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016881: KING, MICHAEL; MORRISON, ROBIN - The Coromandel
022915: KINGSLAND, SHARON E. - Modeling Nature: Episodes in the History of Population Ecology
023145: KINGSTON, DAPHNE - Early Colonial Homes of the Sydney Region, 1788-1838
023453: JANE KINSMAN AND STEPHANIE GUEGAN - Toulouse-Lautrec: Paris and the Moulin Rouge
002670: ROBERT KIPPING - Rudimentary Treatise on Masting, Mast-Making and Rigging of Ships
021030: SANDY KIRBY - Sight Lines: Women's Art and Feminist Perspectives in Australia
007356: JOHN B. KIRBY - From Castle to Teahouse: Japanese Architecture
023093: KIRCH, PATRICK VINTON - The Evolution of the Polynesian Chiefdoms (New Studies in Archaeology)
019809: ALLAN A. KIRK - Anchor Ships and Anchor Men. The History of the Anchor Shipping and Foundry Company Ltd
019248: ALLAN A. KIRK - Express Steamers of Cook Strait
016172: KIRKER, ANNE; TOMORY, PETER - New Zealand Women Artists: A Survey of 150 Years
013747: JAMES KIRVIN - More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Glass Beadmaking
016757: BRUNO KISCH - Scales and Weights: A Historical Outline
022065: KITAHARA, TERUHISA, SHIMIZU, YUKIO - Robots and Spaceships (Icons)
006135: KITAHARA, TERUHISA - Yesterday's Toys: 734 Tin and Celluloid Amusements from Days Gone by
021789: TAKAHIRO KITAMURA AND KATIE M. KITAMURA - Bushido: Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo
006687: PHILIP KITLEY - Modern Techniques in Batik Art
021768: GEORGES KLEIN - Poteries Populaires D'Alsace
022016: ELIZABETH KLEINHENZ - Germaine: The Life of Germaine Greer
016755: LOUIS KLEMANTASKI AND MICHAEL FROSTICK - Motor Racing Circuits of Europe
022795: LOU KLEPAC ET AL - Frank Hodgkinson
022217: LOU KLEPAC ET AL - David Strachan
022868: LOU KLEPAC ET AL - Giorgio Morandi: The Dimension of Inner Space
016669: KLEPAC, LOU;KAHAN, LOUIS - Louis Kahan
013890: LOU KLEPAC - Nora Heysen
016111: KLEPAC, LOU - The Drawings of Russell Drysdale
020933: KLEPAC, LOU; REES, LLOYD FREDERIC - Lloyd Rees Drawings
014258: LOU KLEPAC - Peregian Codex: James Gleeson
012333: AKE FANT, ARNE KLINGBORG AND A. HOHN WILKES - Rudolf Steiner's Sculpture in Dornach
017873: ROBERT KLIPPEL AND GEOFFREY LEGGE (ESSAY) - Robert Klippel Sculpture Since 1970
015273: ALAN COATES KLOTTRUP - The Durhams in New Zealand
022218: HEINRICH KLOTZ - 20th Century Architecture: Drawings - Models - Furniture - from the Exhibition of the Deutschen Architekturmuseums Frankfurt Am Main
023062: KLUDAS, ARNOLD - Great Passenger Ships of the World Volume 5: 1951-1976
022226: KNAPMAN, LEONIE - Joadja Creek: The Shale Oil Town & Its People, 1870-1911
021836: KNAPP, RONALD G. - China's Traditional Rural Architecture: A Cultural Geography of the Common House
019513: RONALD G. KNAPP - China's Living Houses: Folk Beliefs, Symbols, and Household Ornamentation
013780: ANTHONY KNIGHT - The Johnston Collection: William Robert Johnston 1911-1986
022595: KNIGHT, JAMES - Henry and Banjo: The Tumultuous Lives & Times of Henry Lawson & Banjo Paterson, the Men Who Wrote Australia's Story
021451: IAN KNIGHT - Zulu Rising: The Epic Story of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift
020978: KNORR, HANS;KNORR, HILDE - Sculpture of Hans Knorr
006709: RICHARD KNOTEL, HERBERT KNOTEL AND HERBERT SIEG - Uniforms of the World: Army, Navy, and Airforce Uniforms, 1700-1937/10037
007462: KNOWLES, BETH - Cottage in the Parliamentary Triangle
020383: J. W. KNOWLES - Lonely Rails in the Gulf Country: The Story of the Normanton-Croydon Railway, Queensland
013621: GEORGE KNOX - Catalogue of the Tiepolo Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum
021303: GILBERT DE KNYFF - Eugene Boudin: Raconte Par Lui-Meme, Sa Vie . Son Atelier . Son Oeuvre
023077: KOCH, FRED C. - The Volga Germans: In Russia and the Americas, from 1763 to the Present
017754: KOCH, EBBA - Mughal Architecture: An Outline of Its History and Development, 1526-1858
021454: GLORIA KOENIG - Charles & Ray Eames 1907-1978, 1912-1988: Pioneers of Mid-Century Modernism
019352: ROBERT VAN KOESVELD - Geiko & Maiko of Kyoto
019112: DAVID KOLB - Postmodern Sophistications: Philosophy, Architecture, and Tradition
