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b35075: Kendall, Guy - "To My Pupils, Gone Before Their Day" in Spectator (October 2, 1915)
b31963: Kendrick, Baynard - Blind Man's Bluff
b12135: Kennan, George - "Russian State Prisoners" in Century Magazine (March, 1888).
b24925: Kennan, George - "Trench Fighting" in Outlook (June 30, 1915)
b24924: Kennan, George - The So-Called 'Parliament of Russia'" in Outlook (June 30, 1915)
b24910: Kennan, George - "War Relief Work in Russia" in Outlook (February 24, 1915)
b24907: Kennan, George - "Russia After the War: I. Reform?" in Outlook (April 7, 1915)
b24906: Kennan, George - "Russia and Constantinople" in Outlook (March 10, 1915)
b24899: Kennan, George - "Student Disorders in Russia" in Outlook (April 29, 1911)
b24920: Kennan, George, Arthur Bullard, Andre Tridon, Ernst Richard, and others - "The War in Europe: An International Symposium" in Outlook (August 15, 1914)
019894: Kennan, George - "Exiles at Irkutsk" in Century (February, 1889)
015963: Kennan, George - "After the Cold War: American Foreign Policy in the 1970s" in Foreign Affairs (October, 1972)
b44134: (Chesterton, G.K.) Kennedy, John B. - "The Ebullient Genius of G.K. Chesterton" in New York Times Book Review (June 28, 1936)
b11373: Kennedy, John P. - Occasional Addresses; and Letters of Mr. Ambrose on the Rebellion
b6249: Kennedy, John F. - "John Foster Dulles: A Profile in Courage" in This Week (June 14, 1959)
b8148: Kennedy, William, editor - The Continental Annual, and Romantic Cabinet, for 1832
dn190: Caroline Kennedy - The Best Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis
b3080: William Kennedy - Quinn's Book
b40875: Kennedy,John F. - "New England and the South: The Struggle for Industry" in Atlantic (January, 1954)
b23891: Kennedy, Charles W. - Old English Elegies. Translated Into Alliterative Verse
x1602: Kennedy, John P. - Occasional Addresses; and the Letters of Mr. Ambrose on the Rebellion
b21291: Kennedy, William and other contributors - Look (May 18, 1971)
z322: Kennedy, Thomas E.; Dubus, Andrew - "The Progress from Hunger to Love: Three Novellas By Andre Dubus"
b17597: Caroline Kennedy - A Patriot's Handbook: Songs, Poems, Stories, and Speeches Celebrating the Land We Love
b43454: Kennedy, Robert F. - Kennedy for President brochure, "I run for the Presidency because I want the United States to stand for the reconciliation of men . . ."
b41265: Kennell, Kristin - "Denise Levertov 1923-1997: A Celebration of a Poet's Life" in Ellliott Bay Booknotes (Spring, 1998)
12199: (Dreiser, Theodore) Kennell, Ruth Epperson. - Theodore Dreiser and the Soviet Union 1927-1945
C1522: Kenner, Hugh - "The Portrait in Perspective" in Kenyon Review (Summer, 1948)
b10759: Kenner, Hugh and Dawn Kolokithas - "A Tree in the Air: Talking with Hugh Kenner" in Poetry Flash (February, 1989)
b11327: Kenner, Hugh - "The Traffic in Words" in Atlantic (June, 1979)
b33079: Kenner, Hugh, Suzanne K. Langer, Eric Bentley, Mark Schorer, Duncan Phillips, William Empson, Sean O'Faolain, Harold Rosenberg, Josephine Miles, and other contributors - The Kenyon Review (Autumn, 1949)
b40615: (Joyce, James) Kenner, Hugh, John Henry Raleigh, Florence L. Walzl, Mark Schechner, Jeanne McKnight, Jane Ford, William M. Schutte, and others, Thomas F. Staley, editor - James Joyce Quarterly, volume 14, no. 4 (Summer, 1977)
Q32: Kenner, Hugh - "Incurious Biographer" (review of Noel Stock's The Life of Ezra Pound) in New Republic (10/10/70)
Q48: Kenner, Hugh - "The Seemingly Wise" (review) in New Republic (1/16/71)
Q94: Kenner, Hugh - "Red Wheelcarrow Revisited" (review) in New Republic (December 12, 1970)
022706: (Joyce, James) Kenner, Hugh. - "The Jokes at the Wake" in Massachusetts Reviw (Winter, 1981)
