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017462: FLOYD, MARGARET H. - Henry Hobson Richardson. A Genius for Architecture. Photographs by
005982: BARBARA FLYNN - Emerge and Review: A Look Into the Ubs Australian Art Collection
021912: MARNIE FOGG - Vintage Fashion: Knitwear: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics (Vintage Fashion Series)
021398: YVES FOHLEN - With Guts and Bayonets: Diggers and Doughboys on the Hindenburg Line - 1918
021918: DENNIS FOLEY - Repossession of Our Spirit: Traditional Owners of Northern Sydney
015228: JOAN FONTCUBERTA (CURATOR) - Idas & Chaos: Trends in Spanish Photography 1920-1945
020321: JANE FONTEIN - The Sculpture of Indonesia
012718: MR JUSTICE JAMES FOONG - The Malaysian Judiciary: A Record from 1786 to 1993
008677: JAMES FORD AND KATHERINE MOROW FORD - Design of Modern Interiors
011505: FORD, EDWARD - Bibliography of Australian Medicine, 1790-1900
018678: JAMES A. FORD - Greenhouse: A Troyville-Coles Creek Period Site in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana
018679: JAMES A. FORD - Eskimo Prehistory in the Vicinity of Point Barrow, Alaska
012806: GERARD FORDE - Paul Citroen & Erwin Blumenfeld 1919-1939
021724: SUZANNE FORGE - Victorian Splendour: Australian Interior Decoration 1837-1901
016211: FORGE, ANTHONY. - Balinese Traditional Paintings: A Selection from the Forge Collection of the Australian Museum, Sydney
021657: BEN FORKNER - Cajun Fonville
021953: MATTHI FORRER - Hiroshige: Prints and Drawings
021602: MATTHI FORRER - Hokusai: Prints and Drawings
021697: ROBERT FORSTER AND DOUGLAS GRANT - Spinning Discs, Mirrors and Electrons
020762: HOLLY KERR FORSYTH - Seasons in My House and Garden
021758: HOLLY KERR FORSYTH - Gardens of Eden: Among the World's Most Beautiful Gardens
013833: ELIZABETH FORTESCUE - Art of Utopia - Volume 1
018383: FORWOOD, GILLIAN - Lina Bryans: Rare Modern 1909-2000
015182: KOREA FOUNDATION - The Korean Relics in Japan 4, Tenri University Central Library: Tenri University Sankokan Museum
020826: PAUL FOUNTAIN AND THOMAS WARD (JOURNALS AND NOTES) - Rambles of an Australian Naturalist
019319: PERCY FOWLE ET AL - Natal Municipal Association Diamond Jubilee 1904 1964
016807: JEFF MCGILL, VERLIE FOWLER AND KEITH RICHARDSON - Campbelltown's Streets & Suburbs: How and Why They Got Their Names.
018853: ROBERT B. FOX - The Calatagan Excavations: Two Fifteenth Century Burial Sites in Batangas, Philippines
015915: FOX, JAMES A. - Ringside: The Boxing Photographs of James A. Fox
017621: FOX, JAMES J - Inside Austronesian Houses: Perspectives on Domestic Designs for Living
011174: JANET FRAME - Owls Do Cry
021421: CHRISTINE FRANCE - Margaret Olley
014903: G. W. FRANCIS - The Dictionary of Practical Receipts; Containing the Arcana of Trade and Manufacture; Domestic Economy; Artistical, Ornamental, and Scientific Processes; Pharmaceutical and Chemical Preparations
020239: W. D. FRANCIS - Australian Rain-Forest Trees: Excluding the Species Confined to the Tropics
010839: ALFRED FRANKENSTEIN - Karel Appel
006319: HENRI FRANKFORT - The Birth of Civilization in the Near East
020212: GEORGE FRANKI - A History of Dentistry in New South Wales 1945-1995
016997: HAWKER, FRANKIE AND LINN, ROB - Bungaree: Land, Stock & People.
