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017257: IAN A. BRADY - Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust: Melbourne's Foremost Municipal Tramway
018741: JAMES BRAID - Advanced Golf: Or, Hints and Instruction for Progressive Players
010737: BRAITHWAITE, DAVID - Building in the Blood: The Story of Dove Brothers of Islington, 1781-1981
020322: DOREEN BLUMHARDT; BRIAN BRAKE - Craft New Zealand: The Art of the Craftsman
019638: BRAKE, BRIAN; BLUMHARDT, DOREEN - New Zealand Potters: Their Work and Words
021342: TROY BRAMSTON (EDITOR) - The Wran Era
018227: J. G. BRANAGAN - George Town: History of the Town and District
019463: DAVID BRANAGAN - T.W. Edgeworth David: A Life
020811: J. E. BRANCH - Brushwork from Nature with Design
016554: BRAND, MICHAEL - Traditions of Asian Art: Traced Through the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia
021584: IAN BRAND - Penal Peninsula: Port Arthur and Its Outstations, 1827-1898
017361: BRANDT, BILL - Bill Brandt: Portraits
014545: WILLIAM T. BRANNT - A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar
020620: GILBERTE BRASSAI - Brassai: The Secret Paris of the 30s
017083: SEAN BRAWLEY - Vigilant and Victorious: A Community History of the Collaroy Surf Life Saving Club 1911-1995
018035: MICHAEL BRAWNE - Picasso: Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphic Work at the Tate Gallery 9 June - 13 August 1967
019255: BREEN, BOB - The Battle of Kapyong: 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, Korea 23-24 April 1951
016968: BREITENSTEIN, JEFF - Ultimate Hot Rod Dictionary: A-Bombs to Zoomies
018833: BRENCHLEY, FRED;BRENCHLEY, ELIZABETH - White's Flight: An Australian Pilot's Epic Escape from Turkish Prison Camp to Russia's Revolution
020847: C.J. BRENNAN - The Chant of Doom and Other Verses
016135: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI - About Russia: Photographs
019906: HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON AND YVES BONNEFOY (INTRODUCTION) - Henri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer
020942: TANYA BRETHERTON - The Suitcase Baby: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Shocking Crime in 1920s Sydney
005761: BRETTELL, RICHARD; LONG, RICHARD; FRIIS-HANSEN, DANA - Circles, Cycles, Mud Stones
016855: BREW, STEVE - Greycliffe - Stolen Lives
011711: BREWARD, CHRISTOPHER;EHRMAN, EDWINA;EVANS, CAROLINE - The London Look: Fashion from Street to Catwalk
018167: BREWER, R.; SLEEMAN, J. R. - Soil Structure and Fabric
021489: BEN BRIDGE - Travels & Adventures of Ben Bridge Throughout
016076: BRIDGEMAN, PETER H. - Tree Surgery: A Complete Guide
017971: KAREN O'BRIEN - O'Brien's Collecting Toys: A Collector's Identification and Value Guide, 12th Edition
021516: GREGORY O'BRIEN - A Nest of Singing Birds: 100 Years of the New Zealand School Journal
018864: TERRY O'BRIEN - The Greater Union Story: 75 Years of Cinema in Australia
019083: RICHARD BRIMER - Jeff Thomson: Any Old Iron
017178: BRISCOE, GORDON - Counting, Health and Identity: A History of Aboriginal Health and Demography in Western Australia and Queensland 1900-1940
012051: ALEXANDER BRITTON - History of New South Wales from the Records - Volume 2: Phillip & Grose 1789-1794
018748: KIM ATKINS; SHERYL DE LACEY; BONNIE BRITTON - Ethics and Law for Australian Nurses
021043: HARVEY BROADBENT - Defending Gallipoli: The Turkish Story
019365: JAMES BROADBENT AND JOY HUGHES (EDITORS) - Francis Greenway Architect
020018: ISADORE BRODSKY - Sydney Looks Back
007079: ANNEMARIE BRODY - The Face of the Centre: Papunya Tula Paintings, 1971-84 National Gallery of Victoria, 7th September 1985-27 January 1986
019422: J. KENNETH BRODY - The Trial of Pierre Laval: Defining Treason, Collaboration and Patriotism in World War II France
019249: FRANK BROEZE - Western Australians & the Sea: Our Maritime Heritage
019444: DAVID BROMFIELD AND PIPPA TANDY - Over There Survey 2010: Art in the South West
018166: DAVID BROMFIELD (CURATOR) - Tony Jones: Artist and Teacher 1964-94
019339: MERLIN BRONQUES - Lastnightsparty: Where Were You Last Night?
