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b23804: Elder, Dean - Pianists at Play. Interviews, Master Lessons, and Technical Regimes
b30471: Elderfield, John - The "Wild Beasts": Fauvism and Its Affinities
b10044: Eldersveld, Peter - Fundamentals of the Faith, Save Our Sunday! [and] The Folly of Our Faith
ag3: Eldredge, Niles - Darwin: Discovering the Tree of Life
b19755: Eldridge, Courtney - The Former World Record Holder Settles
b24664: Elgar, Frank. Robert Maillard, biographical essay - Picasso
016669: (Wilson, Woodrow) Eliot, Charles William - "Woodrow Wilson" in Atlantic (June, 1924)
b45150: Eliot, T.S. (also Hugh Walpole, Norman Foerester, and others contribute to this issue) - "Arnold and Pater" in Bookman (September, 1930)
b15534: Eliot, T.S. - Harriet Weaver
b34016: Eliot, T.S. - "Private Truths. 'The Validity of Artificial Distinction': An Unpublished Essay by T.S. Eliot" in TLS The Times Literary Supplement (May 30, 2014)
b32705: Eliot, Edward C. - The Lawyer's Part in the War
b31926: Eliot, T.S., Ezra Pound, e.e. cummings, D.H. Lawrence, Hart Crane, George Santayana, Mina Loy, Padraic Colum, William Gropper, Amy Lowell and other contributors - The Dial (October, 1921)
b31395: Eliot, T.S. - "A Letter from T.S. Eliot" in Poetry (May, 1950)
b45065: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda" (serialization part, Book VII: The Mother and the Son) in Harperr's Monthly, Number 316 (September, 1876)
uh10: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda. Book II: Meeting Streams" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 310 (March 1876)
uh11: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda. Book II: Meeting Streams" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 310 (March 1876)
uh12: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda. Book IV: Gwendolen Gets Her Choice" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 313 (June 1876)
uh13: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda. Book VIII: Fruit and Seed" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 317 (October 1876)
uh14: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda. Book VII: The Mother and the Son" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 316 (September 1876)
uh15: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda. Book VI: Revelations" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 315 (August 1876)
uh22: Eliot, George - "Daniel Deronda. Book VII: The Mother and the Son" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 316 (September 1876)
b29824: Eliot, T.S. - "The Aims of Education. Part I" in Measure, volume two, number one (December, 1950)
b25204: Eliot, T.S. - "Mr. Reckitt, Mr. Tomlin, and The Crisis" [on the abdication of King Edward] in New English Weekly (February 25, 1936)
b23634: Eliot, T.S. - Essays on Elizabethan Drama
dn505: Eliot, George; Matthew ArnoldM; Frances Hodgson Burnett; George Meredith; Walter Pater - Macmillan Magazine. Volume 38. May 1878 - October 1878.
b25635: Eliot, T.S. - "An Address to Members of the London Library" in The Book Collector (Autumn, 1952)
b16800: Eliot, T.S. - Cover portrait of Eliot and "Poetry and Drama" in Atlantic (February, 1951)
b16349: Eliot, T.S., Alex Guinness and Louis Untermeyer - The Cocktail Party
b15541: Eliot, T.S. Anthony Eden, foreword - The Literature of Politics
b15508: Eliot, T.S. - "The Frontiers of Criticism" in Sewanee Review (Autumn, 1956)
b11812: Eliot, T.S. - "Why Rural Verse" in Nation (April 15, 1925)
6621: Eliot, T.S. - Cover portrait and a biographical and critical article on Eliot (with illustrations) at the time of his Nobel Prize in Time (March 6, 1950)
3449: (Kipling, Rudyard) Eliot, T.S. - "In Praise of Kipling's Verse" Harper's (July, 1942)
018420: Eliot, T.S. - "The Three Voices of Poetry" in Atlantic (April, 1954)
b44890: Elkin, Stanley - The First George Mills
b23635: Elkin, Stanley - The Living End
b23624: Elkin, Stanley - The First George Mills
b40736: Elkus, Jonathan, music. Richard Franko Goldman, libretto - The Mandarin
b43467: (Bellow, Saul) Ellenberg, Al - "Saul Bellow Picks Another Fight" in Rlling Stone (March 4, 1982)
b23658: Ellenberger, Allan R. - Margaret O'Brien: A Career Chronicle And Biography
b22506: Ellet, Charles, Jr. - "Bull Run and the Civilians" in New York Times (January 22, 1862)
b19111: Ellet, Mrs. - The Queens of American Society
C5273: Elliott, George P. - "One of a King" in New Letters (June, 1979)
C5130: Elliott, George P. - "The Theater of Honesty" in American Scholar (Summer, 1975)
b34688: Elliott, John - A Sermon Delivered in New-Haven at the Ordination of the Rev. Eleazer Thompson Fitch, Professor of Divinity in Yale-College, November 5, 1817
b34347: Elliott, William C., foreword - "Breeding a Pack of Foxhounds"
b3174: Elliott, George P. - "A Defense of Fiction" in Hudson Review (Spring, 1963)
b30145: Elliott, Harley - The Fox Walks On My Heart
b18516: Elliott, Ebenezer - "Hymn -- The Poor Man's Day" in The Albion (October 10, 1840)
014447: Ellis, Havelock - "Jean Jaques Rousseau Today" in American Mercury (November, 1935).
