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b31527: McNeil, Betty Ann, D.C. - Dear Masters. Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. Extracts from Accounts by Sister Nurses
dn27: Sr. Betty Ann McNeil - Charity Afire: Pennsylvania (Civil War Trilogy)
dn28: Sr. Betty Ann McNeil - Charity Afire: Virginia (Civil War Trilogy)
dn29: Sr. Betty Ann McNeil - Charity Afire: Maryland (Civil War Trilogy)
T377: McNeile, Cyril - The Final Count
r36: McPhee, John - "Out in the Sort" (nonfiction) in New Yorker (April 18, 2005)
r15: McPhee, John - "Irons in the Fire" (essay) in New Yorker (December 20, 1993)
b4995: McPhee, John - "Water War" in New Yorker (April 26, 1993)
b15896: McPhee, John - "Coal Train" [part one of two-part serialization] in New Yorker (September 5, 2005)
b15972: McPhee, John - "Ranger" in New Yorker (September 11, 1971)
b32807: McPhee, John - Giving Good Weight
b29911: McPhee, John - "The Ransom of Russian Art" in New Yorker (October 17, 1994)
b29839: McPhee, John - "The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed" [serialized in three issues, complete] in New Yorker (February 10, 17, and 24, 1973)
b29553: McPhee, John - "The Headmaster" in New Yorker (March 19, 1966)
b21186: McPhee, John - "They're in the River" in New Yorker (April 10, 2000)
10721: McPhee, John. - "The Curve of Binding Eneregy" a three-part serialization in New Yorker (December 3, 10, and 17, 1973).
022602: (Johnson, Andrew) McPherson, Elizabeth Gregory, editor - "Letters from North Carolina to Andrew Johnson" in North Carolina Historical Review (July, 1950)
022606: (Washington, George) McPherson, Elizabeth G. - "Unpublished Letters from North Carolina to Washington" in North Carolina Historical Review (April, 1935)
b17660: McPherson, Elizabeth Gregory, editor - "Unpublished Letters from North Carolinians to (Thomas) Jefferson" in North Carolina Historical Review (July, 1935)
b10953: McSherry, James. Edited by Bartlett B. James. - History of Maryland
b11362: Mead, Margaret - "The Negro-American: Myth vs. Reality" [review] in New York Times Book Review (October 13, 1946)
b11779: Mead, Margaret - "Cultural Bases for Understanding Literature" in PMLA (April, 1953)
b29658: Mead, Matthew - Undersetzer an den Ubersetzten
b24950: Mead, Margaret - "Americanization in Samoa" in American Mercury (March, 1929)
b19958: Mead, Margaret - "The Cultural Impact" [review] in Nation (May 6, 1936)
b44590: Mead, Edgar T. - Busted and Still Running": The Famous Two-Foot Gauge Railroad of Bridgton, Maine
8260: Mead, Margaret. - "Trends in Personal Life" in New Republic (September 23, 1946).
7518: Mead, Margaret. - "Colonial Government" [review] in Nation (June 12, 1935).
b43639: Meagher, Mary and Douglas B. Houston - Yellowstone and the Biology of Time: Photographs Across a Century
b6756: Means, David - "Reading Chekhov" in Zoetrope: All-Story (Fall, 2005)
uh7: O'Meara, Dr. Barry E. - "Talks with Napoleon. His Life and Conversation at St. Helena" in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine Vol. LIX, No. 6 (April 1900)
b21355: (Napoleon Bonaparte) O'Meara, Dr. Barry E. - "Talks With Napoleon. His Life and Conversations at St. Helena. The Original Record Made by Napoleon's Physician. Second Paper" in Century (March 1900)
b11233: Mears, Owen - "Comparative Religions" [poem] in Nation (September 15, 1926)
b20294: Medinger, Daniel L., editor - The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
b41144: Medvedev, Roy A. Hasrrison Salisbury, foreword - The October Revolution
b33487: Meek, William G., Carl P. Rollins, Edward Colin Dawson, William K. Zinsser, L.G.A. Schlichting, Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, and other contributors - Print: A Quarterly Journal of the Graphic Arts, volume 4, number 3
b40429: Society of Friends. London Yearly Meetings - A Collection of Testimonies Concerning Several Ministers of the Gospel Amongst the People Called Quakers, Deceased: With Some of Their Last Expressions and Exhortations
b29581: Mehta, Ved - "Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles" (serialized in three issues) in New Yorker (May 10, 17, and 24, 1976)
b20579: Mehta, Ved - "The New India of Indira Gandhi" in New Yorker (February 14, 1977)
b20397: Mehta, Ved - "Reading from Records" in Saturday review (July 26, 1958)
b17037: Mehta, Ved - "Personal History" [part of serialization] in New Yorker (August 22, 1983)
b11634: Meier, August - "Booker T. Washington and The Negro Press" in Journal of Negro History (January, 1953)
Q23: Meinke, Peter - "Surfaces" (poem) in New Republic (9/26/70)
