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sh1491: FRANCIS, ROBERT. - Stand with Me Here.
sh1792: FRANCISCO, CHARLES. - Gentleman: The William Powell Story.
st387: FRANKEN, TJEBBO. - Het Bloembollen Boek.
MMD18: FRANZEN, JONATHAN. - The Corrections.
sh128: FREEMAN, LARRY. - Spa Fever.
KL300: FRENND, JACOB. - Hanna.
HX39: FRICK, C. H. - Patch.
000050: FRIDAY, PAUL C. AND KIRCHHOFF, GERD FERDINAND (EDS). - Festschrift for Hans Joachim Schneider: Victimology at the Transition From the 20th to the 21st Century.
ss745: FROMM, HERBERT. - Herbert Fromm on Jewish Music: A Composer's View.
ss1029: FROST, LAWRENCE A.. - General Custer's Libbie.
000167: FRUGÉ, AUGUST - A Skeptic among Scholars - August Frugé on University Publishing
ss351: WILLIAM FULTON - Intersection Theory, 2nd edition.
CWF03: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH. - Annals of an Abiding Liberal.
sh814: GALE, OLIVER, MARBLE. - Carnack the Life-Bringer : The Story of a Dawn Man Told by Himself.
000071: GALLAY, ALAN - The Formation of a Planter Elite : Jonathan Bryan and the Southern Colonial Frontier
KL117: GALLICO, PAUL. - Golf Is a Friendly Game.
st350: GARCIAS, JEAN-CLAUDE. - Sullivan
000183: GARLAND, GEORGE. - The Eye of the Needle.
KL253: GARNER, ALAN. - The Moon of Gomrath.
sh1173: GASCAR, PIERRE. - Aujourd' Hui la Chine.
DES29: GASH, JONATHAN - The Judas Pair (Harper Novel of Suspense Ser. )
CWF77: GATZ, KONRAD (ED). - Modern Architectural Detailing 3.
sh650: GEHMAN, RICHARD. - The Slander of Witches.
sh1713: GELLIS, ROBERTA. - Knight's Honor.
ss376: GENET, JEAN - Prisoner of Love
ss929: GENOSKO, GARY (ED). - Deleuze and Guattari: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, Vol. III.
sh990: GEORGE, WALDEMAR. - John D. Graham.
sh1420: GEORGE, BILL (ED). - Femme Fatales, Vol. 1, #2, Fall 1992.
sh1421: GEORGE, BILL (ED). - Femme Fatales, Vol. 1, #1, Summer 1992.
000102: GERARD, LOUISE. - A Wreath of Stars
000114: GERBER, DAVID A. (ED). - Disabled Veterans in History
000008: GERBER, DAVID A. (ED). - Disabled Veterans in History
sh1224: GERSON, NOEL B. - Yankee Doodle Dandy : A Biographical Novel of John Hancock.
sh1296: GHURYE, G. S. (GOVIND SADASHIV) - Anthropo-Sociological Papers.
sh116: GIBBS, ANTHONY. - Peter Vacuum.
sh1056: GIBBS, PETER. - Death of the Last Republic : The Story of the Anglo-Boer War.
KL160: GIBSON, ASHLEY. - The Malay Peninsula and Archipelago.
st547: GIOVACCHINI, PETER - Treatment of Primitive Mental States
CWF19: GIRON ALVARADO, JACQUELINE. - Voz Poetica y Mascaras Femininas en la Obra de Delmira Augustini.
ss448: GLATTHAAR, JOSEPH T. - Forged in Battle: The CIVIL War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers
CWF61: GLIMCHER, ARNOLD; GLIMCHER, MARC (EDS). - Je Suis le Cahier: The Sketchbooks of Picasso.
000169: GLOVER, MICHAEL - The Fight for the Channel Ports: Calais to Brest 1940 a Study in Confusion
sh1040: GLUCK, HEINRICH. - Die Christliche Kunst Des Ostens.
ss650: GLYN, CAROLINE. - Don't Knock the Corners Off.
DES17: GODDARD, ROBERT H. - Rocket Development: Liquid-Fuel Rocket Research, 1929-1941.
000153: GODOY, SONIA M. BACCRI DE; GONTOW, CRIS; MARCELINO, MARECELLO. - English Pronunciation for Brazilians.
st507: GOLDRING, DOUGLAS. - Northern Lights and Southern Shade.
