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131243: SANAVIK CO-OPERATIVE - Sanavik Cooperative Baker Lake 1974 Prints/Estampes
131207: SANAVIK CO-OPERATIVE - Baker Lake 1973 Prints / Estampes
140456: WEST BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Dorset 81; Cape Dorset Graphics Annual
131242: WEST BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Dorset 79; The Twentieth Annual Cape Dorset Graphics Collection
131241: WEST BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Dorset 78; Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection 1978
131240: WEST BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Dorset 77; Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection 1977; Collection annuelle des gravures du Cap Dorset 1977
142140: SANAVIK CO-OPERATIVE - Baker Lake 1978 Prints / Estampes
150121: OPIE, JAMES - Britains Toys Soldiers; The History and Handbook 1893-2013
003815: OPPEL, FRANK (EDITOR) - Tales of the Canadian North
109967: OPPEL, FRANK (EDITOR) - Tales of Gaslight New York
015235: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Up the Ladder of Gold
101115: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Shudders and Thrills; the Second Oppenheim Omnibus
101759: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Passionate Quest
102323: OPPENHEIMER, CARLOTA - Carlota Goes Places; from G.I.S To Generals
109272: ORCHARD, M.L. (INCLUDES FLORENCE HEDGE MCDONALD: GLIMMERINGS OF THE HARVEST".) - The Time for the Sickle (Includes Florence Hedge McDonald--Glimmerings of the Harvest".)
010148: ORCUTT, WILLIAM DANA - Mary Baker Eddy and Her Books
003022: ORE, OYSTEIN - Theory of Graphs (Series: American Mathematical Society 38.)
144078: OREND, BRIAN - The Morality of War
140743: ORENSTEIN, HENRY - I Shall Live; Surviving Against All Odds, 1939-1945
112881: OREY, MICHAEL - Assuming the Risk; the Mavericks, the Lawyers, and the Whistle-Blowers Who Beat Big Tobacco
110433: ORFIELD, DIDRICK J. - Sing About Minnesota
001701: ORGAN, RICHARD (WITH RON PAGE, DON WATSON & LES WILKINSON.) - Avro Arrow; The Story of the Avro Arrow from its Evolution to its Extinction
143515: ORGAN, RICHARD (WITH RON PAGE, DON WATSON & LES WILKINSON.) - Avro Arrow; The Story of the Avro Arrow from its Evolution to its Extinction
147515: COMMITTEE FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION - The C.I.O. What It is and How It Came to Be; A Brief History of the Committee for Industrial Organization (Publisher series: C.I.O. Publications.)
109628: ORKIN, MARK M. - Speaking Canadian English; an Informal Account of the English Language in Canada
007091: ORMOND, RICHARD - The Face of Monarchy; British Royalty Portrayed
103466: ORMSBEE, THOMAS H. - Care and Repair of Antiques
106788: ORR, CLYDE, JR. - Between Earth and Space
126718: ORREFORS - Orrefors Nr 9; Graverat Glas
126719: ORREFORS - Orrefors Nr 10
126721: ORREFORS - Orrefors Nr 12
128907: ORTOLAN, M. - The History of Roman Law (Originally published as Histoire de la Legislation Romaine et Generalisation du Droit.)
002984: PREVITE-ORTON, C.W. - The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History
108607: PREVITE-ORTON, C.W. - The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History
144324: ORTZEN, TONY (EDITOR) - Silver Birch Companion
107733: OSBORN, E.B. - Greater Canada; the Past, Present and Future of the Canadian North-West
141185: JIM OSBORN - 1967 Mercury Cougar; Illustrated Facts and Features Manual
017604: OSBORNE, JOHN W. - The Silent Revolution; the Industrial Revolution in England As a Source of Cultural Change
120439: OSBORNE, KENNETH - Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute: A History
006541: OSBORNE, JOHN W. - The Silent Revolution; the Industrial Revolution in England As a Source of Cultural Change
150062: OSBORNE, JANICE (IDENTIFIED ON COVER AS: ARMOUR TOWNSHIP; THE INVISIBLE PAST; 1881-1981.) - Armour Township - the Invisible Past; With Illustrations from Local Photographs
012914: OSBORNE, CHARLES (BIOGRAPHY OF AGATHA CHRISTIE.) - The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie
141131: OSBORNE, KENNETH W. - R. B. Russell and the Labour Movement (Publisher series: We Built Canada.)
