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006595: IAN PEARCE AND CLARE COWLING - Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania - Section Four: Records Relating to Free Immigration
018683: BARRY PEARCE AND HENDRIK KOLENBERG - William Dobell, 1899-1970: The Painter's Progress
021024: PEARCE, BARRY - Kevin Connor
017354: BARRY PEARCE (INTRODUCTION) - Michael Johnson
020567: PEARCE, BARRY; GALBALLY, ANN - Charles Conder: 1868-1909
020093: CYRIL PEARL - Hardy Wilson and His Old Colonial Architecture
018817: CYRIL PEARL - The Three Lives of Gavan Duffy
023363: PEARLMAN, CHEE - Isaac Mizrahi
023100: NOEL PEARSON - Up from the Mission
011700: ROSS PEARSON - Animal Allies
008156: PECHAR, PETER;PRIOR, CHRIS;PARKINSON, BRIAN J. - Mitre Shells from the Pacific and Indian Oceans
012622: PECKTAL, LYNN - Costume Design: Techniques of Modern Masters
016192: PEDERSON, PETER - Anzac Treasures: The Gallipoli Collection of the Australian War Memorial
012011: JOHN PEEL - The Doctor Who Encyclopedia: The Baker Years
012840: PEERS, JULIETTE - The Fashion Doll: From Bebe Jumeau to Barbie
013593: DR JULIETTE PEERS ET AL - Anne Marie Power: Portfolio Collection Volume 5
016055: FLOSSIE PEITSCH ET AL - Flossie Peitsch: Art and Soul
016535: PEJIC, BOJANA; BUDEN, BORIS; HONDA, YOSHIKO - Milovan Markovic: Transfigurative Works
009713: HENRI-PAUL PELLAPRAT - Modern French Culinary Art
017473: RUTH PELTASON (EDITOR) - Ernst Haas: A Colour ( Color) Retrospective 1952-1986
021537: MICHAEL PEMBROKE - Trees of History & Romance: Essays from a Mount Wilson Garden
018661: L. E. M. PEMBROKE - Children of the Anzacs
020154: ALEJANDRA PENA ET AL - El Arte de Cartier: Resplandor Del Tiempo
022130: MICK PENDERGRAST - Te Mahi Kete: Maori Flaxcraft for Beginners
018674: LORANN S. A. PENDLETON AND DAVID HURST THOMAS - The Fort Sage Drift Fence Washoe County, Nevada
019103: H. CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL - From Grave to Gay: A Volume of Selections from the Complete Poems of H. Cholmondeley-Pennell
015436: SIR ROLAND PENROSE - Creacion En El Espacio de Joan Miro / Creation in Space of Joan Miro
016442: JACQUES PENRY - Character from the Face: A Complete Explanation of Character As It Is Shown by the Size, Proportion and Texture of Each Feature
020728: EDGAR PENZIG - Guns and Gold Stories, Artifacts and Crime of the Australian Diggings 1850 - 1900
022578: EDGAR PENZIG - Rogues, Vagabonds and Bloody Thieves: An Illustrated History of Colonial Crime 1850 - 1900
016069: PENZIG, EDGAR F. - Troopers, Villains, Vipers and Vixens: An Illustrated History of Police and Colonial Crime, 1850-1915
021699: PENZIG, EDGAR F. - Heroes and Villains: An Illustrated History of Our Bushranging Days
019985: THE YANYUGAWA PEOPLE AND JOHN BRADLEY (TRANSLATION AND ILLUSTRATION) - Yanyuwa Country: The Yanyuwa People of Borroloola Tell the History of Their Land
015945: PEPPER, TERENCE; KOBAL, JOHN - Dorothy Wilding: The Pursuit of Perfection
012769: PEPPER, TERENCE; KOBAL, JOHN - Lewis Morley: Photographer of the Sixties
016456: PEPPER, TERENCE; KOBAL, JOHN - The Man Who Shot Garbo: The Hollywood Photographs of Clarence Sinclair Bull
022920: PERCIVAL, IAN G - The Geological Heritage of New South Wales Volume 1
018656: MICHAEL R. PERES - The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography - Fourth Edition
018571: JAVIER PORTÛS PÉREZ - Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado
004317: MICHELANGELO PERGOLESI - Classical Ornament of the Eighteenth Century
016661: ERIC PERIS - Heritage of Malaysian Architecture
017159: PERKINS, KRIS - Norton Rotaries
022565: HETTI PERKINS AND HANNAH FINK - Papunya Tula: Genesis and Genius
023576: KEVIN PERKINS - Dare to Dream: The Life and Times of a Proud Australian
021596: HETTI PERKINS - Art + Soul : A Journey Into the World of Aboriginal Art
021581: BRYAN PERRETT - Canopy of War: Jungle Warfare, from the Earliest Days of Forest Fighting to the Battlefields of Vietnam
023417: CHANTAL MESLIN-PERRIER (CURATOR) - Le Musee National Adrien Dubouche Limoges
010314: DULCIE M. PERRY - The Place of Waters: A Story of Glenelg's First Fifty Years
017273: PERRY, T. M. - The Discovery of Australia
021528: L. S. PERRY - Chinese Snuff Bottles: The Adventures & Studies of a Collector
017885: PERRYER, SOPHIE - 10 Years, 100 Artists: Art in a Democratic South Africa
014991: JUAN PERUCHO - Joan Mirò Y Cataluña
008602: PESCOTT, TREVOR - Geelong's Birdlife in Retrospect : A Selection of Geelong Advertiser Articles by Pjw 1945-1958)
022652: PESCOTT, N - Early Settlers' Household Lore
022739: F.N.M. PETCH - We Dood It Too
021232: LONGHURST PETER - Hibiscus; Volume 1
023140: MONTEATH PETER - Escape Artist: The Incredible Second World War of Johnny Peck
015577: FORREST, PETER AND FORREST, SHEILA - Tiwi Meet the Future: Ngawurraningimarri: All Come Together
019435: GRAHAM DODGSHUN; MICHEL PETERS - Cookery for the Hospitality Industry
021414: VLADIVIR AND EVDOKIA PETROV - Empire of Fear
018578: PETROVA, YEVGENIA, ET AL - St Petersburg 1900
013530: MICHAEL PETRY - Hidden Histories: 20th Century Male Same Sex Lovers in the Visual Arts
014954: BRUCE PETTY AND RONALD SEARLE (INTRODUCTION) - Bruce Petty: Australian Artist in South East Asia
019092: ROGER NEICH; MICK PENDERGRAST; KRZYSZTOF PFEIFFER - Traditional Tapa Textiles of the Pacific
010034: PHEASANT, S. - Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics and Design
020564: MURRAY T PHEILS - The Return to Coree: The Rise and Fall of a Pastoral Dynasty
011525: PHILIP, CHRIS - A Bibliography of Firework Books: Works on Recreative Fireworks from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century
015871: RANDAL PHILLIPS - Houses for Moderate Means
021656: HERBERT P. PHILLIPS - The Integrative Art of Modern Thailand
020411: JOCK AND CHRIS MACLEAN PHILLIPS - In the Light of the Past: Stained Glass Windows in New Zealand Houses
022729: JOHN C. PHILLIPS - A Sportsman's Scrapbook
010530: RENZO PIANO AND ROBERTO BRIGNOLO - Renzo Piano Logbook, the
015459: CHAS. L. THOUROT PICHEL - Samogitia: The Unknown in History
017250: PICKARD, TERRY - Combat Medic: An Australian Eyewitness Account of the Kibeho Massacre
023356: PICKETT, CHARLES - Refreshing!: Art Off the Pub Wall
022201: PICKFORD, IAN - Silver Flatware: English, Irish and Scottish
010224: PICKMERE, NANCY PREECE - The Story of Paihia
022178: CLIFFORD A. PICKOVER - The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars: An Exhibition of Surprising Structures Across Dimensions
023358: PICKTHALL, BARRY - Eileen Ramsay: Queen of Yachting Photography
022573: PIERCE, PETER - The Country of Lost Children: An Australian Anxiety
020405: PIERRE DAIX, AND JOAN ROSSELET - Picasso: The Cubist Years, 1907-16 - a Catalogue Raisonne of the Paintings and Related Works
023471: PIERSON, MELISSA HOLBROOK - The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles
019558: RICHARD PIGGOTT - Fishtraps and Floods Apples and Spuds: A History of the Lower Kalgan District.