Q45: Meinke, Peter - "Words" (poem) in New Republic (1/9/71)
Q59: Meinke, Peter - "Vegetables" (poem) in New Republic (4/10/71)
b25404: Meldola, Raphael - The Photographic Image
b33312: Melosh, Barbara, Mary Beth Pudup, Shirley C. Eagan, Jane W. Greene, Ancella Bickley, Lillian J. Waugh, Judith G. Stitzel, Barbara J. Howe, Anne Wallace Effland, Frances S. Hensley, Debra Harmon Parson, and other contributors - West Virginia History, volume 49 [women's history in West Virginia]
b5728: Meltzer, David - Nature Poem
b44270: Meltzer, Richard - "At Large: At Least Bo Diddley Is Still Alive" in Fusion 43 (October 30, 1970)
b33523: Melville, Herman. Hennig Cohen and Donald Yanella - Herman Melville's Malcolm Letter: "Man's Final Lore"
b31021: Melville, Herman - "Dialogue sur le createur et la critique" in Empedocle: Revue litteraire mensuelle, No. 1 (Avril, 1949)
b30444: Melville, Herman. Jay Leyda, editor with intorduction - The Portable Melville
b30060: (Thackeray, William Makepeace) Melville, Lewis and James Grant Wilson - Two illustrated essays on Thackeray: "Thackeray's London" (Melville) and "Thackeray in America" (Wilson) in Century (July, 1911)
b21962: Melville, Herman, poem. Carlisle Floyd, music - The Martyr: Indicative of the Passion of the People on the 15th Day of April, 1865
020929: Melville, Herman. Robert Penn Warren, editor - Selected Poems of Herman Melville
017210: Melville, Herman - "White Jacket"[a pre-publication excerpt] in The Albion (March 2, 1850)
b21430: Menand, Louis - "John Updike and the Art of the Story" in New Yorker (December 1, 2003)
016471: Mencken, H.L. and Charles Angoff - "The Worst American State, Part III" in American Mercury (November, 1931)
b10620: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Making Your Music Live" in Etude (May, 1936)
b10630: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Tap-Day in America" in Saturday Review (October 24, 1936)
b10894: Mencken, H.L. - Notes on Democracy
b11138: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "On Living in the United States" in Nation (December 7, 1921)
b11143: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "The Clown Show" in Nation (July 2, 1924)
b11147: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "The Sex Uproar" in Nation (July 23, 1924)
b11150: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Joseph Conrad" in Nation (August 20, 1924)
b11154: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Wizards and High Priests" [review] in Nation (September 17, 1924)
b11592: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - Treatise on Right and Wrong
b11689: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Yazoo's Favorite" [review] in Nation (October 14, 1925)
b15648: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Postscripts to the American Language: The Podunk Mystery" in New Yorker (September 25, 1948)
b45016: Mencken, H.L. (contributors also include Kay Boyle, Horace Green, Bernard DeVoto, and others) - "The Future of English" in Harper's Magazine, number 1019 (April, 1935)
b44323: Mencken, H. L. - Designations for Colored Folk (offprint signed by Mencken)
b43628: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Brief Gust of Glory" in New Yorker (August 5, 1939)
b31333: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Video Verbiage" in New Yorker (December 11, 1948)
b31314: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Hell and Its Outskirts" in New York (October 23, 1948)
b31312: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "The Podunk Mystery" in New Yorker (September 25, 1948)
b31277: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "The Life and Times of O.K." in New Yorker (October 1, 1949)
b31263: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Scented Words" in New Yorker (April 2, 1949)
b31016: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - Newspaper Days 1899 to 1906
b30412: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. and Sara Haardt (Mrs. Mencken) - "Overnight Saints" [Mencken] and "Each in Her Own Day" [Haardt] in Delineator (October, 1933)
b30258: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. W.J. Cash, Robert Blake, and other contributors - American Mercury (May, 1929)
b30257: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Sara Haardt, Louis Untermeyer, and other contributors - American Mercury (May, 1929)
b30256: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. James M. Cain, R.E. Sherwood, Lewis Mumford, Louis Adamic, and other contributors - American Mercury (April, 1929)
