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010512: ROHRICH, LUTZ - Folktales and Reality
011940: ROIPHE, KATIE - The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism on Campus
012784: ROLF, ROBERT T. - Alternative Japanese Drama: Ten Plays
004524: ROLFE, WILFRID EDGAR - The Love of Britain
000412: ROLLIN, CHARLES - The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians, and Macedonians Including a History of the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients
002982: ROLLS ROYCE COMPANY - Queste Magazine Issues One to Twenty
006684: ROMER, JOHN - Testament: The Bible and History
014058: ROMERO, JOSE RUBEN - The Futile Life of Pito Perez
003839: ROONEY, ANDREW - Pieces of My Mind
004941: ROONEY, ANDREW A. - Most of Andy Rooney
010428: ROOT, GEORGE F. - The Story of a Musical Life: An Autobiography
013472: ROOTS, LEVI - Caribbean Food Made Easy
012195: ROPER, STEVE - Ascent: The Mountaineering Experience in Word and Image
014853: ROSCOE - United States Destroyer Operations
002910: ROSE, JOANNA - Little Miss Strange
003807: ROSE, ELLEN; CHRONICLE BOOKS; STRAND, JESSICA - Intimate Gatherings: Great Food for Good Friends
008538: ROSE, PETER W. - Sons of the Gods, Children of Earth: Ideology and Literary Form in Ancient Greece
009654: ROSE, HARRY - Lexikon Der Lokomotive ; Geschichte Und Technik
014936: ROSE, ALEXANDER - American Rifle: A Biography
010006: ROSE, H.J. - A Handbook of Greek Mythology Including Its Extension to Rome
000826: ROSEN, RICHARD - Fadeaway
000827: ROSEN, GERALD - Dr. Ebenezer's Book and Liquor Store
012842: ROSEN, LOUIS - Climate Change and Energy Policy: Proceedings of the International Conference on Global Climate Change Its Mitigation Through Improved Production
006904: ROSENBERG, MARVIN & COLE, WILLIAM - The Best Cartoons from Punch: Collected for Americans from England's Famous Humorous Weekly
007439: ROSENBERG, MARVIN & COLE, WILLIAM - The Best Cartoons from Punch: Collected for Americans from England's Famous Humorous Weekly
002757: ROSENBLUM, MORT - Back Home : A Foreign Correspondent Rediscovers America
013843: ROSENTHAL, ED - Marijuana Question?: Ask Ed
012036: ROSS, NICOLA; GRANDMAISON, MIKE; JOHNSTON, DON - Healing the Landscape : Celebrating Sudbury's Reclamation Success
002087: ROSS, SHIRLEY - Plant Consciousness, Plant Care
003823: ROSS, ELEANOR FARRAND - Beloved City
004648: ROSS, DONALD F. - Once Upon a Lifetime; Gunfighters, Indians & Me
004699: ROSS, DIANA - Secrets of a Sparrow: Memoirs
006764: ROSS, MAGGIE - The Fire of Your Life: A Solitude Shared
007556: ROSS, JIM - Can You Take the Heat?: The Wwf Is Cooking!
011260: ROSS, DIANA - Secrets of a Sparrow: Memoirs
014580: ROSSBACH, SARAH; YUN, MASTER LIN - Feng-Shui Design : The Art of Creating Harmony for Interiors, Landscape and Architecture
013884: ROSSI, PAUL A. & HUNT, DAVID C. - The Art of the Old West: From the Collection of the Gilcrease Institute
011428: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Cyrano de Bergerac
001784: ROSTEN, LEO - People I Have Loved, Known Or Admired
001791: ROSTEN, LEO - The Many Worlds of Leo Rosten
015133: ROSZKIEWICZ, RON - To Turn the Perfect Wooden Bowl: The Lifelong Quest of Bob Stocksdale
012155: ROTH, PHILIP - The Human Stain
012449: ROTH, PHILIP - Everyman
012097: ROTH, SUSAN A. - Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Flower Gardening
011690: ROTH, PHILIP - Exit Ghost
000823: ROTH, PHILIP - The Professor of Desire
000824: ROTH, PHILIP - Patrimony
002184: ROTH, SAMUEL - The Peep-Hole of the Present
011512: ROTH, GOTZ - Alfred Weber: Schriften Und Aufsatze 1897 - 1955 Bibliographie
012361: ROTH, JOSEPH - The Collected Stories of Joseph Roth
008306: ROUBAUD, JACQUES - Hortense in Exile
008309: ROUBAUD, JACQUES - Hortense Is Abducted
001731: ROUD, RICHARD - A Passion for Films: Henri Langlois and the Cinematheque Francai
007290: ROUGHEAD, WILLIAM - The Murderer's Companion
000822: ROWANS, VIRGINIA - The Loving Couple
002664: ROWDON, MAURICE - Lorenzo the Magnificent
010105: ROWE AND MENZEL - Peruvian Archaeology: Selected Readings
002153: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter Series , Year 4)
013481: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
015109: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
000207: ROWSE, A.L. - The English Spirit: Essays in History and Literature
006733: ROWSE, A.L. - The England of Elizabeth
014035: ROY, JULES - The Battle Od Dienbienphu
003437: ROY, GABRIELLE - Street of Riches (Rue Deschambault)
000867: RUARK, ROBERT C. - Poor No More
000843: RUBENS, BERNICE - Our Father
006673: RUBIN, DAVID C. - The Fiddle Music of Scotland: A Comprehensive Annotated Collection of 365 Tunes with a Historical Introduction
011320: RUBIN, SCOTT - National Lampoon's Big Book of True Facts: Brand-New Collection of Absurd-But-True Real-Life Funny Stuff
010986: RUCK, CARL A. P.; MATHESON, WILLIAM H. - Selected Pindar Odes
005422: RUCKER, BRYCE W. - The First Freedom
003237: RUDNER, RUTH - Wandering: A Walker's Guide to the Mountain Trails of Europe
001775: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD - Religion and Sexism: Images of Woman in the Jewish and Christian Traditions
000222: RUETZ,MICHAEL - Eye of America
002589: RUGGLES, ELEANOR - Prince of Players
010958: RUHLEN, MERRITT - On the Origin of Languages: Studies in Linguistic Taxonomy
002192: RULE, ANN - And Never Let Her Go : Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer
005942: RULE, ANN - Green River, Running Red
012664: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - A History of the Crusades: Vollume II the Kingdom on Jerusalem and the Frankish East 1100-1187
