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0002349: Maija-Liisa Backstrom; Ilse Juntikka; Terttu Pellikka - Herskapia Ja Pienelajia: vanhassa Oulussa vuonna, 1886-1887
0006334: Philip Sidney; The Countess of Pembroke - The Psalmes of David Translated Into Divers and Sundry Kindes of Verse
0019838: Dale Pendell - The Language of Birds: Some Notes of Chance and Divination
0017172: Dale Pendell - Pharmako Gnosis: Plant Teachers and the Poison Path
0017170: Dale Pendell - Pharmako Poeia: Power Plants, Poisons & Herbcraft
0017171: Dale Pendell - Pharmako Dynamis: Stimulating Plants, Potions & Herbcraft: Excitantia and Empathogenica
0018883: Dale Pendell - Inspired Madness: The Gifts of Burning Man
0011447: Carolyn D'Cruz; Mark Pendleton - After Homosexual: The Legacies of Gay Liberation
0009977: William Frederic Pendleton - Topics from the Writings
0009291: Amena Pendleton - The Golden Heart: And Other Stories
0032813: Pendulum - Annual Ecstasy
0002917: Qinglong Peng - Bide Kaili xiao shuo yan jiu / A critical study of Peter Carey's fiction
0025745: Louis Penicher - Traite des Embaumemens: Selon les Anciens et les Modernes
0030444: Rae Pennycuick - Keeping Rabbits Out: Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board
0020564: Barrie Sturt-Penrose - The Art Scene
0015497: Brian Penton - Landtakers: The Story of an Epoch
0011499: Warren Johansson; William A. Percy - Outing: Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence
0030762: Georges Perec - Life: A User's Manual
0022439: James E. Perone - Elvis Costello: A Bio-Bibliography
0001147: Stuart Perry - The Indecent Publications Tribunal: A Social Experiment
0015347: Nance Perry; Ron Perry - Practical Gemcutting: A Guide to Shaping and Polishing Gemstones
0017733: Alexander T. Shulgin; Wendy E. Perry - The Simple Plant Isoquinolines
0020391: Person's Co. - Person's
0024871: Antonio Pescarzoli - I Llibri De Viaggio e le Guide Della Raccolta Luigi Vittorio Fossati Bellani Catalogo Descrittivo (3 Volumes)
0001950: Daphne Meadmore; Bruce Burnett; Peter O'Brien - Understanding Education: Contexts and Agendas for the New Millennium
0024741: Peter O'Donnell - Sabre-Tooth: A Modesty Blaise Adventure
0021264: Martin Peters - Mexico 70
0022766: Bill Morgan; Nancy J. Peters - Howl on Trial: The Battle for Free Expression
0026013: Ben Chifley; E. G. Wirght; Howard Peters - The Light on the Hill
0025896: Charles Peters - Home Handicrafts
0032213: Robert Peters - Snapshots for a Serial Killer: A Fiction and a Play
0005752: Vicki Peterson - The Wholefood Catalogue
0024605: Harry C. Peterson - The Romance of California
0024000: Irene Coates; Nancy J. Corbett; Barbara Petrie - Up From Below: Poems of the 1980's
0030602: Ann Petry - The Street
0001848: Carmen L. Pettersen - Maya of Guatemala: Life and Dress
0022048: Grimes and Petty - Albumen Photograph of Victoria House, Brisbane
0023973: E. E. Pfeiffer - Bio-Dynamic Farming
0032488: Ryan Pfluger - Holding Space: Life and Love Through a Queer Lens
0024690: Shane Phelan - Playing with Fire: Queer Politics, Queer Theories
0023309: Gilbert Phelps - A Short History of English Literature
0024553: Phil Townsend Hanna; William Webb, Lowell Butler - A Map of the Marked Historical Sites of California
0017781: Jan Philipzen - Ravedeath Convention
0018430: Peter A.R. Phillipps - The Flying Boat Days: The Early Aviation History of Lord Howe Island
0007064: J. Covacevich; J. Pearn; D. Case; I. Chapple; G. Phillips - History, Heritage & Health: Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial Conference of the Australian Society of the History of Medicine
0021311: J. S. Phillips - The Explorers', Miners', and Metallurgists' Companion,
0023060: J. Pearn; P. Carter; G. E. Phillips - Mutiny and Medicine: An International Conference on the History of Medicine
0023606: Alan Phillips - Geraldton and Beyond the Bay
0024042: Ronald M. Berndt; E. S. Phillips - The Australian Aboriginal Heritage: An Introduction Through the Arts
0025973: Neal Blewett; Bryce Phillips - [Body Book] The Bodybook: A Tour Guide to Your Body: 1988
0025136: Alan G. Phillips - Stirling Engine Patents: United States Patent Office, 1849-1930
0025747: G. F Phillips - Principles of Effect and Colour; as Applicable to Landscape Painting, Illustrated by Examples for the Amateur and Professional Student in Art
0014474: Peter Raisbeck; Christine Phillips - Robin Boyd: Late Works
0032755: David A. Phillips - Secrets of the Inner Self: The Complete Book of Numerology
0022425: Alison Phipps - The Politics of the Body: Gender in a Neoliberal and Neoconservative Age
0015879: Darrell Nkholoma Phiri - The Diary of a Zambian Saint
0023689: Joanna Phoenix - Making Sense of Prostitution
0020099: Duong Thanh Phong - Cu Chi Tunnels (10 Postcards)
0024367: Rolsh Photographics - The Heart of Gold: Kalgoorlie / Boulder, Kambalda, Coolgardie, Menzies, Leonora / Gwalia, Laverton / Windarra, Norseman
0031307: Australian PhotoJournalist - Silent Screams: Rights of the Child
0024418: A London Physician - A Translation of the Corrected Edition of the Pharmacopoeia Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensis, Published in July 1815. with Notes
0022699: Jean Piaget - Behaviour and Evolution
0013316: Amalia Pica - please listen hurry others speak better
0025429: Felice Picano - The Deformity Lover and Other Poems
0025080: Felice Picano - Dryland's End
0032277: Felice Picano - A True Likeness: Gay and Lesbian Writing Today
0023540: Jennifer Coates; Pia Pichler - Language & Gender: A Reader
0006249: Marjorie Pickerill - Special Delivery: My Wartime Memoirs
0025678: Karen Pickering - Doing It: Women Tell the Truth about Great Sex
0025630: Mark Pickering - Huts: Untold Stories From Back-Country New Zealand
0016691: The Duke of Bedford; Spencer U. Pickering - Report on the Working and Results of the Woburn Experimental Fruit Farm Since Its Establishment (First Report)
0012122: Larry Pickering - The Jungle Series
0025073: Pickles - Queens
0024939: Michel M. Dacorogna; Ramazan Gencay; Ulrich Muller; Richard B. Olsen; Olivier V. Pictet - An Introduction to High-Frequency Finance
0014490: Pierre Hebbelinck, Sebastien Redecke - Outils / Tools / Werkzeuge: Bank in Bouge
0019596: Jack Pierson - The Lonely Life
0006754: Drury L. Pifer - Circle of Women
0020255: Glenville Pike - Croydon Gold: An Illustrated History of Croydon, North Queensland [Grahame L. Walsh Bookplate]
0025766: Jay Scott Pike - The Pin-Up Art of Jay Scott Pike
0031703: Aurel Dermek; Albert Pilat - Poznavajme Huby
0013594: G. E. McDermott; D. H. Pilgrim - Design Flood Estimation for Small Catchments in New South Wales
0030351: Guy Ellcock Pilgrim - Catalogue of the Pontian Carnivora of Europe in the Department of Geology
0024934: Ananda Senarath Pilimatalavuva - The Chieftains in the Last Phase of The Kandyan Kingdom (Sinhale)
0023559: Charles Pillet - Collections de San Donato: Tableaux, Marbres, Dessins, Aquarelles et Miniatures
0006626: David Nicol; Simon Pilling - Changing Architectural Education: Towards A New Professionalism
0018868: Bruce Pinkard - The Nude: Creative Photography Workshop
0022537: Peter Pinson - Emanuel Raft: Painting, Jewellery, Sculpture, Printmaking
0006426: Peter Pinson - Elwyn Lynn: Metaphor & Texture
0019218: Ana Teixeira Pinto - The Reluctant Narrator: A Survey of Narrative Practices Across Media
0032785: Charles Pinwill - Where Money Comes From and Other Explosive Truths
0022198: Cheryl Kader; Thomas Piontek - Discourse 15.1: Is This Child Gay?
