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001573: TUSA, ANN; TUSA, JOHN - The Nuremberg Trial
008771: TWAIN, MARK & WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY - The Gilded Age (Vol. 1)
013775: TWAIN, MARK - Collected Work (Twenty Five Volumes)
013195: TWAIN, MARK - Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World
015200: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
008476: TWENHOFEL, WILLIAM & SHROCK, ROBERT - Invertebrate Paleontology
006355: TWMC STAFF - The Report (Vol. I)
014699: TYLER, MOSES COIT - Library of Univeral History (Twelve Volumes) Containig a Record of the Human Race from the Earliest Historical Period to the Present Time
000909: TYLER, ANNE - Saint Maybe
002797: TYLER, PATRICK - A Great Wall: Six Presidents and China an Investigative History
003844: TYLER, SYDNEY - San Francisco's Great Disaster
006163: TYLER, ANNE - Back When We Were Grownups
011760: TYNAN, KATHARINE - Life in the Occupied Area
013780: TYNAN, KENNETH;LAHR, JOHN - Diaries of Kenneth Tynan
002102: TYNDALL, JOHN - Fragments of Science; a Series of Detached Essays, Addresses, and Reviews (Two Volumes)
005017: U.S. COAST GUARD AUXILIARY - Boating Skills and Seamanship Eleventh Edition
010934: UBBELOHDE-DOERING, H. - On the Royal Highways of the Inca
003169: UCHIDA, YOSHIKO - Picture Bride: A Novel
013487: UDIKE, JOHN - Roger's Version: A Novel
003582: ULLMANN, LINN - Before You Sleep; a Novel
004352: ULLMANN, RICHARD K. - Tolerance and the Intolerable - Swarthmore Lecture 1961
009486: ULLMANN, FRANCES (EDITOR) - Calling All Girls September 1946
008429: UMBGROVE, J.H. F. - The Pulse of the Earth (Second Edition)
010108: UMBGROVE, J.H.F. - The Pulse of the Earth
005447: UNBEGAUN, B.O. - Russian Grammar
005722: UNCLE JIM (JAMES N. STACY) - Sage of Waha the Mountain Gem Humorist on Land and on Sea
009135: UNDERHILL, RUTH MURRAY - Red Man's America: A History of Indians in the United States
013466: UNDERWOOD, EDNA WORTHLEY - Dear Dead Women : The Weird Stories of Edna Underwood
002848: UNION OF THE VIETNAMESE IN THE USA - Vietnam; Poetry
007470: UNIVERSITY SOCIETY EDITORIAL BOARD - The Child Welfare Manual: A Handbook of Child Nature and Nurture for Parents and Teachers (2 Volumes)
013863: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA (SYSTEM);UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS - Poems for the Millennium: The University of California Book of Modern & Postmodern Poetry
014309: UNKNOWN - Assisi - Art and History
012217: UNSWORTH - Encyclopaedia of Mountaineering
008854: UNTERMEYER, LOUIS - The Wonderful Adventures of Paul Bunyan
014751: UNTERMEYER, LOUIS AND BRYNA (EDITORS) - Grimm's Fairy Tales (Two Volumes)
000238: UPDIKE, JOHN - Bech at Bay; a Quasi-Novel
000904: UPDIKE, JOHN - Trust Me; Short Stories
000905: UPDIKE, JOHN - Memories of the Ford Administration
000906: UPDIKE, JOHN - Bech Is Back
008299: UPDIKE, JOHN - Bech Is Back
012999: UPDIKE, JOHN - Gertrude and Claudius; a Novel
008256: URI, ALMAGOR - The Attraction of Opposites: Thought and Society in the Dualistic Mode
010680: URTON, GARY - The Social Life of Numbers : A Quechua Ontology of Numbers and Philosophy of Arithmetic
014958: URUY, VICTOR - History of France
000923: USTINOV, PETER - Add a Dash of Pity
001738: UTLEY, ROBERT M. - The Indian Frontier of the American West
007493: VACCA, RICHARD T.; VACCA, JO ANNE L. - Content Area Reading: Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum
