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127372: MUIR, NADEJDA (BIOGRAPHY OF DIMITRI STANCIOFF.) - Dimitri Stancioff; Patriot and Cosmopolitan 1864-1940
132516: MUIR, J. - The Vegetation of the Riversdale Area Cape Province (Publisher series: Botanical Survey of South Africa. Memoir No.)
145418: MUIR, DALTON - Castleguard
149735: MUIR, CHAUN (WITH JOHN H. HAYNES.) - Ford & Mercury Full-Size Models 1975 Thru 1984; Owners Workshop Manual
129392: O MUIRITHE, DIARMAID - A Seat Behind the Coachman; Travellers in Ireland 1800-1900
017158: MUKHERJEE, S.N. (EDITOR) - South Asian Affairs; Number Two; the Movement for National Freedom in India (Series: St. Anthony's Papers 18.)
017194: MUKHERJEE, HARIDAS (WITH UMA MUKHERJEE.) - The Growth of Nationalism in India (1857-1905)
145431: MULLEN, GARY (EDITOR) - Medical and Veterinary Entomology
009456: MULLER, HERBERT J. - The Children of Frankenstein; A Primer on Modern Technology and Human Values
008837: MULLER, HERBERT J. - The Children of Frankenstein; A Primer on Modern Technology and Human Values
138513: MULLER, HUGO - Why Don't You? A Look at Attitudes towards Indians
101481: MULLER, WERNER - Die Geschutze, Ortungs- Und Feuerleitgerate Der Schweren Flak; Bedient Von Soldaten, Luftwaffenhelfern, Flakwffenhelferinnen, Rad-Mannern Und Maiden
101767: MULLER, V.K. - English-Russian Dictionary
130128: MULLER, J.E. - Kluane Lake Map-Area Yukon Territory (115G and F E1/2) (Report and Map 19-1958) (Publisher series: Geological Survey of Canada Paper.)
123002: MULLIGAN, HELEN (WITH WANDA RYDER.) - Ghost Towns of Manitoba; A Record of Pioneer Life
104778: MULLIGAN, HELEN (WITH WANDA RYDER.) - Ghost Towns of Manitoba
130132: MULLIGAN, ROBERT - Hill Island Lake (West Half) District of MacKenzie Northwest Territories (Map with Marginal Notes) (Publisher series: Geological Survey of Canada Paper.)
005560: MULLIGAN, HELEN (WITH WANDA RYDER.) - Ghost Towns of Manitoba
015963: MULLIN, EVELYN (EDITOR) - Living Gold; A History of the Rural Municipality of Roland, Manitoba, 1876-1976
129898: MULLLER, MARCIA (MAIN CHARACTER: SHARON MCCONE.) - McCone and Friends (Main character: Sharon McCone.)
115500: MULOCK, DINAH MARIA (PSEUDONYM OF MRS. CRAIK) - The Little Lame Prince (Publisher series: Star Series.)
015829: MUMFORD, LEWIS - The Culture of Cities
002954: MUMFORD, LEWIS - The City in History; Its Origins, its Transformations, and its Prospects
144469: MUNDELL, E.H. (BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ERLE STANLEY GARDNER.) - Erle Stanley Gardner; A Checklist
147621: MUNDY, C.G. - Mundy's Pocket Map of Northwest Canada and Part of Alaska
016815: MUNGO, RAYMOND - Return to Sender; or When the Fish in the Water Was Thirsty
132339: ST. FRANCOIS-XAVIER MUNICIPALITY - Our First Hundred Years; History of St. Francois-Xavier Municipality
144371: MUNRO, ALICE - Dance of the Happy Shades
005162: MUNRO, ALICE - The Progress of Love
005854: MUNRO, ELEANOR C. - The Encyclopedia of Art; Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and Ornament, from Prehistoric Times to the Twentieth Century
009605: MUNRO, ALICE - The Progress of Love
009606: MUNRO, ALICE - Friend of My Youth
100192: MUNRO, ALICE - Progress of Love
103339: MUNRO, H.H. (ALSO WRITES AS SAKI) (CONTRIBUTOR E.M. MUNRO.) - The Novels and Plays of Saki; Complete in One Volume
113173: MUNRO, ALICE - The Love of a Good Woman
124634: MUNRO, RAYMOND Z. - The Sky's No Limit
102330: MUNRO, ROSS - Gauntlet to Overlord; The Story of the Canadian Army
128058: MUNRO, KATHRYN - Collected Poems
008918: MUNRO, ALICE - Friend of My Youth
100510: MUNRO, J.A. (ILLUSTRATIONS BY ALLAN BROOKS; T.M. SHORTT.) - Birds of Canada's Mountain Parks
103009: MUNROE, KIRK (ILLUSTRATIONS BY W.C. JACKSON.) - The Golden Days of '49; a Tale of the California Diggings
119963: MUNSON, KENNETH (ILLUSTRATIONS BY NORMAN DINNAGE; FRANK FRIEND; BRIAN HILEY; WILLIAM HOBSON; TONY MITCHELL; JACK PELLING; JOHN W. WOOD.) - Flying Boats and Seaplanes; Since 1910 (Publisher series: Blandford Colour Series; Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft.)
