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113557: ANTIOCHIAN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN ARCHDIOCESE OF NEW YORK - Service Book of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church According to the Use of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
1234554: CATHOLIC UNION OF NEW YORK - Brief in Favor of the Bill Entitled "an Act to Secure to Inmates of Institutions for the Care of the Poor, Freedom of Worship
146979: HUNTER COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - 1951 Hunter College of the City of New York Yearbook
39214: THE URSULINES OF NEW YORK - Immortelles of Catholic Columbian Literature
131299: URSULINES OF NEW YORK - Immortelles of Catholic Columbian Literature: Compiled from the Works of American Catholic Women Writers
125770: MALCOLM YORKE - Eric Gill: Man of Flesh and Spirit
169470: REV. P.C. YORKE - The Ghosts of Bigotry
62101: R.M. YOST, JR. - Leibniz and Philosophical Analysis
144534: G.M. YOUNG - Charles I and Cromwell: An Essay
104765: ROBERT H. YOUNG - Tumors of the Prostate Gland... : Atlas of Tumor Pathology Third Series #28
112795: JOHN P. YOUNG - Protection and Progress: A Study of the Economic Bases of the American Protective System
144537: G.M. YOUNG - Daylight and Champaign: Essays
102367: M.E.J. YOUNG - Radiological Physics
162548: ROBERT YOUNG - Analytical Concordance to the Bible on an Entirely New Plan Containing About 311,000 References, Subdivided Under the Hebrew and Greek Originals, with the Literal Meaning and Pronunciation of Each Designed for the Simplest Reader of the English Bible
54609: MARY BLAMIRE YOUNG - Richard Wilton: A Forgotten Victorian
162817: ROBERT W. YOUNG AND WILLIAM MORGAN - Colloquial Navaho: A Dictionary
164570: ROSAMOND YOUNG - Twelve Seconds to the Moon: A Story of the Wright Brothers
143262: FRANCIS A. BURKLE-YOUNG - Passing the Keys: Modern Cardinals, Conclaves, and the Election of the Next Pope
168159: JOHN K. YOUNG AND BARB KARG - The Everything Freemasons Book: Unlock the Secrets of This Ancient and Mysterious Society
149259: ANDREW W. YOUNG - The Citizen's Manual of Government and Law
112834: ARTHUR YOUNG - A Six Months Tour Through the North of England: Volumes I-IV, Complete Set
161969: FILSON YOUNG - With Beatty in the North Sea
160646: G.M. YOUNG - Portrait of an Age
170135: GORDON YOUNG - The Cat with Two Faces
144508: G.M. YOUNG - Last Essays
67322: ALFRED YOUNG - Catholic and Protestant Countries Compared: In Civilization, Popular Happiness, General Intelligence and Morality
144507: G.M. YOUNG - Today and Yesterday: Collected Essays and Addresses
12505: CATHERINE BOOKER & ROSAMOND YOUNG - The Great Lady of First Street
40805: FRANCIS BRETT-YOUNG - Marching on Tanga
1472: DESMOND YOUNG - Fountain of the Elephants
54869: MARILYN B. YOUNG - The Rhetoric of Empire: American China Policy 1895-1901
1968: NORWOOD YOUNG - Napoleon in Exile at Elba
143137: LOUIS STANLEY YOUNG WITH HENRY DAVENPORT NORTHROP - The Life of Admiral Dewey and the Conquest of the Philippines
144538: G.M. YOUNG - Daylight and Champaign: Essays
150845: G.M. YOUNG - Daylight and Champaign & Today and Yesterday: 2 Volumes
168332: RICHARD A. YOUNG AND THOMAS J. GLOVER, COMPS - Handyman in Your Pocket
165772: REV. J.B. YOUNG, COMP - English and Latin Hymns or Harmonies to Part I of the Roman Hymnal, for the Use of Congregations, Schools, Colleges and Choirs
165381: ROBERT GARLICK HILL KEAN; EDWARD YOUNGER, ED - Inside the Confederate Government: The Diary of Robert Garlick Hill Kean
143190: COL. G.J. YOUNGHUSBAND - The Story of the Guides
146321: SIR FRANCIS YOUNGHUSBAND - Dawn in India: British Purpose and Indian Aspiration
2437: A.J. YOUNGSON - The Prince and the Pretender: A Study in the Writing of History