011277: RUPPELT, EDWARD J. - The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects
009181: RUPPERT, MICHAEL C. - Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil
008314: RUSH, NORMAN - Mating
006326: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - East, West: Stories
008316: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - East, West: Stories
010825: RUSHING, JAMES A. JR.;UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS - Images of Adventure: Ywain in the Visual Arts
004024: RUSHMORE, HELEN - The Shadow of Robber's Roost
015130: RUSHTON, JULIAN - W.A. Mozart, Idomeneo
009312: RUSK, GAE - Monsoon Madness
013378: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Stones of Venice (Volumes 1 & 2)
012350: RUSSELL, FRANCIS & PEILL, JAMES (EDITORS) - Christie's Review of the Season 1995
006905: RUSSELL, JOHN - Paris
007758: RUSSELL, RICHARD J. (EDITOR) - Guides to Southeastern Geology
012348: RUSSELL, FRANCIS & WHITE, NICHOLAS (EDITORS) - Christie's Review of the Season 1993
013173: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Wisdom of the West
013565: RUST, BRIAN A. L. - The American Dance Band Discography 1917-1942
013566: RUST, BRIAN A. L. - Jazz Records, 1897-1942 (Two Volumes)
013746: RUST, BRIAN - The Dance Bands
004744: RUTHVEN, MALISE - Cairo/ the Great Cities
009226: RUTTEN, M. G. - The Geology of Western Europe
003812: RYAN, MARAH ELLIS - For the Soul of Rafael
009750: RYAN, MILDRED GRAVES - Your Clothes and Personality
005662: S.S. KRESGE COMPANY - Kresge's Katalog of 5[Cent Sign] & 10[Cent Sign] Merchandise
009282: SAARI, JESSICA (EDITOR) - Annual Recipes 2007
009283: SAARI, JESSICA (EDITOR) - Annual Recipes 2005
009517: SACHS, CURT - World History of the Dance
011960: SACKS, OLIVER - The Island of the Colorblind and Cycad Island
001841: SADIE, STANLEY (EDITOR); LATHAM, ALISON (EDITOR) - The Norton-Grove Concise Encyclopedia of Music
003808: SAFDIE, EDWARD J. - New Spa Food: Hearty, Healthy Recipes, from the Norwich Inn and Spa
007742: SAFFORD, MARY J. - Prince Henry's Sailor Boy
011641: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History
015066: SAFRANSKI, RUDIGER - Nietzsche : A Philosophical Biography
002188: SAGAN, CARL - The Dragons of Eden
002219: SAGAN, CARL; DRUYAN, ANN - Comet
010015: SAGAN, CARL;DRUYAN, ANN - Comet
010590: SAGAN, ELI - Connibalism: Human Aggression and Cultural Form
011777: SAGE, ANGIE - Septimus Heap Book Three: Physik
015198: SAGLIO, ANDRE - Maisons D'Hommes Celebres
011247: SAINT DENIS, LOUIS ETIENNE - Napoleon from the Tuileries to St. Helena
014123: SAKADE, FLORENCE - Japanese Children's Favorite Stories
007277: SAKI (H.H. MUNRO) - The Short Stories of Saki
011100: SAKI (H.H. MUNRO) - The Complete Novels and Plays of Saki (H.B. Munro)
013753: SALADINI, A.; SZYMEZAK, P. - Harley Davidson: History, Meetings, New Models, Custom Bikes
013849: SALESMAN'S DUMMY - Blasts from the Ram's Horn
010245: SALETORE, RAJARAM NARAYAN - Early Indian Economic History
001077: SALINE, CAROL - Sisters
004519: SALINE, CAROL; WOHLMUTH, SHARON J. - Mothers & Daughters
012004: SALINGER, PIERRE - P.S. A Memoir
002778: SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - Travels Around America
002818: SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - Behind the Lines - Hanoi December 23- January 7
011502: SALISBURY, HARRISON EVANS - Black Night, White Snow: Russia's Revolutions 1905-1917
009139: SALMOND, ANNE - Two Worlds: First Meetings between Maori and Europeans, 1642-1772
001179: SALOMON, MICHAEL - Prague Notebook: The Strangled Revolution
013793: SALTEN., FELIX - Walt Disney's Perri
001220: SALVADORI, F. AND FLORIO, P. - Rare and Beautiful Animals
013798: SALVATORE, R. A. - The Spine of the World
013797: SALVATORE, R. A. - The Silent Blade
009105: SALWAY, PETER - Roman Britain
013954: SAMISH, ARTHUR H. & THOMAS, BOB - The Secret Boss of California: The Life and High Times of Art Samish
011328: SAMORINI, GIORGIO - Animals and Psychedelics: The Natural World and the Instinct to Alter Consciousness
012240: SAMPSON, SALLY - Souped Up: More Than 100 Recipes for Soups, Stews & Chilis, and the Breads, Salads & Sweets to Make Them a Meal
014974: SAMUEL, ROBERT T. - The Samurai: The Philosophy of Victory
004454: SAND, GEORGE - Winter in Majorca
007161: SAND, GEORGE - Winter in Majorca
007995: SANDARS, N.K. (EDITOR & TRANSLATOR) - Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient Mesopotamia
004425: SANDBURG, CARL - Always the Young Strangers
007147: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (Four Volumes)
013901: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (Four Volumes)
014690: SANDERS, BARRY - The Craftsman: An Anthology
011901: SANDERS, E. P. - The Historical Figure of Jesus
008762: SANDERS, CHARLES W. - Union Fifth Reader (Sanders' Rhetorical)
010718: SANDERS, SCOTT R.;SANDERS, SCOTT RUSSELL - A Private History of Awe; a Memoir
013705: SANFORD, JOHN A. - The Song of the Meadowlark: The Story of an American Indian and the Nez Perce War
007344: SANGAHARAKSHITA - Complete Poems, 1941-1994
014241: SANSOM, C. J. - Winter in Madrid
006458: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - Persons and Places
011486: SANTELLA, CHRIS - Fifty More Places to Play Golf Before You Die
001423: SANTINI, ROSEMARIE - The Secret Fire
000839: SANTMYER, HELEN HOOVEN - The Fierce Dispute
004613: SANTMYER, HELEN HOOVEN - Ohio Town
014007: SARDE, MICHELE - Colette: Free and Fettered
005767: SARDE, MICHELE - Colette
012395: SARGENT, CHARLES SPRAGUE - Manual of the Trees of North America.
