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036050: - "De de gaulle Lacouture, J."
036051: - "Caracteres, Les (Classiques Francais) Bruyere, Jean De La"
035904: - World guide to scientific associations =: Internationales Verzeichnis wissenschaftlicher Verbände und Gesellschaften (Handbuch der internationalen Dokumentation und Information)
035870: - "An Introduction to Sociology (Commonwealth & international library) Green, Bryan S. R."
035810: - "Government and Politics of France: Institutions and Parties v. 1 Pickles, Dorothy"
035812: - Gwarchdfeydd natur cenedlaethol =: National nature reserves
035809: - "Fourteenth Chronicle: Letters and Diaries of John Dos Passos Dos Passos, John and Ludington, Townsend"
035801: - Air Pollution and Forestry Innes J L
035802: - The Galpin Society European Musical Instruments Edinburgh International Festival 1968 editor
035803: - "The Meese Commission Exposed: Proceedings of a Ncac Public Information Briefing on the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography Carmen, Arlene"
035805: - Tübingen. Kleiner Führer der Stadt Tübingen
035806: - "Grasses and Legumes in British Agriculture (Pastures Bulletin) Spedding, C.R.W.; Diekmahns, Edward Charles; Diekmahns, E.C. and Dikmahns, E.C."
035800: - "100 Things You Should Know About Weather Oliver, Clare"
035799: - "Edwardian Rambles Atty, Henry"
035795: - "In Darkest England and the Way Out Booth, William"
035783: - Zadig Et Autres Contes (Classiques Francais) Voltaire
035741: - "La gravure française. DACIER, Emile"
035740: - Land of My Fathers: 2000 Years of Welsh History Gwynfor Evans
035720: - "Desire Me Frank, Leonhard"
035671: - The Royal Air Force Air Power Review Volume Two Number Three Autumn 1999
035645: - "Gynt - Williams, Gwladys"
035617: - Publishers in the United Kingdom and Their Addresses 1986
035618: - "Bibliography of New Testament Bibliographies Hurd, John C."
035614: - Le Rouge et Le Noir Stendhal
035591: - "Officiers(les) Monteil, Vincent"
038869: - "Nineteenth Century Nonconformity (Foundations of modern history) Sellers, Ian"
038857: - "Power, Rule and Domination: A Critical and Empirical Understanding of Power in Sociological Theory and Organizational Life (International Library of Society) Clegg, Stewart"
038860: - "Criticism and Compliment: The Politics of Literature in the England of Charles I (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History) [Hardcover] Sharpe, Kevin"
038870: - "Kalam Cosmological Argument (Library of Philosophy and Religion) Craig, William Lane"
038871: - "Legacy of Max Weber [Hardcover] Lachmann, L.M."
038875: - "John Locke (Philosophers in perspective) Mabbott, J.D."
038877: - "Men in Dark Times [Hardcover] Arendt, Hannah"
038881: - "Five Ways (Study in Ethics & Philosophy of Religion) Kenny, Anthony John Patrick"
038882: - "Young Ardizzone: An Autobiographical Fragment [Hardcover] Ardizzone, Edward"
033512: - The Bifet Design Manual - Texas Instruments Peter F. Nicholson
033515: - "Documentary: History of the Non-fiction Film (Galaxy Books) Barnouw, Erik"
033519: - "Die Schlussel Literatur Band I & II (of 3) Schneider, Georg"
033520: - "Loctite Worldwide Design Handbook Cowdrey, Simon (editor)"
033528: - 1789 Les Emblemes De La Raison. Starobinski Jean
033531: - "Histoire religieuse de la France (Que sais-je?) Montclos, Xavier de"
033534: - "Oeuvres II écrits politiques 1917 1918 LUXEMBURG, Rosa"
033536: - "The Mysterious Mickey Finn Paul, Elliot"
033542: - "Chemistry: An Integrated Approach Lowrie, Robert Sydney and Ferguson, H.J.C."
043669: - "World of Childhood Reader Wozniak, Robert H."
026488: - "Broken Promises: Popular Protest, Indian Nationalism and the Congress Party in Bihar, 1935-46 Damodaran, Vinita"
032748: - "Principles and Applications of Soil Geography Bridges, E. M. and Davidson, Donald A."
039995: - "Beyond IQ: A Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence [Paperback] Sternberg, Robert"
039996: - "The Freewill Question [Paperback] Davis, W. H."