141789: MUNSON, KENNETH (ILLUSTRATIONS BY NORMAN DINNAGE; FRANK FRIEND; BRIAN HILEY; WILLIAM HOBSON; TONY MITCHELL; JACK PELLING; JOHN W. WOOD.) - Fighters and Bombers of World War II 1939-45 (Originally published as Bombers 1939-45; Fighters 1939-45.)
116698: MUNSON, KENNETH (ILLUSTRATIONS BY NORMAN DINNAGE; FRANK FRIEND; BRIAN HILEY; WILLIAM HOBSON; TONY MITCHELL; JACK PELLING; JOHN W. WOOD.) - Fighters and Bombers of World War II 1939-45 (Originally published as Bombers 1939-45; Fighters 1939-45.)
147232: MUNSTERHJELM, ERIK - The Wind and the Caribou; Hunting and Trapping in Northern Canada
013651: MUNSTERHJELM, ERIK - Fool's Gold; A Narrative of Prospecting and Trapping in Northern Canada
002506: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Message to the Planet
004937: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Message to the Planet
016860: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Message to the Planet
017716: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Message to the Planet
101004: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Sacred and Profane Love Machine
104859: MURDOCH, DERRICK - Disappearances; True Accounts of Canadians Who Have Vanished
129234: MURDOCH, JOHN (WITH JOHN TWITCHETT.) (INCLUDES J.V.G. MALLET: CONTRIBUTION OF CHELSEA, 1770-84; JOHN TWITCHETT: DERBY CHINA PAINTERS.) - Painters and the Derby China Works (Includes J.V.G. Mallet--Contribution of Chelsea, 1770-84; John Twitchett--Derby China Painters.)
007182: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Message to the Planet
149467: MURDOCH, JOHN - The Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House
134069: MURIE, OLAUS J. - The Elk of North America
149556: MURKIN, HENRY R. (EDITORS) (WITH WILLIAM R. CLARK & ARNOLD G. VAN DER VALK.) - Prairie Wetland Ecology; The Contribution of the Marsh Ecology Research Program
148379: MURPHEY, DWIGHT D. - Liberal Thought in Modern America
136898: MURPHY, PAUL - A Gambler in War and Peace
101522: MURPHY, BRENDAN - The Butcher of Lyon; The Story of Infamous Nazi Klaus Barbie
147427: MURPHY, KEN - The Wind in His Fists
121391: MURPHY, PAUL - A Gambler in War and Peace
104173: MURPHY, GEORGE H. - Shakespeare and the Ordinary Man
149229: MURPHY, VIRGINIA REED - Across the Plains in the Donner Party
141293: MURPHY, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Canada: The State of the Federation 2003; Reconfiguring Aboriginal-State Relations
005635: MURRAY, W.H. - The Curling Companion
102612: MURRAY, JOHN WILSON - Further Adventures of the Great Detective; Incidents in the Life of John Wilson Murray
139911: MURRAY, IAIN H. (EDITOR) - The Banner of Truth; Vol.1 Numbers 1-16 September 1955-August 1959
146397: MURRAY, JOAN (ART OF FREDERICK ARTHUR VERNER.) - The Last Buffalo; The Story of Frederick Arthur Verner, Painter of the Canadian West
120623: MURRAY, DAVID - The Hunterian Museum in the Old College of Glasgow (Publisher series: Glasgow University Publlications.)
143432: MURRAY, JOAN (ART OF TOM THOMSON.) - Tom Thomson; Desig for a Canadian Hero
016186: MURRAY, W.H. - The Curling Companion
135260: MURRAY, JOAN - Ontario Society of Artists: 100 Years
016410: MURRAY, MARIA D. - The Art of Tray Painting
006900: MURRAY, JOAN (ART OF TOM THOMSON.) - The Best of Tom Thomson
121352: MURRAY, ALLAN (ILLUSTRATIONS BY CLARENCE TILLENIUS.) - The Wild Dogs; a story of wolves in manitoba
146725: MURRAY, MARLAND - The Canadian Glen Falloch Murrays
133525: MURRAY, D. STARK - Your Body: How It is Built and How It Works (Publisher series: Thinker's Library.)
