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038881: - "Five Ways (Study in Ethics & Philosophy of Religion) Kenny, Anthony John Patrick"
038884: - "History and the Dialectic of Violence: Analysis of Sartre's ""Critique de la Raison Dialectique"" (Explorations in Interpretative Sociology S.) ARON"
044437: - "Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book [Paperback] Ballantine, Richard"
012360: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 29 2003-2004
012361: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 30 2004-2005
043205: - "Frame Analysis: An Essay On the Organization of Experience (Peregrine Books) Goffman, Erving"
042980: - "Down the Hatch Roche, L.T."
039222: - "Africa's Shared Water Resources: Legal and Institutional Aspects of the Nile, Niger and Senegal River Systems Godana, Bonaya"
040768: - "East-West-South: Economic Interaction between Three Worlds: Economic Interaction Between Three Worlds - Workshop Papers (Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies) [Hardcover] Saunders, Christopher"
031887: - "An Italic Calligraphy Handbook (Dover Books on Lettering, Calligraphy, and Typography) Adams, Caroline J."
041941: - "Gerard Manley Hopkins' Poems (Study in English Literature) Thornton, R. K. R."
040906: - "Contemporary Australia Griffiths, A.R.G."
026118: - "Chomsky's System of Ideas D'Agostino, Fred"
040001: - Dilyn afon
038845: - "Coleridge (Literature in Perspective S.) Watters, Reginald"
043231: - Hegel's Theory of the Modern State (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics) [Paperback] Avineri
040646: - "Adledd: Casgliad o gerddi Richards, W. Leslie"
041641: - "Reorienting Orientalism [Hardcover] Niyogi, Chandreyee"
043198: - "Community Work: v. 1 Jones, David Meurig and Mayo, Marjorie"
038415: - "Way in Tomlinson, Charles"
042587: - "Science Fiction: History, Science, Vision (Oxford Paperbacks) Scholes, Robert and Rabkin, Eric S."
041240: - "How Religion Works: Towards a New Cognitive Science of Religion (Cognition & Culture Book Series) [Paperback] Pyysiainen, Ilkka"
038712: - "The Politics of Frustration: Harry Midgley and the Failure of the Labour Party in Northern Ireland Walker, Graham"
042947: - "Pleasures of Archaeology: Visa to Yesterday Meyer, Karl"
040350: - "Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Weber, Max and Parsons, T."
040821: - "Toward a Rainbow Socialism: The Year Left 2: American Socialist Year Book: Towards a Rainbow Socialism - Essays on Race, Ethnicity, Class and Gender v. 2 (Haymarket) [Paperback] Davis"
026185: - "Middle East: A Geographical Study BEAUMONT, P"
026183: - "New India, 1885: British Official Policy and the Emergence of the Indian National Congress (Publications / University of California. Center for South & Southeast Asia Studies) Martin"
038717: - "William Gerhardie: A Biography Davies, Dido"
041890: - A+ Certification Test Yourself Practice Exams (Certification Press) Syngress Media Inc.
040127: - "The British Working Class Novel in the Twentieth Century (Stratford Studies) Hawthorn, Jeremy"
038545: - "German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler Turner, Henry Ashby"
044524: - "Plutarch (Classical Life and Letters) Russell, D. A."
044528: - "The Abortion: a Historical Romance 1966 Brautigan, Richard"
044690: - "History After the Three Worlds: Post-Eurocentric Historiographies [Paperback] Bahl, Vinay"
040195: - Reinhart's Women Thomas Berger
042060: - "Bilingual Primary Education in the Western Isles, Scotland, 1975-81 Murray, John and Morrison, Catherine"
041038: - "Symbol and Image in Celtic Religious Art [Paperback] Green, Miranda"
044452: - "The Worm Ouroboros [Paperback] Eddison, E.R."
042073: - Cerddi R. Geraint Gruffydd
044290: - "Book of Beauty Rubinstein, Mala"
043588: - "Media Culture & Morality (Center for Southeast Asia Studies) [Paperback] Tester, Keith"
043539: - "Inside the Third Reich [Hardcover] Speer, Albert (trans Richard & Clara Winston)."
