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0032109: Hillman Periodicals, Inc. - People Today Vol. 11, No. 13, December 28, 1955
0031385: Dr. David C.A. Hillman - Hermaphrodites, Gynomorphs & Jesus: She-Male Gods and the Roots of Christianity
0018256: Warren Hinckle - Argonaut New Series, No. 2: The Fourth Reich: The Menace of the New Germany
0022928: H. R. Seddon; Wm. L. Hindmarsh - Veterinary Research Report Number 1-7
0019970: Ken Hinds - Privately Collecting: Ken Hinds Cultural Heritage Collection
0030319: Sallyanne Atkinson; Renai Grace; Louise Martin-Chew; Miranda Hine - New Woman
0018320: Sally Hines - Is Gender Fluid? A Primer for the 21st Century
0030478: Mary Hutchison; Ruth Hingston - Shaping Canberra: The Lived Experience of a Changing Landscape
0013423: Melinda Hinkson - Remembering The Future: Warlpiri Life Through the Prism of Drawing
0018956: Koichi Hino - Kung Fu! (Cine Album)
0004810: Francisco Hinojosa - Hectic Ethics
0020309: Toyoko Hirabayashi - We Love Asian Fashion
0019979: Mari Hirata - Mari Hirata 2011
0013057: Willibald Sauerlander; Max Hirmer - Gothic Sculpture in France, 1140-1270
0032208: Abby Hirsch - The Photography of Rock
0006131: Odo Hirsch - The Book of Changing Things and Other Oddibosities
0023647: J. Leigh Hirst - The Tormented Prince: An Abstract of the Journals, Memoirs, Publications and Personal Notes of Mark Holloway
0024806: Peter Veth; Mike Smith; Peter Hiscock - Desert Peoples: Archaeological Perspectives
0019933: G. V. & W. R. Hiscock - Mildura: Scenes from the Land of Winter Sunshine
0023227: Historical Section, General Staff - A Survey of German Tactics, 1918
0011756: The House of Australian History - The Pictorial History of the Catholic Church (Volume 3)
0011755: The House of Australian History - The Pictorial History of the Catholic Church (Volume 2)
0012594: Michele Hlmrich - Return To Sender
0015702: Nina Hobolth - Leifsgade 22, pa Randers Kunstmuseum, 1986
0022398: Stephen Hobson - Picturing Intimacy: Making Emotional Connections
0020162: Dino Hodge - The Fall Upward: Spirituality in the Lives of Lesbian Women and Gay Men
0017666: Charles Hodge - A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans
0024348: Belinda Carrigan; Wally Caruana; Christopher Hodges - Utopia: Ancient Cultures / New Forms
0032033: Jeffrey Hodges - Sports Mind: An Athlete's Guide to Superperformance Through Mental and Emotional Training
0030329: Jeffrey Hodges - SportsMind Training Manual: A Six-Week Guide to Improved Sports Performance
0032286: Jeffrey Hodges - Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings
0030531: Geoffrey M Hodgson - Darwinism and Economics
0025560: Geoffrey Hodson - At The Sign of the Square and Compasses
0020492: Emanuel Swedenborg; Robert S. Fischer; Louis G. Hoeck - Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew Compiled from the Theological Works of Emanuel Swedenborg
0020761: Donald Carl Hoefler - All About Hi-Fi Tape Recording
0025052: J. H. Hoeufft - Anacreonti Quae Tribuuntur Carminum Paraphrasis Elegiaca
0024494: Marloes Kloosterboer-van Hoeve - Cyclic Changes in the Late Neogene Vegetation of Northern Greece: A Palynological Study
0014285: Marie Biggins; Pat Hoffie - The Disappointing Latitude
0030871: Pat Hoffie - The Peel Island Artists' Residencies
0017064: Abbie Hoffman - Revolution For The Hell Of It
0021116: Bob Hoffman - Strength & Health September 1949
0023555: J. B. A. Dumas; S. Cannizzaro; A. W. Hoffman - Lectures Delivered Before the Chemical Society: Faraday Lectures, 1869-1928
0005788: Albert Hofmann - LSD: My Problem Child (Reflections on Sacred Drugs, Mysticism and Science)
0007667: Douglas R. Hofstadter - Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
0005055: Benjamin Constant; Dan Hofstadter - The Despot & The Slave
0020581: Janet Hogan - Diverse Visions: Twelve Australian Mid to Late Career Artists
0015509: Bex Hogan - Viper: Isles of Storm & Sorrow Book One
0021534: Janet Hogan - The Jack Manton Exhibition, 1989
0031597: Janet Hogan - Historic Homes of Brisbane: A Selection
0009125: Rae Hogan - Of Dreams Unborn: A Study of Ronald Hogan
0030171: Janet Hogan - Historic Homes of Brisbane: A Selection
0001079: Tim Hogan - Reading The Game: An Annotated Guide To The Literature And Film of Australian Rules Football
0004907: Rae Hogan - Of Dreams Unborn: A Study of Ronald Hogan
0025339: [Rene] Etiemble; James Hogarth - An Essay on Eroticism and Love in Ancient China
0007740: George Hogarth - Memoirs of the Musical Drama
0008949: Bob Bessant; Allyson Holbrook - Reflections on Educational Research in Australia: A History of the Australian Association for Research in Education
0023876: Gordon Holden - City Image: Putting Urban Design on the Agenda
0030480: R. Helfer; David Holdsworth - Songs of Papua New Guinea
0025276: Walter Holland - A Journal of the Plague Years: Poems 1979-1992
0023993: Merlin Holland - Irish Peacock & Scarlet Marquess: The Real Trial Of Oscar Wilde
0004815: Ric Holland - Art of Making Marks
0019005: David Hollander - Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music
0032220: Andrew Holleran - Ground Zero
0031730: Ian Hollindale - Life and Cricket on the Coomera
0007370: Jeremy Hollister - A Nice Set
0004251: John Clellon Holmes - The Beat Boys
0002739: M. Holmes - Ultimate Classic Cars: The World's Greatest Automobiles
0016082: Stacey Holmes - Enter The Void
0016081: Stacey Holmes - Out Of Mind
0016080: Stacey Holmes - Blind But Can See
0016079: Stacey Holmes - Make A Wish
0023296: Edward Holmes - The Life of Mozart: Including his Correspondence
0023640: Jonathan Holmes - Redescubrimiento: Artistas Australianos en Europa, 1982-1992 = Rediscovery: Australian Artists in Europe, 1982-1992
0014099: David Holmgren - The Flywire House
0013778: David Holmgren - Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability
0013777: David Holmgren - Essence of Permaculture
0013772: David Holmgren - RetroSuburbia: The Downshifter's Guide to a Resilient Future
0008967: Henriette Roland Holst - Kinderen van Dezen Tijd
0019508: Marc Serge Riviere; Dorothy Gibson-Wilde; Mary Casolin; Elizabeth Holt - Early French Settlers in North Queensland
0025563: Albert Holt - Forcibly Removed
0024839: Malcolm J. Holz - The Creative Suburb: Building and Urban Designs for Suburban Innovators
0015668: Jean-Michel Basquiat; Hans Werner Holzwarth - Jean-Michel Basquiat XXL
0030683: Jeff Koons; Hans Werner Holzwarth - Jeff Koons
0025435: Chesalon Nursing Home - Chesalon Biscuit & Slice Recipes
0018989: Homer - The Iliad and The Odyssey
0025010: Marsden Hartley; Horace Traubel; William Innes Homer - Heart's Gate: Letters Between Marsden Hartley & Horace Traubel, 1906-1915
0009718: Melinda Collie-Homes - Down River: The Wilcannia Mob Story
0020145: Olivier Zahm; Takashi Homma - Purple Fashion Magazine Fall Winter 2016/2017 - Vol. III, Issue 26
0024771: Neil Gaiman; Amanda Palmer; Kyle Cassidy; Beth Hommel - Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Collection of Photographic Evidence
0014493: Karl Homqvist - Skyline Is The By-Linezz
0031883: John Honeywill - John Honeywill: 25th July - 17th August, 2019
0031900: John Honeywill - John Honeywill: 22nd August - 16th September, 2017
0025162: John Honeywill - John Honeywill: 6 August - 31 August, 2013
0025163: John Honeywill - John Honeywill: 25 August - 19 September, 2015
0031886: John Honeywill - John Honeywill: 28 September - 23 October, 2021
0023556: Tom Hood - Excursions into Puzzledom: A Book of Charades, Acrostics, Enigmas, Conundrums, & c.
