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LINCBOOK031059: BETSY BYARS - Ant Plays Bear
LINCBOOK011101: BYERS, T. J. - Guide to Local Area Networks
LINCBOOK018235: WILLIAM C. BYHAM - Zapp! the Lightning of Empowerment
LINCBOOK009264: ROBERT F. BYRNES - The United States and Eastern Europe
LINCBOOK027837: LORD BYRON - The Poetical Works of Lord Byron
LINCBOOK001167: HUGO LATORRE CABAL - The Revolution of the Latin American Church
LINCBOOK001155: HUGO LATORRE CABAL - The Revolution of the Latin American Church
LINCBOOK028472: PHILIP CABOT - Addresses 1935-1942
LINCBOOK012445: CADMAN, S. PARKES - Charles Darwin and Other English Thinkers, With Reference to Their Religious and Ethical Values.
LINCBOOK030617: CADY, H. EMILIE - Lessons in Truth: a Course of Twelve Lessons in Practical Christianity.
LINCBOOK007028: CADY, EDWIN H. - W. D. Howells as Critic.
LINCBOOK014182: CADZOW, JAMES A. - Discrete-Time Systems: an Introduction With Interdisciplinary Applications
LINCBOOK004613: VICTOR CAHALANE - Alive in the Wild.
LINCBOOK029872: COLEEN CAHILL - Simple Solutions: Kitchens
LINCBOOK029871: COLEEN CAHILL - Simple Solutions: Kitchens
LINCBOOK018303: CAINE, HALL - My Story
LINCBOOK007222: HALL CAINE - King Albert's Book: a Tribute to the Belgian King and People From Representative Men and Women Throughout the World.
LINCBOOK029774: CAIRNES, JOHN E. - The Slave Power; Its Character, Career & Probable Designs; Being an Attempt to Explain the Real Issues Involved in the American
LINCBOOK032142: JOHN C. CAIRNS - The Nineteenth Century 1815-1914
LINCBOOK005365: NIGEL CALDER - The Human Conspiracy: the New Science of Social Behavior.
LINCBOOK003880: MARY CALDERONE AND ERIC JOHNSON - The Family Book About Sexuality.
LINCBOOK008308: JAMES L. CALDERWOOD, HAROLD E. TOLIVER - Perspectives on Fiction
LINCBOOK010243: CALDERWOOD, JAMES - Perspectives on Poetry.
LINCBOOK024018: MYRA E. CALDWELL - Once Upon a Time
LINCBOOK026266: MICHAEL CALDWELL - The Wizards: Millionaire Magicians of the American Dream
LINCBOOK030847: CALDWELL, BO - City of Tranquil Light: a Novel
LINCBOOK029669: MARY FRENCH CALDWELL - Andrew Jackson's Hermitage: the Story of a Home in the Tennessee Blue-Grass Region
LINCBOOK027592: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - Santa Barbara Oil Spill: Short-Term Analysis of Macroplankton and Fish.
LINCBOOK015042: JUDITH CALIGOR - Individual & Group Therapy: Combining Psychoanalytic Treatments
LINCBOOK008828: JUDITH CALIGOR - Individual and Group Therapy: Combining Psychoanalytic Treatments
LINCBOOK023550: ROBERT D. CALKINS - Financing Higher Education 1960-1970
LINCBOOK007183: CALLAHAN, DAVID - Between Two Worlds: Realism, Idealism, and American Foreign Policy After the Cold War
LINCBOOK022026: DAVID CALLAHAN - Dangerous Capabilities: Paul Nitze and the Cold War
LINCBOOK014772: DANIEL CALLAHAN - The American Population Debate
LINCBOOK002392: CALLAHAN, DANIEL - What Kind of Life? the Limits of Medical Progress
LINCBOOK010252: DANIEL CALLAHAN, WILLIAM SCOTT, F. SHEA. - The Role of Theology in the University.
LINCBOOK029505: JOHN R. CALLELA - Cooking Naturally: an Evolutionary Gourmet Cuisine of Natural Foods
LINCBOOK027346: ALEXANDER B. CALLOW - American Urban History: an Interpretive Reader With Commentaries
LINCBOOK018758: STEPHANIE CALMENSON - All About Me: Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets
LINCBOOK013013: CALO, CAROLE GOLD - Writings About Art.
LINCBOOK031224: JAMES F. CALVERT - Silent Running: My Years on a World War Ii Attack Submarine.
LINCBOOK011430: CALVERT, PETER - Revolution.
LINCBOOK008669: GLAUCO CAMBON - The Inclusive Flame: Studies in Modern American Poetry.
LINCBOOK000397: CARROLL CAMDEN - Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama.
LINCBOOK000396: CARROLL CAMDEN - English Renaissance.
LINCBOOK000395: CARROLL CAMDEN - Restoration and Eighteenth Century.
LINCBOOK028058: MERIBETH E. CAMERON - China, Japan, and the Powers
LINCBOOK024646: CAMM, SUE - Stories to Read By Yourself
LINCBOOK030536: CAMMANN, NORA - Needlepoint Designs From American Indian Art
LINCBOOK018855: LYON SPRAGUE DE CAMP - Man and Power: the Story of Power From the Pyramids to the Atomic Age
LINCBOOK032046: L. SPRAGUE DE CAMP, LIN CARTER - Conan of the Isles
LINCBOOK027381: JAMESON G. CAMPAIGNE - American Might and Soviet Myth: the American Character and the Will to Victory.
LINCBOOK001347: ROALD F. CAMPBELL, JAMES E. LORION. - Performance Contracting in School Systems
LINCBOOK031566: OSCAR JAMES CAMPBELL - The Comedies of Holberg
LINCBOOK011946: REX R. CAMPBELL, JERRY L. WADE - Society and Environment: the Coming Collapse.
LINCBOOK025639: ROBERT CAMPBELL - Nibbled to Death By Ducks
LINCBOOK031011: DON CAMPBELL - The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind and Unlock the Creative Spirit
LINCBOOK006325: W. REASON CAMPBELL - Dead Man Walking: Teaching in a Maximum-Security Prison
LINCBOOK027411: ERNEST Q. CAMPBELL - Socialization: Culture and Personality
LINCBOOK021619: JOHN CREIGHTON CAMPBELL - Contemporary Japanese Budget Politics
LINCBOOK016653: KATIE CAMPBELL - The Story of the Easter Bunny
LINCBOOK029601: JOHN LORD CAMPBELL - Shakespeare's Legal Acquirements Considered
LINCBOOK009528: LILY B. CAMPBELL - Shakespeare's Tragic Heroes: Slaves of Passion.
