a Flamboyant Past
001886: LORAC, E. C. R. - And Then Put Out the Light (Policemen in the Precinct)
010007: LORD, ELIOT - Comstock Mining and Miners
009957: LORD, ISRAEL SHIPMAN PELTON; LILES, NECIA DIXON (EDITOR) - "At the Extremity of Civilization": A Meticulously Descriptive Diary of an Illinois Physician's Journey in 1849 Along the Oregon Trail to the Goldmines and Cholera of California, Thence in Two Years to Return by Boat via Panama
000851: LORD, PRISCILLA SAWYER; FOLEY, DANIEL J. - The Folk Arts and Crafts of New England
001169: LORENTZ, PARE - FDR's Moviemaker: Memoirs and Scripts
006984: DE LOSSADA, LUIS; DE ISLA, JOSE FRANCISCO - La juventud triunfante, representada en las fiestas, con que celebro el Colegio Real de la Compania de Jesus de Salamanca la Canonizacion de San Luis Gonzaga, y San Stanislao Kostka, y con que aplaudio la Protection de las Escuelas Jesuiticas
001574: LOUYS, PIERRE - Les Chansons de Bilitis
004852: LOVE, FRANK - A Guide to Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the Yuma and Lower Colorado Region: Tumco, Castle Dome, Fortuna, Kofa, Polaris, Picacho
006638: LOVERIN, JANET I.; NYLEN, ROBERT A.; TUOHY, DONALD R. (ED.) - To Clothe Nevada Women, 1860-1920
008298: LOVETT, RICHARD A. - Free-Wheelin': A Solo Journey Across America
003650: LOWNDES, ROBERT W. (EDITOR) - Future Science Fiction No. 28
004658: LOWRIE, SIMON - A Journey Round a Darker Sun
002623: DE LUBAC, HENRI - Teilhard de Chardin: The Man and His Meaning
004427: LUCAS, RICHARD - Secrets of the Chinese Herbalists
002667: LUCAS, RUSSELL - Evenings at Mongini's and Other Stories
003525: LUCE, HENRY R. (EDITOR) - Life Magazine, August 18, 1941
002127: LUCE, CAROL DAVIS - Night Prey
008524: LUDWIG, LARRY L.; STUTE, JAMES L. - The Battle at K-H Butte: Apache Outbreak-1881: Arizona Territory
009914: LUMMIS, CHARLES F. - Mesa, Canon and Pueblo: Our Wonderland of the Southwest, Its Marvels of Nature, Its Pageant of the Earth Building, Its Strange Peoples, Its Centuried Romance
009478: MOUNTAIN WOLF WOMAN; LURIE, NANCY OESTREICH (EDITOR) - Mountain Wolf Woman, Sister of Crashing Thunder: The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian
009487: LYMAN, GEORGE D. - The Saga of the Comstock Lode: Boom Days in Virginia City
001341: VAN DER LYN, EDITA - Dachshunds
000988: LYON, JAMES K - Bertolt Brecht In America
002597: MACAULAY, DAVID - Great Moments in Architecture
000963: MACCLINTOCK, DORCAS - Horses As I See Them
005704: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - Free Fall in Crimson
005610: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Galton Case
001672: MACDONALD, ALEXANDER - Revolt in Paradise: The Social Revolution in Hawaii After Pearl Harbor
002210: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Underground Man
000566: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - A Flash of Green
009385: MACDONALD, ROSS - Sleeping Beauty
007318: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - The Green Ripper
009448: MACDONALD, JOHN F. - The Amazing City
006316: MACELREE, W. W. - Court Room and Steeple
002602: MACGRATH, HAROLD - Hearts and Masks
009646: MACGREGOR, JAMES G. - The Land of Twelve Foot Davis (A History of the Peace River Country)
004571: MACKAYE, PERCY - This Fine-Pretty World: A Comedy of the Kentucky Mountains
004047: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - The Lonely Sea: Collected Short Stories
006078: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - The Fall of the City: A Verse Play for Radio
008351: MACMAHON, HENRY - Orphans of the Storm
007481: MADGIC, BOB; ESTEBAN, ADRIAN - Shattered Air: A True Account of Catastrophe and Courage on Yosemite's Half Dome
000345: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - Monna Vanna: A Play in Three Acts
002747: THE EDITORS OF PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE - Erotica from Penthouse Volumes 1 & 2
000907: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Midaq Alley, The Thief and the Dogs, Miramar
002688: MAILER, NORMAN - Harlot's Ghost
005927: MAJOR, CHARLES - Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
004873: MAKLEY, MICHAEL J. - The Hanging of Lucky Bill
007813: MAKLEY, MICHAEL J. - A Short History of Lake Tahoe
004853: MALACH, ROMAN - Oatman, Gold Mining Center
000931: MALING, ARTHUR - The Koberg Link
009740: MANDEL, LEON - William Fisk Harrah: The Life and Times of a Gambling Magnate
009484: MANDEL, LEON - William Fisk Harrah: The Life and Times of a Gambling Magnate
005113: DE MANDIARGUES, ANDRE PIEYRE - The Girl Beneath the Lion
003854: MANLEY, SEON; LEWIS, GOGO (EDITORS) - Nature's Revenge
007278: MANN, THOMAS - Joseph in Egypt
005001: MANN, THOMAS - Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories
009205: MANN, THOMAS; LOWE-PORTER, H. T. (TRANSLATOR) - Doctor Faustus