022770: PIKE, GLENVILLE - Queen of the North: A Pictorial History of Cooktown and Cape York Peninsula
017185: PILCHER, JONATHAN; HILL, VALERIE - Flora Hibernica: The Wild Flowers, Plants and Trees of Ireland
011962: NICHOLAS PINE - The Price Guide to Crested China 2000
018211: PINK, KERRY G. - Through Hell's Gates: A History of Strahan and Macquarie Harbour
022367: PINSON, PETER; MILGATE, RODNEY - Rod Milgate
014366: PINSON, PETER - Christopher Gentle: Instinct and the Responsive Mark
005523: PINSON, PETER; RAFT, EMANUEL - Emanuel Raft: Painting, Jewellery, Sculpture, Printmaking
022713: TED PIPE - Small Gasoline Engines Training Manual
020418: STAVROS PIPPOS - Light on Earth: Photographs of South Australia
016534: PIRO, NICHOLAS DE - The Quality of Malta : Fashion and Taste in Private Collections
018043: VICTORIA PITTS - In the Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification
017326: PITTY, KEITH D - The Pitty Families in Australia: A History and Genealogy of the Pitty Families Who Migrated to Australia
020721: GRAHAM PIZZEY AND FRANK KNIGHT - Field Guide to Birds of Australia
019283: VIKKI PLANT AND ALBIE VIEGAS - Mission Time in Warburton: An Exhibition Exploring Aspects of the Warburton Mission History 1933-1973
021555: RICHARD PLANT - Arabic Coins and How to Read Them
004736: MARGARET WEBSTER PLASS - African Miniatures: The Goldweights of the Ashanti
018222: R. F. PLEADEN - Coastal Explorers
007795: ELIZABETH PLIMER AND ELLEN ERREY - A House Re-Born: The Story of William Swann of Elizabeth Farm House, Parramatta
022455: PLOEG, PETER VAN DER; BUVELOT, QUENTIN; SUCHTELEN, ARIANE VAN - Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis: A Princely Collection
022515: PLOWMAN, PETER - Australian Migrant Ships 1946-1977
022516: PLOWMAN, PETER - Australian Cruise Ships
022463: PLOWMAN, PETER - Migrant Ships to Australia and New Zealand: 1900 to 1939
022464: PLOWMAN, PETER - Across the Pacific: Liners from Australia and New Zealand to North America
017751: PLOWMAN, PETER - Emigrant Ships to Luxury Liners: Passenger Ships to Australia
016188: PETER PLOWMAN - Wanganella and the Australian Trans-Tasman Liners
022728: W. F. POCHIN - Angling and Hunting in British Columbia
011201: ANATOLI PODOKSIK - Picasso Une Quete Continuelle: Oeuvres de L'Artiste Dans Les Musees Sovietiques
011261: ULRICH POHLMANN / - Frank Eugene: The Dream of Beauty
022698: POIGNANT, AXEL - Axel Poignant: Photographs 1922-1980
023209: POINTON, MARCIA - Portrayal and the Search for Identity
023444: POIRIER, DIANE ELISABETH - Tennis Fashion
021975: RACHEL POLIQUIN - The Breathless Zoo: Taxidermy and the Cultures of Longing (
020984: POLLARD, CLARE; STEVENS, JOHN - Zen Mind Zen Brush: Japanese Ink Paintings from the Gitter-Yelen Collection
017911: ARNOLD GLIMCHER; MARC GLIMCHER; MARK POLLARD - Je Suis le Cahier: The Sketchbooks of Picasso
011526: ALFRED W. POLLARD - Fine Books
012482: POLLARD, JOHN - Birds in Greek Life and Myth
003846: LAURENCE POMEROY AND R. L. DE BURGH WALKERLEY - The Motor Year Book 1951
007643: PONTER, ANTHONY;PONTER, LAURA - Spirits in Stone: The New Face of African Art
018175: PONTING, HERBERT G. - Herbert Ponting: Another World, Photographs in the United States, Asia, Europe & Antarctica 1900-1912
020580: R CRUMB; PETER POPLASKI - The R. Crumb Handbook
022240: PORTAL, JANE - Korea: Art and Archaeology
004564: PORTER, LINDSAY - Mg Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite: Guide to Purchase & D.I. Y. Restoration
022842: PORTER, JIMMY (JAMES) - The Travails of Jimmy Porter
020797: DONALD J. PORTER - Howard's Whirlybirds: Howard Hughes's Amazing Pioneering Helicopter Exploits
012624: PORTUS, JAVIER - The Spanish Portrait: From El Greco to Picasso
022073: EVELYNE POSSEME - Le Mobilier Francais, 1910-1930: Les Annees 25
021365: GEOFFREY POTTER - Wreck of the Maitland... A Scene to Make the Angels Weep
006457: POTTON, CRAIG - Angels and Bacon: Wearable Art
003842: POULTON, JILL - Adelaide Ironside
011005: POUND, FRANCIS - Frames on the Land: Early Landscape Painting in New Zealand
021837: ROBERT POWELL - The Asian House: Contemporary Houses of Southeast Asia
019934: ROBERT POWELL - The New Thai House
018924: ROBERT POWELL - The New Asian House
003681: POWELL, J. P. - Cross Currents: Historical Studies of the Hawkesbury
012866: POWELL, ROBERT - The Urban Asian House: Living in the Tropics
006763: POWELL, JOHN PERCIVAL - Placenames of the Greater Hawkesbury Region
011270: ROBERT POWELL - The New Singapore House
022717: POWLEY, ADAM - My Dad's Motors
021896: POWNALL, GLEN - New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts
023590: DARREN PRACY - Hawke, Line and Sinker
023019: PRADOS, JOHN - Storm over Leyte: The Philippine Invasion and the Destruction of the Japanese Navy
017610: COLIN PRATT - Killing the Khmer
014619: PRAWAT, CAROLYN M. - Gourd Craft: Growing, Designing, and Decorating Ornamental and Hardshell Gourds
021022: MARK LENNARD ROSLYN PREMONT - Tjukurrpa Desert Paintings of Central Australia
023068: PRESCOTT, DAVID - The Bonsai Handbook
018693: JOHN PRESCOTT - Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do
022125: SAFARI PRESS - Great Hunters: Their Trophy Rooms and Collections Volume 6
023086: PRESTON, DIANA; PRESTON, MICHAEL - A Pirate of Exquisite Mind: The Life of William Damp
023483: R. G. PRESTON. - N.S. W.G. R. In Steam.
022135: R. G. PRESTON - The Richmond Vale Railway
022925: PRESTON, DIAN - Paradise in Chains: The Bounty Mutiny and the Founding of Australia
019979: MARGARET PRESTON AND ROGER BUTLER (EDITOR) - The Prints of Margaret Preston: A Catalogue Raisonne
020637: R. G. PRESTON - 125 Years of the Sydney to Parramatta Railway
019410: DYRANDA PREVOST WITH ANN RADO - Living Places: Twenty Houses
022715: BRICK PRICE - Evinrude Service Repair Handbook 1. 5 to 33hp 1965-1975
010194: PRICE, ALFRED - Late Marque Spitfire Aces 1942-45
022948: JULIUS M. PRICE - The Land of Gold: The Narrative of a Journey Through the West Australian Goldfields in the Autumn of 1895
009037: A. GRENFELL PRICE - A History of St. Mark's College, University of Adelaide and the Foundation of the Reseidential College Movement
017056: HUGH PRICE AND SUSAN PRICE - Old Wellington in Colour: From Hundred-Year-Old Picture Postcards
016922: BARRIE PRICE - Lea-Francis Story
016324: E. D. PRICHARD AND BILL TELLING - A Bachelor's Guide to Sydney
014695: P. PRIDEAUX - From Spear to Pearl-Shell: Somerset, Cape York Peninsula, 1864-1877
020655: TIM PRIEST - On Deadly Ground: The Assassination of John Newman Mp
014348: PRIESTLEY, SUSAN - Henrietta Augusta Dugdale: An Activist 1827-1918
014732: SUSAN PRIESTLEY - Echuca: A Centenary History
005889: PETER PRINEAS - Katsehamos and the Great Idea
021933: STEPHEN PROCTER - Lines Through Light
016650: GARY PROCTOR - Yarnangu Ngaanya: Our Land, Our Body : A Touring Exhibition from the Warburton Community
013521: MARU PROCTOR AND A. C. D. CROMMELIN - Comets: Their Nature, Origin and Place in the Science of Astronomy
006334: MARIO PRODAN - The Art of the T'Ang Potter
014714: PROKHOVNIK, R. M. - A Reluctant Pioneer: The Story of William Spikeman, His Life and Times
022526: PROU, SYBILLE; ADZ, KING - Blek le Rat: Getting Through the Walls
018139: PRYKE, SUSAN - Boom to Bust and Back Again: Captain's Flat from 1883...