LINCBOOK000095: D. J. CAMPBELL - Indian Land Suits Decision: Opinion on Demurrers to Goverment's Bills to Set Aside Alleged Illegal...
LINCBOOK002245: CAMPBELL, ROY - Lorca: an Appreciation of His Poetry.
LINCBOOK003535: CAMPION, JANE - The Piano.
LINCBOOK029292: MIRIAM CAMPS - European Unification in the Sixties;: From the Veto to the Crisis
LINCBOOK007688: CANADAY, JOHN - Culture Gulch: Notes on Art and Its Public in the 1960S.
LINCBOOK000588: FREDERICK H. CANDELARIA - Perspectives on Epic
LINCBOOK011544: DOUGLAS K. CANDLAND - Emotion: Bodily Change: an Enduring Problem in Psychology: Selected Readings.
LINCBOOK011452: DOUGLAS K. CANDLAND - Emotion: Bodily Change - an Enduring Problem in Psychology: Selected Readings.
LINCBOOK028930: JAMES V. CANDY - Signal Processing: a Modern Approach
LINCBOOK027523: MELVILLE CANE - Snow Toward Evening: Poems
LINCBOOK027509: MELVILLE CANE - The First Firefly: New Poems and Prose
LINCBOOK012444: JOHN V. CANFIELD - Readings in the Theory of Knowledge.
LINCBOOK010880: CANGELOSI, VINCENT E. - Compound Statements and Mathematical Logic.
LINCBOOK011016: CANN, MARJORIE MITCHELL - An Introduction to Education: Selected Readings.
LINCBOOK023468: JOAN KOOB CANNIE - The Woman's Guide to Management Success: How to Win Power in the Real Organizational World
LINCBOOK022864: MARY ANTOINETTE CANNON - Social Case Work: an Outline for Teaching
LINCBOOK002284: CANNON, THERESE A. - Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Legal Assistants.
LINCBOOK024195: CANTELON, PHILIP L. - The History of Mci: 1968-1988, the Early Years
LINCBOOK029246: LEE CANTER - Assertive Discipline: a Take-Charge Approach for Today's Educator.
LINCBOOK027358: E. RAY CANTERBERY - Economics on a New Frontier
LINCBOOK009692: NORMAN F. CANTOR AND PETER L. KLEIN - Renaissance Thought: Dante and Machiavelli.
LINCBOOK029723: NORMAN F. CANTOR - Medieval Society: 400 - 1450
LINCBOOK032331: NORMAN F. CANTOR - The Medieval World: 300-1300
LINCBOOK027363: ROBERT D. CANTOR - Voting Behavior and Presidential Elections
LINCBOOK001231: CANTRIL, HADLEY - Reflections on the Human Venture.
LINCBOOK027448: ALBERT H. CANTRIL, CHARLES W. ROLL - Hopes and Fears of the American People
LINCBOOK032468: AMY ROSE CAPETTA - The Brilliant Death
LINCBOOK007517: ARCHITECT OF THE CAPITOL, JOINT COMMITTEE ON THE LIBRARY - Compilation of Works of Art and Other Objects in the United States Capitol.
LINCBOOK029682: A. PATRICIA CAPLAN - Priests and Cobblers: a Study of Social Change in a Hindu Village in Western Nepal
LINCBOOK026078: THEODORE CAPLOW, REECE J. MCGEE - The Academic Marketplace
LINCBOOK006239: CAPPON, ALEXANDER P. - Action, Organism, and Philosophy in Wordsworth and Whitehead
LINCBOOK029200: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029045: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 2.
LINCBOOK029043: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 2.
LINCBOOK029044: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 2.
LINCBOOK029051: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029206: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029201: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029202: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029208: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029055: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029056: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029057: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 1.
LINCBOOK029042: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 2.
LINCBOOK029041: LEON R. CAPPS - Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 2.
LINCBOOK019445: PATRICK J. CAPRETTA - A History of Psychology in Outline: From Its Origins to the Present.
LINCBOOK027602: F. P. CAPRON - Multiple Melanotic Nevi of Conjunctiva, With Malignant Invasion of the Corneal Limbus
LINCBOOK023775: E. RAYMOND CAPT - The Great Pyramid Decoded: With an Introduction to Pyramidology
LINCBOOK007003: A. G. DE CAPUA - German Baroque Poetry: Interpretive Readings
LINCBOOK023838: ALYSSA SATIN CAPUCILLI - Biscuit Finds a Friend
LINCBOOK021368: LOUIS E. CARABINI - Everything You Need to Know Now About Gold and Silver
LINCBOOK027364: DEMETRIOS CARALEY - Party Politics and National Elections: Readings
LINCBOOK031835: ORSON SCOTT CARD - Heartfire: the Tales of Alvin Maker V.
