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92433: HADFIELD, JOHN (ED.) - A Book of Joy An Anthology of Words and Pictures
78660: HADJIDIMITRIOU, TZELI (PHOTOS.) - 39 Coffee Houses & A Barber's Shop
70907: HADLOCK, RICHARD - Jazz Masters of the Twenties
65468: HADZICHRISTOS, APOSTOLOS - Selected Recordings 1937-1953: 4 CD Remastered
96587: HAERI, SHAYKH FADHLALLA - Decree & Destiny: The Freedom of No Choice
82951: HAESE, RICHARD - Rebels and Precursors - signed by author and Angry Penguins participants The Revolutionary Years of Australian Art
33326: HAESE, RICHARD - Rebels and Precursors The Revolutionary Years of Australian Art
96835: HAFNER, GERMAN - Art of Crete, Mycenae, and Greece Panorama World of Art series
87132: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - Dawn
84339: HAGGARD, SIR H. RIDER - Montezuma's Daughter
87135: HAGGARD, H. RIDER (G.P. JACOMB HOOD, ILLUS.) - Lysbeth A Tale of the Dutch
202971: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - She A History of Adventure
83767: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - She
91014: HAGUE, MICHAEL (ILLUS.) - Magic Moments: A Book of Days with Pictures by Michael Hague
91037: HAGUE, KATHLEEN (MICHAEL HAGUE, ILLUS.) - Numbears A Counting Book
87399: TARAF DE HAIDOUKS - Of Lovers, Gamblers and Parachute Skirts: CD
64802: HAIGH, GIDEON (ED.) - Peter the Lord's Cat: And Other Unexpected Obituaries from Wisden
78457: HAIGH, CHRIS - The Fiddle Handbook
31469: HAILS, JACK - Classic Moments of Boxing
66976: HAINES, WILLIAM P. - History of the Men of CO. F, with Description of the Marches and Battles of the 12th New Jersey Vols. A Sturdy band of farmer boys; Of patriots, staunch and true; Their hardships, trials, fate and joys, I will unfold for you.
84349: HAINING, PETER (ED.) - The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook With a Foreword by Peter Cushing
87344: HAINING, PETER - The Golden Age of Crime Fiction The Authors, the Artists and their Creations from 1920 to 1950
97746: HAKLUYT, RICHARD (INTRO. A L ROWSE) - The First Colonists: Hakluyt's Voyages to North America: Folio Society edition
30841: HAKLUYT, RICHARD (DAVID B. AND ALISON M. QUINN, EDS.) - Discourse Concerning Western Planting
97805: HAKLUYT, RICHARD (JOHN HAMPDEN, ED.) - The Tudor Venturers - Folio Society edition Selected from The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation, made by Sea or Over Land
98527: HAKUIN (TRANS. NORMAN WADDELL) - Beating the Cloth Drum: The Letters of Zen Master Hakuin
87143: HALAS, JOHN & JOY BATCHELOR - Animal Farm: DVD
73927: HALBERT, ERIK & ROSS ELLIS - Sandstone Caves of Mount Victoria People, Tracks, History, Access, Maps & Mystery
78591: HALBERT, ERIK AND ROSS ELLIS - Doing the Grand Canyon Blackheath Sydney Speleological Society Occasional Paper no. 18, 2014
90086: HALE, MONTY (MINYJUN) - Kurlumarniny We come from the desert
79518: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT (MICHAEL MURDY, ILLUS.) - The Brick Moon: Imprint Society edition From the papers of Captain Frederic Ingham; Introduction by Alden P. Johnson.
203429: HALE, RACHEL - A Dog's Life: 101 Adorable Breeds
203159: HALE, JOHN (INTRODUCTION BY EDWARD CHANEY) - England and the Italian Renaissance The Growth of Interest in its History and Art
51664: HALE, J.R. (ED. & TRANS.) WITH M.A. LINDON (TRANS.) - The Travel Journal of Antonio De Beatis Germany, Switzerland, The Low Countries, France and Italy 1517-1518
92539: HALE, KATHLEEN - Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) Keeps a Dog
30276: HALEVI, Z'EV BEN SHIMON - Kabbalah and Exodus
98552: HALEVI, Z'EV BEN SHIMON - Kabbalah: Tradition of Hidden Knowledge
98549: HALEVI, Z'EV BEN SHIMON - Kabbalah: Tradition of Hidden Knowledge
201867: HALEVY, ELIE. (E.I. WATKINS, TRANS.; INTRODUCTION BY FELIPE FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO) - Edwardian England - A Splendid Illusion: A History of England, Volume 9 - Folio Society edition
83557: HALFERTY, SUZETTE, & NANCY J. MARTIN - Patchwork Picnic Quilts and Recipes for Year-round Entertaining
92806: HALL, RODNEY - Popeye Never Told You: Childhood Memories of the War
63184: HALL, TIMOTHY - Flying High The story of Hudson Fysh, Qantas and the trail-blazing days of early aviation
96492: HALL, MANLY P. (KATE CALDERWOOD, ILLUS.) - Astrological Essays Infant Mortality; Marriage; Death; Suicide
63268: HALL, LINCOLN (JONATHAN CHESTER, ILLUS.) - The Loneliest Mountain The Dramatic Story of the First Expedition to Climb Mt. Minto, Antarctica
89191: HALL, VIC - Namatjira of the Aranda
56426: HALL, DONALD (ED.) - The Oxford Book of Children's Verse in America
88828: HALL, SARAH - Daughters of the North
97390: HALL, J.J. (DOROTHY WALL, ILLUS.) - The Crystal Bowl Australian Nature Stories
202502: HALL, EDITH - The Ancient Greeks Ten Ways They Shaped The Modern World
89597: HALL, RODNEY - Kisses of the Enemy
33881: HALL, DOROTHEA - The Quilting, Patchwork & Applique Project Book
9245: HALLAM, ELIZABETH (ED.) - The Plantagenet Encyclopedia The Essential Guide to the Plantagenets and their Medieval World
15158: HALLET, JEAN-PIERRE, & ALEX PELLE - Pygmy Kitabu
33675: HALLIDAY, TIM - Vanishing Birds Their Natural History and Conservation
201107: HALLIDAY, JON - Sirk on Sirk
36504: HALLIGAN, MARION - The Point
79132: HALLINAN, MARK - Jenolan Caves The Complete Guide
202168: HALSALL, GUY - Worlds of Arthur: Facts & Fictions of the Dark Ages
77641: HALSE, CHRISTINE - A Terribly Wild Man
78698: HAM, PAUL - Sandakan The Untold Story of the Sandakan Death Marches
201466: HAM, PAUL - Hiroshima Nagasaki: signed
74382: HAMBURGER, LOTTE & JOSEPH - Contemplating Adultery The Secret Life of a Victorian Woman
93968: HAMEL, PETER MICHAEL (TRANS. PETER LEMESURIER) - Through Music to the Self
55242: HAMEL, FRANK - Human Animals
202440: HAMER, DEAN - The God Gene How Faith Is Hardwired into Our Genes
94509: HAMER, FRANK & JANET - The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques Third Edition
75496: HAMES, PETER (ED.) - Dark Alchemy The Cinema of Jan Svankmajer
90462: HAMILTON, EDITH & HUNTINGDON CAIRNS - Plato - The Collected Dialogues, including the Letters with Introduction and Prefatory Notes Bollilngen Series LXXI
87708: HAMILTON, JOHN - The Price of Valour The Triumph and Tragedy of a Gallipoli Hero, Hugo Throssell, VC
99045: HAMILTON, JAMES - Arthur Rackham A Life with Illustration
201804: HAMILTON, JAMES - Turner's Britain
203174: HAMILTON, PETER F. - Pandora's Star - signed Part One of the Commonwealth Saga
85823: HAMILTON, IAN - Writers in Hollywood 1915-1951
66981: HAMILTON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS - Recollections of a Cavalryman of the Civil War After Fifty Years 1861- 1865
202060: HAMILTON-PRESTON, JAMES - Marked for Death The First War in the Air
96944: HAMILTON, PETER F - Judas Unchained - signed limited edition
202226: HAMLIN, ANN & KATHLEEN HUGHES - The Modern Traveller to the Early Irish Church
88129: HAMMER, LOUIS - Birth Sores / Bands
67178: HAMMER, PATRICIA RILEY - The New Topiary Imaginative Techniques from Longwood Gardens
7685: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - Woman in the Dark
86685: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - The Return of the Thin Man
65610: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - The Maltese Falcon
98780: HAMMETT, DASHIELL (ED. LILLIAN HELLMAN) - The Dashiell Hammett Story Omnibus
59748: HAMMIAL, PHILIP - Swarm - signed copy
80886: HAMMOND, SUSAN, PRODUCER - Classical Kids - The Best of Beethoven: CD
81264: HAMMOND, RICHARD - A Short History of Caravans in the UK
94696: HAMMOND, PAUL (ED.) - The Shadow and Its Shadow Surrealist Writing on the Cinema
203430: HAMMOND, HARRY & GERED MANKOWITZ - Pop Star Portraits of the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s
80885: HAMMOND, SUSAN, PRODUCER - Classical Kids - the Best of Bach: CD
80887: HAMMOND, SUSAN (ED.) - Classical Kids - The Best of Handel: CD
34567: HAMMOND, AMANDA & MANNING, TIFFANY - Illuminate Living with Candles
80888: HAMMOND, SUSAN (ED.) - Classical Kids - The Best of Vivaldi: CD
7461: HAMPE, ROLAND, AND ERICA SIMON (FOREWORD BY JOHN BOARDMAN) - The Birth of Greek Art From the Mycenaean to the Archaic Period
33876: HAMPSHIRE, CAROLE - Artists Observed - signed copy Blue Mountains Artists Close Up.