004386: VALDES-RODRIGUEZ, ALISA - The Dirty Girls Social Club; a Novel
013450: VALE, ALLISON - How to Boil a Flamingo: And 49 Other Lessons in the Lost Art of Being a Lady
015322: VALENTINE, MARK - Time, a Falconer: A Study of Sarban
012316: VALKENBURG, JNO. VAN - The Knights of Pythias Complete Manual and Text-Book
001889: VALLEE, RUDY - My Time Is Your Time; the Rudy Vallee Story
000919: VAN DER VYVER, MARITA - Childish Things
001033: VAN DYKE, HENRY - Fisherman's Luck
001504: VAN LOON, HENDRIK - Life & Times of Rembrandt Van Rijn
003255: VAN NORTWICK, THOMAS - Oedipus: The Meaning of a Masculine Life
003786: VAN KIRK, FRANK - He Will Speak Peace
013982: VAN SLYKE, LYMAN - Yangtze: Nature, History, and the River
005387: VAN DER VAT, DAN - Pacific Campaign: World War II the U.S. Japanese Naval War 1941-1945
006912: VAN DRESSE, PETER (SIGNED COPY) - Homegrown Sundwellings
008729: VAN LOON, HENDRIK - The Story of Mankind
009722: VAN SCHAICK, GEORGE - Sweetapple Cove; a Novel
010300: VAN CLEEF, JUNE;WOOLLEY, BRYAN - The Way Home: Photographs from the Heart of Texas
014090: VAN DIS, ADRIAAN - Dubbelliefde: Roman
015215: VAN LOON, HENDRIK - America
012820: VAN DYKE, HENRY - The Ruling Passion : Tales of Nature and Human Nature
015225: VAN LOON, HENDRIK - America (Inscribed By Author)
013228: VAN DYKE , J. - Passenger to Peking
006377: VANDERBILT, PAUL - Guide to the Special Collections of Prints & Photographs in the Library of Congress
010384: VANGUARD, THORKIL - Phallos: A Symbol and Its History in the Male World
010867: VARADPANDE, M. - Ancient Indian and Indo-Greek Theatre
012488: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - The Bad Girl: A Novel
005902: VARIOUS (WILKINS, BRINE, CLARK ET AL) - Little Lassies
015359: VATICAN MUSEUMS - The Vatican Collections: The Papacy and Art
001508: VAUCHER, ANDREA R. - Muses from Chaos and Ash
000431: VAUGHAN, THOMAS - Space, Style, and Structure (Two Volumes )
013254: VAUGHAN, THOMAS - Captain Cook R N the Resolute Mariner
007389: VAUTIER, GERDA - A Child's Bouquet of Yesterday
014322: VAVRA, ROBERT - Michener's the Name
015274: VELICK, BRUCE - Baby, Baby, Sweet Baby
009396: VELIKOVSKY, IMMANUEL - Ages in Chaos: From the Exodus to King Akhnaton (Volume 1)
011398: VELIKOVSKY, IMMANUEL - Worlds in Collision
011259: VELLENGA, DIRK;FARREN, MICK - Elvis and the Colonel
008575: VERMEULE, EMILY - Greece in the Bronze Age
009685: VERNE, JULES - In 80 Tagen Um Die Welt
013191: VERNE, JULES - Ticket No. 9672
015333: VERONICO, NICHOLAS A. - Hidden Warbirds: The Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding Wwii's Lost Aircraft
013335: VERTREES, J. D. - Japanese Maples: Momiji and Kaede
013986: VICKERS, HUGH - Great Operatic Disasters
006345: VICTOR, FRANCES FULLER - Atlantis Arisen; Or, Talks of a Tourist About Oregon and Washington
000921: VIDAL, GORE - Myron
000980: VIDAL, GORE - Live from Golgotha
014579: VIEMEISTER, TUCKER - Product Design 6
000265: VIERECK & LITTLE - Alaska Trees and Shrubs
001802: VIERTEL, JOSEPH - Life Lines
012304: VILA, BOB - This Old House: Restoring, Rehabilitating, and Renovating an Older House
008452: VINCENT, SIDNEY Z.; RUBINSTEIN, JUDAH - Merging Traditions: Jewish Life in Cleveland a Contemporary Narrative, 1945-1975, a Pictorial Record, 1839-1975
008933: VINE, W.E. - An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words with Their Precise Meanings for English Readers