0016496: George E. Brown; C. Welborne Piper - Colour Photography with the Lumiere "Autochrome" Plates
0032327: Alan Piper - Bicycle Day and other Psychedelic Essays
0024807: Julius C. C. Pistorius - Molokwane, An Iron Age Bakwena Village: Early Tswana Settlement in the Western Transvaal
0024724: Harold F. Pitcairn - A Concordance of Selected Subjects Treated of in The Rational Psychology of Emanuel Swedenborg
0031378: Pitigrilli - Cocaine
0023932: Norman Pittenger - Time for Consent: A Christian's Approach to Homosexuality
0010307: Murray G. H. Pittock - Spectrum of Decadence: The Literature of the 1890s
0021137: Jeremy Narby; Rafael Chanchari Pizuri - Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca, Tobacco, and the Pursuit of Knowledge
0024977: Adolf K. Placzek - Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects (4 Volumes)
0011275: David Plante - Slides
0025072: David Plante - The Catholic: His Powerful Exploration of Religion and Gay Sexuality
0007021: Leo Plaw - Untitled [Hands Study]
0007018: Leo Plaw - Threshold (Study)
0007002: Leo Plaw - Centre of it All (Study)
0010393: Graham Player - Disease and Diagnosis for the Acupuncturist (Based on the Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
0012045: G. Plekhanov - Unaddressed Letters, Art and Social Life
0015727: Tara McDowell; Lee Plested - Artists of Invention: A Century of CCA
0015714: Phyllis Plous - Scapes
0030324: Ollie Pocs - Human Sexuality 86/87
0000705: Edgar Allan Poe - The Unknown Poe: An Anthology of Fugitive Writings by Edgar Allan Poe
0010592: Peter W. Martin; Conrad Ozog; Gloria Poedjosoedarmo - Language Use & Language Change in Brunei Darussalam
0003780: W. K. Hancock; Jean van der Poel - Selections from the Smuts Papers Volume IV, November 1918-August 1919
0003779: W. K. Hancock; Jean van der Poel - Selections from the Smuts Papers Volume II, June 1902-May 1910
0003778: W. K. Hancock; Jean van der Poel - Selections from the Smuts Papers Volume III, June 1910-November 1918
0010246: Thomas Wilhelmsson; Elina Paunio; Annika Pohjolainen - Private Law and the Many Cultures of Europe
0010245: Thomas Wilhelmsson; Elina Paunio; Annika Pohjolainen - Private Law and the Many Cultures of Europe
0031498: Roslyn Poignant; Axel Poignant - Encounter at Nagalarramba
0020849: Jack Pollard - The Australian Surfrider
0025240: Jack Pollard - Gregory's Australian Guide to Camping and Caravans
0021576: Annebella Pollen - Nudism in a Cold Climate: The Visual Culture of Naturists in Mid-20th-Century Britain
0019319: Ian Pollock - Couples
0017112: Antony Bryant; Griselda Pollock - Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image
0012678: P. I. Polukhin - The Use of Ultrasonics in Extractive Metallurgy
0005744: Stan Pomery - Old Socks & Big Shoes
0002931: Wena Poon - The Adventures of Snow Fox & Sword Girl
0024812: Carlo de Poortere - Bibliotheque Carlo de Poortere: Verhaeren, Maeterlinck, Rodenbach
0032594: Wil Huygen; Rien Poortvliet - Secrets of the Gnomes
0032143: Porsche - Originale 05: The Porsche Classic Catalouge
0021938: T. M. Porter - Super Porphyry Copper and Gold Deposits: A Global Perspective (2 Volumes)
0032141: Dorothy Porter - Akhenaten
0002014: Maurizio Calvesi; Paolo Portoghesi - Gino Marotta: I Giardini di Apollo & altre storie barocche
0019149: A. B. Portus - Early Australian Steamers
0021823: Alan Post - Alan Post at 90
0031458: Rotorua Morning Post - The Hongi Seals the Wish: Six Natural Colour Views of N.Z.
0032827: David Thorpe; Pierre Le Poste - Rude Food
0032828: David Thorpe; Pierre Le Poste - Rude Health
0020036: R. J. Pothier - Treatise on the Contract of Sale
0011199: Michelle Potter - Dame Maggie Scott: A Life In Dance
0031375: W. Golden Mortimer; Beverley A. Potter - Coca: Divine Plant of the Incas
0017833: W. Poulet - Atlas on the History of Spectacles (Volume 1)
0013324: Alison Pouliot - The Allure of Fungi
0023710: Hazel Poulter - Templestowe - A Folk History
0019671: Pourbet - Sam Marlowe
0025927: Pamela Burnard; Elizabeth Mackinlay; Kimberly Powell - The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research
0025891: Ellis T. Powell - The Evolution of the Money Market (1385-1915)
0007385: Kenneth Powell - 21st Century London: The New Architecture
0022252: E. G. Powell - Elements of Raw Sugar Manufacture
0023432: Anthony Powell - A Dance to the Music of Time (Volume 1: Spring)
0011823: Judy Powell - Loves Obsession: The Lives and Times of Jim and Eve Stewart
0025092: Neil Powell - Gay Love Poetry
0023422: Eileen Power - Medieval Women
0032308: Eileen Power - Medieval Women
0013102: Mistress Lorelei Powers - The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
0016228: Peter Pran - Peter Pran of Ellerbe Becket: Recent Works (Architectural Monographs No 24)
0002635: G. J. V. Prasad - A Clean Breast
0007099: Ambrose Pratt - The Lore of the Lyre Bird
0032215: Rosa Von Praunheim - Army of Lovers
0025680: Patricia Prentice - A Place to Paint
0010048: Malcolm D. Prentis - Warringah History
0021799: Kenmore District Kindergarten and Preschool - Kenmore District Kindergarten and Preschool Cookery Book
0023178: John R. Prescott - Early Man in the Southern Hemisphere
0014647: Last Word Press - Mind If I Smoke? Poster
0014644: Last Word Press - The Road To Ruin Poster
0032485: Playboy Press - Love Scenes: Great Moments of Passion and Tenderness
0022088: The Architectural Press - Modern French Decorative Art: A Collection of Examples of Modern French Decoration
0024570: Glendale Chamber of Commerce and the Glendale News Press - Map of Glendale and Vicinity
0009157: Foreign Languages Press - Children's Drawings From China
0014646: Last Word Press - Marihuana: Weed With Roots In Hell Poster
0014643: Last Word Press - American Capitalism Poster
0014645: Last Word Press - Pitfalls of Youth Poster
0025860: Neville William Pressler - Our Stories: The Olsson and Darlington Families in Queensland: 1871-1994
0023486: Mollie Preston - Anne Hughes: Her Boke
0023940: John Preston - A Member of the Family: Gay Men Write About Their Families
0031844: John Preston - Mr. Benson
0032293: John Preston - Hot Living: Erotic Stories About Safer Sex
0005184: A. Novikov-Priboi - The Captain
0006147: Daniel E. Price - Islamic Political Culture, Democracy, and Human Rights: A Comparative Study
0010818: David Price - Alphabet City
0025587: John Pride - A Quair of Sonnets and Ballads
0025671: Peter Prideaux - Brisbane Girls' Grammar School: The First Sixty Years 1875-1935
0025889: Eldritch Priest - Boring Formless Nonsense: Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure
0002266: Christopher Priest - Quantum and Woody: The Director's Cut (Vol. 1 No. 1)
0004099: Christopher Priest - Quantum and Woody in KYAG: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Vol. 1 No. 1
0030932: J. B. Priestley - English Journey
0020546: Guillermo Prieto - Lecciones de Historia Patria: Escritas para los Alumnos del Colegio Militar
0020719: Diane di Prima - Revolutionary Letters
0015789: Diane di Prima - Dinners and Nightmares
0021241: Mervyn W. Prime - WA's Pearl Harbour: The Japanese Raid on Broome
0012639: Vincent Berniere; Mariel Primois - Sex Press: The Sexual Revolution in the Underground Press, 1963-1979
0014168: Ian Lowey; Suzy Prince - Bare Essentials: The Best of Nude Magazine, 2003-2011
0007426: Gerald Prince - A Dictionary of Narratology
0014497: Andre Principe - O Perfume Do Boi [The Perfume of the Bull]
0018700: Peter Pring - Key Thoroughbreds of Australia and New Zealand from 1945 to the present day
0018701: Peter Pring - Major Australian Races and Racehorses, 1960-1980
0021337: Barbara Caine; Rosemary Pringle - Transitions: New Australian Feminisms
0032634: Barbara Caine; Rosemary Pringle - Transitions: New Australian Feminisms
0021303: Michael Flood; Judith Kegan Gardiner; Bob Pease; Keith Pringle - International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities
0013446: Ann Game; Rosemary Pringle - Gender At Work
0025895: Renarta Prior - Straight from the Yudaman's Mouth: The Life Story of Peter Prior
0023740: Gregory Prior - Paintings from the Bed of a Long Green River
0008090: Price Pritchett - After the Merger: Managing the Shockwaves
0024473: Renny Pritikin - Flatlanders: a Regional Roundup
0030491: Rebecca Probert - Double Trouble: The Rise and Fall of the Crime of Bigamy
0001763: Catharine Lumby; Elspeth Probyn - Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics
0024398: Richard A. Proctor - Strength and Happiness
0022457: Clamil Production - A Soldier's Homecoming (9 Original Photographs)
0018641: Howard Productions - After You've Read This You'll Want To Pucker Up
0014861: R.O.B.E. Productions - The Very First Handbook of Bong Etiquette
0017869: Drug Research Project - Methadone! Washington's All New Answer To Smack
0030419: Forest Products Promotions - Building in Timber: Handbook for Home Builders
0023939: Brian Pronger - The Arena of Masculinity: Sports, Homosexuality and the Meaning of Sex
0007112: The International Plant Propagators' Society - Combined Proceedings (Volume 44, 1994)
0023568: Ernest Protheroe - The Handy Natural History: Mammals
0017839: Augustine Dall'ava; Geoffrey Bartlett; Anthony Pryor - Made In Fitzroy: Exhibition 3: Three Australian Sculptors
0023114: Lorraine Pszczola - Archery
0020520: Associated General Publications - The Pig Industry: Incorporating the Australian Stud Pig Breeder's Directory
0013875: Creative Publications - The Creative Directory to Australia 1982/83, 1983/84, 1985 (3 Volumes)
0025006: Scientific Publications - The Complete Morris/Austin Mini Workshop Manual
0031508: Bushpeople Publications - Bushpeople's Guide to Bushwalking in South-East Queensland
0017370: Polly Book Publishing - The 200 Years History of Australian Cooking
0022960: P. D. Gordon Pugh - Staffordshire Portrait Figures of the Victorian Era
0031757: Harry Pugsley - Looking Back Along Fassifern Valley
0013986: Manuel Puig - Under A Mantle of Stars: A Play in Two Acts
0018571: Zoe Bingley-Pullin - Falling In Love With Food: A Cookbook and a Love Story
0016234: Lionello Puppi - Guida a Niemeyer
0025964: P. G. Purcell; R.R. Purcell - The North West Shelf Australia
0017439: Robert Purdie - Narrative of the Wreck of HMS Porpoise
0021191: C. J. S. Purdy - Chess World Vol. 3, No. 1
0032082: Lekh Raj Puri - Mysticism: The Spiritual Path (2 Volumes)
0025316: Lekh Raj Puri - Radha Soami Teachings
0025715: Ellen Purswell - Goetic Demonolatry
0023424: A. S. Pushkin - The Queen of Spades; The Captain's Daughter
0018985: W. L. Puxley - Wanderungen im Queenslandbusch
0012252: Nathan W. Pyle - Strange Planet
0008376: Howard Pyle - Rejected of Men: A Story of To-day
0015072: Nathan W. Pyle - Stranger Planet
0000179: Mi-Sun Pyo - KIAF: Korea International Art Fair 2010
0015899: JoAnn Gardner-Loulan; Bonnie Lopez; Marcia Quackenbush - Period.
