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11906: Smith, Agnes: - The Brides Of Ardmore. A Story of Irish Life.
11664: Smith, Wade: - The Taming of Wild River.
11966: Smith, Flora; Passmore, Aileen E.; Griffiths, Charles; Thatcher, Dora; Bradley, Christine E.; Mungeam, A. I. etc..: - Happy Tales.
11162: Smith, Peter: - Hard Lying: The Birth of the Destroyer 1893 - 1913.
14111: Smith, Sean: - Gary.
1304: Smith, William Fielding: - The Chronicle of the Diamond Six.
14098: Smith, Frederick Ed. by Wendy Reader and Graham Rogers: - Smudge's Story. The Story of an East End Lad who served in the Royal Navy in the First World War.
11139: Smith, Lawrance: - The Deeds Of Doyly McPurr.
13531: Smith, E G: - The Fishing Log of Edwin Green Smith 1884 - 1888.
11540: Smith, Eleanor: - Life's A Circus.
10903: Smith, Philip H.: - Imp Owners Workshop Manual. Autobook 740. Hillman Imp 1963-68 Autobook.
11416: Smith, Thorne: - Rain In The Doorway.
14249: Smith, Dale O.: - Cradle of Valor: The intimate letters of a Plebe at West Point between the two World Wars.
8566: Smith, Anna H. Selected By Designs by Margaret Tarrant: - Longfellow Day By Day.
6872: Smith, Lawrance: - The Deeds Of Doyly McPurr.
7717: Smith, Sylvanus J.: - Advanced Chemical Calculations.
7088: Smith, A. E. and Cornwallis, R. K.: - The Birds Of Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire Natural History Brochure No. 2.
14928: Smith, C. Ray: - The Theatre Crafts Book of Costumes.
9507: Smith, Hamilton: - The Book of Ruth. Truth For The Last Days No. 5.
2105: Smith, Frank: - Fatal Flaw: A DCI Neil Paget Novel of Suspense.
8253: Smith, Vincent A. S M Edwardes (Rev. and Cont. to 1921): - The Oxford History Of India From The Earliest Times To End Of 1911.
15471: Smith, Oswald J.: - The Man God Uses.
6585: Smith, F. D. and Barbara Wilcox: - Deep Freezing At Home.
5713: Smith, Joseph H.: - From Plough To College.
9446: Smith, Frank A.: - Corpse In Handcuffs.
7549: Smith, Alistair: - Accelerated Learning In Practice: Brain-Based Methods For Accelerating Motivation And Achievement.
15636: Smith, A. C. H.: - Extra Cover.
14639: Smith, Brigid Illust. by Roberta Mansell: - Our Gang: Letters From Pakistan. (In Flight)
3297: Smith, Nadya Illustrated by Barbara Walker: - Will You Come On Wednesday?
15412: Smollett, Tobias Illust. by George Cruikshank: - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle. Vol. II (two)
13042: Smollett, Tobias Illust by George Cruikshank: - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle. Vol. I (one 1).
8556: Smyth, Christopher: - A Plain Guide To The Holy Communion.
12642: Smyth, Frank & Myles Ludwig: - The Detectives: Crime And detection In Fact And Fiction.
14830: Smyth, Brigadier J. G (Ed. by): - The Western Defences.
3941: Smyth, William: - Lectures on Modern History: From The Irruption of the Northern Nations To The Close of the American Revolution.
15538: Smyth, Ethel: - Beecham And Pharaoh: Thomas Beecham (Fantasia in B Major); Egypt Before England's Exodus (A Fragment of Autobiography).
1582: Smyth Bt., Brigadier Sir John: - Ann Goes Hunting.
14490: Smythe, Pat Illust. by J E McConnell: - Three Jays On Holiday. The Third Adventure of the Three Jays.
6673: Smythe, F. S.: - The Spirit Of The Hills.
12081: Snaith, J. C.: - An Affair Of State.
5081: Snaith, J. C.: - Fortune.
7554: Snell, Nigel: - Sue Learns To Cross The Road.
7555: Snell, Nigel: - Sally Moves House.
12601: Snellgrove, D. R. and J. L. White: - Qualitative Inorganic Analysis.
13168: Snelling, Vera M. Illust by Gordon Stowell: - The Little Star.
4809: Snow, George: - A Guide To Prayer.
13616: Snow, C. P.: - The Realists. Portraits of Eight Novelists.