LINCBOOK018969: TOM CARDAMONE - Advertising Agency and Studio Skills: a Guide to the Preparation of Art and Mechanicals for Reproduction
LINCBOOK017603: GRAY EMERSON CARDIFF - Panic Proof Investing: How to Profit From the Crash of '87
LINCBOOK026267: GRAY EMERSON CARDIFF - Panic Proof Investing: How to Profit From the Crash of '87
LINCBOOK026208: GARY CAREY - Cliffsnotes on Shakespeare's Othello
LINCBOOK028594: PETER CAREY - The Big Bazoohley
LINCBOOK028790: KENNETH M. CAREY - The Historic Episcopate. in the Fullness of the Church. Seven Essays By Priests of the Church of England
LINCBOOK021217: GARY CAREY - Cliffs Notes on Knowles' a Separate Peace
LINCBOOK014584: ARTHUR A. CARIN, ROBERT B. SUND - Teaching Science Through Discovery
LINCBOOK013414: ROBERT CARIN - River Control in Communist China
LINCBOOK013390: ROBERT CARIN - Irrigation Scheme in Communist China
LINCBOOK015094: LEDIVINA V. CARINO - Bureaucratic Corruption in Asia--Causes, Consequences, and Controls
LINCBOOK027090: ROBERT R. CARKHUFF, BERNARD BERENSON - Teaching as Treatment: an Introduction to Counseling & Psychotherapy
LINCBOOK016398: G. ROBERT CARLSEN - Books and the Teenage Reader: a Guide for Parents, Teachers and Librarians
LINCBOOK029449: CARLSEN, SPIKE - A Splintered History of Wood: Belt Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers, and Baseball Bats
LINCBOOK032225: LEWIS H. CARLSON, GEORGE A. COLBURN - In Their Place: White America Defines Her Minorities, 1850-1950
LINCBOOK032226: LEWIS H. CARLSON, GEORGE A. COLBURN - In Their Place: White America Defines Her Minorities, 1850-1950
LINCBOOK031884: LEWIS H. CARLSON, GEORGE A. COLBURN - In Their Place: White America Defines Her Minorities, 1850-1950
LINCBOOK015316: BERNICE WELLS CARLSON - Make It and Use It: Handicraft for Boys and Girls
LINCBOOK016341: NATALIE CARLSON - The Family Under the Bridge
LINCBOOK029146: RICHARD CARLSON - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
LINCBOOK026068: RICHARD CARLSON - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff With Your Family: Simple Ways to Keep Daily Responsibilities and Household Chaos From Taking Over
LINCBOOK020808: DALE CARLSON - Charlie the Hero
LINCBOOK011993: CARLSON, MARVIN - Theories of the Theatre: a Historical and Critical Survey From Greeks to Present
LINCBOOK032227: LEWIS H. CARLSON, GEORGE A. COLBURN - In Their Place: White America Defines Her Minorities, 1850-1950
LINCBOOK032228: LEWIS H. CARLSON, GEORGE A. COLBURN - In Their Place: White America Defines Her Minorities, 1850-1950
LINCBOOK032229: LEWIS H. CARLSON, GEORGE A. COLBURN - In Their Place: White America Defines Her Minorities, 1850-1950
LINCBOOK000448: ALEXANDER CARLYLE - The Nemesis of Froude: a Rejoinder to James Anthony Froude's 'my Relations With Carlyle'
LINCBOOK030862: DAVID CARLYON - Dan Rice: the Most Famous Man You'Ve Never Heard Of
LINCBOOK012936: RUDOLF CARNAP - Introduction to Symbolic Logic and Its Applications.
LINCBOOK014595: MARTIN CARNOY - Schooling in a Corporate Society: the Political Economy of Education in America
LINCBOOK031436: PAUL R. CARON, RALPH D. KODIS - A Method of Analyzing Time Dependent Cylindrical Discharges
LINCBOOK007174: DONNA S. CARPENTER AND JOHN FELONI - The Fall of the House of Hutton
LINCBOOK008026: CARPENTER, FREDERIC IVES - A Reference Guide to Edmund Spenser.
LINCBOOK023905: MARY THORN CARPENTER - A Girl's Winter in India
LINCBOOK000657: DONNA S. CARPENTER, JOHN FELONI - The Fall of the House of Hutton
LINCBOOK008771: DONNA S. CARPENTER AND JOHN FELONI - The Fall of the House of Hutton.
LINCBOOK030340: HORTENSE CARPENTIER, JANET BROF - Doors and Mirrors: Fiction and Poetry From Spanish America, 1920-1970.
LINCBOOK014811: JOSEPH J. CARR - Elements of Microwave Electronics Technology
LINCBOOK022747: M. L. CARR - Don't Be Denied: My Story
LINCBOOK026839: MARION B. CARR - The Golden Picture Book of Sea and Shore.
LINCBOOK018229: JOHN DICKSON CARR - The House at Satan's Elbow: a Doctor Gideon Fell Detective Novel.
LINCBOOK021028: EDWARD HALLETT CARR - The Romantic Exiles: a Nineteenth-Century Portrait Gallery
LINCBOOK031375: HOWARD P. CARRINGTON AND OTHERS. - Police Use of Deadly Force: What Police and the Community Can Do About It. a Workshop....
LINCBOOK014817: GEORGE C. CARRINGTON - The Immense Complex Drama: the World and Art of the Howells Novel
LINCBOOK007386: CARROLL, SYDNEY W. - Some Dramatic Opinions.
LINCBOOK030691: JOHN CARROLL - Samuel Richardson: a Collection of Critical Essays
LINCBOOK007418: CARROLL, PAUL - The Poem in Its Skin.
LINCBOOK022938: RUTH CARROLL - Runaway Pony, Runaway Dog
LINCBOOK025136: JAMES CARROLL - Prince of Peace: a Novel
LINCBOOK011414: JOHN M. CARROLL - Microelectronic Circuits and Application.
LINCBOOK030690: JOHN CARROLL - Samuel Richardson: a Collection of Critical Essays
LINCBOOK029692: MARIE J. CARROLL - Key to League of Nations Documents Placed on Public Sale 1934-1936, Fourth Supplement.
LINCBOOK032395: LEWIS CARROLL, MARGARET SIDNEY - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
LINCBOOK013210: MARY ANN CARROLL - Ethics in the Practice of Psychology.
LINCBOOK030689: JOHN CARROLL - Samuel Richardson: a Collection of Critical Essays
LINCBOOK028104: PHIL CARROLL - Timestudy Fundamentals for Foremen.
LINCBOOK028481: PHIL CARROLL - Practical Production and Inventory Control
LINCBOOK031945: EUGENE A. CARROLL - Charlap, Roseman, Ryan.
LINCBOOK010735: JOHN M. CARROLL - Mechanical Design for Electronics Production.
LINCBOOK001849: CARROLL, DAVID - When Your Loved One Has Alzheimer's: a Caregiver's Guide
LINCBOOK001267: CARROLL, SYDNEY W. - Some Dramatic Opinions.
LINCBOOK022937: RUTH CARROLL - Runaway Pony, Runaway Dog
LINCBOOK023582: CARSON, JANE - Celine's Imaginative Space
LINCBOOK008598: RACHAEL CARSON - The Sea Around Us
LINCBOOK027402: CLARENCE B. CARSON - The War on the Poor
LINCBOOK000187: PATRICK CARSON - Green is Gold: Business Talking to Business About the Environmental Revolution.