007451: VINOGRAD, JULIA - Darkness
007452: VINOGRAD, JULIA - Clown Jewels
013611: VIOLA, HERMAN J. & MARGOLIS, CAROLYN - Exploring the West
003549: VIOLA, HERMAN J. & MARGOLIS, CAROLYN - Magnificent Voyagers: The U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
010503: VITZ, EVELYN B. - Medieval Narratives & Modern Narratology: Subjects & Objects of Desire
000918: VLIET, R.G. - Rockspring
003654: VLIET, R.G. - The Bureau and the Mole: The Unmasking of Robert Philip Hanssen, the Most Dangerous Double Agent in Fbi History
007308: VOLAVKOVA, HANA - The Pinkas Synagogue; a Memorial of the Past and of Our Days
014317: VON MATTHIESSEN, MARIA - Songs from the Hills : An Intimate Look at Country Music
014800: VON HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG - The Golden Man: A Quest for El Dorado
004387: VON DREELE, W. H. - There's Something About a Liberal
005765: VON HOFFMAN, NICHOLAS - Citizen Cohn: The Life and Times of Roy Cohn
011545: VON BIBRA, ERNEST - Plant Intoxicants: A Classic Text on the Use of Mind-Altering Plants
014963: VONNEGUT, KURT - Slapstick Or Lonesome No More!
005155: VORSPAN, ALBERT; SAPERSTEIN, DAVID - Tough Choices: Jewish Perspectives on Social Justice
011234: VORSPAN, ALBERT;SAPERSTEIN, DAVID - Tough Choices: Jewish Perspectives on Social Justice
013205: VOSBURG/VENTRELLA - Lori Lovecraft: My Black Pages
014495: VOWELL, SARAH - The Wordy Shipmates
014511: VROOMAN, JOHN J. - Forts and Firesides of the Mohawk Country (Signed Copy)
001677: WAAGENAAR, SAM - Mata Hari
000942: WACHER, JOHN S. - Hyannis Boat
001158: WACHER, JOHN S. ( F.S.A. ) - Cirencester, 1960 First Interim Report
008086: WADDELL, L. AUSTINE - Lhasa and Its Mysteries
003755: WADE, CARLSON - Health Tonics, Elixirs, and Potions for the Look and Feel of Youth
013201: WADE. DANIEL & HELLARD, PAUL - Expose 7; Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe
011819: WAGNER, RUDOLF G. - Contemporary Chinese Historical Drama: Four Studies
007584: WAGNER, JANE - Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
011382: WAINEMAN, PAUL - A Summer Tour in Finland
001468: WAINWRIGHT, LOUDON - The Great American Magazine : An Inside History of Life
012591: WAITE, THORNTON - Yellowstone By Train : A History of Rail Travel to America's First National Park
014283: WAKEFIELD, DAN - New York in the 50's
000930: WAKEFIELD, DAN - New York in the 50's
000915: WAKEMAN, FREDERIC - The Fault of the Apple
010806: WALDMAN, ANNE, & WEBB, MARILYN - Talking Poetics from Naropa Institute: Annals of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics
014246: WALKER, SPIKE - Working on the Edge : Surviving in the World's Most Dangerous Profession - King Crab Fishing on Alaska's High Seas
001552: WALKER, ALEXANDER - Stardom
003588: WALKER, ALICE - By the Light of My Father's Smile: A Novel
006439: WALKER, ALICE - The Same River Twice: Honoring the Difficult
006781: WALKER, MILDRED - Winter Wheat; a Novel
011759: WALKER, ALICE - Possessing the Secret of Joy
011217: WALKER, ALICE - The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart
014700: WALKER, FRANKLIN & DANE, G. EZRA - Mark Twain's Travels with Mr. Brown
012453: WALKER, PAUL K. - Engineers of Independence: A Documentary History of the Army Engineers in the American Revolution, 1775 - 1783
015335: WALKER, ALICE - A Poem Traveled Down My Arm: Poems and Drawings
015267: WALKER, ALICE - The Temple of My Familiar: A Novel