039997: - "Harry Potter - Dutch: Harry Potter en de Vuurbeker [Paperback] Rowling, J. K."
040000: - Contact and Conflict in Intergroup Encounters (Social Psychology and Society) HEWSTONE
044960: - "After Modernity?: Secularity, Globalization, and the Reenchantment of the World [Paperback] James K. A. Smith (editor)"
045065: - "The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age [Paperback] Head, Simon"
031043: - "War with the Gizmos Leinster, Murray"
031046: - The Case of the Substitute Face Erle Stanley Gardner
031011: - "Jeans: Big Bang Theory Hannan, Martin"
031019: - "Small Party Beckwith, Lillian"
031038: - "Reputation for a Song (Classic Crime) Grierson, Edward"
031007: - "House in Space Cooper, Henry S. F., Jr."
030995: - The Variable Man PHILIP K DICK
030063: - Analog Vol. XVIII - No. 5 May 1962 Mack Reynolds et al
030094: - "Analog Vol. XVIII, No. 4, April 1962 (British Edition) John W. Campbell and Thomas (cover art), Schoenherr, Barberis & Krenke"
030097: - Analog Science Fact & Fiction: Vol. XVII No. 9 September 1961 John W. Campbell
030098: - Analog Science Fact and Fiction January 1963. Vol XIX Various Authors
030105: - "Rite Of Passage Panshin, Alexei"
030118: - "Capricorn Games (Pan science fiction) Silverberg, Robert"
030131: - Analog Vol. XIX - No. 7 July 1963 Various
030132: - Analog Vol. XIX - No. 7 July 1963 Various
030133: - Analog. Science Fact & Fiction (British Edition. January 1962) Various Authors
029474: - WILLIAM WORDSWORTH 1770 - 1850. All Items Unless otherwise Stated are from the Collection of MISS M. M. GOALBY MA…
029472: - (CUMBERLAND & WESTMORLAND SOCIETY OF ARTS AND CRAFTS. Newspaper Reviews of Exhibitions).
032794: - Machine Tool Adjustment : Machinery's Industrial Secrets Machinery Magazine
026878: - "Northwestern Fights & Fighters: The Nez Perce & Modoc Indian Wars 1872-77 [Paperback] Brady, Cyrus Townsend"
026874: - "Tanzania, 1800-1980: A Political Economy Coulson, Andrew"
026801: - "Nigerian History and Culture Olaniyan, Richard"
041884: - "Virtual War Ignatieff, Michael"
041567: - Coping with India WOOD
040792: - "Voyagers to the West: Emigration from Britain to America on the Eve of the Revolution Bailyn, Bernard"
038205: - "The Politics of Social Solidarity: Class Bases of the European Welfare State, 1875 1975 [Paperback] Baldwin, Peter"
040453: - Economy and Class Structure of German Fascism Alfred Sohn-Rethel and Martin Sohn-Rethel
038323: - "Socialism in Provence 1871-1914 [Paperback] Judt, Tony"
042276: - "Sexual Life in Ancient Egypt Manniche, L"
042440: - "The New England Merchants in the Seventeenth Century [Paperback] Bailyn, Bernard"
040265: - "Sergei Nechaev Pomper, Philip"
033827: - "Growing Out of Poverty Stamp, Elizabeth"
026276: - "Incertain Irak: Tableau dun royaume avant la tempête : 1914-1953 Dauphin, Jacques"
070289: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 51 New Series. December 4 1946 The Challenge of Jack London
043150: - "French Revolution, 1787-99: From the Jacobin Dictatorship to Napoleon v. 2 Soboul, Albert; Forrest, A. and Jones, C."
070411: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 28. New Series. July 9 1947 Bruce Woodcock's Future
026659: - Jane's Avionics 1986-87 Stephen R. Broadbent
026661: - Fundamental Problems in Philosophy (Set books / Open University) HANFLING
026368: - "Love's Labour's Lost ""Geep"""
044131: - "Quarry Hunslets of North Wales: The Great Little Survivors (Series X) [Hardcover] Thomas, C. S."
039158: - "History of the Communist Party of Great Britain, Volume 2: The General Strike, 1925-1926 Klugmann, James"
042733: - Persons and Personality: A Contemporary Inquiry (Ian Ramsey Centre publication) PEACOCK
045498: - Privileged Journey: From Enthusiast to Professional Railwayman Maidment, David
039145: - "The German Social Democratic Party, 1875-1933 Guttsman, W.L."