002692: MANSFIELD, PETER - The Arabs
003265: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE; MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (ED.) - Journal of Katherine Mansfield
009228: SUPERVUE MAP AND GUIDE ORGANIZATION - Illustrated Souvenir of New York
007935: MARCUS, STANLEY - The Viewpoints of Stanley Marcus: A Ten-Year Perspective
009397: MARCY, RANDOLPH B. - The Prairie Traveler: A Handbook for Overland Expeditions
003987: MARDRUS, J. C.; MATHERS, POWYS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night [The Arabian Nights]
002617: MARGOLIN, MALCLOM (ED.) - The Way We Lived: California Indian Reminiscences, Stories and Songs
002653: MARIUS, RICHARD - The Coming of Rain
007876: MARKHAM, R. H. - The Wave of the Past
006887: MARKHAM, BERYL - West with the Night
002050: MARKS, ROBERT W. - Simplifying Set Theory
003546: MARLEY, LOUISE - The Maquisarde
005849: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - Timothy Dexter Revisited
009321: MARRA, ANTHONY - The Tsar of Love and Techno
007632: MARSH, ANDREW J. - Letters from Nevada Territory 1861-1862
005142: MARSHALL, MEL - Sierra Summer
004265: MARSHALL, MEL - Sierra Summer
007044: MARTEL, WILLIAM C.; SAVAGE, PAUL L. - Strategic Nuclear War: What the Superpowers Target and Why
006470: MARTIN, EDWINA TOOLEY - The Land of the Condor
006023: MARTIN, RALPH G.; HUMPHREY, HUBERT H. - A Man for All People: Hubert H. Humphrey
000466: MARTIN, LEE - Too Sane a Murder
000550: MARTIN, GRAHAM DUNSTAN - The Dream Wall
001437: MARTIN, DOUGLAS - The Telling Line: Essays on Fifteen Contemporary Book Illustrators
008279: MARTIN, GREGORY - Mountain City
002456: MARTIN, PETE - Hollywood without Make-Up
003415: MARTINEZ, MAX - Schoolland: A Novel
009647: MARTINSEN, ELLA LUNG - Black Sand and Gold: True Alaska-Yukon Gold-Rush Story
001807: MARUYA, SAIICHI - Singular Rebellion
000453: MARVELL, ANDREW; KERMODE, FRANK (ED.) - Andrew Marvell: Selected Poetry
005898: MARX, MARCIA (TRANSLATOR) - The Forbidden City (Zijin Cheng)
004267: MASON, A. E. W. - The Witness for the Defence
002713: MASON, BOBBIE ANN - Spence + Lila
009611: MASON, DOROTHY - The Pony Express in Nevada
007235: MASSEE, WILLIAM E. - Massee's Wine Handbook
006079: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - The New World
001085: MASUR, GERHARD - Prophets of Yesterday: Studies in European Culture 1890-1914
002106: MATCHA, JACK - The Brady Bunch in The New York Mystery
008412: MATE, FERENC - The Finely Fitted Yacht, Volume I: Interior; The Finely Fitted Yacht, Volume II: Exterior
002708: MATHESON, RICHARD - Shock Waves
007892: MATTHEWS, MARY MCNAIR - Ten Years in Nevada; or, Life on the Pacific Coast
004014: MATTHEWS, GEORGE T. - News and Rumor in Renaissance Europe (The Fugger Newsletters)
009600: MATTHEWS, SALLIE REYNOLDS - Interwoven: A Pioneer Chronicle
000088: MATTHIESSEN, F. O. - Theodore Dreiser
001258: MATZ, MARC - Nocturne for a Dangerous Man
000606: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Cakes and Ale
000399: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET (ED.) - Great Modern Reading: W. Somerset Maugham's Introduction to Modern English and American Literature
002943: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Behind the Mirror
005623: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Selected Stories of Guy de Maupassant
005262: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Miss Harriet
000479: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Ricochets: Miniature Tales of Human Life
002893: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Disraeli: A Picture of the Victorian Age
001763: MAUROIS, ANDRE - The Edwardian Era
005236: VATSYAYANA; GRAHAM-MAW, JANE (EDITOR) - Kama Sutra: The Arts of Love
005564: MAXWELL, WILLIAM - Time Will Darken It; The Chateau; So Long, See You Tomorrow
001313: MAXWELL, THOMAS - The Saberdene Variations
003338: MAXWELL, A. E. - Just Another Day in Paradise
003775: MAYER, EDGAR, M.D. - Clinical Application of Sunlight and Artificial Radiation: Including Their Physiological and Experimental Aspects with Special Reference to Tuberculosis
008138: MAYES, ALAN - Old School Hot Rods
004875: MAYNARD, RICHARD - The Coconut Book
000325: MCBAIN, ED - Cinderella
006352: MCBAIN, ED - Kiss: A Novel of the 87th Precinct
010027: MCBAIN, ED - Hark!: A Novel of the 87th Precinct
000328: MCBAIN, ED - Calypso: An 87th Precinct Novel
000327: MCBAIN, ED - Snow White and Rose Red
009192: MCBRIDE, GENEVIEVE - The Bird Tail
008295: MCBRIDE, DENNIS - Midnight on Arizona Street: The Secret Life of the Boulder Dam Hotel
001741: MCCABE, CHARLES - The Fearless Spectator
004710: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - If Wishes Were Horses
004149: MCCAFFREY, ANNE; BALL, MARGARET - Acorna's Quest

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