043424: - Involuntary Journey to Siberia Andrey Amalrik; Manya Harari and Max Hayward
043480: - "Social Mobility in the 19th and 20th Centuries: Europe and America in Comparative Perspective [Hardcover] Kaelble, Hartmut"
043661: - "Social History of Housing 1815 - 1970 (University Paperbacks) Burnett, Professor John"
043570: - "Totemism (University Books) Levi-Strauss, Claude and C. Poole, Roger"
043667: - "War and an Irish Town McCann, Eamonn"
043622: - "Perceptions and Representations: Theoretical Bases of Brain Research and Psychology Oatley, Keith"
039601: - "Afghanistan: Politics, Economics and Society (Marxist Regimes) [Paperback] Gupta, Bhabani Sen"
044038: - "Inside London: Discovering the Classic Interiors of London (Inside Series) Friedman, Joe and Aprahamian, Peter"
043943: - "Social Democracy and the Working Class (Themes In Modern German History) [Paperback] Berger, Stefan"
043484: - "Plausible Worlds: Possibility and Understanding in History and the Social Sciences [Hardcover] Hawthorn, Geoffrey"
043337: - Living Well with Pain and Illness: The Mindful Way to Free Yourself from Suffering [Paperback] Vidyamala Burch
043407: - "Cards of Identity (King Penguin S.) Dennis, Nigel"
043422: - "Riding the Storm Macmillan, Harold"
043905: - Brooklyn Bridge: Fact and Symbol (Phoenix Book; P828) [Paperback] Alan Trachtenberg
043634: - "Hitler Fest, Joachim E.; Winston, R. and Winston, C."
044054: - Herb Ritts the Golden Hour: A Photographer's Work and His World [Hardcover] Charles Churchward
043639: - "Patrick Pearse: The Triumph of Failure Edwards, Ruth Dudley"
043632: - In the Eye of the Great Depression [Paperback] John Bauman and Thomas Coode
043389: - "Reason and Freedom in Sociological Thought Hearn, Frank"
039545: - "The Origins and Legacies of World War I Fleming, Denna Frank"
043401: - "Beatrice and Sidney Webb Radice, Lisanne"
043465: - "Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics and Science Fiction Nahin, Paul J."
043580: - "Time of Stalin, The: Portrait of a Tyranny (A Cornelia & Michael Bessie book) Ouseyenko, A.Antonou- and Saunders, G."
043418: - "Who Was That Man?: Present for Mr.Oscar Wilde (Masks) [Paperback] Bartlett, Neil"
043680: - "Radical Joe: Life of Joseph Chamberlain Judd, Denis"
043723: - "Pioneering Television News Cox, Geoffrey and Day, Sir Robin"
043783: - "The Rhineland Mystics: An Anthology Davies, Professor Oliver"
043435: - "The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe Gottfried, Robert Steven"
043535: - "Class Structure in Social Consciousness (International Library of Society) Ossowski, Stanislaw and Patterson, Sheila"
043608: - "In Search of the Spirit of Capitalism: Essay on Max Weber's Protestant Ethic Thesis Marshall, Professor Gordon"
043796: - "Harry Potter - Dutch: Harry Potter en de Gevangene van Azkaban [Paperback] Rowling, J K"
043936: - "The Politics of Continuity: British Foreign Policy and the Labour Government, 1945-51 [Hardcover] Saville, John"
043505: - "A History of South Africa Thompson, L"
043533: - "Bismarck Hc Crankshaw, Edward"
043602: - "Mid Wales: Deprivation or Development? (EEM Social Science Monographs) Wenger, G. Clare"
043668: - "The Profession of Science Fiction: SF Writers on their Craft and Ideas (Insights) [Paperback] Jakubowski, Maxim and James, Edward"
043402: - "Dawn of European Civilization Childe, V. Gordon"
043522: - "World of the French Revolution (Great revolutions series) Palmer, R. R."
043653: - "The penalty of imprisonment: The Tanner lectures delivered at the University of Cambridge, 30 November - 2 December, 1987 Blom-Cooper, Louis"
038721: - "Achievement of Graham Greene Smith, Grahame"
043746: - "Sport and Society in Modern France (St Antony's Series) [Hardcover] Holt, Richard"
043527: - "The paper dragon: An account of the China Wars 1840-1900 Selby, John"
043478: - "Psychological Treatment of Depression: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Williams, J. Mark G."
043493: - "Careless Talk Friel, James"
043510: - "Breach of Faith: Fall of Richard Nixon White, Theodore Harold"
043679: - "Mass Media Religion: The Social Sources of the Electronic Church (Communication and Human Values) Hoover, Stewart"
043488: - "The Double Helix of the Mind Gooch, Stan"
043375: - "Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right-And How We Can, Too [Paperback] George Lakey"
043449: - "Class Struggle and the Industrial Revolution: Early Industrial Capitalism in Three English Towns (University Paperbacks) [Paperback] Foster, John"
044265: - "County Donegal Railways Patterson, Edward Mervyn"
043416: - "Viva Mexico!: Traveller's Account of Life in Mexico Flandrau, Charles"
044069: - "Fighting Ships 1850-1950 Willis, Sam and Rodger, N. A. M."