4442: Snow, Charles H.: - War On The Penasco.
15528: Sobel, Arlene: - The Western Isles of Scotland (The Island Guidebook Series).
6698: Sobol, Donald J.: - Still More Two-Minute Mysteries.
13220: Federation of British Aquatic Societies: - F.B.A.S. Show Fish Guide No. 4. Show Standards and Technical Information.
6273: S. Albans Diocesan Mission Society: - The Guild Of S. Saviour And Of The Children Of The Church.
10613: The British Horse Society: - Grassland Management for Horse and Pony Owners.
14994: Solodkoff, Alexander Von: - Faberge.
13473: Solomon, Helen Illust. by Val Biro: - The Jazz Band. Nippers.
4119: Somerville, E. OE & Martin Ross: - The Big House of Inver.
12536: Thos. Cook & Son: - Midland Railway. Excursions to the Peak of Derbyshire.
11071: Sonnichsen, C. L. (Editor): - The Journal Of Arizona History. Vol. 14 No. 4 Winter 1973
550: Soper, Tony. Illustrated by Rober Gillmor: - The New Bird Table Book.
15288: Soper, Tony Illust. by Dan Powell: - The Arctic: A Guide To Coastal Wildlife. (Edition 2).
15310: Soper, Tony Illust. by Robert Gillmor: - The Bird Table Book: A Guide To Food and Shelter For Wild Birds.
9244: Sotheby's: - Silver, Objects of Vertu and Portrait Miniatures. Thursday 11th November 1993.
2077: Souter, Ian: - Twenty Pounds and All That Nonsense.
1509: Southall, Ivan: - Over The Top.
7062: Southey, Robert White, Henry Kirke Illust by Birket Foster: - The Poetical Works And Remains Of Henry Kirke White, With Life By Robert Southey
15395: Southgate, Vera and I. and J. Havenhand Illust. by John Berry: - 'People at Work' The Nurse.
963: Southgate, Vera: - The Musicians of Bremen.
3862: Southwold, Stephen: - Forty Tales.
10933: Sowerby, James Text By James Edward Smith: - English Botany Or Coloured Figures of British Plants. (Set of Cards)
9298: Spain, Nancy (her great niece): - Mrs Beeton And Her Husband.
14988: Sparks, John and Tony Soper Illust. by Robert Gillmor: - Penguins.
10128: Sparrow-Simpson, Rev J. Music by J Stainer: - The Crucifixion: A Meditation on the Sacred Passion of the Holy Redeemer.
15103: Sparrow, Gerald: - Vintage Victorian And Edwardian Murder.
1104: Sparrow, T.: - Tom In A Tangle and Other Tales.
5741: Sparrow, Judge Gerald: - The Great Forgers.
15600: Sparrow, Gerald: - Land Of The Moonflower.
6586: Speake, Michael: - B. C. and the Magic Book.
101: Harley Street Specialist: - The Practical Home Doctor.
14515: Speed, F Maurice (Ed. by): - Film Review: 1972 - 1973
13557: Spence, Marguerita Marian E Everatt Foreword by Frederick Harrison: - A Short History of York.
15619: Spence, Eleanor Illust. by Ann James: - Another Sparrow Singing.
464: Spencer-Jones, Sir Harold: - A Picture Of The Universe.
13675: Spencer, Cornelia Kurt Wiese (Illust. by) Fred Kliem (Maps by): - Yangtze: China's River Highway.
4262: Spender, Stephen: - Ruins And Visions.
8132: Spenser, Edmund and Todd, Rev. Henry John: - The Works Of Edmund Spenser; With A Selection of Notes From Various Commentators; And A Glossarial Index; To which is Prefixed, Some Account of The Life of Spenser.
12198: Spenser, James: - Limey: An Englishman Joins The Gangs.
10506: Sperlein, Bodo and Philippa Stockley Therese Vandling (illust): - Reflections. The Orchard of A Thousand Trees.
9563: Sperry, Armstrong Illust. by Henry C. Pitz: - River Of The West.
13138: Spier, Peter: - The Book of Jonah.
14105: Spillane, Mary: - The Complete Style Guide From The Color Me Beautiful Organisation.
10373: Spillers: - The Albatross Self-Raising Flour Cookery Book.
10367: Spink, Reginald (Transl. from the Danish by): - Hans Christian Andersen: New Tales 1843.
2713: Pictures by Gennady Spirin: - The Enchanter's Spell: Five Famous Tales.