023203: IMAGES PUBLISHING - The Architect: Women in Contemporary Architecture
016051: PUCCI, RALPH - Show
022199: P. D. GORDON PUGH - Staffordshire Portrait Figures and Allied Objects of the Victorian Era
019172: FELICITY PULMAN - The Little Penguins of Manly
022329: JILL PURCE - The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul
019406: BRIDGET ELLIOT; ANTHONY PURDY - Peter Greenaway: Architecture and Allegory
013791: PUTTOCK, TOBIE - Cook Like an Italian
020867: LILLIAN M. PYKE - A Prince at School
010581: MARY QUANT - Quant by Quant
017014: QUARRY, NEVILLE - Australian Architecture Award Winners
022071: QUARTERMAINE, PETER - Brian Seidel: Landscapes and Interiors
023631: QUARTLY, MARIAN; SMART, JUDITH - Respectable Radicals: A History of the National Council of Women of Australia 1896-2006
015433: ERIC QUAYLE - Old Cook Books: An Illustrated History
017784: REV. JOHN QUINE - Isle of Man Illustrated
010825: QUINEY, ANTHONY - Kent Houses: English Domestic Architecture
011181: D. B. QUINN (EDITOR) - The Hakluyt Handbook Volume I and II Second Series Nos. 144 and 145
014429: DIANE QUITTNER - Eva Quittner: In Bloom, Paintings 1993-2007
002897: SAMINA QURAESHI - Lahore: The City Within
023551: WOOD, P.R. & WILLADSEN, P. & VERCOE, J.E. & HOSKINSON, R.M. & DEMEYER, D. - Vaccines in Agriculture: Immunological Applications to Animal Health and Production
018084: HANNE RAABYEMAGLE AND CLAUS M. SMIDT - Classicism in Copenhagen: Architecture in the Age of C.F. Hansen
017439: VAN RAALTE, HENRI - Henri Van Raalte: Master Printmaker
022059: ALAN EDISON; JOLENE RABJOHN - Sun Valley Architecture and Interiors
021786: MARC RABOY - Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World
020851: WILLIAM RADCLIFFE - Fishing from the Earliest Times
021028: RON RADFORD AND JANE HYLTON - Australian Colonial Art 1800-1900
014089: RON RADFORD (CURATOR) - Wild Visionary Spectral: New German Art
014274: MICHEL RAGON - The Aesthetics of Contemporary Architecture
020962: RAINBIRD, STEPHEN - Realms of Vision: The Art of William Robinson
014778: PANKAJ RAKESH AND KAROKI LEWIS - Shekhawati: Rajasthan's Painted Homes
020016: IAN A. RAMAGE - We Still Call Wahroonga Our Home
020477: PAULINE RAMAGE (COMPILER) - Armed Forces Personnel Index to Photographs Taken by Pardey's Studio, Cowra 1940-1946g
021828: NAVIN RAMANI - Bombay Art Deco Architecture: A Visual Journey (1930-1953)
022487: RAMBACH, PIERRE - The Art of Japanese Tantrism
020406: RAMIE, GEORGES - Ceramics of Picasso
015856: RAMSDEN, MARK; RANDALL, HOUSK - Radical Desire
023079: JOHN RAMSLAND - Cook's Hill Life Saving and Surf Club: The First Hundred Years
016088: RAMSLAND, JOHN - Brave and Bold : Manly Village Public School 1858 - 2008.
020520: JOHN RAMSLAND - Children of the Back Lanes
018129: MARVIN RAND - Irving J. Gill: Architect, 1870 - 1936
015024: M. S. RANDHAWA - Kangra Paintings of Bhagavata Purana
020812: JACKIE RANKEN - Aerial Abstracts
022155: VERA RANKI - The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion: Jews and Nationalism in Hungary
021646: ANDREW RANKIN - Seppuku: A History of Samurai Suicide
023612: SUSIE RANKINE, ERNEST WATT - Being Ernest: The Life of Ernest Watt 1874-1954.
023535: RAPAPORT, RICHARD - California Moderne and the Mid-Century Dream: The Architecture of Edward H. Fickett
007819: MARK RAPPOLT (EDITOR) - Gehry Draws
005359: ABRAM RASKINE (EDITOR) - Petrodvorets (Peterhof): Palais Et Pavillions, Jardins Et Parcs, Fontaines Et Cascades, Sculptures
021480: TOM RASMUSSEN - Mcqueen: The Illustrated History of the Fashion Icon
011440: RASOR, EUGENE L. - Reform in the Royal Navy: A Social History of the Lower Deck, 1850 to 1880
016034: PHILIP GEEVES. JAMES JARVIS ANDR. W. RATHBONE (REVISION) - Rockdale: Its Beginning and Development
017118: ANATCHAI RATTAKUL - A Study of Thai Politics and History Through the Mails
003195: RAULT, JEAN; HENRIC, JACQUES - Du Portrait / Portraiture
022866: RAXWORTHY, RICHARD - The Unreasonable Man: The Life and Works of J.J. C. Bradfield
008036: PAM RAY AND GRAHAME THOM - Monumental Inscriptions: Young
022394: GREG RAY AND SYLVIA RAY - Newcastle Slideshow: Newcastle and the Hunter Through Colour Slides 1950s to 1980s
017975: READ, SIMON - Winston Churchill Reporting: Adventures of a Young War Correspondent
020691: PETER READ - A Rape of the Soul So Profound: The Return of the Stolen Generation
023029: READING, GEOFFREY - High Climbers: Askin and Others
012371: ALBERT RECHE AND PAZZI - En Garde! Plus Original Pencil Drawing by Pazzi
022372: HELENA RECKITT (EDITOR) - Art and Feminism
013689: RONALD AND KATHERINE GIAMPIETRO REDMOND - 7 Steps to Successful Boat Docking
006279: R. REECE AND R. PASCOE - A Place of Consequence: A Pictorial History of Fremantle
017543: A. W. REED - Wonder Tales of Maoriland - First Edition
009623: JOHN REED - The Science of Imposition: A Treatise Based Upon the Fundamental Principles of Modern Pressroom and Bindery Practices
017546: A. H. REED - The Gumdigger: The Story of Kauri Gum
010243: T. G. REES - Historic Camperdown: St. Stephen's, Newtown
018830: PETER REES - Lancaster Men: The Aussie Heroes of Bomber Command
002041: REES, LUCY - The Fundamentals of Riding
019350: PETER REES - Bearing Witness: The Remarkable Life of Charles Bean, Australia's Greatest War Correspondent
022112: JANCIS REES AND ALAN REES - Lloyd Rees: A Source Book
021282: PETER REES - The Other Anzacs: The Extraordinary Story of Our World War I Nurses
006120: C. E. REEVES - The Queen V. Beaney: Extraordinary Charge of Murder Against a Medical Man - in Consequence of a Diseased Womb Being Ruptured After Death with Medical Notes and Observations
020463: I. A. REHMAN - Pakistan Furniture: A Rich Heritage
015074: REID, RICHARD - Sinners, Saints & Settlers: A Journey Through Irish Australia
019360: BARRET REID - Of Dark and Light : The Art of John Perceval
015893: RICHARD REID AND KEITH JOHNSON (EDITORS) - The Irish Australians: Selected Articles for Australian and Irish Family Historians
022459: BARRETT REID AND NANCY UNDERHILL (EDITORS) - Letters of John Reed: Defining Australian Cultural Life 1920-1981
001269: JOHN REID - Australian Artists at War Volume II 1940-1970
013475: REILLY, VALERIE - Paisley Patterns
014313: DIRK REINARTZ - New York 1974
018453: EWALD REITTER - Beetles
022710: RENDLE, STEVE - Red Bull Racing F 1 Car: An Insight Into the Technology, Engineering, Maintenance and Operation of the World Championship-Winning Red Bull Racing Rb6 (Owners' Workshop Manual)
013349: CHRISTIAN RENONCIAT - Christian Renonciat: Sculptures
018094: RENTZ, DAVID C.F. - The Austrosaginae, Zaprochilinae and Phasmodinae: Tettigoniidae of Australia Volume 2
018088: RENTZ, DAVID C.F. - Tettigoniidae of Australia Volume 3: Listroscelidinae, Tympanophorinae, Meconematinae and Microtettigoniinae
020495: PIERRE RESTANY - The Power of Art Hundertwasser: The Painter-King with the 5 Skins (Basic Series)
018261: GOODMAN, JONATHAN; BUTLER, REX & BALLARD, BRETT - Alun Leach-Jones: Painting & Sculpture
013754: STEPHANE REYNAUD - Pork and Sons
017061: STEPHANIE BONNY; MARILYN REYNOLDS - Living with 50 Architects: A New Zealand Perspective
022949: REYNOLDS, HENRY - Fate of a Free People
019560: CHAS. E. REYNOLDS - Practical Examples of Reinforced Concrete Design
023490: REYNOLDS, JOHN - Men & Mines: A History of Australian Mining, 1788-1971
022775: REYNOLDS, PETER; MUIR, LESLEY; HUGHES, JOY - John Horbury Hunt: Radical Architect 1838-1904
018606: THOMAS RHODES - Rhodes's Steamship Guide 1901-2
022342: RICE, MATTHEW - Pat Albeck: Queen of the Tea Towel
016314: EMANUEL RICE - Freud and Moses: The Long Journey Home
012961: PAUL RICE ET AL - Sam Haile: Potter and Painter
021755: MICHAEL P. RICHARDS - The North Coast Run: A History of the North Coas Ts. N. Co. Ltd.