012328: WILL BROOKER - Batman Unmasked: Analyzing a Cultural Icon
017160: G.H. BROOKS - The Sporting Car Club's South Australian Motoring History Book No. 1: A Collection of Photographs, 1898-1918
017603: BROOKS, ROSEMARY - Franz Kempf
020702: DAVID BROOKS - The Sons of Clovis
017270: RICHARD BROOME - Fighting Hard: The Victorian Aborigines Advancement League
017650: PERCY BROWN - Indian Architecture (Islamic Period)
021463: WARREN BROWN - Francis Birtles: Australian Adventurer
007538: BROWN, SARAH - Stained Glass at York Minster
021551: CEDRIC BROWN - Eyes of Water & Stone: From Havana with Love
017682: DANNY BROWN - A Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail: Their Management, Care and Breeding
021160: SHIRLEY BROWN - Legends of the Red Heart: Twenty-Six Heroes of Inland Australia
020585: JAMES BROWN - Anzac's Long Shadow: The Cost of Our National Obsession
013826: BILL BARNETT, KEN BROWN AND BOB PARKHILL - The Beach Comes First: The First Sighting and Development of North Narrabeen with the 90 Year History of Safety and Dedicated, Fun-Seeking Lifesavers at North Narrabeen Slsc
019874: MALCOLM BROWN - Heart of Gold: The Life of Benevolent Solicitor Bruce Miles Oam
021208: SHYLIE AND KEN BROWN - Parramatta: A Town Caught in Time, 1870
019942: DAVID BROWN - Profile Warship 11: Hms Illustrious/Aircraft Carrier 1939-1956
019941: DAVID BROWN - Profile Warship 35: Hms Eagle
004360: BROWN, SUSAN; REINBERG, STEVEN - Persona: Photographs by Susan Brown
021179: MALCOLM & MACGLADRIE, STUART & SUTTON, CANDACE BROWN - You'Re Leaving Tomorrow - Conscripts and Correspondents Caught Up in the Vietnam War
021403: COLIN H. BROWN - Stalemate in Korea: The Royal Australian Regiment in the Static War of 1952-1953
019652: CLAUDIA BROWN - Weaving China's Past: The Amy S. Clague Collection of Chinese Textiles
020950: GRAEME BROXAM - A Steamship for Hobart: S.S. Reemere 1909
019947: J. M. BRUCE - Aw Fk. 8 (Windsock Datafile 64)
020837: FRANK HABICHT; HEATHER CREMONESI; ROBERT BRUCE - Young London: Permissive Paradise
019948: J. M. BRUCE - Raf Re5/7 (Windsock Datafile 62)
015243: JENNI BRUCE (EDITOR) - Feathers of the Gods: And Other Stories from the Australian Museum
011748: J. M. BRUCE - De Havilland Aircraft of World War One
017107: LEVY-BRUEL, LUCIEN - Primitive Mythology: The Mythic World of the Australian and Papuan Natives
014004: EMMANUELLE BRUGEROLLES (CURATOR) - Boucher Watteau and the Origin of Rococo
021277: COOSJE VAN BRUGGEN - Frank O. Gehry: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
017370: BRUMFIELD, WILLIAM CRAFT - Gold in Azure: One Thousand Years of Russian Architecture
015660: BRUNE, PETER - The Spell Broken: Exploding the Myth of Japanese Invincibility
019029: BRUNET, BERT - The Silken Web: A Natural History of Australian Spiders
021515: BERT BRUNET - Australian Insects: A Natural History
022074: YVONNE BRUNHAMMER - Le Mobilier Français : 1930 - 1960
013035: PAUL BRUNTON (CURATOR) - One Hundred
016521: FLORENCE BRUYANT - Chardin
020459: STELLA BRUZZI AND PAMELA CHURCH GIBSON (EDITORS) - Fashion Cultures: Theories, Explorations and Analysis
004335: BRUZZI, STELLA - Undressing Cinema: Clothing and Identity in the Movies
020543: GEORGE BRYCE - The Siege and Conquest of the North Pole
021000: ADAM WEISMANN; KATY BRYCE - Building with Cob: A Step-by-Step Guide (Sustainable Building)
019687: O. JOHNSEN OG Z. BRYN - Laerebok I Navigasjon Bin I: Terrestrisk Og Astronomisk Navigasjon
018975: ELIZABETH BUCAR - Pious Fashion: How Muslim Women Dress
021550: BOBBIE BUCHANAN - In the Tracks of Old Bluey: The Life Story of Nat Buchanan
019104: BARBARA I. BUCHANAN - Pioneer Days in Natal
008524: BUCHANAN, ROBIN - Common Weeds of Sydney Bushland
020282: WILLIAM BUCHANAN - Mackintosh's Masterwork: The Glasgow School of Art
005434: JOHN BUCHANAN - Emperor Norton's Hunch: The Story of Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Band
021692: BUCHANAN, STUART - Lighthouse of Tragedy: The Story of Bustard Head Lighthouse. Queensland's First Coast Light
017851: BUCKLAND, GAIL - Fox Talbot and the Invention of Photography
012996: BUCKLEY, CHERYL - Potters and Paintresses: Women Designers in the Pottery Industry, 1870-1955
016838: BUCKLEY, MARTIN - Jaguar E Type File (Classic & Sportscar File)
021552: ALFRED T. BUCKNILL - The Law Relating to Tug and Tow
019381: TILMANN BUDDENSIEG AND HENNING ROGGE - Cultura E Industria: Peter Behrens E la Aeg 1907-1914
019383: TILMANN BUDDENSIEG AND HENNING ROGGE - Industriekultur: Peter Behrens and the Aeg, 1907-1914
019733: L'EBE BUGATTI - The Bugatti Story
021867: MARGARET BULL: - White Feather: The Story of Kanowna.