148615: MURRAY, BONNIE (ILLUSTRATIONS BY SHELDON DAWSON.) - li saennchur fleshii di michif; Thomas and the Metis Sash
121111: MURRAY, JOAN (ART OF TOM THOMSON.) - The Art of Tom Thomson
147415: MURRAY, BONNIE (ILLUSTRATIONS BY SHELDON DAWSON.) - Li Minoush (Publisher series: Michif Children's Series.)
148843: MURRAY, LAURA J. (EDITORS) (WITH KEREN RICE.) - Talking on the Page: Editing Aboriginal Oral Texts; Papers Given at the Thirty-Second Annual Conference on Editorial Problems University of Toronto, 14-16 November 1996
142845: MURRAY, JOHN - The History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton
137551: MURRAY, JOHN - The Epistle to the Romans; The English Text with Introduction, Exposition and Notes. Volume I Chapters 1 to 8 (Publisher series: New London Commentary on the New Testament.)
148614: MURRAY, BONNIE (ILLUSTRATIONS BY SHELDON DAWSON.) - Tumaas ekwa li Michif Sharey; Thomas and the Metis Cart
104812: MURRAY, GORDON - Quest in Medicine
141705: F'MURRR - Tim Galere
141706: F' MURRR - Le Char de l'etat derape sur le sentier de la guerre
141703: F'MURRR - Le pauvre chevalier
141707: F' MURRR - Les Aveugles
141704: F'MURRR - Jehanne au pied du mur
107099: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - The Evolution of an Intellectual (Series: Travellers' Library 62.)
135021: MURTHY, D.N. PRABHAKAR (WITH RENYAN JIANG & MIN XIE.) - Weibull Models (Publisher series: Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics.)
127573: J.A. VICTOR DAVID MUSEUM - Reflections 1882-1982; A Community History of the Rural Municipality of Turtle Mountain and the Town of Killarney
105832: WELLCOME HISTORICAL MEDICAL MUSEUM - Guide to the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
100717: UNIVERSITY MUSEUM - Fossil Reproductions
140555: TOKUGAWA ART MUSEUM - Swords and Sword Fittings; Treasures from the Tokugawa Art Museum No. 6
134806: JAPAN FOLK CRAFTS MUSEUM - Japan Folk Crafts Museum; Nippon Mingeikan
147147: MANITOBA CRAFTS MUSEUM AND LIBRARY - Crafting the Mosaic; Celebrating 75 Years of Craft in Manitoba
108682: GLENBOW MUSEUM (INCLUDES TED J. BRASSER: BY THE POWER OF THEIR DREAMS; ARTISTIC TRADITIONS OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS; BERNADETTE DRISCOLL: PRETENDING TO BE CARIBOU; THE INUIT PARKA AS AN ARTISTIC TRADITION; RUTH B. PHILLIPS: LIKE A STAR I SHINE; NORTHERN WOO - The Spirit Sings; Artistic Traditions of Canada's First Peoples (Includes Ted J. Brasser--By the Power of Their Dreams; Artistic Traditions of the Northern Plains; Bernadette Driscoll--Pretending to Be Caribou; the Inuit Parka As an Artistic Tradition; Ruth B. Phillips--Like a Star I Shine; Northern Woodlands Artistic Traditions; Martine J. Reid--Silent Speakers; Arts of the Northwest Coast; Judy Thompson--No Little Variety of Ornament; Northern Athapaskan Artistic Traditions; Ruth Holmes Whitehead--I Have Lived Here Since the World Began; Atlantic Coast Artistic Traditions.)
110751: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - The Charcoal Burners
100845: MYDANS, CARL (WITH SHELLEY MYDANS.) - The Violent Peace
001171: MYERS, JOHN MYERS - The Deaths of the Bravos
102460: MYERS, JAY - The Great Canadian Road; a History of Yonge Street
125495: MYERS, PATRICIA A. - Sky Riders; An Illustrated History of Aviation in Alberta 1906-1945
121754: MYERS, JOHN MYERS - The Border Wardens
147911: MYERS, JACOB M. - II Chronicles (Publisher series: Anchor Bible.)