b35045: Williams-Ellis, Clough - "War Memorials" in Spectator (February 19, 1916)
b34573: Williams-Ellis, A - "The 'Art for Arts Sake' Dilemma" in Spectator (February 4, 1922)
b34542: Williams-Ellis, A. - "Mr. Hardy as a Poet" in Spectator (July 8, 1922)
b5947: Ellis, Edward S. - Wolf Ear: The Indian.
b40347: Ellis, Bret Easton and Christopher Bollen - "Bret Easton Ellis" [interview] in Interview (June/July, 2010)
b33527: Ellis, Edward S. - The Hunters of the Ozark
b9969: Mrs. Ellis ("late Sarah Stickney) - Women of England, Their Social Duties, and Domestic Habits
b40865: Ellis, Havelock - "What is Obscenity?" in Esquire (September, 1936)
b8957: (DuBois, W.E.B.) Ellis, Mark - "W.E.B. DuBois and the Formation of Black Opinion in World War I: A Commentary on the 'Damnable Dilemma'" in Journal of American History (March, 1995)
b17042: Ellis, Havelock - "Early Impressions of Paris" in Bookman (March, 1932)
b12375: Ellis, Joseph - Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation
b44833: Ellison, Ralph. - "New York, 1936" in Esquire (July, 1986).
b35020: Ellison, Ralph - "Unpublished Ellison: 'Boy on a Train' and 'I Did Not Learn Their Names'" in New Yorker, (April 29-May 6, 1996)
b40252: Ellison, Harlan - "Ladybug, Ladybug" in Nugget (November, 1966)
b34388: Ellison, Ralph, Richard Hugo, William Stafford, Jerry Bumpus, Eugenio Montale, Rainer Maria Rilke, and other contributors - December, 2 (Winter, 1961)
b33710: Ellison, Ralph (interview), David Ignatow, Terry Gilliam (interview) - Pulp (Summer, 1976)
b24488: Ellison, Harlan - "Mad Bomber" in Caper (November, 1957)
b41208: Ellison, Ralph - Letter dated September 8, 1980 issued as a promotional piece for William J. Smith's Army Brat
b22800: Ellison, Ralph; Bellow, Saul (Editor) - "And Hickman Arrives" in "The Noble Savage"
b16990: Ellison, Ralph - "A Party Down at the Square" in Esquire (January, 1997)
b16660: Ellison, Ralph. Robert H. Moore, editor - "On Initiation Rites and Power: Ralph Ellison Speaks at West Point" in Contemporary Literature (Spring, 1974)
8225: Ellison, Ralph. - "The Booker T." [review of All Brave Soldiers: The Story of the S.S. Booker T. Washinton] in New Republic (February 18, 1946).
8008: Ellison, Ralph. - "Beating that Boy" [review] in New Republic (October 22, 1945).
4411: Ellison, Ralph. - "'A Very Stern Discipline': An Interview" in Harper's (March, 1967).