8559: Spitzing, Gunter: - The Photoguide To Enlarging.
8558: Spitzing, Gunter: - The Photoguide To Portraits.
11926: Spooner, Rev. Edward: - Parson And People; Or, Incidents In The Every-Day Life Of A Clergyman.
5431: Spriggs, Elsie S.: - Seasonal Stories: A Cluster of Stories For Primary Children.
14516: Spring, Marion Howard: - Howard.
13769: Spring, Howard Illust. by Norman Hepple: - Darkie & Co.
1347: Spurgeon, C. H.: - Twelve Striking Sermons.
5336: Spurgeon, Rev. C. H. et al: - The Pathway To Heaven And Other Readings.
13788: Big Chief I-Spy: - I-Spy Fishing.
13787: Big Chief I-Spy: - I-Spy Signs & Symbols.
9457: Big Chief I-Spy: - I-Spy Activity Books - 17 Titles.
13832: Spyri, Joanna/Johanna: - Heidi. (Abridged Edition)
11291: Srigley, Michael (SIGNED): - Poems Opuscular.
8457: St Therese of Lisieux, Hollings, Michael (Ed. by): - By Love Alone.
10425: St Claire, Yvonne: - Splendid Dawn.
103: St John Webb, Marion: - The Girls of Chequertrees.
15258: St. Vincent, Isobel Illust. by M Marshall: - The Moorings Mystery.
4696: St. Leger, Hugh: - Sou'wester And Sword: A Story of Struggle on Sea And Land.
12121: J. H. St. A. (translated by): - The Basket Of Flowers: A Tale For The Young.
14436: St Aubin De Teran, Lisa: - Joanna.
14335: St Aubin De Teran, Lisa: - Keepers Of The House.
14961: St. Aubyn, Lorna: - Fairy Tales and Short Stories.
54: St. John, Christopher: - Cut Paper Decoration
356: St. Vincent, Isobel: - Corny 'Coon.
475: Stables, Gordon: - In Forest Lands.
12518: Stables, Gordon: - Wild Adventures Round The Pole.
3085: Stables, Gordon: - The Pirate's Gold.
13762: Stackpole, Edouard A.: - Scrimshaw At Mystic Seaport. Featuring Objects From The Kynett, Howland, Townshend and White Collections.
9942: Stacpoole, H. De Vere: - The Blue Lagoon.
14091: Stafford, David: - Secret Agent: The True Story of the Special Operations Executive.
9256: Stafford, Ann: - Light Me A Candle.
4603: Stahl, P. J. Dessins par Lorentz Froelich, Gravures Par Matthis: - Mademoiselle Mouvette.
13928: Staines, Ian Allan (Ed. by): - Titans of the Track: London, Midland & Scottish Railway.
12392: Stajner, Karlo: - Seven Thousand Days In Siberia.
15032: Peter Standen: - Peter Standen & Precision.
85: Stanford, J. K.: - Bledgrave Hall.
14246: Stanford, S. C.: - Croft Ambrey: Excavations carried out for the Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club (Herefordshire) 1960-1966.
14668: Stanier, Sylvia: - The Art of Long Reining. Revised Enlarged Edition.
15615: Stanley, Henry M.: - In Darkest Africa Or The Quest Rescue and Retreat Of Emin Governor Of Equatoria. In Two Volumes - Volume 1 (one).
10172: Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn: - Stanley's Life Of Thomas Arnold D. D. Headmaster of Rugby.
9789: Stanley: - Tools Materials And Techniques: HomeComfortCards. Simple Guides to Do-It-Yourself Jobs
14487: Starkie Gradner, J.: - Ironwork Part I (1 One). From the Earliest Times To the End of the Mediaeval Period.
14488: Starkie Gradner, J.: - Ironwork Part II (2 Two). Being a Continuation of the First Handbook, and Comprising from the Close of the Mediaeval Period to the end of the Eighteenth Century, Excluding English Work.
5254: Starr, Leonora: - Azaleas On The Hill.
3398: Stedman, Karl: - Toby & Snipe And The Snowman.
1250: Stedman, Karl: - Toby & Snipe Go Skating.
8746: Steed, Cicely (illust. by): - Our Nursery Rhymes.
14990: Steed, Tobias (Cocktail recipes by Ben Reed): - Hollywood Cocktails.
5857: Steedman, Amy: - David The Shepherd Boy.