LINCBOOK000185: PATRICK CARSON - Green is Gold: Business Talking to Business About the Environmental Revolution.
LINCBOOK005994: ROBERT CARSON - The Waterfront Writers: the Literature of Work.
LINCBOOK005995: ROBERT CARSON - The Waterfront Writers: the Literature of Work.
LINCBOOK029679: F. L. CARSTEN - The Rise of Fascism
LINCBOOK026605: HAROLD A. CARTER - The Prayer Tradition of Black People
LINCBOOK016185: BYRON L. CARTER - Data Processing for the Small Business
LINCBOOK002397: CARTER, STEPHEN L. - The Confirmation Mess: Cleaning Up the Federal Appointments Process
LINCBOOK002398: CARTER, STEPHEN L. - The Confirmation Mess: Cleaning Up the Federal Appointments Process
LINCBOOK027206: GWENDOLEN M. CARTER, ALAN F. WESTIN - Politics in Europe: 5 Cases in European Government
LINCBOOK008711: LIN CARTER - Tolkien: a Look Behind the Lord of the Rings.
LINCBOOK025317: RUSSELL GORDON CARTER - The 101st Field Artillery: A.E.F. 1917-1919
LINCBOOK027920: VELMA THORNE CARTER - Putting the Pieces Together: Help for Single Parents
LINCBOOK020068: WILLIAM E. CARTER - South America
LINCBOOK019122: PURVIS M. CARTER - Congressional and Public Reaction to Wilson's Caribbean Policy 1913-1917.
LINCBOOK019505: SHARON CARTER - Careers in Aviation
LINCBOOK023115: CARTWRIGHT, MADELINE - For the Children: Lessons From a Visionary Principal
LINCBOOK000464: ROBERT CARTWRIGHT - New Readings in Shakspere: Or, Proposed Emendations of the Text.
LINCBOOK008401: J. WADE CARUTHERS - Octavius Brooks Frothingham, Gentle Radical
LINCBOOK001232: J. WADE CARUTHERS - Octavius Brooks Frothingham, Gentle Radical
LINCBOOK024318: JOAN CARVAJAL, MARTHA E. MUNZER - Conservation Education: a Selected Bibliography
LINCBOOK028476: FRED J. CARVELL - Human Relations in Business
LINCBOOK026636: PENELOPE CASAS - Tapas: the Little Dishes of Spain
LINCBOOK019596: KARL E. CASE - Principles of Macroeconomics
LINCBOOK008096: CASEWIT, CURTIS W. - Freelance Writing: Advice From the Pros.
LINCBOOK030367: LOUIS S. CASEY - The First Nonstop Coast-To-Coast Flight and the Historic T-2 Airplane. Annals of Flight Vol. 1 No. 1.
LINCBOOK009755: O'CASEY, SEAN - Three Plays: Juno and the Paycock, the Shadow of a Gunman, the Plough and the Stars.
LINCBOOK010572: O'CASEY, SEAN - The Green Crow.
LINCBOOK023988: SEAN O'CASEY - Three More Plays By Sean O'Casey: the Silver Tassie, Purple Dust, Red Roses for Me.
LINCBOOK027796: ROBERT CASHMAN - The Finances of a Church
LINCBOOK027795: ROBERT CASHMAN - The Finances of a Church
LINCBOOK028480: ROBERT CASHMAN - The Finances of a Church
LINCBOOK023879: CESARE BECCARIA. EDITED BY ADOLPH CASO. - An Essay on Crimes and Punishments
LINCBOOK010783: E. W. CASPARI - Advances in Genetics, Vol. 12, 1964
LINCBOOK010782: E. W. CASPARI - Advances in Genetics, Vol. 11, 1962
LINCBOOK027916: LEONARD CASPER - New Writing From the Philippines: a Critique and Anthology
LINCBOOK007315: JAMES H. CASSEDY - Demography in Early America: Beginnings of the Statistical Mind, 1600-1800
LINCBOOK025304: LAVENDER CASSELS - The Struggle for the Ottoman Empire 1717-1740
LINCBOOK015952: H. G. CASSIDY - Knowledge, Experience, and Action; an Essay on Education
LINCBOOK019540: JOHN CASSIDY - The Klutz Book of Magic
LINCBOOK006893: R. V. CASSILL - Intro 2.
LINCBOOK008372: ERNST CASSIRER - Language and Myth.
LINCBOOK005980: PLAUTUS. EDITED BY LIONEL CASSON. - The Menaechmus Twins and Two Other Plays.
LINCBOOK031296: HELEN I. CASTELLA - The Sandman: His Fairy Stories Or, Joyce in the Land of Nod.
LINCBOOK022666: BERNAL DÍAZ DEL CASTILLO - The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico, 1517-1521
LINCBOOK018173: MICHAEL CASTLEMAN - Sexual Solutions: for Men and the Women Who Love Them
LINCBOOK007409: CASTY, ALAN - The Films of Robert Rossen.
LINCBOOK014275: ALAN CASTY - The Dramatic Art of the Film
LINCBOOK022146: CATALA, RAFAEL - Index of American Periodical Verse: 1994
LINCBOOK010873: JOHN P. CATER - Electronically Speaking: Computer Speech Generation
LINCBOOK026769: JOHN P. CATER - Electronically Hearing: Computer Speech Recognition
LINCBOOK007332: CHARLES E. CATON - Philosophy and Ordinary Language.
LINCBOOK011539: RAYMOND B. CATTELL - The Scientific Analysis of Personality.
LINCBOOK021639: DAVID CAUTE - The Illusion: an Essay on Politics, Theatre and the Novel
LINCBOOK021640: DAVID CAUTE - The Illusion: an Essay on Politics, Theatre and the Novel
LINCBOOK022104: CAUTHEN, KENNETH - Toward a New Modernism
LINCBOOK007415: HYLTEN-CAVALLIUS, GUN - Swedish Films 1982 / Films Suedois 1982. in English & French
LINCBOOK019345: RON CAVE - Racing Cars
LINCBOOK019887: RON CAVE - What About Tanks?
LINCBOOK024886: RON CAVE, JOYCE CAVE - What About Warships?