149953: OSBORNE, JUNE - Stained Glass in England
102898: OSGOOD, ADELAIDE H. - How to Apply Royal Worcester, Matt, Bronze, la Croix and Dresden Colors to China
142945: OSGOOD, CHARLES E. (EDITOR) - Psycholinguistics; A Survey of Theory and Research Problems (Publisher series: International Journal of American Linguistics--Vol. 20, No. 4, October 1954; International Journal of American Linguistics.)
113650: OSGOOD, EDWIN E. (WITH CLARICE M. ASHWORTH.) - Atlas of Hematology
003215: OSLER, E.B. (BIOGRAPHY OF LOUIS RIEL.) - The Man Who Had to Hang; Louis Riel
003339: OSLER, WILLIAM (EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY CHARLES G. ROLAND.) - Sir William Osler 1849-1919; a Selection for Medical Students
106806: OSLER, WILLIAM - A Way of Life
111106: OSLER, WILLIAM - An Alabama Student; and Other Biographical Essays
125015: OSLER, WILLIAM - An Alabama Student; And Other Biographical Essays
140783: IRANEK-OSMECKI, KASIMIEREZ - He Who Saves One Life
146736: OSSIAN - Fingal; An Ancient Epic Poem. In Six Books. In Two Volumes. (2 Volumes)
128476: OSTEN, GERT VON DER (PHOTOGRAPHY BY HELGA SCHMIDT-GLASNER.) - Plastik seit 1800; in Deutschland, Osterreich und der Schweiz
137484: OSTENSO, MARTHA - O River, Remember!
133757: OSTER, PIERRE (EDITOR) - Dictionnaire de Citations Francaises (Publisher series: les usuels du Robert.)
144824: OSUMA, FRANCISCO DE - The Third Spiritual Alphabet (Publisher series: Classics of Western Spirituality; A Library of the Great Spiritual Masters.)
014861: OSVALD, HUGO - The Earth Can Feed Us
000658: OSWALT, WENDELL H. - Eskimos and Explorers
004318: OSWALT, WENDELL H. - This Land Was Theirs; a Study of the North American Indian
009586: OSWALT, WENDELL H. - This Land Was Theirs; a Study of the North American Indian
010990: OSWALT, WENDELL H. - This Land Was Theirs: A Study of the North American Indian
109807: OTIS, JAMES - Toby Tyler; or Ten Weeks with a Circus (Publisher series: World's Popular Classics.)
147888: OTTAWA - Ottawa; The Capital City of the Dominion of Canada
007026: OTTENBERG, SIMON (WITH PHOEBE OTTENBERG.) - Cultures and Societies of Africa
121936: OUELLET, FERNAND - Histoire Economique et Sociale du Quebec 1760-1850; Structures et Conjoncture (Publisher series: Histoire Economique et Sociale du Canada Francais.)
150413: OUELLET, HENRI (EDITOR) - Acat XIX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici; Volume I; Ottawa, Canada; 22-29. VI. 1986
149045: OUELLETTE, FERNAND (BIOGRAPHY OF THERESE DE LISIEUX.) - Je Serai L'Amour; Trajets Avec Therese de Lisieux
128671: O'SULLIVAN, P.J. - By Steps, Not Leaps; St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish Brandon, Manitoba 1881-1981
013904: OUSBY, IAN - The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English
144788: OUTERBRIDGE, PAUL - Photographing in Color
017502: OUTHWAITE, LEONARD - The Atlantic; a History of an Ocean
139697: OVERDUIN, JACK - Faith and Victory in Dachau (Also released as: (as by Hel en Hemel van Dachau).)
145228: OVERLEE, VERNON W. - Psychics Past - Present; Book I
103537: OVERSTREET, ROBERT M. - The Comic Book Price Guide 1983-1984; Books from 1900-Present Included
108076: OVERTON, GRANT - When Winter Comes to Main Street
135123: OVID (ALSO KNOWN AS PUBLIUS OVIDIUS NASO) - Ovid's Heroides, Amours, Art of Love, Remedy of Love and Minor Works (Publisher series: Bohn's Classical Library.)