97355: HANCOCK, HERBIE - Maiden Voyage: CD
99444: HAND, JOHN OLIVER, & MARTHA WOLF - Early Netherlandish Painting
203442: HAND, ROBERT - Planets in Transit
67151: HAND, SUZANNE - Care and Handling of Australian Native Animals Emergency Care and Captive Management
203441: HAND, ROBERT - Horoscope Symbols
78327: HANDCOCK, RALPH AND MARGARET SMITH - Orchids Month by Month
13290: HANDKE, PETER (TRANS. KRISHNA WINSTON) - On A Dark Night I Left My Silent House: A Novel
95648: HANDKE, PETER (RALPH MANNHEIM, TRANS.) - A Sorrow Beyond Dreams
65543: HANDLER, SARAH - Ming Furniture In the Light of Chinese Architecture
86113: HANDRECK, KEVIN ARTHUR, & KENNETH E. LEE. - Earthworms for Gardeners and Fishermen CSIRO Soils Series
93104: HANEKE, MICHAEL - The Castle: DVD
65511: HANEKE, MICHAEL - The White Ribbon: DVD
93495: HANEKE, MICHAEL - Funny Games: DVD
73005: HANEKE, MICHAEL - The White Ribbon: DVD
74686: HANFF, HELENE - Q's Legacy
200214: HANGA, UKIYO-E (TEXT HAROLD P STERN) - Master Prints of Japan
12375: HANGAL, GANGUBAI - The Voice of Tradition: CD
99053: HANISCH, SABINE AND BEN JASIAK - Native Orchids of the Blue Mountains
99545: HANNA, DAVID - Knights of the Sea: The True Story of the Boxer and the Enterprise and the War of 1812
15099: HANNAN, MICHAEL - Peter Sculthorpe His Music & Ideas, 1929-1979
95351: HANNIG, NORBERT (JOHN WEAL, TRANS. AND ED.) - Luftwaffe Fighter Ace From the Eastern Front to the Defence of the Homeland
65558: HANNIGAN, DES - Eccentric Britain A celebration of Britain's bizarre buildings, peculiar places and offbeat events
99520: HANRAHAN, DAVID C - Colonel Blood: The Man Who Stole the Crown Jewels
88238: HANSEN, ERIC - Orchid Fever: A Horticultural Tale of Love, Lust and Lunacy
202516: HANSEN, MOGENS HERMAN - Polis An Introduction to the Ancient Greek City-State
59899: HANSEN, CAROLE - Tea & Sympathy Fabulous Cakes on Art Deco Plates
53737: HANSEN, RON (FOREWORD) - John of the Cross Selections from The Dark Night & Other Writings
88484: HANZLOVA, JITKA - Female
200302: O'HARA, FRANK - Jackson Pollock
200272: HARCLERODE, PETER & BRENDAN PITTAWAY - The Lost Masters The Looting of Europe's Treasurehouses
93224: HARD, LYNN & GARY SHEAD (ILLUS.) - The Unused Portion: inscribed by author and illustrator
11441: HARDIE, MARTIN - English Coloured Books
85596: HARDING, SALLY - Crochet Style 25 gorgeous original designs from casual vests and pullovers to dazzling evening wear
8426: HARDING, JAMES - Gounod
88999: HARDING, LOUISA - Knits for Hats, Gloves & Scarves
72899: HARDING, JAMES - Artistes Pompiers
55736: HARDING, JAMES - Rossini
92931: HARDY, THOMAS (DAVID LODGE, INTRO.) - The Woodlanders: New Wessex edition
80091: HARDY, THOMAS (P N FURBANK, INTRO.) - Tess of the D'Urbervilles: The New Wessex edition A Pure Woman
83374: HARDY, BOBBIE - From the Hawkesbury to the Monaro The Story of the Badgery Family
83494: HARDY, EMMA - Quilting In No Time 50 step-by-step weekend projects made easy
41087: HARDY, THOMAS (CLARE LEIGHTON, ILLUS.) - The Return of the Native - signed by artist with illustrations and woodcuts by Clare Leighton
47402: HARDY, THOMAS (HENRY MACBETH-RAEBURN, ILLUS.) - Jude the Obscure The Wessex Novels Volume VIII
202877: HARE, DAVID - The Buddha in Me, the Buddha in You A Handbook for Happiness
81362: HARKER, MARGARET - Julia Margaret Cameron The Great Photographers series
202998: HARKNESS, DEBORAH E - The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution
76665: HARLOW, V.T. (ED.) - Ralegh's Last Voyage Being an account drawn out of contemporary letters and relations, both Spanish and English, of which the most part are now for the first time made public, concerning the voyage of Sir Walter Ralegh, knight, to Guiana in the year 1617 and the fatal consequences of the same
94230: HARNEY, W.E., & A.P. ELKIN - Melville and Bathurst Islanders: A Short Description
98110: HARNEY, W.E. - Life Among the Aborigines
202579: HARPER, M.J. - The History of Britain Revealed The Shocking Truth about the English Language
94661: HARRINGTON, PAT (BETTY HUXLEY, ILLUS.) - Judo A Pictorial Manual
9978: HARRIS, ANDY (TERRY HARRIS, PHOTOGRAPHS) - Captain Corelli's Island Cephallonia
200518: HARRIS, JOHN - Georgian Country Houses The RIBA Drawings series
88354: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - The Pixie O'Harris Fairy Book
203105: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Nights with Uncle Remus
99214: HARRIS, JONATHAN - The End of Byzantium
87774: HARRIS, VALENTINA - Recipes from an Italian Terrace
97276: HARRIS, JONATHAN - The Lost World of Byzantium
92953: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - Marmaduke the Possum
83286: HARRIS, WILSON - The Guyana Quartet
87209: HARRIS, TIM - Restoration Charles II and His Kingdoms 1660-1685
78228: HARRIS, JOHN - Much Sounding of Bugles The Siege of Chitral, 1895
200846: HARRIS, R.G. (CHRIS WARNER, ILLUS.) - Bengal Cavalry Regiments, 1857-1914 Men-at-Arms Series 91