043376: - "The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939–45 Stargardt, Nicholas"
039507: - "The Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins to Robert Bridges: vol I [Textbook Binding] Hopkins, Gerard Manley and Abbott, Claude Colleer"
043482: - "Fair Sex: Family Size and Structure, 1930-39 (University Library) Gittins, Diana"
043583: - "Over Here: First World War and American Society (Galaxy Books) Kennedy, David M."
043585: - "The American Revolution (Lancaster Pamphlets) Heale, Professor Michael J."
043562: - "Reagan's America Demause, Lloyd"
042990: - "Long Road To Greenham: Feminism and Anti-militarism in Britain Since 1820 Liddington, Jill"
042698: - "Nikolai Bukharin: The Last Years MEDVEDEV, RA"
043648: - The Future of the word (Welsh Union of Writers register)
042822: - "Hannerz: Exploring the City (Cloth) Hannerz, U"
043676: - "Deconstruction: Theory and Practice Norris, Christopher"
043428: - "James Connolly: A Biography Levenson, Samuel"
043446: - "Exploring the Urban Past: Essays in Urban History by H. J. Dyos [Paperback] Cannadine, David"
043744: - "The Collapse of Democracy Moss, Robert"
043677: - "Journals: 1947-55 v. 5 Nin, Anais and Stuhlmann, Gunther"
038619: - "Shaping of the Nazi State Stachura, Peter D."
040578: - "Hegel (Y Meddwl modern) Matthews, E. Gwynn"
025322: - Journal of the History of Ideas. July-September 1983. Volume XLIV Number 3
025323: - Journal of the History of Ideas. October-December 1983. Volume XLIV Number 4
025330: - Journal of the History of Ideas. July-September 1985. Volume XLVI Number 3
044804: - "The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Hinduism [Paperback] Doniger, Wendy and Miles, Jack"
044558: - "Dickens' Journalism: The Amusements of the People and other Papers: Reports, Essays and Reviews, 1834-51 Volume 2: The Amusements of the People - Reports, Essays and Reviews, 1834-51 Vol 2 Dickens, Charles and Slater, Michael"
032141: - "Mike Chaplin's Expressive Watercolours Chaplin, Mike and Vowles, Diana"
041645: - "The Age of the World Target: Self-Referentiality in War, Theory, and Comparative Work (Next Wave Provocations) [Paperback] Chow, Rey"
038512: - "Franz Boas Reader: Shaping of American Anthropology, 1883-1911 Boas, Franz and Stocking, George W."
038692: - "Pastoral Poetry and an Essay on Criticism (The Twickenham Edition of the Poems of Alexander Pope, vol. 1) [Hardcover]"
038693: - "The Upheaval of War: Family, Work and Welfare in Europe, 1914-1918 [Hardcover]"
042069: - "Bizarre Behaviours: Boundaries of Psychiatric Disorder (A Tavistock Book) Prins, Herschel"
032556: - "The Poetry of Railways Carr, Samuel"
043787: - "Catching Them Young: Political Ideas in Children's Fiction v. 2 Dixon, Bob"
040614: - "Organizational Buying Behaviour (Studies in Marketing Management) [Paperback] Hill, Roy Wells and Hillier, Terry J."
044795: - "Hoppé Portraits: Society, Studio & Street [Hardcover] Phillip Prodger and Terence Pepper"
042486: - "Wordsworth's Poetry, 1787-1814 HARTMAN, GH"
042595: - "Politics and Change in Developing Countries: Studies in the Theory and Practice of Development [Hardcover] Leys, Colin"
043429: - "David Jordan Kirkbride, Ronald"
040567: - "Knowledge and Ideology in the Sociology of Education (Study in Sociology) Bernbaum, G."
039489: - "The Birth of a Consumer Society: Commercialization of Eighteenth Century England McKendrick, Neil; Brewer, John and Plumb, John Harold"
039902: - "The Rebirth of Private Policing [Paperback] Johnston, Les"
041123: - "Divorce-and After Sanctuary, Gerald and Whitehead, Constance"
045249: - "Maha-bharata: Bhishma Bk. 6, v. 1 (Clay Sanskrit Library) [Hardcover] Cherniak, Alex"
042245: - "Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcripts Scott, Jc"
040468: - "Essays in Political Philosophy Collingwood, R. G. and Boucher, David"
031582: - "Pearl Harbor Willmott, H P"
041603: - "Gendering the Spirit: Women, Religion and the Post-Colonial Response [Paperback] Durre S. Ahmed (ed)"
041419: - "Philosophical Enquiries [Paperback] Chatterjee, Margaret"
042774: - "Lion of Ireland: The Legend of Brian Boru Llywelyn, Morgan"
042058: - "Noth Huws, Daniel"
041865: - "Regulating the Poor: Functions of Public Welfare (Social Science Paperbacks) Piven, Frances Fox and Cloward, Richard A."
