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83127: VERNEY, PETER - Here Comes the Circus
88990: VERSO, JO - Picture It in Cross Stitch
95762: VERTOV, DZIGA (TRANS. KEVIN O'BRIEN & ED. ANNETTE MICHELSON) - Kino-Eye: The Writings of Dziga Vertov
13914: VESALA, EDWARD - Lumi: CD
95747: VIAN, BORIS (TRANS. MIKE ZWERIN & INTRO. MILES KINGTON) - Round about Close to Midnight: The Jazz Writings of Boris Vian
87332: VICO, GIAMBATTISTA (THORA ILIN BAYER & DONALD PHILLIP VERENE, EDS.) - Keys to the New Science Translations, Commentaries, and Essays
200347: VIDAL, GORE - The Judgment of Paris A Novel
200348: VIDAL, GORE - The Judgment of Paris A Novel
81267: VIDLER, KORDELIA & GRAEME DODD - The Rustic Charm: Colonial Rarities Exhibition Catalogue
33514: VIDLER, KORNELIA AND GRAEME DODD - 1998 Commemorative Collection of Fine Colonial Furniture
51585: VIDOCQ, FRANCOIS EUGENE - Memoirs of Vidocq: Master of Crime
73004: VIDOR, CHARLES - Gilda: DVD
93469: VIEIRA, MARK A. - Majestic Hollywood The Greatest Films of 1939
61267: VIEUX-CHAUVET, MARIE (ROSE-MYRIAM REJOUIS & VAL VINOKUR, TRANS.) - Love, Anger, Madness A Haitian Triptych
90705: VILLIERS, ALAN - The Quest of the Schooner Argus
33092: VILLIERS, A.J. - Voyage of the 'Parma': The great Grain Race of 1932 from Australia to Falmouth by way of Cape Horn
85687: VINCE, JOHN - Calligraphy: Creating Pictures
54827: VINCI, LEO - Gmicalzoma! An Enochian Dictionary It Means What It Says When You Know What It Means
45527: VINE, BARBARA - Gallowglass
96840: LA VIOLETTE, WESLEY - The Creative Light
87048: VIRDIS, CATERINA LIMENTANI & MARI PIETROGIOVANNA - Gothic and Renaissance Altarpieces
83450: VIREL, ANDRE (CHARLES & JOSETTE LENARS, ILLUS.; I. MARK PARIS, TRANS.) - Decorated Man The Human Body as Art
94707: VISCHER, THEODORA & HEIDI NAEF (EDS.) - Jeff Wall Catalogue Raisonne 1978-2004
31883: VISCONTI, LUCHINO - The Leopard: DVD
52189: VISSER, MARGARET - Much Depends on Dinner The Extraordinary History and Mythology, Allure and Obsessions, Perils and Taboos, of an Ordinary Meal.
33388: VIVALDI, ANTONIO (LE CONCERT DES NATIONS, MANFREDO KRAEMER & JORDI SAVALL) - La Viola da Gamba in Concerto: CD Viole e Violoncello "all'Inglese".
98871: VLASTO, A.P. - The Entry of the Slavs into Christendom An Introduction to the Medieval History of the Slavs
86477: VOAKE, CHARLOTTE (ILLUS.) - Over the Moon A Book of Nursery Rhymes
86179: VOIGT, DR. ULRIKE - Knitting for Little Feet: 40 Booties, Socks, and Slippers for Babies and Kids
85323: VOLIN, MICHAEL & NANCY PHELAN - The Spirit and Practice of Yoga
83304: VOLTA, ORNELLA (TRANS. MICHAEL BULLOCK; INTRO. JOHN CAGE) - Satie: Seen Through His Letters
71994: VOLTAIRE (H.I. WOOLF & WILFRID S. JACKSON, TRANS.; HENRY KEEN, ILLUS.) - Zadig, and other romances
82590: VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS-MARIE AROUET DE (ANTONIA WHITE, TRANS.; INTRODUCTION BY R. HATTON) - The History of Charles XII King of Sweden - Folio Society edition
15624: VONNEGUT, KURT - A Man Without a Country
74273: VONNEGUT, KURT - Breakfast of Champions
97819: VOSSLER, LT. HEINRICH AUGUST (WALTER WALLICH, TRANS.; CHRISTIAN-WILHELM VON FABER DU FAUR, ILLUS.) - With Napoleon in Russia, 1812 - Folio Society edition The diary of Lt. H.A. Vossler, a soldier of the Grand Army, 1812-1813
74782: DE VRIES, LEONARD (FOREWORD BY ARTHUR BRYANT) - Panorama, 1842-1865 The world of the early Victorians as seen through the eyes of the Illustrated London News
39637: DE VRIES, SUSANNA - Strength of Spirit & Strength of Purpose - Two Volumes Strong Pioneering Women in Australia
89282: DE VRIES-EVANS, SUSANNA - Historic Sydney as Seen By Its Early Artists
82357: VYAS, SATISH & SANJU SABAI - Cascade: Raga Jog: CD
61157: VYTRHLIK, JANA (ED.) - Precious Legacy Treasures from the Jewish Museum in Prague
95876: WAAL, EDMUND DE - The Hare with Amber Eyes A Hidden Inheritance
65104: WACHSMANN, SHELLEY - The Sea of Galilee Boat A 2000 Year Old Discovery From the Sea of Legends
97989: WADDELL, HELEN (TRANS.) - Lyrics from the Chinese
93256: WADE, PETER (ED.) - Every Australian Bird Illustrated
98904: WAERN, CECILIA - Mediaeval Sicily Aspects of Life and Art in the Middle Ages
81449: WAETZOLDT, WILHELM - Durer and His Times
200427: WAGNER, JENNY & KARL HOMES - Hannibal
65918: WAGNER, FRITS A. - Indonesia - Art of the World series The Art of An Island Group
96226: WAGNER, RICHARD (DIETER BORCHMEYER, ED.) - Richard Wagner - Ten Volumes Dichtungen und Schriften
89017: WAINE, C.V., & R.S. FENTON - Steam Coasters and Short Sea Traders
92700: WAINWRIGHT, ROBERT - Maverick Mountaineer George Ingle Finch, the wild colonial boy who took on the British Alpine establishment
86496: WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD - The Book of Ceremonial Magic The Secret Tradition in Goetia; Including the Rites and Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery and Infernal Necromancy
99555: WAITE, EDGAR R. (INTRODUCTION BY MICHAEL J. TYLER & MARK HUTCHINSON) - The Reptiles and Amphibians of South Australia