91500: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - The Pixie O. Harris Fairy Book Stories and Verse by Lynette Yardley, Gwen M. Cock, Eva Lawton, Pixie O. Harris
91933: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - The Pixie O. Harris Fairy Book - signed copy Stories and Verse by Lynette Yardley, Gwen M. Cock, Eva Lawton, Pixie O. Harris
93986: HARRIS, CLEMENT - Hennage: A Social System in Miniature: Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology series
202729: HARRIS, WILSON - The Angel at the Gate
89728: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - The Teddy Bears' Picnic
89916: HARRIS, THOMAS - The Silence of the Lambs
60804: HARRIS, MELISSA (ED.) - Letizia Battaglia: Passion Justice Freedom Photographs of Sicily
63128: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - Our Small Safe World Recollections of a Welsh Childhood
94895: HARRISON, LESLIE - A Titanic Myth The "Californian" Incident
84971: HARRISON, JOHN AND CARA - Backgarden Chickens and Other Poultry Including Ducks, Turkeys, Geese and Quail
92186: HARRISON, RICHARD J. - Spain at the Dawn of History Iberians, Phoenicians and Greeks
8519: HARRISON, MAX - A Jazz Retrospect
52854: HARRISON, MICHAEL - Fire from Heaven A Study of Spontaneous Combustion in Human Beings
95454: HARRISON, HAZEL - Acrylic School A practical guide to painting with acrylic
90098: HARROP, JANE - Dolls House Do-It-Yourself - Finishing Touches Step-by-step instructions for over 70 projects
11758: HARROWER, ELIZABETH - The Long Prospect
95472: HARROWER, ELIZABETH - The Catherine Wheel
71144: HARRYHAUSEN, RAY & TONY DALTON - A Century of Stop Motion Animation From Melies to Aardman
68496: HART, MICKEY WITH KOSTYAL, K M - Song Catchers In Search of the World's Music
84253: HART, PRO (DAWN ROSS, ED.) - Pro Hart's Breaker Morant
46770: HART, CLIVE - The Dream of Flight Aeronautics from Classical Times to the Renaissance
10537: HART, C.W.M. AND ARNOLD R. PILLING - The Tiwi of North Australia
87957: HART, LIDDELL - T.E. Lawrence in Arabia and After
88501: HART, DEBORAH (ED.) - Imants Tillers One World, Many Visions
61235: HART-SMITH, WILLIAM (BARBARA PETRIE, ED.) - Hand to Hand: A Garnering With Uncollected Poems and Essays on His Life and Work
64801: HART, DEBORAH (ED.) - Grace Cossington Smith
36643: HARTFIELD, GEORGE - Horse Brasses
94104: HARTHAN, JOHN - Books of Hours and Their Owners
49766: HARTHAN, JOHN P. - Bookbindings
15106: HARTMANN, RUDOLF - Richard Strauss The Staging of His Operas & Ballets
74315: HARTOGH, NICKY DEN - Formal Gardens
35856: HARTT, FREDERICK - A History of Italian Renaissance Art Painting Sculpture Architecture
61669: HARVERY, TIM (ED.) - Master Paintings from the Phillips Collection, Washington
89135: HARVEY, W.H. (SOPHIE C. DUCKER, ED.) - The Contented Botanist Letters of W.H. Harvey about Australia and the Pacific
61731: HARVEY, TIM (ED.) - Twentieth Century Works
11558: HARWOOD, GWEN - Blessed City Letters to Thomas Riddell 1943.
51342: HAS, WOJCIECH J - The Hourglass Sanatorium: DVD
201525: SHINOBU HASHIMOTO (LORI HITCHCOCK MORIMOTO, TRANS.) - Compound Cinematics Akira Kurosawa and I
93698: HASKEL, PETER - Sword of Zen Master Takuan and his Writings on Immovable Wisdom and the Sword Taie
75880: HASKIN, BYRON - Treasure Island: DVD
33200: HASLAM, MALCOLM; ROSE, BARBARA (INTRODUCTION) - The Real World of the Surrealists
88997: HASLER, JULIE - Cross Stitch Designs A Colourful Collection of Nearly 150 Charted Designs
89011: HASLER, JULIE - Fantasy Cross Stitch: Zodiac Signs, Mythical Beasts and Mystical Characters
99086: HASLUCK, PAUL N. (ED.) - Rustic Carpentry - "Work" Handbook series with Numerous Engravings and Diagrams
99085: HASLUCK, PAUL N. (ED.) - Electric Bells - "Work" Handbook series How to Make and Fit Them; Including Batteries, Indicators, Pushes, and Switches, with Numerous Engravings and Diagrams
64477: HASLUCK, ALEXANDRA (ED.) - Audrey Tennyson's Vice-Regal Days The Australian letters of Audrey Lady Tennyson to her mother Zacyntha Boyle, 1899-1903
38527: HASLUCK, ALEXANDRA - Portrait with Background
94174: HASPIEL, JAMES - Young Marilyn Becoming the Legend
201694: HASS, ROBERT (ED.) - The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson & Issa
88278: HASSE, JOHN EDWARD - Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington
88708: HASTINGS, MAX - Catastrophe 1914 Europe Goes to War
15551: HASWELL, JOCK - The British Army A Concise History
90622: SHIZUO TSUJI & KOICHIRO HATA (YOSHIKATSU SAEKI, ILLUS.) - Practical Japanese Cooking Easy and Elegant
87145: HATHAWAY, HENRY - 23 Paces to Baker Street: DVD
69619: HATHAWAY, HENRY - Kiss of Death: DVD
66691: HATHAWAY, HENRY - True Grit: DVD
75656: HATTENDORF, JOHN B. (ED.) - The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History - Four volumes
34834: HAUGHTON, HUGH (ED.) - The Chatto Book of Nonsense Poetry
98248: HAUPTMAN, LAURENCE M. - Between Two Fires American Indians in the Civil War
78057: HAUPTMANN, TATJANA - Hurray for Peregrine Pig ("Hurra, Eberhard Wutz ist wieder da!")