014976: (Wilde, Oscar) Ellmann, Richard - Oscar Wilde (Uncorrected proof)
b4640: (Joyce, James) Ellmann, Richard - "Bloomovie" (review of movie Ulysees) in New York Review of Books (June 15, 1967)
b32848: Ellmann, Richard, Howard Nemerov, Cleanth Brooks, Frederick Buechner, Anthony Hecht, Joseph Warren Beach, and other contributors - Furioso, III, 3 (Spring, 1948)
C5675: Ellmann, Richard - "Oxford in the Seventies" in American Scholar (Autumn, 1974)
dn140: Ellmann, Richard - Oscar Wilde at Oxford
b31079: (Joyce, James) Ellmann, Richard - "The Backgrounds of 'The Dead'" in Kenyon Review (Autumn, 1958)
z627: Ellmann, Richard - "Robartes and Aherne: Two Sides of a Penny"
b19358: James Ellroy - The Cold Six Thousand
12663: Ellroy, James. - "Hush, Hush" in GQ (September, 1998).
Q78: Ellsberg, Daniel - "Vietnam War Crimes: The Mylai Mentality" in New Republic (7/17/71)
b22048: COCKX -INDESTEGE Elly, A. CROISET VAN UCHELEN, H. de la FONTAINE VERWEY, G.W. OVINK, managing editors - Quaerendo: A Quarterly Journal from the Low Countries Devoted to Manuscripts and Printed Books, volume 7, number 2 (1977)
b43535: Elman, Richard, Jeremy Bernstein, Reinheard Kurenkel, Thomas Harper, Uwe George, Frances Fitzgerald, Joan Colebrook, and other contributors - Geo: A New View of Our World. Collector's Edition, first issue
b23628: Elmslie, Kenward, libretto. Jack Beeson, music - The Sweet Bye and Bye
b16915: Elmslie, Kenward, libretto. Ned Rorem, music - Miss Julie
b35124: Elmwndorf, Dwight L. - Yellowstone National Park. The Mentor (May 15, 1915)
b42280: Elsberg, John and George Cairncross, editors - Bogg 49
b42281: Elsberg, John and George Cairncross, editors - Bogg 48
b20026: Elsmith, Berta - Rumpelstiltzkin: A Song Play
022006: [William H. Elson and William S. Gray] - Elson Basic Readers, Pre-Primer Life-Reading Service ("See Dick. See Dick run.")
b16374: Max Allan Collins; Drake Elvgren - Elvgren: His Life & Art
AG35: Elvin, Charles Norton - Dictionary of Heraldry
b40470: Ely, Richard T. - "Pullman: A Social Study" in Harper's (February, 1885)
017293: Embury, Mrs. Emma C. - "I Would Not Live Life O'er Again" in New-York Mirror (August 8, 1835)
b4851: Emerson, Ralph Waldo - Fortune of the Republic: Lecture Delivered at the Old South Church, March 30, 1878
b44644: Emerson, Claudia - Late Wife (Signed)
b36425: Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Other contributors to this issue include Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Rebeccs Harding Davis, Louis Agassiz, James Russell Lowell, and others - "Old Age" in Atlantic (January, 1962)
b32560: (Roosevelt, Theodore) Emerson, Edwin, Jr. - "That Rough Riders 'Ambush'" in Collier's Weekly (September 3, 1898)
b32562: (Roosevelt, Theodore) Emerson, Edwin, Jr. - "The Rough Riders' Return" and "The Fighting on San Juan Hill" in Collier's Weekly (August 27, 1898)
b40564: Emerson, Ralph Waldo - "New Publication. Emerson's Conduct of Life" (long review) in the New York Semi-Weekly Tribune (December 25, 1860)
b31097: (Lincoln, Abraham) Emerson, Ralph Waldo - "Abraham Lincoln" in Journal of Historical Studies (Spring, 1968)
b30061: Emerson, Alice B. - Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass, or The Perils of An Artificial Avalanche
b29402: Emerson, Ralph Waldo - "The Superlative" in Century (February, 1882)
b29176: Emerson, Ralph Waldo, translator. Dante Alighieri. J. Chesley Mathews, editor - Dante's Vita Nuova
b25175: Emerson, Ralph Waldo - "The Snow Storm" poem on the front-page in the Essex County Freeman (January 2, 1850)
b25171: (Burns, Robert) Emerson, Ralph Waldo - Speech at The Burns Festival in Boston in the New York Times (January 27, 1859)
b22973: Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Edgar Lee Masters, introduction - The Living Thoughts of Emerson
b21732: Emerson, Isabelle - Twentieth-Century American Music for the Dance: A Bibliography
b18606: (Burns, Robert) Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Oliver Wendell Holmes and James Russell Lowell - "The Burns Festival in Boston. Speech of Ralph Waldo Emerson" in New York Times (January 27, 1959)
z465: Emerson, Edwin and Marion Mills Miller - The Nineteenth Century and After: A History Year By Year from A.D. 1800
8287: Emerson, Ralph Waldo. - "The Anglo-American Race" in Portland Transcript (December 24, 1853).