026511: - "Tables, Data and Formulae for Engineers Greer, Alex and Hancox, D.J."
026370: - "No Peace on Earth Larteguy, Jean"
039176: - "Slavery and the Rise of the Atlantic System [Paperback] Solow, Barbara"
024775: - Monumenta Guerickiana. Heft 16/17 Magdeburg 2008
045479: - "Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World [Paperback] Bigelow, Bill"
022720: - Memoranda on Medical Deseases in Tropical and Sub-tropical War Areas. 1919.
038421: - East Anglian Wordscapes Mercer Simpson
037583: - Francais et Britanniques dans la Drole de Guerre: Actes du Colloque franco-britannique tenu a Paris du 8 au 12 decembre 1975
043432: - The Idea of Culture in the Social Sciences [Hardcover] Schneider
039757: - "Hamlet (Open guides to literature) Holderness, Graham"
039758: - "The past and future people: Tradition and change on a New Guinea island McSwain, Romola"
032476: - Y Rhyl a'r Cyffiniau (Bro'r Eisteddfod)
039565: - "Yeats, Eliot and Pound and the Politics of Poetry Craig, C."
039566: - "Picturesque Landscape and English Romantic Poetry [Hardcover] Watson, John Richmond"
040376: - "Lid Off the Cauldron: Handbook for Witches Crowther, Patricia"
043382: - "New Media Politics: Comparative Perspectives in Western Europe (Sage Communications in Society Series) McQuail MA PhD DipPSA , Denis and Siune, Karen"
043483: - "The Demon Lover: On the Sexuality of Terrorism Morgan, Robin"
044925: - "History and Beyond: ""Interpreting Early India"", ""Time as a Metaphor of History"", ""Cultural Transaction"", ""Early India from Lineage to State"" Thapar, Romila"
033959: - "Politics in Western Europe Today: Perspectives, Policies and Problems Since 1980 Urwin Prof Derek W"
033953: - Hampshire's Countryside Heritage: Ancient Woodlands Bk. 2 * Phil Colebourn
038294: - "Function and Evolution in Behaviour: Essays in Honour of Professor Niko Tinbergen Baerends, Gerard; Beer, Colin and Manning, Aubrey"
026188: - "The Gulf/spec Sale/avail Hard Only [Paperback] Sandwick, John"
042748: - "That Darcy,That Dancer,That Gentleman Donleavy, J. P."
034715: - Ascension (Vol 1) # 22 (Ref1455710479) Image
034716: - Ascension # 9 (Ref-45422782) Image
043277: - "V.I.P. Wales Davies, Chris"
034713: - Tenth Black Embrace # 3 (Ref-868417061) Image
034714: - "Breathe Sheridan, John; Wallis, Kit and Meylaender, Nicolas"
034712: - Backlash # 17 (Ref1139907498) Image
043004: - "Charles Stewart Parnell: The Man and His Family Foster, R. F."
044561: - "Economic Policy and Projects: Development of a Consumer Society in Early Modern England Thirsk, Joan"
044386: - "The Shepherd (Country Treasury S.) Seymour, John"
032334: - Dialectical Materialism. Translated
033557: - The History Of Mammals W R Hamilton
032650: - "Owen and Watkin Williams of Cardiff: Golden Cross Line Jenkins, David and World Ship Society"
032652: - "Ark; a study of the Koran ,"
043844: - Family Structure in 19th Century Lancashire [Hardcover] Michael Anderson
026529: - Social Science Research Council: v. 2: Surveys of Applied Economics Royal Economic Society
032400: - "Succeed in Business: Germany Lord, Richard"
041180: - "Anthology of World Scriptures: Eastern Religions [Paperback] Van Voorst, Robert E."
039563: - "Aren't You Rather Young to be Writing Your Memoirs? [Hardcover] Johnson, B.S."
070309: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 9 New Series. February 14 1945 Flyweight Vacancy?