61917: HAUPTMANN, TATJANA - Adelina Schlime A Snail Tail
78056: HAUPTMANN, TATJANA - A Day in the Life of Petronella Pig ("Ein Tag im Leben der Dorothea Wutz")
63051: VAN DER HAVE, JOHN - Blue Mountains Magic An Architectural and Landscape Sketchbook
203434: HAVERS, RICHARD - Sinatra
89571: HAVIL, JULIAN - John Napier: Life, Logarithms and Legacy:
61390: HAVILAND, JOHN B., AND HART, ROGER - Old Man Fog and the Last Aborigines of Barrow Point
100037: HAWES, HAMPTON WITH MARIO SURACI - Hampton Hawes Recorded Live at The Great American Music Hall: LP
15003: HAWKE, BOB - The Hawke Memoirs
77238: HAWKES, JOHN - Virginie Her Two Lives
77145: HAWKES, JOHN - The Goose on the Grave & The Owl Two Novels by John Hawkes
80174: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Early Britain
55895: HAWKINS, COLEMAN - The Essential Sides Remastered 1929 - 1939: 4 CD
13826: HAWKINS, COLEMAN - Henderson Days: CD
89032: HAWKINS, SUE - Heirlooms in Needlepoint: 50 Classic Original Designs
60081: HAWKINS, COLEMAN - The High and Mighty Hawk: CD
11935: HAWKINS, J B - Australian Silver 1800-1900
68790: HAWKINS, COLEMAN & BEN WEBSTER - Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster: CD The Complete Session
94359: HAWKINS NICHOLSON, IAN - Via Torres Strait - signed copy A Maritime History of the Torres Strait Route and the Ships' Post Office at Booby Island
93493: HAWKS, HOWARD - His Girl Friday: DVD Night At The Cinema edition
32938: HAWKS, HOWARD - I Was a Male War Bride: DVD
60352: HAWKS, HOWARD - Red River: DVD
15639: HAWKS, HOWARD - Rio Bravo: DVD
88812: HAWKS, HOWARD - Bringing Up Baby: DVD
82281: HAWLEY, JANET - Encounters with Australian Artists
87193: HAWLEY, JOHN STRATTON - Sati - The Blessing and the Curse The Burning of Wives in India
11456: HAWORTH-BOOTH, MARK - Old and Modern Masters of Photography
87658: HAWORTH-BOOTH, MARK (ED.) - The Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Photographs - Folio Society edition
77335: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Complete Novels and Selected Tales Including "The Scarlet Letter", "The House of the Seven Gables", "The Blithedale Romance", "Fanshawe", "The Marble Faun", complete and unabridged, and a selection of thirty-seven novellettes and tales
11096: HAY, ASHLEY - The Secret The Strange Marriage of Annabella Milbanke and Lord Byron
77018: HAY, DONNA - Chocolate Simple Essentials
70856: HAY, DONNA - Pasta, Rice & Noodles
62153: HAY, ROY & SYNGE, PATRICK M - The Colour Dictionary of Garden Plants With House and Greenhouse Plants
65060: HAY, DENYS - Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries A General History of Europe series
202121: HAYASHI, KAIZO - Zipang: DVD
202748: HAYASHI, KAIZO - The Most Terrible Time in My Life: DVD
92895: HAYCRAFT, JOHN - In Search of the French Revolution
10534: HAYDON, GEOFFREY/ MARKS, DENNIS (ED) - Repercussions A Celebration of African - American Music
92713: HAYES TUCKER, PAUL - Monet at Argenteuil
7430: HAYES, JOHN - The Landscape Paintings of Thomas Gainsborough - Two Volumes Text & Catalogue
67618: HAYES, JOHN - Gainsborough
57369: HAYNES, ALAN - The Elizabethan Secret Services
200855: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP (BILL YOUNGHUSBAND, ILLUS.) - The Austrian Army, 1740-80: 3 - Specialist Troops Men-at-Arms Series 280
94327: HAYWARD, SUSAN - Les Diaboliques French Film Guide
92309: HAYWARD, JOHN (ED.) - The Oxford Book of Nineteenth Century English Verse
98193: HAYWARD, JEREMY (FORE. SAKYONG MIPHAM) - Warrior-King of Shambhala: Remembering Chogyam Trungpa
89938: HAYWARD, HELEN (ED.) - World Furniture An Illustrated History from Earliest Times
203146: HAYWOOD, JOHN - Encyclopaedia of the Viking Age
97528: HAZAN, ERIC (DAVID FERNBACH, TRANS.) - The Invention of Paris A History in Footsteps
93117: HAZLITT, WILLIAM CAREW - Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine
81249: HAZZARD, MARGARET - Punishment Short of Death A History of the Penal Settlement at Norfolk Island
200418: LI HE (J.D. FRODSHAM, TRANS.; PREFACE BY PAUL ROUZER) - The Collected Poems of Li He Calligrams
72740: HEALD, TIM (ED.) - The Best After-Dinner Stories: Folio Society edition
202485: HEALY, MARK (ROBERT F. DORR, ROBERT C. STERN & ROGER CHESNEAU, ILLUS.) - Midway 1942 - Turning-Point in the Pacific Campaign Series 30
202095: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Aeneid, Book VI
55131: HEAPS, LEO - Operation Morning Light Terror in Our Skies: The True Story of Cosmos 954.
202048: HEARD, DORA (ED.) - The Journal of Charles O'Hara Booth - limited edition Commandant of the Port Arthur Penal Settlement
68514: HEARN, LAFCADIO - Two Years in the French West Indies
202550: HEARN, LIAN - Brilliance of the Moon Tales of the Otori Book 3
97575: HEARN, LIAN - Emperor of the Eight Islands - signed, limited edition The Battle for the Lotus Throne has Begun
202551: HEARN, LIAN - The Harsh Cry of the Heron The Sequel to the Otori Trilogy
86649: HEARN, LIAN - Across the Nightingale Floor Tales of the Otori Book I
202295: HEARN, LIAN - Grass for His Pillow Tales of the Otori Book 2
37161: HEARNE, DENNIS & LEO MEIER (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Blooms of the Australian Wilderness
87289: HEARTZ, DANIEL - Music in the European Capitals The Gallant Style, 1720-1780
91963: HEATH, RICHARD - Matrix of Creation Sacred Geometry in the Realm of the Planets
200815: HEATH, IAN (ANGUS MCBRIDE, ILLUS.) - Byzantine Armies, 886-1118 Men-at-Arms Series 89
85091: HEDDERWICK, MAIRI - Sea Change: The Summer Voyage From East to West Scotland of the Anassa
201815: HEDGECOE, JOHN - A Monumental Vision The Sculpture of Henry Moore
203074: HEDGES, JOHN W. (MIKE BROOKS, ILLUS.) - Tomb of the Eagles Death and Life in a Stone Age Tribe
32559: DE HEER, ROLF - Ten Canoes: 2 DVD
88765: DE HEER, ROLF - The Tracker: DVD
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92314: HEILBUT, ANTHONY - Thomas Mann Eros & Literature
100099: HEIMANN, JUDITH M - The Airmen and the Headhunters A True Story of Lost Soldiers, Heroic Tribesmen and the Unlikeliest Rescue of World War II
94425: HEINRICH, BERND - The Homing Instinct: The Story and Science of Migration
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78950: HELLER, JOSEPH - Catch-22
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51293: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Islands in the Stream
14885: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST (WILLIAM WHITE, ED.) - By-Line Selected articles and despatches recording the adventure that was his life and the events from which he fashioned his masterpieces
63568: HEMMINGS, LEIGH - Bicycle Touring in Australia An Environmentally Friendly Way to see the Country
83164: HEMPHILL, JOHN AND ROSEMARY - Herbs and Spices
32716: HEMPHILL, ROSEMARY - Cooking with Herbs and Spices
56548: HENDERSON, FLETCHER - The Classic Years: CD
99212: HENDERSON, GRAEME - Swallowed by the Sea: The Story of Australia's Shipwrecks
90933: HENDERSON, JAMES (ILLUS. ANNA TOWNSEND) - Sword Collecting for Amateurs
13389: HENDERSON, GERARD - Menzies' Child The Liberal Party of Australia 1944-1994.
