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0002014: MAURIZIO CALVESI; PAOLO PORTOGHESI - Gino Marotta: I Giardini di Apollo & altre storie barocche
0010173: BARRY R. POSEN - Inadvertent Escalation: Conventional War and Nuclear Risks
0011300: STEPHEN POTTER - Anti-Woo: The Lifeman's Improved Primer for Non-Lovers
0011199: MICHELLE POTTER - Dame Maggie Scott: A Life In Dance
0004275: FREDERICK A. POTTLE - Boswell's London Journal, 1762-1763
0017833: W. POULET - Atlas on the History of Spectacles (Volume 1)
0013324: ALISON POULIOT - The Allure of Fungi
0011823: JUDY POWELL - Loves Obsession: The Lives and Times of Jim and Eve Stewart
0007385: KENNETH POWELL - 21st Century London: The New Architecture
0016471: SIMON G. POWELL - The Psilocybin Solution: The Role of Sacred Mushrooms in the Quest for Meaning
0013102: MISTRESS LORELEI POWERS - The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
0016604: J. ORDE POYNTON - The Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, South Australia, 1938-1959
0016228: PETER PRAN - Peter Pran of Ellerbe Becket: Recent Works (Architectural Monographs No 24)
0010906: SWAMI PRANAVANANDA - Exploration in Tibet
0002635: G. J. V. PRASAD - A Clean Breast
0007099: AMBROSE PRATT - The Lore of the Lyre Bird
0010144: JOHN PRECOPE - Iatrophilosophers of the Hellenic States
0017157: JOHN PRENIS - Energy Book #1: Natural Sources & Backyard Applications
0010048: MALCOLM D. PRENTIS - Warringah History
0016972: THE STRAND PRESS - Australian Official Radio Service Manual: The Circuit Book of Standard 1940/41 Australian Receivers
0016973: THE STRAND PRESS - Australian Official Radio Service Manual: Circuit Book of Standard 1946 Australian Receivers
0014643: LAST WORD PRESS - American Capitalism Poster
0014644: LAST WORD PRESS - The Road To Ruin Poster
0014646: LAST WORD PRESS - Marihuana: Weed With Roots In Hell Poster
0014647: LAST WORD PRESS - Mind If I Smoke? Poster
0009277: FOREIGN LANGUAGES PRESS - Murals from the Han to the Tang Dynasty
0015731: GROVE PRESS - Fille de Joie: The Book of Courtesans, Sporting Girls, Ladies of the Evening, Madams, a Few Occasionals & Some Royal Favorites
0014645: LAST WORD PRESS - Pitfalls of Youth Poster
0009157: FOREIGN LANGUAGES PRESS - Children's Drawings From China
0016801: PLAYBOY PRESS - Playboy's Holiday Album
0018156: JULIET RICHTERS; SARAH BERGIN; JUDY FRENCH; SARA LUBOWITZ; GARRETT PRESTAGE - Women in Contact with the Gay and Lesbian Community: Sydney Women and Sexual Health Survey 1996 and 1998
0015468: JOHN PRESTON - Sweet Dreams: The Mission of Alex Kane #1
0015477: JOHN PRESTON - Hot Living: Erotic Stories About Safer Sex
0015467: JOHN PRESTON - Stolen Moments: The Mission of Alex Kane #4
0005184: A. NOVIKOV-PRIBOI - The Captain
0010818: DAVID PRICE - Alphabet City
0018521: EVADINE PRICE - Song of the Heart (Real Life Library No. 43)
0006147: DANIEL E. PRICE - Islamic Political Culture, Democracy, and Human Rights: A Comparative Study
0002266: CHRISTOPHER PRIEST - Quantum and Woody: The Director's Cut (Vol. 1 No. 1)
0013574: JOAN PRIEST - Sir Harry Gibbs: Without Fear or Favour
0004099: CHRISTOPHER PRIEST - Quantum and Woody in KYAG: Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Vol. 1 No. 1
0018463: RICHARD BROOME; TONY DINGLE; SUSAN PRIESTLEY - The Victorians (3 Volumes + End Notes)
0015789: DIANE DI PRIMA - Dinners and Nightmares
0007426: GERALD PRINCE - A Dictionary of Narratology
0014168: IAN LOWEY; SUZY PRINCE - Bare Essentials: The Best of Nude Magazine, 2003-2011
0014534: ROBERTO BALDAZZINI; SUZY PRINCE - Mondo Erotica: The Art of Roberto Baldazzini
0014497: ANDRE PRINCIPE - O Perfume Do Boi [The Perfume of the Bull]
0013446: ANN GAME; ROSEMARY PRINGLE - Gender At Work
0008090: PRICE PRITCHETT - After the Merger: Managing the Shockwaves