0018984: Peter Hopegood - Austral Pan and Other Verses
0003326: Sue Hopson - Newbury: A Photographic Record, 1850-1935
0022730: Brion Gysin; Laura Hoptman - Brion Gysin: Dream Machine
0003920: Nicholas Horgan - Three Small Suspects
0003913: Nicholas Horgan - Three Small Suspects
0015240: Takuo Komatsuzaki; Katsunobu Horiguchi - ICC Biennale '97
0020484: Roni Horn - Index Cixous: Cix Pax
0013537: Frank Hornby - Australian Local Government and Community Development: From Colonial Times to the 21st Century
0003654: Donald Horne - Time Of Hope, Australia 1966-72
0024365: George Aiston; George Horne - Savage Life in Central Australia
0023141: J. F. Horner - Summary of Scientology: A New Understanding of Life
0032225: Tom Horner - Jonathan Loved David: Homosexuality in Biblical Times
0030502: [I. A.] Al Horowitz - New Traps in the Chess Opening
0031771: Helen Horton - Brisbane's Back Door: The Story of the D'Aguilar Range
0014501: David Horvitz - Mood Disorder
0011643: Tony Horwitz - A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World
0021118: Andrea Horwood - Australian Style Issue #1
0011450: Simone Barlow; Ashlee Horyniak - Dark Emu in the Classroom: Teacher Resources for High School Geography
0013334: Suellen Ocean; Jon Hose - The Common Sense Guide to Good Sex
0020629: Clement Hosking - Fine Song for Singing: A Celtic Odyssey
0017783: Mayumi Hosokura - Transparency is the new mystery
0023638: Sydney Hospital - The Sydney Hospital Pharmacopoeia
0024157: Victoria Palace Hotel - The Magic Carpet Book
0031231: Michael Hough - AIPR Bulletin No. 12 2/1988
0023990: Matt Houlbrook - Queer London: Perils and Pleasures in the Sexual Metropolis, 1918-1957
0031807: Hordern House - The Parsons Collection: Rare Pacific Voyage Books from the Collection of David Parsons (Part II: La Perouse to Wilkes)
0031806: Hordern House - The Parsons Collection: Rare Pacific Voyage Books from the Collection of David Parsons (Part I: Dampier to Cook)
0018863: Shogakukan; Random House - Shogakukan Random House English-Japanese Dictionary (2 Volumes)
0022114: Ormiston House - Historic Ormiston House: The Birthplace of the Australian Sugar Industry
0007983: Hordern House - The Great South Land: Searching for the antipodes, from classical scholars to Quiros & Dampier
0024524: Winchester Mystery House - Winchester Mystery House: The World's Largest, Oddest Dwelling
0031246: Hordern House - Captain Louis De Freycinet and His Voyages to the Terres Australes
0010956: Rebecca Housel - From Camera Lens To Critical Lens: A Collection Of Best Essays On Film Adaptation
0025334: James Houston - Raw
0021167: G. F. Lyon; James A. Houston - The Private Journal of Captain G. F. Lyon of H.M.S. Hecla During The Recent Voyage of Discovery Under Captain Parry, 1821-1823
0011971: Toni Howard - The Gypsy, the Witch, Pepe, Farinacci and Me
0015816: David Howard - Realities
0015817: David Howard - Perspectives
0010611: George E. Howard - An Introduction to the Local Constitutional History of the United States (Volume 1): Development of the Township, Hundred, and Shire
0021056: Dick Cummings; Denis Howard - The Cummings Collection
0024954: Michael Winship; Philip B. Eppard; Rachel J. Howarth - Epitome of Bibliography of American Literature
0024699: Renate Howe - Women and the State: Australian Perspectives
0025330: Georgina Howell - Vogue Women
0005786: Marilyn Howell - Honor thy Daughter: A Family's Search for Hope and Healing
0022111: Max Howell - The Centenary of the Greatest Game Under the Sun: One Hundred Years of Rugby League in Queensland
0023728: Gwendoline Griffin; Ronald Howell - Port Macquarie: The Windingsheet
0007606: Roscoe Howells - Old Saundersfoot: From Monkstone to Marros
0007586: Roscoe Howells - From Amroth to Utah
0031249: Raymond John Howgego - Encyclopedia of Exploration, 1850 to 1940: Continental Exploration
0031247: Raymond John Howgego - Encyclopedia of Exploration (5 Volumes)
0017003: Fred Hoyle - The Cosmogony of the Solar System
0002736: Tomas Hrivnac - Portrait of Zdenek Sverak
0023909: Peter Hsu - The Gauntlet
0020705: Mary Lee Hu - Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined: The Jewelry of Mary Lee Hu
0002920: Yuanshen Huang - Aodaliya wen xue shi : xiu ding ban / A History of Australian Literature
0023140: L. Ron Hubbard - Monday! Start the Beginning Scientologist Course and Begin to Enjoy Greater Freedom!
0023142: L. Ron Hubbard - Is it Possible to be Happy?
