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000010: YU-SHENG, LIN - The Crisis of Chinese Consciousness : Radical Antitraditionalism in the May Fourth Era
ss858: SHERIDAN, PHIL. - Those Wonderful Old Downtown Theaters, Volume 3.
NX69: SHERMAN, RAY W. - How Some People Make More Money Than Others.
pb587: SHERMAN, JORY. - Chill #7 : Shadows.
000518: SHERWOOD, ROBERT E. - The Road to Rome.
sh1760: SHIPTON, E. E. - Nana Devi.
sv388: SHIPWAY, GEORGE - Warrior in Bronze
DES01: SHIRER, WILLIAM L. - Collapse of the Third Republic.
pb463: SHORT, LUKE. - Bull-Whip (Dead Freight for Piute).
SU144: SHORTO, RUSSELL - Jane Fonda: Political Activism
ss840: SHOURIE, ARUN. - Institutions in the Janata Phase.
su737: SHREEVE, JAMES - The Neandertal Enigma: Solving the Mystery of Modern Human Origins
st397: SICKLES, DOROTHY JUDD. - Eskimos, Hunters of the Arctic.
ss986: SIEBERT, FREDRICK SEATON. - Freedom of the Press in England 1476-1776: The Rise and Decline of Government Control.
sh1515: SIEGEL, ALBERT. - Harajuku Girls Vol. 1.
ss789: SIEGEL, ROBERT M. - How You Can Make More Money! with Stock Options,
CWF96: SIEGFRIED, JOHN J. (ED). - Better Living Through Economics.
KL76: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Louisiana (Compendium of the Confederate Armies).
sw62: SIGMUND, JAY G. - Land o' Maize Folk
ss868: SILL, HAROLD D. - Misbehavin' with Fats: A Toby Bradley Adventure
KL293: SILVER, JAMES. - Streetcorners (Street Corners).
BX65: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - The Gate of Worlds.
KL59: SIMON, MAURICE. - Jewish Religious Conflicts.
sh129: SIMONSON, GERDA - Smorgasbordet (Swedish Hors D'Oeuvres)
sh15: SINATS, EDUARDS. - Latvijas Mezs Runa.
sh1728: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN. - A Journey Into Neolithic Times.
000032: SINEY, MARION C. - The Allied Blockade of Germany 1914-1916
sh838: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Passions, and Other Stories
000080: SINGH, HARBANS - Attack on Humanity
sw10: SIODMAK, CURT. - Anatol the Mule Who Won the Grand National Steeplechase Handicap Race.
CWF32: SKINNER, J. S. (ED). - American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine, Vol. II, Sept 1830- Aug 1831.
KL473: SKUCE, BETSY. - The Well-Seasoned Duck Widow.
mme15: SLATER, CANDACE - Dance of the Dolphin: Transformation and Disenchantment in the Amazonian Imagination
KLX3: SLAUGHTER, PHILIP. - Christianity : The Key to the Character and Career of Washington.
000505: SLEATOR, WILLIAM - Strange Attractors
000549: SLESSOR, CATHERINE. - EAA: Emre Arolat Architects: Buildings
sh1278: SLICHTER, SUMNER H.; LUEDICKE, HEINZ. - Creeping Inflation : A Debate between Sumner H. Slichter and Dr. Heinz Luedicke.
sh1180: KIM SLOAN - 'A Noble Art' Amateur Artists and Drawing Masters c.1600-1800
CWF90: SMITH, JEAN EDWARD. - John Marshall: Definer of a Nation.
ss537: ARTHUR D. HOWDEN SMITH - A Manifest Destiny
sh1192: SMITH, MARY P. WELLS. - The Young Puritans in King Philip's War.
ss341: SMITH, AGNES. - An Edge of the Forest.
sv488: SMITH, CORAL. - New Dishes from Left-Overs.
000506: SMITH, DORIS BUCHANAN - Salted lemons
MMA03: SNOW, EDWARD ROWE. - The Islands of Boston Harbor 1630-1971
sw252: SNOW, RICHARD - The Burning
ss616: SNOWMAN, DANIEL (ED). - If I Had Been . : Ten Historical Fantasies
sh953: SNOWYD, D. - Spirit of the Ukraine : Ukrainian Contributions to World's Culture.