019580: J. C. BULL AND PETER WILLIAMS - Story of Gippsland Shipping. Discoveries of the Early Navigators, Lakes Steamers, Coastal Windjammers, Shipwrecks and Famous Captains
021986: BETTY PENN-BULL - Kennelgarth Scottish Terrier Book
017868: BULLEN, CLOTILDE - Western Desert Satellites: Works from the Australian State Art Collection
017385: NATASHA BULLOCK (EDITOR) - Harold Cazneaux: Artist in Photography
003501: BULLOCK, WYNN - Wynn Bullock
012240: DARLEEN BUNGEY - Arthur Boyd: A Life
009675: BUNING, ANTOINETTE DE COCK;VERHEIJEN, L.;TOM, DAVID - The Netherlands and Australia: Two Hundred Years of Friendship
012776: MARY ANNE BUNN - The Lonely Pioneer: William Bunn, Diarist, 1830-1901 of Life and Death, the Land's Relentless Chapters
021654: NANCY T. BURBIDGE AND MAX GRAY - Flora of the A.C. T.
019536: NANCY T. BURBIDGE AND MAX GRAY - Flora of the A.C. T.
020952: MAUREEN BURDETT - Nerrigundah: An Anecdotal History
019355: SUSAN BURES - The House of Wunderlich
021681: LAUREL BURGE - The New South Wales Military Volunteer Land Grants
008037: R. J. BURGESS ET AL - Buildings of Historical & Architectural Interest: A Study by the Town Planning Dept. Manly Municipal Council
001749: J. TOM BURGESS - Knots Ties and Splices
012324: ANTHONY BURGESS - The Right to an Answer
020153: JANINE BURKE - The Eye of the Beholder: Albert Tucker's Photographs
015751: SHERIDAN BURKE (EDITOR) - Fibro House, Opera House: Conserving Mid-Twentieth Century Heritage Proceedings of a Conference Convened by the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, 23-24 July 1999
020708: J. CHRISTOPH BURKLE (EDITOR) - Gigon Guyer Architects: Works & Projects 1989-2000
021941: COTTIE A. BURLAND - The Exotic White Man: An Alien in Asian & African Art
013783: BURNARD, JOYCE - Chintz and Cotton India's Textile Gift to the World
021981: DAVID BURNETT - Marks + Moments Paintings by Gordon Shepherdson
013198: COLIN BURNHAM AND PAUL JEFFRIES - Porsche 356: Rear-Engined Jewel
019583: BROTHER GERALD BURNS - A Simple Work. The Story of St. Vincent's Boys Home Westmead 1891-1991
014533: ROBERT BURTON AND WILLIAM H. GASS (INTRODUCTION) - The Anatomy of Melancholy
019305: SHIRLEY BURY - Jewellery, 1789-1910: The International Era, 2 Volume Set, Volume I 1789-1861 and Volume II 1862-1910
019688: BRITON COOPER BUSCH - Whaling Will Never Do for Me: The American Whaleman in the Nineteenth Century
007535: BUSCH, AKIKO (EDITOR) - Design Is: Words, Things, People, Buildings, and Places
020767: JIM PARSONS; DAVID BUSH - Fair Park Deco: Art and Architecture of the Texas Centennial Exposition
005313: CIARA BUSS - Gianni Versace
016708: MIKE BUTCHER AND WAYNE GREGSON - So Now You See It... A Year in the Heritage of Bendigo
016872: ELIZABETH BUTEL WITH TOM THOMPSON - Parkes 1983-2008: Generation of Change
002865: BUTEL, ELIZABETH; THOMPSON, TOM - Hurstville Oval : A Story of Sport and Community 1899-2001
016393: BUTLER, ROGER - The Streets As Art Galleries: Walls Sometimes Speak. Poster Art in Australia
015464: ROGER BUTLER (EDITOR) - Raymond Mcgrath Prints. An Exhibition of Prints and Watercolours by Raymond Mcgrath Was Shown at Deutsher Galleries 22-April-13 May 1979
021377: ROGER BUTLER (EDITOR) - Stars in the River: The Prints of Jessie Traill
009903: MARK BUTTLER AND STEVEN MILNE - Sons of the 'Scray: Footscray's Finest 50
008838: BUTTON, DAVID; PYE, BRIAN; PILKINGTON GLASS LTD. - Glass in Building: A Guide to Modern Architectural Glass Performance Pilkington
021800: BUTTSWORTH, JOHN - Australian Colonial Furniture: A Guidebook
020785: MARTIN BUZACOTT - The Rite of Spring: 75 Years of ABC Music-Making
019728: RENATA BUZIAK - Renata Buziak: Afterimage
012993: MARJORY BYRNE - Don Bank: The Research and Restoration of North Sydney's Oldest Known Surviving House
017051: O'BYRNE, ROBERT - Style City: How London Became a Fashion Capital
016239: MAJOR O. H. WARNE M.C. - Present-Day Morocco
019767: BULLSTRODE WHITELOCKE K.C. - Whitelocke: On Lawmanship: 3rd Edition
020013: DRINKWATER G C & SANDERS T R B - The University Boat Race: Official Centenary History 1829-1929
018860: SHASHI CAAN - Rethinking Design and Interiors: Human Beings in the Built Environment