007820: KOLENBERG, HENDRIK; RYAN, ANNE - Salvatore Zofrea: Appassionata Woodcuts
015159: HENDRIK AND JULIANNA KOLENBERG - Tasmanian Vision: The Art of Nineteenth Century Tasmania : Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture from European Exploration and Settlement to 1900
022968: HENDRIK KOLENBERG AND ANNE RYAN - Lloyd Rees Drawings - Centenary Retrospective
021791: HENDRIK KOLENBERG AND ANNE RYAN - Roger Kemp: The Complete Etchings
016503: KOLENBERG, HENDRIK; RYAN, ANNE - The Dobell Prize for Drawing: The First Ten Years 1993-2002
022263: KOLENBERG, HENDRIK;JAMES, PATRICIA;ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES;REES, LLOYD FREDERIC - Lloyd Rees in Europe: Selected Drawings from His Sketchbooks in the Gallery's Collection
019703: KOLENBERG, HENDRIK; RYAN, ANNE - Lloyd Rees, Etchings and Lithographs: A Catalogue Raisonne
022436: HENDRIK KOLENBERG AND ANNE RYAN - James Gleeson: Drawings for Paintings
018625: HENDRIK KOLENBERG ET AL - Intensely Dutch: Image, Abstraction and the Word Post-War and Beyond
016695: KOLLTVEIT, BRAD; CROWDY, MICHAEL - Wilh. Wilhelmsen, 1861-1994 a Brief History and a Fleet List
018419: LISA SCHLANSKER KOLOSEK - The Invention of Chic: Therese Bonney and Paris Moderne
018526: KONDO, ICHITARO - The Art of the Japanese Print: Volume 7 Modern Prints
011004: RUTGER KOPLAND - Jopie Huisman
018944: PEKKA KORVENMAA - Finnish Design: A Concise History
010930: JIRI KOTALIK - Bohumir Dvorsky
008637: KOWALKE, RON - Station Wagon: A Tribute to America's Workaholic on Wheels
020540: ORI KOYAMA - Inspired Shapes: Contemporary Designs for Japan's Ancient Crafts
014666: PIRIYA KRAIRIKSH - Art Styles in Thailand: A Selection from National Provincial Museums and an Essay in Conceptualization
015981: ALAN KRAMER - Dynamic of Destruction: Culture and Mass Killing in the First World War
021424: KRASNOFF, STAN - Where to? for Valour: A True Story of Keith Payne, VC
019528: BJ PENN; GLEN CORDOZA; ERICH KRAUSS - Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge
022087: JOHANNA KREINER - Islam (Visual Encyclopedia of Art)
023420: KRESS, W. JOHN; SHERWOOD, SHIRLEY - The Art of Plant Evolution
005981: NADA KRIZIC - Josip Generalic: Crna Faza / Black Phase (Face) / Die Schwarze Phase
011359: OLGA KRUGLOVA - Traditional Russian Carved and Painted Woodwork: From the Collection of the State Museum of History and Art in the Zagorsk Reservation
020444: ALISON KUBLER ET AL - Nicholas Harding: Drawn to Paint
023546: KUCK, LORAINE E. - The World of the Japanese Garden: From Chinese Origins to Modern Landscape Art
015049: KUHN, MICHAEL - One Hundred Films and a Funeral
021356: RUDIE H. KUITER - Coastal Fishes of South-Eastern Australia
012977: C. P. KUKREJA - Tropical Architecture
007871: UDO KULTERMANN - New Architecture in Japan
020821: STEFANIA RICCI; CRISTINA MOROZZI; WANDA FERRAGAMO; SAMUEL KUNG - Salvatore Ferragamo: Evolving Legend 1928-2008
020138: KIMIHIRO KURATA ET AL / KUNIAKI KUROKI - The Evolution of Rimpa and Hiroshige the 53 Stations of the Tokaido - Kuniaki Kuroki
020711: PETER KURAVITA - Serendip: My Sri Lankan Kitchen
015395: DONALD KUSPIT - The Cult of the Avant-Garde Artist
020575: GEORGE KUWAYAMA (EDITOR) - Ancient Mortuary Traditions of China: Papers on Chinese Ceramic Funerary Sculptures
019739: CROFT, BRENDA L. ET AL - Culture Warriors: National Indigenous Art Triennial
007770: LADEFOGED, JOACHIM - Mirror
021137: JENNIFER LAFFAN - Fencing
022805: LAFFIN, JOHN - Guide to Australian Battlefields of the Western Front 1916-1918
000750: ANDY LAKEY AND ROBERT WALKER - Andy Lakey : Art, Angels and Miracles
016097: ROBERT P. F. LAM - The Hong Kong Album. A Selection of the Museum's Historical Photographs
012929: MIROSLAV LAMAC - Modern Czech Painting 1907-1917
013883: MILES LAMBERT - Fashion in Photographs 1860-1880
022444: LAMBIRTH, ANDREW - Rose Hilton: Something to Keep the Balance
022171: VANESSA LAMPERT - Kabbalah for Magic and Protection
021533: BARBARA LAMPRECHT - Richard Neutra 1892 1970: Survival Through Design
010023: MARIE-JACQUELINE LANCASTER (EDITOR) - Cordon Bleu Cookery Course - 16 Parts of 72
022518: CARLY LANE AND FRANCHESCA CUBILLO (EDITORS)= - Undisclosed: 2nd National Indigenous Art Triennial