000240: SNYDER, ZILPHA KEATLEY. - The Witches of Worm.
SU28: SOBEL, ROBERT. - For Want of a Nail . If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga.
cwf100: SOFIANIDES, ANNA S.; HARLOW, GEORGE E. - Gems and Crystals : From the American Museum of National History.
ML82: SOLID QUALITY LEARNING STAFF; GUERRERO, FERNANDO G. - Microsoft Sql Server 2005 : Applied Techniques Step by Step
sv394: SOMERS, ROBERT. - The Southern States Since the War 1870-71.
sh1275: SONNE, H. CHRISTIAN. - Our Achilles Heel: World Liquidity.
ML48: SOPER, MARK EDWARD - Pc Help Desk in a Book: Do-It-Yourself Guide to Pc Troubleshooting and Repair
CWF52: SORIANO, ANDRE. - The Mechanical Dolls of Monte Carlo
CWF66: SORLEY, LEWIS (ED). STARRY, DONN A. - Press on! Selected Works of General Donn A. Starry (2 Vols. ).
ss740: SOTHEBY'S. - Important English Furniture and Decorations, April 15, 1994.
000064: DE SOTO, HERNADO; GHERSI, ENRIQUE; GHIBELLINI, MARIO. - El Otro Sendero : La Revolucion Informal
sh1696: SOTORRA, ANDREU - Geganter I Contrabandista
sh1344: SPARROW, GERALD. - Vintage Victorian Murder.
KL479: SPEARS, DR. LEO L. - Hellcrest.
sh1748s1: SPECHT, RICHARD. - Sundentraum.
sh1380: SPENCER, RUTH. - Aircraft Woodwork, 2nd Edition.
sh492: SPIERING, FRANK - Prince Jack
sh1332: SPINGARN, J. E. - American Clematis for American Gardens.
KL499s1: SPONSLER, O. L. - Living Matter: A Molecular Approach.
sh1164: STAFFORD, ANN. - Seven Days Grace.
sh956: STAINER, JOHN. - Harmony.
kx43x: STANLEY, CHUCK (LEE FLOREN). - Tolliver on the Trail.
ss598: STANLEY, DAVE, AND ROSS, GEORGE G. (ED). - The Golfers Own Book.
ss597: STANLEY, LOUIS T. - How to Be a Better Woman Golfer.
Pb6: STAPP, ROBERT. - A More Perfect Union.
su212: STARINOV, I. G. - Over the Abyss : My Life in Soviet Special Operations
000517: STARR, KEISHA; TYSHA; COX, LAKESA; HALL, MONIQUE S. - Nikki Turner Presents Street Chronicles: A Woman's Work
KL34: STAVANS, ILAN. - Bandido: Oscar "Zeta" Acosta and the Chicano Experience
sw13: STEBBINS, RODERICK. - The Hill Mowing.
sh1525: STEELE, RICHARD B., ED. - "Heart Religion" in the Methodist Tradition and Related Movements
sw249: STEIN, MICHAEL (ED). - Filmfax : The Magazine of Unusual Film and Television; No. 18, January 1990.
KL455: STEPHENS, JAMES. - The Crock of Gold.
sw422: STERANKO (ED). - Mediascene Prevue 41, Vol. 2 #1, July-August 1980.
DES12: STERLING, BRUCE - Heavy Weather
pb114: STERN, PHILIP VAN DOREN. - Manhunt (Love Is the One with Wings).
sh831: STERN, JAMES F. & HENDRY, EARL R. - Swimming Pools & the Law : Legal Problems of Building, Owning, and Operating Swimming Pools.
ss483: STERNBERG, ESTHER M. M.D. - The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions
cx31x: STEVENS, CYNTHIA A. (ED). - Another Place in Time.
KL482: STEWART, GEORGE R. - Earth Abides.
fx31x: STINE, WILBUR MORRIS. - The Palace of Vision.
ix53: STINE, WILBUR MORRIS. - Habakkuk.
ss723: STOBBS, JOHN (ED). - At Random Through the Green : A Collection of Writing About Golf.