000224: WALKIEWICZ & WITEMEYER - Ezra Pound and Senator Bronson Cutting; a Political Correspondence, 1930-1935
006142: WALL, GEOFFREY - Flaubert: A Life
014242: WALLACE, LEW - The Fair God Or the Last of the 'Tzins: A Tale of the Conquest of Mexico
001506: WALLACE COLLECTION CATALOGUES - Pictures & Drawings; Text with Historical Notes & Illlustrations
001607: WALLACE, MIKE; GATES, GARY P. - Close Encounters : Mike Wallace's Own Story
006656: WALLACE, DON - Hot Water; a Novel
008002: WALLACE, DAVID RAINS - The Turquoise Dragon
009480: WALLACE, DANIEL - The Art of Superman Returns
010406: WALLACE, DAVID RAINS - Life in the Balance: A Companion to the Audubon Television Specials
010948: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Palm Trees of the Amazon and Their Uses
015016: WALLACE, JOE;WALLACE, JOSEPH E. - Grand Old Game: 365 Days of Baseball
013812: WALLENTIN, JAN - Strindberg's Star: A Novel
000929: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES - Border Music
000931: WALLER, LESLIE - Three Day Pass
012115: WALLIS, VELMA - Bird Girl and the Man Who Followed the Sun: An Athabaskan Indian Legend from Alaska
008012: WALLIS, MICK; SHEPHERD, SIMON - Studying Plays
014083: WALLIS, VELMA - Two Old Women; an Alaskan Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival
005716: WALLOP, DOUGLASS - The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant
004988: WALLS, THOMAS K. - The Japanese Texans
014499: WALSH, MAURICE - Son of Apple: An Old Irish Folk-Story Retold from a Translation By Catriona Macleod
007137: WALSH, ROGER - Essential Spirituality: The 7 Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind
013561: WALT DISNEY COMPANY - Surprise Package
013802: WALT DISNEY COMPANY - The Walt Disney Parade: A Collection of New and Old Favorites in Full Color
000943: WALTARI, MIKA - The Secret of the Kingdom
010444: WALTER;TOWNSEND, DAVID;WALTER, OF CHATILLON - The Alexandreis of Walter of Chatillon: A Twelfth-Century Epic
010817: WALTER;TOWNSEND, DAVID;WALTER, OF CHATILLON - The Alexandreis of Walter of Chatillon: A Twelfth-Century Epic
009004: WALTERS & CONWAY - Deigma: A First Greek Book
006414: WALTH, BRENT - Fire at Eden's Gate: Tom Mccall & the Oregon Story
001019: WALTHER, SUSAN DANLY - The Railroad in the American Landscape: 1850-1950
000165: WALTON, DONALD - A Rockwell Portrait
014928: WALTON, SUSANA DAME - William Walton : Behind the Facade
013330: WALTON, IZAAK & COTTON, CHARLES - The Complleat Angler
014972: WALTON, IZAAK - The Compleat Angler Or the Contemplative Man's Recreation
007458: WANG, CHI-CHEN - Traditional Chinese Tales
008763: WAR DEPARTMENT - Technical Manual: Instrument Flying Training
006565: WARD, ANDREW - Out Here: A Newcomer's Notes from the Great Northwest
013494: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - The True Heart
001263: WARNER, ELSA JANE - The Golden Bible for Children; the New Testament
006373: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY - Library of the World's Best Literature Ancient and Modern
013112: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY (EDITOR) - Library of the World's Best Literature; Ancient and Modern (46 Volumes)
015314: WARNER, ESTHER - New Song in a Strange Land
005273: WARREN, MARY ANNE - Nature of Woman: An Encyclopedia and Guide to the Literature
005502: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Band of Angels
006749: WARREN, RICHARD; WARREN, RICK - The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?