019018: BARBARA MILLER LANE - Architecture and Politics in Germany, 1918-1945 (Revised Edition)
012428: ANDREW LANE - The Royal Marines Barracks, Eastney: A Pictorial History
018505: HARRICE SIMONS MILLER; KENNETH JAY LANE - Kenneth Jay Lane: Faking It
020860: CYRIL GRANT LANE - Adventures in the Big Bush: In the Haunts of the Aboriginal
023173: ANDREW LANG (EDITOR) - The Pink Fairy Book
021444: JACK LANG - Thierry Mugler: Photographer
009570: JOHN LANG - Raymond
022025: MARGARET M. DE LANGE - Daughters
022838: PARKER, K. LANGLOH AND DRAKE-BROCKMAN, H. (EDITORS) - Australian Legendary Tales
011588: GIUSTI-LANHAM, HEDY - The Cuisine of Venice and Surrounding Northern Regions
013551: ROSS LANSELL AND PETER BEILBY - The Documentary Film in Australia
007566: ANNETTE LARKIN (CURATOR) - Peter Atkins 'World Journal' (New Delhi Exhibition)
003310: LARKINS, JOHN; HOWARD, BRUCE - Romance of Australian Trams
018675: CLARK SPENCER LARSEN AND DAVID HURST THOMAS - The Anthropology of St. Catherines Island. 4. The St. Catherines Period Mortuary Complex
011114: TED LARSEN AND THEO BELBIN - A Shade of Blue. A Touch of Gold: A Fifty Year History of North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club
018416: JACK LENOR LARSEN - The Dyer's Art: Ikat, Batik, Plangi
011425: LARSON, MAGALI SARFATTI - Behind the Postmodern Facade: Architectural Change in Late Twentieth-Century America
021897: STEVEN; LASKY, JULIE HELLER - Borrowed Design: Use and Abuse of Historical Form
020926: LASSAK, E. V.; MCCARTHY, T. - Australian Medicinal Plants
022971: ANNE LATREILLE AND JEAN GALBRAITH (LETTERS) - Kindred Spirits: A Botanical Correspondence
014738: ANNE LATREILLE AND JEAN GALBRAITH (LETTERS) - Kindred Spirits: A Botanical Correspondence
021467: ANNE LATREILLE - Garden Voices
023104: DAVID LATTA - Lost Glories: A Memorial to Forgotten Australian Buildings
020185: JANET LAURENCE AND FIONA FOLEY - Edge of the Trees
021807: CECIL SAINT-LAURENT - A History of Women's Underwear
011110: TOON LAUWEN - Dutch Design Van de 20ste Eeuw (Dutch Design of the 20th Century)
018280: LAVERTY, COLIN - Australian Colonial Sporting Painters: Frederick Woodhouse and Sons
018698: ALEXANDER LAVRENTIEV - Alexander Rodchenko: Photography 1924-1954
021598: POWESIU LAWES - Wati Kui: Drawings by Powesiu Lawes
022954: LAWLOR, ROBERT - Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime
022328: ROBERT LAWLOR - Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice
023433: LAWLOR, ROBERT - Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime
022039: ANTHONY LAWLOR - The Temple in the House: Finding the Sacred in Everyday Architecture
020612: JOAN LAWRENCE AND ALAN SHARPE - Pictorial History: Eastern Suburbs
019447: LAWRENCE, JOAN - Pictorial History Pittwater
013037: LAWRENCE, C. C. - Time to Fly: A Tasmanian Bird Odyssey
022489: LAWRENCE, JOHN F.; BRITTON, E. B. - Australian Beetles
021996: KARA LAWRENCE - Unmasked: The Gonzales Family Killer
020584: LAWRENCE, JOAN - Pictorial History: Lavender Bay to the Spit
021345: JOAN LAWRENCE - A Pictorial History of Sutherland Shire
023189: LAWSON, ELIZABETH;ATKINSON, LOUISA - The Natural Art of Louisa Atkinson
022834: HENRY LAWSON - While the Billy Boils
022189: LAYDEN, TANIA (EDITOR) - Kambala - 125 Years, a Visual Journey
015500: LENORE LAYMAN AND CRIENA FITZGERALD (EDITORS) - 110 Degrees in the Waterbag: A History of Life , Work and Leisure in Leonora, Gwalia and the Northern Goldfields
012584: VIKTOR LAZAREV - Old Russian Murals & Mosaics: From the XI to the XVI Century
003205: G. DI SAN LAZZARO - Homage to Joan Miro: Special Issue of the XX Siecle Review
012294: BRIGITTE LEAL - Les Demoiselles D Avignon: A Sketchbook
020638: EDWARD LEAR AND QUENTIN BLAKE (INTRODUCTION) - Edward Lear's Complete Nonsense
014987: EDWARD LEAR - A Book of Nonsense - Facsimile Edition Reproduced from the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books: Toronto Public Library
018909: JO CROOK; TOM LEARNER - The Impact of Modern Paints
022237: LEBECK, ROBERT;BERTELLI, CARLO;WICK, RAINER - Die Pioniere Der Photographie, 1840-1900: Die Sammlung Robert Lebeck / the Pioneers of Photography 1840-1900