100097: HENDERSON, CASPAR (ILLUS. GOLBANOU MOGHADDAS) - The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: A 21st Century Bestiary
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71949: HENDY, PHILIP - Piero della Francesca and the Early Renaissance
41850: HENRICK, GEORGE AND WILLENE - The Creole Mutiny A Tale of Revolt Aboard a Slave Ship
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76456: HENRYSON, ROBERT, (SEAMUS HEANEY, TRANS.) - The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables
73370: HENRYSON, ROBERT (SEAMUS HEANEY, TRANS.) - The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables
42158: HENSHAW, JOHN (ED.) - Godfrey Miller
90562: HENSPERGER, BETH (JOYCE OUDKERK POOL, ILLUS.) - Baking Bread Old and New Traditions
42711: HENTY, CAROL - For the People's Pleasure Australia's Botanic Gardens
50275: HEPBURN, KATHARINE - Me Stories of My Life
32846: HEPPLEWHITE, GEORGE - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide
76624: HEPPNER, CHRISTOPHER - Reading Blake's Designs
96361: HEPWORTH, BARBARA - Barbara Hepworth - A Pictorial Autobiography
74834: HERALD, JACQUELINE - World Crafts A Celebration of Designs and Skills
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75919: HERBERT, ROSEMARY (ED.) - The Oxford Companion to Crime & Mystery Writing
70097: HERBERT, DAVID - The Everyman Book of Narrative Verse
83017: HERBERT, FRANK - The Santaroga Barrier
89064: HERBERT, XAVIER - Capricornia
201540: HERBERT, XAVIER - Poor Fellow My Country
84726: HERDA, D.J. - Zen & The Art of Pond Building
81921: HERGE - Tintin in America: early black and white version
81919: HERGE (GEORGE PROSPER REMI) - Cigars of the Pharaoh: early black and white version
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95786: HERRERA, HAYDEN - Listening to Stone: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi
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62544: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: Necromancy by the Blue Bean Bush Compounding the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with some extra rarities 1933-34
62545: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: A Kat a Lilt with Song Convening the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with some extra Dailies 1931-32
62541: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: Shifting Sands Dusts its Cheeks in Powdered Beauty Compounding the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with some extra Oddities 1937-8
45295: HERRING, PHILLIP - Djuna The Life and Work of Djuna Barnes
83553: HERRIOT, JAMES ("LARRY", ILLUS.) - The Lord God Made Them All
77921: HERTOG, SONJA DEN (ED.) - Walking the Valley - Sydney Speleological Society Occasional Paper, No. 11 An Oral Record of Caving and Bushwalking in the Burragorang and Beyond, during the 1930s
91629: HERZOG, WERNER - Cobra Verde: DVD
61692: HERZOGENRATH, WULF, ET.AL. - Julian Opie
201124: HESKETH, ROGER - Fortitude: The D-Day Deception Campaign
74280: HESPERION XXI, JORDI SAVALL & OTHERS - Esprit des Balkans / Balkan Spirit: CD
99658: HESPERION XX WITH MONTSERRAT FIGUERAS, JORDI SAVALL, TON KOOPMAN, HOPINSON SMITH & CHRISTOPHE COIN - El Barroco Espanol: 'Tonos Humanos und Instrumentalmusik um 1640-1700: LP
91800: HESSE, HERMANN (TRANS. RALPH MANHEIM) - Stories of Five Decades
99402: HESSE, JEAN-PASCAL - Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade
56181: HESSE, EELCO - Tea The Eyelids of Bodhidharma
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91135: HESSE, HERMANN (W.J. STRACHAN, TRANS.) - The Prodigy
94524: HETHERINGTON, JOHN - Blamey: Controversial Soldier: signed copy A Biography of Field Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey
39706: HETHERINGTON, JOHN - Witness to Things Past - signed copy Stone, Brick, Wood and Men in Early Victoria.
55147: HEURTLEY, CAROLUS A (ED.) - De Fide Et Symbolo Documenta Quaedam Nec Non Aliquorum SS. Patrum Tractatus
84019: HEUSCHER, JULIUS E. - A Psychiatric Study of Fairy Tales Their Origin, Meaning and Usefulness
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38222: HEWETT, DOROTHY - The Toucher
93657: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Frederica
93656: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Grand Sophy
93654: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Convenient Marriage
98867: HEYER, GEORGETTE - These Old Shades
97388: HEYER, GEORGETTE - A Blunt Instrument
97609: HEYER, GEORGETTE - They Found Him Dead
52343: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Art of Easter Island
39849: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Fatu-Hiva: Back to Nature
90548: HEYLIN, CLINTON - Revolution in the Air - The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol.1: 1957-73
51490: HEYNII, C.G. - Excursus in Homerum
98932: HEYWOOD, THOMAS (W VAN FOSSEN, ED.) - A Woman Killed with Kindness - The Revels Plays series
36317: HIBBERD, JACK - A Stretch of the Imagination
92840: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III: A Personal History: signed copy
46057: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilizations
55639: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilizations: Folio Society edition
83891: HICHENS, ROBERT - The Green Carnation
61153: HICKEY, GARY - Beauty & Desire in Edo Period Japan
43397: HICKEY, WILLIAM (PETER QUENNELL, ED.) - The Prodigal Rake Memoirs of William Hickey
200273: HICKLEY, CATHERINE - The Munich Art Hoard Hitler's Dealer and His Secret Legacy
201796: HICKMAN, MONEY L - Japan's Golden Age: Momoyama
61678: HICKS, ALISTAIR - The School of London - signed copy The Resurgence of Contemporary Painting
67898: HICKS, CAROLINE - Girl in a Green Gown The History and Mystery of the Arnolfini Portrait
68168: HICKS, SCOTT - Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts: 2 DVD
97586: HICKS, GEORGE, & DENNIS O'BRIEN (JEFF RIGBY, ROBERT KINGSFORD-SMITH & DEAN OLIVER, ILLUS.) - Shays in the Valley A History of the Wolgan Valley Railway
203299: HIDDLE, LLOYD, & ALLAN STAINES - The Roof Building Manual 5th Edition
202115: HIEBERT, FREDRIK & PIERRE CAMBON (EDS.) - Afghanistan Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul
7448: HIGGINS, R.A. - Greek Terracottas
201647: HIGGINSON, WILLIAM J - Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac
97966: HIGGS, MATTHEW (INTRODUCTION) - Elizabeth Peyton
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89865: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction
43336: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Ripley's Game
40786: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Ripley's Game
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33099: HILDER, BRETT - The Voyage of Torres The Discovery of the Southern Coastline of New Guinea and Torres Strait by Capin Luis Baez de Torres in 1606
74551: HILDYARD, MILES (INTRODUCTION BY ANTHONY BEEVOR) - It Is Bliss Here Letters Home, 1939-1945
86871: HILL, ALAN - Hedley Verity A Portrait of a Cricketer
81023: HILL, GREG - Doc & Merle Watson - In Concert: DVD
74483: HILL, VALERIE - The Cazneaux Women
97876: HILL, MYRTLE & BRIAN TURNER & KENNETH DAWSON (EDS.) - 1798 Rebellion in County Down
39644: HILL, DAVID, DALE TURNER & DENIS KEVANS - Gallimaufry - signed copy A Galaxy of Paintings and Poems
87379: HILL, PETER, & NIGEL SIMEONE - Messiaen
75001: HILL, DRAPER (ED.) - Fashionable Contrasts Caricatures by James Gillray
76592: HILL-REID, W.S. - John Grant's Journey A Convict's Story, 1803-11
55137: HILL, DOUGLAS - The History of Ghosts, Vampires and Werewolves
42300: HILL, ERNESTINE - My Love Must Wait The Story of Matthew Flinders
69762: HILL, BARRY - The Rock: signed copy Travelling to Uluru
70477: HILL, C.P. - Who's Who in Stuart Britain
202722: HILL, ROSEMARY - God's Architect Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain
30010: HILL, POLLY, & RICHARD KEYNES (EDS.) - Lydia and Maynard The Letters of John Maynard Keynes and Lydia Lopokova
89127: HILL, DAVID - The Making of Australia - signed copy From a Tiny Struggling Convict Settlement to the Remarkable Nation it is Today
93977: HILL, ERNESTINE - Water into Gold
201653: HILLARY, EDMUND (MAPS BY A SPARK & ILLUS. GEORGE DJURKOVIC) - High Adventure: Our Ascent of Everest - 50th Anniversary edition
200933: HILLCOAT, JOHN - The Road: DVD
88161: HILLIER, J. - Japanese Colour Prints
200277: HILLIER, J. - The Japanese Print A New Approach
200410: HILLIER, BEVIS (ED.) - John Betjeman: A Life in Pictures
13673: HILLIER, J. - Utamaro Colour Prints and Paintings
86037: HILLIER, J. - Japanese Masters of the Colour Print A Great Heritage of Oriental Art
87362: HILLMAN, JIM - Amusement Parks
78352: HILLS, NICHOLAS - The English Fireplace Its Architecture and the Working Fire
76051: HILLYER, LAMBERT - The Toll Gate and His Bitter Pill: DVD
201759: HILTON, BOYD (J.M. ROBERTS, ED.) - A Mad, Bad, and Dangerous People? England 1783-1846 The New Oxford History of England
201968: HILTON, LISA - The Horror of Love Nancy Mitford and Gaston Palewski in Paris and London
32810: HINCHCLIFFE, JOHN AND BARBER, WENDY - Ceramic Style: Making and Decorating Patterned Ceramic Ware
73524: HINCKLEY, C.T. - A Day at the Bookbindery of Lippincott, Grambo, & Co.