b30253: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Sherwood Anderson, James Branch Cabell, Edgar Lee Masters, William McFee, Leo Stein, and other contributors - American Mercury (September, 1926)
b30252: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Edgar Lee Masters, Edwin Markham, Herbert Asbury, Sara Haardt, and other contributors - American Mercury (August, 1926)
b30251: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Doris Stevens, Charles B. Driscoll, Babette Deutsch, and other contributors - American Mercury (May, 1926)
b30254: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Ruth Sawyer, John Redfield, Chester T. Crowell, and other contributors - American Mercury (September, 1926)
b30250: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Upton Sinclair, Herbert Asbury, and other contributors - American Mercury (January, 1926)
b30249: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. James Weldon Johnson, James M. Cain, and other contributors - American Mercury (August, 1925)
b30248: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Clarence Darrow, Carl Van Vechten, Stanley Vestal, and other contributors - American Mercury (August, 1925)
b30243: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Charles A. Beard, James M. Cain, Joseph Hergesheimer, and other contributors - American Mercury (April, 1924)
b30242: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. J. Frank Dobie, Herbert Asbury, Ernest Booth, Sherwood Anderson, and other contributors - American Mercury (December, 1927)
b30238: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Herbert Asbury, Ernest Booth, and other contributors - American Mercury (November, 1927)
b30237: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Herbert Asbury, Max Eastman, Arthur Krock, and other contributors - American Mercury (March, 1925)
b30241: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Robinson Jeffers, Herbert Asbury, Bernard De Voto, and other contributors - American Mercury (December, 1926)
b30246: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Julia Peterkin, James M. Cain, and other contributors - American Mercury (April, 1925)
b30247: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. Sara Haardt, DuBose Heyward, Herbert Asbury, James M. Cain, Lewis Mumford, and other contributors - American Mercury (September, 1925)
b29103: Mencken, H.L., editor. Egar Lee Masters, James T. Farrell, Ernest Newman, and others - American Mercury (July, 1932)
b24961: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - The American Mercury (December, 1929)
b24944: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "The Case for Dr. Landon" in American Mercury (October, 1936)
b22261: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. Essays by Burton Rascoe and Vincent Sullivan. Bibliography by F.C. Henderson - H.L. Mencken
b22140: Mencken, H.L. - "In the Footsteps of Gutenberg" in New Yorker (October 14, 1939)
b22138: Mencken, H.L. - "Larval Stages of a Bookworm" in New Yorker (September 23, 1939)
b21349: Mencken, Mrs. H.L.) Haardt, Sara - "Jim Tully" in American Mercury (May, 1928)
b21347: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor - American Mercury (April, 1928)
b21348: Mencken, Mrs. H.L.) Haardt, Sara - "Licked" in American Mercury (September, 1927)
b21027: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - American Mercury (February, 1928)
b21026: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - American Mercury (August, 1928)
b21025: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - American Mercury (July, 1926)
b21024: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - American Mercury (June, 1928)
b21023: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - American Mercury (October, 1927)
b19931: Mencken, H.L. and others - Menckeniana, Nos. 1-16 (Spring, 1962 - Winter, 1965)
b19605: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - "Postscripts to the American Language: The Vocabulary of the Drinking Chamber" in New Yorker (November 6, 1948)
b21350: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor - American Mercury (November, 1928)
b17925: H. L. Mencken - Heathen Days: Mencken's Autobiography: 1890-1936 (Buncombe Collection) (Volume 3)
b11600: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - Prejudices. Third Series.
b10901: Mencken, H.L. - James Branch Cabell
b10900: Mencken, H. L. - Bulletin on 'Hon.'
b10899: Mencken, H. L. - Bulletin on 'Hon.'
b10898: Mencken, H. L. - American Profanity
b10893: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. - Making a President
9993: Mencken, H.L. - "Days of Innocence. The Life of Tone" in New Yorker (September 25, 1943).