022726: FERNAND LEBRANET (TECHNICAL EDITOR) - Car International Catalogue 1979
022148: JOSEPH LEDOUX - The Emotional Brain: The Mysterious Underpinnings of Emotional Life
013968: LEE, MI-GYEONG (CURATOR) - Projectroom D Artist
019799: DAVID V. CANTER; PROFESSOR TERENCE LEE - Psychology and the Built Environment
005685: LEE, MARSHALL; ERT-E - Erte Sculpture
021716: NEVILLE LEE - Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Anzac Landing at Gallipoli
014111: LEE, ANTHONY K.;HANDASYDE, K. A.;SANSON, G. D. - Biology of the Koala
021109: ADAM LEE - Australian Aviation: A Pictorial History
017530: LEEBOLD, ARTHUR - Silent Victory: Breaking the Japanese Air-Blockade between Australia and Europe
020413: DR. FRANCOISE LEGEY - The Folklore of Morocco
023013: FRANK LEGG - The Gordon Bennett Story
023561: FLEUR LEHANE - Heartbreak Corner: A Story of the Tully, Durack and Other Pioneer Families of South-West Queensland
022910: LEHANE, ROBERT - Forever Carnival: A Story of Priests, Professors and Politics in 19th Century Sydney
021313: ROBERT LEHANE - William Bede Dalley: Silver-Tongued Pride of Old Sydney
011408: STEFFEN LEHMANN (EDITOR) - Back to the City: Strategies for Informal Urban Interventions
008651: VERA LEHNDORFF AND HOLGER TRULZSCH - Veruschka: Trans-Figurations
019986: ANNIE LEIBOVITZ - Pilgrimage
019900: ANNIE LEIBOVITZ - American Music
022970: J.D. BRIGGS; J.H. LEIGH - Rare or Threatened Australian Plants Revised Edition
015590: DENA LEIGHTON - Wollongong Botanic Garden: A Story of Beauty and Diversity
014339: DANKWART LEISTIKOW - Ten Centuries of European Hospital Architecture: A Contribution to the History of Hospital Architecture
000894: OLIVIER QUEANT, ANDRE ARBUS, JEAN ROYERE, JULES LELEU ET AL - Decoration de France : Appartements Et Hotels Particuliers
021124: GERARD-GEORGES LEMAIRES - The Orient in Western Art
021771: JANE LEMANN ET AL - The Gib: Mount Gibraltar Southern Highlands
017065: MARJORIE LENEHAN - Pioneer Landowners in the Lane Cove District, 1794 to 1796
017531: PETER LENNON - An Analysis of Damaging Storms on the New South Wales East Coast 1900-1980
019936: LAYMAN, LENORE AND CRIENA FITZGERALD (EDITORS) - 110 Degrees in the Waterbag: A History of Life, Work, and Leisure in Leonora, Gwalia and the Northern Goldfields
002689: JAMES T. LENZKE (EDITOR) - Standard Catalog of Chrysler, 1914-2000
019572: JOHN M'LEOD, SURGEON OF THE ALCESTE - The Voyage of the Alceste to the Ryukyus and South East Asia
018236: LERK, JAMES ANDREW - Bendigo's Gold Mining Revival 1929-1954
002735: ABRAM LERNER - Gregory Gillespie
022626: LESSING, ERICH - Revolution in Hungary: The 1956 Budapest Uprising
018641: GARY LESTER AND NICK HARTGERINK - The New South Wales Club Movement, 1838-2009: A Story of Brilliance, Brashness, Benevolence, Brotherhood and Bastardry
023151: MELISSA LEVENTON - Artwear: Fashion and Anti-Fashion
014881: CRAIG LEVERS - Photocpl New Zealand Surfing Photography 1991-2008
021134: ROBIN LEVETT - The Girls
021734: GEOFFREY BRAHM LEVY AND PHILIP MENDES - Jews and Australian Politics
006778: M. C. I. LEVY - Wallumetta: A History of Ryde and Its District 1972 to 1945
023126: HANNAH LEWI AND PHILIP GOAD - Australia Modern
023063: LEWIS, MILES - Victorian Primitive
008388: WILLIAM LEWIS - Chess for Beginners
014742: JOHN LEWIS - The Walkerville Story: 150 Years
002962: LEWIS, PETER M. H. - British Racing and Recordbreaking Aircraft
003998: LEWIS, T. PERCY; BROMLEY, A.G. - The Victorian Book of Cakes: Recipes, Techniques and Decorations from the Golden Age of Cake-Making
022934: VALERIE LHUEDE - The Sunrise of Aboriginal Art in Capricornia Country
021210: ALEXANDER LIBERMAN - Then: Alexander Liberman - Photographs 1925-1995
017789: MARY L. LIDBETTER - Historic Sites of Berry
004093: DE LIGNE, CHARLES-JOSEPH - Coup D'Oeil at Beloeil and a Great Number of European Gardens
011514: A. PUZIKOV, Y. LIKHTENSHTEIN AND N. SIKORSKY - Books in the Ussr
020498: FANG LILI - Chinese Ceramics
022895: LILIENFELD, SCOTT O.; LYNN, STEVEN JAY; RUSCIO, JOHN; BEYERSTEIN, BARRY L. - 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology - Shattering Widespread Misconceptions About Human Behavior
009125: LILIENTHAL, SONJA - Newtown Tarts: A History of the Sydney University Women's Sports Association 1910-1995