0024817: Richard Quebedeaux - Prime Sources of California and Nevada Local History: 151 Rare and Important City, County and State Directories, 1850 - 1906
0019196: The Historical Society of Queensland - Journal Year-book of Proceedings Vol. V. No. 3, 1955
0014974: The Pharmaceutical Society of Queensland - A Centennial History of The Pharmaceutical Society of Queensland
0015115: Crafts Council of Queensland - Objects For Interiors
0021038: The Government of Queensland - Our First Half-Century: A Review of Queensland Progress, Based Upon Official Information
0024222: United Grand Lodge of Queensland - U. G. L. Q. Lecturettes on 1, 2, and 3 Degrees (3 Volumes)
0024221: United Grand Lodge of Queensland - Masonic Funeral and Memorial Services with Guidelines and Procedures
0030379: University of Queensland - The University of Queensland: Report of the Inaugural Ceremony held at the Exhibition Hall, Brisbane on Thursday, 1st June 1911
0024230: The United Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Queensland - Ceremony of Installation of Worshipful Master and Investiture of Officers
0024870: Antoine-Alexandre Barbier; Olivier Barbier; Rene Billard; Paul Billard; J. M Querard - Dictionnaire Des Ouvrages Anonymes (4 Volumes)
0004534: Michael Quillen - Breather
0023061: Bureau for Increasing the Use of Quinine - Quinine Formulary
0017102: Beck Lowe; David Holmgren; Brenna Quinlan - Our Street (Retrosuburbia for Kids)
0012391: Betty Churcher; Lucy Quinn - Treasures of Canberra
0025051: Ricardo Quintana - Byron, 1788-1938: An Exhibition at the Huntington Library
0011993: Noel Quirke - Gentlemen of Honour: A History of Brisbane Boys College, 1902-2002
0004860: R. J. Ancill; S. G. Holliday; L. Thorpe; K. Rabheru - Treating Dementia: Cognition & Beyond
0023967: Lynda Race - Afghan Hounds: The World of Dogs
0032754: Shivam Rachana - Lotus Birth
0031808: RACQ - The Motoring Holiday Guide to Queensland: The Matilda Highway, Australia
0025924: S. Radhakrishnan - The Brahma Sutra: The Philosophy of Spiritual Life
0008878: Istvan Szatmari; Elemer Radisics - The Hungarian Genius: Pictorial Record of a Thousand Years
0010698: Paul Radley - Good Mates!
0010699: Paul Radley - Good Mates!
0010700: Paul Radley - Good Mates!
0031876: Jude Rae - Recent Paintings
0020534: Rael - The Final Message
0020535: Rael - The Message Given by Extra-Terrestrials
0020533: Rael - The Maitreya: Extracts From His Teachings: Wisdom of the Prophet Rael: Messenger of the Stars
0024455: Joseph Raffael - Joseph Raffael: Recent Works, 1980 - 1981
0002996: Richard Evans Schultes; Robert F. Raffauf - Vine of the Soul: Medicine Men, Their Plants and Rituals in the Colombian Amazonia
0022940: Gene Sherman; Brian Sherman; Michael Brand; Suhanya Raffel - Go East: The Gene and Brian Sherman Contemporary Asian Art Collection
0025916: Hilary Marland; Anne Marie Rafferty - Midwives, Society and Childbirth: Debates and Controversies in the Modern Period
0014309: Jacky Manuputty; Zairin Salampessy; Ihsan Ali-Fauzi; Irsyad Rafsadi - Basudara Stories of Peace from Maluku: Working Together for Reconciliation
0025836: Fag Rag - Fag Rag (Number. 29)
0020788: Michael White; Aladin Rahemtula - Table Talk of the Selden Society in Queensland
0020790: Michael White; Aladin Rahemtula - Queensland Judges on the High Court
0012660: Glenn Wilson; Qazi Rahman - Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation
0015911: Museum Seni Agung Rai - ARMA: Agung Rai Museum of Art
0024608: Louisville & Nashville Railroad - The Gulf Coast: The American Riviera
0024609: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad - Glimpses Along the Way: New York - Chicago
0030792: The Department of Railways - New Trains for New England, New South Wales
0013270: Stephen Rainbird - Melville Haysom
0022774: Sarah Smith Rainey - Love, Sex & Disability: The Pleasures of Care
0032090: Chandravati Rajwade - Tukaram: Saint of Maharashtra
0025312: Rai Sahib Munshi Ram - With the Three Masters: Being Extracts From the Private Diary of Rai Sahib Munshi Ram, M. A., P. C. S., Secretary to the Three Masters: Volume I (1942-1944)
0025313: Rai Sahib Munshi Ram - With the Three Masters: Being Extracts From the Private Diary of Rai Sahib Munshi Ram, M. A., P. C. S., Secretary to the Three Masters: Volume III (1948-1956)
0004241: Mauricio Ramia - Plantas de las Sabanas Llaneras
0015450: Margaret Ramsay - The Complete Guide to English Usage for Australian Students
0023560: Michael Ramsay - The New Forest and its Ponies
0031763: Margaret Ramsay - The Complete Guide to English Usage for Australian Students
0032375: Lou Rand - Rough Trade
0021912: Jenny Randles - UFOs & How to See Them
0019727: Ruth Randon - Ugly Beauty: Helena Rubinstein, L'Oreal, and the Blemished History of Looking Good
0021962: William H. Rands - The Brookfield, Pullenvale, and Moggill Districts
0021959: William H. Rands - Paradise Gold Field
0004644: Adya Rangacharya - The Indian Theatre
0030376: M. Baptista Rankin - The History of Monte Sant' Angelo College
0003827: Armand Ranniger - Religion: Past and Present
0008574: Armand Ranniger - Religion: Past and Present
0024909: Will Ransom - Private Presses and Their Books
0025233: Will Ransom - Selective Check Lists of Press Books
0018942: Ewa Mazierska; Laura Rascaroli - Crossing New Europe: Postmodern Travel and the European Road Movie
0013696: Christian Ratsch - Raucherstoffe der Atem des Drachen: 72 Pflanzenportrats: Ethnobotanik, Rituale und praktische Anwendungen
0013638: Claudia Muller-Ebeling; Christian Ratsch - Heilpflanzen der Seychellen: Ein Beitrag zur kreolischen Volksheilkunde
0013817: Christian Ratsch - Enzyklopadie der Psychoaktiven Pflanzen: Botanik, Ethnopharmakologie und Anwendungen
0002872: Richard Evans Schultes; Albert Hofmann; Christian Ratsch - Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing, and Hallucinogenic Powers
0015326: Christian Ratsch - The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Application
0008041: Christian Ratsch - Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Visionary and Healing Powers of Cannabis
0031390: Malaclypse The Younger; Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst - Discordia: Hail Eris Goddess of Chaos and Confusion
0014640: Malaclypse The Younger; Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst - Principia Discordia
0025659: Morpheus Ravenna - The Book of the Great Queen: the Many Faces of the Morrigan, from Ancient Legends to Modern Devotions
0021848: Willem van Ravenstein - All Australians Now
0017215: A. L. Rawlings - The Theory of the Gyroscopic Compass and its Deviations
0032793: Philip Rawson - Primitive Erotic Art
0022153: Man Ray - Man Ray: Les Annees Bazaar: Photographies de mode, 1934-1942
0024249: Man Ray - Self Portrait
0025887: Raym - Alchemy of Crystals
0017765: T. H. Rayner - Sindbad the Sailor: His Seven Voyages
0013789: Joseph Raz - The Concept of a Legal System: An Introduction to the Theory of a Legal System
0032394: Rak Razam - The Ayahuasca Sessions: Conversations with Amazonian Curanderos and Western Shamans
0012314: Stewart MacPherson; Ernest Read - Aural Culture Based Upon Musical Appreciation (Part II)
0004915: Geoff F. McLean; Raul Molina; Timothy Ready - Culture, Human Rights and Peace In Central America
0007702: Peter J. Walker; Robert G. Lester; Melba G. Bondad-Reantaso - Diseases in Asian Aquaculture V
0030486: Judy Gale Rechner - East Brisbane Croquet Club:100 Years
0010652: John Rechy - Bodies and Souls
0014068: John Rechy - The Sexual Outlaw: A Documentary
0010359: John Rechy - Bodies and Souls
0010717: John Rechy - Numbers
0014769: Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation - Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Key Issue Papers (8 Volumes)
0023185: Columbia Records - Native Japanese Music: Popular and Classical: Specially Selected for Foreign Guests
0016651: Low Vol. Records - Wrong Dance, Right Steps: Brooklyn Compilation
0024517: Recreational Publicity Division, Wisconsin Conservation Department - Your Vacation in Wisconsin
0016490: C. G. K. Reddy - Baroda Dynamite Conspiracy: The Right to Rebel
0014023: Scott Redford - Bricks Are Heavy
0021028: A. W. Pollard; G. R. Redgrave - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland And of English Books Printed Abroad, 1475-1640
0000722: Andy Small; Ben Redlich - The Shikker Co-La Cows
0030153: Ian H. Reece - Harold's Diary: An Australian Digger's Records from World War I
0008189: Nicholas Waldemar Brown; Graham Reed - London's Waterfront: The Thames from Battersea to the Barrier
0024366: Berni Aquilina; William Reed - Lure of the Pearl: Pearl Culture in Australia
0004463: Chanter Reed - The Stones of Thaxsos: A Thaddeus Browne Adventure
0021268: Harry Reems - Here Comes Harry Reems!