032203: - "Samurai William Milton, Giles"
042924: - "Sociology of the Workplace (British Sociological Association Industrial Studies) Warner, Malcolm"
038510: - "Ben Jonson Dramatist: Dramatist (Cambridge Paperback Library) [Paperback] Barton, Anne"
040500: - "Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays (U.Books) Russell, Bertrand"
041542: - "A Rule of Property for Bengal: An Essay on the Idea of Permanent Settlement Guha, Ranajit and Sen, Amartya K."
033356: - "Aerospace Chronology, The Taylor, Michael J.H."
041100: - "Essays in the History of the American Negro Aptheker, Herbert"
041647: - "The History of the Common Law of England (Classics of British Historical Literature) Hale, Sir Matthew"
039456: - "North Heaney, Seamus"
038019: - "Post Captain [Paperback] O'Brian, Patrick"
041275: - "Aspects of Hindu Morality Jhingham, Sarah"
043254: - Man-made World: Man-made World: A Foundation Course (Course T100) Open University
040514: - "New Austrian Architecture Dimster, Frank"
042640: - "The Strange Genius of William Burges, Art-Architect, 1827-81 Crook, Joseph Mordaunt"
042283: - "The Sociology of Women an introduction Delamont, Ms Sara"
043675: - "Bosworth field and its preliminaries: A Welsh retrospect Jones, Emyr Wyn"
043277: - "V.I.P. Wales Davies, Chris"
043586: - "On Living in an Old Country: National Past in Contemporary Britain [Paperback] Wright, Patrick"
025321: - Journal of the History of Ideas. April-June 1983. Volume XLIV Number 2
025324: - Journal of the History of Ideas. January-March 1984. Volume XLV Number 1
041270: - "The Buddha's philosophy of language Kalupahana, David J"
040674: - "All Of Us There (Virago Modern Classics) [Paperback] Devlin, Polly and Donoghue, Emma"
044245: - Va: Japanese Textiles Pb ** Jackson Anna
031644: - "Agricultural Economics and Marketing in the Tropics (Intermediate tropical agriculture series) Abbott, J.C. and Makeham, J. P."
042734: - "Faustus and the Censor: The English Faust Book and Marlowe's ""Dr.Faustus"" EMPSON"
042697: - "General Theory of Population (Publication / Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure) Sauvy, Alfred and Campos, C."
039415: - "Heroes and Villains: Selected Essays Johnson, R. W."
040535: - "The Journey within (African Writers Series) Aniebo, I.N.C."
042045: - "Black Women in America: Social Science Perspectives [Paperback] Malson, Micheline R.; Mudimbe-Boyi, Elisabeth; O'Barr, Jean F. and Wyer, Mary"
032117: - In the Wet Nevil Shute
032121: - Histoire d'une grecque moderne PREVOST Abbé
042380: - "Understanding Social Life: The Method Called ""Verstehen"" Outhwaite, William"
042905: - "The Natural Order Bentley, Ursula"
043709: - "Schooling Sexualities [Paperback] Epstein, Debbie; Epstein and Johnson, Richard"
041962: - "Identities and interactions: An examination of human associations in everyday life [Paperback] McCall, George J"
040392: - "Values and Morals: Essays in Honor of William Frankena, Charles Stevenson, and Richard Brandt: 13 (Philosophical Studies Series) Goldman, A.I. and Jaegwon Kim"
042958: - "Artisans, Peasants and Proletarians Emsley, Professor Clive and Walvin, James"
026108: - "Beyond Survival and Philanthropy: American Jewry and Israel Gal, Allon and Gottschalk, Alfred"
025317: - Journal of the History of Ideas. April-June 1982. Volume XLIII Number 2
025319: - Journal of the History of Ideas. October-December 1982. Volume XLIII Number 4
044454: - "The Oxford Book of American Short Stories Oates, Joyce Carol"
033745: - "Harmony Warburton, Annie O."
033760: - "The Shadewell Shenanigans (Illmoor Chronicles) Lee Stone, David"
042385: - "Postmodernist Fiction McHale, Brian"
044561: - "Economic Policy and Projects: Development of a Consumer Society in Early Modern England Thirsk, Joan"
040680: - "Mrs. Broom's Suffragette Photographs Atkinson, Diane"
039392: - "Left, Left, Left: Personal Account of Six Protest Campaigns, 1945-65 Duff, Peggy"
043897: - "A Day in Our Life O'Crohan, Sean and Enright, Tim"
043280: - "Nature of Soil Piping: A Review of Research (British Geomorphological Research Group research monograph series) Jones, J. A. A."