021325: GILLIAN LILLEYMAN - A Garden on the Margaret: The Path to Old Bridge House
022599: K. G. SUBRAMANYAN; TAPATI GUHA-THAKURTA; SIVA KUMAR; KAREN LIM - Tryst with Destiny: Art from Modern India 1947-1997
018996: LIN LEE LOH-LIM - The Blue Mansion: The Story of Mandarin Splendour Reborn
014857: CALDWELL CONNELL ENGINEERS PTY LIMITED - Algae Harvesting from Sewage (Environmental Study Report)
022551: VON BONSDORFF, BENGT, CARL JACOB GARDBERG, BO LINDBERG AND OTHERS - Art in Finland: From the Middle Ages to the Present Day
010080: LUCAS LINDEBOOM - Old K.P. M. Ships from the Past / Oude K.P. M. Schepen Van 'Tempo Doeloe
009846: MARK LINDER (EDITOR) - Scogin Elam and Bray: Critical Architecture/Architectural Criticism
013741: LENNART LINDKVIST (EDITOR) - Design in Sweden
013627: FRANCES LINDSAY (CURATOR) - Caroline Williams: Men
023571: H. A. LINDSAY - The Bushman's Handbook: A Practical Guide for Finding Water, Snaring Game, Catching Fish, Direction Finding, Camping, Survival in an Emergency, and General Bushcraft
013338: SIR LIONEL LINDSAY - Etchings and Drypoints
022413: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Norman Lindsay: Favourite Etchings
013263: FRANCES LINDSAY ET AL - Klippel / Klippel - Opus 2008
023043: ROBERT LINDSAY - The Seventies: Australian Paintings and Tapestries
023456: PATRICK LINDSAY - True Blue: 150 Years of Service and Sacrifice of the Nsw New South Wales Police Force
019470: J. W. LINDT - Picturesque New Guinea: With an Historical Introduction and Supplementary Chapters on the Manners and Customs of the Papuans
012350: HOWARD A. LINK - Japanese Genre Paintings from the Kyusei Atami Art Museum
020887: DEREK LINSTRUM - West Yorkshire: Architects and Architecture
010357: HODGES-LINTON, BETTY - Dobell House
023572: LINTON, JOHN SUTER - Murder at Anna Bay
010370: LINVILLE, SUSAN E. - History Films, Women, and Freud's Uncanny
015851: LIPMANN, ANTHONY - Divinely Elegant: The World of Ernst Dryden
012331: G. G. HOLMES, S. R. LISHMUND AND G. M. OAKES - A Review of Industrial Minerals and Rocks in New South Wales
020456: CARL LISTON - Pictorial History: Liverpool & District
022122: DAVID LITTLE - Mallee Boy: The Lad from Pallarang
017536: J. S. LITTLE - A Century of Fires and Fire Brigades in Dunedin 1848-1948
023536: DAVID LITTLE - Mallee Boy: The Lad from Pallarang
022817: LITTLE, PAUL - Willie Apiata VC: The Reluctant Hero
020641: JOHN LITTLE - The Man Who Saw Too Much: David Brill, Combat Cameraman
020550: KAREN LIVINGSTONE - C.F. A. Voysey: Arts & Crafts Designer
019514: SHANE MCCAUSLAND; LING LIZHONG - Telling Images of China: Narrative and Figure Paintings, 15th-20th Century from the Shanghai Museum
020850: PUBLIO LOPEZ MONDEJAR; MARIO VARGAS LLOSA - Martín Chambi 1920-1950
023319: MARIO VARGAS LLOSA - The Perpetual Orgy: Flaubert & Madame Bovary
020751: ROBBIE LLOYD - Going Walkabout Through the Suburbs: Valuing the Lessons from Alternative Consciousness
023512: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD AND FREDERICK GUTHEIM - Frank Lloyd Wright on Architecture: Selected Writings 1894-1940
016857: STUART LLOYD - The Lightning Ridge Book
016040: FRAN LLOYD - Contemporary Arab Women's Art: Dialogues of the Present
023026: PETER LLOYD - Inside Story: From ABC Foreign Correspondent to Singapore Prisoner #12988
020698: JAMES MORTON; SUSANNA LOBEZ - Gangland Australia: Colonial Criminals to the Carlton Crew
021513: GIORGIO LOCATELLI - Made in Italy: Food and Stories
022554: LOCHER, MIRA - Traditional Japanese Architecture: An Exploration of Elements and Forms
022810: DOUGLAS LOCKWOOD - Australia's Pearl Harbour: Darwin 1942
011935: JIM LOGAN - Everyday Art: Australian Folk Art
021340: HORNER, DAVID; PETER LONDEY & JEAN BOU (EDITORS) - Australian Peacekeeping: Sixty Years in the Field
019711: GEOFFREY LONDON ET AL - Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects
015297: HARRODS LTD OF LONDON - Furniture by Harrods
016272: JACK LONEY - Shipwreck Strait: An Illustrated History of Major Shipwrecks, Collisions, Fires and Strandings in Bass Strait from 1797
010576: LONEY, JACK KENNETH - Bay Steamers and Coastal Ferries