038975: - "My Aunt Jane Austen: A Memoir Austen, Caroline"
038978: - Logical Thinking in Children: Research Based on Piaget's Theory Irving E. Sigel; Frank H. Hooper and Bärbel Inhelder
038979: - "Animals and Man (Romanes Lectures) Rothschild, Miriam"
026544: - Remaking Asia: Essays on the American Uses of Power
044801: - "Body Thoughts [Paperback] Strathern, Andrew"
041764: - "Malone Dies (Calderbooks S.) Beckett, Samuel"
041856: - "Kilroy was Here (Phoenix Living Poets S.) Cotton, John"
033573: - "Field Guide to Mammals (Peterson Field Guides) Burt, William H. and Grossenheider, Richard P."
026263: - Mozartian Historian Meisner
031974: - "Healing - More or Less: Reflections and Prayers at the End of an Age: More or Less - Reflections and Prayers on the Meaning and Ministry of Healing at the End of an Age Cotter, Jim"
045662: - Better Humans: The Politics of Human Enhancement and Life Extension Wilsdon, James and Miller, Paul
042919: - "Manufacturing Consent: Changes in the Labour Process Under Monopoly Capitalism [Hardcover] Burawoy, Michael"
043913: - "The Best Circles: Society, the Season and Etiquette Davidoff, Leonore"
045379: - "Bara Ein Bywyd: Emynau, Cerddi Ac Ysgrifau Davies, Tudor"
034407: - Hereford Cathedral The Very Rev. H. R. Burrows
034415: - "Peterborough Cathedral (Pitkin Guides) Higham, John and McIlwain, John"
034418: - Computerizing Personnel Systems : a basic Guide Alastair Evans
034423: - Human Rights in Islam and Refutation of the Misconceived Allegations Associated with These Rights
044577: - "Shelley Style: A Collector's Guide Hill, Susan"
044369: - "Ingres (F A GENERAL) Shelton, Andrew Carrington and Blok Design"
043104: - "The Debate on Classes Wright, Erik Olin and et al."
034903: - An Option for Quebec Rene Levesque
012361: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 30 2004-2005
044190: - "Here is the News: Illustrated Manx History Cringle, Terry; etc. and Kniveton, Gordon N."
042716: - "Geiriadur y Gyfraith (Saesneg-Cymraeg) / Legal Dictionary, The (English-Welsh) Lewis, Robyn"
026652: - "Fertilizing for Maximum Yield Cooke, George William"
026653: - "Introduction to Mathematical Economics Casson, Mark"
042787: - "Introduction to Social Psychology Kinch, John Willard"
035238: - "European Social Law and Policy (European Law Series) Hervey, Tamara"
035237: - "Land of the Palm Trees (Three Companions) Farrall, Richard W. and Lonsdale, Mary"
035240: - "Wsrod Polakow (Among Poles): Polish for Foreign Students, Part 1; Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski"
033591: - "Can-Cans, Cats and Cities of Ash (Penguin Great Journeys) Twain, Mark"
033576: - "Good Old Secret Seven Blyton, Enid"
033577: - "A Vet (A Day in the Life of a.) Watson, C"
033587: - Vegetarisch kochen
033595: - The Social Psychology of Industry: Human Relations in the Factory (Pelican)
033609: - "L'ILE MYSTERIEUSE. Tome 2 Verne, Jules"
033610: - "More Than Meets the Eye (Penguin 60s) Visser, Margaret"
045576: - Stroud: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series) Tucker, Joan
044461: - Strangers in the Mist [Paperback] Hazarika Sanjoy
039304: - "African Condition: A Political Diagnosis (Reith Lecture) Mazrui, Ali A."
026516: - The Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany [Hardcover] Martin Eidelberg and Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen
033924: - "Candide (World's Classics) Voltaire and Pearson, Roger"
045373: - "Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion Pratkanis, Anthony and Aronson, Elliot"
043389: - "Reason and Freedom in Sociological Thought Hearn, Frank"
026348: - "The Shaping of South African Society, 1652-1820 Elphick, Richard H. and Gilliomee, Hermann"
026349: - "The Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran Mottahedeh, Roy"
042259: - "Revolution: There and Back Bredsdorf, Jan"
043310: - "Challenges of Humanistic Psychology Bugental, James F. T."
042871: - "Class and Society in Soviet Russia Matthews, Mervyn"
040560: - "Ysbryd Dealltwrus ac Enaid Anfarwol: Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Crefydd Yng Ngwynedd Carr, A.D.; etc. and Griffith, W.P."