000110: GOMBRICH, E. H. - The Image and the Eye
ss1087: GONZALEZ, SANTIAGO FERNANDEZ. - Molecular and Serological Methods for the Detection of Marine Bacteria Pathogenic to Fish.
sh748: GOODMAN, DANIEL CARSON. - The Taker.
sh1790: GOODRICH, DIANE & RICH, SHARON. - Farewell to Dreams.
ss1136: GOODWIN, GRENVILLE - Western Apache Raiding and Warfare
ss387: GOONETILEKE, H. A. I. (ED). - Images of Sri Lanka Through American Eyes : Travellers in Ceylon in the 19th & 20th Centuries.
sw08: GORDON, GENERA JOHN B. - Reminiscences of the CIVIL War
sv531: GORDON, FRED. - Benjamin Grabbed His Glicken and Ran : An Autobiography.
KL505s1: GORGE, S. E. M. CAMILLE. - Voyage de 2222 Kilometres en Anatolie.
SS161: GOSHGARIAN, GARY - Atlantis Fire: A Novel
sh1759: GOULD, JOHN A. - The Greenleaf Fires.
sh989: GOWEN, HERBERT H. - A Precursor of Perry or the Story of Takano Nagahide.
CWF33: GRAFTON, SUE. - "F" Is for Fugitive: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery.
sh1196: GRAHAM, DESMOND (ED). - Poetry of the Second World War: An International Anthology.
sv61: GRANITE,. M. - Streetcorners : Poems.
000182: GRANT, LINDA - Vampire Bytes: A Crime Novel With Catherine Sayler
st502: GRASS, MILTON AND ANNA. - Stockings for a Queen : The Life of the Rev. William Lee, the Elizabethan Inventor.
ss568: GRAUBART, JULIAN I. - Golf's Greatest Championship: The 1960 Us Open.
KL224: GRAVES, ROBERT. - Majorca Observed.
ss1099: GREDILLA, A. FEDERICO. - Jose Celestino Mutis.
km8: GREEN, OLIVE. - How to Cook Shell Fish.
sh1372: (HASTINGS, LILY AND BAIRD. EDS) GREEN, JAMES WILDER. - Chrysalis - the Pocket Revue of the Arts: "Architecture in Theatres"; Vol. VIII, #3-4.
000005: GREENHOUSE, LUCIA - Fathermothergod : My Journey Out of Christian Science
000115: GREENHOUSE, LUCIA - Fathermothergod : My Journey Out of Christian Science
000069: GREENMAN, RUSSELL L. - The Worker, The Foreman and The Wagner Act.
ss635: GREENWOOD, AMY. - Rolling North.
h1172: GREEVES, T. AFFLECK. - Bedford Park, 3 Articles Reproduced from "Country Life", Dec. 7 &14, 1967 and Nov. 27, 1975.
sh112: GREIG, MAYSIE. - Professional Lover.
pb541: GRENING, J. A. - The Automobile Handbook: A Convenient Reference Book for Automobile Owners, Chauffeurs, Automobile Repairmen, Garage Owners, Automobile Salesmen, and All Other Persons Interested in Self-Propelled, Internal- Combustion Engine Vehicles.
MMD14: GRIMES, MARTHA - The Anodyne Necklace
KL47: GRISTWOOD, SARAH - Arbella: England's Lost Queen
cx55: GROSSACK, MARTIN M. (ED). - Understanding Consumer Behavior.
000133: GROSSMAN, JO;WEIBEZAHL, ROBERT - A Taste of Murder: Diabolically Delicious Recipes from Contemporary Mystery Writers
sh760: GUARESCHI, GIOVANNI. - The Little World of Don Camillo.
000003: GUEDEZ, VICTOR (ED). - La Poetica de lo humano en 5 forografos venezolanos.
KL61: GUERARD, ALBERT. - Napoleon III.
000194: GUILD, ANN A. - Free Verse.
ss952: GUILLEN, JORGE. - Cantico: A Selection.
ss1098: GUIMARAES, J. C. DE MACEDO SOARES. - Navegar E Preciso, 2 Vols.