0016595: Robert Hudson - Robert Hudson: A Survey
0017103: Wayne Hudson - Aesthetics After Historicism
0023337: Roger Hudson - Nelson and Emma
0023445: Roger Hudson - London: Portrait of a City
0025561: Jan Hudson - Sweet Invitation
0013314: Wayne Hudson - Aesthetics After Historicism
0030937: Roger Hudson - The Jubilee Years, 1887-1897
0030939: Roger Hudson - The Folio Book of Days
0031632: Douglas Huebler - Crocodile Tears
0006269: K. F. Hughes - Puppets with a Purpose (Volume 1)
0020896: David Bailey; George Hughes - Begin With Bailey
0007999: Amelia Barikin; Helen Hughes - Tom Nicholson: Lines towards Another
0020415: William Hughes - Philips' Atlas of Physical Geography, for the Use of Schools;
0020687: Peter Sjostedt-Hughes - Modes of Sentience
0024411: Sukey Hughes - Washi: The World of Japanese Paper
0024916: Mary Midgley; Judith Hughes - Women's Choices: Philosophical Problems Facing Feminism
0030243: Brinley Richards; Ceiriog Hughes - The Songs of Wales: (Caneuon Cymru:)
0015409: Louise Huide - Book on Cows: The VIP Story of Art on Cows, Brussels 2003
0001365: Frederick S. Hulse - American Journal of Physical Anthropology: September 1965 (Volume 23. Number 23.)
0022870: Andrew Smith; Ian Hume - Possums and Gliders
0031310: Laud Humphreys - Out of the Closets: The Sociology of Homosexual Liberation
0032341: Laud Humphreys - Out of the Closets: The Sociology of Homosexual Liberation
0020595: Barry Humphries - Handling Edna: The Unauthorised Biography
0024259: David Hogg; Laurie Humphries - Equipment for Mountaineering
0025224: Martin Humphries - Not Love Alone: A Modern Gay Anthology
0014475: Jessica Hundley - Tarot (The Library of Esoterica)
0019901: One of the Six Hundred; [Robert Stuart Farquharson] - Crimean Campaigning and Russian Imprisonment
0032245: James Hunolt - James Hunolt: Sculpture
0018952: Leon Hunt - Kung Fu Cult Masters: From Bruce Lee to Crouching Tiger
0030216: Tim Hunt - The Textuality of Soulwork: Jack Kerouac's Quest for Spontaneous Prose
0019274: Sam Hunter - Leonard Nelson: A Life in Art
0022517: Lois Hunter - Famous Australian Artists
0024476: Marcella Hunter - Keeping the Dream Alive: Fifty Years of the Queensland Ballet Company
0024676: Mic Hunter - Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Treatment Innovations
0025373: Norm Hunter - If We Build It ...They Will Come
0015966: Nic Huntington - WOW!! Another Japan Zine
0006585: Jordan Hurder - Confronting Serafini
0031694: Serge Hureaux - Hit-Parade des Champignons: Champignons Sauvages, Champignons & Nature
0015266: Michael Hurley - A Guide to Gay and Lesbian Writing in Australia
0032190: Michael Hurley - A Guide to Gay and Lesbian Writing in Australia
0030014: Mark Busse; Susan Turner; Nick Araho; Frank Hurley - The People of Lake Kutubu and Kikori: Changing Meanings of Daily Life
0021478: David Hurlston - Ron Mueck
0030876: David Hurlston - Ron Mueck
0009680: Thomas Wilhelmsson; Samuli Hurri - From Dissonance to Sense: Welfare State Expectations, Privatisation and Private Law
0009155: Clarrie Burke; Nicky Boynton-Bricknell; Jan Hurwood - Not Just A School: St Peters Lutheran College
0002037: B. A. Hussainmiya - Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III and Britain: The Making of Brunei Darussalam
0011361: Christopher Hussey - Eton College
0005377: Roger Hussey - A Race Departed
0003056: Bonny Hut - Explorations of the Mirror: The Art and Poetry of Bonny Hut
0001998: Grant Hutchinson - Treasoned Argument
0032223: Michael Hurley; Jan Hutchinson - Two Timing: Sex, Writing and the Writing of Sex
0004742: Aldous Huxley - Island
0000559: Aldous Huxley - Brave New World
0013357: John Huxley - The Artisan's Book of Fetishcraft
0020330: Jim Huxley - New Guinea Experience: Gold, War and Peace, 1940-1965
0018862: George Orwell; Sean Michael Wilson; Jaime Huxtable - Such, Such Were The Joys
0009255: Nguyen Van Huy - Musee d'Ethnographie du Vietnam
0019880: Christopher S. Hyatt - Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation
0021481: Peter Hyatt - Art House: Gallery of Modern Art Queensland
0011497: H. Montgomery Hyde - A History of Pornography
0020648: H. Montgomery Hyde - The Love That Dared Not Speak Its Name: A Candid History of Homosexuality in Britain
0022320: Scott Hyde - The Real Great Society Album
0014591: International Association of Hydrogeologists - Proceedings of the IAH 21st Congress: Karst Hydrogeology and Karst Environment Protection (2 Volumes)
0014590: International Association of Hydrogeologists - Hydrogeology in the Service of Man: Memoires of the 18th Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Cambridge 1985 (4 Volumes)
0024792: Prue Hyman - Women and Economics: A New Zealand Feminist Perspective
0009513: Henrik Ibsen - The Master Builder: A Play In Three Acts
0004631: Terry Stringer; Ihimaera - Mask & Mirror: An Artist's Book
0015574: Bruce Nauman; Joseph D. Ketner II - Elusive Signs: Bruce Nauman Works with Light
0023286: Pope Pius II - Secret Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope: The Commentaries of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomiini Pius II
0015189: Takayo Iida - New York Philip Morris Art Award: 24 Winners from 1996 to 2000
0031543: Tom Wade III - 1969: The Gay Year
0021331: James F. Clapp III - Exercising Through Your Pregnancy
0025108: iiz - What's Up Down-Under? A Critical Guide to the Habitat and Habits of the Antipodes
0019664: Etan Jonathan Ilfeld - Beyond Contemporary Art
0025345: Pure Imagination - The Betty Pages Annual
0017656: Zador Imre - Lelekgyogyitas Tengereken Tul: Egy Pszichiater Visszemlekezesei
0009103: Sohail Inayatullah - Situating Sarkar: Tantra, Macrohistory & Alternative Futures
0025464: Brian Inder - The Road to Lower Crackpot
0010901: Robert Indiana - Robert Indiana: The Prints and Posters, 1961-1971
0017304: Queensland Coal Mining Industry - Surface: Generic Induction Program
0024400: Eunice Ingham - Massage: The Ingham Reflex Method of Compression Massage
0024168: Andrew McKay; Robert Ingpen - Surprise and Enterprise: Fifty Years of Science for Australia
0032304: Michael Page; Robert Ingpen - Out of This World: The Complete Book of Fantasy
0021450: Chrys Ingraham - White Weddings: Romancing Heterosexuality in Popular Culture
0019275: Students of the Southbank Institute - The Global Peace Project: Brisbane 2006
0010481: Minoh Tokumitsu; Kayoko Mizobata; Butoh Research Institute - Kazuo Ohno: Chronicle of a Lifetime, 1906-2010
0022347: Portola Institute - Energy Primer: Solar Water, Wind, and BioFuels
0004911: International Rice Research Institute - Proceedings of the Conference On Weed Control In Rice (31 August-4 September, 1981)
0032262: Institution of Surveyors, Australia, Queensland Division - In The Steps of Our Forefathers: Surveyor Explorers: Their Role in the Opening up of Queensland
0012001: The Hon. Minister for Public Instruction - The Education Office Gazette, Queensland, 1946-1949 (4 Volumes bound in 2)
0024536: U.S. Department of the Interior - Alaska: The Alaska Railroad: Mt McKinley Park Route. Alaska: From Sheltered Seas to Golden Heart via the Alaska Railroad
0030015: PIE International - New Girly Graphics
0010478: Yomota Inuhiko - Portrait of Ono Yoshito
0024425: Federal Bureau of Investigation - The Identification Facilities of the FBI
0015616: Pierre Alechinsky; Eugene Ionesco - Pierre Alechinsky
0022599: Paul Major; Johan Kugelberg; Mark Iosifescu - Feel the Music: The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major
0024491: Kaiser Irani - Vimalaji on National Problems, 1978 to 1988
0023776: David Iredale - Dundonnell of the McKenzies
0003582: Leif Furhammar; Folke Isaksson - Politics and Film
0018526: Yoshihisa Kinameri; Jiro Ishikawa - Made in U.S.A. Catalog, 1975 and Made in U.S.A.-2 Scrapbook of America, 1976 (2 Volumes)
0012239: Chris Ismail - Outback Exposure: Central Australia
0009060: Nemeskurty Istvan - Kik erted haltak, szent Vilagszabadsag: A negyvennyolcas honved hadsereg katonaforradalmarai
0002711: Bryan Itch - Mother
0016078: Bryan Itch - Enter The Floyd!!!