8608: Emerson, Ralph Waldo. - "Power: Or Success in Life" in Portland Transcript (March 13, 1852).
018798: (Carlyle, Thomas) Emerson, Ralph Waldo - "Impressions of Thomas Carlyle in 1848" in Scribner's (May, 1881)
b7750: :emmon, Sarah M. - "Transportation Segregation in the Federal Courts Since 1865" in Journal of Negro History (April, 1953)
022025: Empson, William - "Dover Wilson on Macbeth" in Kenyon Review (Winter, 1952)
b33122: Engelberg, Ari, Tal Meier, Ofra Or, Sima Zalcberg Block, RXeina Rutlinger-Reiner, Dafna Halperin, Guy Abutbul Selinger, Sibylle Lustenberger, Gadi BenEzer, Nuzha Allassad Alhuzail, Hila Shamir, Anat Herbst, Yoav Mazrh, and other contributors - Israel Studies Review (Winter, 2013)
018344: Dennis Engels - The Professional Counselor: Competencies, Performance, Guidelines, and Assessment
b21930: (Greenway, Kate) Engen, Rodney - "The Myth of Kate Greenway" in American Book Collector (July, 1986)
b15645: Department of Military Art and Engineering, United States Military Academy - The War in North Africa
b44285: (Blake, William) England, Martha Winburn / Morton D. Paley - Two essays on Melville: "Blake and the Hymns of Charles Wesley" (England) and "Method and Meaning in Blake's Book of Ahania" (Paley) in Bulletin of the New York Public Library (January, 1966)
b42360: Nathan Englander - For the Relief of Unbearable Urges: Stories
b20255: Englander, Nathan. - "Peep Show" in New Yorker (July 26, 1999)
b17512: Nathan Englander - For the Relief of Unbearable Urges: Stories
b34313: Roger Engle - Stories from a Small Town: Remembering My Childhood in Hedgesville, West Virginia
b31177: Engle, Stephen Douglas - Thunder in the Hills. Military Operations in Jefferson County, West Virginia, During the Civil War
022347: (Harris, Joel Chandler) English, Thomas H. Julia Collier Harris - "In Memory of Uncle Remus" in Southern Literary Messenger (February, 1940)
b3211: Enright, D.J. - "Singapore" in Encounter (March, 1964)
dn303: Enright, Anne - "Diary" in London Review of Books (Nov 18, 2021)
T219: Enright, D.J. (Boll, Heinrich) - "Artist into Beggar" (review of "The Clown") in "The New York Review of Books" (February 11, 1965)
b23625: Enright, D.J. - Daughters of Earth
b36643: Ensor, R.C.K. - "Wild -Rose Time" in Nation (July 17, 1909)
017023: Ensor, R.C.K. - "The Interview" in Nation (February 13, 1909)
014759: Ensor, R.C.K. - "The Picture" in Nation (September 25, 1909)
014417: Ensor, R.C.K. - "Two Sonnets" in Nation (January 7, 1911).