LX20: GUNN, THOM. - Selected Poems 1950-1975.
sh1802s4: HAANEL, EUGENE. - Report on the Investigation of an Electric Shaft Furnace Domnarfvet, Sweden Etc.
sh1071: HABER, JAMES - Mastering the Art of Winning Golf.
sh1478: VON HABERLER, GOTTFRIED. - Prosperity and Depression : A Theoretical Analysis of Cyclical Movements (Revised Edition).
sh1479: VON HABERLER, GOTTFRIED. - Prosperity and Depression : A Theoretical Analysis of Cyclical Movements (Revised and Enlarged Edition).
sh1702s1: HADAS, MOSES. - Style the Repository.
su589: HADATH, GUNBY. - Twenty Good Ships.
000191: HADFIELD, CHARLES. - British Canals: An Illustrated History.
fx49x: HAGGARD, H. RIDER. - Marion Isle.
000132: HAGNER, JOHN G. - Falling for Stars
ss1106: HAILEY, J. P. - The Naked Typist.
ss954: HALL, J. R. CLARK; MERITT, HERBERT D. - A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary.
pb190: HALL, HERBERT J. - The Untroubled Mind.
KL18: HALPERN, JOSEPH. - History of Our People in Rabbinic Times.
SU27: HAMILTON, DONALD. - The Menacers.
ix43x: HAMILTON-PATERSON, JAMES. - The Greedy War (a Very Personal War).
ST58: HAMM, SAM. - Batman (Screenplay).
000015: HAMMERMAN, ROBIN (ED). - Womanhood in Anglophone Literary Culture : Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Perspectives
su193: HAMMETT, A. B. J. - Miracle Within the Walls.
pb652: HAMMETT, DASHIELL. - A Man Called Spade
su735: HAMSHERE, CYRIL - The British in the Caribbean
KL210: HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C. - Walks in Rome, Seventeen Edition (Revised).
ss659: HARIOT, THOMAS. - A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia.
pb435: HARKEY, DEE. - Mean As Hell.
MMC01: HARLAND, GEORGE H. AND CLEMENT FISHER, JR. - Of Walking Beams and Paddle Wheels.
sh1336: HARPER, ROBERT S. - Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 1865: During Two Journeys.
sh1341: HARPER, ROBERT S. - Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 1865: Lincoln's Other Scrapbook.
KL301: HARRES, B. - Die Schule Des Zimmermanns.
pb633: HARRIS, FRANK. - Ma Vie Et Mes Amours III.
sh596: HARRIS, CHARLAINE - Shakespeare's Landlord
ss998: HARRIS, ALBERT W. - The Cruise of a Schooner.
ss911: HARRISON, BARBARA GRIZZUTI. - Visions of Glory: A History and a Memory of Jehovah's Witnesses.
sh1626: HARTLEY, DOROTHY. - Lost Country Life.
sh1511: AL-HASHIMI, MUHAMMAD ALI. - The Ideal Muslimah: The True Islamic Personality of the Muslim Woman As Defined in the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
pb632: HASTY, JOHN EUGENE. - The Man without a Face.
sv518: HATCH, ERIC. - Fly-by-Night.
ss1057: HATCH, RICHARD WARREN. - Into the Wind.
KL149: HAUSER, MISKA; HISTORY OF MUSIC PROJECT - The Letters of Miska Hauser, 1853
pb468: HAWKE, SIMON - The Six-Gun Solution.
ex45x: HAY, IAN (JOHN HAY BEITH). - Half a Sovereign.
sh1644: HAYDEN, ROBERT C. - Singing for All People Roland Hayes.
sh1302: HAYES, KENNETH (ED). - The Exchange, Vol. XXII, #3, March, 1961.
sh1300: HAYES, KENNETH (ED). - The Exchange, Vol. XXII, #9, September, 1961.
ST156: HAYES, FLORENCE. - Joe-Pole, New American.
sh1304: HAYES, KENNETH (ED). - The Exchange, Vol. XXII, #4, April, 1961.
sh1303: HAYES, KENNETH (ED). - The Exchange, Vol. XXII, #6, June, 1961.
pb657: HEALY, JEREMIAH. - Blunt Darts / Right to Die (Signed).
sh928: HEALY, JEREMIAH - Yesterday's News: A Novel of Suspense
sv131: HEBERT, PHILIP DORN. - Flames.
ss432: HECKART, KELLEY. - Of Water and Dragons.
ss449: HEDREN, PAUL L. (ED). - The Great Sioux War, 1876-77 : The Best from "Montana the Magazine of Western History. "
ss1082: HEGSELMANN, RAINER; PEITGEN, HEINZ-OTTO (EDS). - Modelle Sozialer Dynamiken : Ordnung, Chaos Und Komplexitat.