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0001755: Kenneth Reeves - They Marched to the tune of Wings
0030674: Tobias Rehberger - Home and Away and Outside
0004736: Marie E. Reid - A History of Emerald: A place of importance
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0021644: Kenneth Slessor; Virgil Reilly - Darlinghurst Nights
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0032621: W. Reinhard - Nell in Bridewell
0022181: Ad Reinhardt - Ad Reinhardt: Art is Art and Everything Else is Everything Else
0016982: Deneys Reitz - The Deneys Reitz Trilogy: Adrift on the Open Veld: The Anglo-Boer War and its Aftermath, 1899-1943: Commando / Trekking On / No Outspan
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0018011: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard: Bathing, Brighton, Sandgate. Q.
0018015: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 16: The Rocks Shorncliffe, Sandgate. Q.
0018012: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 13: A Quiet Spot, Cabbage Tree Creek, Sandgate. Q.
0018020: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 21: Near Jetty, Sandgate. Q.
0018022: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 23: Cabbage Tree Creek, Sandgate. Q.
0018017: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 18: Moora Park Beach, Sandgate. Q.
0018024: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 33: Memorial Hall and School of Arts, Woody Point. Q.
0018023: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 31: Near Jetty, Woody Point. Q.
0018016: Retrac - Retrac Series Postcard 17: Moora Park Beach, Sandgate. Q.
0022671: Returned Sailors, Soldiers & Airmens Imperial Australia League - Souvenir Programme: Crowning Ceremony: Miss Sydney Competition, Anzac House Appeal
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0023333: Richard Henry Dana, Jr. - Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea
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0018255: Patrick Riley - The X-Rated Videotape Star Index
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0017272: Linda Bank Downs; Diego Rivera - Diego Rivera: The Detroit Industry Murals
0005571: Rohan Rivett - David Rivett: Fighter for Australian Science
0008945: Olympia Rizidis - This is our Promised Land
0024515: The Milwaukee Road - Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
0024540: Alaska Steamship Company and The Milwaukee Road - Alaska for an Air-Cooled Vacation
0024866: James Robb - Notable Angling Literature
0019606: Trina Robbins - Scarlett Pilgrim
0020033: Tom Robbins - Jitterbug Perfume
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0024919: Herbert A. Roberts - The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy: A Modern Textbook
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0018866: William Robinson - Paintings and Pastels
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0031861: William Robinson - Recent Paintings
0009411: I. A. Robinson - A History of the New Church in Australia, 1832-1980
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0016997: William Robinson - Paintings and Pastels
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0008755: Adrian Tame; F. P. J. Robotham - Maralinga: British A-Bomb Australian Legacy
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0024804: Stephen Roche - Don't Tell: Toowoomba Prep: The Case Which Broke the Silence on Child Sex Abuse in Australia
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0021663: Geo E. Rochester - The Black Octopus
0032290: Bruce Rodgers - Gay Talk: A (Sometimes Outrageous) Dictionary of Gay Slang
0005712: Robert Rodi - Codename: Knockout #1
0012608: Robert Rodi - Closet Case
0023844: Alvin E. Rodin - The Influence of Matthew Baillie's Morbid Anatomy: Biography, Evaluation and Reprint
0022710: Betty Sarvis; Hyman Rodman - The Abortion Controversy
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0007863: Otilio Rodriguez - A History of the Teresian Carmel: An Abridgement of its Origins and Development, 1562-1979
0025888: Trevor Boffone; Teresa Marrero; Chantal Rodriguez - Seeking Common Ground: Latinx and Latin American Theatre and Performance
0011046: Jae-Ryung Roe - Contemporary Korean Art
0008744: Jae-Ryung Roe - Contemporary Korean Art
0008371: Adolph Roeder - Light in the Clouds: Being Glimpses of the Inner World
0032470: Eric E. Rofes - I Thought People Like That Killed Themselves: Lesbians, Gay Men and Suicide
0016353: Eric E. Rofes - I Thought People Like That Killed Themselves: Lesbians, Gay Men and Suicide
0030152: Frank Swettenham; William R. Roff - A Nocturne and Other Malayan Stories and Sketches
0031799: Jo Rogers - What Food Is That? and How Healthy Is It?
0031492: E. Rogers - Photograph of Crows Nest Falls
0021951: R. Rogerson - PNG Geology, Exploration and Mining Conference
0019219: Michael Rogin - Blackface, White Noise: Jewish Immigrants in the Hollywood Melting Pot
0013443: Anne Roiphe - Married: A Fine Predicament
0020717: Karl Lagerfeld; Carine Roitfeld - The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's Classic Revisited
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0011288: Sybil Nevill-Rolfe - Sex in Social Life
0011117: Eric C. Rolls - Celebration of the Senses
0030101: Eric Rolls - A Celebration of Food and Wine (3 Volumes)
0030888: Nick Romanowski - Grasses, Bamboos and Related Plants in Australia
0024209: Edmond Ronayne - The Masters Carpet; or Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical
0006559: Ronin - Cannabis Underground Library: Seven Rare Classics
0030629: Veronica Roodt - Grasses & Grazers of Botswana and the Surrounding Savanna
0012653: Nico Roos - Kins In Suidwes-Afrika / Art in South-West Africa / Kunst in Sudwestafrika
0032779: A. I. Root - The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture
0025858: Stewart Roper - Palya
0014294: William Ropp - Children
0005402: Carel Blotkamp; Ron Kaal; Jacinto Lageira; Anne Rorimer - Ger van Elk
0011638: J. Thomas Rosch - The Prophecy
0013528: Will Roscoe - Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love
0025697: Harry Hay; Will Roscoe - Radically Gay: Gay Liberation in the Words of Its Founder
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0021418: David H. Rosen - Lesbianism: A Study on Female Homosexuality
0032554: Marsha Rosenberger - Black Stud's Whore
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0022954: Ed Rosenthal - Ask Ed: Marijuana Success:Growing Cannabis Year-Round
0008274: Elizabeth Rosenzweig - Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps
0010860: I. Roset - The Psychology of Phantasy: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation into the Intrinsic Laws of Productive Mentality
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0015884: Charles Ross - The Substance of Light: Sunlight Dispersion, The Solar BUrns, Point Soure / Star Space
0024440: Andy Ross - Stirling Cycle Engines
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0022272: L. Rossera - 15 Femdom Paintings with Short Stories
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0003529: Garry Egger; Andrew Binns; Stephan Rossner - Lifestyle Medicine
0015533: Keith Rosson - The Best of Intentions: The AVOW Anthology
0019672: Massimo Rotundo - Ex libris eroticis 2
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0016355: Verne McLaren; Dick Roughsey - To The African Wilderness With Dick Roughsey O.B.E.