020432: PIERRE CABANNE - Chu Teh-Chun: Oeuvres Récentes
009721: CABOT, MABEL H. - Vanished Kingdoms: A Woman Explorer in Tibet, China, and Mongolia 1921-1925
018961: BERNARD CACHE - Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories (Writing Architecture)
021923: ANTONI CADAFALCH - The Day of the Dead: El Dia de Los Muertos
013663: JINXI CADDEL (EDITOR) - Cranial Visions: Exploring the Skull Through Artistic Interpretation
020795: FRANK CAIN - The Wobblies at War: A History of the Iww and the Great War in Australia
018994: MALCOLM CAIRNS (EDITOR) - Voices from the Forest: Integrating Indigenous Knowledge Into Sustainable Upland Farming
019348: TOMMY CAIRNS (EDITOR) - Modern Roses XI: The World Encyclopedia of Roses (Pt. 11)
020875: JOHN CALABY (EDITOR) AND JOHN HUNTER - The Hunter Sketchbook: Birds & Flowers of New South Wales Drawn on the Spot in 1788, 89 & 90
021004: CALCUTT, RON ; SIMPSON, TIM - The Book of Lures
002840: BRUCE CALDWELL (EDITOR) - Petersen's Big Book of Kit Cars
018869: JUDITH O'CALLAGHAN (EDITOR) - The Australian Dream: Design of the Fifties
018758: GRAHAM MARSH; GLYN CALLINGHAM - The Cover Art of Blue Note Records
012084: STEPHEN CALLOWAY AND STEPHEN JONES - Twentieth-Century Decoration: The Art of the Interior
018461: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN - Baroque Baroque
009643: PATRICIA CALNAN - The Masterworks Bermudiana Collection
010518: CALVERT, ALBERT FREDERICK - My Fourth Tour in Western Australia
019478: FLORENCE CAMARD - Ruhlmann: Master of Art Deco
019756: MARCIA CAMERON - Living Stones: St Swithun's Pymble 1901-2001
020783: FORBES CAMERON - Australia on Horseback
006389: IAN CAMERON AND DOUGLAS PYE - The Movie Book of the Western
009605: A. W. CAMERON AND EVE CHAPPELL - Scottish Pioneers of the Glen Innes District
005292: JULIA MARGARET CAMERON - Gendered Territory: Photographs of Women by Julia Margaret Cameron
021132: HAROLD G. COGGER, ELIZABETH E. CAMERON AND HEATHER M. COGGER - Zoological Catalogue of Australia Vol. 1 Amphibia and Reptilia
020696: DAVID CAMERON - The Battle for Lone Pine
013782: D. M. CAMPANA - The Teacher of China Painting
016401: CAMPBELL, STUART - A Guide to the Hard Corals of Thai Waters
008514: RONALD G. CAMPBELL - The First Ninety Years: The Printing House of Massina Melbourne 1859 to 1949
016957: PETER PINSON, JEAN CAMPBELL AND PETER LAVERTY - Australian Watercolour Institute
003236: CAMPBELL, JEAN - George Lawrence: An Illustrated Biography
010890: CAMPBELL, JOHN M;HILL, MIKE;HILL, MICHAEL D. - Roll Call, Thud: A Photographic Record of the Republic 4-105 Thunderchief
018809: JEAN CAMPBELL - Early Sydney Moderns: John Young and the Macquarie Galleries 1916-1946
017171: ANTONIO CAMPIGOTTO, ENRICO RUFFINI, MAURA GRANDI - Moto Bolognesi Degli Anni 20 / Bologna Motorcycles of the '20s /
017459: CANBY, SHEILA R. - Princes, Poets and Paladins: Islamic and Indian Paintings from the Collection of Prince and Princess Sadruddin Aga Khan
021183: MICHAEL CANNO - Perilous Voyages to the New Land
009169: CANNON, BASIL - Ansel Adams: Photographs from the National Park Service Archive
021156: MICHAEL CANNON (BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES) AND NEIL SWIFT DESCRIPTIVE INDEX) - That Damned Democrat: John Norton, an Australian Populist, 1858-1916
014318: CANNON, PATRICK F. - Hometown Architect: The Complete Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park and River Forest, Illinois
019110: MICHAEL CANNON (BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES) AND NEIL SWIFT DESCRIPTIVE INDEX) - The Chronicles of Early Melbourne Volume 3 Index and Biography
019639: H. H. CAPLAN - Classified Directory of Artists' Signatures, Symbols and Monograms
017353: CAPON, EDMUND; SMART, JEFFREY - Jeffrey Smart Retrospective
009206: GIOVANNA CAPONE (EDITOR) - Australia and Italy: Contributions to Intellectual Life
018010: CARANICAS, PAUL - Antonio's People
020202: MIKE CARBONI (EDITOR) - The Work of Ettore Sottsass and Associates
006044: TIM CARDER AND ROGER HARRIS - Albion a-Z: A Whos Who of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.