003653: OWEN, ROGER C. (WITH JAMES J.F. DEETZ & ANTHONY D. FISHER.) - The North American Indians; a Sourcebook
010976: OWEN, ROGER C. (EDITORS) (WITH JAMES J.F. DEETZ & ANTHONY D. FISHER.) - The North American Indians; a Sourcebook
012780: OWEN, RUTH BRYAN - Leaves from a Greenland Diary
016554: OWEN, WILFRED (WITH INAI BRADFIELD.) - The Accessible City
116650: OWEN, ROGER C. (EDITORS) (WITH JAMES J.F. DEETZ & ANTHONY D. FISHER.) - The North American Indians; a Sourcebook
133714: OWEN, DEAN - Bonanza #1 Winter Grass
133715: OWEN, DEAN - Bonanza #2 Ponderosa Kill
121627: OWEN, DAVID - Flight; A Poster Book
102228: OWEN, HOWARD R. - Fire and You
145583: OWEN, MARGARET DENNIS - The Home Front; Hopscotch and Heartache While Daddy Was at War
131725: OWRAM, DOUG - Promise of Eden: The Canadian Expansionist Movement and the Idea of the West, 1856-1900
113968: OWSLEY, FRANK LAWRENCE - The C.S.S. Florida: Her Building and Operations
129912: OXENHAM, JOHN - Selected Poems of John Oxenham
009589: OXENSTIERNA, ERIC - The Norsemen
122295: OXLEY, J. MACDONALD (ILLUSTRATIONS BY W. RAINEY.) - Donalblane of Darien (Publisher series: Canada Series.)
140423: OXLEY, J. MACDONALD - North Overland with Franklin
128349: OXLEY, J. MACDONALD - North Overland with Franklin
101853: OXNAM, G. BROMLEY - A Testament of Faith
015608: OXORN, HARRY - The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada; the First Fifty Years; 1944-1994
123190: OZMENT, STEVEN - The Burgermeister's Daughter; Scandal in a Sixteenth-Century German Town
102250: MANION. JAMES P. (EDITED BY GUY SYLVESTRE.) - A Canadian Errant; Twenty-Five Years in the Canadian Foreign Service
141053: REICHSLEITUNG DER N.S.D.A.P. - Richtlinien Auszug aus der Satzung und Geschäftsordnung für die Parteigerichte der Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei in der Fassung vom 17. Februar 1934
105223: LYONS. C.P. - Milestones on the Mighty Fraser
102549: PAARLBERG, DON - American Farm Policy; a Case Study of Centralized Decision-Making
102001: VAN PAASSEN, PIERRE - The Time is Now!
128652: PABST, HELMUT - The Outermost Frontier; A German Soldier in the Russian Campaign
137306: CANADIAN PACIFIC - Canadian Pacific Steamships to and from Europe by the St. Lawrence Short Sea-Way
113163: PACK, S.W.C. - The Battle of Sirte (Publisher series: Sea Battles in Close-Up.)
113168: PACK, S.W.C. - The Battle for Crete (Publisher series: Sea Battles in Close-Up.)
113170: PACK, S.W.C. - Night Action Off Cape Matapan (Publisher series: Sea Battles in Close-Up.)
104897: PACKARD, VANCE - The Status Seekers; An Exploration of Class Behavior in America and the Hidden Barriers That Affect You, Yourcommunity, Your Future
146281: PACKARD, PEARL - The Reluctant Pioneer
101907: PACKE, MICHAEL - Winged Stallion; Fighting and Training with the First Airborne
109305: PACKER, C.E. - Manual for Ford Owners
133410: PACKER, ELEANOR LEWIS (MAIN CHARACTER: JOE COBB; FARINA; HARD-BOILED HARRY; MARY ANN JACKSON; JEAN DARLING; PETE (DOG); WHEEZER; ILLUSTRATIONS BY STAX.) - A Day with Our Gang (Main character: Joe Cobb; Farina; Hard-boiled Harry; Mary Ann Jackson; Jean Darling; Pete (Dog); Wheezer.)
105784: PADEN, IRENE D. - The Wake of the Prairie Schooner
114195: PADFIELD, PETER - Armada; a Celebration of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Defeat of the Spanish Armada 1588-1988
148437: PAETOW, LOUIS JOHN - A Guide to the Study of Medieval History
121174: PAEZ, JUAN (ILLUSTRATIONS BY ROBERT GEISE.) - Cabrillo's Log 1542-1543; a Voyage of Discovery (Publisher series: Western Explorer.)