021666: F. L. SUTHERLAND, B. J. FRANKLIN AND A. E. WALTHO (EDITORS) - Volcanism in Eastern Australia
020885: ADRIAN FRANKLIN - The Making of Mona
021898: SUSANNE K. FRANTZ - Particle Theories: International Pate de Verre and Other Cast Glass Granulations
016000: FRANZKE, ANDREAS - Tapies
020890: FRASER, DONALD J. - Sydney from Settlement to City: An Engineering History of Sydney
021104: ANDREW FRASER - The Building of Old College: Adam, Playfair & the University of Edinburgh
021502: HOBBINS, PETER: URSULA FREDERICK & ANNE CLARKE - Stories from the Sandstone: Quarantine Inscriptions from Australia's Immigrant Past
019854: FREE, RENEE; GLEESON, JAMES - Lloyd Rees: The Last Twenty Years
018353: RENEE FREE ET AL - Sydney International Exhibition 1879: An Exhibition Celebrating the Centenary of the Sydney International Exhibition
008719: FREED, LEONARD - Leonard Freed's Germany
021112: J. M. FREELAND - Melbourne Churches 1836-1851 an Architectural Record
019385: JOHN MAXWELL FREELAND - Making of a Profession: Architectural Institutes in Australia
021205: FREEMAN, TOM - The Woolshed: A Riverina Anthology
020788: BRIAN FREEMAN - The Lost Battlefield of Kokoda
017207: PETER FREEMAN - Hong Kong House, Sydney
008088: ROSEMARY FREEMAN - English Emblem Books
017981: CYRIL C. FREER - The Inner Side of Advertising: A Practical Handbook for Advertisers, Those Engaged in Advertising, & Students
020397: FREESTONE, ROBERT;PROUDFOOT, PETER R.;MAGUIRE, ROSLYN - Colonial City, Global City: Sydney's International Exhibition 1879
016545: ROBERT FREESTONE AND BRONWYN HANNA - Florence Taylor's Hats: Designing, Building and Editing Sydney
010124: LISA D. FREIMAN (EDITOR) - Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons: Everything Is Separated by Water
021883: FRENCH, ALISON - Seeing the Centre: The Art of Albert Namatjira 1902-1959
006262: LEONARD FRENCH - The Campion Paintings
016145: BLAIR FRENCH AND DANIEL PALMER - Twelve Australian Photo Artists
021792: LUCIAN FREUD - Lucian Freud
016532: FREUND, GISELE - Gisele Freund: Berlin-Frankfurt-Paris, Fotografien 1929-1962 (German Edition)
019204: CATHERINE AND RON FREW - Sons to the Empire's Cause: Tumbarumba in World War 1
004851: FRIAR, RALPH E.; FRIAR, NATASHA A. - The Only Good Indian: The Hollywood Gospel
018647: ARNAUD FRICH - Panoramic Photography: From Composition and Exposure to Final Exhibition
014098: FRIEDLANDER, LEE - Nudes
019405: ALICE FRIEDMAN - Women and the Making of the Modern House
008737: DONALD FRIEND - Painter's Journal
013809: FRIEND, DONALD;ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES - Art in a Classless Society & Vice Versa: A Study of Cultural Eccenticities Operating Within the Confines of Antipodean Normalcy Copiously Illustrated with the Masterpieces of Avant Gard, Centre Gard, and Derrier Gard Artists, Along with a Text That Is Not
011068: FRISA, MARIA LUISA (EDITOR) - Italian Eyes: Italian Fashion Photography from 1951 to Today
016472: MICHEL FRIZOT (EDITOR) - A New History of Photography
020221: FROMONOT, FRANCOISE;THOMPSON, CHRISTOPHER - Sydney: History of a Landscape
014206: FROST, ALAN - Botany Bay Mirages: Illusions of Australia's Convict Beginnings
013310: MICHAEL FROSTICK - Aston Martin and Lagonda
022067: ERIC FRY - Rebels and Radicals
020790: FRY, TONY - Design History Australia: A Source Text in Methods and Resources
006140: GAVIN FRY AND BETTINA MACAULAY - Adrian Lawlor: A Portrait
010681: GLADYS WINDSOR FRY - Working Drawings for Embroidery: A Miscellany of Distinctive Designs for All Types of Embroidery Work in Silk, Wool, Linen and Cotton
015949: GAVIN FRY AND BETTINA MACAULAY - Isaac Walter Jenner
020237: FRY, GAVIN - Margaret Woodward: Paintings 1950-2002
017581: FRYER, JEANETTE; HYLMÖ, BERTIL - Cotoneasters: A Comprehensive Guide to Shrubs for Flowers, Fruit, and Foliage
020780: FUDGE, PETER - Peter Fudge Gardens
021668: MARGARET G. CORRICK, BRUCE A. FUHRER AND ALEXANDER S. GEORGE (EDITOR) - Wildflowers of Southern Western Australia
018396: GIICHI. KOMARO HOSHINO FUJIMOTO - Ukiyoe Kuzushi. Vol. 2
020979: FULLERTON, PATRICIA - The Flower Hunter: Ellis Rowan
020195: FULLERTON, PATRICIA - Hugh Ramsay, 1877-1906
017147: MAGUY FURHANGE - Carzou. Graveur Et Lithographe - Engraver and Lithographer - Graveur Und Lithograph. Vol. I. Catalogue Raisonne of 1948/1962. Numbered 2419/5000. Contains 3 Original Lithographs
006637: C. C. FURNAS AND S. M. FURNAS - Man, Bread and Destiny
013940: JOHN FURNELL - Student's Handbook of Paints, Colours, Oils and Varnishes
019751: CLIFF FURNISS - Servants of the North: Adventures on the Coastal Trade with the Northern Steam Ship Company
001067: JILL LESLIE FURST AND PETER T. FURST - Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico
013778: FURUTA, SHOKIN - Sengai: Master Zen Painter
020608: YUKIO FUTAGAWA (EDITOR) - Tadao Ando (Ga Architect Series, No 8)
019377: YUKIO FUTAGAWA - Le Corbusier: Villa Savoye, Poissy, France 1928-31
021350: ALEX GABBARD - Corvette Gtp
003713: GABO, NAUM; TATE GALLERY - Naum Gabo: Sixty Years of Constructivism
020693: DOREEN GADSBY - Ted, Tom, Jim and John
021279: IWAMIYA; YOSHIDA; GAGE - Forms, Textures, Images: Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship in Everyday Life
018009: JOANNE GAIR - Body of Work
021683: ANN GALBALLY ET AL - Redmond Barry: An Anglo-Irish Australian
020571: ANN GALBALLY ET AL - Belle-Ile: Monet, Russell & Matisse in Brittany
005416: FERNANDEZ-GALIANO, LUIS - Fire and Memory: On Architecture and Energy
012649: GALLET, GAUTHIER - Back Stage & Front Row: Gauthier Gallet Photographs
018912: WILLIAM GAMBLE (EDITOR) - Penrose's Annual: The Process Year Book. Volume 36
018913: WILLIAM GAMBLE (EDITOR) - Penrose's Annual: The Process Year Book. Volume 32
019817: BILL GAMMAGE AND ANDREW MARKUS (EDITORS) - All That Dirt: Aborigines 1938. An Australia 1938 Monograph.