021040: Kensaku, Simahi - "The Blind Man" in International Literature, No. 7 (1935)
014528: Roylance-Kent, C.B. - "The Future of Party Government" in Macmillan's (June, 1893)
b12221: Kent, Rockwell - Unsigned Rockwell Kent illustration for "That Unconquerable Crystal" (jewelry ad) in New Yorker (October 23, 1926)
b5957: Kent, Rockwell - "Frontispiece . . . from Eskimo" in New York Herald Tribune Books (March 15, 1931)
b5962: Kent, Rockwell - "Jacket Design . . . from 'Seed'" in New York Herald Tribune Books (August 17, 1930)
b34319: Kent, Rockwell. Eliot H. Stanley, editor of the companion volume. Sally Kent Gorton, preface to the companion volume. - The Jewel: A Romance of Fairyland. Two volumes in slipcase
b33512: Kent, Sally, Angela Davis, Pete Seeger, and other contributors - "Rockwell Kent's Engagement with Life" (Kent), "The Nature of Freedom" (Davis) and "The World Flood on U.S. Pop Music" (Seeger) in American Dialog, volume 6, number 1 (Autumn, 1971)
b33043: Kent, Rockwell - "Planned Pioneering" [review] in New Republic (October 27, 1937)
C5387: Kent, Rockwell. Jamie Wyeth, foreword. Fridolf Johnson, editor - Rockwell Kent: An Anthology of His Works
b30047: Kent, Rockwell, text and illustrations - Rockwell Kent
b29436: Kent, Rockwell - "The Precipice" (frontispiece) in Harper's (April, 1928)
b25026: Kent, Rockwell - 19 illustrations, including 2 full-page and 1 two-page illustrations in Life (July 4, 1938)
b23921: Kent, Rockwell - "The Making of An Artist" in Wings (December, 1930)
b23876: Kent, Rockwell. Andrei Chegodaev, introduction - Rockwell Kent
b23867: Kent, Rockwell - "Planned Pioneering" [review] in New Republic (October 27, 1937)
b23818: Kent, Rockwell - Two Rockwell Kent bookmarks for the American Cancer Society
8852: Kent, Rockwell - Cover for New Masses (September 14, 1937)
b34764: Keppel, Frederick P. - The International Chamber of Commerce
b6292: Keppel, Frederick - "Sir Joshua Reynolds" in Scribner's (January, 1894)
b31725: Keppel, Frederick, H. Nazaby Harrington, Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., Frank Weitenkampf, and Cadsallader Washburn - Essays: "Personal Characteristics of Sir Seymour Haden, P.R.E." (part two), "The Watercolours of Sir Seymour Haden", "The Etchings of Ernest C. Roth", and other essays in Print-Collector's Quarterly, volume one, number 4 (October, 1911)
b31724: Keppel, Frederick, Elizabeth Luther Cary, Timothy Cole, Henry Wolf, Theodore L. De Vinne, and William Aspenwall Bradley - Essays: "Personal Characteristics of Sir Seymour Haden, P.R.E." (part one), "Two American Wood-Engreavers: Timothy Cole and Henry Wolf", "Some Difficulties of Wood-Engraving", and others in Print-Collector's Quarterly, volume one, number 3 (July, 1911)
b31723: Keppel, David, Charles H. Caffin, and Royal Cortissoz - Essays: "Landscape Etchings of the Seventeenth Century", "The Etchings of Goya", and "The Etchings of Fortuny" in Print-Collector's Quarterly, volume one, number 2 (April, 1911)
b20427: William Balfour-ker - "In the Plymouth Woods" in Life Magazine (November 3, 1904)
b23909: Kerchever, Edmund - The History and Motives of Literary Forgeries
b34690: Kerel, Francois - Petite Suite Pour Survivre
b44001: Kerensky, Alexander - "Lenin's Youth -- And My Own" in Asia (February, 1934)
b40936: Kerley, Barbara - The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins
T120: Kermode, Frank - "Deep Frye" (review essay on Northrop Frye's "A Natural Perspective") New York Review of Books (April 22, 1965)
T2: Kermode, Frank - "Lear at Lincoln Center" [essay] in New York Review of Books (June 25, 1964)
b31112: Kermode, Frank - "Robert Musil" in Kenyon Review (March, 1966)
T242: Kermode, Frank - "The Shakespearian Rag" (review of "Shakespeare Our Contemporary") in New York Review of Books (September 24, 1964)