89212: HINDEMITH, PAUL (NEW ZEALAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA W. FRANZ-PAUL DECKER) - Mathis der Maler Symphony/Noblissima Visione/Symphonic Metamorphosis: CD
61672: HINDRY, ANN - Christian Bonnefoi: signed by the artist
78785: HINES, BARRY - A Kestrel for a Knave
73026: HIPPOCRATES (LOUIS DURET, TRANS.) - Hippocratis Coi De Humoribus Purgandis Liber et De Diaeta Acutorum Libri Tres Cum Commentariis Integris Ludovici Dureti Segusiani
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14405: HIROSHIGE - One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
88506: HIRSCH, ANDREAS (ED.) - Hundertwasser: The Art of the Green Path
9094: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE - The Columbia Story The Complete History of the Studio and All Its Films
63202: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE - The Hollywood Musical
15437: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE - The Warner Bros. Story The Complete History of the Great Hollywood Studio. Every Warner Bros. Feature Film Described and Illustrated.
55313: HIRSCHMAN, JAKE (TRANSLATOR) - The Book of Noah
43621: HIRSH, JOHN C. - Barlam and Iosaphat A Middle English Life of Buddha
202981: HIRST, J.B. - Convict society and its enemies A history of early New South Wales
203457: HISCHAK, THOMAS - The Jerome Kern Encyclopedia
84229: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED (SIDNEY GOTTLIEB, ED.) - Hitchcock on Hitchcock
72534: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Spellbound: DVD
37023: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - North by Northwest: DVD
40601: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Psycho: DVD
72536: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Notorious: DVD
72662: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - To Catch a Thief: DVD
73051: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The Man Who Knew Too Much: DVD
61788: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Sabotage: DVD
93994: HITCHCOCK, JOHN T - The Magars of Banyan Hill: Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology series
37019: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Strangers on a Train: 2 DVD
64873: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The Birds: DVD
41901: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Vertigo: DVD
10742: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL - Rococo Architecture in Southern Germany
84192: HITCHCOCK O'CONNELL, PAT, & LAURENT BOUZEREAU - Alma Hitchcock The Woman Behind the Man
96575: HIXON, LEX - Great Swan: Meetings with Ramakrishna
62806: HJORTH, NOELA - Noela Hjorth Journey of a Fire Goddess
54098: HJORTSBERG, WILLIAM - Falling Angel
85904: HOARE, PHILIP - The Whale In Search of the Giants of the Sea
94666: HOBAN, RUSSELL (NICOLA BAYLEY, ILLUS.) - La Corona and the Tin Frog
200407: HOBAN, RUSSELL (ILLUS. QUENTIN BLAKE) - A Near Thing for Captain Najork
97577: HOBB, ROBIN - Assassin's Apprentice - Collector's edition
84354: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE - The Story of Gardening
63930: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE - Flower Gardens
81307: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE & CHRISTOPHER WOOD - Painted Gardens: English Watercolours 1850-1914
40330: HOBSBAWM, ERIC - Interesting Times A Twentieth Century Life
203328: HOBSBAWM, ERIC (INTRODUCTION BY OWEN JONES) - Primitive Rebels Studies in Archaic Forms of Social Movement in the 19th and 20th Centuries
97974: HOBSBAWM, E.J., & GEORGE RUDE - Captain Swing
203001: HOBSBAWM, ERIC - Uncommon People Resistance, Rebellion and Jazz
63802: HOBSBAWM, ERIC - On History
99441: HOBSBAWM, ERIC - Fractured Times Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century
98479: HOCHSCHILD, ADAM - To End All Wars A Story of Protest and Patriotism in the First World War
97871: HOCKING, GEOFF - Eureka Stockade: The Events Leading to the Attack in the Pre-Dawn of 3 December 1854 A Pictorial History
200016: HOCKNEY, DAVID - Some Very New Paintings
94828: HOCKNEY, DAVID - David Hockney's Dog Days
202780: HOCKNEY, DAVID - Photographs
93661: HODGE, SUSIE - Paul Klee Masterpieces of Art
72685: HODGE, JANE AIKEN - The Private World of Georgette Heyer
79653: HODGES, MIKE - Get Carter The Screenplay
84834: HODGINS, PHILIP - New Selected Poems
201901: HODGKIN, THOMAS - The Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire - Folio Society edition Volume VII - The Frankish Invasion 744-774
72953: HODGKINSON, LIZ - Peace and Purity The Story of the Brahma Kumaris: A Spiritual Revolution
39061: HODGKINSON, FRANK - Frank Hodgkinson's Kakadu and the Arnhem Landers
14269: HODGSON, GODFREY - A New Grand Tour How Europe's Great Cities Made Our World
41583: HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE - The House on the Borderland And Other Novels
72823: HODJASH, SVETLANA, & OLEG BERLEV (TRANS.) - The Egyptian Reliefs and Stelae in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
90034: HODSDON, DR. BARRETT - The Dawn of Cinema 1894-1915
80163: HODSON, GEOFFREY (SANDRA HODSON, ED.) - Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition
65752: HOEG, PETER (TRANS. F. DAVID) - Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow
71975: HOFF, URSULA - The National Gallery of Victoria
73594: HOFF, URSULA - The Art of Arthur Boyd
81885: HOFFMAN, EDWARD (ED.) - The Kabbalah Reader A Sourcebook of Visionary Judaism
99390: HOFFMAN, MICHAEL - The Last Station: DVD
78254: HOFMANN, WERNER (DELLA COULING, TRANS.) - Hundertwasser
56020: HOFMANN, WERNER - Art in the Nineteenth Century
92940: HOFMANNSTAHL, HUGO VON - Jedermann Das Spiel vom Sterben des Reichen Mannes; Eneuert
83538: HOFMEYR, GRAY - Jock of the Bushveld: DVD
75921: HOFSTADTER, DOUGLAS - Le Ton beau de Marot In Praise of the Music of Language
71071: HOFSTADTER, DAN - The Earth Moves Galileo and the Roman Inquisition
92326: HOFSTADTER, DOUGLAS & THE FLUID ANALOGIES RESEARCH GROUP - Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies
35429: HOFSTADTER, DOUGLAS R - Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid: 20th Anniversary Edition A Metaphorical Fugue on Minds and Machines in the Spirit of Lewis Carroll
35428: HOFSTADTER, DOUGLAS R - Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid A Metaphorical Fugue on Minds and Machines in the Spirit of Lewis Carroll
200694: HOGAN, TIM & CHRIS DEUTSHER - Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Australian Paintings
97942: HOGELAND, WILLIAM - Autumn of the Black Snake The Creation of the U.S. Army and the Invasion that Opened the West
202541: HOGG, MIN, & WENDY HARROP (CORTINA BUTLER, ET.AL., EDS.) - The World of Interiors A Decoration Book
77115: HOGG, JAMES - Confessions of a Justified Sinner - Everyman's Classic edition
81443: HOGREFE, JEFFREY - O'Keeffe: The Life of an American Legend
93870: HOGWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Music at Court - Folio Society edition
12859: HOLCOMB, ROSCOE - An Untamed Sense of Control: CD
83520: HOLCOMB, ROBIN - John Brown's Body: CD
11339: HOLDEN, ROBERT - Cover Up The Art of Magazine Covers in Australia
81377: HOLDEN, ROBERT - May Gibbs and Her Fantasy World: signed copy
100096: HOLDEN, ROBERT & JANE BRUMMITT - May Gibbs - More than a Fairy Tale: signed copy An Artistic Life
94460: HOLDEN, RAYMOND - Richard Strauss A Musical Life
87641: HOLDERREAD, DAVE - Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks Breeds; Care; Health
61668: HOLDSWORTH, SARA, ET.AL. - Innocence and Experience Images of Children in British Art from 1600 to the Present
99831: HOLIDAY, BILLIE - Stormy Blues: 2 LP
79012: HOLIDAY, BILLIE - Lady Day - The Ultimate Collection: 8 CD
60070: HOLIDAY, BILLIE - Lady Sings the Blues: CD
74285: HOLIDAY, BILLIE - The Ben Webster / Harry Edison Sessions: 2 CD
97861: HOLLAND, JOLIE & SAMANTHA PARTON - Wildflower Blues: CD
64441: HOLLAND, AGNESZKA - Secret Garden: DVD
94442: HOLLANDER, JOHN & DAVID LEHMAN (EDS.) - The Best American Poetry 1998
89440: HOLLANDER, STACY C & BROOKE DAVIS ANDERSON (CURATORS) - American Anthem: Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum
91560: HOLLANDS, DAVID - Owls: Journeys Around the World
86907: HOLLANDS, DAVID - Birds of the Night Owls, Frogmouths and Nightjars of Australia
94608: HOLLANDS, DAVID - Kingfishers & Kookaburras: Jewels of the Australian Bush
202269: HOLLICK, CLIVE - The Battle of Benburb 1646
32379: HOLLIDAY, IVAN, & GEOFFREY WATTON - A Field Guide to Banksias
50116: HOLLINGHURST, ALAN - The Line of Beauty
40469: HOLLINGSWORTH, BRIAN & ARTHUR COOK - The Great Book of Trains Featuring 310 Locomotives shown in more than 160 full-colour illustrations and 500 photographs
58732: HOLLIS, LEO - London Rising The Men Who Made Modern London.