043242: - "Women's Realities, Women's Choices: An Introduction to Women's Studies Hunter College Women's Studies Collective"
042511: - "That Night McDermott, Alice"
039616: - "Golden Girls (Modern Plays) Page, Louise"
028077: - CATALOGUE OF BRITISH WATERCOLOURS AND DRAWINGS 1750-1920 (10th April 1980)
018950: - - Beekeeping. Bulletin No. 9 Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
040655: - It Doesn't Have to be Like This: Global Economics - A New Way Forward [Paperback] M. Legum
040968: - "Pack My Bag: A Self Portrait Green, Henry"
039697: - "The White Generals Luckett, Richard"
042561: - "Jews of Warsaw, 1939-43: Ghetto, Underground and Revolt Gutman, Israel"
044416: - "Christian Metal: History, Ideology, Scene (Bloomsbury Studies in Religion and Popular Music) [Paperback] Marcus Moberg"
041523: - "Freedom through Inner Renunciation: Sankara's Philosophy in a New Light (SUNY Series, McGill Studies in the History of Religions, A Series Devoted to International Scholarship) Marcaurelle, Roger"
044077: - "Royal Tapestry: Some Royal Connections with West Surrey Howkins, Chris"
044078: - "The World War II Data Book [Hardcover] Ellis, John"
043618: - "Devolution: The End of Britain? Dalyell, Tam"
044106: - "The Irish Narrow Gauge: The Ulster Lines Vol 2: A Pictorial History in Two Volumes Ferris, Tom"
040082: - "The Fleischer Story: The Max Fleischer Cartoon Studio in the Golden Age of Animation Cabarga, Leslie"
041643: - "The Fetishism of Modernities: Epochal Self Consciousness in Contemporary Social and Political Thought (Frank M.Covey, Jr., Loyola Lectures in Political Analysis S.) [Hardcover] Yack, Bernard"
034628: - "Father Brown Stories Chesterton, G. K."
044740: - "Jack Hill's Country Chair Making Hill, Jack"
044739: - "Heathen, Hindoo, Hindu: American Representations of India, 1721-1893 [Hardcover] Altman, Michael J."
038492: - "Tide-race Morris, Brian"
042024: - "Psychoanalytic Politics: Jacques Lacan and Freud's French Revolution Turkle, Sherry"
038428: - Midway [Paperback] Duncan Bush
041887: - "Performing Feminisms: Feminist Critical Theory and Theatre [Paperback] Case, Dr. Sue-Ellen"
044456: - "Arferion Caru Stevens, Catrin"
041404: - "Varieties of Religion Today: William James Revisited (Institute for Human Sciences Vienna Lecture Series) Taylor, Charles"
044284: - "Battle Notes for War Gamers Featherstone, Donald"
043283: - "Towards a New Sociology of Social Work [Hardcover] Sibeon, Roger A."
038467: - The Midnight Skaters Edmund Blunden; C. Day Lewis and David Gentlemen
011227: - International Affairs. Volume 58 1982
041291: - "Nagarjuna's Philosophy as Presented in the Maha-prajnaparamita-sastra [Hardcover] Ramanan, K.Venkata"
043382: - "New Media Politics: Comparative Perspectives in Western Europe (Sage Communications in Society Series) McQuail MA PhD DipPSA , Denis and Siune, Karen"
026253: - "Letters to Auntie Fori: 5,000 Years of Jewish History and their Faith Gilbert, Martin"
012445: - Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 69 1917
043859: - "Causes and Treatment of Women's Ailments (Self help series) Kelso, Isa Anderson"
041974: - "A Generation Divided: German Children and the Berlin Wall Davey, Thomas A."