143587: VEGA Y PAGAN, ERNESTO (BIOGRAPHY OF RAFAEL LEONIDAS TRUJILLO MOLINA.) - Military Biography of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina; Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
127737: PAGANETTI, J. - The Best in Sale Ads. Volume 1
017230: PAGANI, DALIA - Mercy Road
002514: PAGE, WALTER H. (BIOGRAPHY OF WALTER H. PAGE; EDITED BY BURTON J. HENDRICK.) - The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page
007972: PAGE, JAKE (WITH EUGENE S. MORTON.) - The Smithsonian Book of Birds; Lords of the Air
009276: PAGE, P.K. - Evening Dance of the Grey Flies
006935: PAGE, JESSE (BIOGRAPHY OF SAMUEL CROWTHER.) - Samuel Crowther; The Slave Boy Who Became Bishop of the Niger
018233: PAGE, JAKE (WITH EUGENE S. MORTON.) - Lords of the Air; the Smithsonian Book of Birds
127007: PAGE, MARTIN (EDITOR) (ILLUSTRATIONS BY BILL TIDY.) - Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major; The Songs and Ballads of World War II
131664: PAGE, F.J. TAYLOR (EDITOR) (ILLUSTRATIONS BY H.A. FOOKS; F.J. TAYLOR PAGE; V.P. ROSS.) - Field Guide to British Deer (Publisher series: Field Guide to British Mammals.)
134239: PAGE, BETTY (ALSO KNOWN AS BETTIE PAGE) - Betty Page Private Peeks Volume 4
009275: PAGE, P.K. - Brazilian Journal
134271: PAGE, JOHN E. (WITH MARIO E. CARVALHO.) - Habitability in the Boreal Zone of Canada; Pilot Study: East-Man Manitoba (Publisher series: Center for Settlement Studies Series--Research Report No. 17; Center for Settlement Studies Series.)
149522: PAGE, REYMOND - Today I Ate Cow Stomach and Other Tales of Wonder and Delight
017460: PAGELS, HEINZ R. - Perfect Symmetry; The Search for the Beginning of Time
122197: PAGELS, HEINZ R. - Perfect Symmetry; The Search for the Beginning of Time
138787: PAGET, JULIAN - The Story of the Guards
141463: PAHL, VIOLA - Gold in Life's Hourglass
140760: PAHOR, BORIS - A Pilgrim Among the Shadows
135356: PAILLOCHET, CLAIRE - Sans Dessus Dessous
009290: PAINE, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Patrons and Brokers in the East Arctic (Series: Newfoundland Social and Economic St 2.)
132006: PAINE, CECILIA - Fifty Years of Landscape Architecture Cinquante Ans D'architecture de Paysage; The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects 1934-1984 L'association des Architectes Paysagistes du Canada 1934 a 1984
145591: WINNIPEG PAINT & GLASS COMPANY LIMITED - The Winnipeg Paint & Glass Company Limited General Catalogue No.65
007022: PAINTER, LEONARD - Through Fifty Years with the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America
148463: PAINTER, SIDNEY (EDITED BY EDWARD WHITING FOX.) - The Rise of the Feudal Monarchies (Publisher series: Development of Western Civilization, The.)
120941: PALARDY, JEAN - The early furniture of French Canada
100403: PALARDY, JEAN - the early furniture of French Canada
150274: PALEY, VIVIAN GUSSIN - You Can't Say You Can't Play
133730: PALGRAVE, R.H. INGLIS - Dictionary of Political Economy; Appendix
120326: PALISCA, CLAUDE V. (EDITOR) - Norton Anthology of Western Music
148852: PALISCA, CLAUDE V. - Humanism in Italian Renaissance Musical Thought
016728: PALLAS, P.S. (WITH ROBERT JOHNSTON & W. MILLER.) - Views of 18th Century Russia; Costumes, Customs, History
011484: PALLISER, CHARLES - The Quincunx
121598: PALLOTTINO, MASSIMO - The Meaning of Archaeology
141788: PALMER, BRUCE JR. - The 25-Year War; America's Military Role in Vietnam
001132: PALMER, HAROLD - The Philosophy of Psychiatry; Psychiatric Prolegomena
017492: PALMER, ALAN - Who's Who in Modern History; 1860-1980
133834: PALMER, HOWARD (EDITORS) (WITH TAMARA PALMER.) - Peoples of Alberta; Portraits of Cultural Diversity
109698: PALMER, A.B. - The Temperance Teachings of Science; Adapted to the Use of Teachers and Pupils in the Public Schools
112520: PALMER, BRUCE - Body Weather; How Natural and Man-Made Climates Affect You and Your Health
112523: PALMER, ALAN (WITH VERONICA PALMER.) - Royal England; a Historical Gazetteer
113213: PALMER, HENRY R. - Remarkable Flying Machines; a Pictorial Account of Certain Extraordinary Aircraft That Have Been Built and Flown Since 1783
117384: PALMER, BERNARD (WITH MARJORIE PALMER.) - Miracle on the Prairies: The Story of Briercrest Bible Institute
118491: PALMER, HARRY (CONTRIBUTOR LILY KOLTUN: FOCUS ON CANADIANS: THE NATIONAL PORTRAIT COLLECTION/ PLEINS FEUX SUR LES CANADIENS: LA COLLECTION NATIONALE DE PORTRAITS.) - 125 Portraits: Companions of the Order of Canada/ Compagnons du Canada (Contributor Lily Koltun--Focus on Canadians: The National Portrait Collection/ Pleins Feux Sur Les Canadiens: La Collection Nationale de Portraits.)