79679: HOLLMANN, ECKHARD (ISHBEL FLETT, TRANS.) - Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn Erotic Sketches/Erotische Skizzen
66163: HOLLO, ANSELM - Sojourner Microcosms New & Selected Poems 1959-1977
95896: HOLM, ANNE (L.W. KINGSLAND, TRANS.) - I am David
63593: HOLME, BRYAN - The Kate Greenaway Book A Collection of Illustration, Verse and Text
48776: HOLME, CHARLES - The Art of the Book
38773: HOLME, BRYAN - Enchanted World The Magic of Pictures
94606: HOLMES, SANDRA LE BRUN - Yirawala Painter of the Dreaming
76138: HOLMES, RICHARD - Marlborough England's Fragile Genius
76690: HOLMES, SANDRA LE BRUN - Yirawala Painter of the Dreaming
99531: HOLMES, RICHARD - Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air
9203: HOLMES, GEORGE (ED.) - The Oxford History of Italy
96809: HOLMES, JOHN - The Age of Wonder How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science
33510: HOLMES, MARY TAVENER; JOSEPH FOCARINO (ED.) - Nicolas Lancret, 1690-1743
200284: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Lytton Strachey - two volumes The Unknown Years 1880 -1910 & The Years of Achievement 1910-1932
200280: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Lytton Strachey by Himself A Self Portrait
8578: HOLST, GAIL - Road to Rembetika Music of a Greek Sub-Culture, Songs of Love, Sorrow and Hashish
14795: HOLT, STEPHEN - A Short History of Manning Clark
96653: HOLT, PETER - Stars of India: Travels in Search of Astrologers and Fortune-Tellers
99104: HOLT, J.C. - Robin Hood - People's Hero or Lawless Marauder?
95268: HOM, KEN - Ken Hom Cooks Thai 130 Simple Thai Dishes from the King of Oriental Cooking
202481: HOMER (STANLEY LOMBARDO, TRANS. & ED.; INTRODUCTION BY SHEILA MURNAGHAN) - The Essential Homer Selections from the Iliad and The Odyssey
62052: HONAN, PARK - Shakespeare A Life
82108: HONEY, ELIZABETH - Princess Beatrice and the Rotten Robber
99187: HONOUR, HUGH - The Companion Guide to Venice
94664: HOOD, THOMAS (JOY FLINT, ED.) - Selected Poems
200681: HOOD, KENNETH (ED.) - The Arts in Australia: Pottery
85465: HOOD, EVELYN M - The Story of Scottish Country Dancing: The Darling Diversion
30694: HOOKE, S.H. - Middle Eastern Mythology
81030: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - Cook with the Hook - Live in 1974: DVD
80809: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - Motor City Blues Master: 4 CD
88766: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - Boom Boom - The Best of John Lee Hooker: 4 CD
65960: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - Boogie Chillun: 2 CD
90399: HOOKS, MARGARET - Tina Modotti
99023: HOOPER, TOBY & HOOPER, JULIANA - Australian Country Furniture
87084: HOOPER, MEREDITH - Doctor Hunger & Captain Thirst Stories of Australian Explorers
14546: HOPE, A.D. - Ladies from the Sea A play in three acts
52180: HOPE, A.D. (INTRO) - Siren and Satyr The Personal Philosophy of Norman Lindsay
80810: HOPKINS, LIGHTNIN' - The Houston Hurricane: 4 CD
83749: HOPKINS-JAMES, LEMUEL J - The Celtic Gospels: Their Story and Their Text
89628: HOPKINS, KEITH - A World Full of Gods Pagans, Jews and Christians in the Roman Empire
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40403: IBIMENI - Garifuna Traditional Music from Guatemala: CD
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92241: IDRIESS, ION L - Flynn of the Inland
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89398: IDRIESS, ION L - One Wet Season
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76600: IDRIESS, ION L. - Opals and Sapphires How to Work, Mine, Class, Cut, Polish and Sell Them
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63415: IDRIESS, ION L. - Tracks of Destiny
98839: IDRIESS, ION L. - Isles of Despair - signed
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84274: IDRIESS, ION L. - Isles of Despair
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77108: IDRIESS, ION L. (FRANK NORTON, ILLUS.) - Coral Sea Calling
92285: IDRIESS, ION L. - Gold-Dust and Ashes The Romantic Story of the New Guinea Goldfields
89425: IDRIESS, ION L. - One Wet Season
32733: IDRIESS, ION (TONY PYRZAKOWSKI, ILLUS.) - Ion Idriess's Greatest Stories - 3 volume set The Silver City; Lightning Ridge; The Desert Column; The Cattle King; Flynn of the Overland; & Lasseter's Last Ride
99015: IDRIESS, ION L - Man Tracks with the Mounted Police in Australian Wilds
89123: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Isaiah Berlin: A Life
30290: DAISAKU IKEDA (BURTON WATSON, TRANS.) - The Flower of Chinese Buddhism
37220: ILIFFE, JOHN - Africans The History of a Continent
202743: IMAMURA, SHOHEI - The Eel: DVD
202746: IMAMURA, SHOHEI - Warm Water Under the Bridge: DVD
99416: IMPEY, CHRIS, & HOLLY HENRY - Dreams of Other Worlds The Amazing Story of Unmanned Space Exploration
70686: IMPEY, OLIVER - Chinoiserie The Impact of Oriental Styles on Western Art and Decoration
73676: INAGAKI, HIROSHI - The Samurai Trilogy: 3 DVD
94656: INARRITU, ALEJANDRO G. - Birdman: DVD Or, The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance
90431: INCE, KATE - Georges Franju French Film Directors
94523: INGALLS, DANIEL H H (TRANS.) - An Anthology of Sanskrit Court Poetry Vidyakara's Subhasitaratnakosa
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45181: IONESCO, EUGENE (DONALD WATSON, TRANS.) - Plays - Volume Six "A stroll in the air"; "Frenzy for two".