025314: - Journal of the History of Ideas. July-September 1981. Volume XLII Number 3
025315: - Journal of the History of Ideas. October-December 1981. Volume XLII Number 4
031645: - "Death On Blackheath (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 29): Secrecy, betrayal and murder on the streets of Victorian London (Thomas Pitt 29) Perry, Anne"
040771: - "Systematic Job Evaluation and Comparative Worth [Hardcover] Elizur, Dov"
043381: - "On war, by Carl von Clausewitz (Pelican classics) Clausewitz, Carl von"
042536: - "The Gun and the Olive Branch Hirst, David"
040223: - The State DE JASAY
043567: - "Violence and reform in American history Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri"
034758: - Supergirl (Vol 4) # 33 (Ref-1283675929) DC Comics
039389: - "New Forms of Work Organization: German Democratic Republic, India, Italy, U.S.S.R. - Economic Costs and Benefits v. 2 International Labour Office"
043924: - "Illness Behavior: A Multidisciplinary Model McHugh, Sean and Vallis, T. Michael"
042065: - "Fussells Ironworks Mells: A Brief History of the Ironworks, the Family and the Community Griffiths, Ken and Gallop, Roy"
042659: - "Wordsworth and the Beginnings of Modern Poetry Rehder, Robert"
043852: - "The Portable Renaissance Reader (The Viking portable library) [Paperback] Ross, James and McLaughlin, Mary"
039569: - "The Lunatic Express Miller, Charles"
041745: - Ysgrifau Beirniadol - Cyfrol 21: No. 21 J E Caerwyn Williams
039953: - "New Perspectives in Urban Change and Conflict Harloe, Michael"
043892: - "Metropolitan Critic James, Clive"
042063: - "Ffynonellau Hanes yr Eglwys: Y Cyfnod Cynnar v. 1 (Beibl a Chrefydd) Jones, R. Tudur-"
030701: - "Godspeed Sheffield, Charles"
026508: - "Field Testing in Engineering Geology (Geological Society Engineering Geology Special Publication) Bell, Fred; Culshaw, M. G.; Cripps, J.C. and Coffey, J.R."
039125: - "Subordination or Liberation?: Development and Conflicting Theories of Black Education in Nineteenth-century Alabama Sherer, Robert G."
043291: - "A Critique of Max Weber's Philosophy of Social Science [Hardcover] Runciman, W. G."
039494: - "War and Democracy [Hardcover] Manicas, Peter T."
026870: - "Aias (Greek Tragedy in New Translations) [Paperback] Sophocles, Sophocles; Golder, Herbert and Pevear, Richard"
040857: - "Tudor Wales Thomas, W.S.K."
041990: - "James Joyce, Revised Edition (Oxford Lives) [Hardcover] Ellmann, Richard"
043811: - "Renaissance Latin Drama in England: Abraham Fraunce or H.Hickman ""Hymenaeus"", Abraham Fraunce ""Victoria"", ""Laelia"" Second Series (Plays Associated with the University of Cambridge) Fraunce, Abraham; Hickman, H.; Anonymous and Upton, Christopher"
043867: - Pudding: A Global History (The Edible Series) [Hardcover] Jeri Quinzio
041244: - "Sartre, Foucault, and Historical Reason, Volume Two: A Poststructuralist Mapping of History: Poststructuralist Mapping of History v. 2 [Paperback] Flynn, Thomas R."
041409: - "Ordeal by Labyrinth: Conversations with Claude-Henri Rocquet Eliade, Mircea"
040777: - "Problematic Rebel: Melville, Dostoievsky, Kafka, Camus Friedman, Maurice S."
043296: - "Personality theories: A comparative analysis (The Dorsey series in psychology) [Hardcover] Maddi, Salvatore R"
041604: - "Religion: The Modern Theories Kunin, Seth D."
038974: - "Consequentialism And Its Critics (Oxford Readings In Philosophy) [Paperback] Scheffler, Samuel"
042313: - "Fidelities Watkins, Vernon"
043087: - "In Defence of Politics (Pelican books) Crick, Bernard"
043869: - "Cambridge Illustrated Thesaurus of Physics [Hardcover] Rickards, Teresa; Denney, R. C. and Foster, Stephen"
039356: - "The Family Rice Bowl: Food and the Domestic Economy in China Croll, Elisabeth"
039361: - "Community and organization in the New Left: 1962-1968 : the great refusal (Praeger special studies) Breines, Wini"
040173: - "Neorealism and Neoliberalism: The Contemporary Debate (New Directions in World Politics) [Paperback] Baldwin, David A."
042046: - "Joris Ivens: Fifty Years of Film Making Delmar, Rosalind"
034627: - "Kafka am Strand Murakami, Haruki and Gräfe, Ursula"
041020: - "Human Sexual Response Masters, W.H. Johnson"
040701: - "Readings About Individual and Group Differences Willerman, Lee and Turner, Robert G."
039105: - "Making of Sociology: Developments v. 2 ([Tutor books]) Fletcher, Ronald"
041013: - "Beyond Left and Right: Future of Radical Politics [Paperback] Giddens, Anthony"
033036: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 20 (Royal Historical Society Transactions) Archer, Ian W."
040946: - "Understanding Wittgenstein: Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures, Volume 7, 1972/73 Royal Institute of Philosophy"
032039: - "The Ark of the Covenant Grierson, Roderick; Munro-Hay, Stuart"
032022: - "The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer: Coinneach Odhar Fiosaiche Mackenzie,Alexander and Sutherland, Elizabeth"
032042: - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Minster Classics) Lewis Carroll
032050: - "Comic Poems (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets) Washington, Peter"
041686: - "After Empire: The Art and Ethos of Enduring Peace [Paperback] Welch, Sharon D."