b16479: Enton - Mastonell, The Mysterious Detective (Old Cap. Collier Library, No. 20)
b16213: Eorsi, Anna - La Peinture de Style Gothique International
b31229: Ephron, Nora, Richard Goodwin, Michael Harrington, and other contributors - Rolling Stone, No. 162 (June 6, 1974)
b30031: Ephron, Nora - "Parallel Play" in Esquire (May, 1987)
ag127: Ephron, Nora - I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections
AG31: Epps, Garrett - Wrong and Dangerous: Ten Right Wing Myths about Our Constitution
b21632: Erdman, David V. and Ephim G. Fogel (Editors) - Evidence for Authorship: Essays on Problems of Attribution
r113: Erdrich, Louise - "Not Your Grandmother's Head Cheese" (essay) in New York Times Magazine (March 10, 1996)
b42367: Erdrich, Louise - Jacklight
b10517: Erdrich, Louise - "Le Mooz" in New Yorker (January 24, 2000)
b15789: Louise Erdrich - Tales of Burning Love
b37547: Erdrich, Louise and Michael Dorris - "Who Owns the Land?" in New York Times Magazine (September 4, 1988)
b36358: Erdrich, Louise and Michael Dorris, Robert Stone, Anita Desai, Richard Reeve, Ronald Blythe, MacDonald Harris, Bobbie Ann Mason, Mary Lee Settle, Richard Condon, and other contributors - Essays in The Sophisticated Traveler (March 15, 1987)
b40665: Erdrich, Louise - The Lefavor Girls
b30839: Erdrich, Louise - "The Island" in Ms. (January/February, 1991)
b30804: Erdrich, Louise - "Sita Kozka" in Ms. (August, 1986)
b30825: Erdrich, Louise - "In the Midlands" in Ms. (September, 1979)
b23969: Erdrich, Louise;Lamarche, Jim - Grandmother's Pigeon
b23752: Erdrich, Louise - The Beet Queen
b23650: Erdrich, Louise - The Blue Jay's Dance
b23639: Erdrich, Louise and Michael Dorris - Route 2
b23632: Erdrich, Louise, editor - The Best American Short Stories 1993
b22056: Erdrich, Louise - Baptism of Desire
b21936: Erdrich, Louise - "Flight" in American Short Fiction, number 5 (Spring, 1992)
b21846: Erdrich, Louise - "The Painted Drum" in New Yorker (March 3, 2003)
b21843: Erdrich, Louise - "The Butcher's Wife" in New Yorker (October 15, 2001)
b19348: Erdrich, Louise, editor - The Best American Short Stories 1993
b17787: Erdrich, Louise. - "In the Midlands" in Ms. (September, 1979).
b43555: Erdrich, Louise - "The Flower" in New Yorker (June 29, 2015)
b6778: Ericken, Steve - "The End of the Earth" in New York Times Book Review (March 30, 2003)
b36717: (Young, Neil) Erickson, Steve - "Neil Young on a Good Day" (profile of Neil Young) in New York Times Magazine (July 30, 2000)
b6757: (Cain, James M.) Erickson, Steve`= - "California Scheming: The Noir Novels of James M. Cain" in Bookforum (Summer, 2003)
z1558: (Nicholson, Jack) Erickson, Steve - "The Myth That Jack Built" in Esquire (September 1990)
b31372: (Pissarro, Camille, Lucien, Georges, Felix, Ludovic-Rodo, Paulemile, Orovida, H. Claude, and Lelia) Erickson, Kristen, essay - Pissarro -- The Four Generations
b23130: Erickson, Steve - "Unhappy Endings" [on film adaptations of novels] in Bookforum (Summer, 2000)
b23063: Erickson, Steve. - "Whoopi Goldberg" in Rolling Stone (May 8, 1986).