0019185: Nobukazu Ito - Yokai
0015129: Yoshiharu Itoh - Portable Sacred Grounds: Telepresence World
0021060: T. S. Iyer - Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy (The Stepping Stone to Homeopathy)
0021063: T. S. Iyer - Beginner's Guide to Homeopathy (The Stepping Stone to Homeopathy)
0020172: Robert L. Jack - Mount Morgan Gold Deposits and Other Mines in the Crocodile Gold Field (First, Second, Third, and Fourth Reports by Robert L. Jack, Government Geologist for the years 1884, 1889, 1892, and 1898)
0021961: Robert L. Jack - Report on the Geology and Mineral Resources of the District Between Charters Towers Goldfields and the Coast
0002239: Rob; Dr. Jack - Shoestring
0021968: Robert L. Jack - Report to the Honourable the Minister for Mines on the Bowen River Coalfield
0021963: Robert L. Jack - Report on Explorations in Cape York Peninsula, 1879-80
0017356: Jock Jack - The Greenworld and You
0003802: Philip Schaff; Samuel Macauley Jackon - Encyclopedia of Living Divines and Christian Workers of All Denominations in Europe and America: Being a Supplement to Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
0025555: Bill Jackson - Eighth Wonder
0021888: Beth Jackson - Habitus - Habitat: Art and Environment in the Great Walks of Queensland
0022192: Elisabeth Jackson - The Elisabeth Jackson Cook Book: A Collection of Tested Recipes with the Historical Background of St. Mark's
0024067: Craig Douglas; Beth Jackson - Zootopia: Posters from the Urban Jungle
0030028: Paul Danaher; Dexter Jackson - Australian Leadlighting
0030605: Robert Louis Jackson - Dostoevsky's Underground Man in Russian Literature
0018040: Monica Jacobs - Cannabis Extracts
0023683: Barbara Ehrenreich; Elizabeth Hess; Gloria Jacobs - Re-making Love: The Feminization of Sex
0014714: Logan Bonner; Adam Daigle; James Jacobs - Pathfinder Playtest: Doomsday Dawn
0015954: Dale Lorna Jacobsen - Union Jack
0030624: Jain - The Book of Phi: The Living Mathematics of Nature Volume 1
0031811: Linda Jaivin - Confessions of an S&M Virgin
0023840: Mary Jaksch - Learn to Love: A Practical Guide to Fulfilling Relationships
0023821: Jeannette Baxter; David James - Andrea Levy
0023299: Henry James - The Europeans
0023314: Henry James - The Europeans
0023630: Wayne Keown; Ric Gross; Mark James - Tales From a Dirt Road
0025132: Blakely St. James - A Star for Christina
0030611: Ian James - Sky Knowledge
0012104: Joyce E. James - The Language-Culture Connection
0024098: Cameron Jamie - Cameron Jamie
0013529: Ronald M. Enroth; Gerald E. Jamison - The Gay Church
0009329: Noelle Janaczewska - Common Ground: Contemporary Australian Sculptural Works in Clay & Mixed Media
0018979: Jane O'Brien - Grainger English Folk Song Collection
0015133: Seung Hyo Jang - Korean 12 Muse
0017181: Michael Jang - Who Is Michael Jang?
0017994: Irlkwatherre; Yatarre; Tantye/Rtantye; Ngapartji-Ngapartji; Kepenhe; Janku-Janku - Keeping Company: An Inter-Cultural Conversation
0009062: Balazs Jozsef; Pongo Janos - Pisztolyok, Revolverek: Rovid Fejlodestortenet
0022903: W. Jardine - British Salmonidae
0020074: Jim Jarmusch - Some Collages
0024769: Phil Jarratt - Tucker & Co. The First 150 Years
0024106: Kinsley Jarrett - Visions of the Ascended Masters
0030213: Charles E. Jarvis - Visions of Kerouac: The Life of Jack Kerouac
0023694: Michael Jay - Gay Love Signs: The New Astrology Guide for Men Who Love Men
0021072: Anton Jayasuriya - Clinical Homoeopathy
0025248: Russell Jeavons - Your Brick Oven: Building it & Baking in it
0018279: JEB - Eye To Eye: Portraits of Lesbians
0031625: Caylie Jeffery - Under the Lino: The Mystery, The History, The Community
0017986: D. F. Freyne; P. Bleeker; B. M. Wayi; P. Jeffery - Root Development of Cocoa in Papua New Guinea Soils
0014775: Sheila Jeffreys - The Lesbian Heresy: A Feminist Perspective on the Lesbian Sexual Revolution
0013331: Sheila Jeffreys - The Idea of Prostitution
0001119: Frederick Jelinek - Statistical Methods For Speech Recognition
0005848: Yarran L. Jenkins - Logical Unsanity: Literal Arts Journal (Issue 3, Spring 2008)
0004240: Olaf P. Jenkins - The Mother Lode Country: Geologic Guidebook Along Highway 49-Sierran Gold Bet (Bulletin 141)
0012100: Wendy Jenkins - Hot News
0019289: Edward Jenner - An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, a Disease Discovered in some of the Western Countries of England, Particularly Gloucestershire, and Known by the Name of The Cow Pox
0010263: Diamond Jenness - The Indians of Canada
0001229: Henry Jephson - The Platform: Its Rise And Progress
0023439: Jerome K Jerome - My Life & Times
0005455: Jeronaton - De Lange Tocht
0005454: Jeronaton - Champakou
0020894: Blanchard Jerrold - The Life and Remains of Douglas Jerrold
0009381: Bob Jervis - News Sense
0011885: James W. Jesso - The True Light of Darkness
0018347: Blythe McCarthy; Ellen Salzman Chase; Louise Allison Cort; Janet G. Douglas; Paul Jett - Scientific Research on Historic Asian Ceramics: Proceedings of the Fourth Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art
0007810: Alain Charpentier; Lionel Lacey-Johnson; Geoffrey Jeudwine - Global Warrior
0025318: Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji - My Submission
0032079: Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji - Philosophy of the Masters (Abridged)
0032080: Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji - Philosophy of the Masters Series I
0005327: Shen Jiawei - Wang Lan
0014867: John Jiggens - The Joke: A History of Cannabis Prohibition in Australia
0021510: Michael Dillon; Lobzang Jivaka - Out of the Ordinary: A Life of Gender and Spiritual Transitions
0005084: J. M. Coane; H. E. Coane; J. M. Coane Jnr. - Australasian Roads
0016071: Brad Johannsen - Occupied Spaces
0015122: Richard John - New Classicists: Robert Adam: The Search for a Modern Classicism
0005743: James Augustus St. John - Life Of Sir Walter Raleigh, 1552-1618 (2 Volumes)
0032253: Terry St. John - Terry St. John: Recent Landscapes