KL363: HEIL, WALTER. - Catalogue of Paintings in the Permanent Collection of the Detroit Institute of the Arts of the City of Detroit, Part I, European Paintings.
sh934: HELLER, PETER. - Probleme Der Zivilisation Versuche Uber Goethe, Thomas Mann, Nietzsche, Und Freud.
AX7: HENDERSON, W.J. - Afloat with the Flag.
SU124: HENKEL, KATHRYN G. - Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation : 2004 Cumulative Supplement to Abridged Student Editon.
sh231: LIEUTENANT HENRI G-. - Entente Cordiale.
000538: HEPBURN, A. C. - IRELAND 1905-25: Volume 2, Documents & Analyis.
ss983: HERNANDEZ, ISABEL PASTORA. - Vuelta Al Silencio Reflexivo.
ss1021: HERRIN, JUDITH. - Women in Purple: Rulers of Medieval Byzantium.
bx46x: HERRMANN, WOLFGANG A. & SALZER, A. (ED). - Synthetic Methods of Organometallic and Inorganic Chemistry: Vol. 1, Literature, Laboratory Techniques, and Common Starting Mateirals.
ix4x: HERSH, BURTON. - The Ski People.
sw307: HESTON, CHARLTON - To Be a Man: Letters to My Grandson
sh1352: HEWITT, KENNETH; HARE, F. KENNETH. - Man and Environment : Conceptual Frameworks.
EXX28: HEYWOOD, ANNE. - There Is a Right Job for Every Woman.
HX30: HIAASEN, CARL. - Striptease.
000536: HICKS, MICHAEL - Mormonism and Music: A History (Music in American Life)
KL319: HICKS, GRANVILLE. - I Like America.
QX64: HILL, ERNEST. - Pity About Earth.
sh1667: HILLE, WALDEMAR (ED) (ALAN LOMAX; B. A. BOTKIN). - The People's Song Book.
ML24: HILLIER, SCOT P. - Advanced Sharepoint Services Solutions: Advanced Sharepoint Services Solutions
su205: HILTON, HENRY HOLT. - An Autobiographical Sketch.
sw409: HINDLEY, CHARLES. - The History of the Catnach Press at Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Alnwick, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, and Seven Dials, London.
sh1584: HINESTROSA, FERNANDO SALAS. - Versaciones
ss866: HINZEN, DR. WOLFRAM. - Minimal Mind Design: Rationalism and the Structure of Human Nature.
sh1623: HIRSH, MARILYN. - Hannibal and His 37 Elephants
GX56: HODEL, MICHAEL P.; WRIGHT, SEAN M. - Enter the Lion
KL508s1: HODGES, REV. GEORGE. - One in Seven, a Sermon.
ss715: MERETE LIE HOEL - Sonja Henie
sv549: HOFFER, WILLI. - Psychoanalysis : Practical and Research Aspects.
ss1119: HOGAN, NEIL (ED). - Green Sprigs from the Emerald Isle : Paddy and Bridget Stories in 19th Century Connecticut Newspapers.
sh1264: HOKE, HENRY. - How Direct Mail Solves Management Problems.
sh1269: HOKE, HENRY. - How to Think About Industrial Direct Mail.
sh1268: HOKE, HENRY. - How to Think About Showmanship in Direct Mail.
sh1265: HOKE, HENRY. - How to Think About Production and Mailing.
sh1266: HOKE, HENRY. - How to Think About Readership of Direct Mail.
sh1267: HOKE, HENRY. - How to Think About Direct Mail.
sh1595s1: HOLLIDAY, TERENCE (ED). - Booksellers Quarterly, Vol. 1, #4, September 1939.
sh955: HOLLISTER, REV. W. H. - Industrio-Educational Work
dx51x: HOLM, JENS. K. - Kim Og Det Mystiske Hus.