9905: Mencken, H.L. (signed H.L.M.) - "Gibralter" in New Yorker (June 16, 1934).
9989: Mencken, H.L. - "Postscripts to the American Language: Hell and Its Outskirts" in New Yorker (October 23, 1948).
9990: Mencken, H.L. - "Department of Amplification" [letter to the editor] in New Yorker (December 4, 1948).
9991: Mencken, H.L. - "That Was New York: The Life of the Artist" in New Yorker (April 17, 1948).
9994: Mencken, H.L. - "Days of Innocence. V - Giants at the Bar" in New Yorker (May 24, 1941).
10195: Mencken, H.L. - "Willa Cather" in The Borzoi
b44742: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. (other contributors to this issue include John Hershey,) - "Love Story" in New Yorker (January 17, 1948)
016477: Mencken, H.L., editor - American Mercury (December, 1931)
016318: Mencken, H.L. - "Three Years of Dr. Roosevelt" in American Mercury (March, 1936)
016337: Mencken, H.L. - "Shocking Stuff" in Smart Set (May, 1917)
b44872: Mencken, H. [Henry] L. Marion Rodgers, editor, chronology and notes - H. L. Mencken: Prejudices. The Complete Series. Two volumes
001699: Mencken, H. [Henry] L., editor. James M. Cain, Bernard De Voto, Louis Undermeyer, James Branch Cabell, and other contributors - American Mercury (June, 1929).
b34028: (Auden, W.H.) Mendelson, Edward - "The Secret Auden" in New York Review of Books (March 20, 2014)
b22565: Mendelson, Edward - Early Auden
b34661: Mendenhall, T.C. - Measurements of the Force of Gravity at Tokio and on the Summit of Fujinoyama [Memoirs of the Science Department, Tokio Daigaku, No. 5]
b34660: Mendenhall, T.C. - Report on the Meteorology of Tokio for the Year 2540 (1880) [Memorsi of the Science Department, Tokio Daigaku, No. 7]
b44930: Mendenhall, Thomas C. - The Harvard Yale Boat Race 1852-1924 and the Coming of Sport to the American College
b40737: Menotti, Gian-Carlo - Maria Golovin
b31544: Menotti, Gian-Carlo - "A Point of Contact" in Opera News (December 27, 1969)
b40731: Menotti, Gian-Carlo - The Last Savage
b40740: Menotti, Gian-Carlo - The Saint of Bleecker Street
b40741: Menotti, Gian-Carlo - Amelia Goes to the Ball
b16917: Menotti, Gian-Carlo - The Unicorn, The Gorgon and the Manticore, or The Three Sundays of a
b16916: Menotti, Gian-Carlo - Amahl and the Night Visitors
b17778: (Disney, Walt) Mensh, Martin - "Life at Disney's: How the 'Special Effects' Artists Make Pinocchio Come Alive on the Screen" in Coronet (November, 1939)
020991: Mercado, Mario R. - Kurt Weill: A Guide to His Works
013551: (Lhote, Andre) Mercereau, Alexandre. - Quelques Peintres Andre Lhote (First Edition)
b8168: Sisters of Mercy - Misercordia Readers: Seventh Reader
b3965: Meredith, William - "Winter on the River" in New Yorker (September 15, 1980)
b44825: Meredith, George. Lewis Sawin, introduction and note - "The Friend of an Engaged Couple": An Unpublished Story by George Meredith" in Victorians Institute Journal, Volume 14
b6933: Meredith, George - "The Amazing Marriage" (chapters 12-16) in Scribner's (April, 1895)
B44309: Meredith, George - Lve Letter from an Impossible Land
d205: Meredith, William - "Winter Verse For My Sister" in New Yorker (January 28, 1967)
b3183: Meredith, William - "The Wreck of the Thresher," "Twilight," "The Ballet," and "The Couple Overheard" in Hudson Review (Winter, 1963-64)
T89: Meredith, William - "Frost" (let. to ed.) New York Review of Books (July 30, 1964)
b19294: Meredith, Owen (Robert, Lord Lytton) - "London's 'Imaginary Conversations'" [front-page poem] in Albion (August 9, 1856)
b43618: Meredith, E.T., editor - Topics include national political news affecting farmers, general agriculture, garden and orchard, livestock, dairy, poultry, and home deparment in Successul Farming (May, 1924)
021394: Meredith, Owen (Robert, Lord Lytton) - The Poetical Works of Owen Meredith
021252: Meredith, William - "Poem About Morning" in New Yorker (December 3, 1966)
002539: Meredith, James. - Cover photograph of James Meredith and "I'll Know Victory or Defeat" in Saturday Evening Post (November 10, 1962).