008863: LONEY, JACK K. - Wreck 1891 and Other Maritime Memories
010956: LONEY, JACK K. - Otway and Its Coast in Retrospect
016831: LONEY, JACK KENNETH - Ships and Seamen Off the South Coast
012380: LONEY, JACK KENNETH - Ships and Shipwrecks at Portarlington
019338: LONEY, JACK KENNETH - An Atlas History of Australian Shipwrecks: (State-by-State Including Maps and Diving Notes)
015439: LONEY, JACK KENNETH - Wrecks in Australian Waters: An Illustrated Survey of Shipwrecks, Fires, Collisions, and Strandings on the Australian Coast from 1629
019757: LOIS CULVER LONG - Ceramic Decoration
017680: DAVID W. LOOK AND DIRK H. R. SPENNEMANN - For Future Use: A Management Conservation Plan for the World War II Sites in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
022354: NOEL LOOS - White Christ Black Cross: The Emergence of a Black Church
022587: NOEL LOOS AND KOIKI MABO - Edward Koiki Mabo
022346: LEAH DICKERMAN; ANNA INDYCH-LOPEZ - Diego Rivera: Murals for the Museum of Modern Art
022224: CLIVE E. LORD - Report of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science (Australia and New Zealand). Hobart Meeting, January, 1928
018252: LORENZINI, MICHAEL; MOORE, KEVIN - New York Rises: Photographs by Eugene de Salignac
020900: PETER A. LORGE - The Asian Military Revolution: From Gunpowder to the Bomb
011419: LORING, JOHN - Tiffany's 20th Century: A Portrait of American Style
006455: JOHN LORING - Magnificent Tiffany Silver
003032: DAVID LOSHAK - Munch
020548: MEMELISSA LOUGHMAN ET AL - Utopian Slumps 2007-2009: The Collingwood Years
023067: SANDRA LOUSADA - London Light
022249: NIGEL LOVE - The Illustrated Autobiography of Nigel Love, Australian Aviation Pioneer
015889: BERT LOVETT AND NORM BARNEY - With Camera and Waggonette: The Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Photographs of Frank Snowball
020592: JOHN LOW - Pictorial Memories: Blue Mountains
011342: LOW, CHARLES - A Roll of Australian Arms, Corporate and Personal: Borne by Lawful Authority
009317: LOW, RACHAEL; MANVELL, ROGER - The History of the British Film1929-1939: Documentary and Educational Films of the 1930s
019742: JOHN AND SMITH, JIM LOW - The Prince of Whips: The Life and Works of the Blue Mountains Pioneer Harry Peckman
022865: LOWE, PAT; PIKE, JIMMY - Jilji: Life in the Great Sandy Desert
022763: LOWEN, FRED - Fred Lowen: Dunera Boy, Furniture Designer, Artist
023395: WENDY LOWENSTEIN - Weevils in the Flour: An Oral Record of the 1930s Depression in Australia
022636: ROXANNE LOWIT - Moments: Roxanne Lowit Photographs
019871: PAUL D. LOWMAN JR. - Lunar Panorama: A Photographic Guide to the Geology of the Moon
013998: LOWNDES, J. G. - James Fletcher, the Miners' Advocate
021948: BENJAMIN LOYAUTE - Pierre Cardin Evolution: Furniture and Design
014242: LOYER, FRANCOIS - Paris Nineteenth Century: Architecture and Urbanism
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021746: KYNASTON MCSHINE - Joseph Cornell
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022287: LOUIS NOWRA - Kings Cross: A Biography
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018549: OTTAWAY, SUSAN - Hitler's Traitors
022175: OTTO, RUDOLF - The Idea of the Holy
013553: EBERHARD OTTO - Egyptian Art and the Cults of Osiris and Amon
019177: KITTY O'SULLIVAN - The Curse of the Greenstone Tiki
017317: R. A. OVENDEN - The Johnstone River
022935: JUNE DUNCAN OWEN - Mixed Matches: Interracial Marriage in Australia
023101: OXENBOULD, MOFFATT - Timing Is Everything: A Life Backstage at the Opera
021936: E. P. PAATANNE - The Jewelry Art of Celia Molano: A Glimpse of Asian and Philippine Jewelry Traditions
021871: LAURELLE PACEY - Narooma's Past - Steamers, Sawmills and Salmon
022206: GEOFFREY PAGE - Hear the Boat Sing: History of Thames Rowing Club and Tideway Rowing
020849: JOHN LLOYD WARDEN PAGE - The North Coast of Cornwall: Its Scenery, Its People,Its Antiquities and Its Legends
019734: K. PAIJAMANS (EDITOR) - New Guinea Vegetation
012342: PAINTER, GWENDA - Ps Marion: Its Life and Times
019578: GWENDA PAINTER - In the Wake of the Coonawarra: The Story of the River Murray Paddle-Wheeler M.V. Coonawarra and Its Links with the P.S. Murrumbidgee, P.S. Excelsior, and J.L. Roberts Barge.