LINCBOOK023864: RICHARD CAVES - American Industry: Structure, Conduct, Performance
LINCBOOK027300: RICHARD CAVES - American Industry: Structure, Conduct, Performance
LINCBOOK009168: E. RICHARD CAVES AND GRANT L. REUBER - Capital Transfers and Economic Policy: Canada, 1951-1962
LINCBOOK028474: RICHARD CAVES - American Industry: Structure, Conduct, Performance
LINCBOOK025910: FRANK W. CAWOOD AND ASSOCIATES - The Big Book of Health Tips
LINCBOOK020202: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - The Sex Lives of the Kings and Queens of England
LINCBOOK015671: CAY, DONALD F. - Curriculum: Design for Learning
LINCBOOK023836: CAZET, DENYS - Minnie and Moo Meets Frankenswine
LINCBOOK027866: CAZET, DENYS - I'm Not Sleepy.
LINCBOOK010265: JOHN P. DE CECCO - The Regeneration of the School: Readings in Educational Psychology, Sociology, and Politics
LINCBOOK026677: JOHN DE CECCO - The Psychology of Learning and Instruction: Educational Psychology
LINCBOOK011497: INTERNATIONAL POTATO CENTER - Potatoes for the Developing World: a Collaborative Experience.
LINCBOOK029655: ASIAN-PACIFIC CULTURAL CENTER - Proceedings of the Eighth Asian-Pacific Cultural Scholars' Convention
LINCBOOK025449: ASIATIC RESEARCH CENTER - International Conference on the Triangular Relations of Mainland China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea: a Report June 23-25,
LINCBOOK029013: JOHN CENTRA - Determining Faculty Effectiveness
LINCBOOK022101: CEPLAIR, LARRY - A Great Lady: a Life of the Screenwriter Sonya Levien.
LINCBOOK023518: CERF, CHRISTOPHER - Small Fires: Letters From the Soviet People to Ogonyok Magazine, 1987-1990.
LINCBOOK007113: STEFANO CERI - Methodology and Tools for Data Base Design
LINCBOOK025670: MIGUEL CERVANTES - The Adventures of Don Quixote
LINCBOOK026134: EVELYN MARTINENGO CESARESCO - The Outdoor Life in Greek and Roman Poets and Kindred Studies.
LINCBOOK020788: FRANK V. CESPEDES - Concurrent Marketing: Integrating Product, Sales, and Service
LINCBOOK010796: CETRON, MARVIN - Technical Resource Management Quantitative Methods.
LINCBOOK003512: JAMES CHACE AND CALEB CARR - The Ambivalence of Progress: Essays on Historical Anthropology
LINCBOOK003413: JAMES CHACE AND CALEB CARR - America Invulnerable: the Quest for Absolute Security From 1812 to Star Wars
LINCBOOK014574: GEORGE K. CHACKO - Management Information Systems
LINCBOOK027352: GEORGE K. CHACKO - Management Information Systems
LINCBOOK028859: AVA HARRIET CHADBOURNE - A History of Education in Maine: a Study of a Section of American Educational History
LINCBOOK021057: MARA L. PRATT-CHADWICK - Hop O' My Thumb, Tom Thumb
LINCBOOK014637: WILLIAM H. CHAFE - Women and Equality: Changing Patterns in American Culture
LINCBOOK023498: WILLIAM H. CHAFE - The Paradox of Change: American Women in the 20Th Century
LINCBOOK018334: WILLIAM H. CHAFE - Women and Equality: Changing Patterns in American Culture
LINCBOOK021884: CHAFETZ, MORRIS E. - The Tyranny of Experts: Blowing the Whistle on the Cult of Expertise.
LINCBOOK021976: CHAFETZ, MORRIS E. - The Tyranny of Experts: Blowing the Whistle on the Cult of Expertise.
LINCBOOK001869: NAPOLEON A. CHAGNON - Yanomamo: the Fierce People
LINCBOOK001579: CHEN KANG CHAI - Taiwan Aborigines: a Genetic Study of Tribal Variations.
LINCBOOK001578: CHEN KANG CHAI - Taiwan Aborigines: a Genetic Study of Tribal Variations.
LINCBOOK032106: SOMAN CHAINANI - The School for Good and Evil
LINCBOOK020496: JAMES C. CHALFANT - Central Processing Dysfunctions in Children: a Review of Research
LINCBOOK027202: GERARD CHALIAND - Revolution in the Third World
LINCBOOK031145: CHALINE, ERIC - History's Worst Inventions: and the People Who Made Them
LINCBOOK000096: DANIEL HENRY CHAMBERLAIN - Charles Sumner and the Treaty of Washington, a Review of Parts of an Address By Mr. Charles Francis Adams Before the New York H
LINCBOOK012318: NEIL W. CHAMBERLAIN - The Firm: Micro-Economic Planning and Action.
LINCBOOK026160: NEIL W. CHAMBERLAIN - Contemporary Economic Issues
LINCBOOK024282: NEIL W. CHAMBERLAIN - Contemporary Economic Issues
LINCBOOK007593: ELIZABETH CHAMBERLAYNE - The Life of Christ as Portrayed By the Old Masters and the Words of the Holy Bible.
LINCBOOK032262: MORTIMER CHAMBERS - The Fall of Rome: Can It Be Explained?
LINCBOOK017613: MORTIMER CHAMBERS - Western Experience: the Modern Era
LINCBOOK017615: MORTIMER CHAMBERS - The Western Experience Volume Ii: the Early Modern Period
LINCBOOK015009: M. M. CHAMBERS - The Colleges and the Courts, 1962-1966
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LINCBOOK030904: CHUN-SHU CHANG - Premodern China: a Bibliographical Introduction.
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LINCBOOK020807: MATT CHRISTOPHER - The Team That Stopped Moving
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LINCBOOK008018: RICHARD CHURCH - The Growth of the English Novel.