119311: PALMER, ALAN - Princes of Wales
120539: PALMER, HARRY (CONTRIBUTOR FRED STENSON.) - Calgary; Places & People
127932: PALMER, C.C. - Home Course in Animal Breeding 10 Volumes
129432: PALMER, DEBBIE (WITH DAVE PERRIN.) - Keep Sweet; Children of Polygamy
132390: PALMER, EVE (WITH NORAH PITMAN.) - Trees of Southern Africa: covering all known indigenous species in the Republic of South Africa, South-West Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, & Swaziland (3 Volumes)
111357: PALMER, ALAN - Napoleon in Russia
144308: PALMER, QUEENIE A. (EDITOR) - Kapasiwin; A History Ofalberta's First Incorporated Summer Village
118248: PALMER, GWEN (WITH EDWARD DOBBYN.) - Lasting Impressions; Historical Sketches of the Swan River Valley
150297: PALMER, ROY - A Ballad History of England; From 1588 to the Present Day
149895: PALMIER, LESLIE - Indonesia; With 92 Illustrations and 3 Maps (Publisher series: New Nations and Peoples Library--Indonesia; New Nations and Peoples Library.)
143114: PALMSTIERNA, ERIK - Widening Horizons
011151: PALSSON, HERMANN - Eyrbyggja Saga
012049: PALSSON, HERMANN (EDITOR) - The Book of Settlements; Landnamabok
137639: PALSSON, GISLI (BIOGRAPHY OF VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON.) - Travelling Passions; The Hidden Life of Vilhjalmur Stefansson
146627: PALSSON, GISLI - Anthropology and the New Genetics (Publisher series: New Departures in Anthropology.)
127167: PALUK, WILLIAM - Canadian Cossacks; Essays, Articles, and Stories on Ukranian-Canadian Life
011295: PALUK, WILLIAM - Canadian Cossacks; Essays, Articles, and Stories on Ukranian-Canadian Life
150440: PAMMETT, HOWARD T. - Lilies and Shamrocks; A History of Emily Township; County of Victoria, Ontario; 1818-1973
006350: PANCAKE, JOHN S. (BIOGRAPHY OF SAMUEL SMITH.) - Samuel Smith and the Politics of Business: 1752-1839
143903: PANCHUK, G.R. BOHDAN - Ukrainian Canadian Veterans, Royal Canadian Legion, 1926-1986 : Memorial Souvenir Book I, Ukrainian Branches RCL : Montreal -- Mazeppa, No. 183, Toronto -- Philip Konoval, V.C., No. 360, Winnipeg -- Ukrainian Canadian, No. 141, Edmonton -- Norwood, No. 178
106557: PANCOAST, S. - The Ladies' Medical Guide; a Complete Instructor and Counsellor
018155: PANFEROV, F. - Brusski; a Story of Peasant Life in Soviet Russia
128678: PANKHURST, RICHARD (BIOGRAPHY OF SYLVIA PANKHURST.) - Sylvia Pankhurst; Artist and Crusader
131899: PANNEKOEK, FRITS - A Snug Little Flock; The Social Origins of the Riel Resistance of 1869-1870
131764: PANNEKOEK, FRITS - A Snug Little Flock; The Social Origins of the Riel Resistance of 1869-1870
136099: PANNEKOEK, FRITS - The Fur Trade and Western Canadian Society 1670-1870 (Publisher series: Historical Booklet.)