0014740: CHRISTINA PROBERT - Knitting in Vogue
0001763: CATHARINE LUMBY; ELSPETH PROBYN - Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics
0014861: R.O.B.E. PRODUCTIONS - The Very First Handbook of Bong Etiquette
0015547: MOTHER PRODUCTIONS - Exploitation of Woman: A Rare Collection of 1960's Men's Magazine Covers
0015959: THE LOCAL HISTORY CO-ORDINATION PROJECT - Locating Australia's Past: A Practical Guide to Writing Local History in New South Wales
0017869: DRUG RESEARCH PROJECT - Methadone! Washington's All New Answer To Smack
0007112: THE INTERNATIONAL PLANT PROPAGATORS' SOCIETY - Combined Proceedings (Volume 44, 1994)
0014560: MARTIN S. WEINBERG; COLIN J. WILLIAMS; DOUGLAS W. PRYOR - Dual Attraction: Understanding Bisexuality
0017839: AUGUSTINE DALL'AVA; GEOFFREY BARTLETT; ANTHONY PRYOR - Made In Fitzroy: Exhibition 3: Three Australian Sculptors
0013875: CREATIVE PUBLICATIONS - The Creative Directory to Australia 1982/83, 1983/84, 1985 (3 Volumes)
0015481: ALYSON PUBLICATIONS - The Alyson Almanac: A Treasury of Information for the Gay and Lesbian Community
0017370: POLLY BOOK PUBLISHING - The 200 Years History of Australian Cooking
0013986: MANUEL PUIG - Under A Mantle of Stars: A Play in Two Acts
0007861: 'QUEENIE' ELSIE LLEWELLA JONES; MARGARET COOK; HELEN PULLAR - Queenie's Diary: A Schoolgirl's Life, 1914-1915
0016234: LIONELLO PUPPI - Guida a Niemeyer
0016107: UTTA WICKERT; TIZAR PURBAYA - Wayang Stories / Wayang Geschichten
0017439: ROBERT PURDIE - Narrative of the Wreck of HMS Porpoise
0005772: LEKH RAJ PURI - Radha Soami Teachings: As Given in Soami Ji's Book, Sar Bachan Poetry
0014460: VLADIMIR PUTIN - Pussy Vladimir Putin Poster
0008501: ALASTAIR MACADAM; JOHN PYKE - Judicial Reasoning and the Doctrine of Precedent in Australia
0008738: ALASTAIR MACADAM; JOHN PYKE - Judicial Reasoning and the Doctrine of Precedent in Australia
0008376: HOWARD PYLE - Rejected of Men: A Story of To-day
0015072: NATHAN W. PYLE - Stranger Planet
0012252: NATHAN W. PYLE - Strange Planet
0000179: MI-SUN PYO - KIAF: Korea International Art Fair 2010
0015115: CRAFTS COUNCIL OF QUEENSLAND - Objects For Interiors
0002127: THE PARLIAMENT OF QUEENSLAND - The Queensland Statutes, Acts Of The Parliament of Queensland, & Queensland Legislation Annotations, 1828-2005 (174 Volumes)
0018187: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF QUEENSLAND - Presbyterian Church of Queensland: Centenary Celebrations: Souvenir & Programme, 1849-1949
0014974: THE PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND - A Centennial History of The Pharmaceutical Society of Queensland
0012807: DEPARTMENT OF HARBOURS & MARINE QUEENSLAND - Harbours & Marine: Port & Harbour Development In Queensland From 1824 to 1985
0018174: DEPARTMENT OF HARBOURS & MARINE QUEENSLAND - Harbours & Marine: Port & Harbour Development In Queensland From 1824 to 1985
0011528: ZACHARY QUILL - Homosexuality Through The Ages
0011614: ZACHARY QUILL - Libido Sexualis Male and Female: A Study of Human Sexual Attractions and Desires
0004534: MICHAEL QUILLEN - Breather
0017102: BECK LOWE; DAVID HOLMGREN; BRENNA QUINLAN - Our Street (Retrosuburbia for Kids)
0012391: BETTY CHURCHER; LUCY QUINN - Treasures of Canberra
0015220: NOEL QUIRKE - Gentlemen of Honour: A History of Brisbane Boys College, 1902-2002
0011993: NOEL QUIRKE - Gentlemen of Honour: A History of Brisbane Boys College, 1902-2002
0004860: R. J. ANCILL; S. G. HOLLIDAY; L. THORPE; K. RABHERU - Treating Dementia: Cognition & Beyond
0018114: THOMAS INGOLDSBY; ARTHUR RACKHAM - The Ingoldsby Legends: or, Mirth & Marvels
0002765: LEONARD RADIC - The State of Play: The Revolution in the Australian Theatre since the 1960s
0008878: ISTVAN SZATMARI; ELEMER RADISICS - The Hungarian Genius: Pictorial Record of a Thousand Years
0010699: PAUL RADLEY - Good Mates!