98874: WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD - The Hermetic Museum - Restored and Enlarged; Complete in One Volume Most faithfully instructing all Disciples of the Sopho-Spagyric Art how that Greatest and Truest Medicine of The Philosopher's Stone may be found and held. Now done into English from the Latin Original published at Frankfurt in the Year 1678. Containing Twenty-two most celebrated Chemical Tracts
97687: WAITITI, TAIKA - Hunt for the Wilderpeople: DVD
38205: WAITS, TOM - Big Time: CD
38202: WAITS, TOM - Bone Machine: CD
38203: WAITS, TOM - Swordfishtrombones: CD
38204: WAITS, TOM - Frank's Wild Years: CD
38576: WAITS, TOM - Rain Dogs: CD
95331: WAITS, TOM - Mule Variations: CD
72493: WAKEFIELD, S.A. (JULIE MAC, ILLUS.) - Captain Deadlight's Treasure - signed copy
92222: WAKEFIELD, S.A. (DESMOND DIGBY, ILLUS.) - Gumbles on Guard
94323: WAKOSKI, DIANE - The Collected Greed Parts 1-13
88294: WAKUDA, TETSUYA - Tetsuya
79492: WALCOTT, DEREK (EDWARD BAUGH, ED.) - Selected Poems
42018: WALCOTT, COLIN - Cloud Dance: CD
94437: WALCOTT, DEREK (GLYN MAXWELL, ED.) - The Poetry of Derek Walcott, 1948-2013
99529: WALD, ELIJAH - Dylan Goes Electric! Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night that Split the Sixties
99958: WALDRON, MAL & STEVE LACY - Sempre Amore: LP
99617: WALDRON, MAL - Blues for Lady Day - A Personal Tribute to Billie Holiday: LP
99623: WALDRON, MAL - The Whirling Dervish: LP
99639: WALDRON, MAL WITH STEVE LACY - One-Upmanship: LP
99641: WALDRON, MAL - Mingus Lives: LP
74723: THE TRUSTEES OF THE PUBLIC LIBRARY OF NEW SOUTH WALES - The Mitchell Library, Sydney Historical and Descriptive Notes
94686: WALEY, ARTHUR (TRANS.) - The Life and Times of Po Chu-i with translations of 100 New Poems
84910: WALEY, ARTHUR (TRANS.) - More Translations from the Chinese
94689: WALEY, ARTHUR (TRANS) - The No Plays of Japan
40005: WALEY, ARTHUR (TRANS.) - The Pillow-Book of Sei Shonagon
60327: WALKER, CHARLES - The Natural Wonders of the British Isles
56097: WALKER, PAUL ROBERT - The Feud that Sparked the Renaissance How Brunelleschi and Ghiberti Changed the Art World.
54249: WALKER, BENJAMIN - Man and the Beasts Within
7917: WALKER, ALICE - The Temple of My Familiar
89031: WALKER, MURRAY - Pioneer Crafts of Early Australia
85941: WALKER, SUSAN, & PETER HIGGS - Cleopatra of Egypt - From History to Myth
93007: WALKER, JOHN - Joseph Mallord WilliamTurner
86534: WALKER, RICHARD & HELEN - Curtin's Cowboys Australia's Secret Bush Commandos
56259: WALKER, JOHN - Constable The Library of Great Painters
83864: WALKER, ALLAN S. - Clinical Problems of War Australia in the War of 1939-1945
99553: WALKER, FRED M. - Ships & Shipbuilders Pioneers of Design and Construction
84004: WALKER, CLINTON - Buried Country The Story of Aboriginal Country Music
200401: WALKER, KATH (OODGEROO NOONUCCAL) - Father Sky and Mother Earth
99100: WALKER, FRED M - Ships & Shipbuilders: Pioneers of Design and Construction
97624: WALKER, FRANK - Ghost Platoon 39 Australian soldiers, Vietnam, 1969 - The army denied they existed; what were they trying to hide?
67008: WALKLEY, STEPHEN (ED.) - History of the Seventh Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Hawley's Brigade, Terry's Division Tenth Army Corps 1861-1865
88620: WALKOM, RICK - Skiing off the Roof - signed copy The Kosciusko Chalet at Chartlotte Pass and its place in the history of the Australian snowfields
76643: WALL, DON - Abandoned - signed copy Australians at Sandakan, 1945
98174: WALL, DOROTHY - Brownie: The Story of a Naughty Little Rabbit
51361: WALLACE, PHILIP B - Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia The Craftmanship of the Early Days of the Republic
93200: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - The Malay Archipelago
200043: WALLER, CHRISTIAN - The Gates of Dawn A Book Made for the Young
87965: WALLER, JOHN - Fabulous Science Fact and Fiction in the History of Scientific Discovery
81652: WALLER, FATS - The Essential Recordings: 2 CD
90621: WALLER, JOHN - A Time to Dance, A Time to Die The Extraordinary Story of the Dancing Plague of 1518
11807: WALLING, EDNA - Edna Walling's Year Ideas and Images from all Seasons
36892: WALLING, R.A.J. - Mr. Tolefree's Reluctant Witnesses
40802: WALLIS BUDGE, E.A. - The Mummy
92301: WALLIS BUDGE, E.A. - Egyptian Religion Ideas of the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
38818: WALLIS BUDGE, E.A. - Egyptian Magic
53523: WALLIS BUDGE, E A - The Egyptian Heaven & Hell
84546: WALSH, DEARBHLA - Esio Trot: DVD
84128: WALSH, KEVIN (PHOTOGRAPHY BY LAURETTA ZILLES) - Water-Saving in Australia
87390: WALSH, RAOUL - The Roaring Twenties: DVD
71001: WALSH, RAOUL - The Thief of Bagdad: DVD
97863: LITTLE WALTER - The Essential Recordings: CD
86683: WALTERS, DEREK - Chinese Astrology Interpreting the revelations of the Celestial Messengers
76228: WALTERS, DEREK - The Secrets of Chinese Astrology Hamlyn/Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., London, 2003.