b21398: Erickson, Steve - "Coitus Interdictus" [review] in Bookforum (Winter, 1998)
x1019: Stephanie Ericsson - Companion Through The Darkness: Inner Dialogues on Grief
015270: Erskine, John F., Ann Marie Pease, and George S. Robinson - Medical Operations in Combat
b32934: Erskine, John - "Flight from the Land" in McCall's (May, 1941)
b32281: (Walt Disney) Erskine, John - "Mickey Mouse Supported by Stokowski" [the making of Fantasia] in Liberty (October 28, 1939)
b20222: Erskine, John - "More Music for Small Towns" in Magazine of Art (May, 1938)
b11081: Ervine, St. John - "Ulster and the I.R.A." [letter to editor] in New Statesman and Nation (August 5, 1939)
020205: Ervine, St. John G. and George Lansbury - "The Break-Up of the Poor Law" [letter to editor] in Nation (June 19, 1909)
020197: Ervine, St. John G. - "Inequalities of the Income Tax" [letter to editor] in Nation (June 5, 1909)
015998: Ervine, St. John G. - "The Tragedy of a Poor Woman" [letter to editor] in Nation (July 2, 1910)
014782: Ervine, St. John - "The Way of Life" in Nation (May 29, 1909)
b8013: M. C. Escher; Maurits Cornelis Escher - M. C. Escher
b21813: Escher, Franklin - "Has the Sherman (Antitrust) Law Outlived Its Usefulness?" in Harper's Weekly (September 16, 1911)
b30441: Eshleman, Clayton, editor. Allen Ginsberg, Fielding Dawson, Norman O. Brown, Richard Grossinger, and other contributors - Caterpillar 13, volume 4, number 1 (1970)
b23664: Eshleman, Clayton - Coils
b21039: Eskesen, Hal - Virtue Can Take Shape as Anapaest
b6227: Esser, Grace Denton - Madame Impressario: A Personal Chronicle of an Epoch
b17089: Essex, Karen and James Swanson - "The Real Bettie Page" in Playboy (December, 1995)
015174: Esslin, Martin - Brecht: The Man and His Work. Revised edition.
b3216: Esslin, Martin - "The End of Socialist Realism'" in Encounter (June, 1965)
b23019: Estang, Luc - Présence de Bernanos précédé de 'Dans l'amitié de Léon Bloy' par Georges Bernanos.
b22959: Estaunié, Edouard - L'Ascension de M. Baslévre
b23637: Estes, Winston M. - Another Part of the House
b32439: Estilow, Major Rex A. - U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine and Insurgent Infrastructures: Proscribed Failure?
b22436: Estleman, Loren D. - The Wister Trace: Classic Novels of the American Frontier
b44702: [L'Estrange,Roger] - The Observator, volume 3, number 21 (March 26, 1685)
b21438: (Reich, Steve) Eszterhas, Joe and other contributors - Rolling Stone, No. 135 (May 24, 1973)
b30465: Etienne, Luc - Polka des Gidouilles: Branle ombilical pour cornet a pistons
b32028: Etter, Eugene. Mary M. Etter and Janet W. Ray, editors - History of Lemasters, Pennsylvania: Local History In and Around Lemasters, Southern Franklin County on the Occasion of their Centennial Celebration
b5022: Eugenides, Jeffrey ("Jeff") - "Capricious Gardens" in Gettysburg Review (Winter, 1989)
b30543: Eugenides, Jeffrey, Ishmael Reed, Darcy Steinke, Rick Moody, Vikram Seth, and others - "Passion Play: Writers Confess Their Magnificent Obsessions" in VLS: Voice Literary Supplement (Summer, 1999)
b23155: (Wolfe, Tom) Eugenides, Jeffrey - "The White Stuff" (review of A Man in Full) in Village Voice (December 8, 1998)
b43447: Eugenides, Jeffrey, Walter Mosley, Edmund Morris, Lorrie Moore, Andrea Battett, and other contributors - New York Times Book Review (November 7, 1999)
uh21: Eustace, Grant - "Baker Street Addictions" in Sherlock Holmes the Detective Magazine Issue 37 (2000)
b29933: (Baker, Josephine) Eustis, Morton - "Double Feature in North Africa: Josephine Baker and an Air Raid" in Theatre Arts (October, 1943)
014159: Evans, Walker. - Walker Evans: Photographs from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men Project
b10713: (Baseball) Evans, Billy - "Who Will Win the Pennant?" in Collier's (March 1, 1913)
b34539: Evans, Margaret - "The Dissecting Room" in Spectator (July 22, 1922)
b31377: (Rickey, Branch) Evans, Billy - "The Somewhat Different Manager" (on Branch Rickey when he was manager of the St. Louis team in the American League) in Harper's Weekly (August 22, 1914)