040579: - "No End to Her: Soap Opera and the Female Subject Nochimson, Martha"
035977: - "A Light That is Shining: Introduction to the Quakers Gillman, Harvey"
022578: - An exhibition of the Records of Parliament in the Royal Gallery House of Lords (House of Lords Record Office Memorandum No. 62)
022585: - Anniversary Volume dedicated to Professor Hantaro Nagaoka by his friends and pupils on the completion of twenty-five years of his professorship
040594: - "Spiritual Autobiography in Early America (Wisconsin studies in American autobiography) [Paperback] Shea, Daniel B."
040609: - "Capitalism and Apartheid [Paperback] Lipton, Merle"
044047: - "Brighton: A Pictorial History (Pictorial History Series) Elleray, D R"
044879: - "Year Left: v. 1: American Socialist Year Book Davis, Mike and etc."
038693: - "The Upheaval of War: Family, Work and Welfare in Europe, 1914-1918 [Hardcover]"
038646: - "Army in Victorian Society (Study in Social History) Harries-Jenkins, Gwyn"
042567: - "French Communism, 19201972 [Hardcover] Tiersky, Ronald"
035070: - British Railways Rules for Observance
034388: - "Antonin Artaud: The Man and His Work (Modern Masters) Esslin, Martin"
033902: - "Renewable Energy Systems: The Earthscan Expert Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies for Home and Business Jenkins, Dilwyn"
033904: - "Milking Machines: A Comprehensive Guide for Farmers, Herdsmen and Students Lowe, F. R."
033898: - Jarrold guide to Norwich cathedral Stephen Platten Dean of Norwich
024604: - United States Policy in the Middle East. September 1956-June 1957. Documents
045308: - "Brand India: Master Images and Narratives in the Backdrop of Globalism Mongia, Sunanda"
043498: - All Stalin's Men MEDVEDEV
045599: - Trumper Mallett, Ashley
011990: - The Geographical Journal 166 January to December 2000
070256: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 22 New Series. May 15 1946
026836: - "Sociology as a Skin Trade O'Neill, John"
040112: - "Knowledge and Belief in Politics Benewick, Robert and etc."
043339: - "Marwydos: Detholiad o storïau Elis, Islwyn Ffowc"
045259: - Belated Travelers: Orientalism in the Age of Colonial Dissolution (Post-Contemporary Interventions) [Paperback] Ali Behdad
011210: - International Affairs. Volume 80 2004
042986: - "Mind and Emotion Mandler, George"
037170: - Hilda Vaughan. Newman. C.W.
011991: - The Geographical Journal 167 January to December 2001
043073: - "Brain, Environment and Social Psychology Jones, J.K.Chadwick- and etc."
042130: - "The Public Nature of Private Violence: Women and the Discovery of Abuse [Paperback] Fineman, Martha Albertson"
042140: - "Pensions (Workers' handbooks) Ward, Sue"
043048: - "Metropolis: Histories and Representations of London Since 1800 (History Workshop S.) Feldman, David and Stedman Jones, Gareth"
011237: - International Affairs. Volume XLIII 1967
032447: - "Portrait of a Playboy and Other Stories Evans, David"
026017: - "Building Co-operation: A Business History of The Co-operative Group, 1863-2013 [Hardcover] Wilson, John F.; Webster, Anthony and Vorberg-Rugh, Rachael"
026386: - Arrival and Departure [Paperback]
026463: - "The Balance of Power in East Asia (RUSI Defence Studies Series) [Hardcover] Leifer, Michael"
042477: - "Analytical Psychology - How the Mind Works (Teach Yourself Series) Cox, David"
041364: - "Identity and the Politics of Scholarship in the Study of Religion [Paperback] Cabezon, Jose"
042102: - "Myth of Parliament Marsh, Roman R."
041545: - "Reconstructing Eliade: Making Sense of Religion [Paperback] Rennie, Bryan S."
042044: - "Theory of Capitalist Imperialism (Problems & Perspectives in History) Fieldhouse, D. K."
026462: - "The Rise Of The Greeks Grant, Michael"
026704: - "Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina Sitrin, Miriam"
038934: - "Visionary Company: Reading of English Romantic History [Hardcover] Bloom, Prof. Harold"
038936: - "For Mad Mary ('London Magazine' editions) Jones, Brian"
038938: - "Berkeley: Philosophy of Immaterialism Tipton, I.C."