017249: PETRONA C. DE GANDULFO - El Libro de Dona Petrona
018931: MINGLU GAO ET AL - Inside out: New Chinese Art
018190: GARCIA, BOBBITO - Where'd You Get Those?: New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987
002155: DONALD S. GARDEN - Northam : An Avon Valley History
019622: ROBERT GARDINER - Fleet Battle & Blockade: The French Revolutionary War 1793-1797
019615: ROBERT GARDINER - Frigates of the Napoleonic Wars
018285: MICHEL GAREAU - Charles le Brun: First Painter to King Louis XIV
019235: H. K. GARLAND - Panning and Prospecting for Beginners
020347: HARRY GARLICK - The Final Curtain: State Funerals and the Theatre of Power
002671: PHILLIPE GARNER - The Contemporary Decorative Arts: From 1940 to the Present Day
021578: J. ROS GARNET - The Wildflowers of Wilson's Promontory National Park
020973: ROSE GARRARD - Archiving My Own History: Works 1969-1994
019649: VALERY M. GARRETT - A Collector's Guide to Chinese Dress Accessories
016979: JAMES GARROD (COMPILER) - Street Heat's Modifying Your Holden: A Technical Guide
018770: ROSALIE GASCOIGNE AND DEBORAH EDWARDS (CURATOR) - Rosalie Gascoigne: Material As Landscape
016370: GASCOIGNE, JOHN - Joseph Banks and the English Enlightenment: Useful Knowledge and Polite Culture
018138: REAR-ADMIRAL G. G. O. GATACRE - A Naval Career - Reports of Proceedings 1921 - 1964
011872: MERRYN GATES (CURATOR) - Patterning in Contemorary Art: Layers of Meaning
008570: KONRAD GATZ AND WILHELM O. WALLENFANG - Farbige Bauten / Colour on Buildings / Batiments Polychromes
019386: KONRAD GATZ (EDITOR) - Decorative Designs for Contemporary Interiors
015135: WILHELM GAUGER ET AL - Harald Gnade - Bilder Von 1990 Bis 1999
015689: JEAN-CLAUDE GAUGY - Jean-Claude Gaugy: To Convey Meaning
018742: W. GAUNT AND R. HOLME (EDITORS) - Commercial Art and Industry. Vol. XX. January to June 1936
020453: WILLIAM GAUNT AND M. D. E. CLAYTON-STAMM - William de Morgan: Pre-Raphaelite Ceramics,
021744: BOUNTHIENG SIRIPAPHANH, BERNARD GAY AND PATRICK GAY - Lao Contemporary Art / la Peinture Contemporaine Lao
018943: ADAM GECZY - Fashion and Orientalism: Dress, Textiles and Culture from the 17th to the 21st Century
014122: JAN VAN GEEST - Jean Prouve: Mobel / Furniture / Meubles
017649: C. J. VAN GELDEREN AND D. M. GELDEREN - Maples for Gardens: A Color Encyclopedia
004311: ALEXANDER GELMAN - Subtraction: Aspects of Essential Design
010902: GEN, YANK - P-38 Lightning in Action
016217: GEN, YANK - Ceramics of China the Yangshao Culture
017967: GENAT, ROBERT - Chevy Ss: The Super Sport Story
015552: GENDERS, CAROLYN - Sources of Inspiration: For Ceramics and the Applied Arts
005645: XIA GENGQI AND ZHANG RONG - Masterpieces of Snuff Bottles in the Palace Museum
016264: BENJAMIN GENOCCHIO - Dollar Dreaming: Inside the Aboriginal Art World
020833: CAPTAIN GEO, H WILKINS. M.C. - Australian War Photographs: A Pictorial Record from November 1917 to the End of the War
019072: STEVE GEORGAKIS - Sport and the Australian Greek
016323: JONETTE GEORGE AND DANIELE WILTON - Flavours of Melbourne: Favourite Restaurants and Bars in Melbourne's Laneways and Rooftops
015886: ROBIN GERSTER AND PETER PIERCE (EDITORS) - On the Warpath: An Anthology of Australian Military Travel
008274: COLLON-GEVAERT, SUZANNE;STIENNON, JACQUES;LEJEUNE, JEAN - A Treasury of Romanesque Art: Metalwork, Illuminations and Sculpture from the Valley of the Meuse
011643: A. GHOSH - Jaina Art and Architecture Volume III
019109: ALOI GIAMIERO - Scuole (Schools)