5434: Steel, Kurt: - Dead Of Night.
10952: Steel, Tom: - The Life and Death of st Kilda.
10460: Steen, Nat: - The Trouble With Love - Is Love.
2735: Steer, Mary: - Seven Scamps.
126: Steere, Douglas V.: - Spiritual Counsels and Letters of Baron Friedrich Von Hugel.
5200: Steidle, R.: - Wildwater Canoeing.
9862: Steig, William: - The Real Thief.
12675: Steinbeck, John: - De Verdoolde Bus.
7562: Steinberg, S. H.: - Historical Tables 58 B.C. - A.D. 1965.
8549: Steinberg, S. H.: - Five Hundred Years Of Printing.
1148: Steiner Rice, Helen: - Thankfully: A New Collection of Inspirational Verse Including 'The Christmas Guest'.
14101: Steiner Rice, Helen: - Time For Reflection. Tiny Treasures.
11988: Stekel, Wilhelm: - Peculiarities of Behavior: Wandering Mania, Dipsomania, Cleptomania, Pyromania and Allied Impulsive Acts Volume Two.
132: Stenton Burdett, H.: - Mechanics.
15555: Stephen, David: - String Lug The Fox.
7628: Stephens, W. R. W. (Edited By): - A Memoir Of The Right Hon. William Page Wood, Baron Hatherley With Selections From His Correspondence. Vol. II (of two vol.s).
4457: Stephens, Theo. A. (Editor): - My Garden: The Intimate Magazine For Garden Lovers. May 1951 No. 209
4458: Stephens, Theo. A. (Editor): - My Garden: The Intimate Magazine For Garden Lovers. June 1950 No. 198.
4459: Stephens, Theo. A. (Editor): - My Garden: The Intimate Magazine For Garden Lovers. December 1950 No. 204
4460: Stephens, Theo. A. (Editor): - My Garden: The Intimate Magazine For Garden Lovers. August 1951 No. 212.
2207: Stephenson, Norman T. (Illustrator): - Animals of Other Lands.
1321: Stephenson, E. T.: - At 'The Hollies': A Story For The Young or Staying With Auntie.
12938: Stephenson, C. and F. Suddards: - A Text Book Dealing With Ornamental Design For Woven Fabrics.
14065: Stephenson, Brian: - LNER Album. Volume Three (3, III).
9796: Stephenson, Norman T. (illust. by): - Our Feathered Friends.
11255: Sterling, L.: - Marine Engineering Design And Installation Series: Pumping Systems And Their Ancillary Equipment..
14152: Stevens, William A.: - Pleasure Angle: Recollections of a Thoughtful Fisherman. Little Books of the Open Air 2.
14391: Stevens, Roger: - The Land of the Great Sophy.
10684: Stevens, Jon: - The Sahara Is Yours: A Handbook For Desert Travellers.
14107: Stevens, Helen M.: - The Embroiderer's Countryside.
14566: Stevens, Philip: - Farms, Fields and Valleys of Jersey. A Photographic Tour of Rural Jersey A Century Ago.
8831: Hunt-Duke adn LAC. Stevens (Ed.s): - Hill Topics. Vol. 1, No. 2. December 1943
14824: Stevens, Curtis: - The Gravy Train Hit.
4606: Stevenson, Robert Louis: - Treasure Island.
6206: Stevenson, Robert Louis: - Kidnapped.
304: Stevenson, Violet: - The Encyclopaedia of Floristry.
3465: Stevenson, Robert Louis: - Catriona: Being Memoirs of the Further Adventures of David Balfour At Home and Abroad.
2276: Stevenson, James: - Worse Than Willy!
9924: Stevenson, Robert Louis: - Catriona.
620: Stevenson, Robert Louis: - The Black Arrow. A Tale of the Two Roses.
13323: Stevenson, Robert Louis: - Kidnapped. Oxford's World's Classics.
12698: Stevenson, W.: - The Trees of Commerce. Rider's Technical Series No. 4.
11922: Stevenson, Robert Louis and Lloyd Osbourne Illust. by William Hole and W L Metcalf: - The Wrecker.
7823: Stevenson, R. L. or Robert Louis Stevenson Illust. by Charles Mozley: - Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde & The Suicide Club.
9441: Stevenson, Robert Louis or R. L. Stevenson Illust. by A. M. Trotter: - Kidnapped.