KL504: STOKES, DENNY C. - The Way of the Panther.
KL411: STOKES, DONALD. - Appointment with Fear.
000543: STOLPER, DANIEL; COREY, GERALD (EDS). - The Double Reed, Vol.2 #3, December 1979.
000544: STOLPER, DANIEL; COREY, GERALD (EDS). - The Double Reed, Vol.2 #2, October 1979.
ss1031: STOPFORD, MARTIN. - Maritime Economics (Second Edition).
sh570: STRANG, THOMAS; CAHILL, VINNY; QUIGLEY, AARON (EDS). - Pervasive 2006 Worshop Proceedings : Dublin , Ireland, May 2006.
sh122: STRANGER, J. (JOYCE). - The Running Foxes.
CWF105: STRASSEGGER, REGINA. - Inge Morath: Last Journey
sh473: STREIT, FRED. - Paper Quality Control.
SS65: STRINGER, LEE - Grand Central Winter : Stories from the Street
st552: STRINGER, CHRISTOPHER;GAMBLE, CLIVE - In Search of the Neanderthals: Solving the Puzzle of Human Origins
KL43: PCI COMMITTEE ON PARKING STRUCTURES. - Precast Prestressed Concrete Parking Structures : Recommended Practice for Design and Construction.
sw180: STUART, MARIE. - Aladdin / Ali Baba
sw407: STYLES, SHOWELL. - Journey with a Secret
KL104: SUE, BRENDA - Web of Deceit: A Metamorphosis Novel
sh860: SUGGS, GEORGE G. JR. - Water Mills of the Missouri Ozarks
sh1435: SUGIYAMA, MAKOTO AND FUJIMA, KANJURO. - An Outline History of the Japanese Dance.
sh887: SULLIVAN, A. M. - Selected Lyrics and Sonnets
CWF07: O'SULLIVAN, T. F. - Goodly Barrow : A Voyage on an Irish River.
sh502: SUMMERS, MURRAY (ED). - Filmograph, Vol. I, No. 2.
sh503: SUMMERS, MURRAY (ED). - Filmograph, Vol. I, No. 3.
sh505: SUMMERS, MURRAY (ED). - Filmograph, Vol. II, No. 1.
pb156: SUNDERLAND, SLYVIA L. - A Woman's Problem.
ex27x: SURRATT, JERRY L. - Gottlieb Schober of Salem: Discipleship and Ecumenical Vision in a Moravian Town
cx52x: SUTHERLAND, HOWARD V. - Idylls of Greece (Third Series).
000037: SUTHERLAND, MAJOR. W. D. - Blood-Stains: Their Detection and the Determination of their Source.
SS57: SUTTON, JOAN. - Once More with Love.
ss728: SUTTON, MARGARET. - The Trail of the Green Doll.
sh1078: SUTTON, GRAHAM. - The Romance of Scotland.
sw305: SVEHLA, GARY (ED). - Gore Creatures, Vol 3, #2, Whole Number 12.
st219: SWANTON E. W. - Denis Compton : A Cricket Sketch.
000298: SWARAY, NABIE YAYAH - Worl' Do for Fraid
sw15: SWASEY, HORATIO ROBERT. - Maple Drive : A Story Under Fayal.
sh532: SWEATMAN, CONSTANCE TRAVERS. - Young Folk Old Folk.
000012: SWEENEY, ERNEST S. AND BENAVIDES, A. A. DOMINGUEZ. - Robustiano Patron Costas: una leyenda argentina.
sh126: SWIDLER, GEORGE J. AND BASILIO, KENNETH C. - Psychology for Interrogation.
ST38: KIKI SWINSON - Wifey 4 Life, Part 5
sh1485: SYME, RONALD. - Tacitus
sh936: SZASZ, THOMAS S. (ED). - The Age of Madness: The History of Involuntary Mental Hospitalization, Presented in Selected Texts
sw12: SZIGETI, JOSEPH. - With Strings Attached : Reminiscences and Reflections.
sh1942: SZLADITS, LOLA L. - New in the Berg Collection, 1970-1972.