015955: DON GIBB AND STUART WARMINGTON - Visions of a Village: Canterbury Shops and Shopping 1880s-1990s
021529: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA; GIBBNEY, H. J.; CORKHILL, WILLIAM HENRY; HOYER, N. C. - Gundagai Album: Early Photographs of an Australian Country Town
003540: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA; GIBBNEY, H. J.; CORKHILL, WILLIAM HENRY; HOYER, N. C. - Genealogy and Heraldry in the National Library of Australia: A Select Guide and Bibliography
011486: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA; GIBBNEY, H. J.; CORKHILL, WILLIAM HENRY; HOYER, N. C. - An Ethnographic Bibliography of New Guinea - 3 Volume Set
018026: H J GIBBNEY - Eurobodalla: History of the Moruya District
022078: EDWARD GIBBON - Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, Esquire. With Memoirs of His Life and Writings, Composed by Himself: Illustrated from His Letters, with Occasional Notes and Narrative, by John Lord Sheffield in Two Volumes. Volumes I and II
018725: EDWARD GIBBON - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. With Notes and a Memoir by F.A. Guizot Volume I
021865: R. M. GIBBS - Not for Ourselves. A History of St Andrew's Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia
016937: JAMES GIBBS - The Rules for Drawing the Several Parts of Architecture
015364: ALISON GIBBS AND CATHERINE WARNE - Wollongong: A Pictorial History
021722: GEOFFREY A.; GIBSON, MICHAEL GODDEN - Collecting Lustreware
015734: PETER GIBSON - The Flowing Stream: 100 Years of Angling with the New South Wales Rod Fishers' Society
010275: GIBSON, ROBIN - Paolozzi Portraits
008013: KATHERINE GIBSON - The Goldsmith of Florence: A Book of Great Craftmen
021460: ALLEN GILBERT - Tomatoes for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Growing Tomatoes All Year Round
018302: GILBERT, LIONEL ARTHUR - New England from Old Photographs
021412: LIONEL GILBERT - The Last Word: Two Centuries of Australian Epitaphs
020798: HERBERT A. GILES - Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio
021141: WILLIAM GILKERSON - The Scrimshander
021343: J.C.H. GILL - The Missing Coast. Queensland Takes Shape.
011975: PAUL GILLEN & DEVLEENA GHOSH - Colonialism & Modernity
018831: MARCUS GILLEZEAU - Hands on: A Practical Guide to Production and Technology in Films, Tv and New Media
022079: TERRY GILLIAM - Gilliamesque: A Pre-Posthumous Memoir
003808: GILLIESON, DAVID - Caves: Processes, Development and Management
020717: TOM GILLING - Grog: A Bottled History of Australia's First 30 Years
019990: GILLISON, DOUGLAS - Royal Australian Air Force 1939-1942
016860: PARKER GILLMORE ("UBIQUE") - Through Gasa Land and the Scene of the Portuguese Agression: The Journey of a Hunter in Search of Gold and Ivory
017429: GILLOCH, GRAEME - Myth and Metropolis: Walter Benjamin and the City
018928: WERNER GILLON - Collecting African Art
021446: PETER GILMORE - Organum: The Food of Peter Gilmore
020053: H. L. GILMOUR (EDITOR) AND DR J.J.C. BRADFIELD (FOREWORD) - The Sydney Harbour Bridge. A Story of the Early Days of the Port of Sydney and Its Phenomenal Growth to One of the Leading Ports of the British Empire
020365: JOANNA GILMOUR - Elegance in Exile: Portrait Drawings from Colonial Australia
017443: DON GILMOUR - Trout Fishing in Australia
005352: GILOT, FRANCOISE; HASKELL, BARBARA - Francoise Gilot: An Artist's Journey / Un Voyage Pictural
021928: HENRY GINSBURG - Thai Art & Culture: Historic Manuscripts from Western Collections.