b23014: Merimee, Prosper - Chronique du règne de Charles IX
b22739: Merimee, Prosper. Maxime Revon, notes - Colomba. La Venus d'Ille. Les ames du purgatoire
b35256: Merivale, Philip. May Byron - Two poems: "England" (Merivale) and "The Adventurers" (Byron) in Spectator (November 27, 1915)
x1785: Meriwether, Colyer (Editor) - "The American Negro" in "Publications of the Southern History Association" (Volume VI, No. 1)
x1786: Meriwether, Colyer (Editor) - "Documents on the Texas Revolution" in "Publications of the Southern History Association" (Volume VI, No. 1)
b36535: (Snickert, Lemony, aka Daniel Handler) Merkin, Daphne - "Leomy Snickert Says, 'Don't Read My Books!'" in New York Times Magazine (April 29, 2001)
b22622: Merrell, Concordia - Introducing Terry Sloane (The Sunday Novel)
b5932: Merrill, James - "The Forms of Death" and "The Diary of the Duc de L***" in Accent (Winter, 1948)
b11330: Merrill, James - "Samos" in New Yorker (October 1, 1979)
b11787: Merrill, James - "Trees Listening to Bach" in Ploughshares, 7, no. 2(1981)
b33553: Merrill, James - James Merrill in Greece
b31210: Merrill, James - "Domestic Architecture" in New York Review of Books (November 5, 1998)
b30424: Merrill, James - First Poems
b29979: Merrill, James - "After Greece" in New Yorker (October 1, 1960)
b29394: Merrill, James. John Frederick Nims - "Four Poems" (Accumulations of the Sea, River Poem, The Flint Eye, Suspense of Love) in Poetry (April, 1947) WITH Poetry a Critical Supplement prepared by Nims
9014: James Merrill - A Different Person: A Memoir
9543: Merrill, James. - "Icecap" in New Yorker (December 16, 1985).
7629: Merrill, James. - "Ideas" in Ploughshares, 2/4 (1975).
021065: Merrill, James - Divine Comedies
019383: Merriman, Mansfield - Treatise on Hydraulics
015297: Merriman, Henry Seton - Young Mistley
020595: Merritt, General Wesley - "Three Indian Campaigns" in Harper's (April, 1890)
020591: Merritt, General Wesley - "The Army of the United States" in Harper's (March,1890)
b21484: Mersereau, John, Jr. - Russian Romantic Fiction
r42: Merwin, W.S. - "To the Book" in New Yorker (March 17, 2003)
b692: Merwin, W.S. - The Moving Target
b4531: Merwin, W.S. - "A Debt" in New York Review of Books (June 17, 1965)
b4602: Merwin, W.S. - "The Room" in New York Review of Books (July 7, 1966)
b36337: Merwin, W. S., Clyde Edgerton, Malcolm Bradbury, Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, Beverly Lowry, Ruth Rendell, Charles Corn, T.H. Breen, and other contributors - Essays in The Sophisticated Traveler (May 16, 1993)
b33267: Merwin, W. S. - "For a Dissolving Music" in Poetry (Summer, 1952)
b32431: Merwin, W. S. - "Low Fields and Light" in New Yorker (November 5, 1955)
b43876: Merwin, W. S. - "Green Fields" in Atlantic (February, 1995)
b3187: Merwin, W.S. - "River of Bees" in Encounter (January, 1965)
b3179: Merwin, W.S. - "Three Poems" in Hudson Review (Summer, 1963)
b31706: Merwin, W. S. - The Miner's Children
b31701: Merwin, W.S. - The Drunk in the Furnace
dn349: Merwin,W.S. - "To Dust" (poem) in The New Yorker (July 15, 2002)
b31071: Merwin, W. S. - "The Miner," "A Wit in Age," and "Coal Barges" in Kenyon Review (Spring, 1957)
b29999: Merwin, W.S. - Finding the Islands
b29845: Merwin, W. S. - "Port of Call" in New Yorker (October 1, 1973)
b29834: Merwin, W. S. - "Five Poems" in New Yorker (January 13, 1973)
b29597: Merwin, W.S. - "A Street of Day" in New Yorker (January 10, 1977)