7447: WALTERS, H.B. - The Art of the Greeks
94420: WALTERS, MICHAEL - A Concise History of Ornithology: The Lives and Works of its Founding Fathers
67460: WALTHER, INGO F. - Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Genius of the Century
61096: WALTON, STEWART AND SALLY - Folk Art Style and Design
66752: WAMPLER, JAN - All Their Own: People and the Places They Build
93697: KEPING WANG - Reading the Dao A Thematic Journey
96680: WANLESS, JAMES - Way of the Great Oracle: The Voyager Tarot
81060: WANTRUP, JONATHAN - Australian Rare Books, 1788-1900
31325: WANTRUP, JONATHAN - Australian Rare Books 1788-1900 and First News from Botany Bay: two volumes
96792: WARD, MARK - Universality The Underlying Theory behind Life, the Universe and Everything
55507: WARD, PETER AND SUSAN - In a Different Light Australian Artists Working in Italy.
92714: WARD, ANDREW - Our Bones are Scattered The Cawnpore Massacres and the Indian Mutiny of 1857
97814: WARD, COLIN - Chartres - Folio Society edition The Making of a Miracle
90376: WARD, ANDREW (RENNIE ELLIS, ILLUS.) - Railway Stations of Australia
93479: WARE, JEFF & KRIS HODGSON - The Touring Motorcycle
65471: WARE, DAVID S & QUARTET - Renunciation: CD
92453: WARGNIER, REGIS - Indochine: DVD
99422: WARK, MCKENZIE - 50 Years of Recuperation of the Situationist International
97131: WARLOCK, PETER (MIKE CAVENEY, ED.) - Buatier de Kolta - limited edition Genius of Illusion; Magical Pro-Files series, number 5
87612: WARNER, CARL - Sensing the Surface: Images 1995-2005
7417: WARNER, LANGDON - Japanese Sculpture of the Tempyo Period Masterpieces of the Eighth Century
73080: WARNER, MARINA - The Leto Bundle A Novel
15743: WARNER, OLIVER (ELIZABETH LONGFORD, ED.) - Nelson - Great Lives series Introduction by Elizabeth Longford
71709: WARNER, MARINA - Indigo Or Mapping the Waters
89892: WARNER, MARINA (QUEEN VICTORIA, ILLUS.) - Queen Victoria's Sketchbook
90544: WARNER, SIR PELHAM - Cricket Between Two Wars
90566: WARNER, SIR PELHAM - Long Innings: The Autobiography of Sir Pelham Warner
88919: WARNER, PEGGY AND DENIS - The Great Road Japan's Highway to the Twentieth Century
98923: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - Selected Stories
81441: WARR, TRACEY, & AMELIA JONES (EDS.) - The Artist's Body
63643: WARREN, PAUL - Caleb Beldragon's Chronicle of the Three Counties
94907: WARREN, DAVID, J - Old Medical and Dental Instruments
79869: WARREN, JANE (ED.) - Botanica's 100 Best Annuals For Your Garden
93838: WARREN, W L - King John
92657: WARREN, W.L. - King John Yale English Monarchs series
92242: WARWICK, ALEXANDER, ED. (INTRODUCTION BY WILLIAM GRANT) - Chambers Scots Dictionary serving as a glossary for Ramsay, Ferguson, Burns, Scott, Galt, minor poets, kailyard novelists, and a host of other writers of the Scottish tongue
200212: WASHINTON, JUDY - Artists of Lane Cove
41800: WASSING, R.S. - African Art Its Background and Traditions
11695: WATEN, JUDAH - Alien Son: Australian Classics edition
80017: WATERFIELD, ROBIN - Why Socrates Died Dispelling the Myths
93311: WATERFIELD, POLLY & TIMOTHY KRAEMER (ED.) - Gypsy Jazz: Songs and Dances from across Europe for Violin with Piano Intermediate Level
99521: WATERFIELD, ROBIN - Taken at the Flood The Roman Conquest of Greece
92552: WATERFIELD, ROBIN - Hidden Depths The Story of Hypnosis
96754: WATERFIELD, ROBIN - Hidden Depths The Story of Hypnosis
76735: WATERHOUSE, E.G. (ADRIAN FEINT & PAUL JONES, ILLUS.) - Camellia Quest - signed copy
200297: WATERHOUSE, D.B. - Harunobu and His Age The Development of Colour Printing in Japan
31625: WATERHOUSE, ELLIS - Italian Baroque Painting
80074: WATERHOUSE, E.K. (NIKOLAUS PEVSNER, ED.) - Painting In Britain 1530 to1790 - The Pelican History of Art Series
80814: WATERS, PATTY - Sings: CD
81019: WATERS, MUDDY - In Concert 1971: DVD featuring George "Harmonica" Smith; includes "Muddy Waters at the Newport Jazz Festival, 1960".