033955: - "Greenback: The Almighty Dollar and the Invention of America Goodwin, Jason"
044603: - "The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution, 1770-1803 Davis, David Brion"
032316: - "Nasser's Egypt (African) Mansfield, Peter"
035756: - "You and Your Job Leigh, Andrew"
032641: - "Fishguard in Old Photographs Morgan, Gillian"
038796: - "Appeasement and the English Speaking World Ovendale, Ritchie"
042802: - "United States Hegemony Under Siege: Class, Politics and Development in Latin America [Paperback] Petras, James F. and Morley, Morris H."
070354: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 25 New Series. June 6 1945 Challenge to Youth
043502: - "A Documentary History of Communism: Communism in Russia v. 1 [Hardcover] Daniels, Robert V."
043717: - "Inventing International Society: A History of the English School (St Antony"e;s Series) Rogan, Eugene and Dunne, T."
044863: - "Rethinking Working-Class History: Bengal, 1890-1940 [Paperback] Chakrabarty, Dipesh"
042638: - "Consciousness Explained (Penguin Science) [Paperback] Dennett, Daniel C."
042524: - "Dark Side of the House: Millar Wright Koskoff, Y.D. and Goldhurst, R."
035896: - "The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History Porch, Douglas"
041031: - "The Nature of Social Science (Harbinger Books) Caspar, George"
011233: - International Affairs. Volume XXIII 1947
045450: - "History of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Bk.3 Lewis, Meriwether; Clark, William and Coues, Elliott"
070268: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 34 New Series. August 7 1946 Bumper Season lies Ahead
033339: - "Karl Kraus Fischer, Jens Malte"
041183: - "Aggression and War: Their Biological And Social Bases [Paperback] Groebel, Jo"
011221: - International Affairs. Volume 70 1994
035086: - "Last Act in Palmyra Davis, Lindsey"
035088: - "En Canot Sur Les Chemins D'Eau Du Roi (Le Livre de Poche) Raspail, Jean"
035100: - "Agricultural Planning and Village Community in Israel Ben-David, Joseph Ed."
035080: - Lettres Persanes Montesquieu
035084: - "Last Chance to Eat: The Fate of Taste in a Fast Food World Mallet, Gina"
044823: - "Mightier than the Sword (The Clifton Chronicles) [Paperback] Archer, Jeffrey"
039178: - "Parliament and the Public Marshall, Edmund"
031769: - Lost Railways of Hampshire Leslie Oppitz
045177: - "Last Days of the Old Corris, The Jones, Gwyn Briwnant"
044023: - "Trolleys and Streetcars on American Picture Postcards Appelgate, Ray D."
038963: - "Blake and Antiquity Raine, Kathleen"
038966: - "Byron (Literature in Perspective S.) Doherty, Francis Michael"
038961: - "Leibniz: Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science (Readings in Philosophy S.) Woolhouse, Roger"
043105: - Law of Freedom and Other Writings (Pelican classics) Gerrard Winstanley and Christopher Hill
031605: - "Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Paganism v. 1 Gay, Peter"
031582: - "Pearl Harbor Willmott, H P"
031586: - "International Energy Markets: Understanding Pricing, Policies & Profits: Understanding Pricing, Policies, and Profits Carol Dahl"
031601: - Auerbach Annual 1973: Best Computer Papers
031602: - "Land Law: Text, Cases, and Materials McFarlane, Ben; Hopkins, Nicholas and Nield, Sarah"
031604: - "The Arcade (Heinemann guided readers) Colbourn, Stephen"
032950: - "A Rhyming History of Britain: 55 B.C.-A.D. 1966 Muirden, James and Eccles, David"
040472: - "The Talking Cure: Essays in Psychoanalysis and Language (Language, Discourse, Society) [Hardcover] MacCabe, Colin"
040469: - "Marxism and Class Theory: A Bourgeois Critique [Hardcover] Parkin, Frank"
045221: - "When Corporations Rule The World [Paperback] Korten, David"
033045: - "Ghastly Good Taste (National Trust Classics) Betjeman, John"
040527: - "Violence as Communication: Insurgent Terrorism and the Western News Media Schmid, Alex P. and Graaf, Janny De"
035016: - "A History of Modern France: Vol. 2 Cobban, A"
035022: - THE ENGLISH GENTLEMAN SERIES. Three volume set in slipcase. Sutherland (Douglas Chalmers hutchinson). (1919-1995).