040866: - "US and UK Unemployment Between the Wars: A Doleful Story (Hobart Papers) [Paperback] Benjamin, Daniel K. and Matthews, K.G.P."
039158: - "History of the Communist Party of Great Britain, Volume 2: The General Strike, 1925-1926 Klugmann, James"
038115: - "Prime Ministers and Premiers: Political Leadership and Public Policy in Canada Pal, Leslie Alexander and Taras, David"
039943: - "Books Behind Bars: The Role of Books, Reading, and Libraries in British Prison Reform, 1701-1911: 72 (Contributions in Librarianship & Information Science) Fyfe, Janet"
043098: - "Resolving Social Conflicts (Condor Books) Lewin, Kurt and Lewin, Gertrud Weiss"
042831: - "Rotten Elements Upward, Edward"
042651: - "Property and Social Relations Hollowell, Peter and Hollowell, Peter G."
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044161: - "GOBLIN COMPANION MINI: A Field Guide to Goblins [Hardcover] Jones, Terry and Froud, Brian"
044166: - "Poussin: Sacraments and bacchanals : paintings and drawings on sacred and profane themes by Nicolas Poussin 1594-1665 : [catalogue of an exhibition ... Edinburgh, 16 October-13 December 1981 Poussin, Nicolas"
041150: - "Vaclav Havel: Or Living in Truth Havel, Vaclav and Vladislav, Jan"
042274: - "New Criminology: For a Social Theory of Deviance (International Library of Society) Taylor, Ian and etc."
022415: - Histoire de la Guerre d'Orient 1877-1878. Relation Illustrée de l'Insurrection Serbe et de la Campagne Turco-russe. Portraits, dessins de batailles, etc., etc. d'après des croquis pris sur le théâtre même des évènements.
038042: - "The Nature and Destiny of Man: A Christian Interpretation: Volume One: Human Nature; Volume Two: Human Destiny: 1 & 2 (Library of Theological Ethics) [Paperback] Niebuhr, Reinhold"
038630: - "Appropriating Shakespeare: Contemporary Critical Quarrels Vickers, Brian"
042462: - "The angry Vineyard Williams, Rhydwen"
040015: - "Evaluation of Political Performance: Problems and Dimensions (Comparative Policy S.) Eckstein, Harry"
040862: - A History of the Theatre in Europe [Paperback] John Allen
042161: - "A Preface to Dickens (Preface Books) Grant, Allan"
042001: - "Thief-taker General: The Rise and Fall of Jonathan Wild Howson, Gerald"
041760: - Günter Grass: Ein Materialienbuch (Sammlung Luchterhand) rolf-geissler
039756: - "Christopher Marlowe (Writers and their Work) [Paperback] Healy, Thomas"
042571: - "William Faulkner Karl, Frederick R."
042037: - "Cyfres Broydd Cymru: 2. Bro Dinefwr [Paperback] Davies, Eleri"
040808: - "City, Class and Capital: New Developments in the Political Economy of Cities and Regions Harloe, Michael and Lebas, Elizabeth"
042592: - "Special Libraries and Information Centers: An Introductory Text Mount, Ellis"
038613: - "The Cry for the Dead Wright, Judith"
038614: - "Regulating a New Economy: Public Policy and Economic Change in America, 1900-33 Keller, M"
032544: - "Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships (Ensign) Raven, Alan and Roberts, John"
027557: - JAMES REEVE.
026582: - "Milk From Grass [Paperback] C. Thomas and J. W. O. Young, Editors"
038205: - "The Politics of Social Solidarity: Class Bases of the European Welfare State, 1875 1975 [Paperback] Baldwin, Peter"
026214: - "Arab World (American Foreign Policy Library) POLK, WR"
042128: - "Character and Social Structure: Psychology of Social Institutions Gerth, Hans H. and Mills, C. Wright"
039149: - "The Wilson Governments, 1964-1970 Tiratsoo, Nick; Coopey, R. and Fielding, S."
041485: - "Les révolutions de l'inconscient. Histoire et géographie des maladies de l'âme Clément, Catherine"
043298: - "PURCELL PAPER MEMOIR 3VL (Ireland, from the Act of Union, 1800, to the death of parnell, 1891) [Hardcover] Lefanu"
032225: - "An Illustrated History of British Railways' Workshops: Locomotive, Carriage and Wagon Building and Maintenance from 1825 to the Present Day Larkin, Edgar J. and Clements, F.G. MBE"
042589: - Personal Being HARRE
044375: - "The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt (Penguin Reference) [Paperback] Manley, Bill"
032555: - "Frozen in Time: Fate of the Franklin Expedition Beattie, Owen and Geiger, John"
041194: - "Becoming a Reader: The Experience of Fiction from Childhood to Adulthood [Hardcover] Appleyard, J. A."