010167: SARMIENTO, DOMINGO FAUSTINO;ZATZ, ASA;GARRELS, ELIZABETH - Recollections of a Provincial Past
000836: SARTON, MAY - Crucial Conversations
000837: SARTON, MAY - At Seventy
002078: SARTON, GEORGE - History of Science, Two : Hellenistic Science and Culture in the Last Three Centuries B. C
008305: SARTON, MAY - Crucial Conversations: A Novel
009082: SARTON, GEORGE - A History of Science; Hellenistic Science and Culture in the Last Three Centuries B.C.
009083: SARTON, GEORGE - A History of Science: Ancient Science Through the Golden Age of Greece .
011237: SARTON, MAY - After the Stroke: A Journal
011238: SARTON, MAY - The Education of Harriet Hatfield: A Novel
004182: SARTORI, GIOVANNI - Theory of Democracy Revisited
015140: SARTRE, JEAN- PAUL - Troubled Sleep
005079: SATOMI, MYODO - Journey in Search of the Way: The Spiritual Autobiography of Satomi Myodo
012485: SATORU FUJII - Outstanding American Illustrators Today: U.S. A.
012429: SATTERFIELD, ARCHIE - Alaska Bush Pilots in the Float Country
010979: SAUER, CARL ORTWIN - Seventeenth Century North America
008582: SAUNDERS, MARSHALL - Nita ; the Story of an Irish Setter & Uncle Jim's Burglar & Mehitable's Chicken
010129: SAURAT, DENIS - Milton; Man and Thinker
008376: SAVAGE, BLAKE (TWO COPIES AVAILABLE) - Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet
010126: SAVAGE, ANNE - Anglo-Saxon Chronicles: The Courage of Kings, the Goodness of Saints and the Romance of English History
015162: SAVAGE, DOUGLAS - Court-Martial of Robert E. Lee : A Historical Novel
010453: SAVORY, H.N. - Spain and Portugal: The Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula
008270: SAWYER, JESSE - Studies in American Indian Languages
010030: SAYCE, ARCHIBALD HENRY - Lectures Upon the Assyrian Language and Syllabary
010844: SAYEGH, PHILIPPE - Baalbeck, God's Paradise
013189: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Dorothy L. Sayers Crime Collection
002304: SAYLER, OLIVER M. - Inside the Moscow Art Theatre
008800: SCAMMELL, HENRY - Giantkillers: The Team and the Law That Help Whistle-Blowers Recover America's Stolen Billions
012140: SCARRE, CHRISTOPHER;SCARRE, CHRIS;PENGUIN USA PAPER - The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome
012424: SCARRY, RICHARD - Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever
009315: SCHABERG, JOHN - 12 Ounce Poems 16 Ounce Stories
007813: SCHAFER, RICK; LINNMAN, PAUL - Oregon Golf: The Oregon Coast, Southern Oregon, Portland & Environs, Central Oregon
013681: SCHAFER, JOSEPH - History of the Paific Northwest
014228: SCHALDACLH, WILLIAM J. - Currents & Eddies and Coverts & Casts. (Limited Edition) (Two Volumes)
014255: SCHAPIRO, MEYER - Van Gogh
014256: SCHAPIRO, MEYER - Van Gogh
005234: SCHARL, JOSEF - Die Dreissiger Jahre - the Thirties
010684: SCHECHNER, SARA J. - Comets, Popular Culture, and the Birth of Modern Cosmology
002695: SCHEER, ROBERT - How the United States Got Involved in Vietnam
010071: SCHEIDEGGER, ADRIAN E. - Principles of Geodynamics
009060: SCHELE, LINDA;MATHEWS, PETER - The Code of Kings: The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs
013767: SCHER, LES;SCHER, CAROL - Finding & Buying Your Place in the Country
003141: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. - The Best of Life; Subscriber's Special Edition
003576: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. - Life Goes to the Movies
004614: SCHERMAN, BERNARDINE - Girl from Fitchburg
010467: SCHIEFFELIN, EDWARD L.;CRITTENDEN, ROBERT;SCHIFFELIN, EDWARD - Like People You See in a Dream: First Contact in Six Papuan Societies
010721: SCHIEFFELIN, EEDWARD L - The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers
010728: SCHIEFFELIN, EDWARD L.;CRITTENDEN, ROBERT;SCHIFFELIN, EDWARD - Like People You See in a Dream: First Contact in Six Papuan Societies
013760: SCHILLING SPICE COMPANY - Flovor Secrets
015099: SCHIPA, TITO, JR. - Schipa: Tito Schipa: A Biography By Tito Schipa, Jr.