0010698: PAUL RADLEY - Good Mates!
0010700: PAUL RADLEY - Good Mates!
0017141: JAN RAE - Travel Sketches: The Illustrated Observations of a Tango Dancer in Buenos Aires
0002996: RICHARD EVANS SCHULTES; ROBERT F. RAFFAUF - Vine of the Soul: Medicine Men, Their Plants and Rituals in the Colombian Amazonia
0014309: JACKY MANUPUTTY; ZAIRIN SALAMPESSY; IHSAN ALI-FAUZI; IRSYAD RAFSADI - Basudara Stories of Peace from Maluku: Working Together for Reconciliation
0011107: SUSAN PURDON; ALADIN RAHEMTULA - A Woman's Place: 100 Years of Queensland Women Lawyers
0012660: GLENN WILSON; QAZI RAHMAN - Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation
0015911: MUSEUM SENI AGUNG RAI - ARMA: Agung Rai Museum of Art
0013270: STEPHEN RAINBIRD - Melville Haysom
0017530: OSHO RAJNEESH - The Miracle
0017529: OSHO RAJNEESH - The Language of Existence
0017532: OSHO RAJNEESH - Turning In
0005767: RAI SAHIB MUNSHI RAM - With the Three Masters (3 Volumes)
0008694: KALAYANA MALLA; H. S. GABERS; S. RAMA - Ananga Ranga: Stage of the Bodiless One: The Hindu Art of Love and Pharmacopeia Ars Amoris Indica
0004241: MAURICIO RAMIA - Plantas de las Sabanas Llaneras
0015449: MARGARET RAMSAY - The Complete Guide to English Usage for Australian Students
0015450: MARGARET RAMSAY - The Complete Guide to English Usage for Australian Students
0015780: AYN RAND - Anthem
0004644: ADYA RANGACHARYA - The Indian Theatre
0008191: W. J. RANKIN - Australasian Mining and Metallurgical Operating Practices: The Sir Maurice Mawby Memorial Volume
0015444: ROBERT RANKIN - Beyond The Horizon: Exploring Australia's Wild Places
0003827: ARMAND RANNIGER - Religion: Past and Present
0008574: ARMAND RANNIGER - Religion: Past and Present
0002375: RON RATHBONE - A Very Present Help: Caring for Australian Since 1813: The History of The Benevolent Society of New South Wales
0017571: SURI RATNAPALA - Australian Constitutional Law: Foundations and Theory
0013638: CLAUDIA MULLER-EBELING; CHRISTIAN RATSCH - Heilpflanzen der Seychellen: Ein Beitrag zur kreolischen Volksheilkunde
0015326: CHRISTIAN RATSCH - The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Application
0013822: CHRISTIAN RATSCH - Pflanzen der Liebe: Aphrodisiaka in Mythos, Geschichte und Gegenwart
0013696: CHRISTIAN RATSCH - Raucherstoffe der Atem des Drachen: 72 Pflanzenportrats: Ethnobotanik, Rituale und praktische Anwendungen
0013817: CHRISTIAN RATSCH - Enzyklopadie der Psychoaktiven Pflanzen: Botanik, Ethnopharmakologie und Anwendungen
0013640: CHRISTIAN RATSCH - Die Pflanzen der Propheten: Von den Wurzeln der Kultur
0002872: RICHARD EVANS SCHULTES; ALBERT HOFMANN; CHRISTIAN RATSCH - Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing, and Hallucinogenic Powers
0017215: A. L. RAWLINGS - The Theory of the Gyroscopic Compass and its Deviations
0011129: WALTON RAWLS - The Great Book of Currier & Ives' America
0011428: PHILIP RAWSON - Erotic Art of the East: The Sexual Theme in Oriental Painting and Sculpture
0015367: RONALD D. RAY - Gays: In or Out? The U.S. Military & Homosexuals: A Source Book:
0015615: MAN RAY - Man Ray: Les Annees Bazaar: Photographies de mode, 1934-1942
0014178: DON RAYE - Pipe Dreams: An Inside Look at Free-Base Cocaine
0012975: DONALD RAYFIELD - The Confessions of Victor X
0017765: T. H. RAYNER - Sindbad the Sailor: His Seven Voyages
0013789: JOSEPH RAZ - The Concept of a Legal System: An Introduction to the Theory of a Legal System
0003422: RAK RAZAM - The Ayahuasca Sessions: Conversations with Amazonian Curanderos and Western Shamans
0012314: STEWART MACPHERSON; ERNEST READ - Aural Culture Based Upon Musical Appreciation (Part II)