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LINCBOOK023933: ALLEN CHURCHILL - A Treasury of Modern Humor: All in Fun
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LINCBOOK024276: ROCKWELL & CHURCHILL - Calendar of the Civil War
LINCBOOK019961: PAUL M. CHURCHLAND - The Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul: a Philosophical Journey Into the Brain
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LINCBOOK010774: CIMINERO, ANTHONY - Handbook of Behavioral Assessment
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LINCBOOK001495: JOSEPH CIRINCIONE - Central America and the Western Alliance
LINCBOOK019299: FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF KANSAS CITY - New Challenges for Monetary Policy: a Symposium Sponsored By the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
LINCBOOK028625: CIVARDI, GIOVANNI - Drawing the Male Nude
LINCBOOK032175: MARSHALL CLAGETT, GAINES POST, ROBERT REYNOLDS - Twelfth-Century Europe and the Foundations of Modern Society
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LINCBOOK016317: GUY ST. CLAIR - Managing the One-Person Library
LINCBOOK009169: OSWALD ST. CLAIR - A Key to Ricardo.
LINCBOOK020774: KEVIN J. CLANCY - The Marketing Revolution: a Radical Manifesto for Dominating the Market Place
LINCBOOK019791: TOM CLANCY - Without Remorse.
LINCBOOK026588: TOM CLANCY - The Hunt for Red October
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LINCBOOK010495: CLARK, ROBERT P. - Power and Policy in the Third World
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LINCBOOK000120: RONALD W. CLARK - The Scientific Breakthrough: the Impact of Modern Invention
LINCBOOK031794: JOHN R. CLARK, LAURA K. EADS - Guiding Arithmetic Learning
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LINCBOOK025787: MARY HIGGINS CLARK - Where Are the Children?
LINCBOOK010940: CLARK, MALCOLM W. - Pc-Portable Fortran
LINCBOOK029729: RONALD W. CLARK - The Scientific Breakthrough: the Impact of Modern Invention
LINCBOOK016547: ARTHUR C. CLARKE - The Garden of Rama
LINCBOOK030241: RICHARD A. CLARKE - The Scorpion's Gate: a Novel
LINCBOOK019810: MARY CLARKE - The Ballet Goer's Guide
LINCBOOK016546: ARTHUR C. CLARKE - Rama Ii: the Sequel to Rendezvous With Rama
LINCBOOK017431: A. D. B. CLARKE - Mental Retardation and Behavioural Research
LINCBOOK016545: ARTHUR C. CLARKE - The Hammer of God : a Novel
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LINCBOOK031356: JENNIE LORISTON-CLARKE - The Complete Guide to Dressage.
LINCBOOK003857: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Hammer of God
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LINCBOOK000233: JOHN HENRIK CLARKE - William Styron's Nat Turner: Ten Black Writers Respond
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LINCBOOK002623: OZ CLARKE - Oz Clarke's New Encyclopedia of French Wines
LINCBOOK032419: M. L. CLARKE - The Roman Mind: Studies in the History of Thought From Cicero to Marcus Aurelius
LINCBOOK017749: G.P.E. CLARKSON - Managerial Economics: Selected Readings
LINCBOOK029215: JACK CLARY - Field of Valor: Duty, Honor, Country, and Winning the Heisman
LINCBOOK029214: JACK CLARY - Field of Valor: Duty, Honor, Country, and Winning the Heisman
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LINCBOOK025238: PAUL CLAUDEL - The Correspondence Between Paul Claudel and Andre Gide,1899-1926.
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LINCBOOK018604: VERA CLEAVER - Dust of the Earth
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LINCBOOK009261: HUGH CLEGG - Industrial Democracy and Nationalization: a Study Prepared By the Fabian Society
LINCBOOK001449: H. A. CLEGG - Trade Union Officers: a Study of the Full-Time Officers, Branch Secretaries, and Shop Stewards in British Trade Unions
LINCBOOK001447: H. A. CLEGG - Trade Union Officers: a Study of the Full-Time Officers, Branch Secretaries, and Shop Stewards in British Trade Unions
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LINCBOOK008301: JAMES L. CLIFFORD - Eighteenth Century English Literature: Modern Essays in Criticism
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LINCBOOK018793: MARSHALL B. CLINARD - Anomie and Deviant Behavior. a Discussion and Critique
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LINCBOOK009711: KATE CLOUD - Watermelons Not War!: a Support Book for Parenting in the Nuclear Age
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LINCBOOK023867: SHEPARD B. CLOUGH - Economic History of Europe: Twentieth Century
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LINCBOOK007309: COOPER ORNITHOLOGICAL CLUB - The Condor, a Magazine of Western Ornithology. Vol. Xiv, No. 2, March-April 1912
LINCBOOK007310: COOPER ORNITHOLOGICAL CLUB - The Condor, a Magazine of Western Ornithology. Vol. Xi, No. 1, January-February 1909
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LINCBOOK029549: THE HARVARD GLEE CLUB - The Harvard Song Book.
LINCBOOK012144: BOSTON ART CLUB - Seventy-Ninth Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Oil-Paintings, February 8 to March 2, 1913.
LINCBOOK012146: BOSTON ART CLUB - Informal Exhibition By the Artists of the Boston Art Club of Oil and Water Color Paintings, October 13 to November 15, 1913.
LINCBOOK022974: GENTIAN GARDEN CLUB - From the Kitchen Cupboards of Gentian
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LINCBOOK013450: CLUBB, O. EDMUND - China and Russia: the Great Game
LINCBOOK010994: CLULEY, J. C. - Computer Interfacing and On-Line Operation
LINCBOOK011035: CLULEY, J. C. - Transducers for Microprocessor Systems
LINCBOOK004824: DAVID CLUTTERBUCK - New Patterns of Work.
LINCBOOK027755: CHARLES F. CNUDDE, DEANE E. NEUBAUER - Empirical Democratic Theory
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LINCBOOK032126: BRODERICK BASCOM ROPE CO. - Map: St. Louis World's Fair, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, May to December 1904
LINCBOOK011870: MEXICAN CENTRAL RAILWAY CO. - Facts and Figures About Mexico and Her Great Railroad System, the Mexican Central.
LINCBOOK000607: NONOTUCK SILK CO. - Florence Home Needle-Work 1890
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LINCBOOK024427: ELIZABETH COATSWORTH - Pika and the Roses.
LINCBOOK032470: STANWOOD COBB - Character: a Sequence in Spiritual Psychology
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LINCBOOK000540: KATHLEEN COBURN - Inquiring Spirit: a Coleridge Reader.