008632: WARREN, ROSANNA - Stained Glass
014421: WARREN, B.H. - Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania with Special Reference to the Food Habits, Based on over Four Thousaand Stomach Examinations
013334: WARREN, RICHARD S. - Begins with the Oboe: A History of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra
010660: WASHBURN, SHERWOOD L. (EDITOR) - Social Life of Early Man
002423: WASSERMANN, JACOB - Bula Matari
007283: WASSERMANN, JACOB - The World's Illusion
015264: WASSERMANN, JACOB - Wedlock
001489: WASSERSTEIN, BERNARD - The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln
008623: WASSON, R. GORDON - The Wondrous Mushroom: Mycolatry in Mesoamerica
006817: WATERMAN, CHARLES F. - Hunting in America
009615: WATERMAN, CHARLES F. - The Fisherman's World
001972: WATERS, ETHEL - His Eye Is on the Sparrow
011244: WATERS, FRANK - The Woman at Otowi Crossing: A Novel
011245: WATERS, FRANK - Man Who Killed the Deer
013521: WATKINS, SAM R. - Co. Aytch," Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment; Or, a Side Show of the Big Show
009752: WATKINS MARY FITCH - First Aid to the Opera-Goer
013616: WATOUS, ANSEL - History of Larimer County Colorado
006695: WATSON, CLARE - Big Creatures from the Past: A Pop-Up Book
011155: WATSON, CHARLES;RAY - Will You Die for Me? the Man Who Killed for Charles Manson Tells His Own Story
006950: WATTERSON, BILL - There's Treasure Everywhere
006951: WATTERSON, BILL - It's a Magical World: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
006952: WATTERSON, BILL - The Days Are Just Packed: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
002365: WAUGH, ALEC - Hot Countries
002426: WAUGH, ALEC - Love and the Caribbean
004500: WAUGH, ALEC - Wines and Spirits ( Foods of the World Series)
015194: WAUTERS, A.J. - Flemish School of Painting
004631: WAY, W.J. "JACK - The Tombstone Story 1878 - 1968 the Astounding Tale of the Town Too Tough to Die
006180: WAYNE, JANE ELLEN - Gable's Women
011938: WEATHERFORD, J. MCIVER - The History of Money: From Sandstone to Cyberspace
001733: WEATHERFORD, JACK M. - Native Roots : How the Indians Enriched America
012677: WEAVER, DIANE M. - Painted Furniture: Simple Techniques for Fresh, New Looks
008048: WEBBER, SABRA J. - Romancing the Real: Folklore and Ethnographic Representation in North Africa
014275: WEBER, EUGEN - Apocalypses : Prophecies, Cults, and Millennial Beliefs Through the Ages
002725: WEBSTER, T.B.L. - Greek Terracottas
007050: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - Red Plush and Black Velvet
015224: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - Looking for a Bluebird
014794: WECHSLER, HERMAN J. - Great Prints and Printmakers
010715: WECHT, CYRIL H. M.D., J.D. - Crime Scene Investigation: Crack the Case with Real-Life Experts
010870: WEDEL, WR - Prehistoric Man on the Great Plains
000291: WEEDEN, ROBERT B. - Alaska; Promises to Keep
005406: WEIDLE - Russia: Absent and Present
009718: WEIMAN, RITA - Playing the Game; the Story of a Society Girl
013990: WEINBERG, STEVE - Taking on the Trust: The Epic Battle of Ida Tarbell and John D. Rockefeller
006358: WEINER, MARGERY - The French Exiles, 1789-1815
013196: WEINER, TIM - Legacy of Ashes: The History of the Cia
011447: WEINER, HAL & MARILYN - World of Cooking the Pbs Series
013654: WEINSTEIN, DEBRA - Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z
001794: WEINTRAUB, RUTH G. - How Secure These Rights?