74015: MUDDY WATERS - Got My Mojo Working: 4 CD The Best of Muddy Waters
80801: WATERS, MUDDY - Steppin' Stone: 4 CD
57022: WATERS, MARY YUKARI - The Laws of Evening
95790: WATERSON, JAMES - Defending Heaven China's Mongol Wars, 1209-1370
80989: THE WATERSONS - Early Days: CD
52549: THE WATERSONS - Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy: CD
93961: WATKIN, W THOMPSON - Roman Cheshire: A Description of Roman Remains in the County of Chester
59919: WATKINS, NICHOLAS - Behind the Mirror: Aime Maeght and His Artists Bonnard Matisse, Miro, Calder, Giacometti, Braque
86185: WATKINS, GLENN - The Gesualdo Hex: Music, Myth, and Memory
61279: WATKINS, SUSAN (MARK FIENNES, PHOTOS) - Mary Queen of Scots
200281: WATKINS, VERNON (ED.) - Dylan Thomas Letters to Vernon Watkins
76033: WATKINS, DICK - Dick Watkins "better git it in your soul"
34879: WATKINSON, RAY - William Morris as Designer
81707: WATSON, NORMAN - Poet McGonagall The Biography of William McGonagall
55116: WATSON, LYALL - Gifts of Unknown Things
95379: WATSON, DON - The Bush: Travels in the Heart of Australia
81018: WATSON, DOC - Rare Performances, 1982-1993: DVD featuring Merle Watson, Ricky Skaggs, T. Michael Coleman, Mark O'Connor, Tony Rice, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Bela Fleck & Others
61943: WATSON, RODERICK & GRAY, MARTIN - The Penguin Book of the Bicycle
89907: WATSON, DON - Caledonia Australis: Scottish highlanders on the frontier of Australia
72443: WATSON, NIGEL (JANE USSHER, ILLUS.) - Still Life Inside the Antarctic Huts of Scott and Shackleton
93815: WATSON, FRANCIS - A Concise History of India
82689: WATSON, WILLIE - Folk Singer - Vol. 1: CD
97857: WATSON, WILLIE - Folk Singer - Vol. 2: CD
89225: WATSON, JAMES D. - The Double Helix - Introduction by Sylvia Nasar A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA
55195: WATSON, LYALL - The Romeo Error A Matter of Life and Death
89072: WATSON, JAMES D. (ED.) - Darwin - The Indelible Stamp Four Essential Volumes in One
30902: WATSON, DON - Death Sentence The Decay of Public Language
95029: WATSON, BURTON (TRANS.) - The Lotus Sutra
33785: WATSON SHARP, W (TEXT) & SMOLICZ, RICHARD A. - Australia's Early Dwellings and Churches
38999: WATTEAU, ANTOINE - Painting and Drawings from Soviet Museums
83061: WATTS, C.H.S., & H.J. ASLIN - The Rodents of Australia
42260: WATTS, PETER - The Gardens of Edna Walling
86769: WAUGH, EVELYN - Helena A Novel
83751: WAUGH, EVELYN - Scoop
83623: WAUGH, EVELYN - Black Mischief A Novel
57021: WAUGH, JOAN - U.S. Grant American Hero, American Myth
68067: WAUGH, EVELYN - Officers and Gentlemen
78428: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold A Conversation Piece
38392: WAUGH, EVELYN - Love Among the Ruins: A Romance of the Near Future With decorations by various eminent hands including the author's
94146: WAUGH, EVELYN - Black Mischief A Novel
71056: WAUGH, EVELYN - Officers and Gentlemen
83758: WAUGH, EVELYN - Sword of Honor
83750: WAUGH, EVELYN - Vile Bodies
99012: WAUGH, EVELYN - Brideshead Revisited The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder
86086: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Loved One
89683: WAUGH, EVELYN (INTRODUCTION BY FREDERIC RAPHAEL; LEONARD ROSOMAN, ILLUS.) - Brideshead Revisited - Folio Society edition The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Chares Ryder
83622: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put Out More Flags A Novel
98822: WAUGH, EVELYN - Unconditional Surrender A Novel; The Conclusion of "Men At Arms" and "Officers and Gentlemen"
83624: WAUGH, EVELYN - Scoop A Novel
42129: WEARE, PATRICIA - Australian Wildflowers
96135: WEATHERFORD, JACK - The Secret History of the Mongol Queens
93662: WEAVER, JANICE (CHRIS LANE, ILLUS.) - Harry Houdini The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape Artist
33107: WEAVER, WILLIAM; CHUSID, MARTIN (EDS) - The Verdi Companion
87119: THE TANNAHILL WEAVERS - Capernaum: CD
85730: THE TANNAHILL WEAVERS - Live and In Session: CD
84793: WEBB, VIRGINIA-LEE - Perfect Documents Walker Evans and African Art, 1935
83408: WEBB, PETER, & ROBERT SHORT - Hans Bellmer
72028: WEBERN, ANTON (ROBERT CRAFT, TWENTIETH CENTURY CLASSICS ENSEMBLE, PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA) - Vocal and Orchestral Works: CD Ricercarta, Five Pieces, Five Sacred Songs, Variations
65964: WEBSTER, BEN & ART TATUM - Ben Webster & Art Tatum Quartet: CD
36010: WEBSTER, E M - The Moon Man A Biography of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay
41952: WEBSTER, GRAHAM - Boudica The British Revolt against Rome AD 60
68886: WEBSTER, E M - Whirlwinds in the Plain Ludwig Leichhardt - Friends, Foes & History
97175: WEBSTER, RICHARD - Chinese Numerology The Way to Prosperity and Fulfillment
39328: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH, WITH RUTH BRANDON - The Lost World of the Great Spas
42294: WEDGWOOD, C.V. - Thomas Wentworth, First Earl of Stratford, 1593-1641 A Revaluation
83147: WEEKES, TREVOR - The Teach Your Chicken to Fly Training Manual