019943: STEVE GINTER - Grumman F9f-8t/Tf-9j Two-Seat Cougars
019944: STEVE GINTER - Douglas 73d Skyknight Naval Fighters Number Four
007090: GIOVANNINI, JOSEPH - Mehrdad Yazdani
014791: LOUIS GIRGIS - Trilingual Dictionary of Italian Gastronomy - Dizionario Trilingue Della Gastronomia Italiana - Dreisprachiges Lexikon Der Italienischen Gastronomie
021084: ROBYN MAXWELL; MATTIEBELLE GITTINGER - Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation
020450: GEORGE GITTOES AND DEBORAH HART - The Realism of Peace
020848: HUGH S. GLADSTONE - Record Bags and Shooting Record. Together with Some Account of the Evolution of the Sporting-Gun, Marksmanship and the Speed and Weight of Birds
021206: SHAUN GLADWELL - Maddestmaximvs: Planet & Stars Sequence
019784: ALFONSO PUIG GLARAMUNT - El Arte Del Baile Flamenco: Art of Flamenco Dancing (Biblioteca de Arte Hispa?Nico) (Spanish and English Edition)
015630: JAMES GLEESON - The Drawings of William Dobell in the Australian National Gallery
020493: JANET GLEESON - Miller's: Collecting Prints & Posters
005870: GLEESON, MAX - Destination Never Reached: New South Wales Shipwrecks
016915: GLEESON, MAX - The Vanished Fleet of the Sydney Coastline
010604: JAMES GLEESON - William Dobell
018278: ART GALLERY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA;GLEN, CLAYTON;RICHARDS, RICHARD JOHN - Thai Ceramics: Ban Chiang, Khmer, Sukothai, Sawankhalok
020117: HAROLD T. GLENN - Glenn's Austin, Austin-Healey and Sprite Repair and Tune-Up Guide
017190: HAROLD T. GLENN - Evinrude Outboard Motor Repair and Tune-Up Guide Fully Illustrated (Glenn's Marine Series)
004172: JOHN GLOAG - A Social History of Furniture Design: From B.C. 1300 to A.D. 1960
018891: ULRICH POHLMANN / WILHELM VON GLOEDEN - Wilhelm Von Gloeden: Taormina
007765: MOURE, GLORIA ET AL - Kounellis
020434: SEAN GLYNN - Urbanisation in Australian History, 1788-1900
021096: ASTRID GMEINER AND GOTTFRIED PIRHOFER - Der ôsterreichische Werkbund: Alternative Zur Klassischen Moderne in Architektur, Raum- Und Produktgestaltung
012388: GOAD, PHILIP; BINGHAM-HALL, PATRICK - Architecture Bali: Architectures of Welcome
021013: PHILIP GOAD AND GLEN MURCUTT (INTRODUCTION) - Troppo: Architecture for the Top End (Pesaro Arch. Monographs)
016895: B. GODBOLD - Pekingese in Australia
017246: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Caughly and Worcester Porcelains 1775-1800 Limited Edition
008264: GODDEN, E.;MALNIC, J. - Rock Paintings of Aboriginal Australia
017928: TONY GODFREY ET AL - Tim Maguire
014397: HARRY GODSON - The Marion Story
018205: PAMELA GOLBIN (EDITOR) - Louis Vuitton / Marc Jacobs: In Association with the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris
015929: DAVID GOLDBLATT - Tj: Johannesburg Photographs 1948-2010
021471: MYRON GOLDFINGER - Villages in the Sun
002438: GOLDING, JOHN - Marcel Duchamp: The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even
013712: ROSS GOLDINGAY AND WILL OSBORNE (EDITORS) - Australian Zoologist: Ecology and Conservation of Australian Bell Frogs - Special Edition
021802: SARAH GOLDMAN - Caroline Chisholm: An Irresistible Force - How Caroline Chisholm Helped Shape a Nation
018318: LORI GOLDSTEIN WITH SANDRA BARK - Lori Goldstein: Style Is Instinct
019488: ROY ANANDA; JULIA ROBINSON; ROD TAYLOR; PETER GOLDSWORTHY - Christopher Orchard: The Uncertainty of the Poet
017269: ANNE GOLLAN - The Tradition of Australian Cooking
020630: JOHN GOLLINGS AND GEORGE MICHELL - New Australia Style
020086: JOHN GOODE - Freshwater Tortoises of Australia and New Guinea
015911: GOODING, JANDA; ART GALLERY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Western Australian Art and Artists, 1900-1950
016184: GOODING, JANDA - Chasing Shadows: The Art of Kathleen O'Connor
014512: RUPERT GOODMAN - Voluntary Aid Detachments in Peace and War: The History of Voluntary Aid Detachments in Australia During the 20th Century
019774: W. FRANCIS GOODRICH - The Utilisation of Low Grade & Waste Fuels
018041: GOODRUM, ALISON - The National Fabric: Fashion, Britishness, Globalization (Dress, Body, Culture)
021645: IAN MORGAN, GRAHAM GOODS AND MAREE GOODS - Birds and Plants of the Little Desert: A Photographic Guide
021392: ROBERT (BOB) GOODWIN - Mates and Memories: Recollections of the 2/10th Field Regiment R.A. A
007115: GOODWIN, JAMES - Eisenstein, Cinema, and History
012214: E. C. GOOSEN - Herbert Ferber
021875: VICTOR GORDON AND ANDREW FLATEAU (INTRODUCTION) - Sun Shining Blood Everywhere: The Art of Victor Gordon
019760: MALCOLM R. GORDON - From Chusan to Sea Princess: The Australian Services of the P&O and Orient Lines
010149: B. GORGEON AND D. TAUPIN - Grimper Au Verdon
021259: SVEN GORLICH - Sven Gorlich: In Licht Der Stadte / in the Light of the Cities
017815: FRED MOORE, PADDY GORMAN AND RAY HARRISON - At the Coalface: The Human Face of Coal Miners and Their Communities: An Oral History of the Early Years
016197: SANDRA GORTER AND AROHA TERCEL - Ranger: The Making of a Yachting Legend
013061: MARTIN GOSEBRUCH - Nolde: Watercolours and Drawings
016834: RON GOSNEY AND ROSEMARY BOWYER - Sailing Ships and Mariners of Knottingley
019738: DR. B. N. GOSWAMY AND DR. KARAN SINGH - Pahari Paintings of the Nala-Damayanti Theme in the Collection of Dr. Karan Singh
013626: GOTT, TED;REDON, ODILON;NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA - The Enchanted Stone: The Graphic Worlds of Odilon Redon
017232: MICHAEL LLOYD, TED GOTT AND CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN - Surrealism : Revolution by Night
017635: GOTZ, HAGMULLER - Patan Museum: The Transformation of a Royal Palace in Nepal
020311: ANDRE LEROI-GOURHAN - Treasures of Prehistoric Art.