148544: PAO, LISA (WITH BARRY BILLS.) - Ante Nos Scientia: Portage Collegiate Institute 1882-2005
124400: PAQUETTE, A.J. (CONTRIBUTOR LEO MOL: INTRODUCTION TO SCULPTURES; LUTHER POKRANT: INTRODUCTION TO SKETCHES.) - Markings; Scenes and Recollections of Winnipeg's North End (Contributor Leo Mol--Introduction to Sculptures; Luther Pokrant--Introduction to Sketches.)
140419: PARAMESWARAN, UMA (EDITOR) - Saclit Drama; Plays by South Asian Canadians
104178: PARDO, ANTONIO - The World of Ancient Spain
124547: PARES, BERNARD - A History of Russia
118442: PARET, PETER - Clausewitz and the State
119409: PARET, J. PARMLY (EDITED BY S. WALLIS MERRIHEW.) - Methods and Players of Modern Lawn Tennis
008105: PARETSKY, SARA (EDITOR) - A Woman's Eye
141163: PARIJANINE, MAURICE - The Krassin
003927: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Great Movie Series
119895: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - Actors Television Credits 1950-1972
138350: ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL PARISH - St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Cook Book 1887 to 1987; you are cordially invited to a Coffee Party Saturday, Nov 21st at St. Mary's Hall...
146326: PARK, KIP - The Historic Winnipeg Restoration Area; An Illustrated Guide to Winnipeg's Historic Warehouse District
132301: PARKE, J. RICHARDSON - Human Sexuality; A Medico-Literary Treatise on the Laws, Anomalies, and Relations of Sex with Especial Reference to Contrary Sexual Desire
001065: PARKER, JOHN - Books to Build an Empire. A Bibliographical History of English Overseas Interests to 1620
006181: PARKER, ROBERT B. (EDITOR) - Stardust
006146: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Playmates
017482: PARKER, T. JEFFERY (WITH WILLIAM A. HASWELL.) - A Text-Book of Zoology
108805: PARKER, H.M.D. - The Roman Legions
117886: PARKER, GILBERT - Pierre and His People; Tales of the Far North
135666: PARKER, HARRY - Simplified Design of Roof Trusses for Architects and Builders
144248: PARKER, BERTHA MORRIS - Spring is Here (Publisher series: Basic Science Education Series.)
136558: PARKER, JOHN (EDITOR) (JOURNALS OF JONATHAN CARVER; JAMES STANLEY GODDARD.) - The Journals of Jonathan Carver and Related Documents, 1766-1770 (Publisher series: MHS Press Explorer Series.)
105110: PARKER, JAMES L. - The Fort Dauphin Story
148205: PARKER, JAMES - Emporium of the North; Fort Chipewyan and the Fur Trade to 1835
004542: PARKER, GEORGEAN C. - Proud Beginnings; a Pictorial History of Red Deer
145579: PARKER, WINSTON - Saddles and Service; Winston Parker's Story
127468: PARKER, MARION (WITH ROBERT TYRRELL.) (MEMOIRS OF JOHNNY SCHNARR.) - Rumrunner; The Life and Times of Johnny Schnarr
144878: PARKER, MIKE - Running the Gauntlet; An Oral History of Canadian Merchant Seamen in World War II
140082: PARKER, J.R. - Discover Prospecting; An Introductory Prospecting Manual
146603: PARKER, PAUL - Formula 1 in Camera 1950-59
014478: PARKIN, J.H. - Bell and Baldwin; Their Development of Aerodromes and Hydrodromes at Baddeck, Nova Scotia
008339: PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
013728: PARKINSON, HAZEL MCDONALD - The Mere Living; a Biography of the Hartney District
121346: PARKINSON, ROGER (EDITED BY LUDOVIC KENNEDY.) - The Peninsular War (Publisher series: British at War, the.)
013729: PARKINSON, HAZEL MCDONALD - The Mere Living; a Biography of the Hartney District
137719: PARKINSON, ROGER - Moore of Corunna
142878: PARKINSON, DENNIS (IDENTIFIED ON COVER AS: OIL SPILLS ON NORTHERN CANADIAN SOILS.) - Effects of Oil Spillage on Northern Canadian Soils (Publisher series: Task Force on Northern Oil Development Report No.)
102286: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Old Regime in Canada; France and England in North America, Part Fourth.