14790: Stevenson, Mrs M. I. (Ed. and Arranged by Marie Clothilde Balfour): - Letters From Samoa 1891 - 1895.
376: Stevenson, Robert Louis: - Catriona.
8664: Stevenson, Robert Louis or R. L. Stevenson: - The Black Arrow.
8763: Steward, B. A.: - Green Lane Farm.
5837: Stewart, A. M.: - Common British Moths. Peeps At Nature.
14543: Stewart, Alexander to 1815 Dr Albert Peel (abridged by to 1874): - The Life of Alexander Stewart: Prisoner of Napoleon and Preacher of the Gospel.
8104: Stewart Henderson, Seonaid: - Horn Spoons And Hand Made Shoes.
9973: Stewart, A. M.: - Common British Moths. Peeps At Nature.
3334: Stewart, Paul: - Giant Gutso And The Wacky Gang.
14234: Stewart, Bob: - Where Is Saint George? Pagan Imagery in English Folksong.
12328: Stidolph, Anthony or Stidy: - Riding The Rainbow. Best of Stidy's Cartoons 1991 - 1995.
2598: Stillson, Blanche: - Wings, Insects, Birds And Men.
2183: Stimson, Joan: - Worried Arthur: The Noisy Night.
11824: Stirling, James Hutchison: - The Secret of Hegel: Being The Hegelian System in Origin, Principle, Form and Matter. Volume II (2).
9695: Stock, Margaret: - Planned Cookery.
2929: Stockhausen, Juliana Von: - Die Soldaten Der Kaiserin. Roman.
5308: Stockton, C. E.: - Graded German Passages: For Unseen Translation And Dictation. For Middle And Upper Forms.
12692: Stockton, Frank R.: - The Lady, Or The Tiger And Other Stories.
11793: Stoddart, Anna M. Margaret L Huggins (Illustrator): - Sir Philip Sidney: Servant of God.
13784: Stoddart, Andy: - Shifting Sands: Blakeney Point and the Environmental Imagination.
5437: Stokes, C. G. Illust. by Hilary Elderry: - Airs And Graces: Poetry Themes.
5436: Stokes, C. G. Illust. by Hilary McElderry: - In A Seashell: Poetry Themes.
14951: Stokhuyzen, Frederick: - The Dutch Windmill.
1690: Stone, Helen: - How We Get Our Milk.
15557: Stooke, Eleanora H.: - The Old Moat House.
9759: Stooke, E. M. or Eleanora H Stooke: - Kitty's Enemy: Or, The Boy Next Door.
14860: Stooke, Eleanora H.: - A Little Town Mouse.
11752: Stopes, Charlotte Carmichael: - Shakespeare's Family Being A Record of the Ancestors and Descendants of William Shakespeare With Some Account of the Ardens.
10522: Storey, Pamela (Illust. By): - Three Little Pigs: Pop-Up Picture Story.
6494: Storey, Rita Illust. by Amelia Rosato: - Goldilocks And The Three Bears.
15473: Storey, David: - This Sporting Life.
1700: Storr, Francis: - Gray's Poems: Edited With Johnson's Life and Selections From Gray's Letters.
287: Stout, Rex: - Murder by the Book.
2620: Stowell, Leonard (Compiled by): - The Call Of The Open: A Little Anthology of Contemporary & Other Verse.
7437: Stowell, J. H.: - The Spoken Word: Preacher's Notes On texts From The Epistles And Gospels For A Year.
15573: Stowell, Thora Illust. by Nancy Innes: - Every Child's Toy Book.
11219: Stowell, Gordon: - The Loving Father. A Little Owl Bible Story Book.
4363: Stowell, Gordon: - My First Thank You Book.
2168: Strachan, Ian: - Journey Of 1000 Miles.
11695: Strachan, W. J. illust. by Jourcin: - Ici Paris.
14492: Strachey, Lytton Illust. by Erte: - Ermyntrude and Esmeralda.
8524: Strang, Mrs Herbert (Ed. By): - The Great Book For Brownies.
4004: Strang, Herbert: - The Story of Daniel.
714: Strang, Mrs Herbert (Editor): - The Big Book For Girls.
2233: Strang, Mrs Herbert: - The Top of The Hill.
4061: Strange, Nora K.: - Jenny.
11820: Strange, Edward F.: - Japanese Colour Prints. Board of Education, South Kensington, Victoria And Albert Museum.
5402: Stranger, Joyce: - Paddy Joe And Tomkin's Folly.