022492: PAISLEY, FIONA; COLE, ANNA; HASKINS, VICTORIA (EDITORS) - Uncommon Ground: White Women in Aboriginal History
018772: N. NA PAKNAM - The Wonders of Thai Art: The National Artist's Personal Best
018414: PAL, PRATAPADITYA - 2000: Reflections on the Arts in India
013017: PAL, PRATAPADITYA - Indian Sculpture Volume I: Circa 500 B. C - A.D. 700 - a Catalogue of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Collection
021776: IGNACIO PALACIOS - Sydney Rock Pools
000657: MORTON D. PALEY - William Blake
010945: PALLEY, REESE - The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall Boehm
016637: ALEXANDER M. PALMER - Vietnam Veterans: A Record of Service
018097: SHERIDAN PALMER - Hegel's Owl: The Life of Bernard Smith
019869: HELEN PALMER AND JESSIE MCLEOD - The First Hundred Years
023037: PALMOS, FRANK - Ridding the Devils
009168: PALUMBO, MARIA LUISA - New Wombs: Electronic Bodies and Architectural Disorder
015928: MAX PAM - Max Pam: Photographs 1970-1992 ( Human Eye )
016569: J.J. PAN & PARTNERS - J. J Pan & Partners: The Master Architect Series
013565: MAE ANNA PANG - Mountains and Streams
012719: PANIKKAR, SHIVAJI (EDITOR) - Twentieth-Century Indian Sculpture: The Last Two Decades
023402: PANOFSKY, ERWIN - Studies in Iconology: Humanistic Themes in the Art of the Renaissance
020501: JANE KINSMAN; MICHAEL PANTAZZI - Degas: The Uncontested Master
014187: PICCIONE PAOLO - Genova: Citta  Dei Transatlantici
019407: CATHERINE COOKE; JUSTIN AGERO; ANDREAS C. PAPADAKIS - The Avant-Garde: Russian Architecture in the Twenties
016407: DEMETRIO PAPARONI - Eretica: The Transcendent and the Profane in Contemporary Art
020135: PARENT, MARC - Stella
016539: PARET, PETER - Imagined Battles: Reflections of War in European Art
020631: REINE-MARIE PARIS - Camille Claudel
022919: MARGARET PARK - Doors Were Always Open: Recollections of Pyrmont and Ultimo
022545: PARKBURST, FREDERICK - The Butterfly Man of Kuranda: Frederick Parkhurst Dodd
014482: PARKER, ADRIAN - Images in Ochre: The Art and Craft of the Kunwinjku
017636: FRANCES BELLE PARKER - A Special Kind of Vision: Aboriginal Artists of Northern Nsw
012642: PARKER, ANN;NEAL, AVON - Los Ambulantes: The Itinerant Photographers of Guatemala
022703: PAROISSIEN, LEON; AUSTRALIA COUNCIL; GRIGGS, MICHAEL - Old Continent, New Building: Contemporary Australian Architecture
021590: TOM E PARR - Reminiscences of a N.S. W. South West Settler
018783: NIGEL PARRY - Sharp
023055: PARSONS, J.M. - Australian Weed Control Handbook
015815: PARSONS, ANTHONY D. - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5: Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part 7, Military Technology: The Gunpowder Epic
012659: PARSONS, JOHN; HAMMOND, BRYN - New Zealand's Treasury of Trout and Salmon : Angling Anthology
023377: RONALD PARSONS - Sail in the South: A Selection from A.D. Edwardes Collection of Shipping Photos. In the State Library of South Australia
019579: RONALD PARSONS - Ships of Yorke Peninsula
023061: PARTINGTON, GARY (EDITED BY) - Perspectives on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islan
023071: G PASFIELD, J G GELLATLEY P C HELY - Insect Pests of Fruit & Vegetables in New South Wales
020872: G PASFIELD, J G GELLATLEY P C HELY - Insect Pests of Fruit & Vegetables in New South Wales
005196: PASTIER, JOHN - Cesar Pelli
017812: PATERNIE, PATRICK - Corvette C5 (Sports Car Color History)
017982: DEREK PATMORE - Colour Schemes for the Modern Home