b24657: Evans, Walker. Maria Morris Hambourg, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Douglas Eklund, and Mia Fineman, essays - Walker Evans
b40985: Evans, Capt. Robley D., Capt. Henry C. Taylor, Lt.-Com. R. Wainwright, Capt. J.W. Philip, Capt. F.A. Cook, Lt. E.W. Eberle, Capt. F.E. Chadwick, Lt. H.P. Huse, Chap. W.G. Cassard, and T.M. Dieuaide - "The Story of the Captains: Personal Narratives of the Naval Engagement near Santiago de Cuba, July 3, 1898" in Century (May, 1899)
b21262: John Evans, photographer - 1971 Eskimo Art Calendar / Calendrier de 1971 D'Art Esquinau
020382: (Duke of Wellington) Davies-Evans, Mary E. - "Selections from Wellington's Letters" in Century (December, 1889)
b29365: Evelegh, Tessa - Essential Shaker Style
021489: Norma Evenson - Paris: A Century of Change, 1878-1978
b34975: (Josiah Sturgis) Everett, Edward - An Oration Delivered at Cambridge on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Declaration of the Independence of the United States of America
z1647: Everett, Walter Goodnow - Moral Values: A Study of the Principles of Conduct
b32724: [Everett, John] - An Oration on the Prospects of the Young Men of America. Delivered in the University Chapel, to the Senior Class [of Harvard College]. July 14, 1818
b30868: Everett, Edward - "Romance of History" in Portland Transcript (June 18, 1853)
b30862: Everett, Edward - "Africans Not Barbarians" in Portland Transcript (February 5, 1853)
b43421: Evers, Mrs, Medgar (Myrlie) - "Why I Left Mississippi" in Ebony (March, 1965)
b21277: Everson, William, Johanna Drucker, and others - The Poet as Printer: William Everson and The Fine Press Artists' Book. Quarry West 32
b10937: Everstine, Carl N. - History of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Maryland 1888-1950. Volume 1
b31577: Evert, Chris - Cover photograph of Evert and "Conquering Your Fear of the Net" in Tennis (July, 1977)
b16611: Chris Evert - Chris Evert cover. Sporting News (March 11, 1972)
b25199: Evleth, Donna - The Authorized Press in Vichy and German-Occupied France, 1940-1944: A Bibliography
b23665: Ewart, Gavin - The Gavin Ewart Show
b44172: Ewing, Thomas - "The Struggle for Freedom in Kansas" in Cosmopolitan (May, 1894)
b4826: Exley, Frederick - A Fan's Notes
021546: Exley, Frederick. - "The Laureate of Alexandria Bay" in Esquire (March, 1986).
b5879: Saint-Exupery, Antoine De - Le Petit Prince
b24568: Ezra, Kate - Royal Art of Benin: The Perls Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
b12029: Beirne Francis F. - St Paul's Parish Baltimore: A Chronicle of the Mother Church
b44949: Skinner B.F. - "Psychic Research" (review of The Psychic World by Hereward Carrington" in Satirday Review of Literature, volume 17, number 11 (January 8, 1938)
b40502: (French, Daniel Chester) Fabens, Hannah E. - "Daniel Chester French: A Short Sketch of His Life and Works " in Burr McIntosh Monthly (November, 1906)
b23895: Fabes, Gilbert - Modern First Editions: Points and Values
b32907: Fabian, Monroe H. - Joseph Wright American Artist, 1756-1793
b17491: Fabre, J. Henri - "The Stupidity of the Insect" in Youth's Companion (January 8, 1914)
b34132: Fague, John W. Ann Louise Fague and Peggy Jo Fague - Do You Remember?
b22765: Madame de Stael. Emile Faguet, introduction - Corinne, two volumes
b19130: Betsy Fahlman - Guy Pene Du Bois: Painter of Modern Life
dn440: Fainlight, Harry; Ruth Fainlight (introduction); Allen Ginsberg (memoir), Ted Hughes (poem) - Selected Poems
b44079: Fainlight, Ruth, poems. Leonard Baskin, illustrations - Seven Sibyls
b12080: Fainlight, Ruth and Alan Sillitoe - All Citizens Are Soldiers
b31597: Fainlight, Harry - April
B42637: Fainlight, Ruth. - On the Coast Road.
3842: Fainlight, Ruth. - To See the Matter Clearly.
021214: Fainlight, Ruth - Three Poems (MIR Poets Seven)
017688: Fainlight, Ruth - "The Coptic Wedding" in New Yorker (February 3, 1992)
001384: Fainlight, Ruth and Alan Sillitoe. - All Citizens Are Soldiers.
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