6590: Stranger, Joyce: - Paddy Joe and Tomkin's Folly.
5392: Stranger, Joyce: - Casey.
13893: Stranks, C. J.: - Dean Hook: Dr Hook of Leeds
10033: Stratton-Porter, Gene: - Moths Of The Limberlost. A Book About Limberlost Cabin.
4963: Stratton-Porter, Gene: - Michael O'Halloran.
115: Stratton-Porter, Gene: - Music of the Wild.
14548: Stratton-Porter, Gene: - Laddie.
10291: Strauss, Richard: - Der Rosenkavalier. English National Opera Guide 8.
15652: Streatfeild, R. A.: - Handel.
8602: Streatfeild, Henrietta S. Illust. by Ernest Prater: - The Mystery Of Hope Lodge.
14615: Streatfeild, Noel Illust. by Anna Zinkeisen: - Party Frock.
6522: Streatfeild, Noel: - White Boots.
15118: Streatfeild, Noel Illust. by Betty Maxey: - Gemma; Gemma and Sisters; Gemma Alone; Goodbye Gemma (Box Set)
10398: Street, Frederick: - Hardy Rhododendrons.
10156: Street, Philip: - Between The Tides.
639: Street, Philip: - Animal Weapons.
3129: Streeter, Edward: - Chairman Of The Bored.
9167: Stretton, Hesba: - Jessica's Mother.
9034: Stretton, John: - Closely Observed Trains. A Nostalgic Look Back At A Decade Of Change On Britain's Railways.
9998: Strickland, Agnes: - The Royal Brothers: An Historical Tale.
15479: Strickland, Margot: - Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist.
14495: Strickland, D. C.: - Locomotive Directory: Every Single One There Has Ever Been 1890 - 1982. + Supplement No. 2 Incorporates Supplement No. 1. + Diesel & Electric Loco Register.
13566: Stringer Rowe, George: - The Life of John Hunt, Missionary to the Cannibals in Fiji.
15407: Strong, Roy: - Illustrated Guide To Madame Tussaud's.
6346: Strong, Patience: - The Harvest Of Dreams.
6592: Strong, Patience: - Goodness And Mercy: Thoughts On The 23rd Psalm.
13016: Strong, Patience: - Patience Strong's Book of Homes and Gardens.
14086: Strong, Patience: - Sunshine and Shadow.
14087: Strong, Patience: - A Celebration of Fifty Golden Years of Patience Strong.
10905: Strong, Patience: - Over The Ridge.
203: Strong, Roy. Trevelyan Oman, Julia: - Elizabeth R.
9914: Strong, Patience: - The Quiet Hour.
6593: Strong, Patience: - Beside The Still Waters.
6304: Strong, Patience: - A Christmas Garland.
6926: Strudwick, Vincent: - Christopher Wordsworth: Bishop of Lincoln 1869 - 85.
13555: Struther, Jan: - Mrs Miniver.
976: Stuart Barry, Margaret: - Tommy Mac.
13578: Stuart, Monica & Gill Soper Illust. by Juliet Renny: - Come, Hear & See: Creative Activities For Use With Bible Stories.
12666: Stuart, Esme: - Harum Scarum's Fortune.
4772: Stuart, Jesse: - He'll Be Comin Down The Mountain.
1495: Stuart Barry, Margaret: - Tommy Mac.
1062: Stubbs, Una: - In Stitches.
13910: Stuckey, Lawrence A.: - Prairie Cinders: Railway Recollections. No. 6.
13267: Stucley, E. F.: - Star In The Hand.
11116: Stuyvenberg, J. H. van (Ed. by): - Margarine: An Economic, Social and Scientific History 1869 - 1969.
1948: Styles, Showell: - How Underground Britain Is Explored.
39: Styles, Kitty: - Nicholas and Timothy Farmyard Pop-Up Story Book.
12715: Styles, Showell Illust. by Joseph Acheson: - Mr Fiddle. An Antelope Book.
6857: Sudbery, Rodie: - Lightning Cliff.
12353: Sudbery, Rodie: - A Curious Place.
4163: Sudell, Richard: - The Labour-Saving Garden.
3714: Le Sueur, A. D. C.: - Hedges Shelter Belts & Screens.
14159: Sugden, Joah H. Illust. with rock drawings by Frank Hodkinson: - Aboriginal Words and Their Meanings.
1422: Sullivan, J. J.: - For Your Delight.