0010731: BRIAN READE - Sexual Heretics: Male Homosexuality in English Literature from 1850 to 1900
0004915: GEOFF F. MCLEAN; RAUL MOLINA; TIMOTHY READY - Culture, Human Rights and Peace In Central America
0016076: DORIS KLOSTER; PAULINE REAGE - The Illustrated Story of O
0007702: PETER J. WALKER; ROBERT G. LESTER; MELBA G. BONDAD-REANTASO - Diseases in Asian Aquaculture V
0018524: JUDY GALE RECHNER - Brisbane House Styles, 1880 to 1940: A Guide to the Affordable House
0010717: JOHN RECHY - Numbers
0014068: JOHN RECHY - The Sexual Outlaw: A Documentary
0010359: JOHN RECHY - Bodies and Souls
0010652: JOHN RECHY - Bodies and Souls
0014769: COUNCIL FOR ABORIGINAL RECONCILIATION - Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Key Issue Papers (8 Volumes)
0016651: LOW VOL. RECORDS - Wrong Dance, Right Steps: Brooklyn Compilation
0016490: C. G. K. REDDY - Baroda Dynamite Conspiracy: The Right to Rebel
0017098: J. W. REDFIELD - Outlines of a New System of Physiognomy
0014023: SCOTT REDFORD - Bricks Are Heavy
0000722: ANDY SMALL; BEN REDLICH - The Shikker Co-La Cows
0014196: SHAR REDNOUR - The Femme's Guide to the Universe
0008189: NICHOLAS WALDEMAR BROWN; GRAHAM REED - London's Waterfront: The Thames from Battersea to the Barrier
0004463: CHANTER REED - The Stones of Thaxsos: A Thaddeus Browne Adventure
0015661: JAN REES - From Mandarins to Mangoes: A History of Farming in Bowen, North Queensland
0011706: DAVID REES - Quintin's Man
0001324: CORALIE REES; LESLIE REES - Spinifex Walkabout: Hitch-hiking in Remote North Australia
0011196: ALAN REEVE - Notes From a Waiting-Room: Anatomy of a Political Prisoner
0001755: KENNETH REEVES - They Marched to the tune of Wings
0008329: MARGARET REEVES - A Strange Bird On The Lagoon
0006972: WALTER RICHARD REHN - Ex Libris Etching
0017094: KURT KRANZ; STEPHEN REICHARD - Kurt Kranz: Bauhaus and Today
0004736: MARIE E. REID - A History of Emerald: A place of importance
0003027: S. REINACH - Apollo: An Illustrated Manual of the History of Art throughout the Ages
0016982: DENEYS REITZ - The Deneys Reitz Trilogy: Adrift on the Open Veld: The Anglo-Boer War and its Aftermath, 1899-1943: Commando / Trekking On / No Outspan
0006149: ALI BUDIARDJO; NUGROHO; REKSODIPUTRO - Law Reform in Indonesia: Results of a research study undertaken for the World Bank
0009046: PUBLISHING HOUSE OF RELICS - Cultural Relics Unearthed During the Period of the Great Cultural Revolution
0001192: THE COMMITTEE ON PSYCHIATRY AND RELIGION - The Psychic Function of Religion in Mental Illness and Health (Report No. 67)
0015043: PETER SCHATBORN; ERIK HINTERDING; REMBRANDT - Rembrandt: The Complete Drawings and Etchings XXL
0015332: PETER SCHATBORN; ERIK HINTERDING; REMBRANDT - Rembrandt: The Complete Paintings XXL
0010813: DANTON REMOTO - Seduction & Solitude: Essays
0016848: PAUL RENIN - Pampered Passion
0017784: KRISTEN GRIMSTAD; SUSAN RENNIE - The New Woman's Survival Catalog
0004761: P. W. J. VAN RENSBURG - Planning Open Pit Mines: Proceedings of the Symposium on The Theoretical Background to the Planning of Open Pit Mines with special reference to Slope Stability
0017416: J. GORDON MUIR; LOCHINVAR INC. RESEARCH - Sex, Politics and the End of Morality
0018030: MUSEUM OF WAR CRIME EVIDENCE OF THE JAPANESE ARMY UNIT 731; INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR UNIT 731 RESEARCH - A Photographical Evidence of Crimes Committed by Unit 731 of the Japanese Kwantung Army
0015614: THE WISCONSIN CENTER FOR FILM AND THEATER RESEARCH - Hollywood Glamour, 1924-1956
0017727: IRENE RETI - Remember the Fire: Lesbian Sadomasochism in a Post Nazi-Holocaust World
0018019: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 20: View from the Pier, Sandgate. Q.