016046: GOW, GRAEME - Graeme Gow's Complete Guide to Australian Snakes
016373: JOHN GOW, ELIZABETH CAUGHEY - Contemporary New Zealand Art 4
014983: GOWAN, JAMES - Style & Configuration
005992: PETER GOWLAND - Camera in Hawaii
005991: PETER GOWLAND - Peter Gowland's Camera in Japan
002296: PETER GOWLAND - How to Photograph Women
018620: GOYARD, JEAN; SOLER-THEBES, BERNARD - The a-Z of Classic Scooters: The Illustrated Guide to All Makes and Models
011464: ANDRE GRABAR - Early Christian Art: From the Rise of Christianity to the Death of Theodosius
020439: STEPHEN GRACIE - Jambiya: Daggers from the Ancient Souqs of Yemen
016699: GRADY, DON - Perano Whalers of Cook Strait, 1911-1964
018987: GRAETZ, R. D.; WILSON, M. A.; CAMPBELL. S. K. - Landcover Disturbance over the Australian Continent: A Contemporary Assessment
014304: GRAHAM, JIM - A School of Their Own: The History of the Armidale School
020888: VERNON GRAHAM (EDITOR) - The Story of the Land 1911-2011: The Bible of the Bush Turns 100
020443: MARJORIE GRAHAM - Australian Glass of the 19th and Early 20th Century
019698: CHARLES BLACKMAN / WALTER GRANEK (INTRODUCTION) - Charles Blackman - 80 Years : Sculptures
016527: MATT GRANGER - Public Bodies
016106: AARON PEGRAM; JOAN BEAUMONT; LACHLAN GRANT - Beyond Surrender: Australian Prisoners of War in the Twentieth Century
008919: JAMES GRANT - The Scottish Soldiers of Fortune: Their Adventures and Achievements in the Armies of Europe
020148: BRUCE GRANT - Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding
018946: KIRSTY GRANT AND CATHY LEAHY - On Paper: Australian Prints and Drawings in the National
007057: GRAVES, DONALD E. - Where Right and Glory Lead!: The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814
015174: ANNE GRAY - Face: Australian Portraits, 1880-1960
020486: ANNE GRAY - George W. Lambert Retrospective: Heroes & Icons
009807: JAMES GRAY - The Tradition: 100 Years of Rugby at St Joseph's College
015185: GRAY, ROSE; ROGERS, RUTH - River Cafe Cook Book Green
017585: ANNE GRAY - Sydney Long: The Spirit of the Land
020025: A.STUART GRAY - Edwardian Architecture: A Biographical Dictionary
017456: GRAY, ANNE; GAGE, JOHN - Constable: Impressions of Land, Sea, and Sky
020968: ANNA GRAY ET AL - Tom Roberts
020505: ANNE GRAY - Art and Artifice: George Lambert, 1873-1930 :
020500: GRAYDON ET AL. CARTER - Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008
009769: GREEN, KEN;OSBORNE, WILLIAM - Wildlife of the Australian Snow-Country: A Comprehensive Guide to Alpine Fauna
014730: PAULINE GREEN (EDITOR) - Presence & Absence: Portrait Sculpture in Australia
020552: OLIVER GREEN - Frank Pick's London
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016599: JOHNSTON, IAN M. - The World of Classic Tractors
012670: JOHNSTON, PATRICIA - Real Fantasies: Edward Steichen's Advertising Photography
021297: MAIREAD JOHNSTON - Hidden in the Pile: The Abbeyleix Carpet Factory, 1904-1912 : A Story of Invention, Employment, World-Wide Markets, Business Intrigue and of Course - Carpets!
015055: PETER JOHNSTON - Shannon Times: An Anecdotal History of a Timber Town
021803: KING, JONATHAN AND BOWERS, MICHAEL - Gallipoli: Untold Stories from War Correspondent Charles Bean and Front-Line Anzacs. A 90th Anniversary Tribute.
009888: JONES, SHAR - Portraits in the Landscape : The House Paintings of William Tibbits 1870-1906
015887: IAN JONES - Ned - the Exhibition: Old Melbourne Gaol 2001-2002
017375: SHAR JONES - J.W. Lindt: Master Photographer
007843: JONES, GRAHAM - Bushrangers of the North East
019361: FRANCIS-JONES, RICHARD (EDITOR), NIELD, LAWRENCE (EDITOR), RUAN, XING (EDITOR) VAN DER PLAAT, DEBORAH (EDITOR) - Skyplane: What Effect Do Towers Have on Urbanism, Sustainability, the Workplace and Historic City Centres
021784: JONES, DOROTHY - Trinity Phoenix: A History of Cairns and District
021237: JESSICA MORGAN; LESLIE JONES - John Baldessari: Pure Beauty
010814: JONES, SUE JENKYN - Fashion Design
020304: ALAN JONES - Lyrup Village: A Century of Association 1894-1994
002031: R. JONES - Huon Pine - Endangered?