0032283: Dick Roughsey - The Rainbow Serpent
0032284: Labumore: Elsie Roughsey - An Aboriginal Mother: Tells of the Old and the New
0031705: Casimir Roumeguere - Cryptogamie Illustree ou Histoire des Familles Naturelles des Plantes Acotyledones d'Europe: Famille des Champignons
0006578: G. S. Rousseau - Perilous Enlightenment: Pre- and Post-Modern Discourses: Sexual, Historical
0024541: White Pass & Yukon Route - Map of Alaska, Atlin, and the Yukon
0025008: Land Rover - Workshop Manual: Range Rover
0023768: John W. Rowberry - Gay Video: A Guide to Erotica
0022420: Bonnie Rowell - Dance Umbrella: The First Twenty-One Years
0030345: Raymond J. Rowell - Ornamental Flowering Shrubs in Australia
0031259: Charles Dickens; Peter Rowland - My Early Times
0023646: Hazel Rowley - Christina Stead: A Biography
0023346: A. L. Rowse - The First Colonists: Hakluyt's Voyages to North America
0030851: Thomas More; William Roper; A. L. Rowse - A Man of Singular Virtue being A Life of Sir Thomas More by his Son-in-law William Roper and a Selection of More's Letters
0022411: Roy 'Stone' Naylor - Stonefree: A Photographic Trip Through 10 Years of Glastonbury Festival
0031649: Louis-Charles Royer - Let's Go Naked
0032233: David Rees; Peter Robins; Dave Royle - Fabulous Tricks: Stories by Gay Men
0025142: Dave Royle - A Controlled Explosion
0025907: Luis Royo - Subversive Beauty
0010242: Thomas Pogge; Matthew Rimmer; Kim Rubenstein - Incentives for Global Public Health: Patent Law and Access to Essential Medicines
0030604: Cynthia Kuhn; Lance Rubin - Reading Chuck Palahniuk: American Monsters and Literary Mayhem
0010828: Samuel Rubin - The Secret Science of Covert Inks
0032364: Carl A. P. Ruck - Sacred Mushrooms of the Goddess and the Secrets of Eleusis
0031384: Carl A. P. Ruck - Sacred Mushrooms of the Goddess and the Secrets of Eleusis
0006038: Steele Rudd - Memoirs of Corporal Keeley
0023903: Helen Crisp; Loma Rudduck - The Mothering Years
0020876: Jane Rule - Theme for Diverse Instruments
0020872: Jane Rule - Against The Season
0020874: Jane Rule - The Young in One Another's Arms
0020877: Jane Rule - Outlander
0024736: Red Heart Jamaica Rum - Rum Ideas: The Ace of Spirits
0024737: Ronelle Reid; Brenda Runnegar - Solitary Confinement: A Site Specific Installation at Historic Second Division, Boggo Road Goal
0032835: Henry Stuart Russell - The Genesis of Queensland
0024660: Archer Russell - Sunlit Trails: A Bird-Watcher's Tramps and Camps in Australia
0014918: Neil Gaiman; P. Craig Russell - The Problem of Susan and Other Stories
0031839: Vito Russo - The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies
0025738: J. S. Ryan - Gleanings from Greenland
0017511: Patricia L. Ryan - Friends For Forty Years: History of the Queensland Art Gallery Society, 1951 to 1991
0032810: J. Ryan - History of Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade
0024643: Meryl Ryan - The Museum Effect
0009729: Christine Ryan - Health Quality in Indigenous Communities: A Culturally Secure Quality Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services
0032301: John Ryan - Panel By Panel: An Illustrated History of Australian Comics
0019666: Mark Ryden - The Snow Yak Show
0003897: Nawal El Saadawi - A Daughter of Isis
0003283: Robert Sabbag - Snowblind: A Brief Career In The Cocaine Trade
0024667: Alfred Jacobs; Lewis B. Sachs - The Psychology of Private Events: Perspectives on Covert Response Systems
0019623: John Sack - From Here to Shimbashi
0022186: Fay Alge; Neil Sack - Mr. Billings' World of Tropical Fish
0021819: Creative Arts League of Sacramento - California Crafts X
0032467: Creative Arts League of Sacramento - California Crafts XI: Toys, Games & Other Playthings
0032311: Creative Arts League of Sacramento - California Crafts XIV
0000406: Robert Sacre - The Voice of the Delta: Charley Patton And The Mississippi Blues Traditions, Influences and Comparisons: An International Symposium
0023374: Michael Sadleir - Blessington-d'Orsay: A Masquerade
0002096: Yaw Saffu - The 1992 PNG Election: Change and Continuity in Electoral Politics
0018629: John Safran - Puff Piece
0030246: D. H. Lawrence; Keith Sagar - D. H. Lawrence's Paintings
0020656: Jenny Sages - Diary of My Days, 2008
0032089: Tulsi Sahib - Tulsi Sahib: Saint of Hathras
0001234: Steffen Saifer - Practical Solutions To Practically Every Problem
0024130: Robert Preston; Christopher Saines - Between the Tides: An Exhibition of Works on Paper from 1971-75 by Robert Preston
0024632: Chris Saines - The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
0018953: Milkman Saito - Weird Movies a Go! Go! Number: 01
0030257: Michael Sakamoto - An Empty Room: Imagining Butoh and the Social Body in Crisis
0025969: Edna Salamon - The Kept Woman: Mistresses in the '80s
0015859: Diane Salvatore - Benediction
0015858: Diane Salvatore - Love, Zena Beth
0015834: Diane Salvatore - Paxton Court
0015833: Diane Salvatore - One of our Own
0021637: Michael Shedlin; David Wallechinsky; Saunie Salyer - Laughing Gas: Nitrous Oxide
0023867: Jackie Sam - The First Twenty Years of the People's Association
0017119: Helmut Samerski - The Trout Whisperer: More than just about Trout
0004909: Irene Sampognaro - Carmelo Caruso: The Two Hearts of an Immigrant
0032529: David Sampson - Hung Stud
0025660: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders - XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits
0004309: James Sanders - The Colourful Colony: Pioneering Life in New Zealand
0008697: Mark Sanders - Skaklist: 32 Pieces: The Art of Chess
0009024: Jean Stead; Danielle Grunbeg; Richard Falk; Jerry W. Sanders - 3 Peace Pamplets (Moscow Independent Peace Group; Normative Initiatives and Demilitarization; Empire At Bay)
0016410: Sol Sanders - Living Off The West: Gorbachev's Secret Agenda and Why It Will Fail
0010309: Douglas Sanderson - Dark Passions Subdue
0008172: D. F. Waterhouse; D. P. A. Sands - Classical Biological Control of Arthropods in Australia
0025246: Lesleigh J. Logan Sands - 150 Years Young: The Continuing Story of the Ipswich Baptists, 1859-2009
0008550: Adele Garnier; Liliana Lyra Jubilut; Kristin Bergtora Sandvik - Refugee Resettlement: Power, Politics, and Humanitarian Governance
0024247: Khana Kammakan Vitthayasat Sangkhom - Tourist of Ethnic Groups in Laos
0019083: Sankofa - Sankofa: The Dance Champions of Africa (Australian Tour, 1989)
0022462: Salvatore Santagati - The European Gay Review Volume Two
0022463: Salvatore Santagati - The European Gay Review Volume Three
0022464: Salvatore Santagati - The European Gay Review Volume Four
0022465: Salvatore Santagati - The European Gay Review Volume Five
0025236: B. A. Santamaria - Determined to Survive; The Politics of 1966; State Aid in Perspective (3 Volumes)
0018837: Donna Santisi - Ask The Angels
0009731: William Charles Santo - Maggie and Charley Santo: The History of the Santo Family of Charters Towers
0005782: Beatriz Caiuby Labate; Isabel Santana de Rose; Rafael Guimaraes dos Santos - Ayahuasca Religions: A Comprehensive Bibliography & Critical Essays
0022733: Gerald Nicosia; Anne Marie Santos - One and Only: The Untold Story of On The Road; and Lu Anne Henderson, the Woman who Started Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady on Their Journey
0014727: Michael Dante DiMartino; Bryan Konietzko; Joaquim Dos Santos - The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series (Book One: Air)
0025790: Ruby Sara - Datura: An Anthology of Esoteric Poesis
0031710: Swami Satyananda Saraswati - Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha
0030484: Swami Satyananda Saraswati - Yoga and Cardiovascular Management
0015903: Jack Sargeant; [William S. Burroughs] - Against Control
0018567: Erin Coates; Jack Sargeant - Other Suns
0023198: Bernard Sargent - South Africa: An Impression for the Tourist
0031027: William Saroyan - Sons Come and Go, Mothers Hang in Forever
0024185: Chris Sarra - Strong and Smart - Towards a Pedagogy for Emancipation: Education for First Peoples
0019069: Kiyo Sasahara - [How to Make a Blouse and Skirt]
0031240: Shin'ichi Sasakawa - Sasakawa Shin'ichi Korekushon
0024904: Torao Sato - A Synopsis of the Sparoid Fish Genus Lethrinus, With the Description of a New Species
0015877: Karen Saum - Murder is Material
0011130: Gabrielle Kelly; Kevin Saunders - Dominican Approaches in Education: Towards the Intelligent Use of Liberty
0002816: Anne Baldassari; Philippe Saunier - Picasso & His Collection
0024023: Craig Lewis; Cathy Savage - 4WD Adventures: South East Queensland: 17 Exciting Day and Weekend Treks
0007276: George Taylor; George Savage - The Phoenix and the Dwarfs: A Play in Three Acts
0018573: Steve Savage - The Rhythm Book: The Complete Guide to Pop Rhythm, Percussion, and the New Generation of Electronic Drums
0019739: Ilma Savari (Ajikum'e) - Arero Ajive (A New Light)
0014489: Riccardo Benassi; Marianna Liosi; Alessandra Saviotti - Briefly, Ballare
0018354: Yoshiharu Sawada - Tokoname
0004172: Thanadda Sawangduean - I Am Eri: My Experience Overseas
0030370: Marian Sawer - Program for Change
0016608: June Skinner Sawyers - 10 Songs That Changed The World