010816: MYLES, EUGENIE LOUISE - Airborne from Edmonton; Being the true tale of how Edmonton, a remote frontier city in northwestern Canada, became the Plymouth of a new age of air discoveries and air conquests and air commerce, and of how the dreams of her pioneer pilots were to
146032: MYRICK, DAVID F. - Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California (3 Volumes)
132894: MYSYK, AVIS - Manitoba Commercial Market Gardening, 1945-1997; Class, Race and Ethnic Relations
144145: UKRAINIAN NATIONAL HOME ASS'N - 40th Anniversary of the Ukrainian National Home Ass'n in Winnipeg. / Svyatkuvannya Soroklittiya Ukrayins'koho Narodnoho Domu U Vinnipegu
002149: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR (LETTERS OF VLADIMIR NABOKOV; EDMUND WILSON; EDITED BY SIMON KARLINSKY.) - The Nabokov-Wilson Letters; Correspondence Between Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson 1940-1971
105078: NABOKOV, NICOLAS - Bagazh; Memoirs of a Russian Cosmopolitan
150429: NABOKOV, PETER - Native American Testimony; A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-1992
148362: NADASDY, PAUL - Hunters and Bureaucrats: Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations in the Southwest Yukon
116995: NADLER, SUSAN - Good Girls Gone Bad
122278: MOHOLY-NAGY, SIBYL - Matrix of Man; An Illustrated History of Urban Environment
149466: NAHUM, PETER - Pre-Raphaelite; Symbolist; Visionary
150461: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Fireflies
150081: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Reading & Writings; A Personal Account
142955: NAJAM, EDWARD W. (EDITOR) - Materials and Techniques for the Language Laboratory (Publisher series: International Journal of American Linguistics--Part II, Vol. 28, No. 1 January 1962; International Journal of American Linguistics.)
142965: NAJAM, EDWARD W. (EDITOR) - Language Learning; The Individual and the Process (Publisher series: International Journal of American Linguistics--Part II, Vol. 32, No. 1, January 1966; International Journal of American Linguistics.)
125560: NAJI, ATEF (WITH YUSEF ABU-EL-HASAN COHEN.) - Brief Theoritical Points of View About the Samaritan Sect of Nablus
106471: NALTY, BERNARD C. - The Men Who Bombed the Reich
001464: EDITOR NOT NAMED (CONTRIBUTOR EDWARD CRANKSHAW: RUSSIAN WAY; E.M. FRIEDWALD: SOVIET INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION; MAXIM GORKI: THREE TALES; V. KAVERIN: THREE SKETCHES; E. LAMPERT: SOME TRENDS IN RUSSIAN SOCIAL THOUGHT OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY; GEORGES K. LOUKOM - Russian Review 3 (Contributor Edward Crankshaw--Russian Way; E.M. Friedwald--Soviet Industrial Production; Maxim Gorki--Three Tales; V. Kaverin--Three Sketches; E. Lampert--Some Trends in Russian Social Thought of the Nineteenth Century; Georges K. Loukomski--New Developments in Modern Soviet Architecture; H.A. Meek--Magnitogorsk; S.P. Turin--Reconstruction of the Devastated Areas in the New U.S.S.R. And the New Five-Year Plan (1946-1950); Publisher series: Russian Review.)
002141: EDITOR NOT NAMED (BIOGRAPHY OF LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN, EARL OF BURMA.) - Mountbatten; Eighty Years in Pictures
010838: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (ILLUSTRATIONS BY AUSTIN BAYLITTS.) - American Wild Life Illustrated
010586: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Laddie
008384: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Technical & Realistic Illustrations of Japan
009734: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Skf Hoofdcatalogus 1918
126841: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Statutes of the communist Party of Cuba; Adopted by the First Congress, with the modifications agreed by the Second Congress. december, 1980
135079: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - "Nordwesten"-Kochbuch; Der Deutsch-Canadischen Hausfrau Gewidmet! (Identified on cover as: neue Nordwesten Kochbuch.)
011435: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Magnificent Continent
012186: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Leisure Hour 1886
013139: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Britishers in Britain; Being the Record of the Official Visit of Teachers from Manitoba to the Old Country, Summer, 1910
013246: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Our Canadian Prairies
013328: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (POSSIBLY WRITTEN BY E.H. WALSH.) - Cedar Creek; a Tale of Canadian Life
014372: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Cast Metals Handbook
014471: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - England from the Air
015616: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Wars of the Cross; or, The History of the Crusades.
015701: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Happy Day Begins
015702: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (ART OF WALT DISNEY; MAIN CHARACTER: DAISY DUCK; DONALD DUCK; DEWIE AND LOUIE HUEY; PLUTO.) - Disney Cards (Main character: Daisy Duck; Donald Duck; Dewie & Louie Huey; Pluto.)
016495: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Manual of Military Law; 1929
016634: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Changing of the Guard; the Age-Old Traditions and Ceremonies of the Queen's Guards Brought to Life in ...
134708: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Frontier Guide to the Romantic Crow's Nest Pass (Publisher series: Frontier Books.)