0018012: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 13: A Quiet Spot, Cabbage Tree Creek, Sandgate. Q.
0018011: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard: Bathing, Brighton, Sandgate. Q.
0018024: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 33: Memorial Hall and School of Arts, Woody Point. Q.
0018023: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 31: Near Jetty, Woody Point. Q.
0018016: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 17: Moora Park Beach, Sandgate. Q.
0018020: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 21: Near Jetty, Sandgate. Q.
0018018: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 19: Flinders Parade, Sandgate. Q.
0018017: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 18: Moora Park Beach, Sandgate. Q.
0018014: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 15: Sailing Day, Sandgate. Q.
0018022: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 23: Cabbage Tree Creek, Sandgate. Q.
0018013: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 14: Sandgate from the Pier. Q.
0018015: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 16: The Rocks Shorncliffe, Sandgate. Q.
0018021: RETRAC - Retrac Series Postcard 22: Town Hall, Sandgate. Q.
0017100: THE PASTORAL REVIEW - The Australian Pastoral Directory 1921
0012249: AMERICANA REVIEW - Locomotive Advertising in America, 1850-1900
0014929: NEIL GAIMAN; ADAM REX - Chu's Day at the Beach
0008255: GRAHAM REYNOLDS - Come Again Soon: But Don't Bring Graham
0017991: BRUCE REYNOLDS - Bruce Reynolds: Underfoot
0015675: HENRY REYNOLDS - Truth-Telling: History, Sovereignty and the Uluru Statement
0014748: C. RAY; R. T. WILLIAMS; KENNETH S. RICE; DUKE REYNOLDS - Ten Years A "Boy Ketcher": The Remarkable Story of the Straight Shooters Sunday-School Class of the First Church of the Nazarene, Oklahoma City
0011346: ROBERT REYNOLDS - What Happened to Gay Life
0017823: BETTINA RHEIMS - Made In Paradise / Heroines
0001833: ROBERT RHODES - Nonstop Neurotic Cabaret
0017630: RHONDA DAVIS, LEONARD JANISZEWSKI; JOHN SIMONS - Macquarie University Art Collection: 50 Highlights
0007611: FLANN O RIAIN - Townlands of Leinster and the people who lived there
0016428: MICHAEL J. MURPHY; ELIZABETH N. RIBARSKY - Activities for Teaching Gender and Sexuality in the University Classroom
0012539: GODARD; RIBERA - Lot of 4 Axel Moonshine: Zwerver van de Kosmos
0008846: JONATHAN RICHARDS - The Secret War: A True History of Queensland's Native Police
0010926: HENRY HANDEL RICHARDSON - The Getting of Wisdom
0014072: DEREK RICHARDSON - Sexual Therapy: Your Guide to Sexuality and Counselling
0000019: ROBERT G. RICHARDSON - Abbottempo: In Review
0007372: NIALL RICHARDSON - Transgressive Bodies: Representations in Film and Popular Culture
0012968: FIONA RICHMOND - The Story of I
0005931: ETHEL SHAPIRO-BERTOLINI; ANDREW RICHTER - Through the Wall: Prison Correspondence
0014295: BRUCE S. RICHTER - The Fairway Is Mine: One Hundred Years of The Brisbane Golf Club, 1896-1996
0013099: FRANKLIN VEAUX; EVE RICKERT - More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory
0014815: HUGH B. C. POLLARD; PHYLLIS BARCLAY-SMITH; PHILIP RICKMAN - British & American Game Birds
0014914: NEIL GAIMAN; CHRIS RIDDELL - Art Matters
0008234: JOHN RIDDELL - Founding The Communist International (Proceedings and Documents of the First Congress, March 1919: The Communist International in Lenin's Time)
0014114: SAM RIDGWAY - The Dolphin Doctor
0004518: NANCY RIES - Russian Talk: Culture & Conversation during Perestroika
0017391: HADDON RIG - 75 Years' Progress at Haddon Rig
0015157: ADRIAN RIGELSFORD - Doctor Who Postcard Collection
0018255: PATRICK RILEY - The X-Rated Videotape Star Index