32470: WEEKS, JEANNE G.; TREGANOWAN, DONALD - Rugs and Carpets of Europe and the Western World
92220: WEIDENSAUL, SCOTT - Snakes of the World
86201: WEIGHT, GREG - Australian Artists: signed copy
95467: WEIL, SIMONE (SIMON LEYS, TRANS.) - On the Abolition of All Political Parties - signed by the translator
72449: WEIL, CLAUDIA & THOMAS - Geometric Ornament: In Architecture, Art and Design
89014: WEILAND, BARBARA - Oh! Christmas Trees
52097: WEILL, KURT (DAVID ATHERTON & THE LONDON SINFONIETTA; DICKINSON, LIDDELL, THOMAS, LANGRIDGE, LUXON, PARTRIDGE, RIPPON) - Mahagonny Songspiel, Kleine Dreigroschenmusik, Pantomime, Vom Tod im Wald, Berliner Requiem, Violinkonzert, Happy End: 3 LP
52105: WEILL, KURT AND BERTOLT BRECHT (LOTTE LENYA) - Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny: 3 LP
83574: WEINE, ROBERT - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: DVD
85564: WEINER, ANDREW - The Byrds
15750: WEINER, MARGERY - The Sovereign Remedy Europe after Waterloo
98508: WEINMAN, SARAH (ED.) - Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1940s
90111: WEINMAN, SARAH (ED.) - Women Crime Writers - Four Suspense Novels of the 1940s "Laura"; "The Horizontal Man"; "In a Lonely Place" & "The Blank Wall"
98509: WEINMAN, SARAH (ED.) - Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1950s
59950: WEIR, PETER - Witness: DVD
89675: WEIR, ALISON - Katherine Swynford The Story of John of Gaunt and his Scandalous Duchess
92841: WEIR, ALISON - The Princes in the Tower
99192: WEIR, PETER - The Truman Show: DVD
41628: WEIR, PETER - Picnic at Hanging Rock: DVD
90293: WEIR, ALISON - Elizabeth of York A Tudor Queen and Her World
82719: WEIR, ALISON - Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley
69154: WEISMAN, ALAN - The World Without Us
71152: WEISS, JEFFREY, ET.AL. - Picasso The Cubist Portraits of Fernande Olvier
85441: WEISS, PETER (GEOFFREY SKELTON, TRANS.) - Trotsky in Exile
76350: WEISS, PETER (GEOFFREY SKELTON, TRANS.) - The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade
99026: WEISS, PEG - Kandinsky and Old Russia: The Artist as Ethnographer and Shaman
88309: WEISS, PETER (LEE BAXANDALL & GEOFFREY SKELTON, TRANS.) - Two Plays - "Song of the Lusitanian Bogey" & "Discourse on the Progress of the Prolonged War of Liberation in Viet Nam and the Events Leading Up to It as Illustration of the Necessity for Armed Resistance Against Oppression and on the Attempts of the United States of America to Destroy the Foundations of Revolution"
88606: WEITZMAN, DAVID - Old Ironsides: Americans Build a Fighting Ship
86963: WEITZMANN, KURT - Illustrations in Roll and Codex: A Study of the Origin and Method of Text Illustration
86954: WEITZMANN, KURT - Late Antique and Early Christian Book Illumination
13651: WELCH, GILLIAN - Hell Among the Yearlings: CD
13650: WELCH, GILLIAN - Soul Journey: CD
30585: WELCH, GILLIAN - Time (The Revelator): CD
82421: WELCH, EVELYN - Shopping in the Renaissance
13652: WELCH, GILLIAN - Revival: CD
92808: WELCH, GILLIAN - Boots No.1: The Official Revival Bootleg: CD
51717: WELCH, GILLIAN - The Revelator Collection: DVD
65277: WELCH, GILLIAN - The Harrow and the Harvest: CD
99931: WELLES, ORSON - The Trial: DVD
61453: WELLES, ORSON - The Lady from Shanghai: DVD
51449: WELLES, ORSON - F for Fake: DVD
86955: WELLESZ, EMMY (ED.) - The Vienna Genesis The Library of Illuminated Manuscripts
57014: WELLINGS, H.P. - Benjamin Boyd in Australia (1842-1849) Shipping Magnate; Merchant; Banker; Pastoralist and Station Owner; Member of the Legislative Council; Town Planner; Whaler
86256: WELLMAN, WILLIAM - Public Enemy: DVD
99452: WELLS, DAVID - Games and Mathematics Subtle Connections
94556: WELLS, ANNE E. (E. JAMES WELLS, ILLUS.) - This Their Dreaming Legends of the Panels of Aboriginal Art in the Yirrkala Church
30056: WELLS, WILLIAM HENRY - A Geographical Dictionary; or, Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies Their Physical and Political Geography, together with a brief notice of all the capitals, principal towns and villages; also of rivers, bays, gulfs, mountains, population and general statistics. Illustrated with numerous maps and drawings.
97751: WELLS, H.G. (INTRO. TIM HEALD & ILLUS. JONATHAN HITCHEN) - Short Stories: Folio Society edition
31869: WENDERS, WIM - Wings of Desire: DVD
88293: WENDERS, WIM; PETER-KLAUS SCHUSTER AND NICOLE HARTJE - Pictures from the Surface of the Earth
35708: WENTWORTH, W C - Statistical, Historical and Political Description of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependent Settlements in Van Diemen's Land
200216: WERNER, ALFRED (INTRO.) - The Graphic Works of Odilon Redon
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88560: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Bradman An Australian Hero
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93306: WILLIAMS, JESSICA (ED.) - 100 Graded Violin Solos Includes Hit Songs by The Beatles; Coldplay; Oasis; Elvis Presley; KT Tunstall; James Blunt; Frank Sinatra; Andrew Lloyd Webber; Jeff Buckley and many more.