SS102: SZOLD, HENRIETTA; SHARGEL, BAILA ROUND; GINZBERG, LOUIS CORRESPONDENCE - Lost Love: The Untold Story of Henrietta Szold Unpublished Diary and Letters.
sh1765: SZYMBORSKA, WISLAWA. - View with a Grain of Sand: Selected Poems.
000036: TABOR, STEPHEN - Sylvia Plath: An Analytical Bibliography
XX19: TAIT, ASA OSCAR. - Herolde Des Morgens.
SS103: H. TAMPERE - Eesti Rahvapillid Ja Rahvatantsud
CWF97: TANSILL, CHARLES CALLAN. - America and the Fight for Irish Freedom: 1866-1922.
ss622: TAPPAN, EVA MARCH (ED). - Sports & Pastimes.
sh1131: TAPPAN, FRANCES M. - Massage Techniques : A Case Method Approach.
bx66x: TARANU, GEORGIANA - Nicolae Iorga si Italia lui Mussolini. studii
sh638: TARLATZIS, BASIL C. AND BULUN, SERDAR E. (EDS) - Transforming Reproductive Medicine Worldwide.
pb590: TARTAKOVSKII, MARKS - Homo Eroticus: Roman S Kommentariiami.
KL51: TASSI, ROBERTO; ROSCI, MARCO. - La Metacosa : Bartolini, Biagi, Ferroni, Luporini, Mannocci, Tonelli.
sh1288: TAYLOR, THEODORE. - Magnificent Mitscher.
su163: TAYLOR R. S. - In Red Weather.
sh235: TAYLOR, ALBERT PIERCE. - The Rulers of Hawaii and Iolani Palace.
sv481: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD. - Octagon House.
MME16: TAYLOR, JAMES - The Land Rover, 1948-1988 : A Collector's Guide.
KL218: TAYLOR, BAYARD. - The Life Travels and Books of Alexander Von Humboldt.
ss938: TAYLOR, PAUL. - He Hath Loosed the Fateful Lightning: The Battle of Ox Hill (Chantilly), September 1, 1862.
ss1020: TAYLOR, BAYARD. - Eldorado, or, Adventures in the Path of Empire.
sh1392: TAYLOR, SIR JAMES. - The American Dream and the Royal Society of Arts.
KL50: TEGETTHOFF, FOLKE. - Gott Ist Uberall Zu Hause, Geschichten Aus Den Weltreligion; Tales from Heaven About God and the World.
sw388: TELFER, DARIEL. - The Caretakers
sh815: TELLER, WALTER MAGNES. - The Search for Captain Slocum.
mx19: TEPPER, SHERI S. - The Gate to Women's Country
ss988: TERHUNE, ALBERT PAYSON. - Superwomen.
KL362: TESHIGAHARA, SOFU. - Coloured Pictures of Representative Flower Arrangements by Sofu.
ss1086: TEY, JOSEPHINE. - The Singing Sands.
sh1274: ONE OF THEM (SHERROD, JULIAN). - Scapegoats.
su705: THIESSEN, J. GRANT (ED). - The Science-Fiction Collector #5, September 1977.
su706: THIESSEN, J. GRANT (ED). - The Science-Fiction Collector #6, May 1978
su707: THIESSEN, J. GRANT (ED). - The Science-Fiction Collector #8, October 1979
SU114: THOMPSON, R. W. - Portrait of a Patriot.
sh998: THOMSON, MOLLY B. - Droles D'Histoires.
sh1616: TIBOR, DERY. - Itelet Nincs.
sv401: TICHI, CECILIA, ED. - Reading Country Music: Steel Guitars, Opry Stars, and Honky-Tonk Bars
sh888: TINDALL, DONALD S. (MOON). - This Can't Be Me
ss965: TOMLINS, CHRISTOPHER L. - Law, Labor, and Ideology in the Early American Republic.
sh518: TORTA, MARIO - Catalogo tematico delle opere di Ferdinando Caurulli, Volume 1: Opere 1-120
ss572: TOSKI, BOB;DENNIS, LARRY;FLICK, JIM. - How to Become a Complete Golfer, Revised Edition.