0013552: GREGG WHITTECAR; ARRON RIMPLEY - Royal Doulton: A Legacy of Excellence, 1871-1945
0009753: JOHN RINALDI - The Book of the Un: Friends of Smiley: Dissertations from Dystopia
0012455: JACK RINELLA - The Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps
0013117: JACK RINELLA - The Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps
0007819: WARREN RIPLEY - Charles Towne: Birth of a City
0013632: RONALD RIPPCHEN - ZauberPilze: Der Grune Zweig 155
0016567: RUTH RIPPON - Ruth Rippon
0014827: TANNIS RITSOS - Grecite
0017272: LINDA BANK DOWNS; DIEGO RIVERA - Diego Rivera: The Detroit Industry Murals
0005571: ROHAN RIVETT - David Rivett: Fighter for Australian Science
0008945: OLYMPIA RIZIDIS - This is our Promised Land
0017223: TOM ROBBINS - Another Roadside Attraction
0012273: RUSSELL ROBERTS - Tony Ray-Jones
0012147: BERYL ROBERTS - He Made His Mark: Joshua Jeays: Early Brisbane's Master Builder and Statesman
0018092: D. ROBERTS - Glimpse: A Nostalgic Look at The Fully Fashioned Woman (A Shiny Magazine)
0011517: AYMER ROBERTS - Forbidden Freedom
0003255: ANDY ROBERTS - Acid Drops: Adventures in Psychedelia
0007278: W. GRAHAM ROBERTSON - The Slippers of Cinderella: An Impossibility in One Act
0017678: WARREN ELLIS; DARICK ROBERTSON - Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume One
0017679: WARREN ELLIS; DARICK ROBERTSON - Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume Two
0012583: BEN ROBERTSON - The People's University: 100 Years of the University of Queensland
0013533: KELLIE ROBERTSON - Nature Speaks: Medieval Literature and Aristotelian Philosophy
0013199: BEN ROBERTSON - The People's University: 100 Years of the University of Queensland
0010836: PETER ROBINS - Undo Your Raincoats And Laugh!
0016388: PETER ROBINS - The Gay Touch
0017258: LYNNE SEEAR; WILLIAM ROBINSON - Darkness & Light: The Art of William Robinson
0016997: WILLIAM ROBINSON - Paintings and Pastels
0016996: WILLIAM ROBINSON - Paintings, Pastels and Gouaches
0009411: I. A. ROBINSON - A History of the New Church in Australia, 1832-1980
0008375: JONATHAN ROBINSON - The Lord: Tempted, Risen, and Glorified
0000452: EMMA ROBINSON; SOPHIE ROBINSON - What Does it Mean? Discourse, Text, Culture: An Introduction
0009405: THOMAS ROBINSON - A Remembrancer and Recorder of Facts and Documents Illustrative of the Genius of the New Jerusalem Dispensation
0014662: EMMA ROBINSON; SOPHIE ROBINSON - What Does it Mean? Discourse, Text, Culture: An Introduction
0004848: MARTYN ROBINSON - A Field Guide to Frogs of Australia: From Port Augusta to Fraser Island Including Tasmania
0004097: JAMES ROBINSON - The Golden Age
0003374: EMMA ROBINSON; SOPHIE ROBINSON - What Does it Mean? Discourse, Text, Culture: An Introduction
0008754: ADRIAN TAME; F. P. J. ROBOTHAM - Maralinga: British A-Bomb Australian Legacy
0008755: ADRIAN TAME; F. P. J. ROBOTHAM - Maralinga: British A-Bomb Australian Legacy
0014804: CRAIG ROBSON - A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia
0016771: DON RODERICK - Rockhampton Customs House: An Historical Survey and Management Plan
0005712: ROBERT RODI - Codename: Knockout #1
0012608: ROBERT RODI - Closet Case
0007863: OTILIO RODRIGUEZ - A History of the Teresian Carmel: An Abridgement of its Origins and Development, 1562-1979
0008744: JAE-RYUNG ROE - Contemporary Korean Art
0011046: JAE-RYUNG ROE - Contemporary Korean Art
0008371: ADOLPH ROEDER - Light in the Clouds: Being Glimpses of the Inner World
0016353: ERIC E. ROFES - I Thought People Like That Killed Themselves: Lesbians, Gay Men and Suicide
0013443: ANNE ROIPHE - Married: A Fine Predicament
0018528: MICHAEL ROLFE - 11th Tamworth Fibre/Textile Biennial, 1994
0011288: SYBIL NEVILL-ROLFE - Sex in Social Life
0017165: HENRY ROLLINS - Fanatic!