015197: SCHLESINGER, MAX - Saunterings in and About London
007819: SCHLOSS, MARC R. - The Hatchet's Blood: Separation, Power, and Gender in Ehing Social Life
004844: SCHNABEL, JAMES F. - United States Army in the Korean War; Policy and Direction; the First Year
010628: SCHNAPPER, ANTOINE - David
001798: SCHNEIDER, SUSAN W. - Jewish and Female
006061: SCHNEIDER, BART - Blue Bossa; a Novel
012756: SCHNEIDER, HERMAN & NINA - Follow the Sunset
002815: SCHOENBRUN, DAVID - Vietnam; How We Got in, How to Get out
001762: SCHOENER, ALLON - Portal to America: The Lower East Side 1870-1925 ; Photographs & Chronicles the Epic First America for Millions of Immigrants
001373: SCHOENFELD, EUGENE - Dear Doctor Hippocrates
008038: SCHOENSTEIN, RALPH - Wasted on the Young
009904: SCHOLES, PERCY A. - The Oxford Companiuon to Music (Ninth Edition)
010619: SCHOLES, FRANCE V. AND ROYS, RALPH L. - The Maya Chontal Indians of Acalan-Tixchel: A Contribution to the History and Ethnography of the Yucatan Peninsula
008105: SCHOLZ, CHRISTOPHER - Fieldwork: A Geologist's Memoir of the Kalahari
006226: SCHOR, JULIET B. - Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure
002774: SCHORR, DANIEL - Clearing the Air
006891: SCHOSER, GUSTAV - Orchid Growing Basics
014608: SCHOTT, PENELOPE SCAMBLY - The Perfect Mother
000854: SCHRAFT, CONSTANCE - Instead of You
000402: SCHRAMM-EVANS, ZOE - A Phoenix Rising: Impressions of Vietnam
013514: SCHREIBER, CORY; SCHRIEBER, CORY - Wildwood : Cooking from the Source in the Pacific Northwest
011377: SCHREINER, OLIVE - Dreams
008192: SCHREMPP, GREGORY ALLEN - Magical Arrows: The Maori, the Greeks, and the Folklore of the Universe
000846: SCHULMAN, ALIX KATES - In Every Woman's Life
014716: SCHULMERICH, ALMA - Josie Pearl
011674: SCHULTZ, WARREN - For Your Garden: Garden Accents
011778: SCHULTZ, DUANE P. - Intimate Friends, Dangerous Rivals: The Turbulent Relationship between Freud and Jung
014727: SCHULTZ, ALWIN - Kunstgeschichte Der Renaissance
014012: SCHULZ, WILLIAM F. - In Our Own Best Interest: How Defending Human Rights Benefits All Americans
014036: SCHULZINGER, ROBERT D. - A Time for War: The United States and Vietnam, 1941-1975
005177: SCHWARTZ, STEPHEN - From West to East: California and the Making of the American Mind
011024: SCHWARTZ, REGINA M. - The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism
000853: SCHWARZ-BART, ANDRE - A Woman Named Solitude
001921: SCHWARZKOPF, H. NORMAN; PETRE, PETER - It Doesn't Take a Hero : The Autobiography of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
007449: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - The Quest of the Historical Jesus: A Critical Study of Its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede
013591: SCICOLONE, MICHELE - A Fresh Taste of Italy: 250 Authentic Recipes, Undiscovered Dishes, and New Flavors for Every Day
008706: SCLATER, WILLIAM AND PHILIP LUTLEY (W.L. AND P.L.) - The Geography of Mammals
006008: SCOBLETE, FRANK - Break the One-Armed Bandits; How to Come out Ahead When You Play the One-Armed Bandits
013570: SCOTT, HENRY BROWNFIELD - The Lorelei and Other Poems
013644: SCOTT, THOMAS - The Holy Bible (Three Volumes)
000852: SCOTT, PAUL - The Love Pavilion
002999: SCOTT, L.E. - Each Other's Dreams; Contemporary Black American Writing
003098: SCOTT, WALTER - Waverlly Or; 'Tis Sixty Years Since
004494: SCOTT-GOODMAN, BARBARA; GOODBODY, MARY - Sunday Dinner: Seasonal Menus to Enjoy with Friends and Family
007218: SCOTT, KATHRYN LEIGH - Lobby Cards: The Classic Comedies (the Michael Hawks Collection: Volume 2)
008498: SCOTT, WALTER - The Bride of Lammermoor: A Waverly Novel
008679: SCOTT, WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
008878: SCOTT, WALTER SIR - The Waverly Novels Set (Twenty Five Volumes)
010487: SCOTT, WILLIAM BERRYMAN - An Introduction to Geology (2 Volumes)
001596: SEAGRAVE, GORDON S. - Burma Surgeon
004976: SEAGRAVE, STERLING - The Soong Dynasty
004474: SEAMAN, BARBARA - Lovely Me: The Life of Jacqueline Susann
007425: SEARLE, RONALD - From Frozen North to Filthy Lucre
013419: SEARLE, RONALD & DOBBS, KILDARE - The Great Fur Opera: Annals of the Hudson's Bay Company 1670 - 1970
014675: SEARS, ROBERT - An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire
003838: SEARS, BARRY; LAWREN, BILL - The Zone: A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently Reset Your Generic Code Prevent Disease Achieve Maximum Physical Performance
008395: SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. - Sears Fall and Winter 1938-39
014938: SEARS, DAVID - Such Men As These: The Story of the Navy Pilots Who Flew the Deadly Skies over Korea
003456: SEAVER, EDWIN (EDITOR) - Cross-Section
014010: SEDARIS, AMY - I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence
015383: SEDARIS, DAVID - Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
010975: SEGAL, CHARLES - Orpheus: The Myth of the Poet
014810: SEGALLER, STEPHEN - Nerds 2.0. 1 : A Brief History of the Internet
015175: SEGAN, FRANCINE - The Opera Lover's Cookbook : Menus for Elegant Entertaining
006048: SEGEL, HAROLD B. - The Baroque Poem: A Comparative Survey
004627: SELL & WEYBRIGHT - Buffalo Bill and the Wild West
002603: SELZNICK, IRENE M. - A Private View
010676: SEMONIN, PAUL - American Monster : How the Nation's First Prehistoric Creature Became a Symbol of National Identity
006978: SENNETT, TED - Laughing in the Dark: Movie Comedy from Groucho to Woody
001621: SERENY, GITTA - Albert Speer : His Battle with Truth
012341: SERPIERI, PAOLO ELEUTERI - Mandragore: Druuna
000299: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - The Arctic Prairies
014685: SETTERFIELD, DIANE - The Thirteenth Tale
001272: SETTLE, RAYMOND & MARY - Saddles and Spurs
013971: DR. SEUSS - Horton Hears a Who!