0022307: Maurice Saxby - Images of Australia: A History of Australian Children's Literature, 1941-1970
0031600: Maurice Saxby - The Proof Of The Puddin': Australian Children's Literature: 1970-1990
0024317: Andrew Sayers - Aboriginal Artists of the Nineteenth Century
0015221: I. H. Sayre - The Single Color Offset Press
0019309: Yhonnie Scarce - Missile Park
0021603: Ken Scarlett - Australian Sculptors
0022010: Ken Scarlett - Australian Sculptors
0022184: Antonio Scarpa - Memoria Chirurgica sui Piedi Torti Congeniti dei Fanciulli, e Sulla Maniera di Correggere Questa Deformita
0024658: Jim Scaysbrook - Riding Through Time: A Century of Australian Motorcycling
0031695: Jacob Christian Schaeffer - Vorlaufige Beobachtungen der Schwamme um Regensburg: angestellet und mit vier Kupfertafeln ausgemahlter Abbildungen erlautert
0023761: Stanley S. Schaetzel - The Coming of Age: Science & Religion in the 3rd Millennium
0013565: Justin Eric Schaffer - Reflections in my Rear View Mirror
0022432: Robert A. Schanke - Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans
0011203: Mary Scharlieb - Sexual Problems of To-day
0001718: Kate Schatz - Rad American Women A-Z
0020060: Paula Scher - The Honeymoon Book
0025478: Tony Schiavello - Anything is Possible
0024980: Rod Fisher; John Schiavo - Moreton Bay in the News, 1841-1860: A Select Subject index
0031669: Mikael Schiller - Acne Paper 13th Issue, Spring 2012
0018944: Michael Gott; Thibaut Schilt - Open Roads, Closed Borders: the Contemporary French-Language Road Movie
0008282: Maik Schlickel - Strategy Deployment in Business Units: Patterns of Operations Strategy Cascading Across Global Sites in a Manufacturing Firm
0018874: Claude Schlouch - Kenny Dorham: A Discography
0011287: Samuel D. Schmalhausen - The New Road To Progress
0019243: Carol Schmidt - Silverlake Heat: A Novel of Suspense
0015821: Carol Schmidt - Silverlake Heat: A Novel of Suspense
0025134: Suzi Vaughan; Christine Schmidt - Five: Fashion Musings
0032595: L. F. R. Schnabel - The Engineman's Master Key
0024315: Luke Scholes - Tjungunutja: From Having Come Together
0024359: Luke Scholes - The Moment Eternal: Nyapanyapa Yunupinu
0002021: Dagmar Scholz - Dispersal and Host-Finding Behaviour of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)
0019306: Maleny State School - 'Neath Cedar Boughs: Education in Maleny, 75 Years
0021807: Toowoomba East State School - Toowoomba East State School Recipe Book
0024277: Australian Civil Defence School - Indoctrination Course No. 9
0009771: Todd Schorr - Neverlasting Miracles
0015952: Todd Schorr - American Surreal
0022855: Timothy F. Flannery; Peter Schouten - Possums of the World: A Monograph of the Phalangeroidea
0016003: Carl Schleicher & Schull - Advertisement for a New Pneumatic Photo-Printing Apparatus
0013538: Bartz Schultz - A Tapestry of Service: The Evolution of Nursing in Australia: Volume I: Foundation to Federation 1788-1900
0025892: William Schultz - Cassirer and Langer on Myth: an Introduction
0010437: Paul L. Schultz - The 85th Infantry Division in World War II
0020342: Emil Schumacher - Emil Schumacher
0030295: Florian Bachmann; Ulrich Bachmann; Maarion Bernhardt; Mik Gruber; Cecilia Hausheer; Andreas Kohli; Johannes Schutt - Farben Zwischen Licht und Dunkelheit: Colours Between Light and Darkness
0007062: Gerrit J. T. Schuurkamp - The Epidemiology of Malaria and Filariasis in the Ok Tedi Region of Western Province, Papua New Guinea
0008655: Carol Schwarzman - Piet Noest: All About Art: A Thirty Year Retrospective
0016474: Frank Jordan; Helen Schwencke - Create More Butterflies: A guide to 48 butterflies and their hostplants for south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
0009266: Beate Schwerdtfeger - Geological Map of Thailand, 1:50000
0004349: Cathy Schwichtenberg - The Madonna Connection: Representational Politics, Subcultural Identities, and Cultural Theory
0024879: Staff of the Church of Scientology - What is Scientology?: The Comprehensive Reference on the World's Fastest Growing Religion
0020537: Christopher Scoble - Fisherman's Friend: A Life of Stephen Reynolds
0006918: Ronald Scollon - Conversation with a One Year Old: A Case Study of the Developmental Foundation of Syntax
0030816: Richard Bodley Scott - Rise of Rome: Republican Rome at War (Field of Glory Gaming Companion 1)
0015174: Diane Fortenberry; Kim Scott - The Art of the Erotic
0001463: Traer Scott - Nocturne: Creatures of the Night
0032628: George Ryley Scott - Flagellation: A History of Corporal Punishment in its Historical, Anthropological and Sociological Aspects
0032629: George Ryley Scott - Ladies of Vice
0030817: Richard Bodley Scott - Storm of Arrows: Late Medieval Europe at War (Field of Glory Gaming Companion 2)
0008806: Eric Scott - The Sound Mixers
0012607: L. E. Scott - Black Family Letters From Boston
0008910: Noeline Kyle; Catherine Manathunga; Joanne Scott - A Class of its Own: A History of Queensland University of Technology
0021924: Andrew Scott - Open Pit Blast Design: Analysis and Optimisation
0023600: Lisbeth Elvery; Conrad Lohe; Gerard Sammon; Angus Scott - In My Opinion: The History of Crown Law Queensland, 1859-2009.
0024744: Paul Scott - Mr Nixon Pushes Abortion on Demand
0030813: Phil Barker; Richard Bodley Scott - De Bellis Renationis Rulebook and Army Lists (4 Volumes)
0030818: Richard Bodley Scott - Immortal Fire: Greek, Persian and Macedonian Wars (Field of Glory Gaming Companion 3)
0030820: Richard Bodley Scott - Eternal Empire: The Ottomans at War (Field of Glory Gaming Companion 6)
0030821: Richard Bodley Scott - Swifter Than Eagles: The Biblical Middle East at War (Field of Glory Gaming Companion 9)
0030822: Richard Bodley Scott - Blood and Gold: The Americas at War (Field of Glory Gaming Companion 12)
0009949: Shirley V. Scott - The Political Interpretation of Multilateral Treaties
0030819: Richard Bodley Scott - Legions Triumphant: Imperial Rome at War (Field of Glory Gaming Companion 5)
0008114: W. N. Scott - Brother and Brother
0000427: Mrs Eve Scott - Untold & Told Stories of the Air Force: R.A.A.F. & W.A.A.A.F.
0032316: Rod Strachan; Joan Scott - In Champagne Country: Stories and Photographs of People and Events in and Around Roma
0015176: Timon Screech - Sex and the Floating World: Erotic Images in Japan, 1700-1820
0025816: Mike Seabrook - Conduct Unbecoming
0021523: Ross Searle - Artist in the Tropics: 200 Years of Art in North Queensland
0013273: Jill Kinnear; Ross Searle - Kibung: Textiles from Graduates of the National Arts School, Papua New Guinea.
0024573: City of Seattle - Seattle in Washington State: Seattle's Invitation to You...
0024574: City of Seattle - Seattle: A Seattle Sampler
0011905: Thomas A. Sebeok - Global Semiotics
0024731: Emanuel Swedenborg; Alice Spiers Sechrist - The Apocalypse Revealed
0010688: Meryle Secrest - Between Me and Life: A Biography of Romaine Brooks
0009219: Terri Seddon - Context and Beyond: Reframing the Theory and Practice of Education
0030880: Leigh W. Seddon - Practical Pole Building Construction
0014667: Lloyd I. Sederer - The Addiction Solution: Treating Our Dependence on Opioids and Other Drugs
0031327: Lloyd I. Sederer - The Addiction Solution: Treating Our Dependence on Opioids and Other Drugs
0019782: Pamela See - The Fold
0004872: Lynne Seear - APT 2002: Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
0024062: Lynne Seear - No Piece of Cake: Art by Women from a Slice of Queensland
0013457: Lynne Seear - William Robinson: Paintings and Sculptures, 2003-2005
0017001: Lynne Seear - William Robinson: Paintings and Sculptures, 2003-2005
0024813: Adolf Seebass - Haus der Bucher, Basel: Katalog 636; Katalog 818: Alte Kindebucher und Jugendschriften: Livres de L'Enfance: Children's Books
0018416: Alexandro Segade - The Context
0021219: George Segal - Segal
0021233: George Segal - New Sculpture by George Segal
0021227: George Segal - New Sculpture
0005450: Vicente Segrelles - De Heise Formule
0005461: Vicente Segrelles - De Huurling 2: De Krachtmeting
0024060: Yurakucho Seibu - Tokyo Transmission '88
0030362: Steven Seidman - Queer Theory/Sociology
0009961: Saroja Selvanathan; Eliyathamby A. Selvanathan - The Demand for Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana: International Evidence
0032573: Chuck Selwyn - Sensuous Mother
0021818: Harold Paris; Peter Selz - Harold Paris
0009986: Loh Ek Sem - Kampung Idyll: Loh Ek Sem: Art Salon, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
0016955: I. S. L. Sembajwe - Fertility and Infant Mortality Amongst the Yoruba in Western Nigeria
0024434: B. W. Logan; V. Semeniuk - Dynamic Metamorphism; Process and Products in Devonian Carbonate Rocks, Canning Basin, Western Australia
0010970: Chitta Panda; Paritosh Sen - Contemporary Art of Bengal
0024895: Maurice Sendak - Seven Little Monsters
0020526: Tan Kok Seng - Man of Malaysia
0003400: Lim Kim Seng - Vanishing Birds of Singapore
0013382: The Committee on Unjust Sentencing - The Tallahassee Project: One Hundred Prisoners of the War on Drugs
0019674: Luigi Serafini - Codex Seraphinianus 40th Anniversary Edition
0000825: Luigi Serafini - Pulcinellopaedia Seraphiniana
0030973: Luigi Serafini - Codex Seraphinianus (2 Volumes)