020918: KENNETH H CARDWELL - Bernard Maybeck: Artisan, Architect, Artist
003443: BLOTKAMP, CAREL ET AL - De Beginjaren Van de Stijl, 1917-1922
016319: CARLEBACH, JULIUS - Karl Marx and the Radical Critique of Judaism (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)
018885: HERMAN LEONARD; PHILIPPE CARLES - The Eye of Jazz: The Jazz Photographs of Herman Leonard
019127: GAIUS CARLEY AND FRANCIS W. STEER (EDITOR) - The Memoirs of Gaius Carley: A Sussex Blacksmith
019818: CARLIN, SCOTT;GREENWAY GALLERY;CONSERVATION RESOURCE CENTRE (GLEBE, N.S.W.) - Floorcoverings in Australia, 1800-1950
017512: CHRISTABEL CARLISLE - Mini Racing
014669: SUSANNE CHAUVEL CARLSSON - Pitcairn: Island at the Edge of Time
020915: TOM CARMENT - Seven Walks: Cape Leeuwin to Bundeena
018749: MAX CARMICHAEL - Attack on the Black Cat Track
021418: ROGER CAROLIN - Beach Plants of South Eastern Australia
019610: PATRICK CARROLL - Patrick Carroll: Gravitas
020596: BRIAN CARROLL - The Australian Poster Album
019570: JACK CARROLL - The Settlement and Growth of Mosman
007979: CARROLL, LYNDA - The Grand Old Flag: The History of the Melbourne Football Club
021117: ALISON CARROLL - Revolutionary Century: Art in Asia
020719: CARRUTHERS, STEVEN L. - Japanese Submarine Raiders 1942: A Maritime Mystery
008073: CARRUTHERS, STEVEN L. - Australia Under Siege: Japanese Submarine Raiders, 1942
022054: CARSON, BRONWYN; DUNBAR, TERRY; CHENHALL, RICHARD D.; BAILIE, ROSS - Social Determinants of Indigenous Health
019062: ERNEST F. CARTER - Veteran Car Owners' Manual
016847: PADDY CARTER ET AL - Historic North Stradbroke Island
008600: W. F. CARTER - The Cathedral of the Hawkesbury: A Sketch of St Matthew's Windsor
020308: ALAN CARTER (EDITOR) - Carter's Everything Vintage 2007
018630: SIMON CARTER ET AL - Blue Mountains Climbing
020066: WILLIAM CARTER - Earle Backen: Sacred Art
001901: CARTER, ALBERT HOWARD III; PETRO, JANE A.; III CARTER, ALBERT HOWARD - Rising from the Flames: The Experience of the Severely Burned
019561: JENNIFER M.T. CARTER - Painting the Island Vermilion: Archibald Watson and the Brig Carl
012329: ELIZABETH CARTER ET AL - Sydney Carter
021338: TONY CARTER AND NEIL MACPHERSON - The Burma Railway, Hellships & Coalmines
017060: PETER CARTY ET AL - New Zealand Masters on Flyfishing
004874: ALAN L. CARY - Mail Liners of the World
019901: MAIE CASEY ET AL - Early Melbourne Architecture: 1840-1888
019680: KATRINA CASHMAN (CURATOR) - Margaret Preston in Mosman
013489: KATRINA CASHMAN (CURATOR) - Controversy & Acclaim: Sixty Years of the Mosman Art Prize
016866: CHRYS MEADER, RICHARD CASHMAN AND ANNE CAROLAN - Marrickville: People and Places
010361: ELAINE CASSIDY ET AL - Impressions of Woollahra: Past and Present
021130: G. CASSIS AND G. F. GROSS - Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Volume 27. 3a. Hemiptera: Heteroptera (Coleorrhyncha to Cimicomorpha)
019503: CARMEN CASTELO - The Spanish Experience in Australia
019875: TIM CASTLE - Speeches of a Chief Justice : James Spigelman 1998-2008
018954: STEPHEN CASTLES ET AL (EDITORS) - Australia's Italians: Culture and Community in a Changing Society
016045: CASTRO, IRMA REMO - A Guide to Families of Common Flowering Plants in the Philippines
020725: JON CATLEUGH - William de Morgan Tiles
021730: BRYAN CATLEY - Art Deco and Other Figures
001957: JOHN CATO AND H. DACRE STUBBS - Athol Shmith
020542: PAUL CATTERMOLE AND IAN WESTWELL - Bizarre Buildings
015277: MICHAEL CAULFIELD - The Unknown Anzacs
019938: JIM CAVANAGH - Standard Catalog of Piper Twin Engine Aircraft, 1954-1993