012758: SEUSS, DR. - Scrambled Eggs Super1
011432: SEUSS, DR. - The Cat in the Hat for Beginning Readers
011433: SEUSS, DR. - Cat in the Hat Comes Back
015138: DR. SEUSS - On Beyond Zebra!
006386: SEWALL, JOHN S. - The Logbook of the Captain's Clerk; Adventures in the China Seas
006049: SEWARD, DESMOND - Richard III: England's Black Legend
006685: SEWARD, DESMOND - The Hundred Years War: The English in France, 1337-1453
006153: SEXTON, LINDA GRAY - Searching for Mercy Street: My Journey Back to My Mother, Anne Sexton
007587: SHACOCHIS, BOB - Domesticity: A Gastronomic Interpretation of Love
013070: SHADWICK, KEITH - The Illustrated Story of Jazz
014762: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakespeare, Henley Edition
005567: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Love Poems and Sonnets of William Shakespeare
011741: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (E. NESBIT) - Twenty Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
009958: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (E. NESBIT) - The Works 0f Shakespeare (Two Volumes)
012610: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Four Volumes)
011344: SHAKESPEARE - As You Like It
006836: SHALES, TOM; MILLER, JAMES ANDREW - Live from New York : An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live
015179: SHANKAR, RAVI - My Music, My Life
004528: SHANKEN, MARVIN R. - Cigar Aficionado's World of Cigars
011263: SHANKS, HERSHEL (EDITOR - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review
012179: SHANKS, HERSHEL (EDITOR - The Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls
003959: SHANNON, WILLIAM J. - Home Movie Gadgets Any Amateur Can Make
000746: SHANNON, DELL - The Ringer Signed Copy)
006175: SHAPERO, RICH - Wild Animus; a Novel
000850: SHAPIRO, KARL - Edsel
006734: SHAPIRO, DORIS - We Danced All Night: My Life Behind the Scenes with Alan Jay Lerner
006857: SHAPIRO, KARL (EDITOR) - Poetry Volume 81 No. 1 (40th Anniversary Year )
012236: SHAPIRO, ROBERT - The Sedona Vortex Guide Book
011018: SHAPLEY, HARLOW - Climatic Change
002969: SHARNIK, JOHN - Remembrance of Games Past: On Tour with the Tennis Grand Masters
007604: SHARNOFF, HELEN B. - With Flute in Hand
007506: SHARNOFF, MORRIS - An Unforgettable Odyssey: Vicissitudes of Fortune in My Journey to Soviet Russia and My Life There, 1921-1923
007652: SHARNOFF, PHILIP - Circular City: A Socialist Project
014086: SHARP, MARGERY - Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines
000849: SHAW, IRWIN - Two Weeks in Another Town
000851: SHAW, IRWIN - Tip on a Dead Jockey
004212: SHAW, IRVING - The Young Lions; a Novel
004807: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Man and Superman
007113: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Irrational Knot
007114: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Cashel Byron's Profession
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015056: SHEEHY, GAIL - Hillary's Choice
015029: SHEEHY, GAIL - Hillary's Choice
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011267: SHEINWOLD, PATRICIA FOX - Too Young to Die
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005213: SHEMEL, SIDNEY; KRASILOVSKY, M. WILLIAM - More About This Business of Music
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012126: SHERMAN, HAROLD M. - Hold That Line!
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011706: SHREVE, ANITA - Light on Snow
012671: SHTEYNGART, GARY - Absurdistan: A Novel
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001754: SILBERMAN, CHARLES E. - A Certain People : American Jews and Their Lives Today
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013955: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL - Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook
015173: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL - Falling Up: Poems and Drawings
015170: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL - Where the Sidewalk Ends : Poems and Drawings
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010959: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - Fossils and the History of Life
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011182: SINATRA, NANCY;GENERAL PUB GROUP - Frank Sinatra: An American Legend
011174: SINATRA, TINA - My Father's Daughter : A Memoir
012002: SINCLAIR, ARTHUR - Two Years on the "Alabama"
006060: SINCLAIR, APRIL - Coffee Will Make You Black: A Novel
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010314: SINGER, CHARLES & HOLMYARD, E.J. & HALL, A.R. - History of Technology Volume 2 the Mediterranean Civilizations and the Middle Ages
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008327: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Selected Works of Sacheverell Sitwell
011198: SITWELL, OSBERT - Escape with Me; a Travel Book
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012611: SLATER, ROBERT - Warrior Statesman: The Life of Moshe Dayan
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002362: SLOAN, ETHEL - A Kangaroo in the Kitchen
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014694: SLONE, RICK - Brown Shoe
009817: SLOVO, GILLIAN - Death Comes Staccato; a Mystery Novel
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006391: SMALLEY, EUGENE V. - A Brief History of the Republican Party, from Its Organization to the Presidential Campaign of 1884
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000857: SMITH, PAULINE - The Beadle
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001312: SMITH, JEFF - The Frugal Gourmet Cooks America
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014171: SMITH, WALLACE - Oregon Sketches
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012047: SMITH, AARON - The Atrocities of the Piratews
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012196: SMYTHE, FRANK S. - Climbs in the Canadian Rockies
000264: SNELL, ROY - Arctic Stowaways
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015021: SNOOW, EDGAR - Scorched Earth (Two Volumes)
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012448: SNYDER, BRAD - A Well-Paid Slave : Curt Flood's Fight for Free Agency in Professional Sports
015042: SNYDER, DON - Aquarrian Odyssey
015086: SNYDER, DON - Aquarian Odyssey: A Photographic Trip Into the Sixties
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004132: SOLINGER, RICKIE - The Abortionist: A Woman Against the Law
015147: SOLMAN, JOSEPH ( EDITOR) - Mozartiana; Two Centuries of Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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013549: SOLTES, FIONA & WOOD, E. THOMAS - Nashville: Amplified
006284: SOLTI, GEORG; SACHS, HARVEY - Memoirs: Sir Georg Solti
000890: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - August 1914
000891: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - August 1914