0017166: HENRY ROLLINS - Fanatic! Vol. 2
0015536: L. A. ROLLINS - The Myth of Natural Rights
0011117: ERIC C. ROLLS - Celebration of the Senses
0014920: NEIL GAIMAN; JOHN ROMITA - Eternals
0001665: RON REGE, JR. - Cartoon Utopia
0006559: RONIN - Cannabis Underground Library: Seven Rare Classics
0012653: NICO ROOS - Kins In Suidwes-Afrika / Art in South-West Africa / Kunst in Sudwestafrika
0000551: ARIK ROPER - Mushroom Magick: A Visionary Field Guide
0014294: WILLIAM ROPP - Children
0011638: J. THOMAS ROSCH - The Prophecy
0013528: WILL ROSCOE - Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex love
0016147: CLARE ROSE - Art Nouveau Fashion
0010271: PHILIP J. C. DARK; ROGER G. ROSE - Artistic Heritage in a Changing Pacific
0016018: CYNTHIA ROSE - Design after Dark: The Story of Dancefloor Style
0016188: MARK ROSELAND - Toward Sustainable Communities: Solutions for Citizens and their Governments
0001705: JASON ROSENHOUSE - Four Lives: A Celebration of Raymond Smullyan
0008274: ELIZABETH ROSENZWEIG - Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps
0010860: I. ROSET - The Psychology of Phantasy: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation into the Intrinsic Laws of Productive Mentality
0016258: ROANNA ROSEWOOD - Cut, Stapled & Mended: When One Woman Reclaimed Her Body and Gave Birth on Her Own Terms After Cesarean
0014356: KRISTEN ANDERSON; IMOGEN ROSS - Performance Design in Australia
0003930: EDGAR ROSS - These Things Shall Be! Bob Ross, Socialist Pioneer: His Life and Times
0015884: CHARLES ROSS - The Substance of Light: Sunlight Dispersion, The Solar BUrns, Point Soure / Star Space
0017216: B. E. ROSSI - Experimental Mechanics: Proceedings of the First International Congress on Experimental Mechanics Held in New York, November 103, 1961
0015533: KEITH ROSSON - The Best of Intentions: The AVOW Anthology
0016355: VERNE MCLAREN; DICK ROUGHSEY - To The African Wilderness With Dick Roughsey O.B.E.
0013801: ALEXANDRE ROUHIER - Die Hellsehen hervorrufenden Pflanzen
0006578: G. S. ROUSSEAU - Perilous Enlightenment: Pre- and Post-Modern Discourses: Sexual, Historical
0002070: RAYMOND J. ROWELL - Ornamental Plants
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0016792: SONIA CRAWFORD; VAL HOWARD; HOLLY KIEHNE; AMY SMITH; HELEN TERAUDS - Praxis: Volume 1 No. 1, Spring 2005: Construct
0011166: N. M. IOVETZ-TERESHCHENKO - Friendship-Love in Adolescence
0004328: SIMON TERILL - Simon Terill: Proscenium
0016619: DEPARTMENT OF TERRITORIES - The Northern Territory
0017766: PAT CARLIN; ADRIAN HARRISON; MATTHEW TESCH - Bushies: Stories from the First 80 Years of BUSHkids: The Royal Queensland Bush Children's Health Scheme
0011440: GERALD TESCH (JERRY TSCHAPPAT) - Never The Same Again
0005183: T. H. TETENS - New Germany and the Old Nazis
0018487: WALTER TEVIS - The Queen's Gambit
0015033: ANNE THACKER - Women & The Law: Judicial Attitudes as They Impact on Women
0018084: ANTONIE PRANKL; CHRISTIAN THANHAUSER - Innviertler Erotikon
0002251: W. M. THAYER - Abraham Lincoln: The Pioneer Boy and How He Became President
0006459: WILLIAM M. THAYER - From Tanyard To White House
0009814: WILLIAM ROSCOE THAYER - The Life and Letters of John Hay
0012953: BRET DE THIER - Highway One
0009076: HY BROWN; NANCY THOMAS - Comic Character Timepieces: Seven Decades of Memories
0003274: JERRI THOMAS - At Your Fingertips: The Care & Maintenance of a Vagina
0016773: SARAH THOMAS - Trust the Women: Works by Women in National Trust Collections
0003429: STEPHEN CORONES; NIGEL STOBBS; MARK THOMAS - Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics in Queensland