LINCBOOK012934: E B. COCHRAN - Planning Production Costs: Using the Improvement Curve
LINCBOOK027320: WILLARD W. COCHRANE - The City Man's Guide to the Farm Problem
LINCBOOK028421: WILLARD W. COCHRANE - The City Man's Guide to the Farm Problem
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LINCBOOK012491: COFFIN, RICHARD M. - Effective Communication of Employee Benefits
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LINCBOOK020503: JOANNA COHEN - Baseball Superstars
LINCBOOK017809: JOZEF COHEN - Sensation and Perception 1: Vision
LINCBOOK017808: JOZEF COHEN - Complex Learning
LINCBOOK019385: DANIEL COHEN - Science Fiction's Greatest Monsters
LINCBOOK014019: WILLIAM A. COHEN - The Practice of Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, and Implementation
LINCBOOK013523: COHEN, JOEL B. - Behavioral Science Foundations of Consumer Behavior
LINCBOOK026994: BARARA COHEN - Even Higher
LINCBOOK018942: JEROME ALAN COHEN - The Dynamics of China's Foreign Relations.
LINCBOOK021012: DANIE COHEN - A Close Look at Close Encounters
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LINCBOOK017606: DOROTHY H. COHEN - Observing and Recording the Behavior of Young Children
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LINCBOOK025242: ROBERT GREER COHN - The Writer's Way in France
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LINCBOOK008362: COPPENS, CHARLES - A Brief History of Philosophy.
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LINCBOOK003127: GENA COREA - The Invisible Epidemic: the Story of Women and Aids
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LINCBOOK030797: SPACE-GENERAL CORPORATION - A Study of Prevention and Control of Crime and Delinquency: Final Report, July 29, 1965
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LINCBOOK023608: TOSHIBA CORPORATION - Successful Microwaving With Toshiba
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LINCBOOK014178: MARIO EMILIO COSENZA - Francesco Petrarca and the Revolution of Cola Di Rienzo
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LINCBOOK022447: COULTON, G.G. - Is the Catholic Church Antisocial?
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LINCBOOK026955: JUDY COX - Now We Can Have a Wedding!
LINCBOOK030678: JAMES M. COX - Robert Frost: a Collection of Critical Essays
LINCBOOK017277: JAMES M. COX - Robert Frost: a Collection of Critical Essays
LINCBOOK017279: JAMES M. COX - Robert Frost: a Collection of Critical Essays
LINCBOOK030508: GEORGE W. COX - Readings in Conservation Ecology
LINCBOOK013565: KEITH K. COX AND BEN M. ENIS - Marketing Research Process: a Managerial Approach to Purchasing Relevant Information for Decision Making
LINCBOOK012777: COX, HAROLD - Aging.
LINCBOOK027351: ALLAN COX - The Cox Report on the American Corporation
LINCBOOK030920: ANNE COX - The Beautiful Beaded Home
LINCBOOK013683: LOUIS O. COXE - Edwin Arlington Robinson: the Life of Poetry.
LINCBOOK013684: LOUIS O. COXE - Edwin Arlington Robinson: the Life of Poetry.
LINCBOOK001351: LOUIS O. COXE - Edwin Arlington Robinson: the Life of Poetry.
LINCBOOK022463: COY, HAROLD - Chicano Roots Go Deep.
LINCBOOK030443: HAROLD COYLE - Code of Honor
LINCBOOK030444: HAROLD COYLE - Pandora's Legion
LINCBOOK015928: COYLE, HAROLD - Trial By Fire: a Novel
LINCBOOK007132: COYLE, WILLIAM - The Young Man in American Literature: the Initiation Theme.
LINCBOOK002517: COYNE, KEVIN - A Day in the Night of America
LINCBOOK022248: JAMES K. COYNE - Cleaning House: America's Campaign for Term Limits
LINCBOOK018381: CHARLES P. COZIC, STACEY L. TIPP - Abortion: Opposing Viewpoints
LINCBOOK016760: MARGARET B. COZZENS - Mathematics and Its Applications to Management Life and the Social Sciences With Finite and Discrete Mathematics
LINCBOOK006905: JAMES GOULD COZZENS, MATTHEW J. BRUCCOLI - Just Representations: a James Gould Cozzens Reader
LINCBOOK016587: JIM CRACE - Signals of Distress
LINCBOOK027826: JOHN R. CRAF - Junior Boards of Executives : a Management Training Procedure.
LINCBOOK027498: JOHN F. CRAGHAN - Love and Thunder: a Spirituality of the Old Testament
LINCBOOK002145: HARDIN CRAIG - The Literature of the English Renaissance 1485-1660
LINCBOOK022840: CRAIG, ROGER - Strictly Business: on Football and My Life With the 49Ers
LINCBOOK010335: EDITED BY HARDIN CRAIG - Stanford Studies in Language and Literature, 1941
LINCBOOK020673: M. JEAN CRAIG - Little Monsters
LINCBOOK009626: CRAIG, GORDON A. - Germany, 1866-1945
LINCBOOK019935: GERALD M. CRAIG - The United States and Canada
LINCBOOK023555: BETTY JEAN CRAIGE - Laying the Ladder Down: the Emergence of Cultural Holism.
LINCBOOK014886: T. W. CRAIK - The Comic Tales of Chaucer
LINCBOOK030466: RONALD L. CRAMER - Scott, Foresman Language, Student Book
LINCBOOK030467: RONALD L. CRAMER - Scott, Foresman Language, Student Book
LINCBOOK030465: RONALD L. CRAMER - Scott, Foresman Language, Student Book
LINCBOOK024750: CRANE, RONALD S. - A Collection of English Poems, 1660-1800.
LINCBOOK000318: STEPHEN CRANE - Maggie, a Girl of the Streets and George's Mother, a Tragic Tale of the Bowery.
LINCBOOK031421: EDWARD CRANKSHAW - The New Cold War: Moscow V. Pekin
LINCBOOK027016: SYLVIA CRANSTON, CAREY WILLIAMS - Reincarnation: a New Horizon in Science, Religion, and Society
LINCBOOK010788: ALAN T. CRAVEN - Electricity and Magnetism for Electrical Engineers.
LINCBOOK021096: JAMES M. CRAWFORD - Studies in Southeastern Indian Languages
LINCBOOK030965: M.D.C. CRAWFORD - The Influence of Invention on Civilization
LINCBOOK002773: RICHARD CRAWFORD - In the Era of Human Capital: the Emergence of Talent, Intelligence and Knowledge as the Economic Force and What It Means
LINCBOOK006390: DALE CRAWFORD, EDITOR - Popular Psychology Guide Vol. 6 No. 4, October, 1943
LINCBOOK025220: FRANCIS MARION CRAWFORD - Ave Roma Immortalis: Studies From the Chronicles of Rome. in Two Volumes.