016856: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Modern American Tanning; a Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Leather
017895: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Encyclopedic Dictionary of Systems and Procedures
017920: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Ferrari
017923: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - British Museum; London
020000: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; Meeting of June 1964
100603: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Queen, June 3, 1953; the Coronation
134790: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - La Fin d'Une Epoque: Montreal 1880-1914 / The End of an Era: Montreal 1880-1914
101670: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Der Adler 1939; Eine Kommentierte Auswahl Abgeschlossener, Vollig Unveranderter Beitrage Aus Der Propaganda-Zeitschrift Der Deutschen Luftwaffe Band I
101672: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Der Adler 1943/44; Eine Kommentierte Auswahl Abgeschlossener, Vollig Unveranderter Beitrage Aus Der Propaganda-Zeitschrift Der Deutschen Luftwaffe Band 5; Mit Einem Gesamtinhaltsverzeichnis Der Bande 1-5
101721: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - "Sold American!" - the First Fifty Years 1904-1954
101830: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Rear Area Security in Russia; the Soviet Second Front Behind the German Lines
102012: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Wiring Materials for All Purposes
102064: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Modernize with Lumber
102069: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Practical Ideas for the Home & Farm with Weatherply (The All-Weather Plywood)
102107: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Der Adler 1942 Band IV
102196: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Story of the Vanguard; and Other Facts Concerning the Standard Motor Company Limited, Coventry England
102230: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Spare Well, Spend Well or Money, Its Use and Abuse
102277: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Knight's Annotated Model Byelaws of the Local Government Board, with Respect to I. Cleansing of Privies, &C. II. Nuisances. III. Common Lodging-Houses. IV. New Streets and Buildings. V. Slaughter-Houses.
102482: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; Meeting of June 1962
102483: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; Meeting of June 1963
102485: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; Meeting of June 1965
102487: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; Meeting of June 1967
102489: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1969
102491: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (CONTRIBUTOR ROBERTSON DAVIES; EUGENE FORSEY; MALCOLM ROSS.) - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1971
102494: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1974
102496: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1976
102497: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1977
102498: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1978
102499: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1979
102500: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1980
102501: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; 1981
102507: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - How the West Was Won
102522: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (ALSO TITLED: LT AUTOMATIC CONTROL EQUIPMENT.) - Automatic Control Equipment (Series: Steam Railroad School 519.)
102858: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Royal Tour; Canada 1951
102883: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Ruby Song Folio; A Collection of Popular Songs and Duets with Pianoforte Accompaniments
102907: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Complete Catalogue of RCA Victor Records for 1948
103319: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Nova Scotia Book of Verse Volume Six
103661: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Lost Whole Moose Catalogue
103811: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The St. Lawrence Seaway; the Realization of a Mighty Dream (Includes Supplementary Notes.)
103879: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Table and Kitchen; a Compilation of Approved Cooking Recipes Carefully Selected for the Use of Families and Arranged for Ready Reference
104004: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Company Procedural Manual on Equipment Analysis
104115: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Report of the Canadian Committee on Corrections; Toward Unity: Criminal Justice and Corrections
133530: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Innisfail; 75 Years a Town 1903-1978
104562: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Souvenir of the Bon Marche
104630: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Rules, Orders and Forms of Proceeding of the House of Commons
143386: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Who Killed Cock Robin? (Publisher series: Saalfield's Muslin Books.)
105140: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Service Tools; Catalog St-77
105249: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Motorboat Manual
105326: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Hostetter's Illustrated United States Almanac 1910; for Merchants, Mechanics, Miners, Farmers, Planters and General Family Use
105432: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Indians of Yukon and Northwest Territories
105435: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Linguistic and Cultural Afflictions of Canadian Indian Bands
105924: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Ben Line; the Story of a Merchant Fleet at War 1939-45
105935: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - I Teatri Italiani
106210: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (POSSIBLY WRITTEN BY HENRY J. MORGAN.) - The Tour of H.R.H. The Price of Wales Through British America and the United States
106223: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Jaguar 3.4 Litre Mark 2 Model
126895: EDITOR NOT NAMED - Reims Avant & Apres Les Bombardements; Album Artistique
106393: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Marconi Service Manual, Volume No.2
106425: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Collectors Portfolio; Old Time Prints
106584: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - South Wales; the Country of Castles; Its Annals Antiquities and Attractions
106747: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Canadian Woods; Their Properties and Uses
106861: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Nationaal Museum Cairo
106862: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
106890: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Spirit of St. Louis; Commemorative Issue
106925: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Peoples of the Northwest Territories
107039: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Our King and Queen
123484: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Development of Canadian Silver a Winnipeg Centennial Exhibition
107521: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Documents Concerning German-Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities Between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939
107932: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Moderns and Their World
108380: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Kellman Catalogs
108387: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - A Taste of Aloha; a Collection of Recipes from the Junior League of Honolulu
108558: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (BIOGRAPHY OF ELEUTHERE IRENE DU PONT DE NEMOURS.) - Du Pont the Autobiography of an American Enterprise; the Story of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company Published in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the Company on July 19, 1802
108657: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Atlantic Readers; Fifth Reader
108778: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Bomber Command Continues; the Air Ministry Account of the Rising Offensive Against Germany July 1941-June 1942
129384: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Some Guesses at Truth (Reported)
109153: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Horse and His Ways; Stories of Man and His Best Friend
109036: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The King's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Militia 1939
109488: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Story of the British People in Pictures
109557: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Early Days in the Ottawa Country; A Short History of Ottawa, Hull and the National Capital Region (Originally published as Ottawa & Hull: A Short History.)