114457: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - Montcalm and Wolfe
134878: PARKS CANADA. NATIONAL HISTORIC PARKS AND SITES BRANCH - 1983 Bibliography; Manuscripts and Publications; Research Divisions; Parks Canada
133640: PARKS, WM. A. - Report on the Building and Ornamental Stones of Canada Vol. III Province of Quebec (Publisher series: Mines Branch.)
122239: PARKS, W.A. (WITH W.S. DYER.) - The Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Toronto and Vicinity; Part II. - The Molluscoidea (Publisher series: Thirtieth Annual Report--Vol. XXX, Part VII, 1921; Thirtieth Annual Report.)
123761: PARKS, W.A. (WITH MADELEINE FRITZ.) - The Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Toronto and Vicinity Part III: Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, and Vermes (Publisher series: Thirty-First Annual Report--Vol. XXXI, Part IX, 1922; Thirty-First Annual Report.)
014056: PARKS, SUSIE (EDITOR) - Calgary; a Living Heritage
133639: PARKS, WM. A. - Report on the Building and Ornamental Stones of Canada Vol. IV. Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta (Publisher series: Mines Branch.)
147161: CANADIAN PARKS AND WILDERNESS SOCIETY (PHOTOGRAPHY BY CELES DAVAR; MIKE GRANDMAISON; ROGER TURENNE.) - 3 Jewels for the Crown; Completing the Manitoba Lowlands National Park
144972: PARLEY, PETER - Tales About America and Australia
114163: PARRISH, THOMAS (EDITOR) (EDITED BY S.L.A. MARSHALL.) - The Simon and Schuster Encyclopedia of World War II
112443: PARRISH, ROBERT D. - Combat Recon; My Year with the ARVN
114306: PARROTT, ROBERT C. - Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, Testimony of Robert C. Parrott. Washington, January 18, 1865 (Publisher series: Antique Ordnance Publication.)
146050: PARROTT, D.F. - The Red Lake Gold Rush
131375: PARROTT, D.F. (BIOGRAPHY OF HAROLD FARRINGTON.) - Harold Farrington Pioneer Bush Pilot
107053: PARROTT, D.F. - The Red Lake Gold Rush
111755: PARRY, C. HUBERT H. - Style in Musical Art
146708: PARRY, STEPHEN - Dwarf Ale Glasses and Their Victorian Successors
123345: PARRY, ALBERT (CONTRIBUTOR HARRY T. MOORE: ENTER BEATNIKS.) - Garrets and Pretenders; A History of Bohemianism in America (Contributor Harry T. Moore--Enter Beatniks.)
128978: PARRY, EDWARD ABBOTT - What the Judge Thought
150405: PARRY, EUGENIA - Joel-Peter Witkin
128299: PARSON, DONALD - Glass Flowers
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146496: PETERS, SARAH - Toward the Sunset
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116999: PETERSON, ROY - Drawn & Quartered; the Trudeau Years
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149066: PETERSON, MURRAY (WITH GEORGIA ANDERSON TAILLIEU.) - Headingley: Pioneers, Past and Present; A Historic Look at Life in Headingley, Manitoba
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114502: PIERCE, SHARON - Making Whirligigs & Other Toys
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113000: PIERCEY, STEPHEN - Superprops; Classic Flying Freighters
108575: ST. PIERRE, PAUL - Chilcotin and Beyond
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149758: PIERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Marxist Theory and Democratic Politics
012953: PIGGOTT, JULIET - Japanese Mythology
108973: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - The Age of Rococo
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120074: PILLAI, K.G.J. - The Air Net; the Case Against the World Aviation Cartel
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004529: PIMLOTT, JOHN - Battle of the Bulge
138036: PIMM, GORDON - Leo's War; From Gaspe to Vimy
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013516: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Their Trade is Treachery
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117179: PINE, L.G. - Heirs of the Conqueror; a Study of the Norman Conquest, its History and Consequences to the Present Day
117220: PINE, L.G. - Heraldry, Ancestry and Titles; Questions and Answers
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123316: PINKERTON, KATHRENE - Einsames Blockhaus; Funf Jahre Im kanadischen Busch (Originally published as Wilderness Wife.)