013870: DICK RICHARDS - South-East Asian Ceramics: Thai, Vietnamese, and Khmer from the Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia
007962: FRANK RICHARDS - Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School
019577: RICHARDS, MICHAEL P.; INSTITUTE OF MARINE ENGINEERS - Workhorses in Australian Waters: A History of Marine Engineering in Australia
021904: RICHARDS, MICHAELA - The Best Style: Marion Hall Best and Australian Interior Design 1935-1975
021713: PAT RICHARDSON AND ANNE SKINNER - Queenie: Letters from an Australian Army Nurse, 1915-1917
020410: JIM RICHARDSON - The Farm As a Business: Rural Property Planning
015142: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Gilbert and George
015613: FREDERICK J. BYERLEY, A. J. RICHARDSON AND LES HIDDINS - The Complete Jardine Expedition Journal
017721: J. RICHARDSON - Along the Line: In Queensland
019316: ANTHONY RICHARDSON - One Man and His Dog
016862: RICHET, MICHELE - The Musee Picasso, Paris: Drawings, Watercolours, Gouaches, Pastels Volume II
009565: DONALD RICHIE AND IAN BURUMA - The Japanese Tattoo
023346: ANNE RICHTER - Arts and Crafts of Indonesia
022667: SUZANNE RICKARD - Sailing with Cook: Inside the Private Journal of James Burney Rn
021729: MAURICE H RIDGWAY - Chester Silver, 1727-1837
013585: RICHARD VAN RIEL ET AL - World Famous Round Here: The Photographs of Jack Hulme
019341: REX AND THEA RIENITS - Early Artists of Australia
011135: REX AND THEA RIENITS - Early Artists of Australia
017836: KARL RIES - Dora-Kurfürst Und Rote 13. Bildband: Flugzeuge Der Luftwaffe 1933-1945 Band 2
017835: KARL RIES - Dora-Kurfürst Und Rote 13. Bildband: Flugzeuge Der Luftwaffe 1933-1945 Band 1.
023547: JULIE RIGG (EDITOR) - In Her Own Right: Women of Australia
000769: TERENCE RILEY AND JOSEPH ABRAM - The Filter of Reason : Work of Paul Nelson
004130: E. RIMBAULT - George Frederick Watts 1817-1904
023002: RON RINGER - The Brickmasters 1788-2008
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022341: TONY RITCHIE - Finding Feeding Trout
009583: RITCHIE, CARSON I.A. - Art in Paper
004752: RITCHIE, CARSON I.A. - Modern Ivory Carving
021643: ROD RITCHIE - Seeing the Rainforests in 19th-Century Australia
006848: QUEST-RITSON, CHARLES - The English Garden Abroad
006230: E. A. RITTER - Shaka Zulu: The Rise of the Zulu Empire
002204: RITZ, JOSEF M.; RITZ, GISLIND M. - Alte Bemalte Bauernmöbel : Geschichte U. Erscheinung, Technik U. Pflege
022093: ANNIE RIXON - Captain Thunderbolt (Beloved Outlaw)
016547: RIZZOLI - Postmodern: The Architecture of the Postindustrial Society
021663: ROBERTS, CLAIRE - Evolution and Revolution: Chinese Dress, 1700s-1990s
016985: R. E. ROBERTS - Holyhead and the Great War
019228: ALAN ROBERTS - A Big, Bold, Simple Concept: A History of the Australian Academy of Science Dome
017298: J. ROBERTS AND D. MCLEAN - The Cape York Aluminium Companies and the Native Peoples: Comalco R.T. Z. , Kaiser, C.R. A. , Alcan, Billiton, Pechiney, Tipperary
020519: CLAIRE ROBERTS AND MICHAEL BRAND (EDITORS) - Earth, Spirit, Fire: Korean Masterpieces of the Choson Dynasty (1392-1910)
019888: PETER ROBERTS - Sydney Birds and Where to Find Them
015940: CLAIRE ROBERTS, ED. - Go F!Gure: Contemporary Chinese Portraiture ( Go Figure! )
023404: ROBERTS, TONY - Frontier Justice: A History of the Gulf Country to 1900
021162: MICHAEL ROBERTS - A Century of the Best: The Stories of Collingwood's Favourite Sons
021245: NANCY CROW; JEAN ROBERTSON - Nancy Crow: Quilts and Influences
018315: E. GRAEME ROBERTSON - Sydney Lace: Ornamental Cast Iron in Architecture in Sydney
013715: PAUL STRUAN ROBERTSON - Proclaiming Unsearchable Riches: Newcastle and the Minority Evangelical Anglicans 1788-1900
017783: ROBERTSON, BRUCE - Bombing Colours: British Bomber Camouflage and Markings, 1914-37
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013283: FREDK. W. ROBINSON - Canberra's First Hundred Years
005720: JOHN ROBINSON - Symbolic Sculpture
021624: STUART ROBINSON - History of Dyed Textiles
015894: CYNTHIA ROBINSON ET AL - Travelling Down the Cudgegong
009524: ROBINSON, DUNCAN - Morris and Company in Cambridge
014250: ROBINSON, MARY;SWANN, BRUCE - Historical Highlights: Encounter Bay and Goolwa
016470: ROBINSON, JULIE - Durer and German Renaissance Printmaking
016679: ROBOTHAM, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Silver Ghosts & Silver Dawn
010449: ROBSON, GRAHAM - The Big Healeys: A Collector's Guide
017671: ROBSON, GRAHAM - Classic and Sportscar Ford File: The Sporting Escorts, Cortinas, and Capris
017829: GRAHAM ROBSON - Cosworth: The Search for Power
017239: ROBSON, GRAHAM - Fiat X1/9 (Super Profile Car Series)
014680: JOHN ROBSON AND S. H. LEWER (EDITOR) - Canaries, Hybrids and British Birds in Cage and Aviary
022839: L. L. ROBSON - To the Last Breath
021171: ANNEAR-ROBYN - The Man Who Lost Himself: The Unbelievable Story of the Tichborne Claimant
007075: FRISON-ROCHE, ROGER;JOUTY, SYLVAIN - A History of Mountain Climbing
020065: DR TRACY ROCKWELL - Water Warriors: Chronicle of Australian Water Polo
016663: ROMY ROEDER - Teddy Bears, Golliwogs and Playmates of the Past
019612: BRIAN ROGERS - S.S. Undola: A Collier in the Illawarra Trade
020225: ROHATGI, PAULINE; GODREJ, PHEROZA; MEHROTRA, RAHUL (EDITORS) - Bombay to Mumbai: Changing Perspectives
011698: ROHDE, E. S. - The Story of the Garden
022176: PAUL ROLAND - The Complete Kabbalah Course: Practical Exercises to Reach Your Inner and Upper Worlds
020779: PAUL ROLEFF - Southern Star: Mercedes-Benz in Australia
021157: NICK ROMANOWSKI - Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture: The Complete Guide from Backyard to Investor
017052: GUY ROOP - Villas & Palaces of Andrea Palladio 1508-1580