ST127: TOUSSAINT, FRANZ (JOERISSEN, GERTRUDE LAUGHLIN, TRANS). - The Lost Flute and Other Chinese Lyrics (la Flute de Jade: Poesies Chinoise)>
sh1310: BOARD OF TRADE (LABOUR DEPARTMENT). - Report on Trade Unions in 1908-1910 with Comparative Statistics for 1901- 1910.
DES16: TRAVEN, B. - Rebellion of the Hanged.
ss722: TRAVERS, BEN. - A Cuckoo in the Nest.
ss917: TRAVIS, WILLAIM. - Bus Stop Symi.
ss1018: TREASE, GEOFFREY. - The Secret Fiord.
sv383: TROW, M. J. - The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade
SS147: VAN TRUMP, JAMES D. & ZIEGLER, JR., ARTHUR P. - Landmark Architecture of Allegheny Country, Pennsylvania.
KL424: TRUNGPA, CHOGYAM;GIMIAN, CAROLYN ROSE (ED). - Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior
sv385: TSOURAS, PETER (EDITOR). - Rising Sun Victorious: The Alternate History of How the Japanese Won the Pacific War
ox40: TUFTS, KINGSLEY. - Images and Perceptions.
ss1105: TUGNOLI, GIUSEPPE. - Al Sole Di Settembre.
sv535: TURTLEDOVE, HARRY - The Man with the Iron Heart.
sh515: TUSKA, JON AND RUTH (EDS). - Views & Reviews, Quarterly Magazine of the Reproduced Arts, Vol 5, #2, December 1973.
sh516: TUSKA, JON AND RUTH (EDS). - Views & Reviews, Quarterly Magazine of the Reproduced Arts, Vol 4, #3, Spring 1973.
sh517: TUSKA, JON AND RUTH (EDS). - Views & Reviews, Quarterly Magazine of the Reproduced Arts, Vol. 4, #2, Winter 1972.
sh520: TUSKA, JON AND RUTH (EDS). - Views & Reviews, Quarterly Magazine of the Reproduced Arts, Vol. 6, #1, Fall 1974.
MME03: TUTHILL, MRS. L. C. - Young Lady's Reader; Arranged for Examples in Rhetoric: For the Higher Classes in Seminaries.
CWF51: TYLER, DONALD EARL. - Artifacts of Glass Buttes, Oregon.
ss982: UDEN, GRANT;COOPER, RICHARD. - A Dictionary of British Ships and Seamen.
ss472: UESHIBA, KISSHOMARU - The Spirit of Aikido
KL282: UKERS, WILLIAM H. - A Trip to Brazil.
KL422: TOR ULVEN - Dukelheit am Ende des Tunnels
bx8: SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY. - Ex-Student Branding Ceremonies : Commemorative Edition.
CWF18: UPDIKE, JOHN. - Memories of the Ford Administration.
sh1023: UPTON, MARIAN. - Seven League Boots.
KL115: URIST, MARSHALL R. AND BRAUN, RICHARD M. (EDS). - Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, #195, May 1985 : The Thumb.
000247: USHER, STEPHEN - Greek Oratory : Tradition and Originality
st390: USTERI, DR. A. - Die Holzer Des Kreuzes Und Ihre Beziehung Zur Flora Der Mitterlmeerlander Und Benachbarter Gebiete.
000504: OREJUDO UTRILLA, ANTONIO - Fabulosas Narraciones Por Historias (Nueva Biblioteca) (Spanish Edition)
sh1200: VALENTIN, HUGO. - Jewish Influence in the Germany of Weimar Constitution.
sv496: VALENZUELA, LUISA. - Clara : Thirteen Short Stories and a Novel.
CWF22: VALLVERD┌, JOSEP. - El Vent de la Hist˛ria I
sh1663: VANGELISTI, PAUL. - Rime.