127318: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - C.I. Handbook Germany
109905: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - 1984 Indian Reserve Community Profiles; Manitoba Region
109913: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - New Brunswick Herd Book, Containing a Record of the Pure Bred Cattle and Swine Accepted for Registry Since the Publication of the First Volume of the New Brunswick Herd Book; Volume II
110116: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Aaron Copland; a Complete Catalogue of His Works
110118: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Art of Connoiseurship/ L'art du Connaisseur
110207: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Benjamin Britten; a Complete Catalogue of His Works
110362: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Syllabus of Physical Exercises for Schools
110607: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Along the Imperial Highway
110609: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Scottish National War Memorial
110614: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Rocky Mountain Views; on the Rio Grande, "Scenic Line of the World"
110617: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Illustrations of the Revolution; Indonesia 1945 - 1950
110633: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Fabian Tracts; Nos. 1 to 196
110645: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (CONTRIBUTOR MARY BAKER EDDY.) - Christian Science Hymnal; with Five Hymns Written by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science
111555: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Edinburgh; with Motor Tours to Roslin, the Forth Bridge, Melrose, Abbotsford, Linlithgow, Stirling, etc. (Publisher series: Illustrated Guide Books; Identified on cover as: Edinburgh and District.)
111557: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Guide to Bude, Tintagel, Boscastle and North Cornwall; Including Morwenstow, Hartland, Newquay, etc. With Six Maps, Plans of Bude and Newquay, and Numerous Illustrations (Publisher series: Illustrated Guide Books; Identified on cover as: Bude and North Cornwall.)
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124743: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Mile-Stones of History, Literature, Travel, Mythology, Sculpture, and Art
124775: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Quick Fit Material Systems Catalog No. 561
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128988: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (TRIAL OF JOHN THURTELL; MURDER OF WILLIAM WEARE.) - The Fatal Fatal Effects of Gambling Exemplified in the Murder of Wm. Weare, and the Trial and Fate of John Thurtell, the Murderer, and His Accomplices with Biographical Sketches of the Parties Concerned, and; A Comment on the Extraordinary Circumstances Developed in the Narrative, in Which Gambling is Proved to Be the Source of Forgery, Robbery, Murder, and General Demoralization. To Which is Added, the Gambler's Scourge; A Complete Expose of the Whole System of Gambling in the Metropolis; With Memoirs and Anecdotes of Notorious Blacklegs.
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129695: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Canticles; With Appropriate Chants Anglican and Gregorian Together with Music for the Responses at Morning and Evening Prayer, the Litany, and Holy Communion and an Appendix Containing Additional Chants, etc.
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130903: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Modern flexible road construction
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132051: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - How to Design and Construct a Power Boat
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130820: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Ontario Readers First Reader Part II
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132208: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - the eleventh winnipeg show
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134422: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Replicas of Ancient Greek Jewellery; 1975 - 1985
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134316: EDITOR NOT NAMED] - Garter Parade Exclusive No. 6
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140158: NANTON, PAUL - Arctic Breakthrough; Franklin's Expeditions 1819-1847
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004852: NEFF, DONALD - Warriors for Jerusalem; The Six Days That Changed the Middle East
005426: NEFF, DONALD - Warriors at Suez; Eisenhower Takes America into the Middle East
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120449: NEHRU, KRISHNA - With No Regrets; an Autobiography
145845: NEHRU, JAWAHARLAL (BASED ON THE WORK OF JAWAHARLAL NEHRU: GLIMPSES OF WORLD HISTORY; EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY SAUL K. PADOVER.) - Nehru on World History (Based on the work of Jawaharlal Nehru--Glimpses of World History.)
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134782: O'NEILL, PAUL - The Oldest City; The Story of St. John's, Newfoundland
134782: O'NEILL, PAUL - The Oldest City; The Story of St. John's, Newfoundland
104577: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Plays by Eugene O'Neill
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121663: NEMETH, J. - La Provenance du Nom Bulgar (Series: Onomastica 28.)