0023837: John Brady, Alison Ebbage; Ruth Lunn - Environmental Management in Organizations: The IEMA Handbook
0023756: John D'Eathe - Creating the Hong Kong Sevens: Tokkie Smith and the Colour of Rugby
0021259: John 'Tim' Finnerty - All Quiet on the Irrawaddy
0001762: David Johns - A New Conservation Politics: Power, Organization Building, and Effectiveness
0032320: Steve Johns - A Tale of Old Fassifern
0032248: Robert Flynn Johnson - Tradition and Innovation 1500-1989: Recent Acquisitions of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
0032085: Julian Johnson - The Path of the Masters: The Science of Surat Shabd Yoga: The Yoga of the Audible Life Stream
0019113: Barbara Johnson - Stonehurst
0004759: Huey D. Johnson - Evaluation of Ground Water Resources South San Francisco Bay Vol. IV: South Santa Clara County Area
0030225: Joyce Johnson - The Voice is All: The Lonely Victory of Jack Kerouac
0001965: Ken Johnson - Are You Experienced? How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art
0002415: Ken Johnson - Ken Johnson: Life and Landscape
0014983: Evelyn Millis Duvall; Joy Duvall Johnson - The Art of Dating
0032072: Gary Simes; Craig Johnston - Homosexuality: Myths and Realities
0031668: Helen Gregory; W. Ross Johnston - Women of the West
0023824: Ivy Johnston; Judy Johnston - Black and Gold: The Story of Life Saving in the Borough of Queenscliff
0018214: Daniel Palmer; Martyn Jolly - Installation View: Photography Exhibitions in Australia (1848-2020)
0016408: David L. Jones - Palms Throughout The World
0021509: Sam Elkin; Yves Rees; Tiffany Jones - Soft Borders, Hard Edges (Bent Street 5.1: Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas)
0032076: Adam Mars-Jones - Mae West Is Dead: Recent Lesbian and Gay Fiction
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0022458: Jerry Denby; Inga Larsen - Erika/One (10 Original Photographs)
0024063: Richard Larter - Richard Larter: A Survey 1985
0024638: Diana Lary - Warlord Soldiers: Chinese Common Soldiers, 1911 - 1937
0025281: Michael Lassell - Decade Dance
0009050: Zolnay Laszlo - Az elatkozott Buda Buda aranykora
0009051: Zolnay Laszlo - Kincses Magyarorszag: Kozepkori muvelodesunk tortenetebol
0013068: Lat - With a Little Bit of Lat
0002139: Jon Latimer - Poland 1939: Germany's 'Lightning Strike'
0001380: Dennis Lau - Penans: The Vanishing Nomads of Borneo
0025352: Stuart Lauder - Winger's Landfall
0025549: David Laurents - Southern Comfort
0025083: David Laurents - The Badboy Book of Erotic Poetry
0025486: Joanne Scott; Ross Laurie - Showtime: A History of the Brisbane Exhibition
0024407: John Laver - The Phonetic Description of Voice Quality
0022877: H. J. Lavery - The Kangaroo Keepers
0002924: H. J. Lavery - Wild Ducks And Other Waterfowl In Queensland
0020279: B. G. Lawrence - Ipswich Grammar School, 1863-1913
0010806: Anthony Lawrence - In The Half Light
0030617: Jon Lawrence - Simple Wooden Toys and Projects
0031299: T. E. Lawrence - Revolt in the Desert
0012223: Gillian Britton; Stephen Lawrence - Small City Tales of Strangeness and Beauty
0013388: Carol Lay - Goodnight Irene: The Collected Stories of Irene Van de Kamp
0030138: George Laycock - The Shotgunner's Bible
0032115: Sofie Lazarsfeld - Rhythm of Life: A Guide to Sexual Harmony for Women
0030302: Mollie Bayne; Mary E. Lazarus - The Australian Community: A Critical Approach to Citizenship
0031392: Odda De Lazzo - Babychick
0011176: MacEdward Leach - Amis and Amiloun
0024054: Andrew Leach - Frederick H. Newman: Vienna 1900 - Wellington 1964: Lectures on Architecture
0002462: Robert Leach - National Strategies for Australasian Countries: The Impact of the Asian/Pacific Economy
0022715: William Leach - True Love and Perfect Union: The Feminist Reform of Sex and Society
0022124: Gould League - Gould League Songs & Poems
0015359: Sean Leahy - The Best of Leahy from The West Australian
0030300: Alice McKenzie; Alice Margaret Leaker - Pioneers of Martins Bay: Life in New Zealand's Most Remote Settlement
0020191: Timothy Leary - Flashbacks: An Autobiography
0019839: Timothy Leary - Leary on Drugs
0024115: Timothy Leary - Start Your Own Religion
0009742: Timothy Leary - Surfing the Conscious Nets: A Graphic Novel by Huck Getty Mellon von Schlebrugge
0031328: Timothy Leary - Surfing the Conscious Nets: A Graphic Novel by Huck Getty Mellon von Schlebrugge
0014715: Tito Leati - Curse of the Crimson Throne: Crown of Fangs (Pathfinder Adventure Path Part 6 of 6)
0011571: Robert Keith Leavitt - Noah's Ark, New England Yankees and The Endless Quest
0004885: G. S. LeCounteur - Wool! Modern Myths: New Horizons
0030787: David Leddick - Intimate Companions: A Triography of George Platt Lynes, Paul Cadmus, Lincoln Kirstein, and Their Circle
0022662: Jane Dempster; Kylie Ledger - 2795
0025390: Gerard Lee - True Love and How to Get It
0011150: Ernest C. T. Chew; Edwin Lee - A History of Singapore
0022571: A. Robert Lee - The Beats: Authorships, Legacies
0022573: A. Robert Lee - The Routledge Handbook of International Beat Literature
0025409: Robert Leek - Sweet and Sour Cocktails
0022567: Neridah Leembruggen - Top Loading Number Two
0017128: Bill J. Leftwich - The Corps at Aggieland
0010436: Fank Silwood; Dudley Coleman; Legatees - Fathers Anonymous: Legacy in South Australia, Broken Hill, Northern Territory
0008512: Maire Leger - Aboriginal Peoples: Toward Self-Government
0031067: David Legge - Close to the Bone
0007696: Gyorgy Lehoczky - The Miraculous Tandem
0008150: Gyorgy Lehoczky - The Miraculous Tandem
0020210: Annie Leibovitz - Wonderland
0018703: Charles Leicester - Bloodstock Breeding
0020512: W. H. Leigh - Travels & Adventures in South Australia, 1836-1838
0023353: J. E. Austen-Leigh - A Memoir of Jane Austen by Her Nephew
0024993: Betty Berzon; Robert Leighton - Positively Gay
0015350: Patricia Leighton - Monuments to Nature
0024213: Samuel Leighton - A Short History of Temple Masonic Lodge Chapter and Preceptory, No. 51