022510: ROOT, DEBORAH - Cannibal Culture: Art, Appropriation, and the Commodification of Difference (Icon Editions)
006519: WAVERLEY ROOT - The Food of France
012593: RORIMER, ANNE - New Art in the 60s and 70s: Redefining Reality
021458: ROBERT ROSEN - Glitterati: Shooting Fashion, Fame & Fortune
013381: ROSEN, SUE - Losing Ground: An Environmental History of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment
016585: ROSEN, SUE - Bankstown: A Sense of Identity
015000: SUE ROSEN - We Never Had a Hotbed of Crime! Life in 20th Century South Sydney
014325: ROSENBERG, AURA;LESLIE, ESTHER;MESCHEDE, FRIEDRICH - Aura Rosenberg: Berlin Kindheit
023542: ROSENTHAL, LESLEY S. - Schmattes: Stories of Fabulous Frocks, Funky Fashion and Flinders Lane
015289: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Anselm Kiefer
015318: JAMES ROSS - New Zealand Modernism - in Context: Paintings from the Gibbs Collection
019778: JOHN O'C ROSS - This Stern Coast: The Story of the Charting of the New Zealand Coast
017322: ROSS, EDGAR - A History of the Miners' Federation of Australia
007603: ROSSELLINI, ISABELLA (INTRODUCTION) - 10 Years of Dolce & Gabbana
015430: ROSSI, JEAN - Plastic Novelties and Toys of the '40s, '50s, and '60s (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
010606: FILIPPO ROSSI - Italian Jeweled Arts
018556: LOBANOV-ROSTOVSKY, NINA - Revolutionary Ceramics: Soviet Porcelain, 1917-27
014360: LINDA H. ROTH - Neoclassical Variations at Sevres: Early Nineteenth-Century Vases in the Wadsworth Atheneum
022927: H. LING ROTH - The Aborigines of Tasmania
007613: F. M. ROTHERY - Atlas of Bundaleer Plains and Tatala
023191: ROUCOUX, KATHERINE - Heaven & Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye
020734: MICHAEL EDWARDS; MICHEL ROUDNITSKA - Fragrances of the World 2000
007891: NICHOLAS ROUKES - Sculpture in Plastics
020393: VITTORIO ROVEDA - Khmer Mythology: Secrets of Angkor
021549: ELLIS ROWAN - Flower Paintings of Ellis Rowan: From the Collection of the National Library of Australia
007803: ROWE, PETER G.;KUAN, SENG - Architectural Encounters with Essence and Form in Modern China
022301: GWEN ROWE - Saltbush Rainbow: The Early Days at White Cliffs.
019394: PETER G. ROWE - Modernity and Housing
023051: RAYMOND J ROWELL - Ornamental Plants for Australia
010426: E. C. ROWLAND - A Century of the English Church in New South Wales
014532: WILLIAM F. ROWLES - The Food Garden: A Manual
020859: AMY ROWNTREE - The Early Settlement of Sandy Bay
023487: ROXBURGH, RACHEL;BAGLIN, DOUGLASS - Early Colonial Houses of New South Wales
020091: RACHEL ROXBURGH AND DOUGLASS BAGLIN - Early Colonial Houses of New South Wales
021242: BOBBIE AUG; SHARON NEWMAN; GERALD E. ROY - Vintage Quilts: Identifying, Collecting, Dating, Preserving & Valuing
016758: RUAN, XING - New China Architecture
021261: DAVID S. RUBIN - Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art Since the 1960s
007421: WILLIAM RUBIN AND OLIVIER BERGGRUEN - Matta 1936-1944: Debut D'Un Nouveau Monde
019429: VICTOR RUDENNO - Gallipoli: Attack from the Sea
023513: BERNARD RUDOFSKY - Are Clothes Modern? an Essay on Contemporary Apparel
016817: WYNNIS J. RUEDIGER - Border's Land: Kangaroo Island 1802-1836
019782: RUHEN, CARL - The Sea Devil: The Controversial Cruise of the Nazi Emissary Von Luckner to Australia and New Zealand in 1938
021341: P. G. RUKIN - The Aviators Nest Richmond
015658: ELI RULIAWATI (EDITOR) - Khazanah Arsip Nusantara / Exclusive Heritage of the Archipelago
014505: GEORGIUS EVERHARDUS RUMPHIUS - The Ambonese Curiosity Cabinet
021756: LEILA J. RUPP - Sapphistries: A Global History of Love between Women (Intersections)
017509: RUSS, DIANE; ROGERS, SHIRLE - The Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs: A Complete American Handbook
005989: PETER R. D. RUSSEK - Workshop Manual for Volkswagen 1200 Up to 1964
023494: RUSSELL, PENNY - For Richer for Poorer: Early Colonial Marriages
016439: DALE RUSSELL - Colorworks: The Designer's Ultimate Guide to Working with Color. 5 Volumes - the Red Book; the Blue Book; the Yellow Book; the Pastels Book; the Black & White Book
018967: IAN J, MCNIVEN, LYNETTE RUSSELL AND KAY SCHAFFER (EDITORS) - Constructions of Colonialism: Perspectives on Eliza Fraser's Shipwreck
021512: W. B. RUSSELL - There Goes a Man: The Biography of Sir Stanley G. Savige
021740: ROSLYN RUSSELL (EDITOR) - Ever, Manning: Selected Letters of Manning Clark 1938-1991
012348: CAPTAIN A. G. RUSSELL - Port Line
020136: DAVID A. RUTHERFORD - Follow Fairbridge the Founder
017979: H. THORNTON RUTTER - Modern Motors Their Construction Management & Control Volume III
018777: JUDITH RYAN - Paint Up Big: Warlpiri Women's Art of Lajamanu
013750: RYAN, MAURICE - Time and Tide: A History of Byron Bay
019523: JUDITH RYAN ET AL - Tjukurpa Pulkatjara: The Power of the Law
022947: RYAN, JUDITH; HEALY, ROBYN; BENNETT, JAMES - Raiki Wara: Long Cloth from Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait
022349: RYAN, JUDITH - Kitty Kantilla
010925: RYAN, JUDITH - Aboriginal and Oceanic Decorative Art
022950: W. MICHAEL RYAN - White Man, Black Man: The True Story of a White Man Who Was Initiated Into an Aboriginal Tribe
019369: RYKWERT, JOSEPH - On Adam's House in Paradise: The Idea of the Primitive Hut in Architectural History
019392: JOSEPH RYKWERT - The Palladian Ideal
015850: CZERNIS-RYL, EVA - Contemporary Silver: Made in Italy
022032: LADY MARGARET RYMILL AND SIR ARTHUR RYMILL - Lady Rymill's Flower Paintings
018246: ELLERMAN, J.R. ; MORRISON-SCOTT, T.C.S. & HAYMAN, R.W.: - Southern African Mammals 1758-1951: A Reclassification
021366: HETZEL, B. S. & FIRTH, H. J. (EDITORS) - The Nutrition of Aborigines in Relation to the Ecosystem of Central Australia: Papers Presented at a Symposium, Csiro, 23-26 October 1976, Canberra