LINCBOOK007039: GEORGE CREEGER, JOSEPH REED - Selected Prose and Poetry of the Romantic Period.
LINCBOOK011459: EDWIN T. CREGO AND PETER SCHIFFRIN - Customer-Centered Reengineering: Remapping for Total Customer Value
LINCBOOK000972: CREIGER, DON M. - Bounder From Wales: Lloyd George's Career Before the First World War
LINCBOOK025849: LINDA CREW - Children of the River
LINCBOOK018130: LINDA CREW - Someday I'Ll Laugh About This
LINCBOOK019874: MORT CRIM - Second Thoughts: One Hundred Upbeat Messages for Beat-Up Americans
LINCBOOK030792: TASK FORCE ON ORGANIZED CRIME - Task Force Report: Organized Crime Annotations and Consultants' Papers
LINCBOOK030391: LOIS CRISLER - Arctic Wild. Illustrated Memorial Edition.
LINCBOOK016718: A. C. CRISPIN - Rebel Dawn
LINCBOOK021944: R. J. DE CRISTOFORO - Gifts From the Woodshop
LINCBOOK002160: CROCE, BENEDETTO - Aesthetics as Science of Expression and General Linguistic.
LINCBOOK030093: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's Christmas Cookbook
LINCBOOK016046: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's Dinner Parties: a Contemporary Guide to Easy Entertaining.
LINCBOOK023370: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cookbook
LINCBOOK023480: CROMARTIE, WARREN - Slugging It Out in Japan: an American Major Leaguer in the Tokyo Outfield
LINCBOOK028980: LESLIE CROMWELL - Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurements
LINCBOOK027248: WALTER CRONKITE - Cbs News Special Report: Vietnam Perspective
LINCBOOK026083: WALTER CRONKITE - A Reporter's Life
LINCBOOK031430: H. M. CRONSON - Equivalent Circuit Parameter for an Inhomogeneous Bifurcated Waveguide
LINCBOOK025685: HUMA CRONYN - A Terrible Liar: a Memoir
LINCBOOK031814: PHILIP B. CROSBY - Quality Without Tears: the Art of Hassle-Free Management
LINCBOOK022069: TRAVIS L. CROSBY - The Two Mr. Gladstones: a Study in Psychology and History
LINCBOOK024425: CROSS, JOHN S. - The Gloster Fancy Canary
LINCBOOK008101: CROSS, RICHARD K. - Malcolm Lowry: a Preface to His Fiction.
LINCBOOK019045: MARY CROSS - Persuasive Business Writing: Creating Better Letters, Memos, Reports, and More
LINCBOOK031727: K.G.W. CROSS, R.T. DUNLOP - A Bibliography of Yeats Criticism 1887-1965
LINCBOOK013843: K.G.W. CROSS - F. Scott Fitzgerald
LINCBOOK019938: WILBUR L. CROSS - Connecticut Yankee: an Autobiography
LINCBOOK028002: WILLIAM J. CROTTY - The Party Symbol: Readings on Political Parties Paperback
LINCBOOK022803: CROUCH, WILLIAM - The Authorized Guide to Dick Tracy Collectibles
LINCBOOK018607: DOROTHY CROUCH - Entertaining Without Alcohol: for Business and Pleasure
LINCBOOK023491: MAURICE CROUZET - The European Renaissance Since 1945
LINCBOOK015011: LESTER D. CROW, ALICE CROW - Readings in Guidance: Principles, Practices, Organization, Administration.
LINCBOOK029645: CAROLE CROWE - Sharp Horns on the Moon
LINCBOOK022018: CROWE, WILLIAM J. - The Line of Fire: From Washington to the Gulf, the Politics and Battles of the New Military
LINCBOOK009882: CROWELL, NORTON B. - The Convex Glass: the Mind of Robert Browning.
LINCBOOK014013: NORTON B. CROWELL - The Triple Soul: Browning's Theory of Knowledge.
LINCBOOK000658: JOHN W. CROWLEY - The Mask of Fiction: Essays on W. D. Howells
LINCBOOK024453: CROWTHER, SAM - The Small Boat Guide.
LINCBOOK011074: CROY, O. R. - The Complete Art of Printing and Enlarging.
LINCBOOK011070: CROY, OTTO R. - Graphic Effects By Photography
LINCBOOK031788: ROBERT CRUDEN - The Negro in Reconstruction
LINCBOOK020455: WILLIAM M. CRUICKSHANK - A Teaching Method for Brain Injured and Hyperactive Children: a Demonstration-Pilot Study
LINCBOOK023484: MARGARET CRUICKSHANK - New Lesbian Writing: an Anthology
LINCBOOK017609: WILLIAM M. CRUICKSHANK - Psychology of Exceptional Children and Youth
LINCBOOK010618: WILLIAM M. CRUICKSHANK - Learning Disabilities in Home, School, and Community
LINCBOOK008939: GALBRAITH M. CRUMP - Twentieth Century Interpretations of Samson Agonistes: a Collection of Critical Essays.
LINCBOOK008938: GALBRAITH M. CRUMP - Twentieth Century Interpretations of Samson Agonistes: a Collection of Critical Essays.
LINCBOOK016567: MARK CRUTCHER - Lime 5 : Exploited By Choice
LINCBOOK000715: ARTURO CRUZ - Memoirs of a Counter-Revolutionary: Life With the Contras, the Sandinistas, and the Cia
LINCBOOK016848: JOHN F. CUBER AND PEGGY B. HARROFF - Sex and the Significant Americans: a Study of Sexual Behavior Among the Affluent
LINCBOOK001166: CUENOT, CLAUDE - The Revolution of the Latin American Church
LINCBOOK032464: MICHELLE CUEVAS - The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles
LINCBOOK020270: ROBERT G. CULBERTSON - Order Under Law: Readings in Criminal Justice
LINCBOOK008604: MATTHEW J. CULLIGAN - The Curtis-Culligan Story: From Cyrus to Horace to Joe

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