035029: - A seaman's guide to the rule of the road (Bristol self-teaching programmed books)
035045: - "Human Nature and the Social Order Cooley, Charles Horton"
070375: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 45 New Series. October 24 1945 Big Money Talk
070412: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 29. New Series. July 16 1947 Peter Kane gets his chance
070361: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 32 New Series. July 25 1945 Bilateral Problem
070360: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 31 New Series. July 18 1945 Tests to Come
070304: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 5 New Series. January 17 1945 Defend not protect. The Heavyweight Championship
039864: - "Revolution and Rebellion: State and Society in England in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries [Hardcover] Clark, J. C. D."
026851: - "New Politics of Human Rights Joyce, James Avery"
070273: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 39 New Series. September 11 1946 Woodcock's chances of beating Lesnevich
070272: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 38 New Series. September 4 1946 Hawthorne-Thompson Eliminator
070267: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 33 New Series. July 31 1946 Empire "Heavies"of Promise
070292: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 2 New Series. December 24 1946 Great British Champions 1946
070342: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 13 New Series. March 14 1945 A Boxing Commonwealth
070341: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 12 New Series. March 7 1945 Spring Cleaning
070302: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 3 New Series. January 3 1945 Year of Hope
070303: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 4 New Series. January 10 1945 The Upward Path. No Easy Way
070305: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 6 New Series. January 24 1945 The King Departs!
070409: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 26. New Series. June 25 1947 Anderson-Phillips featured in Olympia Revival
025833: - Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy founded as Anatomia Clinica. Volume 8 Number 1 1986
070401: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 19. New Series. May 7 1947 A.B.A. supplies the glamour
070397: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 15. New Series. April 9 1947 Woodcock-Baksi Analysis
033895: - Much Ado about Nothing (Cambridge School Shakespeare) 2nd (second) Edition
042688: - "Three and a Half Powers: New Balance in Asia Hinton, Harold C."
070239: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 5 New Series. January 16 1946
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040164: - "The Levittowners Gans, Herbert J."
041221: - "Imagining Karma: Ethical Transformation in Amerindian, Buddhist and Greek Rebirth: 14 (Comparative Studies in Religion and Society) [Paperback] Obeyesekere, Gananath"
042746: - "The Art of Work: An Epitaph to Skill Coleman, Roger"
043082: - Analysing Children's Language (Applied Language Studies) BENNETT–KASTOR
041910: - "Veiled Half Truths: Western Travellers' Perceptions of Middle Eastern Women Mabro, Judy"
039465: - "The anarchist way to socialism: Elisée Reclus and nineteenth-century European anarchism Fleming, Marie"
041437: - "The Culture of the New Capitalism (Castle Lectures in Ethics, Politics, & Economics) [Hardcover] Sennett, Richard"
042962: - "Marxism-Leninism and the Theory of International Relations Kubalkova, Vendulka and Cruickshank, Albert A."
033489: - "Modern Swiss Literature: Unity and Diversity - A Symposium Flood, John L."
033491: - "Nice Girl Like ME Bosanko, Abigail"
031497: - International Socialism 125 Winter 2010: Snapshots of Struggle Alex Callinicos
026658: - "Introduction to the Laplace Transformation with Engineering Applications (Science Paperbacks) Jaeger, John Conrad and Newstead, G.H."
070352: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 23 New Series. May 23 1945 Champions or Title Holders?
038649: - "Collected Works: v. 12 [Hardcover] Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich; Dutt, C. and etc."
038662: - "Germany in the age of total war [Hardcover] Berghahn, Volker Rolf"
044642: - "Bread And Circuses: Historical Sociology And Political Pluralism Pearce, Brian; Murray, Oswyn and Veyne, Paul"
044786: - "Papermac;Drawing A Likeness Graves, Douglas R."
043856: - Pwy oedd pwy 1: Sef pobl y flwyddyn yng nghymru 1983
043242: - "Women's Realities, Women's Choices: An Introduction to Women's Studies Hunter College Women's Studies Collective"
008241: - - The Teaching of English. An abridged sectional edition of "The Encyclopaedia and Dictionary of Education" (The New Educator's Library)
043258: - "Russia: How the Revolution Was Lost Gibbons, Alan"
026157: - "Indo-European /a/ (Haney Foundation Series) [Hardcover] William F. Wyatt, Jr."