T244: (Isherwood, Christopher) Kermode, Frank - "The Old Amalaki" (review Ramakrishna and His Disciples) in New York Review of Books (June 17. 1965)
b30540: Kermode, Frank - "Skrinking the Princess" in New York Times Book Review (August 22, 1999)
T53: Kermode, Frank - "Time of Your Life" (review of J.B. Priestley's "Man and Time") New York Review of Books January 28, 1965
T84: (McLuhan, Marshall) Kermode, Frank - "TV Dinner" (review of "Understanding Media") in New York Review of Books (August 20, 1964)
C1720: Kerouac, Jack - "Conclusion of the Railroad Earth" in Evergreen Review (January-February, 1960)
b6242: Kerouac, Jack - "He Went on the Road, as Jack Kerouac Says" in Life (June 29, 1962)
b5066: Kerouac, Jack - "Belief & Technique for Modern Prose" in Everygreen Review (Spring 1959)
b40642: Kerouac, Jack (as Jean-Louis). (Other contributors include Joseph Heller and Dylan Thomas) - "Jazz of the Beat Generation" in New World Writing 7.
b31578: Kerouac, Jack. Douglas Brinkley, introduction - "In the Kerouac Archive" [selections from Kerouac's diaries] in Atlantic (November, 1998)
dn346: Kerouac, Jack - "The Death of Swinburne" in Evergreen (February 1968)
b23948: Kerouac, Jack - "On the Road with Memere" in Holiday (May, 1965)
b22663: Kerouac, Jack - "The Electrocution" in Nugget (August, 1959)
b21845: Kerouac, Jack - "Three American Haikus" in New Yorker (March 3, 2003)
b19200: Kerouac, Jack, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso, Pablo Neruda, Blaise Cendars, and other contributors - City Light Journal, Number 4
b10430: Kerouac, Jack - Daydreams for Ginsberg
5983: Kerouac, Jack. - "The Last Word" in Escapade (December, 1959).
020022: Kerouac, Jack. - "The Last Word" in Escapade (August, 1960)
r64: (Kingsolver, Barbara) Kerr, Sarah (separate Essay By William Safire) - "The Novel as Indictment" in New York Times Magazine (October 11, 1998)
b40410: Kerr, Sophie, Joseph Hergeshiemer, Dorothy Canfield, Curlin Reed, and other contributors - Woman's Home Companion (May, 1939)
b23971: Kerschen, Lois - American Proverbs About Women: A Reference Guide
b36395: Kertesz, Andre. Sarah Greenough, Robert Gurbo, Sarah Kennel, text - Andre Kertesz
b30385: Kertesz, Andre, Henri Cariter -Bresson, Tono Stano, Tokhiro Sato, Graziella Vigo, and other contributors - Zoom (September-October, 1999)
r99: Kesey, Ken; Edelman, Marian Wright; Moynihan, Daniel Patrick; Scorsese, Martin - "Jerry Garcia" essay) in New York Times Magazine (December 31, 1995)
b43578: Kesey, Ken and Dick Gaik - "Inching Back Into Action" [interview] in Good Times (February 5, 1970)
b36603: Kesey, Ken, editor and contributor - Spit in the Ocrean. Number 1 (Winter, 1974)
b36604: Kesey, Ken, contributor. Lee Marrs, editor - Spit in the Ocrean. Number 4 (Winter, 1977)
b36605: Kesey, Ken, executive editore - Spit in the Ocrean. Number 2 (Spring, 1976)
b33081: Kesey, Ken - "Dark Side" in Sequoia, Centennial Issue, volume 31, no. 1 (1987)
dn209: Kesey, Ken - The Day After Superman Died" in Esuire (October 1979)
dn34: Kesey, Ken - Spit in the Ocean 1 (signed by Kesey twice)
b40812: Kesey, Ken and Michael Goodwin - "The Ken Kesey Movie" in Rolling Stone, No. 59 (March 7, 1970)
b40822: Kesey, Ken - "An Open Letter to Timothy Leary from Ken Kesey" in Rolling Stone, No. 70 (November 12, 1970)
b23260: Kesey, Ken - "Wither the Stone Heart" in Rolling Stone (February 13, 1975)
b23254: Kesey, Ken - "Down the Tombs of Taurus Where They Are Mad Upon Their Images" in Rolling Stone (January 16, 1975)
b21912: Kesey, Ken and Paul Krassner - "Kesey's Cuckoo War" [interview] and "An Excerpt from Kesey's Rejected Screenplay" in City of San Francisco (December 23, 1975) and the issue published for January 13, 1976.