CWF103: VARNEDOE, KIRK. - Jackson Pollock.
sh661: VAUGHAN, RONALD P. - Die Steine Der Weisen (the Stones of Wisdom)
sh859: VAUGHN, J.W. - With Crook at the Rosebud
000009: DOLEZELOVA-VELINGEROVA, MILENA - The Chinese Novel at the Turn of the Century
sh824: VENINGA, JAMES F. (ED). - The Biographer's Gift: Life Histories and Humanism
ss1095: VIKTORIA LUISE, HERZOGIN ZU BRAUNSCHWEIG UND LUNEBURG;VACHA, ROBERT (TRANS). - The Kaiser's Daughter: Memoirs of H.R. H. Viktoria Luise, Duchess of Brunswick and Luneburg, Princess of Prussia.
sh1328: NITZA VILLAPOL - The Bilingual Cocina Criolla
sw295: VILLARREAL, JOSE ANTONIO. - Fifth Horseman
KL37: VILLEBOEUF, ANDRE. - Goya and Guitars.
sh703: VIZETELLY, FRANK H. AND BURCHARD, MARION (EDS). - Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedia Year Book for 1935.
000220: VAN VOGT, A. E. - The Battle of Forever
mmf9: VOLTAIRE. - Candide Ou L'Optimiste
ss311: VORREN, ORNULV AND MANKER, ERNST. - Same Kulturen.
pb122: WAGNER, GEOFFREY. - The Dispossessed
KL240: VAN WAGNER, JUDY K. COLLISCHAN (CURATOR). - Reflections : New Conceptions of Nature.
pb478: WAGNER, KARL EDWARD. - Death Angel's Shadow.
pb573: WALDEN, AMELIA ELIZABETH. - A Boy to Remember.
SU82: WALLACE, ROBERT (ED). - Light Year 85
000168: WALLACE, RICH - Playing Without the Ball: A Novel in Four Quarters
MMB11: WALTON, BRYCE. - Sons of the Ocean Deeps.
sh1751s2: WARD, II, FRANK A. - Striving Backwards.
CXX6: WARD, EDWARD J. - "Social and CIVIC Centers" .
sh1519: WARDROPPER, BRUCE W. (ED). - Spanish Poetry of the Golden Age.
sw297: WARNER, ESTHER. - The Crossing Fee - a Story of Life in Liberia.
sh759: WARREN, WALTER (RAYMOND, GEORGE LANSING). - Cecil the Seer : A Drama of the Soul.
su689: WARREN, VERNON. - Brandon in New York.
sh1706: WATERS, FRANK. - Brave Are My People: Indian Heroes Not Forgotten.
ss527: WATSON, SALLY. - Other Sandals.
sh1596s1: WATSON, W. L. - Highlights of America's Cup Races 1851 1930.
sh1067: WATTS, D. C. V. - The Long Jump.
ss907: WEAVER, MARK. - The Technique of Short Selling : Making Money on Declines in the Stock Market, Revised Edition.
sh879: WEAVER, JOHN DOWNING - Los Angeles: The Enormous Village 1781-1981
sw05: WEBB, JAMES JOSIAH - Adventures in the Santa Fe Trade 1844-1847
su708: WEBER, DAVID - By Schism Rent Asunder
EX13: WEBSTER, JOHN R. - Webster Bible Class Reminiscences.
KL193: LOTHAR ROMAIN & ROLF WEDEWER - Bernard Schultze
SS101: WEHRENBERG, CHARLES - Before New York
sh1241: WEILER, RUDOLPH AND BRETT, GEORGE W. - Canal Zone First Issue on Cover & Canal Zone Essays and Proofs.
NX44: WEISSBORD, DANIEL (EDITOR) - Mind, Value, & Culture : Essays in Honor of E.M. Adams
sh1177: WEITENKAMPF, FRANK. - Old Prints in the Prints Division of the New York Public Library.
pb628: WELLES, PATRICIA. - Babyhip.
pb447: WELLMAN, PAUL I. - Death in the Desert.
st535: WELLS, JOEL. - Grim Fairy Tales for Adults : Parodies of the Literary Lions.