15567: Sullivan, Michael: - Rod Hull's Emu On Holiday.
14968: Summers, Peter Joan Corder (Ed.s): - Hatchments in Britain: 2 Norfolk and Suffolk.
13441: Summers, Essie: - Spring In September.
3489: Sumner, Mrs George: - To Mothers Of The Higher Classes.
12997: Surtees, R. Illust. by John Leech: - "Plain or Ringlets"
10352: Ordnance Survey: - One-Inch Map of Great Britain: Dolgelley Sheet 116.
10350: Ordnance Survey: - One-Inch Map of Great Britain: Loch Awe Sheet 52.
10351: Ordnance Survey: - One-Inch Map of Great Britain: Snowdon Sheet 107.
2624: Ordnance Survey: - Lorn & Lochaber (Covers Oban to Ben Nevis) One-Inch Tourist Map.
7257: Ordnance Survey: - One-Inch Map Of Great Britain: Anglesey. Sheet 106.
11014: Ordnance Survey: - One-inch Ordnance Survey of England and Wales: Penzance. Sheet 95.
11015: Ordnance Survey: - Norwich: Half-Inch District Map. Sheet 39.
11016: Ordnance Survey: - One-Inch Map of Great Britain: Bury St Edmunds. Sheet 136.
11365: Ordnance Survey: - OS ABC London Street Atlas.
14024: Ordnance Survey: - One-Inch Map of Great Britain: Anglesey. Sheet 106.
7272: Ordnance Survey: - Pwllheli: One Inch Map of Great Britain. Sheet 115. Seventh Series.
15063: Ordnance Survey: - Quarter-Inch Map of Great Britain: England, North Central, Sheet 2.
7723: Sutcliff, Rosemary: - Knight's Fee.
7432: Sutcliffe, K. E.: - German Translation And Composition.
12519: Sutcliffe, Halliwell: - The Kiln.
895: Sutcliffe, Jean: - Every Day of the Week: A Listen With Mother Book.
12758: Sutherland, Douglas: - Rohallion: Wild Life In A Scottish Home.
2303: Sutton, Eve: - Tuppenny Brown.
3230: Suyin, Han: - Cast But One Shadow.
6485: Svendsen, Dr Elisabeth D.: - The Tale Of Naughty Mal And Other Donkey Stories.
2187: Svendsen, Dr Elisabeth D.: - Joe, The Donkey Who Flew To Jamaica.
13575: Svoboda, Alois: - Prague: An Intimate Guide to Czechoslovakia's thousand-year-old capital.
9888: Swaby, J. E.: - The Marshmen.
13206: Swallow, Su: - The NatureTrail Book of Garden Wildlife.
11439: Swallow, Su: - The Usborne Nature Trail Book of Seashore Life.
5139: Swan, Annie S.: - A Son Of Erin.
11004: Swan, Annie S.: - The Burden-Bearers.
14873: Swan, Annie S. Illust. by R Tod: - Holidays At Sunnycroft and A Year At Coverley.
11631: Swann, Miss L. Le T.: - The Ghost Ship And Other Stories For Boys.
1926: Swarthout, Glendon and Kathryn: - The Button Boat.
6051: Sweeney, Bob: - Positive Power People: The Enlightenment Amplifiers.
12618: Swietochowski, G. de: - Mechano-Therapeutics In General Practice.
13975: Swift, Dean: - Gulliver In Lilliput. From Dean Swift's Gullivers Travels.
1334: Swindells, Robert: - Voyage To Valhalla.
14279: Swinnerton, H. H.: - Outlines of Palaeontology.
674: Swinton, W. E.: - Fossil Birds.
7929: Sykes, Pamela: - Billy's Monster.
8896: Sykes, Pamela: - The Elizabethan Garden.
12569: Sykes, Sir Richard: - Sledmere House: An Illustrated Survey of the Yorkshire Home of the Sykes Family.
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9582: Whitaker, Evelyn Maud Illust. by Etheldreda Gray: - Peter's Adventure.
7526: Whitcombe, Charles: - Charles Whitcombe On Golf.
14361: White, Freda: - Three Rivers of France: A Guide to the Region of Lascaux, Albi, Perigord, St Emilion &c.
8696: White, Samuel Alexander: - Morgan Of The Mounted.
751: White, Paul: - Jungle Doctor on the Hop.
14402: White, T. H.: - The Elephant and The Kangaroo.

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