b21165: Kesey, Ken - "The Merry Pranksters Meet Jim Crow" in Rolling Stone (July 6-20, 2000)
b20860: Kesey, Ken - 1998 Catalog, Key-Z Productions
b17059: Ken Kesey - Kesey's Garage Sale
b15651: Kesey, Ken - "Skid-Row Santa" in New Yorker (December 22 & 29, 1997)
b36467: (Mahfouz, Naguib) Kessler, Brad - "Laureate in the Land of the Pharoahs" [profile of Naguib Mahfouz] in New York Times Magazine (June 3, 1990)
T651: Ketchum, Philip - Wyatt Earp
b44518: Ketchum, Philip, William Campbell Gault, Joe Archibald, Robert Turner, H. Q. Masur, David Manners, K. Boyd Quirk, J. Lane Linklater, J. Wilson, Hal Quincey, and other contributors - Ten Detective Aces, volume 40, number 2 (December, 1940)
022057: Key, Francis Scott - "The Defence of Fort McHenry" ["The Star-Spangled Banner"] in The Analectic Magazine (November, 1814)
b8083: Keyes, Roger - The Naval Memoirs of Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Roger Keyes: Scapa Flow to the Dover Straits, 1916-1918
d18: (Mary Gordon) Keyishian, M. Deiter - Radical Damage: An interview with Mary Gordon
b30197: (Blake, William) Keynes, Geoffrey - "'Blake's Own' Copy of Songs of Innocence and of Experience" in Book Collector (Summer, 1980)
b20903: Keynes, John Maynard - "The Prospects of Gold" in New Republic (March 12, 1924)
b20900: Keynes, John Maynard - "The Financial Reconstruction of Germany" [review] in New Republic (January 25, 1928)
b22072: Keyser, Elizabeth Lennox - Little Women: A Family Romance
b32437: Khalar, Colonel Richard and Ted Kluz - Senior Leaders View Quality: Selected Quality Air Force Essays, Class of 1994. Department of National Security Studies Source Readings: Book 1 for Senior Leadership in the Quality Air Force
b40929: Osiris Kiado - The Life of Governor Louis Kossuth with His Public Speeches in the United States, and a Brief History of the Hungarian War of Independence
b40240: Kiberd, Declan - "Acting on Instinct: Dublin, Shakespeare and the 'radical improvisers' of tehe Easter Rising" in The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) (April 22, 2016)
b44202: Kidder, F.A. - "First View of the Exposition [Paris] of 1900" in Cosmopolitan (July, 1900)
b34441: Kiddy, Arthur W. - "The Interminable Reparations Problem" in Spectator (June 9, 1923)
b40348: Kidman, Nicole and Marion Cotillard - "Marion Cotillard" [interview] in Interview (August, 2010)
021753: Kidney, Walter C. James R. Morrison, photographs - Winchester: Limestone, Sycamores & Architecture
b7668: Kiefer, Anselm. Massimo Cacciari and Germano Celant, text - Anselm Kiefer (Venezia Contemporaneo)
z1508: Kilian, Martin A. and Tatom, E. Lynn - "Marx, Hegel, and the Marxian of the Master Class: Eugene D. Genovese on Slavery" in Journal of Negro Medicine (Fall 1981)
b35204: Kilmer, Joyce, Harold J. Laski, Hugh Walpole, Richard Le Gallienne, Arnold Bennett, and other contributors - The Bookman (October, 1918)
b20937: Kilmer, F.B. - Hand Book (Handbook) of First Aid: Suggestions for First Aid to the Injured in Accidents and Emergencies. Valuable Information on How to Care for the Sick and Prevent Spread of Disease. Desirable Household and Toilet Hints. 3rd edition
b45019: Kilty, William, Chancellor of Maryland - A Report of All Such English Statutes as Existed at the Time of the First Emigration of the People of Maryland, and Which by Experience Have Been Found Applicable to Their Local and Other Circumstances; and of Such Others as Have Since Been Made in , , ,