026158: - "Media Worlds in the Postjournalism Era: Communication and Social Order [Paperback] Altheide, David L. and Snow, Robert"
026159: - Big Bird and Beyond (Fordham University Press) [Paperback] Lee D. Mitgang
045425: - "Secularization and Cultural Criticism: Religion, Nation, and Modernity (Religion and Postmodernism) [Paperback] Pecora, Vincent P."
041102: - "The Europeanization of the World: On the Origins of Human Rights and Democracy [Hardcover] Headley, John M."
031411: - "Daily Life in the Late Middle Ages Britnell, R. H."
037039: - "Privacy Defended: How to Protect Your Privacy and Secure Your PC Bahadur, Gary; Chan, William and Weber, Chris H"
070355: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 26 New Series. June 13 1945 Mind your Eye!
040233: - "Ethnography of Malinowski: Trobriand Islands, 1915-18 Malinowski, Bronislaw and Young, Michael W."
011489: - Middle Eastern Studies. Volume Twenty-One 1985
042571: - "William Faulkner Karl, Frederick R."
042301: - "Cysgodau'r palmwydd Thomas, Dewi W"
040248: - "On the Logic of the Social Sciences [Hardcover] Habermas, Jürgen"
037241: - "Mammon's Kingdom: An Essay on Britain, Now Marquand, David"
040028: - "Counter-revolution?: Doctrine and Action, 1789-1804 Godechot, Jacques"
013287: - - 10 Prévost et l'histoire des voyages (Cahiers Prévost d'Exiles)
042929: - "Harry Stack Sullivan's concepts of personality development and psychiatric illness [Paperback] Chapman, A. H"
031856: - "Finnish Grammar Karlsson, Fred"
042862: - "Democratic Promise: Populist Moment in America Goodwyn, Lawrence"
039545: - "The Origins and Legacies of World War I Fleming, Denna Frank"
041153: - "Immoral Memories: An Autobiography [Paperback] Eisenstein, Sergei"
039544: - "Making People Pay (International Library of Society) Rock, Paul"
043936: - "The Politics of Continuity: British Foreign Policy and the Labour Government, 1945-51 [Hardcover] Saville, John"
044199: - "The Restoration of Carriages Isles, George"
033961: - "Scottish Painting 1830-1930, 9th April - 3rd May 1974. Fine Art Society Fine Art Society"
027000: - "Collected Works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Volume 8 Marx and Engels: 1848 -1849: v. 8 Marx, Karl and Engels, Friedrich"
039950: - "Politics of Kula Ring [Hardcover] Uberoi, J.P.S."
040655: - It Doesn't Have to be Like This: Global Economics - A New Way Forward [Paperback] M. Legum
040796: - "The Manufacture of News: Social Problems, Deviance and the Mass Media (Communication and Society, Volume 4) Cohen, Stanley"
045347: - "The Jumping Frog: In English, Then in French, Then Clawed Back into a Civilized Language Once More by Patient, Unrenumerated Toil Twain, Mark and Robinson, Alan James"
043274: - "The changing position of philanthropy in the American economy (Occasional papers / National Bureau of Economic Research) Dickinson, Frank G"
041994: - "Buddhist Heritage [Hardcover] Skorupski, Tadeusz"
043899: - "Nude Beach (Sociological Observations) Douglas, Jack D. and Rasmussen, Paul K."
039786: - "French Government and Society, 1500-1850 Bosher, J. F."
042836: - "Problems of an Urban Society: The Social Content of Planning v. 2 (Urban & Regional Studies) Cullingworth, J. Barry"
038658: - "Cologne Communist Trial Marx, Karl and Livingstone, R."
040174: - "Psychological Foundations of Education: An Introduction to Human Motivation, Development and Learning Bigge, Morris L. and Hunt, Maurice P."
037014: - "Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right Frank, Thomas"
040292: - "Western Political Theory in the Face of the Future (Themes in the Social Sciences) [Hardcover] Dunn, John"
041558: - "The No-nonsense Guide to Globalisation (No-nonsense Guides) Ellwood, Wayne and McMurty, John"
039381: - History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology Frederick Krantz
034282: - "A year in an Orkney Kitchen Bichan, Alan and Cooper, Ian"

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