017532: T. K. SABAPATHY AND CECILY BRIGGS - Cheo Chai-Hiang: Thoughts and Processes
021059: T. K. SABAPATHY AND CECILY BRIGGS - Bodies & Figures: An Overview of Ng Eng Teng
019193: KEITH SAGAR (INTRODUCTION) - D H Lawrence's Paintings
022791: KARIN SAGNER- DUCHTING - Monet and Modernism
020029: ANDREW SAINT - Richard Norman Shaw
018494: SAINTHILL, LOUDON; ROBERTSON, BRYAN - Loudon Sainthill
019910: MALCOLM R. SAINTY AND KEITH A. JOHNSON - Census of New South Wales, November 1828
020302: SAINTY, G. R.;JACOBS, S. W. L. - Waterplants of New South Wales
023618: MORIHIRO SAITO - Takemusu Aikido Volume I: Background and Basics
005951: ASKO SALOKORPI - Modern Architecture in Finland
020260: ANNETTE SALT - Still Standing: 'We Are Here... And We Have Always Been Here'. Life Histories of Aboriginal People Associated with the Area of the Shire of Hornsby
022825: ELIZABETH SALTER - Daisy Bates
016506: SALTER, SALLY; MERRILEES, ROBERT - Cypriot Antiquities at the University of Melbourne
013755: FILIPPO SALVIATI - Radiant Stones: Archaic Chinese Jades / Pierres Radieuse: Jades Archaiques Chinois
015246: CHIARA SAMUGHEO - O Dolce Mio
009154: KYLIE SANDERSON (EDITOR) - British Fabrics
002375: SANDISON, DAVID - Art of the Celts, the
014483: MARTHA A. SANDWEISS - Photography in Nineteenth-Century America
021874: NOELLE SANDWITH - In Search of the Birdsville Track: An Artist in the Outback
022622: SANTAMARIA, B. A - Santamaria: A Memoir
009268: HELLA SANTAROSSA - Fahnenbilder / Flag Paintings : Ausstellung IM Amerika Haus Berlin
020803: PHILIP COLLINS; SAM SARGENT - Radios Redux: Listening in Style
021616: DIANA SARISBRICK - Ancestral Jewels
022266: DAVIDE MAZZANTI; ORNELLA SASSA - Vespa : Italian Street Style
020204: MASAHIKO SATO - Arts of Japan 2: Kyoto Ceramics
022191: BEATRIX SAULE AND LUCINA WARD (EDITORS) - Versailles: Treasures from the Palace
009279: LOUIS SAULNIER - Le Repertoire de la Cuisine
013803: KAY SAUNDER - Between the Covers: Revealing the State Library of Queensland's Collections
020976: DAVID SAUNDERS (EDITOR) - Historic Building of Victoria
001390: SAUNDERS, MARK; HARVEY, GLENN - Dicing with Di: The Amazing Adventures of Britain's Royal Chasers
017519: SAUTELLE, JOHN - Fishing for the Educated Trout
008891: SAUTELLE, JOHN - Fishing for the Educated Trout
012907: MAURICE SAUZET - Habiter L'Architecture: Entre Transformation Et Création
008515: SAW, RON;FRIEND, DONALD - Brief Encounters with Uncles, Great Aunts, Wombats, Womcats, Tomcats, Randy Bantam Roosters, Ducks, Pigeons, Seagulls, Elephants, Horses, Dogs, Flora and Fauna, As Well As Rare Specimens of Humanity
021520: TAKASHI SAWANO - Creating Your Own Japanese Garden
014829: CATHERINE SAXELBY & UNA VENN-BROWN - The Role of Australian Flour and Bread in Health and Nutrition
022358: ALAN AND LES WATKINS FRED ALLEN AND SAYERS - Fred the Needle: The Untold Story of Sir Fred Allen
009782: ANDREW SAYERS (INTRODUCTION) - Sidney Nolan Drawings: A Souvenir Book of the Exhibition at the Australian National Gallery
023207: SCANLAN, JOHN - Sex Pistols: Poison in the Machine
016871: A. B. SCANLAN - Harbour at the Sugar Loaves: A Centennial History of the Taranaki Harbours Board
018607: ADMIRAL VISCOUNT JELLICOE OF SCAPA - The Grand Fleet 1914-16: Its Creation, Development and Work
023129: LEA-SCARLETT, E. J. - Gundaroo
009993: SCARLETT, KEN - Contemporary Sculpture in Australian Gardens
023381: SCARLETT, KEN - Australian Sculptors
006752: SCARLETT, KEN - Rhythms of Life : The Sculpture of Andrew Rogers
012576: SCAVULLO, FRANCESCO - Scavullo: Photographs 50 Years
016813: JIM SCAYSBROOK - Riding Through Time: A Century of Australian Motorcycling
013474: LARRY J. SCHAAF - Sun Pictures: Catalogue Fifteen
007432: WOLGANG SCHACHE - Die Australische Botschaft in Berlin / the Australian Embassy in Berlin
021155: CHARLES SCHAEDEL - Men & Machines of the Australian Flying Corps, 1914-19
012533: KARL-FERDINAND SCHAEDLER - Gods Spirits Ancestors: African Sculpture from Private German Collections
022617: SCHAEFFTER, GERLINDE - Wondabyne: International Sculpture Symposium (January-February 1987) a Pictorial Account
023087: SCHAPIRO, LEONARD BERTRAM - Turgenev, His Life and Times
022666: SCHAVERIEN, ADELE - Horn: Its History and Its Uses
018576: CARLO BURSCHEL; HEINZ SCHEIFFELE - Ikora Metalwork by Wmf: From the 1920s to the 1960s
002805: FRITZ SCHIDER - An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists
018488: SCHILDKROUT, ENID; KEIM, CURTIS A. - African Reflections: Art from Northeastern Zaire
005953: GORAN SCHILDT - Modern Finnish Sculpture
010189: SARAH SCHLEUNING - Moderne: Fashioning the French Interior
016463: SCHMALENBACH, WERNER - Kurt Schwitters
006098: WERNER SCHMALENBACH - African Art
022208: WIELAND SCHMIED (EXHIBITION DIRECTOR) - Neue Sachlichkeit and German Realism of the Twenties
020864: DOROTHY CHILDERS SCHMITZ - Muhammad Ali: The Greatest
017091: SCHNEIDEMAN, IAN - Medical Acupuncture: Acupuncture and the Inner Healer
017915: SCHNEIDER, JASON - Jason Schneider on Camera Collecting Book Three
015296: SCHOLDER, FRITZ. - Fritz Scholder: Paintings and Monotypes
019692: ULRICH & HEIDI VON SCHROEDER - Tibetan Art of the Alain Bordier Foundation
019382: FRANZ SCHULZE - Mies Van Der Rohe: A Critical Biography
020597: DANIEL SCHWARTZ - Metamorphoses: Greek Photographs
012307: MARTHA SCOTFORD - Cipe Pineles: A Life of Design
017141: JOHN SCOTT - Landscapes of Western Australia
007925: CAPTAIN R. F. SCOTT - Scott's Last Expedition - Volume II: Being the Reports of the Journeys and the Scientific Work Undertaken by Dr E.A. Wilson and the Surviving Members of the Expedition.