006222: TREVOR G. PATRICK - Street Names of Pennant Hills
018108: WILLIAM PATRICK PATTERSON - Ladies of the Rope: Gurdjieff's Special Left Bank Women's Group
015213: JOYCE, PAUL AND DAVID HOCKNEY - Hockney on Photography: Conversations with Paul Joyce
011896: PAULI, PHILIP;PAULI, EUGEN;SCHMIDT, ARNO - Classical Cooking the Modern Way: Recipes
015802: BOB PAULING - Art & Music in Early Dee Why
020158: JOHN PAULL (EDITOR) - Persistence Pays: The Discovery of Dr William Russ Pugh's Log and Journal of His 1835 Voyage from England to New Holland
021540: DENNIS PAULSON - Dragonflies & Damselfies: A Natural History
018207: DOLORÈS MARAT; DOMINIQUE PAULVÉ - Carven: Half a Century of Elegance
020245: BRUCE PAVITT - Sub Pop Usa: The Subterraneanan Pop Music Anthology, 1980-1988
019644: PAVITT, NIGEL - Turkana: Nomads of the Jade Sea
017984: PAYNE, CHRISTOPHER - Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals
021651: JOHN PEACOCK - Fashion Since 1900: The Complete Sourcebook (Second Edition)
017894: PEACOCK, JOHN - Fashion Sourcebooks: The 1950s
001750: JAMES PEAKE - The Elementary Principles of Naval Architecture
015964: ANDREW G. PEAKE (EDITOR) - National Register of Shipping Arrivals: Australia and New Zealand
023214: PEAKMAN, JULIE - The Pleasure's All Mine: A History of Perverse Sex
015462: BARRY PEARCE AND LINDA SLUTXKIN - John Passmore, 1904-84: Retrospective 19 December 1984-10 February 1985
022428: BARRY PEARCE ET AL - Brett Whiteley : Art and Life
022129: BARRY PEARCE AND HENDRIK KOLENBERG - William Dobell, 1899-1970: The Painter's Progress
017551: PEARCE, KENN - Mile End's Steam Finale
018174: BARRY PEARCE AND LINDA SLUTZKIN - Bohemians in the Bush : The Artists' Camps of Mosman
006595: IAN PEARCE AND CLARE COWLING - Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania - Section Four: Records Relating to Free Immigration
018683: BARRY PEARCE AND HENDRIK KOLENBERG - William Dobell, 1899-1970: The Painter's Progress
021024: PEARCE, BARRY - Kevin Connor
017354: BARRY PEARCE (INTRODUCTION) - Michael Johnson
020567: PEARCE, BARRY; GALBALLY, ANN - Charles Conder: 1868-1909
020093: CYRIL PEARL - Hardy Wilson and His Old Colonial Architecture
018817: CYRIL PEARL - The Three Lives of Gavan Duffy
023363: PEARLMAN, CHEE - Isaac Mizrahi
023100: NOEL PEARSON - Up from the Mission
011700: ROSS PEARSON - Animal Allies
008156: PECHAR, PETER;PRIOR, CHRIS;PARKINSON, BRIAN J. - Mitre Shells from the Pacific and Indian Oceans
012622: PECKTAL, LYNN - Costume Design: Techniques of Modern Masters
016192: PEDERSON, PETER - Anzac Treasures: The Gallipoli Collection of the Australian War Memorial
012011: JOHN PEEL - The Doctor Who Encyclopedia: The Baker Years
012840: PEERS, JULIETTE - The Fashion Doll: From Bebe Jumeau to Barbie
013593: DR JULIETTE PEERS ET AL - Anne Marie Power: Portfolio Collection Volume 5
016055: FLOSSIE PEITSCH ET AL - Flossie Peitsch: Art and Soul
016535: PEJIC, BOJANA; BUDEN, BORIS; HONDA, YOSHIKO - Milovan Markovic: Transfigurative Works
009713: HENRI-PAUL PELLAPRAT - Modern French Culinary Art
017473: RUTH PELTASON (EDITOR) - Ernst Haas: A Colour ( Color) Retrospective 1952-1986
021537: MICHAEL PEMBROKE - Trees of History & Romance: Essays from a Mount Wilson Garden
018661: L. E. M. PEMBROKE - Children of the Anzacs
020154: ALEJANDRA PENA ET AL - El Arte de Cartier: Resplandor Del Tiempo

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