021850: HENRY W. CAVE - Ceylon Along the Rail Track
005533: FRANK CAYLEY - Flag of Stars
018670: CECIL, K. L - The Great Ocean Road
019221: ROBERT F. CELL - Musson Families in America, Including Allied Spellings
018063: CASULA POWERHOUSE ARTS CENTRE - Vietnam Voices (Viet Nam Voices): Australians & the Vietnam War
013103: WALTER CERNOHORSKY - Tropical Pacific Marine Shells
014073: WALTER O. CERNOHORSKY - Marine Shells of the Pacific: An Authoritative Handbook for All Collectors
010213: FRANCISCO ASENSIO CERVER (EDITOR) - Architectural Houses - 3: Houses by the Sea
014331: GILBERT CESBRON - Les Petits Des Hommes
018268: CESCINSKY, HERBERT; WEBSTER, M.R. - English Domestic Clocks
009429: CHALLINGSWORTH, NELL - Dancing Down the Years: The Romantic Century in Australia
020355: JOHN CHALMERS - A Ticket to Ride: A History of the Fremantle Municipal Tramways
014320: RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN, ANNAMARIE STAPLETON, GEOFFREY RAYNER (EDITOR) - Austerity to Affluence: British Art & Design 1945-1962
002088: SAMUEL CHAMBERLAIN - Bouquet de France : An Epicurean Tour of the French Provinces
020603: DENIS J. CHAMBERLAIN - History of the Bathurst Contingents: 1868-1987
016400: CHAMBERS, CLIFF - Making Money from Collectable Cars
022088: SHELAGH CHAMPION AND GEORGE CHAMPION - Manly, Warringah and Pittwater 1850-1880
019123: DANIEL KAM YIN CHAN - Chan's Practical Geriatrics
019663: IAN CHANCE (EDITOR) - Kaltja Now: Indigenous Arts Australia
014568: CHANG, CHAO LIANG - Vegetables As Medicine
021950: YU CHANG - The Art of San Yu
016416: EILEEN CHANIN AND STEVEN MILLER - Awakening: Four Lives in Art
004354: CHAO, SONIA R.; LEJEUNE, JEAN-FRANCOIS; SHULMAN, ALLAN T.; DIXON, LAWRENCE MURRAY; BASS MUSEUM OF ART - The Making of Miami Beach: 1933-1942 the Architecture of Lawrence Murray Dixon
021893: JAN CHAPMAN - The Art of Rhinoceros Horn Carving in China: Chung-Kuo Ti Hsi Niu Chiao Tiao Ko I Shu
021845: CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN - Surrealism in Australia
016103: ANDREW CHAPMAN - Woolsheds: A Visual Journey of the Australian Woolshed
012797: DON CHAPMAN - 1788: The People of the First Fleet
004846: CHAPMAN, BARBARA - Beatrice Darbyshire
020916: DAVE ROBINSON; ADRIAN CHAPMAN - Birds of Southern Arabia (Arabian Heritage)
009401: CHAPPELL, CONNERY - Island Lifeline
019240: MICHAEL CHARLES - Pictorial Memories: Old Parramatta
019431: JENCKS, CHARLES ET AL - The Architecture of the Jumping Universe
012721: JENCKS, CHARLES ET AL - Post-Modernism & Discontinuity
020354: PETER L. CHARRETT - Preserved Railway and Tramway Rolling Stock in Australia
006707: E. KEBLE CHATTERTON - The Royal Navy from September 1939 to December 1940 (Britain at War)
012971: MARTINE CHAZAL ET AL - The Art of Cartier
015091: TIMOTHY CHEEK (EDITOR) - A Critical Introduction to Mao
015873: SUN CHENGNAN (EDITOR) - Chinese Massage Therapy
021594: PAULINE CHERRETT - Chinese Brush Painting
014710: DERELIE CHERRY - Alexander Macleay: From Scotland to Sydney
020912: JEFF; MONGAN, CHERYL AND REID, RICHARD (EDS) BROWNRIGG - Echoes of Irish Australia: Rebellion to Republic
021445: PIP CHESHIRE AND PATRICK REYNOLDS - Architecture Uncooked: The New Zealand Holiday House Through an Architect's Eye
006287: CHESSBROUGH, SUE - A Spread of Green: Griffith, Its People and Past Events
013112: NICHOLAS EVANS, LOUISE MARTIN-CHEW AND PAUL MEMMOTT - The Heart of Everything: The Art and Artists of Mornington & Bentinck Islands
017922: HUANG CHENG-CHI ET AL - Taiwan Wind: Master Lee Sun-Don, Totemic Energy Oil Painting.