85421: IONESCO, EUGENE (DONALD WATSON, TRANS.) - Plays - Volume III "The Killer", "Improvisation, or The Shepherd's Chameleon"; "Maid to Marry"
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52598: IORDACHE, TONI - Sounds from a Bygone Age Vol. 4: CD
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11568: IRELAND, DAVID - The Chosen
11569: IRELAND, DAVID - The Chosen
98310: IRELAND, DAVID - The Unknown Industrial Prisoner
34071: IRIGARAY, LUCE - Speculum de l'autre femme: collection "critique"
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90112: IRVING, JOHN - The World According to Garp New Introduction by the author
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14492: IRVING, JOHN - A Widow for One Year
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38549: ISAACS, JENNIFER - The Gentle Arts 200 Years of Australian Women's Domestic & Decorative Arts
9170: ISAACS, JENNIFER - Australian Dreaming 40,000 Years of Aboriginal History
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98116: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - An Artist of the Floating World
82559: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - The Remains of the Day
95822: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - The Buried Giant
10844: L'ISLE-ADAM, VILLIERS DE - Contes Cruels
79324: ISOBEL - Nanbaree
51491: D'ISRAELI, ISAAC - Curiosities of Literature & Miscellanies of Literature
58066: ITAMI, JUZO - Tampopo: DVD
75203: ITO, SETSUO - Earthscapture The Art of Setsuo Ito
89803: ITTNER, REBECCA - Candlemaking the Natural Way 312 projects made with soy, palm + beeswax
71497: IVES, CHARLES (NORTHERN SINFONIA WITH JAMES SINCLAIR) - Symphony No. 3: CD Washington's Birthday and Other Works
52225: IVES, COLTA, AND SUSAN ALYSON STEIN - Goya in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
61185: IVORY, HELEN - Sandra Leveson
51589: IWERKS, LESLIE AND KENWORTHY, JOHN - The Hand Behind the Mouse
41293: IYENGAR, B K S - Light on Life The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace and Ultimate Freedom
99377: IYENGAR, GEETA S., RITA KELLER & KERSTIN KHATTAB (FOREWORD BY B.K.S. IYENGAR) - Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood Safe Practice for Expectant & New Mothers
201769: IZZARD, SEBASTIAN - Hiroshige/Eisen: The Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kisokaido
74681: JABLONSKI, EDWARD, AND LAWRENCE D. STEWART - The Gershwin Years with an Introduction by Carl van Vechten
95261: JACKS, ROBERT - His Bloomsday Book - signed
86952: JACKSON, DONALD - The Story of Writing
99443: JACKSON, LEE - Dirty Old London The Victorian Fight Against Filth
98572: JACKSON, CHRISTINE E - Sarah Stone: Natural Curiosities from the New World
200421: JACKSON, JACQUELINE - James R. Jackson Art was his Life...
57181: JACKSON, STEPHEN - Koala Origins of an Icon
70405: JACKSON, MAHALIA - The World's Greatest Gospel Singer: CD
201511: JACKSON, JAKE (ED.) - Chinese Myths
32197: JACKSON, RADWAY - The Shorter Dictionary of Artists' Signatures
65775: JACKSON, JACQUELINE - James R. Jackson, Art was his Life...
67564: JACOBS, S W L & PICKARD, J - Plants of New South Wales A Census of the Cycads, Conifers and Angiosperms
203354: JACOBS, PETER - Aces of the Luftwaffe The Jagdflieger of the Second World War
88250: JACOBSEN, ROBERT D & NICHOLAS GRINDLEY - Classical Chinese Furniture in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
73784: JACOBSON, HOWARD - Whatever It Is I Don't Like It
70877: JACOBSON, HOWARD - The Finkler Question
55134: JACOBSON, NILS O. - Life Without Death? On Parapsychology, Mysticism and the Question of Survival.
96484: JACOBSON, ROGER A. - The Language of Uranian Astrology
92635: JACOBY, ALEXANDER (FOREWORD BY DONALD RICHIE) - A Critical Handbook of Japanese Film Directors From the Silent Era to the Present Day
64292: JACQUEMIN, RAPHEL - Medieval and Renaissance Fashion 90 Color Plates
86521: JACQUET, LUC - The Fox and the Child: DVD
63365: JACQUET, LUC - March of the Penguins: DVD
87363: JAFFE, DANIEL - Sergey Prokofiev
7367: JAFFE, MICHAEL - Van Dyck's Antwerp Sketchbook: two volumes
99526: JAGER, ERIC - Blood Royal: A True Tale of Crime and Detection in Medieval Paris
94698: JAGUER, EDOUARD - Les Mysteres de la Chambre Noire Le Surrealisme et la Photographie
99522: JAHER, DAVID - The Witch of Lime Street: Seance, Seduction and Houdini in the Spirit World
98908: JAMES, LAWRENCE - The Golden Warrior: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
31610: JAMES, RICHARD - Botticelli Florentine School
73061: JAMES, ETTA - Spoonful of Blues: CD
95632: JAMES, CLIVE - Gate of Liliacs A Verse Commentary on Proust
85321: JAMES, CLIVE (ILLUS. MARC) - Charles Charming's Challenges on the Pathway to the Throne A Royal Poem in Rhyming Couplets
96388: JAMES, HENRY - The Other House
201847: JAMES, LAWRENCE - The Rise and Fall of the British Empire - Folio Society edition
92266: JAMES, WILLIAM (INTRODUCED BY CHARLES TAYLOR) - The Varieties of Religious Experience - Folio Society edition A Study in Human Nature
80006: JAMES, SKIP - The Complete Early Recordings: CD
94378: JAMES, JAMIE - Pop Art Colour Library series
46968: JAMES, P.D. - Children of Men
75218: JAMES, P.D. - Cover Her Face - Folio Society edition Illustrations by Jonathan Burton
95198: JAMES, CLIVE - Latest Readings
75917: JAMES, P.D. - Original Sin
85674: JAMES, P.D. - Death Comes to Pemberley: signed copy
202994: JAMES, CLIVE - Poetry Notebook: 2006-2014
87277: JAMES, M.R. - Abbeys with an additional chapter on "Monastic Life and Buildings" by A. Hamilton Thompson...With One Hundred Illustrations by Photographic Reproduction, Fifty-six drawings, Thirteen Plans, Seven Colour Plates and Map
60469: JAMES, HENRY - English Hours
15269: JAMES, CLIVE - The Remake - inscribed copy
95302: JAMES, CLIVE - Unreliable Memoirs
60833: JAMES, ANTHONY - Language of the Heart
95811: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Indian Basketry Forms, Designs and Symbolism of Native American Basketry
95508: JAMES, CLIVE - Visions Before Midnight Television Criticism from the Observer 1972-76
95515: JAMES, CLIVE - The Crystal Bucket: signed copy Television Criticism from the Observer 1976-79
76578: JAMIESON, RICK - Canyons Near Sydney Fifth Edition
84130: JANITCH, VALERIE - The Kate Greenaway Doll Book
81103: JANSCH, BERT - Young Man's Blues: CD Live In Glasgow, 1962-1964
81659: JANSCH, BERT AND CONUNDRUM - Thirteen Down: CD
81654: JANSCH, BERT - The Guitar Artistry of Bert Jansch: DVD Conundrum In Concert 1980
64690: JANSON, THOR - In the Land of Green Lightning The World of the Maya
71211: JANSSON, TOVE - Moominpappa at Sea
86749: MAIJA JANSSON (ED.) - Proceedings in the Opening Session of the Long Parliament: Two Volumes - House of Commons Volume I: 3 November - 19 December 1640; Volume 2: 21 December 1640 - 20 March 1641
99370: JANSSON, TOVE (SOPHIE HANNAH, TRANS.) - The Dangerous Journey A Tale of Moomin Valley
42276: JANULEWICZ, MICHAEL - Traditional Home Book of Herbs
70515: JARDIN, ANDRE - Tocqueville A Biography
59473: JARDINE, LISA - The Awful End of Prince William the Silent The First Assassination of a Head of State with a Handgun
87967: JARDINE, LISA, & ALAN STEWART - Hostage to Fortune The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon 1561-1626
91857: JARDINE, DOUGLAS (FOREWORD BY JOHN ARLOTT) - In Quest of the Ashes Douglas Jardine's Classic Account of the 'Bodyline' Tour
8528: JARMAN, DOUGLAS - Kurt Weill An Illustrated Biography
80033: JARMUSCH, JIM - Broken Flowers: DVD
31853: JARMUSCH, JIM - Down by Law: 2 DVD
31856: JARMUSCH, JIM - Dead Man: DVD
56145: JARRELL, RANDALL - Jerome: The Biography of a Poem

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