017933: REINHOLD BANEK; JON SCOVILLE - Sound Designs: A Handbook of Musical Instrument Building
014337: J. H. STUBBE WITH J. M. SCRTYMGEOUR AND A. J. SMITH - Medical Background. Being a History of the Fremantle Hospitals and Doctors. With Appendix the Fremantle Hospital, 1897-1967
020031: VINCENT SCULLY - The Architecture of the American Summer: The Flowering of the Shingle Style (
019950: JERRY SCUTTS - Mosquito in Action Part 1
019965: JERRY SCUTTS - Mosquito in Action Part 2
019964: JERRY SCUTTS - Halifax in Action
011064: SEAMAN, JULIAN - Fashion Illustration: Basic Techniques
015260: GEOFF SEARL - Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club History: 75 Years Saving Lives
017761: ALLAN E. SEARLE - Historic Woodford and Linden
016814: ALLAN E. SEARLE - The History of Faulconbridge, Linden and Woodford
023147: DAVID COOKE, DON ESTELL, KEITH SECKOLD AND JOHN BECKHAUS - Coaching Stock of the Nsw Railways
002455: MERYLE SECREST - Salvador Dali: The Surrealist Jester
022568: SEDDON, GEORGE; LILLEYMAN, GILLIAN - A Landscape for Learning: A History of the Grounds of the University of Western Australia
016215: RADOMÍRA SEDLÁKOVÁ - Prague Interiors
023084: LYNNE SEEAR (EDITOR) - Darkness & Light: The Art of William Robinson
023001: SEELING, CHARLOTTE (EDITOR) - Gardens of Mallorca/Garten Auf Mallorca/Jardines de Mallorca
018643: LADISLAS SEGY - Masks of Black Africa
019670: SEIROKU, NOMA - The Heritage of Japanese Art
013368: WENDY SELBY - The Golden Gamble: A History of the Golden Casket Art Union
015993: SELENITSCH, ALEX - Australian Artists Books
015628: SELF, JO - Jo Self: Flowers
015984: DOUGLAS R. G. SELLICK - First Impressions, Albany: Travellers' Tales 1791-1901
018634: DOUGLAS R. G. SELLICK (EDITOR) - Venus in Transit: Australia's Women Travellers 1788-1930
018334: SELMAN, LAWRENCE H. - The Art of the Paperweight: Perthshire
013059: PETER SELZ ET AL - Max Beekmann
021143: ANITA SELZER - Educating Women in Australia: From the Convict Era to the 1920s
020445: SEMBENELLI, CARLOTTA (EDITOR) - Peter Hatsatouris
021355: YONG HOI-SEN - Malaysian Butterflies - an Introduction
022957: AMIYA P. SEN - Explorations in Modern Bengal C. 1800-1900: Essays on Religion, History and Culture
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011391: CHOSUKE SERIZAWA (EDITOR) - Mosanru: A Palaeolithic Stone Industry Excavated from the Mosanru Site, Hokkaido - Records of Archaeological Material No. 4
011389: CHOSUKE SERIZAWA (EDITOR) - Isoyama: A Palaeolithic Stone Industry Excavated from the Isoyama Site, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan - Records of Archaeological Material No. 1
011390: CHOSUKE SERIZAWA (EDITOR) - Iwata: A Palaeolithic Stone Industry Excavated from the Iwato Site, Oita Prefecture, Japan - Records of Archaeological Material No. 2
021731: EUDALD SERRA AND ALBERTO FOLCH - The Art of Papua New Guinea
017034: SERRES, OLIVIER DE - Le Grand Livre Citroën: Tous Les Modèles
002939: VALERIO SESTINI AND ENZO SOMIGLI - Sherpa Architecture
021777: MIRA SETH - Wall Paintings of the Western Himalayas
021857: SUNIL SETHI - Indian Interiors
019631: RAE SEXTON - The Deserters: A Complete Record of Military and Naval Deserters in Australia and New Zealand, 1800-65
018121: SAFDAR ALI SHAH - Churches of Pakistan
021123: UMAKANT PREMANAND SHAH - Jaina-Rupa-Mandana Volume I (Jaina Iconography)
014649: ELIZABETH SHAHEEN - Tropical Trees and Shrubs of Bahrain
021749: WILLIAM MANNS, PEGGY SHANK AND MARIANNE STEVENS - Painted Ponies: American Carousel Art
022734: STERN SHAPIRO, BARBARA; LAZZELL, BLANCHE - Blanche Lazzell and the Color Woodcut: From Paris to Provincetown
022118: SHARP, NONIE - Stars of Tagai: The Torres Strait Islanders
019391: DENNIS SHARP - Bauhaus, Dessau: Walter Gropius
021926: J. A. SHARPE - Crime and the Law in English Satirical Prints, 1600-1832
023495: MUNRO SHARYN - Rich Land, Wasteland: How Coal Is Killing Australia
018107: SHAW, PETER; MORRISON, ROBIN - Spanish Mission Hastings: Styles of Five Decades
018917: JOHN C. SHAW - Introducing Thai Ceramics: Also Burmese and Khmer
019811: RODERICK SHAW - The Windsor Group 1935-1945: An Account of Nine Young Sydney Artists Who Painted in Woolloomooloo, the Inner City and the Hawkesbury Area - Emu Plains, Richmond and Especially Windsor
020654: IAN W. SHAW (AUTHOR) - Murder at Dusk: How Us Soldier and Smiling Psychopath Eddie Leonski Terrorised Wartime Melbourne
023410: IAN W. SHAW - The Rag Tag Fleet: The Unknown Story of the Australian Men and Boats That Helped Win the War in the Pacific
021934: PETER SHAW AND PETER HALLETT - Art Deco Napier: Styles of the Thirties
016942: JOHN SHAW - Sir Arthur Stephenson, Australian Architect
021032: SASHA GRISHIN; GARRY SHEAD - Andrew Sibley: Art on the Fringe of Being
022700: SHEARD, HEATHER; LEE, RUTH - Women to the Front: The Extraordinary Australian Women Doctors of the Great War
020663: PAUL SHEEHAN - Girls Like You: Four Young Girls, Six Brothers and a Cultural Timebomb
007346: SHEERAN, JOHN - James Fitton, R.A. 1899-1982 : Dulwich Picture Gallery 12 November 1986-4 January 1987
023601: SHEFFIELD, GARY - The First World War in 100 Objects
021742: CHRISTOPHER SHEIN - The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture: Creating an Edible Ecosystem
019567: OLD SHELLBACKS - Tall True Tales of the Sea
008848: SHEN, YUANFANG - Dragon Seed in the Antipodes: Chinese-Australian Autobiographies
020913: AUDREY SHEPHERD - The Halcyon Days of Summer: 150 Years of Settlement at Coasters Retreat 1842-1992
015952: LYNETTE SHERIDAN - University Ski Club, 1929-1979
008078: SHERIDAN, RONALD;ROSS, ANNE - Gargoyles and Grotesques: Paganism in the Medieval Church
022751: PETER SHERIDAN - Sydney Art Deco
020662: JACQUI SHERRIFF AND ANNE BRAKE - Building a Colony: The Convict Legacy
014748: ZHU SHIJI, CHEN SHI ET AL - Old Calendar Picture
017049: SHANSHAN SHIAO - Wandering Comfortably in the Floriculture: Flower Pressings of Shanshan Shiao
022638: MAX DELANY; ERIC SHINER - Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei
022685: THE SHIPBUILDER & MARINE ENGINE - BUILDER - Ocean Liners of the Past: Cunard White Star Quadruple-Screw North Atlantic Liner "Queen Mary" No. 6
019477: VERNA COOK SHIPWAY - Mexican Homes of Today
012066: KYOTO SHOIN - Japanese Style: Textile Dyeing Patterns, No. 2.
021788: LAURIE SHORT - Japanese Ceramics in the Newcastle Region Art Gallery
014176: SHORT, ANDREW - Beaches of the Queensland Coast: Cooktown to Coolangatta
015360: SHORTO, SYLVIA - Bermuda: Gardens and Houses
020339: WANG SHUCUN - Ancient Chinese Woodblock New Year Prints
009262: SHUDAKOV, GRIGORY;SUSLOVA, OLGA;UKHTOMSKAYA, LILYA - Pioneers of Soviet Photography
013060: SIBLEY, J. ROGER - Tanganyikan Guerrilla: East African Campaign, 1914-18
015165: NOLAN, SIDNEY AND BUCKLEY, JOHN - Sidney Nolan : Works on Paper Retrospective.
014305: JEANLOUP SIEFF - Les Indiscretes: Unpublished Photographs by Jeanloup Sieff
015988: JAN WIKTOR SIENKIEWICZ - Wojciech Falkowski: Malarstwo / Painting
021204: ALLAN SIERP - Colonial Life in Tasmania : Fifty Years of Photography, 1855-1905
021899: TANG SIFU ET AL - The Liuli China Museum Collection of Liuli Artifacts
018514: JILL SILSBY - Dragonflies of the World
021669: MANGALA DE SILVA AND PADMA K. DE SILVA - The Sri Lankan Elephant
021709: ROBERTO SILVA - New Brazilian Gardens: The Legacy of Burle Marx
018657: KENNETH ERIC SILVER - Esprit de Corps: The Art of the Parisian Avant-Garde and the First World War, 1914-1925
021637: NATHAN SILVER - Lost New York
008721: SILVER, KENNETH E. - Making Paradise: Art, Modernity and the Myth of the French Riviera
023633: RAMSAY SILVER, LYNETTE - The Heroes of Rimau: Unravelling the Mystery of One of Wwii's Most Daring Raids
017592: CORNWALL SIMEON - Stray Notes on Fishing and Natural History
016852: GARY SIMES - A Dictionary of Australian Underworld Slang
021558: KAYE SIMMONS & GARRY REYNOLDS - Out There - a History of Education in the West
022105: MARION H SIMMONS - Acacias of Australia
017813: SIMMONS, PEB - No Ordinary Woman: A Biography of Ria Bancroft - Sculptor, 1907-93
022612: SIMON, LINDA - The Biography of Alice B. Toklas
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018116: CHRISTIANE TERLINDEN ET AL - Mughal Silver Magnificence (XVI-Xixth C) / Magnificence de L'Argenterie Moghole (XVI-Xixeme S. )
008276: UMBERTO TERRACINI ET AL - Calgi: Disegni Per la Liberta
020834: MARIO TESTINO - Mario Testino: Alive
019725: MARIO TESTINO - Mario Testino: Let Me in!