0018872: Grassi Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Leipzig - 6UL: Lust and Desire in Art and Design
0030202: John Leland - Why Kerouac Matters: The Lessons of On the Road (They're Not What You Think)
0003531: Su Hwang; Brian Lemond - Dirt: Volume One
0008544: Annika Lems - Being-Here: Placemaking in a World of Movement
0009730: Kathleen Lena - My Life: An Aboriginal Elder Remembers 80 Years
0025277: Natalie Jane Woodman; Harry R. Lenna - Counseling With Gay Men and Women: A Guide for Facilitating Positive Life-Styles
0022506: Phillip Thurtle; Robert Mitchell; Richard Doyle; N. Katherine Hayles; Timothy Lenoir - Semiotic Flesh: Information & the Human Body
0010241: Federico Lenzerini - Reparations for Indigenous Peoples: International & Comparative Perspectives
0002909: Steven J. Leon - Linear Algebra with Applications: Student Study Guide
0008074: Charlotte Day; Robert Leonard - Stuart Ringholt: Kraft
0024510: Peg Layton Leonard - Wyoming: La Bonte Country, 1820-1972
0013348: Charlotte Day; Robert Leonard - Stuart Ringholt: Kraft
0022523: Frederick T. L. Leong - APA Handbook of Multicultural Psychology (Volume 2: Applications and Training)
0031278: Anna Harriette Leonowens - The English Governess at the Siamese Court
0001193: Keith Leopold - Came To Booloominbah: A Country Scholar's Progress 1938-1942
0022294: Eugene Lepoittevin - Bawdy Tales & Trifles of Devilries for Ladies & Gentlemen of Experience
0031228: Hannah Lerman - Pigeonholing Women's Misery: A History and Critical Analysis of the Psychodiagnosis of Women in the Twentieth Century
0003456: Josh Lerner - The Architecture of Innovation: The Economics of Creative Organizations
0023746: D'Arcy Leslie - The First Hundred Years: The Parish of St. Joseph, Bulli: The Story of its History and Development
0024302: Donna Leslie - Aboriginal Art: Creativity and Assimilation
0023879: Wojciech Lesnikowski - The New French Architecture
0011845: Ferdinand de Lesseps - The Suez Canal: Letters and Documents Descriptive of its Rise and Progress in 1854-1856
0000959: Doris Lessing - Playing The Game
0031397: Didier Lestrade - Magazine No 5
0007683: Philip K. Dick; Pamela Jackson; Jonathan Lethem - The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick
0024294: Sash Grishin; Bruno Leti - Bruno Leti: Portrait of a Printmaker
0024295: Bruno Leti - Bruno Leti: The Matrix: Remembering Giorgio Morandi: Equilibrium and Strength
0016270: Renata Buziak; Lynette Letic - Habitat: Artworks and Stories of Pine Rivers Gardens
0006040: Po Sing Leung - Frontiers in Research of the Renin-Angiotensin System on Human Disease
0019775: Michael Leunig - The Night We Lost Our Marbles
0011449: Mary Leunig - One Good Turn
0021398: Mary Leunig - There's No Place Like Home
0030561: Mary Leunig - There's No Place Like Home
0032117: Stan Leventhal - Barbie in Bondage
0025034: Stan Leventhal - Candy Hollidays and Other Short Fictions
0008159: Deepak Malhotra; Patrick R. Taylor; Erik SPiller; Marc LeVier - Recent Advances in Mineral Processing Plant Design
0013840: Jim Levin - Reflections on the American Homosexual Rights Movement
0030237: David Levine - At the Dawn of Modernity: Biology, Culture, and Material Life in Europe after the Year 1000
0023528: Helen Levitt - Crosstown
0015193: Paul Levitz - 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking
0031511: William Levy - The Virgin Sperm Dancer
0032221: Owen Levy - A Brother's Touch
0010485: Henry R. Lew - Imaging the World: A Journey from Visual Processing to Fine Art and Back Again
0020335: Vanessa Lewendon - Play Keyboards Today
0012357: Louis Lewin - Phantastica: A Classic Survey on the Use and Abuse of Mind-Altering Plants
0023546: Ralph M. Lewis - The Immortalized Words of the Past
0024762: Milton J. Lewis - Medicine and the Care of the Dying: A Modern History
0007119: Arthur Lewis - The Life and Work of the Rev. E. J. Peck Among The Eskimos
0004832: Tom Lewis - Darwin Sayonara
0007530: Robin Phillips; Eugene Lewis - A Preliminary Disquisition on the Considerations of the Functional Procedure and Design of Exterior Building Spaces
0000205: B. Lewis - Medical Vademecum / Medizinisches Vademekum
0022775: David J. Ley - The Myth of Sex Addiction
0004022: Malcolm R. Leyland - Gold Fever
0024994: Royal Murdoch; Winston Leyland - The Disrobing: Sex and Satire
0025179: Winston Leyland - Angels of the Lyre: A Gay Poetry Anthology
0032296: Allen Ginsberg; Peter Orlovsky; Winston Leyland - Straight Hearts' Delight: Love Poems and Selected Letters, 1947-1980
0010720: Chao-Chih Liao - Comparing Directives: American English, Mandarin and Taiwanese English
0022203: Gospel Bells Library - From Darkness to Light: True Tales of Translation from Doubt and Despair into the Sunlight of Salvation
0018506: Secrets Story Library - Lot of 4 Romance Pulps (Secret Story Library Nos. 44, 46, 104, 107)
0025022: Jilly Cooper; Patrick Lichfield - Hotfoot to Zabriskie Point
0010989: Hans Licht - Sittengeschichte Griechenlands in Zwei Banden und Einem Erganzungsband (5 Volumes)
0016615: Roy Lichtenstein - Roy Lichtenstein Foundation
0030283: Harold I. Lief - Sex Education in Medicine
0009461: A. R. Lillie - Strata & Structure in New Zealand
0024706: Mark Lilly - Lesbian and Gay Writing: An Anthology of Critical Essays
0031381: John C. Lilly - Programming the Human Biocomputer
0031382: John C. Lilly - Center of the Cyclone: Looking Into Inner Space
0005304: Yu-Tung Liu; Chor-Kheng Lim - New Tectonics: Towards a New Theory of Digital Architecture: 7th Feidad Award
0015408: Catherine Lim - Unhurried Thoughts At My Funeral
0003483: Peter K. L. Ng; Wang Luan Keng; Kelvin K. P. Lim - Private Lives: An Expose of Singapore's Mangroves
0019423: Lever Brothers Limited - The Lux Book: Knitting for 1936
0019426: Lever Brothers Limited - The Lux Book 1939: Advanced Knitting Styles
0019427: Lever Brothers Limited - The Lux Book 1940
0019429: Lever Brothers Limited - The Lux Book 1942
0019430: Lever Brothers Limited - The Lux Book 1950