000088: HOLM, LEROY; DOLL, JERRY; HOLM, ERIC; PANCHO, JUAN V.; HERBERGER, JAMES P. - World Weeds : Natural Histories and Distribution
cwf101: HOLTZBERG, MAGGIE. - Keepers of Tradition: Art and Folk Heritage in Massachusetts.
SS80: HOMAN, WALTER J. - Children and Quakerism (Family in America Ser. )
sv176: HOOD, RICHARD. - The Actors Present War.
pb167: HOOVER, EDMOND B. - The Age of Assassination.
ss521: HOPSON, WILLIAM. - Gun Justice.
sv494: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. - Handbook of Early Advertising Art: Pictorial Volume.
ss936: HORWITZ, LESTER V. - The Longest Raid of the CIVIL War: Little-Known & Untold Stories of Morgan's Raid Into Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio.
sv519: HOTCHNER, A. E. - The Dangerous American.
sh1680: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Conan the Barbarian.
FX22: HOWARD, KEBLE (JOHN KEBLE BELL). - The Peculiar Major.
ss526: HOWE, JOANNE. - A Change of Habit
DXX6: HOWE, FREDERIC C. - "City Building in Germany. "
KL201: HOWITT, MARY. - Tales in Verse for the Young.
pb216: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Macarthur's Return
sh1490: HUARD, GEORGES. - Anatole France Et le Qua Malaquais.
sh1301: HUBBARD, ELBERT. - Get out or Get in Line.
sh1600s1: HUBBARD II, ELBERT (ED). - The Roycrofter, Vol. 2 #3, November 1927.
sh1599s1: HUBBARD II, ELBERT (ED). - The Roycrofter, Vol. I #4, January 1927.
sh1598s1: HUBBARD II, ELBERT (ED). - The Roycrofter, Vol. I #6, May 1927.
sh1594s1: HUBBARD II, ELBERT (ED). - The Roycrofter, Vol. I #3, November 1926.
KL292: HUBNER, JULIUS. - Verzeichniss Der Koniglichen Gemalde-Gallerie Zu Dresden.
sh79: HUCH, RICARDA. - The Deruga Trial.
ss565: HUDGINS, ANDREW. - Babylon in a Jar: New Poems
cx5x: HUDSON, JOHN PAUL AND WEXLER, WARREN. - Superstar ?Murder?
SX22: HUGHART, BARRY - Meister LI Und Der Stein Des Himmels (the Story of the Stone)
sv461: HUGHES, NATHANIEL CHEAIRS JR.; STEPHENSON, PHILIP DAINGERFIELD - The CIVIL War Memoir of Philip Daingerfield Stephenson, D.D. : Private, Company K, 13th Arkansas Volunteer Infantry, and Loader, Piece No. 4, 5th
KL325: HULSE, BRIAN. - The Game : Chamber Opera in One Act.
st252: HULTMAN, HELEN JOAN. - Murder on Route 40.
JX3: HUNTER, MOLLIE. - Sound of Chariots.
KL368: HUNTER, EDITH. - Sophia Lyon Fahs.
sv180: HYMSON, SHIRLEY. - Suddenly It's Tomorrow.
UX67: GUERRIC OF IGNY (MERTON, THOMAS). - The Christian Sermons of Bi. Guerric of Igny.
sh1671: IMBARD, PATRIK. - Arnt Uhre Gravures.
KL83: OFFICE OF WAR INFORMATION. - American Handbook.
sh1424: BANCO INTERAMERICANO DE DESARROLLO AGENCIA PARA EL DESARROLLO INTERNACIONAL. - Primer Seminario Tecnico Administracion de Programas Habitacionales.
sh259: IONS, EDMUND S. - Sherlock Holmes in Dallas
KL497s1: IRBY, JAMES A. - Backdoor at Bagdad : The CIVIL War on the Rio Grande.
ss1101: IRVING, JOHN A. - The Social Credit Movement in Alberta.
sh776: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER. - Lions and Shadows : An Education in the Twenties.
KL5: JACK, DONALD LAMONT. - Three Cheers for Me.
CWF01: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Moonwalk.
sw289: JACKSON, GABRIELLE E. - Peggy Stewart at Home
KL376: JACKSON, WILLIAM C. - You'LL Dance in Tahiti.