007099: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - The Whistler : A Biography
013796: WEIS, MARGARET;HICKMAN, TRACY - Dragons of a Fallen Sun: The War of Souls
014742: WEISSER, LOUIS - Atlas de Gravures Des Temps Anciens Et Modernes
011708: WEISSMAN, DICK - Making a Living in Your Local Market: Realizing Your Marketing Potential
001579: WEITZ, JOHN - Hitler's Diplomat : The Life and Times of Joachim Von Ribbentrop
012567: WEITZMAN, DAVID - Thrashin' Time: Harvest Days in the Dakotas
000028: WELCH, JAMES - Riding the Earthboy40
000928: WELCH, JAMES - Killing Custer
005539: WELCH, JAMES - Winter in the Blood
005543: WELCH, JAMES - The Indian Lawyer
003908: WELDON, FAY - Splitting
001112: WELLARD, JAMES - The Search for the Etruscans
002420: WELLARD, JAMES - Lost Worlds of Africa
006574: WELLER, ARCHIE - Going Home: Stories
000926: WELLES, PATRICIA - Babyhip
006384: WELLFORD, ROBIN S. - Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Persuasive Argument
001357: WELLMAN, MANLY WADE - They Took Their Stand
006230: WELLMAN, PAUL I. - Glory, God and Gold
002369: WELLS, CARVETH - Six Years in the Malay Jungle
003088: WELLS, H. G. - Tono-Bungay
014437: WELLS, H.G. - Mr. Britling Sees It Through
013785: WELLS, STANLEY AND TAYLOR, GARY EDITORS; SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - William Shakespeare: The Complete Works
014930: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames Jungle Nurse
010304: WELLS, DAVID A - Annual of Scientific Discovery 1852
014929: WELLS, HELEN - Cherry Ames Veterans' Nurse
014812: WELSH, FRANK - Battle for Christendom: The Council of Constance, the East-West Conflict, and the Dawn of Modern Europe
003267: WELTY, EUDORA - Losing Battles
003646: WELTY AND TAYLOR - The 76 Bonanza
012552: WELTY, EUDORA - The Optimist's Daughter
010772: WENGEL, TASSILO - The Art of Gardening Through the Ages
008537: WENZLAFF, GUSTAV GOTTLIEB - Drift: A Story of Old Ukraine
013065: WEOR, SAMAEL AUN - Revolutionary Psychology
011995: WERNER, E.TT.C.` - Myths and Legends of China
012991: WESCHLER, LAWRENCE - Vermeer in Bosnia a Reader
013546: WEST, SHEARER - Chagall
000925: WEST, ANTHONY C. - The Native Moment
000941: WEST, ANTHONY C. - River's End
001618: WEST, NIGEL - MI Five : British Security Service Operations, 1909-1945
007365: WEST, MARION - Standing in Other's Way
011092: WEST, JERRY H-22 - The Happy Hollisters and the Secret of the Lucky Coins
011086: WEST, JERRY H-18 - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Little Mermaid H-18
011087: WEST, JERRY H-13 - The Happy Hollisters at Lizard Cove H-13
011088: WEST, JERRY H-12 - The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship H-12
011089: WEST, JERRY H-11 - The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery
011091: WEST, JERRY H-17 - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery in Skyscraper City H-17
011093: WEST, JERRY H-28 - The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery H28
011096: WEST, JERRY H-19 - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town
011097: WEST, JERRY H-7 - The Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery
007881: WESTCOTT, PATSY - Alternative Health Care for Women: A Woman's Guide to Self-Help Treatments and Natural Therapies
007516: WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY - The Polychronicon 1929
007530: WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY - The Polychronicon 1928
005009: WESTING, FRED - The Locomotives That Baldwin Built
012173: WESTING, FRED - The Locomotives That Baldwin Built
015092: WESTING, FRED - The Locomotivesthat Baldwin Built
001420: WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CO. - Westinghouse Automatic Electric Range Book
013921: WESTWOOD, TREVOR - The Face of the Beloved; a Doctor's Tales of the Far East
004634: WETMORE, HELEN CODY - Last of the Great Scouts ("Buffalo Bill")