041463: - "Krishna: Myths, Rites and Attitudes Singer, Milton B."
032671: - "Slates from Abergynolwyn: the story of Bryneglwys slate quarry Holmes, Alan"
032643: - "Plucking the Apple Palmer, Elizabeth"
043528: - "The Revolutions of 1848 (Revolutions in the Modern World) Stearns, Peter N."
043516: - "Resistance in Vichy France: A Study of Ideas and Motivation in the Southern Zone 1940-1942 [Hardcover] Kedward, H.R."
042022: - "Annotations to ""Finnegans Wake"" [Paperback] McHugh, Roland"
044420: - "City Lights: A Street Life Waterhouse, Keith"
044421: - "Theories of Consciousness: An Introduction (Philosophical Issues in Science) [Paperback] Seager, William"
043899: - "Nude Beach (Sociological Observations) Douglas, Jack D. and Rasmussen, Paul K."
042043: - "Capitalism, State Formation and Marxist Theory Corrigan, Philip"
044031: - "Autism: Explaining the Enigma Frith, Uta"
043374: - "Against the Stream: A Buddhist Manual for Spiritual Revolutionaries [Paperback] Levine, Noah"
034761: - Ultimate Power # 2 Ultimate Power #2 - Part 2 of 9 released
034763: - Hero # 21 (Ref1079799207) DC Comics
038759: - "The Oslo Tram Reynolds, Oliver"
040908: - Enterprise and the Scope of the Firm SILVER
038352: - The Genre of Silence [Paperback] Duncan Bush and John Selway
042584: - "Slave Culture: Nationalist Theory and the Foundations of Black America [Paperback] Stuckey, Sterling"
039782: - "French Society and the Revolution (Past and Present Publications) Johnson, Douglas"
044629: - "Days of Awe [Paperback] Homes, A.M."
041349: - "Objects of Enquiry: The Life, Contributions, and Influence of Sir William Jones (1746-1794) [Hardcover] Garland Cannon and Kevin Brine"
040641: - "Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw (Llyfrau poced Gomer) Jones, Robert Maldwyn"
026973: - "The Jewish Heritage in British History: Englishness and Jewishness (Immigrants & Minorities) [Hardcover] Kushner, Tony"
031207: - "The Chequer Board Shute, Nevil"
031210: - "The Postman Always Rings Twice Cain, J. M."
031215: - The Lost Weekend
031029: - "Guardians of Time Anderson, Poul"
031230: - "Hemlock and After Wilson, Angus"
031231: - "The Constant Nymph Kennedy, Margaret"
031235: - "The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Illustrated Edition Wilder, Thornton"
031300: - Many Cargoes (Penguin Books. no. 214.) William Wymark Jacobs
042087: - "The Struggle Against History Segal, Ronald"
031793: - A World Lit Only
034529: - The Theory of Environmental Policy Baumol/Oates
026552: - "The Classical Association: The First Century 1903-2003 (New Surveys in the Classics) Stray, Professor Christopher"
030401: - "Twilight World Anderson, Poul"
034712: - Backlash # 17 (Ref1139907498) Image
043542: - "The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century Parker, Geoffrey A. and Smith, Lesley M."
039197: - "Explanation of Behaviour (International Library of Philosophy) Taylor, Charles"
042967: - "Art and Philosophy: Conceptual Issues in Aesthetics Margolis, Joseph"
043256: - "Mortality, Immortality and Other Life Strategies [Paperback] Bauman, Zygmunt"
039692: - "On the Eve of 1917: Reminiscences and Documents of the Labour Movement and the Revolutionary Underground, 1914-17 Shlyapnikov, Alexander and Chappel, R."
042344: - "Dryden: A Selection Dryden, John and Conaghan, John"
042286: - "Trespasses Bailey, Paul"
039038: - "On the Poems of Tennyson Hellstrom, Ward"
038342: - Beware Falling Tortoises [Paperback] Sheenagh Pugh
039066: - "The Outsider (Pan paperback) Wilson, Colin"
042488: - "Political Crumbs [Paperback] Enzensberger, Hans Magnus and Chalmers, M."
042437: - "Letters from Russia, 1919 Ouspensky, P. D."
038108: - "The Demography of Inequality in Brazil [Hardcover] Wood, Charles H. and Carvalho, Jose Alberto Magno"
042813: - "Inside the Royal Court Theatre, 1956-81 Doty, Gresdna A. and Harbin, Billy"
041452: - "Psychology East and West Harvey, John and etc."

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