0018417: PAUL THOMAS - Flying Saucers Through the Ages
0007797: GIANLUCA TORO; BENJAMIN THOMAS - Drugs of the Dreaming: Oneirogens: Salvia divinorum and Other Dream-Enhancing Plants
0014284: DAVID M. THOMAS - PCP: Post Contemporary Painting
0012651: LESLIE THOMAS - The Love Beach
0017512: ANNE JOLLY (BAILEY); GILLIAN THOMAS (HARRIS) - Willingly To School
0017547: ANTONY HAMILTON; SARAH THOMAS - Antony Hamilton: The Mythology of Landscape
0014996: MALCOLM I. THOMIS - The Brisbane Club, 1903-2003
0014432: MALCOLM I. THOMIS - The Brisbane Club, 1903-2003
0013979: MALCOLM I. THOMIS - A History of The Electricity Supply Industry in Queensland (2 Volumes)
0007786: LYNDA M. THOMPSON - The Scandalous Memoirists: Constantia Phillips, Laetitia Pilkington and the shame of publick fame
0007684: HUNTER S. THOMPSON - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream
0016221: SHANE THOMPSON - Making a Sub-tropical Architecture
0018480: JOHN ASPINALL; A. J. THOMPSON - And some found Graves: The Goldfields Diary of John Aspinall
0017154: JAS L. COLLINS; GEO H. THOMPSON - Harking Back: The Turf: Its Men and Memories
0010441: DENISE THOMPSON - Flaws in the Social Fabric: Homosexuals and Society in Sydney
0001941: L. D. THOMPSON - Fields of Plenty: A Guide to Your Inner Wisdom
0006314: ALAN THOMPSON - The Gold Formula
0008233: ELIZABETH BUTEL; TOM THOMPSON - Parkes, 1983-2008: Generation of Change
0003964: NEIL THOMSON - The Health of Indigenous Australians
0005948: CATHERINE HELEN SPENCE; HELEN T. THOMSON - Catherine Helen Spence
0004852: WILLIAM THOMSON - On Renascence Drama or History Made Visible
0017052: A. K. THOMSON - The Collected Works of Thomas Welsby
0005212: TOM THOMSON - Lake of the Woods: A Way of Life
0007402: LESLIE KILMARTIN; DAVID C. THORNS - Cities Unlimited: The Sociology of Urban Development in Australia and New Zealand
0012181: EDWIN THUMBOO - The Fiction of Singapore: Anthology of ASEAN Literatures (3 Volumes)
0015378: EDIN THUMBOO - Literature and Liberation: 5 Essays from Southeast Asia
0010597: EDWIN THUMBOO - The Three Circles of English: Language Specialists Talk About the English Language
0011222: EDWIN THUMBOO - A Third Map: New and Selected Poems
0012465: H. J. THUMM - The Road To Yaldara: My Life with Wine and Viticulture
0013484: THOMAS THUMPEPARAMPIL - Towards an Eastern Christology: Byzantine Christological Tradition and John Meyendorff
0015322: ANDY FOURIE; MARK TIBBETT - Mine Closure 2012
0015324: ANDY FOURIE; MARK TIBBETT - Mine Closure 2016
0009193: GEREVICH TIBOR - Magyarorszag Muveszeti Emlekei (3 Volumes)
0015644: MISS.TIC - Re Garde Moi
0013527: ROB TIELMAN - Homoseksualiteit in Nederland: Studie van een emancipatiebeweging
0000279: SARAH TIFFIN - Sparse Shadows, Flying Pearls: A Japanese Screen Revealed
0016914: JILL TILDEN - First Under Heaven: The Art of Asia
0015458: JILL TILDEN - First Under Heaven: The Art of Asia
0012079: ANDREW TILLEY - Questions to Accompany An Introduction to Research Methodology and Report Writing in Psychology
0006495: JOHN TILSTON - Nimby!: Aligning regional economic development practice to the realities of the 21st Century
0005969: JOHN TILSTON - Nimby!: Aligning regional economic development practice to the realities of the 21st Century
0018529: PETER TIMMS - The Road Show: attitudes to the car
0012199: TONY SHAW; DARYL TIMMS - A Shaw Thing
0005131: RICHARD TIMPERLEY - Heroes Galore
0001297: FR. VIMAL TIRIMANNA - LTTE Terrorism: Musings of a Catholic Priest
0001544: SWAMI RAMA TIRTHA - In Woods of God-Realization Volume III
0005713: HOWARD CHAYKIN; DAVID TISCHMAN - American Century #1

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