019919: ART CHIN - The Seaboard Saga: The History of Seaboard World Airlines, 1946-80
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019912: NEIL GAIMAN WITH NIALL DORAN AND CRAIG WELLINGON - Sixteen Legs. Production Art: A Visit to the Queen of the Dark
006424: RICHARD DORMENT - Alfred Gilbert
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013686: DRURY, NEVILL - New Art One: New Directions in Contemporary Australian Art
017464: NEVILL DRURY - Australian Painting Now
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021760: LOIS SHERR DUBIN - The History of Beads : From 30,000 Bc to the Present
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022089: KEITH DUNSTAN - Saint Ned: The Story of the Near Sanctification of an Australian Outlaw
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006418: ALAN R. DUNSTAN AND GARRY DARBY - Joseph Brokenshire 1877-1947
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021477: DUPAIN, REX;MCDONALD, JOHN - Bondi to Broken Hill
014803: REX DUPAIN AND MAX DUPAIN - Inside Sydney Grammar School
021466: DUPAIN, MAX; WHITE, JILL - Dupain's Sydney
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014103: DUTTON, GEOFFREY - In Search of Edward John Eyre
007728: GEOFFREY DUTTON - Russell Drysdale
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022081: KENNETH R. DUTTON - Splendid Companions: 125 Years of the Newcastle Club (1885-2010)
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020179: RON EDWARD - Skills of the Australian Bushman: More Australian Bush Crafts
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021416: ZENY EDWARDS - The Architectural Gems of Warrawee
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017488: ELLIS, ELIZABETH - Conrad Martens: Life & Art
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021411: M. H. ELLIS - Lachlan Macquarie: His Life, Adventures and Times with Reference Notes and Bibliography
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020290: HELEN ENNIS AND PHILLIP ADAMS - Cazneaux: The Quiet Observer
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020386: RICA ERICKSON - The Brand on His Coat: Biographies of Some Western Australian Convicts
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011666: EDMUND VAN ESBECK - 100 Years of Cork Constitution Football Club
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021001: NORMAN ETHERINGTON - Mapping Colonial Conquest: Australia and Southern Africa
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018927: ROSEANN ETTINGER - Popular & Collectible Neckties: 1955-Present
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020787: DAVE EVERETT - Shadow Warrior: From the Sas to Australia's Most Wanted
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018374: ROD EWINS - Fijian Artefacts: The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Collection
012698: EYLES, ALLEN - Gaumont British Cinemas
009771: FRANK EYRE - Oxford in Australia 1890-1978 Limited Edition
014891: PALAU I FABRE, JOSEP. - Picasso: The Early Years, 1881-1907.
010444: FAGAN, VINCENT F. - Liberator Pilot: The Cottontails' Battle for Oil
020997: FAGG, WILLIAM; ELISOPHON, ELIOT - Die Afrikanische Plastik [the Sculpture of Africa]
012795: WILLIAM FAGG - Nigerian Images
018279: WILLIAM FAGG - Miniature Wood Carvings of Africa
022043: JOHN FAHEY - Australia's First Spies: The Remarkable Story of Australia's Intelligence Operations, 1901-45
017395: FAIFERRI, MASSIMO - Wiel Arets: Works and Projects
015992: JULIAN FAIGAN - Uncommon Australians: Towards an Australian Portrait Gallery
018663: BARON FAIN - Napoleon: How He Did It : The Memoirs of Baron Fain, First Secretary of the Emperor's Cabinet
020105: FAINGES, MARJORY - The Encyclopedia of Australian Dolls
020159: FAINGES, MARJORY - Cyclops Toys Through the Years: Australia's Childhood Icon
002955: FAIRBAIRN, TONY - Action Stations Overseas
008620: M. A. FAIRCLOUGH - The Ideal Cookery Book
020818: IAN FAIRWEATHER - Ian Fairweather: Late Works 1953-74
005038: FAITH, NICHOLAS - Derail: Why Trains Crash
018611: JOHN FALCONER ET AL - Myanmar Style : Art, Architecture and Design of Burma
021154: GABY FALK - Hr Giger Arh+
014731: SUZANNE FALKINER - Haddon Rig: The First Hundred Years
001358: FARBER, MONTE; ZERNER, AMY; SLIVKA, ROSE - Paradise Found: The Visionary Art of Amy Zerner
001840: CHIP LORD / ANT FARM - Automerica a Trip Down U.S. Highways from World War II to the Future
022046: HELENE FARNAULT - Haute Couture Ateliers: The Artisans of Fashion
021535: JEAN FARNFIELD - Frontiersman: A Biography of George Elphinstone Dalrymple
014751: MICHAEL FARR - Snowy
006194: FARRELLY, LIZ - Tibor Kalman: Design and Undesign
003610: MICK FARREN - The Black Leather Jacket
010747: FAULKNER, RUPERT - Japanese Studio Crafts: Tradition and the Avant-Garde
016062: G. H. FEARNSIDE AND KEN CLIFT - Dougherty: A Great Man Among Men: A Biography of Major General Sir Ivan Dougherty
019311: WILLIAM FEAVER ET AL - Lucien Freud
018074: FEDDERS, ANDREW; CYNTHIA SALVADORI - Turkana: Pastoral Craftsmen
012230: JUTTA FEDDERSEN - Substance of Shadows