010779: DOR-NER, ZVI - Columbus and the Age of Discovery
011439: DOR-NER, ZVI - Columbus and the Age of Discovery
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145112: NERO, ROBERT (PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT R. TAYLOR.) - The Great Gray Owl; Phantom of the Northern Forest (Publisher series: Smithsonian Nature Book.)
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008299: NESVADBA, JOSEF - The Lost Face: Best Science Fiction from Czechoslovakia
133961: NETTER, FRANK H. (EDITED BY ERNST OPPENHEIMER.) - The CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations; Volume 3; A Compilation of Paintings on the Normal and Pathologic Anatomy of the Digestive System. Part III Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas. With a Supplement on New Aspects of Structure, Metabolism,
133959: NETTER, FRANK H. - The CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations; Volume 1; A Compilation of Paintings on the Normal and Pathologic Anatomy of the Nervous System with a Supplement on the Hypothalamus (Publisher series: CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations.)
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145610: NEUBAUER, ALFRED - Speed Was My Life
124218: NEUBECKER, WILLIAM - Sheet Metal Work; A Manual of Practical Self-Instruction in the Art of Pattern Drafting and Construction Work in Light- and Heavy-Gauge Metal, Including Skylights, Roofing, Cornice Work, Patterns for Forced-Air Fittings, etc.
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138547: NEUFELD, ERNEST - Ernestly! Happy Yesterdays
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132044: NEUFELD, E.P. - The Financial System of Canada; Its Growth and Development
136015: NEUFELD, LORENZ - Aurora
149575: NEUFELD, JOHN L. (INCLUDES COMPUTERS; MICROSOFT EXCEL 97; SPREADSHEETS.) - Learning Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel 97
138777: NEUFELD, WILLIAM - From Faith to Faith; The History of the Manitoba Mennonite Brethren Church
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142317: NEUFELD, J. J. - 7506 feschiedne Wead finj wie em Plautdietschen Niehe Tastament
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122582: NEVE, J.L. - A History of Christian Thought
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105577: NEVIN, DAVID - The Expressmen (Series: Old West.)
140172: NEVINS, ALLAN (EDITOR) - Polk; The Diary of a President 1845-1849. Covering the Mexican War, the Acquisition of Oregon, and the Conquest of California and the Southwest
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126917: NEVITT, R.B. (EDITED BY HUGH A. DEMPSEY.) - A Winter at Fort MacLeod
110890: NEVITT, R.B. (EDITED BY HUGH A. DEMPSEY.) - A Winter at Fort MacLeod
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113033: NEWBY, FRED J. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY FRED J. MAROON.) - The Egypt Story; Its Art, its Monuments, its People, its History
116726: NEWCOMB, RICHARD F. - Abandon Ship! The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, the Navy's Greatest Sea Disaster
147247: NEWCOMER, JAMES (BASED ON THE WORK OF MARIA EDGEWORTH.) - Maria Edgeworth the Novelist; 1767-1849; A Bicentennial Study
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129563: NEWELL, WILLIAM R. - Romans; Verse by Verse
135944: NEWELL, ERIC - Norwegian Whist; For Beginners to Experts
121526: NEWHALL, NANCY - A Contribution To The Heritage Of Every American; The Conservation Activities Of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
009845: NEWHOUSE, JOHN - Cold Dawn; the Story of Salt
136858: NEWHOUSE, JOHN - The Nuclear Age; From Hiroshima to Star Wars
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005733: AMERICAN AND CANADIAN COMMITTEES O - Modern Language Instruction in Canada
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142547: SPRINGFIELD COLLEGIATE--OAKBANK - Springfield Collegiate '03-'04
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136011: OLAFSON, KARL - A Sentimental Journey; A Memoir
141805: OLAFSON, KARL - A Sentimental Journey; A Memoir
136702: OLAFSSON, SIGURDUR (CONTRIBUTOR B.J. HORNFJORD; EINAR P. JONSSON.) - Helgad minningu Eiriks Jonssonar, Vilborgar Stefansdottur og Sigurdar Nielsar sonar theirra
000328: OLDER, MRS. FREMONT - California Missions and Their Romances
114428: OLDHAM, J. BASIL - A History of Shrewsbury School 1552-1952
121141: OLINS, WALLY - The Corporate Personality; An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Corporate Identity
118548: OLIVE, DAVID (ILLUSTRATIONS BY BARRY BLITT.) - Canadian Political Babble; a Cynic's Dictionary of Political Jargon
142451: OLIVE, W.H.T. (EDITED BY CHRIS CHURNEY; TIM LAWSON.) - The Right Way On; Adventures in the Klondyke of 1898; Memoirs of W.H.T. Olive
136635: OLIVEIRA, FERNANDO BAPTISTA DE - Historia e Tecnica dos Tapetes de Arraiolos
106551: OLIVER, E.J. (BIOGRAPHY OF COVENTRY PATMORE.) - Coventry Patmore
128852: OLIVER, T.A. - Geology of the Counsell Lake and Wilmot Lake Areas Granville Lake Division Manitoba (Publisher series: Publication.)