b34022: (Mansfield, Katherine) Kimber, Gerri - "'How vicious I looked': New Katherine Mansfields Are Still Emerging from the Archives" in TLS The Times Literary Supplement (February 21, 2014)
b24773: Kimble, J.M., editor - Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop: Utilization of Soil Survey Information for Sustainable Land Use
r84: (Bacon, Francis) Kimmelman, Michael - "Francis Bacon at 80: Unnerving Art" (essay) in New York Times Magazine (August 20, 1989)
b36718: (Riley, Bridget) Kimmelman, Michael - "Modern Op" (profile of Bridget Riley) in New York Times Magazine (August 27, 2000)
b36645: (Blackwood, Caroline) Kimmelman - Titled Bohemian: Caroline Blackwood" (profile of Blackwood) in New York Times Magazine (April 2, 1995)
b36401: (Picasso, Pablo) Kimmelman, Michael - "Picasso's Family Album" in New York Times Magazine (April 28, 1996)
b36507: (Pettibon, Richard) Kimmelman, Michael - "The Underbelly Artist" (profile of Richard Pettiibon) in New York Times Magazine (Ocotber 9, 2005)
b36536: (Kelly, Ellsworth) Kimmelman - "Ellsworth Kelly's Little Patch of Eden" in New York Times Magazine (May 20, 2001)
b22210: (Richter, Gerhard) Kimmelman, Michael - Cover photograph of Richter by Thomas Struth and "An Artist Beyond Isms" (profile of Gerhard Richter) in New York Times Magazine (January 27, 2002)
x1643: Keiko Kimura - Are The Japanese Really Inscrutable?
b30089: Kincaid, Jamaica - "The Circle Hand" in New Yorker (November 21, 1983)
b29605: Kincaid, Jamaica - "Xuela" in New Yorker (May 9, 1994)
b6614: Elaine A. King - The Figure as Fiction : The Figure in Visual Art and Literature
b6502: Elaine King - David Humphrey
015551: King, Martin Luther, Jr. - The Great March to Freedom, Rev. Martin Luther King Speaks Detroit June 23, 1963
b35036: King, Martin Luther, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Patricia Romero, Harry E. Brennecke, Charlotte Nuby, Benjamin E. Mays, and other contributors - Memorial issue honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Negro History Bulletin, volume 31, number 5(May, 1968)
b5023: King, Larry L. and other contributors - Texas Bound II, 8 by 8: More Stories by Texas Writers, Read by Texas Actors (Southwest Life and Letters)
x1191: King, Stephen - The Collector: A New Introduction
b6753: King, Amy - The People Instruments
b33957: King, Sam - "Utah Students" [first-page essay on the complete lack of knowledge by most Americans on Mormonism and Utah] in The Deseret Weekly (April 22, 1893)
b44979: King, Charles - "Cadet Life at West Point" in Harper's Monthly, volume 75, number 446 (July 1887)
b43874: King, Stephen - "You are invited to enter into a very special relationship with Stephen King". Promotional mailing for the Stephen King Library
b45052: King, Stephen. - "Hannibal the Cannibal" [review of Hannibal by Thomas Harris] in New York Times Book Review (June 13, 1999).
b30347: King, William. Hugh Ross Williamson, introduction - An Historical Account of the Heathen Gods and Heroes Necessary for the Understanding of the Ancient Poets
b44405: King, Stephen, Bill Murray, Toni Morrison, Mick Jagger, Alice Walker, Mel Brooks, Hank Aaron, Martin King, Jr., Alfred Hitchcock, and other contributors. Vesterman, William, editor. - Celebrity Writing in America. Special "Instructor's Copy" edition.