0019431: Lever Brothers Limited - The Lux Book 1951
0022178: Town & Country Co-operative Association Limited - Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Town & Country Co-operative Association Limited
0003623: Nutshell Limited - The Killing Fields: The facts behind the film
0002706: Jason Limon - Eternal Entanglement
0016094: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 49
0016090: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 64
0016092: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 37
0016093: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 65
0016088: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 44
0016089: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 58
0016087: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 37
0016086: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 42
0016083: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 41
0016084: Jason Limon - Fragment No. 42
0016060: Jason Limon - The Malnourished King
0006964: Jason Limon - Limited Edition Print
0008786: Ho Soon Lin - Coral Reefs of Malaysia
0021096: Natalie King; Tay Swee Lin - Rapport: Eight Artists from Singapore and Australia
0014484: Tan Lin - Heath Course Pak
0025363: Leon Gellert; Norman Lindsay - Songs of a Campaign
0019802: Percy Lindsay - Percy Lindsay
0021262: Prosper Merimee; Lionel Lindsay - Carmen
0020677: Rachel Henning; Norman Lindsay - The Letters of Rachel Henning
0024278: Hilarie Lindsay - Rescue at Wewak: World War II
0008972: Norman Lindsay - The Magic Pudding: Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnacle & Sam Sawnoff
0004828: Norman B. Tindale; Harold A. Lindsay - Rangatira (The High-born)
0025371: Hessie Lindsell - Buderim Born: Stories of Buderim Featuring Dorothea Burnett and her War Service 1939-45
0031912: Neville W. Cayley; Terence R. Lindsey - What Bird Is That?
0024146: Orient Line - The Landsman's Lexicon
0024535: The Alaska Steamship Line - The Alaska Line: Let's Go Sailing Sheltered Seas
0024577: Black Ball Line - Visit San Juan Islands: 172 Islands in Puget Sound, Northwestern Washington
0024616: The Gray Line - Seeing Washington
0021782: Missouri Pacific Lines - Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado, via the Missouri Pacific Lines
0023190: Eastern Steamship Lines - Vacation Cruise-Tours, 1940
0023192: Dollar Steamship Lines - New York via the Panama Canal and Havana
0024606: Southern Pacific Lines - Oregon Outdoors
0024619: Missouri-Kansas-Texas Lines - Missouri-Kansas-Texas Lines Serving the Southwest
0004555: John Liney - Little Iodine (Giant Comic Album)
0005188: Trevor Ling - Buddhism, Imperialism and War
0009984: Yuen Chee Ling - Yuen Chee Ling: Art Salon, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
0014520: T. O. Ling - Buddhism and the Mythology of Evil: A Study in Theravada Buddhism
0010072: S. K. Ling - Painting Collection of Mrs. S. K. Ling
0008816: Josephine W. Komara; Roni Siswandi; Airlangga Komara; John Suryaatmadja; Henricus Linggawidjaja - Wow: White On White
0024457: Philip Linhares - Here and Now: Bay Area Masterworks from the Di Rosa Collections
0024008: Betty Hodges-Linton - Dobell House
0012581: Joseph Chinyong Liow - Confronting Ghosts: Thailand's Shapeless Southern Insurgency
0011058: Jacques Lipchitz - Lipchitz: Un Mundo Sorprendido en el Espacio
0020204: Ken Graves; Eva Lipman - Restraint and Desire
0021100: Lorna Lippmann - Generations of Resistance: The Aboriginal Struggle for Justice
0023635: Matt Hiller; Joe Lisi - Are You Hardcore?! 316 Ways to Tell You're Obsessed,Obsessed,Obsessed with Professional Wrestling!
0025306: Lismore Auxiliary, North Coast Methodist Homes for the Aged - Caroona Cookery Book: Over 240 Favourite Recipes for Use on All Occasions
0022415: Svetlanda McLee Grody; Dorothy Daniels Lister - Conversations with Choreographers
0009708: Anthony Lister - Places & Things
0032272: Anthony Lister - Tales of White Trash Prophecy
0013359: Dossie Easton; Catherine A. Liszt - When Someone You Love Is Kinky
0024626: Benjamin Puah; Claire Lim; Jeremy Hiah; Tan Wee Lit - Blindspot: Infringe the Obvious
0021292: Jo Litson - 2017 Archibald Prize
0021291: Jo Litson - 2016 Archibald Prize
0009818: Ray Avery; Paul Little - Rebel with a Cause
0022101: Michael W. Ross; Lorna D. Channon-Little - Discussing Sexuality: A Guide for Health Practitioners
0017303: E. Maurice Little - Sonnets and Other Poems
0031218: Barbara Littlewood - Feminist Perspectives on Sociology
0013053: Samantha Littley - Conflict: Contemporary Responses to War
0014965: Gretchen Liu - The Singapore Foreign Service: The First 40 Years
0031787: Miseki Liu - Lingerie Fascination for Every Eve
0006898: Guanghua Liu - Fine Minerals of China: A Guide to Mineral Localities
0021205: Maurice Tuchman; Jane Livingston - Los Angeles '72
0021831: Maurice Tuchman; Jane Livingston - 11 Los Angeles Artists
0007445: Tess Livingstone - Upon This Rock: The First 50 Years of St Peters Lutheran College
0008947: David W. Livingstone - Critical Pedagogy and Cultural Power
0030757: Mario Vargas Llosa - The Time of the Hero
0010454: Robin Lloyd - For Money or Love: Boy Prostitution in America
0014671: Geoffrey Palmer; Noel Lloyd - Exploring Superstitions
0021401: P. J. Skerman; A. E. Fisher; P. L. Lloyd - Guiding Queensland Agriculture, 1887-1987
0024412: John McDonald; R. Ian Lloyd - Studio: Australian Painters on the Nature of Creativity
0004674: Billie Lloyd - Reflecting On The Past: A Pictorial History of the Douglas Shire
0022135: Kurt Lob - Lob Wijvenboek [Weiberbuch]
0016586: Frank Lobdell - Recent Work, 1990-2004
0021826: Frank Lobdell - Master Artist V
0004784: Sheila E. Lockett - Fait Accompli: Poems and Short Stories
0023289: Robin Bruce Lockhart - Memoirs of a British Agent
0011889: Douglas Lockwood - A Brief History of Regional Dailies of Australia Limited
0024216: Lion and Lamb Lodge - Installation Banquet
0024215: Lion and Lamb Lodge - 143rd Installation, 121st Year. Bro. John J. Bassett, Worshipful Master.