018779: ANDRAS SZUNYOGHY; GYORGY FEHER - Human Anatomy for Artists
011224: PETER FEIERARBEND - Functional Architecture: The International Style 1925-1940
015341: FEILD, RACHAEL - Irons in the Fire: A History of Cooking Equipment
012786: FELLOUS, COLETTE - Guerlain
007325: R. F. FELTON - British Floral Decoration
016301: LIU FENGWEN - Belle Painting of Ancient China
018294: FENNER, FRANK (EDITOR) - The First Fifty Years: The Australian Academy of Sciences
011260: THOMAS FENSCH - Alice in Acidland
020750: JOHN FENTON - The Untrained Environmentalist: How an Australian Grazier Brought His Barren Property Back to Life
018197: CRAIG FENTON - Take Me to a Circus Tent: The Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual
014188: SHIRLEY FENTON ET AL - Queensland's Sunshine Coast: Then and Now 1882-1982
004928: FENTON, TERRY; CARO, ANTHONY - Anthony Caro
019337: RONALD J. FERGUSON - Crawley Campus: The Planning and Architecture of the University of Western Australia
016026: JOHN C. FERGUSON - Outlines of Chinese Art: The Scammon Lectures at the Art Institute of Chicago 1918
019839: FERN, LYNN - William Robinson
019277: MARK FERSON AND MARY NILSSON (EDITORS) - Art Deco in Australia: Sunrise over the Pacific
006717: MARK FERSON AND BRENDA HEAGNEY - Bookplates: A Short History of Australian Bookplates with Examples from Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
003539: FIDLON, PAUL G.; RYAN, R. J.; COWELL, JOYCE - The First Fleeters: A Comprehensive Listing of Convicts, Marines, Seamen, Officers, Wives, Children, and Ships
012678: JOHN FIELDS AND JOHN STACPOOLE - Victorian Auckland
020723: CHARLOTTE FIELL AND PETER FIELL (EDITORS) - Decorative Art 1950s
020861: CHARLOTTE FIELL; PETER FIELL - Tools for Living: A Sourcebook of Iconic Designs for the Home
016740: FIELL, CHARLOTTE; FIELL, PETER - Graphic Design for the 21st Century: 100 of the World's Best Graphic Designers
020455: STEVEN HELLER; LOUISE FILI - Stylepedia: A Guide to Graphic Design Mannerisms, Quirks, and Conceits
022056: THOM FILICIA - American Beauty: Renovating and Decorating a Beloved Retreat
021125: REX B. FILSON AND RODERICK W. ROGERS - Lichens of South Australia
021063: REX B. FILSON - The Lichens and Mosses of Mac. Robertson Land
021119: NAN ROSENTHAL; RUTH E. FINE - The Drawings of Jasper Johns
016042: CARL FINGERHUTH - Learning from China: The Tao of the City
020683: DAMIEN FINLAYSON - The Lightning Keepers: The Aif's Alphabet Company in the Great War
001522: DONALD LORD FINLAYSON - Michelangelo the Man
021217: VANESSA FINNEY - Capturing Nature: Early Scientific Photography at the Australian Museum 1857?1893
005563: FISH, JUNE - Designing and Printing Textiles
012744: R. B. FISHENDEN (EDITOR) - The Penrose Annual: A Review of the Graphic Arts - Volume XLIII
015210: CLEMENCY FISHER AND JOHN CALABY - The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory Supplement 4, December 2009: The Top of the Top End
020587: BILL FISHER - How to Hot Rod Volkswagen Engines
006434: FISHER, RICHARD B. - Syrie Maugham
021066: DEAN GRAETZ; ROHAN FISHER - Looking Back: The Changing Face of the Australian Continent, 1972-1992: The Changing Face of the Australian Continent 1972 1992
019646: TIM FISHER - Robert Klippel
017327: ANGELA FISHER - Africa Adorned
013534: FITZGERALD, SHIRLEY;KEATING, CHRISTOPHER - Millers Point: The Urban Village
018025: FITZGERALD, ROSS; HEARN, MARK - Bligh, Macarthur and the Rum Rebellion
013293: SHIRLEY FITZGERALD - Sydney 1842-1992
012989: FITZPATRICK, DAVID - Money Trees on Your Property : Profit Gained Through Trees and How to Grow Them
020218: FITZPATRICK, JIM - The Bicycle and the Bush : Man and Machine in Rural Australia
019676: KIRSTEN FITZPATRICK (CURATOR) - Against the Grain: Australian Sculptural Furniture
021971: PETER FITZSIMONS - Burke & Wills: The Triumph and Tragedy of Australia's Most Famous Explorers
012655: JACK FLAM - Motherwell
021629: TIM FLANNERY AND PETER SCHOUTEN - A Gap in Nature: Discovering the World's Extinct Animals
016493: ANDREW FLATAU - Cuthbert: The Painter's Progress - a Survey of the Paintings of Neil Cuthbert
020373: DAVID HOWELLS FLEAY - Nightwatchmen of Bush and Plain: Australian Owls and Owl-Like Birds
016742: DAVID FLEAY - Gliders of the Gum Trees: The Most Beautiful and Enchanting Australian Marsupials
020590: JIM FLEGG - Photographic Field Guide Birds of Australia:
015257: NAT FLEISCHER - The 1954 Ring Record Book and Boxing Encyclopedia
019551: H. M. LE FLEMING - Cunard White Star Liners of the 1930s
018855: MARGARET E. FLEMING AND MARIE DICKSON - Pioneer Brothers: Henry and John Muller - Their Heritage and Descendants 1715-2015
022021: BANISTER F. FLETCHER - A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method for the Student, Craftsman, and Amateur
019291: JOHN FLETCHER ET AL - Little Plain, Jerangle or Jeringle: A History of Jerangle Public School and District
013074: FLETCHER, KIM - Modern Australasian Herbal
021399: ANDY FLETCHER - Nx 20365
013148: SIR WILLIAM RUSSELL FLINT - Drawings by Sir William Russell Flint P.R. W.S. R.A.

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