b44870: King, Stephen - "Uncle Otto's Truck" in Yankee (October, 1983)
z18: King, Stephen - On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
b23589: King, Larry L. - That Terrible Night Santa Got Lost in the Woods
b23084: King, Stephen - "The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson" in Rolling Stone (August 2, 1984)
b21824: King, Stephen - "Cone Head" in New Yorker (April 22 and 29, 2002)
b20807: King, Stephen - "On Impact" in New Yorker (June 19 & 26, 2000)
b19701: King, Stephen - "The Death of Jack Hamilton" in New Yorker (December 24 & 31, 2001)
z677: King, Basil - The Conquest of Fear
b42199: King, Martin Luther, Jr. - A Knock at Midnight (Creed 3008)
b17143: King, Stephen - "Ghoulies, Ghosties, and Girls" in Newsweek (June 28, 1999)
z1731: King, Larry L. - The Old Man and Lesser Mortals
6890: King, Martin Luther, Jr. - Memorial issue of Life with a portrait of Coretta Scott King at her husband's funeral. "Martin Luther King: The Impact" in Life (April 19, 1968).
b45110: King, Larry L. - Confessions of a White Racist
017632: King, Stephen - "On Impact" in New Yorker (June 19 & 26, 2000)
b43422: King, Martin Luther, Jr. - "Toward a Brighter Tomorrow" in Ebony (March, 1965)
016007: King, Laurie R. - "Diary of an Edgar" in Armchair Detective, 30, 3 (1997)
T267: King, Larry L. - The Old Man and Lesser Mortals
b21040: Kingery, Margaret - THe Whirlwind
z1619: Kingsley, Charles - Hypatia or New Foes with an Old Face
014492: Kingsley, Charles - "Juventus Mindi" in Macmillan's (June, 1884)
b40238: (Eggers, Dave) Kingsolver, Barbara - "Called by the Wild" (review of Dave Eggers' Heroes of the Frontier) in New York Times Book Review (July 24, 2016)
b36341: Kingsolver, Barbara, Brad Leithauser, Francine Prose, and other contributors - Essays in The Sophisticated Traveler (March 5, 1995)
b36346: Kingsolver, Barbara, Sandra Cisneros, Dan Hofstadter, William Weaver, MacDonald Harris, and other contributors - Essays in The Sophisticated Traveler (May 17, 1992)
b29926: Kingsolver, Barbara - "It's My Flag, Too" in Publishers Weekly (February 4, 2002)
Z29: Kingsolver, Barbara; Cartes, Rebeca - Another America/Otra America (English, Spanish and Spanish Edition)
AG63: Kingsolver, Barbara; Cartes, Rebecca - Another America/Otra America (English and Spanish Edition)
6106: Kingsolver, Barbara. - "Rose-Johnny" in Virginia Quarterly Review (Winter, 1987).
4057: Kingsolver, Barbara. - "Between the Covers" Washington Post Book World (May 24, 1998)
017866: Kingsolver, Barbara - "The Patience of a Saint: San Pedro River" in National Geographic (April, 2000)
020854: Maxine Hong Kingston - To Be the Poet (The William E. Massey, Sr. Lectures in the History of American Civilization)
b10532: (Creek Indians) Kinnaird, Lucia Burk - "The Rock Landing Conference of 1789" in North Carolina Historical Review (October, 1932)
b7894: Galway Kinnell - The Avenue Bearing the Initial of Christ into the New World; Poems 1946-1964.
b11452: Kinnell, Galway - "Special Issue: Galway Kinnell" Green Mountains Review (Fall/Winter, 1989-90)
b3184: Kinnell, Galway - "Room of Return," "Poem of Night," "Hardscrabble Mountain," "A Bird Comes Back," and "Harbor Darkness" in Hudson Review (Winter, 1963-64)
b17382: Kinnell, Galway. - Mount Fuji at Daybreak (SIGNED, 1/36)
b31320: Kinnosuke, Adachi - "America's Chance in China" in Harper's Weekly (October 24, 1914)
b40243: (Richter, Gerhard) Kino, Carol - "Brush with Greatness" (profile of Gerhard Richter) in WSJ: Wall Street Journal Magazine (July/August, 2016)
b19521: Kinsella, W.P. - "The Lime Tree" in Elysian Fields, vol. 15, no. 1 (1998)
b7794: Kipling, Rudyard - "Soldier an' Sailor Too" in McClure's (April, 1896)
b6056: Kipling, Rudyard - A Kipling Anthology: Verse
014540: Kipling, Rudyard - From Sea to Sea, two volumes (First edition, first issue)