83416: WILLIAMS, MICHAEL - Deforesting the Earth From Prehistory to Global Crisis - An Abridgment
83348: WILLIAMS, MARTIN - The Jazz Tradition
93597: WILLIAMSON, LEXIE - Yoga for Runners
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71962: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Golden Virgin
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86571: WILLIAMSON, EDWIN - Borges A Life
96916: WILLIS, SAM (FOREWORD BY N.A.M. RODGER) - Fighting Ships 1850-1950
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96313: WILLIS, SAM - The Glorious First of June Fleet Battle in the Reign of Terror
88386: WILLIS, SAM - Shipwreck A History of Disasters at Sea
84421: WILLIS, JOHN - Churchill's Few: The Battle of Britain Remembered
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40658: WILLS, JOHN E. - Mountain of Fame Portraits in Chinese History
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85098: WILSON, CLIFF (TEXT: CHRISTOPHER RUSH) - Where the Clock Stands Still: The East Neuk of Fife
92522: WILSON, BOB - Stanley Bagshaw and the Short-Sighted Football Trainer
62329: WILSON, ROBERT (DOUGLASS BAGLIN, ILLUS.) - Great Houses of Australia
99927: WILSON, TEDDY - Sunny Morning - Vol.3: LP
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38400: WILSON, ANGUS - The Old Men at The Zoo
67203: WILSON, DEREK - Peter the Great
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81726: WILSON, ANDREW - Mad Girl's Love Song Sylvia Plath and Life before Ted
54533: WILSON, EDWIN - The Wishing Tree A guide to memorial trees, statues and fountains in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Domain and Centennial Park, Sydney
97948: WILSON, BRIAN, & BEN GREENMAN - I am Brian Wilson The Genius Behind the Beach Boys
59822: WILSON, BOB - Googlies Nutmegs & Bogeys The Origins of Peculiar Sporting Lingo
89500: WILSON, MARYLAND, & DAVID B. CROFT - Kangaroos Myths and Realities
92521: WILSON, BOB - Stanley Bagshaw and the Mafeking Square Cheese Robbery
90124: WILSON, MARGARET DAULER (TED HONDERICH, ED.) - Descartes The Arguments of the Philosophers series
32247: WILSON-BAREAU, JULIET (ED.) - Manet - The Execution of Maximilian Painting, Politics and Censorship
52686: WILSON, COLIN - The Space Vampires
93692: WILSON, EMILY - The Greatest Empire A Life of Seneca
74521: WILSON, A.N. - After the Victorians The Decline of Britain in the World
33078: WILSON, ANGUS - The Naughty Nineties
87339: WILSON, VICTORIA - A Life of Barbara Stanwyck Steel-True 1907-1940
32491: WILTGEN, RALPH M. - The Founding of the Roman Catholic Church in Oceania 1825 to 1850
80752: WILTON, ELIZABETH (ILLUS. RICHARD KENNEDY) - Red Ribbons and Mr Anders
32007: WILTON-ELY, JOHN - The Mind and Art of Giovanni Battista Piranesi
92126: WILTON, ANDREW - J.M.W.Turner: His Art and Life
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95192: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Pacific: The Ocean of the Future
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87919: WINCHESTER, KENNETH, & PIERRE LEVEILLE (EDS.) - Shaker Furniture - The Art of Woodworking series
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56801: WINCHESTER, KENNETH, & PIERRE LEVEILLE (EDS.) - Cabinetmaking - The Art of Woodworking series
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91378: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Alice Behind Wonderland
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87910: WINCHESTER, KENNETH, & PIERRE LEVEILLE (EDS.) - Classic American Furniture - The Art of Woodworking series
42880: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded 27th August 1883
73916: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Alice Behind Wonderland
34214: WINDYBANK, SUSAN - Wild Sex All You Want to Know about the Birds and the Bees
200412: WINGLER, HANS M (ED.) (TRANS. GERALD ONN) - Graphic Work from the Bauhaus
9833: WINGROVE, KEITH (ED.) - Norman Lindsay's Bears
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76984: WINNINGHAM, GEOFF (PHOTOS) & RICHARD RODRIGUEZ (INTRO.) & J M G LE CLEZIO - In the Eye of the Sun Mexican Fiestas
200496: WINSER, KEITH (ED.) - The Australian Monthly Motor Manual, Volume 6 - No.71
98036: WINTER, DENIS - Death's Men Soldiers of the Great War
43659: WINTERICH, JOHN T - Early American Books & Printing
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62614: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - The Stone Gods
14489: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Art & Lies
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11798: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Art Objects Essays on Ecstasy and Effrontery
94416: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
11223: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - The.PowerBook
92579: WINTON, TIM - Eyrie A Novel
94729: WINTON, TIM - Dirt Music
90344: WINTON, TIM - Breath - signed limited edition
94665: WINTON, TIM - Breath
81177: WINTON, TIM - Eyrie - signed copy
90528: WINTON, TIM - Breath - signed limited edition
8912: WINTON, TIM - The Turning
89056: WINTON, TIM - Blueback A Fable for All Ages
15659: WINTON, TIM - The Riders
94438: WINTON, TIM - Island Home: A Landscape Memoir
77176: WINTON, TIM - Eyrie
95502: WINTON, TIM - The Boy Behind the Curtain
84237: WIRT, JOHN - Huey "Piano" Smith and the Rocking Pneumonia Blues
11265: WISCHHUSEN, STEPHEN (INTRO.) - The Hour of One Six Gothic Melodramas
93215: WISDEN (PREFACE BY GRAEME WRIGHT; PETER ROEBUCK, ED.) - Cricketers' Almanack Australia 1998
98016: WISDEN (PREFACE BY WARWICK FRANKS, ED.) - Cricketers' Almanack Australia 2002-03 - Fifth edition
82012: WISE, ROBERT, & JEROME ROBBINS - West Side Story: DVD
78971: WISER, WILLIAM - The Crazy Years Paris in the Twenties
97187: WITCHELL, NICHOLAS - The Loch Ness Story
61106: WITCOMB, NAN (BRUCE SWANN, ILLUS.) - The Thoughts of Nanushka Volumes I - VI
81392: WITHERS, WALTER (ANDREW MACKENZIE, ED.) - The Forgotten Manuscripts
82295: WITHERSPOON, JIMMY - Urban Blues Singing Legend: 4 CD
7317: WITTKOWER, RUDOLF & MARGOT - The Divine Michelangelo - The Florentine Academy's Homage on His Death in 1564 A Facsimile Edition of Esequie del Divino Michelagnolo Buonarroti Florence, 1564
99067: WITTKOWER, RUDOLF (PINO GUIDOLOTTI, ILLUS.) - Bernini The Sculptor of the Roman Baroque
78590: WITTON, LT. GEORGE - Scapegoats of the Empire The True Story of Breaker Morant's Bushveldt Carbineers
34334: SILLY WIZARD - Caledonia's Hardy Sons: CD
80248: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Money in the Bank
78294: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mr Mulliner Speaking
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37328: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Something Fresh
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89862: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mr Mulliner Speaking
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74219: WOHL, ROBERT - The Spectacle of Flight Aviation and the Western Imagination 1920-1950.