000222: HARRY RANSOM HUMANITIES RESEARCH CENTER;WELLS, MARIA X.;KALLENDORF, CRAIG W.;WELLS, MARIA XENIA ZEVELECHI - Aldine Press Books at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, the University of Texas at Austin: A Descriptive Catalogue
sv202: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA. - Nothing Venture
sh1102: WEST, HERBERT FAULKNER. - Hms Cephalonia a Story of the North Atlantic in 1918.
sw148: WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - Unfettered Might.
sh1737: WESTERVELT, JOSEPHINE HOPE. - The Pool of Sacrifice.
sh1556s1: WESTON, NANCY - Daniel Maclise Irish Artist in Victorian London.
sh1416: WHEELER, DAVID (ED). - Hortus : A Gardening Journal, No. 87, Autumn 2008
sh1413: WHEELER, DAVID (ED). - Hortus : A Gardening Journal, No. 90, Summer 2009
sh1414: WHEELER, DAVID (ED). - Hortus : A Gardening Journal, No. 89, Spring 2009
sh1415: WHEELER, DAVID (ED). - Hortus : A Gardening Journal, No. 88, Winter 2008
sh1628: WHITBOURN, FRANK - Mr. Lock of St. James's Street: His Continuing Life and Changing Times.
sv209: WHITE, EDWARD LUCAS. - El Supremo : A Romance of the Great Dictator of Paraguay.
pb140: WHITE, MILTON. - Cry Down the Lonely Night.
st454: WHITE, WINSTON. - Beyond Conformity.
sh1767s1: WHITE, J. H. - On Polystely in Roots of Orchidaceae.
000004: WHITEHEAD, CHRIS (ED). - Historic Brass Society Journal, Vol. 1, 1989.
ss1024: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH. - Wings for the Chariots.
ss679: WHITING, MARVIN YEOMANS. - The Bearing Day Is Not Gone the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary History of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Birmingham, Alabama 1915-1990.
pb469: WHITING, CHARLES. - Kill Patton (Orders to Kill)
KL202: WHITLEY, JOHN. - Canadian Domestic Lawyer with Plain and Simple Instructions for the Merchant, Farmer, & Mechanic to Enable Them to Transact Their Business According to Law.
KL334: WHITMAN, RUTH. - The Passion of Lizzie Borden : New and Selected Poems.
000103: WHITTINGTON, HARRY. - Play for Keeps
sv524: WIEDERSHEIM, WILLIAM A. (ED) (SIDNEY LOVETT). - Uncle Sid of Yale : A Collection of Writings by and About the Late Sidney Lovett, D.D. 1890-1979.
sh1495: WIESENBERGER, ARTHUR. - Investment Companies 1946 Edition.
ss896: WIESENBERGER, ARTHUR. - Investment Companies 1952 Edition.
ss898: WIESENBERGER, ARTHUR. - Investment Companies 1955 Edition.
ss724: WIESENBERGER, ARTHUR. - Investment Companies 1947 Edition.
ss725: WIESENBERGER, ARTHUR. - Investment Companies 1963 Edition.
ss897: WIESENBERGER, ARTHUR. - Investment Companies 1953 Edition.
ss590: WILD, ROLAND. - Golf the Loneliest Game.
sv512: WILDER, THORNTON. - The Angel That Troubled the Waters and Other Plays.
CWF69: WILDER, ALEC. - American Popular Song: The Great Innovators 1900-1950.
JX24: WILES, JOHN. - Homelands.
sw385: WILKINSON, SYLVIA. - Moss on the North Side.
KL213: WILKINSON, J. B. - The Annals of Binghamton, and the Country Connected with It, from the Earliest Setlement.
sh1816: WILLIAMS, WYTHE. - Passed by the Censor : The Experience of an American Newspaper Man in France.
ss908: WILLIAMS, JOHN. - Hume : Portrait of a Double Murderer.
sh1782: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - Politics and Letters: Interviews with New Left Review.
CWF95: WILLIAMS, CHRISTIAN. - Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way: The Story of Ted Turner.
000261: WILLIAMS, KATE NGOWO - The Love Seat
sh1643: WILLIAMSON, TOM. - Polite Landscapes: Gardens and Society in Eighteenth-Century England.
sh1101: WILLIAMSON, ROBERT W. - Essays in Polynesian Ethnology.
FX30: WILSON, GAHAN. - La Revanche.
sv183: WILSON, NEILL C. - The Nine Brides and Granny Hite.
pb129: WILSON, ETHEL. - Lilly's Story.
sw49: WILSON, SARA W. AND HUSSEY, MARTHA (EDS). - Helps by the Way.
pb245: WILSON, COLIN - The Philosopher's Stone.
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