KL90: JACOB, CHARLEE. - This Symbiotic Fascination.
sw94: JACOBS, FLORA HILL. - The Doll House Mystery.
000235: JACOBS, MATTHEW - Doctor Who : The Script
DES11: JAMES, P. D. - Innocent Blood
sh804: JAMES, HAROLD - A House in Kathmandu
st503: JANUSZEWSKA, HANNA. - Zaczarowany Krawiec.
ss1073: JARLETT, FRANKLIN. - Robert Ryan: A Biography and Critical Filmography.
000539: JARRETT, CORA. - Night Over Fitch's Pond.
sh1359: JELLISON, CHARLES ALBERT. - Ethan Allen: Frontier Rebel
AX33: JENKINS, GEOFFREY. - Hollow Sea.
pb594: JENKINS, WILL F. (MURRAY LEINSTER). - The Murder of the U.S. A.
000255: JENSEN, JOHN THAYER - Yapese Reference Grammar
ss1077: JEROME, STUART. - Those Crazy Wonderful Years When We Ran Warner Bros.
sh1526: JESCH, JUDITH. - Women in the Viking Age.
ss1013: JOHANNESSEN, KJELL S.; NORDENSTAM, TORE (EDS). - Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Culture, Proceedings of the 18th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg Am Wechsel (Austria) 1995.
ss976: JOHANNESSON, JON. - A History of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth ( Islendinga Saga).
su690: JOHNS, FOSTER. - The Victory Murders.
BXX46: JOHNSON, ROGERS BRUCE; JOHNSON, ALEXANDRA CAROLINE - Ancestors of Margery Ruth Howe from Immigration to the Present Times, 1630 to 2002: Volume I, Pedigree of Margery Ruth Howe, 1795-2002.
st488: JOHNSON, VIRGINIA W. - A World's Shrine.
st504: JOHNSON, JR., ROBERT (ED). - Nantucket's People of Color : Essays on History, Politics and Community
ss887: JOHNSON, HUGH A. - Making Money with Mutual Funds.
000201: JOHNSON, JUDITH A. - J. R. R. Tolkien : Six Decades of Criticism
sh1219: JOHNSTONE, S. M. - The History of the King's School Parramatta.
000156: JONES, WILLIAM JERVIS - Images of Languages: Six Essays on German Attitudes to European Languages from 1500 to 1800
hx31x: JONES, GWYNETH - Midnight Lamp
ix31x: JONES, GWYNETH - Bold As Love
ss439: JONES, DR. MARION; SEKULES, KATE. - Marion Jones: Life in the Fast Lane
sh754: JONES, L. (LAWRENCE) E. - I Forgot to Tell You.
sh1248: JONES, SAMUEL B. (ED). - Property and Liability Insurance Investment Management : Proceedings C.F. A. Research Seminar, May 22-23, 1970 Charlottesville, Virginia.
CWF57: JONES, LOU; BORGES, LORIE SAVEL. - Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row.
sh1308: JORDAN, VIRGIL. - The United States As a Creditor Nation.
CWF36: JOSEPH, CHARLES M. - Stravinsky & Balanchine: A Journey of Invention
KL379: JOSEPH, BEA. (ED). - Biography Index September 1952-August 1955.
CX16: ELIZABETH LOUISE KAHN - Marie Laurencin Une Femme Inadaptee in feminist Histories of Art
sh1731s1: KALECHOFSKY, ROBERTA - The Martyrdom of Stephen Werner ( Original Title: Stephen's Passion)
sh1678: KANELLOPOULOS, PANAJOTIS. - Mistra: Das Byzantinische Pompeji.
ox44x: KANNER, CATHERINE. - Beauty from a Country Garden (Japanese Language).
KL75: KANT. - Kant's Inaugural Dissertation and Early Writings on Space.
000120: KAPPERLER, PETER M. & GANZHORN, JORG U. (EDS). - Lemur Social Systems and Their Ecological Basis
KL396: KAPSTEIN, ETHAN B. - The Insecure Alliance: Energy Crises and Western Politics Since 1944.
sh1588: KAVADI, NARESH B. AND SOUTHWORTH, FRANKLIN C. - Spoken Marathi : Book 1, First-Year Intensitve Course.
KL1035: KAWAI, KAZUO. - Japan's American Interlude.