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015223: SOMERS, A.N. REVEREND - History of Lancaster, New Hampshire
007215: SOMERS, SUZANNE - After the Fall : How I Picked Myself Up, Dusted Myself Off, and Started All over Again
007444: SONDHEIM, STEPHEN - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
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004154: SONOMA LEAGUE FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION - A Culinary Visit to Historic Sonoma
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011934: SONTAG, SUSAN - At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches
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006966: SORDINI, ALBERTA - 10 Operatic Masterpieces- Mozart to Prokofieff
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004858: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - Flawless Play Restored: The Masque of Fungo
008321: SORRENTINO, GILBERT - Red the Fiend: A Novel
004630: SOSIN, JACK M. - The Opening of the West
009191: SOTHEBY'S - Magnificent Jewels Sale 7525 October 24, 2000
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010889: SOUSTELLE, JACQUES - Daily Life of the Aztecs, on the Eve of the Spanish Conquest
008749: SOUZA, PETE - Images of Greatness: An Intimate Look at the Presidency of Ronald Reagan
014546: SOWELL, THOMAS - Economic Facts and Fallacies
013271: SPAHN, MARK/HADAMITZKY, WOLFGANG - Japanese Character Dictionary with Compound Lookup Via Any Kanji
013326: SPALDING, ASRTHUR. W. - Origin and History of Seventh Day Adventists (Four Volumes)
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011389: SPARKS, NICHOLAS - The Guardian
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011976: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Treason By the Book
011966: SPENCE, GERRY - From Freedom to Slavery: The Rebirth of Tyranny in America
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002060: SPENCER, FRANK - Piltdown : A Scientific Forgery
014230: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Temple
000882: SPENDER, STEPHEN - Engaged in Writing
002155: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Year of the Young Rebels Revisited
008447: SPENDER, STEPHEN (ED.) - W.H. Auden: A Tribute
011216: SPENDER, STEPHEN - Learning Laughter
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015217: SPIERS, A. - Spiers and Surenne's French and English Pronouncing Dictionary
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001884: SPORTING NEWS STAFF - Baseball : A Doubleheader Collection of Feats, Facts and Firsts
005602: SPOTO, DONALD - Madcap: The Life of Preston Sturges
011258: SPOTO, DONALD - A Passion for Life: The Biography of Elizabeth Taylor
012858: SPOTO, DONALD - Spellbound By Beauty; Alfred Hitchcock and His Leading Ladies
004592: SPRAGUE, MARSHALL - Greetings from Colorado (New)
004593: SPRAGUE, MARSHALL - Greetings from Colorado (New)
004594: SPRAGUE, MARSHALL - Greetings from Colorado (New)
009822: SPRENG, PATRICK;SPRENG, PARTICK - Everything Rosie: The Ultimate Guide for Rosie O'Donnell Fans
013882: SPRIGG, JUNE;LARKING, DAVID - Shaker: Life, Work, and Art
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012351: SPROULL, ROBERT F. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Harvard and Radcliffe Three Thirty Two
013047: SPURGEON, ROBERT W. & STINELY, RICHARD J. - Williamsburg Reproductions: Interior Designs for Today's Living
013506: ST. PIERRE, BRIAN - The Perfect Match: Pairing Delicious Recipes with Great Wine
007917: ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY (3 CATALOGUES) - Catalog of the Academic Year(S)
013245: ST. CLAIR, TEMPLE - Alchemy: A Passion for Jewels
001440: STABINER, KAREN - Courting Fame
000290: STAENDER, VIVIAN - Adventures with Arctic Wildlife
014648: STAFFORD, KIM - Wind on the Waves
003459: STAFFORD, JEAN - Boston Adventure
008123: STAFFORD, WILLIAM - Someday, Maybe; New Poems
013389: STAFFORD, WILLIAM - The Animal That Drank Up Sound
015214: STAFFORD, KIM R. - Having Everything Right: Essays of Place
014297: STAHL, JERRY - I, Fatty: A Novel
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013864: STALL, SYLVANUS - What a Young Boy Ought to Know
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014197: STAMM, RUSSELL - Invisible Scarlett O'Neil
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014883: STAN CORWIN PRODUCTIONS - Betty Page Confidential
008488: STANBURY, SARAH - Seeing the Gawain-Poet: Description and the Act of Perception
013234: STANDAGE, TOM - An Edible History of Humanity
003461: STANDISH, BURT L. - Lefty O' the Bush
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004872: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN - The History of the Jewish Church (Three Volumes)
010195: STANLEY, STEVEN M. - The New Evolutionary Timetable
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012970: STARR, CECIE ( WITH CD-ROM) - Biology with Infotrac: The Unity and Diversity of Life
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003227: STASSINOPOULOS, ARIANNA; BENY, ROLOFF - The Gods of Greece: Journey Into Olympus
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009366: STATE OF CALIFORNIA/JAMES H. DEERING (EDITOR) - General Lawa of California As Amended Up to the End of the Session of 1909
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014218: STAVANS, ILAN [EDITOR] - The Oxford Book of Latin American Essays
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005854: STEARN, TED - Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville
007716: STEBBINS, WILLIAM - The Acoustic Sense of Animals
013580: STEBER, RICK - Where Rolls the Oregon
004764: STEBER, RICK - Grandpa's Stories
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004654: STEELE, DAVID M. - Going Abroad Overland
012589: STEELE, PHILIP N. - America's Natural Beauty
014612: STEELE, PAMELA - Greasewood Creek
008494: STEFANISZYN, BRONISLAW - African Lyric Poetry in Reference to the Ambo Traditional Poem-Songs
002566: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - Great Adventures and Explorations
002557: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - Great Adventures and Explorations
012313: STEFFAN, JOSEPH - Honor Bound: A Gay American Fights for the Right to Serve His Country
007167: STEFFENS, LINCOLN - The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens
003929: STEGNER, WALLACE & THE EDITORS OF LOOK - The Central Northwest
007628: STEICHEN, EDWARD (EDITOR) - U.S. Navy War Photographs
004462: STEIG, WILLIAM - Till Death Do Us Part; Some Ballet Notes on Marriage
015374: STEIN CREASE, STEPHANIE - Gil Evans: Out of the Cool: His Life and Music
003629: STEIN, AARON MARC - Mask for Murder
008354: STEIN, ARLENE - The Stranger Next Door: The Story of a Small Community's Battle over Sex, Faith, and Civil Rights