0030974: Luigi Serafini - Codex Seraphinianus
0024637: Ismail Serageldin - A Landmark Building: Reflections on the Architecture of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
0009317: Bede Nairn; Geoffrey Serle - Australian Dictionary of Biography (Volume 8: 1891-1939, Cl-Gib)
0024100: John Miller; Deyan Sudjic; Robert Maxwell; Nicholas Serota - Custom and Innovation: John Miller + Partners
0019668: Claude Serre - Vice Compris
0020175: Queensland Forest Service - A Sylvicultural Note on Maple Silkwood (Flindersia Brayleyana)
0031457: U. S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service - What We Get From Trees
0022878: Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service - Kangaroo Management Programs of the Australian States
0025009: National Automotive Service - National Service Manual: A Perpetual Maintenance Data Service
0013245: The Gay Information Service - Gay Information: Journal of Gay Studies #1, April 1980
0014047: Northern Territory New Services - The Territorian (Vo. 3, No. 7, April, 1968)
0012333: Ann Galloway Architects; Works Consultancy Services - Hastings Design Guide: Responding to Hastings Architectural Heritage
0032246: Nancy M. Servis - Local Treasures: Bay Area Ceramics
0013431: Ron Sessions - Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Handbook
0022981: John Setek - Lot of 10 Odd Issues of A Printer's Progress
0030545: John Setek - Small Wood-Block Prints
0030546: John Setek - A Small Inventory of Zinc Type
0030547: John Setek - Monotype Machine Code
0030548: John Setek - Engraving Matricies for the Monotype Super Caster
0010581: Vikram Seth - From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet
0022130: J. Seurel - Priaap Ontknoopt: een tuiltje Nederlandse priapeeen
0009716: Mandana Mapar; Htamid Severi - Ey! Iran: Contemporary Iranian Photography
0009243: Frank Sewall - Dante and Swedenborg: With Other Essays on the New Renaissance
0019394: J. H. Sexton - The Classic of the Soul: An Anthology
0000115: Graphic-Sha - Environmental Design Best Selection 5
0006599: Graphic-sha - Perspective Rendering for Commercial Design (Exterior)
0020381: Howard J. Shaffer - APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook (2 Volumes)
0014642: William Shakespeare - William Shakespeare Folio Poster
0031662: St. Luke; Shamana - Between Two Worlds
0018677: C. G. Jung; Sonu Shamdasani - The Black Books (Slipcased Edition, 7 Volumes)
0015391: Liu Shaotang - Catkin Willow Flats
0006313: Thomas Shapcott - Spirit Wrestlers
0015845: Lisa Shapiro - Endless Love
0015844: Lisa Shapiro - The Color of Winter
0011175: Abbas Yamini-Sharif - Persian (Farsi), the Language of Iran
0008469: Manal Al-Sharif - Daring to Drive: My Life as an Accidental Activist in a Kingdom of Men
0030987: Gregory Sharpe - A Dissertation Upon the Origin and Structure of the Latin Tongue / Two Dissertations / Hebrew Grammar and Lexicon / Seven Letters Containing a New and Easy Method of Learning the Hebrew Language / An Hebrew Lexicon
0016140: Gilbert White; R. Bowdler Sharpe - The Natural History & Antiquities of Selborne & a Garden Kalendar (2 Volumes)
0025158: Wendy Sharpe - Conversations with Matisse
0025159: Wendy Sharpe - Beautiful Monsters - Burlesque and Backstage
0024943: Hari Prasad Shastri - The Heart of the Eastern Mystical Teaching
0030815: Richard Bodley Scott; Simon Hall; Terry Shaw - Field of Glory: Wargaming Rules for Ancient and Medieval Tabletop Gaming
0025344: Barry Shaw - Brisbane: Relaxation, Recreation and Rock'n'Roll Popular Culture, 1890-1990
0017381: Bernard Shaw - Androcles and the Lion; Pygmalion
0025948: George Sand; Francis George Shaw - The Devil's Pool
0008343: G. P. Shaw - Patriarch and Patriot: William Grant Broughton, 1788-1853
0015534: Randy Shaw - The Activist's Handbook: A Primer for the 1990s and Beyond
0021101: William (Bill) Metcalf; Barry Shaw - Brisbane: Training, Teaching and Turmoil: Tertiary Education, 1825-2018
0025819: Aiden Shaw - Wasted
0021312: Elizabeth Portwind; Ern Shaw - The Man Who Stole Moonbeams
0022880: Jack Hyett; Noel Shaw - Australian Mammals: A Field Guide for New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania
0023133: William Walter Shaw - A Summer at the Top o' the World
0008636: Paul Shaw - Block Letter Primer: An Introduction to Gothic Alphabets
0025187: Barry Shaw - Stafford and Wilston-Grange Heritage Tour
0010267: Bernard Shaw - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant, and Major Critical Essays (3 Volumes)
0006767: R. Daniel Shaw - Kandila: Samo Ceremonialism and Interpersonal Relationships
0032256: Sean Shayan - Divining Ecstasy: The Magical & Mystical Essence of Salvia Divinorum
0025586: Richard Shears - Roller Skater
0021069: P. W. Shedd - The Clinic Repertory
0004315: Brian Sheedy - The War At Sea
0025497: David Stary-Sheets - California Style: 1930s and 40s
0032227: R. Dennis Shelby - If a Partner Has AIDS: Guide to Clinical Intervention for Relationships in Crisis
0020030: Merlin Sheldrake - Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds, And Shape Our Futures
0010659: W. Sheldrake - A Guide to Aldershot and Its Neighbourhood
0031326: Merlin Sheldrake - Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds, And Shape Our Futures
0025773: Shell - Discover Australia With Shell: Brisbane, Cooktown, Queensland & Tropical Playground of The Great Barrier Reef
0032216: Simon Shepherd - Because We're Queers: The Life and Crimes of Kenneth Halliwell and Joe Orton
0025157: Gordon Shepherdson - Gordon Shepherdson: 19 February - 16 March, 2013
0015093: D. Gahan; G. Halliwell; M. Moss; D. Sherwood - Graduates Remember: Living and Learning at the Brisbane Kindergarten Teachers College, 1911-1981
0018800: Peter Sherwood - Healing: The History, Philosophy and Practice of Natural Medicine
0012939: Don Shewey - Out Front: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Plays
0021593: Julie Shiels - The Grandmasters #Sh*tf*ckery
0021594: Julie Shiels - The Grandmasters II #Last_days
0001933: Leonard Shillam - Odyssey x 2: Innocents Abroad - Mark Two
0001931: Leonard Shillam; Kathleen Shillam - Shillam Drawing: Drawn with Love
0030358: Philip A. Mellor; Chris Shilling - Re-Forming the Body: Religion, Community and Modernity
0032401: Randy Shilts - And The Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic
0015130: Yuki Onodera; Atsuhiko Shima - Yuki Onodera
0015719: Esther Shimazu - Esther Shimazu
0020480: Nihon Kanko Shinbunsha - [Japan Tourism Newspaper] (23 1950s Issues)
0025903: Kano Shinichi - Ninja: Men of Iga
0032499: Maurice Shinnick - This Remarkable Gift: Being Gay and Catholic
0013950: Kishin Shinoyama - Aki Mizusawa: Photography, 1975-1995
0018601: Kishin Shinoyama - Tokyo mirai seiki / [Tokyo in the Coming Century]
0007272: Dashi Shinsaburo - [Hasha no joken]
0000161: Isabell Shipard - How Can I Use Herbs in My Daily Life?
0032847: Isabell Shipard - How Can I Use Herbs in My Daily Life?
0000159: Isabell Shipard - How Can I Be Prepared With Self-Sufficiency & Survival Foods?
0000160: Isabell Shipard - How Can I Grow and Use Sprouts as Living Food?
0006913: Tim Shipman - All Out War: The Full Story of how Brexit Sank Britain's Political Class
0021957: John Shirley - Notes on Fossil Plants from Duaringa, Ipswich, Dawson River, and Stanwell and on Fossil Woods from the Ipswich Beds, Boggo Road, Brisbane
0018112: Eric C. Shoaf - William S. Burroughs: A Collector's Guide
0018773: Joanne Shoobert - Western Australian Exploration Volume One, December 1826-1835
0008924: E. H. Short - My Affair with Tobacco: Poverty and Chaos to Wealth and Stability
0006602: Keith Bassett; John Short - Housing and Residential Structure: Alternative Approaches
0022708: Edward Shorter - A History of Women's Bodies
0032310: J. Camille Showalter - The Many Mizners: California Clan Extraordinary
0015226: Sangay Linkins; Shraddha Shrestha - Kathman Saves The World
0020388: Michael Lim; Yun Shu - The Future is Fungi
0007269: Philip Sidney; Evelyn S. Shuckburgh - An Apologie for Poetrie
0004547: Ramesh Shukla - The UAE Formative Years, 1965-75: A Collection of Historical Photographs
0024497: D. N. Shukla - Vastu-Sastra Vol. II: Hindu Canons of Iconography and Painting
0019564: Alexander Shulgin - The Nature of Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Social Impact (Volume 1)
0004425: Alexander Shulgin; Ann Shulgin - TiHKAL: The Continuation
0004424: Alexander Shulgin; Ann Shulgin - PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story
0024854: Max Shulman - I Was a Teenage Dwarf
0031074: Rosamond Siemon - The Mayne Inheritance
0018045: Johannes Hoffeld Etyang; Joyce Nyairo; Florian Sievers - Ten Cities: Clubbing in Nairobi, Cairo, Kyiv, Johannesburg, Berlin, Naples, Luanda, Lagos, Bristol, Lisbon 1960-2020
0032242: Patrick Siler - Patrick Siler: Around a Gas Station and Other Subjects
0024052: M. Asoka T. De Silva - Evolution of Technological Innovations in Ancient Sri Lanka
0024204: Claudio Giunta; Giovanna Silva - Tutta la Solitudine che Meritate. Viaggio in Islanda
0024446: Jerald Silva - Jerald Silva and his World
0001356: N Takei da Silva - Modernism and Virginia Woolf