002958: GWYNN-JONES, TERRY - Farther and Faster: Aviation's Adventuring Years, 1909-1939
017955: JONES, MICHAEL - Country of Five Rivers: Albert Shire 1788-1988
005122: JONES, KENNETH M. - No. 3 German - Eastern Front
012103: JONES, OWEN - Decorative Ornament
013706: ELIZABETH JONES - Richmond - Tasmania: A Crossing Place
011557: ROSS L. JONES - Humanity's Mirror: 150 Years of Anatomy in Melbourne
020396: COLIN JONES - Australian Colonial Navies
019771: TERRY GWYNN-JONES - Pioneer Airwoman: The Story of Mrs. Bonney
020538: LOUISA JONES - Gardens of the French Riviera
016214: RUDIGER JOPPIEN AND BERNARD SMITH - The Art of Captain Cook's Voyages. Volume One: The Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771. Volume Two: The Voyage of the Resolution & Adventure 1772-1775
020899: LUCAS JORDAN - Stealth Raiders: A Few Daring Men in 1918
014279: JORGENSEN, ERIC - Evinrude Service-Repair Handbook: 40 to 140 Hp, 1965-1982
017999: RYKWERT, JOSEPH & XING RUAN (INTRO) / LAWRENCE NIELD - Bligh Voller Nield: Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne
019596: ADRIAN MALCOLM JOSEPH - Chinese and Annamese Ceramics Found in the Philippines and Indonesia
015534: JOSHI, LALIT MOHAN - Bollywood: Popular Indian Cinema
019587: GEORGE POINAR JR. AND RAIF MILKI - Lebanese Amber: The Oldest Insect Ecosystem in Fossilized Resin
017617: HALLER JR., JOHN S. - Outcasts from Evolution: Scientific Attitudes of Racial Inferiority, 1859 - 1900
021098: SEO RYEUNG JU ET AL - Houses in Southeast Asia : A Glimpse of Tradition and Modernity
020024: NARELLE JUBELIN - Narelle Jubelin: Vision in Motion
019674: CRAIG JUDD AND AMANDA LAWSON (CURATORS) - Alan Peascod: Influences & Dialogue
019826: GLYNN JUDD - Addicted to Steel
015324: ARTHUR W. JUDGE - The Modern Motor Engineer - 4 Volume Set
016822: PETER JULIAN - Fly Fishing for Trout Down Under
013664: JAMES ALLEN JUN. - Journal of an Experimental Trip by the Lady Augusta', on the River Murray
013989: CHOI YOON-JUNG (CURATOR) - Towards an Archetype, Minsung
017090: JUNYING, GENG; ZHIHONG, SU - Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology)
001958: WASSILY KADINSKY AND FRANZ MARC - The Blaue Reiter Almanac
014681: KAES, ANTON - From Hitler to Heimat: The Return of History As Film
019270: SASHA KAGAN - The Classic Collection
013531: SARASOHAN-KAHN, JANE;SARASOHN-KAHN, JANE - Contemporary Barbie Dolls: 1980 and Beyond
019905: CHRISTO; ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES; KALDOR, JOHN - Christo: John Kaldor Art Project, 1990
021101: REENA SAINI KALLAT AND NANCY ADAJANIA (ESSAY) - Reena Saini Kallat: Rainbow of Refuse
015587: KALYTIS, JULIA - Middle Harbour Yacht Club 1939-1999 : The First 60 Years
021110: JAN VAN DE KAM ET AL - Invisible Connections: Why Migrating Shorebirds Need the Yellow Sea
006321: KANARAKIS, GEORGE - Greek Voices in Australia: A Tradition of Poetry, Prose and Drama
020152: KANDINSKY, WASSILY; CASSOU, JEAN (ESSAY) - Wassily Kandinsky: Watercolors Drawings Writings
019710: HISAKAZU KANEKO - Manjiro: The Man Who Discovered America
011491: H. G. KAPLAN - Incunabula in Australia and New Zealand
016302: KARAM, JOE - Trial by Ambush: The Prosecutions of David Bain
010380: KARODE, ROOBINA;JEHANGIR ART GALLERY;DELHI ART GALLERY - Manifestations II: Indian Art in the 20th Century 100 Artists from the Dag Collection
002405: FRITZ KARPFEN - Gustinus Ambrosi
020925: TERRY KASS - Sails to Satellites: The Surveyors General of Nsw (1786-2007)
014511: MIZUNO KATSUHIKO AND TOM WRIGHT - Samadhi on Zen Gardens: Dynamism and Tranquility
021071: VINCENT KATZ (ESSAY) AND STEWART MACFARLANE (WORKS) - Stewart Macfarlane: Compulsion
017181: EDGAR KAUFMANN (INTRODUCTION) AND FRANCIS LYMBURNER - Present Day Art in Australia Series: Fifty Drawings by Francis Lymburner
022044: EDGAR KAUFMANN JR. - Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House
017349: DAVID KAUS - A Different Time: The Expedition Photographs of Herbert Basedow 1903-1928
016158: TADAO ANDO, MASATO KAWAMUKAI AND MIRKO ZARDINI - Tadao Ando (Architectural Monographs 14)
020805: PHILLIP KAY - The Far-Famed Blue Mountains of Harry Phillips
021773: MASMAN, KAY & MARGARET JOHNSTONE - Reedbed Country: The Story of the Macquarie Marshes