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009670: STEIN, B. - Modell-Eisenbahn Ho - International
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014300: STEINBECK - The Moon Is Down
013966: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Red Pony
015201: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Red Pony (Slipcased}
012875: STEINBECK, JOHN & RICKETTS, EDWARD F. - The Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journey of Travel and Research
001437: STEINEM, GLORIA - Revolution from Within
004679: STEINEM, GLORIA - Marilyn - Norma Jeane (2 Copies)
005106: STEINEM, GLORIA - Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem
008946: STEINER, WENDY - Pictures of Romance: Form Against Context in Painting and Literature
011043: STEINHAUER, PETER (SIGNED COPY) - Vietnam: Portraits and Landscapes
008856: STENDAHL (MARIE-HENRI BEYLE) - The Red and the Black
011119: STEPHAN, BARBARA B. - Creating with Tissue Paper; Design, Technique, Decoration,
005350: STEPHEN, MARTIN - Sea Battles in Close-Up, World War II
000312: STEPHENSON, WILLIAM B. - The Land of Tomorrow
007954: STERN, PHILIP VAN DOREN - Prehistoric Europe: From Stone Age Man to the Early Greeks
015174: STERN, ISAAC; POTOK, CHAIM - My First 79 Years
015055: STERN, ROBERT A. M.; MELLINS, THOMAS; FISHMAN, DAVID - New York 1960 : Architecture and Urbanism between the Second World War and the Bicentennial
012593: STERNLICHT, SANFORD V. - Mckinley's Bulldog, the Battleship Oregon
012460: STEVENS, JOSEPH E. - America's National Battlefield Parks: A Guide
011676: STEVENS, PAYSON R.;KELLEY, KEVIN W. - Embracing Earth: New Views of Our Changing Planet
001162: STEVENS, MARK - Like No Other Store in the World
002427: STEVENS, ROGER - The Land of the Great Sophy
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013132: STEVENSON,. ROBERT LOUIS (25 VOLUME SET) - The Novels and Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson
014234: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - 3 Volume Set: Across the Plains, an Inland Voyage and in the South Seas
003128: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped
014026: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped
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007393: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses; the Complete Edition
013778: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
009900: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Child's Garden of Verses Picture Book
012807: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
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012454: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
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012337: TARLAZZI, LUCA - Vixxxen 3
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011331: TEDLOCK, DENNIS - Popol Vuh: The Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life
012463: TEIGE, KAREL - Modern Architecture in Czechoslavakia
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004151: THE WRITERS DISCUSSION GROUP - Cottage Grove, Oregon: Golden Was the Past 1850-1970
014733: THE BARON CH. D'AVILLIER - Spain
009511: THE PRINCE DE LIGNE - His Memoirs, Letters, and Miscellaneous Papers
009807: THE TODAY SHOW EDITORS - Today's Kitchen Cookbook; Our Favorite Recipes from America's No. 1 Morning Show
015039: THE EDITORS OF YANK - The Best from Yank the Army Weekly
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004986: THEROUX, PAUL - Kowloon Tong; a Novel of Hong Kong
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000875: THEROUX, PAUL - The Pillars of Hercules; a Grand Tour of the Mediterranean
003867: THING ENTERPRISES, N.E. - Magic Eye II: Now You See It . . . 3d Illusions
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013222: THOMAS, SCARLETT - The End of Mr. Y
015137: THOMAS, DYLAN - Under Milk Wood
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012307: THORWALD, JURGEN - Crime and Science
014490: THORWALD, JURGEN - Crime and Science: The New Frontier in Criminology
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010490: THURBER, JAMES - Fables for Our Time & Famous Poems Illustrated.
000896: THURBER, JAMES - Further Fables for Our Time
015159: THURBER, JAMES - The Thurber Album
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012918: TIERNEY, PATRICK - The Highest Altar: The Story of Human Sacrifice
013170: TIFFT, SUSAN E.;JONES, ALEX S. - The Trust: The Private and Powerful Family Behind the New York Times
009353: TIGER, LIONEL;FOX, ROBIN - Imperial Animal
013049: TILLEY, SOPHIE-JANE;WELBY, SUSAN - Country Doughcrafts: 50 Original Projects to Build Your Modeling Skills
003994: TIME, INC - Great Images of the 20th Century: The Photographs That Define Our Times
007566: TIME-LIFE BOOKS - America's Wild West
007559: TIME-LIFE BOOKS - Wood Finishing
009272: TIME EDITORS - Chicken; Great Taste Low Fat
003201: TIMPSON, JOHN - Timpson's English Country Inns
013085: TINGAY, LANCE - Tennis: A Pictorial History
014877: TINTEROW, GARY;LOYRETTE, HENRI - Origins of Impressionism
003938: TISDALE, SALLIE - Stepping Westward; the Long Search for Home in the Pacific Northwest
005075: TISDALE, SALLIE - Portland from the Air
003151: TITE, R.U. - Tight Wads; a Collection of the Best Stories That Could Be Found After Careful Research
006486: TITUS, NORMAN - A Portland Affair; a Novel
005454: TOBE, JOHN - I Found Shangri-la
012915: TOBIAS, J. CARROLL - A Manual of Airbrush Technique
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014970: TODD, PAMELA - The Impressionists at Home
006828: TODD, MICHAEL JR.; MCCARTHY, SUSAN TODD - A Valuable Property: The Life Story of Michael Todd
012511: TODD, JACK - Come Again No More: A Novel
009551: TOKLAS, ALICE B. - Staying on Alone: Letters of Alice B. Toklas
013015: TOKLAS, ALICE B. - Staying on Alone: Letters of Alice B. Toklas
001632: TOLAND, JOHN - Infamy: Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath
002310: TOLKIEN, J. R. R.; TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Silmarillion
011284: TOLKIEN, J. R. R.; TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Lord of the Rings
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015151: TOLSTOI, LYOF N. - War and Peace (Five Volumes)
015065: TOLSTOY, LEO - Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories
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010147: TOMLINSON, RICHARD ALLAN - Greek Sanctuaries
014064: TOMPKINS, PETER (EDITOR) - To a Young Actress: The Letters of Bernard Shaw to Molly Tompkins
007417: TOMPKINS, STUART RAMSAY - The Russian Mind: From Peter the Great Through the Enlightenment
003602: TOOR, FRANCES - A Treasury of Mexican Folkways
015149: TOOR, FRANCES - Made in Italy
003552: TOPOLSKI, FELIKS - Holy China
000892: TORRES, TERESKA - Not Yet. . .