97786: FRANCIS T.S. YU - Optical Storage and Retrieval
169280: HARVEY YUNIS - Taming Democracy: Models of Political Rhetoric in Classical Athens
126432: LIN YUTANG - From Pagan to Christian
88068: FRANCISCO JOSE GARCIA DE VINUESA ZABALA - Relaciones de la Compana de Maria Y de la Congregacion-Estado Seguin Los Escritos de G.J. Chaminade
30356: H.C.E. ZACHARIAS - Protohistory: An Explicative Account of the Development of Human Thought from Palaeolithic Times to the Persian Monarchy
66648: FR. ZACHARIAS - An Outline of Hinduism
123764: R.C. ZAEHNER - Zen, Drugs & Mysticism
141731: R.C. ZAEHNER - Hindu and Muslim Mysticism
1215154: R.C. ZAEHNER - At Sundry Times: An Essay in the Comparison of Religions
1215153: R.C. ZAEHNER - The Dawn and Twilight of Zoroastrianism
123665: R.C. ZAEHNER - The Concise Encylopedia of Living Faiths
49014: ALLEN DUSTON & ROBERTO ZAGNOLI - Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes
68922: JOSEF ZAHN - Einfuhrung in Die Christliche Mystik
147633: HEINZ ZAHRNT - Aux Prises Avec Dieu: Le Theologie Protestante Au Xxe Siecle
1236596: C.C. ZAIN - The Sacred Tarot
145624: MYRET ZAKI - Ubs, Les Dessous D'Un Scandale: Comment L'Empire Aux Tres Cles a Perdu Son Pari
1236313: PAT ZALEWSKI - Z-5 Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn: Book I - the Neophyte Ritual
1236643: C.L. ZALEWSKI - Herbs in Magic and Alchemy
1235543: CHRIS ZALEWSKI - Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn
1236315: PAT ZALEWSKI - Golden Dawn Enochian Magic
168322: ROBERT ZALLER, ED - A Casebook on Anais Nin
36177: TOMAS ZAMARRIEGO, S.J. - Enciclopedia de Orientacion Bibliografica [Complete Set]
126091: VINCENT ZAMOYTA, PHD, ED - The Theology of Christ: Sources
132336: LEO ZANCHETTIN - Matthew: A Devotional Commentary: Meditations on the Gospel According to St. Matthew
167538: JACK ZANGER - The Brooks Robinson Story
150289: TOM ZANIELLO - Hopkins in the Age of Darwin
143030: NANCY PATTON VAN ZANT - Selected U.S. Government Series: A Guide for Public and Academic Libraries
120358: D. MIGUEL ZERON ZAPATA AND D. MANUEL FERNANDEZ DE SANTA CRUZ - La Puebla de Los Angeles Enel Siglo XVII: Cronica de la Puebla
66184: IOANNE LEONE ZAPLOTNIK - De Vicariis Foraneis
11143: PAOLO ZAPPA - La Legione Straniera
7453: PAOLO ZAPPA - La Legione Straniera
145804: PHILIPPE DE ZARA - Notre Dame Sans Peur: Marie Et L'Ere Atomique
148713: ALFONSO ZARATTI - Circle of Love
122597: FRANCISCO ZARCO - Historia Del Congreso Estraordinario Constituyente de 1856 Y 1857: Vols. I-II [Complete]
130243: DR. OTTO ZARDETTI - Westlich!
166241: IRVING I. ZARETSKY AND MARK P. LEONE, EDS - Religious Movements in Contemporary America
102762: Z. ZARIC - Heat and Mass Transfer in Flows with Separated Regions
123521: GEORGE ZARNECKI - The Monastic Achievement
142197: GEORGE ZARNECKI - The Monastic Achievement
148124: JAMES J. ZATKO - The Valley of Silence: Catholic Thought in Contemporary Poland
112482: SILVIO ZAVALA - Francisco Del Paso Y Troncoso Su Mision En Europa 1892-1916
169466: BARONESS VON ZEDTWITZ - The Double Doctrine of the Church of Rome
9931: FRIDOLIN ZEHNDER - Soldat in Afrika: Vom Fremdenlegion Zum Marokkanischen Freiheitskampfer
162926: ALEXANDER ZEISLER - Conversational Hungarian: A Practical Guide to the Hungarian Language for English Speaking People
170184: DOM HUBERT VAN ZELLER - We Work While the Light Lasts
121055: DOM HUBERT VAN ZELLER - Daniel: Man of Desires
147956: HUBERT VAN ZELLER - The Current of Spirituality
165243: DOM HUBERT VAN ZELLER - More Ideas for Prayer: 200 Suggestions
84949: DOM HUBERT VAN ZELLER - Isaias: Man of Ideas
169787: DOM HUBERT VAN ZELLER - Ideas for Prayer: 200 Suggestions
147612: DOM HUBERT VAN ZELLER - A Book of Private Prayer
65206: FRANCISCO XAVERIO ZENNER - Instructio Practica Confessarii in Compendium Redacta