SS69: KAY, TERESA (THERESA DE KERPELY). - The Burning Jewel.
ss682: KAY, MURIEL. - The Key to Rhythmic Ice Dancing.
px50x: KEATLEY, JOHN H. - Annapolis Plebe.
CWF72: O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA - Georgia o'Keeffe
ss508: KEELER, O. B. AND RICE, GRANTLAND. - The Bobby Jones Story.
OX9: KEETON, BETTY. - Esmeralda.
CWF24: KEITH, A. B.. - The Veda of the Black Yajus School : Taittiriya Sanhita, Part I & Part 2 (2 Vol Set).
SS91: KELLEY, DAVID E. - L.A. Law: "the Bitch Is Back. "
000024: KELLEY, GORDON E. - Sherlock Holmes: Screen and Sound Guide
KL407: RAYMOND C. KELLY - The Nuer Conquest.
ss981: KEMAL, MUSTAFA (ATATURK). - Reflections Upon the Officer and Commander.
LX11: KEMSKE, FLOYD - The Virtual Boss
ss504: KENDALL, WALTER G. - Four Score Years of Sport.
ss1108: KENDALL, GILLIAN MURRAY (ED). - Shakespearean Power and Punishment: A Volume of Essays.
pb251: KENEALLY, THOMAS. - Victim of the Aurora.
sv514: KENNARD-DAVIS, A. S. - A Farm in Cedar Valley.
ss1043: KENNEDY, JOHN - Days of the Fathers in Ross-Shire.
sh1620: KENNEDY, HUGH A. STUDDERT (ED). - Mrs. Eddy As I Knew Her.
000023: KENNEDY, RUTH AND MEECHAM-JONES, STIMON (EDS). - Writers Of The Reign Of Henry II: Twelve Essays
KL65: KENYON, SIR FREDERIC. - The Bible and Modern Scholarship.
sh1740: DE KERCHOVE, M. - Aspects & Other Verses.
000312: KERSH, GERALD;DUNCAN, PAUL - Karmesin: The World's Greatest Criminal -- Or Most Outrageous Liar
pb611: KEYES, J. GREGORY - Babylon 5, Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester
sh1487: KIDD, A. M. - Max Radin.
sh764: KILPATRICK, DAVID G. ; DITTRICH, WILLIAM A. - Diode Reference Book
000266: KIMURA, KATSU. - Package Direction
SS87: KING, BASIL. - Satan As Lightning.
pb252: KING, RUFUS. - The Deadly Dove.
ss647: KING, DARRELL - Dirty South
sh1795: KING, CLARENCE - Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada.
sh1373: (HASTINGS, LILY AND BAIRD. EDS) KINNE, WISNER PAYNE. - Chrysalis - the Pocket Revue of the Arts: "George Pierce Baker and Eugene o'Neill"; Vol. VII, #9-10.
sh1025: KINSCELLA, HAZEL GERTRUDE. - Liberty's Island : Stories of the Harbor of New York, Bedloe's Island, and the Statue of Liberty.
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st541: JAY RUBY - Secure the Shadow : Death and Photography in America
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sh1211: SCARLATTI, DOMENICO (PHILIPP, ISIDOR, ARR.) - 6 Sonatas for the Piano (Second Series).
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KL171: SEABURY, WILLIAM MARSTON. - Motion Picture Problems : The Cinema and the League of Nations.
ss948: SEAVER, KIRSTEN A. - The Frozen Echo: Greenland and the Exploration of North America, Ca. A.D. 1000-1500.
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sh633: ENZO SELLERIO - Inventario Siciliano
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ss1102: SEOANE, MARIA. - Amor a la Argentina: Sexo, Moral y Politica en el Siglo XX.
sw85: SERINUS (A WELL-KNOWN JUDGE AND BREEDER). - Canaries : Their Breeding & Management.
CWF39: SEXTON, ANNE. - Live or Die.
kx41x: NTOZAKE SHANGE - See No Evil Prefaces, Essays & Accounts, 1976-1983
CWF04: SHARP, JOHN R. - The Emotional Calendar.
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ss997: SHEEHAN, ROBERT LOUIS. - Dorchester Streets: The Story of the Sheehan Family in Dorchester 1921-1943.
sv413: SHELDON, COLONEL HAROLD P. - Tranquility Revisited.

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