014936: B. B. KEABLE - Coffee: From Grower to Consumer
013980: ISABEL NOLAN, SEAMUS KEALY ET AL - Intimately Unrelated / Intimement Sans Rapport
018079: KEANEY, MAGDALENE - Lewis Morley: Myself and Eye
013850: KEANEY, MAGDALENE - Lewis Morley: Myself and Eye
012396: KEARNS, RICHARD HUGH BELL - Broken Hill, a Pictorial History
006833: KEARNS, RICHARD HUGH BELL - Silverton: A Brief History
013437: LIM CHONG KEAT - Penang Views 1770-1860
021625: CHRISTOPHER KEATING - On the Frontier: A Social History of Liverpool
018596: KEATS, SUSAN E - There Will Be Dancing: The History of a Johnson Family
022012: KEE, JENNY - A Big Life
017319: DOROTHY O'KEEFE - A History of the Pheasant Ground and Knight's Hill
020190: ELIZABETH KEENAN - The Big Bang: Contemporary Chinese Art from the White Rabbit Gallery Collection
016032: KEIL, ROBERT - Collecting Australian Pot Lids & the Lives of Our Early Pharmacists
016027: KELLER, THOMAS - Ad Hoc at Home
014332: FR CHRISTOPHER P. KELLEY (EDITOR) - An Iconographer's Pattern Book: The Stroganov Tradition
007697: A. C. KELLY - The Vine in Australia / Wine-Growing in Australia Two Volumes
004215: KELLY, MARY K. - U.S. Fishing Rod Patents and Other Tackle
019206: VINCE KELLY - It Does Not Pay to Compromise: The Story of Walter Richard Lawrence, Member of Parliament, Deputy Commissioner of Police and C.I. B. Detective
022015: VIVIENNE WESTWOOD; IAN KELLY - Vivienne Westwood
015219: KELSEY, DUDLEY EVAN - The Shackle: A Story of the Far North Australian Bush
013440: KEMPF, FRANZ - Days of Masks and Riddles
013058: DANNY WONG TZE KEN - Historical Sabah: The War
013938: SARAH KENDERDINE - Historic Shipping on the Murray River: A Guide to the Terrestrial and Submerged Archaeological Resources in New South Wales and Victoria
015819: HSUAN KENG - Orders and Families of Malayan Seed Plants
021855: DIANA KENNEDY - The Cuisines of Mexico
020598: EWAN KENNEDY (COMPILER) - Holden Ej-Eh 1962-1965
012250: KENNEDY, BRIAN; BROWN, STEWART - The History of Palm Beach Golf Club: The First 75 Years
005271: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - American Churches
020891: LEO KENNEDY WITH MIC LOOBY - Black Snake
015065: KENNEDY, BRIAN P. - Body of Light
008517: ERIC KENNINGTON - Drawing the R.A. F.
018950: NEIL KENT - Triumph of Light and Nature: Nordic Art 1740-1940
018727: RACHEL KENT (CURATOR) - Liquid Sea
020469: GRAYSON PERRY; RACHEL KENT - Grayson Perry: My Pretty Little Art Career
019154: LIEUT-COLONEL L. W. KENTISH, D.S.O. - Home Guard Bux 4: Records and Reminiscences of the 4th Buckinghamshire Battalion Home Guard
005858: THERESE KENYON - Michael Callaghan: A Survey 1967-2006
005633: GRAHAM KEOGH - The History of Doncaster and Templestowe
019120: COLONEL E. G. KEOGH - Shenandoah 1861-62
009309: GYORGY KEPES (EDITOR) - Sign, Image and Symbol
021843: JON C.; KERINS, SEAN ALTMAN - People on Country, Vital Landscapes, Indigenous Futures
013971: BERND KERKIN - Bernd Kerkin 85 . 12
020956: JAMES SEMPLE KERR - Goat Island: An Analysis of Documentary and Physical Evidence and an Assessment of Significance
015704: JOAN KERR AND JO HOLDER (EDITORS) - Past Present: The National Women's Art Anthology
021291: JOAN KERR AND JAMES BROADBENT - Gothick Taste in the Colony of New South Wales
011627: JOAN KERR (EDITOR) - Dictionary of Australian Artists - Working Paper I: Painters, Photographers and Engravers 1770-1870 - a-H
020709: SEAN KERR - Sean Kerr - Bruce Is in the Garden; So Someone Is in the Garden
003677: KERRY, CHARLES; MILLAR, DAVID PIERRE - Charles Kerry's Federation Australia
021527: KERRY, CHARLES; MILLAR, DAVID PIERRE - Charles Kerry's Federation Australia
015905: KERRY, GORDON - New Classical Music: Composing Australia
007072: KESEY, KEN - Kesey's Garage Sale
009123: KESSEL, DMITRI - On Assignment: Dmitri Kessel, Life Photographer
010392: MARK KESSELL - Mark Kessell: Daguerreotypes
014893: KETTELKAMP, SEAN - Chatty Cathy and Her Talking Friends: An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors
019665: ROGER KEYES - Ehon: The Artist and the Book in Japan
017989: F. DE KEYSER - Misima Island: Geology and Gold Mineralization

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