169279: APOSTOLO ZENO - Dissertazioni Vossiane Di Apostolo Zeno Cioe Giunte E Osservazioni Intorno Agli Storici Italiani Che Hanno Scritto Latinamente, Rammentati Dal Vossio Nel. III Libro de Historicis Latinis. (2 Volumes)
9233: DR. KURT ZENTNER - Illustrierte Geschichte Des Zweiten Weltkriegs
124290: NICOLAS ZERNOV - The Russians and Their Church
162010: ALVAR ZETTERQUIST - Kriminalchefen Berattar
145793: ABBAYE DE SAINT ANDRE DE ZEVENKERKEN - Stella Maris: Notre-Dame de St-Andre
105194: NIE SHENG ZHE - Introduction to American Wood Frame House
144414: PHILIP ZIEGLER - Omdurman
103884: KONRAT ZIEGLER - M. Tullius Cicero: De Legibus
111304: PHILIP ZIEGLER - Britain Then & Now: The Francis Firth Collection
113343: PHILIP ZIEGLER - King Edward VIII: A Biography
143611: MARY ZIEGLER - We Serve That Men May Fly: The Story of the Women's Division Royal Canadian Air Force
160581: PHILIP ZIEGLER - Man of Letters: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Literary Impresario Rupert Hart-Davis
65350: ALBERT ZIEGLER - Das Naturliche Entscheidungsrecht Des Mannes in Ehe Und Familie
66346: REV. JOHN H. ZIEGLER - The Obligation of the Confessor to Instruct Penitents: An Abstract of a Dissertation
160462: PHILIP ZIEGLER - Diana Cooper
141770: JOHN ZIESLER - Paul's Letter to the Romans
125985: ZENG ZIFAN - Colloquial Cantonese and Putonghua Equivalents
167077: BARABARA BROWN ZIKMUND, ED - Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ (2 Volumes)
120066: WERNER ZILTENER - Chretien Und Die Aeneis
103855: WERNER ZILTENER - Chretien Und Die Aeneis
67861: PATRITIO BENEDICTO ZIMMER - Theologiae Christianae: Specialis & Theoreticae [Vols. I-II]
169853: SHELDON ZIMMERMAN - The Family Prayerbook: Holidays and Festivals
169851: SHELDON ZIMMERMAN - The Family Prayerbook: The Fall Holy Days
163958: MARTHA ZIMMERMAN - Celebrate the Feasts of the Old Testament in Your Own Home or Church
54417: ATHANASIUS ZIMMERMAN - Die Universitaeten
169852: SHELDON ZIMMERMAN - The Family Prayerbook: Shabbat
65655: OTTO ZIMMERMANN - Lehrbuch Der Aszetik
46742: LUDWIG ZIMMERMANN - Vollstandige Tafeln Der Quadrate Aller Zahlen Bis 100 009
68821: REV. GEORGE ZIMPFER - Fear Not, Little Flock
1220418: HANS ZINSSER - As I Remember Him: The Biography of R.S.
169435: DONALD ZOCHERT - Laura: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder
169914: SPIROS ZODHIATES - May I Divorce and Remarry
169916: SPIROS ZODHIATES - Tongues? a Study of the Biblical Record from the Greek Text
170089: MICHAEL BAR-ZOHAR - Arrows of the Almighty: The Most Extraordinary True Spy Story of World War II
1235403: ZOLAR - The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge
106664: Y. ZOUBIR AND F.S. LHABITANT - Doing Business in Emerging Europe
1232869: H. ZSCHOKKE - The Goldmaker's Village or a History of the Manner in Which Two and Thirty Men Sold Themselves to the Devil
111529: SUSAN ZUCCOTTI - Pere Marie-Benoit and Jewish Rescue
19469: A. ZUCKER ET AL. - Proceedings of the Second Conference on Reactions between Complex Nuclei
108109: ANGELA ANN ZUKOWSKI - Voices of Courage: A Collection of International Stories and Experiences
113666: F.M. DE ZULUETA - Early Steps in the Fold: Instructions for Converts, and Enquirers
167868: MICHEL ZUMBRUNN; TEXT BY RICHARD HESELTINE - Italian Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design
1235454: MAURICE ZUNDEL - The Splendour of the Liturgy
150553: MAURICE ZUNDEL - The Splendour of the Liturgy
102729: P.F. ZWEIFEL - Reactor Physics
148787: STEFAN ZWEIG - Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles
120915: ARNOLD ZWEIG - The Case of Sergeant Grischa
71913: FREDERICK J. ZWIERLEIN - Reformation Studies
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