147191: OLIVER, GEORGE - The Rover
148970: OLIVER, G. - The Discrepancies of Freemasonry; Examined During a Week's Gossip with the Late Celebrated Brother Gilkes and Other Eminent Masons, on Sundry Obscure and Difficult Passages in the Ordinary Lodge Lectures, Which, Although Open Questions in Grand Lodge, Constitute a Source of Doubt and Perplexity to the Craft
146552: OLIVER, GREG - The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame; The Canadians
017241: OLLARD, RICHARD - This War without an Enemy; a History of the English Civil Wars
143651: OLLIER, KATE (WITH ANGELA HOBDAY.) (IDENTIFIED ON COVER AS: CREATIVE THERAPY 2; WORKING WITH PARENTS.) - Creative Therapy with Children & Adolescents; A British Psychological Society Book (Publisher series: Practical Therapist.)
122087: OLLIVANT, ALFRED - Bob Son of Battle
101903: OLSEN, JACK - Aphrodite: Desperate Mission
121357: OLSEN, JACK - Aphrodite: Desperate Mission
003503: OLSEN, JACK - The Bridge at Chappaquiddick
150048: OLSHESKI, CONSTANCE (CONTRIBUTOR MIKE FILEY; JOHN LINDSAY.) - Pantages Theatre; Rebirth of a Landmark
011153: OLSON, SIGURD F. (ILLUSTRATIONS BY FRANCIS LEE JAQUES.) - The Lonely Land (Publisher series: Canadian Nature Classics.)
007807: OLSON, TOBY - Utah
121625: OLSON, GERALD (EDITORS) (WITH VERA PYBUS.) - By the Old Mill Stream; A History of the Village of Holmfield & District
150291: OLSON, SHERRY (WITH PATRICIA A. THORNTON.) - Peopling the North American City; Montreal, 1840-1900 (Publisher series: Carleton Library Series--Peopling the North American City; Montreal 1840-1900; Carleton Library Series.)
149879: OLSON, ANNA - Tales from Lions Place
147414: OLSON, ROSE - Kitchener -- the History and the Memories
143648: OMER, HAIM - Parental Presence; Reclaiming a Leadership Role in Bringing Up Our Children
010813: OMMANNEY, F.D. - South Latitude
005884: OMMANNEY, F.D. - South Latitude
123068: OMMER, UWE - Photographies Erotique
100574: OMURA, BUNJI (BIOGRAPHY OF KIMMOCHI SAIONJI.) - The Last Genro; Prince Saionji the Man Who Westernized Japan
101288: BAR-ON, MORDECHAI (EDITOR) (CONTRIBUTOR NATHAN SHAHAM.) - The Six Day War; 5.6.67, 6.6.67, 7.6.67, 8.6.67, 9.6.67, 10.6.67
016098: ONDAATJE, KIM - Small Churches of Canada
127246: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Leonard Cohen (Publisher series: New Canadian Library Canadian Writers.)
018187: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The English Patient
110888: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
120596: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Running in the Family
130637: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The English Patient
148978: ONEIL, JESSIE (DOLLIE) GRAY - Pot-Pourri
133724: ONOSKO, TIM - Wasn't the Future Wonderful? A View of Trends and Technology from the 1930s
141109: STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO - The Occidentalia '45; A Record of the School Year at Western 1944-1945 Volume XIX
131179: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO - Heroes and Heroines
131189: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO - Catalogue of Inaugural Exhibition January 29th to February 28th Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Six
131197: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO - Wrought Iron; European Household Utensils from the 17th to the 19th Century
141108: STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO - The Occidentalia '44; A Record of the School Year at Western Volume XVIII
141106: STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO - The Occidentalia '42; Record of the Year at Western Volume 16
135546: ONUFRIJCHUK, F. - Flora in Shevchenko's Poetry
105857: ONYEAMA, DILLIBE - Secret Society
131213: WEST-BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Eskimo Graphic Art / Les arts graphiques esquimaux 1967
131247: WEST BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Dorset 75; Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection 1975 Collection annuelle des graphiques de Cape Dorset
131209: SANAVIK CO-OPERATIVE - Sanavik Co-Operative Baker Lake Sculpture 1974
131215: WEST-BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Cape Dorset Prints/Estampes 1974
131217: WEST-BAFFIN ESKIMO CO-OPERATIVE - Dorset 76; Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection 1976; Collection annuelle des gravures de Cap Dorset 1976

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