82280: WOLF, ROBERT ERICH, & RONALD MILLEN - Renaissance and Mannerist Art Panorama World of Art series
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91473: WOLFE, TOM - From Bauhaus to Our House
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82794: WOLFF, GEOFFREY - The Hard Way Around: signed copy The Passages of Joshua Slocum
73910: WOLFF, GEOFFREY - The Hard Way Around The Passages of Joshua Slocum
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83464: WOLLNY, MICHAEL - Weltentraum Live with the Berlin Philharmonic: CD
86596: WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY (JANET TODD, ED.) - The Collected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft
99667: WOLOHOJIAN, STEPHAN, WITH ANNA TAHINCI - A Private Passion 19th-Century Paintings and Drawings from the Grenville L. Winthrop Collection, Harvard University
57893: LITTLE WOMEN - Throat: CD
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90815: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM (JOHN O. HAYDEN, ED.) - The Poems - Volume One
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92482: WRAY, CHRISTOPHER - Art Nouveau Lamps & Fixtures of James Hinks & Son
8776: WRIGHT, JUDITH (PATRICIA CLARKE, ED.) - Half a Lifetime
83155: WRIGHT, ISABEL DIBDEN - Making Your Own Patchwork and Quilting
92903: WRIGHT, JUDITH - The Other Half
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93955: WRIGLEY, E A & R S SCHOFIELD - The Population History of England 1541-1871 A Reconstruction
60550: WU, DI - Australian Artist Di Wu Contemporary Art Works
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94756: WYETH, ANDREW (INTRO. THOMAS HOVING) - Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography With Commentaries by Andrew Wyeth as told to Thomas Hoving
72655: WYLER, WILLIAM - Roman Holiday: DVD
92461: WYNDHAM, JOHN - The Midwich Cuckoos
92460: WYNDHAM, JOHN - The Day of the Triffids
80929: WYNDHAM-READ, MARTIN - Emu Plains: CD Fellside's 25th Anniversary Reissue Series
99131: WYNDHAM, JOHN - The Chrysalids
98814: WYNDHAM, JOHN - The Man from Beyond And Other Stories
33333: XAUDARO, J - The Perils of Flight
76681: XENAKIS, IANNIS (NEW LONDON CHAMBER CHOIR) - Medea; Nuits; Knephas; Serment; A Colone: CD
32120: XINGJIAN, GAO (MABEL LEE, TRANS.) - Soul Mountain
51373: XURIGUERA, GERARD (TEXT) - Oscar Dominguez
99822: HESPERION XX - Llibre Vermell de Montserrat: LP
32914: HESPERION XXI - Diaspora Sefardi: 2 CD
98999: YAGODA, BEN - The B-Side: The Death of Tin Pan Alley and the Rebirth of the Great American Song
84992: YALOM, MARILYN - A History of the Wife
85847: YALOM, MARILYN - Blood Sisters The French Revolution in Women's Memory
61936: YAMADA, YOJI - The Twilight Samurai: DVD
94469: YAMADA, SHOJI (TRANS. EARL HARTMAN) - Shots in the Dark: Japan, Zen, and the West
81967: YAMAGA, HIROYUKI - Royal Space Force (aka The Wings of Honneamise): DVD
98548: YAMAMOTO, JUNSUN - The Beauty of Bonsai: A Guide to Displaying and Viewing Nature's Exquisite Sculpture
31873: YAMMOTO, SATSIO - Zatoichi the Outlaw: DVD
88167: YANG, LIU & EDMUND CAPON - Fragrant Space; Chinese Flower and Bird Painting of the Ming and Qing Dynasties from the Guangdong Provincial Museum
99602: YANNATOU, SAVINA & PRIMAVERA EN SALONICO - Songs of Thessaloniki: CD
12014: YAPP, NICK - The Hulton Getty Picture Collection: 1960's
46810: YARWOOD, DOREEN - The Architecture of Britain
14565: YARWOOD, A.T. - From a Chair in the Sun The Life of Ethel Turner
200051: YARWOOD, A.T. - Growing Up in the First Fleet - signed
81176: YATES, FRANCES A - Renaissance and Reform: The Italian Contribution: Collected Essays Volume II
41579: YATES, FRANCES - The French Academies of the Sixteenth Century
91104: YATES, BROCK - Outlaw Machine: Harley-Davidson and the Search for the American Soul
61687: YAU, JOHN - Brice Marden A Vision of the Unsayable
72508: YEATS, W.B. (NORAH MCGUINNESS, ILLUS.) - Stories of Red Hanrahan and The Secret Rose
70110: YEATS, W B (RICHARD J. FINNERAN, ED) - John Sherman and Dhoya The Collected Works of W B Yeats Volume XII
98903: YEATS, W.B. - The Collected Poems
68071: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - Synge and the Ireland of his Time with a Note Concerning a Walk through Connemarra with Him by Jack Butler Yeats
64270: YEATS, W B (RICHARD J. FINNERAN & GEORGE BORNSTEIN, EDS.) - Early Essays The Collected Works of W B Yeats, Volume IV
95856: YEH, CATHERINE - Shanghai Love Courtesans, Intellectuals & Entertainment Culture, 1850-1910
57396: YELDHAM, JOSHUA - Solitude's Bride - signed copy
84233: ZHOU LONG & CHEN YI - Wild Grass: CD
90773: ZHANG YIMOU - Ju-dou: DVD
88813: ZHANG YIMOU - The Flowers of War: DVD
73685: ZHANG YIMOU - Red Sorghum: DVD
73156: YIMOU, ZHANG - A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop: DVD
79930: YIN-BEN, LIANG - Chinese Landscape Painting in Ink
90744: YING, CHRIS & THE EDITORS OF LUCKY PEACH (TIM LAHAN, ILLUS.) - The Wurst of Lucky Peach A treasury of encased meat
96935: YIP, VIRGINIA & STEPHEN MATTHEWS - Basic Cantonese: A Grammar and Workbook
92474: YONEZAWA, YOSHIHO & MICHIAKI KAWAKITA (GEORGE C HATCH, TRANS.) - Arts of China - Paintings in Chinese Museums New Collections: Volume III
78893: YOSHIKAWA, EIJI (WILLIAM SCOTT WILSON, TRANS.) - Taiko An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan
34252: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA (MICHAEL EMMERICH, TRANS.) - Hardboiled & Hard Luck