0020762: Iwan Bloch; Georg Loewenstein - Handbuch der Gesamten Sexualwissenschaft in Einzeldarstellungen: Die Prostitution (2 Volumes)
0024931: Stephan Loewentheil - The Poe Catalogue: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Stephan Loewentheil Collection of Edgar Allan Poe Material
0021611: Don Bensen; Bern Loibl - All Aboard to Robbert Broekstra's Nude World
0002388: Helmut Loiskandl - Australia and Her Neighbours: Ethnic Relations and the Nation State (Occasional Papers in Anthropology Number 11)
0014618: The Royal College of Physicians of London - Smoking and Health: Summary and Report of The Royal College of Physicians of London on Smoking in relation to Cancer of the Lung and Other Diseases
0022696: Jack Loney - Wrecks on the New South Wales Coast
0030245: Bruno Leti; Alan Loney - Bruno Leti: Survey, Artists Books, 1982-2003
0014808: John L. Long - Introduced Birds of the World
0030401: Alexander McArthur; H. Kingsley Long - No Mean City
0024788: Robin Smith; Robert Longhurst - North from Cobargo: A Chronicling of Events Surrounding the Beginning of the Springbrook Settlement
0019946: Robert Longhurst - Brisbane's Inner City: Our Heritage in Focus
0005837: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans - The Traveller's Library (41 Books in 15 Volumes)
0032176: John Lonie - Acts of Love
0024922: Cynthia Virginia Looy - The Permian-Triassic Biotic Crisis: Collapse and Recovery of Terrestrial Ecosystems
0010276: Steve Lopes - The Late Riser
0009056: Halmagyi Szabolcs; Ridel Lorant - Regi Fegyverekrol
0024187: M. A. Lord - Murweh Shire: 100 Years of Local Government, 1880-1980
0020718: Audre Lorde - Your Silence Will Not Protect You
0025374: Audre Lorde - A Burst of Light
0030689: Jasper Johns; Susan Lorence - Technique and Collaboration in the Prints of Jasper Johns
0030251: John Loring - Magnificent Tiffany Silver
0023751: Patrizia Dander; Julienne Lorz - Bild Gegen Bild/ Image Counter Image
0024893: Lou d'Alpuget - Let's Go Sailing
0030129: Jonathan Love - Jane's Major Companies of Europe 1977
0014636: H. P. Lovecraft - From Beyond, Beyond the Wall of Sleep & Dagon
0005372: Barbara Lovelock - Mount Cootha Memories
0018923: Donald Bates; Vivian Mitsogianni; Diego Ramirez-Lovering - Studio Futures: Changing Trajectories in Architectural Education
0007685: Tim Low - Wild Food Plants of Australia
0013983: Tim Low - The New Nature
0014306: Tim Low - The New Nature
0030092: Tim Low - Where Song Began: Australia's Birds and How They Changed the World
0014487: Ulrich Kirchhoff; Louise Low - Radical Mix in Hanoi
0024377: Pat Lowe - Hunters and Trackers of the Australian Desert
0025445: Michael Lowenthal - The Best of the Badboys
0032325: Frida Kahlo; Luis-Martin Lozano - Frida Kahlo: The Complete Paintings XXL
0018910: Alfred Herbert Ltd. - The Lucigraph Photo Copying Machine
0023075: Fruit Industries Ltd - Wines of America
0009257: John Lysaght (Australia) Pty. Ltd. - Lysaght's Country Service Manual
0030665: Ronald Phillips Ltd - Ronald Phillips Ltd: Antique English Furniture
0030695: The Savoy Taylors' Guild Ltd. - The Savoy Taylors' Guild Ltd.: Designers and Makers of Savoyard Fine Clothing
0019725: Maria Luca - Sexual Attraction in Therapy: Clinical Perspectives on Moving Beyond the Taboo - A Guide for Training and Practice
0017830: Melani De Luca - Post-Butt: The Power of the Image
0003057: Stefano Lucchini; Silvia Lucchini - Vintage Postcards of New York
0010704: Rosario Cruz Lucero - Herstory
0023874: John Olsson; June Luchjenbroers - Forensic Linguistics
0031776: Peter Ludlow - Moreton Bay People: The Complete Collection
0025250: Peter Ludlow - Peel Island: Paradise or Prison
0011126: Leonard Lueras - Jogja: On My Mind
0024261: Wessa; Lummo - A Guide to Bush Cooking
0008312: Aileen Burns; Madeleine King; Johan Lundh - Imaginary Accord
0013579: Aileen Burns; Madeleine King; Johan Lundh - Imaginary Accord
0008075: Aileen Burns; Johan Lundh. - Gordon Bennett: Be Polite
0007998: Aileen Burns; Johan Lundh - Patrick Staff: The Foundation
0022002: Hugh Lunn - Queenslanders
0017224: Dierdre Luzwick - The Surrealist's Bible: A Collection of Charcoal Drawings
0004325: Edna Lyall - Derrick Vaughan : Novelist
0001153: Ann Larson; David Lyle - A Bright Future for Rural Health: Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Rural and Remote Australian Health Care
0023016: Lee Lynch - Sue Slate: Private Eye
0030304: Edward Lynch - Tours in Sunny New South Wales
0020562: Sarah Whiting; Edward Mitchell; Greg Lynn - Fetish: The Princeton Architectural Journal Volume 4
0024439: Susan Norrie; Victoria Lynn - Susan Norrie
0006461: Lord Lytton - Ernest Maltravers
0021978: Bataafse Internatoinale Petroleum Maatschappij N. V. - Petroleum Technology: An Introductory Course Volume IV
0015325: David J. Mabberley - Botanical Revelation: European Encounters with Australian Plants Before Darwin
0013322: Michael Carter; John Macarthur - Imaginary Materials: A Seminar with Michael Carter
0015334: Desmond Macaulay - Spirit & Space: Artworks on Commonwealth Properties in Australia and Overseas
0023994: Fiona MacCarthy - Byron: Life and Legend
0031223: Neil MacCormick - Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory
0020171: G. L. Lukin; Glen Cameron; P. F. Sellheim; A. R. MacDonald - Annual Reports of the Queensland Department of Mines, 1877-1900 (24 Volumes)
0002794: Carmel MacDonald - Queensland Institute of Technology Law Journal Vol. 1
0019506: James S. MacDonald - The Art of F. McCubbin
0019217: Scott MacDonald - A Critical Cinema: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers
0031277: A. G. Macdonell - England their England

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