0014933: Jian-Fang Gui; Qisheng Tang; Zhongjie Li; Jiashou Liu; Sena S. De Silva - Aquaculture in China: Success Stories and Modern Trends
0025861: Humberto da Silveira - Bedu
0015683: Jerald Silver - Jerald Silver
0024073: Robert Preston; Ross Searle; Anneke Silver - Robert Preston Survey Exhibition: a Selection of Work from 1966 - 89
0024459: Colin Hamilton; Joel Silver - Scotland Before the Union: An Exhibition
0025624: Frank Simcoe - Outdoor Skating
0012324: Jacki Sime - Breaking Waves of Light
0025828: Francine Prose; Karen Finley; Dario Fo; Charles Simic - Master Breasts: Objectified, Aestheticised, Fantasized, Eroticized, Feminized by Photography's Most Titillating Masters
0006016: Darrell Lewis; Lexie Simmons - Kajirri: The Bush Missus
0006387: Darrell Lewis; Lexie Simmons - Kajirri: The Bush Missus
0030286: J. H. Gagnon; William Simon - Sexual Conduct: The Social Sources of Human Sexuality
0001637: Vera Simone - The Asian Pacific: Political and Economic Development in a Global Context
0013116: Mistress Simone - The Toybag Guide to Chastity Play
0009295: David R. Simons - In His Light
0024339: R. A. Simpson - The Midday Clock: Selected Poems and Drawings
0016853: Ronald Simpson - Make Every Kiss Count
0002504: Colin Simpson - Off To Asia
0023159: Shane Simpson - Music Business: A Musician's Guide to the Australian Music Industry by Top Australian Lawyer and Dealmaker Shane Simpson
0007210: Thomas Carefoot; Rodney D. Simpson - Seashore Ecology
0031056: Shane Simpson - Music Business: A Musician's Guide to the Australian Music Industry by Top Australian Lawyer and Dealmaker Shane Simpson
0023850: John Sinclair - Discovering Fraser Island
0010343: Alan Sinfield - The Wilde Century: Effeminacy, Oscar Wilde and the Queer Moment
0019720: Peter Singer - The Life You Can Save: How to do your part to end world poverty
0032083: Haxur Maharaj Sawan Singh - Discourses on Sant Mat
0004363: Cecil Sinnamon - The Cunning Seeds
0000813: Cecil Sinnamon - The Cunning Seeds
0015617: Osvald Siren - Chinese Painting: Leading Masters and Principles (7 Volumes)
0015813: R. U. Sirius - The Revolution: Quotations from Revolution Party Chairman R. U. Sirius
0018105: Jan Hoek; Duran Lantink; Gerda van de Glind; SistaazHood - Sistaaz of the Castle: SistaazHood: Trans Sex Work Support Group, Cape Town
0030902: Edith Sitwell - English Eccentrics
0009414: Edith Sitwell - English Eccentrics
0014585: Simon Siu - History of the Division of Surgery, Royal Brisbane Hospital
0005133: Lee Siyikiyotaka - Octopus Kaohsiung
0003254: Peter Sjostedt-H - Noumenautics: Metaphysics, Meta-ethics, Psychedelics
0010827: United States Federation of Amateur Roller Skaters (USFARS) - Roller Skate Dancing
0003468: Walter W. Skeat - The Tale of Gamelyn
0022576: Nancy M. Grace; Jennie Skerl - The Transnational Beat Generation
0022744: Jennie Skerl - Reconstructing the Beats
0020139: Glen Skien - Mytho-Poetic
0021986: Thomas Skilling - Experimental Farm. First Annual Report of the Director
0031701: Alina Skirgiello - Grzyby (Fungi)
0022765: Ronald K. L. Collins; David M. Skover - The People v. Ferlinghetti: The Fight to Publish Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"
0016638: Alex Skovron - The Man Who Took To His Bed
0006950: Roel Slabbinck - Framed Ex Libris Etching
0002726: Roel Slabbinck - New life
0032349: Lisa Slade - Ben Quilty
0013043: John Hoare; Thomas Vale-Slattery - Where are they now?
0009032: Bill Mollison; Reny Mia Slay - Introduction to Permaculture
0018796: L. Smit & Co.'s Internationale Sleepdienst - L. Smit & Co's Internationale Sleepdienst, Rotterdam
0008068: Christina Barton; Robert Leonard; Thomasin Sleigh - The Critic's Part: Wystan Curnow Art Writings, 1971-2013
0015788: Romain Slocombe - La Nuit De Saigon
0011849: Utopian Slumps - Utopian Slumps, 2007-2009: The Collingwood Years
0006266: Alois Greiler SM - Catholic Beginnings in Oceania: Marist Missionary Perspectives
0011458: Graham Willett; Yorkick Smaal - Intimacy, Violence and Activism: Gay and Lesbian Perspectives on Australasian History and Society (Gay and Lesbian Perspectives VII)
0007630: Henfrey Smail - Worthing Pageant: The Worthing Road and its Coaches
0021502: Carol Smart; Barry Smart - Women, Sexuality and Social Control
0032346: Jeffrey Smart - Jeffrey Smart: The Estate of the Artist and Select Important Paintings
0013008: Marian Quartly; Judith Smart - Respectable Radicals: A History of the National Council of Women of Australia, 1896-2006
0008859: Kim Cooper; David Smay - Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth: The Dark History of Prepubescent Pop, from the Banana Splits to Britney Spears
0017559: Wilhelm Lindemann; Theo Smeets - Thinking Jewellery Two
0023283: Samuel Smiles - The Lives of George and Robert Stephenson
0008187: Austra Avotina; Daina Bluma; Asja Lidaka; Inara Nefedova; Edvarda Smite - Latvijas: Kulturas Vesture
0010031: Lloyd Lewis; Henry Justin Smith - Oscar Wilde Discovers America (1882)
0009350: Sue Smith - Queensland Pictorialist Photography, 1920-1950
0032812: Simon Smith - aka: Joe D'Amato: The Man and His Movies
0015882: Richard Bowman; K. R. Eagles-Smith - Forty Years of Abstract Painting
0020432: Terry Smith - Transformations In Australian Art Volume One: The Nineteenth Century - Landscape, Colony and Nation
0025894: Karen Cecil Smith - Orlean Puckett 1844-1939: The Life of a Mountain Midwife
0007108: Nola Purdie; David Smith - Case Studies in Teaching and Learning: Australian Perspectives
0015217: Walter S. Nimmo; Graham Smith - Anaesthesia (2 Volumes)
0032051: F. Langford-Smith - Radio Designer's Handbook
0017126: Stephen P. Smith - Superbrands: An Insight Into More Than 80 of Australia's Superbrands Volume II
0001924: I. H. Smith - AUMLA 58 - November 1982 (Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association)
0021018: Carolyn Knight; Andrea Gawthorne; Alice Nunn; Rae Sexton; Francesca Rendle-Short; Marian Eldridge; Beth Spencer; Petrina Smith - Mirrors: Redress Novellas
0025822: W. G. Smith - Guide to Mr. Worthington Smith's Drawings of Field and Cultivated Mushrooms and Poisonous or Worthless Fungi Often Mistaken for Mushrooms
0014936: Henry J. Cowan; Peter R. Smith - The Design of Reinforced Concrete
0021456: Linda K. Christian-Smith - Becoming a Woman Through Romance
0031738: Nourma Abbott-Smith - Profile of an Artist: Ian Fairweather
0021842: H. Nora Curle Smith - Thermo-Electrical Cooking Made Easy
0022218: John Cage; Lois Long; Alexander H. Smith - John Cage: A Mycological Foray: Variations on Mushrooms
0023543: Russell G. Smith - In Pursuit of Nursing Excellence: A History of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia, 1949-99
0023730: Jim Smith - What is Happening to the Blue Mountains?
0023988: Keith Smith - Keith Smith's Riddle Book from Outer Space
0024011: John Elms; Ken Woolford; Kim Elms; Hilda Danziger; Heather Smith - Cordalba School: A Century of Service, 1894-1994
0024378: Amanda Slack-Smith - Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe
0024303: Bernard Smith - A Pavane for Another Time
0024447: Hassel Smith - Hassel Smith: Drawings & Poems
0024469: Hassel Smith - Hassel Smith: Recent Paintings, 1986 - 1987. Selected Works, 1948 - 1963
0020702: John Cage; Lois Long; Alexander H. Smith - John Cage: A Mycological Foray: Variations on Mushrooms
0024889: Jean Chandler Smith - Georges Cuvier: An Annotated Bibliography of His Published Works
0013779: Kerry Dawborn; Caroline Smith - Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the New Frontier
0031524: Gavin Wilson; John Firth-Smith - John Firth-Smith: A Voyage That Never Ends
0030331: H. Guthrie-Smith - Birds of the Water, Wood & Waste
0030503: Anne Smith - Roberts Leu & North: A Centennial History
0016756: Andrew Croyden Smith - Schizophrenia and Madness
0032035: Geoffrey Smith - Arthur Streeton, 1867-1943
0020346: Ian Smith - Paintings: The Beenleigh Line
0020348: Ian Smith - BIG PAINTINGS small paintings
0020349: Ian Smith - So You Want It in Black & White
0025824: M. J. Berkeley; W. G Smith - Outlines of British Fungology + Supplement (2 Volumes)
0026010: R. A. B. Smith - Design and Construction of Concrete Roads
0021947: C. B. Smith - Fourth International Kimberlite Conference
0007528: Sally Hughes Smith - Mama Said
0003299: A. M. Young; Kay Smith - A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia
0017161: John Mackenzie-Smith - Moreton Bay Scots, 1841-59
0009638: George R. LaNoue; Bruce L. R. Smith - The Politics of School Decentralization
0032274: Geoffrey Smith - Russell Drysdale, 1912-81
0008622: Robert Smithson - Time Crystals
0023388: Tobias Smollett - The Adventures of Roderick Random
0009436: Tobias Smollett - The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves
0008373: Julian K. Smyth - Christian Certainties of Belief: The Christ, The Bible, Salvation, Immortality
0008363: Julian Kennedy Smyth - The Stairway of Life
0001571: Ted Snell - Immagini dai Salmi: Dipinti di Salvatore Zofrea
0031064: Ted Snell - Salvatore Zofrea: Images from the Psalms
0024139: David L. Snellgrove - Himalayan Pilgrimage
0030641: Lois Snelling - Strange Case at Willowood
0032845: C. P. Snow - Strangers And Brothers (3 Volumes)

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