014207: TOSCHES, NICK - King of the Jews : The Arnold Rothstein Story
014358: TOSCHES, NICK - The Last Opium Den
014477: TOURBILLON INTERNATIONAL - Jewelry International
014240: TOWNSEND, KATHLEEN KENNEDY - Failing America's Faithful : How Today's Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way
012873: TOWNSEND, J.D. - The Divine Art
010244: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - Between Oxus and Jumna
010288: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - Between Niger and Nile
013253: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD JOSEPH;CAPLAN, JANE - Study of History: The First Abridged One-Volume Edition
011351: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD & IKEDA, DAISAKU - Choose Life: A Dialogue
011350: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - A Study of History; Reconsiderations Volume XII
008724: TOZZER, ALFRED MARSTON - Social Origins and Social Continuities
010412: TRACY, HONOR - Mind You, I'Ve Said Nothing! Forays in the Irish Republic
010273: TRAILL, DAVID A. - Schliemann of Troy: Treasure and Deceit
013056: TRANTER, G.J. - Plowing the Arctic
000255: TRAPROCK, WALTER E. - My Northern Exposure; the Kawa at the Pole
002370: TRAPROCK, WALTER E. - The Cruise of the Kawa
005195: TRAVEN, B. - The Rebellion of the Hanged
001737: TRAVER, ROBERT - Laughing Whitefish
005342: TRAVIS, LAWRENCE F.; CLEAR, TODD R.; SCHWARTZ, MARTIN D. - Corrections, an Issues Approach
005764: TRAVIS, MARION - Madison Cooper
010410: TREFIL, JAMES S.;FRANKLIN, KENNETH L. - Space, Time, Infinity: The Smithsonian Views the Universe
002570: TREGASKIS, RICHARD - Seven Leagues to Paradise
010358: TRENTO, JOSEPH, J. - Prelude to Terror: The Rogue Cia and the Legacy of America's Private Intelligence Network
013431: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Love and Summer: A Novel
000225: TREW , PETER - The Boer War Generals
005926: TRICE, DAWN TURNER - Only Twice I'Ve Wished for Heaven
013050: TRIGG, LIZ;WALTON, SALLY;WALTON, STEWART;EVELEGH, TESSA - Glorious Country: Food & Crafts & Decorating
000914: TRIGOBOFF, JOSEPH - The Bone Orchard
001005: TRILLIN, CALVIN - Remembering Denny
011133: TRILLIN, CALVIN - Tepper Isn't Going out; a Novel
005506: TRILLING, LIONEL - The Middle of the Journey
006449: TRILLING, DIANA - Reviewing the Forties
012768: TRIMBLE, JOE - Yogi Berra
007979: TRINH, XUAN THUAN; THUAN, THINH, XUAN - The Secret Melody: And Man Created the Universe
007287: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Small House at Allington
010414: TROYAT, HENRI - Catherine the Great: A Biography
012769: TROYAT, HENRI;BAIR, LOWELL - Gorky a Biography
013736: TRUDEAU, NOAH ANDRE - Like Men of War: Black Troops in the Civil War 1862-1865
014948: TRUE, CHARLES K. - The Life and Times of Sir Walter Raleigh
009231: TRUESDALE, HARDIE;MICHAELS, JOANNE - Adirondack High: Images of America's First Wilderness
014293: TRULUCK, BOB - Saw Red: A Mystery
000913: TRUMAN, MARGARET - Murder at the National Cathedral
009318: TRUMBULL, ANNIE ELIOT - A Christmas Accident and Other Stories
015317: TSIARAS, ALEXANDER; WERTH, BARRY - The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman: The Marvel of the Human Body, Revealed
010998: TSONAKWA, GERARD RANCOURT;WAPITASKA, YOLAKIA - Seven Eyes, Seven Legs: Supernational Stories of the Abenaki
001355: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Stilwell and the American Experience in China 1911-45
003833: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam
006213: TUCHMAN, MITCH - The Robert O. Anderson Building
000912: TUCK, LILY - The Woman Who Walked on Water
001873: TUCKER, SOPHIE - Some of These Days
011266: TUCKER, PAUL HAYES - Monet in the '90s: The Series Paintings
006287: TULIN, MELISSA S. - Aardvarks to Zebras: A Menagerie of Facts, Fiction, and Fantasy About the Wonderful World of Animals
002867: TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUHAR - Proverbial Philosophy: A Book of Thought and Arguments (First Series)
006602: TURCO, RONALD - Walk East on Burnside
012517: TURKIN & THOMPSON - The Official Encyclopedia of Baseball Revised Edition
001109: TURNBULL, COLIN M. - The Human Cycle
001183: TURNER, FREDERICK - A Border of Blue; Along the Gulf of Mexico from the Keys to the Yucatan
008085: TURNER, GEORGE - Samoa: A Hundred Years Ago and Long Before

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