015112: WHALEN, PHILIP - The Invention of the Letter: Being an Illusminated Moral History , for the Edification of Younger Readers
014602: WHALEN, PHILIP - You Didn't Even Try; a Novel
008573: WHALER, JAMES - Counterpoint and Symbol: An Inquiry Into the Rhythm of Milton's Epic Style
011666: WHARTON, EDITH;MAINWARING, MARION - The Buccaneers: A Novel
012853: WHARTON, EDITH (TWO VOLUMES) - Collected Stories, 1911-1937 and 1911-1937
015330: WHARTON, EDITH - Stories
014554: WHEELER, MORTIMER - Splendours of the East : Temples, Tombs, Palaces and Fortresses of Asia
006223: WHEELER, GEORGE - Pierpont Morgan and Friends: The Anatomy of a Myth
006103: WHEELOCK, JOHN H. - By Daylight and in Dream: New and Collected Poems, 1904-1970
011264: WHEEN, FRANCIS - Karl Marx: A Life
005019: WHIPPLE, LESLIE J. - The Omsi Cookbook
014435: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL - James Abbott Mcneill Whistler: Pastels
012118: WHITAKER, TERESA - Light-Sweet Cherries: Over 100 Recipes and Serving Ideas
003849: WHITAKER, HERMAN - West Winds; California's Book of Fiction, Written By California Authors and Illustrated By California Artists
000940: WHITE, T.H. - America at Last
001054: WHITE, HAZEL - Water Gardens: Simple Projects, Contemporary Designs
002984: WHITE, WILLIAM CHAPMAN - Adirondack Country
003026: WHITE, STEPHEN - Barney's Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes Volume 1 a Read-Along Play-Along Book
003091: WHITE, THEODORE H. - The Making of the President 1960
003848: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - The Story of California
004431: WHITE, MEL - Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America
006126: WHITE, JOHN KENNETH - Still Seeing Red: How the Old Cold War Shapes the New American Politics
006357: WHITE, ELLEN G. - Christ's Object Lessons
006542: WHITE, G. EDWARD - The American Judicial Tradition: Profiles of Leading American Judges
009411: WHITE, TERENCE HANBURY - The Book of Merlyn: The Unpublished Conclusion to the Once and Future King
011037: WHITE, SUZANNE;WHITE, SUSANNE - Chinese Astrology: Plain and Simple
013398: WHITE, E. B. - Stuart Little
011253: WHITE, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock
012793: WHITE, E. B. - Poems and Sketches of E.B. White
013397: WHITE, T.H. - The Once and Future King
014578: WHITECAP BOOKS - The Essential Dessert Cookbook
009669: WHITEHOUSE, P.B. - Dampflok Auf Neuer Fahrt
015313: WHITFIELD, NELLA - Kitchen Encyclopedia: Over 2,500 Hints and Recipes
013620: WHITING, CHARLES - The Battle of Hurtgen Forest: The Untold Story of a Disastrous Campaign
005067: WHITING, HELEN D. - Souvenirs of Tuscany
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002682: WILLIAMS, REESE (EDITOR) - Unwinding the Vietnam War : From War Into Peace
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014818: WYSS, JOHANN - Swiss Family Robinson
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014990: Y'BLOOD, WILLIAM - Hunter-Killer: U.S. Escort Carriers in the Battle of the Atlantic
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002312: YAHIL, LENI - The Holocaust
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005611: YOUTH DIVISION OF SOKA GAKKAI I - Cries for Peace: Experiences of Japanese Victims of World War II
010733: YOUTH DIVISION OF SOKA GAKKAI I - Cries for Peace; Experiences of Japanese Victims of World War II
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008029: ZAEHNER - Hindu Scriptures
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012869: ZAIDENBERG, ARTHUR - A Simple Course in Illustration and Advertising Art
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012914: ZWEIG, ARNOLD - Sergeant Grischa
012480: ZWERENZ, GERHARD - Little Peter in War and Peace
015303: ZWILGMEYER, DIKKEN - Johnny Blossom
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