b29590: Merwin, W. S. - "Memorandum" in Slate on Paper (October 3, 1998)
b22033: Merwin, W. S. - "Name in the Sand" [essay] in New York Review of Books (May 27, 2004)
b21423: Merwin, W. S. - "To Myself" (poem) in New Yorker (June 2, 2003)
b21366: Merwin, W. S., R.G. Vliet, Guy Davenport, William H. Pritchard, George Stade, David Rubin, and other contributors - Hudson Review (Spring, 1973)
b21357: Merwin, W. S., Heather McHugh, Ai, Pablo Neruda, Richard Hugo, Ken Smith, Michael Benedikt, and other contributors - Ironwood 2 (Fall, 1972)
b21163: Merwin, W. S. - "For an Undersea Library" in American Poetry Review (May/June, 2001)
b19478: Merwin, W. S. - "The Flight of Language" in New Yorker (June 12, 2000)
b17961: Merwin, W. S. - West Wall
b16722: Merwin, William (W.S.) - "The Lady with the Hero" and "The Mad Menagerie" in Kenyon Review (Summer, 1952)
b15933: Merwin, W. S. - "To the Unfinished" in Nation (April 14, 2003)
b15885: Merwin, W. S. - "To Smoke" and "To a Tortoiseshell Lyre" in Atlantic (September, 2003)
b15874: Merwin, W. S. - "Ballade of Sayings" in New Yorker (November 4, 1972)
b15857: Merwin, W. S. - "Speech of a Guide" in New Yorker (July 1, 1972)
9541: Merwin, W.S. - "Now Renting" in New Yorker (January 28, 1985).
6813: Merwin, W.S. - "Five Poems" in New Yorker (November 15, 1969).
6817: Merwin, W.S. - "The Old Room" in New Yorker (April 19, 1969).
6823: Merwin, W.S. - "Three Stories" in New Yorker (July 10, 1971).
6824: Merwin, W.S. - "The Hulk" in New Yorker (November 1, 1969).
6836: Merwin, W.S. - "The Free" in New Yorker (October 25, 1969).
5596: Merwin, W.S. - "Genoese Mariner" and "When I Came From Colchis" in Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards 1954.
11011: Merwin, W.S. - "Old Walls" in New Yorker (October 10, 1994).
10906: Merwin, W.S. - "A Street of Day" in New Yorker (January 10, 1977).
10510: Merwin, W.S. - "We Have Nothing to Fear" in New Yorker (February 28, 1970).
020928: Merwin, W.S., translator - The Satires of Persius (First edition, SIGNED)
020490: Merwin, W. S. - "To Sbigniew Herbert's Bicycle" in New Yorker (April 1, 2002)
021248: Merwin, W. S. - "The Child" in New Yorker (December 17, 1966)
017686: Merwin, W. S. - "Assembly" in New Yorker (November 1, 1976)
017670: Merwin, W.S. - "Present" in New Yorker (August 17, 1992)
b44746: Merwin, W. S. (other contributors to this issue include Frank O'Connor, Robert Rice on Leonard Bernstein, and others) - "Under the Old One" in New Yorker (January 11, 1958)
b11530: de St. Mery, Moreau - "Baltimore as Seen by Moreau de St. Mery in 1794" in Maryland Historical Magazine" (September, 1940)
b18566: Messer, Thomas M. et al - Futurism: A Modern Focus
b42282: Messerli, Douglas, editor - La-Bass 8 (July-August, 1977)
b31752: Metcalfe, Louis R., Frank Weotenkampf, Elisabeth Luther Cary, and Emil Richter - Essays: "Claude Mellan", "Eugene Isabey", "Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Illustrator". and "German Woodcuts of the Fifteenth Century" in Print-Collector's Quarterly, volume five, number three (October, 1915)
b31738: Metcalfe, Louis B., Martin Birnbaum, Robert J. Wickenden and Martin Hardie - Essays: "Willem Jacobsz. Delff and His Father-in-Law", "Contemporary Lithography in Germany", "Charles-Francois Daubigny Painter and Etcher" and "The Etched Work of Samuel Palmer" in Print-Collector's Quarterly, volume three, number two (April, 1913)
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