023048: CAPTAIN ALFRED TETENS (TRANSLATED BY FLORENCE MANN (SPOEHR) - Among the Savages of the South Seas: Memoirs of Micronesia 1862-1868
016202: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - In Character: The Portrayal of Mood in Antique Dolls
016793: O. G. THETFORD AND E. J. RIDING - Aircraft of the 1914 - 1918 War
015032: ARSENE THEVENOT AND FELECIEN LESOURD - L'Escargot Et la Grenouille Comestibles
006588: THIBODEAU, MICHAEL;MARTIN, JANA - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Branding and Design in Cigarette Packaging
017299: STEVEN THIELE - Yugul: An Arnhem Land Cattle Station
019178: E. T. THISTLEWAITE (EDITOR) - National Chrysanthemum Society Centenary Book 1846-1946
017698: DANIEL THOMAS (EDITOR) - Grace Cossington Smith: A Life from Drawings in the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia
015167: DANIEL THOMAS - Grace Cossington Smith
020729: W. J. THOMAS - Some Myths and Legends of the Australian Aborigines
013718: DANIEL THOMAS (EDITOR) - David Strachan 1919-1970 - with a Catalogue of the Etchings by Nicholas Draffin
020724: MARTIN THOMAS - The Artificial Horizon: Reading a Colonised Landscape
020927: OWEN EVAN-THOMAS - Domestic Utensils of Wood, Xvith to Xixth Century: A Short History of Wooden Articles in Domestic Use from the Sixteenth to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century
019313: DAVID THOMAS (CURATOR AND EDITOR) - Rupert Bunny, 1864-1947
020516: SARAH THOMAS AND ANGUS TRUMBLE - Vive la France: Hidden Treasures of French Art 1824-1945
015458: THOMPSON, MARK - Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Setup Guide (Motorbooks Workshop)
019549: MALCOLM THOMPSON - Rails Through Swamp & Sand - a History of the Port Adelaide Railway
018852: JUDITH THOMPSON - South Australian Ceramics 1900-1950
021945: ELISABETH KENDALL THOMPSON - Houses of the West (an Architectural Record Book)
015685: ARMY MUSEUM SYDNEY; THOMPSON, KEN; STORER, BILL - Military Forces in New South Wales: An Introduction
018358: JOHN THOMPSON - Hurley's Australia: Myth, Dream, Reality
016406: THOMPSON, JOHN - The Patrician and the Bloke: Geoffrey Serle and the Making of Australian History
019998: LEROY THOMPSON - The M1903 Springfield Rifle
023386: THOMSON, JIMMY - Snitch: Crooked Cops and Kings Cross Crims by the Man Who Saw It All
022549: HENRY THOREAU - Murano: Behind the Glass
017236: THORLEY, NIGEL - Jaguar Mk I and Mk II: The Complete Companion - Including 240/340 and Daimler V8
009597: THORNTON, RICHARD S. - Japanese Graphic Design
016898: THORNTON, CAROLINE ROUSE - Rouse Hill House and the Rouses
017444: PETER THORNTON - Authentic Decor: The Domestic Interior 1620-1920
013885: THYE, GORDON - Gordon Thye: Nudes and Portraits
019602: ANTHONY LIN HUA TIEN (CURATOR) - Art and Imitation in China
019324: PETRA SCHMIDT, ANNETTE TIETENBERG AND RALF WOLLHEIM (EDITORS) - Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture
023174: JARVIS TIM - Shackleton's Epic: Recreating the World's Greatest Journey of Survival
021688: PETER TIMMS - Private Lives: Australians at Home Since Federation
023383: TINSCHERT, MARIA - Daughter of the Razor: An Australian True Crime Story
019996: JOHN TIPLER - Tvr: The Complete Story
017309: C. W. WALKER-TISDALE AND WALTER E. WOODNUTT - Practical Cheesemaking. A General Guide to the Manufacture of Cheese
008261: MARGARET TITCOMB - Native Use of Fish in Hawaii
021924: STEPHEN TOBRINER - Bracing for Disaster: Earthquake-Resistant Architecture and Engineering in San Francisco, 1838-1933
022907: LAURA TODD AND AMANDA MIDLAM (EDITOR) - A Place Like Home: Growing Up in the School of Industry 1915-1922
014474: TODD, JAN - For Good Measure: The Making of Australia's Measurement System
014404: H. M. TOLCHER - Innamincka: The Town with Two Lives
013976: TOMASELLI, FRED;HIRSCH, HELEN;KHER, BHARTI - Between the Worlds: Susan Hefuna - Bharti Kher - Fred Tomaselli
023519: TOMBS, ROBERT; TOMBS, ISABELLE - That Sweet Enemy: The French and the British from the Sun King to the Present
023499: BRIAN TOOHEY AND WILLIAM PINWILL - Oyster: The Story of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service
023389: TOOHEY, PAUL - The Killer Within: Inside the World of Bradley John Murdoch
021293: PAUL TOOHEY - Rocky Goes West
018305: TOOTH, THOMAS - It Was All a Matter of Time
020929: HELEN TOPLISS - Tom Roberts 1856-1931 Catalogue Raisonne Volume 1 Text & Volume 2 Plates
023564: ROBERT TORDAY - Richard Rogers
010713: TORR, GEORDIE - Pythons of Australia: A Natural History
016790: GUY CADOGAN TOTHERY - Ceilings and Their Decoration: Art and Archeology (Home Decoration Series)
021294: RON TOUGH - Yacht Clubs of Western Australia
018872: FRANK SCARLETT; MARJORIE TOWNLEY - Arts Decoratifs, 1925: A Personal Recollection of the Paris Exhibition
014097: MAGGIE TOY (EDITOR) - Sci-Fi Architecture - Architectural Design Volume 68 No. 3/4 March-April 1999
022141: PHILLIP TOYNE AND DANIEL VACHON - Growing Up the Country: The Pitjantjatjara Struggle for Their Land
023472: ROBERT TRAVERS - The Tasmanians: The Story of a Doomed Race
012004: TRAVERS, ROBERT - The Phantom Fenians of New South Wales
019608: EDUARD SOZAEV; JOHN TREDREA - Russian Warships in the Age of Sail, 1696-1860: Design, Construction, Careers and Fates
016954: KHANH TRINH (EDITOR) - Theatre of Dreams, Theatre of Play: No and Kyogen in Japan
020619: KHANH TRINH (CURATOR) - Utamaro: Hymn to Beauty
018616: ROBERT AND DEBORAH TRUITT - Collectible Bohemian Glass Volume II, 1915-1945
016480: TRUMBLE, ANGUS; BERTRAM, ALEXANDRA - Bohemian London: Camden Town and Bloomsbury Paintings in Adelaide
023530: T. J. TSARONG - Handbook of Traditional Tibetan Drugs: Their Nomenclature, Composition, Use, and Dosage
001268: YOSHIO TSUCHIYA - A Feast for the Eyes : The Japanese Art of Food Arrangement
003246: N. TSULTEM - Mongolian Architecture
021062: PHYLLIS TUCHMAN - George Segal
010796: TUCKER, ALBERT; NOLAN, SIDNEY; MCCAUGHEY, PATRICK - Bert and Ned: The Correspondence of Albert Tucker and Sidney Nolan
021745: ANNE TUCKER - The History of Japanese Photography (
019272: MALCOLM TUCKER - The Goodwood Phantom Drophead Coupe
023587: BILL TUCKEY (EDITOR) - The Sound and the Fury: 100 Years of Motor Sport in Australia.
022997: BILL TUCKEY (EDITOR) - James Hardie 1000 1984/85
010774: W. P. TUCKEY - The Book of Australian Motor Racing
021695: BILL TUCKEY (EDITOR) - The Great Race 1987/88: James Hardie 1000
014423: C. D. TUCKWELL - The Ostrich Book
015916: TULLETT, BARRIE - Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology
022602: TUNBRIDGE, DOROTHY - The Story of the Flinders Ranges Mammals
022871: WAYNE TUNNICLIFFE (EDITOR) - John Russell: Australia's French Impressionist
022426: TUNNICLIFFE, WAYNE (ESSAY) - Wilderness: Balnaves Contemporary Painting
005963: WAYNE TUNNICLIFFE AND JASON SMITH - An Incomplete World: Works from the Ubs Art Collection
007834: TURNBULL, C. M. - A History of Singapore, 1819-1975
015084: TURNBULL, CONSTANCE MARY - A History of Singapore, 1819-1988

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