52583: YOSHIMURA, NANAE - The Art of the Koto Vol. 2: CD From Yatsuhashi to Miyagi
52584: YOSHIMURA, NANAE - The Art of the Koto Vol. 3: CD Works for Nijugen
50020: YOUNG, GAVIN (ILLUSTRATED BY SALIM) - Slow Boats to China
94852: YOUNG, LARRY - Unity: CD
15884: YOUNG, PETER - Tortoise
62912: YOUNG, JOHN - Silhouettes and Polychromes
75450: YOUNG, HILARY (INTRO.) - V&A Floral Borders
79948: YOUNG, ROBERT AND FRED SCHEPISI - Fierce Creatures: DVD
88868: YOUNGBLOOD, WAYNE L - Native Land Native People from the Edward S Curtis Collection
33536: YOUNGER, R.M. - Kangaroo: Images through the Ages
8044: YU, LU K'UAN - Ch'an and Zen Teaching: Third Series
36426: YU, OUYANG - The Eastern Slope Chronicle
73698: YUILL W.M., J.G., ET.AL. - Jubilee History of Lodge Wentworth, 1881-1931 No.89 on the Register of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales
81319: YUN, QIAN - Classical Chinese Gardens
82021: ZALESKI, CAROL & PHILIP (ED.) - The Book of Heaven: An Anthology of Writings from Ancient to Modern Times
51926: ZAMFIR, GHEORGHE - Roumanian Flutes: 2 LP
69230: ZAMIR, DANIEL - Children of Israel: CD
92869: ZAMOYSKI, ADAM - Holy Madness: Romantics, Patriots, and Revolutionaries, 1776-1871
65016: ZAMOYSKI, ADAM - Warsaw 1920 - signed by the author Lenin's Failed Conquest of Europe
87873: ZANGGER, EBERHARD - The Flood from Heaven Deciphering the Atlantis Legend; with a Foreword by Professor A.M. Snodgrass
92828: ZARETSKY, ROBERT & JOHN T SCOTT - The Philosophers' Quarrel: Rousseau, Hume and the Limits of Human Understanding
58486: ZDANOWICZ, IRENA - Beauty in Truth: The Botanical Art of Margaret Stones
94781: ZELAZNY, ROGER - Today We Choose Faces
65949: ZELDIN, THEODORE - France 1848-1945 - Two Volumes Vol.1 : Ambition, Love and Politics; Vol.2 : Intellect, Taste and Anxiety
63645: ZEMECKIS, ROBERT - Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 2 DVD
96788: ZEMON DAVIS, NATALIE, ARLETTE FARGE, ET.AL. (EDS.) - A History of Women - Volume 3 Renaissance and Enlightenment Paradoxes
96540: ZHUO, DAHONG & A R LADE & J WONG - Chinese Exercises & Massage for Health & Longevity Everyday Exercise for Harmony of Mind, Body & Spirit
98050: ZIEGLER, CHRISTIAN (INTRO. MICHAEL POLLAN) - Deceptive Beauties: The World of Orchids
91433: ZIEGLER, EDITH - Harlots, Hussies & Poor Unfortunate Women - signed copy Crime, Transportation & the Servitude of Female Convicts 1718-1783
70597: ZIMMERMAN, ROBERT - The Universe in a Mirror The Saga of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Visionaries who Built It.
73824: ZINN, LENNARD - Zinn & The Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance
55908: ZINNEMANN, FRED - High Noon: special collectors edition: DVD
99401: ZIPES, JACK (ED.) - The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales
10872: ZOLA, EMILE - Germinal
86095: ZOLA, EMILE - Nana
90429: ZOLA, EMILE (APRIL FITZLYON, TRANS.) - The Ladies' Paradise
77059: ZOLA, EMILE (TRANSLATED BY BRIAN RHYS) - A Priest in the House
93196: ZOLA, EMILE (ROGER WHITEHOUSE, TRANS.) - The Beast Within
88450: ZOLA, EMILE - Therese Raquin
38410: ZOLA, EMILE (TRANS. ERNEST A. VIZETELLY) - Doctor Pascal: or Life and Heredity
88451: ZOLA, EMILE - La Bete Humaine
10870: ZOLA, EMILE - L'Assommoir
89779: ZOLA, EMILE (TRANS. ERNEST A. VIZETELLY) - The Ladies' Paradise Introduction by Ernest A. Vizetelly
89780: ZOLA, EMILE (TRANS. ERNEST A. VIZETELLY) - His Excellency Preface by Ernest A. Vizetelly
88702: ZOLOTOW, MAURICE - Marilyn Monroe
80205: ZORN, WILLIAM - Yoga for the Mind A Treatise on Mental and Philosophical Yoga by a Western Yogi
70984: ZORN, JOHN AND MASADA - Live in Jerusalem 1994: 2 CD
68095: ZORN, JOHN - Kristallnacht: CD
52593: ZSARATNOK - The Balkan Move: CD
66016: ZUKOFSKY, LOUIS - Arise, arise
9577: ZUSTERS, REINIS - Spiral Vision: signed and illustrated by artist
72518: ZUSTERS, REINIS - Spiral Vision
63701: ZWEIG, STEFAN (EDEN & CEDAR PAUL, TRANS.) - The Queen of Scots: Hallam edition
7920: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Marie Antoinette: Hallam edition
98519: ZWEIG, STEFAN (TRANS. WILL STONE) - Nietzsche
86822: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Marie Antoinette Bildnis eines mittleren Charakters
72487: ZWEIG, STEFAN (PHYLLIS AND TREVOR BLEWITT, TRANS.) - Beware of Pity: Hallam edition
91348: ZWEIG, STEFAN (ANTHEA BELL, TRANS.) - Confusion The Private Papers of Privy Councillor R Von D
86821: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Maria Stuart
69590: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Kaleidoscope One and Two - Two Volumes Hallam edition
72486: ZWEIG, STEFAN (EDEN & CEDAR PAUL, TRANS.) - Erasmus - The Right to Heresy: Hallam edition
98573: ZWERGER, LISBETH & HEINZ JANISCH (TRANS. ANTHEA BELL) - The Merry Pranks of Till Eulenspiegel
99861: ZWERGER, LISBETH (ILLUS.) - Stories from the Bible
59448: ZWERGER, LISBETH - The Swineherd
94930: ZWERIN, CHARLOTTE - Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser CD
63815: ZWICKY, FAY - Picnic New Poems
50304: ZWICKY, FAY - Kaddish and Other Poems
66140: ZWICKY, FAY - Ask Me
65108: ZWICKY, FAY - The Gatekeeper's Wife
79639: ZWICKY, FAY - Hostages
15913: ZWIERLEIN, ANNE-JULIA (ED.) - Unmapped Countries Biological Visions in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

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