b10311: Kipling, Rudyard. Irvin S. Cobb, Anice Page Cooper, Richard Le Gallienne, William Lyon Phelps and Andre Chevrillon, essays - Around the World with Kipling
b10480: Kipling, Rudyard - "The Destroyers" in McClure's (May, 1898)
b11447: Kipling, Rudyard, Paul Verlaine, George Meredith, Arthur Symons, Ouida, Guy De Maupassant, and others - Pall Mall Magazine, Volume III, May to August, 1894
b44194: Kipling, Rudyard - "Mowgli Leaves the Jungle" ["The Last of the Jungle Stories"] in Cosmopolitan (October, 1895)
b44174: Kipling, Rudyard - "An Error in the Fourth Dimension in Cosmopolitan (December, 1894)
b5974: Kipling, Rudyard - "Captains Courageous" (Chapters VI - VIII of the continuing serialization) AND "The Bell-Buoy" in McClure's (February, 1897)
b6057: Kipling, Rudyard - A Kipling Anthology: Prose
b33302: Kipling, Rudyard - "An Habitation Enforced" in Century (August, 1905)
b32910: Kipling, Rudyard - "Thy Servnt, A Dog" in Liberty (June 7, 1930)
b32486: Kipling, Rudyard - The Bronckhorst Divorce Case
b32692: Kipling, Rudyard - The Day's Work
b31477: Kipling, Rudyard - "The Son of His Father" in Harper's Weekly (December 30, 1893)
z1681: Kipling, Rudyard - Under the Deodars, The Phantom 'Rickshaw, Wee Willie Winkie
b31061: Kipling, Rudyard - "The Puzzler" in Collier's (February 17, 1906)
b40685: Kipling, Rudyard - Two Forewords
b29879: Kipling, Rudyard, Bret Harte, and other contributors - The Argonaut, volume LII, no. 1347 (January 5, 1903) to volume LIII, no. 1398 (December 28, 1903)
b29523: Kipling, Rudyard - How the Alphabet Was Made
b29426: Kipling, Rudyard - "Pharoah and the Sargeant" in McClure's (September, 1897)
b25151: Kipling, Rudyard - "William the Conqueror" [first part of serialization] in Ladies' Home Journal (December, 1895)
b24089: Kipling, Rudyard - "William the Conqueror" [final serialization part] in Ladies' Home Journal (January, 1896)
b23164: Kipling, Rudyard - "Namely" in TLS: Times Literary Supplement (September 15, 2000)
b41167: Kipling, Rudyard - Occasional Poems (issued as The Cornhill Booklet, volume one, number 2)
b23816: Kipling, Rudyard - The Eyes of Asia
b17963: Kipling, Rudyard - "The Disturber of Traffic" in Atlantic (September, 1891)
b11547: Kipling, Rudyard, Franz Boas, and many other contributors - The Nation, Volume 61 (July 1, 1895 to December 31, 1895)
b10321: Kipling, Rudyard - "The 'Eathen'", "Cholera Cap", and "'In the Rukh'" in McClure's, VII (June-October, 1896)
7281: Kipling, Rudyard - "From a Winter Note-Book" in Harper's (May, 1900).
014181: Kipling, Rudyard - "The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney" in Macmillan's (December, 1889)
014182: Kipling, Rudyard - "The Courting of Dinah Shadd" in Macmillan's (March, 1890)
b44726: Kipling, Rudyard - "The Outside: A Story of the Boer War, Written from the Field" in McClure's, volumw 15, number 3(July 1900)
b23879: Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Ausstellung. Gemalde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Graphik
b15976: Kirke, Edmund - "The City of Cleveland" in Harper's (March, 1886)
b44688: (Stowe, Harriet Beecher) Kirkha, Bruce - "The First Editions of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin': A Bibliographical Study" in Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, volume 65, fourth quarter (1971)
b21324: Kirkham, Michael, David Farmer, Larry V. Ledoux, Carole Ferrier, Egon Tiedje, Keith Cushman, Gerald M. Garmon, and other contributors - D.H. Lawrence Review (Summer, 1972)
b5841: Larry Kirkland - Larry Kirkland: Twenty-five years
b23385: Kirschten, Robert, editor - Critical Essays on James Dickey
C5052: Kirstein, Lincoln - "U.N." in Hudson Review (Autumn, 1964)
C5054: Kirstein, Lincoln - "Two Poems" in Hudson Review (Spring, 1964)
C5058: Kirstein, Lincoln - "Western," "Bar & Grill," and "Dead on Arrival" in Hudson Review (Autumn, 1966)
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