016328: PINSON, KOPPEL S. - Modern Germany; Its History and Civilization
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004214: INTERLAKE PIONEERS - Hardship and Happiness
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012733: PIRSIG, ROBERT M. - Lila; An Inquiry into Morals
131457: PISANO, RONALD G. (ART OF WILLIAM MERRITT CHASE.) - Summer Afternoons; Landscape Paintings of William Merritt Chase
116531: PISOR, ROBERT - The End of the Line; the Siege of Khe Sanh
103349: PISTRAK, LAZAR (BIOGRAPHY OF NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV.) - The Grand Tactician; Khrushchev's Rise to Power
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148590: SIR ISAAC PITMAN & SONS - The Phonetic Journal for the Year 1896
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018170: PITTER, RUTH - A Trophy of Arms; Poems 1926 - 1935
147635: PITTS, MICHAEL R. (WITH LOUIS H. HARRISON.) - Hollywood on Record; The Film Star's Discography
122046: PIZZEY, GRAHAM (EDITOR) - Stories of Australian Birds
142283: BETHEL PLACE - Bethel Place 1980-2000
144512: WINNIPEG. DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING - Background Report to the Community Plans for Oakbank and Dugald R.M. Of Springfield
146303: WINNIPEG. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING - The Historic Winnipeg Restoration Area; An Illustrated Guide to Winnipeg's Historic Warehouse District
144508: WINNIPEG. DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING - Parks and Recreation Policy Review Background Paper
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101828: PLATO (INCLUDES MARCUS AURELIUS: MEDITATIONS; EPICTETUS: GOLDEN SAYINGS; PLATO: CRITO; PLATO: PHAEDO; EDITED WITH FOREWORD AND NOTES BY CHARLES W. ELIOT.) - The Apology, Phaedo and Crito of Plato. The Golden Sayings of Epictetus. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius (Series: Harvard Classics; Includes Marcus Aurelius--Meditations; Epictetus--Golden Sayings; Plato--Crito; Plato--Phaedo; Publisher series:
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138527: PLETT, DELBERT F. (EDITOR) - Preservings No.8, June, 1996
126592: PLIMPTON, GEORGE (EDITOR) (INTERVIEW WITH DAVID MAMET: ART OF THEATER XI; SAM SHEPARD: ART OD THEATER XII; JOHN SIMON: ART OF CRITICISM IV; STEPHEN SONDHEIM: ART OF THE MUSICAL; WENDY WASSERSTEIN: ART OF THEATER XIII.) - The Paris Review Volume 39 Number142 Spring 1997 Theater (Interview with David Mamet--Art of Theater XI; Sam Shepard--Art Od Theater XII; John Simon--Art of Criticism IV; Stephen Sondheim--Art of the Musical; Wendy Wasserstein--Art of Theater
131377: PLINII, CAII, SECUNDI - Historiae Naturalis Libri Xxxvii. Ad Optimorum Librorum Fidem Editi Cum Indice Rerum 2 Volumes
132822: PLINY, THE YOUNGER - The Letters of the Younger Pliny (2 Volumes)
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004201: PLOWDEN, ALISON - Danger to Elizabeth; the Catholics Under Elizabeth I
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134815: LIVERPOOL DAILY POST - Pictures from the Post; A selection from the illustrations that have appeared in the Liverpool Daily Post, together with a Calendar for 1939
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018054: PRATT, A.M. - The Story of Manitoba's Weekly Newspapers
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003639: PREBBLE, JOHN - Culloden
142444: KING EDWARD PRECEPTORY AND PRIORY - King Edward Preceptory and Priory of the United Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, No. 24 of the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada, City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba Dominion of Canada. By-Laws. Reprinted 1973
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142713: EMPATHY PRESS - In Panties & Real Skirts; Real Adventures (9 Volumes)
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101401: PRICE, IRA MAURICE - The Ancestry of Our English Bible; an Account of Manuscripts, Texts, and Versions of the Bible
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008301: PRIESTLEY, J.B. (BIOGRAPHY OF GEORGE MEREDITH.) - George Meredith (Publisher series: English Men of Letters.)
149943: PRIESTLEY, RICK - How to Paint Citadel Miniatures
148312: PRIMEAU, LEONIDE - MGR Adelard Langevin, O.M.I. Deuxieme Archeveque de Saint-Boniface
010409: PRINCE, CLARA CATHERINE - Amaryllis; the American Literary Anthology 1941
126891: PRINCE, VIRGINIA - How to Be a Woman - Though Male
126893: PRINCE, VIRGINIA CHARLES - The Transvestite and His Wife
126892: PRINCE, VIRGINIA - Understanding Cross Dressing

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